harmontown night night
not your usual harmontown
welcome to harmontown nights
Lean Forward stand straight up
reach back hold tight and buckle up for the greatest experience your ears have ever had between themselves
your mind is drifting
your eyes are doing their next Lee just doing what I do
your eyes are blinking
your mind is stretching
beyond the cosmos
beyond the planets
welcome to harmontown 9999
he’s back
it’s a hot night tonight
I can feel the heat
can you feel the heat
if you can feel the heat press 3
if you can’t find 3 call out
I heard Yelp
that’s an unknown command
why would you say Yelp
oh you said help
do you need help dressing to
press star
do you need help dressing for
press the pound key
I’m sorry I don’t understand that command
but that doesn’t matter
harmontown night

we’re on a beach
do you hear those seagull
Reach Out And Touch One
you can’t can you
I can
my arms aren’t there
are you jealous
jealous of my arm length
I’m going to take you on the Journey of a lifetime
I’m going to take you to get your arm lengthened
getting my car
sit back
sorry it’s kind of a mess
I just kind of throw things in the backseat
I’m not currently in a relationship cell
I only drive myself to and from work
lot of junk food wrappers building up
I’m going to take the five
harmontown night
where can I get your I’m lexan
here we are at the iron Lake City Hospital
don’t let the name fool you it’s a place where they lengthen your arms
a lot of people think it’s a place where they shorten them says auralex in the hospital if people think of my arm gets too long I’ll come here make a regular legs again
doesn’t make sense if you think about it for more than 10 seconds
the hospital you’re thinking I would be called an arm Hospital right arm length hospital or a long-arm hospital
it wouldn’t be calling on lengthening hospital I’m lengthening Define the function this is a hospital that links in your heart
I’m back
Platinum lengthen your arm
where do you think they’re getting the extra arm segment
is from me
you’re welcome
you’re welcome
you’re welcome

how do you like your long arm
get it back to the beach
Reach Out
you like the feeling of that bird
Reach Out
shingles are gone
we took too long getting your arm length and mad has no more to touch
what’s the lesson
stay in the moment
you reach out
and you can’t catch a bird
don’t try so hard
don’t try so hard
don’t try so hard
stay in the moment
stay in the moment
as long as that moment at night time harmontown
harmontown style nights
what’s going on over here oh shit
why are you why are you doing this
sounds like someone’s trying to kill her harmontown nights Buzz
I didn’t say that you said that you’re projecting your guilt onto me
this guy sounds talkative sound like he doesn’t know how to whisper
my name is Franklin Roosevelt
knock it off
it’s cool man don’t worry about it no one’s going to cause me trouble I’ve got no quarrel with you either all right just need to be a conflict
school doesn’t need to be a conflict man doesn’t need to be any kind of conflict
I agree
now you don’t ya double-cross logic why I don’t know
harmontown in Heights
all right we’re going to change gears now
get ready for a surprise
turn the volume up, so hard she thought she was Abby she had a thing for a pussy and a dick for a need fucking Tripoli sucks that I gave her a medal of honor with some black people and Asians and came back and it went it went. Lala lala lala lala lala
yoke as a traitor but your momma now I’m going to fuck your mama later I’m American got to start Bus Tracker going to fuck your mama so hairy pussy gets right then I’m going to get her getting I’m going to get it right and I’m going to put your mom to the horse track at the Kelsey Grammer was a hammer pounding of pussy pounded him


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