Episode: 91 – Net Neutrality/Butt Fun


Episode: 91 – Net Neutrality/Butt Fun


Net Neutrality activist Eddie Geller shines a light onto how our rights online are on their way out. This, naturally, agitates Mayor Harmon’s disenchantment with bureaucracy and capitalism. Meanwhile, Comptroller Jeff Davis and Kumail Nanjiani attempt to come up with something better to call it than “net neutrality.”


oh yeah
welcome center in the epicenter of Hollywood California harmontown is now in session
Buckle at motherfukers welcome to the stage
I’m still rapping rapping like I was a street fuck your mama in her mouth on his feet and toes to put on his shoes take him downtown and
I don’t know if you’ve ever Spitfire before but it comes through you like
the term spit implies that starts inside you it’s not true come to the back of your head
go back to mythology there’s a there’s a bandaid on the back of Marcellus Wallace’s neck in Pulp Fiction and in the Coen Brothers movie Something Jewish about the thing in the back of the neck how do you say true throughout the entire show tonight tonight I’m going to die but God is God is above me right above me High Noon like like that cuz just it’s a harmonic convergence I felt it when I was walking through they were playing some what do you call that R&B hip-hop
yes hip hop I just felt like I was given was that talk about it let’s just do what you want to do is look at it and try to capture that same lightning bug in the same jar my biggest challenge in freestyle rapping is when I hear like you do it’s too good it sounds written and you heard me to dress it and to think I was taking like it I like it they’re going to think this is written
your hand fuck your marker on your hand was that your guilty conscience saying the sounds because I did prepare something sounds written because it’s fucking God is writing it
I know I’m like guys I’m sorry it’s a magician stopped halfway through
because it’s rabbit flying out of hats but I don’t want to I don’t want to ruin the experiment I could play and I think you’re in such a zone that you could even go further than that I’m not going to bring to save it for later that I had any point though I feel like you need to be tonight will favor to you catch me off-guard sneak up on me like Cato and Pink Panther whatever you’re close enough that the guy that has to keep him on his toes come up behind me try and catch me you can’t because you opened up with it was it was a real normal Pitfall of saying in the mouth and then it has to be exactly because it’s just like the parking lot
defying it in Agra phising pornography
but that was not the time for it but I like what you’re on your toes does a mountain goat tonight what’s going on I drop it low Drop science I spent fire I provide knowledge for it knows why when you turn on the lights the Cockroaches start running this brain doesn’t even isn’t even has yet to say oh shit I’m a cockroaches legs are going you have to run there’s white Jeff I start moving and unwrapping because the street part of me has urban brain
I’m not saying Urban people have a tiny gray or if it were that there cockroaches
well like cockroaches we the urban people will never die I speak on behalf of us
make you some urban dance cuz I’m the only the only thing that you need on 52nd and Calumet bitch Milwaukee look it up 53526 I think it was my area code look it up you’ll see there’s a street there
alright controversial controversial thoughts
No Doubt
I Saw The Monuments Men
just like America and Europe and everybody it seems like poor people just kill each other in wars and rich people just care about things so I wasn’t that mood by George Clooney’s like a story about fat old man going into war to protect painting from Hitler who was intent on building a giant Hitler Museum to store all the paintings
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah controversial thoughts
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the theme to like to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker at myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
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I mean Aaron and I got to fight about it she’s an artist she’s a visual artist what was the fight about
me it kind of side because I kept going like seems like it’s kind of a week and they’re looking for all this and then they find a bunch of gold and then like Eisenhower comes down to take a picture without a golden like two of the characters gold but they don’t give a fuck about no difference they’re just west of the gold is like stacks of shit that everyone agreed was valuable that’s all art is and I was just like saying I’m part of it because she thought the movie was good because she actually cuz she thought the movie was profaning something that you cared a lot about she was explaining by the way we’re both drunk she’s explaining the way home
she wanted to destroy all the art that he didn’t think was good and it was terrible. There’s a scene where they blow torch a bunch of Art and I was like wow that was scorched Nero doctor and where he said if I fall or if Germany Falls start destroying everything so then the art was in trouble so I was just like what I feel like doing all the rich people in the movie all agree that artist valuable at all the poor people are just off camera getting shot and blown up and all of them were like whakaari like there’s a bullet in my brain and that’s the side I was on but she Twisted that into me being pro-hitler cuz I was like you know that is not a debatable
degenerate or not it was it was just busy but let’s just go to hell for and loot all of yours and hoard it because it was you could equate that worth money for school and that’s different from the Vatican hell while you were up there man blues how that’s different I mean by where we we are all is one of a kind because it’s a Rare Element value of worse because it doesn’t Decay or oxidized when it has Beauty has intrinsic value to remember but I think it was just a bunch of assholes German guys going around stealing shit that they wanted to belong to
I think the first person to tell you that is is an artist someone an art school they can’t wait to tell you what a mediocre artist Taylor was you know why because otherwise I was going to tell you what about artists Hitler was because otherwise you get to go you live in boxes and you eat poop for a living it but give me a little bit of power at all
I haven’t I haven’t I haven’t I haven’t seen the movie but like it did the German Museum during the rice and a 10-8 day cleanse your Apple East Germany of all the degenerate is there a motion to it’s just really Stark and intimidating meanwhile the Nazis that had taste were scooping up all the Botticelli is not a really good shit and they were all just taking it like like like we know that Hitler is not down for that but we want to fucking gigantic basement full of the stuff that we know that we’ll always have value right yes okay I probably won’t see the movie is there a way to tell me what happened to that was asked for nor did it hit the holder loses his arm
a list of all the yard and we get it all back take birth frames and says Picasso on the bottom is like we lost a fucking Picasso yeah but also we lost a bunch of people talking about how old they were they going to go save art painting painting is worth more than human life and I think it’s a very important one and I think that you need to you need to be cinematic movies on some I feel a more accurate way to measure a movie is value is through freestyle rapping
I thought you might like my name was Rudy
Mickey Rooney I meant
say it again go to see monuments on Friday but your mama
I’m going to go places
alright new segment next segment know you’ll ruin it for me I’m happy about something saying you’re going to come up and ruin it for me for real don’t think since I went we can do a cigarette later called I want to be on stage and I will we will not punish you for real like if you if you really think you can ruin this for me cuz you’ve been thinking about it more than I have cuz I heard you guys got one paragraph on the internet and I get excited and then I retweet it and then I feel like my job is done and I live in a better world
the gay NFL guy
the guy that there whatever first openly gay NFL that’s all I know that’s it I know one tweets worth of information is very uplifting to me I thought I would I would imagine it is very hard to be an openly gay NFL draft pick or whatever the hell he is our first gay Sports Corner
