Episode: 73 – From Kennedy’s Assassination, To The Beatles


Episode: 73 – From Kennedy’s Assassination, To The Beatles


Don Cheatle’s speech at the Emmys leaves Mayor Harmon pondering. Also, spider monsters, the Beef Fungus Bill game and co-creator of Channel 101 Rob Schrab sits in on D&D!


call Mom
phone number 73 a prime
your mare Mr Dan Harmon
hello thank you just come trolist Erin mcgathy
how are you how are you doing are you out of the go starting to show me the 4th of each other like a bad night. So we appreciate it I got an iPhone I’m back so I’m not wearing my eye Harmon tonight which is my notepad that have been used only cuz I’m going to give it a field test I’m going to give Evernote another week going to see if Evernote works for keeping track of stuff which so far it does not it doesn’t work but I did just use my fingerprint to open my phone and that’s that’s disturbing
they say that the fingerprint is stored on the ship inside the father that will never there for me accessible to the National Security Agency
it’s already been hacked of it was on a phone like it doesn’t like that it’s it’s kind of the vote where they said hey we’re going to give everything but the things in the chips on the phone to the National Security interests around it how long do you think it’ll be before a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend cuts off their partners
oh and uses it to unlock their phone here to be a lot of like sleepy at passed out sleeping use your phone. Cuz I can’t cuz when you’re cut off penises and stuff so it like like like you know if you’re in a healthy relationship you’re yelling at each other then you get drunk and then you pass out that someone’s going to use the phone is a thumb dude yeah for sure
now that there has been some print talk I just had to take him out of the thing I really wanted to talk about tonight which is good at something with Duncan Trussell told me earlier tonight which is the first cybernetic cyborg hate crime happened at a French McDonald’s but it happened like 2 years ago
July of 2012 there was a guy in a French McDonald’s that had a cybernetic eye and yeah it’s people were like take off
supposed to my school I’m a cyborg and and it was he was a cyborg and they tried to rip it off like I like a kids like like you know like in a in a comedic like take off that you’re in Disguise and it’s like I’m Santa Claus out of his head and have less technology I don’t like because I’m sure this guy had to be either Canadian or American right that he’s going to roll a die and yeah they tried to rip his items had the first cyborg hate crime but it happened a year ago so who cares
and I looked it up and it wasn’t like you have a picture in your head of like I like a cyborg I like a Terminator he’s got like a half of a Google Glass has bolted to his head he’s the one who chose the bolt it could easily just wear it and we can make it rip off a bowl I just take it off
it was like my skin off. That’s terrible but like nothing but nothing I mean that was I wasn’t going to say he deserves it
but anyways I just want to talk about how disappointing it is to find out in the green room if that happened a year ago
Cris Cyborg hate crime of it I’m going to go put a camera in his head things so we had a good good Saturday yesterday Gangnam Style spring I got out of bed today absolutely because I wanted to like I was there was nothing left to do in bed How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying at the Super 8 in time with Justin Timberlake
a little bit of a distance is a little bit of the the Twilight ladies alien the movie Robin and Batman Forever and I Succeed In Business Without Really Trying but it’s something I’m kind of excited about cuz of the iTunes description what it’s called The Dinosaur Project it’s on iTunes in the iTunes description is Dinosaur Project is a team of explorers searching for a mythical creature
when their helicopter is brought down by a flag of enormous Birds they discovered strange creatures which civilization has thought extinct for millions of years and I don’t know if I can buy a project but they’re really trying to skirt the like I’m getting Taps cuz I don’t know that you know this is one of those nights I’m telling you I got nothing I got nothing to talk about and you’re here and
I like I like the first half-hour of it and then wouldn’t you know as it slowly became a movie about a spider monster in the movie before I watch the payoff
spider master in and it’s CG you you you you can just show it crawling out of a thing and reveal it and then dinner tell a story about dealing with you don’t have to hide it from me. That doesn’t make it magical you can’t tell me it’s magical that’s not fair that’s not fair it’s not magical just because you don’t show at that’s not that’s not a magical creature it’s a spider monster it’s from from from Mars and it wants to go back home and I would like to see the spider monster as early as possible and I’d like to learn what makes it tick and and then get on with the story of the spider master I do not want to do to hear the three hours story of what what’s that and they have the third actually it’s a spider monster very well shot very very beautiful film
by the spider monster and I sense there is no covering that up these days I got a site work I called Apple TV I can rewind I know it’s a spider
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the theme to like to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
our next guest waited in line for 12 hours to buy my new iPhone for me and didn’t get his own which I have wanted to buy him in exchange for him doing that his name is Spencer Crittenden
you can go and did you want to be a guest for a chance you want to sit and
