Episode: 130 – There’s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of Except America


Episode: 130 – There’s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of Except America


It’s the last Harmontown of 2014 and the first time we’ve had the whole gang together in a while. Dan Harmon, Jeff Davis, Kumail Nanjiani, Erin McGathy, Spencer Crittendon and guest John Roy talk sniffers. Video available at Harmontown.com!


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Dorothy ask Rob I like it
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hey hey hey
weather in Hollywood California
thank you thank you very much and Welcome to our warm-up guy that Kevin did Kevin come out and if it feels like a real TV show that’s out there is an actual property be warm up guy is as it has arrived along with our ambition to be a rich fat ass all that just like I’m not trying to accomplish anything other than just seeing what what the hell we can accomplish but Kevin day is like the Alfred’s my Batman the microchip to my Punisher I love that he came out and did warm up at start of it’s a really triumphant Asperger’s story
I’m starting to think he might he might not have Asperger’s there are so many cameras cameras on how many cameras we have we have things here in this this pretty unfilmable site and hello and then there’s really been on the record about this what are you doing what are you doing is the podcast going to change if all you do is listen to the podcast on the way to work you can always do that who cares who gives a shit cost me nothing to do it do to talk and do nothing to listen to the
what were some of your personal details right now he thinks like that
he’s he’s Alfred is that Mr Wayne you should know that Deadshot has the ability to holographic stimulate your next move
why would you be thinking about that because because if I have Kevin or working for the Darkside we’d all be dead
I wish I was just told tonight’s the last show where I get to use music of my choosing that we have to go to we have to go to like a non-licensed music from now it is yeah
I think I think that’s why I didn’t you know that is the one thing it’s like that is it that is a price we will pay
wake me up number of the show on Channel 101 called House of cosbys ride to the voice on Justin Roiland made it and then we got a call from Cosby people like stop doing that but we got it out before that before that happened and we just stopped doing how’s it going
I’m afraid I’m busy
I’m busy with the women’s in the dark
come to my cabin to discuss the creative Endeavors okay
well whatever hey let’s not getting ready to read what you’re watching is like I don’t know I’m like the Howard Hughes of narcissism I’m just I’m just I don’t know I guarantee you one thing you’ll never anything that you haven’t that you never paid for your not going to start paying for it I’m going to suddenly tell you that cost a quarter I don’t think I don’t know what I what I am going to do experimental a because that makes fantasy as a Minecraft player is like about autonomy like efficiency I want to create a solar-powered like biodome of a of a of a of a of a video podcast where they call these guys like Chris back there Justin or producer or Kevin of people who help us if they could draw salary
off of all the energy that they put in the show if people work on a subscription basis which seems to be the model that kind of works of people are willing to pay for things that they want if they want to go the extra mile and making a donation of the same time as they’re buying the product is subscribing to I’m going with the horn model because because the truth is I turn in 20 years you know rich rich rich white men have been trying to figure out how to monetize the internet but almost as soon as it started at a class of very independently minded like poor women immediately figured out like you do you think that they were being exploited every time you see like there’s a lot of exploitation of pornography and I’m sure there is there not a lot of impressive like it’s there’s a lot of Entrepreneurship unlike independent like people that know how to sell themselves can do so very well on the internet and that’s what you can do I was thinking let’s take a page from their playbook like if you love me so much that you can’t get enough
if you want my dirty panties that’s what you got to pay for if you want to see if you wanted to see something you can probably get it filled legally give me a for instance there what do you mean what’s your version of alright
it’s bad to start a show talking about the show it it it it it it it it’s like trying to fuel a lawn mower on lawn mower
gasoline it shouldn’t do that the lawn mower won’t start we should have started with my new segments questions about grocery store
how much how how much how much do
starting off great
I love the second I really love this cyberbullied
John abused this camera with with cameras and now they can see them a human being
I’m a victim
also we need your driver’s license info that was going to happen that’s a good point I guess but I’m alright okay
I’ll tell you one thing as a Sony employee goodwill-easter my fucking where I am
what is it as considering the news can
Joel McHale get a discount on a TV but you know what I’m talking about but I’m telling you like sooner or later I’m good at emails
and I’ve been working for Sony for 6 years and is juicy
I am good at emails so read a couple for us or me the movie was great. So anyways what was the grocery store questions
yeah and all that music goes away the next Falcon hybrid child has many musical sticks in the show as I possibly can. It felt like big red was back then where did he go
is there a subsidized
that’s for Adam Goldberg Adam Goldberg is so jealous of the most loved person to ever come up on stage
I guess the Hamburglar probably hates grandmas
guy goes home at night just stabs of Grandma’s eyes and that I Christmas grocery store questions
how much do you think one cost to buy one outright yeah I like to keep let’s keep the fact that it’s like a business and let’s just go with all of the things in a grocery store mine is the things in back I think you’d get one for three hundred and fifty thousand. Takes it away that seems very conservative to me
I don’t shut the fuk up
and obviously if you’re saying that all of the Skittles all the marshmallows all the frying pans all the pantyhose they all add up to 350 Grand you just saying all the stuff out of the shelves or just just the items that you can buy in there I’m just saying all the shit on the shelves in the public area 125 million 3 hours too much
you think all the food in the supermarket has two million dollars
I haven’t even actually thought of my own gas but I guess two million three does not high but I actually knew I was like now we’re talkin
let’s how about it to me in three what what do you mean what was the name of this is grocery store price adjustment
our show is eating itself
is what I was wondering I was in a grocery store recently which is a rarity for me since I was 35 and I found out that you can escape that life by having an assistant
combinations is there a different Services websites whatever I do I try not to
but my but before that the 435 I spent a lot of time and then there’s a time and location I always I find myself wondering for instance like what would happen is centipedes that act like a giant centipede centipedes the size of Dobermans
attacked a grocery store like where would you hide like like I think about that stuff I would I would write a script about that I would send in a grocery store and I would feel comfortable doing that cuz I spent a lot of time I’ve logged in my grocery store hours where would you hide from the government side centipedes inside a Trader Joe’s
I would I would I would I would fit I’m assuming that they’re coming in like the front door
so first there would be this late. Like Jesus Christ what’s happening someone screaming at everyone flocks to the screening and then you see there’s like a CG monster is out to kill people after people get their monsters this is a movie killing I don’t know Susan Sarandon or whatever who’s the first to die and you got you got her so you can get funding a guy who’s the most heroic but the first of the second to die cuz he grabs like a egg beater and goes like
what the fuck he’s like he’s like a really
cuz I guarantee The Cameo and he’s at his like listen what will drag your body out and set it on fire in the First Act and just come by for a day of shooting at really appreciate it but the thing was an egg beater and it’s like the big beefy guy that you thought was the hero because of course this isn’t ironic age and you have to remove that guys like the post Survivor world of it’s not the alpha male you were counting on its D you know it’s the whoever the new who’s that IBM PC kid John long long long john Justin long I’m sure he’s 53 now but
whoever the new him is assuming someone from Yo Gabba Gabba I don’t know what
some Pokemon wait wait like I’m only at the grocery store cuz I didn’t have asthma
oh I have to fight the centipede I know all about them
who the hell invited this goddamn centipede expert
grocery store
inviting people to our groceries.
