Episode: 53 – National Tragedy Special (Kumail Nanjiani)


Episode: 53 – National Tragedy Special (Kumail Nanjiani)


Mayor Harmon finds out about terrorism after everyone else. Plus: cake making, tentanus, Kumail, and making love to spiders!


hello everybody Welcome to harmontown
that’s always every Monday night here at melt down in the dirt Mounds theater in Hollywood California harmontown
let’s talk about the obvious thing later cuz it’s it’s it’s a weird area I want I want to talk about it with friends because I was sealed off today completely sealed off as writing for Rick and Morty from bed had a deadline and I’m doing my pass on a script so I was completely turned my phone off didn’t have the internet and was kind of like and then Aaron called me from out in the world and told me about what happened in Boston today with by the time you’re hearing this is a recording will have all these facts but it just happened today and it’s just the craziness about it it’s it’s not like by not talking about it nor are we going to score any other kind of Point by talking about it it’s just it’s endlessly fascinating of course and we should we should capitalize on it but because it would be weird
because it would be weird and then talk about Erin’s leg Hollywood California guy comes out with a red Solo cup in his hand and did a reading off his phone for the first two minutes of the show I love that my Evernote Ave it says Aaron’s leg wedding cake Minecraft Alex Space Jam and zardoz that’s what it says on hold at Aaron’s not here tonight because she cut her leg she cut her she answer the question I have these very low low thigh high tetanus riddled sharper Rusty pirate yard light lamps
up the stairs to Dan to do and I believe she was cutting a wide berth for her she was she was disembarking for one of Dustin’s dates for those of you listen to this feels terrible her podcast she had just finished recording like a date Preamble they’re doing this bachelor kind of thing or just is going on dates with women that are that are throwing themselves at Destin and it’s all it’s a horrible Affair and these lovely young ladies are coming over to my house for a Latios recording its broadcasts and sounds horrible and then they leave for the states so leaving this date for the dates are escorting them out to be polite like finally walked close enough to one of these horrible Jagged to the cartilage I think it’s they’re made out of shark cartilage these yard lights that I have their green
and yellow and they’re supposed to be just black probably but I think they were made in the 19 hundreds and covered in tetanus and your Razors Edge right along the path coded as it is titanium laminated in tetanus about the links of let’s say I don’t know what I’m holding up hear my penis cigarette but the length of my penis looks like an e-cigarette it’s a harmless water vapor in it
but you can get it in any flavor Cocoa Pebbles indoors are you a former smoker okay so what’s your name if you want to come up here trying to freaking out I don’t want to
cigarettes fine then we’ll talk about the country.
Water water vapour emission it starts off with the flavor and then however much nicotine you want so I know people who smokes cigarettes at work there someone who doesn’t smoke at all and kind of got into it because everyone else at work with me when I do I’m sitting in bed next to my girlfriend today she comes back from getting her antibiotic she’s holding a bag she goes I got it I keep going off on our diet it’s because I bought a comfort and all the stuff she does with big monologue and I’m I’m like what is it going to happen or it is just a thing that ends with couples therapy what if she pulls out e-cigarettes just today this is why I brought you up here to talk about you like his and hers I can’t touch him for religious reasons I’ll explain later
but I want to know about this because she got she got zero nicotine e-cigarette
do you like
what they call us as a threat to him though
I got this 36mg it’s got the best throat hit fucking guys in their basements modding like power drill batteries into e-cig things it’s it looks like they’re holding like electric screwdriver in their hands when they hacked my e-cigarette I drove by a gas station and it’s an electronic cigarettes. That sounds like a joke for like 20 years ago
horrible 1994 direct-to-video movie set in the future with a lot of kickboxing in it like an alien and of course like the prop prop Master figure out how to make something is something that Bogart would do like a movie set in the future it’s like we we’ve experimented with smoke us out of course when you introduce technology into people’s Mania and addictions you going to have people in their basement super them up
got it but it is supposed to I mean like I suppose there’s an element of it that’s the techies kind of up in the up in the hills kind of Tyler so this is my girlfriend came home today with e-cigarettes that she as a non-smoker I made a deal with God that I cannot go back on what does what does I’m tempted to cuz he’s single look interesting to me I won’t I can’t put one of my mouth cuz I don’t know if God knows the difference what I want to know is what is she and Haley iiuc she’s like all this is something I love that line it’s like basically it’s like there’s nothing that is turning into a carcinogen you’re not setting something on fire and inhaling it into vapor
you’re not burning it it’s just turning into a vapor you pulled out about an it’s super eats a coil you inhale it you’re like this is the FDA says that there’s no significant health risks if we’re talking about this is 0 thousands of magnitude is battery was in there will cigarette girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Jasmine Thorn on my podcast adventures and black venomous each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so as always.
talk to you in a flight that is embarrassment of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like ever you’re always in good hands adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
African a hurry up here so you’re a former smoker now you’re using e-cigarettes to quit or how long it’s cheaper I can do it at my desk at work I mean I work at a video game company we’re kind of cool to fill the craving
you smoke down to the filter and then put it at the end that satisfaction up at of the progress indicator
can I smoke a pack every couple days or maybe if I was out drinking a pack a day but mostly like I smoked a couple puffs of it and then that’s it oh okay I think I feel like nicotine I learned in Biology class I thought I remembered hearing this I thought nicotine was the carcinogen I thought that nicotine is a molecule is shaped like a roof shingle that flies like a karate star into your lung tissue and has a one-in-a-billion chance leaving your cellular membrane and into your DNA and then just like the reason why but you eventually get lung cancer is because every puff you inhale of nicotine is a 1 + a zillion billion zillion billion billion chance of one of these throwing stars like cutting the exact part of your double helix that makes the cell go
pretty much that was a white trash guy not a black.
