Episode: 120 – LIVE in Toronto feat. Bobcat Goldthwait!


Episode: 120 – LIVE in Toronto feat. Bobcat Goldthwait!


Harmontown visits Toronto for a massive show with comptroller Bobcat Goldthwait! Later, our friend Jane comes on stage to talk transgenderism.


hello hello
harmontown is now in session please welcome the marital home in time
did you introduce me I didn’t hear I based on the Applause
wow we got it we going to do we going to double decker full packs house here in in Toronto at the Ambler Theater true really be going to be like Thursday at 11 p.m. you got to know a guy always showing documentaries they might as well just show my movies and just go completely broke
say that’s why I want to kill myself
girls listening I just found out police academies awesome
I have my movies in this millennium
he’s got this guy to the guys are yelling at police academy I think they’re familiar with police academies maybe like a like a color for more like
how are they going to make a comment
modern comedy Stars
how it sounds delightful are they have their spirits to get upset that I was into three and four character became a cop was a criminal in the first he was a cop of The secular right they don’t have very stringent it was the whole idea baby
wish I was up here in Toronto so I’m here a little bit so it is when we’re making Place Academy we would have to dirty the street so it looks like America this is the truth
and people would come by and clean like they would take out the trash
Canadians infesting the purpose of the keep picking up the litter at Tim Hortons, who put it there on purpose Canadians the quintessential Canadian experience on the most there’s a lot of you guys are friendlier in a little bit nicer and just deal with it be too I know what you say behind her back so I will argue with you about anything
we’re not nice you don’t hate me do you use Prius and it catches up with the Prius and hit the window and I’m like it’s on
hello hi have you noticed me and hurt me more than I’ve done it right because I was trying to be so sarcastic and the other person was so nice having instances in traffic where you know someone’s honking at me angrily and makes me go put my IRA up and then I would like look over at the make eye contact with him and do this big legs like show of like
start laughing as my problem and we go to exchange each other’s insurance and then he hands me his license and it says it is a suspended that his license was suspended and then I go to just hug me and I’m like you I’m not cool with that doesn’t like me
is 600 hours of footage of that movie like like I hate people I’m glad you like those very flattering
it was very very sweet and funny and that everything I want in a movie I know you would tell me otherwise I think I mean that you’re yeah you would be polite but I would know that you didn’t like it and I can tell you you saw some Merit in it hahaha how do you spell is I fell asleep because I am 41 and not because the movies boring but because I just I don’t know I had some of these Mill Street loggers do you want me to know now it’s like I know it is says the fat guy sucks his thumb and says he’s not going to change but yeah I make a movie about that Canadian in America are we socialized to compartmentalize to the point where we become psychotic are we trained
do people do people in Canada because as a as a region
consider itself to be a country or do you guys really think about it in terms of like you know this is my Providence this is my everywhere to do wherever you go or do you guys go to America in front of a Canadian this is North America someone today you don’t not sure but I know I just want to make sure I wasn’t asking cuz I would think that would be one part of the enlightened jingoistic about a big giant swath of land feels like Canadian is a little more specific in their mindset sure sure kind or two brothers but they’re focused on their focused on shit that
maybe that’s the only the ship that gets back to us but it’s not like there is no such thing as like a you know Canada really stirred things up at the UN today
you know it’s a good thing America continues to Rattle it’s saber and grab the person from Portland OR Milwaukee to Las Angeles this is what really matters differences are what kind of the traffic going does your city have a rail system does your city Lego how does it spend its money you know it’s like it comes down to us Civic level same kind of weather in the same kind of focus on humility and oppressive religion
but I don’t know why cuz I grew up in Syracuse nice to come up to Toronto it was like going to Paris you know I mean the Eastside of Milwaukee was like wow they really really fun
I used to come up here today
and I try it when you get when you get into the airport you feel a very I don’t know if it has a weird futuristic like a 90s future feel
I was like I was like suddenly finding myself I don’t think I was that drunk but I was like I was I wanted to go pitch William Gibson like stuff I was like Toronto 2028 still hanging out of this fix you cuz I started craving Manhattan’s I was drinking a lot of bourbon today like why am I not why why am I doing a part of growing up in the US which we are not aware of other countries even the two closest to us to me it’s our arrogance like it just seems like too much to take on
have you been spending much time in in Quebec
even now is there other troubles there English they’re going to I hate you cuz you’re American or from Ontario like I have to figure out why they hate you before they give you a rotten attitude yeah they have their own thing up here speaking of weird things this is something that there’s something called Nuit Blanche happening right now
which people are treating me about any immediately assumed it was racist I assumed it was Pagan and probably racist but I think it’s the start of a silver Lakey all night 77 Art Festival around the city from last year. That sounds great yeah everybody
who made a waterfall in a building that’s what it what what is the what what’s the literal translation of Nuit Blanche white night okay see that’s why I thought it sounds like time for some justice
I got 24 hours to purge
Lewis blogs motherfuker
don’t forget be right now Mr cab driver but tomorrow’s new week blown
going to say, so we stay away from White Knight in the south
yeah I’m going to Scotland and you were in Scotland at the same time as me we didn’t like each other up but soon
you’re welcome
we fucking figured out how to write a fundamental America’s narrow a summer goes what about seven billion pieces of evidence that that’s a fine system everyone’s drunk and there’s wicker everywhere and they’re slick I don’t know it’s like the superintendent’s inside the Wicker thing you do
that’s kind of where I was hoping it was going I thought I was going to be wicker man is that you and I would be end up in like a tea kettle made out of sticks
so have you been brought to us so you’ll be brought so rude I was trying to think of a way to Canadian pronunciation to a pagan ritual so much they say they say sorry every other word
it’s like a nation of Chip and Dales after you know after you go cousin they are just getting ready to kick our ass
I’ll be fantastic and Canada is like that. Should be we should send to Canada to the Moon because they would be able to operate there they’d be like we understand we’re orbiting something disgusting like we get it we have limited resources we can make it work okay we wear a parka or now it’s a space helmet I’m fine with that we’re still a colony fine
will humor you there and then like 30 years later they be like Psych
Canadian Moon
Yeah that’s what that’s where I get cocky England fuckers
but you fucking grow some fat guy I really thought you weren’t part of it and did you guys get a chance to vote and you said no we’re scared I’m here who cares I mean at this point you can’t do it it’s like legalizing heroin like what are you going to do what you going to what you going to be an independent Scotland and let me know how’s it going to work who fucking cares
I don’t know if you’re going to have a man
I was here to talk about the Academy’s franchise be hundreds
you going to cut some heads off
look what you could have been
look at the culture Eukanuba
there’s no difference with back when I was a kid and not the same accent but kind of the same you know where they drop the teas near just drop the interview hey Bob you know they don’t pronounce the whole you don’t waste a lot of time opening your mouth a lot like in Wisconsin you talk to me you know so in order to make sure that certain sounds are different from other is he going to make sure that you say that I was almost to Canadian because in my high school yearbook you can count how many kids died from snowmobile fatality you know what steam do you know he didn’t even see the Bob wire Daniel
in a land where snowmobile some losses did you just put tires on the goddamn things
I’m getting up my notepad I’m going to look at my look at my Evernote notepad see if there’s anything we need to talk about tonight there was a guy in the LA LAX to Maple Leaf Lounge as you know Canada is famous for its luxury should be treated much better than people with less money so as you can imagine their their luxury last at the airport and the guy was like not practical for me and I wanted to look like I could recognize that all of my American blood cells are screaming out like he’s driving a car this was to pick me up from the airport and drop me off at the hotel but he’s making it my problem like like he wasn’t like thinking an advance like who am I picking up
who who will be paying me I should look into that so that I don’t have to do that when I drop them off at the hotel so that he’s not sitting there like a jackass like like like having an experience that is essentially more difficult than taking a cab while I took a cab I wanted to have taken a cab and it might my story is about how I recognize the American in me because there’s nothing really bad that’s happening here is a guy that’s denying me my right to elitism
that’s what the big thing is if you want him to have a sign and it in I didn’t mind the lack of a sign
but here’s the thing and these are these are problems that I know you everyday folks can relate to
when you go to a new city you’re supposed to call the driver and now this guy is got my phone number well I don’t even minimum wage is now got my phone number I don’t think you heard what I said no no. Are you still going to do in Seattle I had to call a guy like where is the driver and then the the they go oh you’re supposed to call the guy I’m like well that’s not so nobody told me that the call the guy that I call a cab
I thought the whole time they were supposed to be at ear here at ear yeah that would make it easier this is not a conversation
your head if you could as a person and faintly like when you get off that plane that first time you see that guy and it says Harmon on the sign and you’re like I fucking did it acted me a moving yeah
