Episode: 132 – You Make My Shadow Run with David Cross!


Episode: 132 – You Make My Shadow Run with David Cross!


Kumail comptrolls, Dan tries to cover the zeitgeist and is joined by David Cross! Who sits in while the gang begin their Shadow Run campaign. Music by YACHT.


ladies and gentlemen harmontown is now in session
thank you
play what a what a show we have for you tonight
what a what a pretty great show to show I mean we got to do the most important thing at the top of it and you know I don’t know if it’s like what it’s got to be dealt with immediately we had a show the last time we had to show the feedback was it was it was it was voluminous really I wasn’t here for that Chow so I don’t I’m not caught up to me as if I’m a baby
there was a problem unique to just as societal groupings like it’s a problem but you know how do you how do you solve it we’ve been through this before harmontown is supposed to be a tribe of Misfits for going to colonize the moon and so what do you do about your Adam Goldberg’s you know are they are they mascots because they’re The Misfits of Misfits or are they somehow an opportunity for us to prove that that we too can rule the Earth by it you know we we just crucify them and we have lines do I get to buy believe in open systems I don’t think the key and tumbler societies are going to ever evolve I think you have to have one code and you have to be able to follow it no matter what an R code is no one gets bullied everyone fits in so then lash the last show like like just from Twitter to read it and everywhere in between a lot of feedback about this guy’s laugh
now we’re going to we’re going to bring them up and put a face on this problem because I think up anyways all the opposite I want I want to humanize this guy because I am most of all just feel bad for him I also then then second to that I feel bad for 30,000 people that
that were like unprecedentedly distracted by this guy’s last tough one because you want people to laugh but then the laugh too much and you’re like all right come down to stress call frequencies that makes people go like I’m glad he’s having a good time for some people it’s so what are we going to tell him have less fun yeah that moment when you’re least self-conscious and full of joy take it down a notch
then everything we say about the government up here everything every time a cop to stab the guy right now
they just shoot them I don’t read those nice flying nice that come out of the knife dispensers okay from Mortal Kombat actually stay there
what was that scorpion eats Dracula Mortal Kombat movie all the things we make fun of government and corporations for doing when they’re like oh hey everybody make up a new flavor of Mountain Dew just did it all breaks down and we we we we are judged tonight as a tribe by how we treat Laughing Man
but Eyes Of God are honest and I don’t know I’m excited cuz I don’t know what the answer is I don’t accept the first step is always communication always like like like you know let’s assume he’s willing to come up because he sounds like he’s having a wonderful time are you what is it that it’s Doug right okay from the microphones tonight
have a seat and hello I will say this right off the back I’ll tell you what pisses me off. Are you come to melt down every weekend that’s never going to fucking problem at meltdown are we not funny enough for you
just never been commented on and nothing oh okay but we don’t you know I remember a night when I could hear it and I was like my thing is like it’s not that I don’t like it might think is it makes me feel like a liar it sounds like my uncle’s at the show and it’s like the Cream City Comedy competition and he’s like
consumer or how funny I really am and you know it’s because it sounds like above and beyond last week I wasn’t really that conscious of it but then it must have been a microphone thing of the sound mixing nnn we talked about yeah you said a lot of crazy you’re right we don’t care yeah
but this fucking this guy is but it’s human Belfast Belfast wall built around him laugh listeners can get along with the Catholic like what was it different was it different last week or last show was a little high last week so no I’m not I’ll pull the microphone
but yeah I know I was just
he’s literally hiding the microphone with his mom right now like fancy broadcast show we play a clip from last episode where you just hear me going like like like like Jeff at one point I said yeah there’s that I was talking about 9/11 conspiracies in Back to the Future regarding the Twin Pines parking lot and she and Jeff said Pine 11
I thought you was Pine 11
find 1111 of jokes
Back to the Future fans so and I and I always knew consciously watching it that yeah there’s only its Lone Pine Mall cuz he hit the line back then why is there only one shower now
a mind which is truly not even have to get to Grimm but that’s not even a significant event in the 9/11 timeline the time there was one Tower
I know it happened for a couple minutes on CNN but it’s like what I want to do. I’m like oh my God we just half as much blank yeah we are outside
you are and then electric company and then the other half for that love the people the other Tower
well okay so so I mean you know I think the I’m already I’m already in Courage by the conversation you were high that’s why we can’t we can’t ask you to stop having fun and I’m sure I certainly I certainly believe marijuana should be should be legal but maybe for you
could you shouldn’t be it shouldn’t be allowed before before the show
Mazda it starts with with a prostitute and a foggy cobblestone streets in the world chocolate
next time I get an inkling I won’t before coming to Hermantown how about that oh really is that what it is
cuz of back pain before tonight before the Batman is on the toilet right now Chief Keef halfway up
God damn is there a I know that last
put up but I’m on the toilet in a Batman is that first right of the toilet as Batman Bruce Wayne has a really he extends his dichotomous like weird Schism and its personality to the ships he takes like he’s like I’m going to take a Batman shut the one that flushes my bowels are common crimes that if I wish I had that option like every now and then I feel like I want to take a back mention it but I can’t do it so it’s like you just pinch out a little Alfred
technically speaking is there is a certain amount of pebbles in your lower colon It’s like get it out
my parents I’m going to take the shit out of the human face will let’s let’s monitor things let’s see how it goes will will we we we love you and we’re in your corner I applied everyone speaking out if you need to be so mean about some of your everything that you don’t like makes you want to kill yourself you don’t have to use that language every time there’s real stuff in the world should make you want to kill yourself with poverty
you can just dislike someone to laugh is it doesn’t make you want to kill yourself and I know it’s really a place of such opinions it’s it’s either you love something and want to marry it or you want to kill it with fire that’s the internet extreme opinions are the only things that make it to the internet
thank you.
