Episode: 121 – LIVE from 92y in NYC feat. Gilbert Gottfried


Episode: 121 – LIVE from 92y in NYC feat. Gilbert Gottfried


Comptroller Gilbert Gottfried warms up Harmontown’s biggest crowd yet at New York City’s 92y!


I’m supposed to take something about Harmon is now in session North
I want that blind this morning I do I’m so thrilled with it so I guess Farmington touch it and Harmon
you’re already there
Discount Tire Gilbert Gottfried everybody
hello New York hello thank you
thank you and someone it was 90% heartfelt 10% awkward Standing Ovation I don’t know who I dated in this area
but they held out you know LOL but I appreciate that I think a lot of that might have been for master of entertainment comptroller Gilbert Gottfried
this is really a dream come true I don’t have no connection to mr. Godfrey and I don’t I’ve never I met you ten minutes ago and I but I kneel kneel the director of the documentary as affiliations and somehow your name came up as a possibility for a controller I left on it I I I don’t know how young they are what they know of who’s done what I I right between me or the guy that played mr. Belding Gilbert Gottfried what the fuck man
he he he was when I was in Milwaukee I think I was 13 years old maybe the first time I saw you on TV stand up special and I don’t know I am very very very honored to have you out here and thank you so much for doing this I really appreciate it netted and endless probably ways you can dig up Gilbert’s Comedy Central Gilbert Chris Elliott did a comedy experiment for Cinemax that was like totally inspirational to me Stuart pankin did one and you did one that was like basically a pilot about you is a news vendor
yeah oh shit that was Norman’s Conjuring corner and that was written by the Larry David no shit yes yes I didn’t hang up and considering all those names you think it would have been funny
why why it was very much oh I don’t know I loved it a lot it was one of those as I said doing backstage one of the eight and eight things that got me off the couch and Milwaukee and out to LA so if thank you so much Gilbert fair for coming out here
also Gilbert has a has his own podcast you just started your a podcast and you can hear it on Gilbert Gottfried. Calm And subscribe to it on iTunes and Sideshow Network. TV
it was such a sincere actual address and your on your like 18th episode you had Weird Al on you’ve had I think Larry Storch from F Troop
yes yeah I guess the answer your phone and I like to get a crowd-pleaser Like Larry Starchild see I like to get the kids but all I restart and I had Marty Outland also you try to be like you know it’s not like there’s not things you would do if it was just for your own pleasure but you do you whored yourself out for an audience for the numbers I feel the same way you do when I’m talking to me like what what what does that have to do with the transgender community
he was the evil head of the department store John Collazo benaki snow
remember how Gremlins 2 is a strange comedic departure from Gremlins why
is there a weird that Grandma to decided to be a comedy and and Phoebe Cates in the first one like shared her backstory like I hate Christmas because my dad died in the chimney variation of it because a man named Abraham Lincoln exposed himself to me in a drink a white sale and it’s are you making fun of me for like a gremlin
cuz I already felt kind of bad about it
fortunate Gremlins 2
take us to a theater and Hulk Hogan stands up and get out of the projection booth
hey do you got to watch Gremlins 2 like similar
you watch The Tingler
and everyone here pronounce is it The Tingler
Angela happy Tango app
what in the thing over
the tangler got loose in the theater he was a weird rubber creature and and Vincent Price again thank you
they shut the lights off on screen and the theater so it shut everything off and Vincent Price voice would go stream streamview Lane
15 years 15 years news in the future
is the way to make The Tingler enough away to make The Tingler not attack you it’s just scream and throw money in the air and the idea of telling people that they have to spray the same weed strain
stream stream for your life
or it can wait Gilbert seem much like John Glover in Gremlins to both of them both him and Vincent Price on a lot of them on WhatsApp eminent it was evil sometimes it was eccentric like Paul and Charles Nelson Reilly bike with Vincent Price it was o l you didn’t think in terms of gay so you thought so he’s finished her
in the seventies the river rock groups where it called Queen and no one thought that means gay well I guess like the leather in the stuff I guess they’re tough guys are like like like like Prince and Boy George but you really had to push mainstream America hard against the wall of capitalism before they go oh you’re gay
it’s like like that Village People Macho guy singing about being Macho they hang out there wearing tight leather pants and leather jackets that’s what a real man when they’re not in the Navy they’re showering over at the young men’s association of Christian major news story that Elton John was gay want to deal with it we didn’t want to watch Michael HotPads
and we got him
I mean h h h almost adorable how we would go like what was it is the lead singer of Judas Priest like remember that I don’t know it just it’s kind of its kind of adorable actually have a phobia erupting into just plain sight sort of like before I will say gay I will say Sinister I will say I will say heavy metal I will say NuWave I will say punk I will say anything but gay I like it’s almost like a strange kind of like psychic Opera we’re good gay people of America had to actually stamp their feet and scream out loud louder than Paul Lynde
inside Charlotte’s Web you know it’s a scrunchie
louder louder than Charles Nelson Reilly louder than anything like they had to say no I’m trying to be classy about this
an n on Hollywood Squares the questions they are 7 year olds take mine but the questions were always like where is Tarrytown located and it’s like oh yeah I know that was a perfectly innocent quite sure what a weird twisted
I remember it’s like pizza
on Hollywood Squares have questions like so have you ever had a dick in your ass
I’m somehow pulling would make it sound gay but we would still not say call Linda the cover of Time Magazine and go gay is cool lately we would just go pollens funny that’s funny crazy guy spiders Delight
oh my goodness what are you what are you really saying like what I mean is it American culture is it modern America or America because we had presidents in the early stages of America what was his name Buchanan like he was pretty openly gay wasn’t Buchanan Buchanan was like the only reason why we don’t celebrate him more as that is because I don’t think he was that great a president I seriously cuz I think that’s why gay people don’t run down the street and go see kind of like he wasn’t that great he was like he didn’t do much but but but the truth but but the guy was like really apologize historians and Reddit
I I I really apologize cuz I dropped out of college but I guess I understand I remember it I think we had a President Buchanan who’s like basically like like I don’t feel like getting married that much Ed but but like I have this fella and he’s just started my assistant and Buchanan’s presidential speech he’s dangerous new dinner theater democracies lose some of the people scream scream for democracy
but but I’m tired look like back then so it’s like an open-faced sandwich of attitude of a cat
I wish I was sort of like a extra open-faced sandwich to go because then the other thing that we all know is that ancient Greece and ancient Rome it’s like like it was sort of like whatever you don’t like or was it was it still hasn’t what is the history of home
if only I could ever look this up for or informed myself in anyway why don’t you just come out and say just walk away
Satan in ancient Rome they had a bunch of they had a big structure and one guy was always the Center Square
Chris Nero Nero is
I kind of want to I think I tempt Fate by doing this your Vincent Price is really good eye,
at one of the one of the things that’s Mike crowd-pleaser I use the Vincent Price imitation to get pussy
do you remember Thriller Univision price kids a bridge like like so a lot of a lot of the New York people have been asking me on this trip cuz they watch the movie in Gilbert I know you’ve been a fan of mine for a while so
you know what they mean when they say why was there no rapping in the movie cuz I’m going to Campos rapper
