Episode: 112 – Popeye Is Our Lord And Savior


Episode: 112 – Popeye Is Our Lord And Savior


Harmontown is not ready to say goodbye to our friend Robin WIlliams; Jeff & Dan write a new song, an Emmy award winning special effects editor makes their way to the stage, Ferguson and the current paramilitary police state are discussed at length. You ready? Lets do this.


hello welcome to Meltdown Comics in Hollywood California Hermantown is now in session
the song make me happy and sad at the same time welcoming the stage the mayor of harmontown missing Dan Harmon
play I don’t know what you started playing that it was like weird choice but I thought about it was either going to be Aladdin You got a friend in me or that one and I thought this one was more sad is the is the idea where that makes me the happiest thing in the world because he Robin it was that’s how I first knew him I grew up on that is how I learned to be funny ever being a little kid and imitating Robin Williams like imitating more like 10 years old my mom will take me to restaurants and it would just be jumping around making an ass of myself just trying to do an impression of him would win Carvey was out or talked about how in high school I would give you my impression of his Impressions my whole life has been a hack and I definitely started started with him and we’re all to have him here at like
the day he died like Jonah Camille Patton Oswalt in the few other comic friends of ours went to the rest again and we sat down and everybody had a robin story and the stories were all about how he made you feel cool he made you feel better for having met him and that’s for sure or not talked about the fact that he was so successful and so regarded so mainstream effective that the comedy community I think I do especially like hang their head because and I’ll I’ll say it if nobody else does that there was a lot of shit we keep done his his his career path overs over the time cuz it was just like an easy target because he made us so many people so happy and I I mean I think the thing about that is that no matter who you talk to everybody everybody everybody would sometimes enjoy that it was
shooting a slingshot at the Moon you know I’m never going to hit it but everybody that ever met him without without exception that a story about how how how how joyful and I’m worried how how how sincere and how connected he was it he yeah he he never I mean I didn’t even say anything about it when it happened it’s this is a doozy it’s and that’s a really appropriate word to use it’s a doozy is John Ritter was in was very close to him and he’s really hurt by and we know a couple of people that were really close to Robin and are really affected by it and I’m not you and I used to joke about we didn’t like that movie and we
Good Will Hunting and we didn’t like this we would get out of but also
having met him you have to take it all back and and also you find out that you loved everything you ever did for me Popeye he’s fucking great in it and then that’s the weirdest movie of all time what what why is Robert Altman directing a movie about papaya and
who was it they said that they had stories about meeting Rob and he’s like we went to Malta to shoot that Malta and island in the middle of the Mediterranean and he’s like there’s no Coke there and I never had was a point in my life when it did I was it was fueled by cocaine and I had to have cocaine and so they couldn’t get it they couldn’t get cooking so all of a sudden a bunch of Parisian models like really sexy female Parisian model started showing up to the island of Malta and all of the sudden Robin Williams had Coke and it turns out that pop I was made by fad to Parisian model Coke
bad but the models were so bad your best like pocketed she’s stirring in mules carrying the seven I think it’s a good movie to fucking
I don’t want to live in the world do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting apparently I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
it was it was an interesting time to for Twitter I mean there was not a single person from dying like their corners of the comedy world that they didn’t affect and this just wasn’t the case and that’s why I kind of stayed silent because I I had a weird fact happen to me where I end this is all on me this has nothing to do with it at all I need because I didn’t want it to be all on me etcetera etcetera I’d like a swirling irony of weird feeling said I didn’t want to take part in some kind of paltry paltry ultravation is that a real word I just it felt like we were reading too much about it and seeing too many people’s feelings about it and all of a sudden felt like oh we’re ready to accept this which I wasn’t
death of a celebrity that people instantly wanted to make it about themselves instantly but I think that that’s not a bad thing that’s just saying that I don’t think we’ve ever seen anybody die that people instantly felt they had a connection to another people that haven’t met him that that that just people wanted to say this is my relationship to this guy named Robin Williams and I was born in the 70s I like him for this I was born in the 90s so I knew him as a lighted some people know I miss Peter Pan which I thought was a terrible movie and things I should have collected I didn’t but I didn’t think I didn’t imagine we’d be able to talk about this I wanted to kind of delicately kind of like I also didn’t think would be honest and not talk about it but I also like scoot around it and let you have it just kind of touch us but I at the time I wasn’t thinking about curating things but I think it’s fascinating collecting me horrible horrible
ways to people more into Twitter things that they say his daughters have some nice thing is she got waylaid by a bunch of assholes who is saying Hey listen Hey listen to your great I think you’re doing a great job I think you’re a really really talented person
hash hashtag however Tell Robin
and I was like oh okay all right
you going to let it sink in for a second that’s the thing about it
okay people that people coping with it in different ways people coping with their relationships with others through it but also he did it all over the country and probably all over the world
so many people I know that do improv shows small-time no one goes to him like like nothing in prep shows are you see be with people do go to people have a story where Robin shows up and just wants to watch and then you say will you come on stage and he can kind of balk at we’ll get up there and he’ll get up there on stage with people and makes everybody feel like the coolest person in the world and I think like I feel very touched and honored like I met him when he came on harmontown here I had happened to have dinner with him two nights before and we sung songs and improvised stuff and he made me feel like I feel like an audience member of the coolest show of all time because he was just doing this and he stood up and my girlfriend he’s just improvising Scottish songs and and I had ukuleles and guitars and he just started improvising folk songs and he did
perfect Scottish accent says she like a crib in Glasgow or Edinborough and and we just like we laughed so hard and he was sober at the time I was at the two nights later I didn’t know he was going to be here Bobcat was here and Robin it happened to call broadcast hey love, books and Rob Bobcat said I’m here I’m going to do the show with my friends called harmontown would you want to come out here sit stage left play a song and Dan makes a joke like if you guys don’t deserve this show like Bobcat Goldthwait