Is not a blackheads caricature a dirty white poor person’s genome do you want to hear black black Human Genome what he would sound like intend to create to do so responsibly
I woke up at 9 this morning I brush my teeth I have a I have a wife that I love very much and I oversee the reproduction of various viscera to keep the human body alive what what nationality is diabetes Italian
I was not Hawaiian I don’t know how diabetes diabetes stole sugar from Mount Olympus
how do I change into a giant cake to Eagle sticks a dipstick into his liver
Greek mythology Majors just had a conniption fit I don’t think that’s right
so you to the air and get in your bed and she was she was singing the Praises of e-cigarettes or what came home with a bag cuz you wouldn’t get antibiotics so she was but she came home and sat and I was just going like I must I used to like I said I’m 8 years no smoking and I just I just flipped out like I didn’t like that you know I was like I start googling even though I had writing to do which is ironic because while I was Googling there was this event that I’m just driving earlier that. I wish I could but I wasn’t Googling the right things are e-cigarettes that she sucks your face and it you’re not going to get this sense of whatever the hell they flavor them with vaping and the kids are doing
you better really hanging out of my dad’s vaping are you doing drugs and we can really put a show if you hacked when you can barely handle it with it so that hash oil you probably could like I don’t I’m just worried that they’re going to ruin it for you loading with passion. Passion will get got got a hold of one of these hash oil things and I like sucking on a pan and then putting it down and enjoying their does a strings are no no
watching it and I was sober as a judge last night and it was a bump
alright Tianjin free night let’s make Tyler get him out of here
the truth about e-cigarettes
no change it to Rihanna have an orderly night that was a brief one so so Aaron is convalescing what she wanted she wanted me to let you guys know and I quote and I don’t know if this is because the Katniss has got into her brain or or remove is a marriage she will make you a free wedding cake cake crazy 11 times I’ve been to your place has been a new cake and I went down but I came to literally has made two cakes now that our miscellaneous kicks the first one we edited it out of the last episode because it wasn’t very compelling audio I’ve got a cake for his birthday he just wrote like sheep Chute Mitchell make a cake and then at a loss shall write like Yay! On the cake and then give it to me to go to work and I’ll bring it to work and I’ll go yay
how old is she gets her dementia right yeah I mean it’s not too young to invent a new thing to be my dad has his as it has his belief we spoken of his Game of Thrones party at Dana do and we went with your last night last week was a Peter Dinklage language that look a lot like Cobain but
last last night she made a whip ass Jon Snow and there’s four other boxes of unmade cake mix with cakes already remember to do the shadows and go why are you doing
another keg
how do you make a cake and then people eat it’s what’s the point
does Empires out their newspapers do own I haven’t seen Alex thank you for the Space Jam DVD some guy named a little Jeremy nor heard of any of this I don’t know what’s going on
but I’m making fun of my girlfriend for making cakes all I do is destroy lives Jeremy
write weird
I don’t know there must be some. In my head of connect with Dan
oh oh give it to her oh who was that girl’s who’s the girl that came up and when would love to Space Jam of her favorite movie
if you’re not here
is there a Space Jam apologist among you people and then are you sure this is the most elaborate come on I’ve ever seen in my life
well then he’s trying to fuck harmontown he’s he’s he’s he’s Goldberg and Adam are you are your brother’s okay there from there in Boston right now
all right but don’t don’t don’t pop the cork on all the Boston talk I’m going to ever bring up to mail and talk about it
all right first things first there’s a giant velcro back brace back brace okay what happened yeah yeah one of those is true and what is false
your stories in The Labyrinth
the first one of you not coming here anymore but I didn’t lose my job because I had workman’s comp and didn’t get injured sentence true or false at my brothers are fine my college went into lockdown and we had a domestic terrorism in my fair City Boston which not going to talk about to come and gets here your real not mine but you are your brother’s able to get a hold of you cuz it’s not totally locked in cages face just like so many other ways to connect to people that aren’t like cell phone on email get all the stuff back down on the city of Boston, I think you is not working either I call volume level to get through people are winking at each other
why would I want it I posted on Facebook today then oh my God there’s tragedy in my hometown in space was like you want to add a smiley to this three people been vaporized by bomb in the place you used to go to get coffee can you have winky face with that big butts Facebook’s line not mine I want that to be a jetpack I want one of those battery pack or for a listeners. Adam is taken off his gray hoodie and revealed what can only be described as a girdle was about to ask you how you stay so thin
running from bombs now to take the one line you can’t cross the finish line you can’t cross I can see how many more it’s really embarrassing for me cuz this is the first this has been 20 years since Boston’s last race riot embarrassing history for example. So there’s people rolling around in agony
Boston’s Boston’s last race track with a sound of inevitability to the next one
traded any treated any athletic star who can’t pass a paper bag test do you know Boston is a good place for a race riot sounds like athletic race riot jokes now by the time this podcast are if you won’t be able to dissemble that last sentence by going back several times but I believe that you were involved in the
it’s a tragedy but it’s lit some point if you’re as a comedian your brain just automatically makes terrible jezel necky and jokes about it I just I mean it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a tragedy but they keep tragic comedy on top of it
I thought I’d come up here and so that not all the bombs are in Boston thank you
get well soon
oh thank you tell him I just cut my hair cut how to spell the internet before it when I was a kid like I remember when like this grade of national tragedy would happen my mind goes back to the Space Shuttle Challenger like the next day and the playground like there’s all this conversation about it and then there’s the six jokes that everybody and their and they’re just awful and I don’t like me because they’re not they’re not funny enough to be okay I guess if you’re going to tell a funny joke after 9/11 it has to be a beautifully-crafted Joe a goody what they have to be beautifully crafted to what end because no one wanted to actually laughed about it like like if Oscar Wilde said something pithy about
to go like I said it’s not it’s not diminishing it it’s the pressure valve affect a nap metaphor because I think we all know the rodeo clowns are like really Lake Superior a kind of like a bull handlers like like those those the real Craftsman raising their hand
what’s up
but I I would do would you like to come up with the Divine violations in violation. It has to be benign and deviant if it doesn’t fulfill both of those things it isn’t funny because if it’s not benign you see it as a threat but and if it’s not deviant it’s boring deviant which way is it in from from the from the theory like I think we could also put a 9 but TV and things are easier to do when they’re not in the face of something as sobering as a national tragedy at it and that is why
when these very serious things happen that everyone can agree or very serious and painful actually the worst kind of and when I say worst I don’t mean the most caustic the most crowded, Quinny I mean the the dumbest the the Fozzie Bear August like punniest dumbest kind of joke come out because in order to prove that they’re benign in the face of Flesh being torn and and and the the unignorable a stink of political motivation in the air and an end and you know not to mention the political motivation was going to be cultivated from it and then you have to be pretty stupid like the joke has to be just dumb as bricks let’s consider Everybody Loves Raymond
