Episode: 37 – Harmoncountry: Minneapolis, MN


Episode: 37 – Harmoncountry: Minneapolis, MN


Mayor Harmon and Guest Comptroller McGathy interface with Twin Town from injured tendon to badly placed sound effect. Former Dead Alewives member Sean McKenna raps. Joyfully unedited episode.


the person who was going to make those nights at Freddy’s night of your life
Twin Town
I’m sure that’s what they call it Twin Town
you know they call it the twin city right cuz there’s so many other that it’s a it’s a there’s a higher proportion of identical twins per capita it’s some kind of I think it’s the power lines it affects the genetics of the sperms in the OVA
but they’re happy or happy people that way
half of them are very good looking lately the other half are fortunate enough to look exactly like those people they never know which half is just riding the coattails
are they have a frequent arguments about it during what they call the festival hour
which is a a.
Every time you say Festival our okay alright well I appreciate it added layer of sound effects I’m not giving a note but I don’t know if you if you being 28 year-old you’re familiar with the history of The Gong and entertainment
at play if it has a sort of legacy
infinoise of festivals
Erin mcgathy
I just noticed there’s a camera in my face documentary the camera in the front row and sometimes they do that to the guy that has to wear a camera on his head in that thing it’s like a it’s like a jock strap on your head and it’s like characters that pushing on my skin down Halle Berry when she was the old Chinese man
Twin Town rap all right
two cities right next to each other
sounds good
God damn it I’m getting really good at rapping
all right it’s a new tradition
is very good I was really in South
I knew you really use her for space
how do I put some stopping and starting into it like I’m going to go somewhere
it does I get out of breath sooner though doing that cuz it’s like a treadmill Jesus Christ that we spent the last two years that they just gave us any put on a song and ask you to dance to it that Surfer baby Surfer Girl by the song Dancing on a little dress I’ve danced around the living room very sensuous Lee
load up your iPad with Dawn’s and foghorns your boyfriend the show I got everything in here that I want a rimshot who needs that
was that was that a baby crying because everyone loves the milk of the show
I might try the show is like milk that you need is a 6 million year old sound that makes people uncomfortable instinctive people upsetter because it means that one of our species larva is exposed to a saber-tooth tiger like they’re covered with a thick layer of fur Like A Rang a Tang babies they are they the pain is like kind of they come out and they basically like they just cleaned it a mom like her fur and they kind of make me walk around I just did just call in there forever it’s like a little Baby Bjorn until the baby like finally let’s go and start doing its own thing and end up have similar things like that like a Klingon
tell me more about it
monkey Superman
I don’t know if I don’t know I don’t know if Jeff would have little cute a wrap up at that point as I was headlining to
if the noise of someone alone at a party anyways their moms
pack up my flow man the baby human baby just walk away from her to just start crying like as soon as it loses sight of a of a big person to protect adjust or which one has a horrible thing as a good draw Predators but the human babies and require constant protection from the the parents until the baby has a catastrophic response to the absence of its adult guardian and the game with peekaboo I always talk about this is the mom hide your face from the baby with the baby instinctively is designed to recognise as a catastrophe that the face is gone but kind of senses like I think I could see the narrative here I could see that she still there I lost the face and then the mom opens this the face and goes like
the baby cuz we like I wanted to die and just like like she’s fucking around with it like it must not be that big a deal you know it’s like this like that first time you see Mel Brooks do a Hitler joke.
