Episode: 139 – LIVE at SXSW 2015


Episode: 139 – LIVE at SXSW 2015


Harmontown LIVE from SXSW at the Yahoo! Community premiere party feat. Chris McKenna and a very loud bar!


oh yeah
Carmen Powell
I put your panties on
turn off to a terrible start terrible the sergeant is too horrible clinically disgusting shows that you you can’t you can’t rhyme room with anything but womb and no one wants to think about the womb when you’re when you’re doing in a sexual way that’s just the womb is associated with life
thanks for having us back Austin the Portland of of Texas as a kite you guys are you guys are fantastic thanks for thanks for waiting around and come in here and we’re here in in Austin because we’re premiering R6 season of My little show Community
there’s a little bit of overlap there between the audiences for community and the podcast how many people here are strictly here just for community
play the podcast that doesn’t get us anywhere
how many die-hard harmontown fans
don’t give a shit
what’d you say to her
the TalkBack format might not work as well we found text Cheyenne I’m Goldberg
the postman only rings once and also if you don’t have a doorbell he’s yelling
I don’t know what that saying means so I got nothing so give you a bad show but
I’ll be done about 8:30 and the back door and came out here and there’s more money has been spent promoting community in this room than 5 years ago
and by that I mean there’s if there’s two vinyl signs and some balloon Yahoo has been a very very strange experience for everybody on that that sad little show that has really become accustomed to I don’t know if I’m supposed to address
ignore that I don’t know what to do I don’t know what a master performer would do the work the sirens into the thing
what’s what’s all this
Anthony Jeselnik had a pretty good when he’s doing his thing in the siren goes outside you can barely hear out the recording and he says that’s how hard I’m killing
I just felt a joke
strange for the cast has been a weird experience with NY cuz if they’re being treated like the cast of a TV show or
you would think it was like 1995 and then we were getting like a 3 rating or something of the way that Yahoo talks to the the cast and stuff so they talked about doing any campaigns and promoting the show and stuff like that and yeah I am in on what we were going to be doing this year and 10 minutes into it she noticed that they were being really quiet and she was like I might have offended you or something but you have to understand no one’s ever talk to us like this before
it was really sad but it is a positive or A negative I just I just work on it and then like all of a sudden it’s like okay well if it’s raining men
but when that guy says I don’t like you either
structural issues with the season is what I’m saying
we got to be blasting Entertainment Weekly
no no
I sleep on my couch this is an A- show
I don’t know what they give 82 but we’ve been sleeping on the couch
identify this is a problem and end their for salted with divorce or we had to like look at this is like this is what it would have going to be in till we’re done shooting and feel like they’re going to sleep on the couch and I’ll wake up and work on the show
just a karate kid joke
you can wait as long as you want is that what you call this as a Barcelona chair I believe it
Spencer rap
stop it
you’re right you’re right you’re right. What’s happening up here is entertainment you’re right
I’m not going to burst that bubble
with a drink at and this is as nothing like just one of your wedding what’s going on actual entertainment that’s worthy of being broadcast and paid for it and you’re absolutely right so you’re still rocking the flannel even though it’s a little out here
that’s I wasn’t for you is for me
I don’t care I we don’t have to go to start off with
is it is it anything or do you have a bee in your Bonnet of politically socially or economically oh man
I don’t know okay so I listen to the radio station that it’s big claim to fame as they’re always talking about how commercial-free they are all all of every commercial break they say commercial-free it’s stupid but the worst thing is they go commercial-free starting now they play one song and then they do two minutes of commercials that’s literally the opposite of commercial free
is in this is the selling point of the station is that their commercial free and there is but there are more commercials the music of bullshit over for the time being
you’re a star child what what do you even know about radio Apple watch is broken
are you on the Apple watch. Now are you going to get an Apple watch
it’s all about that what do you call a Galaxy where is that
