Episode: 71 – Push The Button, Pull The Chain


Episode: 71 – Push The Button, Pull The Chain


The Mayor uses his iHarmon to knock down an entire show agenda that includes topics like Premium Gas and what Harmontown should do this year for Halloween when Comptroller Jeff Davis says no to his idea for 15 minutes straight. Later, Erin doesn’t understand Grand Theft Auto V and an attractive man in a wheel chair joins the stage for a game of Pathfinder!


on a Boulevard called sunset in a wood called Holly there is a town that exists in the apartment it is my duty and privilege to harmontown is once again in session you all
that’s all Laura has been raised her eyes
and welcome to the stage the mayor of Hermantown
Dan Harmon
the workshop something with me in my it’s been in my head we were in The Green Room so milk
milk chocolate and satisfying give me the first the first one chain
how come chocolate choo-choo train
Rob Kardashian
call Joe Jarboe choo choo train
I hope you guys know that. That that’s about taking a shit and peeing and stuff last week translate certainly a little more mainstream acceptable than an hour or so of last week a man off the top of her head unedited take the good with the glasses I’d like to come in a hundred percent the D&D tonight I’m wondering about premium gas
I’ve been thinking about like what has the species accomplished other things relative of the species I’d like to know how it’s not Spencer’s enjoy being my assistant speak Donnelly’s here tonight are aneurysm aneurysm surviving friend I would like to speak with us for a little bit I had an emotional memory about Brown Deer Wisconsin on the 4th of July that that made me sad tonight and I’d like to talk about dispensary about possible improvements to my pad of paper device that you are not reading it’s so much more efficient than reading off your phone your reading off of the eye Harman chestnuts will it listen to this is why I use this thing over here that is still illegal we don’t know how can I do that I mean
no no less like an errand was driving with me you can ask her I’m around my neck and aggravated vehicular manslaughter I just but I will tell you that this is this was safer while driving then then texting loving all Races and sexual orientations and and and invading Syria Knockouts how do you say we got to get in there and see what’s we see what’s going on just so you know
are they a threat or not there’s only one way to find out the box
I don’t know if they are not a threat which they throw the lady to look up drowning in the dictionary and it’ll say syncing because I think our next for the part that killing your underwater otherwise otherwise
okay here’s the thing that I wanted to talk to you about the list I have my favorite thing to start with your problem with the question I have is it is there any is it just a scam for just rich people in your car I own it then
Courtyard is that divided as Congress is about Syria Russia Syria and on premium gas right now
I think it’s probably a stone that could kill both of those birds
I probably missile mechanics okay nobody gas
she could would you be willing to come up here for just a moment okay
segment this is the premium gas segment you can grab one of those Mike’s what’s your name sir all right thank you for joining us here at the harmontown meeting so what did you learn about premium gas so I learned that my car takes premium gas and I have to put it in or something goes wrong with my car what kind of car do you have I have an Acura
an old Acura and really it needs premium gas if it says requires premium then you have to put it in if they say recommends premium then you can put a lower octane in and it still works like the engine will just to it
all right so I had I have a I have a Prius stay requires premium I didn’t look it up right now so you don’t need to put in premium I think it was you barely need to put in her any gas cuz it’s got a big battery and it made you put in a gas and I have to put in gas and there’s none in there I didn’t say I was not able to test the Tesla coach of the research it if it’s if it’s under a hundred grand like I might celebrate like the under a hundred
yeah I know I would I would I would do think about it again that’s bad entertainment all right it’s your gas mileage Gabe gas gas station
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no limit is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and blackston amount each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like you’re always in good hands
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I hit you with a tornado of topics and you just last out of the worst it’s funny when you get attached to the month and you live in a rarefied realm of craziness that I’d like to talk to you about what we talked about the fact that back stage right before we came on and we don’t talk about a lot before the show starts singing the milk milk lemonade what is the chain your question what’s the what’s the button to push the button called a chance to change your dick somewhere else and I think Aaron’s it was a chain Maybe
but then when you said it was your belly button that make more sense in that might make me poop
pushing pushing the belly button in a holding my dick like never happened before where as touch my nipple with a little purple choo choo train before
well not all the time about my lover Aaron Degrassi sexy or anything like that we love to do just sit and watch movies and eat pizza
that might embarrass her she would rather you think think we were sitting in bed lifting weights or something right now and I don’t need you to have that mental image I’d rather you see me like like sitting in bed with one of those like back till I was watching you guys never had a pizza pick up and then weekly roll over and grab the remote and there’s a there’s a flat panel on the wall and then you just say go to the Apple TV unrepentant who gets out of the bank is out of the picture from the front door or just a group of generally come and get in bed with me
pillow for him and he has to watch Die Hard 2 or your friend things anyways I usually I usually do the hunting and Gathering
it’s all relative to a sedentary lifestyle like like like that is the most hunting and Gathering that that’s going to get done this week seems like a physical exertion
so I was getting getting out of bed today to come to do the show yes that’s how long we stayed in bed we had a perfect Sunday guys like crap and ate some pizza and there is no such thing as Ryan Gosling Craftsman
movie about him where he says very little has lazy eyes and drives a vehicle to a needle drop
so when I could not an automobile country Highway you still got three movies I guess I was I was overcome with the Sensation that I’m sure we’ve all had which is I would rather stay in bed not. No offense to these people or the show like I’m glad I’m here now cuz I get to talk about this but I was thinking of driving here while going 40 miles an hour down Sunset poker is coming out and holding holes in this I want you to build something with me it’s called brainstorming it’s called yes and
work on this with me that’s not a foolproof immediately but it’s generally Amish have at what are they called Ramen Spraggins
you guessed it I’m sure they’re Amish and then like on there was an Amish people and then the Amish Hive says that I’d like to go go be not Amish for summer it doesn’t matter I don’t care I don’t know anything about it I don’t care I just know that they big they go off and maybe not on it for a while as their chance to decide whether they want to come back into the fold in the drive here in relation to my bed experience where I don’t know I wanted to. I wanted to stay in bed so so is it look like help me work shop at
once a month the the the worker at harmontown is the average citizen whoever you are the person the harmontown citizen you’re in bed and you have to stay in bed until you can’t stand me anymore
that’s it that’s called depression
staying in bed is called the pressure of Your Mind and Spirit like you guys are getting out of bed for a reason we usually hang out of bed for me when it rains what is raining outside I love I can’t wait to be out in the rain the rain never go outside for me I must be outside
I got some.