Can I get a big belly laugh and you
okay we have to talk about it
I don’t understand what you brought on your side effects Arsenal I don’t know what you what your intention was
first of all that’s not true there’s probably a website called doctor sound effects but I don’t think anyone’s ever gotten a PhD and what you’re doing right now
it’s a sound of a dog whining all really cool I was going to tell me my duck joke
she’s a good she’s a good kid
she’s having a good time hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually clean elements is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the theme to like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker at myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film Earth-like ever you’re always in good hands
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I want to I want to I want to I want to bring Spencer house sooner than later
3rd Edition Spencer Crittenden
sorry what
Spencer can you believe it
Spencer has been made my body on the store merch together and spend a lot of time together thanks for holding down their merchandise table back there Spencer people really sense that about them by this time in Madison somebody had already for the six times is gone like
acoustic summer Acoustics were bad when I go what no one was going to don’t stop the show it and we welcome my people with things to get off their chest but like it’s not it’s not a hockey game and if it was cheering diabetes isn’t isn’t competing with anyone there’s no there’s no
carpal tunnel
does anyone have an ailment
IPS writes itself what’s what it what it what do you have in the front row Center
plantar fasciitis is mayonnaise at related to
I’m going to do it. That’s what is your name Tony come on up here
are Tony thank you
anything you don’t want to talk about you know what to talk about its harmontown as a safe place I appreciate that Tony was first of all Tony is wearing a red owl t-shirt
that was a that was the local grocery store in Milwaukee when I was a kid it was the local grocery store in Green Bay when I was Googling it just stirs up like it’s I haven’t seen it in so long
got milk eggs
produce in me you just wouldn’t believe it
bags for your Idols in Isles of food with bracelet
Red Owl Red Owl sounds really good reverse hate group like that like that like an upright like a kind of a militant like we are the red owls we have this neighborhood in Latin it says never again over the what is refers to something to happen to read people are owls
they’ll pass Us by the Red Owl give you one guess it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s when it’s when every piece of fungus on your foot unites the antenna and a horrible not Siesta corigin which the red owls are fighting now it is food related but it is not fungus related it’s severe scarring of the large tendon that runs under your foot on no yeah it makes you look like you’re twenty years older than you actually are actually have the effect on your do you have it that you just me to make you walk like you’re 28 60 year old man can you show me
thank you.
I can music I got
permission so I used to walk like normal people do which was back and forth and then it struck and
come pick it up at this because the tendon is like not doing it supposed to do, so you have to sit down
why are you so late
do I have husky
and there goes that have something to do with fungus
no you play that song again you know it was really moved
I love you
eaten away
today that was a bab no one was impressed all right I was damned impressed okay never mind. Now you know what I have worse than plantars fasciitis I have an audience unappreciated sheet is Titus
I wish I just couldn’t walk I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t be appreciate it like the lower base of the brain and makes for their audience Applause completely jaded meeting list yeah yeah yeah it is totally undermines anything you get after that at
potatoes are Revival 10 preachers them I would come up and say ahh
because I had a really difficult morning
I was really in my head I thought a lot about my wife
well Tony I have a very special surprise for you because here in the audience here in Minneapolis Twin Town as I call it is a fellow Cast Away from an old improv troupe I used to be in a Milwaukee combo drill wives one of my old comedy stage Partners Sean McKenna is here Jesus sweetie what is happening in your life
shooting fire hydrants and giving candy to bank robbers this is this is after team took him apart and put them together don’t don’t scrutinize my knowledge RoboCop 2 it’s when they reprogram do you know and then he was like
someone’s at the door
Tony I’ll get it hears them
looks Tony Sean McKenna also can’t walk
oh my God he broke his ankles walking on ice which is why I left
thank you for three people
ever heard of us tonight just became the first member of the harmontown art players
and we should probably bring Eric Noble up to he’s in the eye of the hell yeah yeah I thought he was safe back there
very funny gentleman did he start Minneapolis he started it shut the doorbell’s broken member of the Herman Hermits on Ark player Derek Noble Tony and have him limp down the to the to the front row with his plantar fasciitis
John that ain’t shit
that’s cool
I can’t hear that Tony what what what what what what what what what would you what would you
what what what what what what do you want more than anything in the world I don’t know I just named something like
the newest season of Doctor Who sooner the new season of Doctor Who to come sooner and I he has plantar fasciitis which plantars fasciitis in a roads the tendon on his foot that makes him walk silly
I guess I’ll be playing him probably going to die
okay it’s it’s a movie of the week and of the heart give us that no see that’s okay
1 foot to walk on
Mom I’m home Tony’s at you
yeah Mom I’m here in the kitchen mixing chocolate icing
Mikey Lion King
Tony you’re walking like a fucking idiot
you’re holding your titty in your hand
so to speak
thanks Mom that’s why I’ve stayed here 25 years
I brought somebody home with me it’s a fellow
Doctor Who Society at school
I need a hello stranger yes I’ve never been here before. Yes that must be I wouldn’t know it if I saw it
I’m just
but my girlfriend is here cuz I’m really gimpy
I got a beard I’m on the clock here tonight
I’ll go in the living room and watch why don’t you why don’t you stay
I’ll leave thank you
Jesus Christ. Uptown he seriously are you going to try to go all those stairs right now
I’m going up the stairs
there’s like 21 stairs Tony I got it
just go in my homemade you have to come back to the podcast the next day at the hospital
don’t understand this the soundtrack at all
mister mister mister mister mister mister.
