Episode: 101 – Paloma


Episode: 101 – Paloma


A hungover stroll through such topics as bumper stickers, misogyny, Wolfenstein and how horrifying that game must be for Germans. Kumail Nanjiani’s back and we welcome DeMorge Brown to the stage!


Russell speeder
five five five five five five five five
call back again. John, Canada
how to spell career
I guess better and better please welcome to the stage the mayor of Hermantown
thank you how are you
what’s with the big crab Jeff what’s going on maybe your sugar canceled canceled last time gas was a big crowd last time soon I guess this is all we got now is the all the people that were watching Community my fantasy is you probably know is to be able to not write ever again but there’s this whole mortgage and I want to have a baby and baby need diapers at baby got to go to college because it’ll probably be a fucking asshole eat
cuz that’s just my car up if if baby is an athlete is it’ll pay for itself the scholarships in life is money and in the second half of my life now it’s time for the selfless half of my life to begin I have met with my goddess I now need to atone with the cosmos that you’re ready to bring a child into this world I mean worst guys than me have done it
reject yourself into the like a three-year-old child of yours and Aarons am I in the child reject yourself into that reality okay so you you’re you’re a father of a three year old person okay what’s what’s your day today your quotidian shit well I’m hoping a I hope I can work from home by that time I hope I can be like, you know like a house husband and really put my full energy cuz I could I could do the I could do a fox deal that’s there they did rule that when Community got when I got my job back at community so there’s like there’s that whole network sitcom world still waiting there but now I have this opportunity I could
Without Really burning any Bridges I could walk away from that I can write movies I could I could write a book I mean I don’t know what’s your fantasy about your next thing what would it be well I really want it I want it I want to write this one movie that I’ve been trying to write for 15 years now over there is it would that be bad business I don’t know well I don’t know now let’s not talk to talk it out or anyting you and I used to go to the drawing room and talk about this movie and you would cry and and not and not right that movie sign that you should probably shouldn’t I don’t know I always tell I always tell the kids I don’t throw that idea way that one of you been thinking about since high school because it’s too precious it’s a it’s a recipe for writers
you know like like focusing on that sang but it also might be incumbent upon the the elderly writers like myself to actually you do get around to that thing they always wanted to do you feel about Juliet 41 in the second half of my life I’m not I’m not I’m not I’m not about to blow anyone away as a wunderkind
wunderkind right now there’s only ever seen in type I never heard anyone say that
wunderkind hey you know that you know that the liquor store over in Hollywood the Playboy Playboy liquor store there’s a liquor store in La and it’s it’s called Playboy liquor it is in his dead on the font of Playboy magazine but the why is a martini glasses so and it’s just like Playboy liquor here like a you like Playboy its Rich tradition of high-quality pornography
can’t do that you can’t you can’t you can’t have it again Nintendo grocery store spell nintendo with a why they can do whatever you want
don’t don’t don’t don’t let me get in your way I’m half done living at your husband and then you can have a baby yeah or as far as we know it could be twins we are we are now getting on the Jeffrey could anyone else sense that he doesn’t want me to get married and have a baby
okay that’s crazy crazy cool I’m off for Imagine Me replicating Myself
horrifying amazing imagine me imagine me imagine if you’re a little kid and you want a bedtime story then this mother fucker walks in
press writer in the fucking world
all right give me a bedtime story
I am I have 18 months old my name is Vanessa Hudgens tour was a Pedro Almodovar movie there’s a musician in one of the movies that he sings that song
yeah yeah yeah yeah
if it’s a song as I got to Spanish I know what is the God damn it now I forgot what who’s raising their hand
Who Who Are You
his name is Darren McGavin
your name is what
okay so you just you’re just guessing that but you’re right Paloma have a conversation with me about this you you you you you yeah Paloma Paloma that’s what it is but it didn’t didn’t Picasso name is out of Paloma means Dove I think I think I must be sexist or or the whatever the opposite of sexist is like I I would really like to have a daughter and I also don’t care what her name is like as much as I would care like the like gender identity like I like I like I am more reticence to name my son something weird than my daughter
like I kind of feel like a daughter’s name is got just a fuck off bike bike
I don’t know I’m already unconditionally loving my daughter and I was going to make my son’s life a living hell because I’m going to be thinking that unless the daughter of because of my why wouldn’t your daughter be a little you too you know why Jess I don’t know why I still have a whole worker weiner should be
and you just can’t
it’s going to be it’s she’s going to she’s going to have her hands full with problems she’s not going to know I’m very much do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so there’s always a little TV in a flight that is an embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like ever you’re always in good hands
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I really do prefer it if you if you could make a choice son or daughter I think I would prefer a daughter because I’m terrified of getting eaten by the kid like like mythical send Skype you know prom night in the teenage kid comes after you’re drunk and he’s like yeah that whole energy you can’t beat you up when she’s 18 she’ll be there in a few
you’re probably couldn’t come sit with Daddy and watch Blazing Saddles
that’s my bifocals Aaron have a name for the boy if it’s a boy throw out Cormac I reckon
Connor Connor is
I’ll see you names I like Biblical name Psy I like what my name is Daniel what is that mean God will be my judge career and I interpret that to mean and Only God
oh my God there’s only got exactly that’s it motherfuker NBC Daniel was a dream interpreter for a king in the eighth and that is his his rival colleagues hacks they they tried to convert praying to the wrong God secretly and he was using his position as a dream interpreter to kind of move the king in there in a in a Yahweh Direction Santa in the king of under his psychological thumb because he was he was he was good at what he did he was winning them with you know with being good at his job and so he’s Rivals tried to like tournament and I I can’t remember the how the rest of the story goes except all of those in the Lion’s Den and then God closes the lion’s mouth
they pulled Daniel out and I go I guess you I guess you’re on the winning team and then and then they throw all of the guys that fuck with him and all of their families and all of their families families into the lions den of a lions eat them so horrible story.
