Episode: 113 – FlagCop


Episode: 113 – FlagCop


Mayor Harmon is possibly a bit jealous of Spencer and Real Abed’s budding friendship, and later we welcome Demorge Brown to the mix which spawns a TV pilot pitch, “FlagCop”.


you guys got the Rhythm
Hollywood California
alright let’s get this over with
I got I’ve been Minecraft in for 2 days and I am in the middle of a big skyscraper and I’m trying to get my itemducts working
tell you about it later chicken chokers or was it
Spencer was recommending in Minecraft world is infinitely procedurally-generated as you go anywhere and everything that is created stays where it is however things don’t stay active like if you’re if you’re cooking something and a little Grill and you walk too far away from it it’ll just kind of stopped cooking on the grill but it’ll do the grill. Be there in the signal still be on the grill unless you get it unless you build what’s called a chunk loader because everything’s in chunks the data is only chunks so Spencer was recommending a get a thing called Chicken Chunks okay
all right this is Shelly buys way to open a show
it’s not even a game it’s like it’s like it’s like knitting you know
do you remember when we when we both had pirated copies of Maya and we would just send a little things back and forth like what you what you’d make of a sphere with his nipples on it and then and then you email me the file and then I’d open it up and I had to extrude the nipples and locked them into a nerve surface
now it’s fun it’s like a hobby it’s not really a really a game cuz you’re not like there’s no score and you’re not trying to kill anybody but it’s just like it’s like like playing Lego images for moment-to-moment just making stuff just go that’s where you can go sit there by yourself most of the time forever even if your friends are on there but then sometimes you may be jetpack over to your friends location and look at what they’re made Macon and you know you know just alright
make a hat that be great I’m really sorry about the beginning of this episode 7 mean for it to happen this way tonight and I don’t know why can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t penetrate the lift membrane I don’t know why I’ve had nothing but good experiences with lift but I keep going back to Uber like an abusive Like a Knife he used a boyfriend like like like like a blinking crawling back to Mary Todd no matter how hard she hits him
was there some rumor of us has he was so crazy she beat
a blanket with a battered husband
I can’t be just making that up I mean I can babe I wish I wish you had that deep imagine me exactly me to I feel like I heard that somewhere. Tomorrow but online with Uber and new new new thing the guy and the guy has a paper and pencil a piece of typing paper and a pencil and he says in the Uber app as you know you type in you know your address where you want to get picked up and then you take now you can type in your destination so you would think a little less talking maybe a little less maintenance I get into the car and the guy says where are you going and I just don’t want to sound like an asshole but I just I just went like isn’t it on the thing like look at the thing cuz I can see it it’s on the arm rest is like a map
on his phone a blinking like like a hologram of me saying which is where are you drive me but he’s got the pen and paper out and Anna and Isaac we would it look kind of thing it’s it’s on it’s on it’s on Sunset is like I just realized he was talking about my street he was talking with the street I live on how to spell it because he wanted to write it down on a piece of paper with a pencil to murder his way like I like a weird like emotionally challenged junior in high school like he was trying to get his homework done on the bus is just like raining scribblings scrolling my the name of my street down where is it is it keeping the cookbook or something and it doesn’t matter right now I told you what street I live on
it’s I pause in the middle of the street it’s at least six houses long
you’ll never find the gate with h on it
hey do miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes out the themes relate to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like you’re always in good hands
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X-Men the Lyft Lyft is way more fun if it’s faster and easier for my entertainment dollar what does it matter I’m going to be murder done by Monday three people who will only be doing things with the best intentions but you took you took a couple lips the right or well just one I took two lips and a good time in both I know but that’s been your weird that I get a lift to get in the backseat you’re weird in the back sometimes it’s slow and funky and I don’t like it
I got to find a good song because you clean yourself with yo-yo hygiene corner
calling all scientists please the planet only have so much time left we’re all dying we’re not going to make it to the globals are warming the the tides are rising
is by the time you hear this recording maybe it will be
all I’m saying is before we die someone just make a pill that makes your fingernails stop growing
just make it one how hard can that be
is it a big, big burden in your life only for 41 years or so since I was born with these pointless fingernails grow medieval Appliance and and and use pressure and a human metal to shizzle off chunks of lifeless carotene what is a Titan what the fuck is on us what is the shed while we have it pick up your keys Outlet Atlantic Atlanta in the Queen’s Nails to pick up my keys do you need that like a rodent regenerate the Denton to get new to burrow in shipment I guess if we’re using them you never scratch yourself you never
I feel like if we didn’t have them then we wouldn’t ditch as much and we can we make cheese thicker
and credit cards with all handles on them like we would have
we we we we we don’t have a belly button tentacle but it’s not like we notice it’s gone all the time because we don’t have any devices you know there’s not like a rope to get into each building as I used your belly button technical to get it off like I just get rid of the fucking fingernails can you take the antidote
for a week and then the Clipper to call your back teeth Jack I bite my fingernails look like a perfect perfect fingernail gross
weird with grosses people out and doesn’t gross other people that people do it
the people that do it
your brother does have you have you seen him do it that’s that’s horrifying
how did the Heather lift his foot all the way up to his hear Yogi couldn’t I couldn’t if I wanted to
yeah I know I got this jealousy
all right Jeff they are a bootlegger
advertising company
I just like I like bookends
there’s a guy that got 33 months in prison somebody tweeted me a link to an article I believe this was in the UK some guy recorded Fast and the Furious 9 whatever they’re on in the theater you know like they do he uploaded it on to the web and was charging like a pound 54 for torrent downloads of it and they caught them and they sentenced him to 33 months in prison you can be certain that much we’re just going to that movie in the first thing I’m easily making an example of this guy already three years he was already said that’s that’s the sentence he has been sent
all it comes down to is money so that the article which is clearly slanted towards like they use the guys worst photo he’s leaning against a Camaro flipping the finger
they did every every quote from here that like it he would post up to his Facebook page and then the guy that sentenced him like referenced him saying shit on the Facebook page which is crazy like when they are clearly you you everything we need to know about your attitude is on that Facebook post from yesterday what the fuck do I do not process don’t don’t process what did he make a tabulated what he cost Universal I think that’s the studio we’re all Sims like you you’d only download a torrent of Fast and the Furious 6 if you were unable to get out to the theaters and watch it
and of course if you downloaded it means you definitely would have gone to the theater that’s the first erroneous piece of math with the but they they use a bunch of theoretical math to figure this guy cost Universal I don’t know tens or hundreds of millions of dollars you know they tabulated and obviously just okay so so rich people who run the world money makes the world go round it should be a crime to fuck with rich people I guess I mean it’s their world
