Episode: 82- Jim Belushi’s Basement (with Mitch Hurwitz)


Episode: 82- Jim Belushi’s Basement (with Mitch Hurwitz)


Mayor Harmon brings Arrested Development’s creator Mitch Hurwitz on stage to talk shop about TV. Later Kumail returns and the whole thing ends with an epic D&D session. Quit reading already and press play!


turn on downtown is where there’s no senior in Hollywood California is now in session
Dragon Age the mayor of Hermantown
Dan Harmon
Happy Thanksgiving thank you for making the drive and the treasure is traffic good for you good for you folks so there was some kind of parade or something something really that’s a big parade
I assume it’s a good parade Broadway I don’t know if there was a golden age of the Macy’s day parade when it was like oh each float is a cultural Masterpiece or something and I just happens at Hong Kong Phooey is in there too but I think it was probably always a jerk off Layla right leg like you know it’s probably all pretty capitalistic and nature but but boy howdy with the floats of stopping this like weird silent Boulevard and some kid in the snow jacket does a break dance and he’s out to all the boys and girls and there’s a Londo Mosley
the star of the character from Midnight Run that played
in point of fact is who I just need it for my brain. I didn’t even know who the hell he was only ever new Hong Kong Phooey was from the Macy’s Parade it would be the guy was that that that hold on float I don’t know if there was still a Hong Kong Phooey but there was a Pokemon and there was a or a Pikachu and there was a there was a in the hotel in Florida in the last thing of the feed in Florida was how they had a guy goes
pause commercial
I was really funny with the image of kids on top of parents training anyways whatever usually the parents strain on top of the kids
it was funny
improv land
is that is that Lorraine Newman’s husband
he’s like a weird version of Commander Pike from Star Trek he’s got only a couple buttons that is all right I’m at the I’m at the most stuff at style tonight that’s why we should bring up our amazing friend on the bonus Showbiz talk for let slip hinge the show on our special guest
it’s an old show biz term
put the onus on the phone is right don’t tell me you’ve never heard that Frank is Zendaya and he did make it please welcome my impish quixotic energetic incredible genius intimidating delightful friend Mitch hurwitz to the Stag
have any seat you like do whatever you like with them
there’s a mic in there that was a thing that your anus is on
self first of all I can tell you why you have never seen an artist prepare the way down does backstage can I can I lift the Veil of Maya
I guess you’re like 4 in the afternoon and it’s calisthenics and then newspaper
just looking for the headline count as I look for other for funny ads and then the grooming I mean living room in which I had heard about
I’m sorry I truly a community Korean women come in and grew him in his sleep like that.
that’s why every air is always such a really admire I make this joke as it as a statement of admiration because you had your process is so effortless it just comes out how do you honestly I might process is really tortured like you want to see me trying to think of a joke tell me 100 caterpillar
it’s not like you’re part it’s too much damn show me a present doesn’t podcast
Shadow Joe
hey do miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering if I can smell food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes out the themes relate to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like you’re always in good hands
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your band is amazing to they’re so cute
I wanted to ask you about your days at Fox working on Arrested Development world’s smartest would you like there to be no more Arrested Development we can just speak candidly know I wouldn’t like there to be that might be the result of me speaking candidly situations were pretty similar I created a more of a you know serve a polished social exterior then you do good but I feel like
I don’t have to work with Chevy Chase
what you did after I’ve heard I’ve heard backstage gossip sand Rivers you’re at your family was no easy like a bunch of people except for Joel I know right they’re amazing butter pill pronounce a g r i a hardcover books around that she that she she only bought cuz you heard about him an empty are people that is let’s just say drinking and let’s just say gambling and let’s just say violence so most over there and they really are amazing and they Lying Eyes you what is that what is the word when you compare to a line
whatever that is to you
and I’ll be like I know you’re comes down there red meat
but I was there lying I have an absolutely positive that it’s no exaggeration that you spent more time with them that I did the whole 30 what I do that the footsteps aren’t there cuz I was
masturbating in the bushes
they know but I don’t know they they really they all admire you and I do think it’s because I haven’t spent much time
now they should be to be on such a great Creator show in the one that that I got to sit in on was no exception it’s so out there it’s so creative it’s unbelievable and I got to the set and a really there was like a big Chasm between like you could tell they throw this is like a show create a guy a guy can give us jobs and everything in by the end they really started to see me more than equal so I got the hell out of there that’s good. That was a close one it was was was amazing she like like York a star cast was great wonderful great way of Leading Men as brothers and there was a lot of stuff going on there and they love each other they competed for me that challenge it was always you know Fox it was always dealing with the network is all the same stuff you do but as far as what
at this season because I’m an honest person because these people what if it once they fire you and bring you back not because they respect you live because if they brought you back it’s because they don’t give a shit anymore for that reason I have been left to my own devices and I have truly found that I was always the problem I got that wonderful stuff is really offensive yeah I have an ID but I have a fake twin that the that I invented a lot of weird curvy alien tailbone looking things that I I claim help you act there’s a table for them and they’re all flecked with the amazing thing about this situation cuz I know they haven’t been around this year
