Episode: 95 – Bill Martigans


Episode: 95 – Bill Martigans


The Harmontown dream team; Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Erin McGathy, Mitch Hurwitz and Kumail Nanjiani recap SXSW; Fred Phelps death bed and later, Spencer returns for a roaring session of D&D!


hello everybody Welcome to melt down, to Hollywood California and everything else here
Hermantown is now in session
what are the states of America
can you call good looking back
I have a little envelope everyone is an expert at that definitely not going to get you sick I’m just if you’re wondering why I sound a little more like Willie Nelson or David Duchovny now you know why I’m looking at my phone I’m looking at what the shit we got to get to cuz we got all kinds of friends come in to talk to us we got to do the South West South South West South
the South by Southwest breakdown with her our friend Kumail who didn’t get to see out there but but I want to bring him out as soon as possible and then just kind of download with him about how about Austin was everywhere the back of the pedicabs on a bicycle trick shots and could not move a muscle. Seeing two males gorgeous little space everywhere cuz it was it was orwellian like you taking off your shoes and having your ass searched by the TSA at a glance that while he’s in a minute
well there’s something for everyone is talking about but they’re not of any actual import but everybody’s talking about that cuz we live in his mind all right
is it is it is it relationship with intersect with this concept today that snoozed that I woke up to this morning on Twitter that Fred Phelps the the Westboro Baptist Church fellow famous for its godhatesfags Logan that he’s on his deathbed the reason we get that news is because his son said something on Facebook in the same Facebook messages does the ideas at Fred Phelps have been excommunicated from the West Baptist Church Westboro Baptist Church for a free Drew Googling cuz he was excommunicated I should care about more important things I should be Googling how to give Africa
I’m figuring it out but instead I spent a good 40 minutes today going like
is really interesting to me there’s a lot of straight gay Advocates on Twitter today and I’m not taking anything away from them I’m not going to high road people who are high road and people like a football on the grave of an unrepentant God for everything that we do we say is the reason why I think I seen it I just started reading blogs by yuno Advocates and spirit rose through the through the through the lard that
it was like okay let’s do it this guy didn’t do let’s not take it his funeral let’s not let’s not let’s look at this guy for what he was he was a crazy old man he had a Congregation of about 11 reason why he was famous because we all have the sort of impulse in our minds to protect ourselves and each other and it’s like it and where has he been since the second communication what is it if they’re this is the point where I live right anybody who knows more about this than I do I just want to dump what I know on the table so that you’re not coming up for no reason but whiskey excommunicated
he found out he was dying and like most people wanted to just say before he went out sorry I fucked up I did that because I was angry and I A N N I in no matter how many times I tell you you’re not going to live forever I realized right at the end but this is no joke and about not being homophobic son who has long since out of the church like all of his sons I believe Facebook is Facebook as bad and he’s been excommunicated for a year in the body of that Facebook entry
comments on the idea that the family won’t let anyone talk to this guy that I won’t let anyone who’s also excommunicated talk to him the list that that that’s what she like like make me go what’s going on here I’m asking like Sanders is sick and died and was apparently excommunicated a while ago and no one can talk to him including people who have also been excommunicated which he is trying to untangle able to untangle any of that in my head shaking
good that means I can get excommunicated for saying the things that he said you your theory is that he might have been asking me to get it because he stopped toeing the party line stops like I don’t care because I’m a fan of story and character in mythology and I. This isn’t no God bless everyone who made him famous because this is this whole thing further dive in my opinion you know it’s it’s a it’s a catalyst of fires up gay-rights advocacy when you look at somebody standing outside a Navy Funeral Home of the sinuses godhatesfags it’s like that’s that was the whole point of this because I cannot have tanks outside of Poland this person was head of
couple of fucking rednecks hanging out with him in his living room and that was a congregation but but but the the story about this is he dying and isolation is he is he actually does he actually want to say to somebody that he’s sorry which is the actual only is he being denied that that’s what crazy to me that’s what’s the fascinating to find out I hate Mysteries
where is it playing that was quiet and nobody knows why
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering if I can smell food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually and I wouldn’t do that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and blackston amount each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest filmer it’s like ever you’re always in good hands
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balloon boy balloon boy saying is that I didn’t remember and never knew I was busy so I was making TV history somewhere it wouldn’t when balloon boy was happening I was floating over the balloon boy balloon the balloon is floating all around and I thought you shake your head at the audience and I saw that you guys are all against me
balloon boy with Rick and Morty writer pulled this up on the YouTube show does is like to take remember when this happened that on the moment when it when it broke that the balloon boy thing was a hoax that a deliberate hoax not a hoax in the part of the kid but an engineered hogs in the part of that I didn’t remember any of this I didn’t care about the balloon boy I was just you busy during public event give me the news clip with the fart
why are you Trucking out of a balloon boy
that’s what I thought that’s what I thought okay.