It’s a human face that’s really that solves half the problem you just look at him he looks like a fine young gentleman yeah yeah I think we figured it out and live your life Doug I was actually going to say that it went well and in exchange for that we we told him there’s no I think Dustin told him like look if you know it will give you will always have that seat away from the microphones available but it’s a good seat so now it tonight ever going to make
it’s it’s it’s going to be a shame involved who don’t forget that
I do most of the show like this
alright so we got we got we got we got you know normally I would Babble about about things I’ve seen my Aaron Aaron Aaron quote of the week do you have a music you for this segment called Aaron my wife Aaron’s funniest line of the week
perfect number of Beats about 6
I want to make sure I get it right I wrote it down we were watching the movie the movie is called a most violent year and about halfway through it when Joseph Campbell says hero should meet with his goddess Erin met with one of her own that I didn’t realize she was meeting with when she exasperatingly
haha God just give them their Oscars so they can stop
a guy who does not want to get involved with the movie that he said and he succeeds for the whole movie you didn’t like the movie I actually enjoyed it quite a bit but but it’s it’s it’s kind of remarkable how like the movies right now I’m just a wild-eyed babe in the woods Bianca like I love Pokemon
I feel I feel like I’m in Birdman was really enjoying that you and I have a great guy it’s not like I thought for a while that I do enjoy the kind of movie that might get you know might get Awards or have some degree of cultural efficacy that you you were down to Transformers or you had to just watch something in French and you know I just saw that Alan Turing movie they don’t think he can see that more angry I didn’t I didn’t know they invented computers and that we killed them for it
buy used computers
Jesus Christ
I was there today I learned that you’re scared of them like doing anything you don’t have to be always another gay person like that they what is homophobic but also like a logical about it like a problem but they’ll solve themselves so back that, obviously we know what they’re terrified of they’re terrified that they themselves are gay so they got to not afraid of being gay who hates gay people are we sure about that because there’s a phobia is not ultimately rooted in like a sphere of like man if this was legal I would suck every dick in this room
and I wouldn’t know who I am I’m going to get to work in the morning this has to stay for a bit if it’s legalized
so I have to fight it like the gay marriage then you can fill it cuz why would you hate that you already hated gay people wearing the police happened dancing and being like promiscuous like archetypes of like like nothing sacred honey child I’m gay I want for that mindset wouldn’t them wanting to get married and to have George Takei stroll down the street with his husband holding hands and I with it with Froyo it but why wouldn’t that make you go okay fine the only reason is because you’re thinking
I don’t know I could have it all
but I think it’s also like in bathroom
it doesn’t count as long as it’s in a public bathroom. Can’t see through stall doors
I might take them cuz then that I called and it’s harder to tell which ones they are you know like looking like religion and stuff a lot of religions are against that so it’s not just people who are gay and scared of his it’s also people who are scared of something that is different from them or did they see is being different from having a baby every nine months you were a treasonous because I was at war with the weather
play Penguins were eyeing us up for the throne right we’re both being eaten by Predators who’s to say you’re not the Penguins we were like 60 bucks hurry up get for kids in the field they’re going to pick a coin and then you walk in on your friend Steve and your friend kneel on your end you’re like guys knock it off we’re at we’re trying so we’re going for supper I mean if so maybe there was justification that’s terrible but they they leave they believe the logs were we’re good luck on Thursday if you don’t you look through it at your gay friend ago I just look like a very up close capers
weather Saturn there’s there’s yet time one before we had another pass at the Koran like you kind of firmware there should be some religion Forum where it was a different kind woman came on the same amount of property it’s fine we were wrong then I think I think we with The Cauldron to do a frostbitten that our guest is is going to be stuck home and let’s bring up David
it was an extended applies there I think I think your legacy is palpable in this room can you give it another minute
what if you was cramping too hard and there’s one guy in the front that makes looping impossible but it’s like there’s always like this team but we just started we started touching on this the unsolvable but always fun subject of like a most violent year sucking I know but I saw it I did not care for it for so many reasons I don’t care about that I just thought I mean it’s it was
it was everything about it was halfway the the the story was halfway the resolution was halfway the acting was half what will that was it was like well halfway to good but it was it was like it was like what your wife is saying it’s like they’re there they all think they’re going to get an Oscar you can tell they’re all that’s in the back of their heads I like that you’re saying everything is halfway but the name is the most extreme The Impossible a most violent year at a gas truck gets gets hijacked an errand I was saying so is this like the cold open and as the truck drives away you pan over to a calendar and it says January 1st
hahaha is the whole movie just like I really
yeah I didn’t I didn’t care for that movie and what do you think of Birdman I like the first two of the six endings for the first two
endings 3 4 5 and 6 I lost money but I will say like I got some movies I get to a point around if I can get two 3/4 through I’ve already written the mental blog entry of like why this is the best movie ever at of the last 20 minutes can take a fucking nosedive and I’ll kind of just put it under the rug watch the acting was great but I’ll tell you where I really hit a roadblock and it was a big one because it really was enjoying it up until this moment but the the scene with the theater reviewer the dialogue was written it’s it felt to me like the dialogue that sheet her review and then the thing that he says back to her than her actual review later all sounded like somebody was never read a review because that’s not how reviewers talk that’s how when you parody Or if you were like a sophomore in college that’s what you think
reviewer and it’s just it was bogus that’s a good point about something that’s all out of ego and he doesn’t he pretends he’s above Twitter but he’s doing this ridiculous thing as I thought that was really great I was well written like teenage daughter monologue yell at the ones dialogue wise yeah I know that’s not how they thought they were is good at writing but that could have easily just been super like they could have written up to her normal human within her own value system is a picture of her own story with lots of thoughtful thing saying it would have been nice is good you’re right I don’t even think about that
I did not I did not I have I saw the second movie and I was like a second of three by the way I don’t know if you’re babbling like I love the Lord of the Rings movie so much so each one of these at what I sent this on Twitter but to me like Lord of the Rings was like making love with the love of your life and how bad is like jacking off on a sex doll you found at the crash
it’s still a fine way to spend your time you just don’t want your wife will be around for one of them you know a place where you found the black bring it back in the trash
little bit of thrill to it yeah yeah it’s a weird those things I do for you do not like out of anger or obstinance I just those things are so silly and and today I didn’t see it I know you’re like a unicorn
ironically I mean I don’t I don’t need no judgement I just know I know myself enough to know I’m not going to like it so so I’m just finally I say finally of the have launched the careers of director you just made that movie hits which I haven’t seen and frankly didn’t know existed which it looks from the trailer to be like everything you would want when you hear the David Cross is directing after the last 10 minutes of what I’ve just said it better be amazing fucking perfect it has to be perfect but it looks great and more importantly I think the reason why I thought you might want to come out here is because I’m sure you’re already at your Kickstarter goal cuz you’re only asking for it with the kickstarter pitch I saw was that you were you made this movie it’s it’s good the Distributors involved had this planned to do like New York in LA and then throw it onto iTunes and come up May
you think you know whether yeah and you’re and you’re just going come on let’s do this let’s do the 20-city thing and you looked into it and it cost like a nominal amount doing that in the end I’m not knocking the people involved but the you know Distributors are doing a job they don’t care about the movie purse ate it when I get the best deal I can’t release the sales agents who you hire to represent you to make the deal with Distributors which I found out later I’m not I’m not well-versed by choice in the business of aspect of things I just don’t care to I should care to know I’m sure my wife would be happier about that but I I just don’t I can’t I don’t want to think about those things in and
and still do the what they were what the offers were very good they were they absolute standard thing you know like you were saying it’s New York in LA and then pick four cities that are the 10 biggest cities in the go there you know one college town you know what kind of depressing and then the producers were the ones who said let’s let’s figure out a way to get this movie in theaters that would never play in and and so I credit them they’re the ones who came up with the idea and they went to BitTorrent and and then we had the idea to do to do the kickstarter with just allows us to get the movie we’re already at the trigger we got 35 cities towns places I’ve never even heard of Saint Saint Thompsonville and Vermont and I don’t know
yeah I mean places that will never play like Daytona okay love the racetrack
yep just a guy and one guy who got into racing in Daytona and he lives in the middle between Bugs Bunny hat that hill in that hole that they built a construction site around and have to be like Haley wanted to play in the theater so if this Kickstarter thing goes then we would like to play it because it’s in order to do that we need at least enough money to get into the theater does it cost does it cost something at the Ritz Theater pay for the staff get your make sure the film can play in their system and in the you-know-what a small modicum of marketing and stuff gets mad doubt and that would allow us to go to it was a 22 I think we figured it would allow us to get to and an hour