not funny to most of us right there in the demographic yeah them tonight
that was that was benign
continue I didn’t mean to derail you actually think it’s a subjective thing Grandma there’s no joke that you could say that would be funny to everybody across the board and in the face of a crisis like this thing that thank you though
the theory of beneath deviance I mean yeah when the tragedy is unmistakable Theory such as it isn’t very shocked I did not want a joke as a response to this with your people when you watch the footage of the the runners the marathon run is coming across the Finish Line some of them are just coming across the Finish Line in the air they don’t know if that’s fireworks going off in the what the fuck is going on other people are in front of the sea to breathe they’re running for the other side of the street but also there are people that are probably going to finish in an hour who act like they’ve been running for 3 or 4 hours and I’m sorry that three or four hours that you ran like I’d like to like it I could do the marathon is over a mile long
it’s very weird thing to go see how do you mean what do you mean periods of yeah I haven’t even thought about that beat beat me subjective experience of a person who is who is a mile from every right or reason to believe that what they’re undergoing is like this cataclysmic experience in my mind I don’t know it didn’t look like he was hit it looks like the people’s legs are about to give at that moment anyway and he heard us talking and he or she actually just kind of tumbled to the ground but people that I will say the thing that you said you’re not saying which is interesting to me and I’ll be the bad guy and talk about this because I remember 9/11
and I remember this please appreciate my Candor and don’t punish me for communicating something about human psychology because of the easiest thing in the world for me would be to not share this with you and be a good person but the year that 9/11 happened there where Emmys same as every year only the year that 9/11 happen because there was 9-11 the n-word downplayed there was no red carpet for instance it’s funny how that National psychology happens it’s like yeah I guess it makes sense I what are we supposed to do 9/11 just happened let’s not rule out that it’s not watch Jennifer Aniston like talk about what she’s wearing not because it has anything to do with anything but just because it just doesn’t seem right and I agree with that and it’s it’s it’s odd and yet I live in this universe where it’s like you know like like that’s the most important thing in the world the enemies and my mind went
it was like when I thought about all the writers who were nominated and not nominated and nominated hoping to win or not having a chance to win as you just like their lives building to this point and then this 911 thing like making their enemies like like not a thing. I was just thinking of it’s not a it’s not a proud to consist of two things that consists of a big Thrive at the throng of like a gelatinous like societal Collective and it exists of all his little remarkable little snowflakes on motivation motivation whatever the motivation was for the people that persons that did this thing crappy thing to do is Bomb the stands at the finish line of a race going to almost certainly be friends and family like five people that mean nobody any fucking Harmony
I know I don’t know why I’m having a really good time to talk about of errands badge is going to leg laid up with her to know she’s going to take antibiotics and not come to the show and we did she mention to Boston and out the door and like like so nobody knows what’s going on and I suddenly realized that I had an opinion I’m I’m telling you I’m completely sealed off from the entire thing I could tell you in 15 seconds everything that I’ve actually heard about this cuz even in the Green Room was telling people don’t cuz I think it’s actually weird that I’m like I was in a bubble today and I only know multiple bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and scores a hundreds of people are horribly injured and there’s all kinds of Gore all over the Internet and that three people are confirmed dead in one of the kids tonight so I know all that and I know that there’s that that that everybody’s trying to figure out what the fuck happened and that there’s a huge black out the cell phones are blacked out because cell phone can be used to activate
and then I found out the Green Room that there is more bombs but I want to bring the mail up in a second because he he specifically like he was the opposite of me today he was all over he was on Twitter and he was telling me before the show about how his truth is subjective truth with changing every 30 minutes but I just wanted to say one thing like that I thought was so strange psychologically as I was standing at the foot of our bed but about to leave for the show at Aaron mentioned something about Boston and I must have said something like do they know they know who did it yet then she’s like no I said something like like like and it just doesn’t seem very out kadish talking about I just think it’s such a funny I had to turn the news off because when is it an internet in that Whirlwind right after a big event happens it’s an earthquake or It’s a Robbery or are you know Charlie Charlie Sheen
Call It Whatever nobody has any fax so it’s a lot of alleged
without any like like 5 seconds and my brain chemistry is immediately I’m Val Kilmer sitting in front of a bag of this isn’t the Riddler’s Style on the case at all, stupid why isn’t the case can I help how can I help what do you think is the motive of the other people response response she said she said was kind of a like like like intrigued by the thought process that like because it’s too specific you know it’s you it’s like like what you have mail at my ticket I think I think I think we want to talk to him about this
tell me when I go to it’s further down this road because I feel like a human mind is incredible I mean where cavemen that we’re able to create stories of the fact that we live in die in a vacuum we do with cheetahs and giraffes and mosquitoes do we come into a world we realize we’re in it and then we go away but unlike draft cheetahs and mosquitoes in the span of time that we’re here we go again and the kids go roller skating Beauty and poetry singing festivals and and and we reach out we touch each other we saved each other’s lives we take both for each other but we also we go like well you know black people
through and you’re not you know we have that
you haven’t heard
I wish I could sleep because Mike stand broke off
first of all John Cena question I hope it’s a crazy white guy or like an Asian lady cuz we haven’t seen them do for the novelty of it to be a brown person again I really don’t do you have in this race any of the horses that are not brown I don’t know why are they winning the race what’s going on what is the Vault of my race riot ponds have been taken
that’s a real thing if you are saying is like if it’s if it’s like I just wanted to be not I was thinking how frustrating it would be if you were just like a McVeigh Unabomber Manifesto kind of crazy guy who just happens to be from Saudi Arabia TV so I don’t give it to me I’m not being institutionalized craziness
gold is benign and DVD away from anyone mistaking us for not having our prayers and grief with the with the families will it make sense what you’re saying it what what Adam was doing when you make like bass jail for something big what you perceive to be big happens it’s cuz you’re trying to make sense of all this the same as saying the thunder is this you know you’re trying to put structure on it to something happens if you can’t understand well if you make a joke about it then it becomes smaller something you can process something you can have like a really interesting about that I want everything to just think about it why do I have to point out one thing to do but the thing that captivates me about it is that it’s a channel to accountability a six-year-old in a playground making a joke about Liberace dying of AIDS or Rock Hudson when I was a kid it was like AIDS was being invented and then they’re all these Rock Hudson died in the world is weird jokes about
