Episode: 133 – DeMorge Do You Know Jamal?


Episode: 133 – DeMorge Do You Know Jamal?


It’s sports corner for all you Superbowl heads, audience member Jamal sheds some light on race and ShadowRun is in full effect.


from Hollywood California Meltdown Comics harmontown is now
please look at this age but they are hunted down
wow I don’t understand Jeff why why why are all these people here it’s the Super Bowl why is there from the Superbowl party that made it just in time we should get another lay right we should do a Sports Corner
sorry I didn’t answer my phone
doing the score
it’s worse than playing sports doing the thing it’s a team actors make she saying got to jump up and down to the work events or just kept yep yep
Dan let me start you off just to patch to Pat’s whatever Pat’s is short for
I’m not going to play that game I get I couldn’t I couldn’t not get that information okay. Going into the game with all the controversy that led up to it everybody there was this year for the Super Bowl
about that the game leading up to the Patriots making it into the Super Bowl with the sum of their balls were under
I did I did see some of that I saw and Craig Craig Ferguson or something that they did a funny video where people are spiking football’s when they photoshop of them just staying put how many said that they’re under inflating the balls and that that made them easier to catch I got that we’re on the same page end of the game show me some pretty eyes and pretty amazing Place towards the end I mean there is there was so much like
in the eleventh hour like you watch a whole game like that point-by-point quarter-by-quarter and you you watching the it usually as you know football is a game of yardage and that’s not always a fun thing to watch it’s not it’s always a dramatic thing to watch in baseball it’s like a lollipop
then it’s a big deal every every batter that comes up has an opportunity to create a story in football it’s a team effort it’s the long-lost American dream you got a quarterback you got a receiver you going to linebacker you got a fat back you got to leave a wide receiver in case the line receiver fails you got it the quarterback to throw the ball and a hot liquid the point is yardage and it’s a it’s an accumulation of that yardage and so we watch that happen tonight the super blood a lot of people a lot of people were turned off by that but in the at the end of the game at the very end of the game
wow dramatic turn of events
for the end zone and the other guys did what they’re supposed to do what they’re supposed to do correct but there was a question about whether they did it right
they did it right but the question but the answer was yes they did it right there was a question of whether or not the guy that had caught the ball had got caught it right there’s always a question about that and that which is why they have the referees out there on the field and in that case and that particular instance the answer to the question did he catch it right was yes he caught it right yeah
so it didn’t matter what it what the other people do
I haven’t seen them in what 10 11 years a few of them a little bit longer than that
I thought that that that that those musicians would appear in that combination expecting a kind of early 90s music Black what kind of rock and roll at the Super Bowl
nothing more than the president for football to come out and throw candy who would have known this Superstar from the mid-90s kind of supermodel day thinking about Cindy Crawford Cynthia Bloomberg did the last name of the girl that was the headliner in a Katy Perry
damn it I thought mixing Katy Perry with those guys like I’m being fed some top 40 bulshit I don’t want to I don’t want to eat bubble gum for a living I don’t know about working man’s dead then it comes goes wrong guitar-driven fucking start of that fucking big black Gentleman Jack
American woman who covered that one time if ever you loved that doesn’t mr. cab driver and it was pretty big I just laid
Lenny Lenny Lenny
black black guy named Lenny black linen
Diana’s a black lady came out I call him black Lenox
who would have thought he’d be with Katy Perry that’s crazy but I don’t have a reason to question his lifestyle got the female rapper came out towards the end
like I didn’t know it was until she said that her name was on the TV I would not have known
call Johnson
amazing it’s like not only talk about ending the culture war and getting back to shopping like it was a great great halftime
I just I thought it said it’s that time of year when we all realized there’s nothing going wrong and then and then whoever it was either the bird people or the fucking Aqua people I don’t know
and it was the important thing is that the is that the right team won cuz it was the team that the corporation that owns it spent the right amount of money aggregating dumb people from colleges around the country who had been passed up through a strep systems and then assembled into a team so that you could overcharge people to watch it generally train people for jingoism in arenas in around the world for treating me about you got to see the Liam Neeson one for apps they were like like gaming apps that was weird I didn’t add for Clash of Clans and and then there was another ad I got sent that was some Game of War
You Got Game Awards thing it was just another thing I like like like I don’t know with Bud Bud Light do anyting didn’t know there was a really a really horrifying one by a Nationwide Insurance I think about your babies going to be be be murdered by your negligence around the house and it was just like don’t let your kids I will save you from that I mean if we haven’t figured out by now that that’s what insurance is is a protection racket I remember when I was like 20 years old of an envelope that I got in the mail there was literally a photo of Christopher Reeves post accident Christopher Reeves on the envelope that said Don’t let what happened to me happen to you and it was an ad for an insurance company with the mafia does in mafia movies
except they have the courtesy to not involve the guy like it would just be a guy in a suit going to happen to you
it’s amazing to me that we haven’t caught on to this yet that that are laws that protect us from the mafia actually if you actually applied them in an objective sense would would you should go after insurance company guess what airline companies are a cartel Look up the word Cartel Cartel I know you think the word cartel means Mexican drug dealer it doesn’t it in the cartel is a collection of companies a collection of profit-seeking groups were supposed to be in competition who aren’t in competition who who work with each other to minimize the consumer service and nnn maximize their own private airline companies cartel in the last 30 years like what the fuck happened to antitrust you’re supposed to break up any company that is it is imposing any threat to the competition
competition competition no one is supposed to be safe and capitalism nobody even the guy at the very top of the guy that sells you all the candy should be looking over one shoulder every time Willy Wonka it starts his car he should be like I hope Snickers doesn’t get me there not supposed to have secret meetings are not supposed to share like like like information they’re not supposed to have all the same board members on their board of directors fuck you people I bet you could get them for for a $5 upgrade fee that they are there was an article in the New Yorker or whatever I tweeted a fucking expose of a God damn car just ended its hey your Acumen being you want to get somewhere let’s just give you a JetBlue just ended it JetBlue was was seeing profits they were a prophet seeing Airline
they were doing fine JetBlue’s gimmick was I believe there was no first class on JetBlue is that the case or nice to fly JetBlue let’s just try this like let’s try this is an experiment fine they weren’t going to go out of business nothing was going to happen to them they stopped it anyway because the stockholders in JetBlue said this obsession with pleasing the customer that we don’t want to buy your stock anymore you are obsessed with losing the customer and the way the way you make a profitable Airline is you slowly reduce the amount of fucking human space that you have in coach economy whatever the fuck you call it in. Now there’s 95 classes and they’re all of them like our shrinking down I have to I compulsively fly first class because they got me they got me
I’m at but my like even in first class white people problems Platinum Edition like first class is shrinking to there’s a there’s a sometimes it’s a room upstairs I think we’re everyone’s in an egg
it’s a it’s like a secret class or something and I’m sure that’s getting bigger and bigger is worth it if you’re flying with one of the 700 people that has all the wealth in the United States but right but the their business model is to shrink and shrink and Shrink everything that you have as an airline passenger and so the end end offer you the old did you want Park West did you want to did you want to put your feet out of somewhere that’s not behind your head Usher was our pleasure and they just like move you look like like boarding first and being allowed to have a backpack and do you want to bring Q-tips and they they sell everything to you as like these upgrade it’s fucked up man and they agree on it with each other they all have to have meetings about this and they go like okay how many centimeters legroom you are we calling luxury
because if they don’t agree on that someone could fuck up really bad by 6 cm that makes a difference on a nine-hour flight kind of doing their own kind of groovy thing I don’t know but but my eyes on you Airlines
that’s the that’s the moral of that story again do you want to do a new segment it’s called things that I say off-the-cuff that I swear like if somebody on Parenthood said it like it would like be like an amazing piece of dialog
because I’ve been experimenting going through our new cuz I can’t use license music anymore I found this today and hopes that maybe this might happen things that you think I said tonight just will getting dressed with Aaron that I’m like wow that sounds like an NPC character are you ready
it’s it’s short so Aaron and I were talking about beards and and and I was talking about how I saw some red carpet lady fashion lady on the red carpet say like well you can expect a lot of beards this year from the men and I was like yeah I’ve had a beard for a long time ago came over is finally doing beards and an errand and I were talking about the beards in like what what is that culturally in Aaron was like I don’t put words in his mouth and it’s a hot-button topic so I’m not putting words in his mouth this is what I remember hearing Aaron was talking about how they motivated from the feminine side like lake lake based on what women want you talking about is it a possible reaction to over Metro sexuality like are we then the women are like craving like a something else we were taught we are having that conversation in the privacy of our own home and then she said yeah it’s the beard it’s not a gay Trend and then she went