God will be my judge and also hit he’ll kick ass on your behalf yes he’s in my corner
so I like that name and I
i i a n i e yeah I would I would like I wouldn’t mind just a straightforward can a Hebrew Hebrew name for my kids like what and see what kind of Miss I would like to lick the kid to to be able to delve into when you’ve learned what your name is Daniel has a name for you and had like four size my mom said that she chose the names based on she wanted to named me and my brother with these alliterative names Doug and Dan she she said at one point the way she pick the names of she imagined them being announced over the loudspeakers and a football arena
quarterback Dan Harmon football around
that I want to see you as a father you’re going to I know I’m going to Anna and I want to I want to see you change his diaper so I will I’m going to be good at that
what qualifies you to be changing a diaper well I don’t I don’t change my underwear very often and so when I do it’s gross
so I’m prepared for not prepared for that and I thought I’d throw in the hamper and that’s what you do when you change a diaper
I’ll see you in the funny papers baby you’re going to get what you don’t want you you’re going to get a Tsum Tsum strangely the person that you didn’t want to raise a human being and you’ll be there giving it
probably get some good bedtime stories
check and ship
you’re going to have a child
the citizen says that it’s the batting cages of learning how to tell a baby’s correct Vanessa
there once there was a farmer and he kept telling it is it is Fields sank make a little jelly bean plant and and then one day one of the jelly bean plants looked up at her and said please don’t Harvest me I’m a magical jelly bean plant I don’t want to be Harvest that I need to I need to stay here so that so that I can keep talking to you and hanging out
you can have all the other jelly bean plants don’t cut me down
so the farmer who was also a princess
oblige the magic jelly bean plant harvested all the others took them inside to her father and said here’s the jelly beans he counted them up I count only seven jelly beans plants worth of Jelly Beans Hair Rodriguez
that is because one of them was magical and asked me not to silence
bring me my belt
you know why
well where is it over there on the dresser
slowly Rodrigo went and grab the belt off the dresser with trembling hands
handed it to her father who put it on cuz his pants were just falling down a little
and then he ran out to the field with Rodriguez and they talked to the jelly bean plant they had an hour conversation about covering a wide range of topics and including how to irrigate better so that they will they ended up growing more jelly bean plants than ever and they just so so the moral is go to sleep
Star Wars Episode 1 thank you thanks thanks everybody I’m just looking through is that a Playboy liquor
bumper stickers I don’t really I wouldn’t be the first person and not understand every second I understand like if you’re if you’re in a band you put your band’s bumper sticker on your bumper cuz it’s like hey it’s my car I’m going to pull up my bandwidth my bumper sticker I understand like I just the the the clever ones like the pissy ones like the like he’s a little something about me you know I don’t go get it but I wouldn’t have to talk about it
I can’t remember I don’t know I just saw what I saw that yeah I mean I don’t know I just don’t I can’t think of any really honestly they just went towels
like a political agenda like like like like I did have a bumper sticker because
it can’t be so large that I could read it from far enough away to be safe to read your bumper sticker I have to get close enough to read your political philosophy and maybe hit you. I’m almost positive that no one on earth has ever been converted to anything by a bumper sticker so I don’t know what what purpose like there never is it just like it is the idea that it’s just like will Whittle away at you
you like that one I honked you ever see that guy on the corner outside the Vista theater and he’s he’s always holding a sign that says honk for peace and he keeps gesturing like he’s like he gets he seems really exasperated when people aren’t honking other people honk and then he just let give him a big thumb up
I got it I got it I got 40 questions for that guy
lake lake lake
how do you know when you’re finished
when it what how how does that work like why is he mad at people who don’t honk like you could I can already see the anger on his face when he doesn’t get the Hawks he wants like so I know that if he was in control of an army heated hack someone but he’s just in control of a sign so he just goes
that guy is but before I see him I hear a bunch of honking which makes you unhappy but yeah the sound of a baby crying if you want World Peace poke poke your baby in the eye that distresses you
is there a wonderful how babies crying a really makes a subset like on an airplane in a year that sound alike but really the reason you’re upset is because you’re having an instinctive reaction to a human child and distressed and and what you’re frustrated by the time you can’t do anything about it you’re not allowed to do anything cuz we’re not we’re we’re we’re a disenfranchised tribe and as a woman brought a baby on board first class and the baby was just screaming and like three year old boy just fucking absolutely object like pain the screaming and Ryan’s have can I get to take your baby Ryan took the child and he didn’t like to fly right
he took the child and watch out a first-class down like all the way to the back of the plane and the crying stopped
Ryan killed that baby never got on the bus with a quiet child and sat down in a chair back and put the baby toddler on his chest and they went to sleep for the next 4 hours and the mothers like when we landed how do you do that you give it a change of scenery but I got to take the baby for a walk once in a while and I can move it around and jump Panic it was so cool that’s what I got a possible to take a crying baby in a plane in like a swage the pain
yeah I always imagined the babies are good lick their ears aren’t popping I know how terrified I was speaking to baby I was thinking about that too late people bring animals on the on the plane like they’re in the cargo bay or whatever and like they must be back there like what the fuck is going on that weird hot dogs love being in cars and cats are like a fuck you like so amazing. Dr. so comfortable with everything like Aaron just puts fucking t-shirts on the dog is a hat on his head as he just doesn’t he doesn’t get it is my job I’ll just going to dress like a wizard now I only chat cats cats do not countenance any kind of unnatural Behavior or costume maker
give the show a kick in the ass come on
I’m hungover so the shows low energy so I’m bringing out the big guns
I’ve been listening and watching these people love it
every time I see
what’s are the pills just like diapers
don’t listen to what Mom say
Ariane making you a drink do thank you thank you using my hand to put the ice in the cup
you know it’s so weird that you guys are talking about this cuz we’ve been talking about it like it’s been like where I don’t know I don’t know it’s hard to do you think life’s going to be certain we supposed to do certain things in my whole life and I called your dad someday I’ll be your dad something like it’s going to be great and then you’re like well do it really want to be there. It’s hard to like ask yourself a question that you thought the answer was made for you your whole life and I’m in my thirties I’m like do I really want that I don’t know it’s it’s very hard to think about it I would imagine you being a good father I don’t think I’d be a bad father I think I’d be a good father but I don’t know if I I don’t know what I want to be a father and I don’t know we just started coming up on us too
yeah to to choke the planet with more Flash
