Episode: 111 – Fluid Levitation


Episode: 111 – Fluid Levitation


Mayor Harmon, Jeff Davis, Erin McGathy and Spencer Crittenden discover a Belgian fan in the audience, but when a Londoner from the crowd


Hollywood California meltdown, Hermantown
vodka. Page. Trailer is at his death
what a crowd
I hope some of you got to a very mcgathys cupcakes on the way in
loaded with peyote sorry about that
I had convinced Aaron on the right over here tonight the topic of Kiss came up the band KISS as we drove past a billboard for some new reality show and I had her convinced for a few blocks that there was a fifth member of Kiss name kissy face if there is a face and demon face in the star face in the butt there that there was a guy the original that the original member was kissy face and he was the driver and he had a big hat shaped like a lapse and they kicked him out of the Bandit shorten the name to kiss
I knew you’d sold her on that he was Googling like crazy
she was looking for picture as I keep looking like it’s not going to they covered it up
after I kissed doesn’t want you to know how to get to arena football indoor football team called the Los Angeles kiss okay that’s an actual indoor football team that’s called the kiss okay coming soon to AMC and we just did their work for him for real that’s what it said new series coming out
go black to AMC and watch football and Forest and rock Ryan or scam and how about 3rd and dumb
all right you may notice Jeff that I am I have a new phone case here looks like a book and it also is a wallet it’s got my driver’s license and credit cards in it a little bit of money if somebody the audience guesses how much money do they get to keep the whole thing no I don’t have a wallet in my back pocket and I am Wallet free for the last 3 days I’m doing an experiment can I just have my phone case I have no wallet in my back pocket all right moving on my name is my anxiety about that I’m projecting my own anxiety on to that you have your phone and all of your essential identification credit cards money all in one basket if you lose your phone you’ve lost the whole shop I don’t lose my phone and I specially now that it’s my
but I’ve trained myself cuz I used to lose my wallet constantly when I was in my twenties and I just became you know the third time you lose your wallet you have to get a new driver’s license and all that shit you get really condition to you know you’re patting my ass whenever whatever Oma anywhere like it whenever I stand up whenever I’m leaving a building I just give my ass a good time and like and then if there’s nothing there I panic and then because it was in my front pocket I got so now I have but I am also tired of every time I sit down at the pull out a phone I have to pull out a while and I stack them up on the table and some weird distracting beginning to every sit down with me I like stacking other shit on the table for a what’s his deal what’s going to put up their necks like a wrench or a shoe who is he what’s what kind of status players does now I just put down this little this little book about addiction to close it looks like a little bible like I kind of an old-time preacher yeah it’s pretty nice
although I think I’m going to go back to that I harm another pretty soon because I I just realized something you’re not going to stick with Iron Man I am now because I have to remember things and I think that whatever the thing that stops me from writing them down I just realize it’s now it has nothing to do with the technology or how hard it is and everything to do with the fact that it always feels weird to pull out your phone and then started out cuz that looks identical to not giving a shit about what someone saying when in fact I like writing it down with a pencil and a piece of paper they look holyfuck the schedule they listening to me so that’s like the opposite if you got your looks like you’re texting people while they’re talking
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering if I can smell food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out while actually. But you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little t and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film earth like a verb you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
Shark Week Shark Week started today I didn’t watch the last couple weeks because I didn’t like where we was going I just read an article about this so I I went and died yesterday I went through the DirecTV like DVR like you and the guy the kind of thing as a 2014 new new shark material is and they got some doozies coming up well some of them are lies Jeff lies there’s an article about it shark live in the bluff above that, I didn’t write down my sources but I was reading an article on the way here I hit someone who is outrageous that have Shark Week become about lies lies like fake sensationalize like fake documentaries masquerading as real ones
is there something that sounds like a movie about a shark Megalodon shark or something exactly that I read an article by a journalist abalone
Shark Week is a bologna and
. Funny
and Discovery Canada are they very controversial commercial featuring fake iPhone footage of a shark in Lake Ontario
are they say watch Shark Week are in Canada and stunning Discovery Canada and there was a they do they are just a little bit iPhone video that they stage with a fake shark that Lake Ontario and it’s just a bunch of guys going to catch fish is the only one that does anything physical sounds like this
have you seen the Rob the Rob Lowe commercial for the latest Nike Shox like water skis kind of an interesting topic I guess the media is supposed to be supposed to have integrity or people some are people supposed to as of that ship sailed to have integrity now we have to realize what the media is full of shit and start acting according to show last week tonight or whatever and he talked about his articles look like News until it’s the idea that we’re making things look real but but it’s all it’s all just adds to the LA Times with Mike years and years ago started running things that look like news
at the bottom like third of the front page and it was just saw an advertisement the know that everything they see in here is fucking garbage bulshit I mean wait wait wait live on the inside of a goddamn honeycomb that we built them people before as it were raised on with media that was full of horseshit to like we’re three layers deep in a fucking beehive garbage nothing nothing New York Times has nothing in there that’s true everything is the opposite of Truth like I’m not telling you that you live in a giant Empire that’s running on the blood of the impoverished around the earth is a lie there’s no sharks with no mishap and busted by the way I’m not complaining I love my new car I’m going to
play clay Chrome they didn’t they didn’t have media and roll and that was why people are like that bad for a chariot looks like a newspaper article
how much money do people people get out there and gave speeches and they wish they would all realize they would lie that way and everyone knew they were lying and then every 5 years it kill him here comes the big liar a liar too powerful to call out lying too loud because then he’ll have us killed but pretty soon was rise up and kill him
