Episode: 123 – LIVE from Austin, TX with LEVAR BURTON


Episode: 123 – LIVE from Austin, TX with LEVAR BURTON


Harmontown goes to Austin and holy sh*t, LeVar Burton is the comptroller.


leaving Austin
and you can’t disappoint a picture
Germantown is officially in session
can I get the opportunity to introduce
genius please bring to the stage
all right what are you looking for a place to put your back if that’s your Comptroller of high stature this is your the year that your job is to keep me from going off on too many tangents or just or you can just sit and listen that’s fine too in any case it’s a huge huge honor to have you here I guess comptroller LeVar Burton
I’m looking at my I mean I am a child of the seventies so my mom learned about race from Alex Haley
and do like my my consciousness of race began when my mom I was playing with Sesame Street figures that I was playing I told the story quite a bit cuz for me it summarizes like is a 41 year old white guilt driven liberal in the modern era this is this is my this is my origin story I was playing with a Gordon figure from Sesame Street in a mr. Whipple figure and my mom was watching me play with them and then she said do you know the difference between those two and I said I don’t know I don’t I don’t know the difference and she said good
I know and if she’d only stopped there but she just kept saying cuz the difference is one of them is black and one of them is white and there’s going to be people that try to tell you that there’s a difference and that’s important and you need to ignore them and by the way and then my mom would watch like miniseries about the Holocaust and then she’d wake me up she said of the foot of the bed and she’d say wake up wake up Daniel one day people are going to tell you something called the Holocaust never happened it happened it happened and then should go to bed
I was a child of the seventies your LeVar Burton before he was Raising all of you via Reading Rainbow he was
his first dramatic role you’re literally your first thing that you ever audition for you started being an actor you went out of your first audition and it was for the role of a character named Kunta Kinte an adaptation of Alex Haley’s Roots and you got the part and be at the Forefront of of a transition that was happening the 17th of of which Norman Lear was a part of which I was like a cotton the Maelstrom of their other my brain is Warped by and now we live in the twenty-first century where I don’t know I don’t even know how to talk to the kids anymore now I’m racist because I actually am fascinated with the stuff that makes me racist but you were like making my mom think it was okay for all of us to occupy the world together and make it or okay for her to work my brain and then also teaching everybody to read with this awesome show it was mostly the theme song
it’s like that kind of flange Reverb who did that who composed that that is the work of Steve Horlick the composer of the Reading Rainbow theme song we call it butterfly in the sky and the vocals on the original version of the Reading Rainbow theme song was done by the very talented Tina from
we all heard that song and then we know we were all drawn to the TV like Fred Flintstone being drawn by the smell of Bronto Burgers like it kid kids who otherwise their brains would have just rotted prefer for want of literacy
you know what we ought to do you don’t I don’t suppose you don’t you don’t you don’t have that can you can you can you chew that up Dustin can you find the Reading Rainbow theme somehow I do it up there’s got to be a way to do like I kind of like we do that we do the song I’m it’s got to be like a way to do like a rap Bridge or something
I’m trying to think of how the song goes like there’s got to be a way I can bastardize though your work if it’s possible you will figure it out but I mean your ear you were you were founding father of the of the of my Consciousness and I was reading your Wikipedia. Those are the ways that I was familiar with you but then I would today because it was like always coming to do the show I better not embarrass myself I should familiarize myself with the Barberton careers Wikipedia while you were like Googling me and going
who is this white what I don’t understand where am I going by the way the fires only here because he was signing his children’s book of the Rhino that swallowed the storm which just came out he was here in Texas a very able to get have us
also he’s honored to be here if I’m if I’m a mr. Harmon you are responsible serve for one of the most satisfying and fulfilling professional experiences of my career
it’s only because I I let you use your eyes
it would have been Star Trek but they put a fucking visor on your face you showed up the first day of what you’re like oh my God I’m the news I don’t know who I am and then you’re like okay it was all over
well yeah I’m smart that way but eventually he was the actor his eyes
did I actually say that I say that way but I mean I could see how that would be a tremendous bummer but did you ever get adjusted to it or was there was in the storyline that when they lost the visor and replaced it with the contact was that a result of you okay he’s nodding
yeah that was you constantly everyday like like like JJ Abrams like it again and Rick Berman the executive producer was was and he was right the visor was one of the ways that we telegraphed the technological sophistication of the 21st century and I always figured will if we’re so damned sophisticated why can’t we just put it in the smaller kind of
you know yeah yeah
so yeah I remember I remember in that in that documentary of the talking with the idea that it was like it was supposed to be there was a blind man I was at the Helm of the ship
one thing I was really excited to talk to you about though that I knew nothing about your childhood it said that when you were thirteen years old you went to Seminary School you were raised Catholic I was first of all born in Germany we probably put a pin in that cuz that’s distracting you were born in Germany will get back to that but when raised Catholic and when you were thirteen you went to Seminary School you were you had every intention of being a priest I did and then in high school it says in your Wikipedia I don’t think this is accurate but I was like oh my God I can’t wait till it says I can’t remember the exact quote but it says starting to have doubts in the in the in the Catholic faith by after being exposed to the works of loud Sue I truly was a thing for you to meet you
open Easter
about Simon. Hi school that and Kurt Vonnegut those really huge things for me when you were a kid when you’re in your adolescent years like anything could happen to you and another who raised their field was it was books as literature to read some of those are great and Z but but also in those same libraries there’s these other books by these profane horrible fan and profound dissidents or ancient non-Christian sticks Kurt Vonnegut like a slammed my brain against the walls smeared it like jelly all over the place and he has the
David Mamet like like like encountering his place was like are you allowed to write like this and one of my Drama teacher is mrs. London at Brown Deer high school she’s like yeah I think that’s something that you can do we’re going to move for mrs. Martin
in a bad way I feel about you a lot I think a lot of people like probably like encounter you in her like there’s a strange sort of like Mister Rogers meets sting
fake people want to fuck you and please you and like but also don’t want to offend you and they kind of like borrowing a little bit my lip Barberton to leave mad
but but yeah I just wanted to know that I really like getting high school
but the judge in the world’s the war
how old is Bob and it was and it was my drama Coach Lee Bartlett was neither a priest or a brother he was a Layman and
it was the Catholic Seminary after all
put on pump