also what’s my statement
I’ve been I’ve been a meat salesman for 35 goddamn years
this is Mike Keith David impression that he’s a piece of black guy in the monster movie what am I why am I why am I missing words he’s heat David and he works the butcher section in these I God damn it was like he’s like a centipede colors G David the one that goes like God dammit
and everything you’re saying and then every time the kids said something like I said his job translate for the streets
all right where where was my question to my grocery stores is
we’re moving way too slow I got a list of shit
my question is the reason I want to know how much it cost to buy one because I want to know how easy is it to push over the shelves
the whole thing is you always think of it when you walk in like you think that you’re in a room and that like part of the room is that there’s he’s Isles but those are just things they put up the reality of a grocery stores it’s a big empty warehouse and they just put up these like shity I just wonder like if you I want to like run up and like like like like like like how hard would you have to push to knock over a whole grocery store
let Library what you know I feel like I understand the library like like like feeling like like I feel like I know when I look at a library shelf like what what I would have to push to make it happen but I don’t even know but also it’s like that feels profane lady
I think if you went at the bread that the bread aisle that would be the lightest one cuz you can’t take her to the ground or if they just like ya did anyone at work in a grocery store here you working
you worked at a Super Target super Target
please welcome our first kiss Super Target been played
yep I said that
what’s your name scooter scooter okay self-contained underwater play
my birthday is Matt but I’m from a place that had like too many mats using scooter or is it
SKU Tienda SuperTarget talk
tell us about it
reason but there are several different types of Target there is the normal Target
it would be terrifying there is a CP fraiche Target in those are the ones that are out here with herb and demographic I think that I think I think peace and to produce so it’s like it’s a slightly bigger at Target that has a produce section and a relatively big grocery section in the Super Target has a full grocery section including like a bug of butcher deli acknowledge maker at Target so you work to the Super Target you’ve worked around these shelving units and grocery stores things have so you’ve used it to the floor and if you move the only kind of fix the floor is like that the frozen section that you mentioned that they they do have a lot of like electrical stuff that they are they all down all the other shows are just really bottom-heavy if we do like around like a seasonal time like like
the best trivia team is incredibly bottom-heavy that’s the way that you get us and that is how you’re supposed to set up the Shelf there are people that is their job at Target or a Snicker saying it like they’re like they were like certain parts of the store where it sits there like we really want it this way and then there are certain things are like well you have flexibility here and then ask things like sell out like in the store we can’t have empty shelves so people have to go around and then decide how we’re going to flex out the shelves
Super Target
an insane thing about Target is like the I think the smoking is like I expect more pay less but the corporate slogan is the greatest company ever
don’t know where you see but you don’t like in the back room or if you go in the break room there are these posters on the wall like 1984 where is Target’s headquarters in like Minnesota to walk at somewhere somewhere up north and it’s just a giant enemy Target logo in big bold letters
God himself couldn’t destroy talking while for some sad reason you have to go to Target you have to go get the thing you got God damnit I need a I need a I need a trash can for my kitchen I got to go to fucking Target and then it’s the most depressing afternoon if your life is so it’s not Super Target though when I was around when you is right when I was getting my first like steps into like I have an apartment there whatever that like I have a property I need a plunger I need a dish rack Target in Wisconsin it was it was like that is the synagogue you go to to you know a cheese manhood
Empire are like picking your dish rack in your like there’s eight kinds of of of brush that I thought just grew out of my mom
and that I now realize I need this is like this shit every where I owe mom used to brush there’s a brush Island Target Cove in the woods prefer for me I’m sure there’s other stores and accomplish that fact that your job description that are very hilarious kind of yeah so I started as a cashier and then and that is genuinely the worst job I’ve ever had to deal with people, constantly end in their main they can help people I can make the jokes and those get annoying very quickly like a drink if you’re just a little bit too slow scanning something the person will go I guess it’s free and you just want you like you really wanted this kind of throw in the bag of Europe it is and I was feeling
I know this guy really he’s really trying to work hard so and not just not talk to you I did I volunteer to be trained on the cart Pusher in the parking lot so I put the sizes and I went and did that and I did I guess service you were a cashier and then you’re like can I go and can I go push carts
really bizarre was Keith David out there is a heard by one of your higher-ups your team leads calling a customer or start a guest a customer you’ll get a talking to
what is 17% 17 % about how when you’re so old you have to die all right what was I got a full plate tonight your lovely I don’t think we could have done it to our Target show at a charismatic you’re full of steam let’s have a hand for scooter
is there a very fresh face like a Boy Scout energy I like scooter in Target didn’t crush this all seems like that’s a horrible Peter Jose briefly when I was 17 and it was the worst worst way to go down to check the bottom-heavy kind of makes make more sense like the scooter if if if you me and Dan ran with all of our Mike towards let’s call it the bread aisle at the center of the highest highest center of gravity and we just tried to knock it over could three people knock it over
how many people would it take to knock over a full tank and start a domino effect down the download link
did you hear that
did you hear that America
the ownership class has thought about it have you
your move
but don’t name me a name

how do I get to okay all right all right I was really compelled to talk about Lena Dunham tonight I can sum it up just leave her alone fuck you if you’re like trying to burn her at the stake okay moving out you can Google at our friend Linehan was here last week and I’ve noticed him tweeting about something something about about Miss Dunham and then I went down a rabbit hole Googling what’s he talking about he’s undergoing what I would describe as a Salem level of like a Witch Hunt and I guess that’s a Hot Topic but I don’t imagine we have a lot of people in the audience going on
I think it’s more of a right-wing left-wing saying which I also don’t give a fuck about but it’s like sometimes there are moments in this in this in this culture in our new #e does social justice like awareness of each other out everything’s involving there are moments when there are things that you could do that are brave and there are things I have to do Brave things but I would urge people to knock over the bridge run everything that you’re about to do or say through a little one item checklist which is is this do I risk anything by saying or doing this because if you don’t then it’s not brave
