Episode: 74 – Morality


Episode: 74 – Morality


Mayor Harmon tries to examine our ethical boundaries, but when that sounds too much like going to bat for pedophiles, everyone starts high fiving themselves for not wanting to do it with babies


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Hollywood California Hermantown is once again intention please welcome to the stage Sunday or apartment now.
all right that is my response to record low attendance
can I buy a breaking a small but the crowd has performed for four people and it was one of the greatest shows I’ve ever done but I was doing it professional improv in Milwaukee one of my gigs was I was summoned to the living room of a woman who my agent told me I had an agent and improv agent she told me and Monday Carter that we would be performing for her I’m sorry I said for it was six people because she said it’s three couples and the reason they’re getting together and they won’t have a quiet evening at home and the reason is because one of the wives and what are the three couples has just been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer so will you please go to their home and wait for them and their living room
10% of that action better and it was a great show to tell there I’m just saying this show is really light because of one reason possibly because of Breaking Bad Breaking Bad finale Maybe
maybe it’s because of slow entropy maybe because maybe it’s maybe it’s for the same reason that there’s not as much gasoline when oil out of the earth maybe we’ve we can dance to maybe these are the real Armenians are there real harmontown fan
this is the night this is the night where it all comes together or have Monday off for his people who can’t stand and her sister are going to miss the boat that’s it removed from Starlight glimmer with a paddle of Love know we’re going to get deep we’re going to get intimate we’re going to make it the best show ever and people who didn’t come here tonight or going to say they don’t deserve to be punished but they should know that don’t never know you’ll be old and I’ll be on a rocking chair and ran to somewhere and they’ll think I chose Breaking Bad over that I’m in town and I put I went through 70 times and didn’t come to that one and that is why I failed
it was on iTunes two days before that night and I’ll go really are we really going to porch storage unit but we need not worry about crowd volume
we have to worry about morality I have to worry about the pudding inside in which lay the proof is in the pudding inside your your skull where this like weird putting that work that we don’t understand yet creates the perceived difference between good and bad I was just listening to a Radiolab on the way here which is where I get all of my information but that doesn’t have anything to do with me or community and they were they were telling the story about this guy is that I’m a 20 minutes into it and I’ve already had seizures and so he had part of his brain removed and then he had a another part of his brain removed and then all of a sudden the cops are at his door cuz he’s got kittycorn on his hard drive because he hit his his personality shifted and changed it was fascinating to me is whether or not his personality shifted in
I’m listening to a podcast is produced by people that are saying let’s figure this out let’s figure out whether or not this person is a good or bad person or when he became a good or bad person or what defines a good or bad behavior are we living in a world where
we all constantly can’t wait to jump on the internet and look at naked pictures of three year olds or are we living in a world where that is not the case and therefore there’s a there needs to be an understanding that something weird is going on in your head if that’s going on guard every single thing that that you do that is not compatible with the Borg Cube as being a polity on your part do we then forgive you and having forgiven you do we try to cure you because that none of them have like all of us have this putting in our brain all of us think at one time or another I’m going to go up to that guy I’m going to say good morning but okay well that’s been approved that’s fine that’s on the ticker tape
aliens person to say good morning to another person zero chance of going wrong there the other person says good morning back Ciro chance again I’m going wrong there if you want to climb up the ladder to get closer to the papaya than the chimp above you you have to start risking things you have to start doing things differently it to start expressing yourself good morning to cloudy though yesterday there’s a risk there that the guy in front of you all go
you talkin about everything will go crazy like men with Kevlar vest will come in and grab you and say why did you think it was too cloudy yesterday why did you think that
what is wrong with you you need to go to prison you need to go to a hospital disguised as a prison you need to go to a person disguised as a hospital you need to be crucified you need to be apologetic you need to be fixed what are we what is our goal what is our endgame what do we expect of each other when we see another human being on the street
do we want them to be like us or do we want them to be different I think the answer is probably the Goldberg with you fucking cool it with the package if that you had a person eating chips louder than shift need to be eating right I think we could get a Full Nelson
he was eating chip loud on purpose right now no no no YouTube allowed tripping because you’re the fourth row for the first time ever you you didn’t if you came here late and didn’t get in the second row
level right now
keep it
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I’ve driven in here
what’s the same as the riboflavin in Salton though in that bag of chips is made out of uncontrollably
my search for truth has made me I don’t have to put your hand in the bag to go to a bag of chips and I feel bad that I’m out of the meeting with Chip he wants you to know he ate the chip
you think he wants you to know he got the chips
the man that you know that he has chipped
and I were talking about it and now he’s got he’s he’s ascending into heaven right now
just sitting at the left hand of God all right well I want to keep talking about the weird tapioca in our brains and a how we are end game is I want to talk about morality because there’s something not quite as right now
I’m sorry yes Jeff you did great I brought it up
now he’s nodding in silence he’s Behind The Rock
will rolling a side in 3 days until take over
I want to talk about the big thing that it comes down to is because he’s big giant brains and I can put a human ear on the back of the mass how you can tell people you meet in YouTube you can wear glasses you do you know you can read a book hey there’s a light bulb night time is it night time anymore I mean honestly I mean twins religion it is particularly because of the weight for pursues its Endeavors you you lock hands and you say what don’t we know let’s figure out how to know it I love to not trust any crackpot who happens to be charismatic just because he had weird sharing his tongue can hang out and have posters at Spencer’s Gifts doesn’t mean that he’s a better scientist everything is peer review everything is hypothesis and testing and proof and it’s always up for for debate always up for a for effort for pract checking and slowly but surely like an amber alert we will close it on God and we will find him and we will we will we will grab him
and and hug him for a second and then slap his face and do you know how much you worried me that science and that’s the religion I approve of it when it comes to her relationship with the unknown however
what it lacks wouldn’t constantly lacks would it would it would it conveniently Lacks
is this thing that for lack of a better word and there is a sincere severe lack of a better word morality