so I’m assuming you you travel on the first class I can’t yes oh yes I can’t do anything but but but he have trust me I don’t have any money now but when I N N I still do cuz I have a 5 million miles on American Airlines
the thing that’s weird as a younger man when I got in the line to get on the plane and first class I was always stopped they would take this is first class right now I go I’m first class and I am humble and be embarrassed but I don’t know what happened recently where I look like I’m first class is just cuz I’m old and if you’re old enough their like a he maybe he invented mustard yeah maybe it’s Stanley I don’t know let him he smells like a maybe maybe caught the first fish I was about to fight recently and I’ll be age appropriate women were given me the big guy and I’m a sissy
I tell you I don’t want you got the big guy and I did not like the cut of your jib
and I’m like going with this happen cuz I was a young man I didn’t have any women like flirting with me but now I’m 52 so like 50 and 60 year old women
it’s cold here I’m like one of those healthy hips
I don’t even think
do can I talk to you about put a pin in that for a second cuz there was a guy in the Maple Leaf Lounge it’s a it’s a luxury it combines Canada’s fine tradition of providing elitist luxuriate with is America’s Finest tradition of 56k Wi-Fi speed so I’m sitting there and the guy was like doing a character I thought he was a guerrilla marketing or he he called he kept making phone calls it was speaking so loud and I don’t know I don’t care like whatever we live in a new world like I know there’s people who take a lot of pleasure if they’re in a restaurant and I get it when we going to fix the world is populated by fucking idiot
I so loud yeah so crisp David Mamet wrote him yeah he does like ordering of watch he was tired calling a guy cuz he had ordered he was interested in buying a watch and he wanted to call and confirm his appointment to come by and look at watches what the fuck I hope I hope he called his limo driver
he kept saying stuff and then he kept talking about me being famous or the Pomona fair face but if you can have a couple options for me to the Maple Leaf Lounge and he’s like hook up with like Canadian divorcees or something like he’s pretty running some kind of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels scam and then and then he and then he got off the phone for a while
and and then five minutes later he called and I wrote it down I wrote down what he said he said hi I have a reservation for a pickup he had a slight accent of undetermined origin I’m trying to do my best and I have a reservation for a pickup yes Tango Papa Niner
Tango Papa Niner I wrote it down Tango Papa and get but he had to keep repeating it cuz I’m sure the person
Tango OT motherfuker
yeah I can get it like we has the military came up with ways to make sure you only have to give bombing coordinates once because they’re a speaking over copper wire in 1941 you know your fucking Verizon guy ya tengo then you. I never heard Papa what what’s Papa we watched a lot of Hogan’s Heroes bad guys out there somewhere probably not going to listen to those guys I just now I mean I don’t listen like I’m pretending I just turn and I do it’s the quickest way to get to watch I do I had a guy in a bathroom stall
I just story we can all relate
what are you doing I’m sorry I just crap and Matt
oh my God
I was at a time and I was at when I was on the plane there was a young lady walking down the aisle and she was on the phone and I’m not banging on this young lady I don’t think that she’s a villain for messages like this is kind of fascinating and she’s like yeah yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah I’ve become one of those people
yeah I know I’m literally one of those people that she kept inside like she hid she had the most obnoxious drunk on the plane on the phone
what does the word cut your names right off its like a man supposed to crack down a naked on fire ant hills in the middle of the desert and then the ants were like one of those.
girl I know what you’re thinking we’re going to yeah well here we are we’re ants guess we’re going to eat your trash now I can’t believe we’re doing this I guess this guy’s like fire ants on my crotch take me to take away my agency
I was walking to a plane and and I made a movie called God Bless America and this and this kid was watching it on his computer and I’m like I’m going to blow his mind and I tapped on the shoulder Bobcat Bob Goldthwait I made that movie I paid for it
100% true stories
all of his phone downloaded God Bless America that dirty little prick
why would you say that if you did if you have a receipt you’d be a dick about it like what’s up ask me YouTube album I love you probably don’t care that much if someone steals your work no not at all I shouldn’t say that for the distributors
the suits have gotten to him he’s a guy came out and said hello Beyonce is going to starve to death stop stealing music hello happy Oscars everybody Pirates are left foot is so much fucking awareness of Jesus Christ what the fuck you guys made your Empire out of the back of this easy for me to watch your dumb free shit now that it’s fucking free or and Dumber I’m really
first of all thank you for calling my stuff free and dump but no but also free what am I going to do I mean it’s me it’s not like they’re watching a
what is Clint Eastwood’s very old and he would have no problem with us saying that damn it if he did what in the hell would a weird stance to take Clint Eastwood yeah
I guess they’re thinking about the Canadian they’re thinking about other people don’t wake the sleeping giant
Sarajevo of World War II
remind me about Clint Eastwood wear
Canada has been developing a night so I just wanted it I wanted to check in with you about and I haven’t talked to you about this backstage cuz I don’t know I didn’t want to watch do you want to talk about your love life at all is that off-limits also you also married and now not so much in that order right
I didn’t even talk to you about that at all you were married the last time I saw you know you have a girlfriend I know this time yeah you and I
what’s that oh that got yeah that’s a good bit I guess
I know that Harmony Bible people participate in the show but not in the sense of a big trying to write comedy over here my name Steven Lobby
my assistant name a real guy
I was actually lived across the street from me earlier that I killed in the snowmobile accident but
still alive so I know he was actually he wasn’t going for a comedy laugh he actually could feel my awkwardness and tried to cut the tension you know he was going for, he when he connected your relationship to the guy on the bathroom
I just didn’t think we judge Jared harmontown
Chris just judging who I have a problem
you know in your movie and the end in your life it’s this nerd love you know and could drop right now but but I have a problem with a lot of culture because I find them just as intolerant as other cultures and end up shut up Google. In the bathroom well I have always about nerd culture has the individual nerd is that being a nerd I think you know there’s a cycle of abuse so you going to like oh I’m proud to be a nerd and I love being a nerd like there’s a fraternity with other people who you think are abused with you but there’s also like this weird like reflexive like if you really gave the average nerd an Iron Man suit like I don’t know if he use it to like
everybody I think I think he’d do some fucked-up shit pardon my only time speak but it do you know I just witnessed a lot of nerds acting just like jocks you know what I mean like their intolerance stuffing but the other thing is is like it’s like a problem I always had with the Revenge of the Nerds movie The Nerds at the end are jocks they don’t have cheerleaders a stroke and it’s clearly designed by Studio Executives who just assume every nerd would love to be them instead of like why can’t you just be yourself and Anthony what was his name John Edwards Edwards rudino’s nerds foot prosthetic teeth in their mouth
I would bad teeth but the people not being tolerant of others so you know sometimes I find this this kind of nasty nerd culture you know I’ll do you one better and confuse things all the more I’m backlashing on the recent nerd genuine backlash culture I don’t like this whole I’m a real nerd everyone calling themselves a nerd now so I’m a real nerd because I have eczema
I don’t know I think that’s horseshit
I don’t know what it is I think it might just be not showering for a month I get a chance baby just sort of peeling a part this is separate is emerging that someday I’d say it’s like she would say I’m not a nerd cuz I go to Comic-Con I’m a nerd cuz I complain about Comic Con if you are if you are if you if you are worried that what’s in your brain is it shouldn’t come out of your mouth wouldn’t get you elected president that you’re a nerd and I think of that if we end up finding out that 249 million of us are nerds then we get to walk up to the White House and go you’re out
like I think that I feel like a sort of like a nerd Revolution to that’s the nice thing about the third Act of Revenge of the Nerds is that they come and come on down here if you think you’re a nerd and being a nerd becomes possibly become popular and it dies there’s irony to that I’m going to need a holding coffee Merit I’m a real nerd I don’t think you look cute in glasses like that that hipster word the word hipster in working towards a world where hipsters come forward and go
I’m tired of being picked on by nerds but I like cool music all right fine when I hear people making fun of the Dragon Tori term you know I’m like I don’t find that threatening you know like you know like you said you could probably talk to this guy about music you know I’m not going to fit in their skinny pants or anything’s but you know like fuck that guy is a nerd he’s not know that guy he can’t come to our party he’s a nerd truly do not remember that that was the case because I was honestly very I was totally very young when that changed because of movies like Revenge of the Nerds it was like this is word nerd like okay now it’s funny and interesting
you can watch movies that predate The Adler there’s like the n-word if you switch is like this video game exploitation movie it predates Revenge of the Nerds like there’s other movies has before Revenge of the Nerds and it’s like there is a character with glasses and a pocket protector in the movie and they do pick on him but the big difference is the guys picking at him are the here like the end they do just like plan on him and they are they’re going to go here comes Stanley hey Stanley and he’s like
calculations suggest a different course of action and why don’t you go in the other room there’s a real hot girl in there and she really wants it and he’ll come on.