I mean I just just just Google it I think it’s what is happening to her is fascinating and she is a creative she shares things you things you explore each thing there are people who don’t like young women with power I’m not being I’m not trying to get a jump on the bandwagon if I think it’s actually there are times when it’s actually difficult to be a feminist there are times when it’s difficult to be Progressive when it and I think that she’s being ganged up on right now it took me a very long time to get to the bottom of what was going on there was a lot of shit on the surface that threatens to suffocate like what what is actually what it was what the deal is I heard you to explore it because I think it’s edifying I think it’s very interesting and I won’t I won’t bother with any more time with that cuz there’s probably a million podcast to talk about it you can you can do your own exploring but
ultimately it’s like what are we doing why is it that when these things come up what what is it in us what is it at our national psyche where we when we hear about for instance the topic of sexual assault or rape that we that we we what muscle is it in a box is where we have to figure out if it’s right or wrong or provable or all these things like what are we doing is a question that needs to be asked it doesn’t have to come down to some Battlefield where your four against anything what what is important as is what it is at like like all of these you know that this is the last week when we talked we were talking about police brutality and all these things the questions that we emerged with other important things to ask what is the role of police and I thought it was like like what what is what is the point when somebody talks about sexual assault talks about rape weather there
talking about it with an air explore whether their dance around that that hot fire what is there a responsibility are we supposed to are we policing it and what is our what is our role why is it that we respond in certain ways to certain people just spent the day going on a rabbit hole as I as as our friend Graham said in his tweet I think the if you can judge people by who who their enemies are I think you know Lena Dunham is why I can’t remember how we put it she’s she’s she’s Christ I don’t know that’s not what he said but she’s Christmas questions now we can put that off till after New Year’s
sniffers I don’t like people who sniff things okay
give me a price on that one I don’t like no not not until you explain sniffers to me there’s people who would love to talk to his sniffer I dated a sniffer once I didn’t know what you’re talkin about my day today. Even though they know they’re going to smell bad like why are you why did you do that it’s like a thing you found in a mailbox
let’s bring out and I want the muffin to that muffin muffin muffin
I don’t understand yet there are people who up like obsessively leave everything there about to eat they sniffed and sniffed like shit that they find like like like like like what is this thing on the side of the napkin dispenser like like like like brown I don’t know why are you sniffing I think it’s like some kind of tick that that you have to sniff things you want to talk about sniffing for the rest of my life let’s talk about sniffing with my compulsions to bring up both guests at once so that we can do it
I got it yeah yeah yeah if you sit too close to me then it means you’re gay oh yeah this stuff before against his stance I don’t understand I don’t even like when people are choosing muffins and then to sniff it like don’t take some of those muffins
Lake Starbucks they have a my account or you can just look at him and smell like I I don’t like sniffers on whether you like some gum or something on it and I’ll send I’ll snip it
I kind of want to not talk at all for the rest of the show that sit in silence for an hour and I’ll go home
tell me an amazing like thing to do for his birthday gift of showing him what would happen if everyone just listens
and it would be like time enough at last on the glasses break you know exactly is just like Everyone likes Lily walk up and be like I keep nodding unless that
block block Trotter’s
I always felt like
do you know when you’re at a party in a couple people are talking and then someone yells out something from across the room and it kind of kills the conversation
that’s not happening here
we do what we do have a more open for matter and its Adam Goldberg that’s his role is to be annoyed by it what do you think of Adam Goldberg I’ve never I don’t really know what the issues are you something one thing real quick about Target this week I was at this was a Brooklyn Target and this to me in compass his Target and Brooklyn Emily was walking around and get a pen in her hand and this guy yelled at her he was like why you got a pain in your head you’re not at work that’s Target
Target Target
are you Adam
I’m I’m starting to see the issues that take now I think I I think I’m getting caught up and see you I’m with you or talented and so good and it’s it’s it’s it is so gross what is the disgusting part about whether something is or is it to his writer is wrong methodology that people try to use when they attack people like is very telling that is very disgusting like the grosses me out it really is like it sums it up to say I want an important person is she really fucking is forcing me to come out of the ground on all sides all around because I know who had any idea that this was that this was still needed to be resolved like this idea that you can’t as a
awesome stuff for the next 50 years it’s it’s I really like a contest with their note8 and I’m a genius choices that I would it would it would not be instinctive for me to make which is what an important writer does I feel that way about Woody Allen I feel that way about just like the Raiders and I really respect like I want to watch a Coen Brothers movie when she’s a good writer and that I would easily before I would even touch all of this Ridiculousness I was political fucking socio-psychological bulshit I will definitely be easily in a court of law prove to you that she’s a good writer or your money back and that is why I guess the elitist side of me is a little invoked when people gang up on her particularly for stings
because if you were a writer with a stutter if you are a writer with a limp if you were you you could you you’re you’re the things that made it harder for you to to wake up in the morning even though it would you will your work and make it important to other people it wouldn’t also be like the thing that people could throw at you but for women writers in this modern world it’s like they’re half the population and it’s not a disability to be a woman and yet it gets thrown at you that you can make people angry is becoming very clear to me and I three years ago I wouldn’t be having this conversation I wouldn’t be stealing the way that I feel about this but it’s just like everything is coming to the surface you can just make people angry just by being a woman you really doing that plus
doing something like writing a television show writing a book interview but the CEO of Yahoo I forget her name I think it’s Melissa Marissa Mayer and the interviewer described in great detail what you was wearing like that would never happen to a dude you don’t even think of it but talking about how she thinks you know I was on Fox news on one of these shows and at this de piggy host of the show made this comment about one of the female fox personalities that she wasn’t showing as much skin as she normally does me a fucking weird right now what a creepy joke but it wasn’t a joke she came back later changed with more cleavage showing because it was a series order that she was given by the house
play laughing at something other than that’s amazing what I’m saying is Google the shit and like spend 30 minutes because it’s kind of a study in history that’s happening around you right now and I because I honestly do a 41 year old person with my full faculties in my ability to Google stuff I went from hearing some shit to figuring out what the truth was it took me on an ordinate Lee long time and the truth is like I mean you just might have to do a whole podcast to talk about it but the bottom line is the is the is just it’s there’s a crashing like toward people that people want that needs to be addressed their neither the one you think he’s not science is not argument it’s not debate this isn’t like an ancient Rome like platformer it’s like well as logical or it’ll think you’re hot