that other thing that Steely thing the the the umbilical thing that connects you to the unknown thinks this thing that makes you go yeah but
these the neither of these things can be given control over over us we we we were so smart we keep figuring out how to do stuff we keep learning new things about why we are the way we are and every time we do we go okay that means that nothing means anything anymore and then the other people are always going yeah but everything’s always meant everything and that means that you should be learning these things and they’re all assholes we’re all fucking idiots like we’re not going to get to the bottom of it tonight but before we go to the Moon would would what constitutes because I’ve said a million times before a dollar is a dollar a dollar is worth a hundred pennies in a penny is worth a penny that is fine and works fine but we have to say that the human life
is worth more than all of that has to be a separate to your account because that’s the flaw of capitalism is a fly of humanity to the extent that it Embraces capitalism does a big question has to be before we get to the moon we better know if somebody hits her head on a rock and they start going I used to like purple now I like yellow yeah but Commander with all the controls are set for purple and then yeah but yellows but the best we have to know that what we Define as human is it efficacy is it is it is it is it is it utility from beat fungus pills raising his hand slightly
it’s all right. You better you better come up with you doesn’t have any step please take fill
okay search Breaking Bad I think so far yeah I mean what’s he going to do yeah I have but but but also listening to Radiolab to about people having seizures that turn into pedophiles because certain sections Lee braner couple weeks I was watching a YouTube video from a Harvard Professor who said who seem to think that the thing that we value the most is our ability to choose and to take away somebody else’s ability to choose is by far the biggest crime you could ever make a religion do matter and end this I think the spans the entire Globe every single origin myth has to do with Humanity diverting from a sort of what would you call it a nothingness by virtue of our desire to choose or or are cursed to choose and that at that
thank God I mean the easiest example is Genesis God says you chose now now for the rest of your life you choose fuck you draft don’t use will don’t use Moss doesn’t shoes and shoes and they don’t have labor pains for nothing. Everything you’re going to experience your piece of shit because but a no warning to God before we ate that Apple somebody said you know I’m in that Smoky room in one of the versions of Genesis said do it that they’re they’re going to be like us
if they eat that fruit
that’s a bit out there for me to follow like I don’t know how to follow that logically just like supporting that like like for thousands of years but continue please there are some examples in the animal kingdom of cooperation and there’s strangely enough there’s also examples of animals fucking each other over one example is where they had two elephants who were given a rope to pull and they had a pulley on it so that if both of the elephant’s pulled at the same time they would bring the food to them and if only one of them pulled it the real quick just go through the pulley so the elephant’s didn’t take too long to figure out that they can operate and bring it over there to be just put his foot on the road the other elephant would do all the work with chimpanzees the exact same test
but it wasn’t a foot on the road if it was simply not cooperation it was the alphan ship would go over and unlock the beta chip and the food to me and the baby chimp haven’t been to one in duration of the test but the test where did all the food fuck off and there’s with monkeys where they give cucumber and grape and then if you under pay or give the one set of monkeys the Cucumber they get angry that you didn’t give them grapes
set that’s sort of the same line but while you were talking about all that it reminded me of something I’ve been thinking about for a while that is the pillars of morality and there’s there’s a lot of people talk about it and and in different ways and there’s a lot of people say it like there’s seven pillars of morality there is like the seven deadly sins in and things like that they do you tell a story about the two pillars of morality for me reciprocity and empathy
so and you can’t have just one of those two things you need both of them the empathy allows you to know how to behave and the reciprocity is is you actually doing it
like you have to know that person needs a hug a reason that persons doing that is because they want a hug and then you have to hug them and 50 is broken into two separate
I’m sorry if I haven’t thought about this for a while now there’s
why do brain freeze talk talk you were holding a spear in your lap earlier what was brown paper bag I love you for that by the way in a brown paper bag of the government has beaten you to that idea and it’s not turning out so good
reciprocity linguistically just means of paying back whatever has been paid to you for that it’s not a moral attachment if you punch me in the face of reciprocating by punching you back in the face yeah if you kiss me I reciprocate but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you pay the person who gave you something back but you can pay it forward as it were right so reciprocity isn’t necessarily isolated to the two people involved in a transaction oh well. Now you’re beyond me
yeah yeah I said that’s how I know you got everything loaded up at 2 like the way that I think about it as illustrated by me giving people stuff is like I feel like reciprocity is more represented by Gandhi and the idea that you you serve move things into the world in the world becomes like that as if everything is the way that it should be that kind of Christ player case I’m not going to fall for the devil temptation of saying well what if this and what if that I’m going to do the things that I would do if
everybody did what everyone was supposed to do which is what someone does when they pick up an aluminum can drop it in the recycling bin in spite of knowing that that single action will absolutely not stop anything that’s going to make the earth. I like that person what they’re doing is there you’re saying with that can be called reciprocation
got to know that the only thing I was talking about an empty is broken into two different components there is effective I think it is and perceptive and the ability to perceive your ability to know what to do to make the person feel better and so without one of those two components you end up with other sociopaths who actually know what to do but don’t feel that they should or you end up with autistic people who know what to do but have no idea when to do it
the ladder is if you if you know everything and everyone wants all the time and you hate them for it is that that you probably autistic right
but you’re not a sociopath for sure you’re definitely more towards I texted Jeff Foxworthy comedy routine it wouldn’t it wouldn’t be as funny
you should give someone a hug from you you should respect me more you might be autistic it’s not funny the diagnosis isn’t funny
alright thank you peeps take bill
beefsteak bill was
fungus Bell and then he was lowered to the lava that he emerged as the Galvatron
it’s possible to reinvent yourself here are indeed a very cheap I mean we spent 45 minutes talking about him will he have to go through to get out of beef out of his nickname
end up being just felt like I could like this did you let him go