why put them in prison with why you put wild what is how much money is going to make anybody in prison like send them to send them to like a Universal Studios camper something that would have been a panda outfit and make him make him drive that tramp parks that are like cheaper because their people with criminals
who stole movies or something if you can’t stand the heat like like Backdraft speaking of which the backdrop to start Show starting over here
you know it’s at like they could just kind of blind confession with with helping helping paying customers and then they work off their debt prison for going to stab somebody who should be pretty simple rule with prison right guy in a in a little cubicle that way that he can’t get out of physically when he would physically do something bad what about you was out what I mean is that that’s an example to guide is doing time right yeah I mean you see hard justice so so why not commit to that idea that anybody that commits a crime that is Financial in origin has to suffer some kind of financial
punishment you know why what’s the big deal I don’t get it and also pills that make your toenails stop growing
I don’t have all the answers tweetney it sucks to suck my dick
I’ll tear that suck suck suck my dick
does Twitter has been around for like 15 years
XXX score isn’t it like a car ride except for all that rigmarole the beginning it’s really quiet for a long time and then you just said cool down huh
Anna Anna just babysit and I was like yeah what if we what if he said cool down huh what if I had said no
but I disagree I don’t think it has cooled on now we’re in a small argument
George Takei as a hero so I documentary about him what did he do you know what he did for so many years he’s always been a delightful personality and he’s a little silly totally like this no matter what he’s talking about
but but this guy is very happy go lucky and he’s the kind of talks like a game show host but I don’t want to use to strong language but I don’t also don’t want to stretch out a big long long daisy chain of words just so it’s not that strong and then I realized that other people have had it harder than the lights but I just want to say like George Takei as a jolly old man he’s been betrayed by his country twice in his lifetime once because of his race and once because of his orientation I key has had he spent his childhood in a Japanese American internment camp and still like exited with enough like altruism and and and magnanimity and optimism to to have a good life for you know if he’s if you let that get you down I’m sure a lot of people left those Champs all fucked up and bitter and and and and fucked for life
and then having done that then he had to be you know he didn’t have to be but he kind of had to be in the closet for what you know what an order to get acting work and stuff and then he you do it’s like equal marriage rights being like he found himself than at the Forefront of that phase like people telling them you shouldn’t be allowed to get married if you’re gay and every every time that each turn this is a country that this guy loves and he loves everybody and he likes talking to people and I like having conversations and he’s not like he’s meeting head-on like these controversies he’s like he’s getting his transparent and honest and sincere when he talks about them about his experiences at this Canton his experience is like on the Forefront of fighting for a gay rights and and and yet
Point does he do what I what I did when the Ferguson thing happen which is just like throw my hands in the air and get all mad and whiny and start screeching and Stephen Amell and if everybody did that would really be fucked like I was kind of kind of inspiring I thought maybe you could always find the humor in and the George Takei it was eggs I was on the plane with him and we’re come back from a gig and it’s like I was Greg proops an end that you sat across from us and like we were like road to and he was in real one and that would like to lose a motorcycle crash everybody in the Assistance or Handler a Wrangler or maybe a companion I don’t have any friends
cop in the sky was a keeping him like you know like I’m making sure he was warm and staff and being very attentive and nice and we kept getting in front of him and we were behind him and he gets on and the guy who sings Thank You mr. David thank you mister mister George Takei
I got to go see a big fan of your thank you very much is very nice to hear that. I’m sure whatever was it yeah
yeah. I need isn’t he this has been a very very cute couple are very very inspiring to get to the other an older couple now but they’re there and they’re not like making out with each other at every step her trying to prove something but they’re clearly in love and they’re like soulmates and they walk around hand-in-hand and it’s it’s a beat me over to you
beam me out beat me out.
Everywhere I go so it’s trying to keep me in somewhere where was his beaming technology when I needed it all right well that’s the end of my notes I I think that I wore the wrong shirt or is he’s it’s these goddamn lights
don’t think that would work yet. Potato
I should have word mirrors like the lady in Dance Hall Days
picture reflect everything outward I bet that lady in Dance Hall Days was cold as a cucumber when she comes out of the disco ball and she’s covered in mirrors
we were so I don’t open my mouth
I never knew there were so that’s why I know he’s saying it takes you over later yeah yeah look it up
NFL player lookup fingernails and Fast and the Furious at www.sec.gov
just to get out of these lights man it’s like one of those things is like is like oh that’s nice of them okay you still reflect light all right
hello hey you’re on at 8:26 at the earliest I don’t know man maybe on this stage
play last saw you 5 minutes ago it’s throwing me off I’m having a good time though I’m glad to be here did you have to make chocolate to this fine country no I’m sure I will before this day is done go right now did you ever hear I’m seated ready to do some, did you eat some did you eat a misguided burrito or something or 8 I think I did yeah I went to 7-Eleven I got two taquitos and they’re really delicious I never had it before but I’m already like no big deal here’s the thing 7-Eleven they have all this food the flight crappy food and it’s a tall is like it has a flavor but it also has this consistency that’s very microwaved but the thing is I eat food that I cook in the microwave so like it’s not that big of a deal right but you know that is what you do I just know that are rolling around the other those rolling taquitos
I get a lot of hot dogs no incident but man taquitos oven is a food destination really right but I know I mean I was just I got I got you know I came into the Meltdown I parked I was like let’s go to 711 you know I would rather have like a big bucket of noodles but that’s wasn’t on the table. It’s sad really
Ramen big big big bucket of ramen without even that much soup in it yeah big break or Ramen that’s like lightly boiled that’s what I’d like to do make me feel 25 today’s cheat day what do you have a cheat day I found out Erin came back from from wherever she wasn’t she I was looking I was like well it’s cheat day so I’m I could eat anything I want but then I was playing Minecraft and I was too lazy to get up to eat food and waste and then I thought I was cuz I was like 4:30 when Erin came back and I was like five man we got some catching up to do and she said what do you mean she said we don’t get a cheat day this week is it why I just like we had pizza on Wednesday Wednesday
I don’t even remember we cheated on Wednesday
I think it was dehydrated
Pizza whatever it was like what now she’s going to spin class everyday Sunday 7 I believe right this is Fitness kick as I get is trying to be on a diet I’m not going to go to spin class no
not going to happen we should go it’s a lot of fun Douglas Adams died on a treadmill
is he dead I don’t know a lot of things about people I mean who keeps track of who died that seems like depressing right I was just being defensive overly defensive it’s nothing you’ve done you made a new friend oh yeah French he’s been hanging out with a mutual friend of ours he’s been that he’s been really long and some quality time with them that he just isn’t that the blossoming friendship jealous I’m very curious yeah I mean you’re curious about your friendship whatever you want me to take it negatively affect the Friendship to talk about it I know I mean it couldn’t help