I want to knock out all these birds with one stone in like do a wrap and have you do the Vincent Price bridge for the rat
I think if we can pull it off it could be a very soon we have to do so little to pull it out of the other end of The Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio just have to get the Spruce Goose off the water at 3 if we could stretch the show we can just not crash we don’t have a master music music person I just want to do like a little alright well do we have a master beatboxer in the audience
New York someone knows how to beatbox in phatic hand-waving over here come on up
another stereotypical beatboxer
what’s your name sir David David okay you’re a human beatbox
alright so alright New York what’s on your mind lately I know 911 but
call Andrew
I can’t hear anything I don’t know how to
I heard alliteration with that’s a concept that’s not really what
I can’t hear anything I don’t I don’t remember I don’t do it from Ebola Ebola
alright dybala
Ebola and David Duchovny
let’s see if I can leave those those those Highway coats fun to joke about the fact that save it to company I see Ebola virus
sensitive. This wonderful man from X-Files face dying of the Ebola virus
this wonderful man from X-Files
when the beautiful town of explains why they sent over there an X-Files Indiana where he was born
dying of the Ebola virus
people make a mockery of it
all right so I’m going to try to rip a couple lyrics about ebola and or David Duchovny at a certain point it’ll be clear that it’s time for Vincent Price to do the system spoken word Bridge right okay okay you want me to lay like some creepy noises like coming down for that like to do in that moment it was like
I didn’t know you were Jewish
I mean I think I feel like I feel like if you mean when he’s doing his thing like you should probably keep going right maybe the third right what’s right after all
you’re talking with TMZ right now
Vincent Price is doing his thing and Thriller the beat is going I think it’s percussive and don’t don’t your phone and he’s like part of ghosts come out at night
okay alright alright
yeah yeah yeah yeah
Duchovny don’t shut me at the airport trying to get of a fool of me onto the airplane I got Ebola and I don’t know what to say I’m contagious you can’t contain this I’m sneezing blood and going to rain this all over you and it’s going to give you a fatal flu head is dying of the Ebola virus
why is this one different from the X-Files can I do that type in my life that I haven’t changed their up my ass
so is your name sir
what was your name David David David up here I just creating a blue feeder around David can I get half a pound of pastrami
all right thank you David thank you Kathy Patterson New York playing
alright David, it’s me. I really have to do the rest of this year with an erection
let us get more intimately acquainted with we should bring bring out I’m sure a lot of you people came here to see him let’s bring up Spencer Crittenden
holyshit can anyone holy shit to my audible holy shit you okay now I can hear me it’s kind of actually hard to everybody are inherent
Aaron Hillis it’s actually it’s definitely the classiest joint we’ve ever done a show yeah yeah getting felt when the curtain came up if it did it was there a curtain came up and we’re going to be a cheers reunions I don’t know what to do
absolutely sure sorry okay yeah that’s the plan out my whole career and so glad this is contrived I so glad to be in New York City
he knows what he’s doing and I’m not just saying that I’m building to something here I’m so glad to be in New York City because I can talk shit about Canada now
when we were young we were just you know Dan knows we were just in Canada not too long ago and you can’t talk shit about Canada to Canadians I don’t know if you guys know that
but you can’t it’s so they get bummed out about it sad not even in a funny way but you know like okay so we were flying to Canada and we had to clear Customs forms have anyone deal with this okay yeah they make you fill out this form they make you fill it out they don’t tell you beforehand or going to fill it out they make you fill it out but then they don’t have any pants on the plane that is fucked up and then changing Canada and the fact that David Duchovny television star he’s dying of the Ebola virus but I feel like you’re being disingenuous an international travel
a lot of times gay people years ago International truck
an eighth of the show we can’t we get just to call backs for the next 7/8 of the show
you obviously aren’t familiar with me
I can do it Siri sad but this Customs thing like for real I’m not kidding me a bowl of the North
saved saved it still work to bring the fucking cars and they don’t bring a goddamn lump of coal but they get out what the guy who says they give you for him to ask him for Penn’s he’s like yeah I got pins but they’re alone doubt I’ll come back and then he never comes back you never see that guy again and then you land and there’s still no pens and you can’t get past the Border without feeling this thing out like or nothing but you get the idea
but didn’t you can’t ask for pens Dustin he went to the you know presumably the lady with pens and it and asked if he could have a pen presumably because he saw she had extra pens and she said no I’m sorry that’s it upon being pressed she’s like no I’m not allowed to give that pants you’re not allowed to give out the pens required for the the form you have to fill out to enter the country but also wiped everything else aside why can’t you give out pens what’s that going to harm they cost $0.02 like it’s an entire country you can’t by 300 pens
I mean they’re not at war with everybody they have money lying around right
they’re certainly saving money and like missiles and stuff yeah I have a if I could if I could tell an airline story then I’m afraid is going to turn some of our listeners off I thought that was going to happen
who’s that character that was very Sinister over here if you know what I mean do you remember what’s the goddamn shit is that the original Vincent Price given my voice over in like the first hour of the movie is just him going I need more orange juice
music by the way there’s vampires for the
make where Vincent Price becomes I Will Smith perfect the vampires it wasn’t the idea that he was one of the original Vincent Price I Am Legend is having established that he’s the last man on Earth in a world where everyone else is vampires having established that he has adapted by living in a garlic Layton home like he’s explaining your voice every he’s sort of like George Clooney and up in the air except instead of working as a traveling sales consultant he’s like he knows how to handle and prices voice over is like yes garlic on the door and I’m out of orange juice of that movie
throws everything in the disarray is that he goes to visit his wife’s grave and he falls asleep
I can fall asleep in your invoice Mausoleum he like wakes up his son down god dammit this is going to be hard getting home what are you doing I mean I understand Nostalgia but either you could you there’s no point you could move her bones to your house
play q q q can make up new rules about how to treat dead people you could you could hang her like Santa Claus from your chimney I just feel like everyday is Christmas I love my dead wife and I’m safe because she’s made of garlic like but he know he drives everyday to the cemetery in Simi Valley and falls asleep but God damn it did I do it again there’s going to be vampires everywhere and I forgot the Arts
It’s Like A Bug’s Life like the heroes the fuk up
but he’s the reason the problem exists like like like just like I remember if I’m not mistaken his name is Harry in the picture and they got these zombies the futuristic vampires going very scary having monster gel Harry Melvin
play me
baby Clint the scariest name Timon
Lloyd Michelson figure and I was Danny’s age and my name was Danny and and my very Nicholson like Dad Body by Nicholson who was saying to a woman she was very much like my mom I was allowed to watch The Shining at 10
all right like yeah which I guess it’s either this or a fraternity
which which I was also allowed to watch but my mom would cover my eyes from behind when they were tits on the street because there’s nothing fucked up about that
oh I’m starting to see tits now gently caressing from behind
the alabaster hands of the woman who gave me life