let’s make let’s bring her a good friend to the stage faster than normal tonight as I got nothing but I want to talk to them about about about brain putting in Morality and choices and how you know the difference between good and bad because we have a quiet intimate awesome audience and we’re going to get to this fucking we’re going to make everyone jealous to the Moon, everybody’s comes next week everyone who listens to go are you kidding me for Breaking Bad with the people listening don’t know is that you had your shirt off the entire time
alright Kumail nanjiani can you come out here
I like that t-shirt that has a very kind of Watermark logo has a free t-shirt I got at this place it says The Conjuring on it typical to that film that they that it’s sort of faded into the thread of the shirt or is that a new thing I think the Moon is the vibe of the movie trap talked about it last don’t think so I can’t remember what makes is complexity of language and society and I think she is just what you need to live in a society that’s what comes from and how I think it ties into science is that the brains that are made to sort of Big Abel different she doesn’t evolution
the ground so for instance if you have a brain that make you fat kid you’re not going to have any more kids because kids can’t have kids so you’ll go away
so I think that’s wait wait wait kids can’t have kids like you know like a three-year-old I don’t think I have a kid and I don’t think I think that’s what we kind of takeover and you know I don’t know probably don’t throw me on the 14th
frolicking that Surf and we all go through that we all go don’t go out there it’s that all of us want to do it and we know not who I think it’s a messed-up broken brain that wants to do it cuz evolutionary and scientifically it doesn’t make sense to be attracted to a child it’s not what lead to the survival of our species so when he got that thang by the way it’s like something happened to us but they are like that I want to leave the pot probably to nowhere because of Greater men than you have tried to think about this but the first first leg of the daisy chain has to go why do we act like a guy who wants to fuck a three-year-old
is the same as a Nazi war criminal that you’ve thought you were back in the choice to fuck are you can want to fuck around and looks low will a magnet for it affecting their future returns and probably as we’ve seen into another abuser of children that’s the problem that’s 90% of the problems but the calls itself the hard drive the the guy who wants to look at a calendar January is a 4 year old kid laying on a 4 in front of a fireplace
I feel like a printer would have a couple questions but
African mask
hey is that I know the answer I think is because it’s easy because we just because we all As Americans we weed whack we lack we lack outlet for our outrage we lacked we think we were encouraged fucking loud or encouraged to door at work we’re not with Emily post did not write the rules to American society like weed or not it’s it’s sort of the eight years if you go back further than 8 years now is like like Alexis de tocqueville in overdrive came before us we have no
we spit on it we don’t care if you do you like John Ritter you thought he was funny go fuck yourself like we have ourselves like we and we and have originally us doing that took over the planet said fuck culture fuck bloodline fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck everything but what’s going on right here right now like it was a glorious like you know Thomas Edison took that ball and ran with it but sort of a weird thing but like right after September 11th of a brown-skinned man I was I had people yell stuff at me and a lot of times and this is just what happened I’m not putting any Judgment of any sort of
black people who said what discrimination why can you not put yourself in my shoes and understand what is the same thing is happening it’s cuz I don’t know what it is. Y’all the person but nice haven’t healed and his wife and yeah I know but the sun the sun kicks the dog the dog out like exhaust you don’t like doing that to you is that is that just kind of like the joy of having someone to do that
patriotic reciprocation paying it forward the history of racist are fond of evoking turn-of-the-century kind of like to do like like when they hear reverse Reverse Racism like often is the idea is all kinds of people had it had it bad over here this Melting Pot the lifting up and celebrating is actually part of the problem which is that shit rolls downhill and when you’ve been at the end of the stick you typically do not end up grabbing the stick out of the hands that are beating the face of the person that held at unit typically end up kind of coming into your own
I got a little chat now I remember
people but it’s not typically the guy that was hitting you to sort of think of morality as said something why do we judge people because it’s against what makes us go to war what do we look at them the same way you can look at someone who has a cold not dripping down there face are you going to say it’s easier to judge pedophiles at a walk onstage I get the baker Victory lap

having stated himself on chips
because I think being attracted to kids is not a crime acting on it is and so I think if those people we are brains are made out of Adam for a different perspective I want to say the reason that it’s so easy to downtown I just want to say I think there’s not a lot of people here but don’t say anything you’ll regret to much while you’re defending well I was being kicked around school are used to be bullied now on the bully is because you see the part of yourself that’s ready to be bullied again you have to fill yourself up with the confidence that says well I’m not going to be victimized cuz I’m victimizing someone else of that hard sure it’s the same reason we have a lot of closeted religious people when they’re the ones who are most going after him
and I also use your rage it feels good to beat to turn someone else into the scapegoat if you’re not just a fight and we all have the same with weird fucking aggressive bullshit like I said his people say yeah but people want to do this especially about my thoughts about hierarchy and I am very very like Ike I want to see resentful of this but but like hierarchy when I talk about anarchy versus hierarchy and the energy is simply it’s not lawlessness it’s not lack of order simply lack of hierarchy and then I’ll get you know the Reddit Subs red thing like people of chimed in from Alaska for their little dungeons it was like
taking the human being poop comes out of your butt so many times a day we are not about you. We should talk about that
take me to the moon but then Danny
ultimate habanero no problem I think it was inside a hierarchy like what you’re saying Community has it as a group with criminal elements are maybe psychotic or a psychopathic element to anti-social elements that people say that like it’s that is that drive a competition that that that capitalist got competitiveness creates that our ability to do you know to grow into the drive to succeed
we think may or may not be true about like I think what what what societies lack especially when capitalism is involved is simple compassion because it’s not sexy it’s not it doesn’t get anybody anywhere compassion and the golden rule in a major religion to stay in and somewhere rather do unto others what you have to do is do unto others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you but the better way to Moreland no profit at all because it prophet’s men Society is built do you watch people especially in big cities like your creative artist your writer you’re a painter and all
