Episode: 117 – Debbie Request Permission To Do Dallas


Episode: 117 – Debbie Request Permission To Do Dallas


Harmontown tests its live streaming capabilities, Alex Rubens comptrolls and instead of D&D the group goes on a sci-fi side quest.


hear ye hear ye harmontown is now in session I am just comptroller Alex Rubens and please welcome to the stage the mayor of harmontown History Dan Harmon
thank you
and thank you to the kind people that wrote performed and legally represent that music you were playing
give it give us a week give us a pass for one week where we got to figure this stuff out no one’s making any money on this two nights just a dry run of our video podcasting ability where you can get the people there watching this hello to you live streaming wherever you are I saw somebody said they were getting up at 3 in the morning in Ireland to watch and then came in like five hundred other people are watching so we doubled our audience
yeah we’re just seeing what it takes where’s the red light there it is
I was driving I’m not going to let this affect me I am standing like a good 8 to 12in back because that camera gives us a great shot of your handsome face that red light is telling us where the I take my money and I turn it into more for that
all right let’s not ruin their night because of this
so I am staying at the Hilton for a week that’s why I’m wearing a shirt that says Los Angeles on it
cuz I haven’t been I haven’t been home to grab some clothes yet having a little bit of a premarital Aaron and I are taking a such a tradition in our American culture we’re taking a weeklong honeymoon away from each other before we get married because things are things are scary right now we’re having or having dramatic times and I can only report on my emotional part of it which is that so yeah I’m in a hotel I’m paying a lot of Minecraft and my laptop charger today like I heard there was a point where I had to leave the hotel room because the not the computer but the thing that powers the computer that has to be plugged in the whole time because of you playing Minecraft it’ll the battery last 10 seconds so the charger up to be plugged in the whole time and it gets as hot as a frying pan and then at a certain point I think it just shuts down so it doesn’t cause a fire
the square white plastic brick yeah I did that so that thing eventually I had like only goes 3 straight days before it just like you guys like I don’t know what you’re doing but you’re not the president so stop it hire someone to do whatever else needs to be done I’m just an Apple device I am the best of the best but I can’t handle it no more see I lost my grammar search that’s the laptop still talking so I went so I went to the Universal CityWalk cuz I’m at the Hilton Universal City
put the walk over there so all of my stories are from the walk from a hotel room to an elevator to the Universal City Market and very quickly back first of all elevators out of the top floor of the Hilton an upper floor to play right away for a long time for the elevator the story gets much better in a second. I like it so far it was a noteworthy amount of time for the elevator to come I thought that maybe there’s a problem or I must be less like I don’t know what Elwood Hotel peak hours are it was 10 a.m. maybe that speak elevator coming and going time probably a family is on vacation to be where I was I don’t know is it like if you live in Seattle or Florida and you’re coming to California
why are you at the universal Universal CityWalk is something people of heard of and I think sometimes that’s all I can tell you about Despicable Me 4 they don’t have me like how they make their money is telling you should but you don’t have to believe them all the time like they’re not Disneyland theme park
yeah it’s not with me
. You feel that you feel the heat
place you go I guess if you’re afraid of Disneyland one thing I like about it is the people who are your hosts are clearly at least the times that I’ve been are pretty tired so when they’re when they’re doing the whole bit and trans all the people who were talking to you or like oh and here we are at the subway station what’s this and they’re just doing it that you know because I’ve done it so many times. J o boy
the dinosaurs have escaped from their pans but but then again I guess you expected that because it’s the Jurassic Park ride Space in a movie about something going wrong Michael Crichton was very inspired by theme parks when he wrote his books West world and Jurassic Park which are basically the same story but with Cowboys and dinosaurs
anyways as Michael Crichton I’ve been protecting his narrative something’s gone wrong
that that that nothing’s going wrong because something supposed to go wrong that you were about to be cheated earlier normally we just go around on the tracks and you don’t see any dinosaurs but you’re safe did you ever hear the urban legend Rob schrab told me this so sue sue away
rap told me that he heard the story that when they first opened the Jurassic Park ride and spoilers with a T-Rex trying to eat you and you can’t cuz you’re on a ride and it and it but it tries the illusion is that right that’s what you paid for I don’t have to explain this to you
raft the ride starts with like welcome to regular normal dinosaur park and big force is going to be a water slide at the end but right before it a T-Rex like tries his best like he’s like I’m going to still eat you
she’s like a Midwestern 10 year old dinosaur I’m going to still eat you
they were more faithful to the movie I thought it was strange choice.
It’s a very lovable. In 30 this time pick him up and take him to the zoo cuz he’d be more boring than like normal life so apparently and I don’t know if this is true because I think you would have heard more about it but apparently on the initial kind of maiden voyage or what if I ride an actual dinosaur or the rafts if the story is true the hydraulic T-Rex malfunctioned in real life and it’s like Rob distracted of the Dinosaurs
and scolding hot hydraulic fluid parade
down a water slide and their picture was taken
real or horrible than any of Michael crichton’s ghost was first of all I’m not dead he’s I got an idea for a third book that part of a book about a place you go where time-traveling ghosts are not supposed to do anything wrong to you and then on page 25 but I have a feeling that the coast start. I’m traveling right I believe that story about the hydraulic acid spring Tyrannosaurus does the art front-page headlines if nobody gets killed yeah but if somebody does it kill us that’s true and that’s still not from
you demanded as you can’t find out for the life of you I don’t care what book you’re writing industry represent you can’t get the statistic about cop killing I mean cop killing people that you can’t find out you can’t just like how many times have skilled people can Google it where is it happen the most how many times a day should I tell you this that I was writing all so I write for community and Rick and Morty
please your guests comptroller Alex Rivers I’m so sorry I’m in the middle of us while you are at a hotel I bought a sweatshirt that says Los Angeles on it together though
I’ll punish that
yeah you want to you want to do men on my shoulders in Ireland shirt says
the shirt says I believe I can’t read upside down at Hollywood
an American tradition
never in the history of powerful words of a bunch of words when used that means so little Hollywood about Hollywood
nothing Chinese about yeah it’s it really is just as old as apple pie and Country it existed
mention I got a t-shirt I mean like you know how it like a what’s the word synecdoche and metonymy going to let it all hang out of the rest of the day you want to talk about
let’s talk about synecdoche wild Anna’s naked Pawn on Schenectady New York but the actual word I don’t know but this idea that like when you say the White House sometimes you’re not talking about the place itself you mean the you mean Presidential Power of the executive branch and sometimes when people say Hollywood they’re talking about the film business so do you think that they mean that the film did you bring money and he’s weird Chargers
