Episode: 103 – Tony Shalhoub Award


Episode: 103 – Tony Shalhoub Award


Happy Birthday to all the Fathers out there, Kumail is comptrolling, Erin runs her best game yet and D&D is sizzling. Come get your Harmontown!


hello comic
Carbon County car inspection
alright thank you
good to see things are already under control but it’s funny cuz you were like how can you fuck this I didn’t I mean this was the first Mike I was trying to use the attached
yeah we’ve had a couple of guests comptroller’s and people want to know you can sense that they want to do the job right as opposed to wrong and stuff and I always I’m tickled by the notion that you could do it wrong but because this crowd I mean forget it these guys there they’re just they’re just lovers they don’t care they could have gone for 20 minutes to change batteries in a flashlight
I think they had jumped off the 30-second no way
why shouldn’t you shouldn’t ask a negative question
haha telemarketers use is they always ask questions where the old the answer can only possibly be yes the call you up and go do you love the lady of the house or something I like
enjoy do you enjoy long-distance like you you can’t get psychological you enjoy long-distance you know so you can get to get you saying yes and they get you saying yes a lot scream I’ll take it
so you were speaking of security you were in a hot air balloon on a hot air balloon. But did you really get into a hot air balloon I got into a hot air balloon and I realize it is exactly what it says it is it’s not helium or anything it’s just a hot air balloon and then heat it and if you stop heating it you die yeah you crash if you if you if it’s if they like the propane ran out whatever they’re using to make torch go you would you wouldn’t do it to be like a plane running out of gas like you would just you would just float down to the ground right yes but if you were no steering wheel on it so you landed the middle of a highway you know then your dad I wonder what the statistics are on hot air balloons
50% of the people die it’s such a peaceful seeming if we mode of transportation where they got the smile faces are It’s A Garfield floating over the trees but I bet they do that to compensate I bet I bet it’s like base-jumping I bet you could people lose their heads and shit oh yeah fifty percent of people that I saw the pieces of tape on it like I was like what use the one that has no holes in it I want the new hot air balloon for sure you know you can take a little bit of nail polish though
I do something alert let’s do it just stops the run in the balloon something I learned from the calls
what’s McCall magazine
some people do so I’m not from here so a lot of this is going to be you explaining basic pop culture search Father’s Day you know what that is right
just from the name I can survive their Father’s Day in Pakistan not really was two years ago but now very upset that I didn’t send flowers I sent flowers to my dad but I don’t know that he got the number I had for my dad and my phone and I and I was just I was thinking about something else and I and I I looked at the text that I sent my dad and it said happy birthday
there’s so many sadness isn’t that I had for my dad is maybe the saddest Brave in the English language. To All fathers
I don’t know who you texting that number I’m not I don’t text him a lot like my mom and my mom has my text message but my mom like my mom is getting eye surgery for cataracts and she was communicating with me through Twitter direct messages which come to me as text messages because I’m subscribed to drive service and then after what I might have my text I don’t know it’s weird you had your mom’s on Twitter she has an account that’s locked with two followers me and my aunt that she uses to just ending read tweets she doesn’t she doesn’t want to be tweeting nothing or having anybody tweeting at her how many people that you follow you follow me and my aunt that I think I think me and my aunt follow her and I think that’s it
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by my mother-in-law has a Twitter account it has one tweet and her cousin her name is Elizabeth and her Twitter handle is the biggest one that she’s she’s 18 it’s okay elizabitch long and the only to rent my my mother-in-law was trying to follow her but she didn’t succeed and the only a car Twitchy has is Elizabeth Bridge long is the only person hurt trying to type in in Elizabeth Elizabeth Pech long and just wait and she’s like I give up
I do still out there at 4 but a very specific but one day just normal public life is going to be that everything’s going to feel profane and and Arch and an inaccessible and exhaustive right you can imagine a person like typing so what do I have to type the at symbol and then I have to type her name and then the word bitch this is how I’m allowed to love her was my computer I am so overwhelmed name you know my grandpa before he died like like really impressive Lee like his his new Macintosh to balance the Freemasons spreadsheet for his local chapter is like he’s got his glasses perched in his nose and is a little mouses like moving it around and every
these are hands the clutch to bloody bayonets at Guadalcanal and removing from the enemy we are headed to the clouds only to come back home and just fine.
With the left click in the right click to different
buttons on the mouse now I just learned what the one button I mean that was back when it was like the idea of the mouse was ridiculous remember that Star Trek movie where Scotty picks up the mail Sandy talk to do it Hello computer anyways you never talk about your dad really you talk about your parents as a set like you talk with a unified front they have made a decision and sticking with it on my dad my dad is was is sort of like the funny guy in the family he would always be doing like jokes he just jokes about that what’s that an ethnic group has the first think they’re funny and I think that’s my Rebellion against them can you can you tell us just one joke your dad really likes he would say he would always say that if you ate bubble gum
your you would sit like a yo-yo.