a boy that question just because overloaded them
take me to change master singers there’s there’s the chairs up there two microphones iPhone came out I’m still kind of out of it you know the schedule a little bit but I mean I didn’t sleep I slept okay kinda boring like I’m not I’m not social so I got there and I didn’t really talk to anybody but other people that was great what were the people
the bathrooms are working for the bathrooms there were around is it was an it was an outdoor mall in the bathrooms they’re both locked at some point for this is Lisa walk outside and I can’t share you brought a chair in the bathroom so I went into the bathroom in public bathroom and I went and there’s a guy out there and he was like it’s all dark I couldn’t find the light and I was like oh well I mean I feed my dark before
couldn’t find the light switch everyone everyone stop eliminating yeah and I was like just don’t just don’t follow me in there and I just went in there and you know my phone as a flashlight function very funny Apple takes care of that Apple turn the lights off I don’t know what to do so I told him about stuff going on in the bathroom
you said don’t follow me to someone yeah
check this out it will he was he was presumably out of the bathroom haven’t gone in there and I was going in there in spite of his warning so he might be like all what’s all the fuss about where he might be like a judge but don’t follow me in there seem to be a Mexican guy with short spiky hair are you not using any kind of race because you’re not racing start again I didn’t hear it cuz I’m not okay tiny man 544 I need don’t like being called timing
search up early compared to you a tiny tiny little man I can’t find the light and you said okay don’t follow me yeah I went in the bathroom and found the lighter just use your iPhone is a I’ll take my chances I mean I looked around is really really dark in there and I was like I’ll be fine just don’t don’t come in there
something happened with that guy hammer
the fellow Apple I think he was yeah that was at about 2:30 in the morning I think most people out where that other than that it was just Apple people and was here was he waiting for you when you came out pretty fast I was no has been myself so he was still there reading the wall bathroom cuz there’s like a kind of looks like a balcony over these stairs cuz you got to go upstairs balcony overlooking this place when he told me of the bathroom and presently I don’t I don’t think of it like that but
going on they were getting up and leaving and coming back serving on her system but he likes how much
how much are you allowed to stretch that how much did you see at Stripes also I do have just taken off she went down for four hours came back for a half hour left for about 7 hours came back 2 minutes or 2 hours before opening but other than that wasn’t there at all so like most of the time she wasn’t even there so that was kind of bulshit interesting this concept if you had not waited in line for me so I can have my precious iPhone the next day how long would it take it was there a line the next day like stuff that bottle sitting in a lawn chair in a sidewalk how many days with an iPhone that I wouldn’t have had I mean six to seven
67 I write Spencer all right
all right Dan Harmon to abusing his employees
6 gig I got seven days out of out of one out of his 12 hours I felt bad I told him to get himself one and then he couldn’t because he was an Apple employee yeah I had an employee account on that gave me like a cheap bill but as a result I was like locked onto bullshit and you know stop being an employee but I guess I didn’t stop having a plan so I couldn’t get a phone Apple got the phone plan because of Apple locked
bureaucracies you know what time it is
all right
come to McAfee oh yeah
can anyone else play like like like how many people can play something with you in the past is that I don’t know what your game is so I don’t want him I ruining it dessert
Pokemon trapped in the face
can I confess to look at I just realized as I sat down I didn’t I didn’t realize constantly I was doing this or I would have been honest about it if there was someone else to show I get to sit down the format of the show me doing whatever I want so I could have sat down and I could roll out here anyways thank you I’m doing good I just saw this what’s Insidious 1
not too bad so you can either with the camera and every ride out and I wasn’t
that’s why I got to see it
there are always cameras involved but there was craftsmanship you didn’t just get it just put one of these things on a dresser and say oh boy I’m Citizen Kane now
I didn’t like it I know that I set up that I was going to start like doing like 15 minutes and I just wanted to say that we can get on with it
did you see in the theater or just kind of
I’ll sit and lean forward a lot of weird I think it’s cuz he’s really tall he has trying it was really good I really like that I like had some height what did you see the conjuring said about some kind of wizard or something
Livingston and the guy that played our man looks like Rob is a really heavy a different movie where’s it at
where was awesome because he’s like during all like that
city is 250 has to give me the breakdown give me the date today okay serious one is greater
Science World
every single Bowser guys and all of a sudden
a shot list okay
kick you keep up with it
looks like they’re there they have a kid because I’m conscious he doesn’t come out just knows they find out that he has the ability to astral project lost in this place called the further and the thing about when you ask her to project your spirit goes out of your body but then all it’s like you’re empty vessel of a body like a ghost.