too too too soon
I tried to kill myself
this is us soundtrack movie
Mister Scott I’m afraid you have
plantars fasciitis
it it means you it means you’ll never be able to walk normally again
at least I’ll get to watch the next season of Doctor Who here I have to tell you
watching Doctor Who is was eating away at the tendon on your foot
you see British Syfy programming stimulates a part of the brain that sends a signal to the athletic portions of the body causing of the weather
I told my mother yeah I mentioned it
everyone met my mother if I met her I can’t remember I just cut it off okay never dance again I’m going to do it with a lightsaber
because if I did it with a sonic screwdriver your other foot would start to rot away maybe if you put it in a Teleport machine or the good leg I don’t know what’s a fly reference no one seen that movie in years
sorry everybody is at school.
Freestyle Minneapolis Style
do the
oh shit
yo-yo shop in Chennai
listen up here as soon as I slip around and have another beer, channel from back in Milwaukee
I want to go cut your arms off, just to getting the Booty like Magnum PI
about 10 minutes to midnight Minnesota got no Iota that it knows everything yellow.
Make it fresh
but your mom so hard she couldn’t move
you didn’t wait for me
damn that pussy
inner ear inner mouth yeah
Dan Harmon ladies Germany
sorry about your ankle very quickly maybe we can do a speed version of this on first by Abbott and Costello
well these guys used to do a little variation who’s on first day with you who’s on first
that we were doing as early as 94-95 yeah
who’s going to be Abbott who’s going to be Arnold I don’t know

I’d like to kill us to Arnold and Arnold like that we would
they really are not mentally I just need something to lean on
Ronald listen I got the baseball team who be on first okay what what that’s a dumb name
I don’t know I will send second
from humble beginnings
Arnold the Arnold I feel like I got the short end of tonight stick it came up and we didn’t really get it right it wouldn’t it wouldn’t really use them is very is very talented very funny very handsome handsome too
his brother said
Spencer I’m being attacked by
what’s up
I’m being attacked by an Arnold monster someone approaches you know he’s about four foot seven or so
he pushes small children out of his way and it says
going to hit that Spencer theme when it when it went when we do that the references if you’ll grow call are there it is okay sorry for being there is just Dungeons & Dragons books and unlike unlike these pieces he said he’s a genius Spencer I’m being attacked by a lack of Sound Engineering skills walking into a non acoustic Lee Tunes
clap your hands and hear your hands clapping
strange sensation
I’m not worthy
I’m being attacked by a by a a a a
a hot dish a big attack a big attacked by a hot dish is that a colloquialism
it’s a casserole I’m being attacked by a by a hot casserole dish in the noodles white dripping off the noodles dinner is served
what one guy initiated a standing o for that
and it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t a fat guy wasn’t he wasn’t plotting the casserole
is applied expensive GM skills is there anybody in the crowd to get some crowd working music
I don’t I don’t understand
going to work the back of the crowd because of these people, they don’t want to sound like thank you
weird it’s like there’s a Discovery World exhibits where you talk on the phone and you can hear yourself and ear but on a delay I can’t I can barely pull it together it back here
play my lips move and then a second later I hear my lips move this Probably sounds less exciting on the podcast Abracadabra 3 hours later no it’s not
crowd working Sam Sam did your parents with hit you
I remember
then yes implements my dad hit me with a belt implants no I said I said did they hit you with Implement my dad for instance hit me with a belt did your did your parents hit you with anything like a wooden spoon or no I think before I had any memories I was spanked but like I said most hit me pretty hard out of animal sound effects of here that are pretty obscure
I’m going to play an animal sound effect you pay you you pick a partner out there and then compare the gas with the animal sound effect is I like Sam
are we competing in a competing with me
what’s your name
what’s the actual name
to get the sound effects I’m so sorry that your dad hit you
but he didn’t really I mean I think they just probably smacked him in the butt when he touched the stove or something
that’s the impression I’m getting
example this animal sound effect is called a dingo fight
okay I’m going to play the sound of a team to get close to it the quickest Quinn’s made it like I was a Jewish man in a deli for no reason
name an animal
the teapot birth June bug swarm and Roebuck Bay Australia very good what point
okay let’s do let’s play tattoo
alright hurry Go quest number 2
what does a capybara
all right where’s this is the tiebreaker Here Comes
all right. I know you’re that you’re listening to this podcast
as a rule I added all the stuff out that is able to do in their car on the way here
Jeff I’ll be better it’s going to get better
all right here we go
howler monkey
nope rhesus macaque
dingoes fighting against a double weasel
is it all right
has been after the show a game show on the Fly that’s not your responsibility
baby I love you I love you too
someone who love I heard one guy but love who was it what’s your name
bring him up to the Josh foodlove come on
let’s play a segment called who hurt you
who is Dan Harmon
I’m sorry I bought one
who hurt you Josh
I don’t think anybody did really well why boo love
why not
cuz you are you are you doing our love specifically or just love him.