it’s not true you hate you you don’t like something you’re angry and I and I think I have felt that too and I think I can understand it but I think that it’s like you have to look at moments of opportunity to to reverse or at least like let go of shit that is inexplicably driving you at because before you know it you’re like you’re like passionate about something and it doesn’t make any sense that you’re passionate about it that you’re lately like he like yelling at somebody and you’re using your your full like you and all of your academic research like wave a book in your hand and like yell at somebody about logic is flawed argument and all the stuff but it’s like it doesn’t matter anything you’re saying the whole reason why you went down that road with your booking with your IQ has to do with some weird moment with your mom and your kitchen kind of exhilarating
dislike this fucking like a twenty-eight-year-old responsible for any kind of responsible opinions yeah I would have led to Chevy Chase voicemail and some Flex pants called me an ass hole and I will almost kill myself definitely almost left the country I I was a 40-year old white man never had any problems with his life and my is a pretty good mood it’s great it’s grainy that’s great the underhills but I didn’t do anything all right
they were babies 49 years ago I saw what he sold me on Gotham did you do did you have a run-in with a sniffer recently that brings this up I sniffed some milk coming out of the fridge and I thought is it a drag when you have to have to sniff milk cuz it’s sniffing a debasing horrible experience where you’re like sniffing to do it maybe. I thought of having milk in your fridge to milk eggs
Google Lena Dunham learn about misogyny and stop and it starts sniffing milk and stop sniffing everything else even if it’s good milk smells horrible it’s like he’s always organic you always know it’s written in what other animal are there are grown up still drinking milk let alone another fucking species milk
not a lot of fighter jeans at 2 to still drink milk after it’s been crazy people do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no one misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thor on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so there’s always a little tea in a flight better than beerus men and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
he’s he’s a he’s a continuation of my unsung heroes segment which I started with Lena Dunham of unsung heroes
what was that Lena Dunham pretty song as a hair out of she’s fine by the what’s your favorite song of theirs John sniffer I think that sound down for whatever
you guys what happened to Russell Brand what happened about how when he was born and he complained about class the class system people call them what I can’t remember what he said then
give me because probably because it reminded them of the harmontown Phantom things that I kind of Express because I’m a I’m a privileged I’ve cheated the system I live at the top I’m not 1% sure but I am I my fucking I got a guy that mows my lawn months back when I was at you know I was like a ranting a lot about capitalism sometimes the response is light as it is a like fuck you don’t you give all your money away then I don’t like fucking horseshit power to some other dude that I like what I want you to respond to me hide some somewhere that says the that I immediately reached it exactly it was like and I talked about class people
call me a hater
bitter bitter bitter a hater I’ll be a hypocrite hypocrite right nobody wants to talk about class and I retweeted it and you know what
oh that yeah I know that’s okay thank you from the ocean of humanity this is just a 10 or 20 people just kind of just responding back to go leg I think maybe it’s possible that I want to hear from fucking Russell bread so you don’t have to legally the weird thing is like I spent all of the time up until his disappearance from the earth and which which is one of my question is around going why is he popular movie where did he go is he now blacklisted he wrote a book that didn’t do well here and I think he went back so it wasn’t because he became
sorry didn’t work out smart and very funny and very nice eloquent he’s on his shirt have buttons on it but he wasn’t using any of them was so low I like it was below his belt it didn’t even need to be button because it because it was with more or less shirtless the whole time and when you talk to me and you talk to women like he was just break
RSM for me that was for sale in like he kind of make you feel like you’re about to get maybe made out with my back by next heroin users exciting loaded mechanism by which anyone who lives a privileged lifestyle like an actor who happens to be a celebrity who should be so thankful for the lifestyle they’ve been granted by the government / people black people Magazine’s life government magazine until they’re dead the minute they talk about anything other than the red carpets and what they’re wearing it off if I say anything that’s like a some sort of opinion the political or anything
6 billion is pretty high number I think it’s fine to say to him what you got a pic that number has been 911 whenever you think of six million thanks a lot way to go to Germany. I think what is a number on the check for the hotel you have the right to say I did not enjoy Liam Neeson’s opinion about breast cancer that you can have it all right if I could you do
but our instinct to do sell collectively is I’m telling you like when you do that your side are you on here in the sight of all it look like I just keep the pants look like when you when you when you when you tell someone to shut up when you tell someone that they should be less ambitious when you tell someone that they should be less ignorant would it look like ignorant a hugely important thing in all life it is the thing that happens before knowing things is different from intolerance ignorance when you meet someone who just doesn’t know something yet it’s the way you’re going to find out that they don’t know it yet is by big fucking Flappy mouth when we discourage that that’s what we just what chickens are doing when they’re attacking a paper ball on the floor who don’t tell the kittens
you can’t eat that Ginger kitten whole
be a more efficient kitten wheel of experimentation and play Wii it is vital to us as a species when we discourage it we are can we not just realize that you if you look to see if you could be when you’re saying something to someone if it’s not something that Snickers would disagree with big big stickers big stickers you can still say it cuz maybe Snickers isn’t wrong about everything
but are you a hero what do you think Liam Neeson stance on breast cancer is dead
does Leo hey I know you’re horrible controversial. It doesn’t matter if you have breast cancer
wolves matter if he’s going to do you think that Liam Neeson was into wolves before that movie or the movie was made around with wacky I think it was accommodate it was like Rob Schneider can’t get a break I think it was probably talked in a lot of the scene that like hey Rob you know we’re going to kill you that too I’m very passionate about the movie you’re making the Wolf movie
yeah is that a one type of exactly and the last thing I would remind you of the show but I also like that the people making the movie are calling it bad wolves be so dismissive tone in a fight one phone call yeah alright well so Rob Schneider
so everybody can expect celebrities have to waive anything at all at once in a while they were there will be a celebrity who is thoughtful and intelligent will say something that I actually mean something that shouldn’t matter on the face of like I’m not at face value it’s crazy I don’t like Charles Barkley said something about how he was with Charles Barkley thinks about this
if you’re more famous than the type that you look like like how is that was Charles Barkley I know exactly what that is like