partition of occured to me that that is not something that you would ever by on your way to a theme park where I’m at so why would I want to fight what it is called the LA sock exchange it’s the craziest socks store in the world is not on the LA Universal CityWalk
every I mean it happened like 8 times before I was like okay this is a thing like people just stop and take a picture but they’re taking a picture of a row of neon signs that say Bubba Gump and Abercrombie & Fitch RadioShack or what do I add for Boxtrolls 3 or something and there was a movie called Boxtrolls and I was like really offended was like they’re going to keep me out of Boxtrolls so I got
I don’t know what the fuck is Tom Hanks in it cuz I’m really trying to catch trolls motherfuking there’s a lot of crime of the Universal CityWalk I might be making that up cuz it’s really sad about about is it like the idea that gang activity happens it’s like I always thought I’d like secret places they feel like they know they have to go to like ice cream shops Red song about what it’s like to be in a gang that I’m wrong but I feel like if I wanted to
it’s probably really expensive if I wanted to let you know like make trouble right
which is how people like me see gay
I might go to Universal CityWalk a off from being again
what happened because then they
another gang I do I can you come to Knott’s Berry Farm
by 2
I just did some guilty pleasure for me and my essays
don’t have to shoot you you saw me and not very far and you’re in a different this is not and this is why we’re not all right let’s just hang out together but they know they’re like there’s something more pressing about gang business for the second somebody made any threatening gesture toward me I’d be like I quit the gang like I’m sorry that I like I don’t know where is like father like son. You mean like this red guy color gimmick and then and then yet somebody would go hey man how are you I’m going to fuck you up and then you’d go to your gang leader and go do something today
or I’d be I was at the circus once and I saw this guy who it was a woman actually she did this amazing trick that I still not will explain to me and I still don’t understand that that’s my favorite stuff with the magic one even though you know it’s at Riggins not what you look it looks like you still are like I physically do not understand how that’s possible but this woman had a hula hoop and she just passed it over herself and she was wearing different clothes
that’s not gang related to a different color. That’s probably what I would do if I were at the Holyoke lover myself when I’ve been accidentally in a war in my dream I would play dead
I’m surprised it’s not worth stories about that actually talk to a veteran of the Korean War and I don’t know how he was he was there as part of a conference years ago but I was like man I hate my family is riddled with that sin I just I have all this guilt about being a fucking do it piece of shit talking like their legacy Bayonetta 2 million people for you while I got a voiceover playing in the snow and I thought of for your for your freedom then I’ll be in ComedySportz clock for that’s why I hate myself like I should at least open a Dippin Dots or something
hoping it feels I don’t know like something I don’t know where your leg like a bayonet store the decline of my generation isn’t as I yeah I think I got the gotten back to me
the the he said he told me a story that he’s a vet and he can stay the night you know like he was like telling the story about how he he played like it was a terrible situation all his friends were dying and and he he just said he’s just thought like a child like I’ll just lay still and he did and he did it for a really long time and he says your War Stories are sometimes they’re they’re the only true that we have and sometimes they’re very apocryphal but he says that the certain point during him playing dead a that one of an enemy soldier who took their territory because they all got killed or in his case play dead like at a certain point they mounted a arrested a tripod on his chest gun from his body
running late you you would if you were like 10 and you would never been in a war you like but he had the little hat and he was bummed out about it a real real real he wasn’t like I V right now
he was like yeah that’s there’s a story for you and I was like that makes me feel better I feel like I would definitely let my country down outside of a single soldier isn’t isn’t changing the tide of a battle right you’re mostly getting killed you know that stinking thinking oh well
that’s a terrifying Pig Saving Private Ryan opens up for this is like those Gates come down and it’s just chaotic boy and I feel nervous controlling Hermantown how we get through this
part of your job to keep me occupied and looking for the tumult in your life and all the okay we’re done with that I saw the beat you up going into the welcome to the gang and we beat you up like a Ralph beat me up and he loves me do you think they really like they really for sure okay bye don’t think you get this 9
yeah I’m like the opposite I’m like such a I’m ashamed of how not in a gang I am I’ve got I’m like a just a just like 3% more in a game when you don’t care if I stink I realize this every time I imagine somebody is holding a gun to my head or at or a tiger is approaching me or I look into the sky and there’s a nuclear bomb falling down my first thought is like time to check out like I’m like I would rather slip inside a button that says kill Alex I would just push it because that my impulse to avoid terror is a fault I don’t know I mean I’m not making a case for wrestling a tiger
but maybe your cowardice in the face of these overwhelming things is like you saying I don’t want to be in that situation because the scariest thing in the world is letting myself or my fellow man down so I would rather like you said you’d rather hit a button and explode
if a crocodile got to close cuz you don’t want to go out going
so maybe you are like manlier in a sense because I think that these ridiculous scenarios that occasionally pop into my head are like metaphors for regular life and that like I’m afraid of hardship I tell you something I do remember you saying anything shameful yeah you do
you blocked it out
categorize it as talking about movies cuz technically it is but the truth is at the end of aliens when Ripley goes back for nude I would not do that
every time I watch Aliens and Ripley’s I the car shows up and they’re like we made it through aliens it was even harder than alien
you’re you’re you’re alive a bunch of us are alive the robots alive the kids gone
the pump for about know what I mean she she was taken by multiple aliens aliens with acid for Bligh did and for spit second mouse design for punching you while biting you or hails that are like that can put a car in half armor for skin no eyes are designed spinal cord bodies a mysterious backstories at the cosmo
I’m going to say heartbeat or not based on what I’ve seen in all my daily Adventures I’m not going back. I don’t think that’s why would he go back either I wouldn’t I wouldn’t like it either but but and I kind of believe that anyone who isn’t a parent and even them those people are probably lying if they say they would go back like I mean like there’s a there’s a point at which by default like all of them otherwise you’re not a real parent like if you don’t sometimes what we like I did already were bored and I want to murder you right now if I buy in your honesty is the best policy card like from now on honesty is the best policy
