Episode: 81 – Hot Dog With Lettuce (Laraine Newman, Dr. Chris Ryan)


Episode: 81 – Hot Dog With Lettuce (Laraine Newman, Dr. Chris Ryan)


Mayor Harmon jumps right into a drop in from original Saturday Night Live cast member Laraine Newman which merges into a visit from controversial author Dr. Chris Ryan to delves into polygamy and the very nature of our sexuality. In D&D, Spencer gives up.


hello and welcome once again to melt down, cuz there’s no sweeter
highland cow
Dan Harmon
all right
Jeff yes Dan we got gas so we got to guest tree growing in the black or green room was chock full of nuts nuts we got to say about me being fat jerking off and whatever you’re getting a little men to women with the pantyhose bubble bath bubble bath
love love love 12 year olds in the back of my white Van Heusen 20% begin run off going blog
we got to talk about and talk to both of them really lyrics she wasn’t here and her remember her her mr. clean a bouncer the back keep going and another fellow who I’m also excited about cuz he’s like he’s like the version of me that’s actually right about the things that I pretend I’m interested in so I don’t know where to start
was just about to tell you the rich history of the suit a happy life I traveled a lot recently and I’m home and I don’t leave again until we leave together for Scotland that’s nice. It’s like you have burrowed into this mud hole and it doesn’t matter what I will who will ever know that’s whatever that’s my stick but I’ve no idea could be the best could be worst who cares no one ever wanted me to who cares Dan but how you feel about how I could do showers or bad it’s stupid to say, shut up but I’m in that zone
that’s been like 6 months and I keep thinking I’m going to finish and then we’re going to go off to Scotland in between
Aaron’s birthday coming up very soon is that it’s in a couple weeks what December 5th is there a birthday same as my dad
really I my brother I propose a fan fiction story
involving you and I and an 1800 Georgie
certain that already exist in which we became our own grandfather’s is is there a slash of you I’ve never seen I’ve never seen anything on the internet about that involve to me doing it it has to be because of me because of who’s lying and who’s life and love it to know because he hit his wife for Lee written
would you like me to write for you to make it would you like me to knock it out of the park like proof / alright well I’ll work on that I got to sit down with me and Justin martial arts podcast producer I just really gained it up actually probably years ago when we first started doing harmontown I saw some really flattering serialized fanfiction it wasn’t / it was just fanfiction it was about just our exploits this is me hanging out and then you hanging out and I don’t know I was having Misadventures and things but somebody sent me a link one time
a cruise ship instantly turns into just a second and I would welcome any of it I can’t really read the community stuff because I think I’ve explained this good enough but the reason is because of scientific like craftsmanship because I asked if you were to write a community fanfic story about the Rubik’s Cube there’s a button side of it and it farts in her face like if if if I would have mentioned Rubik’s cubes in in an episode or something I have to keep those worlds separate otherwise I guess what what am I supposed to do would you want to have sent me something and then be the reason why I couldn’t do that episode or would you want to be sitting there wondering if I rip you off so the only possible thing I can do is not to deal with it
thank you Dan for I was hoping you could talk for 10 minutes straight about why he can’t read fanfiction
never next segment me cutting myself and then drinking it then complaining about the taste and spitting into a cup and then tearing the cup and then cutting myself the shards of the cup cardigan
Aaron got this for me and it’s Monograms but they got the monogram wrong with this a d h g
but it’s still a diagram sweater band
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually come elements is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like ever you’re always in good hands
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what’s they’re bringing up our friends I think I think I think I’m trying to figure out what order to bring him up in to maximize the impact
hitesman subjected suggested water displacement
in order of of how do you know my heart flasher. I’m bringing laraine Newman up first
laraine Newman
sit anywhere and take any Mike doesn’t matter
that doesn’t know you don’t have to move down
it’s the it’s the future and there’s no more rules just sit anywhere you want to talk to you about things when we could talk about public bathrooms we were talking about that the Green Room I said is there anything on your mind like emotionally and you said you wanted you want to have a word with but it sounded like your husband is one of these people but your husband and them in the meantime in the men’s room he said he definitely smelled deafness Tunes out the pitch that’s women’s voices I’m kidding honey
you can’t catch something from a toilet seat but I end up sitting in your piss and it makes me hate you you don’t want germs so you’re not going to sit on the toilet so you’re going to be the Nikola Tesla of peeing in a public bathroom you know to cover the seed it still comes through and I end up sitting in their pee pee makes me mad as well with peas and hover because you put something down
I’m with her I think that’s the last field of battle amongst each other we if we cannot
touch with our asses the same piece of plastic what are we even doing
says there’s a germ that goes from your vagina and your butthole onto a piece of plastic and wait before that thing is taking us all out until then like it’s an altar when you go into a public bathroom and the people that have come before you made a choice and they and they have they have changed the surface of the Altar and your husband of God bless his soul but he is one of the enemy he cuz he said he said he leans forward when he makes a poo poo
with what he did so many of the things that I have sometimes seen in his stall to make a poo poo well I’m not going to try to cleaning fluid I am not touching this part of the conversation let’s move on to the people who are loading their their cars at the market but they’re not telling you that they’re not leaving when you’re waiting for their spot right right signal that loading their cars
right and you’re not getting your car
can people tell if a lost and I can see it after I lost him completely
but I have no but I know I will if I’m in my if I’m in my apartment to get into my car and I know I’m the meter’s running if I if I feel like someone’s might be thinking that I’m going to leave the spot stuff now I’m very paranoid about that my biggest nightmare second only to bucket of spiders on the face is the public movie theater save me save me a seat I’ll be right there save me a seat sold out I got to sit next to an empty seat or two or three sometimes it’s treated you coming save us a seat I can’t say no because there’s no. What kind of a dick move I got to spend the 20 minutes of trivia slides about David Hasselhoff like the food for the movie where people are like people that are by the way now history
those will sometimes pull out an assault rifle and shoot you are looking for seats in the movie that’s not why
it’s not I have never assumed that that would be the case but what terrifies me I’m going to see taken I’m cheating I am everyone wants to see if you have to keep your voice in that situation again. You can’t say no I won’t save you but would you do a comedian that had Davis he’s on a plane or in a movie theater week when you have to save a seat just affect a really wet cough cough a lot nobody wants crops could help out in that situation but in reality
it’s an audio podcast imagine I’m wearing a crop that physically makes sense of a person next to you would want to
