Episode: 114 – Slick Rick & The Batman


Episode: 114 – Slick Rick & The Batman


Mayor Harmon pays an Australian in the audience 100 bucks to serve them cups of ice. We get to the bottom of Schrabbing with Internet Trolling Sensation Rob Schrab and later, Rob provides all sound effects for D&D.


Hollywood California
is the mayor of the town just to Dan Hartman
thank you for coming out on a holiday weekend
all right Jeff looks like we got a lot to do tonight let’s get down to business okay so Society corner do you want to see him for that or no let’s do it
Society corner
pick some advice about how to run a society
how to run at the corner where that Society lives at corner corner corner
yeah we’ve got them trained to expect less write this shit off the shut off the Cuffs so it’s off the shit Spencer our dungeon master came up with and I were driving along and Spencer is also my chauffeur he’s my dungeon master chauffeur and be assistant as opposed to a assisted not like apiary citrate apiary is a be okay fire truck drive by us we’re talking about fire trucks and then you know what is it like to be a fireman you know and then they sit in that station and they they wait for fire alarms and a lot of times it’s like somebody that’s been hurt you know they’re the first response to the paramedics are bored
just like yo loses a foot or something and it’s not on fire at all their the first are so Spencer and I came up with a new pitch and if you’re listening and you work for civic government please take this to Heart firefighters should leave for fires earlier by not getting dressed at the station but should take their fire gear with them leave the station earlier thereby increasing chances of getting to a fire when it’s smaller
and if they need to get dressed they can do it on site same amount of time increase the chances of catching a fire when it’s smaller and of course there’s the people that lost a foot and it’s not a fire at all just show up in a shirt and jeans take care of it is there a fire on a rubber pants now the taxpayers would appreciate a good show but you’re getting in their rubber pants don’t do that in the station you don’t know where you’re going you don’t know how big the fire is get the fire truck over to the fire it might be tiny right now that’s a very good idea and he has a broken foot they don’t get full full fire gear do they I don’t know how it works but there’s room for improvement I can tell you that dude in the back she hasn’t pants on but he has like a t-shirt on and with the suspenders
and you know what they were those when I said I think I’ve heard yet but I think it’s a very Sound Idea when is bartender concept or talking to the Green Room you know like this is the last week we talked about what we’re calling a bartender but that does not mean anything legally we’re not we’re not going to have somebody serving drinks to the audience spell cuz that would be against the alcohol beverage commission also the person and I’m not kidding about this wouldn’t be handling liquor at all they could just be a nice tender
ice tender yeah they could make it just put ice in the cups there’s only one so that’s who’s going to far as the ice as we learned last week to show when people are putting microphones down to deal with alcohol it’s hard to get the ice happening up in legal trouble making me a vodka on the Rocks making you a vodka on the rocks for sure it’s an alcoholic who has his own designs on the cup you know they could still be a bartender it’s just a bar of ice they don’t have to be all of the issues that you going to want to still stop and open up the bottle and then pour it in putting ice in the cup of the evening
I was just trying to help like make it faster I don’t want anyone to get arrested I don’t want like just have somebody make you drinks okay we’re not charging for its it’s a basically if Camille came out here and you said hey come out with you while I’m talking would you grab a cup with some ice in it and throw it on top of it I don’t think we get in trouble we’re just meeting a new friend that’s going to do that service okay how do we meet that person tonight that’s a conversation we have to have now because you would travel the farthest
directions to Nashville can somebody beat Nashville
North Carolina
China south Florida
Australia get up here
if you want
if this is a stunt you better be willing to fake one of the hardest accents there is it’s just it’s deceptively hard mate
I’ve tried it.
Sarah Sarah say something with an Australian accent
no time for chicken on the Australian you came here from Astoria
great. But like you came to the show from us where do you live here for the last 7 years
you came here for the show 15 hour flight is the word n o no a three or four syllable words I say yes or no
that’s good I have a question that’s very that’s very Australian ID with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, this is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life is always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
in either case welcome what was your name again Sarah okay and I guess okay between Spencer’s to Table & stage Rideshare Sarah
now this is a paying gig.