everybody knew that everyone is like the religion was a lie everyone knew it they’re like what do you worship a cat got that makes the Moon because it to turn into the sun worship and worship with no I just love the parties on Saturday you know it is just like this idea that anything that you hear from anyone else has anything other than entertainment and edification during a motion in a like a bunch of the thumb sucking babies come with worrying about whether Shark Week has lost its integrity
hello Discovery Channel supposed to be the last Bastion of sad everybody headed for the hills in a certain point they like to change the name of your network and I just call it a jelly Kentucky yolk
every network has like these letters and then you got the Nashville Network yeah I guess now it’s just fucking whatever man every man for itself in the History Channel have become hilariously 50/50
right now you’re learning that there’s a Munsters rerun on it
Channel you know what you know what tomorrow’s history is whatever happened today yeah all right so anyways I mean what’s not please it’s a television if you if you ask a toaster what what’s the most important thing in the world is going to tell you bread but if you end up you ask if it’s a painting of bread it’s going to say I don’t think it’s toasted enough
so let’s look at the television as an appliance what do you think is doing it’s making you watch it is your neighbor racist is it dangerous to go outside fuck yeah says the television
does your racist neighbor have bread does the toaster bring it in here
if you can’t finish it put it in me says the refrigerator
television is the worst of all is telling you just did whatever you do stay in your living rooms and it will tell you anything to make that happen don’t go to church skiing does a toaster tell what when you’re in bed at night does a toaster tell the TV when they going to have time to buy more bread
I don’t know I don’t know you still alive
I met Werner hertzog chat about movies ever heard like questions did did he disappoint or did you get that I’ve never met a famous person that act just exactly what you’d expect a bulldog is what you expect of Werner hertzog is that he’s going to come in in like the that’s where it hurts that you wanted to find out if I can I find he’s coming in
cartoon alien that said that the character’s name is old reptile
snake you’re a little to see something hasn’t been drawn yet it was no concept of a little bit of Rick and Morty I showed him like a scene in the from the pilot when they’re in the intergalactic custom so he watches it for a second ago I yes I see it yes they’re good they are creatures but they speak normally while going in AC is going to be like like Bob’s Burgers and stuff to like I said I hope not
we we we just we just fed the cats and apartment will he do it and he’s in LA and then they were like yeah he’ll do it but he did it for scale I mean in the booth yeah I got the headphones on and just just
I exaggerated I can’t I can’t do it was where I was I was doing this impression or towards the phrase I used to get into my German character I’m sorry it’s our German list.
Don Corleone right now
the day of my favorite wedding you compliment
all right so anyways baby do you want me to do an exaggerated version of myself I said no no no don’t you just be the guy that you are you know the guy that you are watching your movies like like like that that that guy that guy you know that I am being a bit exaggerated version of myself I don’t like anybody is like like talking into a microphone you talk in a little bit so
he does this model I got up and it’s about penises
and it’s just this big lug miles to heck with it is it is very funny is playing an old reptile who who that spoiling the story is just so he’s just a it’s a cameo is just an old reptile alien who’s explaining to the other aliens that he spent a lot of time on Earth among the earthlings and a notice their relationship with their penises so feel about their penises
it’s funny when they’re small it’s funny when they’re big. I’ve been to parties with men will take an object to hold it in front and say hey I’m just showing sodick
is it Pringles by any chance, so tragic can you do it more things and then eat it was fun. I wanted to talk to you about the Act of Killing because he objected produce that and explain how we discovered that movie or I was brought in by Joshua Oppenheimer and death and we talked about how amazing that movie was for a while and I won’t spoil it goes find the Act of Killing and watch it it’s the talk about it at this podcast is the most incredible the ending of it and he told the story about how he was actually gray key in the there the way that that ending was edited are rather not edited he was the voice of of Izu trying to convince the filmmaker
you can’t you have to show all three minutes of this unedited at all and I said to him if you do this if you shoot this movie for 7 years and then edit the final three minutes in any way you have spent your life in vain
and I said is that how you know how you order breakfast
if I do not get feta cheese into scrambled if there aren’t also bits of bacon
and I was I was amazed by the story was like wow this guy’s a real fucking like that story proves it but I had to an influence on Stephen Colbert I say that humility but he I was doing a show and he came up to me in the hallway before and I had not seen it. I asked him is it is it cold Bert or Colbert and he said oh it’s at you know it’s the French it’s called and and I said you know that being the case you should think about changing the pronunciation of of reports and do the French of that which is Rapport and soon after that he started using that stupid isolation of the of the show and I adorable
we did you meet on The Daily Show or did you even understand no no he’s like oh that’s what he started pronouncing it’s okay you know what I’m going to do that
you know exactly how that story unfolded an amazing guy is like really just like yeah but I think he’s like I think sometimes documentaries like a man is sometimes a little more than I think you might want to do something he make himself more of it like a protagonist in his documentaries sometimes when he’s like what’s the weather in Grizzly Man he’s like he’s hearing the the cell phone of the guy getting killed by the bear is a this is the worst you should never listen to this yes never listen to this. This is really bad stuff don’t don’t listen to me master you know the greatest movies may take some weird left turn and then he seen my best fiend about him and
what a job I’d like him to get new pierced on community
yes sir things you are talkin about if the study room tables I understand the concepts but the real question is at what price
I’m getting I’m getting a new car I want I want I want to yeah I know you reacted that way on human blood is just yes it it has a has a straw that goes from it to the third world today is a new like super stretchy straws and I’m already driving in La the strawberry choose over to the Gaza Strip and it just it just sucks up too late
you didn’t care 40 years ago
parents weren’t alive for two years
I pay my taxes like everyone else but anyways yeah I’m getting I need to get a new car so I came home last night when we were hanging out and it’s out of my it’s not for me it’s for guys that are like you know like super like like yeah like Rockefeller like you know I’m not ready yet for the Tesla Tesla he’s at Rockefeller Wayne Brady is more Rockefeller than I am Wayne Brady can have a Tesla you shouldn’t have a Tesla until you have more than one car that’s what it is you should have one of those special garage is like in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off that leg like a car like a car garage like a like a like a like a storage that I have