guess what’s going on that’s really a derailment is I’m happy that I know what I want I want is for somebody because I then I go to bed now you’re the World’s getting better for nothing but punished for it comes out says hey I’m gay which which really is more symbolic of like the fact that you know what your neighbors probably gay like those people who aren’t admitting it and like like it’s not weird to be gay and I’m a fucking I can throw a football or I can catch it or whatever the hell he doesn’t it dumbass sport I’ll believe it when I die
because those guys called me facts for a long time but I go to bed and tell me cuz this is how it always works like you mentioned it at a cocktail party and that’s how it goes but you know that guy’s a pedophile or is that guy that guy wasn’t going to be excused the number 3 draft pick and he came out because he it actually posted them the number one or so there’s is there anybody here that has like like mitigating information to the dilute this this rainbow of joy is a room full of Hitler’s art
play are going into the NFL draft and before he got drafted he said also I’m homosexual which might make him less marketable because coaches are weird about this or that and I don’t want to fuck out my locker was that on ESPN news there were people who are coaches were pundits Who come out and talk of all sorts of issues they all like their ass you are coach one so are you a player once and a lot of people came out and they really didn’t want to like fake cuz there’s no market and say yeah I would want to be in a booster I do see the side of the locker room the different kinds of people in there different whatever
you are welcome for the for the for the meter parking attendant that I’m like there’s a quality yet like this somehow even though I don’t have to tell you where I put my dick when I when I when I look for pleasure somehow it’s a straight run society and it’s it’s blowing back on me and like somehow like straight people can run around high-fiving each other for being straight you can put up Billboards that have innuendo like hey come get a bag of its kind of like fucking pussy right and
some level I can Starburst commercial world if you come out of the closet and you’re in a position you know there is that it’s a risky proposition I got in trouble for calling somebody a certain people just say if people drop any bombs on each other doesn’t that’s what they mean this thing that I sometimes they do sometimes they don’t but I would imagine that any sports locker room leave a bunch of people who aren’t necessarily like across-the-board like phds and are there their they’re trained to be really good at 1 like athletic Endeavor is going to be lots of visceral bullshit and they’re going to tease you about anything that you’re different but using that as a reason to like not draft people that we have a problem cuz we have a sister that’s the thing
the college waffle being into football and the reason why it’s good for him is because he’s like he’s he’s not just any old knucklehead that would you actually have to be a representative I think it’s smart because if you don’t want to do we think a lot of people the reason why they can’t come out if you’re in a soccer locker room or football or baseball locker room and playing with these people for 8 years and you’ve been in the shower with him for eight years ago by the way the whole time that we’ve been doing dick jokes and doing all this like grab-assing all this weird male Shih Tzu I’ve always been gay the whole time then you open yourself up to before you draft as my career I want everyone to know before I go in I’m gay now currently my favorite fucking thing in the world is and I forget his name but I love the Winter Olympics and the cat that’s gay that calls the the figure-skating what’s his name read we’re Johnny Weir
he has Russia although he never has a shirt on Johnny where comes out dressed like the fucking fucked up the Easter Parade every time
good and he’s got like it has the best makeup on and I couldn’t just no way to be sure that Johnny where is right now in rush hour that’s great because it has to be full of I love the fact that it was homophobic or is America’s territory was probably every like government like across the board in some ways but Russia came out and said John propagandize about your your homosexuality or is just pressing to the Russian propaganda which is awesome from going home oh if we see the right poster
alien biggest what does that mean exactly what I walked by a child when they left it pretty fucking loose it doesn’t sound like this guy sounds like it sounds like he made getting drafted a little more difficult in the eleventh hour by doing it by the doing this amazing singer and then you could fall back Empire is mediocrity Act of aggression working against him status quo stagnation
glamour’s and and you have a quarterback that is worth all the money in the leak and use you as a coach happen to none of the skies are rampant homosexual
ramp at work as soon as he is a homophobe okay
I said ramp in a whole different and there were like a linebacker cause of distress of capitalism mediocrity path of least resistance people doing what they do wanting today to be as easy as yesterday those are the things that Heroes rise up against that. It’s not it’s fashionable not when not when you can go to people to throw lettuce at you and somehow Garner that until I could murder story which is what I often do in my own little world get out at like like somebody that rises up and goes like you don’t fucking just hung out forever with this to pay on but I’m back mother fucker wasn’t even about that have gotten it with
gay guy in the locker room I don’t want you to I don’t want this to be a story that that that somehow brings us back down into the gutter about showers and all this shit that’s enough of that but it wasn’t so much about you know where in La we can we can we can locate people I want it but my point was more like in this age like you hear these heroic things and like you know there’s a spin on them and then so often like you read one more paragraph down if you click on one comment in the comment section it just starts to fall apart because of Relativity and all that stuff and it sounds like that’s good too I would like like like like like like what would he want with Julian Assange likely could get tangled up in some weird sexual stuff it’s like over Martin Luther King like the first thing they go after is his crotch you know like like he’s because he’s causing trouble I just like
maybe what we need to learn is that we’re not supposed to be looking for these nonhuman people I just I have this guy sounds like inhumanly awesome alright let her know that whatever his name is and he plays a dumb Sports
and that is a Prejudice I will go to my grave with the lead not bright that they play football for their whole lives I think that’s inspiring that lizard people can also be a heroic
I make it I’m kidding I’m sure there’s a great football players out there come on the show will talk to you on whatever wavelengths you speak in
it went well it won’t we won’t block the pathway through your mouth so you can breathe
can X hitting I’m sitting how good do you think you would be as much as you’re not the world’s greatest interviewer how good you think you would be with a famous highly educated black gay NFL draftee I don’t know it sounds kind of Awesome
automatically pictures like this kind of like Woody Woody Harrelson that’s amazing because he is a black man to come out of the closet that’s great let’s accept it because we’re not to explain this will be the show me 2 hours long that it will be but we’re going to talk about other stuff
this is what what my white guilt
I was I was I would love to talk to him about it I mean how do you and that’s on the record about wanting like people who have reasons to be afraid of being like not afraid I think that’s fucking amazing anyways and being activated and then I’m all kinds of stuff I want to move forward wait we get gas tonight that I mentioned last week cuz I felt like last week I complained about Uber I complained about I don’t know how hard it is for me to scratch my ass in jerk off into a laptop
who sort of like
first world problems to be sure and I’m not I’m not ashamed of that I’m in the first world I have problems such as up negative but I also like this Epiphany during that as I have often like I don’t give a shit like I got to start figuring out what’s going on with the world but I don’t believe in politics I don’t buy into the liberal vs conservative shit I think that the fucking government is an asshole and people who aren’t systems aren’t assholes really appeals to me at a blush that I know nothing about is this concept of net neutrality and I happen to know through Aaron this net neutrality activists and his name is Eddie Gallagher and he’s here