and rotten Bobcat Lisa Robin comes out and he hugged me because we’ve hung out and he made me feel like we have been best friends forever like he had a cool ability to make you feel really cool really special and I don’t know I kind of felt like I did this side I’m pretty I’m pretty proud of the fact that we had him here and it made me cry really hard because I have friends are really close to him
yeah Aaron was really devastated by it and everybody was just like I didn’t expect to be questioned my didn’t know I met him once but I also I feel like it was weird thing when I sat and Patton Oswalt showed up and we just sat down and he had some everyone has a really good story as he has better ones because he’s met her more and I said I just don’t feel like I was ready for him to not be around that you know what that that’s what it is it was anybody was ready for I think everybody thought that he was always going to be around I thought that’s how I felt about you have some tracted from your existence because
you didn’t realize the value that he had
hello I’m what I’m wiping tears and snot out my face right now I’m just not sure if it’s a choice I don’t know none of these people knew what that was that’s why I that’s why I didn’t me dude like me kind of car here and I was sitting with a guy who actually has driven me to the show before is it that show. I said Neil like do you know the song and I played the Morecambe anything because not once that I got this is the same from work and mini cuz it was Mork & Mindy it is if it’s a show that Robin Williams was in when I first met him in the seventies but that’s how he was introduced to my universe acid or this one and I played
you got it was a friend like me running like me I thought he said don’t don’t don’t do it a french guy that makes me happy because that makes me like feel like a kid but the Aladdin when I thought would be worse we we did after meltdown we played that one and it was like oh okay this is a mistake like it is just very sad I think part of the thing is that there is literally nobody else that I’ve been a fan of my entire life when I was a little kid I love Papa and it is always no matter how old you are this is Robin Williams movie that is like right for you
call Robert De Niro and all her amazing when I was a kid I didn’t give a shit I give a shit what I remember I saw this my dad at this magazine Popeye with my favorite cartoon I convinced myself spinach taste of good cuz the Popeye it doesn’t it taste like shit yeah I would like to do that one by separate having one Battleship and it would shoot a missile at the other biceps with my dad at this magazine and it had a fucking movie about Papa what the fuck did the first time I said fuck and I washed it and let it go to the Popeye District
who played Bluto and that when Brutus Jeremy Sisto give me what I wanted. I think it was Tom Clancy movies
I know I’m sorry I’m being a pain check voicemail
Chevy Chase don’t have an army
Tom Clancy Chiron the papa papa District like typing Karachi
what is a tomato
beside papa is our Lord and savior established that go like you know they establish an exotic location of and there’s a guy in the distance I was wondering what you do with that so-called that’s basically. It’s called you as odd is what it’s called and it is a call to prayer we hear it five times a day and the first time you hear it is at 5 a.m. that’s when he supposed to pray for every night at 5 a.m.
you hear that sound which I’m not going to do it today or is it is it is it
Pizza Hut
kneeling down when you hear that cuz I know it’s an aerobic and I don’t speak Eric but it’s basically like I’m guessing it’s like God is kind of needy so it’s going to die right you’re going to be hearing this
now is not the time for us having lunch today and we’re at a bar and we heard some classic rock being played on the jukebox and we’ve heard of like we know we were at lyrics to The Night Court theme song and if I don’t know that same boat as we wrote the lyrics to that we also fixed chicken noodle dick
I’ve heard of Pringles dick but I don’t know the context of it I always thought it was a guy who’s Jake was as big as a pringle, but I never really found out why you have a Pringles dick I just T my dick inside I can eat my dick inside of Pringles can call me Pringles dick but I never really found out I never really found out what he doesn’t understand
the week that should be replaced as opposed to call the prayer right now.
Clarity Popeye District
I’m not going to
I know I am not going to I’m not going to do it but I do I can’t do it that’s how close we have like praying and then everything else is blasting right now
is this a prayer in a classic rock song with I think most of you wouldn’t know came on and then started singing and it was about pooping and some and some sand so what did you guys change the lyrics to
wait wait we made a song called poopy Sans I’m pretty sure we’re going to fuck it up and I think it’s pretty good I think so I got the karaoke version of the song we can do it again you guys have lyrics on your phone
Lord knows I was there ain’t that much to me
traveling from an abandoned yeah
basically a bucket with a poop inside
you’ll learn it wow I don’t want to be an eighth air but it sounds more like you’re making sending poop
exmoor Sandy pooped and it is poopy time would be if you were sitting in to said you weren’t there man
this is it this is a moment and thank God I would have fixed it
sometimes the news sometimes out of the news
heart attack
stuck it inside of Mama Brown Anchorman
we’re all high it’s not funny it’s not professional
recipe handed down by his old man he’s just a guy’s telling Sandy poop out of his van there’s a lot of Supply but no demand between recipe and basically cuz he said it’s a recipe
that put me sand is a song that will Dan if you want to write three more songs we have a record and we can go on tour in the Ramblin Man okay
I don’t know if anyone’s alive it will take offense to that but if they if you are bring it
Dan Harmon goes toe-to-toe with the remaining Allman brother
what were they Brothers I don’t know
actor in The Green who’s peeking over Spencer shoulder who is that that’s wonderful artist the artist for the newest member of my Clash of Clans Clan pretty good he looks more like we’re in a specific hat
depending on what the new segment there’s that song could be very inappropriate news Harvard Towers reviewed by the LA Times it was a stick
the LA times has the movie
harmontown Coronavirus
I selected all because you were all mentioned it was pretty funny I think we’re going to get those out every day I just thought I was late I’m pretty sure he does surround himself with relatively more grounded compatriots including most regularly co-host and comptroller Jim Davis
wow the guy who created Garfield
Garfield what’s his name
comptroller Jerry O’Connell see who has a podcast of her own this feels terrible that you were biracial
what is approaching Seth Rogen territory
Nicholas misogynist
everywhere half the time
I’m 50% of every where can I see this real quick
Aaron has a podcast about those New Orleans sandwiches
the modern media is not reacting well to the internet
I spilled coffee on myself right now I can’t believe that the only name he got right with Camille nanjiani
it is amazing how often my name is misspelled just cuz it’s not a name that you see like all I got this it’s an idiot to look up I would think it would never be misspelled cuz I got to get this one right whatever those are common names that mean no no I don’t mean to fucking racist
one thing Community my driver Sergey today told me I have four point seven stars in the passenger
I’ll tell you if I drive are at 4.7.