Instances when it’s good to be out of what they want to get out of bed why don’t you it would be when it started to rain so that we can ephedrine harmontown in your bedroom
never ever going to have a bet now you’re talking about but
do you know the difference between a cult and you don’t want to talk to you about a 200 year old cold called America it worked out just fine until recently
I mean obviously they’re going to help me make that idea work at home full of good facts.
what are we going to do for Halloween last year we all dressed up as jareth from Labyrinth I spent a lot of money on that costume I’m coming to Jared’s again
all right I mean unless
Ford a long life experiences where you can dress up as a cowboy one night and it’s texting fire the other night and then we can all just up with whatever but I think it’s nice when we all at Hermantown dresses something is all Spencer’s
I don’t like that because you said that in front of Spencer and Spencer didn’t look pleased about here’s some other things Spencer doesn’t look pleased when you say good morning in French
printer is not just please my Spencer doesn’t need a bunch of people to share its insurance I know that one person is going to be upset
dressing like a person that is not an actual iconic figure if we leave here we leave the sexy confines of a meltdown and we go out to a bar afterwards we’re just as best we just look like like people too bad. And ponytail and then it doesn’t anymore in my concern is that two things one Spencer doesn’t like the fact that either paying tribute or mocking him in some way and the second thing we go somewhere else and we look homeless
I mean it’s kind of like the quality of the place where you going to get us a shity fucking Hollywood Boulevard Hammurabi looking
City beard sexy as his metal hair that you can find into a into a mysterious ponytail then you got to get the glasses and then nobody really has his bill until like it just going to look like which I think doesn’t do anybody any service
senior pictures of do Jared I got one of our friends that wouldn’t resume to the rest of the world cards look like Spencer you have a fucking like your clothes are cuz you already have kind of a beard and like you do with the rest of the world and everyone go why are you all Mickey Mouse and we go I need to go I don’t care
that happen
who knows man is going to be on him to deal with why we all dress like him and I think would be embarrassing
okay so what is it about Spencer is it about the reaction of the bartender of the person from us or is it about accuracy of concert was it because you think Spencer looks homeless entering my best attempt to look like Spencer and I’m going to look like a shity Spencer and that’s not nobody wins that point but I think that that’s that’s a burden all right it’s a half hour I think it’s a bad idea and tell me why you think it’s a good idea cuz I’ll take 10 what are you doing right now what are you what are you doing
jokes evidently no value add to you explaining why something shouldn’t be done and you also didn’t have a very good first pitch which was the idea of recycling expensive sometimes out of laziness have to do that but let’s think of another one I don’t you don’t get a second emotion from the dispenser thing from me I mean all right I have 15 minutes of
all right my garage smells like mildew and I will say that for next week with Lyft Lyft Lyft contact down the road I’m going to ask her to volunteers when I go in there to clean it up that’s
I think I may need glasses I had to skip an optometry appointment in 40 years old I think it’s just become that time for me to have glasses I’m I’m afraid I don’t know what I was looking at the Billboards coming in here I can’t tell a Vince Vaughn from a Grand Theft Auto character anymore
you are holding a new segment tonight provincial
so I can find out what that word means when I hear it
I’ll take a prophet is called questions about the Grand Theft Auto V billboard
Cinema Cafe
sunset for Grand Theft Auto V which is coming out this month since about the about it about the billboard you can play in Grand Theft Auto V he’s just a guy he’s one you use a guy that you’ll be able to play in Grand Theft Auto V he’s not currently famous within the Grand Theft Auto universe
yummy advertisement Why am I driving down the street and I see a giant Grand Theft Auto V audiences built into their just reminding you of this huge video game is coming out with a new release and here’s our stylistic kind of repeating our conversation from before I don’t know what you guys are the worst
questions about the Grand Theft Auto billboard I just need you to ask your questions ago so he’s holding a bunch of money is there not like a special character on the billboard why is the Billboard just like my dentist put your hands down Tyler
it doesn’t matter if they’re not they’re not rhetorical but it don’t matter this is what she doesn’t understand her. Remember to buy Grand Theft Auto V comes out make sure that we show Batman doing something awesome hello he’s a man we know
man wearing a polo shirt
okay so is that okay so so Laura Lauren
all the characters in the game that they’re back at it again you have I ever again
crazy pumpkin breasts like a man holding a bunch of car I feel like you guys are being really mean all right there’s only one way only one way to resolve this is about Grand Theft Auto his he’s going to he’s going to explode
okay well I have actual question I have actual questions so in every Grand Theft Auto game is it always just it’s it’s just a generic looking man with a polo shirt is named is Miko back to do know the purpose of the hood trying to leave the old hood mentality behind and crazy guy who is kind of a psychopath there’s the three things that men like
I don’t know what I want the game
well that might be part of the Grand Theft Auto V
I don’t like running over people with each new release, it was $2,000 more questions I have ever been with has ever been like a and I’m not saying this to people who made that game
navigate to the New York. So they’re kind of different characters now they’ve kind of gone there’s never going to be
Grand Theft hansom cab is the idea is that these men are normal man because you’re like oh I could I could I could be the thief what’s the word I’m looking for cars dealers criminal criminal technology computer systems have more memory and hard drive space in those ships are faster blah blah Did the more they allow for a simulation of reality the eat the easiest way to celebrate that Newfound power is to sort of deconstruct
violent video games are mistaken for like horrible violence in video game I grew up on pole position or you just like if you go off the road you’re at your car turns into eight more pixels and you told that you have you lost the power of being able to hit of the F key to get out of your car run over to another one I always wished I could do that it’s like I always always I’m so glad this video game is allowing me to see more of the world
