Episode: 94 – Live From SXSW ’14 + Movie Q&A


Episode: 94 – Live From SXSW ’14 + Movie Q&A


From Austin, TX, Harmontown is live from the Liberty Tavern and SXSW. Bonus audio from the Q & A following the premiere of the “Harmontown” documentary.


buy it from Austin Texas to South by Southwest Festival my deep deep pleasure to announce that harmontown is now in session
thank you thank you very much from Austin good people to the best town I love it yeah I mean we would normally say that in any City but we would be lying and most of them Austin is definitely always enchanting you know what they call it Jeff they call it the San Francisco of Texas
is it true yeah I do I call it that there’s some facts about Austin the typewriter was invented here in 1842 it went to war with Oklahoma and one because they wanted it to be shaped like Texas and Oklahoma wanted to kind of like change like the top square part of Texas and just be a box but Oklahoma has to be shaped like a saucepan because sex is one of the right to be shaped like Texas good job. What a great state route what a what a big great state you can see it from outer space it’s the only state that you can see them out if I testify at its three times bigger than the Great Wall of China coiled up into a Texas shape
I just started allowing Asians in here as well they just started immigration that’s a good song Yellow Rose of Texas is actually a
about a lady named Rosa code for your Asian huddled masses yearning to breathe free and a big giant State you can see his face like you’re stupid Great Wall okay we’re podcasting live through YouTube who’s it doesn’t matter what kind of work
we love you borrow people what are the Perils of podcasting Live on YouTube has like automated box and drones that are detecting the music that we were playing before the show play some kickass local country music but we were afraid they would shut down the podcast music we were playing some of our friends bands Justin Marshall our producer has some friends with you probably couldn’t tell it from from real music
probably thought it was real music where’s the camera right now I’m just confused video live whatever you thought you weren’t allowed to do
South by Southwest cuz we’re premiering the harmontown documentary tonight
going to be good Spencer hasn’t seen it romantic a couple people walking on the road so I’ll Spencer like the guys that literally started a Kickstarter today
are you are you little devil
go on then how far can you go find out how far you can go should we find out the back
sorry about that bar people
I’m playing I’m playing now
play desert card we can hear you
say something
all right jack clap if you can still hear me
check one two one two
let’s all pretend like you fell asleep
brick siding
cuz I told him I’ll pretend like I fell asleep on the flag good job Jeff
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss go in a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and blackston amount each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little t and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker at myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
yeah so is it it’s been weird like this this movie has been looming in my life for a long time and I’ve well deserved it because I was the one who is narcissistic enough to say maybe we should make a movie about me
being a narcissist and and I hired this great guy but I didn’t hire him that’s probably a misnomer partnered with Neil Berkley and had to agree with him like you know I can’t tell you how to make your movie so it’s you know it doesn’t it doesn’t show you what a genius I am on the level that I think I am right it shows you what a genius I can probably kind of what reality like they could just kind of shows me as a to start of a fat drunk assholes fine because I’d rather be a bad person than than make up a documentary and I think that one of the most important ingredients of a good documentary is a bad person I think that’s what you really like like you need some weed dispensary in there and he can you get to be a good person
but there’s a lot to talk about if we were doing a regular harmontown show
I would I would do some corrections I would do a correction segment right now okay can you play a sound cue for that
directions yo-yo directions all day long
you did it wrong that’s why I’m doing the correction song Corrections
Austin loves ya correction later
remind you wanted to go to the movie but can’t
so weird reaction
how many of you chance because of scheduling conflicts
does that mean that turning people away is it sold out
oh badges only so you guys don’t have badges stinking badges Elite isn’t what
can you can fight when you buy a ticket do you still need a bath
I think you and I will need are bad
you guys got the bag is for the young to take the face recognition photo it wouldn’t recognize my face Nick Nolte I can be anybody in that photo ID badges but you do need to take as I will try to figure out a way to give them to the people their most disturbing the floor
but a walk out of the road all right. He’s been dead since directions
yeah I said of course was great he was a bad person he’s been dead for almost a decade and I said he looked great Corrections
someone tweeted me who worked with Stan Winston he’s been dead since the poor choice to keep his name I mean what what business president is there there but he ran under the bus but Aaron said I said is that Stan Winston and Aaron said yes
and she doesn’t know who that is she’s 29 she thinks that the Challenger shuttle is the one we took from the hotel
making fun of my Gianni’s girlfriend
if being young is a crime
why do I always brag about it alright America’s country Japanese you know it was built on the black or the backs of unpaid labor I just made a good Friday and flip
I want I want said in the podcast that America was the first country to make slavery illegal and I was like yeah, opposite of terrible terrible lately like yesterday and we say we were at we were like it’s fine so sorry about that over everyone what a bad thing to be wrong about correcting this one but I once said that the TSA was a private company and not a government agency again
Aaron told me that but I just believed her I don’t Google anything Aaron says if I did my IQ would go up like a thousand points I just believe everything she says the woman and she’s supposed to play fill me with knowledge and life and she’s my muse is that I’m like oh really okay I’ll say that to everyone
it’s not a private company however they can still go fuck themselves right
I don’t know when you’re getting on the plane mile a little bit
get out please search the City of Brotherly hurry up and take your nap.