nice to meet ya black man I met Charles Barkley in Portland after during the showing time and we are going to the bar closed down and being best friends with Michael Jordan that was like the coolest night he was a nice guy gambling problem and I talked about being best friends with Michael Charles Barkley tell stories about being friends with Michael Jordan which is which is a Michael Jordan story is even he’s named tell us a story about Jesus himself
basketball all local news anchors are all the women that work in the local news channel in Portland apparently friends because where I was sitting next to him we got to go to another bar that’s open the last of this is you and I have to fuck some of these women
I’m like are you married is like
you’re like a little like a Tauntaun
I sure enough a fucking ATM if I can move it Street Machine fucking full-on windowless white van glamorizing I got the wagon man
are you going to do the rope trick
he’s a welder who likes to do with the human lampshade right now
girl fucking a full-out a team black van with a sliding door like an old-school fucking like I may be Prejudiced and it’s not Charles Barkley
see if it’s just some dude got a broom yeah he was just profiling a broom exactly news casters are just like three cats he was certainly a large black man he was a large black men are the six black newscaster women maybe you just gave a random dude, these women cuz he thought he was Charles Barkley career not I got Charles Rockley late that night we got people who founded it
quit Star Wars man with a big head in Russell Brand not there he dropped off the face of the Earth there’s no more we can walk there’s no we’re not walking anywhere baby I got the van and he puts his arm around me in a very like a dominating fashion you’re going with me tonight Jeff
bike training day give me a like a triple vodka cranberry something awesome and instantly leaves with him
he’s gone he goes up there for a minute and then we’re up there hanging out and I go up to go to the bathroom
I’ll be right back and then came back and then when I came back he was gone he just took off and left while he got me in the van I do like the idea of him like stuff like thinking experiences black people soon as I joined the Phoenix Suns I don’t know he also had some spousal abuse stuff you know he’s got stuff you’re still talking with sports deal-breaker
I want to I want I want to go into
is that it sounds like he’s our old friend our friend of the show seek Donnelly who I thought he had a massive eruption of bullshit in his brain when was the medical term it was he wasn’t an aneurysm will let him describe it for a second but actually I think it might just be the explanation he came back now I’m stuttering one describing it as he came back into the Green Room in his stutter was like like his verbal Center and I would I thought about bringing him up that night but I’m telling you it was just like to it was like it’s too frustrating for him to talk tracking this guy’s Adventures since since we met them and at night
oh my God he’s off this thing happening you he’s pretty fucked up but he’s he’s here tonight and he’s he’s he’s going to go to see his mom for Christmas and his secret you here can you come up
I wanted to touch base with you and send you off for the holidays because of so many people were so concerned about you when I tweeted that stuff because it was a tragedy but you talk now you sound better
thank you I want to say thanks everyone everyone who wrote they said nice things to me I don’t I didn’t know I had such an impact on people it was a it was an eye-opener for me I think I knew that when we talked about the kickstarter and everyone Fund in a day and that was the first time it really clicked with me but then to see a lot of people respond on Reddit and and and on Twitter and personal messages it just I I just want to say it being Armenian has been like the best thing ever and you guys are all really awesome people yeah
there’s like a crazy thing that you said to me in the green room cuz the first time we met you the first conversation we had with you on stage we talked about the tragedy which I remember like Aaron was like crying cuz they’re like like she heard it for the first time on stage that you’re when you had your catch you up for whatever reason he’s a medical phenomenon has had multiple aneurysms and has survived them but has no guarantee that he won’t continue to have them at has gone through experimental treatment at the hands of these people and then there was an episode where she said that he told these people who had been experimentally treating is aneurysms which had had some results but that ultimately there was a point where you said For Better or For Worse I am ending this chapter I’m going forward into a world without this particular treatment where they put these coils in in and stuff like that and then you and then you went off
and leave it like okay godspeed what’s going to happen now because it’s because as you said like as you were off the treatment like your memories are starting to happen to your visual centers are starting the light up
use it this the tragedy that happened to recently was actually one of these coils blue one of the coils which is rare that this would happen without and punctured another piece of my brain and it it was a Sunday night and I I remember waking up screaming and and we’re was taken to the to the ER and they weren’t my normal doctor so they did a CT scan and a MRI didn’t find anything but I knew something was wrong so I kept screaming about pain and then I left for to go do a comic book signing in Arizona while in pain The Show Must Go On. Pretty much cuz they kept telling me nothing was wrong and sometimes I have things that are psychological so I will go okay maybe this is one of those things I’m not in pain and then I came back the next day from Arizona and
couldn’t talk I almost at all and then I felt trapped because that happened to me when my the first aneurysm rupture and I’ve had $0.09 and luckily none ruptured so so the coil slid out of the ninth one and punctured a piece of my brain and my brain my brain bleed for 5 days until I went back to the doctor on install my doctor second time and they found the problem but at that point it was too late the damage was done the bleeding stopped but luckily it wasn’t a lot but just enough to build up I guess break a levy or something but the good the good news is that like like like when you came up you can really read over that night should do an impression of it like like because it sounds like it was like
like you if you were going to get get get get get get it like you couldn’t couldn’t say a single word without H is it must be like trapped trapped in a coffin year was I mean yeah it was to me it was awful I am mean and I met I mean I I feel weird complaining about it cuz I when I go to the hospital to deal with these things I meet people were way worse and I’m part of aneurysm groups where people are way worse so I try not to let that keep me grounded of how much I complain about it you know so much perspective we take so much for granted I was complaining of people telling me on Twitter to like stick to my jokes and then
that’s fine now that’s all real
I’m a man is all of us figuring out how that that we should be using a metric by which everyday we wake up in bed if we don’t have everything and I’m not saying that I’m not saying that what I’m saying is having perspective for me is it’s really helps you see the big picture and just cuz you know people are starving in Africa doesn’t mean you can get pissed about being stuck in a traffic jam I’m not saying that that’s what I do
which I forgot to talk about that is number one on my list of shit
it’s a fucking Hummer but I think for obviously we all have problems and relative to us those are big problems but to hear you talk about some of the issues you had ended to hear you say that you don’t think those issues are as major as what someone else has like that’s very inspiring and it’s just good to have respect for your memory still the same are you making memories again or no I’m going to see my mom I haven’t seen her in a couple years I own this ionis