I’m very handicapped by my absolute like I have a difficult time crossing the threshold rate we’re like the people are being victimized generated people think maybe after I told an accident like you just sort of someone gets in the way and you hit him with a bat and and and then and then you’re like I’m fine and then it starts to become is exploring every horrible masochistic
children place is okay yeah you said you got it under control now, can’t you see that guy questions about the billboard in this game that you don’t understand like I missed out on Grand Theft Auto V
dress up like five five weird catchphrases
looking good sugar what what’s happening and shooters for kids in the eighth grade and he got to play Grand Theft Auto and just drive over people city city city Jeopardy
that’s a weird correlation has nothing to do with him. I found somebody who teaches having a health history of shity kid also already bet he would not have it all started when I finally got tired of his Richard Pryor in a plastic ball
two different Japanese artist sculptures of Lego sculptures and sometimes it would be like a man coming
Tom and Jerry
facebreakers you just had a lot of money and he was so sad because his parents literally would not speak to him and he became like stuff is pretty sad kid
Ozark why don’t you love me
what is I have to make movies
the more we have to delete out of this house as we have to cut out of the show people bad at all that he wished he would play at just to run over people playing I’m doing it I would just just like in his picture of his mom he can put on a musical show
automatic stop playing and you can build your way up to
Grand stage attention crash
Tyler Durden why don’t know what your last name is

Tyler Tyler hand and raisin just like she doesn’t it 40 years old and I’m still feeling like a 13 year old boy
Grand Theft Auto V okay are you feeling the strength
Zeke is squirting the the latest in Farrell audio fashion from Farrell, place where you can go and
directions to support Ferrell ideas Network which provides you with all kinds of shit I am told statistically that if everyone in our audience that the podcast audience went there and donated $5 that will be able to make a podcast for four years I don’t know where you got that statistic chocolate maybe Chelsea Peretti like like maybe she’s maybe there’s a overhead there maybe she maybe she needs like like money I don’t know I think it has to do with Dustin you know like not starving to death while he recorded while he recorded in that it’s everyone’s podcast sound all right so what specifically requested to come up tonight that you wanted to pay us a visit
when I had more energy than I did last time I came up but I kind of wanted to ask a question of the audience and the fuck do you think you are like flies through the roof
people treat me like shit and Jupiter with my mom could buy the last thing I remember is the or ground turning orange
all right that’s all right what are you you had me
you going to wait wait one more week to have his backpack
no I have some of you been seeing on Twitter I spent the last six weeks although I will admit I cheated and started before I was on the last episode and I’ve been drawing people from harmontown as a Mega Man characters which is my favorite video game you know take that Grand Theft Auto and and and it’s one of the few really Vivid childhood memories I have not very not not the visuals of it but just I remember always being obsessed about it I think to the point where one day my mom my mom raised me and my brother by herself and she went on a date one night and then she came home at 2 in the morning and my brother was asleep and I turned my entire room into a level from Mega Man and he was mad at my brother’s asleep and jumping on the beds like shooting at things at the wall that are moving
some tidiness exploding in my room building code
get the deposit back in the apartment but so I’ve been drawing people like and I didn’t want to just draw you guys like I drew a ride because this show is that you guys have all kind of what do you know what a night it’s kind of become like an extended family of mine and so I wanted to draw some of you too so I drew auntie and Adam Goldberg and then do some of your gas I drink Dustin obviously and I spent a lot of times had a two nose bleeds and one black out no seizures but I spent about seven weeks drawing all of these so I guess I was just curious if if people are interested I was thinking about making prints and I ran the idea by Dan mayden make a very limited number of The Prince and we can sell them here like before show one night that’s why if you look on on Twitter I tweeted the original pictures and then later you see them on completely different paper and it’s cuz I had to I had to use a white box to redraw it because I bled on the
what is because it’s it takes to create something visual for me and it takes a lot out of me I mean thank you I also think I would normally bleed for harmontown I’m just it just happened I was expecting it it just happened how do we get to head over to Google you wanted to come and talk about the stuff and announce it I mean I’m never sure cuz I ain’t my head up my own ass I would have I see I see tweets from Unity May answer is yes whatever you want to do do you want to sell these things on the harmontown maybe do a batch for the group here and then
you know and then like maybe just make like I don’t know I don’t know what a good number is maybe Thirty or fifty or a hundred and then anything we have left over after we sell to anyone here we can put on the harmontown store if you want the money of the aneurysm Foundation or I mean I mean I mean I’d rather my mission my my self given mission in life is to help them out there while you know what you guys are like to drink a couple of Red Bulls next month with a little smoky room so I mean like
when is the last time you had a report of your condition I just let you have this mysterious condition with an indefinite prognosis and I just feel like what what is what’s going on when you talked to the doctors with what do you know about well I mean we just I go and I do test probably every week mostly some of the tests are physical so sometimes we’ll just have me run on a treadmill and see how long I can last and then sometimes it’s blood work and sometimes it CT scans or MRIs is there water at the behind the treadmill right now it’s usually tell me things when it gets bad but right now I mean I’m just on a monitor system so they just