send anywhere you like it thank you so much for doing nothing like I know for sure that the the words net neutrality mean that that that the internet is a is a perfect place where everybody can do whatever the hell they want and that must mean that there’s some SEC types come and got it in for us that are trying to make sure that there’s some kind of log like down the road that’s going to protect the interests of Corporations of things and ultimately marginalize the part about the internet that you’re free to go anywhere and go to any sites and any anyone who starts a website I can get to you is this free flow of information and answer the reason that you Charlie has been in the news is because the the government agency that oversees this the FCC
how did net neutrality rules they made in 2010 they said all right if you are Comcast Your Time Warner you can’t fuck with people’s internet you have to let them go where they want and there was rule just got tossed out in the DC circuit court so now it’s like they’re in the when the internet for started we kind of had some net neutrality rules and then those those got deregulated and we were in this wild west for a little bit and then these new net neutrality rules and I apologize that this is a little you know go to it on the way for these newer net neutrality rules which were kind of a half-measure got thrown out you were back in the wild west so right now it’s an Open Table Anything could happen but these accursed moving into town he’s he’s there he’s got his resources we got your Square engines in your your other people like like like whoever shoots who first
so Comcast is the biggest provider of internet and TV trying to Big by the second-biggest provider and so we’re talking about a giant mega corporation that has enormous control over everyone’s communication was a Warner Brothers right so Comcast is going to merge with Time Warner and so this is and so net neutrality you know such as myself you know this is a terrible thing you know we don’t need less companies and in control of our communication then there was like a way for me to get I could get free internet it was free Wi-Fi that seem to be somehow in The Ether almost like a kind of ether internet I didn’t have to give a credit card number
get on the internet by put on I forgot to put my email address or something like that but it was certainly and I don’t know how I found this out but the porn was definitely blocked like it was it was sort of like a fight like kind of Internet is that the world that was like like like when we talked about companies like Comcast Warner Cable because they offer cable internet is the idea that they are going to offer they think that they they see a world where internet is like cable yes and that there they can offer these sort of packages right and this you know that they that they can make their content go faster and run better for you at home and then other people you know smaller websites are other people making content are going to let you know how do I second-class internet website who’s telling you that the president
Easter egg roll car wash in fact the government government the line it’s like you can’t read the first three words sit slowly loading, had is Union with striking against them and so the Telecom blocked the website to the union that are fucked up and it’s not going to happen tomorrow internet is not going to all be this like dire situation but these are the things they’re capable of doing the FCC is involved efcc shouldn’t even fucking exist anymore
but I understand about the FCC is that the reason is because there was this thing called radio and we just invented it and we thought that it was like a big pie slice with a frequency and you could we need the government’s help so that everyone gets a slice and we got to make sure that nobody has lice or that there’s not enough places these people telling you that I wish we found out that there’s no such thing as limitations on a non frequency it doesn’t matter but the thing about government is that God bless their only trying to help probably usually but they never fucking go away once they’re around they never go away I do not being a Libertarian by saying that I’m just being a human being is saying once you invite these guys into your life and they start
play you like like like like no one’s ever going to have a meeting with a ghost still around it doesn’t look why are they still around like stuff like that you know the Janet Jackson nipple thing is is ridiculous but there is also a school of thought which I subscribe to you which is like in an Ideal World we want someone like the FCC you know to stay that these you know Comcast the world can be on the internet so it’s like you know the FCC has heard of a wide purview of things they do and so the whole would be that on the grounds of the internet and that they would tell these you know these huge corporations that you cannot talk with people to access right I meant I mean and that’s a totally different story then you know Janet Jackson’s nipple you know this
let’s set up a chess board right now and hopefully you can explain it to me like where the pawns are where the kings are at cetera at we’ve got all of us who don’t give a shit about anything right everyone in this room every human being with it that was born with a beating heart we’ve got all those people now who vote for anything or do anything unless they’re operating in some kind of weird agenda of the corporation’s what it what it what what what is their relationship with the government in all of this they do if if the FCC I’ll go back to that protect actually wanted to do something wanted to be really good and go back to regulating the internet the way it had been when it first started and really liked put the hammer down then what would happen is these corporations who have enormous lobbying power would actually tell Congress to be like cut the funding for the Suz not initially destroy it but you know
depleted severely there’s so much power and they have so much influence whopping not only Congress people but going to the FCC and lobbying the people who work over there I mean there’s no two ways about it cuz I really realized that you must be like at European nation where it’s like they’re projecting I know nothing about this what was the danger that they will actually control certain content based on like political content or comcast would you know prioritize their own content and block and slow down content that. There’s like an orwellian kind of like a look at it like a map
let’s pretend that the internet is traffic and which weather which streets are widening which are not and if you if you privatize the city straight then the pink fairy is going to go where you going you going over to Mom and Pops and everyone uses is never a good idea. I’ll go out on a limb here and health education crisis right now I kind of precarious right now it’s so the SEC is you know it is saying actually now that these rules have been thrown out there considering what they’re going to do next they stay they still care about net neutrality do the new head of yet
she is a former Communications lobbyist which shouldn’t surprise anyone that’s that’s pretty much our government work but the hope is that you know we were talking about how you know hopelessness might be you know if that might be true but like if you know activist you know people I work with you know it’s like our only thing is like what we got to fucking do something like even if it’s a petition and we have to like you do go down there and yell at people you know you guys going to call it change it from that neutrality to like but fun or something people who work legislatively bureaucratically their joy in life is to hang out push buttons yes no vote on this I believe in this system of the think the problem is at the Beating Heart of
Manatee the regular person who just wants to hang out and live their life pursue their happiness they don’t think you can convince them to get invested in toppling over a statue of a horrible monster you can convince them to like like sign a petition you can convince them to to stand captain my captain is what we don’t love is long hard fucking slogs against the forces of night because that’s called working at a DMV but we don’t we don’t want to hang out we can keep our internet free at there’s got to be a way for us to because it’s like like like what we’re talking about like right between the government and corporations Jesus Christ who the fuck was either of these days the windows that fight
it’s fucking cheaper than Rite of Christian Slater supposed to come along and save us all.