this is all from Dan my mom we kind of grew apart when I didn’t have any memories of her so she didn’t know how to handle that and I don’t blame her new little head no but no old memories no childhood memories nothing no I mean
I don’t I didn’t get visual you know so it so I can turn them know that she was my mom but I have felt it but you don’t conjure up an individual I can and I I mean I know what n t looks like in Adam Goldberg looks like there’s pros and cons to everything
I don’t know what it sounds like
shut the fuk up
I like it the chief but not lock thing show up
he gets the green light sabers Easy Shot Easy Shot Superman fan Big Star Wars fan so my mom is a we had this connection recently where she said did you I said Mama remember you and I used to drive it will look whenever she had extra money on it and she’s like two different toy stores and trying to find the artoo-detoo that like was the rare figure in the side or the slave Leia covariant or whatever and and so we recently had been buying Star Wars figures together like me on the Easter here West Coast and her in the east coast and it’s kind of rebuilt this like connection with us and and so she’ll send me pictures of the stuff she’s buying which are waiting for me when I go home and I’ve been in
Grambling I’m like look at that to my mom found me and it just kind of gave my Instagram a purpose besides like pictures of my dog has almost every memory of her I think and it’s so it’s been coming back to you you said like you you’re you’re and I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing should be celebrated like Reese Witherspoon date did you are in a Sleepless state that you can’t sleep right now your brain is that’s bad that your mind is exploding with with with you you don’t you can’t tell the difference between dreams and memories right now is my really good friend of mine and she and I can now close my eyes and I can see what she looks like she’s not even in the room where is it
we try to figure out what that even meant before we were learning to draw because you are an artist watch visual memory in your head like couldn’t see that now you can’t not see things are you close your eyes is because because I’ve been remembering things that aren’t good things either you know like I I I mean I never thought I never thought I was a good person like I grew up pretty broken piece of dad you know like a poor ran away from home got into drugs I was a narc like a really crazy thing wow and you are an arc in Atlanta do I say it’s buried in Central Park
yeah so I remember when you when you forget your life it’s easy to reset and be a good person because I feel like deep down we all want to be good people and so it was easy for me but now it’s I am like I people don’t you know like I don’t go out as much anymore I stay a recluse in my apartment because I’m afraid because I start remembering all these things that I Michael will that guy ever come back you know or if now that he’s now that I know or am I smart enough now I’ve done enough good now I’ve given more than I’ve taken like that I am I okay am I in the clear you know so I so I’ve been struggling a lot lately
brought me in and out of depression and brought me you know a lot of places mostly I couldn’t go before because I had emotional problems so not like us as far as you know knowing when to be sad and when the right time to be sad I had issues with that now I know when to cry I know when to be upset and so to know that and to know like the good and bad things you’ve done in your life and to know that there are people out there that are like those things like private you know like I just it’s like a lot to digest so do you think that people should
always be transparent about every scrap of Darkness inside of them or do you think it’s important for us to hold on to the things protect them guard them have shameful things that lie I mean I don’t I don’t know if that’s a good question I think it’s
even take a case-by-case like I think I think like for me I I probably won’t share some of those things but I will try to make amends with someone who I think I’ve wrong on a personal level and secretly with them and just hope that’s enough and and I will let you know that I mean I think it’s just case-by-case me I I’ve lived these past five years you know I’ll be in I’ll be thirty-three and may next year they’ll be my essentially my fifth birthday and this new life and I I want to keep going with this new life I want to look at the mistakes I’ve made and I think that everyone everyone who’s made a mistake they can just you look at it you dissect it every morning you wake up you have a practically Woodforest that weld to all the stuff that we were talking about with the online culture it’s like you do have an opportunity every morning to wake up to Country just go you know what
me I may not be reacting with sure like regular shit I thought I thought might what I thought was my neutral gear actually is like a weird gear that that was like handed to me by somebody above me or my past and actually there is a true neutral and you can just leave it at that that’s a I don’t I’m not a doctor but I doubt that you’ll be overtaken in your wildest dreams that would happen we would love to have evil stick back come back and tell us how women should I remember now
the crazy thing is I think all of the women found out the Hulk and go I love that guy
I’m glad he’s back I’m glad he didn’t want to be able to have all your memories back but to to be able to say it is right now whether I am a good person or I or do I do well on the bad things that I did and we should all wake up tomorrow morning and say fuck all the bed should I did listen to start being good from here forward and like an absolutely just control alternate delete and reset everything don’t feel ashamed of all the things that you do you want to go back and make amends for wrongs you’ve done people but I think you’d find it that’s probably a very small part of you like people are forgiving I learn that you know pretty recently and I think I think I wake up every morning with the question of like a like a like because I like I said I’m part of a aneurysm groups I meet other people I go to hospitals and and and was at
on point part of the liquor monthly group that we met
and I see that I’m I’m doing much better than a lot of people know another people doing better than me too but so I wake up every day going what what can I do that they can’t but should be done you know what what can I do for them to help spread a message or help in or do something good light a fire under somebody who needs inspiration you know like how can I give and I think if we wake up every day with that I think I mean I think then we will stop giving a shit about people like what is you know Kevin Costner I think about this or are you know who cares what Christian Bale is think about the new Batman like who gives a shit that’s not news like there’s a new Batman whipped it is a new Batman every five years I’ll be Batman in 5 years
doesn’t the fact that you just spoke for a couple minutes without stuttering a single time in a while and just recently you couldn’t talk it’s amazing and that’s the miracle of our podcast

and you at home if you’re watching we need your money
unless you want speak on other people to continue to suffer sign the back of your Social Security check and mail it in to harmontown
I was going to ask you how I don’t know how brains work how is meteor how how are your memories coming back it’s interesting that it was in there wasn’t that I was going to just you couldn’t access that do you know how it’s all kind of stuff feels overtime especially the mind and so sometimes it’s it’s it’s not like one set spot where everything is in your brain it’s different for everyone so it’s that’s why I think like I don’t know I I meant to say I want to get too out there with this but I look at a very good blend of the Supernatural and the scientific you know like I feel like I’m surrounded by that a lot because I feel like I’ve dodged more bullets and I I would have if I was a God in charge I would have given me. Would you mean like when the tissue is damaged the memories that that tissue is responsible for go offline but when the tissue heals then those men