playing reverse peekaboo with me that didn’t mess things up for my marriage but but but they talked about Danny it was fucked up and Nicholson was nuts to begin with in that movie that’s what got me crazy at the beginning and then the big thing is that he goes crazy
hey do miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses a lot but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like a verb you’re always in good hands
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yeah what if Nicholson goes crazy
they gave her be the love bug with a Formula 1 car have you did you see that documentary The Shining documentary where all of the about the other people’s theories it’s like yelling hey how many years are from Brooklyn
George watch The Shining documentary
switch on a crown
documentary is as popular as Brooklyn okay so I took this huge gross shit on the airplane
we just talked about the airplane bathroom toilet using the airplane toilets are designed with the apparent presupposition that herds are like cartoon turds
but they’re like candy bars that come out of your butt and fall with heavy dry weight down into the bottom of this Hopper
that’s basically dry and you push a button and a suction pulls it there there’s a little bit of water that you’re sort of like it’s like it’s like vermouth for a martini
sometimes you just wave the bottle around the glass it’s symbolic like they can buy in large your dependence on just are red-eye from LA to New York
I’m not serving up baby ruths
is serving of Indian food and so answer your press the button in the thing goes like
even it out
it just looks like it just looks like a college prank
it just looks like I did something on purpose like like some woman’s going to come in your next cuz they’re not there’s no men’s and women’s rooms on the airplane that’s the other fucked-up thing is like like like Jesus Christ I’m in a metal tube I’m already stink in the joint up I I I I just look what I’ve done today today on the red-eye from LA to New York I did something I’ve never had to do in my life on an airplane because I was in that situation and I had a choice between walking out and leaving this
Mission I don’t want to do this scene this this this this this I’m trying to find the I don’t want to I don’t want to sit there was just there was just there was just so much
then it was like anyone that came in no matter what they were going to do they were going they were going to feel like like like this is business class
and and then they were going to come out of the bathroom and look around at the six other people you know and it and then land their eyes on me playing Minecraft and and I’d be like
was it was beyond like embarrassment was more like I honestly like I wouldn’t I was empathy like I was like what would I want to encounter when I came back into a bathroom it when I came into a bathroom like it was like to the point where I was like kind of like it was fucked up it was like a scene in the in the ball and I and II I please appreciate my Candor and I’m sorry if you listen to this podcast with your family while you eat
it’s too far gone now and it’s just like a but I just want to confess to you I just want to explain this to you for the best possible reasons in the world I took to the dry paper towels from the hand dispenser and I like went down in there
an-ina and it was like I just kind of like shoved and kind of like like just like just something needs to touch this no water is touching it so mankind needs to step in and I and I just like kind of created like a like a like a like a still looked like something had happened and I said I did it again and I did it more and I I just kept flashing into a gradually and I also like I was washing my hands
I took those hot soapy water and I was like okay and I took a took it over from the sink and dropped it into the toilet like this it’s just need like a dose of what a normal toilet has like this happens every day nothing changed about my ass like like like this toilet needs to be like a normal toilet just needs water in it and then nnnn start like like like 9 flashes and I Rush my hand and fell to the thing and then and you always take it personally they know they’re talking to me like you return to your seat
any and I came out and then the flight attendant like met me face-to-face as I came out and she looked at me helpful and said and I wrote it down
when I got back to my seat including the apostrophe she said you doing okay
must-have looks like like James Woods still has like a weird Smuggler character was asking why did you have to flush nine times and I wanted to say because your toilet is made for poop
because I care because I’m a better toilet than your toilet it’s not because there’s anything wrong with me it’s because I know how Society works and your plane doesn’t soul and it
and then let me go to a show and that’s that’s what I say and I didn’t even take a shit on the plane I went into the band Drew I won’t bathroom in the restroom whatever they call it on a plane and and they will ship it in the toilet and I said I got to get out of here cuz they’re all going to blame me is that too when I walk out like the prettiest girl
on the plane walks in there and I felt like you know should I go over to her and take note that wasn’t me who took a shet that was someone that I looked at the shit yeah I know I saw it on the same page as you but I want to know I was against it yeah
yeah it’s it’s funny how we all have these butts with poop coming out of them all the time like like up to three times a day and then around 2 that we built the society in which there’s so much room for so much Nuance umbilical point I know you can really be reduced to how do you feel about those toilets like you could drop a concrete block in a toilet and it would flush it
and now it doesn’t itch silent there are these toilets like oh yes because because because that’s where it was filling the planet is it is it was us flashing it wasn’t it wasn’t anything to do with the behavior of giant manufacturers a chance glamorous definitely isn’t it amazing how every time the fact that there’s a giant like impending disaster it always just trickles down to us and be like I like it will cost twice twice twice and never used the same string or use the same strange three times and then he and then where that is a hat if everyone does that it’ll affect the string
sing and we’re like okay like I’m a human being so I certainly don’t want to kill the planet and then it’s like it had nothing to do with that it doesn’t have anything to do with your fucking garbage the news was reporting when when Ronald Reagan when he was president and he got shot and a newscaster actually say if the president a shot at how safe are we
yeah that’s a good it’s a good good good good opportunity that yeah likes to
do Reagan
all right so Gilbert we’re friends now oh yes we’re inseparable
pot needs you and me
you and me when are the friendship

I knew all of you came here to see a Martin and look with 7 days
New York baby I was just I don’t know how to do this because if I were you like my big thing is like if somebody solicit a something it’s hard for me to do I just I was just I was just your Seinfeld impression is kind of legendary like hating Seinfeld before anyone knew who he was when he was just another comic in the club and I was just I would go on stage and imitate Seinfeld and you look comics and the waitresses would be the laughing and applauding and they’d come in and the one person wouldn’t come in the room and I was doing that was Seinfeld
who is Danny was named Jerry and he went he walking angrily back and forth in the bar going
I don’t have a high-pitched Annoying Orange
sometimes I wonder if if Seinfeld has any opinions about patio furniture
or what
call Sandy Furniture
police say anything to people scream
damn damn don’t you have a have a Jerry mix Seinfeld
I think I left my podcast character Jerry mix Seinfeld I can I’m usually pretty drunk when I
I’m drunk now I can I’m assuming that Jerry make Seinfeld sounds like
why do they have to have four leaves
why can’t they have three but I mean that’s that I don’t think that you should bring that up right now
my fridge
I’ll be careful now The Tingler is coming for you for your lives
I’m glad that happens
I want it can I complain about Subway’s for a second or Subways are amazing they’re so good everybody give great Subway’s there’s this sense of impending doom you feel on the subway because underground you don’t have your phone obviously I mean you have it but it doesn’t work and then you could go above ground
