Episode: 52 – By the Power of Bored Audience Skull! (Kumail Nanjiani)


Episode: 52 – By the Power of Bored Audience Skull! (Kumail Nanjiani)


In which Mayor Harmon explores everything that’s already been explored about the topics of Road House, Roger Ebert and Skeletor. Plus: Kumail Nanjiani, Drunk Spencer and the final word on nipple size.


yeah hello everybody
Welcome to melt down, town is once I get in a session
you’re lucky little devil
what you want go to the stage the mayor of harmontown Dan Harmon
Dan Harmon
thank you where do we start your belt I forgot the Easter thing about I don’t know there’s that there was some point where Aaron and I slipped off of the wagon allowed ourselves to just check I just like I’ve been cheating on my diet quote on quote for for multiple days in a week send this morning I put on a pair of pants and I was like I don’t need a belt that bowl of Cheetos last night was your belt exactly for closers and but I forgot that jeans kind of they expand over time you know as you it’s so if I if I if I danced too much these will come right around my ankle of it we must enforce that
I just ripped but my underwear I’ll tore down around my ass so these guys are these guys can I load
bring up and bring him down
give me the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died
did she eat know who else to say are you don’t give a fuck about Margaret Thatcher
no you should care about Annette Funicello she died
a guy who only got more and more awesome as he got older it was and it was like mission accomplished I keep really knocked it out of the park in terms of being a brat for making my pants fall down
what’s Milestones milestones
that’s what I feel that Rodger Ebert like we kind of got to watch him die and he made that you made no bones about that and kind of made it very enjoyable he got he owned up to his his role as a curmudgeon as he got older and older he became more and more of an expert and what he was talking about and he liked got more and more bored with an unremarkable and and and real estate a civic-minded the progressive interesting SAS stand I was constantly reading and filling his brain with stuff and filtering it and giving it out to people like totally seamlessly adapted his role from a Chicago Sun Times movie review her to an online presence and you know it was was was more facile the most 25 year olds in terms of like being out there and online and then and then he died and I know I got cancer and my leg or whatever I’ll see you guys back for a second and then I’ll see you guys in a couple days and then
I don’t know it’s a bummer it’s weird because every is a million people die every day like and horribly like by machete is like a bitter totally undeserving a horrible horrible just deaths happen but then it’s like all Billy Crystal
but put like like I I think it’s just because we do celebrities spend their lives kind of as an antenna and a frame drawing our attention we get to talk about them if you’re a celebrity that’s famous for being a slut we get to talk about sluttiness not that famous slept like a tarot card an archetype of your famous for being funny on your famous version until little stories all this guy was famous for being rich know he’s famous for being poor is famous for their ghosts and then they when they when they die we got kind of weird if we don’t go no Lebanon is on fire from Death to Roadhouse
are assigned movie was Roadhouse yeah I mean it until it’s time not to be nice be nice that it slipped through my cracked but I think the reason it did it’s the same reason it’s so fascinating if it was still a couple Beavis and Butt-head chuckling at slipping through my cracked and get a hold of yourselves I try I tried to push past it you guys got two guys going to help me out the show me 3 hours long it’s a show that kind of Falls between the quantum definitions of of of a lot of other things that we use to define a movie like is it a good movie or a bad movie is it is it is it an act
movie or a drama is it it look like it’s very it’s very odd the only thing you know for sure is it’s a vehicle for this this Debonair young Starlet Patrick Swayze star well I mean it’s a very very very kind of uplifting message to it like he’s a guy that likes to be nice that it as he says I can see it as a twenty-first-century progressive like you have to be behind the movie because it’s the gayest movie you’ve ever seen. But it’s kind of like dishonestly gay I guess cuz it’s like sort of a saying like this is a very manly movie it’s not a gay movie at all so is that a crime or is that actually a heroic moving cuz it’s kind of matific 80s films like Top Guns notoriously really fruity yeah
Kelly Lynch and makeup people on the set of the movie where I can buy whatever speech Izod shirt you know what how how how hahaha talk to and it should be there is a scene when he’s doing Tai Chi or whatever along the riverbank and he’s moving out of the world’s best apartment in a barn it’s a beautiful Soho Loft in a barn in Kansas or wherever they are and our Missouri Missouri and just somewhere outside Kansas
that River might be the Mississippi between it might be but I don’t know what it’s a metaphor have I been to get fucked up cuz he knows his car will get fucked up any by The Cutie car and it was a Wishful drive down a Country Lane and it’s just him going apartment shopping and it goes to a barn and it says beautiful apartment inside with a great big window which of course I was going to go through because it’s Road House is going to be gone through and across the river is Ben gazzara smashing was hilarious
Godzilla’s egg well first things first let’s find an apartment and they said they got one across from the Death Star
your gesture adjacent until he’s doing he’s doing Tai Chi and is sunrise or Sunset lighting is great who’s the guy who’s the club owner that hires Dalton at the beginning
John Locke’s dad from Lost wow John Locke have muscular men around me at all time and I think I think that any time a girl gets up on the table and start taking a shirt out of clay town naked women he just shakes his head and lick lick lick lick lick lick I wanted to talk about this particular we talked about nothing else cuz you guys are you know the majority of the audience I want you to watch this movie and get out your little gift gift gift programs I want to see
somebody’s got to make a gif of this an animated gif where Patrick Swayze he’s doing tai chi in the morning at the bank of the river that lies betwixt him in the villain and then it and then it cuts to adjust a lot just a lot of coverage of Patrick Swayze doing Tai Chi and then the villain is out drinking like mimosas or something is watching him nnn’s Expressions on their faces just like huh yeah I’ll be done in a TV and he sees then he pulls up when he was watching them fuck his four wheeler and is watching his his Nemesis do tai chi on the shirt.
