Episode: 65 – Tim Tums Are Where Cake and Vodka Go


Episode: 65 – Tim Tums Are Where Cake and Vodka Go


Harmon talks to Matt Dwyer about being a better interviewer than Mayor Harmon, who no longer needs to be good at anything because he survived an endoscopy. In D&D: Frost Giant politics.


what was the
won’t you please join me in welcoming the mayor of Hermantown
oh so what you do cuz we took a week off last week and thank you all for for coming I know you have so many comic books to go through cuz you were like a Comic-Con now for the comic books right it’s not Sundance or anything it’s a it’s a comic book convention we can talk about, can we can talk about my upper endoscopy which I survived and had a had a substantial experience during cuz I got I got it rough boy what a what a what a surgical procedure I went through and it’s eight 10 and ten bar downtown at 8:30 go to leave I want you to audio
podcast Brothers a pioneer of the podcasting medium in fact I think he was doing it before everyone had a podcast Studs Terkel
I really thought you would be here like a nice conversations in in good interviews with interesting people and all I do is do bad interviews with people from Fair Lawn
if you want to drink so I can have I can have someone make you wonder if somebody else could borrow 10 for me right now your sister gave me I’m proud to be a label mate of yours because I listen to a little bit of it today you’re you’re you’re one of those guys that I kind of I wish that I guess I wish I was like but I know I never could be like I don’t even want to be like maybe somebody that actually is as are our friendship Donnelly who who came out here who’s an aneurysm Survivor there for a shamanic represent him I said what is what it would have to do those of us in the land of of certainty and and he said give more than you take and I think guys like you give a little more than you take a book really provocative yes and it really interesting conversations and all I do is stand up here and go
yeah well I lied when I started the show I was hoping I would be really funny while talking to interesting people but when you’re talkin to like a black panther or Wayne Kramer talking about his prison stint it’s really hard to make Joe pedo
but you don’t have to cuz I put that black panther good for instance I was I was I was riveted I had to do and I’m trying to write the first episode of community right now but I was about your going I got you I got you crank up like I’m Terry Gross doing my research how do you want to embarrass myself if you’re an adult coming in I didn’t want to I didn’t want to be like that with your podcast about I wanted to know what is his podcast
362 episode with one black panther guy
we go each crime to each Food they’ll cuz they get a lot of soup kitchen stuff we talked about each soup extensively as Irishman
he does have a broken Black Panther from Kansas City with a broke
play the power head.
very funny three white guys
thing that he said that he said something so I don’t know if it was profound or if it was just sort of like narcissistic I like that. He said that he was a pimp I believe what she doesn’t even like to talk about and then the Black Panthers change his life he his charges were trumped up but
he does admit that he did smuggle some guns and it’s time he had done some pretty crazy things was what he was talking about how the first thing they tried to do to neutralize the Black Panthers propaganda wise was to call him a racist organization and he said racist organization all we were preaching from the beginning was about class systems and I was like yes this is what I’m talking about to figure this out smart people would do with smart Works to try to figure this out but it’s under everyone’s nose black organization your first your primary threat is going to be on what the black community can do as you would expect for white people to have a front of her primary thoughts throughout maybe on a poor white people to do I’m not putting words in his mouth at this point but
he said we should all eat more bacon
not now I’m just trying to get back on that kids having good basically exile to Tanzania where he’s running an orphanage that he was so like cool and objective of us about the global State of Affairs podcast too and he said it took him a long time to get there cuz I guess there was times in Tanzania where he’d like Jason dudes down the street with a knife and stuff like 7 tonight to get him at interviewing us before we get to the thing that I think I really want to plug because of drops I think Monday are we dropping at Monday is it can you get a hell yeah but that Monsanto guy that was another big one like you
go to my schedule fans here tonight
I didn’t know if that was going to be somebody booing Monsanto or know they love they love they love bioengineered fruit
comic books he work for the main research company that I work for Monsanto and he couldn’t it sounds kind of like you just being weird and but he couldn’t cuz they would come after him and if you fed ever seen any documentaries months and he likes it. People in the ass and he couldn’t you know they would heat would get sued to high heaven but the greatest thing about that interview was really poignant moment he and I were having and he couldn’t see this but behind him his dog was taking a shit and it was and it was like one of the casing its own stringy shit behind them and I was like why don’t I videotape this year
how do you blow the whistle on that dude hey traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss go in a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no one misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film Earth-like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
what do you do when you lightly did you where you invested at all in the in that topic that area of politics before you found out you were going to get to sit down with a Monsanto whistleblower I mean
I would I’m pretty fucking way to the left like I might make Chomsky looking surfeited
but yeah I’m always interested in political things I mean like when I started doing the show I was hoping to just talk to anybody cuz I feel like most people have interesting stories but then I’m a weirdo so I started going after like you know black panthers in his way to go right up to them how you go after that I found peace on Facebook and yeah I just and then you start and once you start talking to a bunch of weirdos these weirdos go hey I got some more weirdos you can talk to Greg and I have interviewed twice Jane bugbee and I grew up together and Shane in high school was like publishing GG Allin John Wayne Gacy high school he was gay sees art dealer likes and like I like a guy who dealt art to John Wayne Gacy
what has Monsanto done for any birthday party
but a shame has worked with this a joke a joke what’s on someone else’s set list episodes in in Google shane bug because he’s a guy who’s done incredibly crazy things and like GG Allin he stole leggings Tombstone and toured around the country he said he can start his own soda pop company he’s just some guy with a lot of these people like Paul krasner he hook me up with Paul krasner if you don’t have a fall crashing krasner
Paul krasner created the realest which is like this really heavy duty satirical magazine in the 60s that was and it’s the greatest thing about Paul krasner is he tripped on acid with Groucho Marx it so the story on my show so I really thought I’m playing like an arrow in fruit fly like a banana
that actually happened
and change the one who hooked me up with Lucy and Graves Graves Grieves Lucy and Graves that’s what he had talked to you about okay so anytime you want I just want to see if I can get this right Woodsboro is that the name of the Westboro Baptist Church
Westboro Baptist is known as the godhatesfags people they hold a sign that says God hates bags anywhere where they think anyone will be watching like for instance as they threatened they were going to do it at the funeral for the Boston Marathon victims that they were going to be implied I guess it was implied that they were going to be everywhere there where the heat is important so they’re going to go ahead of their Church Phelps Fred Phelps & Phelps he has a dead brother has his mother so the this organization called the temple to satanic temple yeah they did what they call a pink Mass on the grave of his grandmother turning her in the afterlife