and I don’t think it’s because of that whalebone thing I think it’s I think it if that I think they live all we started television they want you to push them out of it really I mean the whole says they want to be honest and maybe that’s what they don’t want to be accountable but also you know they know the only hits that I’ve ever come for them were the ones where the guy said fuck you would you think I’m not doing either way to selfless I don’t believe that there that cell phone that’s why they’re they’re still putting in their their whole system where they got all these checks and balances and then it take somebody to come along and see you know on The Simpsons they don’t give notes right those are all money making things and they never left you alone until we should we had no tail at the non-wealthy if it’s the one branch of the ape that didn’t become super wealthy but but but but
Christ the guys put up on the cross what’s his name Christ
read for Michael Bluth arrested
I just want to know so yeah it was for a moment you get to see I think that’s the conceit of that movie and book and whatever is that for a moment you get to see okay it’s all fine and well to know that the guy got put up there and forgive them God they don’t know what they’re doing all that stuff but for a moment in that story what you get to explore and see is okay what if he had said in a moment of passion a moment of selfishness and you get to see that it would have sucked that it did that they no longer and it would have been shity I feel like like like politically season 5 days they like they said okay what if we did leave you alone and you preening whining fucker and the truth is we all like like like I Am My Own Worst Enemy well you do something at that office until that the script is supposed to be perfect but
any trouble from the from the monkey box at all no part of it part of it is you want to come to stoke the fires of that anger a little bit we did a thing in the last season where we had a Google car you know that was going to be that like the funny vehicle cuz I’m all for just anything else funny you can get in there get it in there so and whatever once we’re in the parking lot there were all these like air conditioning trucks engine Valley’s Edge made love season 6 car and it was that funny and then we heard the Google wouldn’t let us use it it’s it’s it’s like it’s like someone someone’s going to make me mad we brought we brought we brought some integrated marketing into as we’ve done to great success in the past and they are they are really cool and then they end then they said that they
well we never we never call that that and I was like yeah my friend
and I really I really made me step back ago is that your whole stick waiting around to be told what not to do when you think about how you can’t do it I think like I remember we did the 9th through the 10th episode of of the third season was the first time we really got super Meadow we done cut things like that but we had no point of view in the show it was just something nothing tied together like the kid was going to a private school and they were throwing a dinner is just nothing and then I got a call saying you canceled it was like the best thing that ever happened at 9 wrote it in anger in like 6 hours out of sarcasm but I know what that is I read I read something online that was somebody saying something
is really one of the better episodes of the season
is there a Chase ATM
see how good the show is that fine
find episode
a story based on a I get it matter like climate-wise for the worst episode of the Season like definitely without her boys and putting me in it it’s what that you want to do at yomo in the past that’s at some at some of the episodes are that that that’s always that can generate your best episode knowing that you don’t want to do it’s going to be a blank episode but it it without a doubt when you are up at 4 a.m. on a Sunday when the call time is 7 a.m. Monday and you’re writing seen and known as a fuck is going on at the reason for the trouble starts with someone saying we have to do a Dungeons & Dragons sequel we have to do a zombie Halloween we have to do Christmas is going to be this because it’s not organic
can it snow in so it’s kind of knowing what your theme is ahead of time and you’ll see people you’ll see Ryan Murphy listen to the show
and any good pointers
oh I just might spend so it seems like a very nice guy
I don’t want to talk about him and talk about how about superficiality and about how people there is only as deep as their skin and I know you didn’t you came up with that at some point
it is whenever you start off it’s always a lie what you’re starting with me about about this like I see you figure out your cuz otherwise you’re kind of bulshit you’re going in with an idea what you want to say already and I don’t know I remember pitching arrested and saying the concept was going to be it’s about a family that loses everything and is much happier because of it and none of that happened but they didn’t they didn’t really lose that much very witty
funniest Family in the world but they’re really funny cuz I should ever do you know the husband and wife that have been sharing a bedroom there now going to have to share a bedroom in his only start a family values and then the first like three episodes of my face a lot to learn that it’s better to learn it’s much better for our post-super work with Jay cost is a point cuz it was like what happened season 3 end Chang was dressed as Napoleon and there was a dragon in the sky and sound mixing it with Jack is there a way we can get good go to some kind of a Japanese anime library and find some kind of something that sounds like a light sword but also can
mix it because it needs to be funny to be an ironic take her shots lights or sounds Japanese but I needs to be like the Americanized version cuz it’s in chaps imagination at and then Jacob said that I signed on to a show about people going to a community college
he was being ironic if Tracy’s a good sport but when you’re surfing the wave of yes we can have whatever you want there’s water there’s a home audience you’ve no idea the array that’s out here right now but he didn’t want a re I don’t know if you’re busy or whatever
oh that’s Ryan Murphy is
I got to struggle against the five major Liquors are like the pros in the pot is working its way into which is going to throw off the alliance if you can’t believe I don’t know the wars in order
what words to I saw the first one
but I want to know how how when when you’re when you’re when you were running a Network show
how at what would appreciate you even trying to ask because you already know the answer you’re trying to think of a way that we can get some information out to them but you know its exact same look like I want to know how dire it got in terms of like the the distance between what was in your brain and what they were shooting on Saturday just want to know chronologically like how bad it got cuz there’s literally this is drama and this is David Baldacci Atlee different thing but there would be at their stories about there’s a dude in his parking space waiting wow he pulls up into the parking space and like David built rolls out of the car onto his back back with a twenty-year-old a jar and throws it at the at the set as an explodes out of the jar