I don’t know which apple cider movie
who owns the internet look like for a long time the answer has been kind of up in the air and what we don’t want is for that to have an answer ever write the way that we kind of didn’t want the days of manifest destiny was like okay we’re just going to we’re going to make a nation and then it was a war between the people that wanted one big old country and the people who wanted each day to be independent and then we get tricked into thinking that we have to choose between one good guy or a bad guy that’s like they’re all a bunch of fucking politicians. I’m not sure I don’t want to but I really think so in Iceland there’s a politician called Ian are he was a comedian and he started a joke party called the best party and they promised like free towels and that they would listen to women
just like they can make it and then became like a real thing and he actually got attention and and became the mayor of Iceland and so that’s a no right exactly ocean if is if it suits our consumption is tyranny crowd for being in it for this wonky sort of discussion but that the government or the corporations are what am I supposed to be the same BB gun
toilet paper right now
I think if you know the corporation’s I hate to sound so simplistic would be the bad guys in the situation and it if you’re an average citizen than you are hopefully telling the FCC telling your representative that you want any trolley and you know you’re trying to counterbalance if you’re saying the head of the SEC is a former lobbyist you know if they only hear one side you know then we were doubly fucked and so it’s like the system is totally you know you’re going against us but like you know we we go when we yell at them when we can but isn’t the internet punk rock enough like when they came after Napster we will be moved we all used to a long time ago go like get music for free in and have like a peer-to-peer stuff we always give everyone that became illegal to monetize that we pay for that it was since I’ve been in it finds a way to make it a Gala Therrien and to make it like like free being sexy and punk rock
a revolution every time he was an actual structure of the internet I mean there are people who talk about that and a but it it’s not something that one should count on or looks like it would be any sort of viable option I mean actually has right now that you can actually rely on are there hackers are the anonymous people that lived the people who are simply anarchists are simply in favor of subversion and of course you can’t rely on them to to do anything but what I want them to do the way that we revolted against the English and the way certain countries revolt against Empire is the next Revelation would have to be an information when it would have to be to be a country was there was there was still be country Imperial Masters but the next one would have to be us revolting against a a
I got control like that I feel like it’s going to be lead pipes in the street because of information when there are riots and protests against the person to do is switch off your cell phone so that you can’t text and get you your at your you go to jail and they will make him and I think they’re going to do that here and I think that I foresee like we will have to revert to lead pipe technology because it’s all they will have it our fingertips.
I don’t want to live in a time of the Revolution because upheavals a bummer and everybody worked over 40 year old has been a revolution in the last century because we’re all the beneficiaries the night paintings men and women that stood up and fucking do crazy things the whites will go out for a while and then when they shut the lights out on us now it’s the lights out and it’s a whole different way like you and I Dan and then I’ll do that I’m 30 yeah it’s like there was a time when lights went out and it didn’t mean that much you you lit a candle and you didn’t have a fucking cell phone anyway like now the moment they start at fucking with our ability to communicate with each other on the level that were used to people going to lose their mind for there to be a weird kind of Luddite Revolution because for the people that are the biggest fans of the technology the actress
we have to create a network of of Dixie Cups and strings
prepare to doomsday prep for the man coming down on us I mean I got to tell you anyway, I think I think you were these people that’s like like you have a practical solution and you’re the one that actually is practical about an I feel like just a dumb would be Han Solo’s just decided that he’s going to do nothing and if that’s more convenient because I think I feel I feel bad for a genuine hard-working erstwhile net net neutrality activist who has found himself in the position of petitioning a fucking corrupt government official in the hopes that they’ll protect them more than Yoplait thank you for that because we have net neutrality right now
coming over natural car like what is it that’s a good question I haven’t thought about it in those terms you know I are there any confusion or anger or rage at Mount but I mean we you know we have such a fucked-up system of campaign financing that I think everyone hears this and is in this room knows that you know elections are run on money and I think I’d tell her thank you very much kind of class
you know I in the largest she’ll like it and that’s the last place I was working on some money in politics I mean I think that is so unsexy but I think it’s at the core you know how to sort of like first issue until we find a way to do you know for instance small-dollar funding campaigns or anything like that and that’s not flipping the car over you know it’s totally not fun but that is a goddamn change that has to happen and I get your pinky toe into that water all of a sudden you’re tainted with are you liberal or conservative or liberal conservative I am against fucking capitalism like I don’t think they know the week we we yell at Olympians when they take money from weed he’s professional
out of stock when it behooves us we have a bunch of people who are willing to jump into the internet search of finding ways to keep money from flowing around its there’s a lot of easy ways to keep money from flowing around when it comes to the fucking old white dudes that we elect to say yes or no to all this bullshit that was supposed to be the end of the day should be the easiest thing in the world is like one of my constituents want what are the people in Connecticut apples little people love apples in Connecticut okay done instead of that that guy having somehow have been been some compromise that’s a dang it should say that that’s the president is involved that it’s insane that we only have two candidates from two parties and pay that they’re two parties at them saying that we think that that’s what government is contained it were taught that in high school is it all from money all a bunch of goddamn fucking do shit
can I come now
Eddie Jeff Jeff thanks to mail I like you I know it but if you push it you become a creepy guy I know I know people who do that Camille you do it more like more than 3 times in a minute Kemal of the thing is like history to take on this you stop saying my name and then they tweeted an apology with my name and I just want to make sure that my I just got my new internet service whatever I can actually help you with it actually was going to happen to keep saying actually
wow this is the first time this has happened I can actually help in speaking literally assist you right now that’s your job has almost no power anyone calls me as I just changed over I could finally I found out by the way they’re supposed to hook the show I didn’t realize that I’ve had DSL forever and I didn’t know I’d like to keep sucking lips
so now you say his name like that now I see it like the full list of the lips dfl mean that you are beautiful. If they were around my dick
what whatever they need telemarketers ever call me if I use their name back at them and it fucking bums amount they don’t like it. I feel so bad for them anyway
that’s a weird isn’t there isn’t there a way if you don’t even though it doesn’t
lipstick thank you
I just need to keep the internet exactly the way it is even though it doesn’t profit anybody or there’s no one that needs to be shot or arrested every time I I shut my computer off for some reason like I was with whatever my homepage would be if it was like a Yahoo or certain that Microsoft has nothing to do with your browser they’ll change the default homepage on your website I don’t know how that pisses me off so much and also feels it’s sad but it feels like inevitable that we are going to go away and then we’re not even going to be different. Service and I was talking
I really think it needs a sexier name the neutrality that inspires no passion it should be like next Freedom or that’s why I want to start because of the World Wide Web back then there was no electronic Freedom that would hold onto but it just doesn’t I think people see that word if it don’t get excited about I know I I don’t disagree and their venue no numerous discussions by people much smarter and more powerful than I am who want to change it and it’s like it you just keep defaulting back to it cuz it’s like oh I guess it kind of feels it’s not her.
