Episode: 140 – Hobos Don’t Talk Back To Nobody


Episode: 140 – Hobos Don’t Talk Back To Nobody


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from Hollywood California Meltdown Comics there’s no theater Herman child is now in session
please welcome to the stage
please wake up in the sky
who made a popping sound in Herman, your tenth tenth Prime potential said go in the back and sleep in the tent they were two tents that she had to choose from there was a wigwam on the side and she wasn’t like I don’t
it was a noble experiment going to Netflix that movie I guess there’s a lot of people maybe they think that the wrapping will be better in person there’s a feedback loop
fuck you acknowledge
I would like to continue to experiment with the idea of me coming up with something to do right like that okay so don’t don’t give up on me to inorganic go out from the street walk out there go out the side door
spend a moment down in the alley
I pretend like you’re in Brooklyn or something like you like to pretend to some hard-ass has left the room the door shut okay everybody let’s hide all right
all right everybody take to nerd out Comics meltdown Theater Hollywood California about to get me a second time in the same night that you’re comfortable green room with a Mean Streets at the alley
Brooklyn Street Cocoa Beach
getting lost going to win that he could go ahead and pull up a hat and there was a little robot what controls her
that was 75% better than the first one
yeah after they for me that’s what Brooklyn’s about
I was like a dog really not fighting. We had four more rooms for you to enter prom just to see Katy Perry would I have a hit on my hands under the bathroom and try it again or are you wanting to move from one of the secrets of the start of the show is that I am right there off camera to minimize the exercise that was twice as far as I’ve walked for a long time
I’m not going to an outside right it right away I just in case nobody panics and goes like oh shit I’m behind and I don’t want this major thing spoiled but I just finished watching all of this Jinx thing with the Jinx guy what are Bobby Durst what’s your name out there John Robinson is disassociation I can just start going like pretzels with the Bob dressed maybe possibly killed 19 people you should definitely check it out it’s not like I mean this cereal thing was amazing and fun to take part in and after a while the reason
part of it was because you would be the only person that you know what anyone else to talk about but this really is even if you were on a desert island like by the time you get to the end it really is quite it’s pretty incredible it’s like the cereal thing is kind of like but it looks like we could sort of like the circumstances are the same at the end as of the beginning like they’re just reopening of confusing murder and you you leave confused and cereal cuz you do not fucking crazy like the last the last five minutes are amazing but that’s like worry about spoiling anything but I did debate with Aaron because I was counted they kept on it you know like he was on trial at a certain point for for murdering a guy and they thought it was a slam-dunk case because he dismembered them as it was stressing that this is the body that he just remembered so it’s open-and-shut and I kept going like I don’t understand what
got to this really intense argument but was like just really weren’t seeing each other side of it cuz I was like if I if I ever need or want to kill someone listen I need
like I’m going to I’m going to do everything I can to do it right I’m going to I’m going to follow through
I assume like I I would I would have decided that someone needed to die of first-degree premeditated murder we’re talking to this guy has to go bang and right now you got to deal with the aftermath of that yeah well maybe that’s the maybe that’s the big Clincher is it’s like okay this guy but it’s like food if you would say it’s the latter let’s say that you had a reason to hide something so big like another murder for instance and and you and you told a guy too much he was like I’m going to Blackmail you like well please don’t do that cuz you might not like what happened and then why are you going to murder me are you going to Blackmail me
are you blackmailing me I’m about to
let’s call the whole thing I forget we ever let’s just go to Chili’s house so I will know if you’re telling me if you say to me I’m behind in the rent I could use 50,000 if it lists a $50,000 fell out of the sky right now that I would know exactly what to do with that as opposed to walking down maybe to the local police departments and saying that your name is that what you’re going to do your taxes okay yes I’m going to do is it in the drawer with the gun I don’t I don’t have a gun drawer
I have a checkbook through our Mike my gun is in it because it’s it’s something it’s another thing you use sometimes in an emergency
all right so now you got a dead guy on the floor of your apartment bleeding all over the joint
even going under a fake name now you got some fucking fancy footwork to do now what’s what’s your first move I would I would do what he did go buy a boson set shopping. Now now now now Aaron’s point is that no no normal human being could get past that point and my point is it yeah that’s why it’s so many people get caught like the people that like the people that get away with murder are the people that go that extra mile post murder like they do horrible things like you’ve taken a human life and now that person is me to now as it is that’s why I’m confused is or what I can do the courtroom where they try to bring that out like and then you know what he did he try to keep doing that he tried to finish he tried to get away with it on the roof
not once but twice he missed the first time he’s trying to get away he didn’t walk in here and he wasn’t killed the guy he wanted to get away with it I just sent it that whole group because it’s like a jury of people who are all supposed to sit there and think oh yeah that is fucked up because if I killed someone and they’re all running a simulation of them killing someone like you already fucked up people I wouldn’t be able to do this or that like tell me more about where your lines are like like like a round the number to the horrible Prime logical active extinguishing another primate like what are your what are your pet peeves right after the after the life goes out of their eyes normally the typical murderer they heteronormative mainstream murderer
be 1% or 99%.