they’re like it like we said last time because I’m experiencing things differently than most there they just keep a close eye on me because any anything to turn in my head at the last minute they just have to constantly keep an eye on me so there’s really no news is always good news for me is just living in my head and that is all of our condition but tomorrow it’s not a man of the ten times anyway with someone Schrodinger’s Box I don’t want to know like I it’s better not to know I think
for me anyway because I have so much and I’m trying to just live a normal life now so I put that first I I want to make sure I if I wake up in the morning that’s step one of my guards cool I’m here so now what do I got to do you like okay is when I get a new job so that’s been like my head’s been hurting a lot lately cuz they’re kind of stress of it but I’m adapting now so so things are kind of cool off so it’s a way around on the subreddit the harmontown subreddit your active in there and I remember seeing you saying something about how you probably shouldn’t be one of the hundred to go to the Moon because for all you know what’s happening is hereditary is going to have $99 next week or the week after we move there we can make it a hundred and one and if you could be like a minister of fear of death for a prayer other people and I could go to when I got glasses but that’s not a big deal
play around the concept of you being the person that uses the 100 I would be fine with you would choose better than me I mean I look at things of a hoot like I don’t know I feel like that position should be someone that doesn’t have an ultimate steak in it so I thought I was someone who doesn’t get to go to the Moon, to be the one to pick the 100 and I don’t want to go by choice I I wanted to be a better society and I feel like a better Society wouldn’t wouldn’t have two would look at me as a burden you know that. That’s why I moved back here that way cuz when I was back home with my mom and recovering I think that’s all she saw when she looked at me cuz is a lot for her to process do you know like that that I was mentally gone you know that she was like oh my son and it doesn’t remember things anymore so he’s the there’s a part of me that’s not my son anymore so I don’t ever want to be a burden to anyone so I think that’s why I ultimately is a call I’ll help pick the 100 and then and then I’ll stay
here and then you guys are going to need stuff constantly so I figured that’d be good for me to be here at the teleporter to go up there with your hundred is going to be a lot of disgruntled people down here going to cut you off and I’m going to tell her
can I hear some extra flour never send that to the Moon
mannequin have him down there in that window that says back for lunch and you can smuggle you up cuz I’m in my favorite comic book is a human’s do I say I love the first image I saw when I was going to the hospital when I was conscious of the hospital is the moon cuz I woke up at night and I got to see this beautiful thing in the sky so I’ve always been drawn to the show because of these little things I feel like a physician amazing mythical thing the moon before we were even human world with the moon in the sky and they use it as a navigator they keep it on their left side to fly in a straight line that gets fucked by porch light the campfires cuz I think of that the moon and they like Spiral to their death
for us what are the creators of Mythology what is a silver disc in the sky that changes shape and is always up there at like sitting with femininity that the sperm strive for the giant Radiance thing up there that’s the cooling thing that has power over the time this Miss monthly lunar like cycling the most beautiful electronic the sun that’s garbage 12 hours it goes back to sleep when we go first
hey I know I know it’s I know it’s got his hand on the trigger but it’s like stocky was fit your face is it isn’t as pickle about Siri I don’t know why he thinks that we should go do this I think he’s I think he would lie to and they were being lied to about I think it’s all a bunch of baloney I think it’s a bigger weird hurt a stand that’s my theory is on that case to send something I was just browsing right and I just see the headlines like I really out of the loop about the serial thing but I read a headline it’s a book the pope has the question is Syria happening so that we can sell weapons is that what’s going on I don’t care if you are kind of big time is it
play the thing with the Catholic church needs to do is 32 being acknowledged been an apology about about all of the covering of the
the shenanigans tryout
that’s a real thing that actually needs to happen that is that is that has that happen I really don’t know some of them besides accounts in this particular case I have to apologize to my present today show ended morning new show making a case with some strange that shit that he was really like like a lot of malarkey no one knows what the what the the logic behind the he said let’s go to the fucking Moon and I’ll do it in 10 years I’ll be dead. That’s why I said it because he was awesome but they build the biggest machine humans are likely to ever make and they went to the moon and that’s badass
this isn’t cool human shed the only thing that I think about it is like what I read a long time ago and I might have been my little Chomsky book about it just feels like we America was kind of brutal capitalistic genius before we went into World War II and we had this 50 your plan that we are now exiting we have now exited and we are we’re trying to figure out a new 50 year plan like America was whether you love it or hate it like we’re good proud of something to be proud of how we fucking like we we made this decision that we were the Han Solo of the planet
Atlantic Ocean between us we we just want to know what’s in it for us and then we had this 50-year thing that started with our involvement World War II that turned out fine and dandy for us and now we’re living in the past the finish line of all that and I think you know there were people were allowed to be more brutal back then they were allowed to be more secretive they were allowed to do you know they were 3/4 of the population now where the Generation X is 40 and the Millennials are going what are we doing and they have all of this communication with each other
BBQ in the front yard and go let’s get the rooskies know how to get that back really hard to get that business model operate a goodbye I know it’s like okay it’s like the Nielsen system going like grapefruit to Summit reads the papers all the time to really disingenuously trying to create a cold war again where you don’t like that that we hate the Russians again pretty fucking cared about us anymore and nobody cares about Russia like it’s so I feel so bad for everybody like I feel like a CNN cuz I get so fucking excited about war whenever the prospect of any kind of conflict I feel like I owned the boat into missiles stereo with the masses we done already
plug in one ear with a beautiful hair with
fourth of July
smart he’s not who he seems kind of half retarded music.