The angriest town in the world are TSA allow the whole thing up and shot a TSA guy was like on a kitchen really good publicize that much was a day and a half kind of just some people and then it just went away did Aaron tell you that maybe I don’t know
now everything is going to be right everything I say is going to be day or night there’s nothing more right than that I thought your mama cuz she’s not fat but if she was still Pucker
cuz I don’t believe in the end then instead socializing women to be ashamed of their bodies I would fuck your mama no matter what
I think it’s shity the way we treat our women and I will always be there for your mama
eating over there that have nothing to do with the show aired Austin International Airport whatever you call it and there’s the other people are there waiting there with placards for people that have like a car service and it’ll say like asks if there was a woman a young girl holding a sign the size of like a movie poster and it’s in a fight that was bigger than the font that used to announce the end of World War II
Seth Rogen
like everyone else in a regular size is a guy a break also I found out today that was yesterday into their car it was like a Sandra Bernhard and king of comedy like she was just waiting
I’ll take what I can get all right let’s let’s do a new segment Jeff Cobb
Forest controversy Forest controversy what’s 2
Forest controversy I’m going to argue about something then I decided to argue about that’s not really an issue but I’m just trying to make it an issue
Sports controversy
Fisher has it all you guys could show or singing or dancing I went outside
groundbreaking entertainment pedicabs pedicab bicycle Rickshaw things that you have here in the backseat of a big tricycle and and a guy drives you around or a girl I don’t know they make me very uncomfortable I don’t I don’t like to use them it feels too I’m too close to the actual capitalism but it’s just like lately you to be close enough to a place that someone can bite you
but you choose not to walk so they have to bike extra people that’s weird I took one yesterday from like the Yellow Jacket Social Club rules company-sponsored and fuck you. Fuck you to tell you the bad company I think they should be ashamed of themselves. 15
alright fine I don’t like Community I’ll just write that check
little tiny petite little thing as she drove me to school and I wanted to go somewhere that’s pretty far but you couldn’t you can I get a taxi in this town right now you cannot get into a vehicle so you can’t make it anywhere the pedicab is kind of convenience and like climbing my fat ass onto a bike and going like you
doo-wop for me to make your feet do two more for my feet and I came from the east side of the convention center what you think is right across the street to get my badge and a dispenser is farther west side of town and I got this girl waiting outside of the pedicab so weak and about to pull up alongside another pedicab and she does Eric do you want to do switches like we just got into his did he took over as much as we did double the weight try and like this this young lady who had had a few margaritas with lunch was like
temperature is it still $5 so I felt like I needed to confront that that’s why I just want to see something from up here tonight I’m fine with this cuz I’ve been through worse up here it sounds like absolutely no one in this room can hear us at all I know everyone’s just talk
alright okay you can hear me fine you’re all right I just want to go and back and Dennis now I know what it’s like to be at this show his phone he’s telling these guys you should look at my phone
you were drinking with me I was blacked out
are you trying to take advantage of my alcohol is over they could just tell me that what are you guys doing at South by Southwest are you from hearing a film will you tell the people have you all ever heard of Bitcoin Bitcoin y’all heard of Bitcoin
come talk to me all right and I can get you a Bitcoin wallet what’s right now for your iPhone for the weird guy Garcia
Finding Nemo
all right I just feel great. I don’t feel good really good when you go back to the crowd tell me okay I’m going to go really quick okay okay and when you get an application to become a member of our Cooperative okay so we know what I’m saying so it’s like distribution of wealth distribution of wealth because the reason why we did it
in this country is all yours when you have the floor for the lottery to Forest people yes yes yes that’s the best in early early stage startups that stupid people nobody got to win it might as well be you but you can’t take that same money and invested people write better right in your neighborhood do you have a situation where you have a Cooperative company from the company and the people who own the part of the Cooperative get the same benefits as early-stage investors and it’s
it’s all legal so if you want to get up in the Cooperative is a free trial for South by Southwest I’m down here in harmontown feeling and guess what I’m on. And what’s the major street name in Austin
what’s my name
shuffle my middle name is what’s your name my first name is moammar my middle name is what’s what’s the city
this is my family has Lamar Austin my name is Lamar Austin Wilson alright thank you very much for coming no problem
oh my gosh it’s a cooperative
all of that stuff was great it’s a Cooperative Bitcoin I can get in on the ground floor on the ground floor is that aren’t speculators and carpetbaggers
it turned out fine maybe he’s the shrewdest businessman of all time podcast what if what if I was trying to cure cancer and he’s talking about fucking Bitcoin of the back that would be that would be I have nothing to do tonight about you
a higher moral High Ground then I can try. I don’t care songs about dicks in Falls
yeah yeah that was one of the big things that Neil the director regret it cutting out was the Pringles Dick song and the chicken noodle next time it’s a little over 90 minutes I mean believe me the guide for our version of the documentary that I’m sure we’ll all get to see one day yeah 650 hours of everything movie but I made because I thought that’s how our fans are the hours of all the trash and make like the perfect cut of it should we bring Neil up here and I’ll bring you
Fort Lee
looking good baby ladies at the hotel holy cow
but but I’m not quite sure the room is everyone was like I’m into it I’m into Bitcoin I think they’re like I think they’re online trying to like to hang out more about Bitcoin
as much as we were all stuck together on a bus that we want to incorporate the crew and the director and everybody because we’re all trapped in one vehicle for a month I figure I was talking to produce earlier and I said I’m very nervous I hope people like this movie because you don’t wear your showing it it’s easier if I just let you you’re driven mainly by Naps and sugar but yeah I have been living in a world where this movie it hasn’t come out yet and now we fight I don’t care if they hate it or love it but I can’t wait to move across the threshold into a world where other people have seen this thing because I don’t have no idea I’m usually in total control over how people see me whether it seems from a distance like I’m making an ass of myself I’m crucifying myself I’m attacking others I’m at
myself I’m all it’s all my big control free game like I’m always just going I control what happen if you come to shoot me your bullets going to go through a bigger hole that I flew before you came in the door and that’s how I like it but this movie is like I fucked up I hired a great filmmaker I had to make a deal with him that I got no control over this thing I have no idea whether it’s good or bad because I watch it and I’m in it and I’m a narcissist so I love it but at the same time I hate myself so I’m like this must be stupid because I’m in it all the time it’s interesting and why I made it was watching gamers in listening to him talk because he speaks to you he does something that you all are reacting to it’s explaining that so it’s your fault
damn it really is not our show the movie
the show was never going to really recover from his head from him leaving the stage we should basis packing industry on it
in the movie is about the fans of the show because there’s a group of people that showed up
I want to apologize to Andy he shot some footage we didn’t get to use any of it the movie about what I’m very sorry I’m very sorry about that though isn’t it amazing
and you came back with a giant smile on your face and she had a great smile on her face is it really cool shot in the documentary when you guys leave they walk out and you I think she should hear right but there’s a weird sort of awesome love a little bit straight to camera interviews with with are Armenians and that’s the time when I watch that stuff about like being brought to tears in those moments are just strange about that because it’s not like there’s anybody on camera saying I lost my baby and I
they use harmontown to it’s just it’s just it’s just people’s faces and they’re just saying I feel like I’m allowed to be me because this guy is such an asshole if you want to be in harmontown shoot your experience of going to the to the show like shoot what you would do that day going to harmontown can Amy’s the only person that did it and he’s in the movie so you all could have been Ann Arbor tonight I haven’t seen yet in the movie I hope I don’t cry I was super cool right now
adorable right a lot throughout the movie when we meet people and absolutely into the lens. You just found out that you you’re you’re totally hungry and you’re totally high and you just found out that you forgot that you put two Reese’s peanut butter cups in the freezer and you just plan on him so over the freezer jar and make that face at that moment of discovery
that’s the face that he makes that’s the face after the interviews me I was pretty much absolutely where the people are in this room because you make people want to get out of their chairs and make something
what about the people in the movie in the movie all the interviews are out there looking right in the camera very arimura since I rip that guy off cuz and whatever but there’s no it’s like the fans that are right next to Ben Stiller he is not more important than anyone else in the movie Jack Black Sarah Silverman is right next to Andy and some fan with no one’s name is on the corner. I’ll just people talking to camera up yeah those dudes I guess yeah so it’s two people yeah everyone’s Andy’s friend right now.
