Episode: 70 – Gone Fishin’


Episode: 70 – Gone Fishin’


Mayor Harmon, now equipped with his trusty new invention, is joined by Johnny Pemberton to break down prank phone calls. Afterwards a visit from “The Tumor Lady” and then later on, the topic of fishing for compliments becomes a major issue for everyone on stage. Mostly Erin, who challenges Spencer in this nearly lost episode.


oh yeah
welcome ladies and gentleman once again to Hollywood California meltdown theater nerdmelt eater Meltdown Comics that is
once again harmontown is in session what’s your name
Julie and Julia tells a kind isn’t welcome to the stage the mayor of harmontown
Dan Harmon
to do I saw your ties dirt to my new application
it’ll be 20 minutes of the show
dance and for the homeless and has taken to her the last last couple days I believe Spencer InDesign correct I said Spencer I need to keep track of things very quickly like how quickly Beyond Steve definition
I call him jokes OK Google character stored permanently so I’m wearing a notepad around my neck with a pen on the string really a thing about this is that it has three components all of which can be replaced it’s like I’ve already forgotten many of them on my bed stand at Spencer’s than able to create a new one
what does it you have to have a black string around your neck it so it says black string around my neck or 4 x 6 looking spiral notebook and a pen a pen a pen with a with a pocket clip of the pen anchored on the strings so let me show you
you sure what’s your name Greg
now here’s the thing go take forever to put the pin back but Greg boom fucking your mouth to my notepad notepad around my neck what’s your name
dad had to take medicine Norma’s phone get away from 4chan and onto the notepad document at a certain point it’s like a fuck who’s Greg who cares
Humanity the I Harmon around my neck Spencer Crittenden created this
die Hardman notes just noticed this is a big deal
another round of them around comes around them now I want to explain something super cool about this is that like Spencer and I talked about this and he said yeah but it won’t be like if the string goes through the job then you won’t be able to and I said look the same
I am prepared to change my way of thinking about what constitutes the bottom and top of a notepad
that’s the genius that’s me being Steve Jobs
play this is Bethel
all you have to do is think different the top now
fucking amazing and also if it’s like if you choose to if my name happen to be on the cover you know my name Malcolm X boat I just in case we’re going on a movement here earlier I preferred to Daniel that he should get a bigger note I just dropped when I had mine Spencer doesn’t he’s a strange child,
he did I think you went and cut a real notebook into different shapes I don’t know
dispensers at like like if you get a ride from Spencer hell have I like Spencer has like they’re like he has like a thing in his that’s like made out of binder clips that’ll hold his iPhone but it’s like you know he’s like a Lifehacker he’s a Lifehacker okay don’t worry about it
have you got any Chestnut Chestnut drafter weird right why do they have such long next
I have this nerd inhale that I do
that’s your daughter mean right leg over here I don’t I don’t know what I’m doing it looks like it’s with a weird thing to have to listen to I don’t want to do it anymore okay.
okay a lot of us don’t know how to do that say it was a what Adam that’s a good, yes thank you Adam
next next item on the agenda
that was so much easier than we tell me I didn’t tell me I did a good job at something that is a lovely notepad hanging around your midsection see what I did there I told him he was a piece of shit I told him isn’t what he’s talking about we all have that we want to be humble and it’s for a good reason to go back to the chestnut so I remember is there any concern that you wearing a big
yeah yeah yeah yeah
and I an argument to be made that I am thank you
that’s how I work at.
Are you are you are you always been bad at taking compliments I’ve learned that told me they said when you do that you tell people that they’re full of shit if somebody says I like I like I like I like what you did I like what you do I like your jacket I like your hair are you look real that you lost weight you tell them you automatically go I don’t know which you’re just saying cuz I’m you don’t know what you’re talkin about your eyeballs are idiots you’re an idiot. In your brain is dumb you don’t know what you’re talkin about the cracks it’s the it’s the it’s not it’s the not of civilization chapter I’d like to try to figure it out what are you writing down
I make notes all the time okay all right good job
didn’t even the writing it down the road is down in my brain and paid you a compliment even if you disagree with that even if you think like it’s going to look nice today and you feel like you look like shit I’ve Had a Bad Day when somebody says something nice even if you think that they’re wrong you still say thank you you don’t have to do that do you have you know what you really really I really am
I love your hair and then you go thank you they’re never going to walk away and go he said thank you what a dick unless I start getting good at taking compliments cuz I feel like we all do that like with my friends that kind of coin is like this old things and was up playing like you say you’re stupid you’re wrong if you just say thank you that’s great but then once you get good at that people pay you sarcastic, but it was nice thank you
and here’s what I’d like to talk about this is the weird side fishing for compliments this is where people like me gets thrown for a loop many times people come up to you and and self-deprecate
as an entree to a conversation people come up to you and they say
make sure so stupid I shut down at that point I know and I and I watch everyone around to go your strengths are amazing and I watch the society rides around me cuz I said shut down I never had an opinion about your shirt but I do know that you’re trying to get me to say something about your shirt and I can’t do it I won’t do it because in my world if I tell you your shirt is noteworthy it’s fucking not worth it like my my current said Dan Harmon said have a nice day to me I should have a nice day
Dan Harmon told me to barf it out yourself,
take yourself to thank yourself talking to this microphone I don’t I don’t even know what I’m doing
mosquito proboscis into they want something from you I can’t do it all the time and I think I think good people just just like they responded appropriately and then someone goes like that and then they make friends and I don’t know how to do that that’s where I shut down go to do it I don’t talk to you I’m not worthy of talking to you.