it was it was Lee who was the the Drama teacher and he was the philosophy jeeto my favorite subjects he had the book list that really changed my course in direction am I how many people in this room save your applause until I finish the question there’s probably two hundred people in this room how many people feel that them being in this room and being who they are owes itself in a major way to one teacher in there public education pass
that’s a good 40% 60%
it’s important teachers they’re very low-paid and very vomited upon unfairly so I didn’t bother to Google what your politics are but I assume you and I both agree that we should probably take a lot of money and put it over into education and hope that that solves everything we have spent way too much money on War and the machineries of war in the past two decades and we sacrificed two generations of our nation’s children education
are you about to pour yourself another drink there mr. Harman yeah I am can I join you
that could have gone one of two ways
I thought it was an intervention for a second
if I use my shirt you’ll see my belly and I guess you know I’m fat sir
I wish I had a watermelon I wish I had a watermelon I wish I had a watermelon
that’s a deep cut
all right
you are probably too young to remember but there was an episode of Little Rascals you know the Little Rascals
where’s where’s Spanky or maybe it was
Noah Spanky
wizard rubbing buckwheat stomach
saying I wish I had a watermelon wish I had a watermelon and you just inspired me then
that was a yeah it’s finally we got there
what are you doing
like what if there’s a quote from you I’m just going to pull up your Wikipedia page
it in my own defense Wikipedia used to say that I lived in Nova Scotia which I have yet to have the pleasure of visiting
but there’s a quote from you on your Wikipedia page it’s in the app that’s Henry Silva’s injury cuz I saw a waiter that looks like him
God damn it this is dead are but we will edited out LeVar Burton Wikipedia the free encyclopedia is a picture of you in the middle of a very terse statement on your Wikipedia a career there’s a quote from you
now I can’t find it
okay if you read it cuz if I read it is weird now
can you do you need it says
Burton reprise the role of Kunta Kinte in the 1988 television film Roots the gift when asked about the societal impacts of roots Burton is quoted as saying it expanded the blacks and whites began to see each other as human beings not a stereotype into the pond you’re going to get ripples I think the only constant is change and it’s always slow anything that happens overnight is lacking Foundation root is part of a changing Trend and it’s still being played out
so that was slow and steady wins the race kind of like
I like like like okay like like
I don’t know how to phrase the question when I want to ask you is our young people as annoying to you as they are to me or something like I was there at 2 in the 70s weren’t we closer to something have we taken backwards steps I do believe the change is sometimes two steps forward two steps backward it’s it’s hard to see the forest for the trees but in my own defense the paragraph after that I mean the very next words going to talk about after that very pithy quote talks about my work in Fantasy Island
Rachel and battle of the Network stars so there’s that whenever you weren’t born if your parents didn’t say can you please be a simple but you but you are a symbol you like most of what you do is symbolic like your role and Reading Rainbow is symbolic your by the way I’m all over the place but we should say congratulations to him Reading Rainbow which one like 26 Emmys throughout its 8 billion year career is the executive producer of it then it finally I don’t even want to say the word died but it it it it it past its it’s natural mortal how is that because the federal government made a choice between teaching children how to read and fostering in the middle of of the written word
my brain just exploded
you’re the community of child literacy
I was canceled because the Nielsen system doesn’t measure realize this anymore actually right sir and so like me kind of you have taken your shit online like like you did a Kickstarter their goal was a couple million
and in three days they made like five million because everybody in America from $50 donors to million dollar donors like Seth MacFarlane which kind of mitigates my feelings about him good job right I have to be jealous of him I have to be don’t have to be as I do okay fine
he’s he’s he’s very successful in sings well and my narcissism makes me think what I’m in competition for that corner why wouldn’t I eat less cookies why do I get up in the morning
these are the kinds of things I want to confess to Levar Burton he’s the father to a generation anyways it’s their they have you obviously successfully resurrected Reading Rainbow and it’s thanks to you all. Thanks to you we have
thank you all right let’s talk about Austin city
there’s a governor’s race here is there
yeah I was 5 minutes away putting on new underwear in the hotel room letting the governor’s ads play I noticed there’s like I think it might be a conservative state
feels like Austin maybe a little bit of an oasis in the middle of a red a red see a red a red desert seems like there was a but you guys have a governor candidate I was too I was talking with your your your your peeps here in the greenroom so there’s this kind of funny maybe it’s not funny that’s funny doing Outsider there’s a liberal candidate Wendy Davis and there’s
and there’s the Conservative candidate Greg Abbott
here’s the twist
it’s 2014 so the Conservative candidate is in a wheelchair Greg Abbott conservative as he is wheelchair-bound
how do you get more liberal than that the man is in a wheelchair of of of of leftism
he’s the embodiment of altruism he’s in a wheelchair
notably so we’re next to which
so Wendy Davis who quickly price isn’t very jaded about I I kind of feel like everybody’s just all the same thing I don’t care that much but but if you if you I mean if you choose to choose sides between the Democrats and Republicans obviously the Democrats of the good guys that’s a no-brainer and Wendy Davis like she did a big filibuster they’re trying to pass some horrible abortion stuff and she you know she stood her ground and he is she is one of the good guys within that Paradigm not with a few spare time she’s a tool of the marginalisation of the proletariat by virtue of feeding you the bullshit binary when which is slowly withered our capacity for descent she’s part of the problem but
let’s just say she’s one of the guys
because everybody knows that abortion and gay stuff and everything very important for the last forty or fifty years or so have you noticed this is very crucial stuff in every fucking election are you just electing a bunch of rich people whose job is to tell you what to do
where is she was showing this chat this is the funny world we live in now 2014 so there’s this Wendy Davis governor governor add where they’re showing these shots of a wheelchair and and actually the point that that her ads are making our that this guy that’s in this wheelchair the reason he’s in a wheelchair because he had this accident and he actually kind of famously as the beneficiary of a very litigious kind of pursuit like you got injured he made a lot of money by suing and now he’s a foremost advocate for kind of putting a cap on that stuff is like he sides with hospitals in this guy trying to say He’s a hypocrite but the visual yeah the visuals kind of like allowed the conservatives to go you’re picking
why are you showing that wheelchair you’re just saying he’s crippled and so it’s just a very funny time in Texas that’s it cuz she’s a Democrat she ran an ad that’s got a wheelchair in it and she tried
you know that I know and I got it why it why is Texas why is it a red State when you go you go to a city like Austin and obviously we’re totally biased I’m sure all the people you met today we’re probably pretty blue not that you had any way of knowing but I just have that weird feeling I mean you’re very flavor of children reading it put you on a decidedly left side of the