all that stuff is like really good and then at the end
spider monster
spider monster isn’t man just a four legged spider monthly
how it how well do you think I prepared very well yes
first grade sound ever
so harmontown attracts a variety of dynamic and interesting characters
1 2 3 4 I’m sorry please don’t get the jerky from it about this beef jerky. I’m not worried about it. It’s a very special beef jerky from taxes from this beef jerky distributor that he Texas
everything right. This is
not necessarily the game started
pass at the jerky there’s a modem
okay so does that there’s a lot of mold on the dirt
it doesn’t matter anyway since that has sat in the front row and has become part of the landscape that is the harmontown audience so we are going to play a game called The Beast
iiii when you brought him up I was reminded that he made you know that he made and whenever he made a iPad stand obviously I would stop he made he made quotes on little wood slats For Us harmontown chords by the way bill or over the quote that that we thought was erroneous or whatever that said that it wasn’t somebody would I said whatever it was on there for some reason I said that probably cuz I was on something else also he made a dungeon master iPad stand for for Spencer to Bel Air part of harmontown.
right exactly that’s all we know true facts about himself
hi sweetie can I ask you if you would wouldn’t bill sent you this email with all these true facts about himself was that solicited
or is this another situation
the situation before do you go look at her
happens all the time avoiding the question about you is all about mine and you know it invites its fair share of intimacy from strangers
came in the form of a saxophone
can we get to your house I don’t know no no no I don’t want to keep her in there getting there I stopped scramble in the back rub but we’re going to get you a cup make so you can have a drink every question is a true facts about the other things are not true the three of you are going to your own team is the true facts to discuss it with each other discuss it with yourself
explain why one of these is true
we’re taking the one that’s true. Who’s who’s bringing the plastic gets to give their final answer first question number one the other two are fake because it’s my own little pretentious contrivance and honor a Sesame Street two L’s seems like a waste
be it’s my own little pretentious contrivance my father was a 2L Bill who earned both I leave it to you to decide what that means
when I saw it to me right music
tan-tan I mean I mean when you hear the first one you’re like this sounds like the real one sounds like it’s trying to be clever but all of them sounded like that I know which one it is I mean I think I know tell me which one you think it is
I have a minute of discussing it out loud and making your answers so you decide okay that makes sense I’d like to pick it up because I mean that sounds right I don’t understand the Sesame Street reference letter economy
I I still don’t get the connection to Sesame Street though I understand letters are on the show
I don’t remember I mean I don’t remember to you to the extent that that that don’t buy it anyways I’ll tell you why I know Daddy two L’s whatever I’ve met a lot of fellows who use their middle name is their first name cuz people who spell their first name to release it always has to do with a fucked-up relationship with their dad
I will go with that because it’s the only one I remember
Just going to say are you going first
what’s the weather in the world
Philo T Farnsworth award for children’s hospitals see I want a silent T Farnsworth award for urban planning
T Farnsworth Nickelodeon cartoon with a because Philo T Farnsworth invented television
sorry seems like a kind of a video person but I thought of that before and I would have got that first one
kind of
I’m going to go with I’m going to go with I’m going to go with a because
I had a good reason for him to lie it was thought of the idea for television while mowing his lawn noticed that the the rows and Columns of a different squares like looked at them and kind of came up the idea of what we would call pixel is extract got his tracks taken from his name Edward
is the G stands for toilet his dad always wanted him to invent the toilet
used to make necklaces
is somebody trying to name their kid a number in like that you’re up somewhere
name is for the Honeywell you can’t fight City Hall but he will answer the first question to gold and silver medals for shot put shot put
waiting for giving metal to greatest wheelers
pacified several silver medal several that kind of means a gold only however music help I’d like to point out that the score was her only asleep for Ford it is tied earlier
I took it back right away I said no no it’s not you have to and the other end and clarifying for the podcast bill seems like that’s the whole shot pudding Diane cuz it feels obvious because he’s he’s a harmontown attendee and he makes things and and so it would be weird or for him to be a good singer or shot putter if you’re in grade school I mean that doesn’t have any bearing on what you become just because he doesn’t look like Jesse Ventura now doesn’t mean he wasn’t the 8th shot-putter of his grade school I mean what