I have like six toilets in a bunch of McDonald’s cup why do you have to tell you I’m glad you asked
because there was some shooting myself there’s three bathrooms at my house so why would there be more than three toilets maybe it’s three and it just looks like 5
I bet it’s like the tank comes in one box or so I don’t know when I bought my home the realtor told me there is a law passed that said that bought a new about a whole new had to change the toilet out to these low-flush toilet because there was this big trout the seventies and there’s a rule passed and it’s but you know you’re only required to buy the toilets that’s all they’re going to check on so I’ll just have him put them in the garage
when I install them because they’re low-flush Jeff I have a giant turd of a 41 year old but he has a human bear shirts to the desert there more modern there there there are designs I think needless water usage will have a task rabbit come over and you guys used to it it’s like the Uber of having people that do shit around your house you can just you can just use that you can just call it a Scrabble
we’re just toilets just sitting there they’re brand new toilet do you want if you want a toilet now I feel guilty I’ll have them do that so let’s go down that doesn’t seem very convenient so anyways
I don’t want to get off on a tangent I am getting a new car I need to get a new car and I want to be very careful about it I’ve never really bought a grown-up car before and what are you getting then I don’t know but I came home last night after we were at Little Dom’s for a while and Aaron didn’t come out cuz she said she was working at something it turns out she was working at she made a PowerPoint presentation for me to help me price cars and look at them and a little it was a little presentation that it said it was called Hong for Harmon
and then listed the criteria that I’ve been talking about turns out something that I’m interested in is called infotainment
I got to know there was a word for it I’ve heard of it but I like that just as little as a professional
Jesus Christ of the to fix air conditioning and are all right yeah it’s that you wanted to know about a car but then I’m like what about the screen in the sea at the interactivity going to take to get a chance to look at that giant like 5 iPod iPod or iPad that is 62/100 something thousand dollars I got too late like it’s like to it you can’t least one you got that Yahoo money on the wedding and also on like crazy, and I’ve already spending too much money but I’m going to get going to get a really nice like grown up car it will be like what’s the FrontRunner right now for the PowerPoint presentation. They’re wanted to
I was thinking maybe a BMW and Infiniti a Mercedes if you’re listening out there you know I’m still looking around give me a call I mean I’ll only be you know doing this podcast for all these
the big pocket Hall we’re not going for that short chump change short kind so I can have a day already have Revenue there already pull it in and how much I don’t know I mean it’s like if you’re down there you know smaller audience or whatever I look if you’re not like some kind of big giant saying that people are flocking to to hear all their news or something you can’t really it’s kind of like I was like what are podcast BMW ultimate driving
but they’ll just get me like like I’ll just be saying holy shit Jeff I got the BMW sx75 mid 99 series that’s so great because of it yeah I was I’ll be saying stuff like that when I got my new car that goes against everything I believe in
saying it for real I’ll be at Lake of the way I say I love Minecraft
why are they paying you they don’t need the money in there don’t need to advertise it’s like the best thing in the world
I made I made it I made a break a refinery in Minecraft I had this pipe coming up cuz I play this like Tech World 2 modded out thing Spencer set up a server for it and so I made a glass Dome and I have these little robots mine for me cuz who the fuck wants a mine in Minecraft and then they put everything in a chest and then pumps deliver the or and everything to these pipes goes under my glass Dome up to the ground in the center of the Dome and into a series of pumps that go out for Waze separate the cobblestones of dirt the sand in the gravel I put some into the assembly lines the compress them for easier storage and I was so proud of myself and I had a jetpack that I made
and I stored up above the Dome to look at my podcast history right now
I stored up above my Dome to look at my Refinery and it looked exactly like a swastika
because it’s like stepping out and then it goes right angles
that really looks like a swastika and I said I said yeah and it looks like a swastika for the worst reason efficiency like
aah it would be one thing if I was just some punk kid but it was like yeah I know I made in the face again I made this thing that sorts of things and processes them and
it was an accidental byproduct that is giving me the thumbs up
good job Mister Cobblestone Dominator looks like a swastika and sometimes I think it’s at right angles and they are either backwards or proper swastikas his name also has like you know like like boom Lots in it and shit and then that’s how they’re going to make a comeback to Clash of Clans on Main Street in Disneyland and curtains and supposedly and I may be imprinted on my mind but there were curtains that had little swastikas on him and Main Street
that symbol predates Nazism in the sense that it’s an American Indian Native American
yeah but he’s saying at it but I don’t think he wasn’t really into India
anyways she’s Christ are you dying I’m cool to trap over there
fat GK
what Chris Rock joke
spell old
50 / talking about
after dealing with a freshly served Big Mac here I should have been funnier little punch up all the things I say
yeah yeah
you look very pretty and you’re very jolly and you’re dancing but it’s 5 minutes you’re going to be going to look like this
you have a lot of layers on right now I feel like a fucking Rosemary. You’re dressed for like a spring day and I’m a body magician called the Mary-Kate diet is what I’m driving to the Bone I did too
takes a second
I will tell you during this pause
that are after the show tonight producer Dustin Marshalls lovely girlfriend Elizabeth meseck is doing a little giggle half hour with her band over at Harvard and a couple minutes from here so I will be dead on the floor like a like a recently recaptured scientologists thrown into a
thrown into their detox chamber I’m sweating my life force out right now so I probably won’t be able to trim podcast
hydrate chicken wire how’s it going sweetie what’s it like to be engaged to me
you like it
. Before getting married and engagement feel spiritually like we got engaged much
I don’t have anything tonight today was a really fun day is kind of a perfect force you to play catch phrase last night Jeff Davis I would tell him I was home at like 10:30 p.m. and then went to your guy’s place at midnight I think and left there at 3:30 we played catchphrase and we watch Whose Line animals remember we were watching dogs decoded Nova Nova episode about dogs