They kill somebody kind of benefit of a yellow rage they don’t do it for any reason and then they go
prison Senator as in the other parts of the electric chair
with life who is this crazy person that can like kill their best friend be under because they’re in a bad mood and then be like once
that person has the hearts and minds of the jury like like yeah that’s dangerous I don’t know it’s like what what better way to keep getting away with murder than to never murder someone again isn’t very kind of self-policing to her to a successful murderer
well apparently not that’s why we’re so fast this guy really good defense attorneys and that’s that’s the thing as the prosecution absolutely screwed that one the guy chops to somebody up into a hundred pieces and threw them in a trash bag and threw in the water in the desert
is there any stories about to delete this whole mess of like all these rich people looking for these rich lawyers in there but it’s like doing these tricks like whenever you see the real life incarnation of it it’s always just like the people who work for the prosecution are totally incompetent you can’t believe or understand what they’re doing the Jerry totally confused and rational normal person with an IQ over 100 stands up and represents the killer it says guys go get down to brass tacks here’s the rules if you if you if you didn’t find a head you can’t say that’s the rule sorry right there in the rules and then I was like you
talking City lawyer employees are idiots that they had our friend Kayla I understand he didn’t know anything and they made a big chunk out of him and he was better for the defense he ended up being worse for the prosecution he didn’t know anyting he told me the whole story we hung out with Kayla the first time I met him I met him at the Playboy Mansion does and we hung out and went to Mel’s Diner with it I think it was maybe it was back when was Ben Franks maybe he told me the whole story you told me the whole day of OJ knocks on his door until you know if you were going to use the hot tub you got it you got to turn it off afterwards and Cato’s like I always turned off I got really smart and remember
everything he sounds like a like a surfer kind of been but we did but he’s quite intelligent and super thoughtful when I use it I am I always turn it off and I knew that I had it was like all so he never came down to the back house to speak to me so then you guys okay I am sorry I thought I did but I think you’re going next time you do that you you got to do that but he looked kind of out of sorts of weird and then goes away and then a while later he comes back that’s what he get change for a hundred and I can I find kids like I just feel like he just wanted to prove I look at looking back. He was just trying to prove like I was here is Kato Kaelin living in the back of house of his place cuz he’s good with kids and the cold Simpson loved Cato and he was great with the children of OJ was never there so he felt like I was having him followed like Decatur felt like it’s pretty sure that he’s being watched because he was super jealous of Nicole who was cheating on him and then
change 400 Is it wise to go to McDonald’s to get some food with the sounds like Alibi like establishing and Taylor doesn’t know this cuz he doesn’t know where it is about to happen or two murders and he got me to an OG
is fillet a fish or quarter pounder whenever he gets nobody’s ever done nobody gets it before you leave the parking lot
Bill Keefer
I told you the whole story and then I’ve been is a friend of his so he’s good friends with Nicole and she nearly gets decapitated is other guy in the way there wasn’t wrong he gets murdered so as he has Diner at 4 a.m. a guy comes over to the table and goes like OJ Simpson jersey signed by a how much you think that’s worth kind of like I don’t know man sorry ass hole and then some guy walks up and says how much is a thing and called you and asked so I got it happens every day once a day for 10 years and now run him saying that people drive by and yellow stuff out the window that it was like years after it was like they Associated him with the guy that happened to hear a thump on the wall and he was he was around
what happened didn’t know anything and they made him a hostile witness Jack Black was like with the time that I was well be hanging out in public with Jack Black as part of the most the most famous guy I’ve ever been in public with it at the time of their at the height of their Fame and like kind of like people just strangers coming up to Jack and I like are you famous you are and then I like I can I can I get a picture with you and Jack half the time okay and have to type no but then in either case they come up later and go to the library like they yell some Shootin up the cake they do is like like the one time we were out in like he was singing karaoke and people are just walking up putting their arm around him like he was like a statue taking a picture and then walking away and looking at the phone and going to hilarious like five feet away from him