no it’s Nicolas Cage was a bad game
I’ve had gas for the stage
read aloud
my bad slatten electric mention the lies that my creation it’s been a while since you’ve been up here can I say something yep so those lights the new ones do you mean these ones cuz they’re like the restaurant at 3 to go by your like I’m going to get I’m going to get that restaurant by you in the ride I never do it I was like that’s exactly what I was thinking of like last week I called him something like like a Caribbean Bungalow or something like that doesn’t it look like the most amazing real great to eat there
size 4 really to the right if you just start moving and right in the right is the Blue by a restaurant it’s it’s really quiet right ready for the Blue Bayou
Pirates of the Caribbean the restaurant Pirates of the Caribbean restaurant
real music is on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride you started as regular passengers and unlike most of those rides you could kind of indoctrinated into the thing is if you got actually turned into a pirate on the ride and then at the end you got to steal sillage the restaurant until somebody butter icing some of these old pirate movies they don’t fuck around like they really stab and buying like to the Barnacle like there’s no tomorrow what what was the pirate clinging to a barnacle Blackbeard the pirate it was that movie it was really awesome but it was fuked up man that Blackbeard is quite a character but I think they’re clinging treasure looks like you can’t fuck with me
shipmate if you’re on a pirate ship pirate Captain I think I could put use it to some good use it look like you could tie some knots
I could do that but I would choose to just be like a Survivor I might hide like high up so whenever there’s a crazy Mutiny I’m just like watching it like oh my God oh my God end up your holy shit every time it would have taken in this week’s Mutiny yeah I would be the ship’s Jester so that was what is comedy they would just call uark bed because they can’t know who would be able to print out my mad when he starts saying it like I always wonder that too I could you climb up like like up there if so could you just could you to stay out of trouble
duck up at 8 the people have heard the buses and blunderbusses and whatnot so I just fucking get your seat you’re sitting sitting there with ya what does that it’s another matchlock guns along it’s like a precursor I believe still going to take us longer rifle
gold one it looks like you’re on the ride like it’s amazing like I look like it’s like everything looks like I said it’s beautiful it’s like you’re a shiver my Timbers from now you have to answer what we why did you just leave the trailer where we get the term sheet where would you think David realized that it would have to be like a old pirate movie but might be a pirate series you know I’m going to go to the pirate movie maybe it’s Captain Courageous or something captains Captains Courageous I believe it actually comes from actual Pirates like like terminology wood and if it’s shivering like if there’s no if it’s if you’re in high seas and it’s really scary out like that the foremost way of knowing that you’re in deep shit is that your Timbers
shaken at your boat secretary For What from what I read it was one of the common injuries when you when you got hit by a broadside cannon ball it wasn’t the kind of like likely to hit you it was going to hit the wood and you would get hit by splinters make all those Shivers so you died big bike getting stuck with would kill you outright you would eventually because you just had gross rotting ship would stuck stuck in your body I thought it’s just like the guy’s balls
he’s like told me he’s like oh my Timbers are shivering that’s what I thought like it’s something funny like that I need to leave some of this like dark like I know what what’s with that guy
what is he crazy
it’s it’s odd that he says that I better to do but see he like his friend from the get-go you know from like the first time I hung out here a couple times I Was Young Street and for some reason like I mean I would just make jokes and then you would laugh and then we just hang out and I found out what time you didn’t crack muffins in the muffins would feel like how do I get to map away from here we’ll their their their laughter limits would be tested like that
every relationship I have in that sense is like I’m always the you know the Castello and everyone else is the Abbott just like what are you doing now come on I just told you you a beautify a planet
everyone nobody really like they’re like a supermarket what is happening that’s babadook I don’t understand the parents will have to be like I what is really we just get to the bottom of why I came in so where did you guys hang out do you get into guys go get soup or do you get to hang out at a place to get muffins but like yeah we going to the bakery Porto’s in town then back-to-back do nothing weird 2020 you guys being the music I mean most recently it was when we went to the fair together I think the renaissance fair is that it I think we were hanging
a few times before that but I mean most recently I was there under my nose and behind my back so you are jealous about this I’d like to run around and have a friendship behind a quarter light-year right through there in the trip I’m not jealous I just feel like I’m cheating on you I’d like to be notified of
new friendships I don’t have to find out about them accidentally. I was just remember there’s this one time I was driving around cuz I was smoking was early morning on a Sunday morning and you were on Twitter and you were talking about how you were driving around in the morning on Twitter and then we started tweeting at each other while we’re driving over here like we should go run our cars into each other
I was like wait a minute he’s tweeting and Driver early in the morning go to a bakery is amazing breakfast burritos by my house and I’m like I’m going to get him this time in like I waited and waited and it was like 6 a.m. and I’m like damn treating about it cuz I’m like I got to stay awake for that burrito so I drove around trying to stay awake but we were treating each other you talked to anything that much in the last 20 years so we are driving around what do they have even take you know it’s like sometimes I got to hold back sometimes he’s got a hold back I’m holding back
taking out he’s going to tell a real contest a will what does it look like for 13 years I would like to know what it looks like when you hold back show me just like if I’m mad I’ll just be quiet it’s still weird as it sucks man I have ever really loved alternative music I wish there was some way I could talk to about it
holding it back
no actually I don’t really have much to say about it I mean that’s been the answer I mean I have a theory on that like you maybe the change the topic maybe that would be harder for me to resist I wish I knew more about tornadoes or a nuclear subs
I told Dad that’s more expensive bailiwick I would think you need to know about a tornado
the biggest problem is you guys complete each other a pedia was hanging out with a grinder what it what are you

I don’t know how to characterize you
how do I get clearance, Miss conception created you just make that up
I want to go with you guys so bad we haven’t been in a while I have the time we haven’t been candy shop right next door yeah Rocket Fizz I don’t know if you are out I don’t like everything is going on up here
very often I mean we just played magic today was fun it was it was about 3 hours to play that game till the cows come home great game magic everything back that you felt a little guilty because you attacked Spencer and you felt like he didn’t take it well but you said of course anyone here that doesn’t Minecraft Obsession like I played magic when I was in high school I really liked it I was really good at it and then I just put it away for a while and then every once in awhile I’ll meet someone that wants to play and then my dick is still sitting there so I’m like I might as well just piss off and we played in like I noticed something that we play in a group it’s like let’s attack Spencer he’s going to feel like oh man are you pissed off at me or something real bad and it’s like it’s not it’s not personal dude it’s a game it’s personal.