well it was like yeah you’re showing this dog documentary in canines is is genetic or if it’s if it’s the nurture and it’s so she had all these foxes in cages and they were breeding one half of them for tameness making the team has one from each litter and reading them and so on so forth as the others they were taking me aggressive ones are doing the same thing so they had to collections of box and they were learning incredibly important thing about about about genetics they weren’t really trying to impress the dogs or anything I kept going on why are they get those done
you have to put dogs in cages there foxes in Russia it’s 1993
the documentary
is it rape cultures is a male gaze again
where does a cocktail vermouth and Campari
so it turned out very hungover also when you left last night. Somehow you close the gate so it the gate came inside and was locked our friends Timber and Dave who are singing our guest room Dave had to teach a class this morning and he couldn’t get out and he had to jump the fence I just closed it behind me. It’s not your fault it’s it’s not your fault it’s not your fault at all if it hadn’t been for the gate is closed so hard that our friend couldn’t get out the gate what we what we had to do is we had to like to take credit card I sell used dance card says like this is like this could be fucked up right like they’re not going to be like it’s not pristine
I don’t think you’re ready to handle this this marijuana card for anxiety
being fucked up is more of a reason for you to get the medicine in your leg
I got up at like 11:30 because my friends going to leave the house and tried it and got them out and then I I started as a little baking Tech I was doing it with you guys
oh your mom okay to put runs on cupcakes that there’s a banana and other colored balls and if you were to swallow at you maybe you could choke or break your teeth but it sounds like everybody’s okay
dead men tell no Tales
is that we are hungover it was late morning or just very fun because I was I was baking and I was watching a family movie like I like to do monsters versus aliens very great very positive made me feel really good someone just said what
body positive you just have to understand that if your giant you’re a monster his last too many times it’s just see it said Amy Poehler in the lead role as a crazy name media conglomerate
yeah we’ve talked about how media conglomerate presidents always have like warlock warlock named Sumner redstone
guys don’t hurt me don’t hurt my Village blood River nicetown
Steven Rupert Murdoch’s a little it’ll get a little sailing me
I don’t know there’s another one like Sumner Redstone liquors spellcraft
when is the Moon
hey everybody won’t you let that be Spencer Stephen will bring him out
get out of contract
Spencer Barrett Optical course but yeah I’m going to be the president
Spencer take us through is there a highlight or low light of your day today of my day highlighter low-light sometimes he wakes up in the morning so I text him I’m like let’s go to Porto’s Bakery and we do
some days he doesn’t wake up so early it’s very well damn the nearest place and the other thing with a guy reunites with the gorilla and there’s this guy that gets the whale free in the whale shark breaching and putting on his place and we start playing catch phrase and what was her Point errands as I got to go to the bathroom all right she just crawls Jessica leave a room leave another room and then go to a hallway
is it Hammer town all right
playing the Poway that I was at last week’s Hermantown because we had been drinking all day and then I do not remember crawling but I was having a sloppy I think I was a little nervous Dana Carvey and I maybe drink a little too much as I know I don’t have lunch I will literally cry it’s really embarrassing I’ll get you. I mean obviously I’ve never had this kind of Burden but I’d imagine it’s a tiny bit what it’s like to get PMS I’ll realize I’m crying and why am I crying because it’s 3 and I haven’t had any Chinese food

different ways but sometimes one will find themselves crying and be like why am I such a portals Bakery can I come over in the morning yeah awesome
I got some tweets I know we have some we have some Farm some some pilgrims that have come from Far and Away to to see her attention I think it’s someone from Belgium here isn’t there no why did why did someone else clap over there maybe they just love Belgium
what’s your name if you don’t mind us asking where’s the Belgian guy even Levi Boren
Levi are you shy do you want to cook to come talk to us about Belgium at all
okay Levi
so it’s a tiny country nestled in the highlands of the belgia area
tell us tell us tell us what you tell us anything we might what it what what what are you doing out here business business trip pleasure trip road trip just a road trip
you just came out to the to the to the North America to drive around where else are you going to have some of those drugs
no I don’t do that again
the desert
people go because no one wants to be there if he’s going to drive his mom’s listening now is this your first stop California or San Francisco on Ice wheel of San Francisco
well not there any parts Houston what are you doing
what do you think boys are really
running for your life you wear a hat if you have we had some of those have been to is in Chicago and its Belgian and their amazing that it’s like the best the best pastry is the best coffee it’s really really wonderful what you go what’s your favorite pastry that you make like what
raspberry lover what color are the battery while my friend you’ll gain 20 lb
a boy a boy a baker from Belgium we’re going to waste this opportunity I know it we’re not going to cuisine
I like it’s like burgers hot dogs Pizza
what were the podcast listeners. Now is that this guy is actually Werner Herzog
Werner Herzog on state pretending to be a baker
so you listen to the podcast in Belgium I started listening to some podcast with you
understanding each other like we do my show Community here anymore
it sounds like her cheer stop meeting anything
I always thought and everybody always thought when we were making the show early on this is definitely not going to be internationally accessible but I don’t know I guess it is I don’t have a question for you just give just so curious about a person born and raised in the foreign country like seeing community in guy that’s great like I’m so astounded that that possible I heard they love it in China for my admittedly Chinese person is there a nurse called is called communism
that’s what I really chalked it up to they said it’s very like people really like it in China add subtitle that it’s on this website that’s like Chinese Hulu I think we talked about this already cuz it’s such a yeah it’s about it’s about it’s about elective Americans or whomever who’s listening to the to know about Belgian people like what it and you are you up
sound like a joke are you about your bailed like Kirk or in English in what are the Flemish tell me about the Flemish
we are very as a focus is what is Flemish is that is that part of being a Belgian or not we have three box of Belgian technically as long as we speak Flemish will be right back
Gold Bond powder English
you say that again sir
MacGyver MacGyver Ritchie movies
tell you what you call them
I do raspberry Hoboken
German spoken in face you at can you fart
how do you spell control
where are you from back there if I can tell Hampton or is it
that’s all I can do people in London really feel competitive people in Belgium at the hatred of the French doors in French