and with the queen of hearts become a piece of furniture and a unique situation he was just a celebrity for being on trial all so hilariously had no idea what he was supposed to do while he was even called as a witness and then ended up black people hated him black people with white people hated white people of Legos know that he was on every side of every coin and truly tragic about Cato is that he’s one of the most likeable people you’ll ever fucking meet you can’t not like Kato Kaelin cuz he’s such a sweetheart and a different song I’m around children you be like
it sounds like you might like a terrier or something but he’s runs around the pool all day long and just like it and people like I’ll can you please just babysit my children but not the whole time so now you got us worried again
it’s not worried so he’s not going to do anything bad
I know we’re just program we hear the word children we will think about locking them happen to us
it’s what happened to you don’t don’t don’t act like this is the case with you brush your teeth and then you’re leaving and then you’re like something gross that coffee cuz you’re like my brother will be terrible but then but someone else think I do he drink coffee
Food For Thought food for nightmares Double Down of being disgusting
yeah cuz it’s somehow worse if your if you have bad breath and this is like the bad the bad part of your breath is like your entrails you know
so you just need to get a computer teacher in high school who was awesome she was so great but boy the coffee and cigarette breath combined to make something just really phobic about it it’s one of many reasons why I don’t make eye contact when I’m talking to people I try like I look at the floor cuz I just like he had a blast of bad breath in your face like you do and then the other half of the receiving end of it and I always think my poor person because they don’t know why I’m why I just became 10% more aloof because you just kind of like you smell kind of like do you know you sort of like you deserve work your user of pull spiritually back from the whole thing you can’t keep your head in the same place but you just like kind of hate them and likes Lily like lately and feel that person doesn’t know sometimes you talk to somebody was just like like clinically bad breath like they don’t think they can have people can have like halitosis they can have like a bad thing some people have that with their armpits some people have that with the
but there are already has it with her but
it’s something to think about to get off your high horse hashtag stinking is not a choice and I will send $100 to the Red Cross I was I was I was in variety was on the cover of variety with Joel McHale of this last week and not hacked version of a bucket list the hilarious variety headline with great abbreviation it was a picture of me and Joel and then it says
Perfect Harmony
what what’s not to get there well I didn’t I was like I am an imperfect wearing red and then the perfect was in white that’s that’s that’s needless yeah I was like oh into Perfect Harmony would be a phrase like no one really dies the M more like perfect high of a building on that Old Chestnut perfect thank you for putting me under cover I have some notes
whoever wrote that he will agree with me that there that was not their finest hour and it’s a 17 year old kid that has to sit in the cubicle he’s like Dan Harmon God damn it Dan Dan good time and don’t don’t just please the Harmon McHale’s Navy Harmon
a paragraph of peanut butter-filled pretzels before hopping on his Segway which he purchased to conserve energy Dash his own
that’s a good lead
that article
opener that’s just like if you were if you were if you write an article about me here’s the start of my complaint like it would seem that if you don’t mention my fat gut like you get fined by some kind of press Union or something like that it’s always like the last to The Hollywood Reporter and it’s all those his visible punch his his protruding punch is pronounced Du Pont bulges from beneath his sweater as he swam and leave sucks up a bowl of Skittles
Downing gloves in frog meat
aahat slave gladly struggles against their chains as he
gurgles his Desires in a language only only worms could understand
this is over and the men one and we don’t have anything to complain about it but you just don’t see that in articles about females
physical discover her calf muscles that move could use some work but
I’m going to hell you’d catch if you call silica in English scrutinizing Hurley giving it a giving a description of her or any like the fact that you’re willfully like you’re just you like the guy part of that is like the one you see that part of what what’s for sale here is what you looking at what you’re picking on the big the big city
shit-faced Waddles into the room of the shit coming out of his face
what do you want
hard day in the writers room
what do you say