you’re driven to do something creative and you’re watching people that have this other thing called ambition and they’re not as talented as you both are really fucking good are in a room and I really like driven I have a party that you should be talking about I don’t like talking to people I like painting I fuck you and I are they said that happens if they do it all happen in a room full of people that I think are absolute con artists and then because it’s not a binary it’s not a binary between capitalists and anarchist because a lot of the things that we give credit for for capitalism have her under protection as governments have been because you couldn’t buy Grain from England for a lot of the 19th century for the 20th century you can buy cars from Japan until suddenly you could and then the 80s were filled with Japan’s going to take over and
the part that really it’s not a duality between being ambitious and being creative it’s not an odd that you turn one way or the other there’s nothing wrong with getting paid what your worth and there’s nothing wrong with learning to be the person who talks a little you know that the restoration simply using people to get your ends on a thing I mean we’re going to say we’re all forming policy where it where we’re going to talk politics really talk philosophy we’re going to talk about this people that came before some mistakes they’ve made the problem with the way things are done all these things but if the court
is it in a deeper core of that we don’t even have our shit together enough to look at a guy who hit his head so hard that he wants to fuck a three-year-old and go are you all right
we want when we want to arrest that person or the equivalent of a head cold and in terms of Personality we can’t allow anyone to have a bad day I propose that we stopped because we are more jellyfish we are 90% jellyfish are more DNA with a watermelon then we do with whatever we haven’t discovered yet we are we are we are aqueous characters we are we are things that flow we we just finished eating each other’s faces and genitals off and it’s under a tree fighting for shade that lately we have risen it was a really quick and we’ll talk about the first days the last time in town at the 1950s
call Matt Apple. You see somebody somebody in the head when you see somebody was homeless when you see somebody was having a bad week we’re having a bad time being reminded of the conscious personality the person that you interact with in line at a football stadium when you engage in the wonderful beautiful Act of not ripping and other primates face off while you’re waiting in line for a beer like when we drive to and from work everyday like lick the entire planet all these lights that you see is you fly in these aircraft that don’t go down over the city where nothing is that there aren’t explosions happen in cuz it’s not World War Z yet like the be reminded the fact that the this outward face the create table compatibility
clearly by the fact that America’s prison population is rising Rising Rising like we we we obviously are capable of functioning in society with a certain amount of pressing a certain amount of the animal within we we are now at a point where we need to grow up enough to accept the animal within the internet is is created gloryholes
who in the wall between everything that you’re allowed to stay in line at the bank and everything that you actually think and feel
and they’re spreading out and are we talking to those and we’re going to look at this unfortunately Eyes Wide Shut or fucked up people we are but it’s like how do you say we do we have 50 man dies at 4
how do you service printers throne and I will not have that night I’m sorry I do
discussion because I live in Amsterdam of studying gender and sexuality for a while and we actually interviewed pedophiles there was like the day that you’re one couple questions
it was really weird it was like on the syllabus like the day that pedophiles are coming to class and how did they have a specific what did it look like like that okay and there’s me higher morality
they were the Netherlands so you have to keep that in mind there is no coffee shop so you can you guys have been to jail there’s a hard line
weather open about is talking about it and researching and that sort of thing anyway so yeah they came to class and it was these two guys and one of them was like yeah I really like five year old girls it was creepy like no like I like had a big problem with it but what they talked about was you know what their mission is to not fuck children their struggle sister not do the immoral thing okay go ahead
any less creepy like they talked openly about how like they had to work to avoid going to playgrounds and inviting little boys to sit on their lap and likes to do a a is saying like I’m 6 months sober I’m a fucking children
are you going to relapse last night here’s a think that’s what I’m saying but if we are wrong topic of people who get turned on by eating shit or having being shit on or should I go to other people came up and immediately as hilarious as it is like like letting those people know should one of them being the audience letting those people know that what they need to do is continue to be ashamed of themselves at the same time anytime we even slightly wrong political we can immediately fucking you know some poor girl came up here whose only crime was what being part of a fucking bell curve mentality like saying something that
8 years ago would have functioned as something that progressively to say about gay people are immediately got jumped on by the LA fucking liked
for their opinions I think I think people can be wrong if it’s okay to say that the wrong again I didn’t listen to that episode good Google okay okay okay. Now my dogs are Bob. Your dogs at the line at the glass between my Indiana Jones in your Cobra right now is that why am I like anything that’s hurting another person Bubba blah
that dude there’s a clean line they’re sure where it’s like you’re the problem that I’m talking about is that what we do is wear because that’s a reprehensible at concept we the internet has created this idea that’s like like I come on you like dares you can computer-generated images now so you can make a 8-foot blue woman with a giant cock fucking a 3-foot walk and the dick is like coming up out of her mouth because the blue woman’s dick is fucking it so hard is fine with that I’m also fine with is attacking the kids a picture of a kid and masturbating fine with that but when does a victim what does a crime
Premier laundry I’m going to have to say I’m fine with you right now to a picture of it
can I call it’s not that was in context know but I’m saying what does a victim everything changes if the victim is a dog or a child everything changed Mariah
what is is consent like as somebody says you know you cuz we like in in our country particularly each state even has this ability to say at what age you’re allowed to say yes and your mind has developed enough to say yes to activities so like you know it’s like we demonize pedophilia because in our country people looking at stuff by the way I’m increasing Advocate you really are you suggesting I want to be a reciprocate that you know I want to actually like make the fucking head way of going you know what even though it’s not it look like the easiest thing in the world for everyone collectively is
go well looking at a picture of this or reading a story about this we can all agree that’s disgusting and the reason is because it’s directly linked to behavior definition of criminal yes between the unconscious unconscious mine and it’s like like like people are II what would I propose I don’t know I would propose that we proposed last because we’re very we’re being very very clear as the internet is it and believe me like like 30 years from now I’ll be in the ground and I think I’m pretty sure yourself from my porch in a rocking chair