bathroom and then I was standing alone in the bedroom and I and I went to imagine being in charge of figuring out what those are the needlestack
because to me gay people are a trend
alright I’m having a bit of the city that has the hip neighborhoods and I was in a restaurant in Brooklyn like few once a month or two ago having brunch and there were fifteen guys in there including me 14 those guys have the same fucking Hammurabi big ass down to their fucking collarbone beard yeah I’ll have the same fucking beer that’s crazy if you want to know who you’re all wearing the same hat you’re you’re crazy people I did
I just like an i-told-you-so like I I mean everything I do like 10 years later everybody starts doing it
you’re the last to get a podcast now praise and praise lumbersexual SI guys were they have like they wear the plaid shirts and they have that they have the beards and it’s a reaction to the not just women’s need to have men that are more masculine but men’s need to reclaim masculinity from its women kind of Define you know what women say men unattractive man looks like like you got to believe under the surface that’s what’s like we do we’ll do it it’s a weird dance we have it’s like men’s gimmick is like I don’t give a shit but and that that start of a staple of masculinity to
sexual reproduction in all of the changes are queued by the female side like that is a that is as old as plant life like like when we divided from asexual organisms into a male and female the only thing that’s consistent between like like all the species from from when we were flowers until what we are now is basically that the the reason it speeds up darwinian selection is because it like compounds it with half of the species dictate how you get to the egg and and and that half of the species kind of tends to that’s why you see in those nature shows like the bird is like going like what the fuck is the bird doing like it has to do like 900 things in order to just get married and then like the lack horned beetles in the other day there’s always weird shit they have to do and it’s like some of it is like I’d like a random thing and it’s like energy coming out of if you just in doubt
divide your species in half and endow 1/2 with the green light that that is the end that’s not sex as I’m glad as that is as old as vegetation every guy cut that hair like they like they had it when they were getting laid all the time but you’re just looking at his papa. So I guess like you have you could get your haircut by like a thousand robots every more like there’s injected into his hair follicles George George Lucas could afford to have like the perfect haircut for sure exactly because he had a haircut he had the night that something happened to him sexually that that he doesn’t connect to American Graffiti like he is like she really liked me
I have another thing and I did not follow up on this and and in keeping with last week the theme of verifiable a fact that we don’t know anything about but you must make the other people Google is that a apparently I heard there’s a reaction among the bear Community like the beard and a Gentleman who are the little heavier like bearded like that they did not get that from you the bear culture
they’re fine
bears bears bears
I like I like Bears I like that idea when I was in Palm Springs for for New Year’s Eve I forgot my swimming trunks at home back in LA and so I went to this place to go buy them and I went to a gay Mart USA was just by his own admission America’s favorite gay Superstore lots of cock rings and lube and I can see underwear and stuff so I will be funny if I went back to the parties were all done shopping for this big New Year’s Eve party is going to happen in a bunch of people are going to come I didn’t know and so I bought you know we all got snacks and his food and his business on the stuff I wanted to find out if they have a little cock rings and it looks like lightsabers a little bigger than that little plastic Lifesaver rappers
more or less of the party I thought I asked do you have those little jelly Cochran’s all they have is really high concept looking cybernetic like Shadowrun cock rings I didn’t I did not know how to drink I got to do is do you know a store like 2:00 cuz it’s one little strip there that’s all these like gay bars in stores in like fashion places are where
where is bear where is next to Russia
I go into bear where it was the fucking best guess what’s in Bear we’re a bunch of the most adorable bear couples is walking down Pine Brook pretty like holding up close to their boyfriend like a little outfits from like scarves and things with the top brass so it was it was really nice
three of them instantly were gone
and no one was talking. The girlfriends are taking them for the boyfriend because there’s drinking involved they want to meet later on down the line I’d like to I mean I kind of think maybe a later episode but like I want to understand the cock ring concept so it’s
what are the cock rings without out of the wrapper next to the Bowl unlike who did this because I thought it was candy
I think they understand cock rings and I’d like to understand the bear Community if there is a you know if there’s if there’s a bear harmontown out there
we must I’d like to think we have a few bear fans are nice I sometimes feel like if we somehow marginalize the marginalized on our show you the store called bear where and in their everybody looked like exactly what I wanted Barrister Alba look like it was really cool frankly I’d like to see more black people in the audience and I’d like to see more gay people but you can’t see them as well
but we we often ask I guess he was gay and then it’s like I don’t know I just want to let you know let’s throw some ladies in there to like I’d like to hear black people and gay people
in keeping with the American tradition
gay people were president I feel like we’re doing something wrong I feel like I cut this silhouette of some kind of like Belushi in like figure and is not what I mean to do I know I’m ignorant I know I’m clumsy but I love I love all people and I wish I wish we had more black Armenians
make me feel like we’re doing something wrong if you’re black and you’re out there well then you’re out there you’re in so you’re fine
and if you’re black and you’re out there I don’t want to sound racist but do you know other black people
could you tell them to come here are already here best friends now I’m racist for asking if you have black friends cuz you’re black and I don’t want to do that if you’re black and you’re out there thank you that’s the thank you
djtj tweet me and let me know if there’s something I can do
Jamal indeed
like all his friends pointing at him like that
that’s the only Lake let’s that that’s why that’s why they do that’s why they don’t come
they don’t want to get sucked into my black hole my white hole
is community that have a large black audience do you know I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know how do you measure that
you got all the black people tweeting even saying I love your show no Rick in Rick and Morty Adult Swim has a larger black on it so this is going to sound crazy and I I don’t I don’t believe anything about this I’m only repeating what seems to be the case but it seems like it seems like black audiences like animation a lot like they Adult Swim has like a black audience and Rick and Morty like I like Community like episodes will go and I’ll just I’ll look at the tweets but they want an episode of Rick and Morty is airing like there’s a lot more like like like like a face that you just I just go like a man that guy who she was my friend
just sit with a tweet that’s like this mother fucker just said Butters a disease or something I don’t know I like like like like quote like a thing but the kind of quoted in the start of a street language
and it and it and it validates me
do black people come on down next Sunday
I’m keep watching Rick and Morty and I love you too all right so moving on to a couple more things so obviously I was right in my my predictions about the Jurassic Park 9 whatever the Park is open and I’m not I wasn’t psychic I had heard reports that to Chris Pratt is playing a raptor trainer in the movie the quarterback at the end with a bunch of raptors that are going to go through because he’s certainly does the new in the newest trailer it’s become clear that he trains Raptors are a living and he hangs out with them and you love them and then like there’s this big dinosaur they’ve made that’s like a big that they shouldn’t have made this big dinosaur and then he had in his new trailer he’s saying he goes like a week we got to go out there with everything we’ve got and it cuts to him on the four-wheeler with Aflac
this time the girls are cleverer
it’s just pretty amazing at it there’s nothing to it I mean the back of the head to show it to you I would like to have not seen it in the end of in the trailer but it is a Jurassic Park SeaWorld in a giant giant Kraken comes out of the comes out of the ocean and then a neat beats of the guy Orca hanging from a string or something like that would be a part of the real Jurassic Park
which parts of it did you buy as real parts of the dresses that are walking on Earth that’s like I don’t think that a park is going to put their money into a tank so big that a gigantic the creatures of the sea are already prehistoric sharks are prehistoric like whales are basically prehistoric lick their fucking old and giant water make a live Google
guess what’s the last on your list if you go to Jurassic Park you’re not going to go to the fucking water tank
after the first Jurassic Park like when we got it all figured out it’s the money Jack it’s the like what do you mean I’m going to go see it going to go see any of 42
I Will Wait the three weeks until it’s on my wrist watch
is Valentine’s Day maybe I’ll go see it but you know Paul Rudd better be an inter
all right so go see it
you can Never Say Never movie that’s going to be better on a giant screen I want to go see this on a large-screen the last time we tried that was Monuments Men I don’t think we’ve been to a theater since like going to see movies are for kids and then as the kids get you know they parlay their parents money into a new support system for themselves eventually you buy a screen on your wall and then you wear a bathrobe and you watch the movie on your wall
you guys know what I’m talking about.