you know dick sucking an AIDS and bite you do is just like it was like Trudy’s like became a real fun thing and insensitivity run rampant and then a space shuttle Challenger when I was twelve and for all of ready for Larry’s things they don’t have to do it not you know appreciating the fact that 7 people blew out but the interesting thing about that knocking on wood not walking under a ladder black cat crosses your path it in Superstition and religion and benevolence and and and hatred cruelty politics YouTube’s comment section Humanity unlike rafts and he’ll and mosquitoes we reach these tendrils out into the completely chaotic universe that for all intents and purposes for every signal that it sends to us doesn’t give a fuck what happens if you can’t control when it rains you don’t know who’s
get cancer you don’t know why ugly drop dead and blood blood didn’t you you but we insist upon reaching out to the world and I don’t think it likely quicker we characterize it by going like oh we were we are afraid of everything we don’t understand we try to make sense of it okay Grant it but the flip side of that coin trying to make sense of the unknown is easier to hide from the unknown when we we we are like when a little kid makes a joke about the space shuttle blowing up that little kid doesn’t know it but his unconscious brain is reaching out to the world and claiming responsibility for 7 people blowing up in a space shuttle that little child is because is is is apothia sizing if that’s a word he’s
coming God he’s going like well this thing happen and here is what I got to say about it but but your experience on Twitter today so it was just weird because I so I was driving back from Big Sur today and what a life has its rough I was driving back and we’ll just sort of a private jet you’re driving back like like closer to do it I just wanted to drop that I can afford is some of the hotels in Big Sur right now and guess what
name of the trees are bigger out there is awesome but it’s like heaven on Earth so I’m driving back I really want a guy I want to get rid of movie about writing to write a movie like every city metal trees and dirt what you were saying is that part of I think what we went because our brains are so smart we’re trying it’s all about power and control and control is predictability saying why the door is happening is kazoos is angry and things happen because these other things happen so I was on Twitter I didn’t have access to like radio so the only thing I had was that just refreshing to it over and over and see I like you see like something small will get reported and then someone would hear it and then cuz it’s hundreds of people on Twitter repeating it become the truth so at some point it was that some Saudi national was the guy
I told them that became the truth for like a half hour I was at the fucking my people are at it again you do as part of people being like it would make most sense is if it is Al Qaeda then it’s a threat we already have we know what that is it sucks but that’s what that is cuz I said I hope it’s a white guy just cuz I think that’s inherently not politicise and people respond to me like one of your people like I got a ton of people this morning I said I hope it’s a crazy white guy watching The Bachelor with somebody and going like I hope it gives a flower to Cynthia to Veronica uses just like an automatic kind of I told you a lot of people and then
wake me up are you okay is there a family that is so you think it’s like a guy from the Middle East and I think there really is a little bit cuz that’s a known threat and that’s a way to compartmentalize and control the situation release have the power over it it’s no like oh we know these are the bad guys it’s Doctor Doom again you know who’s the fuck is this new guy I want it to be a new doctor to be sure I don’t want I don’t want to live in a world where is always were speaking about the cartoon parts of our brains that are thinking first of all why do we think we kind of all why do we want certain things over other things that’s what’s interesting to me giving you all have opinions we all have theories as I as I was saying I’m like a weird guinea pig of this experiment because I knew
nothing nothing and nothing said of his opinions and leads and where you start your investigation so it wasn’t my girlfriend like because because it would be weird about Katie loved as a marathon and I was like yeah yeah I guess what
Ironman Hunter I’m in the mind of my enemy but it was it doesn’t seem like their style whatever that is
no longer exists as a guy who just happens to Middle Eastern going to do this one thing what you were saying I want to see this real quick what do you knew just from the four sentences is what all of us know but if you’re following the news cycle things happen to become truth and its faults in the truth in this Fall’s but all the things you said which is like three people died for the ranger that’s what happened that is all we know still that is all we know what you don’t know anything more question what’s more racist
Google, answer that and perceptive like that
is it more or you more racist and jingoistic I or whatever phrase going to get your grade you guys if you hope it was a middle easterner let’s say I’m ready to say okay. I just got you like like like what you say it like that or if you hope it was as you say crazy white guy as a as a as a as a liberal white forty-year-old guy sitting in my house in Los Angeles my immediate hope and this is all instinctive and being honest about it I have no conscious League. I didn’t have time to connect any of these. Consciously this is what happened in my brain chemistry when I heard the news

I hope and hope that it is a crazy white guy and I am I haven’t asked myself yet why I hope that part of it is self-preservation I want to have a kid with Aaron and I don’t want my kid to grow up it up that’s you’re traveling back penicillin work so whatever I don’t have a kid that will come over to that kids playground Uninvited and swing next guy left I know where all the good water fountains are the thing is as my uncle has spina bifida that he doesn’t intend to go there but then again
I think a crazy white guy is better Adam don’t blow us up don’t blow us up please
on a deeper Noam Chomsky and level more racist more part of the evil to hope that it wasn’t the Visigoths that spit on the wall of room why do you say that because I want to think that they’re gone because I I don’t want them in the picture is it doesn’t that make me don’t I I want to think I don’t want to raise my child by beautiful rich white child in a world where the Legion of Doom is still operative what I think this is what it is I think you know the Legion of Doom is still operative you know this always going to be when you’re the most
prosperous country in the world that we don’t consciously deal with not a white guy is cuz I remember right after 9/11 happen and like the shit that people would say to me on the street it’s a you think about yourself I don’t want that stuff happening to me again I don’t want that should happen to me and also if it’s a white guys just one white guy if it’s a brown guy it’s all the brown people are somehow it’s accountable that’s just how that’s just how it happens that’s always happening on Twitter that’s just how it happens I would see the look it’s interesting like I live in LA I go to New York and I want to go to Ohio I get looks I swear I was looking at me all right this is the look I was used to 10 years ago but since I’ve moved in New York or La I don’t get that look anymore I wonder if it’ll ever be a woman because it was the same guy Brown guy white guy this guy that guy was like it like it’s never a woman
cuz they don’t come down this is true I don’t know why it’s only reach up to the resistance
do I need to find the vagina at TSA checkpoints cuz she always opt out and when they they they tell her I’m going to reach up to the resistance resistance sister
evviva Lisle results dogs
I had a thought in my head I know I have none of your motivations III your subjective motivations that is very subjective very very well if it’s a guy that lived on Franklinville closeout Franklin I won’t be able to get to it but I might haircut appointment like yeah there’s there’s subjective a reason and you have a very subjective reason that I don’t have that you pointed out and beyond that though it’s likely I want to know in my white brain like why do I want it to be a white guy and I don’t think because I’m a hero I think it’s less of a threat if it’s a white guy