What can I say
I got met a guy last night who won an Emmy last night if you want to call me last night cuz you want to come out I don’t know
do you want to come up get up here Game of Thrones you can come up if you want we don’t we don’t bully people
I don’t know how he can take the baby doesn’t want to come out cuz it’s just darkness back then it’ll be a dragon later
this hello how are you I don’t want an Emmy last for a visual effects of Game of Thrones would like give us some specific remember what are the different visual effects on the show Dragon Ball Z roses
100 TV show cuz you looked amazing expenditure right
8 million I know that there’s no such thing as it out it’s not like everything has dragons flying around you know they do a good job of mixing it or is it digital stuff you know that the dragons will be probably one of the most expensive part of the visual text budget Legacy Jean
movies is cheaper than your dragon that’s what’s wrong with this country
so how do you guys know each other I just met him last night at the Emmys I presented in the last two years they didn’t invite me back guess who’s not a real
show me Star there man we going to get some props bring me back to the shop I was there 2 years ago when you’re presented only eclipsed only by the half you make quarters at next year’s creative arts Emmys Adam is going to send a swarm of orange golf balls that will later become a serpent maybe Mary Griffin and maybe a little fed up with that come on an atom
what are the type of creative arts Emmys has a sort of self self-effacing like awareness of the fact that we’ve been pushed to the to the off the air off The Primetime Emmys but I know but it does look just like the real ones
I have one I have one I held this semi
mercadito de for a few years now and I enjoy doing it before that when I first graduated I was I was a freelancer over at the onion News Network what writing you could do if you want to do I wish I could see you guys you guys using C plus plus what’s going on
who is just basic logo the whole thing is the composite a nuke and we don’t really play Shake Ya Ass out there
I just got a semi I really miss Shake
he came up to me last night he’s got no nukes got nodes Shake invented nodes me to shake really brought those to a new node level and if you could Google you can say I want this guy go to bounce up and down I want and that’s a node like they transform in the y-axis and then you decide later play so that you could delete that note turn it on turn it off what else do you guys want to ask Adam last night

you should take your enemy there is this your first at me
I have one
PS3 X mines for best original lyrics or music and comedy variety show
I was in a commercial that want a Cleo but that doesn’t go to the actor of ghost of the bad, why I said I was ugly so at the Governor’s Ball all these celebrities beautiful people were coming up to make I think you look great on hour and a half of beautiful people I got you please do I look fat in these jeans
you really going to make the cake out of it I don’t think that’s an expression past where we shoot the show tomorrow how do you feel about what’s going to happen if spoiled the fuck out of this ruined Game of Thrones for everybody
you think he’s going to tell you what’s going to happen next season because you couldn’t say with the budget was it won’t kill him for that one guy that was a blonde guy that likes Khaleesi got to move his doing the transporter reboot also they’re doing a transporter is all right
no comment OSHA hangout with Dinklage and I don’t mean to sound insensitive but the guy that left he had what can only be described as he didn’t rape face which is not you know he just had like a weird he looks very aggressive
family-friendly I guess but for the guy that’s a producer in Nashville it looks like something that way he can answer all right which actor on Game of Thrones is the least patient about having a time having to interact with things that aren’t there I don’t think I can answer that either
when do you know the answer do you have you don’t have to say it but it doesn’t matter if we knew who that was you play this voicemail and it was yeah yeah yeah you have to say who it is but is there one person you go yeah that that he touched the question he or she is if we guessed depression and we were right would you not
I am just trying to figure out how you would guess that person
alright is it is it true that there’s a second smaller wall north of the wall
go to request for George RR Martin what are you finishing the new book
are you out of my are you a big fan of the books do you go do you even care I I was just a gun-for-hire for you
you’re working on a goddamn water park II started on season 2 so I was like let me read book one and then I watched season one I knew what happens I was like let me read book to absolutely nothing he will be alright well we’re coming up to a graduate of resuming
Game of Thrones
in Game of Thrones
when I see Peter Dinklage you know do you know I fucked your phone your phone cuz you you know that you know I fucked your phone
alarm Spotify
alright then what
produce the Game of Thrones calling up your mama on every single fight the skeleton bones
I’m reducing games
that’s the only thing I know
you’d rather blaspheme the new provided to us are
what have I done
oh no, send a text.