so you always actually have your phone service but you feel trapped is probably the iron bars I’m not going to lie but but what really attracts you is the fact that to go outside and then come back in just to check the text message cost $2 and that that $2 isn’t it slavery into traps everyone underground and makes them all stressed out because they pay $2
it’s not going anywhere I don’t know what cell phone I like repeaters down well I don’t know they don’t do that right
but you never trap you can always just walk up a stairwell you just have to pay another $2 to get back under
one of the trains I’m being told I’m I’m just being informed the one of the train pass cell service so there’s that that concept of the graffiti Laden subway trains is a really nice there they’re kind of nice riding on them in the in the early aughts but throwing up when you’re watching movies this is like the Subways are like these things of the rumble and they’re like movie sets you know there’s a gang members like
attention people everyone like their newspaper with their umbrellas and goes I go I won’t pay attention and that that’s the tyranny of the city and then like warmers
Leon’s action
and I don’t know how much of that is based on truth and enough of The Last Dragon to know
to know that the converse are kissed and all right anyways I feel like we should meet people from New York
you know and I want to I want to see what Aaron texted me Sharon sick she’s back in LA and she texted me a minute ago and said how did it go at 10:33 p.m. I like it went that’s her name
no one on the bottom floor is applauding that idea you know I wanted to talk to you
I know so let’s skip this whole take me to the show
yeah that’s hard to find in the balcony would like to leap
I mean what’s that you’re in pain
play the hits there’s that she’s in pain we’ve got we’ve got that as a fallback she is in pain I mean I thought I asked that sometimes in pain cuz it’s like the opposite of comedy and my stickers irenee when we meet we meet interesting people are they actually in pain I’ve noticed
well sometimes the pain that throbs the hardest with them is the lack of being on stage
I got a lot of times.
oh my my spot like bone is killing me one of these days I just want someone who’s actually just has a back problem or something he’s loving wife he’s having a great time she’s she’s saying she’s really in pain I think I think God’s telling us we should we should we should indulge this young lady
I say we roll the dice
because the alternative is that we kind of like I don’t know she screams out I’m in pain and we ignore and it’s a joke
I don’t like what that says about the society
and I got a back problem I told anyone Lana extinct Lana for coming up
sit down and let’s let’s let’s get to know your pain a little bit
Yeah stuff
you checked your you’re trying to endear them with an apparent stage-fright after going I am in pain I want to be up there
but your eyes are not like holyfuck there’s a bunch of people
hello how are you what’s wrong with Gilbert Godfrey
I also
hi hey hi hey
I never got the holy mother fucking shit it’s not that hard is it I mean, what’s going on with your back backpacks weird houses weird thing that’s asking Ozzy Jew so the Ashkenazi thing Gilbert Gottfried
can I see juice
the Oscar Nagi Jew in the audience have watched the documentary on The Shining
Golden Living in Brooklyn I’m from Wisconsin we have Oshkosh
what’s it what is an Ashkenazi Ashkenazi Jew what does that mean
it seems like you to watch Ozzie and Harriet
it means it means
Woody Allen’s you but like with cooler
what are light years
Eastern European as opposed to as opposed to okay I got it got it got it
call caucasoid Jews go because every time that I don’t have like an allergy or like a stomach problem I’m just like
Ashkenazi Jews known for not having allergies or stomach problems
I don’t know this is my first time all right
alright New York’s a big city I say we keep we keep looking for PayPal thank you thank you
there’s nothing wrong with her nothing wrong with her I mean there’s something wrong with her if she has back problems I mean there’s nothing wrong with her as a human being here
you asked for it she did nothing wrong she’s a good. I know it’s my fault I say we keep going though let’s let’s let’s let’s let’s let’s play all right disease
Godby company what are you guys calling out
you want to talk about Father’s yours is dead okay let’s put a pin in that over here
you know what let’s go wait why am I let’s go out there it’s just Wireless
cuz I can’t hear you guys at well I just realized how loud I am when I’m up there I keep shouting in the neck who is who is raising their hand over here you have his black is half-black is that more or less than half black
he doesn’t remember
that’s severe percent black person in this hot ass
hb20 Gilbert challenge
Europe and gay
come up on time
we got me to watch
hundred percent black and gay in your face
how do you spell obvious
no physical pain just keeps your pain deep spiritual head here are you coming down he’s a he’s a fan of mine Gilbert
a hundred percent black Jade fan
right here
do like your great great great great great great great grandma Want to Be Right are white people want to be accorded Cherokee and where does the gayness come in
I think we all know where the gay nurse comes in
I’m Gilbert I would love them. Picture it in my head right now come on it’s 2014 we all want a picture in our heads
I’m kind of curious about like like are you sure you are you New York raised and reared know I’m right are you are you in New York native DC
what’s the murder capital of the world for infestations
did not Jersey then go somewhere else and not be seen The Tingler at Anglers lose to the
I’m wondering how you doing
how do you okay let’s ask some standard gay questions if you’ll indulge them has been so I want to get subjective this is a question I always was curious about
is there a moment in your life when you knew what did you think like there’s a division like like like I I think differently I feel differently and I think it’s more than just like me being an individual I think I’m on the other side of the line is being drawn so I’m out with her it was their their crucial moment in your life. Like do you like do do you like six all I do too but you don’t really easy back while going up is easy as easy for you baby I think I might be a Gen X thing like every gay character in every movie has to have a monologue where they’re like and then Toby got out of the swimming pool
you said you wanted to sleep over and I was like yeah and he said cuz we both like girls right and I said yeah and I was lying
but maybe baby you’re a baby you’re part of a new generation of star children that was like saw those movies and you’re like one of the top not going to make the mistake that guy made
spiders the life of birthday cake covered in demons
my name is Harry Levin Pires call me I got something really really sensitive but probably not a New York because New York is the most advanced Progressive incredible City in the planet
but everywhere else like inquiring minds want to know where does the black and the gay intersect like what is the conflict on that guys are stressed because because because white straight fat Jim Belushi’s like me
We Worship gay people and black people and if you want to know the God’s honest truth and I can confess this to you and no one else at a certain point we’re like black people yesterday’s news I can take care of gay people are the New Black
but in any case I’m sorry to break it to you but but
but but but but but but also there’s like this unspoken thing is like like like like like like like to the extent that you can circumscribe Black Culture like like I mean by culture shouldn’t have like said that it’s at least there’s a there’s a homophobia that’s a wowed right like right I mean yes yes if you answer the question because what are we supposed to do we’re going to kick down every door and go like everybody expects to accept gay people and then we’re like like if I bought black people people put a pin in it
living room and go like you
Red State News the two metaphor us you can be homophobic for a little while longer we just go figure that out when the time comes to cycling Suburban white kids in the 90s like listening to gangster rap it’s like those heavy overtones of you know if you were gay listening to have stuff and you were black I would think that you would be you would be like shit it’s Garth Brooks really good sometimes I hear he’s not going to help you sort of psychology developed them like you know your black intersecting a lot for people’s mentalities but I’m working out