A spur-of-the-moment pretty good
Tomatoes career has become a monument to not fucking selling out not trading on the things that makes him different from the people tickling that well enough but I remember early on him coming out every conversation I had with him talking about like Edition I won’t go for that and it is the fact that it pays off if you’re smart and actually for this will be the end result of everything Google this
why don’t you listen and wants to know why didn’t you come out when you were hiding and the kid goes like High
for the show and then there’s this
really really really need to go back to actually they had to pay restitution I would like I think I looked it up on Wikipedia I think they had to give a little bit of gratitude because I think I think I think
I just high-fived Camille the parking lot is the government coming up to a circus of news cameraman and producers are anybody want to press charges and they’re like no we’re good we would have gotten if that’s what’s for sale by Snickers good I mean look how does a plane disappear in a world full of surveillance a big ass Plane full of human beings are they not fucking know I don’t know we talked about that earlier like is it I don’t know what is it is it Politically Incorrect right now and we could be making bets about other people these people are gone dead
I wouldn’t call it a bit about the tragedy of these people dying nevermind that’s all everyone’s thinking about you you think you were saying with that as a person as a as a fetishist of Storytelling for drinks we were saying
the faces of a story story character that you can’t help projected onto this like a diamond goggles coming in the cockpit and going listen you have to you have to take this plane down there’s a Guyanese or anything that’s going to give birth to Hitler Hitler
nosedive now and that the whole there was a you know space AIDS
play everybody comes out there’s always a pilgrimage it comes out here and who else go further who drove further
what is that San Francisco
Sacramento what you drove your for and those guys drove here for a how it’s made by the government for Malaysian flight 441
I want that on record Christina White 441 landed safely in Beijing hours ago
all right Charles for buying a drink at the before the show everybody that drove here tonight so sorry but its $10 what the fuck do you want to see how about that Fred Phelps our regular annual segment with Camille nanjiani
I don’t know
hello hello yeah
how’s it going good it’s going good sorry what I mean we’re so accustomed to you first thing you say is can I just say this can I just say
no I don’t think I’m fortunately I’m sure he’s just his brain is gone so they don’t defy him and put him in your glass cookies probably crazy and shooting his pants or something. Some weird that’s one thing that is kids that on Facebook who is Wikipedia communication and there’s nothing there is continual reference to the fact that his kids said that you are all I want.
RVs up for a 7 I’ll take that head for everybody comes out before he dies I mean that would be free of the biggest shark in the world or would it be like the third fourth eight biggest shock in the history of
a brief Googling he was he was a lawyer and he was a civil rights activist something happens to everyone who decides that in addition to letting gay people just alienated by virtue of being gay that you actually have to go to the pick on David funerals of like soldiers who’ve died like that such a long is are God’s way of punishing homosexuality in our sense of the people who go to war or is it what’s the longitude is anyone know what the logic is cuz he’s not protesting funerals of Gilbert what happens because if we go to
dead soldiers
somebody that strong somebody back their bills pretty sure you have to stay with me it’s a long way to get their good luck happens if the Twitter Jokes wait what’s happening
it’s wrong
okay well what is it why does he
what what is it
oh okay okay so she said tired the soldiers that are dying
does bagging a blur Dragon a blue circle soldiers from the name of my battlebot
when I don’t know if you guys remember when I was a contender battle by dr. Fatima play cigarettes of hatred toxicity in juvenile juvenile and an outrage and reflux and of of oh my God we’re all we’re all going to be fine I just like went down the rabbit hole of a lot of a lot of wonderful like blog essays from people who who your friends are taking the opportunity to go
yeah burn in hell you fucking faggots personally just want to take the time to say you know just what are the same reasons not to and I appreciate the advocacy I appreciate the support but this is just an old senile man who was pushed to the Forefront in the media because of because of an agenda that needs to be made conscious of and and and and to hate each other for anything is is always the wrong answer and sales report is accurate and there’s a guy who was protesting soldier’s funeral is cuz they’re Fagen ablers I mean I can understand someone really angry that nobody is going to punish you for doing it so what are you doing that nobody’s going to judge you for stabbing
so here’s your night what is he going to do I was trying to think of what the joke would be like what am I doing then you just dying cuz cuz the rep the ravages of time the ravages of time in the world is committed a crime yeah I start talking about I’ll take you and I figured it was
what would you want to talk about how Ramos again this happened he’s already crying I love that movie and just sort of a weird story but she’s okay now but it’s a crazy yeah it’s sort of I don’t know where did you hit her while she was in a coma
wow that was a roller coaster of and that’s the story I wanted to tell
Hollywood Squares
so you got really sick and it was crazy to be okay marry the woman that they found for me there’s going to be this one who’s in a coma who is hopefully going to come out and if she comes and if she doesn’t she finally came out she was fine in the first night I got to stay in the hospital I was allowed to do we want to watch a profound because every day at the hospital all day so I told her was living Groundhog Day so you know what sort of connected people because of the things they’ve done when he sort of
she never really doesn’t know he has no idea what that means the people whose impact with knowledge while they’re alive I don’t know what their deal is but I know it’s a really important people are the people who unexpectedly do you like that plank at is flipped out from underneath us when we suddenly everything is just wrapped it yeah I know I’ve confessed to this I know this is all narcissism and all ego but how else are you supposed to process someone else that’s what I had diarrhea whatever I’m repeating myself but I’m walking down the sidewalk in Burbank and I’m just processing this in the way I do every celebrity deaths like what is this mean to me why was he important Bubba and then all of a sudden fucking weeping because of of of Groundhog Day