I’ll be like that that is not funny and not funny cuz he said it
that seems like a good segue into the realm of conspiracy theories
because you just watched a podcast out of the I’m doing the podcast called The X-Files files on Farrell audio
it’s going to be about the X-Files it’s for almost nobody what do you mean going to be here on your coat is yeah well episode 3 comes out for 5 4 8 episode 4 of The X-Files episode 3 of the podcast this is going to be the boss by design it came out of the gate very successful I only have one experience with one podcast which also came out of the game very successful thank you I just got two new podcast always going to end up like round the front pages in The Things cuz of their algorithm or I don’t know if you’re just tuning into a file
cast cast cast
888 like awaits the wait wait new subscribers more than existing subscribers if you get like if I get a hundred more that needs more that sends me up higher of the charge that someone was thousands of subscribers in the beginning you end up higher because you getting new subscribers and no reviews and stuff more so it is Settlers it is exactly that cuz I was like I’ll just do this and I’ll do it every now and then who cares I like when you draw trippy Turtle for the arts school thing I do appreciate you sending your shity lead run turtle and you always get back in
Michelangelo I think you might be good enough to give us $5,000 check to your parents that’s a good-looking turtle
exactly what this one is number one in comedy for like 10 days and then you’re like
I’ll tell you I was very happy for the few days it was above maron’s podcast sick of that he’s like he’s like a yield sign and some Hillbilly Highway is just filled with Buckshot meat marinade that’s not really true that your dad is a I picture him in a wife beater now
how is it chain-smoking we used to smoke it start up again quit it’s a struggle
Tony Shalhoub who am I kidding
you picked her up as Tony Shalhoub quick change and that’s very intelligent just like I trust he’s a psychiatrist in the face
lotion and Lube is definitely Arabic Armenian maybe is that is not Armenian no Shalhoub is like someone’s on it
name two flips to receive from our community college lebanese-american of the year is American of the year is what
you would think Julie would have a lock on that guy that is a Shalhoub from Michigan
I came to Flint and one lebanese-american of the year yeah hey I have a plan to get Tony Shalhoub
Tony Shalhoub terrible things at that if somebody says I’m actually Newsweek has now classified Flint Michigan as a third world sitting on them and the Miracles wait a minute
what if we Embrace that what if we worthy Premier third world destination in America
what do you make third world World you come here you buy a ticket Tony Shalhoub is there you shake his hand dad are you hungry there’s no food
that’ll be eight dollars and the water is brown and
probably really fast Wi-Fi American Wi-Fi speeds
people are awesome
what did you guys do to celebrate like he came I’m going to repeat to be back in here
he didn’t talk
being on Monk
and it was a luncheon of course I need you don’t have to walk me to everything give me the names of the Year Awards I know how this goes
there’s a luncheon there’s Harvest lemongrass
play the airport I would see him you were there everybody in French
are you a hot ticket item like on Craigslist did you have to go find it
you’re a student at Community College
wait so the he came to the Community College, he’s been great forever we talked about this we talked about she leave I told you about a quick change because we were talking about you having to go in for rolls or people are like
like the guy in a white guy did to be what I actually am which is Pakistani but when everyone was still really amped up Ben Affleck being on The Daily Show and it was you would think that would make easy comedic targets for Ben Affleck put it on The Daily Show any kind of like he was like he was like he was making some observation about like it was something like like oh they closed the Disneyland at Disneyland like Blake these guys are you know like they’re going to go
what should we buy them now and he did this voice he likes to do this like I proved I said Jeff Davis would say potato
they’re like yeah they flew planes into us but that’s a bit much
all right anyways what’s a tell my dad is a very very smart guy and he’s going to he’s bald he has no hair on his head and then he started shaving he looks cool she’s a psychiatrist I’ve said that I’m realizing I don’t know him very well
all the things I think about it stuff you could find on his Facebook page are you scared of them
Alec is under your bed but just like like are you scared of making him upset like they give you say something in an interview or are you scared my dad’s not the scary one my mom’s tub the enforcers you feel like you’ll have emotional hell to pay if she if I had to guess is that my dad would not be like my mom’s the boss very religious sometimes I get the sense that if they weren’t together my dad would not be as religion interested so I think so that is interesting but it’s unfortunately a conversation we’re never going to have you mean here tonight or should I call out what’s the deal with Muhammad right
just me and you and a hundred other people and then thousands tomorrow when I go to act like that Fathers and Sons have these weird communication is there so much like tension that’s unspoken and unexpressed like a competitive thing like I would I would think that you okay you grew up in Pakistan you came here you you had to tread carefully here exact words in your mouth that has a certain membrane around it you’re speaking about your dad is at he’s a psychiatrist he’s he’s an intelligent man you’re you just kind of summed up there in a very important thing like
like like maybe your dad also would achieve that escape velocity like he is this genetic blueprint of you is sixes this this that’s how we all you haven’t talked about it with him yeah I don’t know I was imagining this is what my fantasies are having like a real conversation with my parents are we share our feelings and I almost got nauseous to be like what how do you really feel about this I guess my dad ever said to me I’m proud of you it would I would like really really it just doesn’t feel like part of reality like if I would be like what did you do with my dad Tony Shalhoub
so outside of like to see him saying that to me made me feel embarrassed like my face turned red just me thinking about that idea because it’s so it’s like it’s like all of a sudden you’re in a bathtub it must have been the washing your little Hangar quarters right to say that that I would feel guilty for a pudding if I can make that effort told me I think I pulled the story before the only thing I had going was a Channel 101 pilot for acceptable TV and for VH1 and before you knew each other first season of the sketches
we we had a party to celebrate acceptable TV being on VH1 shows all the Channel 101 kids we all felt kind of like we did it we did something we we we built something together we’re going to have a TV show you know how could this ever go wrong at my parents just happened to be visiting and my dad I walked in that got too late for them cuz they’re they’re old folk and I walked them to their car they’re going to go to the hotel am I there in the parking lot behind the Club tee gee in Glendale my dad said likes all those people in there and I know what is there earlier cuz of you I really look up to you so very proud of you
oh yeah in a urinal coming
I just meant that would be seeking privacy and they’re probably a year another I didn’t mean I mean I don’t know baby I would cuz I don’t know what reaction my body would have dad said to me it’s sort of like what you described in ways that we don’t know what to do I know when my dad came out to the next time he was in LA was it happen to be the night that Chevy Chase walked off the set of the last episode of the third season I know right we we went to this and he saw how upset I was cuz I got the text message Jenny walked off the set the tag is ruined but went to the wrap party and I did that thing that I did that you ridiculing him in front of his wife and kids who are all 50
can in front of his kids are he’s not Clark Griswold
kids kids have television show they can handle it
it’s not what you think when you hear it it was very funny at the Time Rap party like like cuz they get out to be like one guy came up to me and was like I love my show too much and I’m a fucking Petty dick and I have a possible to find a disorder whatever drunken sailor disorder
but at the time I was like fucking was like I was like like I took that negative behavior I turned it into something positive the wrap party blah blah blah like one of the crew members was very respectful as you loved me in spite of everything was like like trying to explain to me in front of my dad who must be a huge Chevy Chase fan my dad’s a baby boomer he grew up and all the steps of the personalities an asset and I was Stephen you tell me that if I rent a carpet business and your personality means you can’t lift carpet your fucking fired
and then you came and a urinal and then I went to the old that like what finally like we’re the same guy saying movie together and I just realized right now the movie and I have this conversation with my dad that it is the conversation of my dreams that I’m never going to have in real life that I wrote in this movie it’s it’s kind of I just realized that I was like oh my God it’s like the secret fuck you I don’t know
