Episode: 129 – Best Of A Bad Lot


Episode: 129 – Best Of A Bad Lot


Harmontown welcomes the return of comptroller Jeff Davis, Mayor Harmon wants you off his lawn and creator of The IT Crowd, Graham Linehan, meets Dan on stage for the first time and they exchange their transcontinental show runner blues.


call Ryan
tell me baby why you been gone so long
tell me baby why is Hollywood California Hermantown is now in session
play bucket list age the mayor of harmontown mr. Herman
I think they missed you from informal polls on Twitter I wouldn’t go on Reddit at once you on read it I don’t think it what if you’re if you’re being talked about on Reddit like read it doesn’t want the town of Ferguson to Beyond read it it wants to talk about it because if it would get on it would go hey we’re a real town but the but just from Twitter every time I would go like we’re doing the show tonight with it there’s always a minimum of three or four like of noxious like a Jeff so it’s good it’s good you’re back
oh and I missed you as well I am glad you’re back I missed you and I was doing what they call playing hard to get from Venus book I remember the guy describing said women are waves this is no longer politically correct to say that women or anything the porpoises is it sounds bad now but women are waves they go up and down and men are rubber bands they go back and forth they pull away and if you let them pull away they Snapback sounds like a big justification for a lot of hoo-ha written written by a dude but nothing back sometimes also police brutality is is like a rubber band if you if you let it go it just
stretches of scratches and then if you put it on too tight it to constrict you and you die
yeah well I mean
it’s not it’s not the goal to be sensitive in these times around the subject I do want to be a curmudgeon Let’s do let’s do the cage shaking segment segment I want to do more segments now they’re on video of Kane and he wants to shake it and he’s old and he wants you off the world blonde
knock it off stop being so young all the time
can’t walk so I’m shaking this thing then I used to help me walk
good to be back
so I was listening to a police advocacy lawyer which is a great gig these days the police advocacy lawyer on MPR and they were talking about the Garner autopsy and how the pathologist ruled it a homicide and the lawyers response was homicide just means that one person’s life was ended by another person that doesn’t mean a crime was committed
I’m just right I guess but it is really it really left out at me and this is what this is called the cage shaking segment so you can’t get mad at me for connecting his dad I just like I wanted to roll down the window and Shout at the millennial generation. This is where we’re at
this is where refinement of language will it with this is these are your bedfellow these are the people who speak perfectly these are the people who are very polite they always do as mean exactly what they’re saying or rather they never do David Lee never say the wrong thing they never use the wrong words and their Advocates of murderers but it’s not murder is homicide so get your shit together and get off my lawn. It’s kind of rare so weird weird moment in the news right now cuz I got a strange harmonic convergence where I kind of actually feels like the things that are in the news right now are the things that are good news is usually distracting us from there is that like the death of Journalism is in the news right now which is the most important thing to be in the news since the death of Journalism and Rolling Stones in is a hot-button I won’t I won’t I won’t touch it but it has brought the egg the concept of Journey
I’m dying and what what responsibilities are and how how journalism actually works to a generation that seems to be justifiably because of the New Media overwhelming them with an increased newscycle like there’s a lot of old disciplines would have been forgotten confirmation of sources and things like like they’re they’re still good journalist out there but let’s face it the worlds of of that we used to call tabloid and I used to have different compartments for these things and since the twenties they’ve all been kind of merging I mean it’s a gradual pillow thing with spiked with the internet like what the hell is a difference between real news and it’s not you just like real news sites they still have the same fucking like weird clickbait stuff you can’t tell the difference but now that’s and there’s cameras everywhere I don’t know maybe there would be like a little Golden Age journalistic integrity
crazy shit happening it’s becoming very clear that being a team player isn’t necessary the secret to World Peace last couple years. What would you call like the Golden Age looking back of Journalism when did when did you say following review of Back to the Future
scintillating with his beautiful locks of gossamer hair that are not what is a mnemonic device the whole movies about 1985
I told you this right I walked out of the theater and everybody poured out of this Loews Theater in New York on the west side and everybody was like beaming everybody was so happy we almost walked out holding hands like it was never saw New Yorkers in my my life and they walked out and some guy was like it was kind of like I would like to know can I have illegal Spielberg did it again
he presented It Again by the way get off my lawn
it took seven years to write you can’t just shoot these things out
when is your screenplay coming out there 7 years and it’ll be good
I’m in stretch back yet a little straight back for my agenda
the someone asked me to get milk
explaining all right so the cops pre segment okay let’s do it
do you want new music for that
last year
well your job is just to kill people before they commit a crime
sometimes you go what who’s this guy
she came in on the 1st birthday was reaching into his waistband and perfected and I was a guitar pick know what is local Hollywood and Highland going to put a kind of a laughably afterthought sing but it’s genuinely like offered like I do know that there are cops must have it look really bad right now all over the place many of them do not deserve it like they’re skipping the Zeitgeist right now that cops are terrible people above a bad so these are people who are who still have to get up in the morning and put on a bad you go to work in there oh my God the minute there’s a crazy guy outside my gate today and I immediately remembered holyshit I need the fucking place there’s a million good ones on there and I’ve met good good good people that that also happen to go to work and risk their life to pick up
it doesn’t seem like time or the place for that disclaimer but it also feels like I’m compelled to create that balance because it’s easy to Fan the flames right now anyways I know nothing about the Department of Justice that took over the LAPD they restructured it I don’t know where we’re at with that so one of the armies might know more about it but I don’t know what the crime rate is it was impacted I don’t know how much of that is phony I don’t know what’s going on but I do know that we were all praying when we heard the shot a guy like in LA in the midst of all this one of the writers at Community voice this and said that confessing Lee confessionally I’ve never found myself saying please God let them have killed a white man I like the city just going to need it so I got to go to the rain is fucking with our infrastructure
it’s hard to drive right now that’s all I boil after a drought you know the cars are sliding don’t County find people
they look from the photos like a wide enough guy we’re all fine the not that I see race I was just a little serious then who’s that what’s that guy
a red hat that’s what he is we know him who’s that guy that’s it
exotic you are
the word exotic what nationality are you
native Columbia and the native Columbiana Centre but you have hair like a sexy Michael Landon
Rent the Runway
get over here I’m at
Jesus Christ I’ve got
breakfast is honestly and obviously depends on him do you want to go around here people run their fingers through your hair just a front-row maybe hand if you want to feel his Harem an alkaline interbreeding how are you with kids without piercing the throat still just hold it for a dog
who was just that particular combination by the way that they are goldendoodles amazing Luna the moon back online in a photograph there’s the two cops they look like they look cool the car that cut look like movie cops so they live there holding it it really look like you’re posing but which movie I know this is the guy that got shot up in the writers room today and said this is all I’ve seen so I’m not a journalist and don’t tell please forgive me for whatever at you talk about it online but they brought up a photo as a split screen on the left side of the foot