You let you live in a little shity apartment you go to movies
but you dream of this
a dream of rock in the The Boiler Room down here for the visual and puking and puking I meant to say burping and pooping
it’s it’s it’s not far off man
you want to meet Jim Morrison you going to be what am I how are you do you have yeah it’s like when you get that you get the big screen the wealth distribution you know you see that shirt so everybody’s got more money as you get older and you want that you want that money you want that big screen in your house why is his wish that somebody used to give me women and you spent the money getting all these cameras up and get the live stream going on why can’t we kill this Cricket has been here plugging
the only thing going to have one Cricket but never goes away he’s my conscience
how can I listen to you if he never shuts up he’s at he’s telling me it’s just like he said he’s only saying one thing over and over again in case I ever listen which is like you’re supposed to be at work. Show needs help are you able to schedule
talk about that all right last things last thing on my last thing on my thing I really recommend everybody watch the show Empire okay it’s on Fox it’s a show about Terrence Howard plays A hip-hop record label mobile it’s like a dynasty our friend Auntie called it black Dynasty it says it says he’s black he can call it that next week
I wish you would try it I tried to tell him what we’re doing wrong but it’s at its Empire is it’s it’s it’s like a perfect storm of like like I don’t know we’ll just watch it watch the pilot that I don’t get you to take you 40 minutes to watch the pilot of Empire the dad is the Mughal he’s he’s running a record label its established immediately record producer sorry I got a little vodka off my mustache next week
the pilot opens on him sitting in like basically a thrown like a cushion thrown over seeing a chanteuse singing in the end of the microphone in the in the video booth and she’s like I need you to sing as if you just found out you were going to die
and then she’s like
and then and then as she singing it in her cut from her singing it to him thinking about the fact that earlier today he was in a hospital getting his Hospital test results so we’re already knowing that he’s going to die but doesn’t and then he goes in the booth in it and it goes and it goes in the booth and you guys like how you doing how you doing you remember when your brother got shot
sounds like a real bully sing to him and then of course he goes back in the
I’m not doing a good impression
but of course she sings really well and it is like that is and it’s like that that is that’s the first three minutes of Empires like that just so you just said you now know what a record producer does for a living if he’s good if he gets results and an emotionally terrorizing Faith like I don’t want to spoil it all I’m telling you because you’re never watching onesie in for more than one minute the show is not like it’s it’s it’s it’s Dallas would be like 8 minutes of two women about to pull each other’s Hair by the end of the episode like maybe you would set it up the whole time this is like 1 minute 1 minute 1 minute 1 minute there’s like eight locations and like this this matriarch cookie who gets out of prison in the pilot goes back and forth between all the eight location to round the clock and and and he’s just stirring shit up cuz she is of course the company was built on her back and she she went to prison and but the dad I’ll say nothing more about the show
then you make your decision of whether you want to watch it or not but in the one of these flashbacks to the 90s when the gangster that the the the the patriarch who founded the label who used to be a gangster rapper who previous to that was a real gangster in one of the flashbacks he’s wearing a du-rag in his one-bedroom apartment living room and he’s got one baby on his arm and there’s three sons in the in the show and then the
the gay son cuz one of those three sons is gay and they of the idea is that one of his three sons has to take over the record label cuz he’s dying of ALS but he’s not telling anybody with his gay son comes in the living room as gay Sons do wearing high heel shoes and with a scarf around his head going like swishing around and look at me I’m a six-year-old boy but I hear is how you know I’m gay and the dad gets so infuriated he Scoops the Sun up takes him outside and put them in the garbage quits his son in a garbage can
Ace throws his his gay son away in the garbage and put the lid over him as a shame people throwing away a perfectly good black boy like that
so I mean it’s a if you’re if you’re interested in drama maybe tune in to Empire and check it out there’s only 12 13 episodes in total cuz I was so fascinated with her to church yeah yeah I’ve heard rumors that one of the writers are actors like had that experience so it says that that happened to them but but amazing to watch Empire I think how many episodes are there of already I think it’s like 13 of 3 in and it’s it doesn’t slow down it’s you know it’s pretty fun so just just watch it with Jamal has to ask him to ask him
it’s racist to say you can’t see him
I can’t see the white people next to him either okay all right if I can’t how do I know they’re white people
if I could speak for Jamal for a second that’s racist
I’ll take that risk
I’m going to speak Rodger Mossberg behalf for once I write
come on
I’m Jamal I’m speaking at your mom for a second I wish tomorrow I could wake up and spend an entire day from waking up till I go to bed not not being my friends black friend
just want to be their friend I just want to be Jamal
Jamal you want to come up and tell us if that’s true
can you come up with
if it was that on the new Shadowrun the same I have very little to choose from
I meant that I’m alright well I mean how accurate are we is what it was like to not think about race
all right I see other people around like their hang out to friends I’m like that’s cool but like
how do I clean a lake
I just want to I just want to be white honestly
all right goodnight bugs
you just made his dreams come through this
you just wanted me to wait or have everyone in the world suddenly become black or any other running any other means by which we could have raced this concept which it seems to be an artificial conceit so that so that it doesn’t eclipse every conversation every every moment or were you making fun of me when you said when you said what you said I was just making fun of
cuz you’re so We’ve Ended as generation when you’re not you’re not thinking about that at all I know you don’t care I’m just I’m just dragging and dragging you down by it by thinking about it so we’re just we’re just waiting for me to die
I have a mixtape drop in December
what what what it what is your what’s your what’s your what’s your mixtape name
it’s called straight fire it’s straight fire
is that there’s no way to know when you’re making fun of me or not
did you get to control you get to control everything he could to make you feel uneasy you can easily like if you is there anything that you could link to or anyting know I was flying what who is the real you what are you doing
how do you castrate a goat you mean what what are you are you are you do you have a job to do not tell him you are a weirdo tell me the what the hell am used as for Loyola Marymount University staff for the airport tournament turn the airplane pretty white would you tell some other other other blackheads to come to the show
I don’t know when you have them.