I just realized that I just wrote that conversation so that in some way even if it won’t be physically real some part of my memory will confuse that and be like you guys had that talk of Our Generation has kids coming out and the other one was at some somewhere in the European theater both of them running around stabbing and shooting and their live meet both of them come back home never say a word about it published a Blog about it or a recipe book or get out of generation the greatest generation and then the baby boomer generation they’re like the they’re good they’re like you know I don’t know they weren’t exactly quiet but they they have a little more class than my generation in terms of
talking about their feelings and stuff and then and then I wonder is this isn’t just like a is this is a slow continuing like as a pretty soon or you just going to have a baby and the baby is crying and you’re just crying when I said No Cry I got you both suck your thumb and yeah just roll around I’m going to do it probably made that Tavern in my in my in my house if there’s going to Harmons Harmons like really realize like you could just have bottles of vodka and bottles of milk along the wall and we and I could just sit in there and we could both just in our pants and cry
and talk about how we hate being told what to do when to go to bed
I thought that’s what we were talking about like I’m not going to have kids or not I was like I don’t feel I don’t feel like a grown up I feel like I’m still raise a child I don’t have the authority to raise a child like what are we going to talk to this little like what’s the world’s like I don’t know I’ve been saving Hyrule my whole life I’ve lived it like 20 times over that’s all I know I don’t know anything is everyone just faking it or let people go I think some people some people don’t have to get really good at like putting a car up on blocks and changing the oil in the tires or whatever the hell they do enjoy it that much because they’re not as good at writing that’s on it and I don’t know it all comes out in the wash I don’t know
play like I’m not saying a guy that can fix a car can’t write a poem I’m not saying that at all I meant think he’s dumb just because he’s a handy I’m just mean that we all have like a bingo card at random shit there’s a guy out there that’s like I’m good at fixing the car and ready to sign it or managing their emotions or something like that that you do and I do like quote on quote manlier than another then averaged just one like random category you wouldn’t be able to recognize it from across the roof is some specific maybe it’s just the amount of bullying you’ll put up with
that is a man that I know but there’s a lot of shit by putting up with it anyways check it out I’m so excited
is sometimes you think I’m not ready to be a dad I couldn’t be a dad cuz I’ve had a grown-up yeah I was feeling like that when we watch The X-Files cuz I was on your way are you going cuz I was watching TV and and it’s like Fox Mulder was 29 years old in season 1 of X-Files like I’m still on 41 and he’s just still a grown up to me making of X-Files an X-Files podcast and conspiracy theories there’s a new podcast in town to mail well done then that is also about those things but it’s not based on the fictional it’s based on the fiction that people either believe in are down to that happened in real life called real life sci-fi did I get that title right now and it’s very old Channel 101 friends are comrades
let’s have them out here to talk about their new podcast Willie Roberts and Wade Randolph
done that better
now that was fucking perfect kind of way you can I say I don’t know why I will see there you go you guys have that you guys have a Skully Mulder relationship on the show right Wade’s the skeptic I never seen the X-Files that sucks I’m older like the smaller yes the smolder it’s not about your fucking bullshit I think they are they just want to fight they just what they want and say what they want to Loose Change to hit the floor or something so I got to be everything
visual run out real life sci-fi like you know Bigfoot ghosts UFOs is the focus always on whether it’s real or not
I can’t remember if you talk to anybody who is in the conspiracy theories
there’s too much information and so like in order for it to be yes or no is hard because
it’s like you can just Ramble On and and a lot of things don’t connect if I were to say Hollow Earth which I’ve always been fascinated by a good one is everything he reads Willie does yeah and I and I don’t like to be a thing is an interdimensional thing not like a how do you mean like if you read about the guy who said he was flying his plane and then he was over North Pole and then if there was a hole opening and he went through it and how do you how do you fly a plane fly a plane through a hole that was caused by some magnetic field disruption is the pool then why did he end up
rule of piloting is to avoid holes they can only take place in ground which is like the number one no no an air travel travel underground has cancer he flew into the middle of the Earth and then the beings there landed his plane and then he met them in the beings in Hollow Earth cuz I’ve read I’ve read that the hollow Earth like it’s like a like the idea that much like the Flat Earth people like it’s just starts with the question how do we know the Earth’s not Halo what do you got pictures of a solid earth ending so some people that branches off into the tree right where it’s like some people think that’s where the Nazis went
like Nazis are aliens
he’s a guy I know it’s fun it’s a I think it’s funny that there are people out there who is the present day are like weaving mythology out of the thing is really happening because normally you bring something up is like oh that was kind of interesting to see shity article I found on the internet I want to talk to somebody about it and then you just get laughed at and it’s like well I won’t talk to anybody about this yeah I knew what you and I have the the the the the fun with it but that other people are like well that’s dangerous because it was fun to think that you could burn women at the stake and there’s 15s play the topics and all I know for sure if they’re real or not alright I actually have the information give you a yes or a no
I don’t know what that is what I said there’s a bunch of different reasons for it or about it but that there is an additive in jet fuel that is being released over
all over everywhere making is making us. So I’ll know to come here I’ll try one of those are trying to block out some of the sun to protect us from overheating why would they not tell us if that’s what they’re doing cuz everyone would say no
stop there every day if you look at history though the government has done tests on people without their permission forever the whole thing about conspiracy theories is like there’s it’s an interesting line between like like there are some people who will tell you who talked and Fantastical terms and and and I have a flexible grip on logic that that will abused it so the scientific Minds as well we have to protect we have to protect the underlings from this kind of stuff you have to be skeptical and use scientific method but however the healthy thing about paranoia is that you should never trust the government then it always turns out every 30 years that they were doing fuckedupshit 30 years ago
no I do hate the word that government because like even with energy
coronavirus update
sorry Willie ghost ghost not real fake
come to take it easy Adam
fluoridating the water what’s your take on it
when I covered it yet I could be convinced maybe you could be convinced dad what do you think people being people what does it make sense I feel like I feel like light bounces off of solid things that have Jeff Davis was here he waited until you like for yeah yeah I do believe I am willing to believe I definitely skepticism loses its value at the point where it starts to become dogmatic where should I start to assume that the things you don’t know you know everything about I do believe that it’s perfectly possible that there is like that work because we’re evolved from apes that our only biological purpose is to recognize a good banana from a bad one and weave
graduated into this world was trying to understand things it’s totally possible that there’s a lot more ways to perceive things than we had going to bring up a good point there because there’s no ghosts in the in the free country or in the Native Americans I don’t want to be racist but they never die with unfinished business they use the whole life
I can explain that
they’re famous for it it’s not racism if it’s a good stereo no it’s good it’s totally good cuz I really really like a genius is really good it felt like you’d written
it was a good quick defense so bad for you dance for you to be open to the idea of ghosts doesn’t that don’t you have to change pretty fundamental things about how you see what do I guess I don’t assume that when we have a ghost when I would I think of what I think about ghosts cuz I think about when you’re in your apartment brushing your teeth and you turn into go
dude with a big speed bike over his shoulder walking through my living room that’s a fuck of a ghost
could be explained by a lot of things that don’t have to do with there being a heaven or people dying in their skin falling away and I’m just like I love 10 speeds