laraine Newman gear 1975 yuron a variety comedy show that is not supposed to I assume succeed or they wouldn’t have put it on at midnight on NBC right I supposed to replace the instead of the Carson reruns. Meaning amazing like 40 years later or that I can’t even keep track of time but 42 years later like every fucking sketches archived this computer control there’s a robot arm that goes Dick in a Box goes through October 2012
put back in these days of Coneheads and these things at like you guys were doing this variety show me jeans and then like it was because I’m a bad interviewer
well the first people who were hired in the cast or actually me and Gilda and I had work with warm before I had done a Lily Tomlin special and I think that was in 74 and his give me in the Groundlings and then he came back and saw me doing more characters more material lorenita and I went to New York and I met Gilda and then we watched other people’s auditions yeah and then I met Danny that’s what we felt like and that was interesting and then we started filming a commercial parodies and that’s where I met Belushi and Howard Shore who is our band leader whose now become an academy award-winning Lord of the Rings yeah I mean you know I actually Silence of the Lambs 2
who’s editions did you watch that made it into the cast of Jews the Jews and it was between her and Mimi Kennedy do you know where she is. I wish I could Lister credits now you go
she was really good but you ain’t it was it was just clear lord of the women first Chevy was hired as a writer Garrett Morris was hired as a writer and I met Tom Schiller who was also a writer and I was thinking. That guy looks familiar it turned out that we’d gone to the same grammar school and my sister have been his camp counselor
so you know that was interesting what I’ve read like you guys were all you guys as being all sort of in the same company but there was like a second City or something and there’s somebody coming and scouting and just grabbing people suggest we had just formed the Groundlings like a year before I went to New York to do the show I was the first grounding to go and do SNL so I cannot tell you the teasing I got from everybody in the calf will mainly Danny and John about the Groundlings so no it was Second City from Toronto Second City from Chicago in 75 when you’re shooting the first can you remember the first sketch
which was Alexander the Great’s High School reunions and it was so funny and I wasn’t even in it but I was heartbroken that was cut and you know there’s been a lot of instances like that and including I think it was Jesus Christ High School reunions what was his Jesus is that you said you look good my sister just see you at the Alexander the Great’s High School Union
Ashley was funny what year I was born in 73 when I was four or five years old my first professional job was at the Groundlings Theatre the play there really so it’ll be just a couple years after you left I was a very ill-advised production of you’re a good man Charlie Brown all children
it was a bummer Linus and I want my director who is like six foot five and I was in a little tiny four-year-old Eddie the eagle in the wings right before I walk Jeffrey are you okay I just projectile vomited all over his face and then I dropped my blanket and went out on stage
if your if your line is I need to unhook my get your Schroeder nobody knows who you are
great pep talk at a show on Friday night with his rep company Chris guest a lot of other interesting people so anyways you you did it for like five years made it look like how many episodes with Christ and then learned decided he was he’d had enough you were there so you departed there was that year that the the Lorne Michaels got removed from his own NBC show something like that
is it that that the butt that we was at 80
I do I’m ask I’m interviewing about so that everyone can read in some paper back so I remove someone from the network came and asked us if we wanted to stay knowing that Lauren was leaving cuz Jean doumanian who had been I think the talent coordinator was going to take over this as the producer and she we didn’t feel that she could do it the way we all left and I was home sick I wanted to come home to LA or 5 years working in the show Even if you thought that the next person would do a bang-up job it’s like it’s a good time to leave yeah you can’t be faulted for it and they had kind of a Chevy connection of Jesus. We had a really really great friendship and when he left the show I continue to be friends with Travian
the only person from Saturday Night Live I unless I’m mistaken when he did that that roast on Comedy Central you were the one alumni alumni alumni you did a very funny but that was like you were right from your diary of having worked with Chevy and he was pretty bummed out he actually described it was really I mean you know
hit his speech you know when he comes up afterwards was just they cut most of it and they had to because it was basically there was no material usually they have a you know that bit where they roast the people that roasted them but his was off-the-cuff just basically saying fuck you and everybody else you know and and people who would artfully crafted
and it just said he said I’m only doing this because it is benefiting my wife’s favorite charity I literally ran up onto the stage because we had that one moment right before I was like oh Chevy see what I feel the same way which is like no good can come of it talked like he worked with him longer than you did not to pull any rank or anything but I’ve actually worked with him longer than anybody which is I sometimes Marvel looking back on and then like that lately he
so let me a story about the time that I broke my ribs has anybody ever broken the ribs anybody laughing I have checked it hurts it hurts like hell it takes forever to heal you can’t cough you can’t sit up and you can’t lay down right now it’s a shame that they didn’t include Chevy in the aristocrats documentary. Because he tells it probably the funniest of anybody else because he acted out the aristocrats joke he actually ships in your mouth
well there’s there’s two of them one is I think there’s a version that involves scatology and then there’s a version that involves incest he does the incest won the Stanley Cup
broken ribs from like my having seen him
he finds out that I broken my ribs he tracks me down to where I’m staying which is my boyfriend’s house at the time I’m still living in New York
and I am opening line of the joke is guy goes to a booking agent he tracks me down I broken my ribs I put out fuck it I’ve just you know breathing hurts I pick up the phone oh hi hello guy goes to a booking agent he still calls me and and vice versa and that’s how it leg like he is focused on making people laugh
funny like he I I was at a hot dog stand out that sounds like I’m making it up there were for some reason there’s a hot dog stand outside the stage were shooting Community everyone’s weary everyone’s bummed out no one wants to be there every once I get home later and and the guy Manning the hot dog stand goes holyshit at Chevy Chase who’s standing in front of me when you need a hot dog and I go I’m thinking I might head to fuck like. Please come on don’t talk to anybody where all we all just want to go home and he’s like what do you want
my sister’s not going to believe this completed please can I call my sister I know what you talked to her on the phone and I’m thinking in my head like I don’t even have the balls to be a man and say like it’s just her excuse me to Chase wants hotdogs and we need to work those balls because this guy in front of me has worked for a thousand years worth of me who has the right to decline or or is that goes like they give me the phone give me the phone and he takes the phone and it’s like hello who’s this
are the hot dog guy is like freaking a box off down Paramount
and he’s gesture and his 15 minutes I’ll have a hot dog with lettuce
I don’t know anything about being a celebrity and how do you supposed to treat people in what is what is what is any of this because Jimmy chases walking off with his cell phone and he brings it back and we’re called The Aristocrats and again