No she wants to stay there or you won’t get all of its do you want to get it all Stanley of the movie
the resolution like they overcome Stanley Kim what a virgin he needs to be my Google where did you park with Stanley
Revenge of the Nerds came out it was like okay now this word nerd is that it started that that was the culture that that that I was sort of Born Into is the temperature of seeing the same thing it’s like you go stand-up comics ago like these fucking hipsters like what the fuck they just yeah they offered me I’ve ever heard my audience referred to as hipsters and nerds in the same room in two different conversations I had with your fucking hipster showed up like that guy with the leg brace well yeah I guess that’s hip now since it hit to be a nerd
I used to truly believe that there was I’m really recently just changed I used to think that there really wasn’t good and bad in people that I really felt that there was we’re all flawed and sometimes we heard other people and sometimes we act selfishly and then other times we rise above and we don’t but I truly now believe that that’s not true I really believe they’re just good and bad people shity people who lack the ability to empathize you know so that’s why I really don’t have any patience for I know this is like the idea that you’re doing Little Rascals only one that’s like noticing us, acts like it makes me feel like I hurt your feelings
I don’t feel like cuz you are some attractive games
because I didn’t want to open the hoosegow
the Crowbar Motel the bee’s knees cheese and crackers spit it out
talking about like like there’s two teams but then there’s like no it’s like God damn it I fucking I swear to God I was really eloquent about this today that’s all right
so it was probably with some one of those two interviewers that attacked you I talked to a guy from Dork Shelf
the other guy what was the other publication publication other fiber optic hologram
Toronto. Org something
I don’t know I said some fucking profound shit you can read about it and either dork shelf or Toronto. Ew. Cwt. Org
very disappointed in your internet by the way none of it on your plane
and shity version on the in the Hyatt couldn’t fight your welcome thank you as long as I get an apology I’ve been hearing a lot about American Wi-Fi I haven’t seen I didn’t like come here and go Paradise
it’s cavaleri does that mean it’s low and it’s like don’t be so American to another arm
is it as Bruce Jenner
since the first richest guy could think of
no I’m not being
trying to be inclusive I’m very popular with the transgender Community I am a very proud of transgender video that that I was happy what are you going to explain that Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman

I read it on the teletype
I don’t do it I don’t know
your mind is blown in from the Wheaties box is now becoming a woman being yourself yes the road Comic version of it was going to be what’s the difference is like you know sex sex sex the sexuality you know when you’re when you get to a certain why what would you have to do right now because you said it’s such a tragic thing because and my I filled in the rest of it doesn’t help to explain it
I’m so sorry I’m so sorry I got to fuck yourself maybe that’s why he went for it or I’m 41 and I’m finally been released of a certain 9 times a day really I kind of thing that’s what I put a joke for my nightclub act but it is a true story so I think that if I say that it’s true but it’s about you talking about and I was in Miami and this young woman said if he said if you came home she was flirting see if you came on me I fuck you all night I’m actually going quiet
and the idea was like about something for 3 minutes and then we’ll watch Children of Men
maybe I heard that on demand and I make me a low sodium breakfast and it would be on so I went off like a light for me did you feel a dip sex drive anymore just not as much as I did like I am so grateful for it I’m so grateful my next step is I need to channel the much more natural amount of sex drive I have I need to I need to adjust droop
I mean I was a slave to this shit it was ridiculous that got in the way of a lot of work I’ll actually I’ll actually see I’ll be on the sidewalk and I’ll look at something that you didn’t recognize it as something that used to make me have to go back to the hotel and I don’t smoke anymore
what are you why don’t you just play Minecraft
what are you what are you doing what are you producing can you and that’s happening why you why you so excited about wanting to come so bad
me no no no not you I just I just like I look at those ads with a guy that goes I got my dick all the time how about you don’t answer I’m only got 30 seconds to tell you about a new pill to make your dick hard just like a 20 to feel your dick get hard with hardiya ask your best assets of a dick he was going to make it nice and hard to be able to control your fucking dick again going to be like in the old days had no fucking control over your life when you got nothing done he’s one of the rub up against every fucking George him when it when it when all women were objects no matter how smart they were going to really like they were reduced to an outfit and a smell like fucking bring yourself back to that Embrace of time
invitation to cross a threshold into possibly being a human being were introduced yourself once again we take pills I got to go walk around with a fucking diamond in your pants it’s time to crap out that third family. Your second marriage with new dick pills
don’t worry about the cost of Education you’ll be dead
we could have put his money into making people read more
but yours will be hard with a hard dick you told ugly fuck now you can that you can use your money and your estate to leverage Starbucks Baristas what would you do if your your drive dipped even more would you be well what do you mean even more get more done either there’s no limit to it I have managed to be able to get things done
and rub one out I still rub one out my new goal is turning the rubbing out into I’d like to throw one to Erin
that’s my new that’s that is my honestly I might invite okay I a nap
instead of like 6 years I only like 6 times a day having a part of my life that’s like not Cher.
well yeah I know it yes yes no that’s not a problem anymore I can write for hours now
now the problem is that writing is boring. There’s no point Monument has no purpose in their lives there God that’s more reason to animate them because
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually know when mrs. But you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through the New Black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like a verb you’re always in good hands
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I’m happy that my sex drive has diminished some but I don’t want to diminish more no I would not want my determination anymore know now it’s got to do we’re going to talk about this like it’s like the oil in the menorah when my phone is in the window is a lot of sadness to it
play actress admits guilt or because you go to sleep and not getting done
that’s the new sadness
that sounds really sad well that’s all on me
sex with my fiance right now cuz I’m a workaholic and I used to be like like no because because
no I don’t get a lot done don’t I don’t know. Don’t make me kill myself
I’m trying to figure out the difference between
because we’re both driven I mean don’t think that’s a bad thing we both you know after World’s Greatest Dad I wrote 11 screen place you know so I do work you know but
you know your your form of mental illness
is so much more lucrative than mine
that’s really bracing myself for something different but you still can get hired by these people I mean I don’t try to be glad that’s their fault I do everything I can to be on hireable I got notes once on one of my movies and we had a German Shepherd in the editing Bay and I took the notes put peanut butter on it gave it to the dogs took a picture of it and send it to the guy gave me the knows that’s the only know if I ever got my movies but then again most people don’t even know who here’s the crazy thing this isn’t that I don’t understand this is a thing that makes me iconoclastic is that you can do that you can react that way or you can do what I do believe it or not No One Believes it is and it’s in the goddamn movie is I sit there and I go okay I’ll ride got it got it got it I read it all down my address every fucking note I give it back so it doesn’t matter
German Shepherd photo diligence if you’re going to end up with a reputation as being difficult to work with it’s just I don’t know it’s based on something else your cheekbones your bodyweight your tone of your voice your blog where you say you’re difficult to work with I don’t know when you get no it’s not you frustrated by that Prime not because I don’t think the TV is Art I think the TV is, you’re clearly passionate about him very passionate I want to make the best TV show I possibly can but I but I also like I’m making a look at that is like the way that you would look at a paintbrush if it was like if the papers in your hand argued with you
like like if you want to be something other than a painter in this metaphor like painting is just TV so there’s no way to hate without and so it’s just part of the media yeah it’s working through Knuckleheads like like what if you’re a photographer you need a camera you can’t just show up at a gallery and say I saw this homeless lady
and I pictured in black-and-white is what’s going on tonight all around Toronto
and I and I support it I absolutely support it but it’s 7 a.m. I would tell me about she was missing issue again it was fascinating used to be film development and now it’s just whatever ones and zeros but in any case there’s there’s always a there’s always a limitation that defines the meeting of intellivision is Commerce you are selling Snickers bars that is the beauty of it I grew out some of us actually have been on Snickers commercial
the people don’t say the F-word they don’t rip their tops open and say look at my
Play I Like it Like That would be cheating I personally I think a lot of that in any of my movies but I don’t know if it’s my own fear of being judged on a bigger level or or it’s not that it’s just I don’t have that much interest to to play the game and you know I have to think about you is that you are a tiny bit older than a tiny bit to the point where you are one of the huge reasons why I moved from Milwaukee to LA because I saw you at the comedy Cafe and you were supposed Police Academy screeching guy and you came up and did a set where you were more than willing to do funny jokes that were in your stand upset and then sometimes people with yellow stuff out what’s your name and you are engaging with them and then you’re at you’re just saying insightful things you are you bridge the gap between a being a professional Entertainer and actually being a present human being on stage and Rob try when I understand