it’s already the No Child Left Behind so the I guess it’s like you kind of tally up all of a little tiny little Texas municipalities it’s like it’s like a big giant State and you got all these little tiny towns in it and that’s if you group them all together and also adjust for all the gerrymandering districts and stuff like there’s no way the state will ever be anything other than a big big giant red thing on the map I don’t think I should be a Civic Revolution we’re having these elections are coming up now there’s no way there’s no way to to vote for Obama there is that there’s people who are disillusioned with Obama there’s people who are by-and-large actually feel like this is a theme that happens every 4 years
at the very beginning of things everyone everyone exercises expresses their jadedness everyone says well I’m not going to vote for change again we were promised change and nothing changed and I’m always like go with that thought go with that but then over the next year we’re going to see if everybody gets sucked into this Coke vs. Pepsi debate and I don’t know the bar
you do know you do know I don’t know is that mood lighting
how is your move on so I should talk about fart or poop or something that’s what I’m really good at I got to get out of this political sandtrap I just wanted to impress you your
very intimidating and gentle and
smart and benevolent
I went we we we were upstairs with Aaron and you know we told we told the bar that if he were to sign a copy of his children’s book The Rhino that’s one of the storm like we wouldn’t open it until we had a child and if he wanted to he could name our child by signing a book
and he but he let it spill already that than my first child would be named to Kunta Harmon
which I’m fine with its kind of inappropriate with male or female Punta Harmon
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually know a mrs. But you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes out the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like a verb you’re always in good hands
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okay so I’m trying to get out of there I’m looking at my notepad I want to get away from the political stuff cuz I’m just so bad at it’s not it’s not it’s not what makes me interesting I can talk a lot of shit I took and it’s amazing Queen Elizabeth tweeted
I just saw it on the news Queen Elizabeth tweeted
the queen tweeted week but that 60% of the coverage of it is dealing with the fact that because they had a big iPad setup for her to sleep so she took off her royal glove and tweeted with it with her finger but it like immediately everyone is going well your first tweet that you tweeted it’s it’s not sent from an iPad except from an iPhone like they immediately were like trolling or like like like she’s she’s just got on Twitter and she’s already like having to deal with everything that we have to deal with it like makes she sent it to you sure there’s a yeah I guess there was maybe a chance that they must have some in the corner with an iPhone going okay did she pressed the prop iPad okay now I’ll send the Tweet the Royal tweet and the Royal tweeters I cool
but I guess that iPad and I kind of take a why is that it was there a chance that she would have typed into the iPad like there was no chance
you have a right you were born with all your rights
government is a lie
they had the container like maybe she does that sometimes
the queen tweeted
you heard it here
they have toothbrushes in my hotel room here in Austin it makes it already was the best city in the world the hotel room have toothbrushes and toothpaste did it you don’t have to ask
all right
the moving on awesome though
United Airlines is terrible to terrible Airlines
you’re just pandering you must travel a lot. I’m on the road all the time you always travel first class it’s okay. I’m on tomorrow and Sunday I’m traveling JetBlue
that’s and that’s like the gimmick of the coach all the time
but I do like do enjoy travel but you’re okay with me always traveling first class it was it yeah you heard it doesn’t make me elitist you’ve earned it and now you making me feel bad
80 children to read you should fly first class
I’m waiting on him first. All right
that means a lot in my thank you know it does do you have the Reading Rainbow theme
is it masking the destination
butterfly and what so what that is
backstory for break or whatever it is he
we did a remake of the Reading Rainbow theme song in the 90s in the early 90s and I went to my friend Chaka Khan and asked her to sing the Reading Rainbow theme song not only did she sing it she wrote the arrangement and plays drums on the track this is Chaka Khan singing the Reading Rainbow you said would you please do this and Chaka Khan I would I would be happy
Chaka Khan Through the regular beer I can check if she came back Wednesday sat down at spago’s for lunch with you and she slid a tape across you put the Walkman in and you let me know when you’re like oh shit
she did she redid it and then you’re like
Chaka Khan he’s nodding
you got it
is that hook we all know the hook the question is how do I wrap during it cuz we’re all going to want to sing it maybe it’s like I don’t know
butterfly in the sky
anything anywhere so
yeah yeah yeah yeah butterfly caterpillars do shit she still said yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
the thing is that song and so does he drive
no no not Chaka Khan’s version not her bastardization
Chaka you’re a musical Legend you went too far
Lavar won’t say it I will you fucked up Shaka
is there anybody I can’t imagine there’s anyone in Austin that knows how to confidently beatbox
I thought a hand up there in the middle and your girlfriend’s pointing at you or maybe just your female friend I don’t judge you it’s Austin
do you think that you could do you think it’s possible for you to
to the tempo of the Reading Rainbow even even if you don’t have answers know you’re in a full Batman costume

what’s your name young man Mars nothing about you disappoint
Gabba Gabba Mike
Mars is in a onesie a Batman onesie
but the Batman logos has forum is that a there something you’re plugging thrift store
play some backstory to this that you don’t even know about it but she like a glove I can look it up I think it’s just like Kevin Smith and it’s
it’s not make it not going to help me in any way you look good do you think that you could listen to the Reading Rainbow theme and somehow maintain the tempo so that when they finish singing the lyrics then you’re still beatboxing to the tempo and then I could come in with my badass science
and then okay on top of that Lavar after I feel like I’m rapping and then I’ll throw it to you for like a kind of LeVar Burton spoken word Bridge
can you can you can talk about the importance of literacy or No Child Left Behind whatever you want to talk about and then and then and then when you’re done with that I guess I’ll try to like so it up with another verse of wrapping them all just get out of here no then we’ll bring up our our friends and we’ll have all kinds of fun
you think you can do it Mars it’s not going to be easy
it was shot cuz it’s not like the beat is distinct in this thing it’s like
I’m not sure I’m not sure you guys singing
yeah yeah colors
how do you say red yellow orange brown
Reading Rainbow book some books all the shelves given all the looks I’m going to be literate read every word going to fuck your mama so hard she makes a turd I fucked your mama’s in the east in the west but your mama so hard because I read the best when you read a book you get the fuck everyone’s mom I fucked your mom I left your name was Tom
that means I made a man of her a fighter Like A Lannister Always pay all my texts your mama’s so hard she got that sounded gross
damn I love you
damn I love you Dan Harmon
what is your mother’s name
say yo
say say say say what do I say about your mama Faye
here’s what I say
she can come any day to my rainbow and read some Rhymes and we will have a lovely times and Dancer son and what a gun he’s a genius and he’s won the lottery because he’s
the man