like reappear in the hard drive every case but in some cases it seems where it was damaged it was just the link going to metal guy was the damaged part so now when things kind of rewire and rewire around the damaged things are coming together a lot of toothpaste we have on our head that’s some of that I mean I’m not allowed to talk about most of it but some of the research stuff I’ve been part of is a is that kind of stuff it’s after doing the research
researched Powers man you can’t talk about that they didn’t remember that to know they’ll have to fire
are they going to sue you that was evil seeks out that we are at I want it I want it I want to get my wife and my dungeon master out of here pretty quickly if I say before you go out for the holidays I know my boss would let me to plug something but instead I’d rather everyone here just do something nice for somebody for the holidays give to Farrell audio if you can donate a brain aneurysm Foundation where the Joe Niekro Foundation Dustin’s giving you the finger right now so I wasn’t doing that I’m sure he agrees with you
thank you for having me
tell your mom we said hi
Kathleen Spencer Crittenden
oh shit
no shit
you smell like a million bucks for the delicious Bob Trotter the bog Trotters that Antiquated as a derogatory term for Irish Irishman
well as it’s a man of Irish descent we do snip a lot of shit that I ruined send your comments to at Walterboro
it says time to attend for the segment is he hire angry
wait what segment
as our way for the things are are you are you are you high or mad both let me tell you guys something when he’s that’s fucking podcast goal but alright I’m kidding I’m just this is all I’m just putting it on for the audience it’s not it’s not Target them with a picture is it a Gateway are you coping is there a gay way there is a gateway have you gone through it and Russell Brand he’s not off the map he hasn’t fallen off the map at all he’s become a lot a lot of very politicized and he has his own YouTube TV show its like The O’Reilly Factor but with Russell Brand falling off the Mad Hatter
give me a real gram for that a good is there an ambulance Channel on YouTube come back I resent that very much
what do you mean about his channel
the NAB light me and then ambulance because he’s trying to make a political difference in the shirt that you say everything was good I said nothing bad about him either he’s not falling off he’s not falling off Russell I know I know
me and rice
Rusty I call him Rusty arrested Rockets I was suspicious that he was being targeted and punished by Lena Dunham you know we just know how to listen in the back of your head
not okay he’s getting his memories back where the time but just took 20 minutes ago so it’s not I have to catch up Russell Grant art Target Medford Lakes and this guy can kill your character in anytime yeah well I mean they bolted the ones that borders down and those are the same concept you know shelves with product on them
before the building code thing with books on them you’ve got a real Andy Rooney but I don’t know who’s Andy Rooney about that turn on a podcast that has someone over 30 on it they’re referencing option at a reference I don’t understand I’d like people to reference things I do understand
what’s with so how small is an ant Andy Rooney was a guy in 60 minutes in one of those brilliant piece has a very solid spy magazine existed is they created a column that was a on one side it was Andy Rooney comments and on the other side was Jerry Seinfeld bits who is who it was it was tough stuff
just keep saying that in different ways look how funny I asked the question where’s the sock in the dryer I found the sock
sweaters did you guys know that you can measure the passage of time by how many buttons are on button
Russell Brand
how did that happen that they were kind of buttons work if they don’t pop off before they just unbutton themselves before they before they pop off the button.
you can do it by the way that is doing things I didn’t think it could do
oh my God
holy shit I want to open it it does another like damn face on it
those are really good commercial for subscribing to the video see if you’re listening right now and you didn’t get to see what I just did
let’s play something I’ve been away for a very long time we place a little DND please I don’t know that’s terrible things happened to my character so yeah so many what are we doing the indeed it’s a game where you roll dice and I we we portray a character
if I can wow yeah this you missed a lot Jeff you missed a lot don’t be angry with me man I group three more testicles
wild wild Spencer’s
tell us about a leader in Hollywood Palace employees can just wear any old red shirt
stores star start at the interstate so you’re saying that a p fresh the best company ever
you mean I can wear a red shirt of any kind no matter where I go
I was I was walking I was an automotive Section 8 in a hurry trying to find something and this guy walked up to me and he’s like yeah and he’s like okay can you tell me where the blood was found with him and found it with him
and the entire time I was waiting for him to say something and he is sure to leave and say like I’m going to continue that is really weird that guy was that unwilling to say in the moment
if you’re eating to ask someone individually for help if you’re flirting with you possibly like he was like I don’t want the transaction to be over anyway like I don’t think that you haven’t read the game that’s what turns a woman on like a light pressure why you so mad right now I hate to see you like this you guys are talking to Target
they make a fine a fine product do you get high before the show during the show when do your backstage
call permutations suggest doing it federally okay I have a prescription come get me know you don’t hate he doesn’t it I’m so lazy that the feds would find nothing on your car except my everybody
start pictures I don’t think I have it in my in my wallet but I’m so proud of it cuz I look I’ve always felt like it when I looked at the phone I was like this is a billboard for a Jason Sudeikis movie about getting a pot card I didn’t get a card I just got a sheet that said with the doctor at 6 mother and I also like I said was that the most liked eyebrow yo mama I fuck your mama jokes
what is the mother you don’t have to you can just say I remember your mama
too soon after likely to fight with a bag of a pharmacy bag with marijuana in it with a receipt stapled to it that said Visa with it like I bought it with a credit card
hot because I’m sick and I need medicine
and capitalism and democracy necessitates the pot today likely to be like walk you down there like the step through it came down to it. Can you give me pot pot dungeon master what are you
I’m not sure if I’m doing it or if I just don’t know yet what your premise is Desert how high are you into a pot store at and you’re describing me walking into dispensary
you’re walking into a pot store there’s magazines you got to sign in
special things to change that I saw your last man
it’s these testicles prescriptions email maybe Dan doesn’t want to talk to him about this but shut up prescription giggling deficiency is what it came down to you know who you mean, I don’t think I want to
where is the eagle Fusion call eight-year-old can you surprise a little time to get the questions let’s just say I top psychiatrist
so that season 6 could get done he was harder for me to get up at 11 past it I’m a little medicine people do this all the time and it’s it’s signed off on by doctors everywhere and politicians everyone loves it it’s you know overdoses are one of the leading cause of preventable death in America and everyone’s just smiling about it I don’t there’s nothing to be ashamed of except America
it is I think we have the title of our episode I thought this is just you know yeah
well I mean damn
part of it is that you’re not sure seems like a secret the way it came out something is wrong with my chest my enlarged lymph nodes in my sarcoidosis to the doctor
3-balls I’m doing fine by the way I found out he’s fine this isn’t
or do you want to wait until you’re healed