the back of the room with zits on her faces and lollipops in her and we were like holy shit and we talk to you afterwards we waiting for the bomb back then
I have also had a lot of Yin Yang on my acid wash denim jacket and a rat tail cuz I patted myself after Egon from The Real Ghostbusters cartoon
and we and we came up to you afterwards really holy shit that was really inspirational and he said yeah what are you guys going to do and we’re going to move to LA and you said don’t move to LA don’t don’t don’t don’t do it don’t do it and then what’s that’s what he’s supposed to say let’s be like him has changed everything I need to have a fucking podcast because you make a fucking Uvas movies in the one thing they all have in common is your point of view you should be a cult of personality you should be happy having movies made about you you should be I’m committing crimes that you could be getting away with very easily that’s really sweet I didn’t let any of it in
but I am also a little nervous about giving away so much of myself don’t you don’t you feel that that’s that’s weird like don’t you ever feel like what you make is what you you know if I think if you watch the movies that make you get a better idea how I see the world then then if you hung out with me maybe I don’t know I’m very nervous about giving away my my personal life well that’s I think that’s what defines me is like I’m totally like once you get to the bottom of the barrel all you scrape is like there’s nothing there it’s like this Barrel thanks you for being a part of
I’m not sure I think you are a more genuine person than me I think you actually do have any opinions that you wouldn’t back off of a mob of people screamed enough at you like I think you do I look up to you for that reason I think you have a voice in a in a point of view I think that you’re getting rid of the ad but that’s the stuff that you you don’t give it away by sharing it you just open a lid on top of it and the wind walks in and nowadays people come in and if they want it they get it you can charge of a dollar for it and if they don’t like it you can tell him to go fuck themselves it’s amazing it’s like when we were younger
it’s a whole crazy world like no money down you could create a whole Cult of Personality people could be crucifying you in five years may I mean I think I I think I don’t know my ex-wife said and by the way she said to make sure you guys are missing throw and I said you’re only saying that cuz you’re a person
but I don’t see myself as a misanthrope I just feel really awkward and not you know I really related Spencer when when you know he was awkward by the whole thing
can I have some loud deposits before Jesus Christ
that wasn’t an invitation for more
thank you Jesus Christ
that was all pent-up from the movie I assume
can I get something off my chest I’m a nerd and I’m fucking sick of all these jocks acting like nerds from being a nerd so I I’ve said that before but I didn’t mean it but here’s the thing about social groups from nerds to jocks to everything it’s all about excluding other people like if you’re a group you’re only group because you’re not that group your this group so you have two single people out and ridicule them otherwise you’re just a huge you know non-group right and so in high school when it was when I was a genuine bona fide nerd and then punished for it I would end up using it I would I would I would I would report dutifully to a living room full of other nerds and play Dungeons & Dragons and we would talk shit about fucking jocks because they weren’t allowed and if one of them
I don’t think it’s a good part of nerd culture but I think that’s more Humanity than anything else it’s just the we got to we got to get crab we got to kick other people out so we can be in there when I was in high school I was actually friends with all the other groups because he considered them
I hated myself way more than anybody else is going to so I didn’t care what they thought of me and I was like well this works but then I only care I was the biggest Jim Carrey fucking whore but I only care to people like me and I would I would do anything for a fucking social. They didn’t like people don’t like me and I was like you know just climb my way up to stand up when I was like 16 so it was weird I didn’t care about all the stuff everybody else cared about is like they’re worried about prom and I was trying to get a tight 20 together it seriously I was just a weirdo that way but I also feel
really embarrassed to admit this publicly I don’t this may be an exclusive I was homecoming King I was senior vice president no I meant probably was half Lake I mean look at it look if you wanted by their senior year they had worked their way up to like I am the clown Prince of nerdiness I do is like you blurred the line between I was like people really like the word popularity when I was a kid I don’t even know what that means anything anymore now that everyone is connected to their phones and shit but yeah it still means popularity was like nothing I can feel it when when when Tom Kenny and I
Tom Kenny you guys known as SpongeBob and all this other stuff so they could I love that show so much and I’ve known him since I was six years old we’ve been friends our whole lives and I’m in second grade they’re picking up team they’re picking teams for Dodgeball and there’s three people laughed it was he I and this girl who had two hooks for arms
the pictures
I wish you were recently talking about it and he said that was the day I knew I’d never be good at sports
and the way my ego work I actually thought they didn’t pick us because they knew we can handle it
save a huge amount of self-esteem and self-loathing out the same time you can emergency bilge before that caught the counter you’re out now so I could create that mythology my head I would just I just found out there’s a there’s a wire that all this pain comes through I thought you had to get up and kick my ass I’m coming through
you’re not my best parts in the movie movie only have seen of me being funny and any of those six hundred hours of footage
thank you that’s very kind of ways I don’t know why I have to follow this thought if I followed the cord with the paint on it and I found it plugs into part of your heart and you you can pull it
call Hank cord and you don’t feel anything anymore and and you don’t need it you can actually be really mean to people you don’t like there’s no empathy anymore so you can like squeeze someone’s head into the Game of Thrones been in the Game of Thrones what about the end of it when I when I get to the eyeballs you know the only thing that keeps it isn’t funny to realize that the only thing that human beings have these eyeballs like if you’re in a fight like you kind of like if you’re like a human like I guess you probably scratch for I want I want to scratch your eyes out but I truly like like if you get in a fight like we only thing that keeps you from actually actively like just doing everything you can to move like these little soft grapes in that that that represent 90% of the person’s ability to Farmers made of jelly
the only thing that keeps you from from really getting in there is actual like empathy like like like that’s why I went in a movie somebody goes like and you go like what the fuck is he what is he oh my God but you’re like well if you wanted to win a fight I guess that’s I guess that’s how you know that’s what Jim’s do yeah they go for the fucking face of the generals and their hands and makes you a chimp a buddy of mine was in in Georgia and they had a thing when he was growing up at the the fair and it was it was a monkey boxing or kickboxing and and so this guy is like I’m going to go in there it was $5,000 for the last 2 minutes in the cage
and I go on that I get my mama my Mama trailer like he had all the money to get my mom at even if it’s not even a chimp it’s an orangutan he was very misleading like he had them like proper like you know
roundabout with me Queensberry rules when it pees on the ring on the poster and they get in there and it’s just a cage and they they put a ring through the Rope so that me through the bars of the cage and says it’s orangutans got boxing gloves on he’s just sitting there and if you know he’s got the arm link so if I just get in tight strategy I just already doesn’t know what river do when you’re so he’s doomed
like I said you didn’t see the chimp shot across the cage wrap his legs around the guy bit him in the face and pissed all over them
are you usually wear a mouthguard
like that should best for your bullshit on the story they could definitely get those gloves on but I wouldn’t trust anyone to go in your orangutan Mouse anyways what I’m saying is the end of the day at the end of the day I only look at each other we see each other on chimpanzees and orangutans when they look at each other they see they see a genetic rival and they’re like if I take that guy out like you do thing that keeps them in line is fear like they they they they exist in these communities and we are no strangers to this we are ninety-nine percent their cousins like we but but the thing that makes us different and the thing that ironically made us be the people with the nuclear weapons and the tires and the fire and the lasers of the GPS is compassion
it’s I like weed and I’m not seeing it makes good people but it’s like a an evolutionary step that we took that’s my that’s my two cents you know that but you know that you think I had compassion base I think it’s like we we became a kind of weird combination of primate and pack animal like we chose when I said shows I mean in quotes because like Evolution preferred an instinct for altruism what we call like I like it like that was nice of him he didn’t have to do that like we exude that like we we we noticed when it’s not happening we noticed that it’s not happening all the time but the fact is we have it in Spades over giraffes and chimpanzees Ali we do not like we are ridiculous about it we will take bullets for each other without thinking about it we don’t always do it