it’s like nothing to do with me liking or not liking Spencer and there’s like no matter what he’ll get mad just like we planned we playing these big group since all political so like I I become a you know a character I tell people what to do in like try and get people to do things that benefit maybe cuz it’s a big part of it to Mastro’s everybody a player same game but you know in theory it’s like you’re all fighting so if I was like hey man it’s better if you punched him in the face here and then I can kick him in the leg it’s kind of like that where it’s like if you do this here that’ll help me out but I’m trying to convince you I would help you out to be as violent as possible
there’s no drawbacks like no one’s going to put you in jail I mean that’s where he comes through like a
Roy’s and takes everyone apart it’s it’s he beat me with like 900 points a Delta 900
normally do 2:20 damage to kill someone I want to go to the bakery part not the magic part
I just can’t had the last time like on X Files at 8:49 that conversation proves there’s a paranormal force in the world of the unknown yeah evidence of the paranormans that are normal
I can’t I can’t get out of that one what do you think is the worst
and if you if you if you don’t if you don’t want to answer don’t because it’s not to answer Mary King answering what do you think the worst thing you’ve ever done all the words to another person in another person cuz I had it done back to me so it does that cancel it out I don’t know it wasn’t just a pillow fight
hey I wanted to tell ya that he got a tell us about it
good I was like I can’t remember well God there’s two
what’s the worst and say the words that start with a better one and then I put it in the freezer and was nice and cold so I figured cold this will detect it will be able to take me to kiss me like a little bit country time when you say he’s hot outside dude have some lemonade the first of all why did you put any lemonade in it or was it just like I was trying to like mask the taste like powdered country time next year P250 with lemonade on a hot day
I’m horrible at what temperature does pee freeze degrees Celsius I just say calling up is this all made up except the glass of lemonade out of the blue lemonade lemonade like I would be suspicious
I have this feeling in my in my mind of like success but failure because it’s like it’s like it’s just like you’re telling me that if someone offered you a glass of lemonade first thought would be this might be his pee and yet you famously once that Lindsay Lohan was coming over to his apartment so you should clean up
and get a six pack of beer you did it when was that I don’t remember that was years ago I don’t remember that I’m saying I don’t think that you were like I’m your biggest fan but you were like she’s a celebrity ice Mandy Moore in her cage and I’d be like oh yeah I know but look see this is this is like one of those things where it’s a learning lesson because you’re like no help and he didn’t notice
suck it down like it was like his own piss you can give a fuck
when is the end like it was water world and what and what happens next drink the whole thing
it was his own
he was enjoying it as they just poured us up a nice cold glass of his own urine watching it and it was like it was like Fascination horror cuz I’m like you would have thought it was the guys only or and the way he’s got something he didn’t detect anything was wrong with it with the lemonade. He just drank in a couple times how much how much lemonade what was the race use the regular lemonade what’s going on why is a building up a solo cup with my fingers of pee
and then a 70% lemonade lemonade with rose with your sister just that whisper
suggestion of strangers piss all right we’re at
is like the ratios over you no more limited than pissed
you can taste more of the lemonade so he’s kind of like he’s like it looks like he’s going to freak out but he doesn’t cuz I’m on like pins and needles in my eyes like he doesn’t get away with it I feel horrible you know it’s like I want but I don’t feel like I want to feel like I really did something bad happening in like later I told him and then he freaked out just like father to do that I mean rightfully so I can’t believe you couldn’t tell I cannot shame on you I like holy shit I was waiting for you to kind of figure it out that your that your piss is delicious
that’s not too tart not too sweet like a 12 year old boy maybe but not now
no alcohol
how do I connect a different Josh there
can you taste of Flintstones Vitamins
tantrum to throw it in
grandfather way worse the second thing that I think that is worse just because when I was doing it I was feeling so guilty but the other time was when he peed in his brother’s p
it’s one thing to spike Country Time Lemonade but I mean yeah later in life deservingly so I couldn’t get mad cuz I was like why did do that to somebody and I anyway I miss my brother I took I took like cayenne pepper and I put it in water and I put in a Super Soaker and then I went up to mcscrooges eyes I like I think that’s why it’s pretty bad every bit of salt
it was so evil and rotten I’m in my mom being like who who are you
that are you were like a spawn super villain like
like that’s like not like you you’re not evil you’re not been if you would have been in crazy like I’m like I don’t know I mean sometimes you get mad you just got to strike out and then and then what happened was later in life I was hanging out with Justin right and I fell asleep at his house and of course we hang out with Justin and he’s like one of his moods he doesn’t fall asleep he needs a partner in crime so he got so mad that I fell asleep that he wakes me up and then he just dumps like water with cayenne pepper in my own
Evan like what did he do that because he knows that you had done that and he was like it was like oh no shit and I told the story but what’s crazy is like I just remember like I was in a dream
if you jumped cayenne pepper water on somebody while they’re sleeping you better be a certain they’re not going to murder you after
like where am I like I was at a slumber party with the girls.