is it should definitely be put in a
canister and shot toward other planets because it is the best we can do in a modern civilization of creating a new
not nothing at all I mean there’s creation myths but then there’s that there’s a part of Mythology that just tells you like you know reminds you that everything sucked and that you you need to be who you are and it’s a it’s a story about God holding a man still until he he can’t stop until you can’t squirm anymore you just watch it happen and it looks amazing about that movie is that any any removing would have easily gotten away with ending the story with him becoming a good guy to her and learning her favorite color and then I’ve got ice cream on the windowsill and in that move. Swept wash it really goes bad because he’s really become an asshole now
fucking fabricate the spark between one human and another and then he leaves that rom-com world any lessons and just do the same thing about that point that that that he actually has something with her anyways moment I mean that it’s a fantastic I mean if we show them and give them Nutella and everything all right
you guys have done good
there should be a law to ask things like does he save the homeless guy after a certain reason that the sidewalk and you tried everything there so you got a piano lesson and just do it I don’t dwell on that it’s a it’s a it’s a more uplifting also likely that’s what I’m saying like you could launch that movie tomorrow is it start at start of civilization you know some people say he did but other things are so if you need to learn piano I want to see a sequel to that movie where it’s just him like dazzling people by making ice sculptures and then there’s a comic book series where is a different different film
is there like a champion ice sculptures
yeah they really push that show airport with the huge the fact that there are in LA but feel the government when I feel like I don’t know why you’re right it kind of feels like it did it did it did it make you feel like I know I had a moment I was I was I felt I was in the wrong I got it
nothing could be normal you motherfucker have you heard of Mike
we think so also I was telling you we were those pictures of Zack was at Thomas middleditch and I drove off
he left his parking spot not take a picture with us he wasn’t a fan I don’t know what the deal was the other thing is they’re also in the yard and of course is the parents are in Pakistan so I’m still going to be like for the rest of my life here in Austin every time we’ve been in Austin for whatever Festival we’ve been there and it’s a city of Festival turn Austin’s you’re the guy in your circle of friends whose apartment is wide open and everybody hangs out there
this is the color of your marveling at Austin and it’s gorgeous there. It’s it’s a it’s Everything feels like dying too kind of host you and do the miracle Twitter and stuff I’m able to see Austin locals going like you know you’re here but goddamn this fucking thing I would be so angry cuz it’s really does turn over this thing is I just want to be able to get to a place I want to go eat at the show and you can’t move around there so for him to the LA Marathon end and please God forgive me the Armenian Genocide
that’s what I’m saying it’s like la la has a couple of things that disrupt it but San Francisco in Austin I wish I could turn bad Economic Times so far all we know Austin is like they shouldn’t be feeling that way you thinking holy shit we would be if we didn’t have eight hundred strangers per square inch flooding every week now and no one can do you have to create a parallel universe where they didn’t didn’t create that kind of It’s a Wonderful Life
I never saw them
that’s the movie Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind
turn it all the way through so you don’t I can tell you he’s bummed out because it’s in black and white every character that you’re going to see if there’s any animal and a tornado comes who sings a tornado song the tornado makes makes everything going to color song is I see things I can’t talk about
give me the crime before she even know she does is come up when you get out of here Follow Follow the yellow brick road that You Follow The Yellow Brick Road scarecrow and Ironman and
a lion a lion
Iron Man with the guy went there and then they a tone with the Father which is the fact that the Wizard of Oz is just a shit head in the current I don’t know if she comes into the Emerald City and is like so that it doesn’t make any sense to me but
play cooking your heels so she does and then she wakes up and does she wake up in black and white again the man and the lion and the Scarecrow was searching for a heart is a song about wanting to know if you want some hard
when I got
thank you very much
okay so the Tin man wants a heart at the end right lion courage only gets a sloppy
heart is courage is bravery is live Passion Pit together make one character at a three represent those are you fixing the movie you haven’t seen
is the reason I won’t watch it it looks sloppy from a distance that should be exactly what was the major film that you have is he that your life is a big line. It’s a Wonderful Life mid-twenties to start watching Woody Allen movies come out and he was an artist and then he was that he was writing things and it was like he was a nerd that was putting himself in movie I just thought the Godlike made action figures that were famous and that this guy I was supposed to think was interesting cuz he had a glasses and red hair like
and then you have to shake that stuff and like it’s a wonderful holiday movies like they’re hard to swallow so I don’t feel like you have to really cut yourself off from like the talks about it but it’s a good I like that movie you know who this is Wings when you ring the bell at mr. Banks doesn’t want the money in The Potters in the wheelchair
it sounds like the second act is it kind of long okay we get it like it’s kind of alarm is it look like through 41 years of living in a world that keeps referencing that movie I’ve never heard anyone reference any structural flagstones that that make a complete Angel comes out why shouldn’t I
I’ll tell you why because if you did things worse the Christmas carol Christmas Carol
people notice except what we watch it now Potterville fuckingawesome everything
I like the part I just didn’t want to have a couple times the amount of years by the way that was his wife and they had a family and the house is shity and it’s falling apart is going broke and there’s a run on the bank at the end of the stairwell and his daughter is sick and we like this is this