can’t predict it but we will we do have more of a propensity for sacrifice in the in in the face of another human being suffering like we will go that’s not fair hey what what’s going on over here to stop picking on that guy even if it doesn’t profit us even if even if it puts us at risk by before you know what we’re doing we kind of go that’s my theory anyway. Science is based on the three documentaries or are scorpion sting or hard armor like that’s what we’ve evolved is this really intense pack we’re jingoist what we evolved and that’s why we go to war it’s because we can get together a band and go you know because that’s what it’s like when you watch the 300 and you see like that that idea of like a small foot
all team of guys going
General like we we we default to that like weird like we don’t just fucking run I say that kind of behavior more about being afraid that someone’s going to take their stuff away being a you know we protect ourselves through that instinct I don’t think that God is moving through us and therefore we’re like really cool to each other and I think that our species is 7 billion strong because we figured out the code of like how’s my neighbor doing it was like it was like not and we are The Descendants genetically of the primates that that that acted more on that impulse than others worked out for our species just because it caused like giant communities in like that
but it’s not getting us anywhere we were all going to die together and we’re going to die after the dodo did fine fuck that are rolling version of itself maybe maybe the dodo is the asshole
I’ll tell you I’ll tell you the biggest asshole the world giraffes fuck your ass
bulshit we love David of a species but when it turns out you had apparently now the new development is when you look at Dolphins if you get past the fourth wall of dolphins it turns out their sex is a picture of a dog on the fuck you up if you’re a shark that’s for sure that’s all I know a woman dolphin and if you’re a female shark oh my God oh my God. They must be like it but I saw I saw a video really recently about like a dolphin playing with a cat is in his cutest thing in the world the dolphin would like use its snout and tap the cat on the head and then the cat would like touch its paw to the to the snout and then go back and forth for like two and a half minutes has dorable
the Cavs versus leased iPhone I’m fucking up that cat if you’re listening I don’t make threats in Toronto but if you are listening out there like like please come to the nearest harmontown city it’s a dolphin until we want to hear more about good people are bad people cuz I really want to know cuz you like save them and they actually actively like drown the people cuz they’re like sociopath like you could run across on the wrong kind of hero
Ted Bundy of dolphins just like 12 really sexist dolphins that are giving everyone the wrong impression I guess there’s always my fear is like why you played it they’re just going to eat you that you’re dead backing their cubs
bears are like they’re huge theater fake do they mean like
weather otter get real that’s gay
real bears at the dump are like bikers you know you just stay in your car and keep the doors locked
did you ever go to the dump to look at Bears I never went to the jump to look at bears
where you guys going to Bear dump in Toronto
this is a pack Eagle the excellent bear dump is that the Glovers Lane well I’m just picturing all these discarded bears
the land of Misfit Toys
I do give him a bear with no teeth
what is a Lego don’t feed the the trouble is people feed the animal in question like usually it’s bears but they say the same thing about mountain lions or whatever they got the danger is when we associate humans with food and they’re like oh got it wait what no misunderstanding what they’re saying it was so sitting with you with food is now every every person I see is going to give me food so I’m going to come up to them and bother them and give them a peanut and then they you know if it’s a coyote they bark and you know that’s scary for the person like you don’t want them approaching you because then someone could freak out and stab you in the face or something
so the reason so the reason did not feed coyotes is because coyotes will get stabbed in the face by someone without food yet you know about coyote hazing a coyote hey yeah it’s really ramping in colleges it’s a shame but
what are cats bands yeah I love that Applause I love I’d love it if you did Spencer Spencer Spencer hears about coyote and activity sometimes in Los Angeles and Spencer has in his head he imagines that if he ever gets attacked by a gang of iot to put it that way I was leaning virtual reality setting we’re dangerous coyotes are definitely going to attack you until one of you guys is dead Spencer believes that he knows how to fight a pack of coyote effectively Toronto has earned his earned a demonstrative
I don’t want to pimp you or anything I guess I’m going to have to do it I mean you have to do now is I mean this when you leaned what do you lean forward in your chair this whole state shut so I don’t know if I really want to get to the Canadian version of the coyote defense techniques
how did you survive what do you mean quiet either so there’s five coyotes all around you and and
it’s just you don’t you don’t keep your back exposed for long you keep your back moving so they can’t go at your knees I got is going to be more of a sweet kick but it was more know you can’t sleep before late animal that’s your first mistake that would be my first mistake yeah they got way more better than us that’s why we use chairs with four legs and you’ve got that right. They sweat yeah I know but you obviously care about coyotes my coyote defense if we’re just fantasizing involves a firearm is the backpack my tactics with different greatly of course what would it look like if you had a backpack
but yeah you know one would get back with you the other eat your Lunchables it’s important I do like coyotes they killed I feel bad about that but that terrible horrible and in their defense Sid was delicious I didn’t have a backpack and didn’t think about kicking and Jimmy Stewart and Andy Dufresne the other two yeah I mean Alaska Angeles I don’t know if the charger has an equivalent but Los Angeles it’s like it’s crazy to me because like Wildlife is
astounds me because everywhere you look at there’s just City and then there’s this whole population of like mountain lions and and I don’t know where they come from or where they could possibly live but yes I understand that there’s probably mountains involved thank you gryffin park is probably where they live but like like walking down the sidewalk in Los Feliz and it’s like it’s like a dog but it ain’t a dog that could be another dog right whenever I see him driving around like I like honk my horn and I shine my lights at him and I go out of like I’m going to hit him with my car
coyote coyote that you’re one of these people that just like your dog’s tail be like all humans are cool I could go in their backyard whatever you know they think you’re like a cool you think humans aren’t dangerous and they need to think humans are dangerous so they’re not comfortable around them cuz when they’re comfortable around the ears don’t need to do it a lot of wildlife like these are suggesting you to be uncut they want you to make animals uncomfortable around we saw two mountains and I think you mean Willow Creek which is available in
it was terrifying you know what do they look like when you see him in a while cuz it in the movies they’re always Crouch down like standing up the really tall and just walking casual like what up you know it was really intimidating and then it was just saying there’s a seam the 10th that’s really long and scary and we film that about at 2 a.m. after he’d seen a mountain lion in the actor Bryce Johnson if this is a long take and that his character started crying and I said that was really good price but I just don’t think your character would cry in the scene because I’m not crying that he’s like the character he’s not crying I’m crying why are we filling this out in the woods at 3 a.m. we could be in a hotel parking lot and we’re hanging around the ranger who is a Bigfoot
Enthusiast and so I was sitting close to Ranger Robert because I figured he could protect me from a mountain lion and he said cuz you know I’m a writer 200 what do you write you guys you know Twilight yeah we all know what why aren’t you guys well I write coming-of-age stories set in the Bigfoot community
like Twilight
and I said what’s the name of your book you guys the first one with Yeti or not
and I know you think I’m setting up for a joke but that’s what it’s available on eBay you can get Yeti or not
what was the second one
Sasquatch I don’t know what they say about boys with big feet
yeah good times
Shopkins videos of the Bigfoot that doesn’t work as well with the Adolescent Judy Blume kind of God it’s me Bigfoot for about an evening thought it would be funny to make that a movie and then I went out and bought it and I was like nobody would be you know what are you doing Max I said I’m doing a period piece
I think it’s funny that you your life was in the hands of a guy that then was like I’m a writer like you did that make you feel less safe totally pay him back he’s got an idea do you want a guy that’s like like no I definitely am totally enthused about the age of physical conflict with nature not a guy that’s like I could have done Buffy I just I’m doing I’m doing this to the meantime
but also it’s like like also like you being able to resonate with that guy makes you like as a bodyguard and when it comes to a bodyguard the quality I want most is not being able to understand what he’s thinking if I were to hire a bodyguard to be like oh you are a giant slab of meet me back at me I’ve got a screenplay Hellboy 1 minute and 3 seconds long
here’s a little stronger in your minutes are little longer he stays there 57 minutes I’m sorry about that. We drink your milkshake a little bit sometime up here we could use to power our cars
but I don’t know how long we’ll be gone but I know that we should we should we should meet some friends and play some D and D in that order
now I know I know I know that we we do have we have some friends that came here and like why don’t I know Jan’s here and Jane is Jane no offense Jane Jane Jane where are you are you here for a little bit just for a second
for God’s sake
James 1 of the podcast before I Jane Jane makes us special brand of moonshine called earthshine because harmontown is a moon Colony so it’s China’s what he makes how are you buddy where you living now here to Toronto to check out the shop did you bring your kid hey Devon can make a limited quantity now can you guys hear me okay do you need to eat that Michael Spencer drank some I don’t know if you can tell I’m doing good I didn’t drink that much do you know