you guys in this case has been that cuts to his landlord and it becomes his landlord is like watching it’s got a very joyful energy it reminds me a lot of Xanadu and that you can’t like what what genre of movie is this all you really know is that someone somewhere along this weird pipeline was having so much fun that it almost didn’t get contaminated by the entire movie making process but but of course story structure character on top of what you drank from the outset takes place in a world where Barb bouncing is a high-stakes
dramatic business with all kinds of codes and counter codes and like like it’s possible to be a sell-out bouncer it’s for a bouncer with integrity and I got I got you that we find that very subtle in very slowly that the reason why he’s all about being nice and playing by the rules is because he ripped a man’s throat out and then he does it again right and he almost doesn’t have third time he just has the 3 finger claw thing and he’s going to rip another thrown out there’s also a Dead Poets Society with shotguns that take exactly in the third act there’s a moment where it’s identical to the end of Dead Poets Society instead of standing on desk people pull out shotgun and then it’s a weird movie takes place in a weird world and more than three times called out in a falsetto voice
images of sign of a great movie with Sam Elliott is Sam Elliott’s hair and this is the really in like an hour into the movie or 45 minutes and he comes in late but for my money that’s in the movie begins is Jason mackerras here Jason can you come up for a second Jason is a friend who came to the show tonight and he texted me that’s a pretty pretty pretty hesitant Applause
Jason is a pedophile and he wants why did you applied like that the to be right before he came to the show you said that for some reason you were on the set of Roadhouse the guy he’s fighting with actually says to him I used to fuck guys like you in prison talk like guys like you in prison
Patrick Swayze she is a very Charming guy but he’s not like I mean I didn’t remember him as being like you don’t like like like we didn’t go like I mean I don’t know I’m not I’m not even insinuating the Patrick Swayze the human being was I don’t care if he was in or out of the closet ER or where around it or whatever they’re acting real crazy whatever floats their boat they all fucked fish and children or whatever job they print they lie for a living to themselves and to God so they’re good ones are going to bed with your bad and sometimes you find out who cares screen icon that is Patrick Swayze he was Dirty Dancing came out like right before that I do not like this is a thing and I want cuz he was shot very differently and acting very differently like Roadhouse almost seemed like he specifically to get into character you kind of had a start sachet to him and like I don’t know maybe
because I did say I was going to say I just moved to California from Connecticut and was movie Nut and it was the first time I ever saw set and I’ve never been before and it was the double Deuce it was a complete mess and like I like a Sunday I was here alone it just kind of like in this Glory of being in a movie said there’s a good security guard has been hired just to stay there 24/7 family like my mom dad sister and I and we’re kind of watching him at the lights and everything and outcomes Patrick Swayze and my remember my mother being very disappointed that he didn’t look quite like you didn’t scream he’s just kind of like punched when their cameras rolling and he had a limp cuz I guess he had like a horrible football injury when he was a kid or something and it just affected him like all through his life all of him looking
Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse but not prominently on camera unless you go what the fuck is going on because they look a lot like that are they really got a handful of others just as five people that movie that look like kind of like fetal alcohol syndrome Swayze’s
a brother who choreographed the production of sweet charity that I was in in Simi Valley Community Theater until 1 something night I found sweet charity oh what you’ve done to me
I just went to counseling change it just became about Sabbath
thanks for coming up Jason so you when you say you were on the set you just mean you actually like it didn’t think it was her so she had a chance to be in the movie and blue and blue it
where was that shot
all right
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering if I can smell food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out while actually. But you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little t and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film earth like a verb you’re always in good hands
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I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to shut you down about that it’s okay man just keep feeling good keep my confidence up about the scene when when Sam Elliott starts dancing and they’re out there out all night long and they go to a diner or ear and he says things that girls got Bart entirely too many brains and have an ass like that I I see from Twitter than I think Spencer’s drunk tonight
have you been drinking yeah yeah
I have wait I thought you were a teetotaler why I thought you didn’t drink I don’t did you not I did put on first accurate and a bit
I bet we’ve been through those he chooses not to drink he knows how exactly yeah I know he’s incapable of doing it I had a shot or two you but mostly it was Diet Coke soda Mountain Dew is for you
what what did you have to drink tonight I had three PBR tall boys courtesy of a pikey the pikey and three tall boys that’s not a lot of beer she almost died
show me funny I guess it’s kind of funny
alright let’s bring Erin out and have her sorry I don’t mean to sandbag no no it’s okay