you are going to have a little big that York’s the planet with more flat shaved vagina hurt when you take a shift from now on do you feel that way I feel driven to it I feel like I go I always go when I have to make a choice like a best-case worst-case you know compare all the possibilities the the worst case scenario and having a kid is having a kid and just being like anybody else and has a kid just late like like I got a kid and you know sometimes people with whizz-kidz of secretly like Warren you and when no one’s listening I don’t give a
decided parties do their worst case scenario is regretting what is having is is having a kid and wondering what it would be like to be a bachelor and play video games and or it would you or just be with Aaron and not have a kid you know legs which Robin cater doing like they’re not they’re not having kids are just hanging out like the worst case scenario is is is worrying about that what am I missing the worst case scenario with not having a kid is is fireworks it’s like like like like being 70 years old and going like having a pretty good life we’ve had our ups and downs and our Shackles by the people out there is no bringing little Danny jr. traded his soul in 4 play on Wolfenstein
that sounds pretty good
that’s no reason to have a child is that that you feel like that your dying breath that you you wish there was a younger version of you get what I’m trying to do what I’m trying to say is that wondering what it would have been like to have children is for me a more dire fate than wondering what it would be like to not have children something that I have 41 years of experience with I already know the past that I’ve been on and I know that sometimes I wish it would last year that my hair is falling out and that and that my you know my boobs are sagging and and I have boobs and a melting I’m dying I’m just in a grating and end end by having children is that what it is
it’s not a lot of her put that whammy on a kid I hope I hope he’s as a garbage man my mom used to tell me to be the best garbage man everybody works with I don’t give a shit what you do because it’s because of who are we kidding if everybody’s been doing a remarkable things for 6000 years where has it gotten them who gives a fuck just have a good life Herman Jr inspiring and cynical at the same time I want to tell a story with my life and and I am I’m halfway through that story and if if I ask for me reproduction is the second half of a full life Oh I thought it was like setting up a sequel you know when like Freddy’s hand comes out
do I score me a reason that I always assumed I wanted kids was like you know that’s how you cuz I have you know I’ve been thinking about death my whole life and I’m like that’s how for me you combat at you get a kid in the diapers and continues on the stuff you’ve done if you start a live on through them but now I live on through the stuff I do you know like you sort of like the you know shows you right or whatever that kind of stuff so so I think I would rather do that but I don’t know I don’t even know how to start thinking about your father and I are you care about you have a very strong opinion
they’re very proud to be so complicated and mix it all up there there’s no conversation now so if you are excited about that or yeah I was just with them this weekend and they brought it up a lot going out when you would when it was time to meet the parents how do you tweet that we’ve talked about your parents like Ambitions for you he wanted you to be a doctor I mean they so they had maybe Ambitions for you in terms of your mate as well oh yeah they used to send me pictures of women like cuz it’s all arranged marriage so it’s all these women who
Unity who are always aware of like oh you know that they have a girl she just there in the market like today didn’t know the guys and then other women in the morning so they show me these pictures that are obviously these old ladies taking pictures of like these girls at weddings and stuff like he know they’re eating that I caught unaware
it’s completely true and my mom would send it over with like sort of like a resume like she’s you know she’s pretty mad she’s got a green card so that’s not going to be a problem
and I kept saying no to them and I swear the women got more and more attractive than your listing of this podcast like always like hold out for you for the for the poor girls are man I don’t know what do you have in the back to Pat Rose at that girl what’s her stake and I like what what is she was here dude what the fuck group like that
I know it totally is like that it’s more of a pact between two families rather than just love we actually have a term for a marriage that’s not a reason to call it love marriage it’s called love marriage which here seem so redundant whatever that and they say it’s like she had a say in the matter do you always have a say in the matter of the difference is whether you sort of hang out so it’ll be like the two families made and then they like find an excuse to leave in the guy in the garlic there and you talk and then you decide like yeah this is the person rest of my life she likes it.
is it male or female driver who’s driving that car both people can say no it’s like in that it’s fairly even for how crazy is system it is the woman gets a know when she doesn’t have to get married the guy can say no when they don’t have both have to say yes all right so crazy
little charms got shot and killed a bunch of people and blames it on women like us to come over you’re bummed out about that guy Griffith Park girls just taking a walk and they can’t take a walk because a guy is going to fucking attack them like like it’s different being a woman than being a guy because men expect things and when they don’t get what they want they actually do attack it’s the worst fucking thing in the world I used to it into my late twenties before I knew that that was a real thing like I would get mad at my girlfriend’s with her come home and they were like I got to the first girlfriend that came home and said like that guy out there on the corner selling the oranges
King sounds like like what I when I walked by would likely talk come on guys selling oranges he’s angry that you’re a woman and then when it doesn’t happen the other way and stuff like that woman’s not with with a man sometimes if she is like like like the crazy thing to me was when I was like 29 when I first was being introduced to that Concept in a second-hand fashion by one of my girlfriends my immediate emotional response was was knock it off. Stop being dramatic like a weird
membrane there that was inherently misogynist play I was as if ever there was like there was a there was a Robocop directive in my programming Stewart where ya women that like like like the idea of believed in my brain I was like that’s crazy like like like women don’t walk around on the sidewalk to get her ass everyday and it’s also like an everyday thing I can’t speak for women this is probably let me hear that would absolutely say it better but like you you’re prepared for guys to be shity to you at all times and and in knowing that their little are riddled with testosterone and not get raped by what you wear or what you say how you reject somebody that you say you have a boyfriend when you don’t you give a fake phone number like a guy’s never have to do that it is it’s just the ugliest thing in the world and I hope that the people
died on this fucking because it little asshole I hope the conversation becomes something so cool that actually like guys changed like I should grow up and learn that what they want isn’t the Mandate like my women aren’t simply that that’s not who I am I mean I don’t want to be the guy who says it’s over no more problems I was younger generation I feel like they are always so far away from the women got the vote what do black people hate are women we will be we will be misogynist way after we fix racism like I was terrible and women of the coolest like the weather that they have everything on it so that