cuz honestly you might murder your child imagine I can’t imagine what it’s like I’m a part of me wants to believe that if you have a kid like it’s suddenly it is a difference if somebody to be coming to this world from inside of us. Not unlike the alien me personally I have to go through this and live with it it just like they’re they’re you know they’re wonderful and we do it for them and their great and I will actually I think they’re the future
and I think that’s why I thought you really believe something about them I think they’re going to be less racist and more productive and better with idevices and and it’s just going to turn everything right around I predict the same number of wars and Guantanamo is still open by this time next year’s golden retrievers are those like we are we are deforming these these animals for our pleasure and I kind of feel it out of my pants
go go for it you said I’m going to do it
go for it guy almost by definition are the Tigers going to eat you right I mean that’s like in that same way you guys never liked new instructions about bears and an antibiotic but I think the universal thing is if they start eating you you have to fight like playing dead and it starts eating and then you like okay you call my mom
then you don’t know and I don’t care
I prefer if you kept saying that but yeah I will also enjoy eating you while you scream or is that thing about animals like you can trick them into thinking that they always a lion tamer is that the Lions don’t understand that this puny human is is puny because they acted with such confidence in making so much noise that the lions are like well this guy must be able to kick my ass so I guess you’re in charge and explain it to you very confidently what I do is a technique called Mind Control mind control something you’ve experienced Riverbend on the freeway the screens was called highway hypnosis highway hypnosis and insecurities sleep
I I did what
I had these are medium plumber neighbor that I loved and he like one one of the comedy contest that we went to the Ice House in Pasadena because he won a comedy contest which means their paper in the house it was literally just us it was just me and my plumber neighbor and his wife and a couple friends in an empty Comedy Club at a guy came out and did that routine and I had seen that guy’s ass not him personally but those hypnosis actor all kind of the same and the I had to go up because nothing it was like I was so uncomfortable for the guy like I said I had to like I just like it does the tests are you want you to hold your hands above your head and like one of the guys cuz he’s not going to have anybody could have given you you you played along to you want to let him down the other friend is a Lebanese Armenian plumber
he’s and he said he’s a no-nonsense guy he’s not hypnotizable a contest I’m the only professional Entertainer in the room except for the hypnotist who is bombing
I didn’t write what you name me otherwise and then I sat and I was fucking 45 minutes later me alone on stage rapping singing pretending I think I’m naked
I don’t know her just like I just might fear of watching a fucking horrible act up but maybe that’s bigger than a grain in front of my eyes and I was just like for real it was racist to because he was he said he is like he was good you know this is just actually like they’re not straight out of the blank pages of fucking Jezebel you know like they’re they’re like Oh I thought you meant he was raised this I was trying to figure out how to come to your high school and the guys in the suit and kind of smells like your grandpa sleeping bag on your head so he’s really protected the country but also oh my God
did she like to eat at one point he said the person I’m talking to right now there’s no talking to you right now I have my hand on your shoulder I’m talking to you right now when I say the word go you are going to realize that you are a world-class rap artist a world-class rap artist you are a world-class rap artist you are a rapper however you are Chinese you are a Chinese person cuz you got to come in without without
what are you doing there is no way and played a play upbeat when she did well I fucking did rapper so where is Hospital
and even then someone’s going to go this seems racist because it meant it sometimes they see racist when they speak real Chinese Jesus that’s your national anthem
what did we talk about this secret Mandarin Chinese I might my wife is a delicious my wife is Taiwanese and I discovered and then and at the time of a friend of mine was also dating a woman who was the time when he’s in he discovered this too when he’s black there’s a thing that people say in Chinese that sounds like the n-word and they say it a lot like so they’ll be like I’m not. But they say it a lot and I’ve heard Amazon is the best is though that it comes out when people are speaking like a mix of Chinese and English so I did Witness A friend of mine
a family friend of my wife’s saying oh and this Niger really I’m not sure what does it mean to do that so it’s like
world’s lowest steaks but but ultimately the most satisfying Twilight Zone
what’s what’s great is that is that is that none of that involves any white people like I could just hang back and go they still don’t know
I wonder if they even know it’s Christmas. Christmas is not on December 25th that we only celebrate together
on a golf course made of mayonnaise
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
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so I got into the elevator which took a really long time to get there
thank you
after you guys have been experiencing taking a really long time I was like this is notable for YouTube stops do you have that really feel this is why it took a long time to my hotel is a 5 year in a row winner of the four Diamond award what time is total thank you Adam Goldberg
I told that to Aaron and she said do you think the number of diamonds matter like it she said just does the Best Western in Temecula do they win the two Diamond award sorry Temecula Lanes sorry Best Western in the the answer I think is no I’m going to guess what I see for a diamonds that much like for insurance four pillars maybe of the hospitality industry like luxury safety pillow size parking anyways HBO now everybody getting it at a certain point like I already fucked up the story because you’re going to you’re going to imagine a crowded elevator but that’s the funny thing you have to realize it’s not a 22 and unlike another kid you like little tiny kids like they’re going to the pool like pubescent Lee averse to taking up space or hurting anybody like there
are you could you could you could you could convince him to eat boogers like I started just like I hope nobody talk to me I really don’t need any convincing
I don’t know how old is kids are I’m just taking a while to shop
over setting this up the elevator opened up for like 17th and this woman who is like I guess like you know my mom’s age still got some pep in her step but she’s she just like she like looked at it oh that’s it that’s the story
waited longer than the other
afraid her second time in an elevator the first one was to her beach house from the beach so they can sue their she was like a lifted by a lake like there’s people in here that what the hell is that and he had one of those hats that’s like a hat like a like a TV show Taurus hat like a hat like a fishing hat hat for a guy and a short-sleeve polo shirt he was like he was like her age and he was holding this Despicable Me minion plushie gray floor but not with her are heading down heading to leave this hotel room holding a animal
be the movie or or protest a different one and I wrote it down I wrote down exactly the way he said it
because he was saying I mean it’s like it’s like you’re speaking out louder than elevator you’re communicating with us like it’s not time for you to like to explore yourself if you didn’t know that I was going to be sending me emotional messages like that he’s insane
this is insane insane