the shadow monster going up here I’m playing at the Scottish Scottish if you want to
International harmontown
how to say
Pietra Italian descent but I was born in Canada but I live in the UK for a 10-15 years to come to the right no she says yeah I look like really where is he here
this is cool yeah I was like can I please sit down now or do you have more questions about Belgium did you scream scream at wankers which means masterbaiters why did you scream out it’s winter is somebody who masturbates and doesn’t know they’re doing it right or are they know they’re doing a dancing like a wanker or somebody who’s just like an animal to masturbate but I do know that one
I could I go back to know what I’m doing. Are you kidding if you’re programming
Levi who’s your favorite Community characters that a dumb question
It’s a relatable you think you might be on the Spectrum a little bit and there’s actually played by a half Indian I bet you yeah you think maybe you’re a little like on the playground and it didn’t anybody ever come up to you and go what are you doing you look down in like your pants are down or are you just have like a booger on your shirt or are you just I just doing something wrong and you didn’t know it was wrong until it like everyone in a circle around you going
they’re going to Sarah walk up and then
so yeah you put that into your pastry like is your is your name
is cooking a way of you put emotions into your cooking these areas are you connecting with people when you’re cooking me think of it as is or is it like a trade your dad handed down to you guys doing because I didn’t sleep well so I decided to come and make it to school for it so you couldn’t sleep so you can enroll in a school at home first you have to bring those into when you apply right it is a muffin I’m a creeper. Kind of cold on the way over
going to go to a school by yourself and then you have a timemaster you can type for Baker for with meat make sure he acts like it’s not so much like funneling people into to treat courses Flanders. Do you have a more traditional of
languages and stuff like that since I’m the more practical like a job site beakers
close sneakers and stuff like that then art school has the unemployment
Pho whatever you were talking about programming to your computer
get it here in a homeless we got kicked out of a hostile because we booked for the wrong nights so we were actually just going to sleep in a clear that you’re visiting from London yeah we drove it so we basically went to San Francisco first and then we went to see ya like like like hell the hell I went to a slide in a bristle sells used to Hills it’s very heavy
if you don’t like walking on a level surface to wait 5 minutes it’ll it’ll change
Haley is fucking the borough of the whole Queen’s Realm
is it is it Bristol Cockney rhyming slang for titties Bristol Bristol City Utilities
I’m going to teach you something about London my friend
Dark World
what are Enterprise Rent-A-Car from the back
Saturday where you came to class with your butt with your with your little messenger no Bragging and I’ve never heard that phrase is like crystals in your enemies like I’ve never heard that he’s like I got but in London and he’s like well I’m fucking posh
please homeless there ain’t another one
no I know I didn’t know I partied way too much what are you up to read mechanical engineering I’ll just wanted fluid levitation so I left at 8 to Jennifer Lewis ex-husband code for a wine cake
n a n a swimming pool
I can’t see what is fluid levitation in India so you you crazy set up a three-dimensional you just vibrates on your thoughts on peace electric elements behind it you put ply 1/8 C cons out there and then there’s my break is up to you piece of that you haven’t changed sizes, he knows he knows I do not set up a standing wave we’re going to have noticed we can put droplets in most speaking
oh I’ve heard of him not no not really I’m over Deadmau5 fan but now that the Cavs winning right now
I don’t have a knack for that I don’t have to take some fluids
is a 10 / here for the nwacp
I mean literally been Slippin cloud in the middle of a room is like look like a regular cloud
so was that you
you are a very specific knowledge but are you what kind of job are you looking to I actually got a job with Toshiba in the UK I’m so I’ll be doing research into futuristic city design which sounds a bit with his Toshiba Toshiba has the wherewithal to what do you know
tattoos called crime Toshiba City kind of law enforcement
ladies and gentlemen of the fluid levitators 209
what’s your glass down wankers
you have text jackets before I come on you
dumb stupid
I think that we had we have a really good lineup for DND tonight so I feel like so I guess one right now so you’re saying that why is a Danish called a Danish you know what do you call a music list of what is the weather
breakfast Abbot brothers because of all the years of brother from the same do what kind of alternating current would you need to apply two layers of butter to make it look like floating in the air at just like Kristen Vapor that you walk into and you get a little bit of electric shock but you’re like I surely I thought it was directed at the French know I thought I thought that was the joke what are the what are the countries are here
bucolic I thought I heard I thought I heard people Wu-Tang for Canada are you guys are visiting from Canada
okay are you guys at sorry the Melting Pot you can’t get out get to retain any going back home and live life in Belgium right would you rather would you like to live here maybe
no I’m going back home
I would have you moved in with Jeff and Ed Jeff or Jeff said that he moved in with him but he was a prisoner because of his life his cooking like I am over at Levi be like a scared look on his face and then Jeff was like
you know MMA and Belgium different ties and is teaching us how to do and he just can’t stop talking about Belgium and I’ll tell you go to bed before your Innovation bus fare
it’s a nice world
Pho you going to be going to go back to lemons if you want to live in England must be alive at least until I can be smart Energy Systems so let’s save it’s really sunny Los Angeles but it’s pouring the rain stuff in this code and the story of times I reckon efficiently to San Francisco are going to build a city that’s going to steal weather that’s what I heard
it’s raining in San Francisco it should be over here
our train was stolen by a Japanese skyscraper
the villain from Rainbow Brite rain ct2000 I thought to myself as I watch the recent I’m in town that sings with deep crap it’s almost painful I don’t know the so what are we do we got an extra person up here should should leave I play a unicorn or not I should just go
yeah you’re doing that hearts and Minds he’s just doing that Downton Abbey like upper class like humility saying
man we would love you to stay privately or both they’re both great you’re going to find something for Levi to do in the middle of the game it’s going to be an amazing non-player character that Spencer comes up with any kind of here at you kind of laconic like like Avengers and kind of a like a like a like that all right all right all right
all right well he gets out the character sheet to do it so you’re watching Community which surprises me when people in people at 9 English-speaking countries are like watching community and going like I get it that’s that’s a funny joke about Pokemon the American