I love Andy University of Texas and even if you bring me a really weird with it I’ll get these are just like weird he never got to see the movie
call harmontown Amy Young
good morning
I swear I swear to God. He’s going to fucking point that’s a bit I mean I’m at does not like that should be surprising but I think I get it I’m not into economics but I understand if this is an emergent currency why are there people who barely have the internet or being locked out of it before it even fucking start isn’t that what is point is like let’s start like a a credit union there were people can like like like get in on this shit so they didn’t turn into a thing that there would be people who were poor before it became a thing that as a result are now not poor let’s make a new batch of of nouveau riche
I think that’s what he meant it’s it’s it’s okay if I got that wrong I consider myself a I got to find out what deodorant for go back alone he’s in the right business like he should be bottling like like like the smell of Lamar Austin Wilson anything but he’s cursed with this beautiful smell
what’s your problem what do you what do you want to talk about did you know Stan Winston was dead no married to my fiance Erin mcgathy who’s going to Georgia
I’m going to marry the fuck out of this woman part of marrying the fuck out of somebody and it usually traditionally is like you absorbed them into your last name the woman takes the last name of the man but then an LA especially a Man created is actors that can think they – 800 I’m Catherine Zeta I’m going to marry Tommy Oliver Jones I’m going to become Catherine Zeta-Jones but but I need people to help me I don’t know what to do I honestly don’t want it I don’t want to force my last name on Erin Erin Harmon is a city named Lamar Austin Wilson
what about Dan McGaughey there’s that but I like I like Dan Harmon I don’t want to make her be Erin Harmon I don’t want to be Dan mcgathey because what about the children
think about five generations from now they’re going to be like my name is Ramon
you don’t even know you’re in the movies are in the front row and would like to stand up
I like a little tufted Harrell Evans rifle I like the idea of professional keep your personal take Harmon and the kids get that so okay alright I think that makes sense compartmentalize your professional name from your personal name and the kids will just become a Harmons
and the kids get home all right let’s bring Aaron up here cuz I don’t know
girl going to take her last name for a while she’s throwing t-shirts to the crown Erin mcgathy saying it loud what are we going to call that baby I don’t know but yeah maybe
I just decided okay I’m going to I’m going to keep McAfee is my middle name
I’m going to make Harman my last name and I only have children I’m going to make a secret math and passageway
Nursery will hire someone to come at us like a Sprite in Taylor
we can talk about it later
right now you are doing the main stage right now tired after will say Hey you know you’re special at Nero’s especially for us
says you are a man
and I’ll be an ashes for them to make m’s on their forehead and it will be like a horrifying on all of their nursing I’ll be wearing like one of those really beautiful Nicole Kidman is the Majesty resume SmackDown
and so it’ll be like the lady from the lake don’t have kids
if ya like Neil’s ask you if we could tell a story about something is answers yes automatically what is it but I think I’ve shot with an idea where the same shirt from a year ago okay I’m sorry minutes and then depending on the structure than 90 minutes you you may decide you need to like maybe a shot for instance of Dan Harmon leaving his house in the morning and that may be shot a year later in which case you try to match your shirt and if Dan Harmon has games what’s a 30 lb
that’s how he’ll find out
me walking down the street with buttons flying at off of my stomach as I move this way and that way myself
cast of myself it wasn’t until the shirt Dothan
like a treasure box for the shirt just completely atomized crack since we have some shirts that threw out some information I suggested we should have mercy on the car and dance had no no I don’t want those people have anything of me and design t-shirts with Jenny and I don’t know how to order things and was given a lot of advice and I ordered a certain number. And there’s a shot in the documentary and you’ll see there’s a ton of trash bags
light of the more t-shirts that could fit on a bus 12,000
stubborn and always yelling at this bus driver who’s been telling him that I knew everything about teachers
hunting tattoo t-shirt take Bitcoin
La Mirada
t-shirt passing rap
are you the best, Make Your Case
why do you feel that you deserve one of these more than the other people that want a t-shirt

I don’t know who Dan Harmon is I never heard of him I’ve never watched
I didn’t hear the last part but I hate myself I feel that maybe you should wrap your case
what time does hot water proof is everything okay
thank you thank you
everybody okay
okay now we want to tell us who feels the most XL tonight tiny little whisper everything
I was getting closer oh my God
all right since fall
rather synonym
I’ll tell me about Australia from TV and movies we should have held up like I should have held up with an extra large ago and that’s not a shirt and a XXX now that’s a shirt all right will let’s let’s do the same with similar process with these tickets to the movie 3 left I want to make I want to feel satisfied that you do more wrapping for wasn’t going to be able to go to the movie that really quote-unquote deserves I don’t know how to do this selection I can know how to do this I just want to try to
well don’t go I want to hear people’s stories you don’t know how I did it yeah I got it
I really love community and Rick and Morty I think they’re fucking hilarious I told him like 5 times so
I hate harmontown I have the one what you do I think I do okay
3 photos with Manny kit he had to keep adjusting the lighting and stuff he’s not raising his hand he’s pouting and friends are okay
yeah sure do need help
your friends think that you hello everybody deserve this do you know why they would think that right now first time so why do your friends think you deserve a lost my job and I think that’s a good reason
Automotive in the documentary will inspire me to become who are your friends are your friends going to the movie no because they want me around you they want you to go kind of thing you could do anything and get paid to do the voice-overs for cartoons
all right okay well we’ll make make make sure you give your name to somebody over there in the VIP section that says they work for starburns Industries their Casey rub if your if we can get you out to help me to do a voice for a Rick and Morty and hearing loss
that’s awesome because I can do that now and here’s your ticket to the harmontown from there a reward
ready when you come to La make sure that you come and join us on stage with meltdown for harmontown man that’s what I can grape-flavored we can have him sit in on a trial