rinsed it in directly affiliated with Samsung today are we good good rip about the Uber sexual harassment for the catering at catering and Robert Duvall sitting on the plane that’s badass
what do you think that would sound like if Robert Duvall was bummed out
and that is two guys behind each other do you guys mind taking right now
every time we come by Southwest were always somehow in a room where there’s an auction happening I don’t
double booked is there a bachelor party
the last time we did it we booked it and I thought I guess that’s an excuse because it was literally just a hotel lobby like anyone could be
like I don’t know how people get in but apparently there was a lot of trouble from some people trying to get in so I don’t there’s no excuse we could come down with entertainment
do what you’re doing
but in a more entitled way
I can’t I can’t
if you don’t know I mean come on
well I’m waiting. Come on what are you doing
what the fuck is happening
harmontown has crossed the threshold where we’ve been so lazy fair about letting letting it hey everybody shut the fuk up
I love you I love you
if you want to be a part of it come up and grab a mic let’s look meet you
Southwest going to be the person
Alberto Guerra
what do I do Twitter account
don’t tell them not to poo you
apologies apologies
I’m sorry
I should tell you what to do I’m at South by Southwest because me and my partner Ryan Brown we’re starting an alcohol delivery app it’s called top shelf of your own shit right now
he asked me he asked me
Jordan Jordan I’m going to ask you a question I want to be very honest with me and give me a
I asked for his Twitter handle so we can get him a million more followers
you like him and get the moment you get on stage you start chilling your products
Southwest has been infiltrated by capitalized interest
the Secret’s out here for the spiritual edification of it you’ve got to be you did ask me to do anybody on the beach
I feel like
you are coming up here no matter how I’m sorry
I I I died I disagree I thought it was I thought I thought I’d like to hear more about his alcohol a distribution app that
who doesn’t like to drink I don’t like to drink what do I do with your at
I I don’t drink you don’t drink yeah so what’s in it for me
oh yeah yeah I know we’re not there yet okay, we could reconnect with your local liquor stores and we display their inventory on your iPhone so basically you can scroll through say I want a bottle of Jameson green tea under an hour so whether you live in Texas or wherever
now you’re not the one driving when they bring it right now that we accept because you’ve been using this app all day it’s another one of those trivializing it’s another kind of peer-to-peer not to worry it’s nothing that delivers alcohol
it’s like a pink pink elephant I don’t know what’s what’s the local and what’s the wind like in episode of Price is Right but every time I want
I’m always too far away from the Blues
alright well thank you Jordan 4
I really do appreciate you don’t know what’s the name of the top shelf top shelf okay Jordan Freddy’s number Jordan delivery professional right now Jordan do me a favor go get me a drink
the reputation of your company is on the line I’m on the way babe
play some music on how long it takes to bring you liquor
take Georgia Tik-Tok we’re getting a lot of gestures looks like New Media has failed us again
well my name is top-shelf but I’m here to say you ain’t getting the motherfuking drink
ask for a goddamn beer Jordan last
a Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels
there’s no liquor
you know you should do you should use your app
unfortunately our app is not live until this
just checking
they were ejected
yeah we’re coming
I don’t know I don’t know what that means
Jordan giving up there thank you
taking taking the battle to the streets and it refuses to lift things manufactured things export things but but we’re honored we are an innovation economy did anyone else find it weird that his business only had an Instagram account
like I feel like you start with Twitter Facebook right
Instagram is I don’t know I don’t know all right I got a I got a special guest that I wanted to chat with the Shelf to my top shelf. Calm down request so we so we started making the show together please welcome the other executive producer of community
look at it leisurely watch the fish
take take take
hey Jordan just get me a sip of whiskey
Jordan another podcast
is it on
if I kind of walking around town driving stages
I can’t find a there’s a sweat there’s a tiny switch there but my hands are full
tiny delicate fingers of Jack Davis thank you
that was just for you
anytime you want you only if you want to do do you want to come up on stage or if drivers the community and then I had a love child.