All the Game of Thrones
hey guys what do you think about all that stuff it was a great attempt by both of you have Game of Thrones Good Times
give me to meet George or Martin in Comic-Con I I stared at him from across we were we were weird there’s this hotel that wasn’t our hotel but we’re just hanging out we’re hanging out in like the bar area those outside when I was he was just drinking that’s what he was drinking and I was like steel yourselves is going to be so he’s going to smell like to see but he was very few smells like a normal person and he was very nice
the sea is a nice yeah the sea smells great I mean they have like colognes named after the sea ocean swimming pool water Aqua Aqua Stone ocean Smith
cute fish salty Breeze I’m sort of more creature I don’t know why if I was but he was very nice and he smelled great not that I smelled it but it wasn’t like an obvious negative I’m sorry Adam
going on the projects and staying at the hotel I just did the vent
it’s not
Tarzan with a ballad about a guy that sells poo pee and poop and sand in a bucket out of the back of an abandoned ransack Superman poops in a bucket level economics my problem is buckets every day what do you sell an empty bucket
paying for the poop and the ratio of poop to sand in the bucket bucket Community have talked about this and they call it the price of the bucket is the poop in the sand in it cuz you got to wash it out that’s man hours o okay it’s it’s a couple bucks more than a bucket just a bucket is if that’s all you want don’t fuck around that’s why this guy is going broke he lives in advance if this country ran on heartstrings you know that he perfected and Liza was he selling it that’s the third verse that we haven’t written yet we don’t know that I would presume that the father probably broke something poopy fan
and the sunset look like I have to live up to my father’s dying wishes which is the self and perfect that the manufacture and distribution of poopy sand buckets and the fact that he’s telling it out of an abandoned van is that sad to me because you like he should be selling of a roadside stand from a roadside stand
I’m just telling poopy things
I went out when a man can’t go out and buy his father’s trade yet the dying Embers of a world where people that was Union and Silverside do those pride and you’re in the ownership of a small business
call the powers-that-be it originated from an abscess that rotated on the bonds between a father and son out of the market with puppies in bucket because there were talks about how the ocean just keep making more sand because he has more of a he only seems like the only hosts and is from fish pooping out the coral that they eat so I got like a fish nibble on the coral and they poops an egg crates little island but this guy is just craving
play circle of life
I mean this is beautiful what’s he doing with the poopy sign he’s not selling he’s just like yesterday
give me videos of yesterday’s total disclosure I’m pretty sure he’s telling you yesterday I think that you’re not always getting picked up
now I know that. Wait
do make it about Chinese murder vans that was what I was going to do
the Chinese border vampire
no no no no no we’re done it’s okay let’s look so thanks everybody all right so sad we’re grieving we thought we covered whatever. We were in the news like times you were also there was a Forbes article that quoted I make a v stock
where is episode I make a five stars
I think it’s good to have efficacy we should do something with it everybody vote know if no more voting came up for a vote then I would vote would you really do that Monday morning and then and then going to go out your garbage would be everybody was party for a while then there be garbage piling up to get garbage people to collect your guard, that’s a whole structure in place no seating everybody at Smith of efficacy of a fucking Iota it was it does not if it did not absolute
Malarkey you think you keep picking up the garbage means nothing is it weird that I understand you might as well like go to the booth and put poopy send in there
well enough in place that we don’t we don’t have to clamp down hard on people who have a problem with it like isn’t it isn’t it
things. Is there enough momentum behind the cops having drones and tanks and everything old that people who would get her people rising up and killing everybody like they could relax for a little while while the poor people can bitching complain
it’s like coming tonight by the way I want to know the number for the ACLU that somebody tweeted if you’re being harassed by police while you’re peacefully protesting here’s a number you can call like that’s going to make a big difference fucking phone number and I’m still with this box in the fucking Asperger Republicans are fucking just side with the fucking people who are getting tear-gassed now exaggerations rumors who gives a fuck if we are sloppy about going fuck the police will figure it out next week when she starts flying sign with the fucking tear gas. You don’t fucking side with the Tanis turds you don’t bother their canisters they’re protected
I don’t need your help they have armor they have everything if there’s a
when I’m trying to protest teenage black man
I just just fucking like why why can’t it be, Don Meredith
why why is it country that was founded by fucking brigands and rapscallions and fucking fireman for the answer it’s because we’re all terrified but what what how is that going to placate your Terror like like how are you journalists out there in air quotes
is a warning shot across the bow like I saw some good journalism going on out there cameras out the street going to go shit we’re getting fucking shot at they’re grabbing their cameras and they’re tearing them apart already telling them to not fill unbelievable here’s an idea from the age of Neo yellow journalism because guess what no matter how I need their side you are they ever going to be on your side when the chips are down they’re going to tear your fucking cameras apart
journalist even in times of Peace because they’re going to fuck you over as soon as they want to beat somebody they’re going to fuck you over be a journalist it doesn’t pay so much that you should be selling out your country with all gear head down harasses a part of American culture to just go oh this is that part of the part of our our our national life span when the heart-throbs there’s a palpitation there’s a city somewhere with some shit gets fucked up why isn’t it common patriotic courtesy to side with the impoverished right it’s crazy like every good stories about The Underdogs it’s amazing to me that do you watch Star Wars and you know what planet rules
it’s based on Star Wars he said we said what if you could be broke and have a chance and and it’s a is fucking crazy to me when you see a quiet Suburban neighborhood with a house looks like all the houses that we grew up in a really hard not to cry racism because really when you really boil down to it if all these people were fucking National Scandal yes it would I really feel that way I feel like the P there’s too many black people on the screen for people to not engaged in there like natural skepticism I got all these guys are just yeah what are they doing you look at the live feed and there’s like comments under the extreme and up and it’s like doing all the stuff in the other half are they people equally infuriated that have no stake in it except like a strange xenophobia going on what you fucking people get a job