I just shared that everyone knows how to make a bomb in a cell phone into a weapon and you know he’s had a bad week you just could be a giant cock sucker and go out and blow up a bunch of people like that to me is worse than it didn’t seem dedicated photo that we hate him as a penguin and we know that we’re at we’re after this organization we can’t get him but we’re trying our hardest one thing but it was every of disenfranchised lunatic I got a guy that wants to go make a point that’s what’s freaky because if it’s something about the fact that was a couple with appears to be a couple like a low-level trash can bombs that blew up in a hundred and fifty people or whatever like that’s kind of low scope you could go a lot bigger than that with just by being an asshole and and now we’re going to let you know earlier than like it’s now it’s not just the politics that go into why someone doesn’t like that it what how that shapes the world we live in after this now and everything is a little bit funky resume little bit more security cameras
watching each other it’s a very very weirdly but it’s doodly pointed out today like like this cameras everywhere to Finish Line the race like everyone’s got their phones out there going to be going through all that shit and is there going to be looking for people for different ethnicities carrying backpacks to everybody there because lots of people from all over the world have their best friend waiting at the finish line and give him a fucking power bar and some Gatorade what I thought what you were going to say is if they’re going to be looking for people of different ethnicity carrying backpacks they’re going to they’re going to be able to focus on those people more easily than people who blend it in there with the other thing I want to say that I don’t want this to be a political statement at all I really don’t and I said I got a lot of shit for it here also and I honestly I’m not trying to downplay any
not enough did that one right but honestly kind of fuck Mexicans like what’s a gordita I don’t get your shit together in a different shape we’re all on to you something you know what I mean if it turns out to be a Mexican Terrace at did this what the hell does that affect the brown people’s a standpoint of yours is a browser
anybody can hear this here’s the one thing I want to say is that I grew up in Pakistan and the one thing Americans don’t have the we had Americans have that we didn’t have Americans have this sense of security which is a huge privilege and it’s a luxury and most of the people in the world do not have that I know I didn’t have it and just there were like those like bombs in Iraq today and 42 people died and I’m not saying you make this tragic smaller but anytime you read about a bomb happening in another part of the world trying to remember how it felt here to have that happen to do with three people dying in Boston and how that must feel for the people over there I think that’s a very important people
you think it’s just I’ve done the love that you know whatever so just remember how awful this is and even now how distant you are from it and how it happens to people all over the world and it’s like I’m more of a fact of life for a lot of people yeah absolutely I’m not rich white 40 year old video game love and Wheat Thin eaten like hanging out doing your show in Guion you the only time these conversations happen is when this stuff happens and it’s when this stuff happens that you think that exact thought that I do that I go I wonder how many people like you know I wonder what’s
turn on the planet and then why this is a big deal and I if I sign in with that sentiment at that point that I couldn’t be a bigger hypocrite because it’s like I I I had my chance to give a fuck about whether people lived or died and I didn’t have time and when it happens it’s like you’re the worst of Both Worlds cuz you’re you’re you’re eating Twinkies while everyone’s dying and then school children get shot in the thing and then and then if I choose to go for very raw feeling a lot of things and if I say that’s two days from now people aren’t going to be feeling bad anymore the bubble of Security will be back if I if you say that today like what you feel right now how wrong and painful it feels like a real feeling for a lot of people in the world
your video games it just means you know just be aware it’s a big world and you know me and Dee after this but a welcome one piece of shit show show us a boring turd
no it’s because I forgot about or it’s because the microphone didn’t work when I accept that I don’t know what it is I listen to it when I added it and I got no reason for something happening anyway but now but what I’m saying is no I I like what I like about harmontown as I thought it was absolutely nothing about something horrible happening that precludes the possibility of people being smart and fun and nnn touching each other what you were saying at the dwelling the point I think you put it succinctly but but
ugly creature born in 73 and like being raised about the 80s and liquid into this world that has a globalized world and we were just so like conditioned now the news that the now now we don’t even watch the news now it’s just we get to be good cuz we get all the information to this trickle charge but it’s still a child of Tom brokaw’s child of CNN it’s a child of Logan Paul I told me. It’s kind of like like you hear the news today and that like the news in America it it it’s like this proudly isolation is kind of like Heritage where we go like somehow before you even gotten the information and parsed that you like spiders and bug out bag a Baga Baga I don’t you don’t like we don’t know that they’re human beings with no idea what it might be more going to happen
I mean maybe somewhere but never on CNN and ever on Fox News never on the big news channels or Outlets no one’s going to say about it looks like to find out why you did it was addressed the situation to be tossed like we don’t want to do that we have to come down like douchebag bricks on everything now and has to be
cuz I saw that a lot like that is not a positive sentiment is like whenever everything goes into our little bubble. Burst from them and everything has to change his giant shift has to happen we’re like the Constitution’s going to get this out of my eyes in an Alleyway and then such a unique situation and you said put a little hole in the bubble remember this but the bubble will be back and next week we won’t give a shit about this when we will be back
I think my I see what this contraption is
it’s my father’s is thing it’s the worst is fiddling with this thing well
Kemal was
making points fiddling with a black Iron staff the Entertainer Twirls is expert fingers alleged how many of you have now seems ardas but by a legal movies wild man made it through
yeah I do I mean that movie like start strong and it trickles out
what is the answer to that question that doesn’t matter that just just why if you haven’t seen it watch it it means art as an experience if you have seen it what do we have to talk about it’s like Vietnam you just like yeah I saw action I was in the shed
Sean Connery this is after he has been James Bond and
he had a reputation for my what kind of not saying no to a lot of stuff but like I think I think everyone’s thought. I was going to be the real deal I think they thought it was going to be a good eat right now there’s no reason why I have to be very compelling movie for the first like 30 minutes I am very very interested in like like like that there’s a there’s a there’s a modern kind of cogent version of that movie that I think is very important truly because like characters like Gilgamesh in ancient stories like they’re just Mortals who proceeded into the realm of immortality with questions with like shit to conquer they got like why is this thunder clapping why did my friend died what it what’s going on why did the cheetah jump on my my my my sister but it is totally ends of the Earth that we were used to these stories are people climb beanstox and we struck it off I don’t get what we don’t look at that go a beanstalk that’s stupid these characters like they would just walk
to the edge of the Earth which we thought existed and then they would jump off it and then like an eagle with pick him up and then they let you go to go what are you doing you heard me motherfuker all right hun just following orders in a lake like you’d have interactions with these confusing weird forces of of of the timer characterizations of something that b ISM yet we still thought that everything unexplained had to have a different personality to it so lately we had this is amazing with these stories of Sean Connery in this thing is a Savage that that is not Noble what am I talking about who’s who who the stone head comes down every day and goes like this guns to him and all his friend and he jumps in the mouth of the stone head and I didn’t ride with it are these broodals that live out like I like