I can fiddle with that mic check
so just saying you look like a me and Gino had a baby
all right she knows
what’s your name use the bike like yeah like an ice cream yeah there you go. I mean you were brought on stage because of how you look
you going to Reading Rainbow shirt and Jordan
a Jordan back everybody
he’s going to be a bomb pack
Jordan just brought me a full bottle of Bulleit rye whiskey
I take it all back that was pretty quick
there’s another app called the Austin Police that don’t that don’t allow that by the way I’m about to receive
thank you John thank you that’ll be all
Jordan weight Table 5 make bread
is Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff
thank you Mike Mike Mike
all right let’s play who wants to ask Chris McKenna a question about community
Dan is going out into the audience with his little baby run
Chris McKenna executive producer of community what’s your what’s your favorite episode boring
just use your favorite episode of community or any TV show of all time French diplomacy episode of Newsradio
this guy’s this guy’s the second Dungeon & Dragons what can the fans do to help support Community as a rock on
ask that so often that you got tired of hearing my respond I have no idea and thinking that we needed to work for our television another or one Animal Farm
no honestly Yahoo when they came on look tell everyone to back off is all us just watch it I hope you guys enjoy it and if you love it you know talk about it with your friend
but when you do talk about a don’t do that thing with your face
you know what I’m talking about you don’t
what’s your what’s your question in this all-male question-and-answer themed. It’s about wieners
what’s your favorite physical feature of Dan Harmon
you don’t even have to answer Chrissy since you put the Jedis I think the dead the dead stare
let’s let’s make something I’ll mail you an a with a female question I bet it’s going to have eyelashes in a pink but this question is there any any
kind of related did you watch Gillian Jacobs on girls. Girls but I love the idea of her being on it
no I did not
have did you say you didn’t see Gillian on girl I did not there really was a female question
we say hey to Megan cuz she’s dying she’s not here she’s not here
we miss you
we know you’re not a bad thing going on we’re all pulling for you some of us more than once more than others but anyway Megan call me
this is really where are you at this is working out this is a good age to Patton Oswalt dad
if you were in front of a room full of people and had to rank the Rocky training montage is from worst to best what would you do
I had racked my brain for all the rocky Montage cuz I guess the one with the chicken
Rocky stuck doing like like out in the snow doing real shit and then I’ll even take the underdog because the Russians have all of us amazing equipment has to train with us
if you have you ever seen a little Russian arcade games you know they play on top of all of their Electronics we all missed the Cold War now even people that weren’t born during it cuz they must watch like movies and TV from from the cold where I’m at. And then so you made spy Thrillers about it and the only people that got hurt or people that were over there countries were too hard to pronounce to be on the news
it was great to watch movies where we were supposed to be suddenly worried about like ducking and covering all day because it was supposed to my Coke and Pepsi so simple and then those Towers came down
oh that’s funny
what a generation
where the Wall came down and then it was like movies like I don’t know what is it the dream team dream team was a response to the Berlin Wall coming down like wieners night night breeders that breed they don’t care nobody cares what I mean they don’t care about night. I’ve talked to them about it they don’t care how are you sir
how many meow meow beans does Dan Harmon get
I got you a question it is so we should be able to
play the secret elitist so dicks
all right all right now that definitely is recycling
why are you pointing to him you had a really good question
he pointed his beard
Chris are you going to be playing Shadowrun tonight
I would love to I’m not invited I don’t know what the show is ever had a villain but that guy seems like like absolutely like in here we had a bet the guy that came up and talked about Bitcoin and he was in pain
but he was doing the same thing that Jordan was doing
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses a lot but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Black Cinema what Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
but but I like I mean we have to be observed that the guy you know he slid into that role and then he came back and when everybody came back with his back.

I’ve never felt more alive I think the coolest thing about the top shelf and I’m not paying for anything that you need to be more alive as a villain you absolutely need a villain by them biking movie Atonement yeah I got a thing at Yahoo
it was a security guard it was bugging us for a while there is a yeah there is a guy at CBS Radford that that says that we keep pouring our coffee on the concrete and he doesn’t want to steam clean the concrete I saw that guy litter I’m not going to do my job anymore we’re the ones that are there 24 hours a day concrete steamer
I mean I steam clean I think you’re paying me to steam clean the concrete I do it I do it for fun at some fucking amazing hours do you clean concrete
car a driveway I just prefer it like 20 minutes just to talk you don’t look rebar on the driveway
there’s rebar in the driveway
I got one more thing to say you have to come up
get more opinions about rebar are you are you wounded what happened
your spine is collapsing now you have to come up can you or no you can’t
I don’t know how much you can hear what you can’t hear with this young lady started talking about rebar pipe
this is a this is a story that we want to hear
what’s your name Annie Annie find clapping
what does it what does that mean
did generative spinal stenosis and what happened was Ben December I stopped being able to walk yeah that really sucks is there an event where I could Stephen Hawking story where he’s like walking out of stairs
fell down in my hallway and literally talk
and when I get it I also can’t walk so I was thinking that’s what it was so I had to crawl to a phone which was really it was like more of them with all the excitement
I can’t they think that that’s like a thinner or something right
bend over like as they get older and they’re like leaning on their walkers and they look like they’re all hunched that’s because their spines are falling apart