I don’t know that you’re worthy of talking to me
by saying the opposite thing fuck you
how should people approach you then on all fours
with with a tray of whatever they are offering me on the back of their neck
I don’t know I don’t know I swear to God I don’t know I don’t know I really don’t know I just I just know when I’m being baited and I don’t respond to it what what does Aaron mean
navigate me to the page
I apologize
so when you said you don’t know when you’re being baited you or you know you don’t like that’s because of those times when people have been trying to get something from you you you are not able to distinguish between people actually embarrassed to talk to you because I don’t feel like I’m good enough to talk to you but I admire you you automatically think that they’re the same person relationship
sometimes when I when I am actually saying I feel unattractive I feel whatever your immediate reaction is
I just telling you like I just feel bad that you’re a witch which is why there is a new pad that’s all their pants look good I want you to think about my pants and then all right. Gloria pants are important to her and I’ll write it down
anything my son I say this out of love but not everyone is fishing and I think that like it’s it’s important to read to these pants whatever
do I look fat in the shirt I feel like I look fat and everything you don’t like sad I feel like I did a bad job or are you feeling you romanticize are Asperger’s take it to the place of not being able to distinguish between the two figures
I should be back
Farrell audio
I don’t know baby you did them too bad you did great but I do miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes do the themes relate to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like ever you’re always in good hands
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Fulton and Roark time to get your stink on off get your bad stink up and get your good think on Fulton and Roark not by men different Corporation by Fulton and Roark making any money where it’s not worth it ain’t me I just want to bring up my good friend Johnny Pemberton
yeah yeah yeah yeah anywhere anything you want to do either Mike both of them so you can experiment with audio and you’re a little kid your little baby kid. I chew on like weird little toys and they’re not supposed to make the make a cool sound amplifying right after the Duty 7 and then I buy something on Amazon and that’s how it works it’s basically a friend except that I heard that
this is like proliferated I can’t believe it it’s like still things but I have and I was like oh you reminded me of this thing episode you were describing this brief experience that you had where you win as a young actor going in or an old actor who knows maybe have some Progeria I don’t know where is the normal amount of like weird hierarchy odd fascistic casting like culture and you just bothered to do what any normal human being would do under normal circumstances must go go fuck yourself to somebody who is acting weird. And it was like they can go listen to the story about it I don’t know I was stricken with that I never perceived you as a revolutionary
I’ve done some bad stuff you can fix I don’t know if I have true politics but I kind of wave or around like I’ll sympathize with okay to drink every once in a while every once in awhile for the underdog in all situations
call cuz I’m always having to have an underdog so if there’s someone beating up a guy a hard time I’ll be there. How can I get the free ride for too long
we’re the poor bastards ever mispronounces their name like they can’t get like a generalized the spelling it’s like Kadafi are you just too bad I feel bad for them kind of their crazy talk word for people to sell themselves but you know people tuning in to your podcast what are they what are they what are they looking for a communication a lot of a prank phone calls the significant amount of prank phone calls prank phone calls and we’re just like phone calls that I make a guy working at just am just working at it yet I work at that I work at Halliburton this place that sells those things called
binoculars that are glasses Zumiez this is a recent calls pretty great political is my phone is meizu me zumies are Goggles goggles that you can wear there like you can wear his hands-free so you can like look at that I’ll look at it creeps.
play just just just High Vision voice voice of goggles
hello tzumi hi how’s it going there can I help you customer service department
yeah I’m really into these little things that you got going on I was just wondering can I wear them when I drive okay for them other than just looking at things while you’re sitting in a chair okay
okay well I don’t have any chairs I don’t know what is that exactly I think it’s I don’t have any
well Hey listen I just figured I was just trying to go about my supervisor what’s the meaning of this
put him on speakerphone let me hear that okay that’s great I love quality assurance insurance
remember everybody gather around the phone now I have my son call you for a minute cuz he was trying to figure out get something to eat for birthday but now you do, Commander
okay well I’m going to vacation this year and to take a shower
do you know okay thank you
today’s prank phone calls and there’s guest and yeah do you like me you like I want to go to that Moon and I wanted to create a society whether it was there no one’s in charge when did Ayn Rand it
the like kind of the heroine of the libertarian party has become the very thing they wanted to stop having half a rich white guy is a group of his dad’s driven trailer park like me like you strap her is like that’s that’s part of the problem you become a Libertarian because that’s the way you cope with with wealth to do it you got to like walls of the system works for me Teddy Roosevelt the system work for me the creators of South Park Rose up through the thing so it must work for everybody so anybody complaining is as guilty as anybody oppressing the people complaining
world to be run by Ford Motors at GE and stuff like that which is kind of already is Liberty ball the reason magazine in that he was doing something. I was at the convention in Vegas there was a big libertarian convention and my big problem just from looking at is like a note on your movements like if you’re going to try to like make this an actual movement because of the bunch of white tea bags walking around the same pants in the same shirt with the same cufflinks and talking about how the money is the world’s greatest human biology taking an organism and before you know that you’re not relying on like change the species
it’s fantastic but it’s not something you should base like to side on the sidewalk because there’s absolutely nothing to profit you in stepping over him that is so obviously we have a system that right or wrong good or bad whatever your definition is all we know for sure is that there’s some dudes on the sidewalk that is not working for because I love the sidewalk loves but even still doesn’t work cuz there’s a Sidewinder the guy that it’s is a sidewalk outside of donut shop in the guys.
so much bring the value of the donuts down
capitalism is an engine that it’s not that the chassis is not the actual it’s not the tires you know that’s how you could make spaghetti
it’s incredibly ingenious because it capitalism simply is an agreement we all make everyday we wake up and decide that we let’s all go sell our practical activity and what we get back is like less than what our actual activity is worth so if we go out and make car is up for 8 hours a day if we don’t get paid in the amount of cars that we made while because that wouldn’t make any money for the for the cat the way I’m going to be a lot less than what the car is worth and that three part of our labor which is almost all of it that’s what makes that that capitalism was all just agreed we agree every morning we get up let’s all just goes to cell activity of my most of our day and we only do you have to have a real job you only got a couple hours every day to do anything that you want to do if you if you have it now but you have a couple hours to to to spend with your family or make a model airplane
average until the story on Duncan Trussell podcast Johnny Pemberton goes in for an addition there is this whole existing system that were treating everyone like crap down to the bottom fucking tiny office with somebody that knows nothing about nothing about anything under a bridge being actors like shit there’s nothing until a listing in Iowa and you’re going to fuck you you act so bad we’re telling you this is the equivalent of welding so I can thing and every every town has its industry there’s a lot of people like I really like suffering out here so Johnny walks into a tells the story of the podcast you walked in and he starts talking to the lady talking to another guy they’re talking talking he sees another guy they’re talking and he hears something and she’s got there’s no talking in here I thought that
we were talking to it was okay to talk in here and then the other guy goes to Casting and
is Krypton a crowd and saying fuck you and walking away from a telemarketer capitalism could work if the people calling you like cold calling you to go if they bothered to go fuck you there’s a limit there’s a limit to my Humanity anyways when I say that
okay to be a little bit libertarian isn’t it I think I have a billion dollars in your libertarianism probably like I don’t I don’t I think it would Yer like in the stratosphere as a Libertarian you should probably realize like you know like Rule and stuff like that but they stopped. I do like they worship money they worship the they worship capitalism and so they made they talk is kind of high and mighty idealism about like we should always be look like
Liberty man everybody what to do and this necessitate unemployment there has to be unemployed people there has to be famine there has to be a conflict all times to keep process it has to be we have to let more food rot everyday that is needed to feed everybody every day to keep fucking grand prize at the same place that’s Insanity that’s a bet that’s a chaotic chaotic idea and so fuck libertarian is what I’m trying to say
book socks
dad do I thought you were I thought you were to be under.