getting tickets doesn’t have the barcode like stub on it got torn off but because there’s two remaining tickets I want to try something special because my relationship with Aaron is not exactly portrayed in the light that makes everyone want to run out and fall in love in the poop and yet I’m getting married to her because I do love her and I think that I wonder if there’s a couple here tonight that came to stop by Southwest all right we got this is extra progressivism that’s just going to make me feel better about myself all week
they’re off of stairs over here
all right so you guys are you guys are a couple and is he all right
I’m not allowed to say that’s hot cuz that’s that’s a bygone era
okay well what
you guys bigger ever and you fight about like how we feel about things and we kind of debt
is one is one of you to the the robot and the other one the the plant
are you punished for fighting your feelings
we try not to punish each other for explaining our feelings because I think it makes everything worse but there’s a lot of time so what was your what was your last big fight and microphones because we have to do you want me to yeah
sophomore in college right now and I was living with my parents before that Bethany told me like a scared that you’re going to meet somebody new and it’s totally no problem I did end up like kind of falling for a person and there was one night where we did so bad I’m so sorry but I did get a little bit drunk and I made out with her and like she it was her worst nightmare did you forget
I think I don’t think you have to be embarrassed for for forgiving I mean like I think I think that applies means we’re all in love with a bunch of people who constantly let us down right Aaron
all right I don’t know even why that got that reaction that’s what love is a partnership it’s not a fucking it’s not a it’s not a holiday it’s like it’s teamwork and in life is hard and you go up and you go down and two people together go up and down at different times and I’m not saying it’s it’s it’s this should be expected or you’re entitled to make mistakes you should be punished for them and blah blah blah but but I mean I know how she feels when she goes like yeah I still love her I forgive her
he was that she gave me a free pass to fuck someone else
there’s always a way for two human beings that can communicate to workplace things out so you guys seem pretty young though are you going to want to put pressure on something that shouldn’t be pressured or is it a serious relationship
all right well one of the two of you come watch harmontown and the movie the movie
and you were and maybe you’ll get in because you got the ripped one and maybe you won’t let us that should be the deciding factor in whether you guys stay together
we’ll figure it out KD everybody
play about heard of it all been staying at everything that’s bad but you don’t have a really solid good relationship were willing to like I would never try why don’t think I could never stray from Fidelity but I don’t know how much I get to Pat myself on the back for that because I just don’t think this is not in my blood I think that there are other people who are in love with each other and sometimes they have like I don’t know it’s harder for them tonight I just do that from observing people like to do anything that that difficult like I never stop playing a video game to make you feel better but I know I would never cheat on you right back I’m a pretty selfish guy I’m like a baby and I’m not proud of that and I don’t think I’m allowed to be that what I’m saying is that
I don’t do difficult things just to keep our relationship going I would do anything to keep it going but I’m pretty bad at it I’m pretty flawed I’m pretty like pretty bad at remembering in moments of selfishness that something that I want is and isn’t as important as making you happy very good thing about our relationship is that we are ourselves all the time so the Flies are never deal-breakers like it’s always a hotel room for example it’s like the moment we go into the hotel room the entire route flooring is carpeted with kind of a man at the hotel anywhere in the world I can store 10 seconds after you got in there
floor covered in luggage clothing
it’s sort of like being in a relationship with Jumanji elephants and monkeys everywhere
either you accept the flyer so let’s move forward with the kind of The Collector Final Cut of the film isn’t it comes off looking all that like a real poster for relationships it’s not the best month in the history of our relationship until after I’ve gone through a lot of that
our relationship wasn’t super doesn’t look so super cool and then I mean it’s honest and I wish there were more medicines me smiling from having a documentary made about me that from now on whenever I do dry humor I’m always going to end it with bursting into laughter and kissing someone of the four-headed saying I love you because that’s definitely what you missing
Venice soda in the movie like I was having a good time but I love you and I want to do it because I think it’s funny and it doesn’t seem funny
you put it very well when you said it shows your relationship not it’s best not it’s worth it so it’s his middle ground of what it’s like it’s we got in a really bad fight early on and it was never really resolved and with my personality and maybe this is meeting a woman or maybe it’s just me being an errand but I wanted to talk stuff out we didn’t get to talk stuff out because you were like him just let’s just have fun. I thought we already like your programming in me about relationships where I said just because of observing my mom and my dad I’m saying this is my big flaw is like I my my gender roles are based on like the guy coming home and being and trying to prove that there’s nothing
get worked up about and the end of the woman is going there is a reason to get worked up so we should be at it how do you should be apologizing and you should be doing something that the guys supposed to go be quiet it’s that is the source of like all of our difficulties I’m always trying to avoid a fight in real life of being a bad boyfriend boyfriend you were so worried that you were going to be a bad boyfriend whenever I would say anything
pictures of October but it would be just like hanging out with Kevin Bacon and don’t start anything but then I got really sad and lonely and weird special
yeah wow
do I use it there
are you guys going to do
buddy is anybody drunk right now
are we all going to go home and Stapley and securely transfer files using Dropbox $800 tab that’s not true I just left Dropbox appointment goxer what the healthy amount amount Doc’s Trader of Bitcoin and Bitcoin I am time and all of that
I dig it. How you holding up I’m having a good time I’ve been I’ve been more drunk here than I’ve ever ever been
yeah drinking Christmas present I went out to the mean eyed cat yesterday and and Country Bar that said I hadn’t eaten in like 14 hours before like that beer was my breakfast and it was afternoon if so yeah I’m kind of drunk who like talks about how drunk they are and that’s that’s terrible I’m sorry I’m just still wasted but
but no weed yeah well that’s the problem note serve the song Freak come out well but that terrifies me even more I don’t want people to like me balance to strike I drove everyone to do all stuff for me without bothering me in any way it’s hard night they’re going to watch a movie about you and love you whether you like it or not
send a bath.