report issue I feel like the way I don’t think of a funny name or a better more pungent name for net neutrality
I’m sure I’m shocked that we didn’t I wanted to congratulate him he had I haven’t heard a peep out of him or talking about the internet and opinions and he
and I haven’t heard a sound from The Goldbergs action maybe he’s here on a date at least he’s trying to impress her or him when he’s throwing up buy tickets maybe he’s NFL quarterback in the NFL are a quarter I know I did my own form of prejudice I don’t know anything about sports they’re all quarterbacks to me and they’re all gay now they really hate one Ellen Page came out she also came out a couple days ago yeah yeah and so many people on Twitter where the openly part of openly gay is the important point
call turn on a guy and it comes out and does that before he’s even in his career his livelihood he’s worked his most of his life toward is jeopardized by him saying that that’s awesome I don’t know what to wear to state for an actress I think that’s already, I hope it doesn’t. I hope so too I don’t know what the actual ramifications would think about what he’s famous enough for high stakes enough to to to to be going to say it wasn’t saying is that it merits press conference status everybody I I I
who you are is it like a brave political map of being ashamed of what they are crazy like and that’s why I love Johnny Winter fucking dressing up like like like like an absolute like waffles that we cross our don’t feel like thresholds like the Space Program when it’s like okay we’ve been exploring space shuttle on Apollo 13
you take care and TV with they’re not on TV because it has a Daytime Emmy winner Kyle Flanagan like his mom and then I always knew you could do it around the world because it’s important that is my point like like like like this we shouldn’t we didn’t believe people for being gay was probably really allowed to because of Tom Cruise came out tomorrow like that would be a big he hasn’t yet he hasn’t yet is important and and and survival evolved yet
if 8 people Underneath Him Tom Cruise underneath him all come with us when he went to the first locker room with his with his NFL teammates now that’s weird to do it like I guess what I’m coming clean an awesome I just wish that that that wouldn’t act like we’re saying that wasn’t a half they’re all so then what ten years after that after that fucking high water mark of like it doesn’t matter if you’re white boy where you put your weiner there’ll be a guy who’s like I don’t know where I want to put my wiener put a label on that call it a sexual call it call it call it still figuring it out leave me alone then that guy they’re all as long as I just out of clothing is going to be people who are heroic for for for confronting it until we get to the point where I actually just honest with each other until we’re not we’re not hiding things from each other
really different from the animals that we descended from like we we we we are we’re here and we are taking that Legacy I feel like it’s like we’re at we are constantly in a battle with ourselves over whether or not we’re going to be coming SEC delayed or God and I don’t know which is worse or which is better transition to gray people with almond eyes are floating them through the cosmos seeking other people’s DNA so they can Flash themselves with some genetic Campari you know I don’t know but I know that right now it’s not it’s not a great idea to lobby for boredness I get bummed out when people are like offended by everything and I left a little blue be perfect but I also got a high five people who in the face of all of this chaos they rise up against the immediate things that make it difficult for them to
that’s theirs
commercials for me and you know we get to fast forward to everything commercials are broken up between mostly for me it’s Insurance commercials are a lot of insurance insurance commercial truck guy oh yeah truck guy aggressive Alpha Man sort of every morning and that was it I think that’s what it is that you’re on your own I will say

that’s been going on forever its 2014 that’s been going on since the 70s like men have that we do that the same way politicians do it to us politicians convinces that there’s a left and a right so they can fuck around with us forever because there’s only rich and poor men say that there’s such a thing as as feminism in there such a thing as masculinity so that we can constantly go back and forth between or being Alan Alda and then going live
we’ve been doing it since the seventies that’s it that’s that’s as far back as I can go I’m assuming we’ve been doing that since 6000 BC I don’t think we’re ever going to be like like like like that’s that’s a fucking Dodge you have like these Belushi’s that are like out there guy Nikon speaking for isn’t going like real men don’t sit around those guys I want to I want to buy metrosexual I don’t know where it is but I assume that those guys like me that’s all we have left
I got I got I got I got to put a terror I just I just I just didn’t want to let men off the hook for a second there cuz it was late like the idea that there’s some kind of like big volcanic eruption of masculine kind of a kind of Mary might be the voiceover for the fucking phone in the truck is happening right now
I think we’re sort of a step in the right direction not regulated by either like corporations are the government like this internet thing happened and we all kind of like there’s like actual culture developing I could, I would say that it back around what the hell are we going to do about this Eddie doing sorry I got that in my head I think it’s just like you know it is tough because I remember a week ago we all had strong opinions on the Woody Allen and now nobody’s talking about it anymore so fine stuff right you know it does pop up again when you know the news find it you know interesting enough to cover and I think you know just to be having this conversation
you know is worthwhile and end that might sound like not enough but you shouldn’t be by the way this big world and I’m going to start going to become a rebel I’m going to become an activist like how can you tell this kid like like like to be sorry I’m actually about to start working for an organization called demand progress which was started by Aaron Schwartz that activist who got a year ago took his life so that’s that’s a great organization that all shelf or because they are about to hire me internet the guy fighting for this was like fucking I want to kill myself kind of a complicated story but he had been a terrifying so he was charged with stealing
journalistic articles he was downloading from MIT it’s a big can of worms but he did not you know to the best of my knowledge you know take his own life because of it but yeah so there’s no organizations like if you you know if you’re someone who’s like yeah fuck it I’ll click this petition I’ll sign it then yeah you can find an organization like the man progress there’s it doesn’t make a difference with petitions that you sign online date they imbue these organizations that are working their ass off with a little bit of credibility because if you’re going to a congressman to go to the SEC and you have you know a hundred thousand petition or at least bring something to the table if you have them if you have enough of them en masse it’s a it’s a place to start even if it’s not you’re going to sign something and you know you know give us net neutrality tomorrow but you will be helping the people who are you know working to make this you know making things better
Chase online