it was taken by just a bystander was there at the moment when this guy got shot and there’s a guy that’s like down in the crosswalk and his face is facing the camera I thinking you know there’s a Hollywood and Highland and the two cops like braced and you know obviously scared and the crime scene photographs after everything’s been catalogued and the guy sitting there it’s the same same scene but there’s like little evidence like markers everywhere looking for the TV shows and one of the more prominent ones that this evidence markers was nice but the guy had which is not in the left photo it doesn’t seem to be in the left photo it seems like the left photo is just a dead guy in a crosswalk and then the right photo there’s this night that’s there that’s what that’s what it seems like I I I don’t want to amplify things that are that are already not true but that I’m recording on the gossip I’m not recording like
I was in Europe and I didn’t see any news I’m completely unaware of all of this dump everything that I heard today they like somebody just threw up the photos on that very Corner image Hollywood High School is everybody from yeah, he was driving down Hollywood past like in Highland Hollywood High as he came to a stop at the intersection there and he was two or three cars behind the red light waiting there and kids are getting out of school and the car in front of a dude got out of a car young like a young like I walked up to a kid’s dentist bang bang shot him twice in the chest got back in the car and waiting for the light to turn green and nobody was like a Time Life Book
no one did anything cuz like I got a gun so I guess everyone is waiting for the light turned green I got denied they drove off but like like not just didn’t just drive off like politely waiting for the light to turn green and drive safely away from the murder scene back so then. You know and this is that that that that is the world in which police work and that’s with gets brought up in the comments sections on the other side when we’re all going like this is crazy we’re losing our minds what is going on the other side is saying like it’s a jungle out there and it’s crazy and it’s you know like they’re working their lives and nobody is wrong about any of this stuff but I think the only the person I’m going to go with it and putting a ribbon of it so I can move forward cuz I don’t want to just like jump into this and do that I just want to put a little ribbon on it in Canada right now because what we learned from the Garner thing is that this whole like God bless their fucking patient heroic Souls that Michael Brown family read their statement about the when the verdict came out
they just you know it was just like I don’t understand a human being I can respond that way in the situation but they are heavily emphasizing like the need for cameras cameras cameras cameras on these cops it’s a hard job crazy shit happens for everyone’s good that we’re living a surveillance State anyway why aren’t there just cameras all over these people that are out there risking my life in protecting us so that was so that we don’t have to have these fucking crazy arguments but the Garner thing is on camera and it’s like you watch a guy get killed and it doesn’t really matter that much so what is the importance and what is there take away the lamb I do like no other podcast what is my role in this world where the fuck you
what is the wisest on your mind I am just a wash in the sea of this so just sounds like I’m pontificating I am going to the kitty but I’m not I’m not drawing any kind of like decisions that I have made my current take away is just like with this young lady said on NPR I was like I think we really need to seriously examine the way that we look at the role of police and the law I think we we we have this philosophy evolving where we think that the first and most important thing is compliance and that if we have that than laws won’t be broken because everyone will be afraid of the police and I think we’re seeing about probably 60 years of that coming to the fruits of that are no like just rotting and falling into the street like it and end it on the inner tubes now because everyone canceled Angela doodles
and so we’re Stewart seeing now it’s just like you know it’s weird it weird to have six people respond to a untaxed cigarettes sale wouldn’t nothing would have happened just give him give somebody a ticket for things that have to do with finance and let money do it’s beautiful beautiful work and and when people are being physically assaulted like then that’s where the guns and they’re choking in the nunchucks and stuff to come out but I have no answers but but we have questions when we are questioned should have to do with first of all how many people get killed by cops we don’t have those statistics and and why does this happen and if we’re going to be a federal Nation maybe we should put the pedal to the metal and just fucking federalize and be fucking Federal about everything I’ve never thought I’d say that but Jesus Christ
I’m a bull moose unfortunately hey do miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no one messes that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest film 30th to fill married like ever you’re always in good hands
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how’s married life treating you cuz look at me look at this
can’t do that single because I tried
how much is a miracle I got married what do you notice is different about you as a person from being recently single to reach an ex-girlfriend about those who has recently married and is not pregnant. So we’re having a little like they knew Mom the important thing about getting married is the realization that you’re not the other person now can’t leave so you don’t want to
logically that’s in the air but but but emotionally is really kind of hit home when you sit down and for me it was like I was writing my vows and I was like you know this is an hour and a half of doing something that I’ll never have never had to do before I’ll ever do again what am I actually promising going into this Union and how do I what do I what do I feel and what’s my job and as a sort of like clicking that happens if two pieces of a space station and it’s it’s
I think I think you’re delighted a lady background
Barrett’s marriage has been this thing slides into this other thing and it really is a turn-of-the-century comedy show tonight to yourself or you’re like I want to I want to be married I want to be married to this person this person that whole thing about somebody you know accepting someone flaws and all like there is like this changeover from a mode where something’s wrong you come home though there’s no toothpaste to that we said we needed we needed to face for like 2 weeks and instead of like getting haunted by the ghost of your dad and then like you’re just kind of like no toothpaste I find a signed up for this and it just kind of like like like what am I what am I an idiot
promotional fucking position what toothpaste is a shared responsibility
it’s not going to be in the world if there’s no toothpaste Antonio it’s it’s like it’s like worth a very specific toothpaste size moment of grieving is my therapist would say the amount that toothpaste deserves that much compared to like choke in a black guy to death on a sidewalk now you don’t have to doesn’t mean that the two phases of mean anything because we live in a police state it just means that like no portion out your your grieving like a hot when you get a grave about today how much grief or you’re going to spend on the toothpaste
it sounds very romantic
there was a crazy guy outside the gate
got to go back gate
the gate at your place but I’m glad I can call the police and say it was outside the gate
navigate to the gate in front of your crib there’s a crazy guy walking around and not the crazy people there are fucking great like what you see a crazy guy yelling in French it was like the artwork it was really good for all we know Napoleon was homeless
did you step over the houses is passionate Pepe Le Pew that’s what I’m basing it on
that would you never yelled like this game and I saw a couple guys are really laying it down it was it was like arya’s they were really like that is a Speedy Gonzales but we didn’t get rid of Pepe Le Pew
yeah. Only wasn’t insensitive to French people that stink it was who was just a rapist skunk in the world come on it has to be is
who is Charles Charles Police tank
oh yeah Big Lots of Pepe Le Pew the fact that he was a stinky Frenchman that’s left yet
these bits of an actor that would we women in your lovers are absolutely but also he was a across the species rape
if a cat happened to walk by a white paint brush and then and it looks like a skunk back when she was in deep shit romance but clearly we knew that he was full of shit
it is very terrible and the way they act the way they drew the facial expressions on the on the cat like I was a little is very realistic ways you wouldn’t you agree As a treat hashtag culture I’m to remember I like being kind of a kid and being a little bit like I didn’t like the Pepe Le Pew character sheet was horrified horrified she was like yeah she was looking for the exit so I was a little worse