I don’t think so which I think is just a hardening of the cartilage there is a large lymph nodes in my trachea that I have to get biopsied because they have to rule out sarcoidosis which is only fatal 5% of the time all right now you’re all caught up and then they have to like they’re going to put a stick in my truck grab some cells and then diagnose or not diagnose sarcoidosis if they diagnose it then it’s a it’s a simple like it’s 95% chance I’ll live to dice and then it’s like five rules to critical hit by God to die
maybe God autocorrect there is no you don’t have to wait for the 20 if you guys
I haven’t I haven’t looked in the large lymph nodes which are battling something that they have to find out what they’re bad people surviving
I’m sorry but also in the meantime I did pop by a doctor who I did tell I have trouble reading books you do and I see him at work just cuz you’re lazy will you like his type messages yeah he’s My Chauffeur and I think that he needs it more than a lot of people I’ve seen get adderal and give it to me so what’s the
not for not for Dan for my personal use in the past sorry I wasn’t clear prescription drugs kill more people than any other drug any illegal drug all of it and it’s everyone’s fine with that everyone’s fine with a people person he needs it
that are using it you know to kill themselves and he’s using it responsibly so are these problems and do work you know creative work work that requires a lot of ours who have serious add oftentimes take medicine to treat that Edie I don’t why is this so controversial good overall Pharmaceuticals big overprescribed problem in America and it’s a problem that a lot of people actually hurt themselves with whereas Dan feels guilty about this responsible usage because I’m taking advantage of a drug-dealing Nation I actually need the drug store hours 3 hours sometimes is really unhealthy with or without at all that’s the that’s that’s a fact
that just happens that’s workaholism that’s something that there is no drug for accept that money you know I didn’t want to die I want I wanted to bring it up on my own time I was excited because I don’t feel like a whistleblower because it and I answered three questions on the doctor said you definitely have a DD which I don’t think doctors are supposed to say about anything ever
wait what what were the questions that I asked you what’s this like I’m genuinely curious I feel like I feel like I’m kind of like
already I don’t think that they’re the questions you need to triangulate add as a diagnosis I don’t think what you think about Russell Brand I said honestly like I felt like like like honestly it’s but you know people giving me adderal the past I had taken it and had a speedy affected kept me up and that recently liked it actually had like more of a focusing effect like I’m actually able to get work done instead of like not wanting to get work done and then I’m actually also nicer to Aaron like I I V find myself, a likely kind of like like like besides if I take 10 mg I will actually like I don’t know like I’m a little more respectful to her I’m embarrassed about it because it’s a pharmaceutical
helps them I honestly don’t know but I don’t think the guy qualified to use this drug before and it helped you and people are depressing to take drugs then it makes them better I don’t want to think that my personality is I don’t know I don’t like that idea because you’re taking a personality is a better dirty Street Adderall you were getting but until now I can understand the season of Community man
it’s going to be great
888 fucking hurts it’s like scraping metal against concrete and but Aaron said that I guess I always say that
yes I feel really bummed about that one time you texted me I was really really upset about that when you texted me I don’t have to talk about that why don’t you were like hey do you want to come and do something all day
after Kumail weight is he going to be on community none of the other Adam Goldberg that you have to land one bit from the audience that’s why he keeps trying
record grasshopper from my hands and the lions
how are you
is that we got them back we got the whole fucking cast here and we’re over time we can’t play it DND now that’s all I mean even starting that late we’re still pretty much why don’t we just say I was going to say why don’t we just
to fill me in on what I missed it will be ready to go for next time I mean they make something so that Spencer is compelled to it is if Spencer did whatever he did but then the next time we see you in the new year he has learned and is ready to start a Shadowrun campaign what does that thing from the date is that what it was from the eighties but now it’s from the temperature right now in the world has returned to an apocalyptically techno.
play Awakening but I don’t know but yeah it’s late but with guns and lasers and racism still have that as a stat like racism 15 or like
1 + 15 Vs Asians
hahaha but yeah just different races you’re more powerful
sorry when you need it the higher races of fat do you need to say something uncomfortable
all right well I’m still learning how to play so it’ll be embarrassing for me from the video game that was around it was really a tease and it was like the cell phones and like thank you
small flashlight there was a fake Internet cell phone picture storage I don’t know if you want music or you recap for me what happened to do is to catch me up-to-date where what’s going on I know I don’t know what happened what’s the last thing you remembered nothing probably safe going back and forth portal jumping through a bucket that was when I was around there was I don’t know what have you went to Rose book
there was Intrigue happening in Rose book with Father Tinder he turned out to be a kind of unsavory sort of figure in your
we were Snuka you were ya someone someone attacked him and killed him had turned out it was him it was just a big trick to lure you guys out he turned into a crazy demon and then he got smoke by the park and then the police came up and they didn’t buy there were like happy about the fact that you guys have killed their mayor and see you guys booked it from the police and then you guys didn’t know what to do for like a long time and you went and talked to a lady named I think Charles who is bathing in the swamp and
bother her while and then you left and then you ran into a fire Elemental in the fire Elemental that doesn’t sound like
but the thing is fire Elementals are made out of fire so course dick melted off
and he had it, he really did live fast Die Young bad. If you can’t stand the heat keep your dick out of the fire Elemental
then it turned out there was a secret magical chart of power is like a plot MacGuffin and it was back in town and it turned out that the frost giant he stole it and Admiral Darkstar went after that guy the the frost Giant and so you guys were like let’s go over there and you were like I don’t know where to go see you met up with a little boy named Lil xan. He turned out to be you know not just a little boy but like a little boy ghosts but despite being a ghost he was a pretty cool guy so he took you guys through the ghost way and then you came out in a forest and ran into some Knowles who are trying to a come up with a with an ambush but they were too slow and so they’re going to fight it seems like they’re going to fight and then it turns out that they just wanted that Blood book that a Sharpie had and they offered to buy it and then Sharpie acquiesced and then he just sold the book and
people say part has been disproved yeah I disprove all stereotypes about things I’m into
it’s nice it says the bearded role player in the super adventure Brothers
thank you very much have a happy holiday will see you in the new year
Kemal John r i Erin mcgathy Harmon Harmon McCarthy
seek Donnelly funeral thank you for coming up and is always Adam Goldberg do you turn off the perennial Adam Goldberg
Center of course
I miss you Spencer
good to see your brother yeah man you too I miss you Jeff I love Jeff Davis I left present I’m going to sniff the shit out of you later up


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