like a psychic smudge it could be that that person like residual energy or something that never ends that that person fell in love with a woman and every year every morning when he hoisted his 10-speed over his shoulder he had to go to work in that apartment keep his heart became filled with this emotional energy that overtime the way up the way I see on your keyboard to become melted at the data entry lab like the home row is melted from friction of hitting the same but it’s another it’s it’s human perception it’s I don’t know it’s like like like I’m this is this is assuming that there’s some fields that we haven’t discovered yet that we can perceive one of them is like bouncing into a retina and then maybe some of it because it is the it’s like somehow this is getting to psychic energy that this guy had this experience
already throw his bike over his shoulder and it was like somehow for him it was like a big deal it was like it was it we he did it over and over again or he did it one day and it was like he achieve self-actualization at that moment or he was really angry or whatever but there’s like some weird like like fingerprint on the film and then you turn is you’re brushing your teeth and you see that guy’s feelings you see his self-image left it there and your apartment you got some kind of residual energy Echo that will just never know about door I mean like I I’m I’m open to most things but I but I don’t think I would ever like wake up on their big guy sitting on my bed at McDonald’s
cabinet should be open I just got to find my under the McDonald’s go find it you can make a lot of money on that app
starting a lake lake lake time okay time fellows it’s symmetrical like we’re experiencing another but I need I need a couple more degrees in a few more IQ points before I could really understand this explain it but smart people will tell you that time time unfolds describe that happened maybe maybe some lady that lived in your apartment like opened them in 1938 and and and and like somehow like you know time got shot holder but but I just don’t I just don’t believe in like how helpful ghost like helping you talking to you
for some reason I draw the line at like just dialogue unfinished business I got that I agree I like to be unfinished business is so it can be so like the unfinished business you have right now and you’re all alive is like can be so dramatic, Rocky Mountains in Canada where there was a mistake in this hotel that was absolutely shining like like all the good parts of The Shining like all the beautiful Parts none of the Dead Scatman Crothers is there anyway and this place is this place is definitely haunted if any place is haunted it’s a smudge on the field
if you go out on a patio at a party with Aaron and his sick like this guy was like oh yeah I have you seen Toby or like like like that some guys name who’s Toby is I called the Bellman yeah yeah he’s at the hotel like you do like all you know is the Bellman he just will take your luggage because that’s
taking your bags I should really tell him in a good likely already tagged
all right are you doing there a couple fall starts in that joke I would even really feel alright that’s good that sounds like I do but I was in the first episode of your podcast we talked about UFOs are real or not being fake oh yeah the moon landings faked right according to you is a metal base
a metal base Well when things hit it sounds like a bell and none of the craters are deeper than the others or something when things hit it sounds like a bell baby blue up they put a bomb on the moon and they said it had some people claim that it ring like a bell
what did they do
there’s so much to buy in Pandora
what when do we vote
yeah we’re looking for Waters what is a bundle of TNT with an alarm clock on it with a match a logo
what is that whole thing about conspiracy theories love that we haven’t actually seen since forever and that the idea is that we we got there and then an alien said get out of here yeah
the kids went and got the big one but what are the conspiracy theories about the bun you said that the other side of the moon the dark side of the moon has like a vase on it I mean here’s the thing like okay I’m just now getting this real quick I like I’ve been looking for you it was my whole life and I’ve never seen him and then one year I saw like 30 all at once and I died I call someone from a story that has nothing to do with you having seen Thirty UFO how do you think 30 UFOs explain that part I mean you know I like to look at the sky silver things in the sky
the aliens but I was just saying that they’re hard to focus on you look at the Blue Sky and you got like a boogers and weird like I snakes and that you can’t focus you don’t know what your focal length is and then so like I’ll see one I’ll look away and I’ll be hard to find but I’ll always be with people make a look at that what I think it is for like a half hour and it doesn’t do anything that I recognize the you know and I I saw 31-day at and there’s a first time I saw it I thought than alien invasion was happening I was I took pictures I took video I was drawing like someone we’re moving some of them weren’t the red ones are green ones and and then I watch with this guy’s they changed the flight patterns for Burbank in LAX but you don’t know you don’t know that you should look online the flight pattern
there’s no planes where you can see where they were they redirect and alien invasion was imminent text me what is here’s the thing
do you think an alien I want to be on the list of people I like how you just going down to the one to judge. You’re going to get a text every other going to get a lot of texts the sky 630 I drew a map of the ones that were stationary in the ones that were moving in the item it was like oh this looks like a constellation I don’t. Look out at night to hell yeah I’ve been with at least 30 people and it was that majority just a number it’s only 30
I could say that names right now off the top of my head
Jen I mean I’ve been with like groups if you seen these things I’ve seen like one or two and they’re just silver things I think I saw these things and then I started telling people because I’m like to me it was like this is kind of fucking weird I should tell everyone I know
I know the first part of that went to I don’t know if you remember but like you would just kind of laughed it off and like nobody was listening to me and I was like this is weird because I saw something that to me I’m just saying this is life-changing to me because there were things in the sky that I didn’t know what they were and it made me think you and everyone was basically laughing oral at not believing in the story that people laugh at like I want to listen to their story a little more your character is the good guys or the crazy guy your only regrets is a Wright Sci-Fi movies of people on the show that are like experts like ufologists not yet I want to get there though me I’ve been saying all the X-Files
show me the train schedule to keep it’s it’s it’s real life sci-fi it’s on Farrell audio Monday that’s going to be on Monday
what does today I guess for all-purpose yeah it’ll be Tuesday with most people hear about it by the way because they’re willing to not watch The Game of Thrones finale to feed you’ve already seen it okay don’t tell like that is a good thing for the people I understand the the NBA Finals you guys can miss that butt Game of Thrones
real life sci-fi
page put it down
all right so we got to keep the train speeding speeding along Ivar I fucked up real bad so real long is it going to do yeah yeah there’s so much to do there’s one other thing to do let’s go please
this is my fiance
so I’ve come here for a special reason the harmontown documentary is premiering tomorrow night
and we actually have two tickets to the harmontown documentary and I was like how should we give these away and I beg to do a mcgathey game corner

and he said no
is there anybody here who does not have tickets tomorrow and really wants to go to Daniel Island hands Academy
someone who would actually go
I’m sorry you have a very sweet face
already forgotten it was there another one I’m going to give you both use cards that say what’s the name Bethany and what now
how’s that spelled
your material thank you haven’t discussed
we are going to play a game
harmonized impressions
Broncos a heart attack if I show a lot of things that I love I love ice cream I love nature Dan Harmon’s impressions as a book of Bartlett’s quotes
and there but they’re different categories we’re going to go back and forth and I’m going to give you a Bethany and Anna going to give you the choice of two different categories when it’s your turn you get to pick the category that is going to read a quote from Bartlett’s clothes in the oppression that I’ve already listed for him on a piece of paper and then you will have a choice of three different names to choose who he is doing an impression of
yeah and two to decide who goes first I want we’re going to have you both do your best impression and and Ivan and I’m just going to decide really quick alright Bethany mama
oh and that you’re holding cards that say to mail during the game if you if he has and has his impression and you are totally stumped you can use your Camille card would only use that one as I can mail will do the same and precious girlfriend
girl I’ll read it you’ll give me a
so it’s going to be something else we bring in this is your blog or I’m a bitch I’m a lover at Lilith Fair
all right I get it and I just read a quote of you and I wait for me to give you the most
all this will not be finished in the in the life of this damn ministration
call Raven
I like time on this planet during an impression of a b c
can I get the address again be Lisa Loeb see Sarah McLachlan
audience dancers showing a.m.