I wish I was there were laughing at him either I just didn’t think it was you I think I didn’t animals beating the shit out of each other it’s really funny that you like like Tom and Jerry is amazing things they do to each other and equipment
all right if it just you just
is it going to be an animator Catholic catechism everybody County punch tachyon
fantastic animator artist extraordinaire
good to see you

I’m pretty sure he’s mail but it’s weird
Freebird he’s mail but he’s been systematically turn into a female or male actually based off a caricature of Bob Clampett baby photo like that so it’s just it was a joke of like this big stupid head is a really successful the androgynous characters I never really thought about it kind of shocked to find out gender
because you would they realize they were selling a lot of products to women and then they slowly just kept putting like more hearts and flowers and that’s actually the last time I talked to someone who works in marketing their that’s their biggest thing of money that comes in like millions of dollars a year just don’t we to go to Mexico this Tweety Bird Martinez
understand it there’s like a hooker standing up to their knees and shit with roaches crawling on them horses spray painted to look like zebras and Tweety Bird and I keep trying to figure it out they looked pretty intense as it looked. I crossed over into kind of kind of like very 7 into that big long eyelashes I mean like bugs half the time is making out with character he is doing a character he plays a woman all the time and Bart Simpson does that too but but they started drawing out do it’s like very effeminate eyelashes that that was his gag I guess cuz like most of his cartoons have it and you can see that even like the Grinch movie I have no idea
always have a pee pee wee energy and energy it’s like really he’s really Advanced it would be a crime to Crime if it was beloved I just I can’t never met of Pepe Le Pew fan
yeah they also they have I seen a lot of merchandise for the girl like that will be on girly selling traumatized girl
I think there was an episode where she does like fall in love with him you’re right you like to sit on him which for some reason I don’t like it when they want to see you next week
I want to call her I am what they call it the top and it was the only Looney Tune in history where Porky Pig came out of the end of time
she was very lucid.
A very long time
flying today but they’re all based on like sort of stereotypes and my kind of adult things like that like any kind of recognizable affectation you’re going to you’re the Minefield now that’s good I think I feel like somehow figure out I have to have conversations in the writers room that aren’t like I was like one of those guys that I never pitched that character that I just did but before you go I think
just right like I said I ran into him at a diva concert recently but he’s old frantic coolest sentence ever addressed the rumor that you’re all frantic is Chris pelusi krisfalusi said I just want to cheli
they were blindsided by that who’s this lady
some of them are like that’s my friend I have one of her a piece of art she drew a Roy Orbison I haven’t hanging in my bathroom every time I pee I think of you and
a nice very very very gifted illustrator and I know it may seem aloof launch saying that everything everything Kelly cuz you are a crazy guy. Have the gate all right all right guy I said friends crazy guy Pepe Le Pew Kelly kazoo
there was a guy Aaron was texting me like this is Guy a guy’s would come over like like like like someone will be delivering something like a wedding gift and invariably they started like like there’s a crazy guy out there like he told me he wanted to eat my face he told me to the yummy.com guy will tell you all about it she’s a stock open now but I said that he this guy outside our gate told the yummy.com guy that he had a disgusting face and then he wanted to hurt him harmontown friend demorge came by Aaron was up there with
play party for Justin’s girlfriend Elizabeth walked by the guy who still out there he’s just like onesies longship and he said he said something so awkwardly racist to that it was almost not racist but it was like an Earnest attempt to be racist if I get caught I call them something like it was like it was really weird if it like like like like that and then he repeats whatever he said and then everyone knows I’m going to rain in that location and I was like asking are like how is he dressed was he look like and I drew the conclusion I was like that guy is like a relative of one of our neighbors he hasn’t been around in a while he had half a support system somebody is letting him out and he’s like he’s like hunting these spots and he’s a little confused and maybe you know I’m a drop the half of them
did you drink with him and something happen and he’s kind of like he’s gravitating the spot I was talking dead on because there was a guy a party guests can buy as like knew who the guy was knew who he was related to in the neighborhood and said I’m going to call his mom if she doesn’t know that I’m I’m like dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
she’s more intuitive than a regular doctor
pictures of Peel to fake people open
alright alright so no work no more notes but but but the shows only just begun I have a special a special friend here he’s he’s he’s come to LA and he’s special projects and I saw on Twitter that he was in LA and I’ve been switching back and forth him for a long time he made one of the best shows in the in the in the UK in the world he’s at he’s at he’s he’s dope flooky’s are repeated British TV show runner with multiple successes one of which you’re a huge fan of if you’re willing to come up here and have a little chitchat please come up creator of Father Ted and the IT Crowd Graham Linehan
I think that the IT Crowd transcends even the anglophile like Factor like I would assume everybody in this audience like probably is like the first two love like British ship more than Americans at the start of it I’m just trying to copy American ship stands out is this real like export like like I think people that would probably explains the continued attempts to to americanize it which I also want to talk to Jeff to help one of those attend the first attempt was a little bit of a false start they filming in a week or something I was at work and then yeah they just didn’t tell me about it they didn’t tell me that they didn’t know I didn’t get a single phone call or or anything
the people who didn’t know that they I think they wrote briefly on those so-called Community now is totally different group this the first time was these guys who took over when you’d stop doing it for a while I didn’t even know I did make that connection I didn’t know that yet. I try not to think about the whole thing so I hope I’m not incredibly wrong here but yeah I think it might as well be doing what I think if I looked it up again but they did the original version of The IT Crowd with Joe which is on online and you can watch if you are if you are hating yourself particularly
there’s a there’s a there’s a crazy like weird velcro level coincidence factor in the relationship between IT Crowd of community I don’t know weird I don’t know how much it was a causal and how much it is completely independent of each other Joel McHale was on that attempt to do the idea out if if you’re correct port and Gratiot Road where the later supplant me we’re running it Richard I ended up the community episode the part of Jeff Winger on Community guess who I had dinner with because people were jazzed about him and they were really wanted me to be this hot actor Chris O’Dowd like possibly I did I dinner with him
things and themes and we’ve got I always thought Community was the closest thing to an IT Crowd because I don’t think you can do my kind of comedy in front of a studio audience over here quite as easily then we’re doing here is going to be in front of a studio audience but I want to try and help make it kind of work Morris in the USA, I think that’s appropriate is not by definition stupid and in one need only watch a british-american show Seinfeld it’s like you know that’s the last big thing, isn’t that kind of friends do you know things like Fawlty Towers and all these things because they’re supposed to be out of date
my people so much that form and it became automatable and so the craft got a little corrupted by the money that’s owed to the practices that are associated with the format it’s not like people can look at the shows that break big because they really become culturally effective and make people really happy there multicam shows unless you start counting Masher you know what’s a Beverly Hillbillies doesn’t have that that same chance of becoming a culturally effective Cornerstone I do think it’s a little bit of magic do sometimes when you hear an audience laughs at Lake see you bring them into a studio I almost think I’ll ask you if it’s true I think in the UK because it’s less there’s a lot less like super capitalistic like