I don’t know if I almost died or so you almost died you’re drunk
I took a
this guy I never seen you smile like this I’ve never been happy
see that’s a bet that’s what happened to me but I was like 13 yeah yeah I did a lot of things out of order times it’s great Spencer finally learning that alcohol takes the pain away it’s good that you didn’t learn it as a child be like me look quite a ways away yeah yeah I drove here so you’ll be sober by the end of the show experimental testing on the subject but I’d assume that is so drunk I’m for up to you guys and it kind of looks like he’s going to fake prop folders right now
hey Aaron tell us tell us a story on Monday nights cuz we drink during the show and I don’t want to drive and my cab driver
my cab driver went through Independent Taxi which is normally a great company is Ocean’s Tiffany with the company or whatever. When we get in Gardner which is where I stopped and I kept on saying no no stop stop stop stop stop and going and drop me off at by the pikey where is standing I was like all my friends that made him stop healer well she has a friend
he stopped the car and ran across the street I should supposed to my cake and then my cab driver immediately made a u-turn and got T-boned by a car and they in the intersection and couldn’t know think about it this way stop stop stop know how about you just turn around and take me back dead no that’s fine I’ll just I mean if you would have been standing by for your alcoholism Save the Day
Spencer walk back with him instead of having that driver pulled background okay
I don’t know
if it is to mail has I don’t know
I want to talk about the Skeletor Oh Yeah from the He-man universe
because I always thought this was a case where at when I was a kid I would watch the watch it as a re-run or whatever it after school it would be like between Inspector Gadget in Mork & Mindy or something like that and this was the case but as a four-year-old they recently look back into this Skeletor from the He-man Universe antagonist the antagonist the Darth Vader of the human universe He-Man for those of you who don’t know the alter ego of Prince Adam of an identical man with a shirt on named Prince Adam the same animal all the time is it having the same head and body cream cat in this Kingdom to the character of this universe Eternia what I think was the name of the world
lived I think it a place called Snake Mountain that’s correct he was obsessed with beanie He-Man and the key man’s Mentor or you know what sources his Athena the sorcerer who had eagle hair and a beak head or something and he lived in a place called Castle Grayskull that’s correct Castle Grayskull which seemed appropriate and I looked it up
Skeletor used to live in Castle Grayskull according to the mythology of the way he couldn’t pay the rent he got evicted from Castle Grayskull
do I have to pay the rent
yeah I didn’t I I guess I didn’t know that was speaking of like the rightful home all he used to live there he didn’t live there with them he does there on his own
go to his place that makes sense he lived he probably left the door unlocked not me
Buccaneer right I didn’t want to say it when you do and have you jump on me I don’t know I would have agreed this is blue My Mind Is My Mind who used to live in
snake guy living in a honeycomb it wasn’t just placing the Speedy or buzzed off with his name down in the water side of hell does this chick roll a problem I have with it is Skeletor why don’t know that there’s a race of people that was One race of all people who had like mosquito faces but you only knew one and his name was Mesquite or are all the others just like I did you meet all the mosquito people in the name it was always always threw me off even as a little kid
black man and fresh what his name is he man that’s the most redundant name ever
he really falls apart if you really look at it
it’s also the devil has won
just browsing around in there so I like a Skeletor package that was skeletor’s scuba gear like you could buy a special Skeletor they had like a scuba pack and I just thought that was so it made me realize I got all those years like Skeletor was the good guy like this guy is like he’s like a fish man is like a mermaid or something if I think you was Ramen in there
I have the ram Man toys only his legs he would like to go up yeah I know everything about him and I said for the eviction backstory on 3333 I watch the cartoons like most like disillusion anything was last year I found a DVD stand for like $3 that was like oh my God this cartoon so I watched it and I was like oh I must have been a dumb shity as a kid because it’s so bad but that one I use the same animation so she’s really work that into like every episode me
Linda made a robot cyborg is it was fake or in a world where Prince Adam is is is a Clark Kent
is like weird has a weird way of making a fucking Android place the main theme Hugh as the main guy and his hair was a different color
who is skeletor’s Mission what did he went to get his home back the power of Grayskull that’s what I want but that’s what they call it is like he wanted the power of Grayskull but he just wanted to
all of attorney also which is a little role in the universe like what he was there to keep her out of his house and which that is bestiality is is cuz his mom is Earthling and his dad is a turn Ian’s cell which is beastiality meaning of what other two species have sex
that’s the only example species like bestiality of a horse fucks like a donkey
yes what is bestiality
wow huh we’ve learned a lot
it’s pretty easy to catch up with you do a cursory Googling a whole race of snake people in there but that’s what it was, so he is like Palestinians I’m saying he was displaced from advice he previously occupied and I mean is it politically controversial.