but don’t even need to be connected these are American citizens standing in a quiet Suburban street with fucking incendiary devices Rollin Smoke wafting Pastor bedroom windows where their children are sleeping in cribs would you put up with that would you tolerate that what is it happened right here right now it would you would with wood we tolerate this label these little City’s main event this is an event that’s going to begin and it’s going to end. There’s an incident going on and we keep calling them incidents but the police aren’t calling them into this because the police don’t rent for the moment they acquire them gradually equipped for this and more and more and more every single police force is getting more and more military equipment as we go there dinner prepared for this stuff and it’s not going to stop the news never loosen it keeps tightening and went to when you’re looking at live footage of a city
your country where people are being assaulted by the police side with them you don’t have to do anything other than that just stop arguing about it stop waiting for more details. I’m hoping that it’s not that big a deal and just side with them you don’t have to get in your car and drive down there I will do that later but just stop fucking bitching about it against the people who are getting hit in the head with fucking incendiary devices
that ends our political corner
get me for retweeting the ACLU has number argument, it is a natural disaster that’s what I that’s what a riot situation is it weird crazy situation where people can get hurt and witness reports that the anecdotal ship that is coming in from that city is deeply disturbing and I’m 41 and I just keeps getting closer and closer if you know you know how comfortable these people are with the situation do you realize that we are going to live in a world where there are they they are already prepared for it and we’re not
they’re going to be driving down the streets in these fucking Humvees they’re going to have their gas masks they’re going to have their anti-personnel anti thing stomping all over the right to free assembly stomping all over the right to freedom of speech for it and we’re having fucking arguments about it because we want more clicks or less clicks or whatever the fuck we want to access week we are not angry enough we are not outraged enough or not hair trigger and if we should be skeptical it’s our patriotic duty to be skeptical of the people that control of it used to be and still is but just sent about the way that was by the authorities remember that old adage about how if you don’t know if you’re not guilty of something you have nothing to worry about ever that all the thing doesn’t that apply to the fucking people that are out there enforcing the law why the hell went why can we afford fucking drones
we can’t afford fucking cameras put them on their hat put them in their armpit is everywhere on these mother fuckers I’m paying I know it’s not a hard job has been an easy job I know you’re out there are body cams and the 911 $50 a piece LOL I’m just I’m going to hang out that if we why do we always start with criminals and pets and children and me don’t start with cops because the cops need to do their job and none of us can do our job we were being surveilled none of us being surveilled so either all or fucking start with them I don’t know if that’s my point I guess like before there’s a fucking camera on every goddamn instance of every part of our private lives that can be used for or against us talk to the cops
fun before that I prefer just order over organized order which which which is a police state I’d rather them be chaos would rather things would be organically dealt with the fundamental of like the idea that everything has to be completely controlled from the police and then the problem if you can’t control a city if the if the system isn’t working at all then let’s start having that conversation because we keep downshifting into like well these animals in this Basin they’re having a little bit of a tantrum they need to timeout they need some tear gas and there’s just going to be dudes in bulletproof parking SWAT gear paramilitary people like patrolling every street that you’re on and if you’d if you’re not guilty of anything you have nothing to worry about
polices the cynic in me says if you give the police his head cams they have these things you can turn on when you go into a house because of the crime in progress or maybe I think a lot of those cameras are going to fall off I think about it like that a lot of thinking to be broken like that you’re broken cameras apparently broken in Ferguson today and threatening a reporter threatening to shoot him this video of it caught in camera threatened amazed one reporter and shoot another this is tonight that’s happening right now of cops ushering media away and destroying it I haven’t actually seen it maybe I’m spreading it comes to people run in the cops show up and all the cameras like the point of all down at the ground which is illegal
you can watch forever. And say no First Amendment rights and stuff like that like the definition of what is legal what is not legal out the window the mama does any sort of like fur flying out in the air from the ground up by the Grassroots cuz none of us are we all ready have freedom of speech what the what includes great we can you yell fire in a public place and are you can’t do Circle drawn around free speech and close as in close and closes there’s nothing free there’s no fucking first amendment is no
and the people at fucking are all fired up by the Second Amendment fuck you. Fuck your guns fuck I guess the first thing should be the ability for people to be to have a liberty and I think that goes away all like every fucking single day and it’s illegal to say anything anymore did by descent became a political conversations they always come down to this point we’re two hundred fifty million people who have better shit to do are faced with the choice between going out and doing a bunch of shit that’s a big inconvenience to them or going on with their normal lives like I think that a successful political movement can can actually be successful if all 250 million people just decided very casually to ignore everything to two siding with the people with the gun when you next time you’re talking about this with your wife with your husband with your children at a party online just that
looking part of you fucking let it go because you are you going to be rich is that what you’re worried about our do you think that if you sell out capitalism it’s going to turn it back on you and you’re not going to get to be a high roller is that what’s going on you’re you’re one scratch-off away your one promotion away from the myth of retirement is there such a thing as capitalism without fucking elitism and so much hierarchy worship people that have more money than you can be at a party and if someone brings up a topic like this you can casually and coolly and smartly and wittily and funnily say where they’re all in a lot of other made up adverbs I don’t at all I know man dude and a tank I side with the dude that’s all I know
that is called democracy and capitalism will take its course like because there won’t be any money in making people complain to the other thing they make us think that we need that we’re going to be all rich one day and then we need to keep kissing ass and clawing our way up and shiting on the people who dare to protest and complain down below us that’s that’s the guy that I think that’s the key you like we don’t have to fucking go on wheat paste flyers and play Red Rover and you get sprayed in the face with shit those people are heroes but we do you can you can fight the fight at a fucking party hanging out smoking pot playing video games retweeting phone numbers at Geist is a people put a thermometer in that turkey and it comes back oh shit they don’t like us very much