but that’s like if he was walking away from the soundstage if he ever came across one of those Paramount tour groups or something you would you eat papaya and he would be holding Quarry Lake like they they’re popping pictures and he’s talking because they ran across flash on Paramount lot anyways like he what do you what do you what do you say you don’t say anything I have no idea you set you say the word Chevy TV TV comedy like a single-camera comedy after the Advent of basic cable after the Advent of I mean I we got in anybody over the age of 55 on that set like they are they are already being tortured I think the Geneva Convention if they knew what was
for an actor over at like at a certain point be like you’re not allowed to do this to human beings are crew you know it like like we abide by the union rules that we have to abide by but the truth is there’s any Humanity going on on those stages and stuff so he was he was not contributed to a lot of it if you’re if you’re if you’re that Magnetic Personality how long are you supposed to stand there and be magnetic could be told that you have to do 20 more takes you know he was like not used to that all late like because it’s like to fuck you up Chevy Chase what do you mean one more time I’ll kill you got it we didn’t have it but he felt like we had it and yeah it was my guess is it wasn’t fuck you I’m Chevy Chase you have it it was that your repeatedly asking for it I
and maybe it made him and secure absolutely God the horrible mirror that I would look into whenever he and I would like try to talk to each other about what what how we were just satisfied was like how do you how do you say to somebody like that I’m like you that is an insult to say that like I’m 20 years younger than you you’re not I’m not like you I don’t have a right to be like you yet but like I used the blood flowing in your veins like I had deleted mine too but it’ll be funny if you if you act like it’s boiling or should I put Chevy like that back in the old days back in the SNL days was he driven by insecurity then
I think that’s a you know the wiring of everybody probably wasn’t anybody at that stage where he came in and from what I’ve read the weird situation of Bill Murray was in with that people mistakenly perceived that he was the replacement for Chevy Chase and he had to go through that whole thing
what was he like as in the context of thinking you was trying to filch have his shoes I don’t think that he really he’s a very enigmatic person but you know he has great guy wish I had my phone with me I could read some of this text because they’re hilarious we have a great texting relationship one of the one of our Associates a girl named Robin flying who died a couple years ago from cancer he said I’ll come over and suck you I think that would be you know a nice saying
what was the what was the Bible like before you guys walk out to start to show you don’t even post it you probably do they still do the m
the car at the dress rehearsal you did that before you guys are ready to go live and do it what was the camaraderie or is it like when you guys a team was it was it was there like that you guys get together and have a holler before hand or was alive like a different areas of the stage which is strange because I guess 2 years ago I’d never seen it before I never been in the audience before and it was I think Ed Helms was a host and they really blocked off a lot of sections of this of the floor you know which we used to use the whole floor says whatever cuz I can’t even picture to begin with what the floor would look like what do you mean by sectioned-off they closed it off you know you can’t see everything will have used them I think they’re using parts of we’re like the bleachers are for the upstairs will use you know some of that area was opened up and we used it the floor
area is set and now they’re they’re just in clothes I think they use them for costume changes and weight changes and things like that so that use very little of a floor and I think you know also they have this new technology that helps him along as a kid and you walk in there and where the ocean I’m on kind of like like for me anyway I get like a weird energy if I remember some of that that did the old fright it was it was it like going back and seeing each other and not be like having to go out and do it
show images I have like a auxiliary stage-fright return there after you see it different like what was the emotional they cleaned it up nice and he upstairs was always too ready you know speaking of what it was like in the beginning because you know we had all their ship Furniture you know from the whatever floor that was oral histories that have a radio show by people that were not supposed to be in charge of felt like we were able to put on stuff that made us laugh and we just couldn’t believe the kind of stuff that we are able to put on Pinterest
The Laughing that’s why it’s subversive so then like, he becomes institutionalized I don’t know what the fuck my point is where I’m going with this rant but it’s it’s late like this was a Croc variety show with a bunch of pot smoke in the happy-go-lucky people just fucking around and it was live and it wasn’t supposed to the idea that you had cones on your head was ironic it wasn’t like I don’t know how successful is because it’s allowed to be idiosyncratic you know character-driven stuff always works if it’s if it’s a really original character and I think that they pick good talent and they have good writers it’s not always at the same time but they but they’ve always had great people always and they’ve had tough seasons and they’ve had great seasons and they can do when my kids were small I didn’t and there was no
sing is TiVo but now that there is I watch it all the time I love it cuz I still loves ketchup standard that we do now where we go okay with it what were the two funny sketches let’s put on a split cider to put a little clicky Link in the thing like it was it was a variety show and you come in a description of that process is amazing who is the coolest musical guests that you got from me like around actors or like famous people musician is always present and musicians
I would absolutely make ice pack right now and make out with it and who wouldn’t has been on there what I just remember that Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias to have been a groundling and Tony sales who was my best friend in middle school or in his band uses the Forrest Gump of David Bowie’s
did you get that point did you go wait is that what I am at Coggin David boies
no but I just wish they would have a Skrillex on their own music like the talent back then and Elvis Costello and I mean for sure. It’s like that’s the thing you can’t talk shit about it that’s not cool and a half my friends are on it and we’re have been out it looks like it’s an institution like the view your mind is torn in half by your relationship with us until they Lonely Island guys who who started his Channel 101 guys and and went to SNL they think it was one of them that kind of sums it up I’m sure this has been pointed out by anyone else but they they said you know everyone everyone has grown up on SNL
everyone thinks that the SNL from when they were 10 years old was the perfect that’s an l and everyone thinks that the SML from when they’re $20 a piece of shit everyone has that luxury now like it’s it’s been there the entire time and you go like that cuz and I went through the day’s crazy to appraise seasons of of SNL Community however
was a lot like watching it and season 20 of S & L be forced to watch season 1 of Chevy Chase’s talk show
on a beach
spot but I would if I had my preference you would stay up here for our next guest to come up just because I think it would be interesting to have you up here but you can totally leave too and pretend that you have a medical emergency or family Vlog between me and you’re still there cuz I’m really interested in one day I could hear out there to stay exactly where you are and just leave or I got to leave now all right all right
remember that guy
laraine Newman no guy
would you save a seat for me sometimes.