I mean I guess they share that yeah you know I’m saying I feel bad for Skeletor okay that’s what I’m saying he just looks like a bad guy and that was his only mistake he’s also speaking of he’s straight-up gay on that show like a gay man who’s just learned to be gained from the Internet or something soon as he mad by the way I never got it
he’s always surrounding himself by boners with owners phone
what are his powers of super strong close
yeah it’s a magic trick it’s bigger than us
Spencer you’re right yeah yeah I know you know he has a scuba equipment yeah it’s going through
John Spencer she always did did that to sell more they would just have more like like Superman used to be able to like be in space and then for a while he couldn’t so they could sell like the Superman space outfit you went to the shadow plane and we got the soul of growth oh yeah yeah I think you got that that episode before though but yeah you got the solow growth are our shadows detached ran off and a dark place what what does Robin Williams’s here
I saw pictures I was very upset and dark version of Coco the horse came up to us and Aaron was riding on what your name was riding on the horse the horse was it a shadow version of Coco but 3D on the floor 3D Spencer tell us
then stop trying to eat the dice
for the listeners at home guys philippus at home sober up tonight I think we
last time on harmontown for Heroes we’re divvying up the treasure hoard if he enters the green dragon step by all means should have taken no longer than a single session after coming across the goggles of night Chris de Burgh the road put them on granting him darkvision with his newly Enchanted eyes the Rogue found a portal to another plane within the dragons mystical crack after some discussion the heroes plunge through the portal and found themselves in a hazy dark place the shadow plane just been a mysterious dark sun appear in an animated the Shadows are Sharpie Quark mulrennan Chris de Burgh the Shadows newly awakened freed themselves and dance stopped towards the thicket of ashy black columns having lost their the group was considerably weakened considerably weakened and lost having just been in transport it to yet another plane but just then the gang was approached by a large switch shadowy horse
do silent and slightly off until the Beast was somehow linked to our companion cocoa who was last seen on the plane of Twyla after mounting the shadow creature and planting a flag of sadness into the ground the gang pressed onward into the stand of ebbing pillars hoping to regain their shadows and find their way but would they truly find what they were looking for in the thicket of Heaven pillar drug Spencer
God damn it what is the flag of sadness that was I was listening to harmontown today and at some point before you guys departed Sharpie was like ISO a blue flag made out of my sadness I said. Yeah yeah that’s the reason you did it was to Mark where you at been in case you know got lost or going in circles I can see
yeah those are our shadows are Gone Chris de Burgh Argan tree you guys took some ability damage your weekends and you feel kind of more ill and end in sickly as it works I just feel kind of shity right away and in-game terms you have – 1 strengthen – 4 consoles kind of like being hungover it’s like be you’ll find out tomorrow please

drink Gatorade it’s a lie it’s bacon sandwiches they commissioned a study that actually linked bacon sandwiches to ending hangovers and eggs but you know fastest hangover cure of all medical students give that give each other a real loser to have at your house and they have they have vans in Las Vegas that where you can get in and they hook you up to an IV and you can continue gambling while they IV saline of you and it kills your hangover in like 10 seconds that’s bad luck is called a wake up call
I said that soon you’ll be inside of this this entanglement of call Jet out of the ground into the sky their gnarled and Claude branches grabbing at the black sky above you can hear an ethereal wind blowing in far-off whispery voices creep into your ears telling of misery and Madness and languages
describe the columns are like intertwined it looks like they’re almost grasping at the sky so you can got Jeff can kind of see them fine if you see a ride pretty much right yeah I know all the grass because of how many fingers are there what do you mean there, how many, how many are there Sharpies Bluff falls through I guess okay guess five-year-old to see if it’s no way I mean he he guessed correctly and it was clearly still a gas
by the way you threw up your handles no dice five dice are rolled
all right so just call him so can I go examine the columns yeah you can I examine the columns I’ll go examine the columns there’s surface is smooth and black yeah that’s what they look like they seem rather straight stretching High into the sky and as as noted before they have gnarled branches
gnarled branches we can claim these things yeah definitely I love to climb a pile of climbing columns
you hear that you hear a soft squish squish squish squish light yeah you do your light has an incredibly diminish the fact that you can only see about ten feet ahead of you you don’t make anything out
squish squish squish
all right I mean like I said before would work better than ever but don’t attack the screen dimmer I I’ve been living in regret ever since we fought that Dragon Knight Dragon came outside and you just started firing at it and be like hey my name is Ralph like let me hang out with you like you to be so good at archery and not attack ever noticed that you actually had non-combat resolutions that were possible Grand consensus has your wrong with the five columns but this is too much
one of the columns
anacoco I approached the noise and I have never been sad I don’t see race
but I couldn’t so I approach
I don’t see any idea if you can’t see a thing in fact you have the best Vision Chris de Burgh and you can’t see anything they can you can I can still hear it it still still it sounds maybe like it’s going around coming from a circle or if you can’t tell the circle but definitely different different places around you as high as I can go you climb it is it feels firm and kind of springing underneath your grasp it’s it’s kind of like a cock