but people are going to be flicking a switch you know on the back of their head or whatever the equivalent is and you’re going to you’re going to be able to stimulate your an octopus and your neighbor’s dog is coming over forty and you’ve got a simulation that’s one thing but as soon as you involve an unwilling participant and that’s why children it’s so difficult because we consider it after you know younger than a certain age that they don’t have the ability I don’t think it’s difficult I think it’s a very easy line to draw difficult to allow for freedom of expression Freedom of Choice it comes to that because the action the action is is suddenly inhibiting somebody else’s Freedom or are there
a person who is protecting this person for precisely the same reason before there was an internet you could pray on a saber tooth tiger could eat them more readily so you talking about like okay when I everyone say your favorite ice cream flavor I love to go to fuck a four-year-old.com we can’t we can’t just readily go at it that’s okay
we can’t do that because we go well I cannot allow like Megan’s Law was adopted because like there was time because it in California is because there was a girl like like she was I don’t know I just got something horrible happened to her and she basically lived across the street from a guy who is a sex offender who was registered but the registration was not I have this weird calendar
I have the octopus in my neighbor’s dog calendar with everything else there’s another sure if you created now there’s another Beach because there are people who water-ski by their you know they got a little drunk and they Waters keep naked pasta family at a beach picnic all I’m saying is like every time you scout out like these every time we pretend that we know the difference between right and wrong all we really creative Moore’s and Moore water like another Beach that’s what sets that that I don’t know the answers
talking about is the difference between fantasy and having fantasies and acting on them and I know but yeah I mean fucking hardest conversation I’ve ever had and you fucked up right there
the Kinsey scale obviously but there’s also I forget what it’s called but there’s also another a scale of sexuality but it must not be here all week
it takes into account there’s like seven or eight or the 63rd but one of the main ones is fantasy and you’re allowed to have fantasies that you don’t actually want to act on and I think that’s a lot of not only homophobia but discrimination about sex comes from it’s a shame from having a fantasy and if I can get really real right now and open up a little bit but like I personally like I’m like a queer feminist but I am like really like I look at it like hardcore like a violent form on the internet and like it’s not something that I would ever want to do myself a real slow
while I jerk off behind the Comptroller coating
Podium you guys
don’t have any interest in but that is you have some interest in you don’t have interest in me
stimulate has a huge Factor there to walk around with clothes on we like I said we have to like 90% of our conscious live like we are in Disguise we are we are sexuality is we’re happy about it otherwise it wouldn’t exist we’ve certainly we revolted for less if is if if the plebeians didn’t want Cardigans and underwear and shoes and things like they wouldn’t exist like oh yeah I know what profit is there in the fundamental between who we are as animals with with are engorged private and Allie are like like walking around between orgasm so big like like there is that other Factor where the you know people like things that are
sure baby that is a huge turn-on looks like a battery like there is what’s right and there is what’s wrong exit yeah you got get on that abuse in the bedroom there between two consensual adults are other agree to it like there’s nothing wrong with me and I don’t want to watch the sheets when you’re done and fine but let’s let’s let’s seriously
fucking back back to the drawing board
it’s listening right now going I was on the fence about poop
not on the fence about could be said exactly if you’re listening to me out there tonight if you’re both of you look at each other right now because I said there’s such a thing as being on the fence about baby sex right now
bathroom right now and start involving poop in your pee what happens
sayings like you know what are you ignoring you
talking about like fantasy and making it real it’s like you know it is you know some people have you know they have rape fantasies they have fantasies of being raped but the thing is is that there’s a difference between having a rape fantasy and having somebody that can enact that with you that says yes yeah and slave for consensual that everybody is on the same page and everybody knows what’s going on you know you look at like like Jeffrey Dahmer like he got off on on dead men and you know we drew the line because he was killing people are you kind of see your phone actually he was trying to reanimate like dead bodies at a certain point they were had slight function which he was actually like you really holes in their heads and doing also
on the laws in the world didn’t stop it from happening these men and then murder them to have sex with them texts. Bernhard like it cuz that’s a lot that’s a lie we’ve defined it
Kelly Kelly everyone
lunetta show you’re wrong that’s the Line Is It Anyway
there is no line there is a beach it is a surf like that that is the thing that we have to get comfortable with that you can build to prevent Jeffrey Dahmer’s don’t kidnap people and there’s this wall and he logically where anybody that does anything that’s reprehensible to us so socially exist outside the wall we keep trying to make sure that our laws say that if you’re doing something questionable you’re on the other side of the wall and I mean that’s a ridiculous attempt
hello Jess
I I propose we stop proposing I didn’t come here to solve any problems you’re just getting on the Isle of Skye
I want permission to shoot on every God damn it Spencer I don’t propose anything that doesn’t mean I can’t say something like you are at the walls are there taking them is healthy pushing them down is healthy.
leaving are pedophiles is a good pic. That’s not the walls are black people white people marrying that’s a good one that’s not a good run everywhere we want to run nobody feels inappropriately Limited in any way in like maybe this idea that maybe that’s the problem may be such a bad idea right now are you are you going to kill us I’m saying you are you going to kill me if I go over that wall
somebody help no one will hear from Chili’s if you say come kill me and he comes kills you that guy’s fucked forever you think that’s why he’s not telling me no, but there is someone that would tell you because I don’t want to go to jail there’s someone is not fucking kids for that reason like otherwise they wouldn’t dare get some crushed one is absolutely
god dammit
about the Dead zombies man
can we talk about the morality of having me come up on stage to Jack someone else from the stage
that was just defense that’s so really I feel really used that time and he went over and took yours with your seat would I thought as a seat of Honor I think of that seat as being your throne over there usurping the throne I just sit in your seat
oh shit all over you man
I mean look at somebody walks into the middle of a field and starts asking the question why do we hate pedophiles and 48 minutes later like we’re yelling at each other I’m saying it’s a great episode
I’m saying I think that our whole is like like like we need to evolve as people Beyond a certain point like the system of thinking like when someone challenges you are you are you you you brought up the fact that black people who had their culture and all of a sudden this system of walls was like a big part of that night but it was a huge Muslim rap going on before 9:11 and they’re really fast like 9/11 happen and it was like ruining Society we have to have these walls I mean what are you saying that everyone makes the right decision
what’s your name
hello Laura.