yeah so he would sometimes he would be laying on his back on set calling out lines to the actors and then shoot him that’s what I heard
no that’s not enough to try it maybe it’s a maybe she is being reasonable and then I got it I was accused once of being rope-a-dope is what it was called Sky not to be defensive like that’s what is very hard to do when you’re hearing nuts cuz you just want everything out of your mouth if you created anything you want to take but if I believe in like trying not to be friends have been trying to let in what people are saying and but then I wouldn’t always act on it you know I mean I would try to take in like okay so that what they’re saying is they they don’t see that this character cares for his son in the end that’s a drag I want to help that but I also don’t want to sell it out and you know all those things but I worked so hard on addressing their notes that
in a funny way I don’t think they even saw that I was doing it because I would just mean I could change this sentence a little bit and I could put this seen it earlier but they didn’t want that they wanted me to see me because I think I came up doing improv so I would go there no difference between someone in a suit saying could you put a dog in it or could Annie’s care I’m not tracking Annie’s character and bringing up someone from the audience and having them do the sound effect it can be invigorating again and there’s a whole crate of it as it comes out of like okay you got this house it’s built this is the foundation but let’s see if I move the stairs all I have to do is kind of bolster the stairs and still get to the SEC and what their think is no we thought you were going to say that you wanted a flower on the guy’s head what you meant was there wasn’t the prettiest to the scene and so I did that with the by the guy punching
the dog bunch of ugly ugly ugly would try like I got a lot of volume of their of their of of notes that are given to me now I was always very surprised that they did not see that I was doing then I would get really specific there is one point where somebody said to me why are you doing this joke 3 times
and I really was like the whole goddamn right I got to be five remember the joke it was when it was Joe talking about it was just a little flighty pants you wear some of the jokes that did you see the new poop which was what the magic magazine was called in a restaurant and then Joe kind of missing from Gary the new PA is he is he gay oh God I did something that could be taken the wrong way and then we see really easy for things that he did that could be taken the wrong way the last of them which is the one that does executor pointed out with him with Gary on his lap on a on a chair
rocking backwards and was not doing it now and both of them just looking and trying to feel what the chair is doing why are you doing that to me cuz if I can just do it once and it really was a it was a fundamental understanding shift for me when I realized you think I’m being an artist or being something that’s going to cost you my I’m trying to make this popular but that was the fundamental misunderstanding version of mainstream, whose stuff you would never seen because they wouldn’t get off the starting block there’s no such thing as a TV comedy writer listen to those words TV comedies before you get to the word writer you have long since made the decision to sell out
what are you able to like you is like saying magician recluse magician
artsy-fartsy magician masseuses are you at we’re nothing or everything go to the quarters does it have to be a French franc if it disappears why can’t it be a half dollar American half dollar I know you do and I am trying as hard as I can that’s the sad fact I’m trying as hard as I can to you and I both made a decision but it was based on our personalities let’s wish each other we would like I mean there are looking at you I don’t know what your excuse is I swear to God I looked and I looked for watching Arrested Development it was the moment when the blues for the third time in the show made fun of someone for being cowardly and revealed that the family as a whole does not know what chicken sound like
Jason Bateman has anyone in this family heard a chicken was holyshit I’m supposed to be making myself laugh that I’m supposed to wow wow there is no being funny for other people and being funny for yourself that it is the same thing it is the crazy thing about that I did not get racism yesterday Cricket these people are
hi there are a lot of pain
I love the Saturday practice shows nail down rigorously rehearse don’t adlib
yeah we open at 2
I want to see you guys here at 7 a.m. address for movement
Circus Circus coming or is it still us just marking them off with tape which is where did you learn it from because you’re a couple years older than me that’s very nice of you say that you learned from me but you were all going to remember and I’m telling you when sitting down to write a TV, except I absolutely have learned it from you Tina Fey doing 30 Rock like I definitely was like holy shit this is this is a pace that you can have but I would argue I don’t know she disagreed that she learned she got that from you I don’t know I don’t know what I think I got a lot of it
I will say I think that I remember being a kid this will take me a little bit and watch and get smart and thinking is it like a little kid how come all of the shows sound the same but there’s one where doesn’t sound the same but doesn’t it and you know that basically I was getting at is like it’s a guy’s sense of humor whatever you think of that sense of humor was clear that that was like Henry Ian and Mel Brooks and for me I think I remember seeing Like Larry Sanders show that was a revelation I remember seeing episodes where it would just end and you’d have to do a little thinking yourself in Hell he’s in hell that was amazing to me and I also came up with a lot of writers that would say things like what we could do the old that was said a lot in a lot of rooms I was in and I remember at that point thinking like I don’t want to ever do the old know but
what do the old Scramble for it
because I don’t know what I’m doing and I got to see if I believe you’re inventing it every time that’s what I try to do try to invent it every time that’s the only way you’re going to last but I don’t know what I don’t know which version of me is more marketable is it the version that is trying to be like other people or is it the version that’s why I probably could go through an episode of Arrested Development sale at Saint Albert Brooks thing that’s a Woody Allen thing as a John Cleese thing that’s either they it all gets filtered through somehow but for the most part if you’re trying to make yourself laugh you know we happen if chosen a field that neither of us are really right for it because it’s television is all about repetition that’s what it does best I may be up until the current ERA amen and for the podcast what’s news there’s a lot lizards brief silence and it’s a clicking sound and the two gunshots