her name is crystal ball and she’s a fucking journalist which is awesome because let’s go let’s go let’s just call it a cockadoodle douchebag so Bare Bones that it’s I don’t even think it’s treasonous anymore just say that the curtain has dropped on the kinds of the state-run television network could make more money cuz we watching television and it seems like a lot of the networks are owned by companies that make weapons
what’s your serial plant about Syria know probably not having this kind of like I mean I don’t know cuz the way I look at it is a thing with the world lacks the most of is pioneers and I know that’s why I put that dedication at the beginning of soulstar right when you open up this is dedicated to all pioneers and that’s actually from an anime that I really love called Macross plus which is about a man that has passed Earth there they’re either out there out in the universe were doing other things were creating machines and life on other planets and and I just be like right now we have Pioneers in technology like they’re making the newest phone in there making the newest thing we can consume but they’re not taking us places they’re not expanding us they’re not evolving us really and
that’s on my list if you hear me earlier I said what is the species of our species has been close to the 8th cuz I loved hearing was a bath last week your neighbor of the week before a bit I love hearing her talk and I think that’s what I was treating you to she was so close to saying what I’ve been saying for years but every time I say it freaks people out about what it’s like when you’re when you feel like you’re gone from this plane you would I’m very proud of humanity to because of I seen what it’s like to not be a part of it anymore so
I know when people when you have a bad day just trust me it’s it’s not as bad as you think it is I promise you because there is unbelievable things we can all do if it’s I’m really proud of the human race and I just I get this I get this illusion sometimes when I see the crappy things we do but I’m 10 time with the 10 times higher when I see something amazing and positive with you it’s almost ludicrous that we haven’t kind of first but unfortunately our species history would seem to indicate that it’s going to have to get worse before this like incredible like
gray light shootouts by necessity species that is constantly the first ninety percent of our history where in God’s crosshairs you know just survived an ice ages of bears were not something that you touch your kids into bed with at night and dogs were not something that fetch your slippers the alphabet yet for lunch with them and half the time being and we have achieved in the face of that most recent chapter where are speeches of going through the explosion that covered the Earth was choking it’s affecting it we are we have gotten to the point absolutely capable of turning everything around and only thing
standing in the way at this point is just this reluctance to do it how is it going to start who’s going to be the parts of an entire planet who’s going to who’s going to stand on the roads under the Bodhi Tree this time and just go out until she really that horrible example that’s not what it’s going to take these marketable xpac mentality where we start going back okay we’re going to do this thing and it’s like I don’t know whatever we’re very close but it’s a good thing is you have to it’s like it’s probably I imagine for you like when you’re writing there’s a there’s a technique you have to do where you at when you get to a certain point and whatever story you’re telling
we had to literally break your brain to think in the shoes of that character that person or whatever I think there’s a point where we just have to teach each other that technique how to break your brain and think differently even if it was momentarily because I think you you you expand that way you know like you you will grow that way and that’s all of us go through that when we go through puberty like you said like at this stage were in like 13 to 17 and pain even passed out I mean I’m technically three years old you know I learned words three years ago I learned writing 3 years ago and and walking through it you know three years ago so it’s like if you know I’m constantly learning new things I got is there sometimes people see something I tweet and I like that was kind of passive aggressive and like I just learned what that was
so as you know I am constantly reconfiguring my brain because I have to and I feel like that’s what we should pass on it to other people as days to get them do that because it’s not a permanent thing out there crack it like an egg and it’s done you know you could put it back together and it sounds like a transformer in a in a
little bit before this planet becomes the first Transformer movie and killed off Optimus Prime and tries to replace it with Rodimus Prime a boy all right thank you secret coming by always happy to hear from you
all right
I don’t know Jeff what’s up what’s on what’s on the list I mean 100% commit to D&D 100% character immersion I’ve been listening to and it’s not a Farrell audio podcast but you got a tip your hat to the to the enemies sometimes for those of you who are constantly tweeting and things about your your dissatisfaction is D&D purists about the level of D&D craftsmanship going out of the stage for a couple people giving her a couple people who desire to bring into the into the mainstream hear that they are then they’ll end feel betrayed a little bit I think by are sloppy drunk and bad D&D playing and you better believe we can do better
are you wish you were listening to it to two hours I will say I’ve just started listening to Brian put stainz Nerd Poker podcast which is not in front of a live audience is literally just it’s just raining and I’m going to patch and other friends of playing D&D for like an hour and a half in the comfort of their own home and they’ve been playing for they were friends instead of playing 20 years ago and they’re playing very very immersed DND doing doing doing great at it I have a good day for what we do here
Spencer what what what’s up you guys become overly Amorous DND I become very like like intensely involved and I love it yeah we play Pathfinder on Saturdays now it was a private friendly group went five DND yeah I don’t have that core rulebook Arleta DMV book on that one as I’ve never taken me that receipt home so when I see my character sheet at the end of every moment I looking at stuff for the first time every week I don’t know what I don’t know what happened my spells are ordered you know magical weapons do so like and I can’t look them up so maybe it’s time for me to buy email me and I can look at it and I will come you’re more prepared and ready to rumble yeah that’s fine we could do that remember the
and Jeff doesn’t want to do Spencer for Halloween is because when we went got mentioned Spencer reacted unenthusiastic leg which is a great barometer to use for all decisions go for it
or should I just kill myself
best to use your own Compass he’s a great guy but I think it’s fine if everyone did it but I think the negative side of my head was kind of the same stuff is most popular for Halloween a fine line between that and everyone going with