Better Living Through Chemistry with like chemical castration because it’s like people agree that pedophile should be put in prison but some of them Better Living Through Chemistry with taking these people and making them on neighbors 2 would you be my girlfriend is coming up on his stuff I’ve had a million pet castrated spay and it says like if you’re in case you’re feeling bad about neutering your dog it says like a human beings this is a very valuable asset
but it’s a source of frustration and and and tell them it’s better but if they could speak thank you believe it kind of just put them in as an adult in America that if you have certain desirable urges that we don’t like that we can just mangle your junk or we can like cutting a bullet pudding at the top of your neck then we do with the mess between your legs like if you don’t know what the research you castrated if you castrate a pedophile or chocolate mousse
what was weirdly so much tea MI
Nick is movies five Shades Darker than the rest of my shopping list
that’s my wife trapping back there
but a lot of states in the South during the fifties and sixties they find records that they sterilize people that they thought you know where poor people go to prison if they don’t get their movements weather at 2 if you’re if you’re poor and you’re having a kid this is just going to be a welfare who has been alternatively celebrated don’t think that’s going to be so bored castrate them so when you are done for me is a weird you want to solve a problem don’t you know how is that better is it better to have them getting hard in jail thinking about kids or just be out in the world not thinking about kids for me me something doing doing something specifically
like I said we’re putting their body in a Cell against their will is that we are and that we punish FIFA but we don’t give any money or any energy to Rancho Rehabilitation for a different we don’t have the time or the other will because there is no property to put toothpaste inside their Cranium just just just just wiring that goes wrong is bad things happen to the human brain if we should deal with every
pothole in the street in front of our house to to somebody being sick and having a runny nose to everything we should deal with it as communities with compassion as opposed to throwing it away to this is why I just giving it to the government to things to draw lines and things over these walls and then forget about them the hardest thing in the world the deal was it would be to actually care for each other Taxi the responsible for ourselves for our parents for our kids and not just throw them into the street and we don’t have any responsibility for all I see why you should castrate them you should be the one to cast water
the broken dick

but we should still be broken dicks I’m not saying that we should go cut their penises off but I am saying we should separate them from situations where they can fuck children I feel like that’s a very nice actually same thing for me I don’t care if the proposal is that there be proposal if the idea is that the problem is I don’t I don’t think that putting someone in a in a 4-foot South because I need someone in there until they die and then just chill them or acknowledge that you are determining that sex their sexuality is and castrate them a lot of the community the community is like a great so we wait for them to ask for it on until they do put them in a cell and we wait we keep asking them to hold up
text and we leave them in there or if you have a boner promise you won’t do anything when you get out and if you can believe that.
This is as if someone you think is going to rape children when you put them out there was a very good thing to have putting them away from situations where they will go fuck temperature of the walls are built I mean I think walls are fantastic I have four of them of my own people that I don’t like getting a lot of those people are people that build happening a break from having problems like this was coming out Aaliyah and anti-social behaviour is to look at the actual like look at the humanity behind what’s going on at the fact that a pedophile wants to fuck it doesn’t mean he’s any less of a criminal
I think it should be dealt with within let me know I think everything should be done with it was in the actual communities themselves that there was a story about a rapist I got paroled and the community took it upon themselves before the laws that that you had to go to form the town they sent pictures of this guy is everywhere and if you see him do not lend him any service is there any Goods or anyting is El Capitan he actually came back and I’m sorry I can’t survive like this so they’re like all right let’s just kill this guy in practice those things don’t work they just kill people like you have to have these sort of rules that we’ve all agreed on right like that one situation doesn’t work right now
people actually like stuff OK compassion is the new rule now that we had Church really dark ages and things like that let’s call a spade a spade is is America despite our self-deprecation self-loathing or this acknowledgment of fact that were on the economic down slide that the Empire has fallen is it our responsibility to be the most socially Progressive or not it’s fashionable to say that but are we are on an American let’s be isolationist 11 are you saying I’m not the skinniest guy so I’ve never going to go on a diet like that’s crazy
we can’t try to Blake have their Wi-Fi that’s right
inside sales cancel the gym membership example
play avantasia through that you don’t just keep throwing money at a thing that’s clearly is not working to keep putting money into therapy for pedophiles that doesn’t work doesn’t keep anyone from plucking kids we couldn’t said let’s try to get kids off drugs or whatever and say like that’s not working let’s just castrate them all and put them all in prison
what this weekend with non Swedish people who is European prisons that are like actually you could grow your own food here’s a little farm that’s what I want but not required
I’m going with Ray Liotta
we need to talk.