I love you guys seriously
it was just it was just awkward I agree more or less awkward than not communicating with people like before like five questions deep into a conversation and every answer is I don’t know or nothing I come back I guess that graceful or is that
you don’t know what it is it’s better to go with the flow and kind of like like the say what’s on your mind you can’t tell me there’s one there’s not one person in the history of your wife it like hurt you
maybe I feel like I feel like Josh might have a bigger issue with me
now come on 1 800 how many I mean what would assume you had relationships right was there one that ended that you didn’t want to attend I suppose that’s probably true
when there are there stresses that this is going down. A bad run this is not a harmontown this is not a road to Hermantown we brought them up or not or not we’re not going down his wardrobe we’re not we’re just we want to get to know him talk to him try to break through to something human
I don’t want to hug him
is a nice thing to talk about it. Why do you feel our love ruin the podcast and it was fun and it just kind of hit this weird Trainwreck and I don’t know
is it true
yeah I’m kind of into it I like that but I guess it was about me
I guess it was about someone else’s relationship I’ve been I guess I don’t know I can’t listen to the entire thing I’m sorry for making the podcast not funny girlfriend
Dan’s in the crowd talking to people something happens about love some bunch of people start cheering
to break the mold the booze whatever reaction is being cheered coming up on stage and answer the questions you want to ask him when it comes to a question you can ask answers in a way he hopes will be entertaining and it’s been torn apart for it
the real star of the show the closest Spencer
everything that you say if you’re Josh’s you’re speaking honestly about your feelings are going to make sure that it’s hilarious
I like it when people laugh very funny dirty said that I think Josh would have to be in love with me like like he’s mad at our relationship he doesn’t think that it makes for entertaining like he was like wow we’re having fun in the Pittsburgh show and then all of a sudden we’re talking about things that are kind of like kind of common probably like the sound of a man and a woman like like like going back and forth about who hurt her more and who needs to change and he doesn’t need to change it kind of like for some people might be riveting and for other people accessible obvious easy joke is stupid but
accurate I think that’s I think I think Josh is dressed just dress perfectly or out we’re all good human beings Aaron’s doing a great job I thought the Pittsburgh show is excellent unpredictable turns and all and
and I said this in the Chicago show but if there’s any worry that Dan was going to censor himself because I talked about something that found me out he definitely isn’t and I’m sorry about that
Josh ladies and gentlemen thank you for also Matt ladies and gentlemen.