but the important thing is the emotional side of it like how old are you if you were 70 it’s too long to find out one day that you’re that walking is behind you know they don’t want to operate on me because I’m young because they can suck that up and then it would never be able to do anything ever again Define paralyze me with the surgery that I would need to correct this so now what’s the use of the word prognosis is that what can you expect I have to go to keep going to physical therapy I have to keep using this beautiful thing and just so you know I take a lot of pain medication I get a lot of injections into my spine is degenerative if it’s not going to get any better I can make the symptoms better I was just going to tell you I Jordan giving you a free account to top shelf but it’s actually working
I really need that Franklin is the least we can do everything that I take medication so I can dry hump easily that’s no way to dry hump that’s the last thing that
I think it’s underrated definitely I think it is
if you got to be with somebody who knows how to dry hump
I think you’re probably impressing people a lot with your your Radiance of the face of something that a lot of people could use it as an excuse to be a pretty crappy person
if there’s anything we could do it anyway
actually be thankful if you just gave us something to do like like is there anything some kind of fantasy
yeah yeah like I am I’m a master improviser I could create scene work worlds within worlds
I almost let this guy like I’d love to see you guys and provide like a character ship like you know like creating fanfiction like erotic fanfiction
erotic fanfiction live
I do not like Kirk and they just get on stage together
competitive competitive erotic fan fiction
you and Chris do a little erotica
okay so obviously my favorite character I’m actually a man costume right now and my favorite character is Annie
it’s so sad picture about a nice hot soup if it’s literally a nice clothes and I have you had that for years and years since I’ve been caught 24 years ago what do you think about season 5 Annie
I’ve been such a difficult position there because I love Annie the way she always was but I also don’t want to like I don’t want to freeze her in time and to
I want to watch
I did a blog post of a whole season 6 promo that was just released the age of Yahoo things at like almost every single frame is a silk shirt you know how hot some shirts are
Iowa first of all just say like I I was I was nobody was more pain than me to tell Andy to stop dressing like the way that we met her but I felt I was liking it for the wrong reasons and so I like I felt like she was supposed to grow up because and I felt like I would see people that were watching the show of their growing up with Annie and they’re like I didn’t want her to continue to be like this thing but okay so here’s the thing because your spine is collapsing and because you’re a good person and because of you
you like her for the right reasons with you right now I have the excuse to say where we have two episodes left to do to fill for the finale and Laurel has been fixated and take it down and I’ll go to Wards Road
you can do this
I have an iPad I have a pad of paper and find out where you buy her clothes like the big thing with cops laying right now is buying the same things that they have on the show but we can’t we’ll figure it out I’m sure I’m sure wardrobe would love to honestly like they got a horse like come on
there should definitely be yellow
like like like like like like like like a
Flats obviously
so desire I mean might as well all right
yeah I mean I would think I’m not going to stand in the way of reading
you have to remember that you have to remember that I have to remember that I don’t have to do anything with Annie and purple and yellow it’s because Annie he has a real Annie
thank you very much
thank you I hope to God that when something bad starts happening to me I start to become a good person miraculously
what it what about rebar I don’t know if she knows what she knows about that we didn’t want to like Corner her about rebar at that moment there was another headlight
my wife
I made a choice between
look at this address you like you like a creamsicle
like a creeper Minecraft
are you at are you at our green they’re the color of I got a little distracted how is everybody was doing
stop it any color they need to be but they’re defined by the having cream in the middle of Orange
it’s a very tough there’s some cherry ones but there’s not any green creamsicle that’s what I’m saying that’s all I’m saying oh yeah because I couldn’t get a ride
that looks like some black market shit
I came here in a pedicab because I couldn’t get a ride and the pedicab had to go across the bat bridge while people were gathering to watch the bath and if it was a it was a nightmare but I felt like I was doing something weird performance you’re the only thing
and then I heard a princess princess coming through and it got so bad that I started kind of like holding my leg
why the baby
Azar from hm
but you don’t like that stuff the recent stuff that’s my fault it’s my fault I’m sorry you guys are all employees that Yahoo I heard what sounded like just about how hard it is to be married to me while I’m working on the show so that Chris could feel tell me about it second kid at work
lake lake I mean it’s like I don’t know like there’s a big seam of this this year between me and Chris are running the show without any kind of like we’re not like oh then there’s that other guy that helps us and so we’re just kind of like not home at all and I just wanted to uncork that entertainment fountain
same as being married to like a sailor whose office be very similar when you watch the show you watch it it doesn’t Premiere until March 17th Yahoo when you watch it I’m really I haven’t been home in 3 days and then I can either come home for the 4th day or I can stay and try to make the show worth not having been home for three days I keep picturing you watching the show and going to see what goes through my mind all the time when I miss my children’s birthdays yeah. Very when your son Charlie isn’t a flat house and someone’s like community
got real good at work that isn’t trying to hide a karate kid joke do you want his ass or something
yeah Charlie McKenna’s going to be like a big is Big Bang Theory fan in the world
I was the biggest fan of World War II Japanese the first thing that I like it was like a string of you not being home for 4 or 5 days and Chris I don’t want to like the little kids but we have two dogs
and that’s more difficult than children every time their human being I actually do like I’m not I’m not doing it to be like Sunday and I will just like copy and paste a video of your kid I put it back but it’s harder like your kids really slowly becoming something I can take care of himself
I’d be sad that five days if you not being home and I’m like can you just not talk
I said her she referred to the show is her
it is it is very last Rose is probably the problem
patting myself on the back for ignoring the sound it was like like
murmur murmur trouble Grumble Grumble stage I coming to your podcast and then the harmontown show
here’s where it is
very noisy back here damn it Jeff what’s going on it’s a lot of people.