Then we got to take baby steps do you need to be satisfied having any black people here like he’s empty the bucket listen to podcast like he’s not have it what no I didn’t I didn’t make that mistake of it but like the the white guy that brought you here
what about your friend you’re waiting your white friend play it
does he does he have any black friends
I am the black friend
Edith Edith don’t really make mixtapes what do you what are you studying right now
what would be your dream Gig if you could like have your pie in the sky like to do anything you wanted for a living
I’d probably be on community
Fairy Tales come true
what happened to you you yeah there’s a table in the back that there’s a basket backpack
everybody knows that this is your first time at the show so that you don’t know about the table just a fan came one time and he got on the show that there any people here Harbor a little tiny sick feeling that maybe they can get a damn I know you think that
I really don’t want to show
yeah I think Adam started coming to the harmontown shows because he was on community so he got wind of like yeah
other than wanting to be on television like what it what is your dream
I’ve no idea how old are you I’m 18
do whatever you want be nice if it new
is Paige’s parents aren’t paying for it for him to have a lifetime vacation
you know you want to be at 18 yeah I was going to be a sportscaster
and I refused their money and I worked hard at Marquette University to become a sports journalist
for real
or maybe I can lie too
all right cute to the let me do some rapping
tomorrow you going to want to stay for this yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah from the street from the street to the road suck your mama like a frog or a toad put my dick in her mouth dissection affect your mama’s infection

but your mama from the ceiling to the floor affect your mama so hard she wanted tomorrow
fuck your mama down the hall but your mama is summer and fall is the new way you are you okay blow yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo yo
to the right but your mom until she lost her sight
needed a stick to walk around affect your mama till she didn’t know
in what town
hold on hold on
Jamal what city are you from Claremont where is that
physician California
that doesn’t mean it was raped
okay Jamal everybody
change it
take me to all that dance tomorrow rain rain comes down on your umbrella
every drop makes you me
yo yo yo yo
hey do miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so is always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
is very unsettling to me than an 18 year old kid can come up and just go I wish I was white and then have me go I go yeah yeah
and I’m kind of like trying to meet him halfway and then he’s like I’m just fucking with you bro
like I don’t know if you noticed but it kind of threw me cuz I’m like I’m like what if we’re really living in a post-racial America then then we have a huge problem because we’re then that means that were
we had there’s a huge there’s a there’s a we’re not paying attention to certain things that is a problem that he wasn’t like I don’t got no I don’t want to be one of you telling the truth when he says that I’m saying like the idea that it’s become a joke that that race can become a joke before we address the issues that are tagged race that’s the troubling thing to me as a Gen X her that’s the troubling thing I think that behind I’m getting a little tipsy so I should not be talking in this area but the I think that race is tied to wealth distribution in an unfortunate way that needs to be paid attention to and I think that the race is artificial constructs of egalitarian let’s all ignore everything that separates us think is 50% of the solution and 50% part of a shell game is part of a larger system
that says you know you’re racist if you pay attention to anything that separates anybody because it keeps your eyes off of like the Walnut that has the Pea under it and I’m too drunk to go further with that also to an education first semester in college so I don’t have any do you have any piping up about religion like I have like a big Twitter exchange following the David Cross episode I thought David crosses as errands as David Cross is atheism is truly empowering like he’s the kind of guy that’s like he goes hey I’m an atheist nobody else should be I end the the thing that makes me argue with people who are Evangelical about their atheism is this suspicion I have that that the things that we’re tending to blame just religion on which is base
do you like kind of ball bad stuff like it makes it freaks me out that we could just jump on that because I get worried about the real criminals who are inherently not religious people or atheists they’re just capitalist and they get away with actual crimes that there’s a class system that is that is tied to this stuff that when you stay in this country that there’s a culture war and you pointed all the dummies that had they believed so much in God that they think the world was created in six days you’re also talking about people who plays scratch offs and believe in horoscopes you talking about people who are kind of exploded you’re talking about people who have been convinced by people who are kind of bullying them that their face should be put in like military and fear of strangers and all the stuff and it’s like I just worried a little bit about the inteligencia just like dogpiling on all religion because I don’t think the corner Pastor in your in your neighborhood is like
at the top of the conspiracy so too drunk my obsession with race and religion and and all that stuff is like I’m always suspicious of like the actual thing in the room which is like you know rich people have more than poor people and they kind of like we kind of never talked about that and I don’t know if that’s because it’s boring or if it’s because it’s like if they’re actually successfully distracting us from talking about so how’d your vasectomy go
I hope I didn’t I hope I didn’t get too drunk to play Shadowrun with your character sheet did you see one of your negative qualities on their alcoholism severe alcoholism
what’s the what’s what is that video what’s that what is the what’s the plan for the video what is the what is the what are you doing
the most ironic statement in the world are sitting in the room you paid $10 the there’s cameras everywhere the entire thing is being alive how long how how long is a camera been up since I started talking about anything that might give me in trouble is that
what are you from out of town in your like they won’t believe this guy out of that my best friend I’m sorry
where where are you from
what part of LA
Venice Venice High
my parents daughter get shot so they sent me the time off and you can chat
then get you at your parents are right again
speaking of a kind of fancy Capital distribution of some kind of built-in to the corporations have taken over and there’s a group of mercenaries who either exploited or exploited by it or I believe we are a dragon Awakening away from living in the world that that she had her own existence yeah alright well let let’s bring out a should we bring them out and it one of the time or just bring them out let’s bring out my wife Erin mcgathy
hello oh yeah kill the baby star of the new number one Channel 101 show kill the baby
female lead I would ya
a baby is a boy
baby’s a boy
thanks for having me over from Alex and Ariel about that one first this last week and I I play I play the wife to a man who wants to kill our baby
okay yeah alright that Nationwide Insurance campaign that was in the Super Bowl today
play the news on the Seven Seas with his dog and he’s in the tree houses got the dog up there and then then like he’s like a kid like being like an imagineer of his own funding and then all the sudden there’s just a picture of a bathtub has overflowed and then a TV that has fallen like likely would have crushed anybody beneath it and it said the most childhood deaths are preventable
dad baby commercial, no fucking I will help you save up your house from my from certain disaster or give us $500 a month and we’ll make a horrible
I got a good movie
distance to look at my scans blue baby. Cam you see the terrible statistics about such things
and I would hate to see happen to your only son
what’s a high heels in the trash can
he wears high heels and comes out here I come out like you’re doing the wrong thing was a six-year-old after doing this like a little boy doing the flashback I dressed up as a kid a lot in the end some of that included dressing up in women’s clothing is that you had to buy two options dad’s clothes or moms clothes I wore them all apart from your autobiography
my parents would be like late 70s dinner party and they’re like fondue and all the dudes had suits and great mustaches look like the Marlboro Man and the women all have great prices on marine and she has some key business business do you think your parents were part of it were it would make me think so I don’t think it was really that kind of vibe it was a pretty permissive environment terms of it like it was not like like smoking drinking coming out of my mom’s bathroom and I took one of her products like eyeliner or lipstick and like I think I put it on and I hit a big like Revlon commercial for everybody
like you would like like like like I will come out and do cuz I need to watch TV commercials they would be having this dinner party that my brother and I were not supposed to come out and interrupt because they’re being adults probably swing in probably like it and and I would just come out and interrupted for a little 30-second spot so I will come out and tell you to put some lipstick but I found Revlon makeup of the new Revlon Ultra color
what was your mom putting the makeup on you or you I was just writing her bathroom and finding things to sell like like to do to do commercials for got it also commercials around that time too as well
the one about running into a party with some information that I discovered yeah yeah yeah we said that correctly sir are you all right
let’s let’s let’s bring our game Master Spencer Crittenden master
he is the gay a master game master put them in a trash can
hey guys Spencer with cooking man oh you know just throwing away children
I don’t know I don’t know you guys I’m I’m kind of I’m kind of all run out run out of juice yeah
911 I didn’t even
it’s not as if it’s now ready for it but I wasn’t even thinking it was 9/11 when I said that but like yeah I just getting close to my bed time it’s just you know it’s no good just every week and I usually go to bed at like 10 or 9:30 if I can yeah sleeps the best part of the day yeah I mean is yeah I finished I read the book about four times now and I still barely understand it still haven’t only a passing knowledge of I know you are