everybody works everything out I feel like like what why do why is every every cultural movement in our country like why do I get the feeling that the unspoken Foundation of it as the idea that white people are going to end everything like included racism is racism is a problem that can be solved white people I’ll take care of it
we’re working against exactly like a friend and they’re black
do you mean friend remains friend not like in a gay way
take my six black friends
fix well one of them is probably going like me around back there’s a black people coming at you do get scared now do you know what I do
people get scared when I see strangers, that Jose with with race in the 21st century is now that we’ve we’ve accomplished The Faculty girl like you know what this is an artificial construct it absolutely is physically because two random white people Spike would be physically as different from each other as like a black person from a white person that is kind of like sense
artificial constructs being perpetuated like the idea that there is such a thing as raced and I get that but at the same time like we are like we have all this momentum so it’s like when a black person walks in the room like I don’t like my 41 year old white brain never goes never never never is unaware of race like I got a bike I just walked to the room
now I can die can of that suit you can come by anytime do you ever yell
for those of you for those of you listening and not seeing Our Guest Bears a resemblance
it’s possible if you just a listening I could have said it incredibly racist says there is a resemblance
incredibly right oh no that’s still
what I want to know and I only want to know just recreationally now cuz I’m 41 and I’m just like I’m dying I’m just like wow that’s so I can’t change my brain but I’m always curious like they cuz I think 85% of everybody’s always full of shit and to end end like 85% of people in the in a certain age were like it matters a lot and so we should be really mean to people that are that at that look like this instead of like that and then and then we entered a new era were like okay because of the work of Heroes and brave people at risk shit did difficult things and are aware we’re like okay race is not supposed to matter but we also just entered an era where 85% of people I eat idiots just started going to start enforcing that like a fuking idiot like you’re still talking a bunch of dumb people who are like now lynching racist instead of just writing letters to TV Guide
it’s been a very responsible thing is I think you’re still an idiot but we just went from a different form of coward to another for a coward and a really good when you cancel all that out as it go everything cowardly is cowardly and everything Brave is everything Brave in the grand scheme of things like what is the actual definition of not racist is it actual because did modern definition what’s that pornstars what the pornography industry has like a cheese that right like this is absolutely true cuz you don’t like I love porn titles with a Twist around the real movie titles like Ram
phone and everything like that porn film that was a black guy in a white girl and it was cold a mission candy
that’s one hundred percent triple one hundred percent sure that you want a letter Asian
I was wondering like is consciousness of race racism or is like cuz cuz cuz now that that’s become the new definition of racism now that it’s like if it’s like you could go into a room full of people and the first person that acknowledges race like that’s a weakness that’s a human weakness and it’s the actual like it’s the less Brave the easier thing to do to like like it’s a more socially acceptable thing to point out to her new role of of of racism it’s like it is true that someone that would be cognizant of race and my trip like that that might be a symptom of a blatant racism but at the same time like I was wondering lake lake or now that we’re rooting that out what’s left like aren’t we actually just like creating some weird Garden where we always
hey man like no offense pass like you
yeah like just answer the question like that race as a first thing like that dress that Walter was a redhead you and if there are a blonde or a brunette if it’s pretty hot out there’s the same emphasis on a consciousness of it and that I like my friends to call my friends are RedHead my friend has freckles my friend has my friend blind and there’s blonde jokes and there’s redhead stereotypes and there’s all this stuff no typical characteristics that you supposed to beep you can be conscious of and you can be entertained by you could be amused by but the big difference is race which is an artificial construct has this wall where its representative it’s like as if if you if you took redheads
you said some weird shit about them and then there was like this crazy and everyone was like walking on eggshells and weird energy of a just storage save your one of your dress raised like a fact about life is going to be a joke by me to be like okay whatever. Yeah yeah I can’t figure it out I’m just so glad you came up here and made me feel like a better person
which is the new races of
what’s the theory just Siri I’ve obviously never asked that cuz that’s a weird name just Siri but I play Dungeons & Dragons with us
I’m being a sign yet another plate it’s okay either is Gilbert Gottfried and he’s going to be like crucial to the
he’s wearing a Batman t-shirt and on my podcast Gilbert Gottfried’s amazing colossal podcast we interviewed Adam wish so you should listen to 15 minutes conversation people should listen to Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast there’s no question about that
turn on iTunes or Sideshow Network. TV show it’s like showed that were just High hey hey hey what you talkin about this is this is racism because the only thing he looks a little bit hey hey hey and what you talk about is racist
cuz you’re saying do things that other black people do
Shanaynay all right thanks for a real guy he had that somebody said hey hey hey wasn’t a horse to hey hey hey hey
he’s famous Dwayne I think Dwayne used to go hey hey hey yeah yeah
a lot about African-Americans today or we’re going to eat want you all to remember that Dwayne said hi hi hi and find out where can I find where can I find a where can I find a female or at least somewhat feminine friend
I’m glad her eval can we have some time all so gay and offered we could have an all gay stage
those words don’t offend people yelling out bye bye
what what do blind
this isn’t saying I like I actually completely forgot this I was I was going to I was thinking about this what what your names are blind can’t see anything
I’m sorry I’m just finding it for you
how do we get you up there I don’t know okay
I thought
I’m sorry gay lady but if you’re upset then you’re a terrible person
okay I’m assuming Rory sister has been through worse than this like she’s this is so precarious shit even for the sighted
are we cool can I buy take over from here okay
sorry sorry hold on stay still for a second I want to move some stuff for you okay
well I’m going to I’m going to sit you in the chair that I was sitting in it I might I’m really frustrated like I cuz I cuz I feel very nervous that I’m going to put this mike in this stand and I’m going to sit here in this chair
okay so the chair is right here I’m trying to be politically incorrect by like like like
correctness Bluetooth
I thought you were going to say I always say Fuck political correctness I can’t fucking see Erin Ellis
he loves ice Rory loves ice are you are you a drinker cuz there’s only I can share that I thought was actually very relevant to the conversation you like homophobic but like the idea of certain black people who want equal rights but are still homophobic I just had to I had an experience that that was very like exemplified that cuz I have I don’t have this problem whenever I’m drunk in public I forget that it’s not okay to make racist jokes
I know you can’t see but I want you to know you’re killing right now
and also here to drink
play I feel terrible about this but you realize it’s not a podcast going on right now. Can I ask you a question came down we can give you perfect site but you would have to be black
that’s that’s a selfie.