take back then you have to shoot a heavy ball further than a bunch of 4th graders and I know it could I already could have been good at anything
the question is what you think of the word shot put as a comedic third
and I feel like the answer is yes there wasn’t there wasn’t a comedy one in there there wasn’t it wasn’t one with his thing that’s no that’s has anyone it was written by a singer so I’m going to go with singing
well done the store is now
where is Spencer to dance
Spencer will start you can’t lose it that you can we’ve been doing it for months
question number four
go ahead marching band really keep playing
who is I build these three instruments Heartstrings
drum b c sax
who’s first we wanted to say oboe

all right I think that bill is clearly a sax man because he looked at the marching band as an opportunity to the Bill Clinton instrument
do you want to date he saw himself sitting in that in the window is like man I have all this aptitude for Science and music but I’m never going to be like Motley Crue cuz I just I also I have value the rule of law
so what so what instrument was
play without breaking the law the answer is sex
please that Sound of Music Sexy Sax silhouette in a window
longer hair
you know what I know it didn’t occur to me drums are pretty sexy too I was just picturing the marching band drum the one that’s just Tethered to your torso and using I got Energizer Bunny
all right can you play a drum
yeah right
he was specifically V bass drum or is that a specific do the biggest bass drum
? I was last chair trumpet
in a threeway with Vince Vaughn
not even a musical term
depression and clean for quotes cancer and we’re going to start with Dan I’ve had migraine since I was 16 I’ve had parakeets since I was 16 I’ve had since I was 16 I’ve had lizard since I was six pan
you’re so proud of yourself for creating perfectly equidistant possibilities
if only one of those is true lizard parakeet noises as opposed to the throbbing heart of a of a of a Freeman beats lizards that the science Angela it’s supposed to be gross but I’m a scientist a I value them cuz I’m scientific migraine
for the same reasons that Dan said
Spencer I don’t want to live in a world where Bill have parakeets
what apps do about Professor feathers
what happened to you
what man after that line I went to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles and I was last thing on my cell phone and the way I was texting I don’t know but lined up some Pathways in my brain and I felt like I was a living makes itself like I was just like a like a kid just like passed through the walls in heaven
symptoms of sleep deprivation combination of that and I’m sure you know I’m a problem I’m trying to say is that I actually did have parakeets than our relationship will fundamentally change from here on out I’m going to pick migraines because I feel like I got migraines around that age that seems like something that crops up 16
Victoria Spencer 3 Dan 3D Rob know what the score is
what’s Rob score Rob Robinson last places to bungee jumping bungee jumping skydiving I have not been on an airplane
we were going to start with a fraud to start with Rob
I don’t know how to do this music stocking with me okay just get rid of it
bungee jumping skydiving skydiving skydiving direct Denbigh can’t be if he was never on a plane he chipped
unless you told a bungee cord really Titans flew him into the air hahaha I don’t know if he could ever Skydive without having been on a plane that means they have a relationship with each other and then I’m going to go with a he’s been bungee jumping
Panthers and lead and ice cream question I want your supplies because
it’s a dessert and an activity
I actually thought it was cotton candy flavored dad eat it
a day in the desert and an activity for life decisions
who’s who’s going first or whatever reason I’ll go is see because of my continuing fixation on fathers
that brings Rob back to last place
Spencer and Dan tied for first
all right here we go
I have a curtain cursing this game
I have 455 Pez dispensers 155 Pez dispensers Oregon start with an I keep going to you asked him to email a bunch of facts about himself so he might of during a fault might have gone I don’t know I have a bunch of maggots in my fridge what else I like maybe because that 455 Pez dispensers thing that seems like I’m a come up
what’s the other ones showing kits
I’m going to go with sewing kits and kids but I thought of it before dance today thing
really good job
thank you that’s all I wanted tonight what you don’t care
second to last question are you starting to rethink your position on Dungeons & Dragons do you think this is a better game I’m definitely considering how the work audience member trivia into my account or so