our friend is George Brown he’s here
good morning
downtown Des Moines Brown
demores do you know Jamal
I don’t
I don’t know Jamal but I will be there
I can reach him through the network
there’s a special / special name is here when I was in school and in math books where has pictures of of different people out of that African American kids are named tomorrow
which is right as I white as a white Rider you can’t if you if you say that if you know a character is African-American you cannot name them Jamal there’s a there’s a there’s a there’s a list short list of names that the the other way Traders look up milk send it back if you can’t do that which is funny holding that in the world of commercials because they when you audition for commercial of pretty much every script that has a black character in it it’s name Jamal beautiful person I think it Ebbs and flows I think I think culture gets a hold of those I think I think I think white writers and they’re all white like they they they like they get confident you know in the bubble plates and because the ninth Allstate commercial to have a kid named Jamal in it then then somebody starts going like this is this is the new Leroy we can’t do this anymore
when you’re like when you’re creating a black character for a community or another show I would never do such a thing where you would never end up have you ever gone and I want to make this a black sounding name like for instance white demorge the more it sounds like like like it like that but in Switzerland you are there any European Village
what’s the last night it’s a lesson but there’s also I mean there’s a horse the racing horse right now damn thing work
like in this country now but outside of that spirit is cast before the character’s name so here’s a room full of white writers like have to come up with a name for a black man and a dead so that’s that is that is a factor for us like I would like to hear all the pictures I bet you would also like that you know that’s like the conversations that we have about it look this is this is this is the real world the ugly strange Twisted balloon animal world of racial Consciousness is a league Lakeway Traders going like while I don’t know what it will not that for sure one of the few not named Jamal that’s for sure I just went with like I just went all the way I just his name is Elroy potashnik
I went out of the way I can’t I am running from this I’m not doing it but the character in a homicide based on a real story in the real head of the homicide department what’s a sicilian but when they cast the actors the actor they like the most which outfit Cotto so they didn’t change the script at all he was just need a LG Ardella and for the whole series he walks around with when the officer is confused he just said the Sicilians have a saying and he speaks in Sicilian and I need to get out of my office and it pulls a red table wine out and you know try to eating Italian food and Jonah didn’t change at all you just made him black store and then later on they wanted to bring bring him a son bring his personal life into it and they brought a real black Sicilian the garage and Carlo Esposito in the play his son had was crashing
details to get remember when when Dan said fuck your mama and her infection or what was the days that when I wrap one of two things happens if something comes out that’s so gross that I stop and go that’s gross or or it’s just stuff that I’ve already said my vagina is her infection
what would that cause you’re in my mind that it wasn’t her vagina keeps she has some other infection that he went up for something like maybe Adam and Eve Adam was like you’re so great I don’t know why I’m attracted to you I am
it looks like it cuz I kind of liquor
it does seem like you’re not well liked in a vacuum
call you if all you knew was men and then a woman pull their pants down you’d be like are you all right
an invoice versus you’re saying that is boys have wee wees and girls have fat boys
play kak saloon doors are such a
words for a vagina and none of them are Pleasant really I made you come across a Paloma name for unborn daughter that is not start because of your dad and I have have talks about naming my daughter Paloma
Paloma that was a ghost
all right sorry Spencer have you conceived that you trying to actively right now what’s going on
I’m giggling because you’re the first person is asked no we are not actively trying to what a weird question. Are you trying to make a baby no no I don’t I don’t I
that’s what does that which brings us back to Cochran story with a paper towel and doing what I call stuffing the tunnel isn’t somewhere it’s a great way to get an infection I know that
I wasn’t fair
I’m just here man I’m just here
we’re waiting until June 1st we’re going to start conceiving
decided we want our child’s birthday to be a very specific date and then so we’re just going to cast a wide net and take advantage of our god-given right to abortion
I want to be real remember like my taxes are due and also
our first child but our 5th pregnancy
I mean you guys both of you have come to the show live like this glow is not I’m pregnant or what if we can’t have kids
I mean if anybody can just got to be me right
should I just seem sterile
I I I feel sterile
feel like I feel so sterile
just talking yourself out of ever having to wear a condom
steroid use that as an excuse in the path of I’m married now I’m just saying like that I don’t go potency
Paul Giamatti you don’t picture him like you know firing off like a million Giamatti you thinking her to make a new Paul Giamatti they felt like catch one and distill it in like help it but Wheels on the back of its tail
I put I put it in our sperm track to an egg that’s like in braces
we made a new Giamatti
it wasn’t easy the Park is open
I don’t know what kind of new GM out of your make it in there that doesn’t sound like a good idea
what you’re doing
and it’s so much time fighting whether you could make another call Giovanni
that is one that is one big pile of Jamari
getting into our shadow run for this evening I can a man yeah that’s why I love you brought me on that the normal time and you know how are you freaking out normal the normal time normal time you bring that there’s nothing wrong with it just call em like I see it. If you’re awesome characters in very excited about and so I probably start off by a revealing my character correct so we’re going to be meeting each other now we’re going to be beginning on as I understand it we’re going to be beginning already having known each other for like a team of shadowrunners I love it
there you go I’m so excited we’re going to really try to do it right and I got it I got it but not too drunk I just got a little a little too drunk
but I mean not too drunk to play a little song for Maya from my thing if I were here last week I would have been by the way last week I never said it was the name of the band right Dustin like yacht who’s like the actually I mean they don’t need to give their music away I just a song called my kind of devil
if it’s not on here but we’ll find it I will put it on the sink but thank you forever
if you like any music you hear in the show go find out who made it
Jamal has a mix of the of all the music tonight at black fire. Org
Eve was born the daughter of Two Loving middle-class self shamans before her birth her parents ran a successful chain of alchemy stores in Seattle but they were squeezed out of business by big Alchemy
with a baby on the way they chose very reluctantly to work for the Mega Corporation neonet
in exchange for big pay to become nothing more than corporate made slaves fillinger magic adults and it’s in the book telling their magic and prostituting their sacred shamanic tradition helping me on that enhance their security and exploit the world when a daughter ever do re I was born they were determined to protect her from their own sad fate before she can be given a system ID number and be absorbed by the state they took their newborn daughter and left her to be raised by Simla self magicians who live in the woods around Seattle in Mystic harmony with the Native American shamans of the Salish drive there between our new Alvin and Native American family should go to learn to control her own powerful magic and to connect with the great spirits of Mother Earth
a 13 years old however her peaceful life was shattered when our community was raided by awaken the cops on astral Patrol for illegal Gatherings of magicians many her people were slaughtered or arrested some like I’m doing all managed to escape alone and terrified and burning with hatred for the violent power of the mega car to destroyed her life and the lives of parents she’s never known if you’re about to use her magic however she could to undermine the powerful and return this world to its natural state of harmony with Earth’s great spirit and maybe see her family again before fleeing the woods to hide in the bustling anonymity of the city of sprawl she called upon the spirit world world for guidance her buried anger and stormy personality let her to take on the powerful Mentor Spirit of the Thunderbird who’s beak and claws are lightning and your cries the clap of thunder
Thunderbird Spirit guides her to use her powers for good as to destroy those who would oppose the spirits of the natural world RN with her magic a cat-like agility and an old Comanche war club she learned to survive on the streets the shadow Runner she is now 20 years old and she runs by the name of Eve libertine
it is such a shame
there should have been someone doing an interpretive dance during that
I want you guys to do that over again but remember when your mother got shot
all right so everyone knows everyone right you’re all you’re already put your character’s name of the word for the guard
yeah I snorted
deal with it
#yes Alston orders
alright okay I have new season for Spencer’s new intro to the thing is I’m not sure if there’s like a proper intro to this it’s you know cuz those were all kind of like recap there’s nothing to recap yeah maybe I don’t know I don’t know you guys okay so you’re all shadowrunners you’re on a shadow running team we all know this why do you guys care what is your investment of this music I’m going to be special if I if I got to say the things that I wrote I mean that’s special to me
well this hubbub isn’t isn’t doing it I don’t know
believing in magic
I don’t get it next time that’ll be extra special for our recap kind of all of the old days in that right now we’re just going dry makes sense to me Jeff alright alright shadow running team got you all right out of your Uber before the car scoots away leaving you standing in the shade of the rotting wooden facade of a dive bar Hanks last and you’ve all received the same message from your fixer cool Dennis