I’ll chip in to Australian
how is the what is the exchange in the Australian dollar right now I just know that whatever you offer somebody there they say that’s not that currency and then they pull out a bigger form of currency exchange that’s that form of currency is 20/40 6082 deer lake lake to The Good the disco ball lady and Dance Hall Days everyone just stoneface there what are you talking about Grandpa and then but then that for some reason we’re all going to just permanently retain Paul Hogan’s three-year starter and the United States only have $15 and close to $17
85 Griffith at close to 195 there you go that’s that’s it
100 $100 payday advance
okay this show is that it’s like hitting the ground running I’d like a drink
he likes vodka on the rocks
let’s see what happens now we’re allowed to just ask you for a drink as it’s not going to be a bully sure thing for me to say Sarah get off your ass and give me a drink with subjugated her $100 and was going to make
I want to make a fucking so hard on yourself
you’re going to wish you never moved from Australia to hear what you said no
all right so I don’t know what I mean I don’t know how long we can continue to delay this we have a superstar in the wings tonight we have an internet Superstar really I was backstage I didn’t see any
well I forgot we do have a Mason might have changed social media for good do it please welcome to the the inventor of of of what salon.com called straubing Rob’s Drive
equal parts vodka and ice
search Rob yes Davis what started as you her ringing our producer Dustin Marshall on Twitter or Instagram I got good at if you get really good out of it take us through the the rich history that is traveling like how do we get to this place with salons writing whatever call Terry a. Woodford & Bernstein zest article really got to the bottom of it or not I’ll give you another chance you can tell you can explain why when you woke up during your colonoscopy that you chose to pretend to stay asleep
either of these things and then became the phenomenon if it if we can call it a phenomenon which I believe now we can write a statement driving is not perfect but he’s not a tribe you can’t you can’t can’t travel travel seems easy but it’s like the Australian accents was like the king of trolls that there’s a lot of people just trying to now just roll you sweet to me it’s like hates Rob you’re a piece of shit to go kill yourself a try saying smart to that didn’t think so the king of
king of trolls and quote are quotes king of trolls by dethroning the other came before you like Johnson Control you do it you put in the hours you work hard
and then any business you’re at work I had I had like 15,000 like to thank you
one person left after like 3 cuz I got like 19,000 people they put a camera up your butt they sedate you before I was recently in for an Indus copy about this stuff soon enough to check out your check has they put a camera up there a little robot little Mars Rover under the anesthesia didn’t take it took right away that the nurse goes okay you should start feeling a little dizzy and I really don’t feel and then I was gone
and then what I’m going to say is probably halfway through the procedure I start waking up and I opened up my eyes and there’s a big screen in front of me cuz I’m laying on my side and the screen is there because on the other side the doctor’s like sticking this up my butt and I get to see what’s inside my butt and use the poster for The Truman Show remember and in my brain my brain goes you should say something and then I imagine myself saying something like going and it just sounded like begging to be made fun of
that’s your concern and I want as your leader everyone you’re really check the gate but I was going to say something I was going to say something but then another voice in my head said now wait I want to see if these guys are going to talk shit about me
so I kept my eyes closed and I just I sat there and it actually I told this conversation to my dad because he said I woke up in the middle of it Dad O The Cat in the Cradle on speakerphone in case, cuz we’re driving to Topanga and I woke up in the middle of a dad and he goes oh that must have been you know something maybe a okay
but your dad was in the Navy right to close to home maybe
you can tell him I said that he’s a fan of yours I just remember how much do you think had to do with the chemical reaction in your brain like how high do you think you were going to how Lucid do you think you were making a decision like I’m waking up in the middle of of the American public’s worth medical nightmare which is failed anesthesia which happens once ten thousand times and you’re you’re waking up with you make a decision based on like pure pressure and they had a weird know whether or not to make fun of your intestines behind your back yeah curious to know what kind of shit they might talk Lulu going to do this and oh my God
Taco Bell merch
so someone’s going to Glasgow
yeah come on I mean if you work at a restaurant then you know you’re a waiter and you come back and then the kitchen table 8 what a bunch of dick heads we should spit in his colon
hey wake up it’s great thanks
you know something I never I didn’t tip him I should have done that
do you want to drink from Sarah from the Outback
thank you Sarah
do not weep are we paired don’t get out your well.
now it’s a receipt from El Pollo Loco hours like like no big deal but he was texting and he was like I was like you fucking asshole I hope you’re happy and it is like this is all I ever wanted Jessica Alba’s following me now Jessica Alba I’m meeting Jessica Alba’s social media assisted probably is following was following me I noticed it when point should have made you very jealous so you texted me Jessica Alba’s following me now and
that’s why I took down all right right after the podcast was like like was trapping me was I going what is this times in a row and failed every single time and then like the 4th when he was your bits getting old like this train of this guy is like every 15 minutes and then on the 4th we just did your pets getting old I think you got to get some new material buddy
is the is the book deal is it is it going to be is what your book I be called like what is this book called humblebrag
this is just a crown weigh heavy on the king of the trolls to the sitter so a lot of responsibility and my fingers are so aching from some he will be a Kemal he would have a close to me or texting him and writing in what do you think nothing like Hey we’re going to see Star Trek not anymore he’s kind of busy but liking me to bring Spencer out because there’s a there’s also a new segment I’d like to do with him you think that would be okay to bring them out this early it’s never too early to me Spencer Spencer Crittenden
Boost phones
Adventuredome don’t mix up those purses hey what up those purses a fucking kill you man what’s up
are you are you alive driving right now