Emma love that we have growing to do never changes the house just keeps being shity as getting shittier now his daughter on Christmas Eve or whatever has a cough and she’s sick because it’s so fucking cold in the house. Jesus and he’s yelling at his family and he did come in and inspect the symbol of that little piece of furniture breaking any raises boys have his and his little sick daughter is a zoo or whatever name is sassy with it
Vizio and like that woman is like she gets really dark and he just implode and dark and and then took a little bow on a good stuff never existed has he called the lady and so he smashed also proposed as experts in this movie that’s my point
prove it prove it with a rap all right now I told you this is going to be
funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life I watched it I swear at least 30 times it’s so funny so good even laugh I just didn’t breathe for a while and put it under a beat and it’s amazing Aaron play for me in Spanish. Just like your imaginary friend
rewrites with you yeah the roads
but he cannot he can expand out a bunch of stuff and in the original thing that he threw out that included but I do want to change to like yeah it’s funny because he’s like a children’s book character like that’s like the other high point of him is when he liked comes in he’s a half man half woman because he went to say I thought about it
lunch with people who are interested in what what what makes be taken at the best day of my life is still weak weak weak weak weak weak weak weak and complexity the opposite of innocent too much innocence means Purity and it doesn’t you could be you could be the most complicated sexual most elaborate seen person in the world and you could still be innocent you don’t have to be a cotton ball that just had no substance to it that’s that’s that stuff that won’t hurt you that’s what innocence mean there’s no there’s no there’s nothing I can you hear this person wouldn’t hurt you he has a river that runs leagues deep underneath him but he’s innocent
and so he stumbles into these situations as I going to do a freestyle rap cuz your your stumbled into the street over takes black anger and used and dressed as a peanut really is the best show ever

something has at least that at least that moment and needs whatever I mean like 50 takes of that because I kept being like to be on you enough time that even when it’s not his coverage was he like giving it as long as he’s also the point of the rap is that it like Escalades an Escalade on that site until he’s like scream and so he’s doing different take from different angles and I just kept their two moments when I’ve almost killed a man on that I’m not set that was that’s one of the other one is when Leonard the Richard Erdman the guy who plays Leonard that his first episode and season 1 he was in a pool and he’s Treading Water you go through Central Casting and you order people like
like like so much like a menu you go I need an old guy that can swim
and you get Richard Erdman who was in Gunsmoke and had his own television history
but in the meantime I got an old guy that can swim and he’s sweating and his first piece is supposed to be treading water in a pool and Jeff Winger said something and then he goes what is busted but what was the Jeff goes like we’re all crazy and then start project whatever coverage of Leonard and he has an old guy that can swim forever I don’t you just hate being busted I went to the bathroom earlier you said the director said like he’s going to drown
and I think he got it while you were in the bathroom old man
for no reason the entire time I think you’re like an Egyptian pharaoh
in a Mel Gibson movie about just the end of civilization did right you see what the crap gets you
follow directions to absolutely he nailed it on the First Take on the rest of the 250 takes he was just inhaling too much water to get his two in line right hook and swam so yeah that’s how I meant to say keep going past everything but who and I go up to him and he doesn’t know who I am
he’s looked at me in a suit like like fuck you you know I got I got from all of that like fuck you I didn’t know that I’m still that he was I just was fuck you and I was like I think I did that but not that I created the show me to know I know that’s one place which is my death I don’t know but but then anyways I think this is the place where you laugh at the peanut bar rap
behind the scenes of the peanut bar rap all right I think that I think that I didn’t talk to him about it I got out of my car as he drop me off at my house last time I saw him on Friday and I said see you Sunday and he said I think he said yes and I literally haven’t talked to him since was he in the Green Room who is he is Spencer back
I guess it was good
I hope that was ironic enough you you were on community
yeah yeah was this already but I haven’t seen you in a couple days has there been any negative rated slapped your unflappable I don’t need to be slapped by being on the show in the east coast viewing there was some people talking shit about me but it was cool cuz they were right and
no they weren’t that you said to Jenny whether they know they were laying there being late that’s that’s accurate
I don’t know I wouldn’t stay so you don’t like the Irish connotation in the night before because I’m not fucking wearing green because apparently it’s okay to touch other people without their permission
did you get pinched punch I just constantly and half the time I be wearing green do you get off hahaha maybe that was their way of getting a little piece of you with that kind of surreptitiously like I I want I want to touch him this is the only angle I have like 50 people last year no I was actually the tradition about getting pinched if you don’t like my God I’m so envious my ankle was always that I have green eyes and I didn’t wear green underwear and homophobia green underwear like half the time not on purpose it just always said it’s white when you put it on
you should go to the doctor we should we should we should we should we should
are you stop from episode 1 on the TV show so then we went to Austin Premiere this movie that if it’s not accurate to call you the star of the movie it certainly accurate to call you the the hero of the movie so what would the anything change from that any dents in your Spencer Earnest it was weird seeing that movie I had such a short beard back then lose really
no no no certainly not our work at least just O’Rourke but it was really good seeing me on the movie it was really I was walking more comfortable seeing myself in the movie than on TV I don’t know seeing myself on TV I was like no this is wrong everything about this is probably had something to do with it yeah I mean you guys are crazy but but I wrote a character for you that’s like this guy’s crazy you should feel out of place to feel fine so that you were protected protected by that rule definitely the movie of The Hills the movie but I don’t know nothing nothing for me Everything’s changed because I don’t know how much of this you knew but I