I’m wondering if they could be a whole convention for this I’m sure Don’t Rain on My Parade
an original piece by Fiddler on the Roof see luck be a lady what’s funny girl Barbra Streisand
popular songs are two bars of Fiddler on the Roof plays music
thank you sorry
Fiddler on the Roof the classic but luck be a lady is a crowd pleaser so I’m going to say Luck Be A Lady song
we just did that at the Emmys tonight
might be a lady plowed how did you know that I was I was it was on while I was sleeping
I woke up to Conchita like I had a half a brain blown out and he was there for that and then a couple weeks later The Beatles made it okay to laugh again just a piece of technology that is enslaved all of us is that a cultural icon television oxygen can’t breathe
dim the Beatles exhaled it during yeah yeah yeah
Carrie Underwood
just waiting to wake up to that that’s off voice in my ear and you know how you make you make it part of your dream you know when you hear stuff from Fiddler on the Roof maybe it means the entire Musical
final question final question the score
don’t know but it didn’t help.
Exactly this round will determine whether you’re worse than us or for it just equal
that’s it you have no chance of being Superior game I’ve ever played Erin
this has three
for a home for is many different awesome for the correct answer answers if you choose the correct answer in the first round two points
meaning that anyone around us do that okay
final round round robin in Pacific time
until I took off of woodwork music in my spare time
I have an album I released on Amazon this is a quote and now I’m going to list several different names of what bills original album is called amazing okay I’m sorry I was at a time on inside
personal records
c m t swing set
in a puddle of Jack Daniels next to a station wagon with my father’s monogram car keys
you’re describing the album I have already forgot the first one personal records Hartwell come see dad’s car
next one Take a Bow
next one run walk run periods after each of those words next one
no no punctuation next!
Live it down
this is an original album fast heart, Indiana catch catch the! And live it down
alright Stakes couldn’t be higher
I mean the dad issues thing that makes me want to think Dad’s car but I got to go with run walk and run Glen
I’m going to need you to see him all again
they all are all Emerald Isle Surf and after each of them will come take a bow. Run walk run!
lightning walk run will come what is it
run run walk run
lady will Hartwell, thank you
yeah cuz I don’t know yet I see busy I was instagramming a picture of you, trolling and it was 9/11 over your shoulder
get us through funny
let’s laugh
do I have it that have a good laugh will start with Dan your the album’s last time on inside personal records spam personal records empty swingset Indiana Take a Bow catch the day Levittown pretentious forbell like like to too grandiose personal records
why are you giving me that look my smile cuz I like you
thank you it was personal records to but I feel like I’m just copying
the correct answer
well if you want to win that’s how you do it
I was never really really heartfelt Runaway plastibell
and I promised the bill could come up and say that you’re come up and if you could
I’m sorry I don’t really have that many thought giving you the floor that uses the Drumline I like to rush he turned Bill he’s never been Coy about not liking being called be fungus bel-nor nor do we care
but you know what motherfuker stole a burger
ain’t no Friday
okay Strom Thurmond that was the senator in my head
who’s probably still alive if you would like to have 45 minutes of harmontown dedicated to Simply send a self-addressed stamped envelope nowhere and then come to the show every day for every every week for like it’s like a year
I just say it was a it was a it was a good segment and some people might be wondering like what who’s Bill he comes all the time all the time back there they just standard customers they’re often the answer is nobody because they come to the first half of the show they got a fuckboy
is there is there anybody that’s usually in the back
are you okay
back the lady tonight but I was irregular for harmontown before I became an intern so I lurk in the back
so what’s it like back there and it’s hard because when people like stands we have to sit like the concession stand so sometimes when people stand like in that general area I’ll send it okay can’t see this page so you get the actual Life podcast feeling cuz all you can do is listen to it but then like when something crazy happens and it’s okay now I can’t see anything if you have a hashtag on Instagram yeah sort of are you dream coming true here and in turn it at Nerdist
that melts and that’s pretty much it means I don’t know I didn’t think that a year living here I’d be unemployed and but
you thought you thought you’d be employed somewhere as like an assistant I want to write for TV
preferably TV comedies are actually just talking about it cuz we’re looking on like the CNN cuz popped up Breaking Bad won for best drama if nobody was paying attention