you definitely want to cut it with water or serving on the rocks and stuff right now the crowd is going I hope I hope Dan drink some of it
you’re going to want to chase it with some vodka, and generous it’s like the male female symbol thing but the weiner is going to bend around the circumference it’s because you’re talking about you drive it says harmontown next tangent
keep him away from the Cheyenne
I did and it’s so crazy it’s
turn on stage like Troy to you were trying to interview me and Jeff kept interrupting me so it’s a bobcat that I am right now so it’s so when I came up on stage and reduced myself as one Glenn right which is like it’s my birthday and then I was feeling kind of a chance there’s a community is going to be very accepting I could have just come out as transgender drive so I sent you a letter afterwards that you got the next night and then you read it in episode 79 you read some of it and you guys talked about it by 5 or 10 minutes about transgender and it was really cool if you were you really shared a lot of just very forthcoming very accepting around the whole idea of transgenderism transgender is the New Black I want to on the ground floor of that shitt I don’t want to get shot in the fucking
I mean the transgender thing is like it’s
say I can’t even say a simple thing like it’s crazy like someone will go that really offended me when you said it’s crazy crazy at 2 to work with it is a crazy new thing it’s new it’s very new if it is it’s it’s coming out of this whole stigma of being a mental illness and trying to deal with it as it is like an actual code in the DSM-IV or DSM-5 diagnostic manual for for four people and
did the mental illness side of it is that
I’m really confused but but but why are you confused about me and I’m trying to deal with a friend I guess I was born a dude technically but I truly feel like I would I would I would like to identify as a woman there was definitely a time and I think we’re still living in that time when people would go okay we have a word for that it’s called crazy and let’s build a society around people being allowed to do that and if people start to do that you start to dig a little bit more deeper into just how complex it is you just started to get into this little baby start talking about Kinsey scale but people are starting to recognize that so you can have this Continuum from male to female wig people can sit in between somewhere on how they identify but also how they present
and what their biology is what’s their physiology what is their genetics every one of those aspects has a sliding scale bread nobody is is at either end not only do stunts it with a disfigured a point in any of those skills you have ranges in those ranges change with time and they interact with each other and that’s just the gender identity part of it or the physiology than you have a whole sexual do you are you attracted to men are you attracted to women attracted to both you track to the neither are you attracted to people who are particularly somewhere sitting in between your gift all I do is pansexuality or asexuality all these variables you can stack them up in this hyperspatial developed a person’s
sexual gender physiological identity and you see video games where I can choose to be a man or a woman or something in-between that you like like right now you can still hit a binary switch a female but I’ll be a plant creature sippo lake lake like there’s going to like the code will break those barriers down and it would like video games will just be like what what are you do you want to have feminine characteristics or what does that mean that I mean that in terms of simulation we always look forward to simulation like 20 years from now you’re going to put a USB I’m sure that that that standard will still remain just put a keychain thinks plug in the back of your in a hole in the back of your head and for 6 hours if you have six hours to spare you were going to get to know what it feels like to be an adolescent octopus
like you’re not going to end you’re going to come out of that experience and having totally fucking loved and lost as a female octopus adolescent octopus and you know you’re going to go back to work and like take over Banks and stuff but you’re going to be like talk I miss Stacy and your wife’s going to be like what were you doing you know Tomb Raider but but
we are afforded the opportunity and I think Thailand stands in evidence of this if we are tourists will check into a hotel and they will explore different different Avenues and they will do different things like we structure our civilization on like moonshine is that what I’m talking this way what did Thailand do wrong
tactile and didn’t do anything wrong I’m sorry Thailand
I never been there I just I was I was playing on a Joe I thought it would get a laugh as clear
so he makes it it’s like a bee drinking honey
a big deal but it seems as clear as it should have been two people who are making my money off of vinyl that MP3s were saying that sexuality is more complicated than a dichotomy it seems clear that doesn’t mean that anyone should get over their Hang-Ups but it definitely doesn’t seem like it’s like we’re going to have to get used to the BitTorrent thing of sexual we’re going to have to accept that like like the it is a it’s a four-dimensional like Tesseract like it’s so I just I’m turning 50 the old people congratulations
but I guess I have a lot of Hope from from the kids I mean I see that it’s just becoming more and more common a lot more fluid and stuck everywhere and it’s it’s where you live but it’s creeping thing it’ll keep the keep moving forward I think is people just see people like me people like RuPaul RuPaul Chaz Bono I mean there’s just a lot of people who are Bruce Jenner you bring up an interesting point which is worse people than young people know that is a good point because if we keep getting more Progressive and accepting and more ethical than that means that we were less that

well we were Bound by so my grandma should we as a murder we are dollars he’s not freaking joking he hates his grandma something that you don’t know all old people that I used to resent young people and now I hate people my age or older because they Embrace their their lack of a Breen I mean it just like I don’t know how the internet works in a how do I poop to me is like here’s what I like to do I like I like somebody thinks they have a claim to my time finding out I’m 41 years old get the fuck away from me
oh I just like a general that kind of like nope you’re not the first person that’s ever tried to leverage me in that particular emotional way you are scenario 317a go fuck yourself I’m closer to death than you are that membership has its privileges. That’s the only really need to check yourself when you’re older cuz he’s adorable are cute to be like I don’t know about you fucking pieces of time I find a gun charismatic people my age going like did you see Ironman 540 manual dumbass
seeing their first movie ever for 18 year olds in that regard but come on you should be ashamed of yourself something French
5 and you haven’t figured out how to see a good movie
that’s on you well. Hulk movie boo
derivative kids like if they like Guardians of the Galaxy which what are you fucking kidding me fucking boring and what was boring about it I’m not going to say cuz I’m 41 in class
I’m 50 and I don’t I loved it laughed older than you I am Groot
I just part of it is watching it on the Canadian Hotel TV screen I don’t know it probably lost something in the strangest damn thing
doesn’t it take like 2 years for movies to come up here and that’s racist that’s racer countriest nothing’s ever were tried but then I was like the kids like it so so do I
here you go enjoy it all yourself a filmmaker I call you a filmmaker thank you I can’t I say I’m a guy I make movies you don’t like that cuz I would vomit in my name is not even in this conversation from Toronto
we should we we should get some estrogen up here scuse me I don’t know if we’re going to be able to do that that’s what I’m saying you’re going to be able to put a USB drive in your head you’re going to be good to be anything you want to reject female I have a question about and I’m interested in that that you represent the entire Community or something but was wondering like maybe you guys talked about it but Jared Leto’s performance in Dallas Buyers Club seem to get criticized by the community and did you have anything I haven’t seen
why was it to Google Like Queenie or I think I saw that movie performed I felt like he was a dude
I thought he was playing a human being I didn’t think it was catch your over-the-top but maybe that’s maybe maybe the people had a problem with it don’t hang out with the Queen’s I just seen some clips online having actually seen episode of Jeffrey Tambor his performance in transparent so it’s a new respect that there’s so much infighting it’s the group thing right I mean when you have something as complex as transgenderism transexuality transgender identity generally you’re going to draw your Venn diagram a lot of different ways and what is real transgender person there’s a lot of identify as female I am identify as
pansexual iodine I have a male body mostly for them at the moment but I’m taking female hormones I have a male genetic structure as far as I know I have no idea what my epigenetic structure is or the structure of my brain all these things are mixing together and since the age of 12 have been sort of moving to be toward something where I stand here now as I know some people who would say that they’re it when they get to this point where your body is a certain way in your mind isn’t what you were sexually poisoned by male hormones for 40 years but you’re actually a female that just manifested differently what we’re talking about is released from a dichotomy we’re talking a largely about Transcendence
of dichotomy and yet there is so much funkis I guess by necessity on the economy and other words within the context of the culture right as it did when I was in charge we had Boy George we had Prince and they were I’ve no idea what was going on what am I here I knew that my my parents were upset about them and the reason they’re upset is because my dad couldn’t figure out if it’s a boy or a girl but it was all it was all in service of dichotomy it seems to me like the enemy isn’t it what is it is it a matter of comfort Society has a certain Comfort level and a certain energy level that’s necessary to maintain its structure and its forward momentum