play going back the same behavior same attitudes towards me but I looked like Steve Levitan will be different with the article it would be like
do you think you would still have been fired for the same behavior if you were like super sexy like you were like no you would have been fired if I took a shower everyday and was passionate about my show it would wouldn’t look like I was crazy it would look like I was I was awesome they be like a college
he always use always in demand in the basketball man fucking got if every day it took a shower and got fucking a girl on the court
that’s just nuts Harmony’s like this look at don’t do it
don’t think I want to take down really good looking people to that our position is not the other good-looking people that’s ugly people
it was the easiest thing I said all night
where you’re good at
so anyways that’s I deserve better that’s that’s why you can fire that’s why he gets fired
your rampant homophobia dispensers and we bring Spencer up are you going to murder him
yeah murder talk murder murder murder murder Talking Spencer Crittenden.
what time does Target how to kill a person
I’m a sit-down rapper and I’m here to say I’m not going to stand when I wrap today I’m going to bend my knees and squat I’m as lazy Rappers that’s what I like, sit in the rapper and I’m on the can look at do the newspaper as fast as I can care about headlines on record from outside the Citadel rapper if it doesn’t care about you need a reason why you don’t do anything for anyone sit down rapper is concerned with the self sit-down rapper rhymes with shelf
I thought your mama so hard she was a wookie
I think we proved it it’s it’s the harder to sit down and wrap its gory baby dance
it does more energy in there with a little kicky foot baby dance that needs it
what do you think Spencer I think there’s definitely a lot more energy and your kicking foot baby dance
Spencer can have you given any thought to getting away with the perfect murder o I think we all have Jeff
the way you say that makes me think that you thought about it just a little bit more I mean I don’t know I think they only like you’re going to jump out of Windows it’s just you got to think about it to know you’re not going to do it I went through a whole face right I watch Forensic Files on Forensic Files and eat summer sausage and cheese and just watch my bank account from 12000 to 11 like I thought I was going to move back to Milwaukee and they’d be like yeah you were born here so you can wash dishes here no that wouldn’t have happened anyways so just watch a lot of Forensic Files cuz I guess your crew are you watching intervention and like murder shows cuz you’re like me
but what I learned from the Forensic Files saying is that it basically if you really want to murder people and just never get caught got to have a boat you got to have a boat
you got to have a boat that you own and a Harbor Master that is asleep at the wheel security cameras at the Docks you know if they see you getting on a boat with someone that doesn’t come back that’s probably a big part of it and now she’s my bourbon but still but yeah he’s worked a lot like he was shown on the other hand
but I’m sure there’s a couple people that have to get the ketchup and it’s just such a good that you don’t want to deny Emma morsel
you go out a couple people I do this for
wait for the burping
I was reading a week like I don’t know 15-20 years ago and like four or six or eight of his weeks with eyes like a bunch of quotes of the week and it was a repeating myself in the podcast and forgive me but it was a LAPD homicide detective and they found a body or 2 buried up in Angeles National Forest that was like an unsolved crime and like a cold case or whatever and a reporter asked detective like seasoned salt the old homicide detectives do you think of a lot of bodies buried up here please if I asked every dead body out here to stand up it was like Venice Beach, this is where you go bury people
what one of the dead bodies would have a turban in roller skates
what about baby spray painted silver
the rest of them would be drawing the other half of them
Spencer would you would you would you okay so if you killed someone on accident wouldn’t try to get away with it we would we would turn out that it was an accident describe the accident kind of passion or you you accidentally left the accident like you hit them with a car by accident like you didn’t see them in like like either of those cases I’m I want to I want to I want to know I want to get us to a place where we killed somebody and we want to try to get away with this conspiracy you’re talking about