once you go giant black ethereal column
a white giant ethereal column place in your fingers around this stiff rigid object
now you climb up you climb up the black the black pillar and you can actually they’re all black you know it’s all black pillars but you can see there’s something pretty far off that looks like it’s not black it’s like a tough to color on the top of a far-off pillar and he could see from his van but yeah this case I would say wrong is the right word to use what if it was a trap it would be the right pillar am I right now you’re about thirty feet up I stay there cuz he tell us he doesn’t see that everybody else around me can I climb up to where the color is not quite as good as a climber as Quark is if I’m not mistaken to have a climb skill you know on the right bar ever
your skill tree chart it says no number so that’s Infinity
it doesn’t say any numbers didn’t know numbers are there so I assume I’m all that the plant was just you can’t see cuz you have low light vision right not dark vision you can only kind of make out like the outline of like maybe it looks kind of like a blob it doesn’t really look like much but if the color is definitely color and everything’s pretty much black and white in this world and gray so it’s kind of its kind of you know contrast I shall why don’t you like in Roadhouse get nipples the nipple with it
squish squish squish squish. Right right that’s happening
hello lease load up sounds like a slur against some kind of race
you go into the low low low
so you’re floating up in the air here all your good 20 ft in a way from the elevation that you need to be at so you continue to ascend I use wild empathy and I asked Coco if she knows with that special person or they’re far away or they’re not seeing a bowl like you haven’t seen them
OK Google doesn’t respond I mentioned in the last session Shadow Coco can’t communicate cocoa as the old saying goes alright well I what what can I do here but I haven’t done anything you got crap that’s true I want to do can we all agree let’s have a non conflict resolution alright I allowed to the thing a Lady in Red
Home Depot
what are some Vegas a hole do
if you want
we should have decided what you should yell before you yelled at the classic you shall not pass
so it’s a person who can speak he’s talking to us
I would say so in the middle of a columns and I and I summoned the squishy people to me
okay nnn bed also sounds racist
the squishy people Sharpie still floating up in the air also you were you were probably like approaching him so like you’d get to him first before you would get that like chronological unless you want to look down to the ground sorry I don’t get that you’re floating in the air yeah I know you don’t want to chill with the color thing I like it is okay cool all right by the color thing you’re getting close yeah yeah yeah that’s what I’m saying is actually a person what is the person and a wizened old man sitting up in a tree and very tattered yet shimmering white Rags that stand out in stark contrast to the black Cullum he is perched in Christ
go ahead dear sir I am more a dancer with my girlfriend no harm obviously what’s what’s your story breath of the wild where is my name I’ve been wandering for all my life never sleeping in the same place twice
sleeping in the same place twice just float back down
I’d like I climb up the column to a to breathy breath in breath out breath I like the sound of this guy’s why I climb up to call him and talk to him I wasn’t going to small hand and welcome he takes your small hands
what is a small hair like I said if you don’t you have just the hands on that you can pick his nose like a reference to a two year old boy
in my head it was just you but you don’t have a tie
go back and pick up me fucking cocoa trees down just maybe a last week to see one than the one you would have to exactly do you know anything about this Shadows wandering down not too long ago to help you folks the right now we’re being surrounded by a fungus
I summon Dalton
I don’t hear that I’m sorry what I know I wish we had a cooler from from a notorious Roadhouse Mars to come to come clean up like thing I can use here at wraps I don’t want to can I ask him something and he can ask the the guy I guess Chris got strong pipes from my years of touring could you ask what’s his name
how do you say his name was Rocky The Wanderer could you ask if the Phantom fungus I mean this sound like bad guys but are they good guys or bad guys that is a phantom also with an S to Quest childcare
Raffi Torres a we’re being surrounded by Phantom fungus is it is that is that a threat or are they cool Phantom fungus has a fungus is that try to eat people also they’re invisible impervious to pluralization
can you ask question is Fantom with an F or is it is also fungus with a PA
infected white or he’s not afraid my question was before
if it going just in terms of time down the column put Chris de Burgh on my back and climb back up so he can have this conversation with Brent who the one
it’s going to I heard that now this seems like it’s not going to be going to, but it’s the Fantom with an ass or it’s a fungus with a pH or is it spelled like you normally would spell it he looks down to the ground for a bit mulling it over
can you take me back down
the group of attacking everything that wants to be friends with us and having having the Keystone Cops and counters with everything it’s just an animal like every time changing pants with each other
can you carry me out there ever climb down and drop off Chris de Burgh pick up more a thanks thanks bro I’ll see you on the flip side for a PA the first flip into the pfpf and the other ones that pH
any other ones like fat but when I got Tuesday Fat Tuesday I ask a question that happens
hi why are why aren’t you afraid I’m used to Phantom funguses they come round the Evans ticket quite often can you tell him it should be fun guy not funguses I climb down and I pick up Christopher
note in his pocket that’s my question sorry out of paper and have everybody write down there? I got a question is just more of a help for today’s events happening breathy comes down the correct pluralization I didn’t want to be shity in this sort of moment it’s fungi that’s me it’s Chris de Burgh talkin to breathy you should Dodge