it’s the greater the single greatest movie that’s ever existed and it comes and goes I besought does the gun is good the penis is evil and vomit guns in excess of penis is evil
which creates life which is which horrifies the Earth the gun cleanses it of Life Look gun is good but not shoot that it’s not a direct metaphor for the US foreign policy but it’s like
this is written right after the the Gulf of Tonkin Affair of any form of hegemony where is the spoiler now Sean Connery hitches a ride in the guns up to these poor people will go shoot all the people that are reproducing glitter Rhinestone Eyes Sean Connery shoots the camera turns and shoots the camera representing his self-awareness emerges from a pile of grain inside the mouth of the stone had he has hitched a ride inside his own God he shoots the guy who controls it the head rides on autopilot back to the Suburban Silver Lake Village where this guy live
and in the first eight minutes of this movie you’re watching Sean Connery was bandolier strap Saint and a red blood clot and it never had been walking around a two-bedroom apartment in Silverlake looking through music boxes of a good guy that created his world and going like like what the fuc and he doesn’t know his whole life has just been raping and shooting and he that he barely has language for it and he’s looking at the apartment of this guy it turns out all of life is just a fucking farce but I like Gilgamesh is Sean Connery’s only blender is that he emerged into a future realized in the early seventies and filmmaking into a really bad Community Theater production of Tiffin and and everybody is getting a little too much too much, Jerry what was happening at that point in the seven days of to petrock’s today what’s an expat boulders
pet rocks in the 2013 or watching this but yeah like like Transcendental Meditation is eat it like like obviously was the movie of its time but the thing that the thing that carries through I think it is a bunch of Rich privileged people you know who have achieved immortality which is all our goal and then these poor people are being created by them one person’s in charge of that like a commissioner or mayor is in charge of a base in a fucking more people trailer and and one of them pops into the immortal world and is walking around and he’s like a sort of part Frankenstein part of Matrix at a party and they’re scanning his brain and there’s his all his rapes and murders that he’s committed are in a screen behind him and all these fashionable people are real or important question
gallery and they’re all commenting on it and talking about it and well I think his ghost will I think he’s supposed to go see that is what he can do they don’t get boners Immortal you do anything bad they can punish you by aging you five years and eventually you’ll die eventually you will you will never die eventually you’ll be senile senile people are you all ready to be going to become an apathetic can be sexy but stupid and they’re kind of New Year’s Eve read as the Oscars
they’re all just like Google popping champagne and kind of stumbling around with their prosthetic makeup hey what’s up with the flower for what for decoration a hards all these ladies are standing around in there and they’re past the whole row of Sean Connery bald man ponytail with a slight slight receding hairline handlebar mustache and and knee-high by Captain cookbook boots however I miss this movie mistakes
never seen that before the first in this is just a tip toe feat a AP titties was translate I took a little thing of rubbing your boobs with soapy water was like the same thing as a woman laying on the hood of a Ferrari it was just like a needless Stylistics at the end of the activities that happens when you kind of shakes it off like Fernando Valenzuela
see how that wouldn’t have been if you noticed that that Sean Connery just staring at the woman who’s kind of been to the negative Nelly about. But she has hate in everyone’s eyes going to cast down and he’s standing there completely Stone faces looking at the woman and clearly has got a boner
how have I not seen this movie not have none of your descriptions and you’ve been describing it collectively for about 20 minutes maybe. I hope no single minute of that makes it sound like anything less than that movie I would like the head of it is the impact that it just papers off into this like a lullaby I can’t believe there is a minute T-shirt with a stone face guy with glowing eyes that says right there is I’m certain there is 106 minutes I definitely worth watching The Immortal people world most of it starts with him penetrating that Veil yeah and nnnnn as the movie continues it reveals more true as a national I in
I’m kind of way that really only serve to disappoint because actually the story I was invested in was a Savage kind of naively bounding into this world and interacting with the Immortals but it turns out it was all a big and it kind of gets increasingly transcendental and increasingly 70s 40 on telling you it’s too much it’s too much a component of the enjoyment of the movie that the big spoiler which actually means no it’s not important to the plot of UK Spencer how you how you been man yeah you know zardoz I thought that that whole reveal was kind of you know it was worth it but really was I invested I mean there was the Renegades and there was
yeah but said expert at the end of the day I mean it really peaked with the whole penis I didn’t watch it all you mother fucker I was going to go I got ya I had a I had a work meeting that night I was going to go you know head over you never have to have an excuse. I would have enjoyed seeing it
that it slows all the way down now it has a patient has spikes on head has been her and like what the fuck is the best and then a cocktail party on one hand you did is like harmontown you have no idea my pants I confess to bisexuality liver playing with matches who knows you might you might see all the chairs are from Tyler he’s just been
Germany nicotine right now yeah it says he’s been smoking is 18 mg
Easyriders Raging Bull story the story of that that that’s in Escape changing that they blow up the shark in Jaws when we were all born into it certainly these people even me were born into a world that had been pretty just like like we don’t we movies are part of our government it’s The Fifth Estate you know it’s it’s it it is a it is our religion we go to these temples and we study these things and and they are there’s a prerequisite for these things that they have to have a third act the death-stars got to blow out the shark got to blow out the the people got to go home feeling like there’s a purpose in their life and end it but there was a point before that when you know it was like hey it’s just the movie what it was just another way to make money you could buy a Styx album or you might could go to see this thing it’s got Gene Hackman in a cup and then he shoots himself
that sounds like a third act really really awesome that a lot of people haven’t seen this movie called abominable dr. phibes it’s a Vincent Price movie it’s his best role it’s an amazing movie that you would like you were saying it’s a product of its definitely let’s watch that I’ve never seen one of my favorite movies for next week might be harder to come by probably not on iTunes yeah I don’t know what it’s watch the first one don’t watch dr. phibes rises again
what are the initials are there any is there a woman in the audience who had the worst day
Tyler how we heard about your e-cigarette there’s a lady in front is there a raising a hand are you willing to come up here will you will you play Aaron’s part in Dungeons & Dragons
tonight the role of Mal rainbow be played by Stephanie Stephanie what was so bad about your day
I got yelled at by my boss yeah that’s the worst thing that happened today
sorry I’m just goofing around I’m sorry I just obviously subjective experiences you wasn’t shity you know it was still a what are you do for a living I actually work at a no-kill shelter
you killed 5 a.m. today is not I think it’s very Progressive us
he’s only women can I have a riddle for you two kittens go into an animal shelter
I’ve already heard about her.