Play some Soca tournament this because you really do emergency control at figuring if I would say yeah sure yeah yeah I’m a heroic figure you guys
look at all this heroism I mean you’re the one that goes on a journey cuz you get to go to New York for the first time write you would never been there I got to look at the M&M store. Aldi Eminem Eminem started it why is there an M&M store I mean there’s already a gas station
I don’t get it every store is theoretically
Eminem’s at a specific Tokyo Eminem’s stripped and I need to be in a $70 container
Spencer what what city did identify with the most identify with spencertown I mean probably New York right because everyone just ignores you and you can tell everybody to fuck off and there’s people pissing in Subway’s
it’s cool it’s cool I don’t know it’s raining Mario movies at 9:30 I thought I thought that we were going to a relationship forever relationship singkawang you got to take your hand in mine it’s a team effort going to be fine together
somebody just walked into the hotel cuz we’re doing is in a Tavern in a hotel lobby to the front door and passed by the doorway to where we are and had absolutely no idea what the fuck was going on the liquid sword of consternation
I just felt embarrassed so you can see I was doing a bit better I was trying to keep the show on the road because I thought we were running out of time I didn’t know we were in one of those holyshit what are we going to do for 2 hours
all the fun things are just grabbing the moving my feet
wait for the meat okay now I got to be finding out that you’re going to die tomorrow and all the things you want to get done
okay alright I’ll shit I T is going to die tomorrow it’s going to spend the next day and sorrow I got a bucket list of things to do my name is Ice-T motherfuker how do you do I’m from the street I’m from The Gangsta life I fucked your mama so hard like a knife that’s gross I’m sorry violent imagery evocative of violence that don’t do that seems easy words to rhyme and with a o i e that’s fine for instance if you can end aligned with J’s and you can say that your way or you’re gay if you end a line with the words me then you could say that you’ve bent at the knees if you were
you say you had a cup of tea than you could say that you saw and then you see the key is you want to have vowels so you can move the RAF out of your bowels like taking a shit you want it to slide out I fuck your mama so hot I got the gout a rich food is often style I thought your mama almost Egyptian I thought your mama in a river but your mama on a lake fuck your mama for the March of Dimes for children’s shaking it wasn’t charity carrying Tom I’m going to try to do it. Why don’t you answer your phone, even though
to rack on the Rainey Street Punta Cana went out here and I can’t hear you but here’s what I’m saying and he is what I’ll do I’m going to wrap motherfukers through this glass. So going to do a Rainey Street Austin Texas dancing in the street with the goddamn River Pines arrest arrest with some people that are looking at me and they’re pretty happy that don’t know me
I’m really in trouble
now I got it
pictures of the process
wish I was in the audience to Stella’s in the show so I can just figure out what’s your name, at Holly’s house doesn’t matter what her name is that rhymes with mouse the only words but you’re going to rhyme with what’s your name with yes it’s a rapping game with someone
a really matter yo-yo seems like it’s improvised but you really just wrap it actually sucks
did I really stay on the beach I actually I turned it off it so we can hear you better but you were right on I put it back on your regular how embarrassing it was out there like for real rainy I would rather talk on the phone and I was just like you’re in jail you’re going to go to jail where you can tear a single thing in here
you’re not in here out there are there in the world is out there are you are you sure are you there why are you allowed to do this you’re going to jail
how to start your pointing at it like it’s not I’m not I’m not hearing things I’ve done most of those windows have been kind of seeing there’s a lot of doing what I was doing and they’re all criminals they’re all they’re all in trouble
give them
I almost wonder who smells so good and he was so charismatic I like really have his Pulpit but doesn’t matter we don’t want to keep serving that way to the Marley’s he’s gone
all right what’s the next chapter
expensive probably ready for that I guess I’m ready I’m ready for anything I don’t know I’m not ready maybe want it’s up to him but for a couple weeks or less for a while I’m out
who’s the most in pain like immediately are you willing to come up and talk about your pain all right come on up what’s your name
give me to be happy for somebody with a lot of pain what’s going on in your life that brings you so much heartache you here okay
what’s the time to try to make it short just cuz I don’t want to drag out the story but I just remember you guys talkin on the podcast about how you can vary get overwhelmed with emotions a lot in your life and like I just remember you mentioning you wearing a suit that’s kind of like your defense and that was something I really related to like a few years ago when I had this really big up and down thing with this one guy and it’s finally ended like I came to realize that like my emotions overwhelm me he’s so much like I don’t know how to deal with it and I feel like you guys might be able to relate to that so I just wanted to know like how you lived with that through your life because I’m really lost like I don’t like when I was
Seventeen or eighteen but like you keep thinking about it what you’re thinking you’re just a teenager by like I was told he has it been since we were probably like five years talk to him anymore like I used to do with me I keep thinking about that one relationship you don’t have contact with them. You don’t have mutual friends
we don’t see each other like I just I know he doesn’t want to be around me and I did recently for a few weeks it like things they were really good immediately so we were almost like we’ve been dating for like a year and then he said he realized that he wasn’t a good time in his life for a relationship but I hadn’t done anything wrong so that was really, it was still kind of a big shock especially if they like I just said I I feel everything very strongly and I don’t know what was the is there a man in motion that you feel like a zit regret or loss or separation or separation from people who I feel like I just enjoy being around them a lot but a group of friends as well as just him that I feel like I can connect it’s just
questions in Spanish in The Last 5 Years
Rozonda and did a couple
because the other one cast a shadow over everything else or any other reasons would be able to write really commiserate with you but I think the ability to feel as strongly emotionally we talked about wearing a suit in the suit of armor and whatever whatever things are that we do that we can we use to keep the world away you’ve learned as you as you grow up that letting people and is really dangerous emotionally and you pay a price for getting older has room I think I’ve got a little less emotional and much better at finding quick clever ways of keeping people at arm’s length and that does not make your life better at all
play I don’t want to keep people at arm’s length in like half hour that happened when I was younger I felt like I wanted to be that because I realize if I open up the floodgates my feelings like I would never be able to control connecting with other human beings is the most wonderful thing in the world but my people have accused me of being really aloof and I can’t be and I am because it’s like if I let everybody and I’m so emotionally like I like I like a radar antenna for for whatever is wrong in the room and if I open up that I will fall on the ground and start crying time exactly like that like I’m trying to hold
together right now triggers you go back to the songs you listen to and pictures you look at them