the message is as far as listen guys I done something bad I got to lay low for a while but look I know you need to pay rent same as always so I’m putting you in touch with Teddy he was my fixer before I got my stuff fixed and he’s your man he’ll be picking up all of my slack while I’m gone and I’ll be making a nice little Kickback for myself for every job you guys complete so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty anyway trust me I’ll be back on my feet in a few months don’t you fret head to Hank’s Last Stand got me Teddy’s the new cool Dennis
so there you are in front of the Dive Bar and out through the double doors versus Squat and strange figure it’s Teddy he’s wearing an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt white shorts and flip-flops a stun baton hangs from his belt oh yeah and he’s a dwarf
Daddy I’m Teddy great to finally meet you a lot you see cool Dennis told me all about you know I’m sure you have a lot of questions and I respect that but right now I’ve actually got a Johnson on the Rhine who needs a run as in like right now so why don’t we go inside and see what do you need some good sounds great talk for a corporate client
yes yes
item stop Subway singer fragging time go inside
inside The Moldy bar is empty but for a tired old cowboy of a bartender sat in the corner idly watching sports on a big screen TV but then Teddy calls out if you wouldn’t mind the old man nodding flips the game over to a r speak and he shuffles out of the back room Teddy touches a button on his comlink that’s a cell phone and the big screen TV flashes is a shadowy businessman Persona appears on screen that is all like now if you’ll forgive me mr. Johnson me and the crew were just catching up on old times there old standby the best new upstarts In the Shadows isn’t that right he points to a mercy isn’t that right up gestures you too
yeah that’s good you’re standing facing this shadowy figure on a big screen television
talk to me alright I’ll talk like this because I can’t emulate like a computer voice thing like in you know the news when you’re trying to hide your voice that’s what this guy sounds like okay for the podcast for future episodes do we have that effect in board I can like get an app for it or something I don’t know we’ll figure it out that never mind. You could just all right my employers have taken a keen interest in better than life chips that the btl’s these data chips contain experiences Beyond normal experience they Inspire emotions impossible in normal brains and even out the rough edges better than life lately experimental ships have been leaking out of the Redmond bearings crazy chips stronger than ever
we’ve heard rumors that these chips don’t have side effects or addiction just rumors though we got a positive ID on a expert software engineer by the name of Baldwin Brown sighting in and around an abandoned warehouse that’s been beefing up security lately head down there and capture Brown alive I want to know what he knows scoop up all the btl’s you come across and I’ll bring them back I’ll meet you there in the phone meet you at the drop zone with a payment after the fixer fee I can offer five or 5000 each I’ll throw in an extra thousand if you guys want to bring me back crates of btl’s
sounds good how about you throw in an extra 1500 I’m rolling dice now
how’s your family
so it’s good what was the amount that you said 1500
we will keep that in mind whether timing what does what does Baldwin Brown do again who is he he’s an expert software engineer
pink Mercy
so what do you guys say
5000 a piece
but I’ll do it cuz I need the money
I tried to negotiate the bonus can I
I really think that this this job sounds a little more dangerous than 5000 what’s the currency
6000 Union
well that sounds a lot that sounds a lot more agreeable
6000 it is Mercy
you got a great that you got a great face
I would also like to go on this mission
hey Ya
hey like when I played you’re not sucked up again I am
just wanted to go on a mission with you but you’re not totally blasted on on on Cyber booze
you’re at your at your cattle tron’s is whatnots
I need the money and you don’t like it
are you paying attention at all repeat the repeat back to me when mr. Johnson just asked us to do we were supposed to go get Bradley Whitford from the
Baldwin that brown has been seen in a warehouse we’re going to secure him he’s an engineer from this place that makes these BTL chips we going to eat we’re going to grab him and chips we can but she called the currency in young and that’s why I’m laughing cuz it sounds like a cat food

what is it near New Yen don’t nobody tell her
what do you say
I have a feeling that this is something that we could do quite easily but we should go quickly because he is deteriorating this one on the right and we will need his every move and we believe dad’s to talking to you tonight Blake
cyber catalog
shut up. You know we’re supposed to rain tomorrow
oh, sure, I can find out how far away the Redmond Barrens are not far just an Uber right away
so we hop in an Uber sure who calls them there’s an app for that crap in my brain
I just saw on your on your cell phone on the comlink
I request an Uber in Uber arrives posthaste
are Ubers here
The Last Stand what’s it called Hanks Last Stand all right give me all your gum
wait what scuse me there is no Uber driver
all right sorry I say that and then I laugh and I’m like
sometimes I play out the dream but I have them
what are you guys wait what’s the plan of attack might want to have it drop us off on a side street festival we are shadowrunners we should come out to in the shadow and sidebar tabletalk Evans my first time playing a magic user. That’s going to be learning curve for me I just when I read a lot I’ll try to ask Julie perceive them as my project when I get there to go inside the inside the warehouse to see what’s going on are we getting some package for the Johnson
where am I am I will I have I have extraordinary physical stealth skills
I’m very stealthy as well as usual
I can make myself invisible and levitate and shit like that it’s for millier with hard to Kaiser skillset order Garden
I have several items at my disposal I will keep them to myself as a private inventory but you should know my reputation I’ll be asleep received myself I would not be part of the team shirts and precognition skills I also have three sets that allow me to enhance my physical abilities to mental abilities can you improve Minds if we kept one and settle somebody. I need to know what’s happening then you freak out what’s going on inside that warehouse right now can you can you foresee this for the ID of if I can use General perception but three talk and requires me to retire somewhere on to find a good sound system going to be a muscle and Agility I’ll stand outside and
we look at a map of the city okay we’re in Seattle yep and we look at where this Warehouse is not rather me pick a spot that looks like we could get maybe a good Vantage Point physically like a safe totally safe not not trying to have a no soft for the city of Seattle in my mind I can look at the building and also it’s sort of physical plant and certain points of Entry tattoo Marsh here’s a map
okay go to the more excited
he has the map you don’t have the math we got a whole okay so I’m sensing that the map is says stuck in Translation can I please maybe get to myself yours to have
I’ll have them up for download after the show all right it’s the compound is fine he can share but afterwards so I could delete my mind what to tell him I have to put these in The Barrens it’s just this destroy devastated area there’s all sorts of squat shells of buildings you can kind of hide out in scope out the place if you wish and that’s where they are the Uber kind of dropped you off is just in an Alleyway kind of about 600 feet off what time of day is it it’s about 6 p.m. it’s getting dark shadows are coming out
don’t worry about you know what television are low light vision
I have a cyber eyes
from your Vantage Point you can see the low route Warehouse it’s on a big hunk of land fenced off by a 10ft tall fence topped with knife wire you see shattered burnt-out buildings all over the place surrounding the lot through the fence you see the warehouse with a loading dock for trucks the only entrance you can see on the compound is on the South Side there’s a big gate controlled by a small gate how far from state-of-the-art security the fence looks old and you only see three armed guards Manning the gate with submachine guns one bulky security camera on the fence surveys the road leading up to the gate
I’m going to take out that has take out that camera expenses in link chains to chain link fence and they’re high in the Ten Feet Tall topped with knife wire knife wire real thing vfd
can a guy like me
how can I go to the fence off without being seen which that’s probably why it’s if there’s any sensors like like a wires connected to it if it’s electrified or anyone sneaking getting is
all right
you do it without being seen you’re up on a fence
you’re right you’re right by the knife wires I tried to get to the perception on the fence and see what’s going on with his if it looks like the honey like hidden sensors or things that might trip you don’t see any sensors just it’s pretty rested an old Ashley I go back to the group and relay that information
Hey listen don’t run up to shit like that with that let’s make it a plan
You Don’t Own Me Nightblade I live I live alone and put it in this town for 4 years I’m a Man Without a past
I look we know that you have
the two of you have its will they both set let’s cool it for a second and focus on played goalie last night telling her to take a note
so I’m wondering you know I got a Nana whip in my fingertip compartment we all know
yeah I got the first time we’ve heard this story
I’m not bragging but I might be able to cut through the chain-link I’m not sure do I know from experience if chain link is something that would work my nana whip know you know it would not do that in fact I know it wouldn’t sweat it yes in fact your your nana whip with wart the chain link like like a knife through butter like yep like a knife through butter so we could we could go in I mean we could we could drag the three skis balls at the front gate but it’s better than going to the side I would suggest apps that we align ourselves directly in front of the security gate at a certain distance that we first talked into the compound security compound a smoke bomb perhaps driving to my house and each pick a Target and shoot each of the three.