we all are going to get anxious about that and I would never a dull ache like volunteer myself to be the center of attention and come what may I take the good with the bad other people or Spencer likes coming up here but he didn’t sign up for being crucified publicly but I’ll get all that but I think I don’t think people with beards from the Hollywood toy store is going to like Drive anyone to Suicide or for me because I do it right and I think it’d be hard to pull off a proper Spencer because beards and wigs art are usually shatila she spends billions of dollars on them caricature which is doesn’t do anybody any justice this is just an e
took it to my hair stylist that down put it on and cut it and found it to make my idea about the full immersion nor was it my suggestion that we all do it or anything I was just making a New Year’s resolution if you will that I’m going to try it at least for tonight like I want to really try to be immersed in my character is you know it’s an all-or-nothing deal like I’m leaving the house if I do I do I really need to wear this to to the bathroom to the heir to the gas station like like I have to go otherwise if you don’t wear it all the time and it’s not
I want to write down to go to bed you take a shower the little more hesitant the last time I haven’t been beating like crazy but you do remember the morning it’s by the bed by your keys in your phone you put it on and you say okay if this is it it was like the size of like a fortune cookie in it but I lost that one
but again these are cheap that’s that’s not you know I think you’re a better person
where where is
this guy fell in the audience who sang I saw you last night you and I promised Aaron in the greenroom I wouldn’t throw her to this pack of hungry people look like like this if I took it off before I went to UCB because I thought she saw me wearing it getting ready to go to the UCB and buy her shoot I’m trying as hard as I can to be fair to her she was being protective of me and she was just flashing back to being the nerd that she was at Mike’s trying to protect me but I am a person that will leave the house with like my pants tucked into my socks without knowing it like I’m with I’d like a cat on my head like she often needs to save me from the public and she looked at the thing around my neck and she said you’re going to take me to wear that to the whole day going to wear that out so as you see me and everything off and it was like and then but it was
I put it in my pocket and then it fell out to her alright
that’s how you keep talking to my new friend Sandy and Amanda who I met today they are there because you were drinking with of the dryer but you live in Cincinnati and I he’s moved for a job forgot Google into a into New York and we were talking Tyler was there and we were talking and Sandy comes over and I recognize your voice to podcast I will you listen to all harmontown since 3 weeks for 2 weeks he was there
tattoos on guys with Dodger jerseys on the prison tattoos kissing a kiss one guy to describe it to you quickly he looks like a cholo get out like I let you know that we got a good kill you and kisses kind of pissing me off
I wasn’t bragging when I came back and I didn’t know if it was Tyler or afternoon
the First Amendment doesn’t happen in New York 1586 promote Airline no more Andi I cannot bring him here with two other guys are ones where I could just bring a patriot we’re not going west
what do we make good friends with a mystical magical place job what the hell is like Jeff and I are going to get married and I got to accept the fact that we’re going to California and I’m not attractive
what is black soot in 2020 had just happened to have in that suit of him and Dino Seventeen years old I mean not because of anything except we’re all doing pretty well then he was instantly 45 and you’re going to have to take my eternal Greek 45 North
I’ve invited people to make requests and stuff cuz it’s a place for people to congregate and rehash the show and and have long the tri Alex Goes totally justified reaction social Consciousness unfolding upstairs. I don’t know what it would hurt you know he’s like Puck Midsummer Night’s Dream do you want do you want to go you don’t get to ask. Or answer it that’s today that’s why he’s located and you just choose you to touch the Tesseract in place of a deeply immersed D&D
supposed to shake things up good night
play a new song for the D&D opener did you lose the old DND music I just wondered if it was me I would never throw you under the bus accept that Sandy
we all know that you said your friend I went to the tattoo shows that I used to be last night I saw the first and if you did walk out with that I would have been a little like it’s like high school I think that’s what I know about writers that’s why I didn’t want ya
walk out with a notepad around my neck the artist only did one sculpture is too, I’m sorry sorry I’m searching for a Japanese face yeah he’s great
talking to Chris de Burgh and you know that we have that we have to puzzle over whether we continue the Tyler meritocracy or whether we bring up special people I left how are but I’ll leave it to you
we met your friend Sandy and but but he’s here as part of a couple is woman to be sitting there bummed out torn from her lover
I don’t know are you imagining me backstage who is the guy in the wheelchair wheelchair and some big arm crutch is that you briefly what would happen. How’d you get it
so this isn’t a racial after that we’ll reach 11 years ago some doctors think it’s the lightest looks like an autoimmune disease but I’ve had that take since I was the kid and there was like kind of a gradual thing so we don’t really know I want you to picture yourself like a one-time thing like I’ve been doing it since I was a kid bit but at the time I had my injury I was doing it you know 10 to 15 times in a row of a lot more violent
medication for it and haven’t had anything in your pictures wearing a shirt with a specific how do I talk to katsur
relates to meet look at that
making my girlfriend jealous he’s kind of hot in the crowd to show everybody like a good-looking gentleman
I don’t know what that is
I’m so excited about all the time so I got back with nothing from Glee all the time then you’re losing her right now
garden center of the Earth
Washington just said I should have watched through less movies were there
I thought I was like I love pizza I love Ryan Gosling
what am I and what’s the world what’s the big deal is a Harman chestnuts such a wonderful day
help me out
Jeff Jarrett at on my eye Harman pad so that I can compete with the cat man over here
I’m going to Chapman Andrews
I mean
watching Ryan Gosling ride a motorcycle down a country highways it’s supposed to be hard as Steel
do we have an agreement
it was annoying cuz I got it and people tell me that that big brother show is where I never seen that before so
you guys are injury 11 years ago and in 2011 precious most of the time to get around in a wheelchair to get the best seat in the house Brown door with our space was in here so plan accordingly brought both
how do you say satyr in a bit. Dancing right next to the cell
are you able to drive I drive with the driver can control its kind like a boat so I have a thing in the middle of my car and you pull up the gas and push the brake you’re getting sexier and sexier.