it didn’t take some time for the elevator to come to the twenty-third floor yes but and then it took more time for them I guess but wait a minute it would have stopped for them right they couldn’t have waited any longer than them pushing with down they must have push the down button when I got into the fucking thing and it’s a wait I’m assuming you was talking about how long is it why is it possible they’re reacting the same thing that I just said if we all got transported like look in the elevator like you didn’t you somehow missed that there’s a big pile of feces on the floor or something like that I can think of something happening that you were oblivious to be opened and there was like three people taking a shit
and then they went we’re doing this because of you and and you can’t do anything about it now call security and I slap the front of their hands are fuck you. They said it’s it’s because of us they slap your phone they’re on their way up to 11 they’re on their way down to 11 okay thank you for informing us we’re going to stop bring it back up to you so you can confront them
okay good okay he said his chief says another he says the elevator coming back and we’ll be able to confront the guys are taking a shit
oh oh nothing
turn the hotel guy that called you the cab can I get a cab
Lego OK Google cab he tried to do that whistle thing because he seen in the movies and if I couldn’t whistle and it was like a thousand fourteen and it’s not New York and there’s a line of tabs
I was pulling up he did I do my pet peeves about this I don’t understand someone explain this to me if you work in the hospitality industry at from that moment forward I know where you’re going what is he what is he why is he still going I’m going to comic book store as a comic book store experience here at the Hilton if you want to level 5 you you know that’s that’s with the 20 mile radius
some practical reason why you’re asking a question then the information you needed that is near the Guitar Center I guess it will that help you would have been here for thirty years all right but cars that are like he’s like mad that it was like a Hollywood know I don’t play guitar
I think he was thinking that I was like like maybe he would if this guy’s a rockstar
maybe I can save them a trip to this guitar store he’s talking about I just send them to the bowl or how long to get the guitar for him did he thinks play with Guitar Center and he’s like you mean the Hollywood Guitar Center
Spider-Man going to wear the guitar for the Laugh Factory you’re going to a stand stand up comedy place the name of a place
take him to the Noodle Noodle Comer
cuz he knows three of those places because I own this city
I am having a brief separation from my lover we we are a very passionate people we are we are taking a look before everyone should do it’s a rum Springer and what did he say he was like
Danny’s Taxi Magic things that you can’t turn them off like there is a plastic screen and it is doing that New York limit for me I can’t turn it off cuz your mute button in New York like like like like like I must have fistic it I’m taking this I don’t miss the TV that much I’m glad to be out there doing for you but they’re just like whatever and I it’s fine it’s all fights all of their right but also a guy should have a Thomas Jefferson would have said if he had been brought here

you would have said that cab companies right to swing its fists ends at this passengers nose
slaves would look at the Universal CityWalk I’m going to focus more on just like Billiards farming can’t believe the energy I put into philosophy of society they just want some shoes that’s all
never ever wanted will all the energy in my body is going into sweating right now to take longer sliding down and then the kid from powder or a
but I can’t see it I believe it I’m hotter than usual because of the first at first I thought there was a ridiculous question but that it actually was your I was drunker I mean
Jesus Christ on the verge of panicking about how hot you are generally
I don’t mean to I don’t mean to go for a guy when he was a chicken fence but we know two things we like them and he’s going to go too far
because his primate instincts for this comes in threes he’s going to add the Ed the worst time get it out of your system
Adam Adam Adam is a go for it.
Alright okay
comes right up
he went he went to practice what he preaches
it’s fitting that we got a glimpse of do you like that and Ireland and you like your glimpse of Adam Goldberg
yeah I expect your wife asked who’s Adam Goldberg cuz I mentioned to him and
hit up his nose. Was the medical area every mythology needs like 8 act like a place for nerds it’s a place where you can’t be bullied really
everyone’s got Asperger’s everyone got it got it
I mean he is Afflicted everyone would want it remember that is it a technical your disease I got to say is I thought that was pretty beautiful that little cross the stage move with those like him and in any any got dressed up tonight I have a jacket
sew-in on the screen there’s a ticker a new sticker and the new sticker it a buggy like I’ve stopped stalls out so like what it said on the news ticker was small volcanic eruption in Iceland but no ass yet French screenwriter Jean-Claude Carriere also named as one of the recipients. Like I just stopped there I was like I wrote it down
you stopped in the thing
Bruce Willis wears fake feet in Die Hard
gravity didn’t your friendship you up right now that I think about it for a second I mean he’s running around but the actor Bruce Willis’s run around bare feet on a on a set is an actual building I guess there’s a limit to how much they can scrape up all the broken glass nails and grab of a of of Bruce Willis’s like landing on his side shoot the glass seen probably end up jumping away from the helicopter on the roof or something but yeah he’s just wearing like little feet shape shoes now they have a little cough on those pants are all they’re going to say it’s very good thing look like a foot thing like I got what they think is important that is probably there probably wasn’t a podiatrist in the bunch of those probably just a really awesome special effects guy is going on
I see your foot like I never liked looked anything up and
what are you wearing them is Bruce Willis’s feet are all fucked up Bruce Willis
you’re a fucking monster
Googling once for Vince Vaughn’s thumb and I discovered that there is just the results about the rabbit hole cuz it’s like basically you can’t swing a cat in a room full of celebrities without hitting one that is had one fucked up part of their body even the ones that are famous for being sexy and what I want to know who does greataxe that is a great thing I ever notice that Jennifer Lawrence is in Eli comes out sideways to my leg like there’s a lot of people with way better asses than you but there’s something fucked up man there’s a chick he’s going to explode or something
could you just can’t if it’s a crapshoot I like a big fucking like you just beat years building a person from scratch every time for nothing wrong with him the most the most evil people in the world are still disgusting meet sex yeah yeah gross Blobs of fucking black chaotic Flash in a minute now to just explode in any part of it and then part of it technically like it’s open sorb sibling that you’ll never know they had finished talking to you about last night but my wife and I were watching this old documentary about about is called I am not a freak you can watch it on YouTube and there’s this such Chinese guy who has his twins head
on his neck like and sort of a head but the thing that’s the most I would like to look at it like his his body is on his twins neck as a century doctors killed them they they got rid of them and left leg is that when he blaming you if you had a face on your neck it wouldn’t be in a
the day it was removed like you would it’s not when the when the primary face don’t you know mood his lips the other face moved its lips
it’s cute I feel like an old thing or maybe that’s something that happens in the world’s most populous country or something but when I was a kid there was a guy with that exact