you like what’s the least I can do then yeah you know when a position comes across your Facebook page you see it on Twitter you know take the 30 seconds fill it out and you know give these organizations to be angry I think just to be have some latent anger for Wendy you know fat butt party comes along and you’re like yeah I love these guys I want to vote for their was fun
text Honey
play guitar
the professor at right now
by Jeff you snapped into action
I don’t have that clock over your shoulder anymore
are you okay I just looked at my phone later we started
is it true that you’re about to be 25 years old this very midnight Spencer’s birthday to actually actually Justin Marshall’s birthday
are podcast producer extraordinaire Destiny podcast dungeon master they have consecutive birthdays weird man making for a veritable versus to Palooza
a kind of burning bird can I mention how anatole’s look
what is really committed to something
can I just
describe our people sitting Beyond road to be might he might possibly either be Crosby Stills and Nash yeah you can get away with anything
I think if you guys are connecting the Russian. Too much and he’s okay he just fell further from the 70s for certain had to do whatever they may be.
John Legend I can buy in George Lucas Angela wow what kind of friend
The Kinks
I see he’s going to get by and said tribal thing he’s going to get by and just fucking weird shit
meanwhile I fucking slave over a keyboard
you don’t know
I tell you
address for Mike Henry
I dress like your dad motherfuker I’m an old bitch
like your dad
you just got all that. But if they’re writers I don’t know whatever
other Hawaiian neighborhood
weather radar more famous Edwards writer than
I didn’t say Ben me I don’t know I’ll admit it was an artist the writing he did we bring up more than they already did I’m more famous writer than me
grudgingly giving him that money wasn’t that good you should date line
how’s it going to Spencer Hawaii is like it brought up here
how’s it going what’s up I was just sitting somewhere else earlier
now I’m sitting here right it’s cool just don’t bring me up watch from the bank will not bring you up alright call me solve note taken he hates to be brought up a human being
happy birthday happy birthday for you mother fucker and then
and then you covid into the sanitary
I’m not complaining about any to come and then do that you can talk about it at length and then bring me a password yeah not in that order do I think it’s a harmontown I think it is laid back in as a geography literally is in the shadows way I’ll stay to the right and he’s sitting down she probably wouldn’t exert himself a lot but he included in the conversation because they’re not aimed at him I think I think it’s easy to not include somebody that says sitting physically way off of the state I don’t need to be included I just want to be brought up and then explicitly excluded I don’t want I would order it
noted noted we will avoid future there we go up and then exclude you I’m in not happen ever again by your decree thank you a lot though after death we do a lot of things all the time we just never get told what to do
do you like the show to be different in any way
I like I like I like taking a standing ovation after every show I’d like I’d like it to be 15 minutes shorter all the time
phuc yea or Adam Goldberg mentioned that he’s a dungeon master didn’t they
I don’t know why I thought I’d be carried in created as liberator
how do you spell between you and this is crazy this is no good this is no good
Pine hike it up way too much
it’s no good
Austin and Spencer’s birthday and that’s the good news for cutting the cake I went back to the green room and I wash my hands after washing my hands big deal we are cutting the cake and talking and I’m staying at your stove the happier and then I looked at my ring in the diamond is missing from I told you I was like I was like what does it look like a diamond on the floor
probably your diamond I mean substance made of ice
or get rich or half-sister I heard one of her daughters my niece or when she’s little baby ate her diamond ring or wedding ring and for two or three days I had to wash it and had to watch but we had to hear report about my sister to put put the diapers back on like the three-year-old or two year old that was off diapers
happy happy ending
how do you spell Fork
it was destroyed but was framed and put up in the Imposter one of these guys but that’s not the way
the diamond days
real talk real talk
you really need to find a cheap it the top dollar know you don’t have good news we we love each other is fine if you’re if you’re a millionaire don’t eat it all make you something in exchange for it okay if you feel guilty about it actually is it’s a conflict diamond from you were so good until now
when I lost my mind it was fine I don’t have a car I have to do is ask I’ll shoot you a diamond
we want that’s the new one
if you if you if you are at a point in your life where you are willing to go through your own poop with diamonds
I think I think you’re definitely get to keep the diamond to pay off. He’s a cake summer with a diamond sitting on top of it it’s on the floor somewhere. We should not get married unless the same diamond is found if it is all so it just kind of lost anybody sees a good friend fiber box because it looks weird for your phone call from throw her phone across the room
I think it’s great
anyone I find the music Gabriel Plaza going until I shouldn’t have brought it up
okay cool Sorry Fender I didn’t see you at what you doing a great job Jeff all right when we last met Our Heroes with Shane by the soul on trial by skeletons in the door after upsetting a novice lawyer by the name of skeleton Gary after restoring in brilliant orator he’s managed to bring back the head of the marsh Minotaur Hills
What are gyros be able to fulfill their skeleton erandur what they can be cast into the gauldur let’s watch
all right so we just were freed from our soul chains correct yeah yeah sure did all right
I pulled her lawyer gone I guess he is right yeah he ran out we made some promises during that the court hearing that we would go fight this March Minotaur it kind of sounded like improv to me but like we did kind of bind ourselves to that promise sounds like a bunch of malarkey I said we just get the hell out of here and cut our losses will distort on Coronavirus
there’s nothing to sign really appreciate your your your bureaucracy and everything and know well I guess we’ll be on our way I mean you’ll bring back the head of the Marksman that’s why I will do whatever you want as part of this whole thing you know you’re you’re obligated to do this under penalty of pool lost okay
we got it I mean wait what do you mean exactly one of the Soul chance anymore I got so lost right now. Going to come and get us I mean it’s in the magic of pill has already completed the Beast of Burden yes it made no sense to us I mean The Benchmark of our law but that’s fine it’s it’s doesn’t matter to you but if we default on The Binding arbitration your very soul and if they’re not properly that all you know kind of consume it and if we don’t bring his head then we just go kaput like what happens if we lose our souls I mean how does it know the difference between
what if we just don’t get your soul to not here is like how long was it is not up to me man the Magics already there ask the magic
I cast magic eye roll and I asked her magic
I mean have you guys ever done this before what she does with the normal statute of limitations on getting I’m getting shit done before you going to start feeling it I feel like we should have had this talk without him listening to it like Back to the Future not to look at her hand all right you know what is discretion