Are you guys listening to the audience is the name of the guy that was on Spencers TV game show that may or may not be is the edited show you’re listening to he was put on a team with Spencer and has and has been standing behind me next to Spencer just kind of hanging out or is it yeah we don’t we don’t know what will what will what will it be frog DNA and what will be dinosaur DNA ladies and gentlemen
look up the song mat and touch you touch your heart are you from Minneapolis Minneapolis what do you do what do you do here what kind of like a gun for hire or you work for a company I work for a company
I can’t say what they are you just don’t want McDonald’s or something in that you don’t want to be on the podcast saying I cringe a little bit when I hear it is awesome though so it has to go out there but I unlike you I make my living getting fired like I got that is my livelihood
enter enter in a roundabout way I just a weird kind of like a frog with with an ass for a head butt butt jumps
wow the sound of a frog
alright Matt Matt what’s what’s your favorite favorite movie a serious man
which Red Owl played a part in
all right now and I got really angry to please come up with
play guy I mean I’m going to make this assumption about about a Hermantown obvious that even though I don’t pay for someone yelling out fuck you shouldn’t be rewarded and maybe a regular show but I have something on their money
how are you doing
Joe explain explain the reaction
controlling disaster Spencer I feel important now Joe what it what you’re going to tell people why you yelled fuck you out
where were you yelling fuck you in response to honestly
it was strictly to get on stage
you’re kind of giving me better knives
okay this is an interesting phenomenon.
Shut up and press press pause here for a second because this is a very very interesting thing is happening here for the second time in a row
sweet finally hit this point
in Hermantown people who like to say things in the audience that have their compelled to say things they get to come up on stage and then we talked to them until we get to know them and now we reach this point with a guy who just like like Spencer said like if someone wants to be different from the pack there they specifically saying things so that they can come up on stage and we’re running a dry rag or just talking to a person what do you want to be on stage
to have my name exist to to stand
okay that was dehumanizing I apologize but but your motivation was not you didn’t want to come up and talk about a serious man being his favorite movie you just use this for the same reason that Josh booed love you said fuck you
all right all right you sit down
I guess I’ll go sit down.
Am I going to maybe in further shows instead of feeling something like suck you may be saying like
is my parents going to come up here come up there
all right all right
come over this way
I’d like a dozen people would say like at the same time it’s okay if you don’t get it
I got on the first try that also like an exotic what are you what do you do to her games and I gave fences, what is that what is Fantasy Flight game company we’re proud
this is so weird I really didn’t expect this to happen the name of the story of your in Minneapolis and you and you and you alright Matt we were talking about your favorite movie
a simple man
all right okay well
not a good idea to work the crowd
a little bit of a mistake fuck you no more no more no more Q&A entangle and my car they got to go back to the powder room it’s the Indy time
should I pass out the characters the character Spencer alright then be entertaining
this really is a wonderful City and space so we’ll talk after
I screwed up as music I’m sorry I’ll do it over again for everyone
concealer about a half tuck
do you hate Garrison Keillor
wow what’s your name is that your only reason for disliking it
does anyone have a better reason for disliking Garrison Keillor yes
yeah yeah that is a little Annoying. She said he’s saying that’s really he puts himself and everything
yeah it is
says says Arthur Keeler in the background
if you if you just join us
Erin asked do you guys like Garrison Keillor to 225 year olds
who shockingly replied no
where is there was a mixed reaction answer the answer to the question why not is he’s a hundred and nine years old he his show is 70 hours long he sings and talks about being in it in a city he’s he’s he’s the Dan Harmon of the future
but then everyone started yelling at each other it went than one guy I’m saying this the package because no one can hear people in the audience of a punk rock guy sticking up for Garrison Keillor
and then and then I’m people are going back and forth and now you’re all caught up if you’re listening to this in podcast form
Dan can you do a monologue as Garrison Keillor about your day
I woke up I woke up this morning
is Lake Wobegon
with tremendous erection
your Bane from Batman
just say it just do it at be paying as Garrison Keillor as you
are a very good left a list of the most recent DVD
Lake Gotham
the people were no longer style for rhubarb pie
Margaret made her famous fruit and brought it over to the Jacobson house for what promised to be a perfectly ordinary
The Embers were warm the crime was rampant
I don’t think Justice was Altima