can I have a car that’s all Miami Vice soundtrack.
There’s a show called Stingray
cheats for somebody slap what’s going on
hey I see you have a library card what do you not use there was studying for a test I need to take my teacher
women’s studies

Elementary School
getting her how about if I go over the corner and create community
prescription perspective here
another man another chance that can’t mean that I’m doing well it says ABC on your first-time visitor but longtime listener are you actually I was looking at the just looking around for comedy spots in Texas have you heard played role playing games
William Urban the threesome
wait where where two-thirds of the people are willing to know how it’s probably not that hard let’s do it let’s have a Andrew play Christina Perri
let it go for it I know nothing about Christopher so you can get your good at like you know is like stealing stuff and can you have your list of weapons everyone
also in this is such a weird heart Chris de Burgh parents are you’re always commenting on how my character is really beautiful Tyler.
Wow that’s in Marshall is there is a guy
mine producer to buy vodka not being very well yeah you’re fine but it’s basically it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s storytelling he’s telling a story and we’re all participants in it and it’s sort of like if we’re in combat will all take turns and he’ll ask you what you’re doing and
don’t listen to her Andrew LOL
all right what what is what is the Nerdist yellow sticky and then just ignore all
pecan tree
can you continue to say that we had pizza and bad that’s fine I don’t eat more than
pictures of Topeka Kansas showing
Jeffy puppet
Ryan Gosling traveling down the road I just got bit by now I want to be with him
Felix feel it feeling it just laid low a mighty snowflake deep within the dungeons of wounds and descending stairs they entered a large room with giant buttons on the walls and a giant porcupine on the floor they began fighting they still are all right that’s all that happened
announcing what are hit points are at the at the beginning of each session cuz I know I was track yeah I don’t know if I’m still up here when I play privately I’m able to keep track of yeah I don’t know where I am I don’t know how close I am
but my character sheet with a pen for a dirt bike on Grand Theft Auto that’s what I got out of hand. You’re my favorite guy I I’ve seen it but you’re all my children in the collection of it was pissing me off
what is throw you in
total immersion in your character
no tangent
to say how are you feeling Christopher is still in a fight with a giant find monster I’m feeling like we should still continue to kick the porcupine monsters ass and move forward what’s going on I take out my my flaming sword attack the straight out of his neck attacking straight as his neck with your flaming sword strike connects with his next the burning sword cuts into his flesh and goes about a foot-and-a-half deep it’s every spring
Dil e 17
you see blood kind of 4 out of his throne a falls down on the floor 10
sorry are we going after the porcupines related to The Big Orange door either side of this door you see three large round buttons there probably about 4 ft wide circular button on this wall there’s also comes a long copper pendulum hanging down there the door to reach the buttons at the hit it if you were to hit the pendulum you could hit the pendulum or you can hit the button like with the post with a pendulum swing and hit a button I mean it would probably go to high I guess not.