That’s come true
well I just it just hit me that Gilbert Godfrey just said something to me like I said like I get drunk and forget that I can’t just shout like racist jokes around in my college and like one kid said something about like being like he was just like
and then there was like there’s some black kids standing around in like he got kind of like felt like you was like pissed at me so I was just like whatever we changed and stuff and then later he was one of his Pleasures or something but he called some dude you can’t get mad when I make a racist joke and then call someone a faget like shooting gay people to death in Ferguson
there is a I mean I owe you
everyone a joke about know when you can’t like say like you can’t do no
I’m not going to say oh you can make jokes about black people but as soon as you make a blind joke fuck you like to know
I don’t think I I think I think that any individual I think individuals are geniuses and populations are idiots I mean I did but I do think I do think of you if you if you cornered an individual person from the quote unquote black community and nnnn depose them about that they would say they would go if you’re absolutely right but I also think that you get swept up in the idea that and I don’t and I don’t say this for Applause because I’m a white person please don’t applaud after I say this but this is the thing that I always remind myself.
I just asked you specifically not to do something. After I tell you about it before I sent it okay to use profound when you realize leg okay I’m out of an allergy to can draw for marginalized populations of any kind what are you talking about nerds the physically challenged the sexuality of race has this really distinct thing which is you cannot eat you just don’t have an option you lately that you what you wake up and you you and I think that there’s even if that’s not accurate I think that there’s a feeling underneath there it’s like I woke up black this morning you know and I it’s not like I chose to be gay
it’s not what I mean at all I just I just mean it I just mean that gay people can look like straight people in line at the bank I mean that racism is really really really easy to accomplish you can accomplish it through closed windows of cars you can accomplish it across countries you can accomplish it like through binoculars like it’s it’s it’s it’s like really unfairly like easy to to to knock out we’ve had so much time to get this country and we always talk about it and people don’t give him please please everybody that’s gay that’s listening to me don’t mistake that for me saying that anything is harder than anything else I understand also and I say that being black is her I’m sorry
I will argue with you but because because also it’s like for the very say I think this it’s apples and oranges or black people and gay people are way better than oranges
all right

the conversation was just a bunch of straight white people like explaining things to black gay people that’s like whatever
and I don’t want I don’t want to pronounce anything I just like that I just want to say out loud what is a big fat straight white guy that I got to like what fascinates me and what I think about when I’m laying in bed at night staring at the ceiling by blind people think about gay people say it’s like it’s a lot cooler you know from the outside
you know it’s really it’s not it’s not it’s not fun to be deprived of 90% of your primate just in case if it is if you heard me on the podcast that you’re actually like I think I’m like 10 or 15 episodes behind so my sister is telling me you like she saying like I O N episode like 1:09 or something you were talking about blind people by I have not gotten there yet I said you spell shit I said you’re the reason Ralph Nader got somebody votes
I’m damn proud of it lying person in real life ever said to another person I want to see what you look like and then start touching their face
call Chase credit card transfer
don’t forget your place over this game
he’s coming
gutbuster restaurant that’s a real that’s a real nice place you got any way be the answer that question is yes in the first time but it has know what his face looks like now I mean I think I already know now what’s the movie Scent of a Woman totally full of shit
iodine I’m not familiar with that are you saying you didn’t
we’ll play the No No I did not go blind jokes to be surprised how many of my friends just like something will happen that I didn’t expect in the did you not see it coming and I like all right that was a moderately clever the first seven Prime videos I mean being blind to what’s the backstory born and the problems with my left eye I can never like really really really really like to read that a large print but not really like that well so I always read Braille but I can see well enough so I can get around and stuff like that but
it’s fun and it’s like a lot of detail to go into and I honestly at this point I can’t tell cuz I’ve liked told the story so many times that I can’t tell if it’s boring or if I’m just bored of telling it but alright then told you I was like I’ll give them a few people have been kind of this is going to be boring I was just thinking about this yesterday I was thinking about this coming to New York by weave net we have a podcast it’s a new Society I bet we have a lot of blind listeners I wonder if anybody out there early cuz we’ve never brought a blind person up as I just want to point out that it’s like magical for me
you you you you you’re like a magical blind person
you’re like you’re like the hitch of not seeing this is a dumb digression a pre-internet like kind of thing but I remember being fascinated to read that Daphne’s compared to blindness even though it technically quote-unquote impairs you less because obviously as humans we we rely on our eyes more than we rely on our ears but that the deaf people are basically for lack of a move for lack of a more diplomatic or longer way of saying it that they are more alienated isolated
yeah you can like have a deaf person can get around better but I mean like obviously there’s a whole language people act like a language thing like you know some people can speak you know and read lips so they can communicate fine but like obviously like sure if you’re blind you can’t see anything but like you can still just ask people in like 8 years still like perfectly able to communicate so it’s kind of wonder how much the internet changed everybody’s lives in this audience who can see and hear and there’s like like before the internet there was like deaf people and blind people and it’s like the internet couldn’t have polarized those communities more because if you’re if you’re blind before the internet you had the internet of talking to people and deaf people did David deaf people that was like that was the one thing YouTube of them and now I like vampires and werewolves
it’s like the blind people deaf people
it’s all a big joke to me I love it this is great I’m very proud of myself for this
I mean you did a good thing you have definitely improved my life I really thank you a lot I hope you would like to I play Dungeons & Dragons with us up here
Spencer you better not fuck this up I mean I hope you did I give you the character sheet over here I didn’t know what to say I really want to fuck things to so like no one else uses their character sheet anyway I guarantee you that as much as you would yours