there now I’m being massaged mavens fucking going on like I’m sorry I was I was going to get a massage would not get what they shouldn’t be is a treated like anything other than my person and this little guy is saying he’s probably crazy like whatever the fuck was going on with him that because he’s a 24 year old virgin and then you have to go kill blonde women so I can people backing that guy up a man like your ear your feminist bullshit and support our troops that are a weird a weird comment section went any flag
I’m on the on the coolest guy I know I don’t do that yes all women have to learn how to not get raped when they walk through a fucking like a parking garage is women I got to deal with it all all women do yes not all men are bad people but all women have to learn how to deal with guy is being bad at rejection like that so I really wish I’d met that little sucker the day before he did that you didn’t have a psychic dream that this was going to be
what’s funny is I kind of
what was the psychic I don’t want to get off to pick up after things happen and feel like something subliminally have all you like sort of backtracking and I have a dream that a guy was going to go because he’s an asshole that would be a stupid train because that should be the story of every movie that we make I didn’t think we’re going to we’re going to talk about this guy cuz I imagine all the podcasts are but my goal is always its originality but fight but now that we’re on the topic I just watched the video in the green room I was stricken by how strangely disingenuous is it is he acted like he was acting when he’s talking like
is an Adu shity at being a bad guy so I need active but I didn’t understand that because normally when somebody is acting that way you feel like they’re being dishonest there’s something inside them that they’re suppressing and keep it down but you need more it since I hate women because they don’t love me and I’m going to I want to kill all of them like like this guy is saying that my dad so what are you
what is his secret if you’re okay thanks I know nobody likes him and he described what he says
directions to come on Adam he has a chair for his laptop
oh nobody’s here what’s your name
order game
the game

yeah yeah there was a book that a guy wrote that slave
work for him so he was a member of this group that was called to a haters who hate or something sounds that that can be a thing
pick-up artist work for them so they’re like so now not only were they already angry at women angry because
give me the science of being just verbally abusive and deceptive to women friends only was like no this is never going to happen you never been friendzoned I don’t have to fuck you cornfield I got so crazy and he got mad that there was a book that he rather didn’t get him laid
and then and then and then he was part of why do you still have the three Chinese Guys and Fries hot fries how I forget what kind of Asian but I’m half white and he hated Asian guys and on message boards he be like you guys suck girls don’t want you and he said that it was sparked a gymnast that drove women away cuz women don’t like Asian dude dance to whatever I do
what was what was her name Annie she had an eye for the listeners in a pink sweater and a pink bow in her hair
very very
Elsa is somebody here came from New York and he was telling me outside that that harmontown got him through Hurricane Sandy
because he didn’t have any power and they just had a bunch of podcasts on the computer and they would wear one of them worked I taken listen to harmontown through it and it helped him survive and it wasn’t anybody had like in your head you made it up and bought it I was wearing politicians do that other I talk to a plumber
Street celebrity songs for twice the police actually but for that guy for sure now everybody is the amount of people stopping you in the grocery store must have must have gone up by the tenfold right kind of people really like to show you so yeah every like stuff where you rent for that for what I didn’t know I audition for two parts that I didn’t get TJ’s Bar TJ Miller are lakes bar and a big head and I didn’t get them I like the names
they they said you’re not right for these two will write something for you and you always hear that whenever you have a good idea since you don’t got to worry will write it for you and it’s just like bring the Chinese food what episode is now for you and I didn’t hear anything for a while but in the final round of auditions was happening and I was out of town and I was like I got to fly back early but then I couldn’t fly back early so I was a guard I’m going to miss the final round of auditions and then I landed and I just phone call that was all my agent and manager and everybody and I was like oh this is something
and they said that you were they wrote a part for you and that we I’m going to be in the shell and it was I did one audition just with Mike and from that like I didn’t have to do like the whole round of testing and should I didn’t want to go fishing with Mike Judge and then to just read a thing from you think so Mike was like oh I like the feeling write something to eat if you like it was awesome it was the easiest like wasn’t easy job to get I was fucking terrified going into the audition cuz it’s my job and University Carolyn Strauss write that she must be some kind of mad genius because she’s been there forever at HBO and HBO this really high risk high-yield game television they bet are all that they have on shows hoping that they become Game of Thrones Sopranos
lady from subscription they don’t give a fuck about ratings they give it to you they want people to buy the product and they have to actually make they have to create cultural phenomena as a business deal to buy in a so much bigger is not just a she didn’t eat people aren’t just giving them a half hour of their time people are giving them you know 20 bucks a month or whatever so you have to create shows that like become part of making people on the subway start to just get humiliated that they don’t know what it look like I was talking about Game of Thrones you have to make people bully people into like I’m so tired of hearing about these yeah
the wire was like that all you ever seen the way I’m going to want to hear that’s a good that’s like that’s not at all the other networks are like oh will make 20 Pilots of the won’t make it past 6 episodes of ridiculous fuck off like frog eggs being laid knowing that they’re all going to be eating mythological meaning my child will perhaps that’s what I what I want a gearing up to I would like my child have an overall deal on HBO
so interesting because it’s the opposite of Prozac networks like you said frog legs as an HBO like a hundred million dollars in the first season of Game of Thrones would be a horrible mistake but it was like milk got busy and I bored I thought that it did they just answered by entertainment expert Spencer Crittenden
master of Dungeons and television industry gossip or Helmer I let me make me nervous whenever I I’ve been waiting room and I see the variety on the table at my glance at some of the headlines and I wanted dread Casino like all the sudden I don’t know how I got this far by the denial of the world around me like I just do what I do and I and then I read these headlines and I got an overall deal yeah I want I want I want 11 million dollars from scribe pen Helm blaffer scripture scripture be one of these guys
Toto that doesn’t look like I have yellow teeth and Tiny Hands
you can’t control
my hand size is always going to be I met the other stuff
cancel that cuz no television industry that’s it exists
crazy high on you
I just think that reality shows are bad every time someone watches or every time anyone mentions a reality show by name I always like go through this mental process like Jesus Christ someone watches reality shows oh yeah they’re very popular a lot of people like those Jesus Christ I’m talking to someone who watches reality show I mean that was different cuz it’s actual skill merit-based trying to be good and it’s usually a pretty positive Show starting to learn about fashion I think tell me what you know about this is what I know