I want to take you fucking anything everyone wants to be American and free and love your family and have your children your Thanksgiving and all your shit there’s no culture War there’s no no one’s coming at you
what do what do you think Spencer it’s all it’s all true every single word it’s all true I had a I had a weird story life event that happened as kind of relating to this site I retweeted an article that posited that was a teargas actually acts as a nerve agent like you know it acts similarly the nerve gas in that it directly stimulates your nerves causing a reaction rather than just like being up for more irritant and I retweeted it and someone some some old guy was like stop spreading rumors and I was like well that’s that’s a weirdly bold stance and I was like you didn’t read the article did you use like I read the article
what are you talking about it’s just some old guy with a weird military haircut and he’s like I’ve been an expert of chemical weapons for 21 years and I was like oh fuck you seem like a bad guy yeah and then so I’m doing my research and I was like okay nerve gas in it it stimulates the nerve so it’s it’s the nerve gas it’s a nerve gas and I didn’t know what to do cuz this guy’s an expert and I obviously a guy whose retweeting links and then some one of my followers or someone else retweets both of us and says damn cosetta is a fraud don’t trust him and he’s Linked In MIT article that an MIT Professor wrote that was like Dan cosettas active on Twitter and claims to be an expert but in dealings with him I found his own and it was just a paper debunking disaster and I’m just sitting like watching all this stuff happened
weird I just wanted to visit an interesting article I think you’re allowed to be wrong and spread rumors and be irresponsible not the point whatever lies that our responsibility starts and ends with the fucking guns and the simple things and the people who are getting paid to press that is not time to have a fucking Lincoln-Douglas debate about whether or not your facts are all in order cuz guess what your facts are going to be in order 48 hours from now you know what it’s going to happen if a tank rolls down your street guess what everybody gets to do they get to make shit up
that’s called I hate about it then that is the only things keeping them from rolling over now or is us like getting to go yeah fukin these guys or bad guys what do you mean by man Fox that on the guy to if he was shot in the head twice in the head from a distance in the back
what some of them are in the back
all right we’ve covered a lot of crime and this podcast I don’t like any of it now and all governments all of them they’re all this is no such thing as a good one the only good the only good government of self-government and that people actually do have the ability to live without government and absolute absolutely orderly and the mythology that we have to have a structure of of a of control for any society like law and stuff like that but people can creatively do that on their own we don’t have to have it be if I don’t know what their societies to do horrible shit if there wasn’t government outside they’re killing Windows when their husbands died
educated you have to take to get to spend a lot of years getting together there been times in history when people try to do it and they were so we need government listen cyclical concept of the world’s shity so I have to be sitting the world shity shity lead singer
a brace on your leg because your leg hurts because your leg is fucked up and unique and you need to walk I’m glad somebody
you have a right and almost a duty to look at that brace and go like this is a thing that is unnatural that is here that I need right now that I would like to not have if I can somehow figure out a way to not have it to her that’s what government should be you should be able to ever be saying and no one that works in government should ever be like this is an honor and a perfect world we wouldn’t need any of you like working at the post office the President should be should have poop for breakfast everyday thing with a little scuba I’m so glad they really need me and I got to keep the trains running on time
the office of the presidency wasn’t really that big of a deal for a lot of years like it wasn’t that big of a thing now it’s become the celebrity shit like it really isn’t that big of a deal it is a functionary office and that’s all that it should be and also it should be very fucking temporary and also the people shouldn’t give to schitt’s about it the best politician that wins every year or of every election is nobody cuz most people don’t fucking about why it doesn’t matter the idea that Democrats Republicans are all that different lies that the same fucking party they’ve got the idea that we have a left and a right in our in our democracy we do not there are two sides that are pretty left pretty right by the right guy. George Herbert Walker Bush we will be a lefty compared to what’s going on now the idea that would you vote for Obama versus so-and-so or whatever the fuck
the president never side there’s two giant difference between an absolutely Insanity it diminishes our intellect it diminishes the Democracy our constitution has basically been turned to shut also it’s late it’s frequently should I end up and when the tanks rolling you’re going to feel like a bad person for saying fuck you tanks because the tank will have American flags on them and and will be a bad person not only will be shot at but I just feel like that Americans for it as good Americans you should have absolutely a horror government at all times all the fucking time and we cannot do it because we’re too stupid to actually get up in the morning and take care of her elderly to teach our children to pave a fucking rug without letting other people do it we don’t know how to do it we’ve been taught not to do the cartoons are too good and the video games
we jump get to really wave a flag and say that we are what we think we are because the world looks of the American flag for a lot of lot of parts to pull I think and runs her fucking cover because if I can’t run is attacking them and just we torture people we do everything that we don’t believe in and we’re not good guys we’re not we’re not Heroes anymore we haven’t been for a good long time actually I don’t know that we ever fucking the world we had slavery forever I thought that was quite all right we’re still them a misogynist and fucking racist like a bunch of people that can move around at the worst countries in ours I’m not saying it’s the worst place in the world but we can’t wait for the banner and giving it all right we’re not doing all right if we can’t we have to keep striving allowed to brag about everything we’ve done but we have to keep on like somebody other than all the way out there
I don’t like the apocracy of saying that we actually do love Liberty and that we do love freedom cuz we don’t we at we were quite willing to
to make the text I fucking hate government’s I fucking hate them all I hate myself
piercers a bad movie
my favorite line from that movie The Bad movie
alright alright alright
Looney’s doesn’t hold up

Saints Go watch Goonies again
yeah really government again
also am I right about convincing of two things Rush socks and voting is gay a homophone
I can undercut everything I just pack your stuff
you know black people
we are we’ve been too soft on Asians I fucking think ages are going to fucking the getting a free ride
Davis would have you believe
Jeff Davis Vision
I was making fun of myself I sent that but buddy is stupid
big ass fucking Gray
I think I’ll suck anybody’s dick after the shower
if you vote for it but you all fuck it if it if it if there’s a fucking plurality I will suck a dick
my name is Jim Davis I’ll see you after the show.