all right
Santana Raymond everybody the news from Lake Gotham where the children are victims
the poor are enslaved and everyone’s
I’m going to go
D&D transition when we last met Our Heroes deep within the infinite fishweir Journey with the fellas and distorts my name to the digestive tract of the Beast after defeating a mysterious istock monster the group split up each traveling down a different passage more rain fell down a slippery slide Laporte found his range of Oregon hanging from the ceiling using the mysterious Silver staff Sharpie climbed up into a lattice of veins and tubules before finding a mysterious membranous wall park and Moraine caught back up with Sharpie and together the group entered the large organ immediately a blob of sickly yellow drip down and up several lightning spiders Skynyrd in the Oregon from above it was time to fight
all right let’s dramatically let me see through the wall of a giant Oregon and climbed inside and drop down from the ceiling and it was followed by like Sparks of light that kind of scattered around as if they had spidery limbs right right
in this episode do we pretend this isn’t there do we will be played by Spencer Crittenden
thanks guys take notes man of character you are arms together for Life comes back one being
all right so these are spider creatures there’s spider lightning creatures in a multi-limbed blob on the ground spider lightning spider creatures
sounds like a day at the office
I did I just dictated with Rob Schneider had for lunch
last last Wednesday
spiders as it happens the lightning spiders are crawling over the cut that you slashed in the wall and they’re sewing it back together
the slimy blob whips around a $10 to in Google is cast all about the organ it seems like it’s going to be hard to move about yeah cuz the glue is sticky or if you haven’t touched it but who tends to be
you haven’t you haven’t met my Google own damn
Mavis elk
slippery is a baby in January
serious blueberry Bubblegum
and there’s no way we’re getting out of this room without either retreating which doesn’t even seem possible cuz the holes being sowed up or confronting this thing like we’re not we’re not we’re not we’re not able to be the coward that I’d like to be correct okay
do do do lightning creatures approach
what kind of arrows that are good for shooting regular arrows good arrows sleep errors V arrows
am I good skill or like I know you had that is optimized for multiple Arrowhead
I already rolled the dice
one of your good arrows strike the landing directly in the center of mass it does Dick’s damage
Spencer are my heroes. Just missed so I didn’t go into anything, Glee
all right now I have to warn you
I don’t know if you heard the Brooklyn show but after giving Ray of frost in zone the theme song we found out it was a level 0 spell that doesn’t maximum of three damaged need to get start getting as easy as that what I’m told is my most powerful spell scorching Ray
did you did you, okay
who do you fire it at there’s a slime blob and some lightning things I’m scorching Ray at the at the tentacle that’s making the goo sounds good you strike it dealing some amount of damage
19 dammit
everyone should I lost it again
but your mama like a necropolis
who’s at the door is it is it time is it
alright sorry about that podcast listeners you don’t get the joy that came out of
giving the salutation with his physical hand
to the population of Lake Wobegon the pies were cooling the mashed potatoes were right
and the Cranberries were
sorry score to 19th and Michigan
court pipes up hey guys
I licked I whipped vodka out of my own mustache and a guy in the front row
I never I never had
first of all I did it cuz I was excited and second of all he was delicious so I had that double pleasure but then a third of my brain was became shave do not like like like they’re in the bathroom at the in grade school when I when all the kids started laughing at me at the urinal because I I didn’t know until 6th grade that unit when you pee it a urinal you’re not supposed to pull your underwear and pants all the way down to your ankles and pee like a little little cartoon boy from a Norman Rockwell
sorry Spencer hey guys I have a frog in my throat but I’m ready to fight and I’m a barbarian I fight things to go into a kind of Zen state where the universe
aka the dungeon master, optimizes his his behavior was choices I thought I might just go into a barbarian rage
But first you gotta if if something happens to me you got a you got to take my smoke sticks I’m trying to quit but he whips out his sword his muscles rise and growing mass is he flows into the Barbarian rage red goes over his eyes is all semblance of charges himself directly at the Slime Monster
send email says
sharping yeah yeah those are optimized for more than one
I shoot two vagina arrows
which means that they’re complicated smooth and pink
and they have teeth
is that a myth
your arrows failed to hit their Mark they plant harmlessly in this side of the membrane
one of the lightning creatures approaches and jumps directly on are Sharpies face you take 6 damage and you have a thing on your face I only have 24 hit points total was I have full help before this you got some of those crystals from so you guys are all at full health I want to see a fourth-level maybe V