Would you rather fuk Iron Man’s corpse or be a member of al-Qaeda
turn on audio.
What are we going to do
thank God
okay brother I feel like
feeling every time I see Johnny Pemberton he is a decrease in age by 3 years
you look you look at his hair short or he looks to be about 15 he was a Channel 101 kid like a million years ago looks like Michael Caine
but now it’s a million years later the second Michael Cera looks like a Loch Ness Monster
hemorrhages got the fucking lockdown on the adorable little baby face
call Johnny Pemberton what can we say that I wouldn’t leave it at that there was a well our next guest
is Michael Cera
the Loch Ness monster Nobody Knows the Loch Ness monster look like
terrible analogy
people people grow old and they die
we’re going to go to mess around the problems that need to be discussed the subreddit Jeff was abuzz about Lisette
someone down and I will I will immediately say like I Luke has a lot of that if you go to the subreddit online like a lot of the set of it is like why didn’t do something and I’ll tell you why I was bored with the topic of like what was going on and I wanted to play the dragons put more over like I was like how do you how do you resolve something like this I think what happened is it LA and like she said something that was like technically not appropriate to voice text that’s not true what you’re saying isn’t true it’s an outdated just got too much momentum you used it up and identified yourself and you said you spoke very eloquently as an individual as an individual would you said like ok
straight people constantly in a girl with in a gay relationship if it’s probably enough time has passed to put put a hold that that the puppy of that misconception space into its own urine
I mean there was a kind of a thing happened last week that was that I don’t think it ever happened it happened so suddenly to go because they wanted her to stop talking I think differently they were going to let it go
Let It Go
have to talk about it later.
So what was the thing that you were going to say was anecdotal things about how you use what would I say what you were going to say
which part of the audience started going to let it go let it go stop talking we hate you stop talking point I wanted to get across was regardless of where you come from nothing you know what’s funny about things cuz I actually did work at a wedding shop and I I saw some people or a little bit more about weddings as far as some people are just like they like one person do more work than the other regardless of gender
that’s what I wanted to say it was an early baby for me but things bother me at all I’m not the kind of person I want I want to say this like I secretly clearly cuz I listen to the thing and I listen to the podcast when I’m driving to work and I’m listening to it and I’m like everybody that talks into a microphone like can look listen to it afterwards and shit I wish I could have taken like that Peter Parker like 45 minutes of like bullet time to think exactly about what to say we all embarrass ourselves with a glue but but I think that you
thank you thank you look up
stay to the planet at that moment was we have gone so far with like it’s okay to be black it’s okay to be gay it’s okay to be in a wheelchair it’s okay to have one arm it so get him three arms it’s okay to purple hair it’s okay to have six eyes it’s okay we are trying as hard as we can to keep each other from keeping each other down it’s okay to wear no folk around here
the only thing that we are going to come a point where it’s okay to be ignorant where it’s okay to be shity
we don’t if we don’t make that bridge when we ain’t got no help man there’s a word for groups of people who know it’s okay to have six eyes
3.6 eyed people exist in a fucking ghetto of a six eyed people if they don’t look like with movement that we have that’s like all realize that our sexual preference are raised our height our hair color everything doesn’t matter we’re weird we’ve gotten to the point where we are storming the Bastille I like every time Bill Maher opens his mouth
all I all I hear is the fucking hammers cocking out of the red States is there a way to reach out to these people and hug them and like like is there a way to make ourselves attracted to people that are are bummed out that are apprehensive about becoming part of the Borg Cube

are we are we are we are we just going to shout it everybody that isn’t as open-minded as this is is that what we’re going to do are we just going to shout at people
no we shouldn’t when you run into someone on the street and they got like two what are you going to do to that guy are you going to hit him in the head with a brick
I would give him a hug or something and be like known it was that would give him a hug
how many people
are black people the six eyed people in ignorance
ever the same category of disability
I thought you gave black people the right to be okay about being crazy I don’t know what you’re talking about but I do know that every everything that we talked about we’re trying to move forward into a Roddenberry a universe where there is no such thing as hierarchy and the way were trying to accomplish it is we’re trying to use the tools that the old world used we are trying to March on Washington we are trying to show people that mob rule like works that. Those were the tools that they showed us our effective do that with the justification do you really think that we’re going to enter a world where there is so many transgendered 16 year olds that they finally vote in Congress pragmatic us to arrive at a point of Consciousness where we stop judging people for who they
nothing to do with with the street getting cleaned and the end the end the economy being balanced oh yeah you yeah I’m sure you’d love a handicap ramp at the YMCA and talk to me later
because a dollar ends up being worth more than some human being that you’re stepping over that’s it okay if I stay I don’t think don’t think they’re assholes really my whole life it wasn’t like it was what was for sale on stage but I think that’s that’s healthy to take part in a large group of people saying the same thing and you
if everybody is in a green with people going along with that swept up in the commotion of the emotion of of a mop and it’s not okay but is it it wasn’t my I think they will move along I think I’ve ever done here. You don’t have the right to boo there are things that you could do on the stage you can absolutely alienating bum everybody out in this run those things that you could go too far and you could put people after they have the freedom of the right to say this fucking bullshit guy like that’s that’s that’s that’s totally fair and I think I think what happened with weird last week because all of a sudden as one that everyone just turned on you was at it was it was it was like it was a strange man bun all the sudden you were like persona non grata was not appropriate I should have revised my speech and say it’s a reflect
opinion in a way that was more diplomatic obviously and I’d like I said I never meant to offend anyone by myself and it would have been like what I meant to say was I thought I think I think it would have been something more like like this hero-worship this idea that we have to find the person that says the right things we have to lift them up like it just
feel better I have never said the right thing ever in my life and I probably never will so that only makes me human but I hope I hope I hope you feel my pain
what can trust and everybody
what’s that guy’s name Greg all right cuz I wrote it down
all right let’s bring Spencer up
the inventor of I Harmon or a chestnut so whatever you want to call it give a name for your invention Spencer if I were to like write in permanent marker on the cover I would write Harmon’s brain
Harmony yeah I just cuz that’s what it does when I wouldn’t you wouldn’t speaking of marketing I would want to point out that the eye Harman marks mach3 is equipped with paracord which can support the 330 lb so if someone’s life or maybe you know strangle for you got it yeah I don’t want to strangle option to that
and counter-intuitive to get my employer killed as requested because you can see for my handwriting at the bottom of page it says in this weird serial killer scroll I do what I want dog food and then at the bottom it says I do what I want you can barely read it