and so’s Toshiba if you’re listening to harmontown I mean what do I got to put you on the spot I’m like some dumb person of the party going like why do you like me as I would really when you’re listening to our you know it’s cuz you’re baking so you want to listen to just like white noise
do it I just it it it it is interest me like a ulcer listen to the Nerdist right it’s been like all this texting and I like that you like pop culture and stuff what do you think about that actor
that Acker Ben Acker
a blacker I guess cuz he’s Blacker
black is better
thank you guys for being here and let the character sheets do whatever you want man so I guess Chris de Burgh you know you familiar with this I heard one or two podcast of your robe British Italian fluid levitation levitating robots
what weight this is Liz Murphy Jazz all the way down to Jeff and then Levi you’re just playing my Hawk Avenger doesn’t have a sheet
wait this is Aaron there we go okay yeah yeah yeah yes
last time on harmontown was under attack after escaping a black dragon and narrowly dodging a crashing Airship are heroes headed out of the purple Canyon and found themselves on the road to Rose book with a robot baby named logy worlds book was a quaint little town at the outskirts of the purple mountains less than a mile away but as the game Drew closer they saw a horse-drawn carriage under attack by orcas Marauders the gang left into action all except Sharpie who was so busy masturbating but he didn’t even realize the deadly melee taking place all around him sorry
our hero struck feeling a third of the Orcs in the single moment as Sharpie waited Into The Fray yelling and Confused Moraine perhaps possessed by the spirit of Duncan Trussell took her own life dabbing ourselves in the eyes and turning her brain matter into mush killing her instantly cut the music cut it off killing killing music like no rain
alright so yeah that’s what just happened you hear the beginning of a screen quickly cut short you turn to see more rainfall to the dirt blood and brains spilling from a right socket nearby or exceed this happening in temps to make it look like he did it because he pointed his head with both thumbs and goes this orc
megatel do I react
but the whole reaction
thanks thanks. I’m usually listening to the podcast when I’m coming
is that orcish are we still battling the zorks oh yeah you’re in the middle of a fight this happened in the middle of a combat so more rain is laying dead with a smushed brain and a sword in her face to face the tragic I take her sort out and to avenge her over her suicide
I I I charge of the Ark before it just is too heavy or something I run back and put it back in her face
Avenger attack the nearest Oreck with your bird claws
after giving your Mighty Belgian scream
that’s just how they found over there
Avenger the hawk with his battle-cry scratches at the orc that Jeff work missed with his blade Klein his eyes and dealing for damage your kids running around screaming
when it’s what I’m going to do shocking grasp on him if I can get to him on the same orc all right you will you try to do that you miss also
prison with a shocking grasp but he nimbly Dodgers out of the way while being hawked
yeah well it’s that or to turn he’s trying to talk from his face but instead he just falls into you impaled himself on Miranda face toward what I guess it’s not impalement it’s more than just a slice but you know he’s dead, he killed himself half the Orcs are dead nobody touch that sword
the other or one of the other works runs away just because he realizes he’s outnumbered and then was that to left to left to left to left
the other one just he looks the damage and he’s kind of freaked out so maybe it would be a tiger at the lost or just one more I think I said two more but yeah you do that you do that and you strike him right in the neck dealing
for damage
he believes quite heavily in clutches at his throat while putting in a corks turn I take my mighty Greatsword out and I go and I am right at his kneecaps try to cleave his knees just like this I don’t want to die fast I wanted to delete out
you keep leaving his knees and you slice them open wait what’s your damage
he explodes from the news
Jesus Christ is this structure
the last Dork the leader or he’s wearing a helmet and holding the gold axe grumbles he’s like I’m not going to die today you bastard necklace so I have it written down
Jordan 3 dangling glass bottles Each of which contains a blazing fiery Nexus of light he takes three or four measured steps back and then hurled the necklace directly into the middle of all of you guys thank you

it’s freaks like a bullet directly towards the horse-drawn carriage in for a split-second all you can hear is the delicate shattering of glass in creating a large mushroom cloud in its wake you can see that Nome that was earlier Atop The Carriage blasting off like a rocket he goes the least twenty feet up words before plummeting back into the Earth landing on pack ground with a stick addicts now he’s still but thing is massive shock wave
all sorts of things in his blazing Trail maker a reflux disease
what other your reflex saves my reflex save is 5
infinite objects charity is 14 alright well I rolled really high so everybody stays mean damage
sell his blazing fire consumes your bodies and like things on fire now your whole body is though just 13 damage worth of your body is your yeah you’re good cuz you got the the dodging all right yeah yeah yeah the whole Carriage is consumed in a fiery Blaze and then the orc he clicked his heels together and little feathers a pop out of his boots and he flies away a hell kind of orc this isn’t the last afros
he disappears leaving nothing but burning Carnage and make a note that’s how much three glass bulbs to on a necklace like alright no biggie
it’s like an m-80 up to the to the to the gnome that that snapped on the Packer then I examine his body he’s pretty still but as I left so I wouldn’t Flickr open and I was like I can’t move Cherry Hill this man wizard
giving to heal spells you know
no that’s not really a direction I went
adjust the specialize in shrinking people and I guess she got blown up
yeah yeah all the all the possessions anywhere in the fireball explosion you’re completely worthless so that she’s gone she’s just she’s just vaporized I guess really think that’s how it works
well I guess it’s kind of settling right now and I guess we can take stock of the fact that Miranda we’ve grown to know and love is just she’s been completely vaporized I go to the I got to the dying guy and I got to why were they attacking you they were trying to steal from
it blew up what do you make potions or beer I make spirits
like beer Spirit service yeah yeah
is there a guy that can blow things up and fly with his boots wanted to steal beer
if I had to guess I don’t think he knew my where’s he probably thought you had like maybe
beer experiment yeah
dial it’s a moving still
but now it’s blowing up has gone right sure was are you okay how do you feel ready yet move at all
I ate empty I just I massage them and try to heal him okay you massage and making sure to stimulate his fascial layers he he doesn’t seem to react to his neck look broken I do have a I do have a brew potions feet I don’t know if I can look around I also have knowledge no I don’t know all the all everything’s all blown up it’s all I thought maybe I could steal a piece of milk thistle
yeah alright well I think what’s happened sir is that your back and or neck may be broken you’re going to have to hold still for a while and you don’t have a choice