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I can do anything rainbow to Rainbow effect your mama’s so high there was a steam though and then I said sorry and then I got what the British call a Laura gets a bust into Decker on top of your mama’s so hot the government to run a mop government
sorry yo
yo I can do anything when I read yo I made a necklace in a bead put it all on the string around my neck affect your mama so hard that her name was he back back back back back back back back back parents are scientologists and he respects the face you shouldn’t judge him for his legacy
pics of other people his parents a Scientologist Science Fiction guy what’s his name obviously that’s the one science fiction writer his parents are guaranteed not to be scientologists what’s his name
everybody loves oh me he wrote that Doctor Who episode that beat my community episode for the even though he’s smart enough to know that I think that’s pretty cool
because religion doesn’t have to be polarizing
take a look it’s in a book I fuck your mama so hot I turned the cricket to Ashbrook I turned the river into a late show fuck your mama so hot for goodness sake I thought your mama from the ocean to the North Pole affect your mama like take a look it’s in a book fuck your mama
in a breakfast nook
LeVar Burton’s in the house tonight I fucked your mom loosen tight glad LeVar Burton’s young daughter isn’t here me to Dan me to the rap that’s the wrap we did it
I’m sure you’re not an avid listener the podcast but I intended to fall out to the fucking mamas in my wrapping a little chat with you okay thank you those great people axing
what are you Vegas to Austin ear what do they call him austinites austinites yeah I’m originally from San Antonio
I’ve been here 3 years how old are you I’m 26 what are you what’s your ambition Electronics in music clearly made Electronics in music redundant yeah yeah all you need is your mouth sure that’s a fall back for you cuz you’re being a doomsday prepper like I love the government but also one day it may fail is there is there a Hobby like what I’ve learned from Uncle Sam I’ve learned to ration store ammunition so that’s your beatboxing is like one day there may be no electronics or music performance that is that the Dick Van Dyke the one man band in the missus Poppins Mary Poppins
my childhood is hazy but anyway he’s doing the one man band thing it was very inspiring so are you so so so is your butt so the reason why your ambition is an electronic music do you want to like produce music do you want to like make musical equipment do you want to be around people that make me the what what’s the is there anything you don’t have to know you can be whatever you are just yeah feeling okay. Spine all right do you love your mother
yeah she’s great
do you think I’m required to love my mother no now I think mothers and parents are difficult she’s not coming to my wedding
they is not coming to your wedding and my parents are tired of me making public hay out of them having hit me when I was a kid so I feel like they’re going to feel like they’re going to a wedding or Jack Black’s going to be like is that them
I don’t kind of don’t blame them for that reason I want to put this back together then I could call my mom and I would be happy to call Fair
what time is it in Florida
early enough know she’s asleep okay I think my mom would find a way to turn this into a horrible uncomfortable thing it sounds like podcast Dynamite calling my mom with a vibrating but I think somehow I could turn sour more fish for Kunta
all right looks like Mars for coming up and beatboxing
thank you sir thank you
what a nice young man for The Talented human beatbox I just need to point out that Mars has a back flap in his Batman suit
way to go Mars is it is it is it closed or open it was closed but it has snaps for easy access
let’s bring up Spencer Crittenden the dungeon master
oh wait I have one of these what up
I’m going to sit down so that I’m going to tell you guys staging people you know just a few things you know we met Mars before he’s even in the great guy great guy Mars I’m also Laurie is not a bus is a truck
oh brother
you see the look you got from LeVar Burton I don’t know no I didn’t know it was like this English
the same language what’s up you guys
we’re just we’re just we’re just we’re just getting with the lies I’m sure a lot of people in Austin too excited for you to be here I’m excited for the nation when he came up I thought that was really nice though yeah
it was some other facts about LeVar Burton the kind of struck me
did you know that he didn’t like he did a little bit of unofficial work for the CIA because his work it’s I’m reading for Wikipedia because his work for Reading Rainbow took him across several borders of hostile countries LeVar Burton was approached by the oss the wartime precursor to the CIA are they with this is Houdini I’m sorry all the time
you get confused with Houdini concern Houdini
which is which
so here’s the thing alright
United Airlines I already said the terrible people
I tweeted that they’re terrible they bumped us from the flight Airlines they over booked there’s a thing about Airlines here’s what they do they have X amount amount of seats on airplane okay. Seats will say keep it simple how many seats should you sell if you have a hundred on your plane Y100 funny you should say
because what they do is they sell 115
because and they’ll be the first to tell you the reason we do that it’s because of no-shows we have to do it because of no-shows 000 do some people not show up for your for your business that
is that part of your overhead here’s the thing those people get charged anyway we’ve all been no shows will take your fucking money they over booked because they have a chance of making more money a chance they can’t stand the idea of an empty seat on a plane when they were like bringing the peanuts by they look at the seat in there like a delicious money all the pennies all the Nichols we could we could have stopped them what a wasted seat it’s not because their victims it’s not like Airline piracy when someone doesn’t show up for a flight so fuck you every airline in the world and also it’s not fair because your company’s
likes to do companies because they’re not accountable to the normal laws of supply and demand or capitalism they’re at their protected from bankruptcy they’re protected from competition they have virtual monopoly they’re playing a weird sandbox of a fake capitalism overseen by the government are all bulshit companies and I get I have her I reserve the right to get mad when I show up to the gate and somebody goes Jomo we got a serious situation here I don’t know how this happened but seems like there’s more people than seats so at this point I would like to invite you to come up and do she want to come up and help us out a little bit of you kind of fucking ass over by being people
it’s not like we signed up for this just hold tight and then you go up and you’re like what the fuck you said LeVar Burton you fly coach you never have a problem anybody you’re a better person than me fine
I want to get I want to get LeVar Burton mad about something you mad No Child Left Behind fucking Bliss have it both barrels
really get mad I want to hear LeVar Burton Ranch like what makes you fucking mad what what makes your wife golavar calm down
play what makes you kind of Hit the mirror on the dresser
at the foot of the bed you’re taking off your beautiful jewelry at the end of an end of a long day teaching children to read and another fucking thing is so far you’re scaring me yeah you haven’t seen the half of it I can do anything
take a look motherfuker
I have a book what what is it what’s the thing that get your goddamn really you’re bright red goat going
I am not really fond of ignorant people yeah I get offended by ignorant people like you know like people get offended when people you know say like hey ass hole you know I get offended just went someone’s leg
I’m like where do you get off not knowing the stop sign is something most intolerant of other people
keep keep going we got to get the entire inside of you
I know it’ll seem hypocritical
motherfuker I will cut you
no no no no no no no no shut the fuk up
I will cut you me bitch