how many MLB the same guy I don’t know how they were there but there was a guy hit me back. What do you mean that’s why that’s why he grew everywhere it is it is scary and fascinating because the reason that was there in the reason that the lips were in sync was that that’s how it identical twins work you start as the same being a split split properly improperly differently then you could still have the same brain was controlling two heads that were not supposed to or word
when’s are monsters there at 6
I know I don’t see anybody talking about this how the fertility Revolution is like lots of lots of lots of twins and triplets brings ruin those three people who have had twins but you know what is not more coming I think if I’m not wrong about this is identical twins because fertility drugs make you likely to have multiple gay couple to but but also kind of uplifting because hey this is what life is about but look yet. I was just learning this from our friend clay at work that he’s he’s going to his wife just had twins got that I thought they were like oh I just thought it was like they were injecting the mother with like super super fertility juice or something and it just made her so fertile the door like kids growing everywhere but they’re actually there they’re implanting you know blastocysts or whatever is I go to in the in the lining of the anticipating the
Cinema won’t stick you all those out to Mom’s in a fuse because sometimes they’ll keep pushing it you know and as we have established on this show doctors have absolutely no they’re identical to serial killers but they had a support system
you can find a doctor that I’ll be like that maybe if we put 9 babies in their well call the price I want amazing doctor
you spend all the time wondering if you could do it you didn’t stop to think of you should if you see what I see
I never table to go Blue
speaking of Jeff Goldblum Jeff Goldblum Spencer Crittenden
the usual Gauntlet I run up here is now occupied by camera obstacles even more difficult so the price of success I guess it’s the price of success
how are you guys doing what are you talkin about doctors elevators a doctor’s elevators twins gangs wins I mean I like you and Inkster / the Minecraft versus I want to get back to the Minecraft the Minecraft discussion the Emmy storage oh yeah let me tell you something about Emmys storage those Stacks sizes don’t cap at 64
you guys but I’m fucking I am going to I’m not going out after the show I don’t care how many of you want to talk to me about how amazing I am I’m going back to a hotel room to play Minecraft because of how exciting for his for me that the stack sizes have no cap great it’s like it’s like the internet of things on Minecraft hide and Spencer today or am I imagining things
hiding your Spencer Nest which is not itself of loud and you may just like being like a giant douche or whatever elevated yourself you got an extra high tonight. I guess that might be what I meant I think how many people know this but I was in Pittsburgh over the plane so you just going to go for it
smuggling go for it this friend of mine was telling me about how to bring weed on a plane and I thought he was joking and then years later found out that he was serious he’s just like I just take him to throw it all over my bag I just like to tear it up and just throw a little bit of weed all over my suitcase and I’m really fucking genius man that would have come up in the scanners like at all it would just be always got lint in his bag years later I found out he wasn’t joking I thought he was doing a bill that’s blowing my mind
I know it’s like Boo Boo then don’t you have to like we’d like you to empty out your entire suitcase and shake out all your needs like and then you go on the floor of your hotel you do some weird things man when I was in the Pittsburgh Hotel I ended up finding some and I I didn’t you know there’s they always say it’s going to cost you money if you smoke in a hotel room and stuff and I don’t want to do that pay money I mean so what do you do if you smoke in a hotel room charge you $200 if you smoke in a hotel room all the White House this is
very common knowledge is it all over there so you don’t have no idea where you’re at so it doesn’t say if you smoke cigarettes of smoking weed smoking I don’t know how else to put you can smoke any number of things and it would all technically be banned by the language of these signs I mean it’s not I don’t know whether it’s still smoking anyway so I’m in the bathroom
I’m in the bathroom and I’m like why don’t want any of this smell linger so I I grabbed all the towels and I put them I put them outside of my room or outside and not there in the bathroom and I’m like what the fuck is this bathrobe hanging here and so I put that in the closet and I don’t like but what about this but what about the shower curtain and so I start taking a shower curtain jam and it’s like 18 rings that have to be individually on things and then I ended up like scratching the curtain rod because it’s painted and it’s not meant to do that I put that in the thing and then you know cuz my theory is water vapor is going to absorb the salt particles because water does absorbent particles he knows not to spray a water bottle that’s better than not doing anything so applying that step a macro I turn on the bottom of the shower getting the nice and hot getting it all foggy and stuff and I start enjoying some of this stuff and it’s great but then it gets all steamy and I’m getting like real sweaty
Logan slick in like everything was nice tile and it’s all slippery and I’m like flipping around
and I got the lighter wet and I got my hands all wet in the pipes all wet and I’m like oh fuck I got to try this out and there’s like no towels anywhere sleeping on the tile floor and it’s like 3 in the morning I don’t know if I mentioned that it’s like
you went into the bathroom at the hotel and you used a fogger was at when you called it like I turned on I turn on the shower to hot water so it made all sorts of steam and fog to mask because what that water vapor would then absorbed the smell particles and then when it dissipated and Rican dance where you vaping or just smoking no smoking probably correctly I would never imply otherwise that that a bunch of steam would like yeah I would do what a bong does which is the the the water would like my theory and John to the things that either steak or whatever at the weed in the shower
yeah I’m just in my underwear because I don’t want that got it it’s hot enough Reno close I mean God forbid I would be miserable and closed so I mean that’s pretty much when I took a shower and then I I noticed I look like a crazy person after I got out of the shower just like my skin cuz all the hot water makes your skin really reading on flashed and then since I was high had these just like death brown circles under my eyes and then my eyes were just like solid red you know how can I just look like in any human creature it was it was insane I’m not saying you asked me to help you with this but the next time you travel and you want to get high in your hotel room I will send you $200
even in your own home having a bad day they’re going to charge $200 I mean I mean that’s the cleaning lady you tip the cleaning lady a lot of money like all of it you can’t you just got something when you got there yeah yeah you know but what’s the relevance of you can’t bring it on the plane like yeah I finally got that this was the final Triumph it was the last night I was there you know like it was this was my score you know for a long lighter off of a tattoo convention attendee
there is a tattoo convention in town I was in Pittsburgh to do this there’s this this this like improv group called The Knights of the arcade that do this comedy show called are that’s what it’s called out of this bar called the arcade comedy know it’s not a bar it’s just comedy Place arcade comedy