play Satanic ritual as we speak
I don’t know what to really blows my mind went down the rabbit hole today was like okay who are these satanists guys are they click like and I mean I went to their site and I set up in the punchline is the fact that they’re they’re good people like I went down there let they have 9:10 it’s on their front page of their sight follow your compassion for be be good to other humans never push your beliefs on anyone else but let people do whatever they want always keep an open mind all this has nothing to do with Satan or eating a chicken heart or anyting that’s the weird misconception of and we talked about the misconception of misconceptions of Satanism and we also talked about how this pink Mass which the media treated as something that’s been going on for hundreds of years. Sorry I wish I should be clear that you just drops on Monday on your podcast conversations with Matt Dwyer you got to have a conversation with loose
Grieves yet it had of the satanic temple really rarely get to brag about anything in my life but he turned down a bunch of people including Marin to do my show so that’s
make that Marc Maron and all your money is going to because there is something like wish I could say what it is but I can’t there’s going to be a big twist in this whole Lucien Greaves thing which Ching by Bhai talk about is going to bust on the bus is going to break on a VIN Vice magazine and then I’m going to do a follow-up interview with the Lucien as well
he’s going to be on Mash I don’t know
I would never watch TV in a long time
getting there too so very like juvenile like fuck you thing to do to do anything on someone’s grave but then you peel back the layers and you peel back the layers and you’re going like I actually cut and pasted a comment from an argument about it on Facebook that I I thought justify the existence of comment sections because it’s like they’re all about this cuz it has pink Mass on the grave of a dead woman making this guy’s a loved one gay in the afterlife but these are the people who I mean that they their whole belief system is about freedom of religion not to put too fine a point on it they hide behind the concept of freedom of religion in order to do something that is not really religious
unconstitutional which is to imply that other people don’t have the freedom to do whatever the fuck they want and so this is this is her to turn about is fair play and it’s kind of funny take out on this lady’s grave and I’ll say I like to go where the sense of humor seems to be but somebody said two wrongs don’t make a right okay that’s the response to what he did and then Corey Hammond I don’t care
he said and overused cliche statements don’t make you intelligent the Westboro Baptist Church has always been lawful half of his kids are first amendment lawyers and goes to court daily to fight their actions and they always win the best way to beat them is at their own game and this is it if you aren’t explicit enough to do it the WBC is Sobe explicit enough in other words I don’t know okay so we’re just getting in tonight fight with people who love knives and wears a cup
but it certainly makes you go to an end and making themselves Heroes and is kind of a wonderful ticklish thing he’s got prosecutors coming after him and there was a great quote at the end of an article about him recently where he said if I go to prison I’m going to use my powers of Satan to turn it into one big gay orgy
Twilight work
tough row to hoe
you’re halfway home already.
are you just more interested in other people than yourself you drink more drink last you do know I drink often during my interviews maybe at the bank but I just realized early on cuz I probably just some of my first interview is I’m trying to be like Johnny clip like this isn’t about you like I just quickly realized these people are I’m talking to people were far more intelligent than I’ll ever be and far more fucking interesting so shut the fuk up and learn something you’re well you’re smarter than me so maybe that’s
that’s all I thought you said that they were Coca-Cola was killing Union organizers in Columbia and he found a loophole in our government are laws to sue Koch and it’s like there’s a documentary about it actually we don’t talk about it much but what am I going to talk and joke around or I’ll talk this guy all kinds of stuff and then I that’s why I’m such a bad interview I believe it’s the running joke I mean I guess maybe part of it is I came from an improv background cuz I don’t like have a lot of notes when I get have like maybe 5 things written down and I’ll just have something they usually somebody will say something that piques my interest and I’ll wait for them to finish and hopefully I can just be like be like
how about that like take notes while they’re talking about how sometimes he’ll create something and you’ll find it embarrassing and any talk for a bit and then I was like all right why would somebody be embarrassed about it like this brilliant artist who’s actually here by the way
why would this guy who’s incredibly brilliant be embarrassed by something he creates until I wanted to and comes down to it we’re all just fucking insecure and weird we’re all ashamed of ourselves deep down and I’ve been through several experiences lately where I’ve suddenly realized it’s from now on instead of trying to get everyone to like me because I’m ashamed of myself I’m only going to care about the people who don’t make their shame other people’s problems with their shity people in the world I’m not going to I’m not going to keep preaching this thing around like I love everybody fuck fuck half of the people
half of the people that make their very human shame someone else’s problem someone that says like I’m ashamed to myself so shut up over there stop talking don’t say that everybody be quiet everybody be careful because I have to be because I have some weird fucking thing about me or I don’t know how to how to talk like fuck those people I’m sure they’re not evil but you got to have an enemy I guess
cuz I can safely say I’ve spoken with some people who are legitimately creative Geniuses and they all have thank you
I was just about to, Dan Harmon
but yeah it’s all like every none of them really fully go I got this and help people not effective at all yeah right like you you have to be fucking terrified in order to be somewhat effective I would think otherwise what are you this is the Irish working-class bullshittin me if I’d like I think you can’t really be good at anything unless you kind of hate yourself just a little
I hate how much I love you all right
he created a contract where he would have someone ask things about him
going to generate it cuz I’m not him yeah but you could have had him interview somebody in the audience you shut up
I ate four Stakes today
hey Auntie will you have a conversation with Matt Dwyer
what does ante mean
I am honey I only had a little bit of vodka and I’m falling off the goddamn chair
what would I do without knowing anything about what you do what do you do
right so I can get in
I mean are you a creative sword or riding stuff but I recently was let go of a job that I had black panther
he was Irish black panther like in social media and I did like the movie marketing stuff that you like Iron Man 3
that’s nice because I’ve never paid anything
so what is it that you are you taking that is like alright I could fuck this I’m just going to dedicate my life to writing I wanted to do writing for that feels like a sign of the time that it needed to happen cuz I kind of wasn’t happy there so I was like okay you’re not watching what you’re making yourself another cocktail over there but I just noticed it once the trick a little trick that you can employ when you get here. He’s looking right at him
very uncomfortable for people with my condition
I can’t sorry play
what kind of writing are you going to do a screen ready I’m ready going to take a couple years who came up a couple weeks ago.