theaters of approached us and it’s cool I’ve never been done before the one who’s Distributing it online you said right there it is this is the first movie that BitTorrent is putting out their official the Cat every movie ever made
unofficial way we were all little girls movie screen well at Sundance and I don’t think anybody had this you no illusion that we were going to somehow become disc you know amazing you know one of those bidding war things were Harvey Weinstein is no in between Champaign shots and piles of blow is like I want this movie Skyping from his yacht on top of a mountain and the other is very wealthy yeah it’s his Mountain
it’s something his dad said he couldn’t do the one thing
hey man that’s a good engine trying to do sit your dad says you can’t do
I’ve told you that you’re where I mean you were with within spitting distance of your goal light when I looked through several days ago but more money is probably better than then last if you’re in working right right so go to the kickstarter if you’re interested you can find it really easily and you know first if you got it like that money and I’m around no no no no no no no no no no see that’s that’s shortsighted thinking
all right listen hit movies coming out what leukemia is going to be there Lucci real cheap is the slogan for the leukemia Foundation nothing and $100 to us you’re going to make some loser with leukemia laugh for 2 hours
give him a little Escape 2 of The Last hours of his life he’ll laugh now we have to follow that with a paragraph of where not saying it’s funny to have leukemia we’re saying it’s so unfunny to have it then it’s plenty of the blah blah blah blah blah a lot of times it happens because it’s such an intense diagnosis to give that a lot of times will just give the person $100 along with the gout is better cellular furnace that you’re shoveling your money into it it needs to be shoveled in but but you could you could light a little little dollar bill on fire for David Cross and it’ll go a lot longer make a pretty
we made a point that was like a gift to his movie more than give to leukemia made sense
yeah yeah I mean it it’s that’s the great thing about this podcast is if if you’re if you pay attention you might learn something it’s called hits right I’ll hit you as soon as there is there ever going to be a rule about so you got your you got your help do deaths with the are the Muhammad thing this is a fuck of a Segway
answer this isn’t the first time it’s happened and it’s like this thing keep coming up where it’s like okay so some people get get get really upset about the fact that Prince is okay so these guys are a cartoon made them hurt people in that obviously makes them the bad guy but then why CNN while you’re doing the story and then you hold up the cartoon is it blurt it out and then there’s other people because I don’t want to jump on that bandwagon to go but wait a minute where you’re watching CNN what are you a big fan of like overriding all societal like taboo because otherwise there would just be you know what a corporation on TV to make you keep watching it would just be a big dick was Tuesday’s coming out of it like if you didn’t give a fuk they wouldn’t give a fuk I just be twinkies and fucking tits on the TV and they would do it
that’s a pitch that I’m trying to sell it at
did you guys see did you guys see the fry bread and why did you guys see sparkly bubblegum like kid toothpaste red and white stripes would be gross
I just I’m saying I don’t want to see a red stripe coming out of my dick and it didn’t hurt and it was blue with crystals in it
I would I would be like what the fuc but if I if it if there was a red stripe in and it be like
there’s a difference you don’t think the crystals are going to hurt the inside of your urethra so naive
given your druthers I don’t even come at might by the head of my dick is one of those crystals you just rub it on your skin and it didn’t finish that said it didn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense you do get Alzheimer’s are you to know it is the crystal the crystal deodorant is because people are afraid they cuz nobody read something somewhere 15 years ago and they’re like oh shit this has aluminum in it that’s going to make give us Alzheimer so give me that rock
give me the rock that the woman who calls herself the goodwich Solvay clinic on Venice Beach for $60
store that was a witch craft store in my neighborhood where they would sell like bullshit like that and it just shut down and now it’s a shoe store and it was that kind of happy and sad at the same time cuz it’s like kind of fuck that woman but also I can buy shoes anywhere but here’s the thing here’s the thing about those folks I don’t think they’re I don’t think they’re hucksters no I don’t I don’t think a lot of the people that I’m that I think about what I think of you know like those women or or guys on Venice Beach or in Woodstock or you know San Francisco where the fuck they are in heat
I don’t think they’re trying to rip you off I really don’t I didn’t care I think they were naive and dumb sort of because they believe those things but but now I’m getting close to describing you know people in my life that I love so I can’t snap it back but not I mean there was that so what a pain in my ass you’re holding up of a picture of Muhammad on the news and they’re blurry. So now next to that somebody tweeted me the story which I didn’t know what the thing is that if you live in New York can you go back and forth between New York and Israel said I don’t know how long this has been nothing but someone tweeted me an article about how it’s a thing the heredity yes can I put a quick plug for a website seriously I’m not joking where they have there’s a website called Failed Messiah.
Tom and I am I am one of the very few people who says that we should make more fun of Jews and I and I text you is there just awful terrible backwards people that that they really are sexist and there is a lot of their terrible and they’re always they always late to those articles that we constantly see how what is the article about the article is it will the article that I read was an editorial by somebody that was just fed up and just go and enough already can we make this fucking illegal you cannot obstruct a goddamn what is it okay if I if I’m explaining this correctly they there’s a the you know as you get into the more Orthodox those forms of Judaism there’s a
what’s act I don’t know if I’m using the right language but there’s some dude I could see them the Orthodox chant to get on the plane and they go oh I can’t sit next to a woman if not I can’t I won’t bite and sews up so you read the comments sections are on fire and it’s come down to me more like an eighteen-year-old traveler and is this really the first time that he’s Brave this person is going like oh shit I’m being pressured by the secular machine till I do think no one warned me about this when I read the article I was like
this stinks of Airlines need to nut up corporations that we give him the power to
you sign up explaining to anyone flying from New York to Israel or vice versa is that that there is a very likely chance you’ll be sitting next to half the population there also .00 1% of the population who still believes in this archaic thing and and we but we accept it and one of the issues and I didn’t read this particular editorial but I know one of the issues is that it was in particular was Delta Airlines they don’t want to lose her business cuz it is it a it is a lot always end up big money is never this difficult West Wing saying where it’s like well what’s the right thing to do is money by not explaining to these people get away with and eventually eventually people are our pressure than the end it’s a major flight New York to Israel you know it’s but I mean it’s like if you got to get there I assume you have to get there for a reason you’re not
set a couple days ago
you know anybody to perceive me talking about as bad as having to do with any particular religion I think that all of religion and its most like kind of like concentrated forms of the word archaic could be used like like like because it’s like let’s face it these are being held over from from times before airplanes and things and so they’re they’re rubbing up against modern completely secularized Society like what are the rules because we’re all wearing pants if you get on a plane without pants at you say It’s My Religion they’re going to say I don’t give a shit and so if and I want people to fess up that it’s not it’s not really about freedom of religion if a airline is kowtowing to have fuck that anyway I mean I mean it because it was I would I would have thought I would be okay let’s try really hard to figure out how nobody ever ever
has their Bubble Burst let’s try let’s try and see if we can do it make it happen but we’ll do it in tears so that some for instance of some poor woman who didn’t pay a ticket to this fucking ride or is she going to take it the plane but that’s got roller coaster look at her there’s women everywhere but that they can’t they can’t do this at this wow
actually that’s the one thing I do for you is that I know you and then you put into the cracks in the wall between midnight and 12:05 a.m. tip toes in case they seal it up close in
and he and it’s and it’s date he and Muhammad and Jesus go to the Dome of the Rock right where they all had the were the three major world religions have claim to that the Dome of the Rock and then they on the Temple Mount and then they each go in there and it’s all they produce they figure it out so I just figured out that they’ve reduced it to the actual grain of sand that each one can I claim two and then they all go and they is between 12 and 12:05 if they do they they lick the grain of sand they lick it they lick it and then they linked to each other
get a little pat on the back side and then they go their separate ways
true story
I want to I want to start a relation what if you’re a woman on the plane you have to sit next to an orthodox Jew
and then let’s see what happens but it’s fucking Outlaw is that Israel will being a secular country it’s their their Airline there now hello this is a hugely important question that they must have a speedy way of dealing with it and what is never been on that flight nor would I ever say what is the what are the experts do that are in charge of both expedient Aviation and not offending
the situation is they have the ability because they buy their tickets and blocks and they travel together in groups they have the ability to buy seats around or make sure that they’re all sitting next to each other and not delay the flight but they they truly don’t care and part of the reason they don’t care is because they are led to believe that they are pure and they’re better than everyone on that plane who’s not an orthodox do their better God views them as better people those other people are not worthy and that’s and so they don’t even care that’s part of the the the mindset that bothers me you protect their they know in advance their like what we’re going to get on the plane there’s going to be some checks and we’re going to have to hold everybody that’s pretty Insidious action to