it’s more of a misguided attempt and they they you know they put me up and they had me come out there and they made me this t-shirt it’s pretty nice what’s it say there in Philadelphia Delphia home of the sandwich a sandwich it’s true they made a small run and I think they’re kind of selling them and they gave me some they actually gave you one Dan I have one so I mean do you have if you have plenty of clothes coming why can’t you just put it in the bottom of your sock like like they make you take your shoes off but you can just walk on like enough pot to get you high for like 4 days like if you split it up and did a charge of each foot like they’re not volunteer to go through there if I can
but he use a condom fine for the most part they’re probably not looking for that for the most part of it you can get it I saw this a woman I had this like 20 something when we getting turned up getting escorted away not in cups or anything holding a samurai sword and and I am very glad that and I sent it to the guy you like waiting on
and he said well now fortunately we stopped her before she got to security or she would be in jail right now actually tried to go through security she hasn’t yet clearly other she’s in line that’s just the same thing as much as I’m bringing this samurai sword they were ineffectual and couldn’t get her there in time so they caught it early Star Wars thought can be a crime you know people tweeted at the airport or you could get like a thrown in prison the true that was going to go destroy America that means party
in like Britain and the after he got home from the airport and hadn’t destroyed America people showed up and then they got them he was like halfway into a damn about him there on his ankles like I just got back I haven’t been able to watch Debbie Does Dallas
JW request permission to do Dallas
anyways you better shove it up your ass I would put it in the arch of my foot I mean sing for me old Amelie the reason I would never do any of that is just cuz I’d be too scared it’s like I used to be smell it if it was in your foot are they looking for any yeah they want you in jail. Well then his friends list doesn’t a genius and it’s making it smelled anchor than usual it’s like when you get in my car on a hot day hahaha
all right well I hear that before 9:11 you could travel drugs like cuz it was like this is a weird thing like before 9/11 which should have marked the point where they stopped looking for drugs entirely because the light is a priority we didn’t we didn’t we didn’t find the guys that did not I got the impression from 9/11 that none of them got high
the shit they were into currently okay let’s stop let’s let’s focus all the German Shepherds and smelling things that can blow stuff up and let’s forget about the other stuff I could go on and on about that but I’m not Doug Benson but the the the the the the crazy thing is that it’s before 9:11 when you could actually travel with more drugs I like it was I remember my friend in Milwaukee like accidentally because you if you were a casual pot smoker you. Maybe a rolled up plastic bag of weed in your jean pocket and you had like put your keys in your wallet in a little plastic thing you walk through a metal detector and wasn’t
group and put a nickel bag of hot in this plastic thing as the security guard was like stunt like this and like that started going to the metal detectors and what was that and he said it wasn’t metal any anyone this story might lie to my 10th grade geometry did yours is really strange guy who’s the last person in the world if you would think would be telling a story like this was talking about how he got arrested even this is a strange story to be telling your 10th grade geometry. So I think he was arrested for drunk driving and he’s just telling us the story I don’t know but he said that he had a block of hash in his trunk and I and I was at the time picturing wake up like a bale of hay but I assumed it was just like a lisp
but you know they impounded all this shit and he spent the night in prison and he’s like well Dave they’re going to find my initials in Alabama or something he’s like I’m dead you know 10th grade geometry teacher telling his class the story got out to the little place where they’re handing your your belongings back you don’t like checking it off and they were like our keys gum geology textbooks geological samples Skittles tropical block of weed
I just assumed from contextual Clues but it was
looks like we put another innocent in one in here for a while and give him back his educational materials
just guess he’ll be trying to improve the country for a while yeah yeah if you let everybody out of prison right now who is in it for doing shit that doesn’t hurt anybody we would save a lot of money and no one we can look it up Google it and get mad about it I’m 41 and don’t care
I took a lot of people my age are ya really changed it like fucking like like if you had a plant that counted like I could weigh the fucking flower pot you got caught with a plant of marijuana is like naked way like it all or something I was like wow you’ve got a million pounds
what do I mean by the earth a couple of strands together from earlier and I’m going to try to do it things together and you’re talking about how cop cops you can’t find statistics online I think I told you the story I was right I was running for the Key & Peele the sketch show and I was reading a scotch thank you maybe it will be I don’t know because I was Google it because I was riding a schedule doing a little research and I was Googling how much does it cost to buy a nuclear warhead alarm I kind of like the price of nuclear war how much like black market nuclear war
very specifically because unlike and then I got really paranoid and nervous about it being that same like you know don’t make a joke in the airport kind of away like my Google search history is now someone trying really hard to get his hands on a nuclear warhead so then I just Google that I am a comedy writer in the hopes that
I like that whoever it was looking through the search would be like oh okay
if you would said I’m a senator they be like maybe he’s just played D&D out a bride there’s nobody the regulars aren’t here I think you expressed to me and very intense interest in taking a break from DND this week I might have said something I mean I don’t know how intense that interest was it was pretty much completely improvised weird podcast if you want to know what I was up to this weekend will start podcasting and I think one of them drops on Monday and I have a live video stream with like 8 cameras
I wouldn’t even say there’s sound work out for them
would you be interested in first of all I want to I want to I want to I want to meet a guest as a tradition that I’ve come to like I want to meet somebody who’s never come to harmontown before maybe some of those come from far away if that is anybody like did you say Atlanta
okay we got Atlanta DC I heard him
let me hear her first
Washington State West
Universal City
what you say Indiana in England seems kind of bellicose and bad news he’s trying to win
well that’s what I mean how do you yell England in a British accent
not see no I think you just sounds like that about you sorry British
hey English Guy what’s your what’s your name Neil are you are you English are you really wrong Neil was do you want to come up here for a second
go on then
is he coming okay
play Neil
nice to meet you I saw one of these it’s fine sorry about the smell of me I put a new shirt today and everything but it was like yeah I’m going through some stuff you look a little bit like George Clooney a good podcast it’s a good video stream I guess nobody nobody thinks he looks like your hand so that covers cover his eyes and sorry for doubting your britishness George Clooney like I knew you were English employee did that people do that in the audience is your other people
the Shelf are bad but it’s the person who said England would did not say with a British accent as long as he didn’t he didn’t sign her rights and then I thank you
nice to see that point.