if if your outfit can be compared to a pop cultural references it’s bad and and and and reasonably compare it to Pac-Man or Strawberry Shortcake looking at it that like that makes everyone go to the bike it’s it’s just like playing with dozens it’s too evocative of like like I don’t know I am looking at this side she seems like a housewife from Tron eliminated you’re gone I don’t know why that’s great but then there’s the other guy I mean with my hands just
he’s the guy that was his name Michael if he can say that your outfit looks like blank then you’re fucked. Do any of his references go beyond the 80s did he lick the potatoes like melons like a like a like a Lucky Charms can you do an impression of me to make Lakeside stereotype
I just got really nervous 5 minutes designers I’m I have to tell you I’m starting to get very concerned yeah
okay so this is an average a line is is she thin wasted your model
oh she’s high-waisted well then you’re okay you’re going to put the shawl on well that’s a relief I have to tell you I’m very excited about this keep keep going keep doing what you’re doing
he is like that
he has like that Emily watches that show Noah’s Ark
like I know what they’re going to say before they say it
who sings how far down the list being wearable is in their criteria like when they say once every 3 episode 9 the ham because if she lets it go as it will be naked or not I love what you did is bold as dangerous as aggressive adjectives that sound like you’re describing like a car aggressively yeah
but if they can say oh boy it looks like Popeye’s going to the Spaghetti Factory
I mean I am what I am but this is not what I am
I love you guys both have girlfriends or wives and watch that show I like my laptop I put my back to its is 1 gigs what do you know I don’t I don’t I don’t game on my laptop. It’s D Premier Nazi shooting game that’s exactly right it’s an anti-nazi German people feel like when they actually it’s kind of different they have like not swastikas and stuff it’s all like censored and stuff that the actual visual like that the image of as far as that goes like the n-word like it’s just a inflammatory
German soldiers getting knifed in the face
there is something that’s like you are allowed to have like swastika you know what it’s like I think it’s like I I smoked so much for so many years and then I quit and now that I whenever I Smell Smoke I get like queasy I think that’s how they are with swastika gender by Chase gym around where I puked my guts out after I drank a bottle of gin there’s a playground in a park near my home
oh way better get banned in playground for sure I mean it’s it’s kind of a funny thing I can this is this world of like like like a don’t watch what you say and how you do it in this long-standing thing that’s been accepted as a way of expressing ourselves like the second look at that and we definitely like never going to you could always just have no just show like Nazis and the joy talking like stab him in the eyes and cannot see cocksucker whether it’s just a guy taking a pee in this game you’re just like you just so you know I mean
walking around like that late and there’s actual actual that was their gear listening to them talk about their Woodland my wife is yelling at me I haven’t actually killed anybody that is pretty like a German sixteen-year-old buying the game and being like
a lot of karma
there’s a lot of baggage fucking weird to it’s also interesting that they want to be super violent they just made the bad guys Nazis cuz then you could do anything to him and everyone’s kind of onboard I mean it is it is it is it right or inflammatory to point out that that’s a very messy a steak way of dealing with the r
feelings about things that you pick a scapegoat and you can make them the other and then you fucking more than British people or Russians are there bad guys in films because they are there are the other our foe Agera R’s in the phobic bulshit germinate like
I went with the Nazi party came to power they didn’t have the majority they can they got they got like a lot of the vote and and Hitler became the chancellor party when they became powerful there was the essay in the SD and then this police force that if you didn’t like them you were sent to a fucking concentration camp and if your intellectual if you are a smart Jewish guy like lots of other interesting things as simply pushed away most of germinate like most of Europe at that time very anti sematic like the data that gives lots of countries I would surely welcome in most countries back then they always do they throw that aside like it’s always just listen this formula with dictatorships is that it is at that stage where they round up the intellectuals round up the doctors and the
like like everyone in this room is playing sad turmoil is the potting soil for fascism because because some guy in a uniform is going to come out and he’s going to tell everybody in the mainstream that they’re going to be safe as long as we make our new business blowing shut up and and and and that is exactly what happens over and over and over again that I’m gone I’m I’m in the first fucking bus out you might be a redneck that you might be a dictator like
hang up all the electrical
if you take reason is a reasonable thing you might be that was a thing what would that was my bad back. Absolutely marginalized women were simply
stop trying to make my feminism about me getting laid
right now show me some nice thing about women that’s fucked up like men I need to grow the fuck up and start trying to be sexy I’m not trying to get laid
there should be more women in our show how about that
what do you think specs on a green women ye know it’s Jeff you were like just like there’s a guy says I hate men that’s fucked up yeah that’s that’s that’s what’s funny
we live in a world where women aren’t people they’re objects versus people seconds that’s fucking crazy it’s absolutely crazy for Cadillac disagree with you I don’t know man I don’t think that’s what you’re saying be provocative as that saying the case it’s a fucking with that and seeing how long you could go with it until the women stop clapping because you would we live in a world where women are objects first their animals are pieces of shit a human garbage out with other women are like I feel like I can’t wait a minute
how many women does it take to screw in a lightbulb
naturally being misogynist or a natural thing as with alcoholism and I will agree first so people stop accusing me
I know I I want Iowa other conversations about whether you’re an ism the big secret is fucking say yes I am and then it’s done going to do help you they’re not putting in that elbow Grace Gilbert your racist and I am I am going over there for a drink to tell other people that you’re racist who is it like a ton of stuff coming out and it before she was like there’s going to be a backlash suit and it’s just going to be fine because you said that cuz you
you told us that we were going to do is the best thing to do just what I like but I can’t feel right let’s bring up race and gender experts
and soccerxpert
d’marge hello this is present did you get that shirt sweater whatever you would have been this is from two years ago when they come in 4th this year fourth that the one we caught last week with it up last week and this week therefore
the league that were for the cup is a separate tournament all the teams in England played each other over the course of the season
Damaris tell him one thing what are they doing you like Cricket the Madrid Champions League with spoken there was a lot of a sodding grill people are screaming their up-and-down I want to trade won in overtime to lift it over like 5 people heads
cuz I was there anybody but everybody got lifted at a certain point Jesus next week the Ketel One Alliance invited me
set me a new backpack
if it’s in the trunk of my car thank you I have it in the trunk of a registered the tracking chip so I know it’s in the truck.