What’s your name
how old is Stephanie
fuck you Stephanie I’m sorry.
nice right now
round of Beer Kitchen open bar
yeah I think that’s a problem
mumbling Mumble again
fills back up my last experience I thought it’s something I can hear but they can’t hear you talk about this all day Community is going to be bad and it’s okay cuz I love you
no it’s going to be great then how are you going to how you going to make it up to her when the community is done being written what are you going to do to make it up all the time that you missed together like I think I kind of like can you come home for dinner what is that okay
but Dan will you also wear a purple cardigan and a yellow floral dress
it’s very it’s very fine thank you what is your name and do you have a job that keeps you away
I’m just going because he was answering answering
yeah it’s great I’m doing great I can’t imagine a world where I watch Community looking for some reason why I that’s not that’s how it’s about just like friends playing pranks and there’s the split personality that sometimes a black woman and sometimes a blonde woman and it’s just fascinating it’s like
I tell her stuff about the show that you guys don’t know of the
the whole thing is taking place in a bag of Purell then at the end
that’s the finale sorry spoilers
how do you feel about Kyra everybody and I don’t really feel like it
I don’t believe in germs I don’t like germophobia I think it’s silly but you don’t believe in German I don’t believe I don’t believe in making room for them in society I think that if human beings are primates we’ve been here a really long time we were born into a world of germs we have them all over our body and when we disinfect each other and ourselves like compulsively we actually are only just we’re just we’re just moving sand around a beach and kind of making a problem because your speed when my five month old have the croup I wasn’t there but but
in the men’s room there’s always like a ragged Brody like a threat hand towel threaded through the door handle buy some jackass that was there before you who thought that he was the most important person in the world and that you were a piece of Filth and that’s it. He’s not going to touch the bathroom door draw a stall door door door because people who are afraid of germs they license themself to make everything so disgusting and filthy there’s like crap and piss everywhere because
fucking ass
the person next to you are not a monster is Jared you are a germ you’re made of germs stood with Mike and and and licensed fucking microbugz and grow up and get over yourself and share with others unless it’s somebody’s black Identity or personality when they make it like a thing problem do like spend a lot of time in bars in the guys don’t wash their hands and then the shake your hand grab your dick and not wash your hands or shake your head
I’ll touch your dick Pine
if you wanted to touch your dick is coming up to make you such a dick
meet you anywhere going to drive home for going to touch your dick is going to be great
talk about the creation of the human being
I wasn’t there for it
I always I was always obsessed with the idea of race believe it or not at the idea of racism being something that people want to avoid and then the idea of avoiding racism slowly becoming the most racist activity you could ever engage it because you have to start actually talking about race as if it’s like this palette of paint so I just I was fascinated with it
6000 Sandpoint refusal to speak thing isn’t it but it is it’s a really funny joke funny
all these people talking weird gorilla marketers for Community who’s that guy
but my question are the people that are here at the bar and they found an open bar not leaving I’m going to I’m going to go down to the public
go tell Papa you don’t forget your lanyard
forgot me lanyard
how you doing tonight
characters from the Scottish games
what song is this
when will it end
sorry sorry to cut off your I feel like this was your favorite character
this is a different guy than before the podcast
okay so I’ll speak for the human being
we can let him whisper to you
easiest way to murder us
a human being favorite characters and character has all been so it’s been said you have a question for a human being
I mean he’s not carrying any weapons would be able to tell
this is the podcast human being why is why is that your favorite character can you explain through movements to me
well where do I begin
let’s see how do I make this make sense a lot of time in squares
back in the beginning of angry everybody else understands talking talking about the past and about our stories are personal let’s go back a little bit are you dumb bitch
no I’m back all right
talking about TV I like how he talks about TV and he uses TV to reflect human interactions and it makes me feel more
you’re going to die.