what is that can I just be topped off with ice Sarah I don’t reckon actually need more vodka or maybe a little bit more on the way up and the way down would you like a drink I just spoil immediately save it for the stage Stop me if I start to become insensitive about this
we would have no choice
hey Jeff would have been a different story stop me if I talk too much carrots they broke him out yeah they were kind of in the past like you kind of felt like maybe you were the glue that was holding them together yeah you know that we watch Spencer grow up from a from a wound in the back of the Apple Store he’s now a producer and a hanger hanger hanger about in the writers room and like leg constantly getting the drinks but you moved out of your parents house and then they went their separate ways who is pretty and the last time we saw your
he was pounding up from the audience and he was like hey it’s me Spencer’s dad
forgotten our separate ways and this is this is not unfamiliar to me when I was like 10 my parents had a little separation year but you’re much older than that but so much like my parents are kind of like now you’re watching your parents kind of like do their own thing has gone to Central America I’m pretty sure he’s in Columbia right now and I sent that to Aaron and she was like okay it’s like a sorry if you’re a Colombian harmontown fan is it we also dunk a kid now okay thank you we got it we got to call him being update your dad and now you told me that your dad is sending you updates so I can use the letters he sent these emails and started
you know I got off the plane okay my phone exploded but then it was fine again or like you know whatever I stub my foot to step a foot I don’t know but he he he would just send me little things but then it turned into this like Christmas style newsletter that would just happened and the email like the list of recipients got longer and longer and there’s people that I’m pretty sure just my little brother’s friends that we received this newsletter and it is it is it weird to call Mike Smith and they’re all they’re all cleverly titled individually like he have an email that was like oh my God I fell asleep getting a haircut never fall asleep in Columbia how about never fall asleep getting a fucking haircut that’s it
same person thing to do
my fall asleep getting haircuts all the crazy you have a lot of faith in your I was going to say your opponent your bartender and your butt your bartender what is called a barber styling salon is I don’t know but your Barber you you don’t care man your next going to be moving or you don’t you don’t fall asleep stocks what is the haircut you’re currently looking at that was fast asleep during maybe you just got an iron neck or something I mean I wouldn’t be surprised that that I have it that’s what the lady say at that place a general rule
I never travel anywhere where one of the rules is don’t fall asleep
actually I think the only places that that’s applicable a pop culture are the Asylum where Freddy Krueger survivors live
is he in like Medellin or Bogota or what was he doing I think he’s closer to he he he was you trying to get buy cheaper to live there he’s he’s teaching English eventually I got one of those TV companies out there stationed out there you know I used to work in TV
I just this is the perfect I want to get a t-shirt like a Rob schrab licorice robbing t-shirt that says what is this t-shirt or what teacher is this and then on the back it says like who is Rob strawberry something technique to promote the sound crap they said when is this thing that promoting Rip Taylor still but I prefer we move on to your mom yeah before we before we eat before you answer me about about your mom I just wanted I want to ask about your dad are you trying to get off her mom I thought of that earlier do you think your dad probably I would guess he probably meant to flatter us but he probably is listening don’t you think maybe I mean you never know I really fighting one more flattering
Adventures of amazing Assuming he’s listening to a missive to him you’re sending all these how many people you’re sending these emails to be ridiculous they’re very matter-of-fact all right ring ring in your your recipient list it’s offensive to all the people that you are sending it to its doorknob play like a piece of shit no I’m on the list for certain why people that’s an l a thing of a lot of times it’s like feet like an actor I’ll just send out a newsletter that’s likes or monthly monthly to the documentary
what he’s been watching and it’s like it’s addressed to have the balls to tell your grandma you love her don’t send her a fucking newspaper the only one who gives a shit about any of this and you’re treating her like a fucking plead the truth like just email your grandma and say I love you thank you for taking an interest in my shit yeah everyone else is like Steve what’s what is this for the shield what the fuck is he
have you seen chocolate man the sad thing is that he can’t keep a pet dog
but he loves dogs but his livelihood his chocolate and they just keep dying on him but only really dark chocolate the chocolate man is healed in dark dark chocolate
and he loves dogs love dogs so it’s become the New York Times said it becomes an unwitting expose of dog culture what starts as a as a as a Choco Choco Choco Journey dumb stupid black matter that guy that reviewed the fact that she’s like to mail
that’s the New York Times it’s really weird and Solano just do an article
couple other website to wasn’t I just as most the time when you text me some real quick and it’s just a dude with two dicks in his mouth
only two tribes not what he used to be so I didn’t tell by the way I didn’t Retreat this letter to go I’m very very proud of you but I kind of really conflicted about it a boycott boycott slime because of that weird they did a weird Hatchet job on Patton Oswalt I don’t think I should be rewarded it was weird it was ironic you don’t get more Progressive and not racist than the most flagrant bigots I’ve ever met
I don’t want to talk about it I’ll get my dander up and then I will send them my damn. I don’t know why I’m looking at this anymore let me see if there’s anything else on here
no you did not
please continue. I do not have that honor
chaplain does Cairo did Larry tell the story that one time with a friend of mine that it’s kind of like a super hacker he let me know my iCloud account has been hacked and then again that’s why I now I use this one password saying like this app because I was using a really easy passwords any let me know like yeah it weird tracking this guy that he set up a thing yet he acts like people sell phones in the high-profile people and they traced back this whole operation at this guy had set up and it started with Cameron Diaz and cell phone thank you two cell phones away from Cameron Diaz I’m not in her cell phone but someone who is in Cameron Diaz a cell phone has my number, Ben Stiller from 18 years ago all right sorry about that I thought it was interesting put it in
Rob would you honor Dan
I would love to
what is a podcast