hey yeah yeah yeah yeah thanks the Bethany you’ll get the chicken you can choose from these categories Captain’s Log or bloody funny
look up Captain’s Log these are three characters from Star Trek first generation
genius is 1% inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration
all right is that Shaka Zulu see spots
accelerated its do we got the chicken we got the chicken
alright Bethany you can choose from bloody funny or Vogue
another bloody funny letting these are a well-known this is a well-known British comedian
men do not care how ugly they live but only how long
all right all right so is that a regular base B Russell Brand see Eddie Izzard
either a or c
I don’t even see
can I get
a lot of this is chance you’re picking the right or Rocketman Rocketman this is the host of a science related show
please don’t walk not on the Earth’s exalted Lee for thou canst not cleave the Earth neither shalt thou trip to the mountains in height
so is that a drive is Adam Savage be Bill Nye or see Neil deGrasse Tyson
just pulled his to mail card to get just keeping his kids meal card and brushes thank you it’s it’s the one from the Quran walking out on Earth
so no excuses
here we go, sounds like
I’m just going to do an impression of Dance
doing an impression of this person
the first ever recording of me reading anything from the Koran
who could have predicted that
walk off the earth excitedly but not leave the Earth shelter rich
be doing an impression Jeffrey not of the other people well done
nice alright or drink the Kool-Aid
so your categories Vogue or drink the Kool-Aid
all of these are famous supermodel
benefits of a supermodel
a specific one
earlier Generations is this that we have seen our atoms remember I’ve never heard this person talk Cindy Crawford be Brooke Shields or see Amon
she can hear my mole she talked on that all the time I never like that store Bethany did go first so drink the Kool-Aid or free entertainment
free entertainment all right this is a podcast host
one of the things which distinguishes hours from all earlier Generations is this that we’ve seen are atoms see Ira Glass
can I see the list
although I would love to see Dan’s Ira Glass
we’re back with public radio ideas
one of the things I found most interesting with since you left us is the story about Jacob
make up for lost his leg in a cup of water
epic fail
what does that do to a person how many legs do you need will be right back
an announcement that was Dan you guess I’ll write then it’s tied to to drink the Kool-Aid or Wicked talking I’ll go Wicked talking hey these are all this is an actor from Boston
there is only one proved method of assisting the advancement of pure science that are picking Men of Genius
vacuum heavily and we ourselves was that Ben Affleck be Donal Logue see Mark Wahlberg
I might want to do that how many how many rounds are left I just just 3334 is technically to know they are negative numbers okay so it was it was Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg
hey little dog
certificates and contextual impression that we have to be talking to it
Dan your categories to choose from are a drink the Kool-Aid or Lala royalty
don’t drink the Kool-Aid all right this is a famous cult leader
she has courage
through this hole
so was that a Charles Manson be Jim Jones see David koresh
go with the first one that is correct
can post ahead 3-2 pill it was Bob Manson it’s a lassie thing right by your choice is between Lala royalty and come together
imma do come together all right I said this is a fetal
dancing taxes in childbirth
do you have time for any of them
I also that’s just a betta lay
the Beatles
fresh out of all of them
John Lennon be Ringo Starr see Paul McCartney CD George Harrison Ringo
all right Dan Lala Realty or House of incest
I was kind of Game of Thrones thing
uncle house event set all right this is a Lannister
is not an absence of War it is a virtue a state of mind
a disposition for benevolence confidence
oh yes a Jaime Lannister Tyrion Lannister see Joffrey Lannister
alright final round final round for me you got to get this to stay alive if you have to get this right now and this is worth two points
so you’re tired okay
I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to stick with my damn suggestion is dew points right choose between a ladies
good day ladies all right these are all this is an Australian actress
oh boy that’s really an actress
how much time he should I retire
how much time he gains who does not look to see what the neighbors says a does what I want
yes it’s funny to you should have seen the other option I was going to take a shorter quote
message 3 hours too soon than a minute too late
thank you
all right what’s that Nicole Kidman be Cate Blanchett or see Toni Collette I see you are staying at your house
headset the Shakespeare one better better in 3 hours too soon
all right I have to okay I’m going to make really dumb eyes for this one I have to make my eyes really empty better three hours too soon than a minute to light
all right all right
I think I actually help with that Nicole Kidman Cate Blanchett or Toni Collette
who does not speak with an Australian accent
if you are from everywhere and Noah if I get any old British accent
all right so this is the final
every said that like the caption was nailed it
#I got to get it right. So this is a category lalala royalty which is famous looks like I just did what can you tell me who it is
can I see it
it’s more about the other two.