you do Dodge feel something come within inches of your face but I heard
is there still a black picture so I dodged whatever he dodged that’s not so that’s not so all right what the fuck do you have the give us for the Phantom fungus you get hit in the face
I dodge you feel An Invisible Presence hit you in the face I should have just stayed up in that column
that’s true
you take 6 damage Sharpie do you have any ideas yeah I can’t Mage Armor
on everybody know
it only works on him and increases your AC by four that makes you harder to hit
all of us nope just him it’s an investment
I take a rope and the end and my friends get out of the way and I start whipping around in the circle us how long the Rope is so then we’re out of the radius of it let’s go everyone I’m covered and call him come hold my hand to detect the Phantom creatures with my rope tracker
I know I said I will watch it go
whipping it around in a circle and everyone thinks I’m doing a good job she’s doing great I know it’s not the front Okay the premises if there was an invisible entity in the way the Rope would interact with it what are things that are Shih Tzus rope tracker she knows he owns a r o l o
this is an odd that’s why you’re making up slap against something invisible oh wow
your faces are funguses
I I take out my poisoned dagger and I sniff it which most people don’t know what gets me slightly high but also gives me I can see invisible things yeah you wish that would be cool I do believe that’s true he see where my rope tracker I take out my poisoned dagger
I can’t I can’t detect sarcasm
I heard at the fungus has the sarcasm know that is not a constructive thing to use
people going around by poisoned dagger okay so you’re throwing the poison there yet
whipping back quickly you strike the flying U you fling The Poisoned dagger with great Grayson Swift and then Swift missile acronym
more than slightly they’re fucking in the place that you think that the Phantom fungus must be
it does not hit by someone go get my dagger what is weapon Focus weapon focus makes you a better at hitting with the weapon that you have I should have known that I still can still detect even though I’m covered in the in the in the fungus in mind for the Rope hit whether or not the creature still there at this point I mean maybe I don’t have to just hit you and Dawn right I know you can only do that like once or twice like a couple of the minut seeing they can I leave your searching around you can see things better he no like almost kind of like if you’re like an investigator with a magnifying glass or so it wouldn’t I mean it’ll help you see and you can’t see that I put on my goggles of mine is seeing and I take out my far sword and I use my weapon focus and I try to do a fire sword attack on the invisible
Johnny the goggles of my new to seeing you can see things my newly in a way that you couldn’t before
you can notice the hazy dip. Not hazy you can notice the slight difference between Shades of Gray were footsteps appear to be being made on the floor
swinging your sword in a wide Arc you unfurl a beam not a being fuck everything I love you
swing your sword in a wide Arc a burst of farce or energy to where you think the Phantom fungus is currently residing at
currently residing taxes
thank you I check it at home
is it your swords as resident of it you hear a great whoosh is your blast of energy blasts through the clearing that you were kind of being your hero.
morning you see materializing before your eyes two halves of a very disgusting looking Phantom fungus lying on the ground slain do you did I thought I was dead and God for that wrote cracker heat light how do you stop stop stop you’re just desecrating it’s cool. I know it’s fungus is like there’s multiple fungus is like you’re right yeah you want to borrow my rope tracker do you want to let me cast you use it so well dude I’m in the general direction of where it’s at
spell with a big effect a big area of effect Fireball
don’t do it at the one that’s already dead
can you use a road tracker to figure out where it is and then use the fire all right do you want to use it all right all right
and I feel I feel like eating a little bit of crow here cuz I made fun of it but I’ll wait for the Rope tracker to tell me where to cash my Fireball and I extend the Route 225 ft limits huh, the first plane was only Airborne for like 40 some seconds
bring it back at 5:30 so 12:17 now
do 17 food Hollywood 17th prime number simple subtraction take the Rope tracker and I look up above my head and I was also
okay. I’m going to use like clock notations so you know your rope strikes an entity at around 4 when I get a chance
like like when you see an attractive girl at the bar when using the same nomenclature I don’t I’ve been drunk once more than once
what’s happening you conjure up a brilliant of fire although it’s light is slightly muted in the shadow playing infernum launching the sphere of light at where you think the Rope tracker is identified the Phantom fungus
it watches
how do you strike the ground right where you thought it would be and it explodes into a huge radius of Fire
the black columns are consumed in the flames and although it is a bit DM you can see and they’re starting to light up in fire
the charred husk of a phantom fungus Falls

also breastfeed jump in anytime you let the forest on fire I was pushed to that we are going to have to leave unless you want to die of Suffocation I believe it’s that bad forest fires will Kill Ya on Shadow Coco
I have shotgun you can fit one person in court
his quirks really small so he doesn’t get the back of Coco
I don’t think that’s a good idea
you’ve been there before I can only take one of you and I can’t move
I was going to say I can move silently but that won’t make a difference to a fire right
it certainly wouldn’t I hide from the fire by closing my eyes
according to De Niro in Backdraft it’s a living thing
all right while trying to reason with it then
if you form some compelling arguments but it’s not it’s not soaking in so it is it is it good to flee these columns or more to be gained from these columns was anything ever gained from these columns the guy breakfast but I mean what would a breathy where should we wear to we should get away from the fire we should keep him around for like the Oregon Trail