how far are we from from the nearest city we’re very close to my town Rose book Misha take me there and pick him up and throw him over my shoulder and I heard somewhere you’re not supposed to die was cast can I can I use a cliff to do. He weighs more than five and levitate levitate all the way to town I’m going to levitate you come back down if it’s going to start a little button that did so
I can’t do anything right away to Rosebrook it’s you can see from Hocus Pocus body floated into the are you begin to hear the loud rumbling Thunder in the sky darkens above you lightning real lightning from the East you can see a blazing white light flying through the sky it’s quite far away but you can see even from here that it’s a lot done great wings of Flame Wings that shed flame onto the ground with each beat lighting fires in blazes all across the earth below I can come when it doesn’t look like it’s wins
turn down a little bit it’s too far off it looks like it’s about six miles off it’ll be sometime before it gets here but definitely apocalyptic looking like a Storm’s a-brewin
we going to get on
you were right
Rose book you can see a real white monolithic prayer pillars each draped in bright red roses kind of forms a fence around the city give me a very secure and beautiful. You can see the front gate of the city has several Farmers with a various livestock or kind of ushered in by a few City guard the lead of which has a female Paladin in bright shining armor kind of giving me directions to the city Guardsmen and ushering people inside for safety looking good
all right you guys are close now you’re right up there at the front gate
are you a female Paladin what is your name back story
I I I pull up a rock and sit down for what I intend to be a long. Of a backstory Avenger give your Battle Cry and go check out that storm so you don’t risk anything but see if you can get a a vantage point report back
Avenger takes wife is going to be some time before he’s returned like at least 5 or 10 minutes well yeah they’re so who’s this guy here everybody
I fight for truth I look for heroes or support Heroes I myself am a hero
do you know what my friend sometimes it is sometimes it is brave and I like to think of myself as constantly break
I’m from the town of citrus
you may have heard of it Town covered in oranges everyone were orange who orange focused town
but then one day Sundays
came by and pull up another rock
about me
you guys are going to get to the gate and I think how you doing nice to meet you when you get off
I just got off
me too
I didn’t realize that you were on the job looking for truth and honor and everything that I see and feel
it’s my own job that I put a pot of myself but I would I was looking for to travel there are still grieving over a lost friend do I need food
Stars guy we keep week for life
Jasmine guy is going to meeting with a sharpie and and Chris de Burgh. You guys
but she needed to be out at your house
chance for Life strike me as a kind of person that would change your character
identity crisis ladies we keep meeting all right hi I just wanted to explain what jazzing for light me improvisation week we have to get this guy
okay let’s assume for truth
young lady are trying way too hard I only have like way too is at like 13% I got a glove at 8 this guy’s going to Fall Out Boys Are Over
what am I attribute is that I hear what God wants to hear
I thought I put a third Side Bar don’t even have to wait is there another guard there I can ask I do what direction that man is he needs medical attention oh Jesus Christ
you can hang out with this man’s back is broken I think that me approach him sorry and I got all burnt up
I approached the broken back levitated man
I use he’ll never thought I’d miss mo’reen Sedona
and yeah they use that wow
I only will heal skill is like just a 3D six damaged Hill heels heels 14 points of damage his various vertebrae cracked back into place you still can’t quite move but he’s wiggling toes a bit what we’re not on a quest we’re kind of finishing a quest with I just wish I knew what was going on with Adventure right now
yeah I’ve been here comes back
oh I did 10 minutes
and when he does you realize I realize what in Belgium they only have owls
small country and there’s only so many birds of prey
so I he could see it looks like a blazing like figure of light kind of flying towards you looks dangerous as big a 30 ft stand behind me
do we trust. I think we should get into the town I live in a place where there’s I’m already I’m already in the town I walked away a long time ago is there an apothecary or a medicine Internal Medicine ologist that you did your best thank you glowing like thing is coming our way I got to drop this guy off
show you show you around I have a constabulary come to my constabulary okay is there a hospital or sophisticated first aid kit
let’s let’s Jam towards health
so you killed your character after becomes this completely different character the same confused person
don’t know who you’re talking to your liver Liver Aid right now I would like to know the different trying to move I am trying to never go on there and defend myself I would like to just play the show just be positive and not worry about you know Dushku 69
Spider-Man SpongeBob
my character is because I was talking about it for so long and then last week I felt like it was the right thing to do
and we can talk about that if you want FedEx but I just I felt like it was the right thing to do and I realized this is also what I did and I wish I knew you was going to do things I don’t think I’ve been so positive towards my character
don’t want to live on forever I mean you have been so tired
I feel meme
this guy needs a hospital I I don’t understand
let’s go I I Whistle I was on that sounds very similar to
I was so in a beautiful brown horse rides up I I found I found this horse wandering around cocoa
you recognize
you guys recognize this Coco so much of our friend that just died cuz Jeff
exactly who is Jeff nothing. I heard about it before that hurts really bad you’re goddamn healer
answers I’m going to start walking with Coco towards the the medicine cabinet inside the top house inside you Larry thank you Larry and they look at you and they run over with a stretcher and grab the guy I threatened them along their you’re welcome Jojo
where is Loyola Avenger when you saw this thing coming how soon did you reckon it would get here based on its speed in your Hawk knowledge
10 minutes I mean you know Hawk time is like four times faster so I can I can I hit the thing about me all of my spells are depleted and have been for like 9 gaming sexual I was thinking that too but there was a good three weeks that you guys were regenerating spells and traveling to the purple man is always nice men with guard outfits they’re wearing white uniforms their kind of walking in and out there’s a large sitting room where your kind of near with a tables and benches and a few off-duty guard sitting and drinking and talking
give me a table at a put-down he for everybody and I know nowhere alcohol liquids
I wouldn’t mind going and finding out these Crystal crabs and shit that we got in the purple caver worth remember those things like crap things praise those are those items for us one of the guards I’m off duty
no one on duties in the realm
she’s off duty right you’re off to spiritually who knows man
you know these guys.