engine running out the little less like fever pitch like juice that baby up a little bit. Hammer he left the $75 now he’s a great lad when I overrule the audio cuz they are out there after laugh at things that either went went meant to be funny or that I don’t really funny and I just going to go over real well because the thing that really makes people think it’s fake is when someone laughs at something that’s not funny you know when you’re not on very especially since the internet especially since I can’t you talk to people I’m really really serious about making sure that every life is you know real and often if you’re
since you’re up to going between three or four takes I’m so the audience laughed and then if we were to do anything to the laughter the audience would just go to Google and you just kind of make it the audience as I can after that that you’re pretending that you have to send me pretend that there an audience watching a whole performance all the way through the energy to multicam stuff like for the actors cuz I put it on a play you were her ass all week and his last ticket last week and something go away in Summit changing some sometimes on the night the laugh that you was it was in the bank the whole time just doesn’t work and probably yeah yeah but you’re always alive in the writers or their pitching lines and there is a kind of an energy to a multicast when something doesn’t get a life and I’m running out and I’m having a quick kind of intense conflab today.
that really is and it’s it’s you know what’s what I like to do it I don’t do any Show recently they’ll call the walshes which is a single-camera and their naturalistic actor is it requires the camera to be up close picking up the tiny little flickers at an audience would only get in the way of that you know but they’re so performers who I want to their kind of lifted on The gales of laughter you know the guy I work with Steve Delaney who doesn’t it attacked account author that I am right at the moment you know junk sneeze and in Fawlty Towers you know you can imagine some of these shows what I’d like Kramer Lionel Michael Richardson in Seinfeld you know without laughter he would just be a kind of weird holding for real after when will you come in and something magical happens if there’s a lot of that was the last of it like Carol Burnett Show where they would hold with these giant ladder
carpet for my big Zenith TV you felt like you were part of that audience you’re part of the try but when you’re watching that I just don’t think I think it’s just it’s just at the moment there don’t seem to be many good shows that that have an audience you know but it’ll change will be one big show it’ll be great I really love it and I know I’m suddenly having to be like why you doing single camera stuff sure you’re at a great Network that respect comedy
where is it and be safe
which one’s going to last forever
I can’t have this conversation into the microphone.
I mean I’m still in bed with them they’re still owned by 3 so I’m fantastic single-camera for some elements that you you look great and they call you Irish Dan Harmon
that’s all I ever wanted
the phrase Irish medicine or is that a horrible American phrase play medicine
Irish medicine is saying to somebody who thinks they’re having a heart attack but probably isn’t should I call an ambulance Irish Breakfast is a whiskey and a cigarette what is it everything’s I got Chinese Landing as a crash and then okay
you guys are going to be okay if the book was written in 1903 and you’re going to be fine amazing the formula they would develop like everything that’s Chinese was with backwards wasn’t a virgin and everything was Mexican was like slightly less Harrison Barnes & Noble and they sell book state that was called something like I’m like
one bit of it was normal but the other day it was crazy. It was the subtitle of it was something like the guns of Bad Men Eminem’s a book of guns and it was just this is like a an encyclopedia of of Guns of Bad Men got the bad men dinner with like a frustrated literary agent everyone regrets buying this book if we’re going to be lucky to sell five copies for you all right
the back it never gets to talk.
John Cleese Who is credited with a thing that exists the UK that doesn’t exist in the American TV culture I heard this from I think Edgar Wright there’s a phrase for it something to do with four seasons and out like do you know what I’m talking about Fawlty Towers is Fort Fort you guys come series week I’m only 12 I’m already rocking him have started a set amount of episodes that a British TV record as being dignified and beyond that you’re just like one of my American. Simpsons joke where it goes at Britain’s longest running sitcom see all eight episodes
it’s not really a team riding culture on so you can get burnt out of it you know like it’s for I was quite proud of getting as many series of IT Crowd as I did because it was when you write in your own you know it’s just not I realize tonight this is fine I’m not enjoying the III just like I feel like I’m dragging my brain along concrete and it’s a dog that won’t heal and end I do not like in order to be as good as a season 5 story I have to like I just have to hurt myself and it’s kind of sad but do you feel with a team I mean I mean I mean the team has a tremendous amount of power of if I ask them for fifty names for a new disease if I if I if I can watch
if I had if I can if I can give them instructions they are so much more talented than in than I could ever be about like jokes you know and it but there’s I’m a victim of my own Christ mythology like I I I’ve been fired and rehired and I can’t these kids that are the only people that would work for me there they’re so talented and so reverent there’s no I can’t I can’t just say you guys you guys write a story for me to get tired of Minecraft and then like now he’s now he’s going he’s going he’s going I’m not a good leader I don’t know how to run a room
the last time I said that he must be with me that’s what I do all day I love like my favorite thing is if I can if I can come up with something and then I can go to the script and then I finally learned this I feel like four years of doing a TV show like how to that you’re supposed to just do this write a shity script but haven’t make some semblance of sanity and like then go through and then you put like I put three question marks I don’t know who taught me that I don’t know if that comes from one Shore to another that’s a standard thing with three question marks and then like chain comes in and says they go where were you guys like I’m I’m an hour late because??? I bought a German Shepherd / 8
butterscotch candy and I lost it doesn’t matter and then I just ship it out to a room full of geniuses yeah yeah yeah I work for Colbert and everything and they and they returned to me it’s the same script it so it says Chang enters the room where were you I got five and then there’s a list separated the slashes and it’s just take your pick and it’s just recently long and they loved it because in that room there’s no wrong answers and they just get to they just get to flourish I’m sure there’s all kinds of horrible emotional things to happen to them in their butt
they don’t want me in there and I do not feel like it would be weird actually I used to do is just you know I don’t know to help or to judge to help to kind of do to help people make me laugh right interesting on some of that because sometimes people suggest things and you know you rarely get something good but that’s what I said something brilliant and they said that they said it’s really funny they just said that I was on the toilet today and I couldn’t get out because the cat fell asleep my trousers. Got one for free
I like I will indeed have that I love you
all I did was I didn’t have the heart to move in another in another thing happened last series to resend it was a competition that was still in for some charity so I didn’t want to say they said the thing that was auctioned was a chance to be your name in one episode of my new show you know so I said okay whatever you know and then came back and it was Rocky Fugler Haggerty
photos of Monty Python but it was kind of a sort of set in the real world and finally I got in touch with him and I said are you because I was trying so hard to place that lives are you serious is that really a name is my real name. Our dog our dog is Rocky on our family name is fugar Haggerty I’m sorry I thought I thought that was funny but Fugler haggerty’s funny and it’s on right I can’t work that he was I hate I hate making up names are filled with
part of suit guy to Jeff Goldblum like I said sweater person and another guy who’s amazing at that is Arthur Mathews who co-wrote Father Ted with me he’s the one who came up with the name so I can get no father no laralee on toast the new series is doing it not very yeah I’m Fandango.