We are Springs invented the present is like you’re not because of America you make money by having prison can you get Pete the government gives you the person that you have this free labor force and it’s insane person not saying nobody better file a pedophile meaning of progress by the way the reason why is because I love pedophilia go to the dark corners and realized for the Hellfire this to come like we are we are we are moving further
further into this where the walls aren’t going to work anymore they’re not going to work these Canadians are able to argue that my show is a bad show they don’t they don’t matter that’s the first sign of the Apocalypse that I have to talk to a Canadian on read it and go of it if you think about it maybe Community was funny last night
it’s only going to get worse I can tell sometimes like right now I kind of like whether you’re on the side of walls or against you do live within a certain time on the side of an audit into the masonry construction of Walling in the wall makers
walls because we don’t want any personal responsibility for anything we do give it to other people supposed to be like in my head it make sense to fuck it and then kill this guy it doesn’t make sense for that you have to have I would like to know for instance why I can’t have this conversation without all of us trying to build walls around each other and figure out where the right and wrong place to put brexit I would like to know why this conversation can’t happen without everyone’s starting to assert their right and wrong of it it was a fluid conversation between communities in between people in between no hierarchy just based on an exchange of ideas
great but the problem is the education isn’t there you have to go to the decades and generations of Education to get people to have a fucking kids and they’re not fucking the nut grows their problems get dealt with really kind of quickly and and and and very for sure you do your people start doing something different idea now the bummer as I am going to turn 30 and I’m in the sad thing is it I did what I thought was possible when I was 19 and reading all this stuff and thinking that it’s possible to live communally as possible and actually live for
the people around you actually actually be the good version of socialists and the good version of libertarian and and be like look up free Society you think I was happening we were close a few times throughout the threat the last few hundred years as you get older and I’m not trying to talk to you I hate that I don’t think that we are only one that ever has technology to just touch your phone and you have access to everything and you don’t have to learn or gain any knowledge you don’t have to do anything I mean as you get closer to the Grave that you are from the vagina or old are Co-op
it took them into it like fighting for the tribe instead of fighting against it they threatened us we use them to kill each other when we go to war we use them like we fear them they that we give birth to them and when they are teenagers a 17 year old person is so filled with so much energy and so unafraid of death because they don’t realize it’s an inevitability that they actually have a capacity for idealism they have the capacity for Change and we use them to build walls we use them to move cargo containers and we tell them Iraq you should you should go fight them with we tell them that they’re full of shit and we live in fear of them as we creep into the grave I absolutely agree with you at 40 years old I’m so glad I have toilet paper this three-ply instead of 2 pi I can’t believe I ever lived I can’t believe I ever to change my own the light bulbs I can’t believe I didn’t know what dark chocolate was and how it was a milk chocolate I can’t believe Breaking Bad
listen to get the season I can’t I’m so happy that I’m not going to get hurt before I die I hope to God they stick a tube down my throat they just take me out but but but Revolution doesn’t come in a voting booth it doesn’t it doesn’t happen which is the who is in the worlds that we create for these kids like we we build walls around here so you’re liberal and we tell them that if you have a flag on your window your your your conservative and it’s all horseshit because there’s a world Beyond those fucking wall and yes if you break down those walls you might end up being a pedophile and actually forgiving them that maybe that was my point the whole time that we build these fucking walls that are so convenient for us because there’s people standing on them that say if you go beyond this point you forgive the idea of fucking a three-year-old there’s other things back there there’s hidden packages there’s there’s bonus levels
there’s there’s the shit outside the rectangle that we create around herself these people like you said like we wake up in the morning we go at, man I hope the cop keep me safe I don’t want to do crawl in my window I got a girlfriend in here I got a Breaking Bad party tonight I want to do to come in and do it I didn’t break bad right and those cops out there are going like that I’ll protect that house fucking a man I don’t want some dude will crawl in there and I got my salary I want to make Lieutenant I want to do whatever whatever the hell that motivates them I only learned about police for Breaking Bad like like like like it’s working it’s working fantastic it’s working great life is so safe and so easy even if you have it kind of bad cuz like if you’re having like you know you you’re broke and your and your your Indigent seniority
country in our world that we that you watch like every time I fucken turn the television on to some guy just shot up a fucking Supermarket or at school today it happened today at the end I think you know people have always had people have always been freaky and Dad happens to this cameras everywhere as we see it all happened we can all watch it happen or also or interconnect with each other that we’re all more aware of it now people talk about things more rape is more talked about because I know you people come forward more about it now I’ve always been happening but now it’s a lot of NFL players
that Revolution now if people got I don’t like my life I want to go out on TV I’m going to go out with my name on the fucking son on CNN for 38 hours of a guy that did this fucking horrible atrocity that we can’t build why does it never has been a wall that keeps that guy I know physically all the time I think the fact that. Like you say there is a mysterious I’ll talk to you a great I think we all agree the wall is a bad metaphor because there’s no such thing as a physical wall that has ever kept any of the sink in our heads in the right places that will stop happening to the metaphor there’s no such thing as a
is it from half a day. Jeffrey Dahmer from scooping a dead squirrel I’m going to crawl space and going that’s interesting I think I’ll make a 17 people be my human zombies it does him from doing that but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong the wall is a bad Paradise it’s a different song about changing your life right now because she just literally got electrocuted that she’s not here I mean she’s fine she was changing a light bulb
all right all right here right now
sorry I don’t know I love you dearly but
Alyssa Anderson Aaron replacement I want to hear Emily download about this we should have brought her up earlier one step away from training school so they’d be gone forever kids who were sexual predators to other kids most like I love you Spencer I’m so sorry that you have to have when you’re sitting across from a human being who has tried to rape another child who is 14 and try to rape another child you still have to have empathy for that kid you still have to the forgiveness is on the right word but empathy which is the abuse that doubles that is the right word you have to be able to not feel what they’re like going through it or not and you have to be able to say use there something going on
I’m with you that keeps that has you doing this and you’re maybe never going to get them to stop wanting to fuck kids but you can get them like an alcoholic to learn to avoid situations and that’s all you work with him on his like he’s dated a skills of like how do you avoid fucking a kid today I’m not saying you’re not going to fuck a kid tomorrow how you get them to avoid doing it today and that is one day at a time should have your head of yours
and I’ve yet
that David has kids imprisoning people who