I think I did that for an audience, if you do it to raise awareness of something
hello how are you we believe you’re human we value your listenership sorry we’re just playing with
a weird apology also the word homosexual is now it’s the new like a Afro-American it sounds kind of weird and the tongue doesn’t it now homosexual do you know what else feels kind of weird in the tongue Robin Thicke what do you say
how do I keep looking at my phone I don’t have anything out here anyway I was just like
I don’t like fundraising at the office unless it’s for charity is going on listen to me like I’m not opposed to it I’m not telling you to stop doing it here’s what I’m saying I think it’s weird I think we have accepted something as normal that’s very weird I think that we all work at offices in office by the environment and we’re all pretty familiar with the fact that every once in a while someone comes to the office and they’ll and then I just kind of announced that they’re nice Katie is going to Scotland to play soccer or learn to play the trumpet or something nothing to do with any disease or anything it’s just like just some kid is going to do something and then everyone at the office is kind of like settling pressure till I buy a kit kat or something I just think it’s really weird that we accept this as common Behavior
come in and stay at my daughter’s going to trip and everybody Pony up by a plus how many people has been in the office where this has happened
smattering that’s a well well easily 1,100 people design
go to the grocery store and trying to break into one of your patented Universal comedy bits texted you
no I will not know why I’m looking at my phone that came to my door by house he had kind of a Kevin James sort of build and very fit and lean and about and I came out and Anna and I said of course I’m in the middle of something chamber waiting to interact with a stranger at their door so that’s another thing is if you’re happy or vocation involves costing strangers try to remember you’re in the middle of their lives not the other way around the show
I’m so sorry you got a hundred dollars where is she can walk out the door right now just disappear into the night and she would have $100 how do I get she leave she can go somewhere that wouldn’t even cartels can’t get her
she could put like like bats in bags and throw them on our campfire and would be like
did that happen in Japanese
you’ve already made your money so if it if it any point you want to just disappear you’re allowed to look at your you’re not you’re not beholden to stay up here instead I think your date applauded that the hold and we gave her a hundred bucks if he leaves all right what kind of crazy
if you want to that way we say will get will give you $100 at the end of the show give you $20 to play sit down cuz you’re making me feel bad
he paid me $20 to devalue my hundred
what kind of crazy to go I’m not going to be sore on I think she said she’s not talking at all I wear is always a bunch of dudes sounding off and then we have what we have give her a microphone cost $15
what’s a good what’s a good Aussie like drinking song
is there like an Aussie toast like like famous cheer is like a poem or did they do that on the man show Kimmel was on there that they do some kind of thing like that I went there once was it was quite lovely it’s very funny people very nice cuz it true about the toilets
Senator urban legend or is that true that they’re full of poop because they’re living on the other side of the world and I mean like somebody would have had to have like gone to the bathroom stared at the toilet or clockwise and then jumped on a plane and flew to America and then immediately did enjoy yourself a drink right now but then ice back in the bucket
I’ll take the ice I’ll take the SRT8
I ate like those other was a lot of leg like Wheatley
it’s to our discomfort that I happened to be a woman that covers a guy you wouldn’t be bothered with this at all I wasn’t bothered with it I I love throwing money at people and just like that’s what I do with Spencer
easy easy easy everybody wins
I don’t shut the fuk down Adam Adam I’ll pay you $20 to shut the fuk up I don’t have anymore money
no wait for me I just I like a lot of icy right now The Listener doesn’t end up being right now and he’s holding a vile wrapped around a pillar like the sneaking like a water bottle of the end of 12 Monkeys all due respect I love you it was up here will you losing your mind because you got out Asperger yes you are firing off like quips and fucking non sequiturs like that was weirder than you you’re out of a job
yeah but why you standing and so will let you he’s at 8
what are you doing run Everybody Run Away 20 minutes only person that’s that’s standing poised to charge the stage
that’s all I wanted to ask you are we go I mean but I’m not giving up my mic stands Goldberg everyone

I’m not clapping and I have a mic stand I could clap all day
that’s why I might my lack of clap means something sorry about Adam have you ever listened to the show do you know what’s happening like there was like a wayward poaching Expedition you got tranq Dart it and stuck in a crate and now you’re here and you’re like that
where do kangaroos really box
is that a thing is some kind of reason when they get up on their hind legs are like six foot tall and if you make them angry that will punch you in the face with her with her front paw train to that’s like a natural thing look like giant mice I mean I think call me Sylvester the cat from the pop culture away like what is what is something that is on TV in Australia that’s like very kind of home-brewed Australian entertainment pop culture
that it’s like every Australian kind of knows but that once you leave those Waters like you find that it just drops off entirely like this it’s just like this Australian thing is trying to find out if they watch community in Australia no no no that’s that’s that’s a transnational exports remove can buy but I’m saying like you know the little dicks at me like what the fuck are the little dicks about these things like is there something like that this TV shows like Kath & Kim so that’s like that movie what’s the movie The Castle about
where you hold your bike to your face to make that distracting sound
it’s not about a castle is that okay okay
where do they live
and also there’s a movie called The Castle in the states it is James Gandolfini in the prison
you should have stayed next time you wake up is a camera up your ass
if I woke up in the middle of a procedure where they supposed to be asleep I would fucking start making a lot of noise in a top hat and be British fancy thing to say your ass raping me I so fancy here a lot of money to be asleep for the next 12 hours I’m awake I would have been during the think I would feel like it’s a good idea to say I’m awake and put me back to sleep right after you started screaming as loud as I could that would have that then they wouldn’t they would have been dumped it on him make him go to sleep try what’s the capital of a small family they live in a little little castle can’t make it through college