Great person
REI purchases
so you guys got the IT Crowd got a fifth season like commission like they said give us a 5th series can you just like you know I know what happened I tried to write a fifth season and I just got really tired and I thought no I just saw this is Don but I had enough ideas left to make the special so it cuz I really want to do a Douglas doing Secret millionaire and one or two ideas are ideas that I thought were funny that’s why I just really try to squeeze them all together teach you and then when you moved on to something else did you find a rejuvenating energy okay just like man it is like like Flint against steel but it’s like Minecraft
The Simpsons blows me away I you know I don’t you respected it to the right I hear it’s gotten really good again or like one season ago it was really good but you know it’s just crazy how long it goes on and off like I just don’t understand how they can sit there and do that what if Bart tools like you can do it right to different bowls there’s a garage sale and then you can look in an episode of Simpsons I like in the in the golden golden golden age and the opening 60 seconds will happen and you laugh
no idea what the rest of the episodes are so fucking cool because you’re like oh this is Professor begins with like a little watermelon
a big brother so weird thing about it is I think I think the the big biggest problem with it is because they’re the same age this only so many times they can do certain emotional story lines like yeah I used to love when The Simpsons go outside like you remember when Homer met his mother and I’m just shot of him watching that just watching the highway and my favorite is when Dustin Hoffman is the substitute teacher said he said that he he said he still loses
because the line you are Lisa Simpson didn’t have an! I was right I cry every time I say it right the first time I still cry right now is Mission Point what if what if we’re meeting would have softened that have been giving her a fright
yeah he’s even better organized than it appears to be on the way
listening at home but I was impressed that he actually exercised the Ville is inside like you have his text which I thought he might come but I think maybe he thought.
Give me back I’m taking a long time to your work if you’re working with my old friends Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan who started Community with me they were at they were at the behind the scenes of communicate because I’m a psychopath
is it embarrassing to ask
it’s it isn’t that kind of a gallon with only rgj could capture the the protagonist of the movie about the making of community would have to be a little bit because he signed essentially to get an overall deal with this company and I got assigned to kind of wrangle this show by this guy would never run a show I always wonder about the world from his perspective Access Memories that’s why he’s like all Amish move back. Cuz he’s like he’s politically facile like he knows he’s he’s going to pick her house and he’s and he’s going to work longer and has worked longer because he knows how to do you know he doesn’t have to eat go in there like yeah what do you call it the backbone wow
Graham who put who plays you in the biopic about you answer
he’s Irish
the guy you called Kick-Ass Now voice over from the trailer for The Liam Neeson versus a pumpkin movie
I want you to understand something
just lying on the floor by the phone
I’m trying to handle things like you
your orange
what pill is round
I don’t give a fuk
I have a certain set of skills I can figure they don’t care if it was our brother
sing the Jurassic Park trailer the Park is open the line in it that there’s a line in it that’s the worst trailer line I’ve ever heard it’s unbelievable got to stop and then and then later on halfway there is right there that’s a good movie that’s a good movie so far but he says he said someone someone. He said that depends. Depends on what that depends on what kind of super dinosaur they’ve created in lab
did not stay just like in the fifties when they called Spaceship Spaceship Sandra guns and robots and what if you were asked during that year old father to tell you what the phone was about of Harley does a huge dinosaur in the lot so you know and it’s the fastest I’ve seen I mean that guy from Guardians of the Galaxy yeah it feels like he’ll be fine with that
Raptors which are the you know the Ron Silver in heat vision terms of the first movie that’s great thank you the ed-209 of the first movie like they’re you know the ID imposing a sequel to like four wheeler there’s like Raptors running along side of my golden retrievers
Alison is erasing you got to be British and Chris Pratt comes up and goes like they don’t respond to the negative reinforcement
oh yeah
King Kong he was a bigger
Justin gaethje

got to disagree with your attitude
he blows into Sam neill’s esophagus
are the Raptors I got didn’t get them to do what I want I let them do what they want one
and he’s hit that Chris Pratt has hit that sweet spot or it’s like he’s all the women wanted wanted to make out with him and all the men don’t mind
and that’s the key you don’t want to eat on and get into that Tom Cruise daughter where it’s like
directions to be badass if you want Chris Pratt to be like the voice of them that I was like you got to let him you going to let him be cool they’re clever girls
I know but he’ll be cool cuz I’m an American movies going from TV to movies there’s some rule that I can you get to movies you get you get you could do a shity movie and then a good one there’s math you can break down like Seinfeld couldn’t survive at Lake live the map is unforgivable like going from TV to movies at you but if you if you go from TV to movies and you get like a thermal vents of success and then you have a 25-year career at like I got making that jump where I text cuz there is that like we kind of Hayes people we got like what I don’t want to watch Eddie Murphy in a movie
how about how about those cops huh your at your at your at your at your at your on the side of the of the of the anarchist
you know it’s about the Bold stance grams
but I try and retrieve things that aren’t going to insane things I try and be careful I’ll let you know after a few early mistakes on Twitter I’m very careful before I tweet something that looks like it’s going to just burst into flames you know any so dress if you cuz I know you don’t you don’t
what were you were so sorry to interrupt, but we were saying earlier it’s the most fascinating thing because it’s the it’s the camera thing it’s the fact that we all have, and it’s not it’s all the stuff it’s just been going on forever and now we can just see it I was like a lights been switched on whatever is going on in here you know what I just find fascinating about it and I think that I like to try and make the light reach further and I got a big follower I got your note for me a big follow the following so I get to you know spread of the candlelight or something and then they have the lights go out of like oh my God that person looks completely different than I thought they did there’s more there’s more people over here
they were they weren’t even making any sound now I can see them and there’s some people that are reacting to that there’s something that’s part of the human psyche that you scream in Terror and you start doing crazy shit and then there’s other people who are scientifically find out more now that the problem for the place I think is that I would imagine there’s a few systems that they have in place you know if you get to know so you can shoot a guy and it was just dropping knife near the thing and you know but that doesn’t work anymore because now there’s two shots and do you do to me and I don’t think that I think that they’re just going to have to adjust system that keeps us safe at night at night and it’s like that that that we’re seeing is the is the revelation of I think Jeff is always said we’re a right of Center country we can say we can talk