What’s on my hand for the human being number 7
thank you sir Madam would Human Being Human Being do you think there’s something to the idea of that box that he was mining or the television ovid’s proclivity for our propensity or need to study Humanity through that lens the idea of separation the idea of nylon to finish reading the idea of the idea of the body being like encased in like a kind of coating of safe material
I don’t know Temple Grandin squeeze machine Temple Grandin HBO what’s the Temple Grandin Bar in Austin
anybody just go in and get wrapped in gauze and then people for drinks on your I never been hurt before but then you start to believe in you because your brain just Lisa different animals in slaughterhouses the way you just pointed it out and then was like goodbye issues actually was enormously cruel to the animals and it costing us money has done a lot
get up early every day if you’re out and about like and you died of a germ I’ll give you a million dollars
rub the Q-tip on any toilet seat armpit rub that in a Petri dish side liquid you know they cannot Sci-Fi movies about everyone dying they have to go Airborne like it’s a big thing alright whatever you guys be afraid.
remember supervolcanoes remember where is the river that week under Yellowstone my request that you that you don’t like anything out of a toilet seat or that you take a little bit of care even if you don’t believe in it by the way I’m also you got dressed together that’s where I knew you look great
okay good alright so do we do we play Shadowrun in a
Echo we Barn room tone in here is a producer of a podcast we should hold off a bit like maybe get some some wraps out of the way
and then do like a bit of a big burst of role-playing as a really high energy but it’s not it’s not a joke
it’s going to be the best rap ever is going to freak out but I can’t think about it I just feel like it’s going to be so good because if you’re going to be like he didn’t think about it to your head and don’t like
possibly like last time when your microphone did you do
get to the back of the seats
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and vomited ever done
we could be friends
Tom levels
everything on that sounded gross I’m so sorry
yo yo my name is Kevin Johnson I am a different character
what the fuck
get the fuck out of here yo Kevin Johnson what
my name is Kevin Johnson and I’m here just saying every rap that I do I do hip to the hop to the to the tip
Kevin Johnson not much different just to lower octave
yeah don’t have to rhyme when they reply
Dallas fuck you for just a TV show
your mama’s so hard
what dating now what’s a minute
if she got sick
I would never leave her
go to the bathroom in an airport and I know I miss her so much
I would spend my life
Dan Harmon everybody
hey I’m not going to look back in the standings
I know that I’ve graduated graduated physically do a new thing I don’t bother to try to slow and go like this
like when you started teaching Legends like big stairs because of the way to preserve your dignity being a thing I would be like then it would go like this and then I can to preserve your dignity for it
yeah it say thank you in your head that don’t reflect reality
if you wanted to get some damn thing you want to rip this up for us I want to take advantage of the set with a good musical to cute something dramatic and sci-fi
how about
from the beginning of the cosmos entertainment has subsisted on one wavelength
the division between Entertainer on the entertained
know that the barrier is chatting with the new show
is it really going anywhere
all right
you are losing your craving for cigarettes
you are thinking about stepping outside for a smoke
this device has no power over you
you are as sexual as certain of being
your board meeting is going to go well whether or not you eat the battle

you can be thin
you can be decisive you can run a company you just aren’t yet
don’t smoke stop eating skip the ranch
seize the day
you’re right you’re right you’re right you’re right that was entertainment
I made him think about it
I thought about it I quit smoking Rose 32
oh yeah we took a photo together earlier in the day
I don’t even I don’t think that I think it was in your other hand he’s just trying to play to the crown and now you’re cool man he’s cool everyone give him stuff
all right what’s a thing you could do with this many people that you can’t do like let’s play duck-duck-goose
the worst game ever made I want to see if you could if you could crown syrup all the way down one row and then all the way back up the other side
no it’s not with that attitude you can’t
Orchestra you got a side
celebration of community
we have to commit to making it a really high energy chapter of Shadow run right It’s let’s not dwell on the past so this is like an action set piece a shadow ride cuz we just pulled away from the bun on the top Spencer’s business I’m in a lot of competition from the from the infused infusion bar I know what why don’t you guys sell drinks fishing helps I mean I appreciate the sentiment.