where is the smoke bomb with dry out all of the people inside as well as security guards and we each take one shot Beyond those three there’s like more you know in there then the smoke bombs that’s kind of like that’s going to say hey everybody inside the compound let’s let’s have all of you come out the front end deal better inside diversion
maybe I walk and I’m I’m wearing a Max near business clothes and we all know we all know I have this face
maybe I talk to the guards while you come in through the side
that’s good we got we got you know we going in through the the back door we got we got smoke bomb weird like Atari 2600 take all comers at the front door we got an improved visibility where I’m invisible to guards and sensors let’s let’s do that then
walk to the front door let’s do let me know if we take that choice then I would say I would choose them to use a silent I have a silenced gun the gun with a silencer and I would choose that
well yeah that’s a good move for guidance on this Thunderbirds like you should check it out first. That’s what I’ve been saying. That’s what I’ve been saying links and micro transceivers test your tester transceivers how to between I’m enjoying being part of a team I enjoyed it quite a bit
just went through the back door as it were and I’m going to anybody I see I’m going to take him out with stealth I think we should have it in an emergency code that we have in case the shit hit the fan it which case we all run
Willows weather supposed to rain right now is go and see what you got and what we need two people to cover the front gate with the guards that will take them out that’s true that’s their only way out
that’s how we should be looking at this these guys are pigs in a pen
what’s the two people on the outside to be on the outside cuz I thoroughly way out and we’re going to execute the people that are leaving the front gate is not important for us to get in but it is important for us to keep an eye on in case the guy we’re trying to get try to get out
I can stand at the front gate I can’t do much physically
aside from having a great face
so I’ll do I’ll do that
I just know that sounds fine I don’t want to
when the rest of the group settled on a plan I am fully equipped to do what happened to task is assigned to me and willing and if not we’ll see what we see and then we’ll take it from there all right so I’m going to go in a rectangle of a fence so north east south or west or going to go in the Westside all right just so you know just in the middle of that fence once you get over there are crates if you need to scale them you could perhaps arrange them to go to the top of the warehouse for the whole I kind of it good for your information I can you find the crates on this side of the fence you’re actually pretty close to the warehouse itself there’s only kind of a narrow 5 or 6 ft space and it’s kind of packed with crate so
using the visual cover of the crate I Nana whip a man sized hole in the chain link you do that successfully you neatly
twice with that we are officially Shadowrun
that was the wrong hand banana with us in a fingertip compartment on my human arm bionic arm is the other room
all right you’re inside your right next to this Warehouse the property is big and deserted the perfect spot for secret research you can see an old rusted storage container on the far side of the yard trash litters the ground you’re also right next to a shooting range with targets and bullets and stuff
I’m going to
what’s the nearest structure from these crates you’re right next to the warehouse but you’re not next it to add or you don’t see any doors on the side of the building you’re on how far are we away from the guards at the front gate I mean about 250 feet if you’re kind of near where he is okay is there a do I see a way to doesn’t matter I’m Jim Nightblade
I want to go to the warehouse and use my grantling gun to get to the roof all right you do that
guys he’s going to the loan I’m going to go on with him
all right be careful if you follow him please please be careful if you go to the south on the outside there was a bit of a sinkhole and you might as it gets dark I’ll be prone to falling into please be careful how do you know all this app reception unless I have the city of Seattle map in my mind is one of my no soft so I am looking that’s very good thank you for me to stand if I’m standing in a position to
talk to somebody
or somebody talking about people who would require the gate is on the south side in the middle of the road that leads to the front gate to the only way out in the only way in I’m in this instance inside leads to the loading dock at the gate house is next to that is a century units and it’s a separate of course when the gate just to Century House with three guards in sight okay I’m going to walk around in front of that you say the front gate but it’s on the South Side I’m going to walk around there with my three what is it is Selby what is the cell phone, cuz I have my, look up and make it look like I’m I’m standing there like waiting for somebody to pick me up so I will be in Disguise as you approach you’re still a good forty yards off in the guard
turning in there submachine guns at you and start yelling hey get back get back get back get back get back and gray done on that I’m so sorry my my my my son is being brought here to screw it up
are I’m I’m sorry that I’m at I’m just I’m just I’m just a lady a little lost and I will all back away but is it okay if I just stand kind of here because this is this is where I have told my my son’s father to meet me we’re no longer together but a bastard
I know how that goes
no way you don’t know how that goes you’re too handsome to ever be alone
I think that most of the time
I don’t want to be too forward but with your beard and your your your looks you look like a lumbersexual and cream shaving
clean shaven
all right well sir if you don’t mind me standing here with with my with my phone and occasionally looking over at you and fantasizing but I think we’re good alright
Nightblade what do you see in there you’re on a roof I’m on a roof
other windows on the outside of the structure know it’s a windowless building alright I climb the Rope up there with him
you climb up but you slip and fall on your face right at the top on the roof yeah nope okay
I use my grappling gun that you were already waiting how do I examine the rooftop party from the skylights or any sort of Ingress you don’t see any skylights but you do see it just looks like a what do you call like a great yeah just a grill like a great it’s screwed on tight
it’s just a grill it’s a Phillips head screws bolted you know what that looks like to my nana whip
more butter
looks like we will be conceiving tonight
better when I don’t have any tools for screw screw screws do I like a screwdriver I don’t know I don’t think so it probably say something like the other screwdriver I don’t have it
if if you are out there and you listening you can proceed North on top of the building as there is some sort of a loading dock there yet if you can drop down there you can find in in English or egress may have to peer inside but you would find in grass is it the structure is there a Pop Pop’s an easier one but that’s also one that is Garden going to nanoweb
where can I play can I use my combat sense to to see what troubles might befall them is that you can sense that they’re not in any immediate danger at the moment but I sense that you are not in any immediate danger but don’t don’t don’t told me to that if you want
that’s right that’s what she said sorry so sorry about harassment on the Run
let me just take a peek
I need a with the great all right
yep you Nana with the Great
one finger one finger one finger
you slice a hole in it and it’s kind of like a can where it’s hanging by like a little thread you know nice house the house the size the man size
I got a man size great
why don’t you take a pic and take a little Gander down there night late
sister Esther going in the Great
wait you do what I go in or you go in will it’s just kind of like a hole in the ceiling if you go and you just become like dropping through a hole is that what you do you mean like down below is the is the warehouse itself yeah let me look at the land
you do that you see you see a card table with two guys playing cards and drinking alcohol they’re not seeming to pay much attention they got their pistols on the table bogeys
you also see two semi-trucks in crates all over the place in a forklift in one corner
two Bogies playing cards it’s all I got in there
Mordecai when you see down there anything else we need to know about our own Vision good enough they’re Spencer what is it to see it to see around them inside the warehouse you see the things I said there’s nothing else to say so can I use my grappling gun to defend late like like Spider-Man you will you can hook it on something and then climb down on the Rope like tying a rope to a fixed object
how far away are they from us 40 ft and how and how far is 40 feet down I mean it’s diagonal to the roof here and then descend with my grappling gun
I’m not going to give it a shot all right I’ll be right behind you if you need plus Nagin get ready for go time
I’d like to be a black bag job but it might be for a couple loser
my agility is Dan my agility is 5 and my what was the other thing sneaking sneaking is