Have a guy
what was that we were just looking for I don’t care in 40 minutes or so there’s a giant storm brewing is coming our way. We need to put me to defend the city in like you guys have like defenses in the army that can protect us yes you said the emergency worries me that was me the dungeon master because you weren’t asking anybody in the garden they are off duty
I appealed to be alive later on whether they’re working or not Depends for the city yeah I mean the guy who’s in charge of everything including the defense of the city is the main patriarch whose name is Father tender little guy thank you for the warm reception I heard you talk I would like to keep coming up
yeah I try to make I wash my hair twice a week so
I would like to introduce you to a very special person he’s right around the corner and I can I lead you there and all your talk about defense then as a new member of your gang that will forever be with you and never leave that I would like to show you
no matter even if someone says run read it to change your character
try to leave them as a gesture to them in like walk out and show them Father tenders before you could even open the door and you can see father tender himself whilst riding through he’s a very handsome older man in white robes embroidered with red roses he marches inside with Guardsmen to his left into his right he says greeting father tender here thank you for your service you’re all doing a fine job then he looks like workin his face Harden you look so he glances over dignity dignity who are all these new faces these are my best friends
these are my best friends are my potential lovers these are my future Adventure have her together Withers these are these are the most important people on the Facebook Planet this is course hero he’s great and this is a Sharpie I overheard your name is very strong and
this is Chris de Burgh who’s been quiet quietly listening
very fancy
my new friends are concerned for the safety of the city and I would like to help them protect the city because I feel like I’m sure is how dangerous work isn’t it for years of Danger All Around doesn’t it there’s a big ball coming we don’t really like danger so much here in Roseville new animatronic no no we follow our beliefs strictly in the rosicrucian Codex clearly states that danger is evil and right now we got a whole lot of it I don’t know if you know out there but there’s a demon coming right for us blasting Hellfire and screaming bloody murder and I think you’re behind it gnome gnomes are always trouble we want to know man has been coming through town making a mortal drinks and poisoning our citizens we’ve lost
God’s favor if you’d excuse me I need to pray our clerics are already at the store rods reinforcing our Wards he looks over a dignity with electric gays and says you know my glow rods already rigidly rainforest
feel free to stop by my Juicery if anyone wants me to give him my special juice
you don’t you don’t want the special juice not that special to everyone in this town can generated and his is warm look at the hell out of this town I don’t like I don’t like the looks of the tender I don’t like anything about the time we dropped that guy off with it our duty this just keep moving as clemency chase after her father Thunder I’m saying father tender this is not responsible for this demon this gnome is necessary to the safety of this town and you should treat this gnome like the special guests that he is
you’re right I’ll do that but I got my eye on him if you guys bring any more trouble you’re all fucked
what he says when he leaves every room
any trips is out
alright I feel bad for this town There’s a thing, I don’t feel bad about this time at all that we’ve got a shity reception from the get-go we’ve done worse things that people have done less to us
which way do we still have a robot baby oh yeah yeah yeah
that’s that’s on me man who did a great Hawk though
highlight on my lighter
I go up to the walls The Rosy walls of Rose book and look over and check out the other is this the light storm coming towards the light storm is coming way faster than you’d ever expected another it nears you can hear a voice calling out from the void sounds like
heading straight towards the town and within instances upon you but crashing towards the town it smashes directly into solid air above the town you see that way towards sizzling and popping in midair burning the Angels flesh and compelling it outside of the city it’s circles around a few times crashing into the barrier for longer Co jams firm
Yoshi the angel right Yo Yo Ma G Ami G Ami G get into the barrier has kept him out aside from that guy’s a lack of sexual harassment training
this is I guess he’s going to effective leader in the house
got this place buckle down one of the guards poke supper speaks out he’s like you know that guy wasn’t always a perv hi that’s all Sia so weird I walk out of the constabulary and walk into town to see if there’s if there’s anyone
check cashing out of Crystal crabs in either everyone seems kind of occupied looking at a giant flaming angel demon is it still is just hovering out there still trying to get into all of that but yeah it’s like a velociraptor Texas thing the weakness is an electrical fence and dignity I know that they were wise woman or is it just means your father tender is basically our wise man and you saw how how why is he is I I mean it could be the first on a list of many harrowing Adventures for you to join me in defending this city and and we can we can all we can all damn damn towards the light and if there was ever sum
play 102 Jamz work light without your email I think it would be you that you’re very you’re you’re you’re you’re very particular
and I like that I like how particular you are I realize you just lost your friend
I don’t think you care at all really know I never met her
well then you loved her but I’m saying we could maybe we got off on the wrong foot with a very long day
Whitney the last thing you want is more Adventures we had it with that we haven’t had it up to here with a bench
I made a blanket for a concern about this is Angel attacking and you’re telling me that you’re tired and I’ve been just got killed while she killed a song by Jeff say I say we don’t want any more Adventures again but say my name is my actual name we don’t want to go on any more adventures and I look up at the angel. I don’t think the adventure cares
and then
can I can I just make it a special Avenger credit this has a little bit of fear in it or like like kind of like like it’s like a foreboding like like an ominous flag
I don’t want to go in anymore but I don’t think the adventure cares
I care for Levi from Belgium everybody
Pet Shop in London that you very much.
Erin mcgathy
anyone at all for coming
customer said everybody here now, to put us on a path to take chances


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