Will Ferrell audio boy we got a lot of podcast on that Network this guy’s got one of them his name is Doctor PhD Doctor Chris Ryan
and he has it
he has a podcast called tangentially speaking
there was that hangs out with her instead it’s great I thought yeah yeah it feels important because you are at least interesting thing about you or your the book that you wrote it involves monogamy vs polygamy in our species of primates you are a guy whose PhD in Psychology but you became kind of you stumbled into anthropology
wrote a book where you didn’t have any horse in the race but you kind of ended up making the case was a very sensitive issue for people myself included everybody buttons pushed by this idea of is humankind naturally monogamous when all the evidence suggests we’re not
so that makes it a conflict of kind of conversation the fact that we all want to believe we are as evidence of the fact that we are no behaviorally difference between science and bullshit right there is some that up I was just doing a thing the other night with them wish you could assure and comedian talking about the science and simplest way to explain human behavior is to say we’re not a polygamist is rightfully give me would be one male and several females they were promiscuous species we’re both of the males and the females had multiple sexual partners the simplest way to explain contemporary human behavior is simply to say where promiscuous species that’s being told to be monogamous
right but the blade comes out occasionally humans are related to chimps closely the most closely aligned and of those chips how do you pronounce here’s where I go OK Google play my cards on the table it was why I refer to you as the Dan Harmon of inform people because I read one book about this and pretend to be an expert on all this and you wrote a book on it and probably read a million books on it and don’t pretend to be an expert at it but I read Desmond Morris is book from the sixties the naked Aid and he I think he was the one that talked about the the bonobo chimps and he talked about specifically house back in the day when science was still actually accountable to some degree to social
fucking day and found this breed of chimps is that accurate to call bonobos a breed of chimps well as they used to be called pygmy chimps the fact that they’re not really smaller than common shims to separate species in fact Jared Diamond Guns Germs and Steel and no bunch of other things argues quite convincingly that chimps to humans and bonobos are really three subspecies of chimpanzee closely related if you go to the gym for the bonobos in Isuzu you are more closely related to them than they are to anything else in the zoo gorillas orangutan humans and bonobos are more closely related for example than the Indian elephant is to the African elephant oh okay so it’s like last common ancestor and shared DNA
our DNA link to a chimpanzee what are many different ways to the scientist use to measure that so numbers vary but from 98 to 95 and a half percent is the general range but also, two watermelon and a half a percent of 98% water tomorrow
also interesting least meet him nor do I get to work both chimps and bonobos sleep in hammocks which I find really fascinating I love him or I just when they’re provided them every night that we have branches together and sleep and they create hammocks so we argue with my wife and I who’s back there somewhere are you in sex at dawn that hammocks are the first human technology because I love hammocks I thought that that was okay but when you get into a hammock it feels so good
I thought it was cuz I had Asperger’s or something cuz it’s cuz I’m a monkey and subsequently question and Challenge and stuff but what he talked about as they discovered this this this more closely related to US are as you’re saying like they’re like cousins of Wither equidistant from the interesting thing about them was always how much fucking and sucking they did say they are incestuous their bisexual they are they referred to them settling disputes through orgies
they do it all look like an episode of My Three Sons like they do End early in the fifties when they’re discovering this stuff they’re sort of discovering it and going a weird weird monkey and then over time we’re going to wait that’s us that’s what’s going on that’s what’s raging inside her brain yeah they’re also the only other mammal that has sex face-to-face right they lay the stare into each other’s eyes having sex

I don’t like food and sex whatever this is Jonathan
whipped creme leave the food out of chimpanzees use violence to get sex and bonobos use sex to avoid violence in about 50 years of observation both in the jungle and in captivity nobody has ever been witness to kill or rape another bonobo not once and any believe me if you’re the first one to see it your career is made right
you just created a whole new weird Payola Scandal that’s going to happen a no-go rape porn estate by Dr Santa hears okay so through the emotional experience that human being with a necktie that’s got to go to work tomorrow at 9 a.m. that that that Ed loves his wife and and loves his kids it was what the emotional experience that he has when he reads a scientist saying that human beings aren’t naturally monogamous the actual experience is that that person says well that is implying that my life is a lie that’s implying that shallow interpretation
vegetarian and you say our ancestors were omnivores is the vegetarian going to stay there for my life is a lie I don’t think so I think most of course they were hard but I still choose to do it all so clearly descended from a lot of murderers like we passed each other are brains for each other supposed to keep doing that
I agree with the sentiment of what you’re saying but you know people often say to me cuz I’m like in the business of talking about human nature writing with everybody’s got an opinion people say like okay what is human HR we naturally violent as you’re suggesting like Steven Pinker suggest another or we naturally object what the hell was they saying Steven pinker’s always Sidetrack the thing is we are there’s all sorts of interesting research showing that toddlers have six months old already have a sense of justice and that end in one thing I often say is look nobody’s walking around suffering from PTSD because they help the stranger right so no matter how violent you think we are by Nature it’s interesting that we have to be trained Saturday each other and even after boot camp it still sucks us up
this is quite clear that we are by nature of a species very interested in Justice and egalitarian so we can can under extreme circumstances be extremely cruel and nasty and bizarre but that’s not our nature as a species whose the common ancestor that wants to rip throats out if we are actually closed the chimpanzee according to equidistant from the chimps and bonobos are like fucking and sucking and Swinging their the seventies of two beds were over here being like that you know where we’re Devo going like okay we can we can do this let’s just look up the word skyscrapers and beep boop boop boop
but we all have that grandfather that great Santini above us going tonight
can what what is your book mixed metaphor is coming out
is an album Jeff
and it’s going to be the book of movies
fill out what do you think is the final where do you learn that we’re in and also I don’t think we’re naturally I think we’re not sure this is a bit of competition and competitiveness in us but I don’t think that like you said we have an innate sense of justice I think is that a thing to come along later on like capitalism and governments that we we were Ward War and we will Ward conflicts and property essential difference between that’s really what our book is about is to understand it that our species has existed for at least two hundred thousand years as an anatomically modern species right culture only came about ten thousand years ago that’s 5% of our time on Earth is a species or much less if you include pre-modern species of human right
is a very small percentage in any case and before agriculture the way societies were designed was completely different from the way it is after a culture think about all hunter-gatherer people are with Anthropologist golf fiercely egalitarian they share everything and if you don’t share any show up with a a big box full of chocolate bars in peanut butter to last a whole year while they’re doing the research and they won’t share it with anybody the people like what the fuck are you ask me about my grandfather you want to study everything and you want your peanut butter with us right it’s a completely different mindset so whatever they give him the peanut butter peanut butter
there are people who believe that the gods give canned goods you know that but that’s another start every culture culture introduced the concept of private property and now you look people lived in settlements they lived they could accumulate a property do for the first time in really had a reason to care about their paternity because they like I don’t want to leave you know this building that I know they weren’t exactly they were nomadic control of women right and that’s when women became property if you read the Old Testament that we shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife we all think that’s like respect his marriage right no we didn’t contact The Continuous nor his house nor his slave nor has she asked really she had nor his Ox don’t covet thy neighbor’s property and the wife is just part of the property