play something in the phone can’t store is this the manic energy at all times I mean there’s an offer I don’t think I don’t think those last I don’t think you would be affected by the I think that this is this is it saying it’s a passing Santa what’s his name
he was a heavy drinker Party Guy like I saw a documentary about head like he turned around like he was he was smart and he had a good time and then one day was like hanging out like I’ll see you later I’m going to smash that boy tumbled down some stairs and went to a doctor and they said you got you got a disease you’re you’re a balloon and you’re going to deflate and you’re in the clock’s tickin and he went I got to I got some shit to do that he was very young when he got that wake-up call and he obviously all of humanity has benefited from him doing that I’m up just a 40 year old to act like I can feel my brain has gotten to a point where I’m not thinking of you think is going to help anybody anymore I just going to like link like you don’t like the guy in the
25 year old what should I do I’m going to I’m going to yeah I’m going to go out like practical into a phone I do it I don’t know if that was practical don’t know yet
I’m going to find out I came to you with this idea this was your idea that you help me with this oh yeah
I mean I don’t know what else to say about it is you have one of these because I have I have a green Moleskine thing that I have so I have just don’t have around my neck
that was those literally this was kind of a superficial fashion-conscious guy and I was like you were Illustrated with your phone I’d say you know it’s kind of like a camera in that you know you’re taking device with you is always with you but I know it’s hard to have your phone out all the time but I see the phones the best if you use your phone that’s better hanging out with you hanging out with me
now you got a big booty. Looking for your thing it’s just a way to make less eye contact I’m looking up stuff that I was ready now but here you are terrible about being with other people
you’re at you’re terrible but being with me thank you
I hate
where do you get those notepads Jeff with a paper cutter
Joanne has any paper in a gift shop and I’ll buy you a pack then they’re good I just want to harmontown like quick guest spot okay we just do this real quick my neighbors
can I vote I must let you guys going to come up I’m going to do a quick hello
at 6:10
I think she was that you that you said disparaging things about the previous podcast we wait wait wait to their backyard party and then we came here and then yeah I talked to at the effort for harmontown aficionados that boots in is the person that referred to as the tumor lady
who had a like you took out your iPhone and you had an x-ray of your head like a profile of it and truly am I exaggerating it was the size of a Beyond a golf ball well my I had a brain tumor last year and I found out I had a brain tumor was at my swim laps at in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center and I had a seizure in the pool and I can remember it and it happened so quickly it almost feels like you’re passing out except I can remember that I felt like I like I didn’t have control of my limbs and and luckily I was a swimming on my back in the water and there was the Lifeguard exchange which is apparently the most dangerous time for lifeguard
you even see somebody drowning but apparently there’s a lifeguard at all the other lifeguards made fun of because he was the overly diligent one and he’s the one who happen to see me drowning flailing in the pool yes and it’s in the it’s in the competitive pool all the swimmers that swim there are very attentive to the swimmers little kitty pool or something like that and luckily they saw me and they jumped in and or one of the guys jumped in they were all there but one of them everybody else the other one hand and
basically push my head up out of the water and let me finish having my seizure Jesus yes and then about a water so I wouldn’t take it any water and they let me finish out of my seizure and then they pulled me to the end they had already called the ambulance and was rushed to Huntington Hospital which is about four minutes away and when I was there I was already come to an ambulance and I felt very lucky because you know how you always wait for somebody to take care of you when you’re in the ER I didn’t have it anyway today and the doctor walked in and he told me that it was my lucky day because I had the chief neurologist on call that day and that was him
I’m Doctor Kaden and I’m your and I’m the chief neurologist and I’m going to take care of it
I thought you were just completed your order at a guy that I didn’t know he’s doing a pun I thought like you more dramatic like it was like I think I did
the brain tumor was very big and right now I have a hole in my brain the size of a meatball and that’s the whole meatball that like from Mamma Mia
Google golf course that was and he took out basically about half of the tumor so half of it is it in there and he didn’t want to go any further you didn’t want to take any more out because he was didn’t want me to end up in a wheelchair or talking with him or is it you have to go back every morning he said he was going to take care of the rest of it with CyberKnife radiation treatment I know we’re like GI Joe bring out CyberKnife
what is a week later
I’m probably about a month later after I already had the surgery and stuff they took me and it’s a whole procedure where there’s like this big Star Wars gun that’s in this room and they remade a mask of your face and they basically screwed. You know I’m in the masks and Scooby to the table and the tables kind of moving like this and it’s Big Star Wars yeah yeah yeah we still have it it’s like a dog except they have some liquid on it and get to hold you in Play Store movie review
video clip on a human skull from the side and there is a larger than golf ball perfectly round here’s to the mine was I have a very rare kind mine was non-cancerous but you’re going to be and you might be fine and depending on what stage they catch it in but you can have one that’s non-cancerous and depending on where that brain tumor is if it’s right here by your brain still here you could be dead so it whether it’s cancerous or not cancerous if it doesn’t decide whether or not you going to live
are a rare type of range in the cavity is just fine and they said eventually that all the little veins and can help me do things that are capillaries will make connections again and like half my body was very weak I was in a walker I could walk for about a month without falling or perhaps having a seizure so I had to I was in a walker for about a month and then I might not walk again and all that stuff in the movies
dang I going to say
can you have a hole in your hand
have you ever used it to win arguments really be honest
when they said we’re going to the surgery what they do is they usually shave your hole had a but my mom and my sister were very worried about my hair doesn’t mean I can’t you just leave some of it is a strange thing to be worried about
she has such a nice man and it what my doctor was very considerate he just shaved me up here on top and then they enroll at back and I remember him telling me that he was going to do that and I said who do you have to put the metal plate in because he had cuz I might have to go in over and over again I told him to put my skull bag and then if you have to go in a second time and you’ll put the metal plate in how do you say okay I can do that
sociate with your doctor
High School
going through the airport and that beeper going off
I wondered if it would affect my hair but that would I would love that
I know it’s Saint Theresa Rose shoes at them one of the best things that has ever happened to me because I feel like I’ve had so many chips that have come from having a brain tumor and one of them is that I have clarity as to what’s important in life and what’s not and I also clearly neglected that’s that’s the thing I wanted to talk to you about because we had as I told you it’s we have sippy cup here is an aneurysm survival time bomb in his head as he talks about it like what is that look like a what what is what is it weather for Caballo life he said no spoilers he said give more than you take that’s not to take away for the
call saying give more than you take from life is there anything you can add to that sorry I don’t mean to
I felt lucky to be able to experience was that I got to see all the love and light coming my way and most people when they have their funeral or not they’re they’re actually seen from other people or from God or from so many from everybody family