hello Anna, I got to see him until he was at Comic-Con anyways sorry cuz you have to go no because it was a big laugh I know I don’t
that’s why I hate an example and probably butchering this about this pink Mass thing that took place on his grave I bet it’s bound to be a very pretty interesting, but I get to answer with Groucho and post-mortem
yeah I like it yeah he’s if he’s a better person than me why don’t you marry him alright
so we should do a Jeff you know they let you know them as part of the Farrell audio Network did you know I have no idea did you know for instance that Erin mcgathys this feels terrible has three live episodes available on the new Farrell audio store
and if there was an edit point to where we were going to play 30 Seconds of one of those who would go a little something
I bring out our gas
it says Jillian as you know her as Britta from community and then it says… Mason Point like who are you talking to
Adam go out and just just me
a mixture excellent
alright let’s see what what are we going to talk about it a little down I went and got an upper endoscopy I’m 40 years old I’ve had heartburn for about 3 years I’ve been taking every day everything is fine but then I was watching a commercial for Prilosec with Larry the Cable Guy and
I didn’t know where to put my eyes so they went to the bottom of the screen where I saw the warnings at the bottom and it said like if you’re taking this for more than I don’t know 6 weeks or something like that
doctor so I did I do and the doctor did what I could. Your dad is he sent me to a friend of his from medical school and charged me a referral fee and I went to that guy and he did what a good referral doctor does would just go down to clipboard of questions that lead to him for recommending a procedure that he makes money off of a sign off on it and I went to this little clinic and I never lose my food is my first medical procedure ever unless you count like stitches like for my brother beat my ass I was that you were under General anaesthesia baby feel like I still feel a little hole very traumatic
I don’t think we’ve I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that went through what I’ve been through
but as I go in there in the bed and then yeah and then they just like they they put some extra stuff in your IV and they got a little sleepy and it’s like is incredible injector second I only time I’ve ever gotten under was for my wisdom teeth I’d like a year or two ago had all four taken out and apparently there was a struggle because when I woke up the office was empty I was gone the nurse was there and she looks petite scratches on my forearm it’s consistent with fending off a nice bike
even be unconscious normal
he made me play that I didn’t even hear the P then I woke up and there was a crime has been committed and I’m not saying a statement about dentist but I am saying that that being a dentist I don’t think is enough of a qualification to have that much power over another human being by default. Cool
touche I think it’s pronounced Russia or the I’m just saying like they put me under they said you’re going to start to feel drowsy I laid on my side and then I guess they’re closed and I just like you never remember the moment you fell asleep you remember being sleepy you’re waking up but but I mean so much more profound because because while I was sleeping like
ridiculous things to my body I mean most notably shoving a camera down my esophagus it for 25 minutes and I have no recollection of it they could have done but stuff they could have been that they could have done anything I just woke up I can’t I came to you can see it on my Twitter feed was I wasn’t doing anything with the lady who was putting me under I think like a friend of hers wrote on season 4 of community or something so like we were having a conversation about it before she was putting me under is that when I said Who season for perhaps not.
is that all you’re not working at the church where I said I worked at seasons 1 through 3 now I’m coming back for season 5 and an anesthesiologist went that’s weird
a woman who
that’s how weird it is
horse in that race is like a television that situation that you’re in a baby in a crib they’re not adorable for them when people wake up and they’re like smiling at me and give me my phone I’m a writer
he’s a writer
I tried as hard as I can
like while I was coming to and you can see the tweets like absolute like Cyrillic
that was not my finest work and it wasn’t like I was trying to say something for found it while I was trying to do is go out it was really worth it you’re getting me out like I said my conscious mind is not accountable to the things my unconscious mind says as soon as I come out of unconsciousness apparently I I defined myself by what I do and felt like an entitled me to a phone I had a friend in the hospital when you when you go under so my friend drove me home from getting my teeth pulled and I was still on the medication they had but this is like in a couple hours a little wear off go to your pharmacist and here’s a prescription for the stuff so I said my insurance Pharmacy Kaiser upstairs so when I got my insurance cards upstairs she take the trash out to the trash can we sit around around
really hurts it really hurts and then I got to finally get over the front and I don’t have my cards with me and woke me to go back and look for the cards I throw them out I put them in the trash
I think I shouldn’t have been allowed that much responsibility I shouldn’t have been allowed to even though you need a ride it should be illegal to get a ride home with your girlfriend after the guy I was afraid the Aaron because I put I was like it was like all dressed up like I I was I was the protagonist of the dead zone or something it up I was just being mean to her because I had been to unconsciousness and back Aaron I don’t know I wanted to go get a drink
and Erin the villain in this story
Ted overheard the professional doctors tell me not to drink because I had and kick his nuts in my bloodstream
the villain in this story said no I’m not going to take you to the drawing room and I was like Aaron I have been to Oblivion and back
you know I shouldn’t
I was for 25 minutes of today I did not exist and I came back into existence and end it end it shouldn’t be I shouldn’t be regretting it I love my return to Consciousness Consciousness so much I want to go straight to a bar I really was like on this trip I was like man I touched or willfully trying to go get dark and cold and I really wanted to just be alone more than anything because I really felt like I’d never would have made it to 40 without ever being knocked out voluntarily by another’s hand I can say I was I was I was I was gone for 20 minutes and then and then I was back in and but it was and it was great to be back but it wasn’t bad to be gone either there was it wasn’t that big a deal
I’m on the same wavelength I kind of felt like that was an important healthy exercise I can meet me at like 16 year olds birthday is he should do just have a guy like knock you out just so you can pee dead for a second and John Wayne Gacy thing from earlier
your reactions are weird and you’re weird people doesn’t matter
they’re waiting for what the next step
40 years old is too late to learn that it’s okay to not exist
all kinds of ways of each other and passed out and you shoved a camera down my gut I wake up and go
this is this is knocked out out like you you lose but you know and I think that the reality of that is a little bit important. It’s just like what is 40 too late to to learn that our biggest fear with death right unless you’re looking really think that I mean my biggest fear with death is that your last. Will play out you know like you’ll be like oh shit that I leave the iron and then fruit
Infinity because your brain is like also in charge of how you perceive time like you’re forever like be wondering about your iron but that might be a dick to my friends or I like they just forever like but but but I think by and large our biggest fear is nothingness Oblivion my biggest fear was why would my belt off when I came to I mean I have no point I’m just saying as I was before this experience Jeff I am I am not like Galvatron to my former Megatron
I have bathed in a lava of thank you thank you guys me back are you okay I got a clean bill of health care or like a thing that you find like leg of a seashell on a beach and I just grabbed it like like like like you found a penny but he said there’s inflammation you’re 40 you got heartburn. I didn’t see anything
weird Godzilla.