they’re not good drivers
I want I want I want it out of my car immediately who brought this around Raphael Raphael is Silicon Valley so now I want to know this guy has been working his ass off to Marge’s a Channel 101 alumni alumni
go to Channel 101. Calm and watch the award-winning record-setting show Gumbel or everything on channel 1013 or some of them are magnificent says that there’s no way I want that hair you I want to wake up tomorrow with your hair I’m going to cut it off for real bushes doing a show that he did at Bridgetown at the end of the month and I play Cornel West and that’s the only reason I even cut it up like like just the net is that getting annoying or it’s not
I got to write out bullet points and then it’s more physical than it is memorize speech can just jump out of wave my arms around wildly now I can’t ask you to do to do Cornell West as a boy
easy that’s his name
fffffffff I may be so bold as to call you Camille you’re a great person and what I want to get to Something emblematic in in in young people are good folks all across the country
he’s tripping emblematic and good people against
that was so good I almost teared up so relieved that a president I could understand every sentence he was saying figured you couldn’t summon the word emblematic shit and Obama speaks and says nothing but God he can speak it’s such a fucking really see sometimes too that when you talk to people and talks about it tell them the anecdotes and downplay it just like bush used to go places and all the sudden swelling in his voice that he didn’t have the day before
yeah Spencer what do you think about race politics Obama women and all those things
well why don’t we hear oh and I can swing by on the road ahead of you play a woman
I need a black. That’s right
that’s right
TriStar pictures
somebody called me one time they like you not going to believe this we were all laughing like crazy last night we were hanging around then he just kept saying last night so it’s not it’s not inherently offensive but it sounds so fucking weird it just such a weird thing to say
black people rapping strong all day long it’s racist black with rap not going to do it I’m Dan Harmon rap fuck your mama like cheers with Norm
but your mama
if I go,
Obama Obama breakdown what what
I bought a ring for my wife Michele I bought a dog and that tried to sell them but you wanted another dog so we brought him out onto the lawn we got the exact same one we actually cloned it. You have to understand we don’t suppose an internship all across this nation do you want to volunteer if you want to go to do you want to go to Donna if you want to go to listen a little boys I call it their languages are important you have to speak forward and backward you have to wrap it
in my twenties still yelling out of the top of my lungs black people graphic novel entertaining myself
I remember I remember we used to Freestyle at parties and I would fucking I was very liberal with my using the n-word and I walked by right where you said it
I was at I just always felt so fucking bad boobie like how many still doing it over here in the corner still yelling out the corner of cross now and I will
Demerol with a hand signal
alright Spencer did you did you did you come prepared to do any role playing with us if you just wanted to hang out and chat about entertainment gossip and fashion reality TV I really did just want to talk about Gretchen gossip can you believe what Kim was wearing at our wedding
I mean you knew it was never going to be classy but
no I don’t I was concerned I I thought I I was looking at the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man are you talking about young young Smith who was dressed all in a white Batman costume he didn’t like oh Stay Puft Marshmallow Man I think he’s truly a monster I really think he he was he was at the wedding he was wearing an all-white All Pure White Batman costume like a full mask like Batman costume
how old is he though let’s let’s go to the Batman store and get you fitted out yeah he’s a how old is he that’s what’s important hey Google 16 is fine fine for 16 year olds have grown I don’t I think that dressing like Batman or the wedding is an amazing thing you just convinced me
Long Lake Jake is awesome Focus
the regular Batman outfit
that’s awesome I want to see a white Batman costume
you sing a bunch of creepy is it this is a black and white photo someone showing me and it just looks like her
black people hate Chester wait what
yeah look at how he looks
that’s what it looks like it’s a white
alright whose wedding was this Spencer probably hey what do you think made Solange get so mad in that elevator I just had a good there like you cannot let him wear a white Batman costume Jay-Z yeah cuz you know Jaden call ahead Jay Z was fine with it we were we were there in that hotel standard in the elevator where Solange tried to kick Jay-Z how to make making her leg like meet me on logical ground about the stuff and until she finally goes like
why are we talking about it would only way these people do anything good I just found that out last night and he proposed to her on an iceberg I heard that
Humane or is that really what you heard the iceberg thing I heard
I’m sorry
okay what someone will explain what we’re doing at some point
give the mole reindeer demorge you’re playing Dungeons and Dragons have you ever played it before a long time ago nice as your character sheet I never read mine either don’t worry about it you’re a Erin mcgathy the jumping off point
what time on harmontown after recovering from a bathroom there they relieve themselves and met with Flynn, scared what’s friendly Chap and after calming him down he revealed he was a member of a Secret order that you sneakers of paradise and took our heroes to meet with this order after attempting to reduction reduction Charles Hoffman revealed an ancient Relic recovered from ruins pork part and opened a deadly and consuming Vortex that sucked our party to the magical Isle of paradise there they met yeomiji the guardian over paradise Who demanded Our Heroes determine their work by telling a joke so and told a great joke but would it cause you’ll need you to Waffle is Ayo let’s find out
I guess strictly speaking it did already
in the past last time on harmontown he was chuckling and he said that’s a nice joke right so are we in the Isle of paradise stand in the unfiltered sunlight on the floating island paradise Green Grass and gorgeous flowers and plants All In Bloom hope the island which is bordered by fluffy white clouds adrift in the sky you feel life and Vibrance all around you and hear The Rolling laughter of the massive Angel rolling around on the ground he finishes laughing and gets up and grab this flaming shovel
he lights a cigarette start smoking it that’s our objective pretty Worthy is a good joke man is a good joke man what was the joke Waldo mask
I’ll tell her I’ll tell her mask and a pickup truck comes by and the pickup driver says truck Red Solo Cup kid do you want do you want to ride and the kid goes like flips up the welder’s mask cuz I could use a ride with a welder’s mask is Heavy Soul
I even even though I walked this far and numbered gets in the car truck van and they start driving and the driver says hey hey kids do you like
that’s my fault
cook some ass down I told I told it right to pick up the mask and he’s like six and and he says says it now now now I don’t see where it says that he could do you know what what a sodomy is driver says hey do you know what a pedophile is it flipped up the mask exasperated and says it’s not a real welder
pretty good
do you have to keep flipping a mask of a downright isn’t that a thing I’m worried because the kid wins guys like oldest kid oh you’re not a real well. Is that how it is he just wants to fuck kid welder is visited Mr I got to be honest with you I’m not really a welder the end
for everybody to the kid gets a chuckle in before he’s taken back to sort out smarted
Simpson said the guy is not turned on by the kid anymore, like you said you wanted to fucking Wilder I’m not a welder weld well. I like to think that I was just any welder and it was kind of hurting and it was a kid cuz Sammy was here he was just going to benefit the guy is like the table

did you think he was hoping the kid would say hi I do know what one is and I’m into it
I’m all for it but I think
all right all right come on now alright sorry Spencer
I just think the jokes a real bummer truck pickup truck van is an orange pickup truck with propane tanks in the bag
what does propane tanks refilled and
put all his eggs in pedophilia is basket is inside a job he’s going on he’s got a whole he’s getting married in June to file that is your any store my new movie datiles
did look too close to the Sun
oh my God Jesus Christ
Google has to make sense of people outside this is too close to his neighbor’s son
Bi-Rite Hustler cartoons do you do magic Joey gee what we seek the Paragon of virtue you got some oh yeah man we got all sorts of shit man we got bacon Bush we got liquor Vines Dragon Whisperer Utopia fruit potion potatoes Miracle Clover couple different time zone
look up the met before in like the last episode of something but I’ve never met you Chris de Burgh was up right now Chris nice about you what’s your deal you fucked up. He wrote letting her know also hate you.