oh it’s what you do out there with Spears okay there a football team running around let’s go kill some Mammoth and will bring the mammoth meat back to where wherever were camped for the night you say that’s fiercely a Gala Cherian because the the it’s maybe the women are staying behind I don’t I don’t know if that’s Politically Incorrect to apply but but but I can’t go back in time and see it but you’re saying that like the Agricultural Society we live in one place we have a city we’re going to irrigate he’s crying and you can store granny there’s a there’s a leisure time because you can actually use it you can start the store crops and you can have a granary that where you can live in Provence restaurant in me comes from its where is Ocean Why why do women become property because
have properties and they’re very concerned with their paternity so that they’re leaving their property to their son because the main advantage in agricultural societies is upper body strength because of the plow that you had to be able to control a plow also Warfare became very important because our cultural societies tend to expand borders right women in the hunter-gatherer societies have equal or sometimes higher status than men but women rule in a completely different way through consensus men in a matriarchal societies get laid a lot it’s much better are female-dominated even though the female bonobos a little smaller than the male as with chimps and humans if a male attacks a female all the females will gang up on that mail and attack him
so when you when you’re running a plow to be every cultural you need that upper body strength men are doing that they’re running their Farms they become the ruler is vinegar more time to build structures and specialization permanent structures that last for a long time so then that’s when you say patriarchy comes along with look like let’s let’s make sure the hereditary like the Bloodlines days when you have rulers and that’s when men become assholes her asshole comes out well informed like understanding how this all works was that it was these male-dominated football squads of the eye pictures like these cavemen in these for loincloth think that going on
they take the meat back home to these little encampment encampment and then they it doesn’t count as travel and then those assholes down to the equator where these like incredibly Advanced societies have been formed sometimes incredibly brutal but Advanced Society has been formed because of because they’re able to because they live in a more equatorial climate they have created a society around the stars and and the rising tide I’ll accept these patriarchal guys come in and go fuck you you don’t you you may be organized but you don’t know home invasion
like we do and they just take over and they’re idiots but they own the alphabet
like that. That was my understanding of it but I was Joseph Campbell’s that was the picture I got from him yeah yeah yeah I mean that the men generally and it’s not politically correct it accurate according to the data I’ve read it’s a man generally went hunting and the women generally gathered and what’s interesting is that about sixty to seventy percent of the calories that people have done came from the Gathering out from the hunting so they’re all sorts of things we found in our book like in the Amazon there’s a a tribe the kyleena that have a ritual when the men okay so men don’t like to hunt generally right they’ll go occasionally but that are lazy they’re in their hammocks right so the women have a ritual called the do see it blonde a where they play in the morning the women will get up and they’ll go around the village and they sing the song that basically translate to we want meet you men don’t give us enough meat and I wrote to the anthropologist
double entendre there and he’s like yeah definitely they’re catching a ride glance and the women will go to the man and a woman will go and bang on the post where is hammock is is tied and this is not he is the woman he normally has sex with right and what it means is if you come home with some me tonight I’ll fuck you
so it’s motivation for these guys like I get some strange if I kill them on can I get some strange
real species to Domino’s Pizza in is Jeremy Piven joking
strange seeking missiles they okay so then the guys like if you don’t if you’re not into that woman you can say all my stomach bad and like okay to let it ride right send the guys will get together and now in the Amazon they hunt independently because of the game is very sparse in the Monkees basically and they’re spread out so the guys will all leave the village together but before they split up be agreed to meet at a certain place at a certain time so that may go out a couple of the guys will shoot a monkey and the others want to come back we had a couple of monkeys they cut up the monkeys so every guy walks back into the village with me and they all get laid wow in the Anthropologist an academic paper here first as a guy who is delving into all of this as a married guy who’s in love with his wife and who has his own ego and his own
like what what what means did you get today when you when you come up against this point where you got this is how humans we talked about this earlier lately so our human species like we monogamy is it may not be an instinct for us but it’s it’s something that we want to do and that is worthwhile and that we use the guy who wrote the book and who is married how you’re coping with that information is it’s called the guy who’s preaching the the gospel of polygamy
has he run out naked in the street is there benefit social and economic institution that’s persistent because of private property because it makes more sense than and fits into an economic world that we lived in for quite a while since like that really is the roots of misogyny and male domination and and Gretchen has since we aren’t really a hunter-gatherer society and really we’re not an Agricultural Society we will be certainly meet need agriculture to surprise but we’re not really we don’t need upper body strength to survive any more why does that male domination for Cisneros I just a hangover from that long ago or do we know why women still get less money and why we still treat women like shit all the time and like what’s what is that person
I think women are still
subjugated in the sense that they’re still being largely as breeding vessels and in much of the world and in this part of the world until very recently as defined in the Bible and as defined in Western Society until 20 years ago only referred to the women you weren’t an adulterer if you screwed a single woman even though you were married then you have the bastard son running around the other Game of Thrones thing where it’s like it’s okay to have your seat somewhere an accident sign of wealth and power I mean yeah there are a lot of lingering effects of this in Western societies certainly if you look at it you know a Ron or Afghanistan where women are still being stoned to death for the crime of having been raped right in saying so women are still seeing his property is very much and we really rebelled against in our book is this idea that with
are by Nature gold diggers women are by their very nature trading sexual access for goods and services for men for status and for me to attempt to destroy environment or whatever it is women were put in a position where all they had left to barter with was their sexuality so of course they did in order to survive because if you had a kid as a single woman in Victorian England or Wednesday you were piece of shit you were thrown into the street in your kids will starve to death if you’re not allowed to be a senator ever and you don’t have a penis fish is so what are you doing it’s a dead end. You try to survive so what was your question of what what do you do when they get as you turn out the light and you go I got my dog I got to do you have kids you know you’re living the American dream to get your white picket fence you wrote a book that says that people want to fuck everybody
what’s the follow-up to that what’s the epilogue to that to a happily married man that the decisions and as I said earlier about also want to take a shit but we do it in a toilet we also want to pick our nose but we don’t eat it where you waiting sex with horrible
why don’t you go ahead and finish
I know I think you do people people find their own compromises people find ways the only thing we don’t Advocate anything in the book The only thing I send an understanding and you don’t let’s start from a realistic understanding of what sort of species we are you look at Anthropologie we look at primatology we look at a human anatomy Bratayley reproductive Anatomy the shape of the penis that the volume of the testicles the fact that women can have multiple orgasms I got in trouble giving a TED talk because Meg Ryan was in the audience and I decided to go off-script and talked about female copulatory vocalization right and that really pissed them off so that you have a problem with that he doesn’t but the guy who runs Ted’s yeah he was like I won’t have what you’re saying she’s having