because of my ignorance no no not because of your ignorance because you want me to be fucking angry Dan Harmon you have pushed me over the edge
you’re the you’re the gentlest man in the world I disagreed that’s the kind of intent quiet intensity that absolutely makes me nobody in this room once to disappoint LeVar Burton I’m not saying like oh you’re you’re such a sugar sugar cube I’m I’m saying like this guy is so in control if you don’t have that about what’s A Confederacy of Dunces guys like like you don’t have you don’t have the fucking like back to blow you don’t you don’t you don’t you don’t lose control of your anger you sit on it or not not sooner that you’re not repressed you’re you’re you’re no more and you’re a noble creature you’re a noble highly-evolved old soul
is it make you mad when I do find you like that
you fucking Noble soul
come on
I hate you. I hate you you’re hate bullshit yeah I’m sorry it is a right
it’s getting expensive but the result is actually more valuable than just getting you no like LeVar Burton’s biosphere doesn’t have the the T-Rex in your in your on your planet has like has like he’s holding little flowers and his little hands a little T-Rex
how does he pick them
cuz it has a bad analogy doesn’t make any sense I think it was good visual but I’ll make you mad if nothing else cuz I know secret also on LeVar Burton’s Wikipedia he’s a rampant misogynist
he hates women too so let’s bring up my fiance Erin mcgathy
take notes Dan
Laverne Cox
he’s outclassed me brought bro brought her up like a gentleman
yeah we are at dinner dad and had flowers and Neil very Valiant lady gave me his flower and I looked at dad and he had his
yeah I don’t know about where it but we’re going to couples therapy and were learning I’m learning how to learn how to how to perceive people I have my parents only two months into dating him because they were visiting and Anna’s very nervous about hosting for them so I hope she’s like a game night and it was it was very early on and sweet his dad got a little drunk and at one point Dan said we’re playing
but they’re in your stomach if it’s going to be gross and beautiful at the same time and his dad Mario
I like that super super that I’ve somehow have named your first child might get get an invitation to the nuptials it’s so pretty. You know what I have been asked before and if you’re serious I accept
how about this would you would you be willing to because Eric is a friend Duncan is going to officiate our wedding would you please do a reading at a ceremony is absolutely absolutely treating
I always thought those those kids book reviews there to concise
reader gay
I feel like those kids are like they’re like six why are they like I read the meatball in them in the earth sky
it’s a great book I might just kid doesn’t talk like a kid listen to the fix is in this is Paola and as an author yourself are there any children’s books that are really popular. I am a big fan of
I remember that big in the press to go to people being offended by it but that other it seems like I’m sure there were real parents that were offended as well but it kind of felt like most real parents were big fans of that book and people who weren’t yet parents were like this is offensive it’s like no real parent if you are a parent you can relate to go the fuc to sleep
I have a I have a wedding ceremony seeing as your traditional at at the reception for the father of the groom to give a speech and your lovely sister play my dad at my wedding
is that what you were going to suggest I’m going to cry however this is the first time I’ve said yes
alright LeVar Burton is going to is going to is going to play the role of my father at my wedding
what what you just seems very cold
you better we can do better
the great actor and I love her butt
what about
Chaka Khan Chaka Khan Chaka Khan. Call thank you
now it’s time to make it right
you’re going to come play don’t ask I’m going to explain the role that you you can ask any question
I’m already in mourning over my relationship with Chaka I run my brother listening to that song on the loop like like for from 1982 to 1986. I was so shocked to find out that Chaka Khan with her name and I thought it was like like it down
rock and roll you thought it was just like a thing people say that like it’s a bad idea no I thought
speaking of I cannot wait to have little control Herman
I’m trying to figure out where someone gets her act her teacher over no I hadn’t thought about that
actually I’m here are in 12 years younger than me being raised to the seventies the truth is like because we were at the we were at that like weird Event Horizon of racial Politics the name Kunta Kinte the words would you do that joke cuz I love our add live that at the end of the community episode when he goes more fish for Kunta the word Kunta like makes my spinal cord like kind of cringe a little used so much back then it was like because it was a positive thing it was like there was like I grew up in Milwaukee in the seventies so if you have a Camaro and a mullet and you are you want yours like like you use the word the words Kunta Kinte we’re not used like causes primarily like what a what a great character it was like
I hear the words they have like a shock to my to my system like a bum like she said that he said I don’t know which is why on community was one of the best of my professional career you let the ad live go you let it stay in the picture Dan but which time you left it in the episode The use that good time let me wait wait we tortured you you had that when you came back for the horrible heart-wrenching Troy goodbye episode thank you so much for coming back and doing that absolutely you were sitting in that boat with Chris. And there’s basically two versions that tag there’s the one where Donald that that you’ve seen where Donald pulls out the piece of paper and he has a thousand questions about Star Trek but then there’s a hole
put one which has blocking and everything LeVar Burton is just like turns out to have a lot of road rage and he’s just he’s just in traffic and he’s like I don’t know what’s taking so long I can let somebody honked because it for the window and the whole tag is LeVar Burton yelling at some unseen lady
it’s really funny but we didn’t have time for that version
Duncan Duncan will officiate. I will I will do a reading of Frederick can I see your wife can you also just say it I’ll look over it Levar Levar I’ll nod
it’ll be like I’m a mr. Miyagi kind of like
I got all of y’all are married now real Catholic he went to Seminary School how much of that did have to do with your parents how religious for your parents my mother was not dance like that all my mother was a teacher and educator she knew that the best education available for her three children as a single single parent and I was raised Catholic because that was where the education education was the level of the playing field she knew that if I was going to I thought I would grow up in here in the world that would be hostile to my present simply because of the color of my skin and only chance I had was to be able to compete on a level 8 and an education was the key to that
are you going to Seminary very nervous she was like a home I’ve gone too far
but she supported me and then when I decided not to become a priest and become an actor she was also very for me but it’s all worked out so good she’s good names for Imogene Imogene ER magene whenever I get an opportunity to speak my mother’s name in front of people I do I am I said that I am the man I am because she is the woman she is she still out there absolute oh wow
did she tell you like she did she tell you you can do anything you want and absolutely by the way also did that and that’s why I want to have a conversation with her she always said you can do whatever you want I’m not a big deal I got beat when I was a kid it was easier way parenting was conducted back in the day hello yeah I don’t I don’t remember how much it hurts I do know how much money I have