Can actually abused me about asleep I’m fucking me would be murder when she just woke you up like I was sleeping she was trying to go to the kitchen and people are laying all over the floor and someone just walked in like stepped on my wrist so I hate when that happens if you’re laying down. Crawling I socked in the head about Raging Bull
is it about to get me some standing above me for laughing pouring King Hippo and then you like do you like punching him in the dream and wakes up and it’s like a girl I have a collection of my friends when they pass out of parties I will I will put things on them but it’s all stuff that wake up it comes off like no no ink and I’ve No Liking like Sharpie marker is a sign of what signs on them recovered and Post-it notes one time when you have your little post it must hurt like a penis on a girl’s face and that was funny cuz that’s like harmless
when I was going to Sharpie but it’s the best phone I’ve ever taken was when Jay Johnson passed out and I made a duct tape duct tape and a nice big handlebar mustache this girl who’s house we’re at Shad bagh Playboy bunny ears so I put those on his head was amazing was you couldn’t wake Jay up but you didn’t have to tiptoe around you can speak full voice to everybody and then I made a big sign as a Playboy bunny bunny ears on Ice me to sign around his neck and said racist that’s a great picture but can I keep it because you can keep it but you can’t show it to people I have it on my phone
I mean maybe you do but we don’t know you showed to Jada right I know I wouldn’t let me keep it because he even he agreed as a very good picture, if you like to do before they got to see this picture. I got to tell you one thing so I just did that to me and then his mom made him feel bad like that he was like fine with it until she’s like how could you do that to your friend I feel like I feel like I’m watching a stand-up show on Nickelodeon
then they get mad
what you doing I don’t know you said the three quarters of the n-word Nickelodeon Nickelodeon
he’s going to need a hat let’s all protect ourselves
play drag me down like Letterman no don’t move down Behavior
all right yeah I brought you a substitute for a Erin when we played D&D I thought it went quite well yeah that’s what I do I judge I sit in the judge of who’s who who who did well in D&D this week I mean you’re going to get that one out of your light under a bushel of your judge D D & D Judge Judy Judge Dredd trailer mounted syllables
Viola everyone’s like so fast these days I got to zip through words I have when you get old and cranky. Who knows I’ll get taken down like a fucking wild deer to get off my lawn guy but not for real you’ll be yourself and you’ll be all frantic and you’ll be like not wanting them on your lawn get on my lawn kind of guy does a kid
why he wants you on his computer
past old man Abbott’s house he’ll come out and wash your windshield
always out there was always out on your front lawn look at what’s going on oh my God man Gates house man don’t go in there last time I went there he burn me a CD
do you like pretty good but still it’s like 3 hours or how do you add someone through like fire week okay first five episodes come on but we’ll get through this
you actually gave me dark place I know I gave it to lie to me but you were in the office and you said can I take this in return I’ll give you Farscape and I said I don’t know where that is and then I lost 3 months of my life sitting on the couch I didn’t take any news you said alright you can borrow it. And then me and Lena and then and then it’s just a regular old friends
my ho I know my guard know I gave it to you the other day
Demarcus that you had a George Takei starting barely it’s me and Josh fadem actually and we went to get sushi in Little Tokyo in a place called frying fish which is a carousel frying fish frying fish show everybody that we are here now oh yeah I like mentally move down the couch I’m going to watch it happen and we’re sitting at home with Josh fadem so you can’t even keep things in your pockets and we’re well into this Sushi thing I’m getting some kind of dragon surprise shit and just pee
my phone goes off to text I look at it it’s from Josh who is sitting next to me
so I put on my brow like this and I like this better be good and I open it and it says Sulu
and I’ve just been cranking this in the second half is what the fuck and I look up and as I look at my seat to Kai and I go
I need staring right at us and then he just smiles and goes
it’s like he’s cool though cool that you act like that right what is it that happens to you when you come on stage when it leaves yeah what are you thinking like I got a remind me of Fozzie Bear like right like
alas I think I like you really do I mean how does Fozzie Bear laugh
I’ll come away it’s like kind of a hat
somebody give me a favor online with a podcast play that again
see how accurate that is give me some give me some Swedish Chef want to see you again or Zach nobody knows who is that guy if I keep you up here
look I’ll behave or you’re going with this time I can tell where you’re going with this might be a you might be good playing D&D like he’ll be a good Christopher losing eyes and stuff
Aurora just doesn’t work it just lays there a large or Chris de Burgh last time you were here I really wasn’t George Floyd murder in Savannah has guns with me we can cast whoever as customers dignity play Chris de Burgh s and have tomorrow’s play the new character that sounds a lot like the old just different name
no unicorns whatever I want I don’t know what I was watching Seinfeld unicorns like they kind of have more than a step dad died in their hugs that’s how they move is there anything I was supposed to do some podcast it was people talking about all the things that they they were personally humiliated to find out they didn’t know until they were much much too old so there was one of the example that that reminded me of a source of girl who was telling a story of how she thought that unicorns were real
until she was like 30 at a party I was like at a party and people were talking about endangered animals and she she she tied in with what about unicorns are they endangered and found out that said she just thought that that’s awesome I mean it I can’t remember the other examples where I was like I’m going to find a word but
wherever rainbows for school with a girl who she was a new student when I was in 9th grade and Ninth Grade who failed her first exam because she was convinced she had been taught as her parents angrily stated later that the South had won the war by the whole thing I created this whole this is where she is going to go on
I’m saying like you lied about Santa Claus we were just talking about that shit that’s like fucking with a sense of history I mean like I don’t get the impression that they told the kid the South won the worst so that they would think that they were living in a better world I think they are is that what it was cuz she took his exams but they made her take the test when she got in there on a Tuesday or something that test was on Friday so just to be part of school and a lot of it was Blue Book stuff and I guess the teacher like kind of rat was frazzled lost his head over the whole thing and I Monday just said I can’t even give you a grade on this so you will fail because what are you even thinking these opinions about this everything you’ve written is insane and she was in tears when crazy her parents came in to match for this conference and they went step-by-step trying to explain that in their education this is what the hell
she had a book the text that he learned the history of the United States
editorially rationalize this this this sort of conclusion that that was why the flag was still flowing down there and that is why but
where’s spelling books were like they showed like like you know black people as slaves still so that it said it was insane and so the parents are apparently I know this computer doesn’t seem to cancel that apparently the parent’s argument was backed up for debate it depends on how you describe how you define
well there I mean that that’s the point where it starts to actually get fascinated cuz it looks like oh yeah what the fuck what is it like like like like we we we conditional surrender of your army and you’re trying to surrender documents did they float down here like I said they’re saying we don’t we don’t acknowledge that surrender documents federal agent
that decision is made at the state level. Be happy I mean flag, it’s like it’s like the first episode is like who is Palatka I mean he’s a cop who asked to see if people have the right flag or not it’s like the first episode is like his best friend from my childhood still but like he said was raised thinking the South really happened between two sides it’s like somebody still happening but he goes against everything I believe what do I do so it’s like the season 4 season finale of flag, where he he finds out that he was brainwashed as a kid and that he actually does believe in the other flag so he has to like think like everything I’ve been taught is a lie and then you like
was it really a lie or was he tricked into thinking that about as good as most TV these days
switch to work with you get me fly guy stopped by the cops on Netflix
the flag is kind of like cool but I like that design in the Brazil flag that looks like a cool globe or he’ll Bluestar’s so she’s working for Brazil to kind of tricking who doesn’t know that to the whole season you think all we just found a girlfriend but like she’s really against it the most TV it’s probably first season is Confederate vs. US flag and it’s like a really popular show really critically loaded and then second season they do like the wire doing the stevedores
we go back to his route so I bought him about Flags when is the when is the movie come out episode where he’s having a a toxic reaction to his medication and he meets Betsy Ross
play by Sally Fields
see so like his great-great-great-grandfather was like her first lover but then she dumped him for George Washington
me and my history born apologize I mean anyway Braun bones you know Sleepy Hollow. It’s like do you like Windsor over think of this parking lot guys that are just waiting orange flags at 8
Play Kryptonite Kryptonite like you can’t see.