how many people who have physically offended right and so it’s like what else apart tremendously isn’t it to consume to view to think to see you then you’re also supporting that the act of someone does people go to prison right now so if if risdon’s I were to ever give perhaps 35% of my salary to something that would ever hurt you and children like I don’t know like a bombing raid on 20 countries at the same time
princess knowing they giving money to something to eat and no is going for a specific purpose so I get to keep plodding through my fucking life level and with me you know under a tombstone in a certain system but like the idea that there’s not that much difference between is I think it’s important do you think if there is someone who do your bed that’s my motto what do you mean that’s my new is Senator assistant the t-shirt do your bed has to be on the back
find if they’re behind let’s talk about the guy that what do you think we’re going to take a kid to pick what is the real feel temperature in some kind of does that guy want to stop cuz I think what he’s doing is wrong does that guy want to stop that something that I like I haven’t talked to a guy who hasn’t had a pot plant in his flower box before we decided that was illegal
where is the 100 chocolate mousse
do they know that what they’re doing is wrong thank you. They shouldn’t do it and I can’t speak for everybody but everybody I’ve ever talked to absolutely is like I wish I didn’t like this so much but I do what do I do you know they wish they didn’t like it yet but they say they do
do you have a kid is 14 and has there and he’s acting out on 12 year olds because he himself was raped by someone older like how that’s a tough call to blame that kid for what’s happening to have no idea what kind of monsters are we fighting on DND
I think we’re going to go from a conversation about to a dungeon
I can do a I could do Jeff I can do a real quick, cleanser story if you want it’ll be real quick it’s about so it’s not it’s weird with a never liked talk about like my comedy or Korea or anything so I texted them I did a Comedy Central special like a couple months ago there was a big deal to me
I did my first hour and everything started for 10 years it was like a big deal to me and also I texted them and I was like I please watch it means a lot to me so they watched it and then I got a text from my dad and it said you special
that’s it that was a whole text no. At the end no. At the end of nothing. Maybe there was maybe it was a home invasion or something special
Second Story the story gets a couple weeks later I’m on Amazon reviews of my special LOL I know that’s my mom doesn’t know that I am going to church I know who is this Cox Tucker no end after it’s already kind of DVD and could not stop laughing
very well performed none of the jokes could be called stale
I’ve been watching others comedy stand-up shows and now she’s been around the block
she’s pretending like you someone else I’ve seen a lot of stand-up comedy shows this is almost a compliment I’ve been watching a stand-up comedy shows also but this one is by far amongst the top most
thank you for your qualifier her mom died and she almost went extremely well at all I can say is he was adequate all I can say is hats off to Beta male
something with her trying to not just write a love letter so I text her and tell her you read it and that it meant a lot to you we have to break this barrier if you guys not talking about this big body or life
walls now and I said meant a lot to me that you enjoyed it it was amongst my favorite review
so I texted I meant a lot to me that you enjoyed it with my dad he’s very straightforward he’s very you still looking cool and groovy in Old School I was on some with some new episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway it’s improv it’s not the funniest show in the world
I told my dad he normally calls me right oh right away he did not call me a week later I called him up and we’re talking about this and about that and he doesn’t bring it up which means I know what it means he doesn’t like it and so I said I did but I told some friends from church to watch it I wish I would have known not to tell everybody to watch it because Katie and they go to church and whose line as one of the greatest television show in TV history
when we last met Our Heroes were sending this to our star and after checking for warm traps they bounded into the room the chamber’s high ceilings were covered in Chains and Three Lions a real Bowl open the chest with Chris De burgh’s acid help in obtaining arrows and craft supplies The rest of the heroes also climbed atop lion statues for some reason
Sharpies prying was rewarded by an ominous rumbling That Shook the entire keep it was Gary but what did it mean we’ll find out now on an all-new episode of harmontown
I wonder if we’ll find out
seems like your mom is probably the person you learn to be funny from she’s a little bummed out what do you mean
funnier than your dad she’s like sneak attack
where am I right now
Spencer return to play D&D I thought I had my nightly work
you’re on top of the statue that I wasn’t here last year just standing there I think you were the only reason why did out there I just thought if I play Dungeons & Dragons as usually as I know what I was telling my parents separated the kids blame themselves for the separation that’s the whole idea.
we’re happy we’re getting divorced in this counts right
things are better off not I will say if your parents out there and you’re staying together for the kids go fuck yourself on behalf of the kids of the world separate staying together makes our makes everything work out to you like split up your fucking dick so I’m on top of the statue
yeah you guys are on still in Lion statues are each about a 15 ft tall and everything’s rumblin it’s like the crumbling stones of the foundations of marriage for the walls that are keeping the pedophiles out your alliance it all falls down my statue and go okay you do that the rumbling doesn’t diminish any in fact it increases as coming from everywhere it’s like an earthquake
your people he pulled out he was trying to pry out one of the eyeballs in your ear giving it given a real real workings and then a real a real workings is the old gnome term for it but no messing with those eyeballs are still dangling you could not climb them if you’re on a statue but course not I can do whatever I want. Tell me what to do if you like
anyone else want to try anything I want to try to climb one of the chain to see what happens like the real climb atop the chains
now you’re hanging from chains that President fitness test I can do this for a while it was intensifying now it stops completely soon as it stops sounds like a hot bubble blowing lava begins filling up filling up the floor here oh you guys better get up currently fall raid what do you see on top of the chair of the top of it so it’s almost like there’s a huge canopy above your head that’s blocking above but you can only see Blackness and you’re just on one of these dangling so you have to climb up
I have low-light Vision either one of those Jones at 12 climbing a 12 client modifier 35 I’m sorry 11:11 okay
alright it’s a different pain than the one she’s on correct I start climbing up a do so with Great Gusto
timing chain should I jump so far is Saint have anything that so she can see cuz it’s dark up there is there anything I can do you have the goggles of night me do you do
me through goggles at night
I feel like his role playing as well as cocksure because his wife is is it is in the mix
hey honey do as you described and you give her the goggles of night metal hatch in the ceiling through all these chains go to court before you can you hear a voice call out echoing through the chamber above
Brendan Fraser
sew-in on the on the hearing that the hatch in the ceiling that only you can see begins to open and you see the large multi-legged form coming out of this hole
tell us about a freaking out your fucking freaking out it looks like it looks like a cross between some sort of spider in humanoid you see three of its legs are replaced with metal Spike has a large hole in the back of its head covered in Metal Place you hear can you hear a metallic voice rang out brass
thank you everybody for coming to Hermantown
what is a dumbbell a wall between yourself and a pedophile tonight
find one pedophile and lower the no don’t do that Lauren Adam Kelly was it Laura Emily Gordon Spencer Crittenden on Jeff Davis your comptroller one more time for Dan Harmon the mayor of ramen shop
will it really make it to the food we got pretty close I know what it is if it’s easy to hate somebody maybe don’t hate them if it’s hard to hate somebody maybe hate them
that’s what I was trying to get through to good night at the drawing room he just broke for a while my friend


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