Does Pryor okay
play what is this category famous daughters Hollywood
nothing but truth is if there was a little girl that sounded like that take her to the doctor or a pig in the jungle
what is that
I’m not the criminal here is a list of names she wrote down for me to do there’s not a Vincent Price on here I only do three impressions
Vixen where is Aspen surprise tell her that you want to do an impression of Liam Neeson how come you didn’t let them do the write impression
all right who was the who is the god damn person I did Willow Smith or see Miley Cyrus
what are the first three crews and one of those three people’s parents is way less of a Megastar like Suri Cruise is Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman I mean a cat cake whatever Katie Holmes high and he can reproduce with cake
that’s that’s that’s level 32 the ability to reproduce
did Jada Pinkett Smith and then Miley Cyrus is Billy Ray Cyrus Miley Cyrus fuck it I don’t care what you all the way to the bank
hahaha top of her titty
make America one week and then he had a big comeback this is laying when people do that I want to give you guys both tickets.
not that I think it’s play my people give people things going to get a pair of tickets right so they can bring a
I could have made that shorter mix it in with it some ringers there be more ringers I thought maybe you discover a new impression if you do
he has a jovial quality to it when he does interviews
you just leave them alone or do.
On speakeasy
it’s a it’s a YouTube Interview show that you can see my episode coming up there
we bring Spencer.
to mail that was some hot comptroller and ready what the fuck right mailing it was just got murdered this guy stepped on his foot not his fault that someone over there put their leg out to treat me like right as I was coming up let’s burn them
why did you go to prom is the lady that you was here you know who is here

you know that guy almost fucking killed me you’re giving them a whole thing you’re fine probably unless you actually were trying to kill me so I mean he’s vengeant
I was yeah I must have been I don’t remember any of this
Ohio Renaissance Fair yacht
that’s a black guy. Oh yeah that was the cold day yesterday great Saw Game of Thrones already know I don’t
what is Buchanan’s gas station is that why would you spend your whole body with Silicon Valley what you really watch that show
Media yeah yeah he’s never seen Indiana Jones movie guy desperate Maids
no no Devious Maids I don’t like dungeon masters of Simi Valley
there’s just one of them listen to me well that’s how you’re like there’s just one of them but it’s me and you snap and then it cuts to another guy that is like a dungeon master of Simi Valley go to a party together and you end up pulling each other’s hair and diving into a pool
that does sound real
so did you like the Game of Thrones you so no
I’m just wondering like it or not is not a spoiler I don’t like it you didn’t like it I think it was a great episode but I don’t like it I don’t like a lot of great things I don’t like a lot but I know we can’t cuz I was I was about to ask I haven’t seen it yet spoil anything I’m just saying words to throw you guys all off-guard it’s
hey there buddy that’s why
book stores for a long time you start to hate books and people who like them
did you work at a bookstore bookstore I worked at Borders borders are there still know what they should split into a Barnes a noble I don’t know why why do we why do they put their name on them right now and Albertson
think about how amazing I do know Jason
you know that books were really popular and you couldn’t take your business elsewhere there’s the book stores names are so shity like Barnes & Noble like like you know if books had to be invented today you’d have to call them something like laser blowjob like the store would have to be called like megamax pussy there was a laser blowjob really precise hero teeth
0 teeth at all blacks at like an onyx set he’s walking toward camera it is a gray suit is like of course it’s a matter of the loser blow jobs more than they do the CG thing on your dick
yeah I just catch these testimonials of guys going back I couldn’t believe it
art paper laser blowjob sounds horrible
does a whole like Blacklist do laser blowjob there like supposed to involve teeth
it makes them feel better okay anyways
yeah yeah he’s what what he what did you do to drag it out of here did you bring a D&D adventure for us tonight that’s good that’s safe have you been enjoying being my assistant yes
conflict of interest right well nothing else did you talk to your dad today yeah you know my dad’s in American country I’m not sure which terrible I figured the creek I think it’s Colombia Brazil he lives there now things happen I didn’t happen if you’re not sure which country your dad’s out of America’s like who cares I can’t do anything about it at work he just move in there yeah. You know my mom’s like traveling the country now
is spending it on being alone
I guess
to be alone broke sucks anyway well my dad sent me a letter he got he he he found a pickpocket’s hand in his pocket and punched him in the face and made me realize my punched a lot of people in the face like he punched a different guy in the face that he thought was stealing something from him we don’t know if he actually was I thought he ripped the rear view mirror off of a car of a guy that was driving too fast in the parking lot and then you threw it at him he didn’t he didn’t he didn’t hit the car with it but it’s just I mean I love my deals with divorce in different ways
balance normal that’s part of the choristers divorce was the mirror he should have been ripping off the car that he was it was coming up and unhealthy ways I don’t have to punch other men I can just break up my family and punch my marriage
so do you really are separated yeah when did this happen how long ago I don’t know it was right after he came in the show and he came up behind me and he was like he was going to have Spencer’s dad and then after that after that I don’t know your parents and then once I left there would be nothing left because my parents are always using me is like the crotch they be like I don’t know what I’m going to do about your father I don’t know about and it’s like I can’t be the one you know if that’s that’s going to fail you guys want me out of here for the kids R kids are Grizzly Adams yeah getting divorced back in middle school and high school it seems so fashionable and cool like I definitely could have cashed it in back then now it’s just like fucking deal with that you’re 25 you piece of shit like I don’t have any Penny anymore
exactly right once you hit your twenties your parents divorcing is just kind of weird yeah
but but but sleep buried 10 years ago
free hot with him now my eyes are probably a little weaker album eventually go in and I’ll just look like she’s getting turned out okay
I just want you to know I’m there
flow jobs
every single one makes an appearance with a bird uses to get out of it’s shell
just wanted to know I’m here
do you have either of you received such a job and not said anything it just kind of like suffer through it thank you so much forever in your debt debt Etc at a soup kitchen
hey you kind of
hey can I kind of an asshole with that Ladle yeah oh really maybe I should never come back here ever again you’re a hero
but it’s fucking Sue
even terrible soup is better than no.