like there was a certain point where I was just living in Greece I was just multitasking of my brain and my stomach for fucking grief because I was cut to the movie and I was like my wife goes up and down cuz I make a real joke I don’t make a real joke I make a Rick and Morty I don’t make a Rick and Morty I am constantly obsessed with how people think about me but I don’t want to ever be dishonest I’m a narcissist but I’m honest about that Liberty bloobity blue I made this movie I am in it and I’m watching cuts of it and Anna make there were dark dark dark days I don’t know how much of that you were experiencing if you were ever wondering what the fuck is this cloud is this ever going to come over where you were wondering how am I going to be portrayed in this movie cuz you never saw anything of it I just tried not to think about it I mean it wasn’t about me
it was about you and who you are so I wasn’t worried that I you know I thought that what I was and I came off as a really good guy but I didn’t expect to be in it I probably didn’t even expect to be in as much as I was so I wasn’t really worried about it had to be about you in a certain point it was Aaron’s idea I remember if it’s a pit of my despair going I’m going to fucking kill myself like I ate this movie is the nail in my self-destructive cough and I finally figured out a way to make everyone hate me because I don’t change there’s nothing redeemable about me etcetera etcetera and I was venting all this to Aaron and Erin said he’ll Neil cuz I don’t have any control over the editorial content to choose who’s struggling for a story in this movie. Spencer story is Spencer and leave you alone
play let you be let you be the asshole that you are or the non-s hold that you are let you just beat Dan Harmon in the background is as the Bedrock of the whole thing and let anybody that goes we will anything be the young guy that everybody likes that is undeniably going on a little journey but that was to me that was the turning point of this thing not making me almost kill myself cuz I did call me or give him Aaron’s note and end the next cut I saw I was like holy shut this is going to work I’m going to get away with this stick people like it the reviews are good stuff I think I’m weird like going to a dark bar and just like like it’s it’s not
I don’t know what the fuck it is it’s it’s it’s it’s got details I don’t know if they’re all the details that everybody wants for our needs at any given time but I can kind of the emergent hero in it but for me the movie is is a visit it’s excessively about Dan and why the Eternal question why are we doing this why we going out into our why we making this movie guy gets fired Michelle’s we goes on the road and they kept asking me and interview is like what why we doing this I don’t know I just think it’s going to be fun and then Spencer me but for me the movie is about you guys about the fans are coming to show because this is
everybody is an individual but it comes together that’s kind of awesome organism of people and there’s a straight to camera interviews with with the Armenians and I’ve seen three cuts of it and I cry every time it’s like it’s like a really beautiful kind of human moments in there like I think it’s more about the people that come then about anybody up on the stage they call that the money shot
no it’s just it’s the I was doing a pun
capillaries in your cheeks dilate real for a while
hello did you like the movie Finding Your people so it doesn’t the Ted talk to him but that’s not really true the news and the truth when you focus the camera on me my girlfriend becomes a person pushing a shopping cart at at various points I take a shit out of her to be funny and I love our relationship but it is an accurate portrayal of what you’re saying
there are all these people are stupid and I hate speech and they all they all suddenly were 600 hours of footage there’s a few just following Jeff like around the city and he’s alone and he certainly explains why he always every time the bus stop breaks off and goes to be by himself and reads a book and start talking about his mother and yeah that’s all gone. Jeff just a guy in a suit in the movie but I was walking out of the city I took with me a book
that doesn’t surprise me a bit cuz I seen you around salsa we were at San Francisco a couple years ago and
call Erin the soffit monster because there was a salsa bar in the mission at the burrito place and we were all dead we were just drinking all day long was the fight the last day of our trip we extended our stay another day we all got drunk and high winds of the burrito place and give you the can put salsa just don’t have like kind of like a quarter pound liked liked liked big ones you get all upset like in like I gel so doesn’t like that in that you kept going to the bar and getting more salsa going back because she was out of stock of the reason why you are the salsa because none of it was in your mouth or the food on the floor in your lap on the my shoe on the table as I ever was maybe maybe you don’t actually like salt
Palm Springs Jeff Davis trip was that like I gots also all over my body I had two margaritas and I took it to call exactly how I do it so it would happen if you successfully channels me that I needed to be granted that’s a good question what what what what does happened to Jeff in those moments between your friends between dimensions are you really
it goes through a portal and other guys in suits that have to Read Moby Dick
wings of Desire have you seen that movie as a movie starring Nicolas Cage called City of Angels and it’s these angels around us go around the city unseen Berlin and likes to say it was Peter Falk is it what’s his name it’s it’s an amazing by Jeff like we need a shot of you like I want to know what you do when you go away cuz we would hit town and towns of her cool like New York or you would not have been most the time we went to a big cities and cool places to go and I just can’t like to go
I’m about to just kind of bone out look on Yelp and find out what piece of pizza or something like that or if I just spend a moment and doing that he kept trying to follow me around his calls are going to the city like from Brooklyn to go I’m going to suggest we need to find out I need if I was cured of curiosity what do you do when you go off into the night on your own and there are so I said I’m going to go to this place of that place if you can clear camera their places nut what is he and the button the manhole favorite name of a gay bar my favorite one is the white swan.
timer 1 and the entire time porn was playing behind a straight guy wandering in the drinks in before you realized I didn’t know that that’s not very
do I remove the wrong straight talk about your dick
there ain’t but a life is anyone down there
so I’m sorry I’m late, he’s an important guy I take a couple notes every never show I have three 1614 post? Below that sounds like a winner.
wish I could have a garage sale.