do I watch it it’s it’s phenomenal and then Modern Family won for best comedy but let me know
but apparently there’s a lot of upsets this year like who won like us actress and actor awards for Breaking Bad and then Modern Family they won for best comedy but none of their actors won for best comedy is so it’s a really strange because I was like you know the arbitrary separation this is that that’s that sound of the shows are getting let out at the back at the drama and so everything’s bisected especially nowadays or it’s like okay and Aaron find out the he was watching Nurse Jackie and I was sleeping in bed and I woke up apparently I’m an ass-whole in my sleep I just woke up half asleep and hilarious is hilarious show they should nominated for best comedy in my sleep
do better still an asshole exist as a division between say the schedule is this a show that owed 25 episodes a year is this a show that was because of you make 13 episodes a year and you therefore get to make good television instead of focusing on Revenue then you have a better shot at that’s actually just us I think so I am telling a story about how I was I had a thought and then it cancels itself out
my friends and I have actually been talking about it and saying that really there should be a digivision between Network and cable because cable off and they have a bigger budget and they have the ability to do way more than to have the entire table.
Call darlyn cable shows we can give all the awards to them so it’s the television is still an art form still a time when I was picking up I think I was that isn’t it funny that throughout all of this all of the weird for me tations that Cinema is going through and music and stuff that television you know it is still a thing called television and it does carry a certain cultural wait and and movies are getting shittier and shittier
and to MTV continues to get like like ice as we start to mash it into a I guess it’s sort of like Prince is probably the biggest analogy cuz after you mashed Time & Life Magazine into a thousand cat fancies

I will never make myself clear to these people should be called I go to bed and Mumble things until I fall asleep
know if you want to buy everything in the dollar call me all right tell everybody.
She wants to work on TV, we will see if she if she maybe she’ll meet somebody
Weaver one for the categories were so amazing actors and shoe in but then all the guys from Breaking Bad
best supporting actor
Bob Newhart comes up
everybody’s buddy from The Neighbourhood Amerigo Vespucci what’s your name for Ugly Betty cast
what’s going on here
it says market price for the fish of the day I don’t know Friday but you know you coming here off of percent off
all right America America I just plug it in and I don’t even use gas
electric car
what’s left of the character’s name
obviously there’s some money changing hands and America Ferrera couple years ago
what time is the Golden Globes watching TV and she is like jumping on you like a heartbeat as you walk out the door girl who was on the show called Ugly Betty in this business way from you know some of the entertainment show pounces on her and goes up
how does it feel to win your first Baba blah not attractive enough to be a leading lady I just stuck it in her face and she was like a commercial
what does it mean to get to kick me in the face from from Kennedy’s assassination to The Beatles and everything in between those seven months will be there weird like there’s a guy comes out and yells at you for downloading music and then received back into the rafters start playing again
you do what would you bet it was me and Joel McHale went out and our bet was that like a bobsled because it’s 72 Awards and they it’s so weird because it’s like so you know we’re not going to show us during The Primetime broadcast so you would think that that would mean then okay I won an award for hairdressing to be able to chew the scenery a little bit I’m going to like hold my very real and putting my fingers through gross people’s hair for 30 years and I finally got a fucking Emmy for it thank you Jesus Christ for giving me the power
do hair at 6 in the morning thank you for thank you to my mother told me that did two doing hair what wasn’t wasn’t whatever blah blah blah where is Envy and they tell them the time you take getting to the stage is comes off your teeth are like running a Sprint 45 seconds is the weird techno music starts playing tonight the real enemies are actually they’ve they’ve created a very delicate playoff Claire Danes Claire Danes was accepting it was like sort of like
wake me up in a little bit that’s the creative arts Emmys is like my husband and I told him I’d be home by 5 if I was home by 5 and next month
including including people accepting an award for a television program about the people that is it’s not about us it’s about their dying and I just appreciate it
what are going to say the coolest. And God Morgan Freeman like I don’t even know.