until he met a friend dress up like two women make I got the apartment
but there’s a catch we got to dress up as koalas
what can we watch Castle about
please continue what’s Wizard of Oz
okay so just about a family looking to a family living in like a normal survive in town and they love the house like everything’s at Casa Ole a big Airport Company because we need to build a runaway and you have no choice in the matter what’s the name of the airport Airlines drawbridge
that’s what I’m doing I’m ready to find in the word does the father in the house make a stand to go take my fucking house that’s awesome see that it’s a good show on your missing okay what’s what’s Google plus about
what did you see the pilot there’s a thing I dated a Canadian a long time ago and she in the middle just like it was like it was like the barbapapa’s that’s what it’s called but you are going to yell at Scooby-Doo is this dog and he he was a ghost so he haunted the haunted them and told him to solve crimes or else he’d kill them
can you just find out she doesn’t have but then she would she would go like oh it’s like a barbapapa that’s a real thing barbapapa there like these blobs that would turn into bulldozers all right I seen that color when you go through it like a Canadian Airport and just look at the corner of that there’s a TV in the car. There’s like a purple dog with with with a unicorn horn gone like I’m so glad this isn’t foreign language so it was amazing I’ve never done with all the Polish and please give me the radio that are coconuts a cartoons of a purple ducks
is there a radio station in Australia
I’m almost certain there’s several the boomerang coming back
that’s what I mean you know what I’m talking about
country hits on the Bobby what is Slick Rick and Batman talk about in the morning
rob you be Batman
OJ Simpson
If you drive in the city today stay off the
call Reggie
Which Wich
is it is it is it two guys are pretty common names offhand like like tube socks
like what is the antipodean fascination with giving everybody a nickname so if your name is Jeff your gfo
Betty Betty song Dirty do that I think it’s just more casual and we just like to be casual Australians of those guys that called there was like a scandal where they called and pretended to be a friend of the end there was a it was a horrible thing to happen like they did a lip they did a prank about the end of the royal baby in England and they pretended to be a nurse or something like that or talk to a nurse my truck my cut my cufflink managed to hit a button and they called up the hospital where Kate Middleton with getting birth and they got through it all with the queen or someone I don’t know what they said
and then they added and then killed herself really thought you’d lose her job going to be trouble when she left a note saying that these DJ is basically had to take care of a family now it was their fault and he’s like he’s like very very Chapel it less of a pictures of humpback
who is Phil Collins
yeah it’s funny to ask his everyone that was affected was on some Island
we got our own problems over here that’s that’s that’s horrible for everyone involved I meant like like it’s very easy when something horrible like that happens to like jump on whoever was immediately like they were thinking we’re Australian DJs we shouldn’t be able to get away with any of this and they were kind of like try to do a prank I’m not sticking up for anybody or whatever
in the story
the baby when I was going to say that apparently you made offense they said they didn’t want it it and it wasn’t a decision in the engine some higher-up is it true you guys drive in the middle of the road yet
where does the other side job
when they turn right like they turn so far right that they go left but I got their rounds all right anyways it’s getting close to do I want to bring up my lovely fiance who almost didn’t make it tonight
there’s another there’s a make on a chair
nice all right thank you for having me at the town meeting no problem
goodnight everybody don’t be racist
like that’s really offensive drives trailing people cuz you’re supposed to use those to call your clan to fight for you
and then we just think it’s like our instrument or like or are they they’re like
I actually it’s like a false alarm every time they come over they get in a Qantas Flight and they come over I heard though on WOW
well thank you mate I learned I learned very sober how I watch
is it going to be so yeah there’s a lot of fun there was like an hour and a half hour where everyone in the car got really good at our Australian accents and we can start to lose it
yes sir
no. Have a good day as Australia person that was it. We’re going to make pizzas on the batty and we going to talk about Joe cuz he’s been seven all the time where and we’re proud or concern
is there a scale of 1 to 10 how is that possible accent
really have a Barbie in Australia or is that just like
play Collin Raye
are you doing that I’m sorry you don’t even approve her in every time I go over then I won’t even call me shrimps you, did you redo slow rumbling wind me opening his mouth
will you play at the same way the same song different as a relaxer left Lego
like they’re not part of your face to relax your left and then you blow air through your last
I’m assuming the answer is no but it’d be so cool if it was yes
an Australian cinematic hero from the 80s who like comes down to Australia and he’s not he’s not a familiar with Australian ways but he plays a banjo on my knee and I always like always eating hot dogs walking around Melbourne but he’s like doesn’t get it and people are like that’s that’s a knife like that really is a knife that I would I would this is a smaller knife that’s all I have cuz he’s like the equivalent of the Crocodile Dundee
you think it’s cool that all super villains want Australian when they join forces with aliens
what’s her problem isn’t right Lex Luthor in the original Superman movie at the list goes on and on
where is your family from us parents also from there at like in the 80s from the Irish
Sara and Erin I want you guys have an Irish conversation together contest
Irish Irish temp
specifically 80s Irish though
you know that the song that started the show with was from Xanadu Olivia thank you
my wife live next to Olivia Newton-John is that right yes I was on a cruise ship one time doing a comedy show another 25 and there were these two girls that walk like in the middle the night under the pool deck and into the jacuzzi and the most beautiful girl in the world then I realized okay probably well under age there like 15 16 years old but I’d like a psychiatrist is a little little girls then a woman comes out hotter than that by mile it was the mother is Olivia Newton-John is just fucking dead sexy should I go to look at BAM
so anyway I’m fucking Olivia Newton this year
and I mean fucking her
Daddy this is Irish you’re both going to rest.