I think if somebody asks somebody asks for note pillow-talk if they do it as a possibility I mean and then I start with the great no problem thanks for doing it then and then it was like if if if pressed for it if there were teeth involved I might say no I guess maybe do you know that I don’t want you to listen to one more thing on our way around and they said no one’s like gnawing on your thing down there that’s not happening but now I know it’s not
I would think I’ve ever had the best pizza I’ve ever eaten okay let’s create the perfect blow dry bar a dive you want to go down this road I guess we could try but I have I have I have I have a feeling the notes would result in a lot of there probably be well I don’t know or the next time it’s like like this like I like you said okay all right do you have to be sarcastic
yeah keep your I said Paul play now
I wish I was a cooler term than blowjob do doves sound so I was I read this one of the word blow job is that they they think comes from the idea of it it’s not what you think it’s not the idea that the the vendor of the
the merchant I was going to say woman and then I was like 2014 Vicodin like
Minor Details via the provider give her yeah the idea isn’t that that person is doing anything other than blowing sucking anything it’s nothing to do with that it comes from the idea of blowing off steam it’s below it’s the it’s the receiver food blowing
Victorian style cuz it was it was it was like a quarter a quick dirty like like give him a blowjob let him blow off his his steam terminology I really think that’s what that was like that that’s why they understood that it comes from a sense that all these years I’m going to make me out why do they yeah that is not every part of it I’m not a balloon yeah I’ll take teeth over there
I thought when I was a kid I said I didn’t know what it was that heard the term I thought it was that the point was for the person to blow air into the hall and that’s what I want to do is Lay It All The Way
would think that because you and your you have a little Weiner and yeah and the obvious analog he’s like oh yeah on the basketball or the tire of your dirt bike you got to go blow job I’m going to get a blowjob one day I guess the
I doubt it I bet it wouldn’t feel terrible that would feel weird I bet that would feel good ladder in that you know the liquid that’s always in their fries your dick
did very little you can do to the deck that would really hurt it and you know what it is if you’re like what this hard or not and probably wanted is like a freeze burn I don’t see your point that’s still bad
what does your dick is terrible. I’ve had that spray stuff on my hand and my body is fine right in the way that have it like inflicting pain on yourself as fun like sometimes you pick yourself with like a thumbtack and that’s fun it’s not like when you get your dick and Bob that’s a whole
oh yeah I mean I meant the kid’s picture I have done that frees think to myself all the time and it’s like a fun burn compressed air in your penis no but I’ve got it on my arm feels fine and I had never thought until now and I swear to you within a week I will do it tonight in Los Angeles the Staples are going to be while you guys were talking in my head I was at Staples is going to be closed
hey did you ever get that thing to do her talk about that thing that tape head cleaner thing with the correct meaning of Staples and things you can buy them for sexual purposes of the VHS head cleaner fluid. I didn’t even think dilating it would be like like why would you walk across the room
I don’t want a dilated butthole I want to I want to Snug snug little even dilated shoots man about town what am I in the market for it
get a bucket of coffee cup probably hanging about the receivers pleasure when it comes to rain once the reach exceeds the grasp their like I want I want something with my butt but my butt doesn’t know that my butt is doing its job and everything in I want yeah I’m Timothy I want
I want it I want it I want to know once I’m up there so then you go to Staples yeah you like mister mister Henderson I’m here to clean your pool and I’m just writing a whole gay porno
Timothy and mr. Henderson
cleaner at least anxiety
no, dude are you saying you like to go to Staples
chlorine in your pool is it a lot of Plankton in here
call Marty Mart in the morning I got 11 minutes we need another person write do we do a who’s who’s who’s really earned while Dan have his moment in the Sun
Murphy Park everybody
America’s wearing a shirt that says cock Sparrow Doc’s Bar North County trouble you probably saw you if you message me walk in there and buy it by like wrist guards and then weird like stuff like that
Diego accent how to get there was a San Diego accident just had like
does Great Wolf Lodge I’ll take 10 yeah I want face
for breakfast this morning
yeah I’m sorry also how old are you
for I have come here with your dad for Father’s Day
boarding Mark Wright Mark will be playing in Orangeburg
I kind of like that sometimes it’s a little fast we’ve got ten minutes I can’t I can’t argue with that I found it half down top down turn-based RPG all that I might like I can’t remember what it’s called iOS game swords and Liberty I love both of those things like I’ve been searching forever for just I just want a nice top-down turn-based RPG a little guns for a dollar over on Pokemon white people love the new Diablo 3 supposed to be
I guess I’ll start over and this time I’ll wear corn for a hat that was the old that was a big mistake I made that cost me three hours that’s how you’re so do cool experiences
well I mean is Dustin going to music me and my gun sorry everybody
require musical stuff last time on harmontown hard Heroes had made it to the floating Isle of paradise with the help and unwilling sacrifice of The Seekers of paradise that arrived and after meeting and greeting with your me G the Angelic guardian of the realm they found the Tarragona virtue and used it to cure for Chris de Burgh unleashing the Demonic and ghostly Admiral Dark Star who possessed his body and compelled the angel until Mortal Kombat in the fierce battle the island caught fire in developing in the field of battle and blazing flames and choking smoke the gang resolve to escape but then quickly changed their minds deciding to fight only sing their elemental powers but even work sleep could not extinguish the consuming conflagration of the island
Flash video music but nothing seemed to be working finally Sharpie had a quick burst of in-flight insight and blast the angel with reduce person shrinking his form by half turning the hulking Orchid into an average Chad
shut down they’re fun size fo4 what the fun failed to free our friends from Faith fiddling fingers find out next time on harmontown
most people like alliteration questions are cats beds or I’ll just sit here in silence I guess you would just slowly kill us with this Rampage in measuring exact circumstances are that is it did we eat We Shrunk this guy but we were going to head back for the portal right yeah it’s like before the last episode you’re like let’s run and then the top of the last episode your let’s not run and then you started fighting let’s kick this guy’s ass but it’s snowing like once we do this spirit will be free and
that’s a feudal part of me alright Love Paradise surrounding your surrounding the six-foot-tall you’ll know it’s hard to see because smoke blocks out the sky in the wind with past your faces but you can see the clouds above you storing up words away from you and then you feel a sense of a vertigo is you realize that the floating island might not be as floating as it once was starting to fall from the sky in and what if we did use about that portal last time like right when we talked about running back into their ship flying out of it that was hurting us will ya I look kind of like a painful portal like cuz you remember the first time you met you through a hurry up in the final word was that it’s not an option as an exit I don’t know I mean I didn’t say that certainly I don’t know how you guys came to whatever decisions you did last
20% tape head cleaner might be easier to get back in that field airport