I was going to say there’s no and I didn’t approve of the holiday of my empire did we bomb someone today and you just literally just you just took a vacation like we came over before to harmontown a real holiday yeah God you somewhere in Scotland I got me sick he is high-fiving my kill to get Scottish germs all over him but I think they’re they’re wonderful people there obviously they’re like Braveheart
but they’re so robust I think that their things on their hands like could chill and American yeah I don’t blame you guys for oppressing them
Independence Independence thing that I saw that it was coming up for vote over there was sort of like it’s it’s an exciting idea but it’s kind of like like a lot of people couldn’t really whenever you had a practical conversation with independent Scotland representative should have got very tricky very quickly like are you going to take out your own garbage other like a hundred from the money everyone uses take the found a way of detecting microchip in our money if you use it in Scotland it’ll it’ll turn into a spider
so your house
so your mouth shut and sarcastic crown on your head explode
spider egg crown
too bad that old spider thing on their money yeah yeah yeah that would be like watch the spider make a web before he
I’m sitting at the I don’t know I have to say I’m kidding I did he is there’s a spider on their money in the spider is like a Scottish thing because like he telling of the story first and I was like what is the spider thing I said he ran away for a while and he went into a cave and then he watched a spider The Rock was slippery so he was like well if he can do that and then he went back to the war I went better but I think it was more like he was
he was in that cave for a brave reason and the web was a way of measuring time what kind of similar to Spencer story in a way that’s a slippery bathroom Jeff Spencer can get high in a moss line Scottish history even though it’s in 8 miles from your house I don’t know anything about a lot of you I know you all have too many different accents for a tiny little place like I don’t understand how you can talk so different
it said doesn’t make any sense I guess cuz in ancient times if you walk six blocks that was like it took longer I think this is so you’d be like Oh I’m going to climb over that hill I’ll see you later Fred yes we’ll see you at the holiday when we talk exactly the same as everywhere else. Fuck this fucking hello fuck my hell fucking God damn it. How are you to talk
let’s just have a bunch of fucking babies then
he’ll suck you it we’re going over to find out your fucking cock suck fuckfest
500 years later
little spider
Jesus Christ
something like that
all right so let me throw this out to you Spencer okay okay
because the people are addicted to a kind of like narrative cap that we put on the show
are they
see if you had the excuse that you were only doing it because I was putting you on the spot and you weren’t supposed to be good at it and it was all my fault so anything that you can blame me and you don’t have to want to do it you don’t even have to say yes I’ll make you do it
would you
would you improvise
dungeon mastering for a new kind of game set in outer space
where are we are we are like space people
and we don’t have character sheets cuz and
and and you just kind of like you tell us what we can and cannot do
Blakely I like we’re six and we’re on a spaceship nailed
vaguely but it’s in space so it’s still magical will weiwei’s magical it’s like Trope driven yeah yeah it’s like you can mix it up and it doesn’t have to be like you said 3rd Street that you know me yeah I mean I’m down all right should we get a should we get some estrogen up here that’s so weird
your gear reducing examiner to a chemical that’s pretty
okay alright fine
I mean
I would say that’s very womanly but that would be horrible

yay we did it what’s your name Stacy
I too had to buy a sweatshirt and I and I was thinking about it while I was getting ready and it’s like I said I live Southern California can’t see where I saw that it was probably just one of them I almost committed
cuz of the estrogen like running through your brain
it was hilarious cuz it made it so much funnier cuz he was like they were out of control and we’re right behind it this way
I was angry and upset about the
where is the only fair to let him know and obviously I know the rest of you know it but when I snap my fingers are going to remember you’re not I hope that’s as
outside thank you very much try you coming up he’s coming up our time tail lights
okay alright free-for-all hypnotist coming up are you
I like the bagman Sir James or you can move that that’s just sit on my stuff hypnotist
where are you from I am from Tustin it behind the orange curtain as it’s called up here okay I think that’s for 10 years are from asthma nevermind so alright so you’re heading to test a hypnotherapist I do real hypnotherapy but that’s not tricked ya you don’t perform in the Ice House in Pasadena like that I wasn’t doing an impression of guys that help people are you a boy right
I think your anger is a little misguided but then as was your bring you out but maybe I like
I mean or maybe he has a big fat but maybe he has like some reason you’d like to share with us you know that my love is not enough so why do what you do but there are a lot of bad hypnotists in the world is very very untalented his was just a one-off and it’s not indicative it’s it’s very possible not to not to put words in your mouth like yeah I bet that guy was a shity hypnotists I figured right
all right so can you make us feel less awkward
yeah it’s all Ketel One it’s right here and yes I’ll take that in the psychological yes is hippotherapy strain is great was a great profession and you did more than that that’s why my brother got his therapy and it’s crazy it really changed his life he went from being like kind of a punk kid to like a crazy ass bodybuilder with all this drive and devotion and stuff it’s a maze
what is still smoke cigarettes he doesn’t know he has stopped smoking you know this guy that hit was his hypnotherapy in India they’re under like gurus and shit like it was some crazy ass bidness maybe a cult you might mean it if it work for him I mean sign me up I’ll drink whatever Kool-Aid you know
it was flavor and it wasn’t Kool-Aid I told this story before I know it about shroud went to a hypnotherapist and that’s what that Community story was based out of wood peers try to put their appearance is a real story from shivaji went to this guy and the guy gave him this tape is like I made this tape you can take it home when you lay down and relax cuz it’ll be me talking it’ll help you be more secure and stuff and I brought play the tape and it is like he the guy was like you know you can hear the screen door opening his wife’s putting away groceries and sods parking is like this guy’s pretty bad and then he went in for an in-person session and he put Rob under and Rob was like me at the Pasadena ice house is like okay I’ll be under and then the guy fell down and hurt his leg and Rob
Rob pretended to stay hypnotized
she can see what she didn’t want the guy that be like herding is holding his leg in pain and then have Rob wake up and then let me get it wouldn’t have happened because of a person hurt their leg in the room it should probably snap you out of it right it’s not supposed to be magical
I’m just to get him to say this I’m going to die and nobody’s going to help me why didn’t you just snap them out of it will get me to the hospital
I don’t know you’ll have to wait for the bilty in that case I think we did good with you
I mean I’m going to make you disappear
and now when I snap my fingers I will give him a hand everybody
if you got Ruben I mean it seems like a bit but he could not take a suggestion right
play I’m not even supposed to be highly to resist suggest you criticizing my my my controlling you’ll dig yeah I mean this is my element if I could be said to have one got him out of it could have been these people come up there this. I love this guy this guy is one of my favorite employees thank you yeah and I just met you and I get along great but he did once say that he thinks I’m up I might be a monster
so I mean I’m sure the podcast listeners are familiar with Matt roller
yeah I knew you wouldn’t but
also you know he’s got a he’s got a veggie kind of he might be on the edge kind of kind of thinner than I am I don’t think I’ve got them in the morning and then he’s you know you look away and then you see him again he’s way closer to you that exact charm that you possess that makes you seem like heat like Matt rohler is too obvious you know you think that if he was actually doing there I think he tone it down more you know like because you’re always like scarier than him cuz it seems like you could be putting it on because you’re so Charming thank you for your detecting is that is that as a Zack is to some extent true of all of us all of my your two penises
can men have two penises women at 1 and I told him that in the green earth just get through this tonight
I think you’re detecting the artifice over my extreme discomfort not the art of his over my psychotic I’m the same way when I’m very uncomfortable and I’m trying not to like yeah you do real Kill Ya as for the same thing whatever I think they know I don’t want to talk about a desire to undo our discomfort by making it other people’s problem like getting their feedback their reaction when I don’t think of it that way but I probably do do that wiping our asses out of the people that like if we could get if we could get if we could get everybody to sign off on us I think we’d sleep a little easier than Spencer what I think people
turn off on Spencer really more than they should cuz I don’t get it yeah if I if I if I got through the day and everybody was like you are doing all right by first of all I would have tried to figure out how to find the guy that said I wasn’t all that but but if I exhausted all those options I have to go to bed and he said like you you did a good job or whatever I’ll be like where you watching me yeah Stacy said I love you to lean over and said I love you yeah and yeah what do you think that’s supposed to mean exactly what you’re making me wonder what’s wrong I’m saying
all right got an ulterior motive in her heart
I mean that’s that’s off the table will it was until just then
yeah see that’s what I’m saying
it is well now I must start it now and now I’m feeling you’re not so dangerous as the space engineer which is sort of a druid type character in our new Sci-Fi game spaceketeers is there some music for Spencer to it doesn’t have to be space oriented
nope you need a you need a minutes let’s do we don’t need that here I only need audience I’ll do it I’ll do it
poopy poopy poopy poopy
wait what’s your music for you trying to narrate the circumstances that were starting it alright well I’m going to I’m going to point out to the audience when I need like a Mad Libs kind of filling does that make sense so adrift in Space the starship
locate other more people we need more participation in this
what’s up golden opportunity
this golden opportunity
DSS golden opportunity
is it drift in space
piloted by
Lady Gaga
her trusty Android
Margaret Thatcher
assisted by space engineer
as well as the young upstart elf out
space you
you regain Consciousness after the gas disperses there’s gas you notice as you regain Consciousness Lady Gaga
I can’t believe I do remember what happened damage report
it’s Corbin.