Jessica’s counter to cover the bar and yellow people is here
I mean I don’t want to be defeated but I want to point out that this is why our show had low ratings because you’re always hearing for the person that’s telling you to take it more seriously and then like Parks and Rec you can just hang out and talk and watch it
I’d like a drink and I love Parks and Rec and then it’s like
fuck you flip
all right
don’t give up yet you’re doing good you look
just get over there cuz I got to make some enemies make people upset with you
to help her
why don’t we all go to the bar and do the show over there when we all take it everybody over to the bar and we just all go to the park
do you mind really is collapsing right now be the opposite of telling them not to talk the thing to do would probably go down there and
tell them to talk okay okay
pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom High gentleman hey are you guys talking about ask what kind of apps do you have Instagram a picture of all you all on this date
rock bands are you in a rock band or actually I am with the name your van
I think that covers that way where is the Ramblin there’s running back here
I don’t have kids exactly I don’t know you’re beautiful beautiful
all right
I think it works but it’s not working
and I can’t bend down to help her
dry hump
good job baby all right that we cleared we cleared now that we’ve gotten that kind of Silence with our 911 song
I think I just made it worse maybe I was a little man another like what the fuc
we’re having a good time
stay up
state hours
why can’t it be 9:10 again
why did it ever being
freedom speech
Tara hurry
RN Strife liberated life I’m calling you that I care
Dennis is going to go on for a long time cuz I don’t want to be on stage for the head
get back in the zone
don’t talk during this
send a message to your children
what will
Tom James did 911 show
what is sake
I want a nine-year-old I want to know
all right should we do like
thanks guys
if you would have thought so hard
that is a 37% standing ovation
what’s the 37% of going to keep us on the air buddy for it or what we’re doing that.
I would have preferred of everyone everyone had stood up just 37%
advise body what do you think
that’s good I’m good how do you know when someone’s 11
I know that you want a 9 Mi 11 come out
and they want their affidavits but it’s fucking Arch
you don’t explain it you just did it and you move on or else if people die
I don’t know what it means Grandpa
before I sign up for having my 11:00 9 I want to know exactly what I’m signing up for him you’ll know
you’re going to happen tonight could you go backwards and reverse engineer
on November 9th they seem to be just hanging out
currently not that big a deal.
Where is the 9/11 is there visual celebrations that Europeans would see
everyone Towers fall again
I thought it was great
Jim Morrison
that got a standing ovation it was at the Belgian only me performing I was Hugh Jackman doing what I wrote
but I’m still up and has even like the country so it’s like kind of found his Joy
you brought Sean Penn in a Mexican so I really want to know what you thought of what he said during the Oscars and furthermore I would like to know what you think about drug dealing in Mexico
he wanted to know
what are you talking about like the do you want to come up here and talk about it then you can Mexican
you didn’t even do the me crawl he just stood right up is it
Award for best movie award I wasn’t up for anything in there. There I think it was an orphan joke but there was so much debate on Twitter that he was super races than whatever we are in immigration
make an impression of a conservative
Where’s your green card
actually last time I asked you about your advice on me trying to get a green card so I could spank you and work you said you know sometimes you just have to admit that maybe you’ll die under a bridge but you’ll die doing what you love
I think you kind of
alright Eric Eric Eric Eric the Mexican is that Politically Incorrect
from the hip
dad have you have you ever had fantasies about being in a band band playing in a band sorry is that they’re really going to be missing out on a pun for people playing a role playing game
dynamite we’re going to make an amazing.
jungle over there all right all right the fucking hard ass
ain’t no prisoners futuristik RPG Austin Texas time
all right
Spencer if you would would you please get us up to speed.