gas but it’s got to be clean no loud because everyone going
Ryan Murphy Ryan Murphy
Irish blessing
I think the same guy is Ireland
and then he decided to comment on on superficiality in America
that’s why that’s a rich
speaking of diversity let’s bring
that is the single greatest intro I’ve ever gotten
diversity you’re supposed to do the speaking of diversity never mind speaking about diversity I think is good guys I am on board for Wednesday
can I say something to happen but we were hanging out you got fairly. Haha I didn’t get any but he came in and he shook my hand and he was like oh hey are we met a couple months ago when I met you
because you’re Indian we never forget
I’m Pakistani but that’s fine
going to look into your I hate Indians my God
call the opposite of Indian drama
Jews I guess not fond of them either a lot of you going to Cardiology my people is that why is that why you feel comforted by your voice maybe I don’t know it was telling me my heart would be okay and he had my dad’s a doctor I think my mom’s waiting for me to play a doctor in a show so she can commit suicide while she’s watching it
she wouldn’t like that no I think she would be like if I now you’re mocking your father and happy think they’re know it’s a happy thing but no boy Harry goes again
we have to set ourselves on fire to get into heaven
Jamel Jamel David for your blog sexiest man of the some person decided
Jason Salon decided yeah it was weird it’s obviously a lot of white guilt and I think this was their way of like this should make you guys feel better I mean you’re very attractive man what I also liked is that the description of the article was like guys who hang out at the gym or anything but
why did you have to put that in there
yeah we use the term sexy in a little looser right now
it’s a really great orange I ate yesterday
if you’re only human
ergonomic your the new PEX ya Rama episode calcium salon.com is number six on the commander
Pokemon that has Billy you’re very sexy thank you guys come on come on come on come on
take your shirt off your life you’re a public figure is not harassment
it’s not going against if you’re if you’re voted sexy
you’re a public figure now
a map of Jesus Christ if we could do a gunshot and I can ask again. His pics look so good miss you thinking what I’m thinking
oh my God gas tank as a great
Skywalker Ranch
the real quiet for the last half-hour

okay was going back date again
text to Lisa Simpson sad
I actually did not say but I can call for three days because of that article calling they want to talk about it and I don’t want to talk to them about what do you think your mom is taking that would be well I’ll tell you what was weird is that in the article they wrote that I had a fundamentalist I’ll bring it which is a very specific is not what I had at a conservative and it took a lot to get them to take that word out and my brother texted me like what the fuck did you have different upbringing than me
I was like yeah they made me would do like push-ups and pull-ups in the back I was doing the monkey bars are you must be amazing at the monkey that I can jump into tires really well I get a league but there no playgrounds here was prepared there no even Lee spaced everyone here has arms and legs and is shooting at me I could use a seats are there death weapons but we have not here
to really go under all the barbed wire with a drill sergeant kicking your butt down
all we’ve been practicing for years
made of tires protecting us
how do you train someone to become a killing machine you always have you watch a Word document that’s the first thing that they always say all the G eyes will say the veterans at the interview they’re like what we got there and and we nothing we had not prepared for this Bonilla definitely not a military training ground in Minnesota all the people that were stationary sack people
I’ll bet it is fucking isn’t that crazy not really Amazon deliver like to Eat Pray Love on Google Chromecast collateral damage
and I don’t mean to off all switches off so I hope they don’t get confused with someone in Pakistan has the Nip Tuck box thank you yes Tony are you both dogs are DirecTV I told you that I did a couple Uso tours Drew Carey what is improv for troops around like the before the Iraq invasion but after Afghanistan and they took a little bit of a desert is in the war room is his big yellow building in the middle of nowhere in the desert is big yellow metal building in that building with more bandwidth going into it at time they said in the Kremlin
I don’t like the baby the pain said Connor was not believe is true but the whole war is being run from there and there was a war games like you went up to the top floor giant tilted like tinted windows looking down on a sea of computers and people in front of the computers and on his wall he’s Giants movie screens of one is a satellite map one is a I can change the different Arenas or areas another a giant map of the whole region and like digital lives of everything at the blue is medical units the oranges inventory unit the red and and then just Chuck & Buck on one of them for some reason we just want to check in lock up there and we walked up there and they turned off a couple computer screens but they left a couple on and one was a picture of a black and white
Ariel likes a satellite photo was taken 5 minutes ago I have it like right now but we don’t really need to I just had Instagram before we did go that’s what we could do this
x pro2 Nashville BFF has a heart as a picture of someone really close if there’s a picture of an espresso with a heart and it wouldn’t have asked the guy said like I zoomed in on a guy and you can see a guy that who is that because that’s just a farmer Humanity
terrific diaper farm and that’s the resolution is to win a thousand times over shoes were Tighter and Tighter if you were holding a pen I got a dime I could tell you what year it was but the good news is he has no money and shoes that don’t lace just don’t worry about it that’s right side of your brain we have a lot of wasted resolution is no money in there a RadioShack like Flight Simulator joystick there any advice if he’s in his back and then you see like that like details of a farm and then when you see borders of countries that you see the region that you see the planet earth and its upside down there doing it and it’s Oprah holding it in her hand
I was going to say just one masculine claw
monitor off
and I said to him I said and you guys can’t find Osama bin Laden
we can like we find what they asked us to look for a man and then we went on a plane just wanted to say hey look for a sound wave
building any building ever what does that mean exactly to if it exists as information I can get it right now