are there any witnesses to this marshmallow tower that we should know of that walking to the flea market Hills what we’re going to have to do this with one now from work this two ways to do this the easy way or your way
are we going to get along are we going to fight the whole way through I would like to go on a Vision Quest
by myself
all right can we get anyone
why does it have to be the man of the Marshall around these parts
Health in fact I know the minute are we don’t need to learn that we’ve got we’ve got this one over here all right well everybody leave we’re going to do prior job in here
I try. Are you still going to Vision Quest
sounds good I’ll come with you guys the good news is you’re now on it because
we had a romance
you searched for the right direction and you see some hills are probably the only Hills in the area
traveling tails before we used to
this little eggs that you met the marshmallow chart tell us about a flashback
you’re early
a Minotaur is never
Norrisville a precisely when he means to
my name is Marge
looks like having someone named Edward human
Marche I made you
I made the Earth little bucket what is the bucket for a family we give everyone buckets and this is this is a bucket bucket can I leave it here and pick it up later
we’re going to the flea market Hills
real quick cause we had a flashback to the present while we watch you I kind of look up in the air while you’re clearly going to flash back and I look awesome flashback I can’t I can’t wait to hear what happened back in the classroom
yeah I guess we could go there I heard that you had a story that I read in the story is you do the heavy lifting in the same place
I heard I heard that someone was selling something that you found very offensive and you charge to the deaths of many halfling children always misunderstood they had a Confederate flag with swastika on it
and I was like that’s wrong and they were like different symbols mean different things to different people and I just sort of went nuts and some lives were lost but I don’t think they were lives worth saving anyway they were like you know I just wanted to clear that up I don’t think people think of me is like a bad guy anymore there’s no like Council trying to like kill me or anything
I feel like I feel like I can’t explain myself
Pioneer Panther it coming apart
yep they are aren’t you curious how far down the hoarseness goes
Guitar Center
and I’m referencing our first date
what happened he let it happens everyday great let’s just stay here meaning that we won’t actually go to the flea market to tell me all about him
I just relived had a flashback out loud it won’t happen with the Minotaur did you guys
you know what I mean he started we started

do you think I mean things get people to have chemistry with certain people things start to get hot and heavy and it was clear that things weren’t meant to be for us that’s all and I put on Mork & Mindy and we watched that and then he lets go to this never happens to me
Define aspire why I think I am allowed it allowed an assertive none of them
the episode where he took over the bureau and hoarded all the art
you know what just don’t you know what I’m going to go I’ll call you though
he is a priest
I want to I’m going to tie it around your neck I have an idea how about I pick up the wreaths when I come back to the bucket
all right I’ll call you
the worst ever going to bring of Indiana and America
all right you have a long-standing relationship with this stuff like he doesn’t seem like a real threat but he sounds like he’s kind of a regular like he’s coming from
yeah that’s true but I also like if he was on Lulu what’s that app
all over the floor and no ambition I don’t know what
all right well it so where is he going to help stop food aggression Valley for a while
are we headed toward the small egg Hills but little eggs that place you see he’ll also see a lot of while I stall isn’t like some sort of farmers market or maybe a flea market has been set up it looks largely abandoned so
that’s what you see
do you want to call
I Whittle by Whittle ucuc shifting would there’s like some sort of wood and you see small skeletal figure crawl out of the woodwork holding a little sign the sign says don’t be cheesy
is that jumped
Lake-Link Django yeah like that but you don’t
have you have you seen you in a minute are walking around here available people are very taken by him but but maybe he doesn’t have that kind of stuff to seem to accept his flight he slopped
I think you still kind of sweet on this guy
you know sometimes people come together at different times in our lives each other I understand what you saying
hey hey you want more of that everyday
sorry let me turn down the TV
all right with pleasure
so it’s true for 6 to 4 to 12 for 20
I like your style a flashback sounded like you’re really in love
flashback award you with the 12 or 20 why the government requires me to tell you you’ll never be the same
can the president
that was the last mistake I ever made
yeah I mean I’ll tell you that 12:20 was totally worth it but I never have since then I wrote I wrote lady in a meeting and he literally talked you out of a career
do you know what it I wouldn’t have it any other way I can examine the footprints in the cheese has been stopped it’s all stomped the directions this way Gentlemen let’s go over the big joke
I guess you guys are doing that the hill and you see at the bottom of the hill just just lying right there and site Melly you can smell it from here
let’s go in there
yeah for a while it up with rocks
set an alarm can ever get in or out
middle schoolers with knitting needles because first of all this minute or is ferocious second of all you can’t control yourself around him you have a history with him and you don’t know what you’re doing
you coming in with me if he’s coming for you you like you should be the one staying outside this cave your you can’t control yourself different Archer
I I I just I just wanted to see how great I am now and I want to see the company has more than anything in front of the company
are you sense motive if I can
I want to know like you have to do it truthfully so what’s going on what’s really going on in a different voice through yes
I I love you I don’t love him but I want him to think I’m hot Play Bennett we’ve all been through relationship going to feel like they took her wallet we won our wallet back in a way it seems like he wants to show you off and I’m going to be there for you by the way I guess I guess I’m your boyfriend I didn’t even know that you guys needed to be a wizard
Hi-Tech my sort out and I look at you guys are going we all stand like for breast and like we’re all staying at the entrance to this cave and I got I’m ready to go in there with you guys I’m so super excited what kind of what kind of clothes do you take the sun is behind the weapons and then I kind of
like we’re still comes out and says to be continued in the lens flare but there is a voice over that like kind of like Dukes of Hazzard Kizer that we started to show late
if it were up to me yelling I catch anything in my way, also I have a partial boner in my pants are halfway down
print got a few rate my ex-boyfriend
I don’t despise back money turn me on and I’m not saying don’t blame you
is all over the place that door in the floor as you charging all loudly and yelling and kicking and doing those things you hear you hear a weird wailing called it calls out it’s like
cuz I like Peter Sellers is in prison.