so today I will now
I’m online now
utilize the powers of the secret and just say I’d like a I’d like to get this thing off my face
Arrow okay is that a thing that I write that
I’m here in fire the arrow directly into your foot
all right I should
no Aaron Aaron I know these things you guys make up an arrow
Oh Aaron
ice ice ice shoot a baby Arrow into Sharpies heart
I hope it’s good here oh okay I should have good arrow and I shoot a good as face his face well if it’s on his face right now then yeah yeah but there’s also other spiders so I mean
so the one on his face
I’m just this is clarification is important
yes the one on his face unless there’s another one that’s threatening him more pulling an arrow from your quiver you lose it directly at his face
you seem to think this might not be the best of ideas
I couldn’t have it couldn’t have been more elucidated like you guys had a 10-minute conversation or whether you’re going to shoot me the fucking face
it strike the lightning spider in one of his several spidery limbs he takes five damage
at least that’s something I didn’t hit you in the face wounded the animal skitters away
holy fucking Charles Burrows what was his name
does flying with a wicked tendril directly at Moraine it strikes you right in the leg and grasps you feel the burn of acid against your flesh and you take 8 damage
you’re also being grappled
that means stuff
that means stuff but I mean yeah like rules wise but don’t worry about it I keep forgetting one Mage hand is I connect Alexa to telekinetically move around objects it’s a it is a maximum 3 hit point damage spell it it is a
it’s scorching Ray
can a podcast I’d like to implore anyone either name’s Ray Frost or from a town called Frost named to come to the podcast because he will be there it’ll be a crown on your head if there was a spell called scorching frog don’t you think that the net effect of it would be minimal
frickin frogs with a glass of water burning hands if it’s my turn on on the grappling tentacle to try to get it to release its grip for my face shooting girlfriend in your hands why do you claim sheet and Flame
it deals nine damage slices the tentacle in half
that was attacking in a rage I was just having an episode you guys
he critically hits
we call that to Mitch hurwitz
dealing 22 damage in spelling the slime only for lightning spiders remain
all right they scuttled to the ceiling the technical things done spiders on the ceiling there. They’re just kind of watching at this point it’s a loan
damn someone’s been paying attention.
Friends of Allison pipes up hey guys we came around to destroy this fish from the inside yeah yeah do you want to destroy it from the inside
I’m saying let’s slice this mother
but also somebody is somebody in the audience yelled out smoke sticks if we’re aware of her sitting in the lung
it’s almost as if I set you up for it all along the pack of smokes sticks on the ground
why didn’t your torches in unison with the throwing of the smoke sticks acrid smoke is released into the lung you hear violent spasms
for a while or
where can I find a good idea all right ladies and gentlemen
Gathering his character sheets and his sweat jacket
proceed off the stage and into the 20 below weather wearing his shorts from Los Angeles
you don’t know if he’ll live or die
his beard seems to have like but will it save in from hypothermia
he’s entitled to a save versus
where’s working out the Kinks do you want me to leave the stage I never want you to leave the stage for thanks you guys I want you to get into my bed
for the podcast listeners there is a very expensive heart-shaped bed raising on a platform right now with pyrotechnics going off all around it and Isaac Hayes is playing a keyboard in the corner you just put it down to you
going to fuck your mom and I had I got a Bonus and more with a dick I want to put it in it I put them
so hard she look like
she was a skull in bones and fuck your mama so high as you said don’t leave me alone
so what’s going on I said holy shit
working the crowd going down the aisle
Paul and Minneapolis I thought your mama there’s an app for my dick is not
I thought your mama had
I fuck your mama and I
what do you like Gary Bussey
Richard Hammond
what’s your name
the right on this floor and there’s a red rug here but it’s going to read the mark because I gave her menstration but your mom
fight a robot Joker at
I’ve gathered it up and I took it and put it in a Drop It Like It’s Hot
farmer you know it’s true
I wrapped badly in the aisle
first time when I did it a year ago then I didn’t hear your bro what happened inside there
a little less flirty
what I do this time
how do I craft
I’m sorry I had a really review
Dark City
now you can come back
round and round
come up here
like a laser what’s your name
my name is Austin.
ragom what is that I could not even say
for it is
it’s not like I’m going to
she was trying to take it to the chorus
thank you so much
Panerai more time whenever you wanted to McCord’s General more time.
I dropped the other one I’m talking into it when I didn’t drop it
did you have it back Sam in the back of Canton Ohio
good night
Anto the actor music that’s a good idea


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