I felt like I I remember thinking that you know I didn’t really feel bad for me I felt bad I was really really quite worried about my husband and my thirteen-year-old son and my parents and that moment when you start biking Zola not for me feel bad for all the people around me cuz I thought you had my meeting family and even all my friends because I knew there was some friends never cared very much for me and give the person
the and I got to see how everybody deals with their own mortality and some people were very open to try to rush there to help or wanted to be there for me some just kind of hold up in a room and those were very good friends I never heard a word from them and I knew why I wasn’t hearing from them they were scared to death I knew they were scared to death before I’m cool with it yeah send them. So you know I knew that I had to reach out to them because I knew a lot of them thought I was going to end up with a completely different personality and maybe have half of my wits gone so to speak and that would freak them out because it wouldn’t be the person they knew and so I knew I had to call
everybody and let them know that I was still me that the best you know the best they knew was still was still here did a lot of work for other people I was reaching out to other people and then I think and I also tell people that I walked into this one restaurant and I’m just going to tell the story because it’s it’s funny how
how everybody feels because I actually love happy mother pulled pork sandwiches a lot so I’m not going to mention all the time I mention it I walked in there and I have been in there before in the lady who I know she recognizes me and I had walked in there and with my Walker and of course I had a scarf around my head probably bloated because of all the medications that I was on I remember those
I walked in and I know she recognized me and cousin she’s see my husband before 2 and I could tell she was clearly uncomfortable and I asked her if I could use the restroom and I have done that before even one before I even had this happen to me and they were fine she was fine with me using the restroom before and behind the counter and can I use your restroom and I could tell she was freaked out by me and she says well it’s not she says it’s not open to the public and I said well are you on before I’d never had a problem with me using it and I said yeah and she said and she kind of just freaked out and then she says well okay but don’t touch anything
you asked to use that the regular ladies room at the restaurant or are you off
it was a rush that I know every time I had visited before then she didn’t have a problem with that she might catch what I had
all different ways that people deal with something as traumatic as this is your like a you know like seventies Norman Lear is an activist he’s going to make sure it finally black people and white people are going to like we’re going to use the sitcom to overcome this thing and then we’re living in this Maelstrom of stuff like the giant the giant elephant in the room is like three rolls of a room in a wheelchair and it’s like I have an instinctive reaction completely different from former that goes is it because she knew me as kind of a vital person beforehand and then all of a sudden I walk in and I’m in a walker
there was a photo of you in June. This woman is so vital
funny guy when you walked in with a rock my world is done
my problem is I told him what she had said Isabel will teach it we won’t go there again I said no we’re going to I love those
I mean there I bet I bet I bet if we had her up here afterwards she just she practically bent over backwards to to take my neighbors bath and jambres
thank you so much I will have him back again I want to talk to Jan about his dad we ran out of time but I want to have Dan back because Dan Dan’s dad was like this fucking I’ll have him explain it honestly was the original hippie before being a hippie was cool it was I don’t even know what about it was great because you went the term relating I was nice but I didn’t know
fisher cat
check it out Friday
I don’t know I went yet or whatever what do you want what do you mean I’d like to Regale you guys with a story that’s almost as interesting as a tumor
do you think you know how to take a compliment I mean I’ve learned since doing harmontown how to take a compliment I think I think you’re a wonderful person thanks man when your delivery is so so monotone it’s hard to say I get it always sounds like maybe I haven’t you got some you got some defense mechanisms about you say things out of deference and then and then your your your instinctive reaction is to go fuck you trying to like get a response out of me I just can’t and I just like no fuck off and like when I do something or say something funny
God what is that it’s spontaneity and it’s the spice of my brand of Comedy
yeah I agree with you yeah it’s like yeah exactly you were in a separate smart or pretty because so much of the time it’s like like I don’t like you I’d be that I’d be willing to let you know talk about how great you are there like going to outsmart you it was it there faster better than
I love you so much thank you for taking the time to be late again today. They’re definitely try with other people with them
I don’t think so.
Good night.
You’ll grow into it
do you say nice things to people that you really mean like I can’t you hear you really you know you did a good job today good job and this is Meaningful it all the time era sites to see you fucking how many times a day or a week or month do do people come at you and fish for compliments I have frequent is 8 times a day really as often as it happens to you and have it all the time you call a conversation of everyone present to each other and everyone tells it to each other when you coming up to you and going like I said let’s just in private conversation down
table table table thank you for making the table, have a really good Carpenter is it it’s got four legs as crazy as you could educate jamming the varnish thank you very much and I don’t know exactly that does not happen to meet times a day and I just that’s not a real nobody has ever touched his awkward about the table I made people who are always look like that like a stupid but some people are just so you know I went to the store
yeah he has me all the time who they have to be constantly okay you just finished doing a show
I go into a little bit of you in the show and I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t I shouldn’t I shouldn’t be talking to you right now you probably shouldn’t
not the kind of crazy and people are weird to you if people would come at you at a party or after a show maybe or people come to you too for an affirmation that they don’t come to me for like the people want you to think they’re smart is it important that people are weird around you what they’re asking if I got really need Dan Harmon to tell me that I’m an intelligent smart person and Mike brought her friend he’s really creative people come to him and freak him out and buy my map but they want they need Rob to say you’re creative and for me it’s always like is cool like they they they they want style like like like coolness points do I have very different kind of people came at you and say I’m an idiot I don’t get that kind of thing
people who has a need you to say no you’re smart you’re this you have never in my life I’ve never honestly have never said in response to somebody saying like I’ve never gone like I I just have never been able to do it
I don’t know I don’t know if you’re an idiot I don’t know what you have the power to make people feel like an idiot like if I could thank you see you then
that way, that wasn’t a compliment
how dare you get out of bed today what’s your name often more like sitting brain
pranking your parents were right as right how dare you cry
what is do you have a fucking smile on my face
Tyler Tyler
did you get what you get and you want to even the score with that you perceive his balance you are very very Deft in the capable of making somebody feel like an absolute piece of shit like it like a selection Lee and you can do it with like what people look at my face and they think that I think that they’re stupid I don’t give a shit
that’s a crazy thing I just what do you mean
all right let’s go let’s go
Karen will you join us again
you okay baby sounds not right