fire your surrounding the angel guy who you’ve been fighting a lot my flaming sword and attacked this thing is this paper spinner thing real amyl nitrate poppers that that’s like that but oh yeah me a fact that your butthole get bigger vociferous me when he said that those are real triple threat
is it butt hole and die like that. He’s just cheating his pants world yeah, in every way Mozart anything else they want to get a good old fun okay so I can get out my flaming sword and I go I don’t go right at you go right at it
nobody neatly Perry’s with his flaming shovel it seems he’s not out of the fight just yet
the portal get out of here we accomplished our goals yeah you’re right I don’t want to overstate things but yeah and this guy he’s got a gun with him the goes into the next guy for the fire exit definitely sometimes sometimes heroism looks identical to cowardice like running away from something always looks like our dad but but if you run away long enough you’ll come back around the other side has ran from Europe look what happens
all right Merica happened I know I shouldn’t have to spell this out
portal but it’s not where you left it and you look up it seems it may be about 20 feet and falling fast I mean it’s okay I have a hundred feet of rope everybody a hundred feet of rope I’m going to tie the rope to my foot and then I’m going to use my boots of spice bringing but I’m going to hop up into the portal leaving a rope behind fraternizing
are you using your boots of Sprite and bring you spring spryly up towards the portal in grasp its razor-sharp Edge it’s Pam your hands are sliced polygon of the portals Edge but you can’t old blood drips into your eyes but you know you’re going to be able to climb through this thing
you pull yourself through into a the the ruin them hide out of the secrets of paradise that’s where the Portal game from your safe with a rope on your foot tickle a true gentleman BND no poll by the falling but you get it who wants to get it we all do well as a tortured artist in this Falling Rock of paradise I kind of like the band in Titanic I feel like I should sing Lady In Red as this thing falls to his death throes of gold for the grab it no matter how high it goes oh so you guys go go before me I feel like I should mention that that’s used up for the talk to you you’re such a fucking dungeon master
it’s like I enforce them rules all right fine I grab the Rope I kick everyone out of the way
continue to grab different parts in a row I don’t know I describing that Melody
why do you see a way from you is you meet you looks up going
and then he realizes he has wings and flies away are we destroyed a whole island it’s okay don’t think about the past I can’t
yeah you guys pull yourself up into this portal each take some damage though it’s okay
all right Maureen takes 5 not Chris de Burgh but court takes eight
Christopher takes one and you take to write the ruined what do you call a hideout where do they call it the secrets of paradise it looks like a bomb went off all the things they’re spreading churchyard in half everything’s just shattered and exploded and half the stuff that used to be in the room is just gone completely to study in hearing portal still stands so just kind of like an open sore in the sky and there’s nobody else in here except for that you know scattered mutilated body parts of the Gnomes that exploded when you Unleashed that portal but I
being practical should have been searching parties all along I put I put Pennies on their eyelids and look for letters to their parents
and there’s a torso that seems to have a long Dagger of coin purse as well as a small sketch of us of a female gnome
I don’t have anything or it’s been removed from their body I want to take a sketch where do you do the necklace now or is it just going to make a necklace
this guy was obviously no artist but
shows through you know we’re obviously a gnome
I got to tell you the truth my OCD like I I wanted to come in from through the portal and say to anybody who was waiting on the other side do not go in there not going down like that and I couldn’t like I was like is there anyone else here is there we all appreciate my wife
Father’s Day all right well we we ought to get out of this building and get back to our lives where God deal so good he has no dick still
did I get a better Dick though you have a dragon dick in your bag
I didn’t want to do it myself but I think you should attach the dragon dick where your real dick would be I would like to attach the dragon dick on the stump of my former dick like just yourself like what what do I have that doesn’t sound pretty good a gnome to do it like a team of gnomes
does water cool nose let’s go look around we’ll see if we can find something outside this building into the daylight and stretch our arms and we hear the full lead sounds of of wagons something in clapping Deadwood Sound Library stuff but a background chatter
can you you find yourself out front of the magical fellow from before he got you to steal all those cigarettes I guess you didn’t steal on but you know whatever
he was going to help you magically he might be a guy with like no body parts in it
I hide my picture
yeah let’s get our story straight about this
who is secret no meeting where they play with buttons that open portals leg that’s on them Parts where we did anything over all are we what are we doing are we do we have a mission for good or we just always trying to save our own necks like do we have a wow that is 8/10 of this world barely has plumbing and you’re asking questions like that I’d say I’m impressed help me out how do you spell we we we weed weed weed we’re not beleaguered by anyting else nice we’ve been through a lot together
the scariest thing that’s happened the worst thing that’s happened on this trip a little piece of parchment and just sit around a fire and talk about it and just throw it in the fire Let It Go
yeah I mean do you want to build a fire now
is that seems like this is a good sort of end but no reason for anybody to tune back
I I I pretended that I see a woman in a Red Cloak of the road
Monica to the nearest tavern
where is the nearest tavern
play the name of the
follower follower
you just see three gnomes and we’ll look like a baby standing around a table there’s no one else in the room that looks like a baby baby baby no I see your baby is standing
sending know he’s know he’s in a bassinet or no new Earth new Earth maps blue river in France
on this rock gets it but yeah so you get them around Bill like thanks we’re going to go back to looking at our shit no no just the plans for them are you going to plan for a baby I mean yeah yeah did it wait till you going over the plans for the baby that’s here yes even begin to understand but on the first page you see something that looks like an eyeball I get this
you guys make babies yeah what was your plan when you were born I mean I was just came out I didn’t really have a plan I don’t get into these plans to make the baby of when the baby happens that the plans for the baby’s life these are the plans to make this I mean you guys keep calling it a baby I guess it looks like a baby is more like a little Atomic on baby no no you just got to make them we have these plans but they’re very costly how costly 800 gold I’m this is a crazy crazy patch
Connor no I mean I don’t give a fuck what you say to me I’m going to steal those plans
can I impress upon you guys that we’ve been through a lot this year
listen to Imagine your life right now imagine it with the baby robot
is the only batter
we’re already here we’re not killing them we’re just taking their baby robot
I’m at 8 hundred gold pieces between I do you really don’t
play the slow me like hold their hands up like just be careful out there on the table
have the plans and grab the baby all right
sociopath finder
thanks for coming
Reggie Jackson on audio thank you Justin Marshall for recording everything with his earphones thank you Mark for playing Christopher thank you Dan and Stephanie are coming up and get your tickets that you can mail for filling in comics
and I will see you next to come come to me there’s still seats left come to the LA Film Festival screening tomorrow night Google it figure out how to get there I’ll be there in or you can watch a documentary been waiting for it
you’ve got me away quick ticket links I tweeted about to meet him later tonight
Saturday morning


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