Stopping drinking I’m going on a
I’m going on a cleanse cuz I forgot gone way off my diet and I think the best way to get back on that diet is to thank you sir we got to stop going to them for anything
all right

Becca back up here
I want to get my 10 back supposed to stick it back
do you want to just ten bucks back cuz he didn’t. He’s a guest at the show. You know what
keep the change. Strike a baby so Anatoly I got some follow-up questions having to listen to the podcast that you were on YouTube you came up you said you came that you CLA to be the director do you have any favorite directors.
what’s up
I think they should just follow their heart you guys you guys Clapper blue whenever you feel like it
take over
we did a scene from Mad Men and you directed us absolutely but your direction was that I should dress differently and the description be better
this job Morty panel at, and you what were you saying microphone playing at the Rick and Morty pan what you were saying a God damn it what is Archer t-shirt sound like
it’s not it’s not really a story as much as this is a slice of Life yeah it’s appropriate that you like Wes Anderson cuz you’re kind of a Wes Anderson character at this point but I guess you’re going to you’re going to you’re going to make but you want to DirecTV not movies right okay both fine all right look at it look at how can we turn Anatoly into a into a into a thing that makes people clap
alright thank you in Italian
history facts in the black right now what you going to do with all that money
he won’t eat
I like the name Anatoly I wish I’m going to need my son and it totally I got Crime and Punishment by. So ask you about this young teacher when I was a senior and that was the first book I really fell in love with and I even got to pick him up and then talk to her and check up and it became this big Russo file and when I went to USC I studied like I took all his classes in Russian literature I went back and read some of the stuff I wrote back that I don’t know shit anymore any more pieces in it
all right I just miss the days when I was smart
your brain is just like you’re you’re so activated or two if you’re if you’re under 30 like you don’t you don’t know man use it for something minor make stuff you don’t have to use it till I pick it anything I hope that you get to work so I got my rain walk to your right as you go through you force yourself into that procrastination fear that that brain freeze of items out of ideas you hit those walls things like that and I couldn’t put myself through that I’m multitasking multitasking while you while you sent for your phone how’s the writing coming on on season 5 on Friday they’re applauding the anticipation
they got the new writers are coming along very nicely they they that the week on Friday like the kind of like a bunch of a bunch of popcorn kernels pop at the same time what kind of closed out Friday like realizing that we had a handle on several great episodes all at once, I got to meet them where do it as I’ve announced to because you have to know this before it well in advance for doing an animated episode this year it and the and I will say the animated episode we’re doing this year even for this ridiculous show that we’ve been doing and all of its own marketability just our approach to join the animated episode this season is is something that could definitely only be done in season 5 of community like you
I’m eating that it’s likely even in season 3 of community of people around like I can’t come on knock it off
but now they can’t
I don’t mean that it was weird for weird saying quite the opposite I mean it’s like it’s like very profound like in a way that makes it not be incredibly funny I it’s going to be a fucking Masterpiece if I do say so myself but I applied like that I don’t think you write this a profound episode after you got knocked out and saw all the other side angles not now that I did but the thing that I’m most proud of is that I was you know this was after we kind of like started breaking up the rooms and stuff in these writers like it’s something that makes me so much happier than me staring at a whiteboard and coming up with something is is when I leave a room for 2 hours and come back and people have landed on something that we just got we just get some some Brilliant Minds in there that.
really really really respectful of the of the medium and it would have come up with some incredible shit right the animated will all be writing it together as all the hospital but it’s not feel comfortable to you community production Code Heads I think you’re called freak out when you see the numbers are swapped them stuff like that we’re giving the animated episode the last production code so that we can put it in its going to stand alone, so that’s enough of that business is there went to Comic Con had a weird stomach ache for that panel and amazing panel 6,500 people felt something I never felt before which is like this weird like like normal
Southern 500 people would be the most relaxing thing in the world for me that’s my inverted personality I only know I exist when I when people are listening to me talk but I had this I came up I just had this well of like just gastrointestinal like tension but like the upper half of my stomach had done a thousand sit-ups and I explained that to you said you got to watch what you say now you know that’s that’s what subjects all my fault I’m not complaining about any of it but this is just the phenomena that happen like there’s so much more wrong I can do then right by talking and it’s just lately
late late late like like you didn’t take one person that you could make me cry by saying the wrong combination of words whether that person is a Japanese shipper or a person who serve proudly in our nation’s armed services or a double amputee or a person that that that that work really hard on season 4 or a victim of a non consensual sex in the summer of 98 guide who who who who would really really really wants me to be an asshole so many that I got to go 6,500 people 6500 chances to fuck up to say the wrong thing and I think I just my brain went okay will you can’t deal with that so I just pushed it all down into my My Little Tim Tums
restriction in here but this this podcast goes out to a lot more than 6,500 used to live my life feeling that way fuck you. Fuck you in the teeth forever and if you ever if you would ever have anyone feel that way you a million times in the in the big fat face just fuck you for wanting people to feel bad I just I’ve never done anything to hurt anybody I’ve never said anything that I wanted to see you to make people feel pain I just I just can’t do it I rather rather kill myself than never feel that way again is that horrible experience
downtown San Diego San Diego is quite lovely
it’s at the Comic-Con fault they wasn’t the people’s fault that was there is you can’t get a good bite to eat. I’ve been there during none, you got your San Francisco’s you got your Portland’s you got your New York to your allies your Asheville North Carolina has a neutral setting of hostility there any raids the populist
your family with Harper. Like I got thrown out of a bar what you doing anyting I was two and a half feet back in a foot over to the side so the three people could have walked her breasts like through that doorway and not bumped into me and a guy just came in I was only guy in a suit and kind of a div bar and this guy and everything to make all the bouncers that we’re sure to say Security on them and they all have ear monitors and it’s a little much at a checkpoint Charlie like it’s amazing because you know the crowd control and stuff and that’s cool but there was a guy dressed as the crow at the bar who may dress like a crow everyday and was certainly acting like a guy who dresses like I get to dress like the crow and it was like break
I looked down and like there’s a little concrete square what kind of where the the incline of the doorway comes in you know what I had to kind of pave that little way up and I was like right on the edge of that so I just kind of some kind of semi sarcastically tiptoed just out of it keep moving bro you tell me can you tell me when to stop. Only what I never sass you sir
I have so much respect for you and what you do with what you’re doing and I just want to be the world’s best customer at the bar and I want to know all the rules I want to know everything is okay and he’s like he just gave me the eyeball and then an hour later I’m in the back like an hour to get a head of steam or or you were separated from the pack I’ve seen you more sober but I’ve seen you a lot drunker and I was also drunk or at like like I mean bro
and I don’t
how do you rate me Big Buddy am I coming in this myth that mean you didn’t do anything kind of power.