I know we can’t we can’t cuz of them she says it says you’ll be able to go you dragged it out of me person on stage like a weird weird
I I don’t think I Dance ringtone
nobody leaves and what do you mean what do you mean what does that mean
are you being ostentatiously needy
Tommy ostentatiously media has never been happier a Blog
let me see what a black what were you if I’m guilty of anything it’s a boring episode figure dishonest but maybe you’re keeping your honesty private I don’t know what it what are you talking about what do you mean I’m sorry for compliments the most by being self-deprecating is Spencer nope don’t get me wrong
it’s fine whatever I’m so sorry would I like the worst
which is why you’re five years old if you and I were literally talking about it on the way here alright alright
because we both love literally said how much we love Spencer and how it is not saying everything that you talked about in the car on the way to the show
but okay I was just hopin Spencer I mentioned that yes you just left a lot of times I feel like I’ve gone better but you know in the world that’s not even a subjective did Spencer Spencer just deflect so many compliments and that’s it that’s all that’s necessary fishing for a compliment in the same way and most contacts yeah
someone is being antagonistic anniversary by himself if he was told to your right as sort of it than there are people who are in love her maybe have a lot of things about themselves that they don’t like and we’ll say they don’t like certain things about themselves which is like a natural do I look fat in these jeans being the classic classic being a very bad dog out at people
deserve it
works for Dad we both talked to him constantly constantly
no I’m just I will text you more anyway it’s totally fine it’s like you are you are constantly putting yourself down cuz it’s not even if it’s not when there’s a compliment it’s
yesterday pretty bookbag
podcast listeners would know
I regret this entire thing I’m just saying I love you Spencer The Loving Me part
I Spencer I love you
you got a funny way of showing a car ride lady
I’m so sorry we’re really uncomfortable dungeon dragons
what’s the sensor if you would
last time town
that’s what I always wanted I don’t know why you’re so uncomfortable Canyon toward the black keep the Fortress of Admiral Darkstar and as they marched up the icy slope and climbed out of the canyon they saw that their skeletons hidden vanished before them was a mighty Army of Darkness in as our heroes charge forward that they’re closed they plunged through a trap floor or a trapdoor in the floor sliding down into an icy dungeon separated by walls of ice and facing down melted through the treasure
which has more range whisper bow and that she whispered to said bow and began to Glow firing off two arrows destroying the snowflake with massive damage that sounds like that should whatever thanks a lot Aaron
you’re broke
staircase ahead by Chris de Burgh and mo’reen were bleeding heavily from their Jagged wounds from the snowflake they encountered earlier
what would you do

games for free
until such time as he does something wrong I would like to invite Tyler up to play Christopher Tyler
how does miles is appropriate reaction when I get to say bye to your good at the end I’m sorry I wanted to say I’m sorry I know you were you were saying that the subway was doing that so I apologize
I don’t know and I don’t really feel this is a big issue in my life.
I got a shape about this stuff like that was once in awhile
the rest of us have a problem with that is okay with you something I got to do in that moment you for real cuz I’m dressed this way right I guess I’m under address and I’ll go
it’s either you going to Anna a perceived crowd of people who are cooler x / more Poplar whatever then you and you just kind of have to go in and see him like that they know that I am dad so I kind of know anything so kind of put myself on their level it’s not even a thing that I sort of consciously do it just in conversation it happens yeah I think I think people do you like you know if you’re if you’re a fan of us a comedy podcast me to meet somebody is it six or people that they don’t know Spencer for a minute from now you’re giving me a mild notoriety from this weird I think I should do natural humans a tactic to be disarming it’s sort of like I’m not coming at you like a cow mazing I am awesome Uncle Mike whatever I’m human right by you so much and if that’s a real problem for you like I did in my life
it is and then you’re going to do a carpeted area and there’s like a little less like a little thing in a conversation I just can’t my rolly chair can’t I want real passed out on the stupid idiot I guess you think I’m a stupid idiot that’s not that’s not a fun conversation to be until it because people look up to you but I thought I was going to be today
it doesn’t matter if you think you’re fat or thin or whatever just like this sandbag drops on you and you that you don’t have a friendly like it may be kind of more of an payment for you but I guess it’s just something that I don’t know whether it’s being an LA and just sort of these people a disarming way to get into a conversation sometimes it’s a conversation starter for them.
Sort out when somebody trying to get something from you and then somebody was just expressing how they feel about themselves yes
thanks for coming to harmontown Colerain take for bleeding damage from caches in their stomach
we’re walking up the staircase right now and how do you do that I don’t think that exists you tried
I have no healing powers does anyone know healing first aid feeling Powers I’m able to kill myself oh shoot I forgot Dice and forget I’m there right here but I forgot to get them out
I hope there’s no mistaking how much I love Spencer
I always on the package you could see that little that little smile not being totally honest right now
come over my place today and spent four hours to shit Talking Spencer
I mean you tried to make out with me which is what it what is that about
what’s the point of having a special summer party I can’t make my boobs maybe should stop the bleeding
I can help me out I’m in a bad situation here I try to heal him you also do that all right let’s make something happen out of this all right so I didn’t even get a chance to hear what it was what you planned on being kicked or you feel your foot stick to the door your leg is it freezing
what can what is I use my flaming I unfreeze him three ice damage before flying out the door and aggressive mood is there a lateral there’s handles
but you don’t want to touch it probably could go get ice damage I mean who knows man can I use my power over ice and snow not over a door made of ice you have no power over like weather snow but not like if there was an ice cube you couldn’t be like hey fucker do something I just realized I think I always say who knows man would someone ask me a question that they’re right about
Let It Go
go yeah yeah guys I was fully for my perfect skin and hair
it off I strike the doors my flaming sword my sort of the door
valid question that you can see the kick all of them are really slippery floor fish for compliments I’m not fishing I’m at I didn’t say I’m terrible talk to me and I said the gay people are fine okay
what are the what are the describe this was describing on the far side of the room you can see a massive purple beast but looking like a massive porcupine with green orange and purple spines on its back and glowing green eyes it’s standing in front of a long copper pendulum sort of thing that hangs down from a hole in the ceiling and before he says anything I just want you to know that is a great copper pendulum
I don’t know if it’s yours
you said it’s a porcupine porcupine just like he’s not kind of sending you just giving you a hard time saying I’m I’m I’m going to be real here I’m not saying I’m not going and maybe you shouldn’t do this run up and talk to them they are being bad moods they are have had the worst days I want that too but that seems like self-destructive Behavior I walk out of the Hudson of the First Act of Oats
don’t drop your papers and I feel ashamed because when I sit down the hair out what temperature is it in the world
sing Love Camp blue Mariah Christopher and Maureen get hit by flying spot in my eye
damn Chris de Burgh taking 5 damage and more and takes one
sorry hey
China health
fucking nobody likes anybody on the wall behind the porky demon you see a large orange colored door and on either side of the door three large stone slabs each standing out of the wall like they’re you know hanging out they just passed the wall