see how ya
I was thinking outside the school today
and the children
Siri does vodka and repetition
green clovers
think about that birthday
I don’t I don’t think he was a dab and hear the kids know
they didn’t look like he had any
how to do an Irish accent
it sounded like one maybe just rejecting discretion is the better part of valor I love that about you sir
Irish Irish Rovers are never in the washing machine
how many purple hearts do you need what kind of car just noticed these things
no damn where you give me
Korean Korean Johnny Carson
South Korea and South Korea
I just drive down Burbank today
if you don’t like mr. brainwash
it was so hot so hot
Russian Johnny Carson
in Burbank monologue do you
this is the worst show I’ve ever been a part of
make sure I’m in TMZ tomorrow
Mac screen black
American Native Native Native American Roseanne Barr
pity the fool that don’t care about their mother
not cool let’s say that there was a movie called black Popeye cast Curtis 50 Cent Jackson as Popeye Olive Oyl
Iggy Azalea Jada Pinkett if you still got it, so yeah how about a red fox or we could sell this tomorrow
if it was 30 years ago alright dude just a rag just do all the characters Hispanic Hogan’s Heroes
how can you
alright great
do you like two separate homes
I know some things
I don’t know why you would know more than all right okay I’m sorry
Eskimo Hitler
Churchill I feel like my heart is shivering so they everything you fucking
how do you say crocodiles wintertime give me I want to say thank everyone
Elvis as a robot
robot Elvis Sarah
go for it
just saying you ain’t nothing but a hound dog in a robot voice
you are not over how long
write to Sarah
she was a virgin and she’s walking around with two hundred bucks right now we should have enough people for DND in general right I mean for players
I don’t think that Spencer was involved in that conversation is Spencer’s assistance will then we need another player is Willie Robertson
Willie Roberts, the stage with Jonas
I never say goodbye to Sarah Sarah
it’s all right if I want another drink you’ll still be in the room right now she’s done and Sarah’s over wow my reign has begun
I think Haley are you trying to talk about skyscrapers skip right
yay the real life sci-fi podcast
Willie is the clan leader of my Clash of Clans Clan and he is a better title for the position
what about Grand Dragon

Ariana Grande
Spencer or Rob Rob at Spencer’s assistant the character sheets for a bed that are you were here last week but the Marge played dignity sarsgaard to great effect as Obama and I’m assuming that Willy will be Christopher Burg
these are always doing that right now I got Sharpie
I don’t know who’s better look at the names on the top of my balance Danielle Adventure it did it did it run this is Adit point for Dustin Turtle George Washington what did George Washington do he sailed across of the Seven Seas yes I’m swapping reaches trial so, Christmas day on Christmas
either way either way
Grace 7 truth.org Grace 7 truth.org
also while I’m all this is being all ridiculous I’m going to be up in Pittsburgh I think September 19th or something that weekend I have the first date all ever have last one to I’ll be at this thing is called Knights of the arcade it’s basically an elongated version of the D&D pot thing that we do here at but they wanted me to come guess just enough
elongated yeah it’s like it the whole session is like
Dennis gray an hours it’s like 10 hours it’s too real Marathon but you know we provide free water so great time if any of you guys who live in LA route Philadelphia what did I say Pittsburgh Pittsburgh I don’t know where places are
home of the sandwich is by the Monongahela and whatever the fuck Rivers a rogue and a thief and he would have one hit he wrote lady in red Aaron has become dignity Stars guards who last time was Obama our president Spencer do you want you want to take us away I feel like maybe Rob should take it away
read that first paragraph so I don’t have my glasses
we are ready
when last we met Our Heroes were just outside the Juicery where I can’t pronounce that word was that the priests of misdeeds and fell upon his own played father 10-year reacted by calling off the Jewish door wanted to inform the wife and the kids but Sharpie insisted that they do it’s me and him the trouble and headed to mrs. Should I scroll down
takeover tagout meanwhile dignity Christopher the constabulary and they were immediately suspicious of the party reunited after Ms. Vaughn sperm Sharpie Sharpie
tired then Drew up a plan to break them to Father tenders house hoping to and find incriminating evidence but what would our heroes uncover find out now time teamwork
you know you never you never realized that you think your email and they might be good at something until you see someone else
eyeglasses you sure did breed I just can’t read what kind of crafts fair it’s not fair. There’s a cool assistant bring me my glasses I didn’t know I was coming up you didn’t tell me that I didn’t tell him it’s me and Chris de Burgh or or dignity to the house right now or what time are you guys you guys are all ya bulbs house he gave you a black bundle of cloth and you guys were going to sneak into the tenders house and he didn’t specify when it was in case of emergency but also by the border by the barrier that bad things with Jojo
turned on but it’ll be good in case of emergency within the boundaries that much about it but yeah so where we standing right now you guys are right outside of spizz bulbs Tower just kind of in Rose book in general it’s really late at night like maybe one you know
you and Chris de Burgh are the stealthy ones so I mean I can come with but I should keep a perimeter and to Berg and Chris de Burgh we’re going to go in and breaking his guys house we think it would we think he has the power chard and we’re going to go break into this guy’s house Cape I got you come out so I can I bring somebody with me I want you to commit to drink a bed Camaro Exorcist
commit commit to being a bad Pakistani
who has the courage of my gear I feel like you must have party and items
how does that happen I don’t know I am sorry I just Chris de Burgh definitely doesn’t have one of those all right so Chris here’s the deal I examine the house to look for entrances and exits and stuff you see the Juicery it’s a low ceilings rectangular building attached to a larger Linder Circle building you know that’s like a normal house so it’s like the Juicery is attached to the house he’s got these fine stained glass windows depicting roses and fruits and decanters and mugs in great detail the rest of the building is dressed and Roses as tradition around Bros book yeah
milk and 1/4 lemonade around the corner at the
if I put on my goggles of night do I see anything else you can you can see all sorts of stuff.