I guarantee it because I I feel like a blind person playing Genji is like I don’t know like a like a like a like a Spanish person taking a salsa class
in what sense it’s like I don’t know it’s just in their blood that they’re going to smell bulshit
all right I got sure be Gilbert play this game called Dungeons & Dragons
and I don’t know if you’ve ever played but basically it’s like pretend that what I’m saying is real and pretend you’re acting as a character in the setting that I’m describing with my mouth
that doesn’t make sense yeah yeah yeah
I promise it’s the clearest way I can do it
I do not
I hope that’s the guy who tweeted that same joke and not the guy who read that
so I had to give it as a jumping-off point you don’t actually have to make any sense of any of those pages that’s good yeah
I need to find out what the limits of what you’re allowed to say would be why is Building 7 Still Standing you say he’s like no the melting point of steel and relax take it easy thanks for coming why were there no Jews in the building cars Ferrari
can I go for it
a joke that I’m pretty sure that a racist joke I’m sorry I
think of a good one but I asked that I’m sure everyone has already heard but I wanted to tell it to Dan for a very specific reason seagulls fly over the sea I don’t know because if they flew over the day they be called a gaggle
Gilbert Gilbert guy friend is like what the fuck is going on I pronounce Bagel wrong people keep telling me it’s just a picture of the word bae goal right is that a bagel
both ways. I think like if you actually look stuff up a lot of these words that are contentions both of the pronunciations are just right and everyone just argues about it like it matters
I would like a bagel
I’ve never had tomorrow to say I would like a bagel
again I’m not going to correct I think it’s all good it’s like a bangle
from Ronald Reagan
because it’s vague bag all right
so all right so okay well I gave Gilbert Gottfried Chris de Burgh and I gave just I’m sorry it’s just seen me to Siri Siri Siri Siri dignity sarsgaard after after thinking about it for a long time and so Rory will be
he’s blaming but he sees everything
that’s that’s why I ruminated at it I was like
so do you want to do you want to do your acapella thing and we’ve been without music for a while and coping with it play Dungeons dragons. Gilbert.
I got to stay the stuff I got to say it more Heroes
father tender and we’re dealing with his corpse as the gang fled they were accosted by
who seem to be wise to their tricks but dignity sarsgaard smooth things over just when they thought they were safe they found themselves surrounded by guards with a much-needed egrets if they escape the town however leaving the safety of the town would prove to be a dangerous move and no sooner than our heroes had escaped with the fury of Hell after screaming an elemental summoning Dark Star notice The Shard of power floating away from the city and abandon Our Heroes to give Chase pissed on a fire Elemental pissing off his leg and with that our heroes Escape The Flaming Pho finding freedom in a foul Fenn
people love alliterations they love it I love it to approaching the first encounter to showering woman and after terrifying Define her Our Heroes played it off like it was no big thing and ask for her help
how would the gang whatever and
find out next time on placeholder
all right so everybody has questions right questions fuzzy if I’m honest
absolutely not and we also just released the last episode that happened today so I didn’t even get a chance to listen to it needless to say they left the village and arrived at a naked woman’s house and we were looking through the window at her shower
to keep her quiet okay so that’s right okay so I’m okay I can okay she’s she’s he can’t tell her she might be Elvish
take it easy we just need a place to hide out sea
yeah it doesn’t seem like a very convincing statement but when you put it out there she’s like I guess that makes sense I mean it is one of the only windows in the swamp so we’re within the confines of rose rose rose you’re outside or do you have any questions
I I stopped paying attention I know that’s fine too I mean I’m not going to I’m not going to complain he has a question
well then we can
what’s your question
yeah yeah yeah but I like to think no one has to know or does know anything that happens yeah but some people enter the Naked Ladies house you’re all set okay now you do like imagine if every week Ugly Betty was about something different
hahaha but she was she was a different kind of ugly and it just it was always going to do it was on CBS every other week and then like they moved moving it between Friday and Wednesday and it’s just a bad idea all around and somehow we keep loving it
say anything
Siri can say that you played Randy with us it’s acting but instead of a stage I’m saying the stage
it’s like a it’s like I improvised radio Play There You Go naked girls in a swamp
Dylan hey great it’s Rory’s going I have no idea what your tits look like Roy plays a character who can see I probably feel them for inspection
call me to fuck her like that makes me feel weird to
all right man
yeah yeah I got tits I know
yourself I grab oh no I did sorry okay I think for maybe food are you asking me to come in here
I mean it’s just there’s a naked woman back out and we’re all going to we’re going to move to the next place where’s the next place in the same direction we’re removing all right sorry for the interruption and
life is the thing that happens between your plans to do other things as John Lennon once said we’re going to head to the next place and we are very sorry and you’ll notice we didn’t we didn’t objectify you
I mean I hate to disagree but
he just said nice tits
he’s not wrong
it’s it’s it’s it’s a middle middle medieval fantasy world like like a lot of people are very unattractive and you look great but that’s not the same as objectifying you I don’t think that the way you look is who you are I think I’m making the Assumption right off the bat that you probably are some kind of scientist
but I don’t think it’s an accurate for my friend to say nice tits but in either case I say we are leaving we’re leaving all right we’re leaving see you what was your name Charles Charles is a family named I just get out of here okay weekly lose me when you go to the next week and we just keep going what does that mean City and then we came across this place we keep moving we keep going to enter a swampy land it’s it’s become too swampy to really walk why don’t we go back to the naked ladies house
knock on her door this time and I got this time we’re not
when I coming in okay hoping this can be a reboot of encounter that started off on the wrong foot will now I’m all confused because you said you were leaving and you’re already back as I said an evil force we stopped by your place we we we we left it’s you live in a swamp we’re not sure what to do to accomplish ask a complete stranger
I was talking to Sharpie but man I want to hear I want you to hear this the answer to his question to ma’am we were running for our lives and we’re cowards and we’re just running from from from things that might hurt us and so I ask you if you’ve ever felt weak in the moment in your life and if you could if you could connect that moment in your life to this moment in our life which would be empathy and like
all right now it’s Amore burned
Great Clips in a beard beard beard