waiting on your on the other side of the room
I’m so I’m so confused what’s going on right now describe a whole room 41 style the room with door behind them
because it has a porcupine sorry my new Mighty sore that I just found your a Power Attack misses you Google a lot more wild and less accurate and that’s what happens rat and a little defensive what oh my gosh
family therapy together Chris de Burgh I would like to use my Amulet of autumn to go invisible and see if I can maybe find a weak point on this giant Point does it say how many times you can go twice a day okay little head forever spikes
okay we haven’t said you can use for a weakness know I’m kidding okay let me see if I can Okay so this stupid ribbon on it so I’m just going to take him in the face out of stealth all right that happens and you stabbed him in the face awesome dealing 16 damage did you have the 123 damage 23
nice good job putting it up with your brains out really quickly do an impression of Spencer after you finish making love to a woman
that happens
can I do an impression of that
will I see you again and you go to Noah’s man
I’ll tell so you got a new bowl last week which two it is crazy I just figured I’d mention it
I’m doing a bad bit and I don’t need it I think you’re doing a really good job I appreciate how much you care about the show very good job really appreciates how much you how thoughtful you are
I think it would be a number of people that we want to do that too too many layers here
the shooting I mean how to use that you have to whisper when you’re using it to it I guess yeah
is Elvis Scott
you noticed that the bo doesn’t glow like it did that one time David Lee Roth
I texted you definitely spoken okay
Superman you want to do anything else
how about one Arrow dealing it got an 18 plus is 25 which people that think I’m cheating no one thinks I’m cheating I was like anyway
Spencer actually people who reach out to you and her like I don’t think he’s eating from the end result which is could be done organically
can I just go to the record as I think all of you suck right now that I got to take that you’ll get no compliments out of me right now I think they agree with your fucking doing it wrong
call Eduardo pinheiro
Terra vissy no well thought of hurting my balls or the teeth really so do you want me to go on your turn turn all right I can type out what is happening okay
scorching Ray
a bunch of weenies
hey do you want me to do any final deal 17 dammit
way to go try to be good neighbors are real glad they came to the show tonight
I don’t know about that I don’t know our party boring
Strip District
she survived the tournament you have to deal with
then she comes out.
30 feet of rope
she’s like I have a fucking that I know
didn’t take out the part that makes me know what’s exciting I don’t think it’s boring Dan thank you Tyler
I’m sorry I fish for that
you’re fucking you’re traveling with a big net on that right now
you cut 18 million tuned in a boot and tires
my big pet peeve of people fishing with come with us play whole life
I don’t have the last person I realize I’m sorry I’m sorry I just caught up
what’s the end the madness right here Tyler thank you so much for playing with a sir thank you for that lovely sorry
take a look.
Are they coming up with your Humanity
we love you and we mean it and you didn’t even have to fish for that you guys hear a good audience no matter what
please hold while your call is being transferred I can’t tell you that over the phone if you want to get struck by lightning in the wind with Johnny Pemberton yeah
sounds pretty good like little
thank you for calling to Steve could I have your last name and your ZIP code so I can pull up the order
zip code 90028
I just made a call but they said I had to call back cuz he was about to head he had to go she had to head out but I had some questions about the product before I continued
okay bit before you before you ordered it yeah
what’s your question well I just want to call a glimpse of it on TV I just saw that the last maybe 10 seconds of it and I just trying to get a better understanding of what it was so please relax special glasses that you can adjust a prescription on them to be whenever you want so you don’t have to ever get new glasses at the idea this is for you to go outside if you want to try to see birds in a tree in see people at the game so you’re not so far away is it it’s not for call Tweety reading glasses do you reading I just do more like looking for birds and lizards and stuff and I’m driving and I can lift the birds don’t you can’t use his while you’re driving you got member one who when you’re looking through these things everything’s going to be magnified to you as it comes closer to you is going to totally blur up
the one that be good then cuz you can say stuff from far away you can break and ahead of time it’s going to be Tony blurry think of it this way if your have regular binoculars on okay and if you’re going like 30 miles an hour you’re catching up to that thing right away to stop is close to you you can’t see but you won’t we will have seen it before you got to where it was where it is then when you get time but I know but when you blow up when you break is going to break too early or way too late isn’t it I don’t know but I know but taking the people behind you you’re going to lie on you you break they don’t see anything in front of you they’re going to smack you in a weird I don’t know who drives like that cuz you can’t see around a car
also I know I always look beyond the car ahead of me in front of your brakes but you don’t see what they’re breaking for you just had them correct that’s what that’s why you never drive closed but I always look behind the car in front of me and so what what happens when you were in the I never have given the circumstance you would choose to ruin them she be like why they like but you don’t wear these driving what about video games
video games route to make it look like a TV or something right you can play people have hit here used these weapons while working here on the computer screen that’s cool I suppose you can use them via video game that’s a great idea
where in Connecticut Connecticut I’ve been there once it’s really pretty there it’s pretty hot right now isn’t it true that hard you said it’s not hot. What are you considered are you from Life desert hot is in the high-90s okay so what do you consider this to be just like my fun or like warm or hot isn’t it double warm how about double warm double warmer is it just over a hundred that’s it also what would you consider this temperature to be then cuz I’m in the same temperature which strategy you just mention I’m in that I can say it but I don’t know maybe I should not use that word I should say something else where you at in Arizona or near their yeah
that’s dry heat that’s totally different okay what it what do you mean I don’t understand why he is totally different than regular hot and humid how so hot and humid you will die it if you would go to a hot and humid you would think it’s about a hundred and thirty oh yeah I know if you if you ever go down to if you go down to where water is totally around you okay. You will die because it’s it’s so hot and humid where you guys are you don’t have that much humidity I have a question couldn’t you just get in that water and cold
but you can’t but but you do but a lot of people are not used to it die because they don’t know how to swim or cuz I just don’t know if not in the water. Just don’t know how to cool off a lot of people don’t like the water or something cuz dogs do that what dogs can’t get in the water cuz they don’t know it’s water they just think is for drinking and then they try to drink pick up the dog paddle I seriously don’t know if you watch the dog go in the water okay start moving their feet all the time it’s called backpedal that’s why they tell tell you when you learn how to swim dog paddle okay just dog paddle or so so the best thing to do on a hot day is to get down by that water where it’s super hot and get in and dog paddle
can you tell me it’s a hundred and thirty degrees there know how it can be. You know when it gets to be a hundred near water near a hundred is going to be hiding in humid your feet because you’re from Arizona you’re going to think it’s much hotter it’s not because it’s now humid and humid ads you know because I got to be humid up here while you’re a triplet packs 91 humidity with the humidity was up to the 99% of rain in the air if it’s 90�� Waters around you but how come when you get in the water like a pool which is a thousand percent water thousand percent water cools you down