complexity makes that worse and when you start acknowledging complexity a culture begins to say I need systems to deal with this I need to I need more pigeonholes I need more bins I need more I need more bits in my bikes and that takes energy dividend takes time until people begin to them to relax back from it and say the answer isn’t more pigeonhole snatched answer is just more acceptance of individual
don’t give him a place that’s my apologize I created the four but I always feel like I’ve always feel like a big difference is like there’s always as we progress there’s always two looks like there’s think there’s the progress that lowers barriers that makes walls that used to be there stop existing a nose like a really scary to people and then there is like militant versions of the progress that actually raised new wall
why are you telling me that from now on I have to do this or that the fear is on both sides right I mean is you’re going through life with this sort of the situation like I have you get very defensive cuz I appreciate each one of those subgroups has their own groups their own barriers their own protection and I always feel like unlike if you talk about race or class or gender equality gender like like you can feel like the confusion you can feel the nails on a chalkboard you can hear her in an audience of 200 people you can hear one person popping up over there and over there and then they’re going to
very fucking specific dude right the mustache you was talking about how he was owning he was owning the mail physiology and he was saying in 2014 that meant he was an ambassador of transgenderism and Enzo there were people in the back of the room why aren’t you in your dress it’s like oh okay but like I’m right now so I’m presenting fairly mail I have on women’s pants Maya Farrell audio t-shirt now you’re making me question my sexuality cuz you sure what similar to me apparently it’s how I’m feeling I’m going to reach a point in my life where I am going to present obviously female all the time I’m going to legally you heard it here first
what NASA is that you’re cool I mean I feel like this could be a 3 Hour podcast to you are different goals for different people for the point where you will be like I have arrived at a place like I you will be a I am arriving at a place every single fucking day believe me what I will do is I will arrive at a place Rossi okay for the good of the people who I have to associate with because of my professional life because of how I forgot my family life whatever I need to put a stake in the ground for everyone else is Comfort because I’m a nice person and I’m I understand that I need to exist I’m not going to be the militant Outsider my whole life so I’m going to say okay for everybody else
preferred gender pronoun is now female the name is Jane and I’m going to be wearing a dress I’m going to be wanting to use the women’s bathroom and legally he’s socially whatever that’s a stake in the ground but that’s not something that any transgender person has to do because they have no obligation to society to do anything they’re just try and believe me I’ll be I’m 50 and I’m just taking these steps and I’ve known since I was ten or eleven that something was fuked up it’s taken me this long to get my life to a point where I can just be up here on this stage is that why you didn’t get it most of your life to creating a substance that would fuck other people that absolutely know what’s going on a poisoning you will all wake up every morning wondering what they did last night who they say I am androgenx
dr. horrible is one of my big hero
and I wasn’t for the comedy it was truly like I felt comfortable and when you were like at a high school function and you showed up in a skirt not just a skirt
it couldn’t be a bigger fuck you to the football team and now it’ll be like hey how you doing because when they go please welcome your audience and it’d be Marines would be the day I woke her up and she gets Dad where’d you get that sweater I go it’s knew she was it would go so well with your brown skirt but the reason I did it was it would be really comfortable and it’s such a fuck you can eat you’re not like if you were on the set of community and you show up in a skirt
you’re like I’m the fucking guy go fuck yourself I think they were good now we have a label for what’s wrong with you
cuz otherwise is why is that man pajamas beautiful way to like your musk let’s get out of dichotomies let’s get away from it has to be this year that that’s what I can understand but I don’t but in thinking that that’s just me a guy that exist within very specific dichotomy that’s going like
a world without that, spoil boy there are people who want that that’s why I was obsessing with that side of the fence to the other
like specifically even though to to a person who exists on either side of that fence that person might be a hero by virtue of their Transcendence they actually are making a journey and they want to arrive somewhere create stability and be something that to me is the confusing thing because I don’t want to offend anybody by assuming that about them but I don’t want to look at you can’t wait to be a woman can you lately but but I know I don’t want to speak for the entire Community cuz I think in general my experience has been the most trans folk are actually very understanding of what comes of cisgender community people whose gender alignment
a movement early because we get what it’s like to be misunderstood and
you waited a long time just to have someone take the time to ask it’s always better what would you like your preferred gender pronoun to how would you like me to address would you which restroom would you like to be using shall I open the door for you or will you open it for me all these sorts of of identity things that Society demands about him trans people will love the fact that you care enough to ask a lot of people in this room would love to be constantly asked about all their fucking bullshit shut everybody wants to be a fucking Rockstar right but
transfer put themselves out really in the gun sights constantly more so than than a lot of hidden issues but more for your benefit for further people aren’t trans go ahead and ask Progressive movements been about like people who have been shut out actively people who got like you’re black you can therefore not come into this room and progress has been indicated by people going from saying I will beat you up if you come in here to stopping doing that
no longer doing the things that they were actively doing because of hatred dropping things lowering walls stopping things and I think the transgender movement like the sink the part that I understand about it is people saying rock your gender Consciousness drop it stops thinking about men and women is being different things that’s worth feminism and nerdism and black ISM and lgbts and every other Alphabet letter they all intersect fair if we can all like stop thinking about the person that you’re looking at is being anything other than a person that person stopped the things that I don’t get the movements that involve new rules by just really my forty-one-year-old road, fucking legs Wills are going to go and learn a note
new rules I will definitely learn to stop doing more shit absolutely like I jumped aboard leg as soon as I found out that anyone was gay people I would like I am so unbordered crazy you know why it’s fucking like it’s the easiest way to be Progressive in the world have to do is give it about more people absolute hell you have to do is stop caring about it even more people it’s fucking great my parents had to bother to a section of their brain to keeping gay people from doing shit what a dumb ways to fucking time in Minecraft to play I’m a fucking advocate
get married do whatever the fuck you want it’s easy make it like like like like boundaries coming down I think Irish people Jewish people it was can you stop noticing that I’m black that tough thing is we have those like it’s like down south as we call it up here
like where we really it’s fucking noteworthy that our progress is like
black men got the vote before white women like we respected
people that we regarded as property enough to say yes you should also have a say in who is president and then some time later women got the right to also be counted on that. That is why I think transgender that the transfer thing is like that is it, it’s like holding fuck Wheatley it’s not because we don’t respect people for moving from one side of the other it’s because we don’t have the fuck we were thinking of the first place I only had a couple of Court’s address for 6 hours I believe you pretty what does that mean
at the time it currently is that’s not helpful unless we know when we started started right around right now I don’t even after hours 2 hours
but very quickly it’s very quickly find a a woman someone who identifies as a woman genetic and by the one I don’t mean that you’re an object
what’s your name young lady all right
okay let’s get the show on the record
I don’t know I kind of know if I can I could be over for 7 hours I don’t care
who’s going to be whom I see how the dice roll
well I would I would I would assume the gold foil should play cork that’s Jeff character a Sharpie and then to be Chris de Burgh you should be a Chilean you’re my fiance moldering so now
start to a new song called the trans woman in lavender
that’s all I ask. That’s fucking America dude where we have missiles pointed at whoever doesn’t play music
all right well but if you cut your finger here
get a new finger on why all right put on by a beaver
so acapella that evil might The Shard of power and was transformed into a massive monster but despite is demonic new form teamwork still managed to win the day but left with Father Tinder searching was looking pretty suspicious and when the cops came dignity lied to the guard our friends escaped after trying to figure out what was going on but being found and interrogated spins Bowl who is very defensive towards Sharpies questioning but then everybody calm down and in the low Sharpie indignity ran out into the street and got hit by a horse-drawn carriage
was that Cannon yeah yeah they got knocked down will they get back up again
is anything ever going to go down
find out on an all-new pulse-pounding have a lotto