not to protect their own little corner of the world human being with amongst other human beings in the NFL Live and Let Live wave to be accommodating to be polite to have a civil discourse they could they could do that should they want but they don’t yeah I think they don’t care to move off of this hot oven I thought like I’m more prone to Kemal was raised Muslim but is not practicing is that accurate
what if he is gone
I like the idea of someone who’s like so against Orthodox Judaism is a razor thin wire it Islam where that’s how you get to heaven is a video of the cross a razor thin wire and if you fall down you go to hell that’s actually true that’s actually it’s so weird because I guess I don’t understand you guys I think like that yeah you know I’m not going to get any argument out of you when I say something it’s part some valve in my body makes me go like well don’t say it all the way because to some degree I feel like I’m speaking on behalf of a lot of people that I don’t like when I say there’s a lot of organizations let him a lot of a lot of the world around us that I don’t like when I say yeah get over your boogie man to the extent that it’s going to affect other people you just got up there has to be like this Global recognition that
will you do if you’re honest you you can be as honest as you want on your Amish farm and unfortunately it’s like still you’re being marginalized and you’re being does empowered but we got to move on with this fucking planet we going to get off before it dies we do that with lasers late you say that you say lasers are bad luck we don’t believe you really I got to get to work I’m a woman in Israel but we had we also like feel very queasy about saying it because I don’t think that’s admirable I do because it actually is like it’s easier to do what I’m doing with this be Alan Alda the the the like let’s let’s be civil about this let’s listen to all sides about this
I didn’t have this early on and now it’s 50 I really don’t have it and I live in an area of State in New York and it’s one of the poorest it’s near one of the poorest counties and it’s the poorest county because of there’s a place called I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it correctly curious Joelle and it’s it’s where tens of thousands of Orthodox to come in and there and they breed like fucking like Catholic rabbits and and you know there are sapping the public services and end of the monies that are and are there like you know 9 to a room in these in public housing and and they have their own they have their word they won’t let like police I mean it’s crazy and I wish I had more of a solid and a double stuff but there
the really rude think if you ever have an interaction with them they’re really rude and they will not acknowledge you and if you know God forbid you’re a woman and your you hold the door open for them you know like in a market or something they’re just won’t even acknowledge a big deal breaker it’s like half the population is women women’s rights is like in is criminal that shit is Criminal and that’s that that’s that’s I think going to be finally the the interesting thing about it is that women who who we we freed slaves and let them vote before we before we finally somehow begrudgingly found it in ourselves to say that women could voting power comes from so put it on your meeting the fact that women are actually like kind of like this weird Shield slash weapon that is the final decision maker in the battle that’s very difficult to have between
look there’s a billion of us now are we going to are we going to keep entertaining this notion that every single fucking conception and it gets to have its own barbed wire fence around it protected by every God damn thing is if you believe in this society that that if somebody’s hitting their wife and no matter where their living that you’re that they’re supposed to stop hitting their wife then we’ve been you we all agree that we have to like then there’s certain freedoms that we have been protecting that may have to kind of a road under the problem is that the people you’re talking about talking to the people that that I mean I don’t probably not a lot of people in this room and listen this podcast but most people in America are most people in other countries are religious and they have a different they have a different but equally kind of crazy notion and so saying if anybody points to what is markedly near criminal behavior from a certain Orthodox Jew
Ted and sex then the fingers going to be pointed to them and then it’s a slippery slope at Domino’s down or end and then I had those people and you can really count on if I go to Billy Graham’s audience and go hey who wants to make laws against praying to a different God than yours don’t you think they’d signed up immediately and then I could go get you
are they like what I see
I think they’re all wheel of Islam come on
I do with a lot of stereotypes I mean the North Pole
like I think that there is
there’s the the if you said hey I’ve got this magic piece of paper if you sign this then this thing will happen if people sign it rapidly but it just doesn’t work that way and I think you know I know it’s like so yeah let’s go back to Islam which is obviously they’re much more be very careful
it’s at the it’s the king of beers the flashpoint you know
the easy one to to make fun of in and look at the line between what we perceive as women’s rights human rights across the planet and and and like freedom of religion yes I’m happy to say but I’m happy to say it’s all wrong it’s all bulshit it all should be I mean certain Behavior should be outlawed as as you do it if it affects human planet now like like when Jesus said Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s like I can’t cuz we were trying to get him in like gotcha sits in areas where they like what are you going to pay taxes bro cuz if you are his Knuckle Up rate as soon as he’s like if I’m interpreting this passes right he’s like don’t try to catch me in that shit you can be you can be a really holy person in your living room and like pay your taxes go ahead like Revolution is not going to happen because you like ran up
Court steps and spit in someone’s I necessarily I’m not telling you not to do that either but like Caesar made the fucking money Caesar loves the money give Caesar his fucking money. Like let’s go to get back to talking about how about this other shit the lake like that idea extended to a now like like like we are I mean atheism winds like there is that like the youview look into space and you you you you would it we need to continue to have a relationship with the fact that we’re psycho monkeys that don’t know what we’re doing back to something you said before I was even brought up here and you were talking about gay rights and you were talking about why would straight up big man not allow gay marriage and and I mean and if
by proxy just tolerate homosexuals in society and I think the answer I don’t know this isn’t I’ve got no scientific basis in this but
those are people with some form of religious training background if I do a show like this when they don’t do that often I’m happy to mention it if you get me in a in a bar or Pub and we’ve got a couple pints of fucking screen to the ratters I don’t belong to an atheist society and I’m not a spokesman I firmly believe in my believe you just fuck yourself with your words cuz it could be Christian in that voice yeah
pictures converted and he makes me proud to be an atheist is I oddly enough to cuz those people can understand it is I am tolerant I’m not tolerant of people are in intolerant but I am I don’t know if it’s really weird me out I think ye should be shouldn’t be allowed to marry I think I think it’s wrong I think it goes against everything that’s natural is I who taught you that who told you that
me you just don’t don’t do that that’s a really really it just sunk in like that is a huge just very anecdotal but powerful example in favor of atheism is like I like evangelism which way is my pet peeve is is evangelical atheist Giselle it to do you know I don’t like them either either. They’re not sending me up under the guise of religion they’re bothering to say and that’s why if you think that if you genuflect you might get a better lottery pick
Italian you don’t need to clean up the living room one potted plants are doing the right kinds of things in that they’re not infringing other people’s rights and it’s whatever whatever you believe that gets you through the day if you think it’s a little rubbing a stone in your armpit will stop at the end of this wedding and not give you all the timer’s or that there’s a God that’s watching out for you beautiful human mythology driving out of court need for it which is that when you become a conscious mammal before you have a microscope to tell you anything and by the way what you find at the microscope ain’t that heartening but before you even have that it is a fucked-up thing to realize it a mammal that you are alive and that you’re going to die and six million years before our can I come back a little far
3 million years before you get to be somewhat comforted by the fact that milk can be pasteurized like a year or you’re alone in a dark world that basically on a fundamental level still to this day sucks you up in the same way which is like I start to love my my wife’s like I was holding her hand and couples therapy and and the therapist was asking me what I think about when I hold her hand and I burst into tears and said I think about the fact that one of us is going to die and that is something that we use mythology with which today right you and I we we would like nothing really means anything if you look at how insignificant we are in the universe nothing we do means anything we lie to ourselves we tell us that we do podcast and that’s important we make movies and TV shows and with that we get through today and that’s The Lies We Tell ourselves and then some people tell different lives as long as they don’t infringe on my lies that’s fine
then when it said when you say you’re not allowed to say lies right I can’t say that what do you mean it’s a lie that’s that’s where the problem starts at Joseph Campbell said like when religion loses its transparency when it becomes opaque will you start looking to stain glass window like it’s like a thing that you had to use instead of just looking at it like this is a neat way to frame something we don’t understand it could another iced tea and it was decorated for this fun fucking flimsy transparent shit like can we do like when we when we start when were when were shooting people because we have where their religion has ruled that should be your first indication in my opinion that that is not a religion you are not practicing religion you are practicing something much more real than religion religions bottle says there should not be bullets involved because that’s politics politics bottle says buy bullets it comes with I wish that was true but I think religion is bullets religion has become bullets and agree that politics is the one that exploit that aspect of real