is it going to snow much water it doesn’t really cool you down and visit School in the outside of your skin jump don’t know anything about that the convection oven on the news they said when it does a instead of raining if it does windwitch when is like rain but it’s not water just like are what does that from above cuz there’s his hot clouds up there but they have we have is hot clouds that come over and you think it’s going to be a lot cooler cuz the sun is gone but actually it’s a hawk land and it doesn’t win from the top and it does a place called a convection oven cuz what it does is it blows heat like I’m like a hair dryer like it’s been plugged in like a plug-in hair dryer and that will cause you don’t have any
yeah so you’re saying is you guys out there you can’t hang your clothes up
so now you can you can that will drive that that’s totally different but you said it’s ninety-nine percent
what about if it’s a sample of the heat from the sun’s going to drive to charge your phone in the percent humidity is it it does matter just going to be more damp on your clothes and not going to be super dry don’t take longer to dry it is what’s going to be what’s the highest percent you can get before it’s it’s a hundred percent hundred percent is on percent percentage it is that’s the number but you can’t go over a hundred percent cocoa and watch all the all the news. It goes up to a hundred percent is pure rain you know when they go ahead and say it’s 80% chance of rain till never go above a hundred percent I swear I saw once they said 500% chance of rain and it was very hard
I think it’s probably because probably you’re saying it’s different where I live and where you live cuz the hear the rain is different more doesn’t happen as much so when it does happen they say hey look you really got to look out for the rain it’s going to be a 500% rain not just that 80% of people around here like they don’t believe it has people here stupid so they don’t get it simmers down they say like magnifies 300%
300% what you see with the naked eye to 300% so that’s a that’s a percent that I thought I can’t go over a hundred though that’s okay if you can see good at 40 ft 40 yd 300% in is you that much closer to you
so it’s like it’s like a few wrote on a horse toward the item that you’re looking at but didn’t write on mail stabilizer use them with a horse because that’s the best way to get to work Birds because the horses don’t scare birds like a car does lizards lizards don’t mind horses as you know that I have a very large dog it’s a double Saint Bernard it’s like a Saint Bernard was brewed brewed in Russia and it’s very large and you can ride it in and it will allow you to get super close to the lizards to take their pictures but you you think so but it scares them away so I got a horse instead and the horses just don’t I think the horses and lizards our friends cuz they’re both
the same the same family or something so they don’t scare him so I will be riding that horse toward the lizards and birds and that’s why I need a shock absorber
but doesn’t have them don’t but you could Mount anything on there like once I get them I can do whatever I want to them so you can but you can ride a horse no problem
skrecc okay you’re right is that because the horses they are more friendly and stuff like sort of lizard is it just it on Facebook that’s all it is it’s a spook yeah because like you were saying a few cuz a horse if you’re going to stop early cuz you’ve got your resume as you can see far you see that lizard for I had or maybe a spider and you stop the person behind you on a horse will their horse knows that you stopped and you don’t have to hit the brakes right correct yeah cuz when I someone had to me breaks for no reason and I don’t see anyting I don’t see like a wall or stop sign like a person or like a child I’m just going to kick it because that way we can collect insurance because they they are at fault for stopping
yeah I have a friend who did that actually who made his made all this money doing that just by what he does he drives around real fast and he just if some of the wrong move in traffic we just let him know who teaches them do you know you have sometimes you have to teach people the hard way and that’s just you have to hit him but that’s a no cars are made for that so we all know which way we’re going to go and I’m saying yeah okay and so is that a thousand percent saying that will work Trek okay cuz that was so that’s a thousand percent always okay great I’ll make sure you when you fight when you follow up on that be sure to look at it and let me know if there’s a lizard you see any sizes of the one I was mentioning
okay okay that sounds good I’m just let me know how they are if it ever occurs there I’m going to try to figure out this this trip cuz I like if I can get them to go on the trip to knock and see how far we’re going to be there for
cuz I’m good okay is that something that I would want to get an extra one for what he saying
found it it’s buy one get one free offer is it possible to double the month to wear them to stack them know there is because it just fits on the side of your head you can’t double it but I couldn’t so I can put it on there on the front
now it we would want it cuz you got to push them offer that they want to go scope
it’s a similar bite but it is just like a pair of glasses you can put two on because of glasses get in the way of each other glasses on before
you just put them on on top of the one that’s underneath the other one you know I never had double done double sunglasses or sometimes uncle has prescription glasses but he also wears sunglasses and he’ll put his sunglasses on over there for scriptures and then he just does it and you know who drives that way of fish so I’m going to do that too but when I’m on vacation
that sounds good thanks for telling me all day about whether great are you doing are you going to figure out what you want to call the weather cuz you said you just not hot
not yet. Just go online and search it on Google what’s a search
just go to Google and search weather when it’s what temperature do you say it is
when it when it gets up above when he’s up above 70% 70% then what I type in then after that you’ll see what it pulls up with that just tap and see what it pulls up after that okay when it gets up above 70% see what it pulls up after that I did it it said it said rate shock and California Obamacare to increase individual health I am Boise spokesman.com us and news World Philadelphia has a Descent of 500 feet above the ground 7/11 how algorithms shape our world
here’s one journalist has fallen 10% and I don’t see anything about weather here it’s not hot out he said it’s not hot even though it’s almost it’s in the nineties but you didn’t say what would you call it then
what was that
to me it’s not hot okay but what would you call it then you just say not huh no just warm just warm okay how much cooler does it have to get to be not warm
down to 20�� degrees wow so you mean 20 degrees all the way up to 80 degrees is warm just warm and what do you call it when it’s below 20
cool cool to 22 what is cool
22 – 10 – 10 is cool wow that’s very interesting and what do you call it will mine is 10 cold okay then how how much further does it get before it gets something else besides cold cold cold you can’t give them a picture of it so I don’t know call this is just an is an adjective okay
so it just an adjective so we basically called is called can be negative and all the way down to to the point of which matter stops moving cuz it is 0 degrees 0 degrees is the coldest it gets right
-50 – 60 so it never gets colder than that
no I don’t want it said nothing has been registered now so the history of the world has never gotten colder than 60 degrees below zero nothing that has been registered okay nothing register she think maybe like when dinosaurs were here it got really cold like negative think of a glacier yeah what’s that
how it’s moving on a house that work as ice as hard as I got I got to get going
I got all the calls I got to take okay well I can talk with them or I can wait if you want to
everything we should do
going to hang up okay I’ll see you later goodbye


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