Don’t throw me out of your bar
yeah the picture of the people that go into that line of work all right if you are a cool Bouncer and I know there must be a lot of them cuz there’s a lot of Glee Glee please thank you on behalf of all of us had the full thing and he was he was quite helpful at night but it just looks like an enough that’s what a white dude with Crocs are flip flops on San Diego May the fish Ali get the Jeff Davis patented thumbs down and start sounds good. I’m not being sarcastic Blackfish man I just saw that yesterday
about the I want to see World treatment of orcas and the cover-ups of the people that died training them there
nnnn nnnn it’s just an absolute or just things like that and yeah and it’s not cuz it’s on the news what’s up like that but what I did not know is this this way on Baxter is pretty fascinating is that the backstory apparently walked on land
it looked as much like a brontosaurus the rest of our little rascals and their two cents on everything that’s happened tonight
we missed you
tell Brian Cabana maggiani Conan O’Brien
can I say find a fuck San Diego
I just had I would you fuck it right in the teeth
would you get with a side of beef
bagel I wish I was there I was at Comic-Con I want to stay there so it doesn’t mean she’s dating a guy with his crotch on my butt right now right behind me so I look like a huge crowd it was just one guy.
it was me and Emily and then just one guy nobody else around just like a butt back back on like just attached to her
what’s the rules of society kind of don’t apply, I was there the 90s I when I was signing comic books there was a there was a Marvel Center there was ever video game consoles being sold their butt but we nerds were allowed to sit on the floor of always with our big bags of shit that we bought our nerd Mecca and go through shed and then there was a Tipping Point across. I don’t know what’s a 6 years ago I have no idea whenever I’m in there was a sir point where it was like he has nothing to do with comic books for the community is part of the returned is a cattle prod and if you’re a nerd you try to sit down anywhere then I keep it moving and keep it moving and it’s like I really hate the booth babes thing like that is so funny
close to me all those like I feel horrible for them too cuz they’re like this is the end of three days of the year where they definitely have their eyes are so sad but there’s also now it’s like that it’s almost like the worst of all worlds because it was nerd mecka but now it’s nerd Sundance and now because it snowed Sundance as a form of Sundance what is this douchey component coming in in a pizza parlor and there were two girls who are in costume and they didn’t know each other but some guys wanted pictures with them and then and then another guy like with a backwards baseball cap and some and some Crocs and some flip-flops and some flute Loops who’s sitting in the pizza parlor started yelling at me
and I was like well whatever San Diego Meats, contact Ben Affleck 3 or whatever is premiering their you know stuff and Ben Affleck to was Good Will Hunting right now Argo is Ben Affleck is Ben Affleck forgot to bring up Spanky out here
Spencer Spencer Crittenden
Aaron any anyting any any you have to stand back in the booth and listen to me talk for an hour with anything you want to feed back out
and I I couldn’t agree more
it is like it’s a Comic-Con is very different than what that Town’s Vibe is generally as a high-schooler there who felt like an outcast being hot and there’s no theater scene supported as much as it should be because everyone has jet ski
retirement communities that if you’re a 15 year old and you’re wearing a sweatshirt and you can fly into the radar being unique is not valued in San Diego
the guy in The Joker right way sweetie
play has like a cool person. I don’t like is there is there is a big value put on a Conformity and being able to wear in mid drift repair backwards backwards it’s like Macho that I’ve noticed my brother and I used to watch a reason since you don’t see fights in bars in Los Angeles almost never I like I don’t know what that’s about if it doesn’t want to protect their face that’s there right now
even like it was true even if he borrows where people are already beat up by God I think I might shoot me for the rest of my life if I do that but a San Diego people fight in bars is that when you woke up I’ve heard that anesthesia and so the part that is more aggressive wakes up before the part that sort of controls on you
I punched my mom after I came out of a hunch your mom I was I was twelve no don’t do that better not say anything I was lowered you punching your mom. I’m a have to do them boo yeah I apologized afterwards I don’t remember that you punch your mom you’re not like going hey it’s something you should share yeah I’m being revealing and you might have been here, they can sense what happened to me at Comic-Con if they can sense what happened to me in Oblivion
you know what I know exactly what you feel it feels like when you get this I was like 12 when the surgery would like to have surgery and when I was 12 I was old enough and it was planned for months and I was there waiting and the doctors came in and scrubs and they were like hey do you want to go to the circus
mask on my face I’m too old to give a shit about a balloon blowing as hard as I can to be like screaming it feels like such a violation that they can put you out hard it was angry that they have the ability to do that to me like I have favorite ice cream flavors and shut and you took it all away to be clear I didn’t feel that way at all I was so grateful for Western medicine and I was so grateful and then I heard like a baby but it felt like I could hear beeping for a while and then to wake up in a crib pushed by lady smiling and going
turn down my throat and I didn’t know I was I was very great I like that I was out but I just was a little but I had all my wisdom teeth out last year and I was like don’t put me under yeah I know in a couple goes couple different goes and I was at a burger place and it’s get the buffalo burger if the Native American Native Americans only a buffalo and if they had proper dental care that we have live to be a hundred twenty or something smells like shit I got you know what restaurant was this it’s called The Fix Burger when do the dentist and I was like hey it’s just a regular checkup and she was like an emergency dental surgery right now
your mouth is a cave of nightmares
I know it’s going to be
symptoms and I said if I eat ice cream on the left side of my mouth my spine hurts
you might be a redneck
surgery for that I didn’t want to go on there cuz that time when I was twelve and felt to me it felt like a file a fact that you felt my Terror my like because I don’t want it any of it to be happening yeah but you’re like I didn’t want to be there for it but I didn’t want to get put onto under that why that’s happening I regretted it because they were playing 13 Going on 30
and I was like this dental surgery is the second-worst thing I’m going through right now.