What wait what was her hang out with you today what what had you done wrong a long story basically he basically he accused me of trying to steal money from the company made it over with Vin Diesel always be closing on the back of the camera and let me explain how animal shelter Egg Works
tell me what joy happy but should she have a mentally unstable guy that came up short in the animal shelter no kill animal shelter sale
720 of those registered
time money like saying that I worked more I did that when I was a data entry clerk was like who does Ohio State have is about getting animals rescued and stuff animals from La shelters that are high kill so trying to make it a little down there you go to other shelters and and take a load up a truck and take him to the no-kill shelter does the money come to the no-kill shelter how do you keep the lights on
more than should be no it’s a huge is a huge organization it’s it’s been around for like 40 years and they have lots of lots and lots and lots of donors so follow the money I’m not easy Tyler starburns Industries type of the Month Club of auditory the lights made by some of the most funky and creative artists around featuring Dino Summit opolis Natalie palamedes Johnny Pemberton wrestling Alan Resnick and Dana Kellerman Dynasty Lance bangs DJ douggpound open mike eagle and on and on subscribe now $13 get you a crisp unique tape in the mail each month for $20 you receive a portable cassette player so you can listen to your tapes on the go here
how to order for credit card customers please call 747-888-0945 that’s 747-888-0945 or Saints Tod charges and log on to the World Wide Web at d. R i p s p i p r e s s it’s a good deal and Stephanie are going to have a certain player in the role of more in Sedona tonight
your new job is much more pressure than other Aaron Aaron told me in advance I don’t know if you heard last week show are you here for last week okay for fighting invisible enemies called the Rope Rope Rope that she’s allowed to use it
Chef not allowed to fuck it
those are here I’m going to I’m going to have a violation of cocoa tonight
she’s just going to take money from it
last time on Harmon time our heroes wear on their way towards the thicket of Evan pillars but soon they lost their bearings assuming they had possessed them in the first place bewildered and surrounded by pillars War crime the ballot columns in spite with his low-light Vision a blob of color on the tenth of a far-off pillar about that time strange swishing sound began to surround the heroes with an air of urgency the heroes headed towards the far-off call him as the heroes approached the sought-after pillar the squishing continued the colored shape called out it was a person that thing levitate began to approach The Old Man and Court climbed up his pillar to regard the white clothes old man mo’reen and sharp took some turn sending correspondence to the pillared Willing Herman and pork and Sharpie also at some words before the whole ensemble move back down to the ground level the old man named breathy as it happened Warren the heroes that they were under assault from a gaggle of deadly Phantom funguses
definitely not fun guy in this specific instance the game slew the monsters with swords blast in a fireball spell which quickly ignited the oven pillars running quickly they tore through the forest and Came Upon a web swing mass in the oven thicken
quicker I got to say man you’re in the zone tonight you came up in the zone and I feel like if you’re like to do baseball or something I only went back twice so you know hitting to 2 you know balls is easy
so I mean really good staff is like the biggest bored and you’re the president of that world cuz you’re fucking amazing at it what is it too I didn’t get the email
why is it two times at bat I don’t know because when I first came up I have the comment about your you know I was I was married in that I think that went over well. A 10-year in the Hall of Fame a I’m doing good if I said two things in both of them went decently well good I would like to share it with my own thank you I recently bought a new Macbook Pro and and it’s a hardware is sophisticated enough to run to Minecraft with all of the mods that I have had my eye on. That’s great news.
what is the opposite of the Boston bomb story
why didn’t you know that was not my fault that that happened today
we don’t know that I
crazy white guy
all right but no more deviance there’s a lot of mud pack in Minecraft and includes a lot of generators and electronic things in Minecraft is a game with like mining things you mine or and then you smelt it the other things that you use those tools to remind war or World automatic Miner so I when I play Minecraft now I just I have a little box that plays Minecraft for me and it mines for me and I just like her and I just collect it so you’re just crafting on your face is so awesome Minecraft wept openly
for Humanity’s yes living in the Elder Scrolls games that we characterize those like oh shit that’s the heroine of video games I played that for a hundred hours 200 hours you know whatever they think I’ve been playing Minecraft for free for years because they keep coming out with updates it’s it’s beyond sandbox into just it’s it’s it’s a combination of knitting smoking and jerking off like it’s just a thing you can do at an airport you can do it later. You’re confident you can get in there for it I’m just saying there’s different tentacles in an airport
but you can smoke you can do both at the same time they can tell you’re jerking off and they can see your feet under the stall like shake it is raining and there’s no service that the tropical climate open
while I’m jerking off in an airport
Lord I give you this thing I ever saw to LAX I walked right where the baggage carousels are there’s a bathroom right there I walked in the bathroom door this is like 98 and I and end there was a bathroom stall wide open and there was a guy
facing away bent over pants around his ankles ass cheeks like like like asshole pointed at anyone that walked in the door stall door wide open but with a little toilet paper like a little Halloween ghost shape like like like kind of like dabbing at his ass. But wanted America to know captain
I didn’t say anything but I cared for him I was like I was like a deer in headlights
I don’t never know what the Gatlin where is he from where it where is that a thing it was opposite maybe he was like this is what I do in Bangladesh I don’t know I didn’t send all the crazy white guy and again I’ll tell you please for the second time tonight respect my cander reward me for it cuz I could I could pretend that this isn’t in my head I got it I seem to recall that he was an olive-skinned to gentleman a good job
Play the song Brown by wiping his ass at America I saw an asshole I saw the weirdest thing in the daylight it was signed
who is simultaneously the most private act but performed so publicly like almost like you would think like he’s Chi wants me to see this but he let me know how you doing I think we can come up with a reason why he was doing that what if I’m using my phone trying to find out if that’s under is Zeus I’m texting as soon as I’m done I dropped my phone in the toilet and so I get up and looking for the toilet and then I’m like oh shit my ass is still on white ball for the phone address
the open door is another mystery
light there for phones in 98 free 911 the weather that’s for sure I don’t know why that significant play Mystery Show era
alright Spencer what we’re looking at is what season of mr. show was on there only four years before 9/11
especially how do we defeat the fungus has yeah you killed them yeah I mean we could keep like talking if if we keep going like 20 more minutes I won’t have to write anything next week
I don’t know where at where at where at where at the world member you and and Sharpie had cast a fireball that blew up the other one and it’s lit the the the pillars on fire and then we ran into a phase fighter thinks area do it I just this this whole tragedy has filled me with like a bucket no regrets in finding the unknown I’m not say I was talking to Jeff panek on the Massey web of web the Webbie massive webs the Webbie mass of mass
the Federal Reserve decides to make hand-crank radios and reason with the spider rather than trying to just send a Gchat University Okay so
Derby cast Fireball on what I’m assuming is like the center of like the Webby mass or something yeah yeah yeah yeah the Flames now if you will call fire is slightly less effective on the shadow plane however we don’t remember being told anything that happened
but yeah no but there was someone pulled out a torch and it didn’t light very well it’s like a it’s like a caesar. I know I didn’t see a Land O’Lakes either Perfect Strangers in the Night by promises but there’s a payoff
is the Wendy Mass being tied at any major points are the other major point of tethering the winner being consumed by Flames as the web start to burn a way you can hear hisses deep within the mat the Webbie mass and at the same time you see breathitt kind of fall to his knees like he’s been hurt or something like a Spider Baby