legend that keeps it going where his religion could be your Lucky Rabbit Howard power maybe but yeah but what religion is a certainly can be violent what are you talkin about give me one example
of religion the ever causing antivirus
alright well let’s let slip soften up this hard penis like conversation about open-mindedness
and the importance of our policy regarding religion with the soft acquiescent intuitive influence of my wife’s vagina please welcome Erin mcgathy
can you feel it the vibrations of my vagina
any any thought sweetie you’ve been listening
a lot of it I feel like you haven’t been listening I mean just saying when he said that he forgot it was first dating Aaron you brought we went back to my place and you you insisted on playing a 10-minute like David Cross bit about gold foil being used in desserts
are we just sat and listened to it like we were likely likely listening The Grateful Dead or something and I think it was like I don’t mind my dad is a Baptist Minister and I when I was in college I clean houses and the thing that I listen to it over and over again was shut up you fucking baby your 2002 that like challenge challenge by a 18 years old 17 years old
play K 1011 1111 Harter work to do to connect two things like misogyny and homophobia like you have to buy into all this crazy shit all right what do I get in return you get to go to heaven and its rivers of milk and all the babes you can talk and it’s that’s the promise of religion right if he is in his like this is all there is but we can have fun and it’ll make sense and then you die and everything goes away humanism and like the way that you talk about Atheism in that way the way that you’re protected doesn’t feel hateful tonight honey sorry been accused of the opposite of the fact is the same reason why I don’t bother quite to to go all the way over to it which is this it’s the edge of the pool
it is is the real thing that is there to hold you up and keep you from drowning in the meantime I’d like I’m going to try
people who try to convince you to be atheists are wrong you either are or you aren’t in any should be left alone to do it and everybody should be left alone as long as you don’t impinge on their their day-to-day week-to-week year-to-year life or your children and that’s why I like you were saying I really can’t stand those proselytizing a sin. It’s annoying it’s off-putting and you just you our yard you don’t it’s not like a big struggle and if it is God bless you on your own ironic on your journey the the I guess The Credo of the atheist it’s just be simply to yourself I don’t need a book to tell me the right way to treat people have a clear skin like when you say you’re a theist like to the world like what happens dark skinned them
so then it became super atheist and
and then this happened I will say I mean I won’t say them if used or not because careful but for me if you if you do a thought experiment and you’re like there’s no religion there’s no it’s atheism and then you look at the world from a purely atheist perspective
that is the world that makes the most sense to me like just scientifically from the things we understand and know that the version that seems to make the most sense except with the human eye are so complicated
right you’re saying that a windstorm could come through an airplane what is the thing that that
yeah there’s like a scattered graveyard of airport Parts in this story of God and then the idea that the wind would come and then they would just magically created to try to prove their religion and I do like peanut butter there’s no answer
Evolution to their work
planes that didn’t get made and they’re just waiting on you to know you don’t have to
the banana was meant to fit in the hand
atheist worst nightmare videos like that and there’s a guy that takes you through the banana but just the added irony that the banana he’s holding is the result of a post-human genetic write a man if you like look at a whole fruit that’s a handle that means there’s a God how gay Helix is Godzilla
put it in your mouth when people get upset then when they get insulted at the notion that of evolution are there like they’re trying to say that we came from monkeys I didn’t we didn’t come they’re not saying like your dad a monkey see a person I wasn’t going to let me out of here
what is it that ever happened there was like seven hundred years seriously Watch Planet of the Apes backwards that’ll explain everything there was this I read that the school had this creation science fair and the person who came in first place put like glass jar with sand and rocks inside it and sealed it and couple weeks later not to get involved so Evolution disproved to be so awesome if they pull it out and does it go little giraffe in there
the crazy thing is that the scientific version of over talking about most disturbingly opens hypothesis why is it like like like take a tank full of like primordial kind of like like shit that would exist in the in the beginning and end of a chart like put electric current through it to stimulate like lightning in a simulated like the real Jarvis peanut butter that would have a giraffe on it ended the the actual scientific giraffe did they come out of nowhere yeah I think I said they couldn’t find he lost all his place caught on fire or something I did frog guy I think I know why I really liked that Oprah is hypothesis
where can you find a podcast we should look this up later
you’re a device that gives you more information that we have or just like it wasn’t like it wasn’t like a giraffe it what it was even a salary even a strand of RNA but it was like an amino acid in a protein or something like spontaneously is basically what you’re saying is I would have known living but not living to protein building block of rank future living kind of stuff if the last science vacuum news from high school and you’re 42 years old that are present in my solar system you graciously got off a plane and came over here so we don’t want to keep you but is there any are there any I don’t know like while you have the attention of hundreds and hundreds of people that love you anything else you need
plugger or say plant in their head I would not debase myself after this heady intellectual discussion
I hope you I hope you had a good enough time that you’d like to come back at some point since we believe people here really Indio
as I sat right next to him like a weirdo I miss him hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss go in a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting apparently I can get out well actually, no one messes that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorn executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
Lil Wayne David was here is fine but I’m the only one left no understood now they think it’s a day it was never a day that day that’s a pretzel bread I always think there’s a video whenever people are like I’m always like yeah but there’s also fucking Tigers around those people fascinate me the most because it’s like while they’re there they have the thing of the easiest move in the magicJack which is I don’t care and they don’t use it they choose the logic pass to be a Christian I what are you doing why are you playing basketball and skis
my dad Hears a Who I said earlier was about a Baptist Minister after sermon sometimes I would see if people come up to him the same way that someone would come up to
come on Aaron who’s one person who is in Star Trek
cradle robber why didn’t you think about it in and this could actually happen because I I did the math and you guys got to this planet at this certain speed and in the same way to my dad after sermons out of Genesis out of them together and that number’s the same number of days that no one had Noah had lunch with Sarah and so like the stuff is totally real bad I feel like I already know you can find patterns wherever and we’ll be done for us at the Mary’s daughter still he’s a Navy chaplain but like one of his Navy crewman Sivan
human semen I don’t want to call someone to see you in unless I absolutely know that I’m supposed to
Scientologist and so he had a stat he went out and bought Scientology books he’s at he’s a Baptist preacher he he’s he’s fine with gay marriage he has to go up against his own congregation sometimes the powers-that-be above him in addition to that he’s like he knows that his role is to like like these are these are soldiers and they’re in a time of Crisis no matter what and like like a my job is to like you know be there for any kind of like emergency I need spiritually and like he read Scientology books so that in a pinch if somebody that there is the one Scientologist the board got his pinky stuck in a in a Canon door
mixelplix please help me some of you cytologist have been offended by my
depiction of your religion in here we got a boy
vintage board game Masters Spencer Crittenden
and he was with us last time we were creating our characters are you still here I was Timmy’s coming up towards brain
because there’s another George Brown who does like who lives and stuff so downtown Vijay version
in reverence is Right 1982
get them if you go home and ask your parents for the Visa when I was a kid there was a gate a kid named Wesley Brown who is bigger than I was and had a bald head and glasses and he used to say every time I came in the room you do that to everybody who’s I got like a Basketball announcers sort of
I’ve been Downtown Julie Brown missing for a while
they said they found her in the least likely places in uptown
it’s the story everyone is talking about how that works downtown a couple weeks ago of Julie Brown which would I was very confused because I thought that was her but she said I’m doing a show in the character of Julie Brown girls are you see or what you just in it creatively active back before there was an internet to be like kind of friends you but also funny as she was a hero to some people here are the show talk to her about about about looking at Jeff goldblum’s likely receive
thank you
can you follow me around my life so I can pick up a shoe and I D like a lunch
Damon Wayans alright Jim Carrey and Jeff Goldblum are there like the carry free alien people that descended on the valley and oh my God is that they meet are like these Valley girls which is like a thing and then they shave them and they’re like oh my God you’re totally hot underneath all that fur what do they shave on them they have white and red and yellow and blue all over them there are aliens do and they shave them and they look like for all of them but they’ve been conditioned by Society to take care of that before it becomes the only problem is he’s almost laying with Jesus live bodies
what’s watch watch movies with Kenan actually easy I don’t know where I think I need a title obviously just Bridges at the time and ironic coupling which is Syfy with sexuality Girls Are Easy I think it might have been based on a Julie Brown novelty song frankly I don’t know if she made that cuz that she was look it up Google it again thank you thank you for coming to pop culture will look it up later