impressive, I mean I just want her to be happy
examine the buttons to see if they have any markings or ruins or anything if they’re not there any buttons
there’s six of us are six buttons or 6 but anybody in the crowd having a nice day or Sandy
you’ve got to push the button we have the app
Hyatt using my use my rope to tie it to my water skins and create a shield in front of the buttons so we can stand behind the water skin Federal Steel
I’m standing behind your Shield what is it
a picture of the living room for water skins does not make a Ford of force not a shield that doesn’t make a shield either I love you if you have rope I think why would you rip a sack to tie stuff with
straightening it out like like beef jerky Shield okay I’m sorry okay so you’re holding this out, trying to read their mind I feel like it’s a rather big holes around to see if you look up can you see what’s outside of the whole but we know what the whole thing was a black a black hole that you can find out what’s up there
I look at your Shield to go wow
you press the leftmost button and you hear a rumbling sound from overhead I saying sorry shouldn’t have had that whatever it we had surgery
there we go
yeah so you you look up to see lava pouring out of this hole in the ceiling
I understand you’re a songwriter you wrote the lady in red on the floor whoops I move away from it I see that I have a new tree Toca
where we getting me some of the older looking at that
I pressed I press the second left Mouse button okay so none of you want to like move out of the lava floor is lava as I can perfect you can try and let let’s climb that and see what’s up there all right so you used to feel it kind of gives like it down a little bit and I’m as it falls down a little bit you hear another rumbling sound coming from this whole metal plate yeah it sounds ominous
near the button can we get to the button safely without being in lava at this point you guys are on your between the lava and the button so like how fast it’s not moving towards the anymore because you moved out of the way in fact it’s starting to rain in the floor so I guess you guys moved out of the way okay so yeah that was climbing so the grating sound continues and then chunk chunk chunk like falling Boulders coming from above above this hole and you’re still dangling essentially a rope under the hole
another question I don’t know if this can help us here it says I’m an escape artist can we escape from here or does not work like that
I don’t know I don’t know if that disable device under skills yeah yeah try to disable the perception on the door and couldn’t figure out how to open it yeah I mean definitely disable the device then so you get off this pendulum I’m assuming so so you go over to the store we’re checking it out and just grinding continues in the giant giant block of ice crashes down a pendulum was from the hole in the ceiling
if you don’t find a way to unlock this door however I’m going to kill somebody and I’ve never been beneath it or what all I’m saying is that he pulled on this thing and then a giant cube of ice fell down
you will experience and I see rain
I press the third button if it comes out
during the show is from the hole in the ceiling
choo choo train
Call Saul white chocolate chicken chili
we’re going to die is there something we could tie and a hundred a hundred fifty foot rub too and then climb out or you can try and climb about that hole in the ceiling but you would need to do those not use the rope is one bud left three milk lemonade
I said I go push one of the other boards for the button for the button
yeah you just hear a bubbling sound and purple Miss pours into the room out of the ceiling hole in it
a little bummed out I mean it’s not as negative as it could have been a purple mist or we can stick in your eyes and when these are sure I’m putting all these buttons before he died
pendulum is here
I guess I would have been smarter than you think I’m from side-to-side you push the pendulum in it kind of goes a little bit before coming back to equilibrium and stopping but then the grinding noise starts and you see another chunk of ice fall through the ceiling is a big block you a licensed junk and moving climb that I said I got something to do with each other at what heat are covering the floor but the first button made lava come down yeah You Wish V button and a steady stream of fizzling brown fluid comes from the Hall of Fame
restaurants around the corner
yeah what’s his properties what does want to hear acted as if you want to smell you smell it and you smell $0.23
street value of Adderall like different different sense
Brown kissing liquid yeah yeah like friendly oh
I roll around oh I’m going in to put my finger in my taste it it tastes like the 23 flavors of dr. pepper
that’s right dr. pepper now comes in diet
wait a minute dr. pepper
talking to when you need to get out of life’s dungeon pepper
all right we have not been paying master
deals out of its corporate sponsorship now it just became a funny detour
I take off my shirts and by imagine that I’m a sexy construction at this girl is going to be refreshing dr. pepper I press with six button
sticky black tar pours out I jump on the pendulum grab grab the rope and then jump off and see if a nice black fall down nice block falls down on top of the other one is explained to her the time what am I thinking the first one hit off center in the top floor out of the hole the hole in the ceiling in about three feet higher than standing on top of one of the light how tall are LifeLock dice blocks are about seven feet tall anybody have any ideas or me
the isofloat oh yeah quick or four more. Louis can I fill the room with dr. pepper and Float On The Ice Cube’s up for the taste sensation of 23 natural natural flavors
and I push my back against it to push up Dr Pepper comes to fill the room with a delicious look refreshed you guys going towards the top ice cubes are floating things that happen to us
I mean that depends on which is flow Regular People sink I have 11 swim skill points or how can I talk and also if you know you know in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when we went in the can we not going to help there’s no fan of the time you guys fill up yes thumbs up to the top and you got a bunch of ice and I got this slippery floating floor and you think that you might be able to scramble up into the school that you guys are working towards
Grandpa me to scramble up out of the wall
ice cream flavors of helpful
Chad can’t look at you right now
but yeah so you get out of this area and you find yourself in a black hole there’s a four-door weeds up a staircase that goes our Aspire sort of thing is dr. pepper is but it really was pick me up her pick us up can you not look at him either I’m looking at everybody and I’m searching in their eyes for an ending to
so large after all his existence on his eyebrow feel like you can just make up shit yeah it’s whatever you want to do you can eat on is he a guy that I’ve never I’ve ever met this guy do I want to like do I want to see on his character but when he returns
can I take not give them any abilities though it is
can I give him mine lives
that is why not how about how about tickets are in like shaved analyze stripes and one of your eyebrows yeah I give him sex even though the name in his name. The cat’s fur magical power to make him into a cast but I’m done I’m out burn into the water skin pictures of cats t-shirt
Spencer have you been enjoying being my assistant I felt so bad about Friday I felt like I was doing a terrible terrible job but I love it I’m so thankful what do you mean whatever they want I don’t understand
on Saturday on Saturday we’re hangout Social restaurant that we like to go to get home before us and and texting me I’m sorry I don’t have my keys I said that out loud to Spencer and Dustin Jeff and his girlfriend to the house cuz we’re within walking distance to Spencer with his hands and I wasn’t wearing a belt I wasn’t wearing a bra
you want what we were watching for just hate you just took off to give him cuz curl up on My Grave
I guess this is what I have to do this happened never specifically told me I was off work
let’s create and even if we have to shoot has created DND Cliffhanger you’re looking at
I jump into the room you jump into the room
we’ll find out what happens as the aftermath of that
next time
thank everybody for coming to Hermantown thank you very much Andrew for joining us
take me to speak as always standing Amanda thank you for coming have a safe trip back home
call Berkshire Bank Villages and assisting
I’m Jeff Davis
goodnight I love you all


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