begin transforming
I told you not to Counting treasure I just wanted to move ahead. All he did was call me back
to lofty you see points raised up out of his shoulder blades they elongate and stretch and then they pierced out of his back forming spider like legs
they elongate any Frozen grows in size on to his newly formed legs and is transformed into a hybrid humanoid spider form with clacking mandibles and sharp claws maybe it’s not too late to make a friendship with the spider people
hey I have you heard Lady in Red
do you like that song he he makes some sort of utterance but it’s no longer English it’s more of like a hissing clacking soref if it’s supposed to be the first to admit I made a mistake before you said that
yes you do the first to agree
no I said it you agree
I’m going to assume that this now means that some harm I don’t want to play the blame game
cuz you lose you want to play do you want to play the plane game
I try and reason with graphic sex against righteous indignation right now
I don’t want no I got one more so I got one more attempt at a breathy our bad
what size do you have diplomacy
yeah I got to plug the dragon how many rings do you have in the ranks he calms down a little slight bit
our bad work
Stephanie Izard turn can I can I put on my hat of Disguise and his mother made it sounds like a bad
no no
you sort of look like a the human form of brevity but would like long hair unlike like womanly traits in Disguise can’t you know I can’t replicate monsters that can only do humanoid shape
yeah yeah record is where the heart is still has his Mage Armor spell active from the last session so you managed to shrug off his blow hear ears back with one of his spindly spider like legs and stabs you directly in the chest however the force armor guarding your body shrugs it off and it glasses off your body I got like this I got them cocky about that Kobe did before his injury I don’t know what that means but yes I do like Kobe did
you break you rip your Achilles tendon right is that what happened
infidelity oh yeah yeah see if there’s going to be charges
nah nah go ahead
I think it’s your camera still it’s still your turn your now looking like like a female style breading
is it going to fall for it I mean no tax search up what I would like to shoot two arrows
no new taxes
do are baby back ribs
what’s a few arrows discount
one of the arrows strike true and hit them directly in the shoulder or the other flies a stray true true into a shoulder doesn’t go to class
the Aerospace joint it goes to a fishing hole then the constable
all right at the friends did I say how much damage it did for damage sorry everybody not much
what my dancing lights are do dazzling spider would that be extra attractive on the on the multiple lies dancing like dancing no food it’s like you want to fuck the spider face is illusion I don’t know it’s hard to explain I take I take some more errands I’m going to do a combo move here with a rope tracker I’m at I’m I far storage
I can’t do that has a technique has legs okay so you can swipe at you little swipe at the legs then you know the point being to try and like crippling
oh shit that’s a critical hit
Batman Batman year old 2020 critical head chopped off all of his legs no no
don’t get ahead of yourself you do chop off three of his legs three of his legs are straight up his body and fall to the floor cabinet for the smell I mean it still does the same amount of damage which is what we got a hobo spider circles in One Direction
or I mean you can hop around on like four feet or something okay I don’t know who knows Man Spider physics I would like to hear a list of monsters I could summon with summon monsters 3
squids are so great to summon you guys to just they don’t even drowned confines of a ship sail this is open mail a dude
you would go do what your heart says Redemption time
Celestial Blackberry Celestial bison Celestial dire Badger Celestial hippogriff Elemental small any so that’s any type of Elemental fire on the list of summon monster 3 some of them monsters is there some kind of spider type monster I just could just in case we get to see it
you know
the tension is palpable in a rather fiendish an appearance leaps into being and throws himself upon the spider like creature
now okay that’s what it’s called
the fiendish leaps upon the spider dude that I mentioned earlier and begins immediately pummeling him with his fists big broad ain’t like V sensual I do think there was an on conflict resolution to this you fuck that
okay well I mean it won’t actually it didn’t it’s not going to come to fruition like if you didn’t kill the spider a spider dude I’m a healthy foods out be killed a spider so it’s like fuck you Sharpies.
no I mean I mean he might have jumped on you guys anyway isn’t working what what do you fix damaged bro 6 world-saving damage missing a lot of mistakes were made today
dude I’m on your side do have a intimidate or just diplomacy I realized it’s not a big deal psychosis what level of psychosis do you have a new piece now that I don’t have it it would be to you in the face and almost none of it
are we cool
the word seem to have have a swing effect on him he looked down at the ground and that all of his bleeding stump then realizes he can’t win this combat all right well then I take my cloak and one of his legs you guys might have healing potions if I see Hooksett spider
is it a good idea or a bad feeling
hey can I borrow some healing potion I’ve got one left and I just tried to chop three of his legs are we going to use that listens I know this is a weird idea. All right Chris de Burgh I just you know what I do I don’t try and bandage it but I like finding an attack it okay so I’m going to be like like you did all like my whole last three generations were just wiped out
all right I don’t think I have any legs to stand on so
to soon choice of words
all right I stepped back and I didn’t hear it
okay we’re on your side bro
I go to one of his spider legs that I got I don’t have anything but I just want to know that
well I was trying to give him some Skittles a lot a lot of times like like like like shock is what I’ll kill you if it’s if people think that it’s no big spider brother this same thing happened to him and he’s fine the same thing to happen to him is that you killed three generations of his babies I put more inside knowing if I’m a barbarian let’s kill this piece of shit you don’t like me
good morning do you have anything that can a spider maybe he could I have
it’s like in the you-know-what Thin Red Line you know just give him a lot of sleep arrows in
I don’t know how to kill an exactly what we want out of this
if I do why don’t you just steal some money from the spider
I would if I could and then we’ll be okay I just thought merciful Arrow Spencer calleros extra damage but they only deal non-lethal damage so it can if you’re trying to knock people out you can you can stab them full of merciful arrows no problem but yeah they want to die I have a bedroll I’d like to wrap it around the spider’s head
yeah drape it over a successful throwback that’s like a critical hit on throwback okay
I start sticking to it Delilah to sleep what do you say I’d like to hear it
Pitbull race
losing asleep Arrow from your bow you strike him directly in the face
you lose Consciousness to the dulcet tones of Christopher and sweet sweet voice I put a giant glass over it and then slide a huge 60 foot piece of cardboard
under the glass I would almost never suggest this but I suggest Court do you want to fuck something now is the time to do it
sorry for your friends okay under one condition somebody takes a photo of it I lift up the glass that I get inside the glass with the Sleeping Beauty latest fighter photo
if you can make it a lusion about it that’s all just stand and watch and really let it sink and I go over to the glass when I lift it up
glad glad
rat animal
in the glass back down
I can’t hear you is everything imaginary glass right now
can I go up the spider on a slowly pull the bed roll back off its head
and I just start back at Mike’s by the look
we’re going to let you live
and when you’re awake we’re going to heal you and if you want to come with us you can
I’m going to suck you every night
and then I take out my my giant sword and I drive it straight to the back of the spiders neck
tote bag shut up you guys with this guy trying to kill a dog or a list of used to making fun of all of you guys do you inside them
I also what you want and not denying that I’m not denying that off I drive it straight down it’s like it’s like a matador sound does a blow to the back of the fighters head with a sickening
it pierces his head easily
play booze out
as I assume a little bit of spider blood splashes my face
and your penis through his butt
thank you Stephanie
Stephanie’s Moraine pradana
Tyler in the E-Cigarettes making Bill and you divined the violation.
Get well Erin mcgathy wherever you are I’ve been Jeff Davis again
the giant drive safe God bless you we love you
that’s how you want to show you just kill a spider in your fucking place value just went up on that.


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