Spencer is here
thanks audience I needed that
so I got a weird anecdote I got to share okay so I hang out with my friend Matt landsman he’s a friend of mine and I’ve had the convention of when I enter the room I have a wireless Jambox speaker when I when I enter the room I play I play the John Cena theme song right as I open the door I hope you guys know the theme song anyway the the other night I was at my friend Matt’s house and his roommate was just coming home and and I didn’t have the song Quite queued up and we all realize what had to happen I had to get the song shoot up before you got in the house and no one knew how that was going to happen so I was like lock the door and my friend runs it does that chain you know the chain where you yet locks the door like that and I’m queuing up the song I got it it starts plan you know takes about six seconds to really kick in and like as right as the guys going up
part like the roommate literally kicked the in the door
and entered the room where does John Cena’s like Pimpin
it was amazing and horrifying
that’s the culmination of that hole you can never play that song I know is he’s rude to destroy property to play the song yeah I will I kind of wanted to watch it on ya you need to know the song but I feel confident that most everyone has heard that song before so what are we confident I don’t know the song but I really got the story I was there with you will know was you got to listen to the song man John Cena theme song on Google third video result down
I know how to get it if I pop if I type Jo into into Google it’s John Cena are so often it’s two letters for me I have to I have to tell you story now because you eat just outlaw never I’ll never remember it and I just remembered it d i I had a girl over to my apartment like like when I’m back at my horrible flawed Bachelor days
very small 2 bedroom apartment in Los Feliz and for some reason we were like a couple dates and I’d I guess this is you’re going to find out that I’m a bad third day but we were going to watch 2001
and I whatever we ate or whatever was happening to me as I know this is a small apartment and like the bathroom is right next to the living room and the door is thin and it was like like there’s just no I hadn’t had made those calculations and feel like I like this girl we’re watching 2001 I got to go do something that I can tell already is going to have acoustic attributes and I swear to God even though it seems like a really dumb sitcom pitch or like not even cuz it was but I think I was listening to her watching two thousand one cuz I didn’t want to pause it cuz it went silent so I did this so my only choice is that I’m waiting for the spake zarathustra
to Crescendo that’s my plan
but like I and I I know it sounds fake as hell
I mean Lego Spalding Gray like
baby baby I know you’re supposed to say I know you’re going to die on the stage don’t worry leave it on the bed
anyways you’re back and so later
mr. recipes going to come out and show you a strudel that will need you wait for the music calm Serene epic investigation of The Human Condition to reach its point of the Overture when the timpani drum covered my fucking and it didn’t work the exact opposite because I was like wrapping it and then it and I swear what happened was just like drums like I was like this song was like I was doing it with the song it was framed by it and I and I stopped it because everything you’re doing to try that you’re Daffy Duck now everything you do is like making you not but bunnies just flush it and just finish it just get just pissed to see how this goes and
play came out and I went I went like sorry about that
and she was like like like I ever thought about what but like like like the look on her face was like kind of like now that I look back on and then like she was saying about what as if to say don’t talk about your shit after making me listen to it
Bravo, well I don’t know she was at
what about the noisy should I check in my account I just like I didn’t hear it
all right so weird forward spot and Grace final performance
I got to look up Spalding Gray
where did David I wanted to let go let him go because I don’t want to hold him up but he went he went backstage and he’s watching the show and now I feel like I could bring it back, bring it back up
oh that’s why I will understand if you leave them very quickly after your car
cuz I have this awkward thing where I am not a self-loathing nerd but I’ve had enough guests wear for the end of the show I’ve had to explain to them we’re about to do something you might not understand because around this hour we go into a role playing game and we’re starting a new one tonight and I don’t I never know first of all how prepared Spencer is to throw a new random people into something and I also never know how the people feel about it and so I so I thought no one knows Chad around there’s this thing in Shadowrun that’s like a quick start rules guy that comes with the Run yeah
because we’re here and your instinct was correct
David have you ever played any role playing games like
we have you ever heard the word Shadow run before
Billy Joel in the pit
make massage
do you like it if someone was to make your Shadow run the idea of who and what you are what you stand for what you believe but you but it’s inside you but then you’re going to the forest for this whole other reason there’s a fellow backs right and you’re going to the edge of the forest and then you get scared but not it’s a it’s a switch because you ain’t funny cake and so your body would normally be scared but your essence would not be scared would stand up and fight but in this switch-a-roo because the the the block of Glenmore calls already gone through the valley of Tears so you go tonight or at the 4th and that can do your essence get scares and then it runs through and Shadow
the shortcut term for for everything yet you make me want to be a better person you make the dark parts of me flea
I had your explanation to think about mine
I thought I thought it meant that like in a relationship you lose yourself so you make your shot around you don’t see yourself anymore you just like you’re absorbed do you lose the self in a way that’s but selfless wow this what do you mean I didn’t get that
Will You See Your Shadow you see you see yourself you see reflection read such a deficit as a person that you make my shadow run I’m just you now I am going to be absorbed Oh I thought you meant your positive thing in that you’re not you’re not obsessed with yourself in the way you were before and now there’s someone else that you care for and so you’re not just self-reflexive I thought I mean obviously joking around
I thought it said it’s from from 12 in the afternoon till just about 5 during the Spring and fall and then but time it is time goes quicker so your Shadow actually long pants look a lot like my dad and wore blue jeans and would walk along the roadside like 1 in the morning singing to himself that was wrong
the exception to the rule classic dad
I think I think what this song is going for it is that son rhymes with run and the sun makes a shadow go away David’s I think the sun makes the shadow show up I don’t have no no no no son but in the end
night night
forget you you you move through the sky and then suddenly goes out like like you no matter I no matter how hard I try you moved through the sky and and make my darkness Come Undone..
Is that job and blue color flavor like a little fun fun fact is he was two different tools so it could have
so if you could sell it to a different honey that’s our city
this guy
Z & R Radio
I legit I have that shadow wrongs Run song stuck in my head now for real
baby you make my shadow run
my shadow ran it’s a duet from the TV movie
alright so
so you do know what Shadowrun is it I was just going to say that’s going to make everything a lot easier now we are on the same page
I was so hoping you were just doing their you’re like it wasn’t serious thing and you’re about to snap
what’s shadow
somebody worked hard on this
I mean it
not even in a joke in all seriousness I’ve encountered like seven of those kinds of Shadowrun enthusiasts already and I’m I’m getting kind of sick of that so people who are going to lean in that other direction I mean when you’re talking about fairies and shit you can’t take yourself seriously that’s what the Irish do
liquid kratom
difference of whole team into it both gay rights and religious transparency can either do seriously you lose you lose your shadow
I thought we like Irish ferries you were trying to connect those two like what if what if what if the Irish believe in fairies so much that they when they when you flew Aer Lingus if an Irish guy got to the plane he was like I’m sorry that person’s got salt on their shoe
I wouldn’t tolerate it from them
Aer Lingus sounds really sexual
Disney Fairies in Shadowrun world right it’s like a cyberpunk no I mean there’s Works in elves and shit I don’t think there’s fairies mascara
technology-based yeah I did it as a contracted the one of those viruses that can turn into a banshee and I know that a Banshee is a virus has a very shity yeah you marveling I die I will I will take that sound at face value you were marveling at me
cuz people don’t laugh when Evel Knievel makes a landing like I know that sound was you were breathless spray paint and I pack spray paint the Hallmark of Technology
I bet that’s true then leave them alone
you’ve been confined to just in case and a brush its Hindi
Everyone’s familiar with us I know I don’t I don’t think anyone’s familiar with it it’s a it’s a role playing game in which like collectively we tell a story together where these guys plays character that’s your justification for playing it so what is
call know that would cut a little deep
but it’s like it’s like Dungeons & Dragons where there’s a there’s a it’s a story but the context is different but it’s a shame it’s a different world idiot tour in sorcery it’s more technology literally I’m not I’m not trying to be funny but it have a spell that would do a certain thing now you have technology that does a certain thing so you got like you got your guys who cast magic but then you also have guys who let you know just have guns and robot parts that ate too much
and hacking like William Gibson future or Blade Runner like if the in the midst of Blade Runner then someone said there’s elves now until is it is just like Blade Runner at Magic
so they can do whatever they are you at D&D guy I don’t really know it’s I just know it from playing right here I love like fantasy stuff or do you like sci-fi stuff you like like Blade Runner and shit like that I like Blade Runner I don’t I don’t some science-fiction stuff I do but as a as a am not drawn to the genre like other people are like the best examples of it probably just good there just isn’t a lot of it.
uncensored the first the first edition of Shadow was introduced in 1887 is that mean Wild
I should stop saying that before it becomes your catchphrase
it won’t be at for very long
I’ll get help.