Has there ever been knocked out I’m on stage 2
that’s that’s not it that’s not a complaint that’s not a complaint that’s just a clarification for a podcast listeners because they heard an Applause Spencer has never been to or seen a picture of us pictures of the Kids Table over on the side that was given surgery conjugate not I guess who cares a good Barber. You know what I said
what the fuck Center. They’ve been fighting all day that was crazy I’ve had okay everybody in the audience has to be honest as they don’t know what a pilonidal cyst is I had one of those dealt with the most you know ambivalent thing you could do with your but you can take it or leave it out it because you could like depending on you know the intensity sometimes it’s better to not have it operated on and sometimes it’s better to have it operated on your butthole like it’s like it’s like you know if you have an ingrown hair and it kind of becomes infected and if you squeeze it the hair comes out and there’s a tiny little bit of pus
like that in that it it develops this kind of channel from your hair follicle that gets infected and your but the whole thing is in your butt crack like
depends on you know we might be approaching why would they bother to call it a special kind of cyst looks like a tourist growth but it’s more like just like a little opening like a little is it is the what was the word you said before cysts pilonidal just go away my dad also had to deal with this that’s all he’s going to get it right
he’s had a couple there you go
so much for talk about it thank you mr. Crittenden my my mom came over to my house today to drop off some T-shirts
all right when she stayed there
I can’t get her out of the chimney
no she left eventually worry about my parents elbowing communicate with them like most people communicate with their parents so you know I’m like let’s let’s just do it that way and that’s that’s how I know they’re going through maybe a little bit of like all right you probably brought some structure in order possibly to the to the household may be ready like to think so yeah just happened and you know you can get it cut out the order that you said before the word cyst does that word mean in the butt crack no it’s really gross it means nest of hair
the fact that it was in your butt crack has nothing to do that’s just incidental right or you get one of these a pilonidal cyst the word nest in dwelling
how many made it but I know what it means I’m not just going to be like I don’t know what it means
so w show nest of hair
but I want to know
does that word mean in the butt crack or does it do it mean Mastiff and they’re only happens in the butt crack yet because that’s where there’s there’s friction and 9 years you know when you’re sitting at swear sometimes collects and if you’re in a car or a vehicle you know there’s there’s agitation when you’re bouncing in the car and that’s why a lot of gi’s get it and it’s known as Jeep but yeah
could you have one of those and then it goes away and then it comes like a pimple in that like you know it just know it’ll get bigger and then it’ll pop up and then we’ll go away or sometimes a rare cases it could get infected like a pebble you know like an opening in the skin and this is something you had to get surgery. It will they recommended it and we did it but you don’t need to like it it kind of depends if the case-by-case basis but essentially what they do is way worse because it’s like this tiny hole in your skin on your butt and what they do is they cut out like a wedge of it it’s like you know when you when you transplant a plant where you just take a huge scoop of Earth out from around it glue glue stuff and glue back together I mean arguably
it isn’t dark wearing for eternity symbol
I’m sure a gal from the audience didn’t want to rent out a whole lot I am a nesting pair
so you’ve been knocked out while I did that did you did you find it to be a profound experience
it’s not like I don’t dream very up I mean everyone’s going to be like everybody dreams I don’t really know dream but you know you’re living your dreams on your way oh no I’m not even trying to be weird well you succeeded correct I don’t know probably why what did doesn’t make it what it what I’m saying is I care what you’re saying I think when you’re dreaming your brains like getting off excess energy and I feel like if you are already using that when you’re awake maybe there’s not as much to give off when you’re asleep like that I like that a lot more than I thought it meant what it meant a mischling your brain is dead asleep that’s why you saying that was Batman a couple nights ago
now that we know your history of psychic stuff does that mean that’s going to happen but it wasn’t there was a crime that was committed another 911
I was I was I was Batman and I was wrongly convicted of like I accused of a crime that I didn’t commit liked by a super villain maybe and watch Robocop the night before so I think. But then I had to hide the dress like a regular person go through an airport and I got held by security at an airport so let’s hope the airport to answer me this is days ago so we’re in the clear OK Google
is that like a sort of play on words I’ve had a few Comedy Central you should it’s called beta male
I can go to see see if you go to PT director, said, it’s $5. That’s the cheapest way to get it I don’t care I don’t I don’t I don’t really get that money back love cards and that makes sense with the people who got here later
they know the ropes and this is a big deal for me and I told my parents to watch it but the next day I got a text from my parents shows what my relation with them is like it just said Sawyer program
and a brother and sister just go back to the punch what happens when your 12 I think she’s still firing back
are there any did you follow up to do them for a week and then I talked to them today and it wasn’t brought up as a comedian doing Letterman it’s like the biggest thing you can do and I was at are they finally do something that they know what Letterman is you know I do other shit they don’t they don’t know very much a package of Letterman so did Letterman I talked to him on the phone and they were like hey we saw you on Letterman and then just told some story about my aunt
I was like I don’t know what’s happening in a sentence
I’m Muslim
I especially want to dispense the character sheets D&D session underway sure why not also while he does that probably a good time to plug the fact that we’re finally getting that stuff under the recording it’s good call the harmonquest right now is it recording thing that we’ve been alluding to Forever Spencer’s dungeon mastering we’re playing D&D and recording the audio in front of a live audience just as we do here only we’re doing it on a little bit of a budget with some some of our favorite comedic Cameo people at the silent movie theater in combination with screenings of like crazy fantasy themed movies either we’re going to take the audio from the role-playing sessions give it to my studio star Burns and they’re going to stop motion animator the combat and stuff it’s going to be an awesome
so if you if you want to be part of that check on line is called harmonquest it’s at cinefamily it’s as big done in conjunction with cinefamily that’s why we’re doing the the fantasy themed movies and stuff when’s the when’s the first one coming up and that’s that’s this coming Saturday right I really am not your money likes it cost money to get in
how much does it cost to get in $80 for $10 that’s a bargain but yeah you know I was thinking about that
no but yeah ww.w. Family. Org that’s www.familysearch.org
Adam Sandler is going to be right now you have to get out of the first night’s guests are Blake Anderson from Workaholics and Kumail nanjiani from Conan O’Brien
all right we plug dispenser should we get underway here sure give Spencer his theme music and we can get this rolling
last time our heroes we’re on the road to 492 end their fight with Admiral Darkstar as they traveled North they went up to the mountain tours for high-income Frozen City your tent suggested they stopped there to ask for an army or maybe horses or some form of other style a team from the city and after many days there they tracked high up mountains and up onto a specific mountain range in particular but they encounter the deadly brizard what the fuck but through the driving snow and ice they could see the White Walls of the Frozen Fortress there was a bridge for Christmas Vince suspicious put sharpie pushed on they started to cross the bridge they did not finish crossing the bridge from afar the city fire tenants and skeletons