people is only been 10 days I go out the bottom of it and they fly around and I figured the name of the plane and there’s all these people know to linguists and they listen and I walk in the plane and they are they all turned off their screens always take her side and I was talking to a guy that they ask you to listen to certain Communications we find Taliban people if I find Targets we radio that into the bombers with the fighters they go in there and they get those targets I got how do you know that this target is still there when the bombers get there because that’s not our department that’s crazy what do you what can you hear any I can’t tell you everything that we can hear because that’s top secret but I will say that this enemy in particular has no idea what we can here you go. Well I can really tell you cuz you’re it’s not like you’re ever going to tell a pack of standing
how do I change your pockets of those places that you would tell this whole story to a sea of mushroom
listen to you and we can listen to it through that and that’s what you can tell me that is if it travels over a wave we can hear it I go aren’t our voices traveling over Waze right now and he gave me the same as smile the other guy that said what I just wanted to know what to do in that guy’s the janitor I’m sorry are you doing it again
may I Hazard a guess as to why they couldn’t find a sama Bin Laden really political guys I hope you’re okay with this cast
I mean
have fun with him you think that’s why I think I think he was somewhere else and we do it wasn’t a high priority I think he went between the intelligent mean he was in Iraq in the tent next to where Jeff was
go to carry I can’t tell you what it is
I just a black screen for an hour and a half but your imagination Goes Wild
if he can you put a little too much on Jim Garrison’s back in JK. It’s a very valuable
that’s why we lost yes we were at war with her own language
platoon that was an insult
is it that if they have that why are they still like drone bombing weddings and stuff in Afghanistan fighting and I never had an Amazon don’t know what you’re talkin about I don’t know what I’m doing
hey Mitch hurwitz is Robin Williams what what should I what should I do tomorrow at 6 today take today
that’s really good
is there a single word that you can’t tell by the way you can start arriving on the same show unexpectedly I haven’t seen him in a hundred years but but he had just done was the kind we know about Robert Wood hey Buster clown movies
yeah that and LaWanda Page he said just she had a line that was like what are you doing here in and she came up with I got that peanut butter pussy then Brown and easy to spread and Bobcat said okay we have one that way
I want bobcat and another hero of mine realizing that was told him when he came here like Rob and I when we were in the walkie is just virtual children by today’s standards watching Bob to stand up and watching him kind of just untethered yeah and I like he’s on the audience inside but he also kind of doesn’t even Pander to his own a little audience absolutely not accountable to them at all and to the extent that they disappointed him he let them know it was it was it was really gratifying and liberating to watch the realization that performance didn’t always mean pandering it is equal amounts of epiphanies about how it actually is that what the fuck I’m doing this for if you’re going to be jaded piece of shit in that area but but there are a lot of people
set you free to along the way I can send you the message of holy shit you need to do this for yourself cuz no one wants to watch Gaston something with another guy in comedy in the end such it like bobcat in the end and he he maintains that he does not care if his audience likes the show or Alexis movie Christopher do you care if your wife likes it yeah do you care if Michael McKean likes it right yes we are getting into an audience
communication is no doubt about it you’re doing it you’re doing it for other people but why would a drawing that is about as far as eating but it it spins between the poles of you they are the most important people in the world and pointing at the audience like there’s some kind of record of plebeians you do everything you do for them if you enter the vocation that has anything to do with making them happy then you owe it to yourself and show it to them to wake up every morning and go I would I would kill myself if they disappeared I would be like I would have no Winslow on my Outcast Island do everything I do for other people I am a psychotic glued entertain but because I live to entertain I also owe it to them whether they like it or not to be myself and speak my mind because that’s what they
actually are entertained by because believe it or not they’re human beings that have their own thing going on and when they do volunteer as we sometimes do to sit in the chair and watch somebody else they don’t want to watch somebody who spent the day figuring out how to make them last but I know math that they’re willing to play along I think it’s why I kind of self-referential stuff that really popular for a while because suddenly we were doing everybody was doing things like product placement things like that you had to call yourself on it but even that’s a trick do you feel like flipping the pancake one side down for too long to start to sizzle and burn and and it’s so you’ve any more subversive than Jack Benny know we’re not absolutely not in many ways he was being more subversive than us cuz at least you had the balls to stop in the middle of his comedy routine is a by the way
distance to change we rotate we flip and we flap and we slip and we swapped out what he was he objected because he really he called himself and everything that whole show was artifice that do you know as soon as something would would embarrass him he kind of step away and he’d say like well this is just a show I mean it really did everything right are you guys you know if it’ll happen to us to the Regeneration so hopefully to listen to it
that’s what I heard Mitch hurwitz say the guy that actually got hung for hate crimes so that’s what’s a show all right I don’t want anybody up here to leave nobody’s leaving even though it’s going to get physically awkward and crowded cuz I need to bring first of all Spencer Crittenden to the side stage dungeon master
hey what’s up Mitch you have to stay and play Dungeons of dragons with us that’s your punishment will catch a super simple game in the middle of it
I’ll figure it out I will make a mockery of it. I mean if you make them really figured out if you made a mockery of that that probably be the best way this can go no if he made a mockery of it I’ll figure it out I think I think regular Huntertown lifters will know how seriously we take this this being a hawk Avenger can I hear there is a hawk