It’s not charity from 11 a.m. to 6 a.m. here in the states were having a garage sale stuff and stuff from around and I don’t know why I obviously thought can be floating falling for you so nervous my face is like red-hot met her at those kids are going to die you’re not going to die
very very very sickly
another extremely sick
get better at home
because the temperature app as a child
preserves their life
they call me the smooth face dad from True Detective I don’t know I didn’t know the reference I don’t have a reference so we can do another cuz I I just finished when I get back there and I watched all of them I watched all up and really liked True Detective
that’s what they put in.
I was black Sunday
from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time through 8 school website called Togo will be streaming a c o g o r q v c Style Show with Dan and guests Ho-Ho selling things a dance dance because I found a few extra copies of you’ll be perfect when your dad
and then also write down such words as stubborn or something like that they’re trying to make sure they save I don’t know enough about it but it sounds like the thing that I’ve always thought in my head needs to see that that I would charity that I would be interested in some chick needs it’s his chair and yeah
anti what you guys are trying to do that all your project together and I think I should be at stop writing his start writing kids together this is what you want to do it is it’s where the nearest Rodger Flagstone
play the spec script is really dead out of being alone yeah with bedroom apartments Duncan some things will be alright sounds great
Spencer but also old character sheets and lots of lots of stuff so come back
when you have to bring the mail
crazy great site
how does it work when you have to go to the post office cuz I’m sick of doing that all the post offices are turning into steakhouses right
right who’s with me this guy knows what I’m talking about
I don’t know if I passed the first 10 minutes of calm a toll is coming around cuz people drive you around in car is it like a Chevy just find something like free rides you get in the car and they kind of required to kind of give you a picture but their car and I was sat in the car with these gals that are Mountain Dew marketing people Mountain Dew Mountain Dew shirt right now
Pete’s every night once in awhile
Reflections in Mountain Dew that’s what your beard looks like it’s all right for an errand as extreme extreme drink
climbing out of your thirst
rise to the top there’s a joker the kind of over that doesn’t just take prisoners
no hydration
the electrolyte caffeine in Fuze Fusion of Mountain Dew Code Red yes I would say
I would say if we could go back the ogres name should be thirst right oh honey I want to make money like an anti Mountain Dew ad you know what I mean so that they said that they don’t just feel like they got some free publicity and I’ll be happy to drop one of the Mountain Dew as if you guys want to play ball
bring the rain bring rain Spencer
know what an antibiotic do for a sore throat
something that’s not going to shrink your testicles
where else can you turn on Sierra Mist
not right now you’re covered
you hear us Mountain Dew I’m sure you’ve been warned all right you just give us an ominous advertisement for any extra money you have lying around
Jerome layer full of knick knacks coronavirus self
can you try
crap crap some of their glory and fame just by owning some of their yes yes give me your money
and if you could do an anti one of those two that way we were
and as for stamps.com but as as Robin Williams I really don’t know how this that I do Robin Williams Star Trek
oh you want to look at something for her
show me cops 15% nasty prostitute
alright okay bye we’re on a roll
you being back being that you you want to play a little chapter I don’t know what anything means for the locals they don’t know what’s happening in the same harmontown do you feel do you feel refreshed from your Hiatus from I mean I’ve never I’ve never seen that many sessions without taking a break before starting to show no I know it’s cool it’s cool Mitch I respect your opinion as a professional though
I’ll hand out the sheets and get white that was a joke it’s funny I don’t know my house payments are dependent on it
what did I just sat down to go into a monologue about jokes
tricking people into thinking you have Insight Mansion gets bigger and bigger
you invested in the cartoon Studio which will be at the court
is it bad what i t i Bank
is Chris de Burgh we’re doing fine as well as my Falcon it’s great cuz I’m just going to hang out on your shoulder or over me let me look up to you
works on so many levels.