swag trap like it’s like a free that flag flag the police department because you just one copy Black Ops he is this department cuz everyone’s like this investigating Flags man I know what it’s like out there for a teenager Murphy you want to get made fun of like that and then if I can send it or is killed with a flag
Anna homicide departments like fuck moment he’s like waiting for this my whole career
who stars in a million Flags the whole season but a touch the ground floor slowly lowering it towards the ground
because he won’t murder somebody up there cuz it’s going to touch the ground by season
the ground has to keep it from touching the ground
Black Ops
when the flag has to hit the top in the body they have to save all the house and he has to go through this crazy puzzles to get to the Uso and Crystal play that guy
what are the top rack not not going to be with her alternate universe version of him as long as iced tea plays the commissioner
I’ve never seen anybody as so few Stripes protecting
the irony
get the fuck out of here he’ll be iced tea in your fitting into your flat cap at the Active at the vending machine iced he’s been riding the guy for the whole season and then he’s be putting some money in the vending machine and he drops his wallet and old id falls out revealing that iced tea when he got started was on the flag
cuz I know you can do better really really I love it I love it and you got to work twice as hard when you are a flag cop
don’t people see is a fucking Flag no matter how good you are Miranda rights due process quotas you can fuck all that blacktop for real
get the fuck out there
don’t do your job
Dan if you would
why, why, that’s a show cop should be a show I want to watch Homeland can be in its sixth season
keep your character in past the other than these are all three pages these are all dignity it’s okay this is Corky and he’s only one page haven’t seen one of those pages I hope so energy make it have a nice cold beverage towards that you brought to you by P
what is lichen is distracting lemonade pee in the bathroom
taking a piss in one dude I want that in my body how do I do that
are we good to go think so Spencer take us on a magic voyage
last time on the harmontown or Heroes we’re safe for the moment after losing more rain in combat and taking Refuge from Admiral dark stuff. Grows book our heroes arrested in the constabulary with their new friend dignity the Paladin
Our Heroes went to inspect the magical barrier defending the town and ran into father Tinder who was handing out juice to everyone after a great internal turmoil 10 many skill chain checks Our Gang decided the juice was safe and Drake so delicious juice they were they were so enamored by the juice that they demanded to see the juice was made father tender took the gang to the Juicery but outside was a drunken night named arm pain the drunk accused the father Tinder of putting the Villager putting the entire Village in danger and attacked what is Chris de Burgh move to intervene to drunken night fill in his own blade impaling himself but what did John Von mean with his strange words what Secrets did the Juicery hold why is everyone is so interested in Juice
what the fuck is going on to my left find out on an all-new episode of harmontown
sorry man we were like distracted by the oh no it’s cool I just can’t see cuz like dancing the way but it’s very clearly something insane is going on I think I was just a big hunk guy says when I’m hearing I don’t know let’s not interesting at all really drinks up here so you know Jonathan baglivo at all and we should have like a dispenser up here that you could just like a robot that’s like you want drag

stay or go get a bartender we just have somebody else are you going to have a robot this robot doesn’t care if I will pay the guy hey you dumb robot give me a drink I will have somebody over here and then maybe over here and I’ll tend bar but I will do it for $50 if you’re interested in yet I have like a random person from the audience weep fire tattoo let’s try next week hundred dollars surprise bartender at $100 surprise but I like it
how’s it going over there Tony and then Tony can go my name is Alice
we’re talkin to hire bit ratio coming to get two more bits show like the time you make the drinks you get more bit I think I think I think I appreciate, different way to select like you know that there’s going to be some who is driver’s license number ends with a thing around and I will find a way to select somebody why was change my driver’s license if I bet $100. I’m just joking I’m having fun I keep thinking about the thought experiment of taking David Gates and Steve Brody up to an elevator on the top floor of a really tall building and put them both in it and pressing the lobby button and then running down and just waiting to see what’s going on in that elevator feed Brody Stevens Brody Stevens
I know him
I used to do stand-up stripper there was a nice situation I think what’s going on exactly right now after having ingested this lovely juice and I’d arms on the night he had came up and he was like you guys you fucking guys you’re going to kill us all we’re all dead and then he attacked and he he fell on his own blade and he was in that was that just happened then didn’t then you guys were all like I’m we’re still excited
I get to I want to make sure I get down by Vons head you know like they do in the movies when you dying in car in case he’s got some extra words to squeeze out he’s like you got to stop him we’ll all die that Darvon order of the eye of animal Dark Star by the way that’s happening I lose him
who’s the man Wally gluten everybody that dies his father tenders like Haley and that’s fucked up there was like you know what do you call a States and shit there’s lies like I take inventory of what he’s got he’s got five gold pieces one belt buckle three torches one sword a half plate mail suit of armor that’s all I did was on the buckle my pants are falling down. You’ve horrible things what we all just saw it
don’t you remember that literally happened seconds ago I said why why do you think he would be doing that so I know why he was possessed by the demon of alcohol II the alcohol reached his lips he was already dead
sounds like someone spiked his punch as a paladin name dignity pull out my ability to Smite Evil 2 times per day tonight the role of dignity side guy who played by President Barack Obama
yeah it what evil do you want us might though well I’m assuming the father’s got some sort of darkness in him must not soil it between the two or is it just generally believed that we could happen to your Paladin and you can detect evil yet you detect no evil among him and you get the feeling if you tried to Smite is evil it wouldn’t Smite him evil e-juice Factory like we’re going to hop on the TV Guide I would like some free samples
now I mean I don’t want to be rude I enjoyed you so bad as I mean a lot more than the next guy but it’s getting late a man just died I have to go inform his wife and kids there’s an angel demon beaten down or magical barrier maybe we should just see no turn in for the night
you know what
cover more ground you tend to the city’s more dire business given a Civic emergency and we will volunteer to go report the bad news to darvin’s wife and they will like do a juice store on the side
Bailey Just toured the Juicery tomorrow I mean I’ll take you there it’ll be great different tomorrow maybe I won’t last much longer so yeah it’ll last forever as long as God’s favor is on our side and no one drinks the Demonic alcohol
is there a difference in the alcohol juices juice alcohol level was a just a drunk are we in the presents are we in the presence of any alcohol at this time no no not the way not the way I see it just wholesome juice to tell his wife about his death and you go do City things. I think I just go to bed I guess really well I mean wait a second of library books or something no know where we going to sleep tonight by the tenderest is there a hotel or a hostel for us you know you can you could go didn’t you want to go tell the town or whatever let me answer your question there’s extra Been Gone by duties
it happened we will do it and then you can attain to your previous like forgive my partner’s loquaciousness if we could perhaps you can accompany us what I’d like to do at this time though I have a horse if I can mount a steed and I’ll ride the Caboose on his train and I’ll put you in front of me keep my eyes on you will I mean I can’t go tell the kids and you don’t have to come or you guys can go do it and I don’t have to come I don’t know why we have to all do it together but you seem reluctant to let us do it is here I got to backtrack let’s go together I feel like we should go and you should go to sleep
or you could still hear and bury the body I mean that that speaking of which he wouldn’t show up in red and white uniforms what’s all this then he’s like this man attacked us he killed himself basically and they’re like oh okay and they start hauling the body off and that’s it that’s the end of that then nothing will now let’s continue talking what do you want two beds I think right tired it’s been a long day extra beds in of the constabulary if you’d like to rest
TaylorMade upward it’s like a police station
all right baby we will go to the constabulary and rest well you might
yeah I’m not feeling this constabulary fellows can I say that that’s just a joke about a priest to go sleep at the word in the morning we’ll go over to his wife’s house which is what district again feel like I should be done tonight I all do it it’s fine I’ll do it
she lives over on reading street I’m going to Reading Street I go with him I’m going to hang back I’m going to stay here without it alright if you guys could dig up what you can dig up at the constabulary will find some stabbing Cork and I are going to go check out this guy’s wife
I feel like it’s High School in like I was told to go somewhere so someone else can fuck