but you so much this whole time is that an episode 52 found a liar of building in the Treasure after killing the dragon and they can basically build mines tunnels which has the effect produced in 30 minutes of playing is equal to the work of 100 emoji 100 human hours
do you got it
what were you worried about you
it’s my girlfriend niche
no hearing you want to sit over here I’m going to stand up
I’m sorry I guess what a tremendous the support support the crew we have I almost called them a staff but he don’t pay them
very briefly to my little brother is your biggest biggest fan in the whole world. How old is he is 3 years that I am now you can say well hi Michael thanks for listening to Dan choe what you didn’t know it’s going to be on it but thanks anyway thank you seem like a great little guy
I feel like since we have Robin Williams where he should say hello to it
Crazy Ones
can you do me a favor can you tell me it’s okay I’m not a doctor
but do it as Sean Connery I’ll do it as Dan Harmon okay pretty good
hey Sabina good doctor
I also do Michael I also do your sister Erin let me see if I can
I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry he’s wearing cuz I think it said thank you for plugging my
okay I feel like I have to premiere of Rick and Morty is one of the main characters Rick Rick and Morty on Adult Swim but it’s been on YouTube the whole it’s a podcast on Monday so we’re not going to do tomorrow
going to be tomorrow so tonight tonight tonight Rick and Morty
December 1st 2013 December 1st 2000 but I didn’t see the episode Instagram I don’t know what it’s really like a wonderful thinks they’re certainly the best network YouTube they put the pilot for community on Facebook a couple days before it aired on NBC and I remember being young and naive enough to go but basically saying in your wildest dreams so many people would want to watch your shit problem right attitude
like you wanted you want to get a hundred episodes of valuables for them I just want to get you I don’t know really works together right we don’t know nothing I know but you just had look even if you just had 10 million viewers like everything on basic cable yeah girl gets like I know that it was like six hundred thousand or something but it’s a fantastic show ratings if you guys were the number one rated show me I was at home
I mean where are we too quick to people watch Gary sciacca they gave it to him like a big portal like AOL it was just all around there for free they just gave it all the way
anyway maybe if everyone here in like 10 grand
can I tell a story that has nothing to do with this but it’s sort of time appropriate as long as it’s about time
cuz that’s a good segue wow that one time is passing and you’re going to tell time-related story about the reclusive magician was all my God
nothing the way I heard that was the best magician in the world who doesn’t need the feedback Merlin and Gandalf or poorly probably pretty reclusive but that wasn’t fair of me to do that in fraction
I was busting Dan
impressionist and jumping in
I thought I’d just the first little I was just visiting and I Queens 6 a.m. and we couldn’t sleep and it was just it just happened to be a Thursday morning and my uncle was a kid I want to show you something but my first day in America and we went down and he showed me the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and I have no idea with Thanksgiving and I thought that’s what happened to everyday at
I was like we get out and we’re talking like look at how how old are you I don’t remember I was probably not even young Pakistani it look like they were like dragging animals in effigy down the street and everything through stock footage of terrorist to know I don’t imagine that’s the spirit of the question did Charlie Brown
you know I never use the word infidel until I came to us
I I I I I I think I’ve told the story about that at that exact even though I was born and raised where the miracles happen watching David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear disappear and they used to make such a to-do about things and broke his TV back then that I turned off the TV and was like it’s got a hundred years of History
how about that and remember my aunt coming out what’s wrong and your little eyes disappear for real right or wrong and then back down
Meadowlark is buried there
delete deleted scene
Sherwood sporting events on Martha’s Vineyard people still go out to Burbank and Studio City
did not know that was part one of a three-part jug but no one did the other two prizes inside and out of there how did you get out
she’s talking about the Hipster breakfast place in Connecticut
what do they call the colon word at the I’ve heard that I’ve heard a story that’s interrupting a story about Jim Belushi Chicago his son after which case you are fantastic guy that’s made a lot of quality television like how diverse you are
thank you
hey guys how are you
sorry I used to date somebody that was friends with Revolution boyfriend took me because your eyes and ears everywhere
I don’t think of it I don’t like leaving newer Blues Brothers music
Jim Belushi would mind me pictures similar to a different people people who constructed the room though the crown molding
oh and a wallet with $100 to his co-stars on life According to Jim as it was called According to Jim and we think everything okay
don’t get on Indian army
time that he took he didn’t want to go out to set to go pee in the in the bathroom with was just off the soundstage sweetie he took the pickle jar on the craft service table and took a piss in the in the pickle jar next to his black female co-star SS a story of hers now
what is because I can’t show me the cover of the book is a bicep tattoo with the title of the book on it which is like real men don’t say I’m sorry or sad
I don’t know.
Let it be known I said nothing against Jim Belushi this entire time that’s not his thing
that was amazing
I’ve met him a couple times and very very that was me
901 Gap
with a half mask on
hey hey what’s up Ben why we were talking about and we stuff we saw him and we forgot the Nerdist that the nerd meltdown used to be a cigar humidor
pictures of me
I do like to make sure you got a present for us I’ve got a John Belushi impression is not very good so yes it’s Tuesday. I have no beef with the mass
turn off the roof trying to get in
I can’t believe she looked around a week ago and is in our electronic system
that was amazing Spencer heroes are dungeon Master’s extraordinaire
oh what’s up you guys
that’s good to hear
men’s Our Heroes were being assaulted by a mysterious metal Miss after pulling the head off their mortal enemy a massive armors does the wizard see through the crack in the floor and saw the massive metallic Gold Golem through his metal place in into his inner workings than is working mulrain attacked the Golem Court began I’m sorry and then I got pissed and left
Kaiser Point of order I’m not a halfling I’m a note
if I have something to turn in like a badge I put it on the table.