so okay you guys you two are lying in the street face up your Consciousness slowly slowly comes back to you and you don’t know what happens or what happened, all of us just the two of you that were hit by a horse-drawn carriage and when I’m doing the music for you I’m not listening when you’re not doing the music for me when I’m sober and or have had a quart of some weird earthshine some miraculous YouTube farther away from me you see this happen react
oh no why did you do that what just happened
I’m forever going to run over and check on them and dragged them out of the street actually tried them out of the street so they don’t get run over again
is forged signature on them I didn’t feel like you were breeding them I thought that was a great couple of your ribs are broken
Akron Ohio
I don’t think any of us have any healing doing that 14 hit points I think I don’t get that at all. He also takes 14 hit points of healing your hair if you remember and how you were behaving there with you that you were having a moment like that was crazy you guys should look both ways don’t worry about it
you don’t remember that my wheelchair my vertebrae are still shattered sorry I mean it feels less painful so thank you I sure can get Hills I had seven per day so I got like what 4 last night so good
I’m fine with that great adventure yeah it’s amazing adventure s speaking of adventurous you hear you hear a very familiar sound that you heard not long ago sounds like a like a police siren we will we will you hear that sound we just ran away from them you sure did
we should get we should get out of town I think the whole thing is going on though with the dark star in the angel body being repelled by me where do you think we should go
I’m seriously cuz I only honestly I’m the last couple weeks have been a mess and that you’ve been listening so where do you think we should go
yeah we’re supposed to be trying to get to the air City because why don’t we can because that’s where the robot baby was going to say we should try to get outside yeah this this what this whole thing was a bad right about turn dignity sarsgaard I know you work here I know you’ve been with us only a short time but we would appreciate your help getting out of town I can help with that great she has a horse
Yahoo how many people usually fit on a horse don’t don’t tell me like a luxury Palomino’s I know I know I know I know he’s a gnome can we get through the the gates City Guards kind of blocking your way it’s going to be going to have to run something over something
let’s do it all right you step on the gas and head forward with great speed you knocked down three of the guards but then you go through the barrier as if it wasn’t even there and blast out of the city gate is a metaphor for a transgender absolutely
yeah we’re free we’re free of this what you wanted to do the gates just watching you like I don’t want to go out is Admiral Darkstar notice that you realize you quickly realize why there’s a large angel demon is now bearing down on you at incredible speeds cheese and crackers
bearing down on you
you’re never going to catch us and that’s a fact
nice yes he catches up to you
what seems to be the problem cuz we signaled
is that is that Cannon all right that’s one thing we could do shrimping but Salat longtime enemy first time conversation
actually no remember when you were his mother and they never talked but I don’t think that your goals conflict with ours anymore
I disagree why I to die rolls for the we don’t have The Shard of fucking thing we have stopped caring about that shit yeah that’s right I want this to simultaneously offend you and set us free from a relationship but we don’t care about you anymore
he he he charges up like a like a like Megaman do that too and he he blasts he blasts from his chest a large humanoid figure made of form and it plops onto the ground by you guys and gets up it’s all fiery and made of fire what’s his preferred pronoun
do a skit direct well we won’t know that for a while
the fire guy getting his feet Friend or Foe fire guy honestly rabbit hunting with a tank as they say in my culture what’s a tank we don’t have the shark
break exactly so what is it about you don’t like in yourself that you see in her
for real. We are on our way to a party can you not really deal with how many different types of people we are that’s really not it at all
well so we just request passage we just like you have so much more energy that you’re going to need to get The Shard from the town in the ground in the puddle again in the meat sack speaking of which you actually see you see a dark force on the horizon it you must have passed it while you were coming out but you’re so focused on leaving the town that you just blaze right past its large large host of black a black humanoid creatures and upon closer inspection they’re actually dark and skeletons that have been burned in Ash in there they’re beating on the walls the sports fields of these doors of that of the city or just Crown Crown around it and also that bag of holding this shouldn’t take out that you left on the timer
you just stand and he looks like he’s awaiting something he’s waiting for some sort of something if it’s all the same to you and Admiral will be on our way but set the button like you put the robot baby there to help to like Intrigue him in and distract him and then we’ll run it you see from the city coming to town you see a large Dome like forcefield popping out of the top is looks like the morning star kind of rising from the earth it goes above above the the force field and you can see the skeletons their kind climbing up on the top of the force field and they gather all around the Chardon in a crack of light all of them disappear all at once and or Admiral dark stars like
and he takes off leaving you with the fiery humanoid figure all right all right so how bad is this horse have to piss as bad as a racehorse what horse do you figure
you are you command the horse to piss and it’s a well-trained mount so it does it pisses on the fiery leg and knocks out one of its legs for shrimp on a time at Falls and stumbles to the ground defrost just run
what’s you know Saddles better way to express how we feel then believe we own you do on yourself with one less so to us so we need head off so yeah on a horse you can easily outpaced a one-legged fire Elemental and you until you find a you find what’s the only light in this dark place looks like it’s coming from a hill like a like a hill with a lightning this is why I hate Dungeons & Dragons is better than a video game like we don’t have to stay there I’ve got to deal with it now
but we say he respects it cuz he’s a good dungeon master when we left that’s what I wanted to hear
I am a good dungeon I hope we broke character to just do that because I’m a true so weird quality for adventurer play a video game like like we’re heard me talk about Minecraft hide behind corners and I just like I try to build up myself scale to the point where I’m functionally invisible and I can cheat you make a great Rogue
animal wizard
The Shame
hi I play drums rental lease if you feel like a Rogan side is Christopher guy could help you with your transitioning we are tasting the fruits of our amazing decision to walk away from all this bullshit and you ride up to a large Hill that has a window in the hill inside of the Hill like a hobbit hole kind of situation
that’s what she said
sorry I hope you come back for another show Bob sorry about that but do you think we should do
I am going to boldly go up and look into this when do you see you see a woman showering
we are awarded for everything
it’s true are you going to invite the rest of us to see what you’re saying
all right
I work at a village like kind of know this is the only similar dwelling that you see that looks anything like this there are some Rolling Hills and some go to the door knock on without me I’m serious there’s no answer as if someone was occupied inside
like you with the shower for instance so whatever’s in there is either not home or
proclivity what are you doing miles on it
I don’t think we should I mean I don’t think we should do that but you’ve been wanting to loot something me a good person I want to did you see the documentary that’s why I stick I want to be a good person like I break in okay
I assume that what is home yeah you bust open the door and you immediately or face with a woman showering
oh Jesus sorry lady I’m sorry sorry sorry
she’s screaming sorry I got back out and I close the door I got sorry I thought you were in danger to the rest of this year the screen oh yeah I mean everything I close the door I got to sorry just get out of the shower and answer the door
in 10 minutes that happens
what the fuck hey man what the fuck is my calling card can I say that could have gone worse
now that you trust me my friends and I would like to come in and speak to you about a matter of global import
trust him he doesn’t have the same sex drive used to I see you as a beacon of light
that happens to table and I say
man do you know about the crack of Honduras I don’t know what that mean what are we doing I don’t know why I’m a little peckish nice naked lady I have fond memories of you when I first saw you so that’s my nickname for you so nice naked lady
do you have any food that we could eat I mean you guys just kind of like broke down my door then went back outside and waited for me to answer it it’s coming Island
we didn’t mean that we’re coming from a town that was overtaken by a demon I guess if it’s a custom in your land okay
what was the question we would like some food oh yeah totally totally do you know if there’s a place where we could stay
far from here no I’m like the closest place
the closest place where are we maybe we could we’re just outside of Rosebud casino is there a adventure to be found here I don’t know I think that she needs to understand that she
I smoked a pipe full of Travelers weed I don’t think you have a pipe I have a pipe I make a pipe out of her cabinet
all right okay I smoke I smoke you smoke
pipe weed that I make out of the rest of her cabinet
okay you cough horribly terribly is if you’re breathing and then I and then I go
OK Google, come and dungeons with h
i feel like I should be a good ending to the story Adventures like it okay
and all those
I think I think I said the conclusions of her Adventure right
Juliana Jimmy sarsgaard Jen Jane Jane Jan John
Jen Jen
llenar moonshine maker and an ambassador to the two Realms unknown and Bobcat Goldthwait
get Willow Creek freak yourself out and play your mind all right well thank you for until you’ve been absolutely thanks so much for giving and pleasure of them thank you see you tonight


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