what I mean is that you’re in this really exciting time in your life where you feel like you said you’re starting to cry and I guess like definitively it is it’s all so great because this is a time when you’re going to be with other people like Claire Danes says in my so-called life God bless her so if you’re feeling bad right now. You’re going to meet other people they ended and the Spurs experience like the pain of that if you’re feeling bad like use you afraid of her side like you’ve been hurting for 5 years which at first glance was like okay that’s that’s
that’s that’s on The Fringe of the bell curve for me and it should do so I would always pay early a real person anymore
you at this point have imagined her to be something for longer than you knew him which is fine it doesn’t make it any less real but you got to free yourself from that
honestly it’s more it’s not about this guy is just about me realizing that I have this like massive like Storehouse of emotion to deal with in my life besides the price that we pay for all the all the shit that we’ve gone through the painful stuff that hurtful stuff but the stuff that you that will never go it should never go away the stuff that makes you created human beings first winner of the only species that turns pain into artwork. We we we we we tell stories we sing songs we arrange flowers we create our pain and that creates relief for other people we turn our Panic as we all are is your pain like for them
passion about I kind of want to do everything except I don’t really know where to start if that makes any sense like I want to pay I want to do movies I want to see everything I want to try to figure out how you would explain to a stranger weather through visuals are audio or feeling or whatever how how do you transmit that pain to them all I can do is make him go to other people and it’s all about you it’s definitely not about this guy what makes you so sure that you’re going in before into the castle that is even like a relationship that’s like stabilize whatever like
relationships get to figure out anything on the other person focused on other people and whatever else I mean the two biggest things I want to know is like I’m not the only person who feels completely just like chicken to the ground but how strongly I feel stuff I feel like you are I wonder if there’s anybody out there that actually has a girlfriend and I’m still constantly thinking about are you exactly what you’re talkin about
p-play be able to feel like I feel like everybody’s always has other shit together and everyone faked it like that you just got to get good at faking it I mean I think that’s what I do do you bring it back up you have songs your pictures you look at you know I was all in my old phone and I have a new phone now but I always do as I get it that’s hilarious having a new phone nothing is funnier than the iPhone 5s gold
but yeah I know I know what you’re talking about there’s nothing you could do about it feeling like season to just fucking happen and you either get in the house or you get wet
I’ll be able to like survive and turn it into something good and not just me like crying like I want to make it something positive everyone in this room shares back with you I think I suppose it’s part of being a human being yeah
you’re going through your own thing which makes us as human beings the greatest thing in the world because we all share star out but we all have individual sorrow and that’s the flag that you get to wave like that’s all I got going for me right now your new sensitivity become because I don’t turn you that our age you then I’ll make you bitter then I’ll make you unhappy and also will shut you think we’re going to stop getting a full version of Kik Katie will be a weirdo and you for taking it
go out to the crowd right now in town if you want to take your hand by 5 your husband right now
yeah pretty pretty pretty
yeah and then go get a free pass and Bethany because she’s giving it away
I think about that she’s describing I think about the movie say anything with drive-throughs act like it was at Lily Taylor’s at the stats with her ex-boyfriend is keep writing songs about him like he’s like oh she should get over him but really wish you could do is keep playing guitar and likely doing really figuring out how to get that shit out because one of those songs will head like I think it is her responsibility to wipe her ass with the world and how are you feeling is using realizing light two years after the fact that one’s broken up with you and you bring all these songs that are angry and projection that I created
you don’t figure it it dissipated because it didn’t matter what was certainly the best DND remember really loud over there that you can hear everything that was one of my favorite moments of all time
come to the show documentary is there
is exciting to say is for the live crowd I don’t know what Katie did you
those are tickets to the Panthers tickets do you have to have a really really like what’s going on with everybody I’m having a very good to harmontown mood
it’s only two lovely town it’s like you guys are you guys are some of the best versions of what it’s nice to look at it and see if it makes us feel very safe and happy thanks Katie
two or more we stopped about this week’s special in that I prepared It In This Very Room
20 minutes ago I want everyone to do everything
anyway I mean should I what’s happening I’m sorry you guys found it within himself
this is exciting
so what’s up you guys Neil birthday is going to play Chris de Burgh because Kumail is in Austin but he’s doing a panel right now
I know yeah yeah are you coming by here
that motherfukers on every bus in town I said it’s so cool you can see two males little face everywhere I love that it’s amazing I just got Camille picture on it that’s awesome
that’s Austin
what’s up are you going to go
I also have a good time but you’re the fucking
okay okay okay
waxman’s our heroes had just been released by The Bone stages by the bone stages of four mod tour after agreeing to slay the marsh Minotaur the party headed toward the party headed towards the farmers market to look for Clues Jesus Christ is at me after a brief chat with Jody she beat the game went over a hill and discovered a cave covered in bowls are heroes enter the cave just fight monsters whales coming with deep within the cavern
keep saying within the darkness are heroes in shelter the marsh Minotaur after deeming the Minotaur to be too honorable to be killed in Cold Blood The Gang banded together with it but what would they do how would they escaped and one of their skulkers and what about the Tarragona virtue is that is that still something that people are paying attention to will find out this time we’ll find out sometime on harmontown
all right
so you guys might not know what’s going on but this time it’s Justified
take me to Arcade covered in blood
where’s the marsh Minotaur above you in full display
she’s she’s like hey hey hey guys I think I said I had a name in our last ever I don’t know what do you want to call me and let’s just Meredith Meredith that was my name yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean I’ve heard it’s in Paradise I don’t really I don’t really know much about that I’m just in a cave
you’re in a kid all right well I’m sober as a judge and I’m not angry and sober wow maybe not as a judge but sober is a relaxed judge and but I honestly I can’t hear anything but I think that we should we should head out of wherever we are aggressive in this cave caves are pretty pretty straightforward they got like one exit
isn’t it inevitable that Meredith is in the Minotaur that we were sticking after Leo’s the following stages tribunal as part of the terms of your release
the cave on the panel to get the hell out of here and into the darkness of the underworld it’s all dusty and gray
over the hill you know that the city of poor my poor is just right over there but I mean do you want to go back there I don’t know Paradise paradises is above ground says it’s above ground or underground wait in that so no you don’t
Rodriguez skeleton it was a cyber spider skeleton cyber spider but you said that you’re in the dusty gray dust Miss of the Underworld the Minotaur goes you guys want to get out of here I’ve been down here for too long Cheese’s I’ve never even seen this Marsh in I mean I have that’s where I’m from