for businesses parentheses + 4
all right you just send unseen or heard you you’re right above the floor I can touch the floor if you want okay before I don’t touch that touch it I live I leave my leave my grapple to my friend can come down to do that quietly I just send as well that happens okay
they didn’t see us they don’t they’re not paying close attention apparently
what do you think I can stand these guys knock him out with a stun Bolt from a distance if you want chicken with the team
I’m at chuckleheads talk to me
sounds good if I could tap into combat since to see what sort of a risk they already in they might be in danger if they screw up there are more immediate danger than they were before we pull up an image of the Baldwin character looking for a photo online in the sky that we can see switch we know we’re looking to the right guy yeah you do that he looks like an aged or an aging bald man with glasses as he looks like one of the guys playing cards there no these are these are young dudes there’s about a there’s a twenty-year-old orc and then a twenty-year-old cumin
what kind of non-lethal I got loads of if you like both of them not to drain that drains a magician to use that stuff do you think we could do that right away I think it’s worth it to try as hard as we can to go non-lethal and I mean we only sees these two people let’s let’s try to stumble them all right
is there an assumed sense
do boys need help in there I have stuff I can maybe help you out if you need some backup I don’t like it when you degrade what I do yes that is what I am doing nothing so I can’t get them both well I just a few stunts if you’re stung ball is a range thing they could stunt two people okay that’s perfect I’ll rise poker player
a harness
first of all my my combats call Kass that’s right I touch my Red Feather earring and an n and summon the the spell-casting focus to increase my comment and I throw a force three stun ball at the guards what’s your spell-casting plus magic 11 do I get a plus to Vizio cast for the end of the day
yes which ear is it in my left ear
it it lands right in the middle of them and it hits them they they they twist they attempt to twist out of the way and they say take a lesser effect in it they end up taking some damage hold on
there better be a nap with of just different magic noises there better be one should I take somebody out of here one of them goes down to the ground cold and the other one seems to have dodged out of the way I use my Scion is equipped a Aries Predator 5 that’s in my bionic arm all right you got the surprise on them so what’s your what’s your Pistols Plus agility I’m assuming like I’m not close enough to him to do anything then leave like I have a stun baton and I mean that’s about it like so what’s your agility plus pistols you’re making me kill this guy will you sit here firing on with your gun right now I just want to make sure before I do that I wasn’t close enough to him to stun baton time right now
I’m not I’m not anymore now the stun balls and play Adam don’t Heckle the gym
you need to know my bad it’s the it’s the First Act of heat that I’ll sleep like a baby tonight okay so you’re looking for a sorry one more time with a little drunk could you Lizzie plus piss ice Sheila T is five and pistols is 2 parentheses + 2 is there shorthand for one of those numbers and you can just will if it’s plus two then just add them all up so if I post it was dude benign cool
oh yeah you plugged him right in the face
well a little bit Overkill highlight blade batting cleanup he he gets shot in the face and goes down every time you fuck up casting the spell that’s what it looks like
is a human cost
I go up there and secure their weapons and gear a you take a to Ingram smart guns
I’m hyper-vigilant I’m in a fucking PTSD fucking 360 my heart’s beating you see no one outside mercy and horta guard hear the report of a pistol silencer then they don’t
yeah that makes sense that something is going down and I’m checking in
deep sea crates
yeah they’re crazy everywhere in here in the building the place is lousy with anyone else in the room that you’re in East that’s leading presumably out of the building there’s a door to the South
okay I mean I will you go ahead I’m going to go to the gym early leaving at the loading that I go to that door and take out my endoscope and put it under the door to take a look around you do that you see three large machines that look like they’re producing something you don’t know quite what from your low angle you also see a concrete barrier that blocks your vision towards of the right it’s kind of the only things you can see are those two things
machines in a barrier tonight but they’re full of crates the crates and boxes
what was it have a Cubs head
package is just a package group package
I’m going to I got a door over here tonight play that I can’t see the whole situation and I load my gun with the stick and shotgun bullets you do that
well hold on to the chickie peas out front talking to these three guys
every take out those three guys then she can come in it’s like we got the whole yard covered right we can all agree we should take those guys out of the at the Southgate yeah it’ll get in okay what would choose I would choose to approach as cover all facing you at the same time none of them facing north
alright I positioned myself South
I’m so sad
I just got the worst news I’m so sad I’m so wait the clean-shaven guy comes over towards you like your why are you weak
my my son that I was meant to meet here I guess he was he was killed by one of those dirty shadowrunners Shadowrun or was on a run
the first one was standing in the way I’m so sorry to ask this but I’ve been going to this cybertherapy that’s
I was told me that be the only thing that could calm me down with three men two hands on my head and the other two with two hands on either touch me
pretty he touches you
yeah listen to me I guess I can do that thank you I’m so sorry this is so embarrassing but I am holding my rifle poised than I am looking for an open shot an opportunity presented so okay yeah there’s there’s some shots open
do I see the I want to leave the warehouse through the is there if I go towards the south is that where the south gate is know if he goes towards the South that’s towards the door that he’s he’s he’s peeking through right now that’s an interior door I’m looking to go toward Aaron all right
Mercy you you came in through the ceiling right where we are are there any are there any business out there are there any businesses that we saw on the way over here in the Uber know they’re all they’re all destroyed their just like destroyed bombed buildings and stuff okay yeah okay I will provide the egress from the warehouse itself is the loading dock that’s where the trucks came in are open so
no no I’m in another Dora I’ll come with you over there okay let’s try the loading dock that is there other than we know there’s juice in there there aren’t any dude all right so I’m just trying to get to the south gate open. You’ll see a path of winding path which leads to straight to the gate you also pass a storage unit so perhaps you would be careful and perhaps check that out too but usual priorities all right all right you at the loading dock can you see the three guys touching Mercy who’s on the floor and pain what’s the range
200 ft back to us yeah
all right time to fucking like synchronize so that we shoot at the same time we have to make sure that Marci Jackson gets that didn’t get out of get out of the way so she’s out of the shot she’s on the ground of stuff I think I have collapsed yeah picking dudes you can’t do like 3:12 like what do we how do we how do you go together you both look at each other and say to I’ll take this one I’ll take that one I am not with you so I will take the one that is remaining
Spencer can I say to the gentleman I know this is such an inconvenience but if this is the way my therapist explained to me that it was the three of you just turned towards each other and I will walk away symbolizing me walk away and walking away from my pain
if you just for a moment can link and just stare the gradual takes 30 seconds or so and I thank you so much and if I ever meet you again I promise I’ll be generous with my kind of Lock and Load guys Lock and Load already fine just have to have each of them hold between one and three fingers up it says two lengthy a process of
we’ll take care of it
but I’m just wanting to get away from the situation so they the same
I mean I’m using stick in shock on Minecraft I prefer I prefer non-lethal if I can okay
all right if you want to go up there and cut their throats and I can’t get close I would say I don’t like to kill people the one you stun I will take out
I’m not I’m not stunning anybody I’m not going to get that close I’m going to shoot shoot them in the head or a gun I feel like but could they really kill all at once find out next time
Bank of America
Damaris Brown thinking so much Erin mcgathy and Spencer Crittenden Jamal thank you for coming up
I’m just saying it’s that hard when you marry everybody
Happy Wheels Happy music for supper and for shadow run has a very excited if you want to know who’s music we played tonight I’m assuming there’s somewhere you can go right and I will make sure everybody knows about


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