Alright alright have a good to go with boys sure I’m going to go I’m going to go to David Bowie Labyrinth hallucinations seem alright alright
last time on harmontown after being released from skeleton bondage and finding the marsh minute are our heroes began to plot their escape together with the minotaurs Aid the game truck back to the hole from which they fell and using his teleportation can Sharpie quickly found himself topside the rest of the adventurers weren’t so lucky and found they had to climb up Meredith the minotaurs crazy ridiculous ladder as they ascended they were beset by their greatest fears Pumas long-term relationships and not having the appropriate craft more rain fell from the ladder and Terror but eventually the game face their fears and climb freedom and then they all gathered around a fire will Sharpie saying an old more than spiritual but what would
you now when the harsh unforgiving Frozen wastelands of the north and what if there’s gold purses let’s find out this time hopefully on an all-new episode of stuff they have a marmot sound like
is it for the soundtrack just getting a little Cagney & Lacey right there at the end just have to go to that kind of stuff I want to make a bet about how I want Spencer to be at my bedside
recapping my blackout drugs but I know I probably made that you really don’t remember that you do not remember that every night I don’t know I think I caught the last time I didn’t intro for Thunder court and then you’re like you got to you got to kill the marsh Minotaur and then you’re like what if we don’t know you got a guy with Mary Meredith the Minotaur right now and your ear up your you’re finally above ground again in the Frozen wastelands of the north you’re you’re around this campfire you know you’re digging at your kind of enjoying having climbed up this ridiculously tall ladder she starts pulling the ladder out of the hole and then is like looking around the ice trying to figure out where you guys are
I take my compatriots inside well Marsh Marsh Minotaur what’s her name down your ladder and I go I think they put timers on a ticking clock like they know if they killed killer can we only take still understand okay well yeah I mean
who’s Batman is a bad ladder but it got us up out of the hole it’s the best am I still taking Clomid damage or am I healed up you haven’t healed you take in the 2020 damaged, damaged in the very pit you just say can I use the ladder real quick you know we’re tight on time I’m sorry about my we need it I’m just going to run down tonight I just want my dick but we’re in such a hurry it’s your words. I know there’s a center and but I wonder if maybe somebody will have some power that regenerates dicks when we got him

I know how to work Magic
all right fine but can we promise once we’re done we’ll come back and grab my dick I don’t think we can grab a just went down there and there was this kind of thick but short worms Oh my God circumcised
I’m so sorry what do you do with it
my morning wood
the good news is it was fine when I vomited into my children’s mouths
okay let’s go
okay did he eat my dick in your rolls just keep an eye on what’s the right way to spell community
yeah it was heavy on Jonathan Banks what season was that
alright so
we’re leaving the deck at that point really the dick has been in game time I think the dick’s been severed so long that it does and says more chance of growing magically a new dick then you do have like surgically doing anything with that but the dick magic ladder he said he
no. Here’s the deal we were there was a contract out of your life basically and we were supposed to kill you but you you saved Our Lives more unless you got tired of the pit we’re not going to do that good we’re going to take you back to the to the people and the reason is that the way to do this if we if we don’t if we don’t if you’re not dead within a certain. Of time like we we basically died we’re fine with that cuz I fucking hate Authority I got a rather die than do anything with these assholes want me to do but I’m just wondering if you can think of help us think of any solution to this terrific of all the people that be a hero for on your Souls II timer someone crazy knock that off
crazy magic no no but you know somebody I just know that there’s magic that exists sounds like you got magic and other Magics can unmask spellbomb diffused from us before the deadline to admit I’m just so you know I’m going to do anything out he’s open miking call to cuz it is my sounds right to me a couple things going on to do all of these we can get us to Paradise if we found it we could probably get up there with the ladder yeah but I don’t know where it is
Wright State floats around yes what kind of creatures do business with them what time is important exports don’t I don’t know people I guess people probably live there I don’t know if it was just checking I’m going to go look for and again I won’t be able to pick up at your door. No no no you can’t do it I can’t do it now they want me to do this thing where I fly around I’m going to go get you such a nice magic is magic trick I just want my dick we’re really in a big hurry I’m ready so if you ever do want to save time you know there’s this thing called stamps.com
I just want to really quickly just go for it one more time getting faster and faster I fly up that’s why I’ve no sheet or anything but I just am communicating with one of these Earthbound creatures is it a dick for Paradise it’s almost like a really nice condo development
Paradise Gardens that says but that could that be it
yeah ever 24-hour Health Club yeah so you see that you with your your your Hawkeyes let’s just floating in mid-air apparent you see that you feel like you should return and Report what you saw
got my heart says he saw a city that could be paradise but he walks around a lot like going to be a bit to admit you but it does look like a condo development how high off the ground is it
what you know I can do it in Wing flaps it’s like 28 I don’t even know like 2800 Wing flaps what is the what is that even translate into Wing flaps or whatever pie you see nothing you wonder what the natural landscape and environment temperature normally is for a hawk probably not freezing us it’s not crazy or he’s nuts but he’s crazy I know there was a there was a headwind or Thursday
I know I would say all right if you want a number I would say it’s about 200 until we either die or come to a place where somebody can help us find Paradise Coco’s here
what direction
so just like a rapper to slowly increasing circle like a spiral
Core i5
a little further now there’s not much farther
away from the whole the place where the Uber where I would think the most arrogant
you have Northeast for sometime you don’t really see anything until until you might see something until you happen upon a brown stack you should take that you should take
when is is it as I older women just tell him you’re doing the best you can
stay true to yourself they don’t like you then they shouldn’t have been your friends in the first place I don’t think I don’t need to be going to be true to himself as if anything he’s got back down vibrate