can I ride you I mean yeah I mean I’m sure it’s possible I’m not down with that she’s very heavy
there are two murders writing you right now I just got I just got down here
the underworld hyper yeah you know you guys I don’t know this but I’m assuming you guys must have fell down here along with a castle like a dark star of the castle doll collapse of a killed a bunch of people a lot of trouble for it so there’s a hole to climb up out of the hole by the hole because you’ve quite a long way we went to the skeleton town and got accused of all kinds of things the other the whole entry sure yeah that’s happening in the city that one time
you also know the pair of wolf like Footprints like like that of a wolves
what kind of tools may be more than two wolves
lower than your own
and then you reach the crumbling ruin Castle but all is not right you see the dark stone blocks of dark stars in Jordan Millennia of History the dark stone blocks they’re just crawling all over the place really it’s sunlight streams down from the hole in the ceiling hundreds of yards above your head to work over here like I said I can come over and help us out police I really don’t think that’s going to work
use the rap song bars to go to go to Lowe’s
all right well it’s happening we head towards a goddamn hole in the ceiling at the bar you head up
I confront these assholes they get to sell their products please lab motherfukers
Nexus new Z
start climbing the side of the whole there’s no side of the hole I know I’ve asked you this a thousand times but it’s my son rod that’s that stick with the button that’s like a flashlight the button staff got destroyed she speaks up she’s like oh man that’s a that’s a big hole you need some sort of crazy ridiculous ladder to get up there or a Teleport tape yep which I have that’s cool tell if you teleport to the surface
so why Sharpies is a bug on the surface world at the rim of this whole alone oh yeah you jump 20 ft straight into the air
I’m trying to reach down and the whole seven hundred yards Deep Run without it a solid plan or some way to send 700 yards I mean if you were escaping as an artist so artistically you draw depiction of your brilliant Escape I do it doesn’t happen though I’m coming back to the stage cuz you know it’s not that loud over there we just SoundCloud
I’m looking around for materials on the surface world to see if there’s a way that I could like make a 700 M or ladder see in fact there’s no can I climb out does include rope but it’s only a hundred and fifty feet of rope enough rope and suppliers and I make a letter but it’s less than seven hundred yards ladder death again against speaks up I actually have a ladder you have a yeah yeah I have it
no it’s like burning killing you asking if you could but it takes some time
I do oh yeah this is like a ridiculous ladder
I mean I don’t have it with me but trust me it’s like crazy we’re talkin we’re talking double Giant
is there a is there a coffee place in the cave
Darkness I am ashamed that I am an afternoon party and and someone says let’s let’s listen to something really cool and my pockets and I look at my hands and their pool cubes
my greatest fear I like really
okay, a serious relationship
Pumas put the ladder up right so we can get a difficult as long as hard as it is and you accomplished this task the ladder hit steps up she’s like we best climb this but don’t worry I mean yes worried please be worried it is a crazy ladder what part of craziness might happen like you might go crazy
I I don’t give a shit I’m a barbarian I start climbing the ladder all right you start climbing the ladder and as you would send you
who is on the weather
you’re terrified you can’t you can’t move you can set up on this ladder about ten feet up you see
Supreme Court climb 10 speed up the ladder
wait what. I’m kidding I was paying attention to the side conversation going on if you can’t reach that high is 10 feet up and I put it in my pocket you do that if you don’t come off like a joke
everything’s fine you guys
it was someone else want to do should I use a spell on him that’s like from from this high up if I have for instant so I don’t know for instance a little thing called cause fear no that won’t work for you can charm you could I could I just make him happy enough to climb a ladder and stop caring about moving it wouldn’t overcome his fear of know it would be like he’s feeling both of those things he get real confused and horny probably the Pumas they’re not real covid-19
fire stopper the crazy ladder sorry do you have any 700-yard long letters to the March she’s not comfortable with it but she allows it
can I get me into your flesh can I use my fast Delta climb the ladder yes I do that
you climb up you seem like no one can see you you can you get to Clark and you you can even climb over and without him noticing you read above him and then you see a very aggressive looking woman on the ladder climbing down but we are late what are you wearing are you
this is the big gay
that’s what the lady saying to you
terrifying if you’re not getting that from my reading do I have to get past her I mean you have to deal with it is emotionally I don’t know man I I start climbing up the ladder to climb up the ladder and you climb and you climb you get right up to work orcas and it seems like the latter is on it’s just like it’s broken it’s a bit it’s a bit cramped and messed up if you could only repair it with like your craft skills and then there’s nothing
the fuck is going on and head first
619 damage
can I throw my clothes
it was going to die
what is a 19 + 23
call your fear you’re not sorry I’m sorry you’re not that you’re not dead you’re just very injured in you you think you slipped a disc no 20 feet above him but it’s still you know several hundred feet we got a long way to go Bringing you incessantly Spencer you’re really hitting him here I know it’s terrifying isn’t it she’s just going on now she’s being passive aggressive with someone
great you’re so strong and nothing like your everything like my guy friend
I don’t build a fire campfire okay that happens it’s very bones press songs I’m so scared of the pool is I use that fear attack just had to climb away
I mean are they know it up you’re pretty far up you got no idea Spencer
I tell her I’ll be in the car
when she’s ready she’s she’s like you always say that but then she doesn’t speak anymore
sometimes in pain
I did I take out my a dagger
and I put it on the ground
that’s my you place the dagger gently on the ground
jelly whatever you want what other people do you keep taking Puma damage but I’m getting used to the pool, it is kind of warm you get a hundred feet up as Chris de Burgh also keeps climbing you guys are maybe halfway up the ladder
all right but as you climb up
it’s fine like you don’t seem anything anymore it’s almost as if the slip disc might have deactivated some part of the delirium Factor that’s how vertebrae Works chiropractors are tell you who is damaged it’s not fun
you guess you get more than halfway out you guys are all the way almost trailing behind she’s a bit slow because she has a slipped disc that’s very painful if anyone’s ever experienced that it hurts a lot yeah you keep climbing can you keep climbing and more rain ucuc Quark he’s covered in gas marks like like you know he’s bleeding heavily but he should be like it’s making the ladder slippery as hard hard to deal with
I know the promise I I miss that girl and I play Everything I Do by Peter Cetera
you feel contemplative or something I honestly didn’t hear what you just said
I keep climbing yeah you keep climbing and bleeding bleeding all over the ladder
but you get you get to where Neil is I mean Chris de Burgh is 3/4 of the way up to the top of your very close your pretty close your you’re not quite closed but you’re almost getting to pretty place
can I use my climbing kit now I’m a hundred fifty days away yeah you can last use my timing kit it makes it so much easier you have no risk of falling off the ladder and with your newfound confidence you just forward of the top and a Sharpie he’s made of Fire