we are in an empirically any illogical Spectrum we are right-of-center we are a fucking Empire we’d have to be right of center with a Centrist and control the planet we we have to have like a conservative slant on things we like the way things were yesterday a little bit more than we like things are going to be tomorrow criminals were bad even if we don’t like cops even if we even if it’s like I have no reason to love them and it’s not going to lie in our pocket books or anything there is a muscle that flexes when somebody says in an article you know this guy you know let’s let’s broaden this out in 2 and 1/2 and Flames with my language but we would just give me to speak and stuff the the rape culture Consciousness the whole thing everything that we’re talking about right now there’s a phenomenon that happens I think what you read a piece and somebody is activated and somebody’s being an activist
editorial piece that I feel that reacts like before I even know what I’m doing yeah I want to compensate because I don’t want to all at once just because that everything is darkness and blood and Terror and end and wrong and at what I thought was black is white and in a live in the modern world and be okay about it is you got to think yourself you’re helping the good cops you know the good cops don’t do stuff like this so if you were here I’m shining a light on the laptop’s you’re helping a good cops so if we want to help the good cops we’ve got to we’ve got to do this we got to try and get the word out about the bad cops you know you like you kind of pureed you prevent these articles and I click on them and go wow cramps that this is the kind of guy I want to be like he reads I just click on what you were
I skin it and I got it
there’s these drones
they’re everywhere but it’s like when do you are you ever are you ever supposed to say it’s a dumb question because it’s like a it’s a it’s a it’s a case-by-case basis I think there’s some people on Twitter that we want it I don’t want to hear what Angie Harmon has to say about Dan are going to say probably is that like like like there might be other people that are taking a fuck yeah I want to hear what to say but it’s like near the scene and take a picture when the reasons I love Twitter being in touch with people that you know other people I admire but but it’s also great to win something happens to drill down and find the first person who saw it
for my flight fare from me is that the light can go out and will not like those out we’re all going to be going to be fucking whore effect that’s why I I think everyone should be a member of the BFF over here at the open Rights group in the States you should you should dissing you should fight more than anything else is your internet rights because we suddenly have this ability to see you know a time to talk to each other you know we could we can and it’s being chipped away all the time you know it’s just little things you can like net neutrality and all that sort of stuff that constantly trying to stop us from talking to each other but you know we’re supposed to get more power now we shouldn’t give it up easily we’re going to look back on these days and I think about it I feel sometimes that I don’t know as many don’t have as many physical friends in meatspace of the the people I know on Twitter and so on I know them in a very kind
like way I mean you can literally just make them go away if you want if you want to I think I’ll. It’s sad but at the same time I think I think it was some way in which we were all a bit lonely before this on Sunday we can all talk to each other I think that’s incredible you know and when people used to kind of come down hard on Twitter and Facebook he’s getting really annoyed cuz I like like The Social Network film just really annoys me because his because Sorkin there is just basically like you little nerds on Facebook and he’s having a conversation
pictures of a microphone in their hands you know and it’s this kind of jealousy of of wanting to preserve the stage to yourself because you’re a writer if you know used to be there when Aaron Sorkin open is mad at everybody would listen to no one will be able to talk to him he hates the people can I do know is that it’s probably the part of me that overlaps with Aaron Sorkin thinks they’d probably another thing he hates because before he hated it he had some dalliances yeah he had he had a couple like I did like I when I got rehired for the fifth season of Community I was like I was on a high and I wanted to have a conversation with people I wanted I felt good about myself again and within three conversation Fred I am created for TMZ headlines and then I recoiled and I was like well read it is I could it be easily said will read it is stupid what I instead said I’d probably say that all the time but the I would I would the real the reality is that it is not for me right
until I am back to being a conversant on equal ground is weird says weird things are there as that the whole hashtag got that rage thing is so annoying it’s like I agree with Patton Oswalt that it’s that it’s dangerous for comedians because you have to watch yourself so carefully you can’t really do that Twitter is not a good place to develop material that’s for the doubt they know Graham do you engage with your detractors of you dude you go back and forth with you leave them I love the mute button that’s my favorite thing we were talking about this the other day the muting but if they say to you if they say at glitter didn’t have to straighten their goddamn has to ask him a question just before I meet them I like to say I like what makes you think that
if that’s really what it is and I’m meeting everybody I could swear I think that only works with people that are like you know Pam live-tweeting the Superbowl and it’s like I love you to death but it don’t like sweet the Super Bowl and then you mute them cuz you’re not talking to you and then it but if they were to say I love this reminds me of night maybe it does work like that and it’s just that no one has replied to me after the music but that most of the talking directly to me in a rude people or or people who say something that’s just so dumb or one guy like today who said that I said does anyone know any good places to eat in Los Angeles or something I need you replied no
place to grab a Dibble another another another thing that I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or bad thing I was thinking about this today is that it seems to me that you got the high-level sociopaths who are who are burying people in Shallow Graves and then you’ve got kind of lower-level who never really had a way of expressing themselves till now you know who are like the whole gamergate thing at the moment you know like I do Reserve discussion on 1/8 China Fortune one of these things where they were they were seriously discussing how they could make transexuals kill themselves you know they were saying with this is operations everything’s in operation this is Operation June bug or something we’ll send them this picture has a list of of links of photographs to send a text with a bunch of Zodiac killer kill people they just like writing the letters
yeah yeah are they like who is the bully it’s a dangerous thing that’s happened is like it is is I got I got I got you can become a kind of person that’s like I felt that way so often I’ve been a lake under the in crowded restaurants in the people and I just thought you know what I’m feeling this exact same feelings right now there’s a supervillain feels like I I would really like to blow this place up the hill so many people have to go to a store and buy a red wire and a blue wire which is as far as I understand is how you make a bomb you didn’t hear that
did it did it I would I would go I guess it was just too hard body blow up aspiring high-level sociopath for low-level sociopathic getting it out of their system may be there there I mean that’s what an adolescent does your body is they don’t like to hear this I mean like to hear this when I was an adolescent no one like to hear that your personality is based on blood chemistry you are fucking full of testosterone you are busy for a while when you’re a teenager like the primate brain is going to be ready to mail primate brain the violence and the sex sections are overlapping of speeding really scientifically right now