I’m sorry I kept you see it from your horse it’s one of the only things that’s anywhere in the snow
I just Mount give Coco his main very quick rush just to let her know that I still have her in mind and I approached the sack
and in fact it looks like it has a writing on it does have writing on it is written in gnomish though it says if you guys are
do you read gnomish we pay the bills guys okay you can’t read it some gnomish letters that you can understand let’s definitely stack
pick up the Sass
and I returned to the party
so anyways and that’s how you tie a rope
hi honey I was just finishing my famous doctor Tennessee jump
I recognize the writing in that is gnomish
Jeff Gutt Jeff the court author
do you know like are you in touch with anybody you could
flash back to court as a little kid vampire barbarians are illiterate you’re good now I’ll hit the path by the rules
that’s how it goes yeah so you can read it it’s like a fucking Keanu and Matrix that’s how you learn how to read and I never heard anyone say that
having knowledge that you remember that makes us more than us
this guy knows
expensive world you’re just reminded I had to take a moment. I think the bad guys I can read and I’ll look at it go
I know do this
sound it out it says Bill Maher Diggins
early it belongs to a guy named Bill cardigan or maybe it’s name
no quartet
Corky has Bill margens is a gnomish as a gnomish name you know you haven’t you’re not in touch with your Nomis root so you don’t really know what it is but it definitely rings a bell in your in your vernacular I open the sack you open us back in Golden Light that’s all you can see is Golden Light I’ve been backward at the you guys I just want to and I know I’ve been plugging a lot
Belmar target.com for the best golden like they do they’ll come to your house anyway
place to go
the bank is Marla Gibbs
chancellors Gold light up in this bag is just pouring out you can’t even see into it because it’s so bright you reach into the bag feels like like a solid dirt ground you’re reaching into the ground can we try and put the gold back in the bag is light but I’ll ask the question again
can you put a spatial differential like like if you reach your hand all the way down into the bag cuz it’s bag is that what you’re asking it’s a Poppins bag that movie Ghost
you don’t remember her have a wonderful bag
I’ve never seen Mary Poppins it’s bigger than it looks
I don’t want you to tell me what to do to the bagging grab the Earth that she feels yeah you can dig in with your fingernails it’s not like I’m a loose soil it’s like to be a bit detected
do buyback rules
could you reach in it
I pull out some of the dirt and whatever hold it up look at it it looks like and I around into the tundra yelling about my dad I poked my hip confidence in my knowledge of that that built built into the bag and you find yourself in a warm City bathed in Gold glowing light on Paradise in a bag Paradise in a bag of Bargains
let’s go and Guy
first find a place to secure this but my recommendation is we three by three hole in Minecraft if we put it down at the bottom and then we all go into it but no one can hear your whole life
I don’t think I’ve just said to her previous that’s not my type of weather for the rest of us went out in the middle of this like a portal probably right maybe it’s a portal it’s not really doesn’t have anything to do with what you don’t stay in the bag maybe we should use the ladder climb back out of the bank if I volunteered to go into this bag and devil-may-care you and I can fly I can fly back out of the bag
long time ago the bag my foot out of the back and sorry
ladies first go ahead mouth open
just seems unnecessary I don’t know why you have that I had that one may always make an entrance get that head first mouth open you find yourself in this warm City you find yourself jumping out of a similar bag into the Swarm City you hear the sounds of chirping birds in Bolingbrook there’s a small Noms sitting on a small Toadstool smoking a small pipe and fiddling with a comically large shoe Buckle smart again
virtue you are. I’m also wondering
do you know where the town everywhere
and it’s dollar shrimp shooter die
Welcome Friends yeah you you jumped in here through a bag then there’s a similar bag on the floor that you climbed up out of to get here you can probably shout into it over the first but I just shipped my pants
God damn why she so out of breath no it was awkward we were in the middle of a funeral if you if you if you go down the back out of the bag coming out upside down yeah I sent you and throw it in the back everybody
alright who who was the already kind of half in the bag
how can I go down
call Emily head cleaner my asshole as I go to as I go in but the thing I learned from the gay community in Attitude open mouth nuts up attitude I love it I can Advocate is that you
is that what it’s called
another name for poppers all right I jump in also with my hole where my penis used to be that happens also you guys jump through into the bill mardigan Junior all their realm are you Bill I mean how would I know that bill Morgan’s good towns with every where is the town that comes with a side of coleslaw and Cornbread like to think so though all right enough is bald On This Town
who’s Bill mardigan this is Bill Martin’s that’s the name of the town is not a person so let’s not rule that out I don’t know I just know it’s the town that I love so much what goes on here
one of those things that are truckers yeah
a bar with all kinds of salsa
kid riddles
play says almost everything
3 stop and I couldn’t we all want cornbread
what’s what’s your main Bravo but I don’t have any problems with Bill Maher tickets
the place without problems on your face right now that’s just you can’t come in without answering all right I hope was hoping we’d get to the smoking I love her
evanescent know my song
answering a riddle but we already know from his sales pitch that are either horseshoes or smoking for rentals I love smoking and riddle what has four I don’t really like riddles 23
pictures of Cool Whip. What
the number 423
engorgement potion
what genus do you have that it’s a riddle
I mean you want me to go to go to Bill Martin’s birdhouse for riddles smoking Horseshoes and Hand Grenades and other stuff
I don’t know how to close the show that we have access into Verizon store play light light I mean it’s it’s a lovely place there’s all sorts of stuff lying in store is if there’s what’s that there’s a cheese has have they have the things like Rollie horseshoes do like Rollie horseshoes
yeah micro bowling and we’re setting a full of a Whimsical creature I don’t know how else we could I mean we have to sell and the show all of your school’s been red-hot with a blinding scourge of pain so close to being out I can’t believe you’re just busy momentarily is her pain is just throbbing through you and then it received Jesus feeds to feel burning in your six-shooters disabled it was a reminder not not not comfortable right now and they felt like it was
find survey and with the smoking guy like looking at a car that what happened
yeah but yeah but you for a reason
thank you once again remember time is heroin
Erin mcgathy Presley Christmas


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