I’ve made a fire
that happens to shrug off these are these the perceived Pumas and I and I and I use all my powers to climb up through the final way Barbarian you attempt to climb the ladder raging like a raging person with anger problems might climb a ladder here bleeding your believe in climate you get to the
top and you see you still fire and Sharpie and Christopher
yeah yeah you can lower your climbing kit I do that she won’t try to catch it with my mouth
yeah you catch it right in your mouth cuz you know
rainbow teeth and I swallow it
I put it in my back pocket and I start climbing up the ladder again you keep climbing up this
both the ladder is bloody and it’s slippery
that happens
and like Terry I Rise
play what I mean what do you say you understand the concept of carry
chicken patties and covered in blood and then she tells everyone cuz he’s keys to my friends work Harry Caray
it makes it really even more slippery
I’m covered in blood I I continue to climb up the ladder using the climbing kit to secure your sent you get to the top of the ladder and you see all of your good friends surrounding a fire we made it to the top of the ladder
if that was part of the next week we’re going to pay our gas bill Meredith also climbs the ladder and she crashed the top and gets up there with you guys for all the help great ladder yeah man it’s crazy let me tell you I guess it’s true what they say about miniature ladders
what do they say about Minotaur ladders their shity
there are terrible counterproductive ladders ladders I didn’t make this ladder who was forged in the pits of scold or I don’t work of course our song about how we’re going to go into battle or get back to a marsh
you sing that How does it go how does It Go the song scene cooking stuffed 3 movie out of one book
there’s stuff that you have to fill with extra time so much to Golden Dragon back and we already know that we read the book when we were not one of these people will be fine but you made movies about it
so now I have to watch Orlando Bloom CG jump across barrels
real talk to me
Erin mcgathy
Frederic Remington
I want to thank all of our guests. Just giving his name but you guys are all wonderful thank you for dealing with sorry for people that was an asshole
Austin has it been one of my favorites I’m Jeff Davis please
Austin greatest city in the world every boy and girl your flag got to be bigger than the countries every Friday to go to have fun that’s an urban legend not true about Texas Independence
yeah big state pretty big for a motherfuking state BBQ on it going to take me to Snapchat
the music changed
tell everybody
go see you in the movie sorry for those of you was going to get into the movie
we just figure it out
I can hear you first off, thank you for supporting the film last year I called Zero Charisma
2nd Amendment news for Spencer
that’s all I’m saying you’d think there’d be some fat
thank you sorry
oh my gosh it I see where this is going to pay for all of my self-abuse over the years
yeah I pay for it hahaha
when was the world worth Mike Trout
you can’t do this to me over here helping me win $65. I’ll back a couple weeks ago and our team for a 305 where is it
During the Revolution at what point you know you can see me in the movie The Fly where I kind of realized if you both tongue and cheek and tongue out of cheese where those expressions me to 50 hours of footage and you’ll have to deal with the timer his documentary subject was a guy who thinks he knows better than no time with pointless or either at the homecoming dance play never crossed my threshold it was up to me on the game because it’s okay nothing nothing’s really happening to be a transformer for you by the end of the sewer
to her work songs in the movie like I made that you are contrary
but also told me at one point I remember watching early cuts and having nausea or what it didn’t look like anything I just was having trouble finding the story and you need to have one but if you try to tell the story about me from footage about me is the darkness set a reminder at 9 telling me to tell me why I didn’t tell me a little bit is the only country to Forrest Machining
but it was her idea that I feel stupid cuz you anyway Spencer what is the meaning of bathroom started babbling but I do have to rely on expensive chain with the background while I was going to be the map of Napa on Spencer
thank you
yeah I don’t know why but everyone in that movie fantastic movie the podcast pretty crazy last week
I got some when they are discovered every Monday I get up at like 5 a.m. to go to work and it sits there and I can listen to it and extensively takes all the time like like one time we talk about religious cults I can watch the documentary about that I just called a lot of things are being said was like
wow it’s like it’s like someone is like the humidity in there I don’t understand this at least is available to talk about it so what did you feel like comfortable to be like okay this show has a comedy element to it but we want to talk about serious topics and we can at least feel free to go back and forth between comedy and end. But everybody really being the first time I feel to get a laugh out of that would be how many time flies when you have a climax in the cafeteria on my in front of an audience
they pretty quickly because they offered me and that’s why I was able to colonize the moon it’s funny I think that is when connecting wait and see comedy out of that when I finish here so I are back in our best moments are human moments with stranger is ready for show has become the beautiful Muppet Show full of weirdos that are all you know I could all have our own shadow
they are too beautiful ability to freestyle rap Nation program that became religious call and my dad is my second-in-command but then he started drinking and then he got in an accident that killed two people and they went to prison and then turned on my entire family
my dad just got out of prison 2 days ago
Dragon Tattoo feet away from Johnny Depp at one point so in the morning I did my dad in prison he’s in there for six and a half years later I’m right next to that morning prayer my favorite podcast and it’s not work there at that building and I was out of town and it broke my heart and I rushed all the way back to town so I can see the screen I don’t give you anything they’ve been there
he was on the show
a lot of people here
I didn’t think of it this way
first largest
what’s the grammar drunk
look at the rate I’m going to just looking for anything again and hope I can still take somebody controllable anger issues has really came or my camera while I was doing that every dating that way that feels good, cuz I don’t cry my juice tonight
I don’t know I don’t know where do I go from being deleted, so I’ll be there in time I got I just do what I want and I know that and I did still touches on that list
I don’t know what would make an online at the yard and he said that he’s better Jack says you are, but we have so it wasn’t me that was like a scary moment at the wedding that I can exist and might not know about her might need to know about Its Behavior that’s all you guys are real Teddy had a part of me that wants to really hammer.
that’s a relationship with my telescope more so than just a boyfriend like I was really worried because you were sitting earlier
what are the gas in caves
best smelling man in Austin
I was back there watching a movie
right because
is this the song by the dude who created the show with the most seasons
show me park close to me
give me the value of the last song on a show
on the show with Arnold town I just walked out of white I watch that part you said that but I mean I’m going to ask you a question how do you feel just be like walked out of white
when are you going to go to Walmart so low in order to understand I didn’t even think of myself as a model
stage-right I didn’t think about it until like the two of us and never really hit me until that part so I was waiting and waiting and just focus on grammar
I do not want to thank everybody bird much I want to do then I want all of you and this evening
car rentals near me


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