what time do run Hershey Road continue their Quest
led by the spirit Eagle upon arrival Eve’s attempt to tasks
The Fearless Jim Nightblade and foreign horror took matters into their own hands the threesome infiltrated the old house to be met with a rickety old woman in Nightblade entered the basement to find to sleeping figures meanwhile back at the truck even doctor friends explored their real feelings for each other and shared a tender kiss at by awkwardly
what will happen in a relationship
all right so again just to give credit where credit’s due to a guy on Twitter name lets me save it wrote that for me so I didn’t write it
can write a Shadowrun recap yeah if you want to write a Shadowrun recap and it’s good I’ll read it cuz it’s extra work that I won’t have to do all right so you know who’s in the house right now in the house as well as horda guard who doesn’t exist so Jim night bleeding during into a darkened room where to sleeping figures appear to be sleeping
NY 11 friend are in the truck outside of the house Jeff Davis Eve
Mercy but I think we should have calmly arouse them
I’m going to take a closer look at them
okay take a closer look at them they don’t seem to be moving you just
it looks kind of like just be still figures next to each other in bed almost like rows of dirt
they wake up with a start but what’s your clubs versus plus agility God damn it you can’t
they look like an old balding man in a young goatee wearing boy teenager guy with a goatee in a balding man you want is fucking god dammit I am okay raiding the thing
but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it he’s just sleeping he’s getting son he’s like oh my God Jesus Christ is it Baldwin Brown yeah
I’m getting you
Pawn okay gentlemen
sent Here by Brian McMahon what’s his name
why all the brown brown brown but we can’t find him can you tell us where he is and you’re never going to catch me alive attack attack drone attack
what the old man said the old man
we all know that it turns a turret towards you mercy and it fires fire several bullets
no but you’ve got you out of the way of the Drone
I run out of the room okay you run out of the room leaving Nightblade alone can I shoot it the Drone yeah yeah what’s your apisto supposed to chill at 8
pistols is 2 + 280 is 5
all right you hit the Drone and you pierce it when he caught the bullet reflecting inside the armor of the machine in the Drone falls to the ground with a crash it must have been pretty cheap yeah
can I just like like I just want to restrain this guy immediately okay all right you motherfukers knock this off right now or I’m gassing this whole place no fighting no fighting in here no fighting no fighting
if I stop fighting or you going to drone me know that you killed the Drone bitch
okay can I from can I run back in and use my wireless knife on the kid yeah what’s your name what’s your blades was agility
so in the wireless nice
know your blade skill at this is six in human cyborg like reflux
faster than your eyes can see that he disarms the blade now he’s holding the knife at the knife bitch stop it
I’m getting off of Baldwin Brown and I’m like I’m raising my hands
meanwhile in the truck
doctor we should get in trouble in there
you sure you don’t need some healing
you don’t need any healing
all right
an old lady sitting on the couch in the front room enjoying a coffee with a dorf cohort of garden what’s happening I’m sorry sorry Dan Jim nice is if he’s okay
say say words to that effect gentleman gentleman gentleman come on
we’re all doing the same thing here let’s just calm down put down the knife
and let’s talk for a second all right I’m going to calm down but I’m not going to put down tonight if I feel like yeah yeah okay
call talk alright what what are you doing here we would like to have a moment alone with mr. Brown where we can take him outside to outside your house I don’t think he wants that alright so here’s the thing I have a gun
Edward shoots the equivalent of tiny knives
if you’re holding the only bullet that you have oh you think so do you
well I don’t want to the reason why I got off of your friend is because I don’t think that we have to do and we have to kill each other in order to resolve this
well I just feel like you know when you start fights while we’re sleeping your intentions might be other than a horse
stun bolts at the at the at the guy with a knife with a guy with a knife
all right you hit him right in the face with a Sun Bowl he goes down cold yeah
I stand over his somebody who’s the bitch now bitch
when I throw it into a dartboard is a bull’s-eye and I got a phuc yea
and then I secretly take it out cuz it’s mine and I put it back in my back feel like my healing help
do I have a stock
oh yeah you need a deathtouch ready thing not just yet okay I don’t and there’s always rope I’ve got rope I tossed Nightblade some rope
alright I use the rope to a fake Topham you use the rope
Kaiser dark McMahon talk about this week
super cool can we I mean no and I’m tied up in my my friend’s house and knock them out we’re going to solve that problem you’re coming with us Johnson & Johnson waiting in the truck for us we’ll get our money will be done with this crap like it’s going to be fine we’re going to take care of you just just be cool
and will be cool alright okay I am I’m resigned to this
all right I will give him the ball. They can take the truck to btl’s will get will get an Uber home
you head back to the truck where you meet with Johnson he’s like hi hey.
yeah and it’s only cuz I’m really proud of staying in the truck and helping you guys out as much as I did Johnson Pony have to do or I will just call out what we’ll call it on a job I mean you guys were waylaid on delivering the Baldwin Brown I feel like that’s not you know it’s not what we agreed on the first of all I want to remind you that halfway through our mission you told us that it was totally appropriate for us to take a little extra time and actually that’s what you preferred
huh don’t you remember I don’t remember you’re an idiot
do you want to be an idiot no no I don’t know I guess here’s your money thank you
55000 a piece
all right I buy a new house
so I guess we give him the truck with the detail chip in it and Baldwin Brown and I know you don’t want a lot of questions about stuff but what do you want this guy so bad
what do you want to let me tell you in song you know that’s none of your goddamn business I guess because it’s time to start wrapping this up we all have an emergency leave this in our traditional little like a tent that we do it when we
bye-bye We believe We believe in true
Jennifer Finger
that’s harmontown thanks for coming Chris McKenna was our guest Spencer Crittenden and Magothy Jeff Davis everybody I want to see a 37%
100% productivity
I do miss being back there for Jordan


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