So yeah yeah
miss you can see into the Juicery where metal and wood and devices lie dormant inside the Juicery I go towards the dwelling with Father tender lives all right you do that you see what I mean they’re attached it’s like the same building looks like there’s two parts of it Christopher you probably have a visible have probably a thieves cant way you can break into a silently break into like a lock and open a door right you going to wait back by the fan
he had it in his breast pocket like he patted his breast when he was talking about cats did we go to the door at night. Lol I’m going to turn invisible pick the lock and then look for the breast pocket so it’s so a prom night let Steve know it’s him turning invisible
what’s in picking a lot
what what’s him picking the lock sound like
and just like that the lock is open Rodger hafner’s in the house
Rob can you open the door but also do a chainsaw and a lawnmower at the same time
pretty amazing he was a crash demarius he would do if he would do sound effects of them a referee for the same time sound effects were always every night I can’t give me give me 3 sound is this exact lecture Rodger I’m going to I’m going to start a vacuum cleaner and then I’m going to start at electric can opener and then a chainsaw so here we go starting with the vacuum cleaner
then home louder than fart
well if it’s nice to hear the Lancaster
sorry if you were ever you are
rest in peace Rodger
died in the sound booth and I’m not making a joke about this they buried him with his microphone
I know it was I hope that was a voice but you didn’t have I think it was sound effects probably just your mouth but he sounded wet
butter sandwich
all right so Spencer
Chris Chris de Burgh
yeah I don’t know so I creep in and examine the surroundings change Contraptions racks with handles and gears and grease Wheels the walls are lined with barrels each with roses affixed to the lids inside to see drums of apples oranges grapes raspberries bananas pineapples and even the most Sinister fruit of all the pear
there’s a small wooden hatch in the floor in a small wooden bar gate joining the Juicery in the house apart of the building I go to the hatchet and tell Chris to a try to quietly quietly opened the hatch in the floor alright yeah okay I’m going to quietly open it and then drop my robot baby in there okay just that I’m not discouraging that at all but I mean it’s made of metal and I’m dropping that would make noise I mean do it anyway trying to break in at night to talk to Rob A Shard of a guy sleeping breast pocket WhatsApp
hahaha you don’t know it might not be that loud we can’t afford to make noises right now Chris
will we open the hatch to the house if it’s the hatch in the floor it doesn’t there’s a door and a hat I want to go to the door or wait wait till you go to the door yes you go to the door it’s locked use the thief or thieves kid and unlock the door while admiring my dragon dick yeah it’s just I think it’s in your bag or whatever I’ll still look at it gives you focus
it’s like an energy drink but yeah that’s a weird reaction anyway you do it it opens
Chris Chris got your your goggles on your low-light Vision stuff leave the way tell me what you see the way and tell Jeff what I see Owen cork
this room is a combination sitting and dining room I wouldn’t share you see a small door and also a small enclosed stairwell leading to the second floor
the cushions from the chairs we’re going to attach those to wear shoes
Rob Wittman we fashion cushion shoes
alright video game for kids from the 90s
I use my ears. My my my my name is here is to detect where the snoring is coming from Spencer it’s coming from upstairs so I creep get creeped out first and then I draw okay so before you can get up those stairs you hear you hear annoys The Stomping of feet in the breaking of glass
reverse order you hear smashing a glass and then and then and then the breaking of defeating
that’s what you’re going to be much better I’m sorry folks then from upstairs you here oh no no no no
he’s good I charge of the stairs and kick in the door upstairs you find father tender tender sprawled out on the floor streams from his mouth and face when he groans weekly
are you saying that we’ve missed this because we tied the cushions to her he he groans weekly
as if in pain
do we see do we see the attacker weight do you
yep a shadowy figure wielding a thin fencing foil is escaping through the broken window and out to the Juicery roof I lunged toward with my dagger in hand as fast as I can to try to apprehend him and stabbed him all right yeah you which would you draw okay what’s the damage on that or if it’s actually 23 since your small shattered glass that’s on the floor and you slip and fall and you stab yourself in the stomach
free damage yourself a fall flat on your face and I sure did a piece of shit I need new dice
straight up need new dice maybe I saw something about blinding
you have a blinding bomb I think maybe use my sneak attack and then become a visit invisible Roth IRA and I provide for my family and I and I live a full life until that I can sell high and I have a beautiful funeral you can’t sneak attack him because he he’s not like he’s aware of you somehow and I know you’re not being able to make it home before it’s true can I use the can I intensify winds and then push him try to push him back into the window he sneaking out of you can you can do that but yeah I’ll get it what is it sound like
The Windsor about that Fierce it doesn’t really affect him at all
hi I have to ask at this point if I’m outside I’m a position to being the microchip to this Punisher Comics Adventure yeah like nice seeing somebody coming out of window seriously you didn’t see you didn’t see anyone sneak onto the property or whatever but wait wait shut up you don’t know me
you don’t see anything but you do hear the shattering of glasses of the windows being broke and it’s on the far side of the building on the other side
REI signal what was what
Play Kickin It on fly fly around the place in the shower I want to venture to do like a little drone drone surveillance
Avengers the helicopter
yeah Avenger comes back he’s like I saw a small thing running off
center from where I’m standing, so it’s on the other side of the building where you guys are standing been a lot of time in good old Rose book not other than the shattering of Glass on the other side
a stew because I want to protect these people but they’re also stealing their feel very guilty
I take a gold piece out of my pocket and I put it into the Avenger I’m using Avenger do I stream it with Adventure isn’t my weight
going to make it sound like a kid from a hot dog commercial
hot dog
I didn’t lose my ice cream going to storm drain
say it again you can Stow the tubas
churches built like Stephen Merchant just for the record I had to deal with Avenger Avenger you had a deal okay so you give Chase you give Chason till you see what looks like a massive Ice Crystal in the middle of the street you find six armed guards standing frozen in a combination of Terror magic shimmering Force energy kind of traps them in place and they can’t move at all encased in the glowing glass life substance
this is about what I predicted if I’m honest
I know I know I know that distraction but I continue on I’m chasing that is the one towards mrs. Vaughn’s house let’s cut to the inside of the house what’s happened next that killed or at least tried to Sail by the Tinder has left the building right now he’s gone and it is a Sharpie is chasing right now off my ass and I examined by the tender to see if The Shard is still in his breast pocket find any breast Pockets I don’t know his name fizban
Stephen is Fizz ball oh man yeah are you okay man get away from me
for me he’s come to finish the job I fuck him
for real though
in your weakened state I’m going to tell you this I never liked you I fucking never liked you to begin with I think that you’ve been dishonest with us for the fucking outset so I told him to attend early like Patrick Swayze Style by the go to head and I just I just missionary fuck him and I
I’m right here with going on down on the ground and I are running to the power to stop it first before you come home you didn’t do this look at the ground a fucking father chasing right now
help me help you.