that’s not that’s not we’re not going to fucking why I’m sorry check out his wife also means I can look at her but I’m just saying what cover more ground it’s an investigation I think there’s strange things afoot in this town it’s all sealed off Sky’s Crazy by juice guy was I was saying I was going to kill everybody and 1/2 that wasn’t supposed to happen
are you going to get started here old a1822 the departs you get to Reading Street and you see a small house that must be it it’s a it’s a cylindrical house with a small conical roof cylindrical house
conical roof
it ain’t look like a dick, and that’s what they said yes I could pre pre address Society what time of day is it probably like 11 or 12 at night though
sorry Knock Knock knock hello
hello this is Darvon she opens the door she’s like yes we have terrible news for you no I’m sorry your husband in the commission of his duties to protect the city figuratively and literally fell on his own sword
he said he’s no longer with us I hand her his belt buckle that I took from the pile I don’t know it just a verify a story
I hit her her eyes well up with tears and she’s like oh my I knew this might happen he he was sent he was talking about it and you know in the past few days and she’s going to this is Darvon before you continue my partner and I come into your home
so that this conversation can happen in private I don’t really know who you guys are at 12 to bed it seems to me from the way things are going around here that us being strangers means you can trust us the most
all right come in
I’ll put the kettle on
just don’t put any juice in it now you’re saying that he was talking about what over the last couple days who’s talking about her father Tinder had a magic power that made him Untouchable by anyone who couldn’t even try to kill him if you wanted to why would somebody want to kill father tender oh because that power that he has it’s too highly sought-after and not you know not not uncommonly in fact I would say it’s a common occurrence people enemies malefactors and sometimes dangerous and more dangerous creatures come to the city to try and regain control of this power that he possesses and I put a post wrap your side do you think he has one of those magical Richard’s the power Crystal thingies Shard of something or other or a power of something or ask something of power or A Shard of something the only thing Darvon ever talked about was how the scriptures mentioned something about holy Stone
hey is there anyone there are two two to show us to our accommodations are outside your walking towards the accommodations but then up rolls and gnome in a small wooden wheelchair he’s a that’s not shity that you’re smaller know she also in a wheelchair
my son is bad for Chris my name is dignity and my partner’s name is not realize this is No Diggity with this one
look a little no I mean honestly I didn’t mean to say that because you’re a known if you would understand if there is anything probably like, is there perhaps anything of note about the evening just just the way things have been going
all right I should males and females out of a job by the way
you’re in Camille’s how was that was that mean no it’s great it’s all good it’s all good you must have forgotten this bulb The Gnome you’ve saved a lot of stress balls
sorry I remember when he was like walking around on two little legs and this is new you realize he can hear you they were buddies almost is Member Service time I give you a notice when you thought it was funny to see you maybe do you have for better I’m able to roll around in the wheelchair now you know all these healing sessions they’re working it’s great this place fucked up though you shouldn’t trust anyone around here
speaking of the obviously you should have said the constabulary tonight is real is going to be real dangerous I mean I got a tower you not that I don’t trust him because he’s a little guy with a cart but I feel like you should probably bail out with her home he’s over at the where they at with some girl but want and how she’s like a prom queen let’s go do that then do that I mean like we’re going to do
best Bob yeah yeah it’s it’s it’s been great to her and and your notes are duly noted by us what we’re going to do is take a different tack on that we won’t reveal it to you eating your words of not trusting anybody but honestly I work at we’re going somewhere else thanks thanks for the by the way I’m trying to steer you away from their why don’t we just I’m not and had three can I get a tattoo removed remote to move I’ll give you a little advice and I want to know if I can drag my friend over the card so I didn’t he was walking to no there two types of rhetoric in this world every movement there’s a rhetoric of convergence in a rhetoric of agitation
hangout let’s get so if you could just so we’re on our way we’re on our way to the house we’re going to rejoin sleep and not sleeping these beds when you guys want to sleep and I want us to trust you and you just told us not to do that but I mean we have this whole back story that has been established you got yet we know each other so well when we head toward the shower probably interesting sites so it’s just a dude so we have a good we are a black mild I mean like he’s obviously the house it might rain check back at the damn bar in whatever information about 5 to 10 between those leads and what I’m sure our partners of turned up
add covid cases just about clothes
alright I’m leaving I take out the gold coins that I purloined off of her dead husband is it belongs to you and our condolences but thank you for information and if it’s any if it’s any insurance we will do our best to to write whatever is wrong in this town it I thought we were tired from the adventure game but it seems like when they soon as you get out they put it back in and get you in an adventure quicker than avoiding one by one thing and one thing is just a close up with the lady man yeah
I understand this is a difficult time but this is also part of a larger thing you talked about the things that he mentioned about about father Ginger being crazy where there any documents Maps secret artifacts things hidden under the floorboards anyting cinematically stowed away
that you’d like it around his neck
you’re not there
where would you an incarnation of you of learned that from Eddie seems like a locket guy
I need to keep you keep shouting out things to people who aren’t in the room with us is one thing that requires that requires a bit of care he’s afraid not nothing incriminating documents know what God bless you ma’am and please stay strong and at the risk of sounding crass I think you got you know a lot of years ahead of you and you look great
I don’t think that you know I don’t think that your life is over just because your alcoholic husband died well you never know when it’s your time that’s true
I myself had a father who pretty late okay
all right well
I’m in the background shiting myself laughing
oh okay all right as you’re walking away from the door and I give you a high-five Clark Gable
China comforter
are you can tell me about your dad on the way back to our friends well he was buried up to his neck by Cobalts or something and then we left him like 3 years ago walking towards some sort of place to sleep at our right we we see Chris de Burgh and walking a side about 15 feet away from a small Noms in a wheelchair last time I met a girl with the last name stabbed crazy hey what’s up you could get I see you’re getting around yeah I’m getting around I’m doing pretty great ideas guys are just talking away from me I can still hear him talking about anything important yeah that’s exactly what can happen
hey SpongeBob you know I know we have our differences but father tender and differences did we have talked about your little wheel cart but I just want to know is that tender situation I mean what’s that like it hurts so I’m in a lot of pain
let’s look at shipper me tinder’s we should be ready as well so if we could just maybe proceed forward with this type to Interiors cuz balls the home style a game of life
I got a ball
Kidz Bop what do you think it’s asked as a bill
I don’t know what I was told SpongeBob but again most of my sources in it
I think it was just the circle the wagons here
we don’t we don’t get a lot of things right with colored guy the same thing
so I’m with you on this and brother non-square home it’s like a tower I’m sorry but you got to change that dog
I don’t know I mean maybe that works for him but the guy is physically disabled and giving us a home free of murder but if it’s like he’s clearly doing something wrong and why do we call it go
I just I’m just like I’m all right so we get up to Spaceballs play gizmos and gadgets little pieces of metal and weird bottles is all sorts of Steel set up all over the place in liquids travel to and fro and weird tubes and vials and stuff it’s all over like a crazy mad scientist kind of type and he’s just kind of taking you through to a room with a bunch of beds and he has a big bottle of alcohol and he’s like you guys drink alcoholic drink alcohol hey guys waste of all no alcohol we got to chill like a good night sleep cuz I mean he had that alcohol to a man anyone who wants my job and stuff I used to do it back a bill Martin’s I do it everywhere I go I went crazy on it
you know alcohol people get addicted they drink it they make some poor choices or maybe he went insane in a Crazy Town the one I saw it I’m telling you he’s the one at this time just exercised my ability to detect evil just possibly to see if there is anything to stay alert about is completely blameless alcohol vs. juice I mean it’s fucked up right everyone loves drink and I love drinking gnomes love drinking almost as much as we love riddles and cigarettes when I smell is still available can I have a can I have a drink a man everyone can he starts pouring again I would advise against such action.