you are I feel comfortable saying this because we’ve been there we were all adolescent boys all of us the three of us at least the you remember the amount of the lack of control you had over what your ideas really were you two had no real you were a you were a you were a puppet of of like I mean what a serial killer is testimony might call the dog next door I you where you were you were you were answering to a lower or higher calling you were you were all horny dog like weird and it’s not just about sex with your dick is like a little wood paneling nail in your pants the whole time from visit no matter how much you rub it the its it what go use that is like your feelings about
Dan Showgram
call out like a straight line how you rub it rub it yes you got held up until then the the personality that comes along with that you’re constantly like like the kid you know they do fuckedupshit like kids left unchecked there there it is you’re watching and element Am I going to get fucking egg Social Security number so many already make sure that’s going to happen what what years are there a certain years that teenagers lose their empathy I don’t know I read it somewhere again scientific and I think did you go through a phase I I know I did I went through it I guess I never thought
like that but did you go through a phase where you went through like maybe you know but I was just so wrapped up in my own happiness that you know what type of town are you from sorry what town did you grow up in Dublin Dublin and yeah and he got his ass kicked daily is that why you know that turn me on to the All-American but they have a friend just like describing being a preteen and a teenager in Dublin which is a daily deciding do I run home and get beat up by my father or do I turn and fight and invite like 40 people I go see my mom you said I never I never got that too bad it was all psychological torture but but I used to beat my my mum was always just full of stories about some Katy with you
well, just get the shit kicked out of him for no reason so yeah it was so the whole thing about Narrows pornography is is pornography of a good thing I learned in Ireland when you’re going through that raising same time before the internet and then a Catholic country you had to hump a pillow photography magazines and there was a magazine called hate you know which was called which which stood for health and efficiency and it was a nudist magazine that somehow got through the censorship by being about the new dizm which is a hobby you know and it was always a really good looking over and pretend to be looking at other things for what
then you just kind of Reach Out casually and take it down look at open it up and everything was like old man and little kids and holding hands
cover the cover was always damp of resources available to you and you’re in that state or not but you know you can’t you can’t farm that field to to to to control the crop like cuz I
future you got to be kidding a morning Mindy you live by the Sea this is for kids but it’s like yeah but that’s still around like you I mean I remember being this age and Adolescent like like uncontrollable rage and and it’s it’s unrefined it’s lightweight we have in America at least I don’t know how it works it in Europe but we have we we we we love our infantile ization we love taking away rituel we love taking away the things that used to mean something in a tribal Society they’ve been systematically probably usually for good reasons vilified and take it away and put in a bin just like are you kidding me this notion that a father and a son is more important than the government that’s fucking crazy
everyone kind of grows up children and our children in this childish country I like they’re particularly vulnerable there 14 years old and they’re fucking on fire every cell in their body is on fire some cool shit sometimes they are the mountain where they asked everybody to vote for a new flavor of Mountain Dew you play our new flavor and it is all sensitivity to anybody that would be offended by this aside please recognize the Artistic integrity of this in the in the face of corporate oligarchy the 4chan kids yell ganged up on the latest flood this thing and the new Mountain Dew flavor they had to cancel it because the new Mountain Dew flavor was going to be called Hitler did nothing wrong
real fucking take that how do they promote the online and who understand that world where where in Water World and they’re all Kevin Costner but they have the gills I know where the old world is a shame about it is that they don’t use their powers for good murdered by Hitler or anything like that like I like that is an example of actually kind of in my opinion to make good corporate anti-establishment energy and it’s like I didn’t make it causes you to laugh and that’s good and that’s right lately it’s like that you wouldn’t do that if you were 25 you wouldn’t do it if you’re 35 like it takes a bunch of 14 year olds to do something like that
your window at that allowed to go don’t get off my lawn pretty funny
it was kind of like kind of like raspberry what if they had been accountable to their own rules are all the store for a two liter bottles of Hitler did nothing wrong
it’s a hugely important thing is I like like like like what is that what is the sinner activity at all it’s a contest and you could to help out your a consumer and it’s like fuck you like a barf bag along that food line do you follow Neil hamburger on Twitter every corporate account and retweeted along with a comment and he just ruins all these competitions and stuff to have his do you go to spend the whole evening very weird street theater kind of organization to do weird like kind of Guerrilla theater like auntie auntie comedy kind of like
like situation is taking her car and there be music in the news and stuff like that same song for 24 hours so they just got everybody in Oklahoma to vote for Hey Bulldog
24 hours of Hamilton put a bad song but nobody wants 24 hours in an hour as a paintball bag that they were sad about it I just got to actually could you read that I can’t I just got new glasses and I never wore glasses before because I’m getting old you know and I need glasses now how did you how do you spell it’s frightening because I do this and it’s like everything is normal, I’m going to die just don’t seem to be able to read that sign across the road or whatever so it just got a bit
Jerry O’Connell give me see Jerry Maguire the quarterback is Cuba Gooding friend of Sliders okay yeah LOL. I’ll be in at 2 I don’t have
sorry I turned it off Olive Garden says please in three words name what describes Italian food and he said not Olive Garden
Adam Goldberg
there’s going to be at there’s a there’s a significant crisis here without Spencer hair like we said sounds like I’m producing too much I’m just saying like like like we don’t we don’t have a car show closer it’s all it’s all we ever had a show cos I would never have a show cause I’m not going to say we always yours before we leave for some reason your grandpa
gravity over my favorite things to do is when they get excited to go falsetto
I know I don’t say I don’t think that I’m not being scared by this guy
Liam Neeson on the phone with his pot of gold
I used to pay digital play Call of Cthulhu no I want to get into Lovecraft now really late I just I just bothered to ask a question like that deal with this Lovecraft HP Lovecraft Cthulhu based on HP Lovecraft stories and I kind of it’s easy to avoid doing I got other shit to do but it’s like scariest icon Lovecraft of red is actually Alan Moore’s Lovecraft Comics has anyone ever read them