Yeah he keeps trying to kill us a joke that will the zoom I’m not much into cook and I’m not going to be honest but I love bacon bacon brush and bushing bacon bushing what is it what is what is bacon on a bush out of the Bush yeah baby check it out
he reaches into a bush and pulls out cook bacon Magic motherfuker
is this this is pick me
meat from a pig and it grows out of a bush yeah
resurrection of pig-boy know it’s probably for the wizard who invented bacon Bush they’re probably killed a lot of pigs I’d imagine it but now that’s past there is an eggplant like a tree
the monkey the breakfast trees there’s a breakfast cocktail tree yet splice together but you do have tarragon a virtue yeah yeah that sounds familiar so the leafy one right yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah the way to the fucking Isle of paradise School roll in a Little Gnome one your accursed Christopher are you don’t know what do I know I’m cursed we came here because we wanted the Tarragona virtue or do you have it or not Paradise has a man I just guard the ship do you how do you know anybody who has
I just work here man it’s on the Isles is all around you said you just work here that’s the stuff that’s a good point
can argue that logic
yeah yeah is there a don’t sell the stuff I just got it man can we talk to your manager there is no manager I’m going to walk in a random Direction Mr Ewell me G good call
looking for the Paragon of grass and I I I let it die let it point in a direction i i d i d Mark 8 one of the ends of the pointy end and then I let it fall and then I like follow the direction that it go to the points points towards Charles Hoffman who stands cradling it exploded know well let’s let’s spin again
I don’t know I thought simples death I go over to Charles Hoffman III I’m assuming the game version of me isn’t an alcoholic and can remember who he is probably beautiful leader of the Seekers of paradise now that hapless damn Charles Charles we’re here and I’m sorry for your loss yeah yeah one step forward… Springsteen said we could have never guessed that that would happen when you press that red button yeah we dabbled in God’s domain and we we got it we got a warning shot across our bow but the important thing is to move on and get this Tara got a virtual what do you say that sounds good you think you think you know where it might be around here you ever been around here I know I haven’t explained walking past him
sorry you walk away at least talking and you just go where do you go just walking in that direction of marching you come up to a tree that looks like a massive tree it’s just an apple tree I shoot laser beams at the back of course have talked to you in a while. So sorry about that laser beams are in a trap yeah yeah you take 9 damaged sorry about what I got nine damage you piece of shit
my eye that doesn’t do any damage but we could just kill him and then it would save us a lot of trouble
I know I feel horrible. I feel horrible I don’t know why I think that the Tarragona virtual at me I sniffed out the smell of tarragon
you you sleep with your gnomish nose and you sniff out a strange sense but it smells rather bad to be honest the foul odor and kind of uber takes everything sorry smells it smells like a plant but not good turn on smells bad I wouldn’t say not normal tarragon I think that smells just fine he’s anybody have knowledge of nature or skill tomorrow to do my half elf is moraine have Mom marinas she’s a ranger looking rear look under your skills
on the front page where your names on it see if knowledge parenthesis now we’re off to the races has knowledge of Nature and I’m looking around this with a Glade and I say tarragon would grow with a natural loom is so when you smell with that is loam at the edge of that low I think there might be tarragon and other herbs
if this works out I’m going to be to go to happen but if it does it won’t be my fault are you cool with that is correct I will whisper bow attack me I’m just saying I don’t think you do you seem pretty cool, I’m like really bummed about it
oh that was a horrible thing anyway let’s go I’m going to get you a small grow up 527 hinder narrow shoes stabbing up out of the Loom Edge
shoot you do that you arrive there
I I slip the shoes they smell they smell just fine with knives and I harvest them you harvest the shoot and I feed them to Christopher going to shove them down his throat
is this a good idea oh wait hold on let’s talk about this for once you’re in your no place if I can negotiate right now
do you think it’s a good idea to do we prepare the maybe is it like you have to cook them or do you just eat them I don’t know I I’m driving but that takes time you can grind into a powder but then they lose their natural oils are better raw the brought those stronger than
he has to roll first what final yeah you miss those laser beam eyes is he okay he eats them and eat he starts vomiting violently and if I can buy only double over in the fetal position on your floor and in the pool of your vomit there starts to be a darkness of Blackness in Erie corruption corrupted presents that hangs it it floats up in the air and hangs in the air like a ghostly spirit with a crazy face and it’s all like
I don’t remember reading bad
my mighty great sword attack the Smoky pretzels attacking the Smokey presents with your Mighty Greatsword you seem to clean into the Flesh of The Ghost and you do you do I do what the damage on that sorry everybody I’m so sorry it’s really been fucking up Shania is 11 + 6 + x 2
34 inch damage seven dealing 18 damage from here
causing them to emit a kenning whale that hurts your ears and your souls maybe it does it hurts it hurts
doesn’t hurt Krystal burgers and doesn’t hurt Sharpie still damaged and Lauren takes one you guys so sorry I feel horrible about it you’re not cursed anymore
he’s not this is my new Vibe right a new song
okay I will write a new hit the round know the way it happened right now in the bridge lady in red is Dancing with me cheek to cheek the bridge I don’t know what that means I just fucking thing man I don’t know your true reason of the fucking song even harder now that you’ve blown up by Chris de Burgh he was Nick Drake’s schoolmate and taught him how to play the blues in college for real he was older guy. He was playing the blues and only sold out
said I didn’t sell out what are you talking about have you heard lady in red grapes, shocking grasp grasp into it shockingly
or so it would seem because your hands just stink through its ghostly flashing your crackling fingers do not discharge into it cuz my Whisperer bow oh yeah and if I whisper in Elvish will I get extra blood create extra damage
we’ve never whispered into that bow
Aaron Jaron just keeps making things
I’m in heaven
light up on the Bose Services surfaces you whisper in Elvish and then you quickly knock it Loose for arrows in Rapid succession three of which sink into the you know I was going to call the gnome this more of a ghost in Flash
Orlando Bloom
one of the managers one of them just kind of goes through it like a like a like a arrow through goes but the other two sink into its ghostly Flash and cause it to bleed ectoplasm taking 12 damage
black people
that’s the title of my new sod
I just do colors Lady In Red by Chris de Burgh people
tell my hands I take my
it’s a call to action I think my poison dagger and ABC
so I take my poisoned dagger and I walk up to the thing and I go
cuz he was inside me for so I’m not a welder
stabbing him with your at the same time your knife plunges in in Poison courses through at the blade into his ghostly form and he takes 6 damage why don’t I know it was poisoned go scampi planked maybe they can I don’t know
what’s debated if you flying to ghost call in to harmontown 1 800
366 Harmon numbers
sometimes it’s too long but it just starts dialing but if you’re an idiot to keep like I think the number is it used to be like that alarm 366 harm the ghosts turn creams and squeals again and then it kind of starts to shiver in vibrate is formed becomes more immaterial and hazy as it does and then it shoot it shoot directly towards Charles Hoffman and his body