I’ll take it out
my husband calls
I smooth my hair back with my with my hand
bananas right
you guys have a show called bananas right
there is a timer we’re walking on the street and there’s a banana tree and a bunch of bananas fell all at once it sounds cool okay I start climbing the walls and try to get like until like like like up along the side of the wall
Captain pocket moisture that’s a solid description of skulls
you still managed to climb up into the the cave you’re holding on to a stalactite and I just driving I’m just crawling along slowly very slowly like I feel like kicking high-sticking massive amounts of Smashing everything I can waving my hands in the air and yelling
how do you do that
I don’t know if you’re making the kind of boyfriend impression that she wanted you to make how would you react moments ago you don’t remember that we were just there
run towards a renter It’s the episode towards the boys I check every stalagmite and stalactite except the ones that he’s on the Rocks behind, Lone Star view staff
do you home alone it what am I doing I don’t know what are you doing I’m like super weirded out by everything okay how close am I to the river The Voice is coming from Ziri I mean you’re crawling on a feeling he’s all running I feel like we should just go talk and we don’t need to go on ceilings and kick stuff right we just go talk to him cuz what we want to do we have to kill this guy let’s face it right where is running in the morning
you keep running and you see a light around the bend like there’s lit stuff around the bend it’s sitting kind of sprawled out just kind of laying all over the floor and it’s working out how many girls have otters boy
okay you don’t even see it man I don’t know what time you’re not skeletons skeletons
science are you okay
do you remember me lorenzana what are you talkin about talking about memories
do you remember me we met in that elevator I dropped all my papers and you pick them up
all the different Minotaur that’s racist
examine his face and see that he is clearly a different
do you know another Minotaur who really likes Mork & Mindy
you seem suicidal I mean I wouldn’t go that far what are you doing in my cave
draw a longsword
and then I take it down on the we wanted his head right back in the hall and I’ll get to us some funny stuff to say not that
I look there’s no reason even if I take the bus or it and I put it down on the minotaurs neck with great force
you bring down the sword upon its neck in it it just hits his neck and it just breaks your Blade the right is a Sharpie and Chris de Burgh arrive name
did you do anything stupid
how can I support your relationship
as a good person
I have a box of wine
a sword I bought at the magic shop really works when you want it to why would your boyfriend can I crawl the office telling enough to be in the same room I still haven’t got to the Holloway I mean if you were walking you would have I don’t care
I made my bed I’m going to light it or if I can how far outside of the like a couple rounds in their feet and was like why are all these humans down here and why are you attacking me are there skeletons you could go bother
you are right is it Marsh
guy Minotaur sorry I’m sure that’s a lot of my friends and I have gotten mixed up in a lot of bulshit with a lot of parasites a lot of bureaucrats over this campaign whatever you call that it Harlot world I’ve been there we were on trial with the skeletons you know them our lawyer lawyer got us off by promising that would kill you
I don’t want to do it I see no profit in it frankly I don’t see how we do it you’re a big strapping very straight guy what do you know how it is I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I did very strapping The Entity
I didn’t mean to imply gender at all alright okay bring the car back and me to see if they got it have his son of a bitch truth of the matter is that we got skeletons if we don’t fulfill our goal with you I got more beef with people that would do that kind of thing to people who is the skeleton guy comes in and milks me
are you fucking kidding me what is named Jones
bureaucracy than we are if we can figure out a way to get out of this whole thing on his head I just fell down here one day through better for Ackley would happen to us well sounds like we have a common enemy
I like this guy I like this person I like this person
I guess I will
as a symbol of me casting off my oppression and it’s like a rapper wearing and I didn’t come up with it
am I in the room yet no dude yeah yeah you’re right it is a reminiscent of the ancestral memory from there I looked at her hey guys is that the marsh Minnesota
I declared it was me
eye store that memory and bury it deep deep inside is he still up there and do the right thing by getting up here in like being like sneaky but I apparently we didn’t have to be sneaky about this was that your name is
listen let’s form a human minute or packed
but I’m telling you
where can I find auto loan here on our souls
I’ve been honest about that with you yeah that sucks man I’ll try and help you out I guess I don’t know how that works let’s go attack the cuz I feel like it’s coming to us from the very beginning you’ve been awesome to us Greg’s thanks thanks for taking my joke was funny
well yeah what was that I can be very careful she likes so much sometimes I put it in my back of my pants I have a bad pitch number
we keep writing the back of the skeletons and saying we’re still looking for him I think we’re right behind him and we just keep that going forever I think that’s a great idea it was a member of our party cuz he’s in front of us dumb
magic fact has just to try it if we start to get nauseous or falls out
cuz he’s not a real Minotaur he is shutters
it’s not it’s not losing our lives it’s gaining a party member
aren’t you saying that not to him or she saying that like yeah but you’re looking at me like the Minotaur heard that kind of guy. We would like to welcome you into our family awesome man
I mean we ended on kind of a peaceful resolution there
find that diamond you may keep it or tell me that you can have it
the diamond here Jeff Davis


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