Well worth their salt and handle the occasional slip out of her in silence because I hate talking about it because what I believe and I don’t even know how to support it I used to believe in like what like Emma Goldman McHale bakunin kropotkin and the great Anarchist thinker is the idea that anarchism is the mother of order it’s not disorder the idea that we have to be led around by people that we don’t know anything about and he’s fake structures and shit like that when I start talking about that I bore myself senseless because I don’t really know how to support it and then it says something stupid like boating is gay which undercuts everything of people who have a fucking feel down that you should because I don’t have it also I just don’t like government cell phone
everything else that actually already going on that I have a big problem with I think that you need to be able to stand at a party and say I think everybody should go to be naked and it should be held to the same scrutiny as well if everyone was naked then there wouldn’t be ourselves going to take but the shit that’s already working it’s working and it’s working too well working good enough and we need to like possibly be soaking in a solution of idealism we need to have crazy people saying what if we were Communists what if we were naked what if we would look what if there was no government what if garbage was food what if what if you could turn saltwater into freshwater stand with poop what if we weren’t dependent on oil what is the fucking planet is flow heating up you need to constantly have people if you constantly put everything
those people say under a microscope and Bash them to Pieces but if it doesn’t hold up to the same things that have the status quo definitely that’s called a tree that doesn’t Bend its ended but it’s going to break and uproot and float down the Amazon River alright let’s look at it just all stare at me I guess
that’s what lets you got LED Indian store for us do I yes
I wish voting Morgan I guess that’s my problem but but it did certain things that we’ve been saying our whole lives that are now we realize not the right thing to say I think correctly and so sometimes you fall back on all the patterns that you caught yourself and that’s all that matters is the people to continue to not think about it. Just go do that takes care of that things didn’t realize that you know
now I know what what what I said what I said was retarded to mail it was totally retarded
my sister is retarded
is she you to beat the band
what did you say to beat the band Beach to beat the band means really retarded
when you used to quiz plans and no I don’t know
singing are we to be the bad he was yelling to beat the band that makes me feel like shouting the bully
that makes sense you know I just found out that hoisted by your own petard I always pictured a retard as a special fancy kind of pants and it being hoisted by your yoga pants were so fancy that it made it easy for other people to like lift you up I’m like dang girl you cute Pirates are going to have
mr. Fancy Pants and I’ll tell you why do pirates go like are you seeing what I’m seeing his petard has like a huge fluconazole
Oyster Bay Cove retirement it means a grenade is a bomb refers to being blown up blown up in the air by people that were sapper is a go to blow up a wall and put a bomb there frequently they blow themselves up so crazily had the exact same image in my head it was the pirate ship a guy with fancy but that’s where I got those called walk in Spanish I love that work
they were always flying really good books by I think it’s Earl Van from Funk and wagnalls call the heavens to Betsy Horse Feathers once called hog on ice as 1/4 when I can’t remember the password and it’s all the history of like weird phrases like we’re to break a leg comes from or where to go to know the ropes and so is the first appearance of the titles of all of them are ones that we don’t know we don’t know why Heavens to Betsy’s but I love break a leg and it’s one of those things where there’s lots of different ideas about where break a leg came from but it’s not like a thing that you wish bad things to happen to actor so good things happen like it’s a Superstition to break a leg when you would bow at the end of the show it’s where you get back leg that was being make it to the end make it to the boughs because most shows were so shit and the audience would how would be so angry you get to the end of the show
because people would like that the the Groundlings they would they really would bring rotten cabbages and eggs and shit to throw at you because it cost a dime or a nickel or a penny to get into the show and I could be making that diamond to go out at my stand or doing what I do and so the show sucks they just would throw shade at you and leave so for an actor to say break a leg means make it to the boughs and I love but that’s again it said that’s Up For Debate cuz people say different things but I prefer to believe that
and then panties pretty good I just did my coronavirus Aaron’s not here haven’t you seen do you want to do want someone to share I mean I don’t care lady we’ve got a lot of testosterone up here are four guys talk about politics with everybody’s help your hand up over here Destiny starts. Tell me what you raise your head
what is the name give Molly the thing
I thought I saw this guy Migos very vocal about yours you guys. You guys got here in the yellow shirt
you but it also involves his other hand to show the full
there you go are you sure are you new here
is a human middle finger
I’m just being serious
all right so what happened with Aaron’s character yeah I mean I guess I think about that stuff I know
when we last met in a bar Heroes were in sub big danger after what was meant to be a simple distract the dispatching of Highwaymen on the road to Rose book on hand and then no more Heroes 2 save had a broken neck but before the game could even catch their breath and mourn their Fallen Friend fiery Maelstrom of light the game to escape who levitated the paralyzed known to Safety in town they met Dignity of Paladin with a friendly if pushy to meter who brought the party to the constabulary to discuss their travels friendly but in charge of the city tender was immediately suspicious
is it the group dignity smooth things over there is a moment of calm but then Admiral Darkstar still under the skin of yeomiji his Heavenly Host came blasting through the sky towards the town the powerful fiend assaulted the town but was repelled by Rose books powerful defensive magic the word the wards are strong but for how long and how long before father Tinder would learn of the gangs connection to their deadly foe find out this time on an all-new installment edition of harmontown.