I feel like if my parents are like like you know I feel like you know and you would never Strike Kunta Hartmann no no I did I wouldn’t I wouldn’t you want I I want I kind of I chased my cat once and I got really upset I was living alone I wasn’t in a relationship and I and my cat keep meowing and I got really frustrated night that kind of chased her
and I and I was like screaming in like chasing and I was like oh fuck I’m going to beat my kids
but I think that our parents hit us a hundred times less than their parents hit them we’ve got it down now to like maybe we’ll maybe maybe I’ll give my kid a wet willy I don’t want you to taste and frighten our kids around the house but I would like to see you at the house looks like I’ve always figured dispensation
just so they know I’m crazy enough to do it again
as soon as I think that goes a long way I think I think that’s it. So like yeah they bout to parents today like what you see him at the airport and they’re like they’re this generation is committed to the idea that it’s there’s never a good reason to to you know hit your kid and it’s not it’s I can see that it’s not easy I can see from the expression on their face in the grocery store I can see that they are it’s not like their pussies it’s not like they’re it’s not like they’re not doing it because they don’t want I could see that it’s actually discipline you know on the part of a generation that probably did get walloped a little bit in there like it’s probably best friend in the kid is like a fucking horrible nightmare but but I don’t judge cuz I I’m not a judgmental person at all
but but I I do I do that I did think we’re conducting a generation white experiment right now to be successful I think the time outs and all that shit do work I think that the kids are going to be fine I don’t think that it I don’t think you need to like hit your kid right
I’ll just I’ll just I’ll just wake my kid up at 3 in the morning and be like
six million Jews
horrible good night
my favorite children’s book was Frederick by Leo Leone was just put that put that in the hopper for the for the wedding if he really does show up and really read the book I don’t want your favorite book necessarily to be the only one in the running well someone should make a choice maybe should be based on the number of awards that the author received I believe Leone Leone highly acclaimed and recently deceased in Italian I don’t know what this shit your
raised on his front some watercolor bullshit

Anacortes Washington wallet
okay so we got if we were to play D&D we got our dungeon master we got me we got you a couple of our do we need an extra person to play another part I can’t remember the exact okay so we should make a friend last night Austin hasn’t aired yet but Austin eyewear in Austin last night San Francisco we had two dudes up so I want to balance it with someone who at the very least identify
I think we should base it on somebody that lets go with the pain this time who’s who’s who’s had a terrible day or a terrible month or a terrible OK we could hand shot up do you want to come up and will you share your misery with us
okay it’s it’s alright if it hits a nice medium
are you take this what’s your name Vanessa okay medium problem
really like bad week started on Monday start where I was I had to work for this commercial is a PA for this I’m not going to say the name whatsoever but for the LA Woman Who and it was like in the beginning was great but I hired my best friend is my code for Co PA isn’t it was really fun but he’s like a total is down your kind of and we smoked like the first day on Monday and I think she kind of knew and I got so bad cuz like you’re not saying like it’s relax like everything’s chill it’s okay we could do anything we did everything you told us to do but I think she knew that we are high the first time I called his kids and teacher kind of I can going to hear this paper like you’re wasting trees and then like he throws away all the food that we we want to buy her like this lady’s obviously not like green but whatever you from LA
you know I like and then on Tuesday we show up again in like we are kind of lame I woke up at daylight, but we had to get a smoothie and like we showed up like okay sorry we’re totally likes you know we get high again like it does Hertz in airport Airlines like lately I quit cigarettes like 2 weeks ago and like I’ve been trying to clear my lines with smoking Mullen splits and they’re so good so we can do something to clean your lungs out I looked it up and it’s like this ancient cowboy thing anyway ancient Cowboys will I get high again and she’s like making us in the hole through the task for the commercial was I get to be at the store positive rate
the negative raises and my peoples basically had to choose like three things they want to do future and past like I got a like I graduated college that’s a positive and a positive things are yellow and then the blue things other than usual to make a music video in their Winona Ryder
can’t wait to meet you. Okay
$225 I need the cash I’m like super broke cuz I’m doing it anyways we’re like kind of high so it’s kind of funny to read some of these things cuz everybody rolls like I mean it’s one of the negative phrases like was I keep reading it out loud to everybody in the car for the fusion things like those kind of sad about that I really like this person my person said I want to write a book and like the first like someone finally wants to write a book everybody wants a house or a car like I want to be an actor cuz they’re out at extras you know they were the ones that were all but anyways we’re reading them out loud and it seems like you have no time you have no time to put them in like you know in the in the beans are like my dad but he’s agreed to know all these people you know we’re really doing the work like the other La girls we’re by the way like the most Mean Girls every like when wind through life when Frederick my friend like went on lunch break to go with food
I was eating like my sandwich by myself and I know I’m a really weird girl that is like eating a sandwich
thought that you were anything out of the ordinary is a
you can sit with us if you want to and I was like okay sure a size of them eating my sandwich kind of like rude and they kicked my best friend I guess it’s like Liz can be right there seems to be better because my friend Eric I relate to them more so anyways we save them because we fine he’s negative words in the yellow pile would like to hear some negative words in the yellow tile and you’re and you’re putting in the negative negative like that’s really bad and was like woman like know we’re all doing what is the production of European and their do you save them Rick saving time she calls me out and she’s like you know what we’re not going to need you on Wednesday like I don’t trust you guys and you guys are just Vibe with you guys like
Tire Tempe days because I had that my what part of my task was to hire 10 PS4 their actual shoot and these women like they were women who like put their children daycare for Wednesday and I was like wait a minute you’re not letting me down your leg letting down like 10 people that got to say it like now they can’t show up for this commercial and she’s like well it’s okay and then find out today I’m not even going to get paid I don’t know if I’m to get paid for it no I’m not going to do that anyways I don’t want to hassle her cuz I thought it was just like the it’s totally describe like what la like Tiara like a commercial shoot is about Austin like they didn’t get along this time like I wanted to get along with her you know I got I was really nice and really shity man
right when you start a new job wait at least two weeks before you get stoned before you show up
I like smoke product that you know why I was interned for 4 Link later this summer and like he hasn’t hit the bong and he’s like office and it’s like nobody even though your first day of the first few days don’t let you do I live on
I’m trying to help you succeed
we never did anything wrong that’s the thing that’s the key thing like when my best friend she’s going to law school and she smokes everyday and like she has a stomach issue there’s nothing wrong with smoking and gives Impressions to people and it sounds like the impression the person got from you is not favorable and that’s probably the problem but that doesn’t matter