What I can say it
and I didn’t make the rules he’s just riding them across the finish line
so yeah I mean originally we were going to his present characters you know even even if you know that might take the whole time we have left but let’s present the character is so I could pass these out I’ll do that make funny alright do you make the characters or the characters car part of the game we kind of like we consulted with him cuz it’s a new game with a new Mill you so we talked to last episode about the kinds of characters would like to play as it has been a sort of interplay between Spencer doing arguably probably the hardest most joyous work of like rolling are characters
I love it I really it took me about a combined 16 hours for all of these it was it was not
that’s true though I was actually at work not doing anything during those six never happens at some point in the equation sure there’s a joy I mean there was Joy
they’ll be like different races you can choose from like or the pencil damn
are like Wizards or hackers or whatever it is
yeah I made I made you know Fuller’s for everyone there’s a lot of bullets in this game so you really need to be marking your own inventory yeah that’s because you guys are going to lose them I mean

I don’t want to lose these know that you’re going to take him home otherwise or something I don’t know I can’t eat everyday
that’s great let’s talk about these guys yeah let’s
so I can we start with my guy do you know about your guy I actually sent you an email about him I don’t know if you read it
yeah I read mine I’ll just pull up this email I sent you
all right what are you going to address do you send it to do not say that
Quran reboot at aol.com
all right we’ll all nude off of
a rewrite of the Quran
so if if if you haven’t read yours let’s not start with yours will start with leg or something or something and then I could I could I could do it I could read it but you know not the first one what dance start off if I have a weight you want me to tell tell us about your character. It’s about your background and I mean like I don’t know how much stuff like the like the other people should know but a G Thang I should just let it all out yeah I mean skilled professionals I think of anything you say the secret they can pretend the secret okay so my character was born James Gundrum the Third
in Wisconsin in 2034
and his dad was a prominent member of the anti-human hate group Humanity Humanity Humanity popular kind of Ku Klux Klan of like when people started turning into like elves and stuff like there was like a human but the uplifting things that black people could be in this group and like hate goblins as a great
I’m always with you just when you think you’re going to like everything it’s like an arsonist assassin within that group and he taught me how to fight and got to be Scrappy and I could talk to the academy to be a lone star officer lonestar’s like sort of a police force that service has a lot of the city-states in the future and like maybe he could like eventually be a politician or something that he could make her horrible racist cause like I fell in love with an elf girl and and then like I begged my dad to like reconsider his ways but he couldn’t and as I was attempting to flee the state with her she was killed under mysterious circumstances and I blamed my father for it and signed on with Lone Star Security
Services Under the condition that my dad would be among those put away when I infiltrated this horrible hate group and so I did all that and then because I needed my identity white cuz I betrayed everybody I knew at that job then I just became a horrible like like they just the government just used me and it sent me to every city and then made me change my name every time and taught me how to do that and I would just narc on me like Shadow Runners like in every city and then I found out my dad didn’t actually kill my girlfriend like I think actually the cops did to make me available for that employment opportunity cuz you’re such a good, cuz they were like what this guy is going to be amazing if we if I can this is not a 7-10 split I don’t know what the opposite of that is from Wisconsin
I liked it so then I was betrayed by the people that did that owned me and like they use me to do Shady stuff I was like a narc and I believed it and now I don’t believe in it inside I had to escape with my life cuz they’re going to kill me and I used the most the only identity I had that no one knew about which was a generic identity pulled from like a textbook in the academy so my name is Jim Knight played
a former cop craft in the life of the crime he used to fight
that’s a bitch motherfucker everything I do is a pitch what if this microphone had to hang out with a anti phone
okay great Erin
I don’t know why I affected in urban dialect 2
I might have found that email Spencer it went into my spam but I have
cobra have it and I can read it but you guys go first Spencer you came up with all the stuff right no he came up with his Erin came up with her backstory and then I came up with demorgan kumail’s backstory because not nerds this is fascinating I can’t never seen anything from this side where your telling the story and paper like oh like the same words when you said he kind of my dad didn’t kill my girl when you said that my dad killed my girlfriend there were people here like oh
yeah but you see that’s the power of like an audience is Grace when they’re like we trust you and know you like that was honest that was in there was nothing like a blueberry pie
if I don’t like my coffee this morning Munich’s going to go bad ok
remind me to call Donnell and the short email that I sent Spencer earlier today well within my right to use that to illustrate
a movie about it for kids
West Virginia
all right this is Mercy with Donald
former publicist for Aries macro technology and expertise of its CEO Damian night Mercy O’Donnell is a Madam for mega-corporations and the underground like two years ago Mercy left her husband after he beat their teenage son to death in an argument
when’s the series microtechnology manipulated evidence at the scene of a murder as a matter of Mercy Mercy said she’s on the Run As a matter of Mercy works almost exclusively with magic users who may or may not procure payment without quote-unquote natural sexual services rendered regardless her John’s always leave half a face with a name that is always changing she is known by her many contacts as the eyes because I have the best face ever is a thing that was established before I’m looking at a prostitute Madam but I work mostly yes I work mostly with people who are
what is a Madam prostitute prostitute King
king of all the prostitutes that’s true that’s there to talk.
Where is yes
work and working as a Madam but that’s my that’s my cover but it is an agent for prostitutes during breastfeeding
the movies when you run into a brothel and then there’s like others all of the sad broken hearted Carnival in the MILF who is eight years younger than me Madam as a cover I don’t know how much I should say about my character she’s fiercely anti-male and the trucker
I mean you’re just saying that but doesn’t mean anything her husband she watched her husband is she a male hater I mean sometimes it doesn’t make sense
she’s afraid she’s afraid of mad and now she is she’s wanting to protect women but God she has a space
she’s got a great face but it’s not for you what do you mean not even sorry right she is making her money but using prostitute or convincing been that they’re getting off and they’re not really convinced that you got off is identical to get
and that the girl doesn’t have to put a dick in her mouth like like like like as a male customer if you told me like listen sorry if you’re out
great like there’s a guy that’s like that is like cuz then you can demonstrate how you lay down the law like to protect these ladies the archetype of the of the of the hooker matron who is like the government doesn’t care about humanity is like a woman who’s like a den mother to these lost souls but Young
so I don’t know if you want to talk through but I also have the right up that I sent you so I can like that or you could do it I just did the cottage eliade as I know they are basically the Noid from Pizza Hut
it’s called branded content there’s there’s no commercials during the podcast and it’s very cheap and it’s a real thing and it’s a real thing to not want cold pizza I can hear you guys
my character’s name is holy God I’m in elf your door
I was just testing you people don’t know the difference these days
my mother wants to do if my father was at work they were both very smart and came to United States the science team I do not have the most beautiful face but I have reasonable looks
how to put some leaves in a characteristic of not aging
I was always a precognitive child I was born a pretty car that is to say that I can sense future events
say that again Jeff there’s a gelatin to float in the sky that you cannot see or touch but I can proceed attempt to see from it and drop them at such things as horrible accidents and crimes and misdemeanors if that’s what my mother would put me through some so the First Security Bank built a precog bath in the basement my father being scared of this ran away
she educated me in the ways of precognition though she herself was not the peacock but she was a good reader and a great teacher
at a certain time I was urged to leave and try to find employment children would laugh at me in school and I did not do very well because of this and so I took small jobs and I was very old and I got a job as a busboy I work with the underground restaurants and bars they did not know if I was a boy or a man I was at this age a man but they would say hey how old how old were you at this point I was some 26 years old
so of course this is 2074 closing up
I worked making the most money under the table in cash with the mafia and jacuzzi families both in the nighttime working in the Little Italy section and in the evening working in a little at Osaka they had no problem spilling their information to me so I learned a lot about the underground and how it works you’d be very surprised to know that the underground is really the overground everything that works in front of you is moved by people you do not see
it is not cold Shadowrun for no reason
you must be thinking of opposites and you must be neither
because I still have precognition
I’d like to go outside at night when the machines are humming and wearing and the night air is moist
it is there that the thoughts come to me on one such night to go out and the boss of my place in Little Italy is crying his smoking a cigarette and crying cuz he wants is your problem he says you can go home there will be no restaurant tomorrow he does not explain
I go back to my studio apartment
which is not so much an apartment because there is no floor there’s only a cup of water in which I feel tikrit cognition top for myself
from this I put on Opera sauvage a composition by Vangelis
a precognition to such as Samantha Morton might wear
to an event or Gala
play the motion picture I lay myself above and using the power of rear thought suspend myself without a net over the water
and I saw an incident at which a man with a loaded pistol would come to him and shoot my boss his brains out
I waited in for the vision of a woman with a wrist watch to walk by and focus on the wrist watch got the time of day knowing that it was night and there is no 236
the p.m. that is at night I sent you what 236 am I went to the cross streets and waited
I wish I was this at 6 a.m.