I love me to a great game so
I do it nice you guys are flame can I get my dagger I get my tag on the fire you find yourself amidst something I’m going to read sweet the fire is far away now but you’re still within the thicket of columns and as you can see there are wolves in between the black shadowy tree is sticky braids like Nets and meche’s of shimmering white wedding which stands out in stark contrast to the Dual Grays and blacks of the plane the wedding envelops the entire forest from this point on blanketing in thick ropy strands of silk you can see bubble like pustules on the Webbie floor ominously pulsing in the path that breath he has been leading you down is barred by webs and net net strung between the trees be careful now we don’t want to disturb any face spiders what’s the name of the face spiders face spiders
your place isn’t a phase phase not like face with a pH with a pH
face spiders sounds scarier
well spiders
I want to be a dick but I don’t like broccoli
he helps us can we get rid of you can really help us with the fungus that I guess you can say I take I take breathy loud sound while you guys discussed it so he got here in Roadhouse fashion
I think that and I I take Bradley by the collar if he has a collar on and I pick him up against the country help me hold on to him better it definitely does
you let us into a trap so help me God I’ll knee you in the nuts Sam Elliott Style
as adorable as I think it looks
that’s that’s your guys’s calling in the nuts just to be safe alright I’ll good cop this
I would he lead us into a trap by telling us to be careful for face spiders cuz we left the fire and he took us into a face spider nest about this like we just thought this was elegant white silk but I don’t think we needed every step of the way is there a way to get around the face by Terraria I mean why would we have to walk through this because you’re getting that we were playing a fire I mean you could get away from me is is there a magic beasts that I could summon that could kind of guide us through this area you can summon Nature’s allies but they wouldn’t be like particularly graded guiding you through because they’re from a different plane
SoJO silence I mean if you wanted another Ally on your team it would work but if you wanted a guide it wouldn’t work look like if a spider know you can only emulate humanoid creatures with the with us how to disguise your from the plane of Twilight which is a different dimension in the plane of Shadow but they’re related
so I ordered we have to go through this you don’t have to do anything is there are there like is it like an alternate Dimension like a shadow world so they’ll be real world counterpart to this area so I do know the terrain a little bit actually interesting Lee enough it’s different than the plaintiff Twila that you remember so it’s it’s not the same maybe it’s similar a bit but it’s not the same as the plane and recognizing Skies there’s nothing I can do you have to like cut down the web. Mysore it’s not a good idea that’s how they found out if you could sneak through them like fire no fire
that didn’t work for us like 2 minutes ago got a hold for estimate it’s kind of like having the u.s. Air Force in our side we can just do you fully 8 this area
yes somebody was raising their hand we just saw you and just try to stretch clothes at the show and the Cliffhanger we got to pick up movie for next week
cuz I mean what would happen that we would take you come out
Erin mcgathy
great she just filled her wine soaked with the line
I didn’t get my suit didn’t I
I’m going to have a baby with you
play I’m supposed to in alien and your overlord with it you must program it with her.
that one day you’ll be spilling wine for 2
you get me pregnant
all right why did I tell you
are McCafe everybody always
crime scene over here this fucking red wine everywhere
nine months in which I’ll be absolutely incapable think I would like I’m going to be selfish here and use the harmontown movie club is my own personal movie jukebox and a sign of movie that I would like to watch it again and discuss next week I think that’s fair to drop was it was the first message yesterday Roadhouse last week here tonight who who is that was a good chance to see a movie I haven’t seen but there’s a movie I have seen that I think everyone should see and that whether or not every one of the Saudis to see it again I think we should see it again I brought up zardoz in the greenroom yes I really want anybody to wow
proceed Sean Connery infer leggings and diapers
here’s the world won’t we won’t go into too much detail it’s a goodie earlier than you think you should come and go like 8. As my place and smoke a joint like I said this is a yeah it’s the last third of the movie goes very seventies I mean the whole thing is insane without spoiling anything the director’s commentary on the that I listen to on the at the beginning of the movie what’s the guys name Jon Foreman I think he said something like if this isn’t the quote that it’s funnier than this it it it it it he said hello I’m John Boorman directed the movie called in 19 whatever it is that mean I took weeks to shoot the budget
what is x billion dollars and I’ll be the first to admit it kind of got away from me
it’s something like that if it’s as if that’s not if that’s not what precisely said then what he says it’s actually even funnier than that and the movie is like it just be on because the 70s was a completely different time before before that shark blew up at the end of Jaws there was a different era in cinema when I go to the whole different timeline that might have been where American Cinema was just like it could have been anything but we still thought movies was really good thing that you did that was a kind of half and half populist pacification it wasn’t like fully just like you know everything has to have a weird like big big leagues in the seventies like them a movie could just end with like the hero like going to keep blowing his own brains out I think we could go to Black and just credits with Roland silent so you never knew what the fuk was going to happen at the end of the movie