here’s my exact people are awful yeah but we got to work around that we can’t just make them better people
I sent when I was going to storm like this fight being me or not like no matter what you just have to like I think I like the look of judgment you know when you like me to me like that mean person you can give that person that look that’s what I learned was like oh no matter what even if you are mean I have to pretend you’re not that’s what I learned your first jobs are generally very old people who probably have various is a personality disorders were going to abused your youthful vigor you know they’re going to they’re going to fuck around with you and be flawed and approve him kissing people I don’t think when you’re young you should like go hyper focused on it and be like I’m miserable but I’m going to keep doing this thing cuz there’s going to be a reward for it there’s a balance in there somewhere I got like that we would respect the whole time I was never been disrespectful I was just like enjoying my day doing mundane tasks in like do everything we did we would never wear that we were late for a little bit but you don’t we were late like nobody was I realized
a big deal that was the only flight I felt really bad it’s not entirely fair or not very fair to later but it’s like well you had it you said it was an image of it was a medium bad day and then I can come up and say I I deserve a standing ovation for my problems June she was she was she was honest because I’ve had a respect like I don’t really want
as I said I heard it and I would like I would be one to talk I’m a believe me I know what I’m doing either all right well thank you for Vanessa was it involves talking right where that what we’re going to do is hand you these character sheets it’s it’s got a lot of like strange Arcane writing on it that won’t make any sense to you the character you’re playing is she Chris de Burgh
San Francisco so the story did did move forward like five luckily our format allows for me to recap the events of the last episode
to this one of your Chris de Burgh does it just it’s just got some stuff like yeah that’s how strong you are until it doesn’t you don’t really have to do anything if you read some stuff off and on the second page you can see all the stuff that you have in your backpack in the object is mostly to use those other things okay okay I’m just kidding how do I figure out what kind of character I am likely to be human Rogue what is that says game
you’re holding a robot baby it’s just all I ever do is I just hold the papers and I just kind of like stare at the stage and I like I let happen, okay do you need more more vodka do you need a new cup
sorry what combination of LeVar Burton being onstage and your rainbow dress and the Cadence of your voice so it makes me feel like I’m tripping on mushrooms and the dress I want I don’t know if it’s my dream or my nightmare that when I die isn’t Vanessa like that that will be the character that creates me in the afterlife guess you masturbated a lot but it says that stuff last week but it’s not that big of a deal that said you weren’t hurting people but you were hurting people by just kind of like you’re hurting yourself like hurting other people really are a good person I am I in heaven or hell I what is happening
are there spiders in cages and put them in cages cuz later the cages are as small as writers like they could get out if they want to do but they stay in there anyway I don’t get it
things I’d say like a good witch but I could view it I wouldn’t enter anyone’s dreams with like bad spiders if you like rainbow spiders are terrifying creatures of the most poisonous frogs that have zip code
I think you said that sincerely
is there a dress that is good with no non poisonous human has ever had the say I’m not poisonous
I swear to God
to improvise track Dustin has got it
and I would love that if you want to join words I’m saying I spend time writing
why can’t we all just waiting for Justin to pull out that I don’t mean to be a negative Nelly Grillz talk to her like the last four weeks. You’re saying it’s all right
I’m sorry I know you don’t have to hear you’re doing so good am I
can you can you do a non-distracting you’re so excited you can do this right now
I like this so what’s your name I’m I’m kidding it’s Kenny everybody let’s give him a hand
so it’s just just kind of low pitched like going to start keep that up okay after killing the mayor dodging the police and harassing us our heroes settled on a course and after ten steps down that course they changed Direction and returned to town to investigate the mysterious circumstances fighting no skeletons but instead some crushed Onyx Jim’s Sharpie suspected
way back into town tipping off the local guards and forcing the party to beat a hasty retreat they were on at the beginning of the last episode of human boy named Lil Baskins offered through the Wilderness for a nominal fee but who was Lil Baskin child truly leave the party and what dangers would they find find out Nest on and all New Harmony
Kenny Everybody Teddy and Kenny
so good I asked I don’t know how much of the enjoyment is his deadpan stare like he’s really improved
that’s what you need though that’s the guys in the front row
and Austin is LeVar Burton of cities
and LeVar Burton’s the LeVar Burton LeVar Burton
all right
so do you guys have any questions right now we just hired him take us to the Giants City it’s a place that I just the place you’re going okay so that’s that’s what we’re doing so well following a little boy yes you’re on the main road at the Burrows book during through the rolling grassy Hills of the landscape have you encountered any curious characters recently, but I’d rather stick with no no don’t do that well I’ll give it back to you if you promise to not wave it in my direction give me ten gold pieces or I’m out
what are little Baskins just take people sticks that’s fucked up
crack is not a mere stick it says it’s a very powerful sword even more recent I’ll give you back the stick is it a mighty Grace Ward oh yes you have the eye of a real Swordsman
if it is indeed a mighty Greatsword I might want to bargain for it and I enjoy a good bargain you know I traded this stick from a small Twigs so
I will give you
the best day of my life
all of the contents of this sack
for your Mighty Greatsword but how do I know what’s in that sack you don’t yeah yeah let’s do it let’s do it so it’s a trade yeah he presents to you the stick I take the stick and surrender my Greatsword all right he swings it he’s pretty clumsy is heavy but I’ll get it I’ll get it this is pretty awesome now you’re going to want it you’re going to want to whisper to that stick you just going to say slice my foes
and then you know turn into itself come again so you got that stick whisper to it whisper slice my photos
my phone before your very eyes the sticks Springs into action and leaves and Vines surrounded surface turning into a much larger greenish sword made of plant life and matter is Vibrance fills your body with the power of nature and you get a sense of where you are they are rejuvenated and in a Garden Grove of infinity light
you truly are
I’m here I am surrounded by Emerald
that’s a side effect that wears off after a couple days
take a nap
however the green that I am surrounded by is intoxicating I must say and I feel a certain calm
it’s true you all feel kind of calm and yeah I am invigorated at the same time that’s the stick baby
well that’s good I can’t believe the kid gave that stick up for regular sword I love Commerce
all right Baskins Leah continue to lead the way right all right will you see if here we’re going to want to get out of the road just hunker down and hide for like 3 or 4 minutes while I go walk up ahead just hide down in this ditch why what’s up Highwaymen I got to make sure they’re not around before we proceed you see you for protection little Baskins it is of utmost importance that you do not and that you stay with your heads down in this ditch well