Mega guys Saga
said about Naga mean in the context of children I mean you know there’s a lot of evidence of the destructive impacts of you no apparent leaving you know Morris’s book when it was just a guess it’s totally the only anthropology book I’ve ever read the contacts he did imply that the that woman’s breasts evolved to look of the way they did so that they would remind men of their butts I still do it that’s called the genital Echo Theory like a lot a lot of founding fathers of like theories that we end up building Savannah that you know you put it in context discount Freud but it was a different time anyways. That was the one book I read and the it would say it really stuck with me as I do have a pair bonding
and neoteny he talked about how Humanity was in the crosshairs of of Nature and we were going to be exterminated from the earth if we didn’t figure out a fucking way to survive if we had to do it through change we had to start emulating the pack hunting like biological killing machines around us and as we did we had to really hunkered down and stop being like these bonobos he did I don’t know if you knew they were call Padova’s or not but it stopped being like our forebears and start like making some changes and one of those changes what we got to we got to focus on the brain by logically and because that makes a baby harder to take care of her a longer time I’m going to focus on pair-bonding so we’re going to we’re going to fall in love when I got to look at each other and we got to go I’m going to have a baby with you and when we have that baby with somebody that’s got to mean something and we going to stick with that and that that all came out of our advance
the as we started walking upright and as we lost our hair and as we started learning to use tools and as we invented alphabets we were also learning to love each other precisely because our children our children until an unreasonable amount of time in the amount of time it takes a kid to be able to beat off a wolf with a stick you can have a whole wolf retiring until they’re very very old age and their childhood is largely spent being a gelatinous blob of crying not eat garbage
answer you need somebody to stick around and take care of it and so we started to we took that direction away from the bonobos like you don’t just climb up a tree you don’t you don’t just like like hit the hills when you hear a distress call we were we were we took a different path and part of that path was us going okay you and me hey you Cindy okay yes Carl yeah no matter what happens right for real okay
nnnn nnnn that that that that that that the people that felt that windy & Carl at the dawn of Time Crazy the crazy idea that the people that I felt but but then again we have dog shaped like corkscrews that but there’s more genetically malleable but but but the people that felt that way to survive longer that. You managed to survive the ice ages and whatever the hell I would happen to us if they were the people that coupled up and said like I love my life but let’s look at the let’s look at the on articulated assumptions in that tonight everything I did all the years of research everything you said was articulated I’ll give you that
this is Little Pink Houses theory of human evolution Jack and Diane right with that assumes is that we evolve the nuclear families in our book we call this Flintstone ization and this tendency to look around at the modern world and projected into prehistory is a way to explain and justify the way we are now the fact is hunter-gatherers don’t live in nuclear families they live in band level societies of 150 people or fewer in which they are all take care of children is better than one but you know what’s even better 15 parents and running around a little older than you a seven-year-old respect the opinion of a 10 year old weigh more than the opinion of an adult so they’re all sorts of things built into us as a species that are red
eminent with bad Level Society who grew up in Africa told me this beautiful expression the best place to store extra food is in your friends stomach makes perfect sense there is no Refrigeration there was no accumulated resources so if you went out and you killed a deer and you came back and you said according to your jack and I share this meet with my wife and my kids that are and you knew they were your kids somehow get over with because you’re out hunting how the hell do you know she really shaped penis there’s absolutely no way the women that beds with me successfully could ever let another man that was my weird strain of weed strand of DNA that could be picked
my penis looks like a common house key
and so did my great-grandmother’s what were you saying
would know back then that’s how I feel anyway the anthropological data is very clear that hunter gatherer of people did not live in a nuclear family they did not live in sexual you know the ones we took care of the woman wears a while he didn’t stay cuz he had to go hunting with his wife because that would get them all kicked out of the Damn Band which is what they’re so depending on for survival and then you looking at their biological data like for example in the Amazon and Papua New Guinea and other parts of the world are a whole bunch of societies that believe in something that and probably just go part of which is that your we assume that everybody knew that one sex act could result in a baby that’s not true the Darwin didn’t know that so these people believed that a fetus is quite literally made of accumulated semen do a woman
sorry to gross you out but a woman who wants to have a baby as all women do that smart and funny and good-looking will have sex with this Mark I the funny guy that good-looking guy to get their semen into her and then when she accumulates a certain amount of semen then it starts to become a baby and then when she has the baby all of these different men will come forward and say yeah I’m I’m a father and they’re all like they’re different words in the language for like the one who put it in the ones you spelled it out the one who makes it around
yeah I don’t have gang bang porn in the Amazon I have I have a partial right now
the one who makes turn around I don’t want to be that guy that’s that’s the beta male that Papa New Guinea right now
Easter date
you know it needed a reason to be smart but
everything starts with C in your in your tribe
all right well I don’t suppose either of you two have anything to plug or anything to make worth your time visiting his Loraine are you are you doing anything that that that you want people to know about I want you to benefit from your time to watch my lock lips watch Garfield watch tell me about that it’s a reality show set in Papua New Guinea
and they all stopped it yesterday I didn’t episode of trophy wife I don’t know I’ve got something called Boxtrolls coming out in 2014 with Boxtrolls you’re striking it off but what the hell is this podcast whatever I just want to make sure because we’re honored to have you here I is that we missed you last time and I really supposed to have been a hero of mine for a long time is very cool to have you
and what if they have you come back anytime that’s a policy we have here hang out and you can take Jeff’s place doesn’t matter
Chris Ryan is views podcast
thank you guys
is there a gas station at interviewer in a bad host and I’m bad at just missing people
what was your book called sex
sex at John Tanner promise
Lorraine eminent dr. Chris Ryan everybody
first go to his podcast tangentially speaking it which is a feral audio podcast watch I’m sure if we listen to it be like that man you know I’m afraid to listen to it why is the elephant in the room yeah yeah yeah he’s like me but he read everything to make a fake doctor name. He also speaks into the microphone way better than both of us he’s healthy but you know what
I like it I want it I can refer to you as my wife is a real doctor if anyone has chest pains talk to her
what sort of hunter-gatherer bullshit is this what he said that he was against you anything that he observed
he gave me a tender caress my vertigo and it was I will not soon be forgotten
Jeff if I should we go to the moon or have a nuclear Holocaust I would be honored to be the first I would be honored if you would be the one that mixed it up
gas in my new family
Universal spring out are in a gas tank
Super Mario Bros Wii world where is Segway Department
Have you had any thoughts listening to all this
I have to say I I was really sleepy and I left a message on it was recommended to me before get a pack ass but I fell asleep for the last 10 minutes has been my fault I was just uncomfortable and turned back there who fell asleep he complimented my dress and then fell asleep but I I was like I want to take a nap with her so it’s called it happening as he’s talking
give me a little here and a little there and call like what her this is at
I have a baby make that title was referred to as it was reserved for the guy that they couldn’t figure it out
I’m sure you really made sure that Tim and Kyle work
equally represented with the back-and-forth motion of your tiny little mix all that come up and muggins.