You got pissed off last time and I mean something like that it was about doing it in the past but it worked best there in that circumstance
I could have saved the show but I was offstage remind everybody especially when you’re on the second floor you’re on your way higher than that you’re coming and it’s grabbed is grabbing them around just an arm and up on the lower level you got a big robot man putting the arm up there and now you are inside this robot and you guys know corks on the top level two males on a Krystal Burgers on top level in chains on the robot shoulder is Chris de Burgh lady in red on the great song and any other colors
yes and I went Gastly into the robot and I’m like punching where’s my Hawk has a great pleasure
I kind of hung tonight vaporizer I mean dick can heaters be affected by spells that affect the moles or the hot came with me and then in theory alright I look around for Avenger Avenger
play by Robin Williams as far as the podcast
hello good thank you I got it I was worried about you just got a little gassy and I just but I’m here I’m back exactly
I I keep I keep punching the I’m assuming this is the robot heart and I’m going to I’m going to hit it and stab it and kick it spin on it as you do all those things to the glowing red spotted begins to grow brighter and hotter and hotter is it burns you don’t stop doing that because it’s getting hotter it is you take a 3 heat damage
to leave like a grenade here and get out of here I’m out
but I have no grenades do you I have a feeling I’m supposed to do something great

we nest
we very good eyesight I noticed there’s a ring on the finger with beak and Talons are inside this world but also looking around at all these weird glow and stuff but you don’t really get what it means. He doesn’t answer when Ryan is a hawk he doesn’t have the kind of miss her life even really understand the inside of a Golem you know fuck this thing I was shocked and grasping the heart fine I’ll take my heat damage but it’s going to get some damage in response I’m just freaky Layton this MF you don’t want to do that looks like a toggle alive person as a smart you have the seal of approval on that way I know you
can I ask you a question please really far but up close I don’t read a lot no I don’t know
all right by my heart
Springbrook what you want and I’m trying to track the narrative if you can’t even reading the corrections for about 7 years
the heart thinks it’s electrified
damage at this point yeah you don’t know where the gas also
who won the gas I am I upstairs by there are no you slipped out of it I take my mighty great sword and I try to chop off the arm and see if it’s ever has any and robots bleed out of their arteries like that like like Mortal beings do this one doesn’t
well shit yeah you got what you believe into it
is it didn’t take any damage or get hurt in any way
this sucks I say aw Phooey
in a rage
I was going to be one of those things where it’s like oh send the Hawk Down to make friends with it but I
and you’re inside a ice chest with me it’s like I’m in there with you but where is that a robot chest just to hang out with your Hawk abilities you could go flip for other vital organs cuz I mean this again it sounds like you’re very fatty birds and maybe we just cholesterol I’m you know we just get those h i l d l s
I don’t know if that’s the word
can I use my summer to ignite my fire armor and Ice a heads up
Larry arms around his neck out for a Avenger Avenger oh I’m sorry I was just listening to some Chris de Burgh e and N M what do I do with neck and rolling am I’m going to do that I’m going to fly in a packet you already and she can just go up to the head, the needlepoint
all right bye-bye can I go and I and I do it and it stinks a big dance get his esophagus instead of beat dance as you put it is that is that in your thing anymore
yeah you roll three die for that so I can scratch out if I can create some esophageal bleeding what is the what is the DC on beat dance I mean like 26 not a funny thing at all
the talents not not so hot against metal as it happens but it doesn’t do much more than that so it’s hot now
I’m just watching all this happen I guess and I have no way to get into any week parts of the robot from where I am I mean of your car up on the second floor with a hand with cork on the hand still you’re above the other guys okay well tell me can I use a Bola to snare the hand and rendered immobile you can definitely try to find you something or just tired fingers together or what yeah that’s it
but I mean I’m sort of a rogue best combatants I really want to work this end so I take the Wonder ball that is there no why is there any way anybody having magnetism or anything like that
I have robot wars electrical system we could disrupt
you have your arms around his back I think that ship has sailed to you try that last week so this is the 6th I was drunk
okay well guess what buddy yeah let me know when it’s my turn cuz I just found I didn’t found it I think it’s two males turn but if he doesn’t want to do anything by rebuilding is that a thing that useful if no one knows I’ll say it to you me build a building
just fucking grow building through his whole body like a half-hour you know it but with these some of these liar buildings it’s like a thousand human hours
so you’re saving the I don’t know if he took that into account of you I have you heard that part it’s definitely a wonderous construction okay I’m eating corn Sharpie go for I could give it a try a quick question this is a Clarence Darrow closing argument business
items that I’m standing in front of his heart know it’s a Golem it’s not like I would you say that this item that I’m standing in front of his its heart no
this is big red thing looks like burning me using your knowledge arkana you determine it to be some sort of omission weapon device not a heart so you’re saying this item is in the heart know it’s more of a emission sort of weapon
I am straight to 116th normal size Clarence Darrow it sure does as you wave your arms about Pete the magical catchphrase before your very eyes the heat in Mission object windows in size it dwindles into windows and windows to about 160 deep of its original size glowing brightly and miss the heat of maybe a toaster something nonlethal
I turned to Avenger and I’m like let’s make some toast
eat a little something and then we’ll celebrate
Avenger I loved Arrested Development
pilot but I was circling the boat in the first scene
what does that kill the robot
cuz it’s not his heart but it but it’s an item that was really good
attacking his wrist and pour water into it and see if they’re not coming through a whole Space around others are banks and going to sail down the road as they say I didn’t know that you down the road yeah
it’s a it’s a cutting reference
I got the printer showing us
all right I tried to go down the road man you do this as you say it
it doesn’t damage will see are in a can of meat is meat coming to Camp is a spam and corned beef is not really but me to meet Mike an idiot you find yourself you know halfway down
nths 18 damage to a thing with 116 thatsheart chest does it power it is a weapon in Mission what is the difference mechanism from two floors out by yourself
and I feel immediately bad
care how long it takes the monster ships is not a monster it’s a fucking whatever ships as its shoulders now being occupied it tries to extricated but it can’t seem to get it is all messed up from being all sliced open and whatnot and on the road
Lara Hart slave yeah I mean what I did was important
you know so much of this is filtered through a bird’s eyes but it’s up to me
I I really I respected it and I I chose you as a familiar because I feel like everything you’ve done is important to dance about a big dance that got some new you you under play it you inspire me
it went it went wrong why do we want to hurt this thing I mean
you guys but it’s missing it’s not hitting you up hugging and release the Heat
do you need to roll dice for that W-4 a worth a shot
yeah that they did drop Siri from these things a couple of weeks ago
shut down your master and they you’re actually the welcoming committee we forgive you for a little while this is your strength or your your test successful test I start playing Lady to be like hey this sounds familiar right now to go job mode
richest based on your lips on that architect
yeah we can I say hey We Shrunk one of your items but now you’re making one of my items grow
and I kind of just look at it for a while like anything’s no no I mean I know Chris whatever to bergey isn’t the de Burgh is in the sexiest man in America right now but it has an effect imagine that Canal performed how is how is the coronavirus spread
now tell us what a very high diplomacy
these are the hard fact.