You just to stir the seeds of goodness I want you. I already am
no he’s about to be filled with my seeds of goodness. Please don’t do this you’re going to pull cork off of for mr. tender father
he comes right out with a pop you’ve arrested him out repair the damage that has been done by
at night I want you to listen to look look for your for your seeds feeling sore again rely on top of Father tender when I can try my hardest I’m trying to fuck everybody right now I used to I used
unicorn using you you okay you do that going into a barbarian or maybe it’s the Stab Wound you just inflicted but you still are too too weak and small what are all the tooth and I get my face right in your tiny little baby ear look you mess with me again I’m going to take your dreams I’m going to eat your dreams
I’m going to feed them
I cast who gives a shit
I’m going to use diplomacy to convince him that she can’t hear reason I’m afraid I’m just going to I’m going to is there a closet in the room or anyting heater in the closet no no no no
I think I have some magic bracers can I use that to keep the door closed to dignity sarsgaard who we just met luck that we never liked this guy that does a PowerShot have been stolen I think by somebody else we have bigger fish to fry in fighting in here we should go get the person we’re getting also Fox Father Tim he’s an asshole he’s never been good to me but I think he’s probably one of the bad people in town
whoever said that I’m going to come up with rape you right now live action Working Girl play I’m alright what’s the temperature outside
that’s how it sounds if you find yourself outside Von household the darn Bond household you see that the one of the walls the wall nearest you as a massive hole in the side it’s a strange pentagonal shape that must have been cut by one of the sharpest blades in history it’s so clean this cut massive chunks of hewn Stone why in the grass on the ground I guess it suppresses I wasn’t already outside the dorms on I know you were headed towards their I was you’re heading okay well I want to I just want to continue to chase the Moon looks like that’s where it’s gone it’s gone to the apologize I got confused about Darvon idea okay sorry about that I charge through that pentagonal egress how’s that sound
Eagle that’s wrong that’s why I’m sorry I wasn’t listening I didn’t know you’re good
hang back inside inside is a scene of Devastation everything is a skewer exploded or cutting half Furniture walls all Marvel movies
these oddly cleaned most things don’t make sense I’m sorry
I want them to feel like my position on this was clear every clue and 7 was like yeah that happened in that movie
those work podcast
notes after the show after the show
so well yeah all those things I just said just rude and cut and 1/2 in into pieces you see a splinter door appears to be one of the only things not hacked to Pieces instead maybe just exploded or smash somehow you here no response this is Jack and kick out it inside you see a Grizzly site
the courts of mrs. Darvon it’s the price of silver
there we go
been chased in the Maryland of silvery for Center
what her head clean cut off at the neck to see another small body lying on the floor a pillar of force extending out of the crack ground where the head should be blood spilled across the floor and standing in the window sill is the small shadowy figure here you can recognize them clearly it’s bisbal the gnome all in black ninja gear
yeah well here’s what you get
okay so he stand stock-still completely laughing and not able to dodge but is your Fireball impact where his face should be you see a dazzling flash of white light and then and it has gone disappeared he looks happy you see a crackle and a Fizz as a sort of Lights shimmering barrier kind of shimmers out of existence in front of them fuck all right if you fucken I use my teleport to teleport to behind him you do that
and then I did give me one second I don’t like that I just I just I just I just I’m behind them successfully behind them I’m just going to I’m just going to try to cause fear on them all right you do that
can I go home
turns around seemingly unaffected by your by your action Hawk he’s not afraid he’d have broken their fucked up I I’ll take some dice if anyone has them but Manor and you see is she a rectangular sheet of above his hands
you want you lunch is it directly directly at you and the way it smashes and has a clean cut through a through a wall and continues going on meanwhile outside or wherever what are you guys doing I have jumped out of the window stopping or raping her in a club that actually happened you were physically forced into it and follow the trail of action towards where the guy that was the one trying to help my friend
battery read nothing but she’s at her like police I don’t like her well I mean a police wouldn’t let that happen but you know what TV dramas are about them yeah I know I don’t watch those show not about rapist
I don’t rate pay by just talk to me
I finished my a climbing kit and my fast stealth and try to follow the trail you do that you follow the trail to follow behind make it making it making it a private decree to kill dignity Skarsgard under any circumstances I make her my own Target will your promises so powerful that are the door opens
I don’t know what happened today with these days I also apologize before I left is that cool happened to the guy that we have to help him right now he’s a bond we have to be happy doing that you’re great
so you guys are all converging on the location but who knows what’ll happen in the future no don’t fucking fucking Cliffhanger we have to have an actual Cliffhanger it seems like a cliffhanger you kind of racing towards is deadly. Leave me alone.
I’m coming please please please please please don’t please stop o l my ass please do it. Everybody
Willie Roberts
our bartender Sarah
Spencer Crittenden on Jeff Davis your marriage down time and thank you so much for coming drive fast to take chances


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