and then it goes borrowing any cast Black Magic and death
the ground and try to grab it your legs that one does that one of them so court is grapple by these tentacles
arrested females get a fucking break
I can’t either missing all night that’s how the thing comes out right do it okay what it’s not my turn that I passed really yeah okay go to more around with your half elf eyes and your knowledge of what tarragon looks like can you see maybe about 15 feet off there’s some in the shade of a bacon Bush all right so now I have to wait one stop
so then I rushed toward the bush it’s been fending off this guy who wants the bacon and I rip up the taragon is there and clumps huge clumps of rushed back to the Pensacola making eat it you try to make him he eat it he says he’s wrestling you but you get them if you get him in a headlock and you just step up Colombo now that’s right he he also goes into a fetal vomiting position then vomits the ghost stuff again in the coast starts screaming and making all sorts of a raucous attacked us ghost
I just have it in bushels around under my shocking grass didn’t work but I’m not going to let it get to me your hands are still electric e
yeah yeah I use them well but it doesn’t work on can I ask you about bulls strength is that a beer yeah it’s a Hefeweizen
set an alarm to half of a ball if that
you didn’t know and you said that was the most comedic Bubba beard thing I can think of but it also work as a pun
what is bull strength gives One Touch Target 1 D 4 + 1 strength or don’t give it to that guy
I think I mean what we’re doing is working I’m just going to attack this ghost I’m going to get poisoned also I take my short bow and I tie The Poisoned dagger to the tip of it and I whispered the same stuff that he was supposed to do his thing I’m like I don’t know if that’s going to work but yeah comes as I say that to your bow or you’re in Arrow do you know what I meant I mean it’s an important just think of what I called to your Michi the kill the kill the ghost I’m on break
high tide for the arrow stick bills I’m knee-deep in Utopia fruits arrow.ok up above it but since I’m a master erisman I know the poisoned dagger you tied a dagger to an arrow
tie that poisoned dagger to my house what is what it what is going to happen the arrow is going to go into him and the jaggerz going to
he kicked me out and I put tarragon on a tooth on the Arrow someone yelled this out so I’m going right to the source with so I got I got an arrow I got the poison I got tarragon on the it’s like a production of weapons
as if acnb
upwards to counterbalance the weight you’re adding to this arrow and you from your bow in it plunged right into the heart of this ghost
but but it’s plaid screw harmlessly in just impacts the soil in the paradise below he seems completely unharmed somehow
can I draw my Speedy Longbow power to heat up metal to warm the shafts of the blades the shafts of the chance of the arrows they had not
comes later first I fire five at once I think you can only do three damn times the whispering only whisper once per day can I shout you lose your voice
Sabrina the good shirt
I’ll write two of your arrows Miss but one hits him right in his ghost I hit me up
23 damage
black paper
so I think Quark has a movie then take it away from him by a scribing it to all black people is doing that every time something good happened I just like the Lord was doing something you know it’s it’s really it’s really
and take my flaming stores attack the ghost of your face in your body comfortable somehow that’s probably why your Barbarian and you charge directly at The Ghost and slash with your great sword but you don’t hit he seems to jump up words or hover up words are ghosts Dodge in some direction and he doesn’t take any damage from your sword instead he starts shivering in 5 rating again and squealing
and then he flies away from you guys he goes straight past you straight towards yeomiji
oh no we don’t care
you owe me just like he’s the guardian of the fucking he’s a giant yeah we have more right where we all go grab Paragon you use Mage hand to force-feed tarragon to show me G yeah I could see her again I’m going to do that here comes the airplane
floating with your Mage hand levitating this Tarragona virtue within the range of the spell you you fly it up to his face and he pokes it with his flaming shovel and burns it to a singer’s someone’s cranky
we going to fight this motherfucker I mean we have to get argon into a system somehow yeah we’re not trying to feed him the food any more work can I do that in Arrowhead or I have a river. What was the flaming fire sword attack but you might have lost your footing or something Jesus Christ it goes It goes downward and starts hits the ground and starts a fire in Paradise
everything we touch turns to shit how much how much fire armor can I created you can create plenty for yourself but none for other people while I could come on by myself black black person for myself reading yourself in flames you feel the fire will no longer hurt you I’m can I take my ribbon dagger and as Sharpie suggested rub some tarragon on it and then throw it at you Michi and do the airplane thing
play What’s the airplane
I hoping that you open his mouth
are you tired are you rub it or whatever and then you start whipping around the Assassin’s dagger at your phone but it also goes awry I think you’ve let it go a bit too late when it’s coming around and smacks you in the face Jesus Christ I’m going to want a 1 today so it doesn’t hurt me that much that’s good hurt you for to damage in the eye
got a black eye
City leafy tarragon leaves with your Talons or is Al Pacino cause them to Lawns and and and and cocotte your talents in in Tarragona
straw charge that demon charges that demon
need a charge of that demon but he he’s got thick skin or something it’s not working what the fuck man I want to go home so I’m just not rolling I know it’s a crazy shot what’s up what’s crazy is that a thing they’re just make up a name sounds like a Guy Ritchie movie
character named I guess it’s not even use that shit whose turn is it like an exorcism and he’s he’s spitting acid all over the place all over all of yous in a circle he’s spitting acid at you so roll reflex it’s like water sprinkler kind of thing without that hammer that makes it go all the way back you know
so everybody managers are no everybody gets hit by the acid core wire on a road map of it. I said that fucked up alstyle I said fucked up All-Star like it’s something that has meaning right Chris de Burgh takes 7 and Sharpie Dick’s Sporting
I say we run yeah that’s what it was fucking run we got to go we got to get out of this muscle up what does that mean let’s fucking fuckers strategies to get luckier yes
let’s get lucky I used a weapon focus and do a mighty sword attack with your mighty sword
you swing your mighty sword and he Perry’s with his flaming shovel
you know what we can talk tomorrow if that’s get out of here so with my boots of spry springing and several clumps of of tarragon of virtue I Renaldo Nehemiah my way over to the Beast leaping up and Diving straight toward the ghost mouth bringing tarragon into the open here comes the airplane line again and can you say as Barack Obama do us a favor and open up
someone’s knocking at the door
East folksy sometimes someone’s not related to Michael down open up
what does surefoot in a measured tone you leap into the air curling Paragon of virtue at the Blazing angel
but he closes his mouth damn it we’re on our way can we do that the show is about to end
Howard it
estimated as a tactic
Damaris Brown imagine imagine if the Nazis has been marked out
picture of Rock You by cowardice thank you Auntie that you Tyler and Statesville Adam Goldberg all of your assistance
see you next week


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