Rodger rabbit sword is in his arms
I got to steal Jim Belushi
Zeigler Discount Tire Repair in the back wheel
just just add to it I’m sitting at my store like a little bird perch and I take out my Loot and charming and I play that because it to charm him as well okay alright and I take out my ribbon and I hold a knife in my beautiful great and I start I start writing this is what I write J-3
what’s up with rice all right once you start with D3 you just taking it out it’s in medias res or however you say it I don’t have to tell you when you start my journal anyway deep within the heroes Hearts they must have realized that somehow this wouldn’t be effective in any way
got excited
go on
because it’s Thanksgiving
just as there’s not normally a Hong Kong Phooey on Macy Street
that was the end of your pronouncement nothing I wrote it my character does everything by the book for the rest of his life every day he does everything by the book
Avenger I was helping somebody
it doesn’t it’s not a heart so why would I cut myself you cut yourself on a shelf near the house because you would think there’s electronics like you thinking water flip to the Blood book and I’m just I’m just I’m just randomly I’m hoping there’s going to be a thing it’ll turn my blood into something so big that it will explode the gollum from the inside so I do what I try to do with the building but you shut me down
that’s not going to work all right I’m sorry
is there are things that look vital that we could say we could do it with a PlayStation 2
there’s been a long time since that’s happened
okay so you examine your surroundings you see
Wing sing free of green to Yellow below you
one of them was my daughter
so that’s happening outside right now on the inside. I’m going down to the house we’re going to the hope this is not a V8 Avenger
guys guys just you just going into the Fate
nice I mean you say it like that
a second ago we were invited to Green to yellow and a bunch of 5083 green to Yellow something
it’s not too much trouble
but the weather must go somewhere I mean I could explore to go in and look around that look around before we go
Bridger I love your work you guys jump down the holes and what you see is really strange you see a glowing stone that I put together again I know that’s got to be a parent that you know someone else’s turn unless we want to keep all right all right all right and I am I meant to say with the song can I get it would take you I turned yeah what can I reach of the robots where I am
is part all of them on that yourself
today Jones I say don’t I feel like that’s what happened
is the robot that point can I use any of the voices Blue Cab of the truck
deeply into the metal and you continue to vigorously okay well I’m going to jump into his face down to where the glowing things are can I jump into his mouth then it doesn’t really have a proper mouth all right well I’m going to help Chris saw that speed yeah definitely I got you cool
does McAllen have a head this robot thing yet I go on to the other side and flaming sword Power Attack in front of chop his head on the other side
call fuck-you critically hit
big deal 26
from both sides. Maybe a third of its neck left at this point
met you haven’t you having a good time yeah I feel like I’m glad the song is stopping cuz that’s been annoying that sound
you guys go after we got got gym in front of me two different holes again you just making the thing that all on the now and the jewelled is this thing has
I open my mouth and I don’t say anything and I just nod
that’s a different magical phrase than the last time I’m like Lou Diamond Phillips in La Bamba I don’t sing it the same way
that is easy Jim According to Jim the show is almost over
seems to not shrink but then it does
and then and I was like oh God and then that’s what I was going for
why I can’t see so I can shrink right away or was there a moment exact same thing I thought it wasn’t going to drink and then right to start acting like it wasn’t going to shrink cut the chatter Red 2
shrink the power gem you noticed the ambient lights of all the glowing things above your head start to dim and go dim
tonight that was the light dimmer right
yeah I know you can and I can really can’t I really can’t hear you
I think you can relate beefmaster and Beastmaster to thank you thank you that’s not possible to tell it well
yeah we stop song
we just going to give him a little more time. Don’t stop on our account to make it go faster to heat up the metal kills mice all this song on the bonus here but is it possible for a because we’re wrapping the show up here we got to get out of here like maybe adventure and a Sharpie have a kind of a moment here like the Cliffhanger we’re separated or get together and have a whole back from the whole combat scene to a kind of Rod Serling like Genie voiced by Robin Williams
I just sort of
or they’re in trouble now
thank you so much Erin mcgathy
Spencer Crittenden Kumail nanjiani
Ventura weather
I’m Jeff Davis one more time
thank you have a good night


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