what time did you get the vision
I got the vision at 2:34 but this was the day before I drop the weapon from a Yakuza boss in Osaka
I then waited on the corner when I recognized the man and I saw the woman with the watch I raised the gun and I shot him in the head and then had to go on the Run deep into the animals or a public Little Italy where I met a man who would become my father figure his name was Geppetto 5.0
who outfit agree with silicon and cyber devices arms
that was just the piece just now becoming a fleet of Brazil has a Nazi doctor because you sound like a Nazi talk show
what way do you lunch an award-winning career as a documentary director
if I were I would do something like this in time differences and things and ways to better myself including skill saw switch our programs that he’ll allowed me to master certain tests and things to a cranial implant and with this I can function for myself but I cannot go back into that well. Although I have all of this knowledge of how they operate and so I run around in the shadows between streets and avenues and boulevards and byways and
with what I know to do best and that’s just to sneak up and stop problem since problems eliminate situations
sometimes sometimes with weapons otherwise with cunning and guile
I can okay if I step out into the light because everyone still thinks I’m a boy
oh wow
everyone just thinks I’m up
I guess you know if David wants to tell us about his character will just Chrissy till Nick
I am I am a twelve-year-old lgbtq transgender I was born with six toes on each foot but I now currently have three on each foot and I my father kill chickens with his mind we would travel from small-town to small-town some people were enamored of that some people thought he had great power some people were scared of him and frightened and it is as a result we are constantly moving with a 1969 Dodge Dart
and one day my mother my mother and father were very much in love he had sworn on their wedding day with a loped but it was still a wedding and it was a day so it was what that he would never use his ability to kill chickens with his mind in any negative way towards her and went one day we were chased out of town Birmingham Alabama and he was drinking heavily and he started look like the process of trying to kill my mom
find an address up set me terribly I went running out my mom chased me and she was killed by her and they do which is a
it as everyone knows and after the year 2021 government Obama was still in office and
and invented her Nadeau’s which is a combination of a hurricane and a tornado and and that that was shortly before they revealed Chemtrails are real thing or not just sleeping
add so my mom was killed it was a horrifying thing for for me to witness I as I looked behind my eye had three shoulders and eyes look behind the middle one I can see my dad running after and the town of the entire town of Birmingham Alabama he got swallowed into the tent as they grabbed me and I could see him scratching at the ground and blood came from his nails as they went down the steps as he was trying to claw his way to me and I just knew it was fight-or-flight and I I decided I’m going to flight and
and I went to Birmingham International Airport when I used all my remaining my I had some fun bucks left over from a Chuck-E-Cheese and I turned him in
I got on that I got on a plane to 2032 this is the only time I could Ford
and there I when I got off the plane I just did that classic Chrissy Tillman thing where I looked down and the first sign I saw was for Davos and I glad that I’m your guy and I got in the car and ended up at Davos conference Jenna Bush was speaking and
and I managed to sneak into her hotel room in a way that I’d only seen in Halo movies which is a way that people watch movies in the future you got that right you got that right
by being under underneath the catering tray table and then I snuck out and and I assume Jenna Bush has a personality and identification Tron and which is sad because she didn’t even put away was like the clothes in the closet the closet was open I just took Jenna Bush’s sister added easy and then
and I remembered as I was I was I was climbing the antennas fire I remembered wait my mother her last dying or text she threw the pills at me and said it should anything happen take these pills and I and I did and then I went back in time to where we were happy family but I was always able to access everything post that so not only am I currently with my happy family knowing what the future will bring but I also also concurrently run in the shadows cuz I fucking love that song
what a character
I think that’s the end of our show I think I have a guy to be saying I think that’s the end of our show and I’m going to read this and that will be the end of the show my guy talks like me I’m just going to read what you said is that okay donation do you know great ideas that come up to the surface from these wonderful narrations
when we looked at it what we thought was
is there any I’ll have to check with the ladies at Vassar and Sarah Lawrence The Shadow Runner is basically like a member of The A-Team he when people need their help and they can afford it they get the A Team you know and they do illegal stuff they do cool things that usually good guys I know I mean they’re criminals they came to the sasson’s
pickle mercenary
I’m just going to read the paragraph doctor friend that’s my guys name unless you have a better name I don’t think you can talk dr. Frank
dentist rank
friend is it real doctor dentist
a criminal / doctor who practices everywhere the core aren’t like corpse corporations sorry everybody I have to start over every time someone says something up criminal just to try. Honest. Honest friend is a troll periodontist criminal / periodontist whose practices everywhere the corpse aren’t periodontist friend has a magical Mastery over medicine and the metal human body with a less than firm commitment to the Hippocratic Oath
add to that was a little Glimpse that was all the glib
periodontist friend is bound to never harm anyone who hasn’t harmed him first originally a corporate. Is that what is that it’s a root canal root canal address nerves
Roots root canals nerves
endodontist endodontist
that important I do know I didn’t mean to qualify that isn’t being a DJ at a at a birthday party
one friend one friend that’s me that’s me
when friend Goblin eyes didn’t do a troll is a goblin Goblin is not over his nation is a thing that happens in the history of the human and do a troll trolls just get turned into them from humans he was cast out of the corporation with extreme prejudice prejudiced forced to ply his trade in the streets despite this fall from grace the only accepts payment from the moderately wealthy for his Superior Service
treating the poor and needy free of charge sounds like a good guy
sounds like a friend that’s right is that all that’s all I need to say right now I prefer not to fight for when I must I tend to favor not a Lethal Weapon such as a stun baton or jail and shock rounds for my salad submachine gun sounds like a very valid whether I use the Weaponry other than this submachine gun
I think I had a moment when someone we’ve got a gun that’s really nice that you you take care of poor people for free that you say it in an alley way just to that other person you go
the rich and the rich are always dying
they’re always be
did you just come up with that quote that’s really good
are you being sarcastic know it’s really nice for you that was really good thank you collapse under the poor because I was thinking that I was questioning that stop right there
this is a fantasy world David it’s a weird world you’re safe but you have teeth problems
I did only your ambition to become rich eventually kills you at least believable bit of this for you the poor become too rich now I’ve heard everything
is a fun game but in terms of wealth distribution
I believe it
all right well we’ve got all these worlds now how do we end things probably with a wrap right I’ll do a rap
crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap Jazz can you wrap your ass the person you came in and I accept you to go to do everything sent this is your wrap every time a beautiful Angelic voice do the the rap Bridge the R&B like do we have a rap beat
all right
schedule a bit and then I’ll talk to you and then you do like the you do like the you know the the the dragon Park
I hope you come back to the show
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah police did the distance City scape I’m going to go the distance album I’m Doctor Urban anthropy I’m going to cut you can’t you see I’m going through the Shadows at night I’m going to wrap for my life going to fight for your life I must I’m mister mxyzptlk I’m going to shoot you I want to fucking shoot you in the juice you shoot you in the shoot you put your life inside my shoes though
running shoot you shoot you
I love to ride my life with
and that’s how I wrap my life
all right till it dries
we’ll see you next week I think


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