it is a little I mean there are there are elements of it that are adults this was great about it is not just a shity movie that’s like like like what my favorite thing about bad movies is not because this is what I didn’t like about like you know leprechaun in the in the hood and stuff and like why I won’t even bother to watch Piranha 3D and stuff like that is like there’s a there’s a line where the shity movie is self-aware shittiness and if you watch a movie my favorite shity movies are shity movies that are trying to be Citizen Kane and really fits the bill Xanadu is another one and I think Roadhouse kind of qualifies it’s like hey let’s blow people’s minds with this movie zardoz is like like like they will talk about it a little bit and hit some themes of immortality I know that I want to talk about the ending of Roadhouse okay
go to Michael said you’re very familiar with the movie Roadhouse obviously
oh yes Dakota silence sort of yeah he gets Patrick Swayze hides behind a water buffalo or a yak at some point and then he’s stuffed animals and there’s a lot of gay threats and he’s going to fuck him in the ass and mount his ass and there’s a weird thing is going on and then and then to the fat guy is running around and then all the sudden Patrick Swayze we presume is pushing a polar bear on Wheels toward him and he puts four or five bullets into the polar bear do you want me to do some kind of like what you think the ending of that movie like
like explain the end of the end of that movie to me towards the end what does a mr. Waverly over drunk and thrown through a coffee table is only one piece of plate glass left in this town and you’re going through it
shot 11 times so it’s like he did some kind of acrobatics only a moment ago was squashed by giant God damn it I don’t do that to him fucking the trip titties again
no I know her as the mom from Curly Sue that’s all I know that was a strange strange set of tits
Razorsharp you could have put a sweaty thighs out of a clear division between them like armpit perfectly round like a boob here in a boob there like headlights like like like like with a total Grill between the United have the pointy like angular made it was carved out of wood tips
leaving for cinematic purposes I think yeah diameter is half a radius or double the radius I forget noise
I would say no bigger than two or three maybe no bigger okay let’s go with stuffing their pockets a quarter or a half dollar and if the breast size of your actually according to how much milk you lactate and and a move the size of a basketball if you have a bigger and it no bigger than a nipple no bigger than a nickel
lactation and how old is the woman asking what’s the ideal nipple size net them now he’s gone into what’s the likely nipple size
no bigger than a nickel-sized nipples all told nickel
what’s happening
when is neighborhood I’m really a man actually real
let’s think was that I think we’re
dragon attack
we will table that nipple discussion till next week next week Howard Stern
what’s happening at the Hard fast rule on nickel-sized nipples
nipples the nipple exactly Roadhouse. Everyone yes but be nice until I have no notes I’m not I’m not critiquing anyone I had a I had a fine time thank you for coming to the farm town meeting how do we close the show what are we do I can go and swing in here
Philip Prince
I come to you
yo my name is Dan Harmon motherfuker, tooth enamel came off
Terminator top they might come came up and went up to the
sing la la la la la la la what do I do stop singing all you have to do is wrap it as hard as you can dance as hard as you can and make those pants come down baby I don’t use that in case of emergency in case that case the lyrics don’t get what you want to go
so hard she got on a plane and put your mama I called you for trying to paint your mom has a flotation device out of the plane and made her feel about your mama your mama
first person shooter I thought your mama and her pussy in their puter I thought you mama and her shoe in her eye I put your mama tell the day I die I see the future in the past the fuck your mama so hard she’s the first and the last I love you Mama I’m committed to her
your mama like I was made of fur I think Harry Sean Connery motherfuker
give me a chance I fuck your mama joke I lost my pants going to dance up and down till my pants come down around my ankles
all right
rapid till my pants come down till I’m all alone out there made
going to wrap till my pants come
make a note to things and rapping at the same time very hard makes it hard to rhyme all right
is it that you do this rap
I’ll take care of the rest. Give me a second good night hope you drove home real estate fuck your mama so hard at size shake your mama in a restaurant yesterday fuck your mom is so hard all right come on stop it
we blew it we can’t do it I can’t in the show that way
as if you’ve heard of a false start does it. We can’t go to figure out a different way to end a show while I’m making my pants Fulton it what do you want from me like what happened
neither of us get paid to do the show why is that can you focus on the rap just just forget about the pants and just focus on the rap but I already taught us that there’s only so much rap inmate
yeah once we get into the 8th 9th 10th verse like it starts to be kind of uncompelling
for that
they start to get disappointed and sad and anxious
they start looking for the door they got a little upset but you know it’s going to be like that is that does not like his heart stops and mr. toad good
one of the tires are just going to get off mr. Toad’s wild toolbox and try to figure out what’s going on or hold on an indefinite number of minutes like you’d be you’d be scared you feel out of control right now you wouldn’t go on that was outside take us to Wild Ride
I’m embarrassed I want to be a good showman going to be good hosts
you are a good Showman
yo yo yo coming to Hermantown everybody
Robert Allen Park MI
thank you very much and happy birthday everybody here at Mount down on Jeff Davis show closing show stopping freestyle rap
yeah just stopping stopping sweeping and mopping
put rice on the Shelf but your mom is so high that the belt. Your mama now and then fuck your mama like a hand and she was packing I have to season my balls put your mama in Niagara Falls with down in vagina
everybody good night


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