What what is a big hole in the spacecraft it’s leaking in some kind of space
the cap the gas was definitely yellow your wake I think Margaret Thatcher Michael Jackson
where any of those things you were explaining like inside British politics jokes or
that would you like me to know and I don’t know if I’ll be lost I just so much so that I thought that might have been I was like is that why they were the Hell in the actress in the other miliband’s nickname someone got that in Britain free ship you no one loved the SS pulled an opportunity it does have a large hole in it but you can see life support has already deployed in nanoweb that’s keeping the pressure stabilized yellow gas is indeed leaking and that you you think it might be some of the Quasar fluid that powers the rear engine not the side and turning engines though in case you guys I’ll go check your go check out channel 7
I’m kind of tired though
hey. How are you I can’t remember you
guy just the gas like affected me all of our heads or a little
banana fluids are exceedingly low you determine the start of the ship right is that what I thought I’d like to just assert that this is a time for a change in leadership time when clearly something was mismanaged
Jesus Christ woman younger I don’t think a person what is your name
I know and it just seems to me that this is a good time to maybe reconsider the leadership
well I just want to point out that I think it’s the new leader is going to be handling Crisis crisis well they’re not going to like you do do this kind of thing in the middle of a hole in our Quasar fluid thing you know like you might be right to find out later well it seems to me that someone’s being defensive
and I’m too I’m too confident my leadership to deal with this so I I marched straight to the medical chest flipping my hair over my shoulder
girding my loins within my nylon bodysuit
I’m Lady Gaga
Bishop rocks with the impact of several particle beams shit I think we’ve been hit by several parts Kobe news
did right well maybe if we wait long enough will vote for them to go away and I flip my hair my hair everywhere Lady Gaga guys being snide but I think this is a time for a vote we’re under attack
no sorry no one of you knows how to use any weapon systems oh I guess the Android does it’s programmed into him push the red button
the weapon systems deploy
my face
I think a lot of ways I was responsible for that moved and if you’re not on our team right now
Android how do we find out who’s attacking as we look through the window
all right
I like it I like it alphago exactly I put my hair more and I looked I look out a window you look at a window on you see what looks like a comment it is a comment a comment yeah you don’t know how that shot lasers or maybe the lasers came from some other direction and some other window but I know where is it where is it going and where is it you know it’s not really heading towards you it’s space it’s just, it’s not heading towards us, is it is it far far away
I mean yeah it’s pretty far in are we moving is it moving what’s the drift in space comment you don’t know that off hands
you have to censor it or something
you don’t know that why doesn’t he know that either robot is play program with life forces plot it’s just not you can just sense whether or not something is like a life force as comment tell us more about the film life force naked ladies in it
it’s a lot of estrogen at London and then to make it like yeah yeah yeah
can we run a diagnostic on the comment on the, yeah yeah
it’s like she didn’t go to space and probably the British robot guy
do you want a diagnostic like you could have a 30 IQ for all we know
LOL yes I’ve course was running diagnostic holyshit
how do you determine that this comment is made out of 80% ice and 7% carbon and was that 13% high-energy laser beam ignore the one for my photo centers near naked ladies
naked lady, that was in the movie The Naked Bike naked lady out of the out of the comet in which London get it and they all he remembers the boobies and makes me think that I want to send you a cup of soup or something over there thank you could have done something about those years ago Monster House could have been set in the
I want to say Kenzie Manchester
the great place and I would have filled it with tits for you bro
thank you for not being super if you got an ad Android talking about life force you got a challenging constantly I mean this is a leadership failure I mean the fact that I am going on this speech to me feels like a perfect example of what is wrong with the current system. I have to tell you about hahaha
you guys haven’t seen owl
four of them have seen out great job guys
13% are we should we be scared like it’s like leaving Blazers or staying in it when I was adrift in space I’d be scared personally never let alone with a laser comments we going to get this ship back online so that we can be not a drift anymore cuz that comment it’s not supposed to have laser energy in it and has to be changing course starts coming towards you can we can we can we hail it
you could
they could Helen
I’m I’m I’m I’m done going to the navigational controls the what are you calling me piloting override the bridge while the ship
the helm and the gas pedal yeah so it is it turns out your Quasar engine is low and those Quasar fluids so I didn’t admit I didn’t know that but I didn’t know the crazy original I thought that was like we ran the windshield wipers now they were in need of repair man
yep or what do you want to engineer
fix what
but is there a storage room oh yeah there’s all sorts of storage rooms
you go into the storage room you see all sorts of blasters and energy weapons as well as force fields in canisters of Quasar fluid
I cornered her in the storage closet
and I didn’t, like keeping her from leaving but it’s like I make it awkward
and I just start conversationally like I’m unlike you should wear more skirts to work
your Lady Gaga while they’re in the closet I hail the comet
so yeah I think
if your power they hailing frequencies are open you can you can say whatever you want
68 East Haley with, he’s able to help maybe I can speak a lot of different languages can try old the languages in my day today or what do you want to say at least you tune into its frequency and you say that and I you hear about you hear a hissing Buzz of the comment side and frequency signals returning back to you in common language
yes it’s an oh okay
probably just got got too high in Pittsburgh and wanted to
what’s in the other something in the storage closet that say if I kick it’ll blow up
every Everything blows up Hermantown just take the rest of you for coming to our another normal harmontown
from washing
from from where nothing is not really Jesus. The ladies room.
Spencer from Pittsburg customer seller producer Kevin j r a technical Guru who came in and took over the place which is Cameron so we’ll see how it works and will give you think they’re coming to Milltown thank you melt down and I’ll see you next week I think


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