I want to drink if we have been got you the gun may be cradled don’t drink it dude I mean like member that game text you was only have 50% of adult drink it drink it first it’s all great he’s like yeah I don’t Bogart The Chalice Alice
hey man I wouldn’t drink anything that touches homeboys lives I think he’s on that he’s I also I run great quickly to the trademark office and trademark don’t blow dry the Chalice out
I think you guys have got it all wrong and it is like alcohol has been around forever this city that’s got a bubble around it made from Sol rides and praying where the guy who in explain a religious fanatic who surrounded the people who get drunk want to kill him I mean you like I’m on their side a lot of a lot of people say a lot of things and when the community comes together it is not on the responsibility of every person to carry the weight of everything it is on the responsibility of one person who chooses to accept the mantle so I will choose to accept the mantle is not drinking alcohol but if you guys want to go ahead and you can close Guantanamo it’s been like 8 years
you know and maybe a couple less worries then when you get elected
guys go ahead sample as you will it’s great it’s some of the best should I ever you want I for one am not there just partner up with you after all the one yeah
rolling a volley shaggers Oblada
yeah what
if you’re not when you’re not saying something as your brain going like I’m not saying something
it will literally just fabricate you said earlier today
I’ll hang back I’ll be like today
baby Secrets Drake and I don’t know I don’t trust any of them can’t trust a dry county when did you move here I just moved here to leave Bill martika’s I got exiled cuz my alcohol is too good
I don’t trust this guy I think it is I think he’s got a Shard of power or something on it was some source of power if you heard anything about that yeah I mean no I haven’t but I don’t trust him either I mean if I were you I’d get the hell out of here where does he live to make a snake attack them at night and he lives in you know that you were right by his house it doesn’t know but he’s trying to make his drink alcohol which might have is p in it I just drank it and it’s 70% of the women in any way and anyway masters of the art of invisibility silence creeping around
going to see if you’re very good selfie at Sleeps Tonight the sleep of the Damned listen don’t you think with my think that maybe he might be like trying to make us drink his pee
my father tender Chris sneak over to his house to do a little ninja Recon
see what you can dig up maybe steal that I’ll go with you I’ll go in there and if you need some money. I’ll ride my horse and I’ll buy the two of them over there
Iron Horse snow fence
I mean anytime you can conjure one since I left behind somebody my am I my fighting ability to go in there and maybe steal The Shard office I could recharge my spells and
I could be outside like in the equivalent of a white van being a microchip to your Punisher all right do you know where fathers do you know where father tendered Wells yeah you guys are just right by his house it’s attached to that Juicery know he lives alone he’s a priest right okay I got an idea let’s make him think they were getting a juice store but we’re really like like middle of the night it’s the middle of the night right now
well okay I’m out of options you guys you’re never out of options you have a prime directive in the prime directive is brown with a friend and see what you guys can dig up just take a nap behind the dumpster then we’ll get up and we’ll get there early to her and we’ll use that you’re at my house Chris de Burgh Chris de Burgh in the man’s house you can’t call his a dumpster even sell that you’ve insulted him enough already as I’ve said before as I’ve said before tonight we can hear you
nearest wheelchairs to
like look around this house maybe we’ll come over
we’re going to go we’re going to go sneak attack father tender right now do you want to come by for the house
you guys are doing that I’ll use my ability to lay hands heal your ears laying on your ears and she made me feel so good now I can hear you just as well as I could this whole time
guys I’m sorry you know I asked everybody was father tender the whole crew to go outside and I go down to take I take a knee and I and I have a dresser called hey this is Father tenders house as a little battle plan a little football play and I say here’s the deal Chris de Burgh we’re going to sneak do you want me to open the door use your tools you think it’s like that we have to make a hasty Retreat Sharpie you going to be in the van barrels
Spells at the ready that I can’t get the signal in case things go wrong is OSHA
do it again coming out hot okay sounds like an urgent version of do something
that makes it better
please don’t kill me while I was to hang silver dollar silver dollar
how do you say silver dollar twice casually excitedly it’s the same as saying it twice dollar amount of times casually to Silver Dollar
do silver dollars made since it’s bad things have gone even if you’re calmly even if you’re like some Adam shut up we already have I been up here
all right so are you guys ready to do this
two silver dollars is bad sometimes leaves pit bulls like it’s dangerous to go alone take this and he gives you he gives you a bundle black sack cloth and he’s like don’t use this unless there’s a serious serious emergency and also it’ll get destroyed by the barrier just keep that in mind by we got a ball sack cloth
got it like that until you’re sober self to remember that sack cloth sack cloth with a black cloth that in case of emergency but don’t take it to the barrier when it’s active hands in like a football team before whoever is playing your characters the next time is able to understand what’s going on
and let’s stick together all right Jackie Joyner-Kersee
play becoming a hermit.
Temperature in Morris Brown
frustrating that I’m Jeff Davis your mayor Dan Harmon
thank you so much for coming everybody


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