play some Destiny’s a paladin Paladin that’s you dignity
immune to sleep I do have an Adderall prescription so that makes sense
don’t ya
yeah what are numbers
yeah what do you mean where are we I wasn’t listening probably it’s my fault
some is it sometimes the counseling gives me new ways to be mean to her
I got to learn new ways to get bad bad fiance
call Henry Katie’s lights are on I think they’re not supposed to be on the game on at some point
Caribbean Bungalow the character I saw the killer was here for the same person just with a different name and a different possible outlook on life with really think the same thing where you getting a great sample size or just one Mission you mean one to hang one last episode was the small fan. That’s all I’m saying you’re looking up he’s you know he’s still in the body of this angel that he’s possessed to be circling around and pounding on the Dome like barrier around the city he can’t get in though it seems
looks like he’s trying to get in to make sure they’re holding up
okay so those are the perimeter see when I go check those out I’d like to go check out the soul rides
you okay Sharpies seems a little. I’m all right all right I got you go to the nearest soul Rod it seems to be strictly reinforced there’s a cleric he’s praying in his hands are outstretched kind of like washing over the bearer over the ride with us magical energies he’s kind of keeping it powered you need help
he he doesn’t respond he’s chanting under his wife Backpage that set him on fire
no no no I’m doing a bit alright I was protected by a powered by prayers and Magic if you if you if you listen you can hear
what’s the 5 in the morning
what I just sent my pain down by the song I’m all right talk to this guy is not responding but you you hear the squeaking of a wooden cart and you turn and you see father Tinder he’s pushing a wooden cart full of The Keg n Growlers enough glasses and Cups he’s got all this juice juice in his car and he’s pushing it along and he’s like was he like never failed us against evil and they won’t now not as long as we hold strong now who wants juice
the hands of juice 2 of the cleric who kind of weird lessly grabs it and puts it in his pocket without breaking his incantation what kind of juice is it just two kinds of juice
what is the Jews do you no good for the nerves this wholesome it’s wholesome I asked for a growler of juice he gives you he gives you a skin instead of a wineskin but if juice I asked for a fucking Growler hey man hey hey hey can I have a growler think I’ll give you a skin of juice and I’ll take just a portion of you starts pouring juice for you guys around the corner and do a little CSI on it see what’s in that CSI yeah see what’s in it
so as he’s pouring you this juice he’s like so you guys are you’re awfully calm
yeah I don’t get around people I’m going to go around the corner
let’s see what’s in this fucking juice all right what’s your name Destiny
distract the guy I talked to Ross the Boss
holy text I can read them up to Father gender and start reading of scripture
alright alright alright alright Arcana yep 13 right that’s the first thing I’m just I’m just dribbling out of my fingers and I’m checking it out
it seems to Wanna Be drank I guess because it’s been a long day I go guys I’m a gnome I’m pretty tough for the Barbarian I’ll just drink the juice dealer he’s I think that I honestly think that this is a bad idea to go Jim Jones flag challenge Town participate
high risk low yield nothing happens if that’s not interesting or you die drink it but I walked back to the tooth by the tender with her juice cart okay and I say thank you that was delicious and I look at him expectedly okay will do the rest of you guys do in the doorway the juice is
thank you for the tender you know what I’m going to put it down on the ground and I have stealth 13 I’m going to sneak up to the juice
I’m pretty sure we could drink this Tuesday but I’m not going to another things I guess you use your knowledge of our kin and you find out that it’s not magical it only extends to your knowledge of magic which this is not Michael
all right I what about my group ocean feat doesn’t that mean that I can see a Mickey when I see one will potions are magical so I wish that would be amazing. All right well I don’t I mean that’s the stuff yeah I’m making myself what are you did you have some juice today always have juice it’s my secret juice and what would you say to its major property like that it wouldn’t let you know how I’m feeling pretty pretty good but my is your property deliciousness what the fuck
oh yeah I know it’s not your skills in it I could detect it and I come in pretending to be a shoes I don’t I don’t want to be rude but I sense that you’re deceiving me right now all right okay you’re right you call me a call right it’s a little thing we do when people ever is juice
a lot of town we call this due diligence when you were tested for you I mean with the acai juice all the time I’d fucking drink the whole thing down in my pocket every to the robot baby to the robot baby you put it in your pocket turn into water how do you do that I’m sorry I’m sorry to disappoint you but it would really like sort of got stuck in this juice thing
we got all freaked out
City runs the place like Charles Manson he’s creepy he sexually harasses is female under your legs around sorry I hope you didn’t hear any of that I mean yeah I’m pretty perceptive I drink my juice and I try to sense any ill effects or positive effects from it tastes a bit bitter like it has orange rind in it
you know some people don’t like I make a poopy face
yeah that happens tender you know they’ll hold out forever as long as God favors the pocket on his chest he reveals he reveals no pocket where he was patting
see no pocket what’s over there God’s favor it’s in the it’s in my heart that though no pocket though I showed you nothing nothing nothing in the juice nothing in the Jews why do you think there’s stuff in the juice
Katana Mystic way I mean no do I that’s not true is it out of Craddock what do you think you’re his he’s great it’s awesome I love it I love the forest has failed what’s the baby’s name
oh was I supposed to drink it
no I don’t drink stuff yeah I’ll add you don’t drink anything you know what I’m going to drink it yeah I live beside the most boring Anthony Bourdain episode orange Ryan fuck their fight I drank some black around the corner it’s great they can I have some grape juice help Bobby’s right
show us where you make the juice at my Juicery will can you take us there we’re all right. The best fucking DND of Oz
this is my favorite picture of Mister Rogers when he can I get a shot of wheatgrass all right I guess that answers the question but you get there way before everyone else all right I don’t know that anyone wears thoroughly reborn that we sure are you scrubbing the juice. Sounds like it
all right here we are standing outside of the Juicery is it looks like night seems like
drinking juice no no he seems drunk I should say what is your name Siri feels like with that name makes you think we were supposed to come to the very disappointed so I just want to talk to her real quick okay as long as you like your father tenders like that sounds fine gentleman if you give us a bit of privacy you can say it in front of me
I’d really rather not I have but I think everyone’s allowed to hear everything no let-up let him hear it let him hear it let him hear it says drama either. Von said that you know we got it you know why this demon things here and you can stop it father and father tenders like I don’t know what you’re talking about man this guy’s crazy he’s like a heretic or something is like here you fucking you you got to listen you got to give it up otherwise he’s going to kill us all he got to give it up and father tenders like I don’t know I don’t know what you’re talkin about can you guys help me out can you help me listen to this conversation
alcohol evil going to kill us all alcohol pretty soon you’re going to have juice tanks rolling up and down the street if you want if you want give it up I’m going to take it from you and give it up my myself what is there a what’s it called he he draws his sword quickly and moves tender what do you do don’t act like you don’t work that’s what separates us from animals
so so he lunges he lunges at you because you step into his path and my hands are up your hands are up and he he slips and falls and killed himself on his own sword the critical fail and the life the life pulses out of them as he bleeds onto the floor and father tender goes that’s fucked up
mystery quilt that guys fucking
cheapest man
Hermantown taking Molly for helping us out
very well done
the fake come out 90 on a rental Crittenden I’m Jeff Davis
carpet in the back room and never came out the mayor of a town after Dan Harmon
they show brought to you by poopy family


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