the men of honestly all we want to do is get our bearings and then and then figure out where to go from here it just that you’re surrounded by Marsh I know and we we we just need a place to sit at a table and look over some maps
did you not need this 5 minutes ago when you’re inside my house man I’m not going to try to convince you that we are an organized adventuring party
we’re not R we never advertised that we never said hey it’s us we know what we’re doing we are a group of people who who are or running from things we don’t want to engage them we we came across you we acted impulsively mistakenly we fucked up we tried to correct that wanted in the wilderness you live in a swamp or back
we’re asking now ma’am if we could just sit at your table I just looked at some maps I don’t know if you have to figure out where we are Jared Behrens truth is ma’am a lot of times were very drunk we don’t know we don’t know what we’re doing
and we’re very embarrassed and it’s not like I wouldn’t expect acknowledgement of that to to June via pass a free pass but we’re on your porch and we can make a day of it out here
or we could come in and just so you know I love reading felt only text I really enjoy reading okay we’ll see
it’s really about just peeling back the layers and
it’s about peeling back layer I want to come in so alright okay ma’am ma’am you know what sorry to bother you just want we’re going to head into this one so we have to figure out some way of getting somewhere else in this house are you are you sure you’re done yeah okay
it’s just I mean even even even in jest if you could give us a Direction
just any direction
where do you go
well I I take the main road back towards town the way we came yeah when you want to get away from there from town yeah I mean yeah it splits up and go past the town you could go left near the town of all sorts of directions initially sure but then the roads they go in other directions all sorts of ways
prices house
or John Lennon
I have a nice life
I was
we had we had back down the road back toward town I guess
found two areas yeah hopefully yes you had you headed towards town and you see you see bar in your path hopping Along on one fiery for a fire Elemental missing a leg and you were calling from your past travels in which you made your horse pee on him
is this someone when we were fighting before we should kill them
should be a good time for you to
rushing forward with a violent attack so why you’re rushing forward with this violent attack are you are you wielding a dagger or poison dagger
I have a regular job in The Poisoned dagger in my right
wielding both of these daggers you punch them deep in the Beast fiery hide deal some damage
14 dammit
Gilbert Gottfried
you feel the heat rating off of the Elementals fire everybody but you pull away before it can burn you
that’s just that someone else do something
can I talk to him
ask him to say I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to sneak up on him and try to fuck him
and then if that if that doesn’t count as my entire screen with I want to go into a rage fuck him and then attack him with my appointments or attack
I can’t wait for Jeff to come back to the bad guy so I can tell him this is his effect on blind youth
all feelings and emotions and chicken stuff the other one leaving being replaced with rage and passion
fiery fiends you realize what the fuck that’s what you realize it’s worth it
well worth it you’re at your dictates 12 damage
oh that’s right
killing Victor it that’s probably all for the best feeling we only have one dick left in this party
really bad metaphor for what happened to our country during Vietnam reeling back from this incident you lunge into attack for a hurting hurting your member and maybe it’s just the fact that your entire dick was melted off but it goes wide in your fault or your sword blade first into the soil missing and completely
I’m sorry married to Siri I feel like we’ve had this fire demon yeah okay you do notice it’s not an evil spirit it seems neutral if anything email to know what an ordinary campfire
that says
this is such a classic conflict between a blind guy and a gay black guy same to you I don’t think we’re that we were quarreling
aole Mercy my numbers burning member oh yeah laying hands on this is a classy move on the shiny Ken doll like crotchal region feel your pain going away but you don’t instantly feeling your dick come back that doesn’t happen you’re going to need some serious magic to pull that off
that’s sticks for you
can’t live with them
Sharpies turn is my chain raise the dead Wizards can raise the dead seventh level raise the Dead
yeah he just wants to end that show my brother is here from the shit I’m looking at my spouse would look at my spouse
yeah real price from 10 spell that does like to damage
I mean am I right rear defrost is Lake is it garbage yeah I mean if he’s vulnerable the fire might do up to six damage I just want to look for a second let me look for a second person working on I want to know they’re outside talk to him hey Hey listen verbal abuse it looks like you have to say I didn’t think you were until I got raped
but really it looks at you a visit to say me
is Dixboro top looks as you do today I’m literally made of Fire
all the ways we were born and we don’t we don’t I’m telling you I swear to God from the bottom of our heart if we’ve transgressed we are sorry for it I’m not
I’m still pissed I still want to kill him in the immortal words of Hedonism bot I apologize for nothing
well I hope it lives and loves of Fireball you then
you take some amount of damage
at Rat Hole that you’re not sorry you raped it I’m not sorry not sorry I tried to rig them before my dick out melted off
okay I will organize it’s not my turn I think it’s Gilbert Gilbert think really hard about what you doing cuz I don’t know what the fuck this game is all about
it’s about killing these guys
okay tell me we did it we did it
biggest problem
we see these are all great suggestions
Isaac Gilbert if I could if I could ask you to try just in the form of a monologue just like beseech this thing to be peaceful with us
no nnn nnn Spencer control is die with this thing but you is Gilbert Godfrey you have to get to trying to convince his fire Elemental to be peaceful with us that’s my suggestion
tell him I want to kill him and I’m diplomatic about it
it shouldn’t want to fight with us we want to be peaceful with it and just in the form of a monologue as only Gilbert Godfrey could accomplish a master dipped Diplomat just making peace with this thing it’s a fire monster
highest rated no no no we’re not this thing does not have Gates it’s it’s a friend
please fire monster who doesn’t have grated may or may not have a beard I gave up on that a while ago please don’t kill us all fire monster
it looks at you as if to say I’m really tired of this and it hops that hops away on one leg
Gilbert Gottfried same-gender party Super Cobra Jet
what’s better podcast
Discount Tire Gilbert Godfrey Productions
Siri what gauge is Siri
roaring and I am a jazz musician so that’s very true
super privileged and Herman special Christmas Adventure masteran
are the city of New York
let’s think this theater or what the fuc where are we is 92 y h u y theater for having us there this is the time
now let’s all tiptoe away and Rory sit here and see what happens
what was the place to go and hang out afterwards and thank you for coming out and God bless you


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