new Comics that are just look tops toys and their horrible you’re reading it I’m halfway through you wish you were removing the theme of Love crafts with great but it’s horribly great and I would say that’s so funny that he’s like he’s like a refined version of Stephen King It Is it is it but he likes to change my mind what it what it what it was supposed to say you got to get out there
Joe just like they just him talking like I’ve never really realized that last year I realized that Alan Moore was the Common Thread between so many things that we’re so culturally effective I got to get caught up on this guy he’s great he’s gray what were you before I went to a dinner and he was invited or know I was invited to meet him by a comic shop in London called gosh Comics which is a great comic shop in London and yeah I know you getting we just had a nice a nice dinner you know good for NBC
well the thing is they very kindly asked me to come over after I kind of forced them to ask me because all I want to do is pitch my idea about the show could be over here and it would be unfair for me to to say it out here but I think about Studio sitcoms in the states and it seems to me there’s only one show is two shows that are like my show that are in front of an audience in the state’s married with children not liking it was because he was up and down but but it was the same kind of
if you ever see the episode where they all have to get their haircut at the the lady Salon that’s very funny in someone’s basement was so crappy but but but it’s showing that it’s kind of upsetting real world in some ways right height is soap members of the same kind of crazy it was kind of crazy I mean later Seasons they had the aliens kidnapping the the the guy that seemed to be insane in the way that my stuff sometime today
opposite the opposite I’m good I mean again I don’t want to say too much but I’m going to say to try and pull back on all that stuff and do it American shows do so well you know character you know I’m done in terms of Cheetos that comes I’m thinking in terms of things like cheers and you know Seinfeld which is wrong I just I just I worship that show that. Those were some of the happiest years of my life watching Seinfeld with you I didn’t really realize the extent to which I was ripping it off until I observe other sitcoms and how structurally they were different Community but it’s like the guy I thought that I was doing Star Trek because the bridge of the Enterprise was so necessary for the study room was like the right Bridge of the Enterprise was really like that was Seinfeld’s kitchen and split off and then reconvene in an ideal community
view of they always go astray but but the the yeah it’s like you have everybody coming in and going like I have this problem I have that problem and then they split off into the wonderful thing that Seinfeld would often do where you just you just did not know how they were going to connect the two storylines until the second before it happens at this like the look splosion of Joy when when you realized you know I mean I mean that’s kind of not an example because it was slightly for us but still great is Kramer be mistaken for someone who’s got who got mental problems and I’m ends up singing to Mel Torme and all my God it’s so funny you you think you will never stop laughing at one point you know it’s just it’s just beautiful because he’s just you know he’s just got a novocaine and is matter
what do you what do you think of the office when you think of the UK office when you think of the American office working on it but I find the American when hard to watch because I I really look that first series of the office and I just find out that it’s exactly the same relationships and I know they moved off it later on but I do know I find a little bit hard to watch but through no fault of the show I know it’s a good show but you don’t have gervase fatigue which I have been told that is a thing in England now okay I’m kidding I made that up
we got to where we used to I used to know and then he’s like off The IT Crowd on this block and then we fell apart
deadly curious about this how does Ricky Gervais make the time to articulate a slag we got nominated for an award best of a bad lot better even know that that’s so British I’m like all of these bad things it’s probably that what he was writing about it all right well I was the the Bell Tolls we try to crudely shoehorn in an ending to our or unstructured show and then the first thing I hear I play a loud music
anime get the fuck out of here
we’re all going to die
I thought that might be
embrace the sadness of the Sun
if you got everybody saying that Dad and I have a Christmas tradition will be one year we got together and we changed the lyrics to the song that goes like this Graham
Justin Bieber
the Irish song
heard mixed with sticks and balls
I think they deserve better
they deserve is there an is there an Irish Christmas tradition gram that you want to share with us as a week celebrate Bill O’Reilly leaving
we celebrate Bill O’Reilly’s family being driven out in the street around about like they do people do people hate Bill O’Reilly a normal human being and they led him away with it because no one really wants his here in LA’s very Irish and he’s very LA and he he was explaining to me that the he said this now I’m submitting this to you I want to yes or no and Ireland they actually contrary to what you might think they’re they’re not they’re not repulsed
by the millions of Irish American tourists that flood to the Homeland every year they’re kind of they they they they kind of like it because the the actual Irish represent like a certain amount and like the idea that seed was spread no matter how fat and gross these people that come back and buy these Lego keychains and refrigerator magnets that you might not see it as much as kind of because you know people got to Dublin they’re annoyed because there’s a gap you know and just kind of does no Irish Fiddler’s on the street but no representation of our people do you know
did you know I grew up in New York New York in Chicago celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations in New York are the funniest things Irish people they are just so ridiculous and he’s kind of these kind of awful men turning their back on the gay the gay Irish coming by all that sort of stuff and it’s during a bug with the day before or two days before I don’t have a big sign that big block letters that said don’t sing Danny Boy written by an English person sound like
who were on the tour with House of Payne member House of Pain Jump Around by House of Pain Jump Around House of Pain where at where they were in building and therapy were in the dressing room and one of House of Payne strip their head in and said that come with us
but I think they meant a bar that had the Shamrock in it or something you know
is there a good I was hoping that would be
is it is it I mean the answer is no is there a like I’m wondering what like I’m not wondering what what three intellectuals and London having a drink at a bar say about American culture but I am very much wondering what three Irish the regulars in this pub in Dublin call the international me an offer and are always some really funny guys there and they just be watching the TV they’re there every every day on the 9/11 happened you know and this guy was
buckle up everybody
and I say that I’d record it so basically he has his name was starting to be floated about it because you know and Paris burning and then you see a picture of Bin Laden on this guy at the bar said there is the amount of the moment
that’s how I get down everybody Graham Linehan
I have a dream he should be a guest in our country until he leaves he’s a genius
thank you Jeff for coming back we missed you or have me back
Frederick County Kentucky River coming up and saying hi
is there a guy and his girlfriend she probably just want to be identified as his girlfriend video production who also need to be thanks I want to see Rutgers Zippos because they are back they’re bringing video to you thank you so much and I will see you next week


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