can I guess you got me there
yeah let’s do it I want to see what you get to see
creeping forward along the road what you guys were going to hunker down or what we have a fraud on it doesn’t
all right so you guys hunker down well a little Bastion with you creeping along invisibly behind him goes down the path and not too much further than you go down the path do you see a large host a large host of Orcs writing upon one of those things called Ward’s Ward’s large wolf-like creatures are there is blocking the road there just did not seeing you guys are pretty subtle in your invisible but yeah he’s like oh shit we know we know we should leave okay let’s get back you go back we should go through the graveyard
alright okay what you guys see
hi women like my guy was saying huh that’s exactly the same page we are traveling together that’s you
yeah give me give me the give me the visual I think candy I think they were a gigantic warlike known people with warts on their face I think that’s I think that’s what it was right so if it works or the lighter all right let’s go
let’s head for the graveyard I’ll write the graveyard is actually just down the ditch further on the other side of the dishes on the fenced-off area but he leads you through a small boy in the fence and shows you the graveyard it’s it’s a cramped graveyard you can’t even believe that someone so Gravely Dan is this graveyard read it in peace Charlie Brink but you think Charlie Brown Charlie Brink I look for I like for pun pun based Halloween themed headstones like Halloween doesn’t exist
how can you see that okay what is that was my stamp on Halloween
freaking out about never having been born
Yeah Siri
so yeah well Baskins is like just don’t touch the blue gravestones at all just don’t touch him have family buried in this graveyard my entire family is buried here
is it a bastard if your parents get killed and where they married
I don’t know I don’t know
but yeah they are very dear little baskets show us your family’s Creek no I’m just torturing this kid
I’d rather not go back and how did you how did your family die talking about my life
hello Baskins I will give you ten gold pieces to tell us how your family. I don’t like talking about my wife plenty of gear I think
baskets that I only have a compass
20 gold pieces to tell us how your parents died
alright I’m sorry no also I’m really uncomfortable of the suggestion that we exhume my dead family I will trade you my visor
for the tale of how your family died
I’m sorry man I just don’t like talking about my life to use
diplomacy little Baskins
I think you want to tell us how your parents died
I do not okay I’m going to cast charm person
a little basket
is it going to feel like I’m just railroading but it fails to affect him what did I roll over or no you cast your arms and it just like it passes over him as if he wasn’t even there
ghost newspaper you can sell I think I heard dignity just say some you know insulting things about my status no we just need to get the adults need to talk about the world of the living right now
give me give me some money give you money you’re supposed to be trying to pay his way into heaven I guess
I don’t know of any other religion it’s Austin Manor it’s a Protestant town I knew that joke
he’s obviously of the spirit world try to figure out why he wants me to go because I can’t try to catch charm person on him so he ain’t a person that’s all we know he could be a werewolf he could be a giraffe and he can be anything he could be he could be
a negro ghosts don’t exist in this world of our you know bear mentioning most the time
how do we detect evil on little Baskins yeah you detect Evil all around you like it’s it’s it’s it’s coming from this whole location you’re an overpowering anything else you can come of acid by the way I just
he said that right now and I have no doubt those will come in handy
can I get can I call on my on my God to give me some guidance in this graveyard
this is really embarrassing but do you remember what my cousin’s name
Keanu day okay
excuse me I’m going to press
Kiana day
are you there today it’s me dignity
I’m feeling kind of Travelers I don’t know if they’re good but I feel this deep need inside me to help them and now I’m in this graveyard knowest this child is alive or dad are neither and I don’t know what these blue stones are could you give me some guidance trust your heart
Yama that you sound bored that’s that’s just the only the only kind of passing thought that flips into your head after your prayer
you worship a fortune cookie
sorry I couldn’t help but overhear
you’re totally worthless religious experience
5 yards
how to take great offense heart is in the right place I found your cork that’s me what are you what are you what do you think we should do is go stir with monster
I’m really uncomfortable and I think we should get the fuck out of here out of the graveyard from all of this
small graveyard I agree I think they’re pissed or something there’s something amiss with his kid but I’m going to trust my heart before we leave and I’m going to throw my horse brush at one of the blue gray Stones so you don’t actually see any gravestones that are blue I shouldn’t have
are you sure you want to do kids
Baskins Lil little baskets thank you this is a great graveyard isn’t it sure which grave is yours where are you buried tiny baskets or a ghost baby where are you
I don’t like talking about my life because it doesn’t exist I can talk about tell us about your dad just had to ask
my parents were not kind to me the and one day I was cutting wood and I cut my thumb not even very hard but I cut it I cut my thumb and won’t let me have it
way too much
and so my spirit lived on I guess so you know I took Revenge
and that’s why they’re all here
are you by yourself
yeah yeah he gave a fine question that could also give you forever and be sure must like breaks down at some point but you know it’s just a thought it’s a really valuable
I want to I want to back you up and everything else but the robot babies like it’s what we call in video games a quest item you know it’s like it’s like putting the negative things in the yellow paper box
give him an evening with the robot baby
the dragon dick
kids will love it this is Zach will yeah you paid me money I mean I had a sign Tony Baskins
if you’re a ghost why do you love money so little Baskins
why do you love money because people don’t seem to care what you are if you have a lot of money
hey that’s just the life I didn’t get to live little Baskins I’m going to be your daddy now has not really I mean I’ve been alive I mean I’ve been dead for like a hundred years so I mean it took that long for you to find your real Papa
I’m never going to hurt you for cutting your thumb
convincing thing you can say I hate my dad bonding moments in the graveyard for this that’s a diplomacy I mean guys are happening right now is Dad is asking Spencer to be his son
they don’t know it but they’re having a conversation about their actual dynamic
the only way we’re allowed to talk about it
all right well Lil Baskins I think we’ve heard enough okay we he was honest with us he’s a ghost baby what do you think if we if we leave the graveyard we’re going to let this goes baby continue to lead us to learn child goes to child thank you like like this ghost kid like he’s not he’s not trying to hide the fact that he’s a ghost he’s he’s out front with him show us the way and we promise to be upfront in this Mausoleum what what is the pathway to the mountains
that’s where you’re headed for Anaheim that does sound like a good stopping point except that there is no big point I slip on a banana feeling fart
another Standing Ovation for LeVar Burton
Vanessa thank you Vanessa and thank you to Mars Mars for your beatboxing thank you Justin for producing
thank you Lars and the fs for hosting us think of this theater and thank you do wonderful City we’re going to go hang out today so I think that we are actually I think I could do selfies and


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