and also I thought I was really not into it and then I looked over it
super into it look like something really funny happened
throwing his head back to be friends that are weak because in the past they haven’t done it and edit play blown back on them in some weird way
Tommy Lee Jones Tommy Lee Jones famous lady asked her is grumpy face timing like watching your dad come down during a sleepover in like trying to play cards with your friends
yeah I do
no we don’t have like a horrible Impressions but I’ve ever laughed in my entire life was when we spend Milwaukee driving snow is on the road that is just driving with Rob and he was just he was just being two-faced and I was just asking him questions
mad about this
first I really it’s more of a character what do you want to know
app chat with my face what do you what do you like in your coffee you like touching my face to face everyone has to bring something to the potluck picnic
I’ve been saying yes
doing it for a for an hour or driving at the end of it what’s your favorite movie
I don’t like face off the terrible forgot Shake now you’re with who did you notice how hilarious that whole thing was
it was hilarious. He just he gets so high before the show that’s it that’s all that’s liable to be true
I think libel can be true yeah okay
hanging out here we go
last time on harmontown Heroes were exploring the Great Hall Admiral dark stars black
there they encountered a paladin by the name of calus the Magnificent I feel like I’m really fighting this music Palace the Magnificent they bullied him into killing himself
then they started going up a staircase
that’s all okay so let’s go so we bullied him he was obstinate he was he was at holistic came into your dungeon after fighting like two rooms full of turkey and thought you were tricky demon so we came in you know full cock the way we told him that we weren’t Ricky and he was mad at you and he’s like oh well maybe you’re right and then he felt kind of foolish and then you killed him
that would that would have killed them but then you guys started really really feel bad about yourself
he got killed all right so I guess that’s technically bullying him
yeah I mean whatever
I don’t I don’t feel bad you don’t have to some guy came in the room and whatever a charged-off into their we’re like people in front of him and offered to let him cut my head off if he died I was forthcoming passive-aggressive
I mean to me before
so we went we went we went up a staircase here we are a scared
examine my staircase surroundings is around in a circle never know what I think we’re going to line up to you guys
that’s how I got an idea let’s have him be in the front I got to look at it I’ll be alright as you feel the temperature increasing it’s getting hotter this is how our area but it’s hot it is weird breaking a sweat
if the walls are warm orange metal door like a steep door with a big kind of spinning handle thing I touched the door is hot stuff on the other side
I look under wraps crack
I look into the crack there is a
the good being a bum crack you didn’t check that either okay people
it’s a safe type jar that seems to be hot elements on the other side of this point time I’m amazed I will cast resist elements on most of you if you resist elements cast upon you please come to the front if you are a skeleton or an assistant to a skeleton please remain behind the living
I repeat you will not have resisted him is cast upon you with yours skeleton if you were skeleton you already resist element you are dead
I can’t resist the elements of Depot
I I I say that I’ll save it for a rainy day and then I do an under the breast resist elements casting on myself
that happens if it’s not it’s not noticeable who is the Barbarian
I go up to the door and try to open the door. I stop you
how are you stopping by putting two hands on your shoulders yeah it’s okay I turned I turned on my phone and I resist your elements
only if you want to go sometime the door that’s up to you guys check out the door he’s a rogue that’s what I’m saying yes
yes yes do it the way I try to protect you when I say did you turn the gas off when we go to bed
check the whole house
what’s happening to check out the door traps inspection to be made of adamantium so very strong hard metal for those not in the know
this is what my travel rings made out of not that you can tell the skeleton
it’s it’s it’s it’s 811 electron different from unobtainium
that’s the door all right so is made of adamantine but yours has no traps that you can sense I don’t see anything so it’s like a vault door like it’s going to come on all right kitten you want to do
whoever wants to open it’s open hey you want to open this door with me you sure let’s do it counterclockwise I mean it in a straight
the handle and it is open with a sharp weapon nerd with a deep cut