Jackson tackling one of them and the gang was fighting the skeletons attack with Wicked blows mo’reen understood the Beast rage and looked into its dead eyes and empathy Sharpie grasp one of the skeleton with a shocking grasp surging electrical energy through with brittle bone causing it to cause fire and fall in the Floor 2 skeleton remained what would they do combat is happening now
all right to skeleton the left with one of them and you were trying to throw him off the bridge okay I just trying to grab a little bit like it’s throwing out the side
all right that happens nice grappling with the skeleton you get the upper hand that’s awesome you get the upper hand you dropped to the floor and then throw them over your shoulder and he said go sailing off though out the white edge of the icy Bridge beat the abyss whose turn is it to be yours okay
how close are we to the skeletons here about 25 feet off its kind of engage with more rain right now in the Sharpie but you’re a bit off their okay everybody shut up I do I mean I take my poisoned dagger will that work okay
do the poison won’t but the dagger will poison doesn’t work on Undead wild the dagger does cool so I sneak attack the guy and just go to town
going to town on the guy with a sneak attack
strike directly between his shoulder blades
15 damage
I get I give Chris de Burgh a little shit to do you call it like from a a that’s one day of not tying a rope around your dagger

when you put on you know what I thought about it a lot I could see this did you call that shit without chip you don’t know it is under it’s a lot but it’s a knife in it how would they react it’s not like it’s not like a person that feels pain it’s more like a skeleton
are you all right you know the skeletons Army we went over this
that’s a throwback who’s in who’s meant that’s more rains turn all right so I have no idea how grapple
I’m going to work I’m going to Grapple with a skeleton I’m going to make eye contact with him and I’ll say thank you for your sacrifice and I try to throw him off a bridge
okay I’ll look at me then what would you have done the communal divide and he was like oh okay you just wanted to make sure the monster wasn’t okay alright alright that’s Spencer’s much smarter better than that makes sense now that you explained it but how can I do a pink Macon it to make a gay in the afternoon
do they have to be dead for that
no I mean the for the pink mat I think you could do it just said someone was alive right I’m going to be gay and then they wouldn’t need this whole Satanic ritual who are The Satanist protest on the grave of this lady making your game in the afterlife anyway habit of the show early run is Dungeons & Dragons it fails
what happened with my grappling okay so you managed to wrestle it in your trying to trying to flip it over you know off the edge but but you just kind of you guys go down to the floor and you just kind of grappling with each other wrestling star it didn’t she didn’t have enough to send it over the edge
but you know it’s down it’s it’s their you’re on it also
and you’d have a boner sometimes just to clarify all or when you want to fuck a horse or whatever
oh yeah
battle battle
I can’t use shrink item on a skeleton that’s only an item right that’s great you’ve only used one of them all right but isn’t that also if he’s grappling with her isn’t that going to shock both of them who knows you got to do it let’s see what happens it’s magic alright II initiate my shocking grasp and then I say something involving
bones some kind of pain on bone your bone bone bone bone from Goldberg Goldberg Adam Goldberg
that’s fantastic could have been here all night and not taskbar play I know that you would not do it like this has never been my wheelhouse X bad and
grasping hand with a shocking energy electricity crackles through his voting party and I do hear it sizzling for me ill from deep within his chest and then he catches fire and falls to the floor in there it looks like he fell apart
I win
I count it I count it I get 500 experience points
so I’m having my own podcast over here
it’s high time we did it so we did it towards the far side of the bridge you for John towards the far side of the bridge you see the gates of four and I’m standing tall and imperious
they slowly Grind open and you can hear a voice from within Echo out like a trumpet welcome to Four and high, The Fortress of the Mighty the strong I call back weirdest welcome ever
there’s no response
that would be funny if every time you drove into Indiana you here after you fought for skillet welcome I mean no matter what we going we going yeah you enter the walls of time and you see stuff oh I I look around as you as you enter the massive Gates your met with an awesome site the massive City within the massive walls is full of massively oversized buildings with pads as wide as pawns and houses as big as castles as well as powering Giants these blue skin beings with
pale blond and I see hair stand about 15 to 20 ft tall clanking around in heavy metal armor talking conducting in business and are shooting the breeze literally in sharp contrast to the massive blue figures and I see white Trails can I see White Walls you can make out specs. Around the city black blobs in patrolling the streets as well as Manning the gates and guarding the walls
I thought this was like a dork town
Avatar I got confused and maybe we should have done a little more reconnaissance before we came into this place something you can do
and hold our breath of a blue in the face Dark Star used to the north and this is on your way to the north he’s a bad guy talking about raising an army here right but it seems like that’s how you open the door
make sure what area is the biggest game and say look we we we were not here to fuck around together and go kill Admiral Darkstar
I had talked to them who do we talk to can we just faced giant okay
giving water to the smaller Giants but what you make out to be the most jovial of the Giants
but not anyone else’s expense very easy looks jovial cuz I wouldn’t miss this for the world
I I put on a shirt that says team Giant on it and I walked around. I am I am I am riveted
yeah so you and Parker kind of work walking up your all walking up
how does a joke land the giant looks as if as if perhaps he was bit by a mosquito trap like a happiest guy and then it kind of looks around and then he looks down at you and then he points at you and he’s like what is it like to be the most fantastic looking thing
what is it like to be the most fantastic looking you um me and my friends were very nice peaceful people on we just wanted to know what was happening here and I’ve been talking for too long and that’s what I do and I drop my papers like in a romantic comedy and I hoping you could pick them up
does he help her with the papers I know his hands are probably too big to pick him up but he he doesn’t help with the papers turn giant we are travelers from the South heading north. Here mr. happy
I’m Robert
we are in pursuit of a threat that threatens all of what is planet called
I should tell him that I’m like a very well-known singer-songwriter
move my hands like I’m about to take off my tiny little clothes we request an audience with your
leader if you have one or the commission that leaves you the model
he he he he kind of just looks at you guys all saying and doing these things they are describing staying and doing and I’m he is hearing he’s like yeah but he’s he’s listening and he’s he’s looking at you guys do stuff and then he’s like so you’re looking for the aural
I don’t even know why we forgot the word for it will it will it ain’t just anyone that can see the yarrow
okay who can see the yarrow Only the Strong did you hear that thing that was said when you entered the city
we are strong we slayed a couple of
dire wolf
good day bro
yeah yes I plucked many a Dire Wolf for my garden
I don’t think you’re wrong
hang out with him for a while. Well if there was a way that we could prove our strength other than getting in your to put
we would love to prove our strength and or just have our strength taken as a flyer and
get an audience with the aforementioned jahrell show I’ve recently gotten into doing some sketch comedy
then prove it up. Show me the way insulin person and I’m winking at him we’re going to be like
I can’t help it.