He’s ever figure this out because they had nothing else to think about and no other day to collect but I just learned that with cats that’s actually true like a couple different cats can fuck a female cat and a litter of kittens actually represent different Chicago Cubs baseball team how back then I guess I kind of understand lately it’s just amazing to think of what they were going through back then of the dawn of of our species and how they looked at men and women and ended like like I guess I am first of all figuring out like that I really want to do and then that stuff that comes out when I finish doing it like oh that’s that’s like seeds and you’re like turd
because sometimes like them making the correlation at nine months later sometimes like sex education but this is as close as verbatim as I can get and I do apologize to my mom she’s a great mom I don’t think she’s listen to the podcast
my mom at one point but sometimes when a man looks at a naked lady his penis gets excited and stands up and dances around and another white stuff comes out of it and I I was I went to the bathroom after watching Debbie Does Dallas with my older brother and he would invite the neighbor kids over to why he would charge them to watch Debbie Does Dallas cuz my dad had it on VHS it’s a pouring you fucken 25 year old
you do big sausage pizza generation
2/2 story
the Dallas she had to
mister Greenfield earned it
the I was like prepubescent I’m watching the big is the biggest watch and I went to the bathroom told this story a million times but I went to the bathroom and I we all the seventies everyone had tighty whitie briefs to tell you where it is. There was some cotton lint on my wee wee that I was absolutely certain I would looked at it as I was going to the bathroom when I went oh my God my penis got up and danced around cuz I looked at a naked lady and that’s the white stuff that came out
do you think there was a man in your penis like The Shining like a man that dance around yes family and I was 6 years old my mom and I went to a carnival and I don’t remember the details from the coronavirus member when we got in the car I had I was holding a $5 bill is Lincoln on it was a it was a bell really sing in American money this guy like to get on this bill we’re driving home and wait till 5 or 6 years old and he come from a my mom said two people love each other very much
what does mercy connect
is very like waiting for her chance to tell me about sex
I remember I remember she was explaining this to me I remember looking at fireworks when a man and a woman love each other very much the woman will arouse a man is his penis become erect hard like a stick and then asked if he’s excited enough his is a jackula I will go into her and if it
navigate clinical
set reset in silence or sweet home and she was kept and asked me if I was okay and I talked and that I saw the penis detached
so that’s what I recycle gas hose
I was imagining my parents laying next to each other and my and my dad and my mom
celebrating Abraham Lincoln on being on the Bell you guys are lunatic husband for his jacket where we are driving home and I had to cuz I really feel like this is to you soon just remember this whenever you look at Abraham Lincoln our $5 bill you’re going to remember where you were this is the first time that you are making a memory it was nice I was like this is my first memory
I think about my mom and my dad for the first time you were scared you guys come on before because I’m going to show you this is no no no it wasn’t for very long it was really because there was a nice lady who complimented my dress that I just wanted to take a bath
I know I figured just tired tired of eating my extended family on Wednesday by various other and some extended family and I started thinking about how soon can I start getting really like nervous and overwhelmed I’ve been I’ve been distracted by that
did it make you sleep either
chickens chickens Frankie Spencer
chickens cranky Underdog Spencer not having to write new 6 next week is truly my protege
I’ve been training him in the art of not liking working when I say that you are you going to be in an episode of community
a my dad is that bad then you know I’m I think 2 weeks ago we also set up Danny and Allison so they were really nice to me they were really nice to me I’m awkward I don’t talk to people I don’t make eye contact I don’t know what to say I don’t know what I’m saying right now but they made me feel like almost a regular person and more than that almost a regular person that might have supposed to have been there and it was amazing Spencer what do you like it or not to the Limelight and you become a beloved National Treasure I’d like to think so
18 get those good from me the really played us and I have to pee so bad we got this just go it’ll go quick though that’s the closer recorded me snoring
I can’t it’s the hell out of here it’s 9:40 weather feel like it’s a standard fee

2 videos of a video and then I taped him while I was trying to gently just him and what he said to me
a certain position he snores really loud but the audio works
a wildebeest
what time and I’m going to play the audio of of me just just trying to move this pillow so he can stop snoring
he has been working last night he kept me up and this is an angry dragon
sorry to hear from home did you hear it now you can figure out snoring 45 seconds but you know I don’t want to fight
any idea how little sleep.