so yeah I got my high school girlfriend
what’s happening to the sound effect that the Wolverines
what are the Snowball Dance to the Hermitage
weird like a summers day and you begin to those things are hot and yes that’s a good point inside this room are three massive Stone Lions Mouse Frozen open in a ferocious ruler or you don’t see any doors in this room but there are masses of chains hanging from the high ceiling some dangling down like silver Vines from the clinking I grabbed one of the
it’s too hot like hi I’ll be there probably the lowest one is about twenty feet off the floor Stone lions and jump up there in the center of the room you also see a metal Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest look at that first what don’t you understand about this person
actress the Trap
proletariat proletariat of economy
intellivision was there
for the first season of Gilligan’s Island
to the to the to the explosion of our presidents brains what did they have in common television
phrase that as if it’s like a yeah
what a medium
TV show me the Beatles in Killing Kennedy thank you I’ll keep watching you
so what’s the answer of a dragon I didn’t write what I said at the Emmys should I got an email from Don Cheto
you’re done Cheadle first of all let’s follow each other and send each other we shouldn’t have the direct tweet each other
anyways so we open the door there’s some lions and some chains
question do you think it might be some sort of mechanical based trap no other no other exits from this room. I think it’s related to the chains it’s not real
I say we all get behind the chest
and give her an open
what if I’m behind it like to the hinge around but has a hinged lid thank you
what’s a hybrid
how how do you plan to do that with my foot how are the hinges to fix
book of resistance you really want to open it ever supposed to put on a show if you guys can hide
how do you feel as far as I understand as the resident wizard
can I can I cast a tech Magic on this and it will not allow me to do also further like it a little more information about it if there is Magic what kind of magic they said it was a mechanical trap God’s Earth that will make these lions come to life I’m not saying they won’t at some point but the the Trap that we sent it’s going to be it’s like there’s some shit was going to you know it’s like oh I got shot with a gas that comes out of the mechanical trap in front of the chest when you do it
as you put it on you feel more resistance positional defiant disorder
no you don’t
yeah do you want to ask something all right over the hinges on the back of the bubbles and you smell a terrible smell but that’s it takes the smell of of of a trap being foiled yeah then it does smell good to you right gentleman
get over it was doing all right all right you open up the the Trap mechanism inside it looks like the crossbow in the other direction is a child’s play * 60 arrows and two bags of arts and craft supplies
50 Cent I’ll take the soundtrack
I take all the glitter all the Glitters and crafts Fest in celebration of the stone lions and it doesn’t hurt too bad I don’t have a post-op looking every day
sorry can I use to figure out what happened but you don’t feel empathy, one of them and I’m like I wish one day they’ll invade something that stores images
do you dye brown hair now to my brain into your memory
I remember that time just general stuff or at least give you the tools to do it with her right eye exam in the eyes and mouths of the Lions just looking for gems baubles other sundry and Notions you see their eyes do kind of look like 20 things celebration I tried doing and you said I couldn’t
who’s asking I’m asking him cuz he’s up there
mouth clear glue to make slime on top of the lion and then jump on a chain
who is you didn’t ask you why you do that you climb up the top is Stone lion you also can you can get lunch one of these pains if you’d like you do anything around around is like a a joyous occasion I want to use to fry some of the glinting us out of these why am I okay so you’re trying to pry. Pry the I feel the I go in at like it’s being pushed Inward and your rumbling coming from the ceiling above you on the charm for yourself the ceiling begins to run
you’re all on Lyons might not be a bad idea. I mean I’m not I didn’t I’m standing here like to be
all I wanted was to be invited
everyone gets all the rumbling continues and gets louder and builds to a cliffhanger
thank you everyone for coming to harmontown mascara for a bill
thank you bro thank you Erin mcgathy guess Cam Fowler
like all of you
I don’t know exit through the gift shop but I don’t know what Jeff usually says he thinks everybody Katie Levine Justin Emily
Charlie MO
thank you thank you thank you see you next week


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