in the chaos I go off in a corner and I tie a rope to a knife
prepared always be prepared okay yeah your attempt this display of violence and it’s really pitiful like it’s not it’s not working it’s not working and then you’d be froze you and you go skidding down this ice Road and then and then he’s like that’s pretty tough I got a bad as it was it seemed to have impressed you know I mean that’s if you guys are really that tough but you might have to pull that shit again in front of some other job just accidentally blew the Roadie classic classic mistake
The Green Room
he’s like I don’t lead follow the silent service
he kind of points that I had a line of skeletons they’re kind of patrolling through the city they’re led by one of these skeletons is just a blaze on fire is lit on fire truly the most joyous creature that we have encountered in a long time so it’s kind of walking around through the city melting ice and snow cool the device walking in the line all right will it we should follow that okay and also on the back it says my favorite movie is Ghost Rider
hahaha I start whisper whistling the theme from Bridge Over the River Kwai
what do you think you would say when you whistle well I don’t know how to whistle
what are the different story
three following describes China leaders whatever is the silent servant so we’re just kind of you really can’t control this is Gru
I can’t really worry about it
that was a great try damn
hey it’s Usher hang out with your dad you pick
I walk up to one of the silent service and say excuse me being the gentleman that we’re looking pretty girl you be so kind you saw what I did to my friend over here I threw it look good. Nice Road. Make it snappy show us the way with a blue flame and you can hear a voice out of its Chastity and mechanical sounding it says don’t bother
will there be a bit more sense this person who played I thought when you fart it just a little louder mechanical far too high I didn’t think it was connecting we’re in this order silent but deadly service from there I was off roading
I was relying on the statistical chance of me being funny when I talk and I blew it as I do 7 out of 10 times
so we’re following there’s a lot of math to it. Have you been on the dog and I have ramped up my Friday it’s true that there is a page and look like the big stack of papers that you had to sign sad
the Gwen the camera goes down it pushes a lot of air through you so make sure your release the air weight fart yeah just needed the time or the place we’re following the silent servant yeah yeah they they take you around through the city and your kind of going by these little snowed in little like hot that are weird because you know this is a giant City in these parts wouldn’t fit them anyway because they’re just covered in snow past the door light up to their little brutes like I stopped at one with my Gandalf staff
there’s no response I’ll be back later
continuing on you go if you got balls but has a great like what is it called what’s it called they didn’t do that in Pakistan it so there’s no dog
run away do you have to be in an actual pitch
doorbell sound different in Pakistan the same no siren sound siren sound different in every country
all right so we’re following yeah yeah you go up a massive I see staircase and into a large kind of Castle within the city made out of ice do ice you arrive in a massive room with a ceiling hundreds of feet tall high whatever statues line the room and standing in the center of the statues is a massive Blue Giant easily 30 ft tall he wears a great magenta brat breastplate and where is the huge brown fur cloak off some oversized Beast voice Echoes through the icy chamber I am a limb.
bow to my might pretending to have met him previously ice cream out so much
fucking Mike’s
yeah I bow to his mind for sure
as I am bowing to his might
hi bye bye bottle is my okay
thank you might be allowed to
and for that I thank you
the children received what brings uniform and hive
other license plate frame
yellers Never Fall in Love My Career is too important
German papers what’s what time do I pick up the papers over and over
and word terrified
I realize he would be a liar.
dollar to the mountains by great lake the blue diamond of the North
it is our pleasure a pleasure only exceeded only by your sticky halls in a good way
come by your power fall down and drop my I drop one paper tongue on a common surface
Christmas Story oh boy finds he’s in town
okay well I mean my name is Courtney my friends and I are after a certain Admiral darkest are you familiar with this gentleman familiar with this gentleman with your Tech
I’m not a fond of him we have one Mission and one Mission alone and is to take him down we could certainly use a little assistance cuz of the idiocy we’re just poor tiny little suckers you could use some assistance I just said that but you have something I could use a great then it’s going to be great the cards
alright freshen fair enough
what is it you want from us or just a few of your fragments of power can we have a gentleman do you think he’s talking about my business papers
I think we should definitely try they weren’t there was no business was just a bunch of drawings of dicks balls that Take On Me lyrics by stopping the power write your collected at the shards of power that it is animal Dark Star wants all of those if you’d like them all over town we get in return for the sharks like exactly I will give you some of my finest horses as well as a regiment of 6th Frost giant Warriors to Aid you
I want all of them
alright sorry I’ve had a tough day
instead of shards most of the shards
I have goggles of night do you want that
you take that instead of the alarm
you failed to sense his motive I have somebody else to do it somebody else also fast
all right I think we got to put a bookmark here cuz we going to be alright thank you Camille nanjiani and thank you Erin mcgathy thank you Spencer for your dungeon mastering
on Saturday come to the silent movie theater Google at Harmon Quest is called and in cooperation with cinefamily come to the thing at the thing about right we’re done baby one of you want to save myself a little lesson learned a little bit later we learned if you if you if you fuck around with that Satanist will turn your dead Grandma some black panthers are Irish black panther should not be exiled to Tanzania because I could have been doing a lot of good here and said he’s got an orphanage over there.
play music from music
there we are, my God
Anatole and Auntie Adam Goldberg first phone if I could have said we should Dan Dan


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