Spider-Man drawing
569 Chevy Drive
I don’t know if you understand while I’m sleeping how much energy you
sing to me sleeping
I’m sorry I’m so sorry it was a weird night and that was unusual I don’t want I don’t want to think that I snore maybe I didn’t read it don’t I wouldn’t want somebody like really like you and you’re most likely
play sound like when he is weird
left harmontown me here
you tell me to do stuff sorry it’s cool
silence I feel like Hollywood has changed Spencer
I think being comfortable here is changed me into being less agreeable in general labor
I mean
Craigslist I’m getting Spencer a belt that’s just one of those is that table
I don’t care
intro I want you to do it to old-time a strip tease music
if it doesn’t give us a boner you did it wrong well
I’m already failed
I don’t even know
I’m already here
I don’t hear the podcast all lights have been cut except to me I don’t know what’s happening to take your fucking shirt off
open cast on right now is where you start paying you don’t want any of this
I never did
I just want to pour vodka and sit in a corner
okay how much time do we have left on this music Jeff nothing happened I will leave I will
I mean honestly
your guy’s name on this now come on I mean sure I think we’re just feeling guilty that we ran up the clock does usual trying to make a joke out of it sometimes when it’s dark I kicked my cat cuz I I just bumped into it and I don’t think oh sorry let me kick you a whole bunch more times while laughing gleefully
that’ll solve this problem
Thundercat seem like part of him is kind of like with a little bit
I know where you kick it so yeah I have a socks on it take for last week on harmontown as they said before literally nothing happened there was a difference however our heroes were locked in combat with Admiral Darkstar you see the climactic anti-climactic on bat involved facesitting wire saws and dismemberment scussion on the seemingly helpless Admiral and after attempting to reason with the Dark Lord he revealed that where he killed he grow much more powerful perhaps more than they’d ever imagine but heating not dark stars words are hero settled on to buy a wire saw and Chris de Burgh began his crew Risley work as he saw it a foul losing miasma began spewing from the dark armor filling the room with Vortex of evil energy
after a moment it dissipated or Heroes begin to celebrate their Victory but their jubilations were cut short by a massive metal claw bursting forth from the floor below the forefinger Maps Cork and lifted him high into the air and it’s cold clutches
and yeah that’s right out right
11 minutes 11 minutes are up playing going to be the most intense roller thing you’ve ever had okay so just killed this guy in the hamper saligrama cracking the stone floors all around you and grab some sort of thing holding up in the air
I try to rest on myself free. All right that’s probably good opening mode
it doesn’t happen you try to squirm out of its grip but it’s Vice like Clause hold you tight in place
help me teleport cloak
yeah yeah of the my friend or teleport cloak and it gives up and seems like it’s run out for the day
I’m going to go put on my boots and spring
okay okay
I’ve been crushed by a giant hand
I put on my my boots of springing I take a deep breath and baseball players if they make eye contact with something so I use my boots of springing you use Springs currently Atop The Hand you land between the second and third fingers kind of on the joint of his hand
I’m about to destroy your handiwork sir
I like that, what do you want to try to bend you could start doing something else to be sure I’m going to prepare something for my next move which will be crushed
I’m going to sit there and watch her prepare something I know you have Cheez-Its to get here Adam getting that
cute two pieces of plastic sheeting from the craft area
which would we release the Adam what about the Exodus
the plastic sheeting but she’s some string and a whole bunch of preparing stuff for the next all right I’ll put it in his magical item
gaseous form gas
Noah occupy the room like some sort of space there’s only the clock the clock over a guy shooting a project of the robot with my mind I mean who’s to say there’s not a robot I’m a gaseous form yeah I’m going to can I can I do something you can exist in a gaseous State what is a gas do it dissipates in its depths he can’t do anything is a gas dude
I can’t move.
I am the one the one who cast it lasted
let’s play a game together but not plastic and cheese and turn it into a drip down through the hole that they have came through the whole foods and came up through that makes you go down through the ceiling
I got this Grill around his face gashes
so the ground and its Max Chris no pork sorry sorry for the ground all body slam style or something I mean he has fingers so that he could get anything going on get out of there it does actually I get over there at the last second is the fingers open you dive out of the way in and miss being squashed very narrowly
what am I doing cuz I Was preparing crafts I believe
you pee in front of the fingers of this why you’re now in front of the fingers on the floor the fingers are on the floor like that like that for the podcast Barbarian rage mighty sword attack on the hands I got to run to slice the the the veins on his wrist like a cutter real slow and I do it I take my sword I go make you leak Jack okay
the true meaning of what you’re trying to say doesn’t come across entirely but being a robot hand you don’t suspect it matters but his finger with your mighty sword and it seems to do with the rest and wait for the rest o the wrist you don’t believe it off then you do just deal some serious damage alright is there extras one D6 as long as this is so boring. It’s 2D 8 + 8 + 8 no no I got the dice I got the type that would make it twenty to damage
is it back on or you just trying to end the show everyone just killed the momentum find their limit before plastic string and cheese I make eye contact with the room and I smashed it and I put on my armlet of Summer my armor
where’s my Army lot of summer so it looks like I’m on fire completely Human Torch but pretty much they’re how do you
I say to my friend and I’m going to charge the charge that is a heart exposed not from this war you have to pop down to the lower level they’re all you have is the hand coming up to the floor right now I guess I’ll go ahead and talk down but can I pop down by sliding down the neck like a Ghostbusters pull it was kind of like yeah you can’t it’s just the arm not the neck
but you’re definitely going to slide slide down the arm but I’m going to not as I go down so secret as much damage as possible W slide down the metal arm it doesn’t seem to do very much because of metal but you do slide down the arm and find yourself on its shoulder right next to the giant robotic head you got a you got an attack action or something to
flaming arrows flaming arrows into one to an end to the other into his neck to help you find Blank Range they both smashed into the head except one of them seems to like bounce off the head and it just blinks off the arm of the other however pierces through goes into the brain you can see who I need the robot brand I don’t know what you call that the Command Module which doesn’t exist in P&G however, if a matrix this full Matrix emits Sparks and he takes
12 damaged brain damage
the laziest might drop of all time
I heard the Mike
but you must compare what you thought you could do damage
I don’t want you to I don’t want to get in a fight
I just give you understand how high the stakes are when I’m sleeping
the treasure the treasure
my sleep get your welcome
tell her I said okay so here’s the thing I’m going around back of his neck this is what I do this is my thing
I’m going to stop being a gaseous form and it was going to be at his neck
that way
can I can I go into his body because I’m gaseous yes
podcast to make it seem like I knew that already
yeah I should be on his left shoulder his robot body as a gaseous form okay that happened Dennis Quaid Innerspace yeah I’m like the left half of Timothy Hutton in the dark app
we ended up on TBS
did you want to do anything else you could hear your gashes and you can see
as much as you can
yeah how can I see yeah but you see a lot of stuff you don’t understand because it’s it’s magical robot shittin you’re not like a magical robot Titian but you sure do I know where I know where the power is coming from will you see you still weird glowing thing you see a lot of weird if you know that I see but I see something glowing more than other things no different colors
I see red thing going bright
in the chest area and I guess my way over to that okay if you’re with Spencer
I guess that’s why I did that I go to that I’m around it. You see what is a red glowing thing inside the interior of this machine you make Corporal and you start punching it I mean there’s obviously chords wires valve coming out there’s not there’s a glowing red thing but that’s it oh really yeah okay then I die Arie Corporal eyes and I punch it okay you start punching the red thing it continues to Glow
I’m going to start burning it okay well then it continues to Glow brighter and brighter and I mean let’s put that aside for a moment and continues to Glow brighter and then it mixed
you left because you left the job I just want to get back here Spencer we need you walked out the back
what happened we lost this we lost lost Spencer
I couldn’t have been more invested in what was happening you know like he was experiencing a totally different thing I think he took that be as a snoring thing as a comment on his dungeon like like like like like to go Aaron
what the
can we give it one more time and then Erin mcgathy
Jackie Cooper Ryan bucket Marine at Newman everybody
Puyallup Fair
wherever you are we love you goodnight


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