because it’s because I’ve been kind of bounced off of the thing I mean if it if it if I were If I Were Somehow you know indirectly like responsible for someone’s death I would I would immediately go I would think it was a whole one thing for sure doing anything other than the honest confessional like a mediator myself intake is just going to get me in trouble I’m going to be but I’m trying to think of if I really am in a place where I’m like fuck man I got to get away with this murder if I cross the line up for me because you watch these things watch these shows and you watch people interrogation rooms I think you have to be a certain kind of crazy to get away with lying about it you have to be so cold and someone I don’t think I could actually get away with dissembling about it I think that I would have to turn myself in that I would never ever get away with lying and I am a professional liar eyes of an actress what we do for a living I don’t think I could pull it I would never be able to
call the cops ask you where were you then and where were you now and I can’t even get that stuff straight like in reality so I know if I killed somebody then I’d have to create this timeline I think right there you don’t do that if your story is down pat I think a regular human being doesn’t know what they had for dinner last night and doesn’t know where they were but you have to forget that you killed somebody you have to like leave that out of your like natural pattern music big block of like not knowing a bunch of stuff so you have to fabricate stuff to fill that you don’t have a boat into the middle of the city and how do you how do you mean I’m missing you seem to have given this some thought so yeah I mean it will in all all depends right what are you are you are you planning this do you have like a Rube Goldberg set up in your study here
we’ve got to go you know you just did the old know I read about recently you can cook down a pack of cigarettes into a into a nicotine paste put it on the doorknob and people touch it nicotine goes into their bodies and kills them try one of those maybe I don’t know it was in a it was in an old you know military handbook supposedly kill someone with a pack of cigarettes does um yeah well I mean it’s a lot of nicotine it mean if you took all of the nicotine in a pack of cigarettes at once you’d be you’d be in bad shape it’s like thank you for smoking you know that quality comedy I’m asking about like just take my word for it
you’re in a situation where there’s a body on the floor of your home and you you turning yourself in you you’ve decided is not an option what hope there’s no blood everywhere well I mean you know with the the plastic tub in the acid you could get fucking acid man you could get acid a Home Depot
Hobo’s talk Spencer hobos don’t talk to nobody there like special Guardians for police depends I mean I’d hope if you were going to murder someone you put in the due diligence to you know go cruising around parking lots until you find parking lot without security cameras then he cruised around find a Home Depot without cameras and then you go in and you use cash only to buy muriatic acid you know I mean we’re talking about getting away with murder here it’s not just do I killed someone we go find out the nearest Home Depot is I haven’t scouted out every camera let’s Home Depot it’s a bad move to just randomly kill someone out how to get rid
the body lets not distraction but I want to know how to find a Home Depot with no security cameras does anyone acting on this is not doing anything we can do okay that’s out of the way
I mean how you wouldn’t be able to know this is security cameras everywhere everywhere do you say that but I was fine an awfully lots of the areas with no security cameras I think it’s doable I mean maybe maybe not Insidious Berg Los Angeles without a camera pointed right at your face I mean a lot of places I don’t know Ace Hardware on High Street Princeton maybe I don’t know
yeah so you’re going to go ask him in the tub used it yeah I mean there’s different ways to do it I mean maybe ass in the tub or you do the little like what the Mexican were Lords are doing where you just burn them in like a gas in an oil drum you know something like that
sucking cold man will you got to get away with it that’s the whole point if you’re not going to do just go to the police
Sabre was worried about handguns were worried about nuclear power worried about the environment we’re worried about all these things that we think are ticking down to midnight like this at some point someone might invent just like a like disintegration Ray like that you can just point it should and make disappear like don’t you think that the entire justice system is based on the fundamental unspoken assumption that is that you have to do certain things to cover up a crime to figure out like something it’s invented that’s like this handy-dandy little doozy do do like it it it it disintegrates matter it turns it back back into atoms when they are more like your garbage is going to go away but then meanwhile it’s like ye radius Corpus is impossible you better see if you had a
the founding fathers would have wanted that
I think that
I mean we can pretty clear we can’t even clone people do like of a disintegration Ray shows up I mean you can believe there’s going to be some moratoriums or something. Traffic saying like we’ve had Firearms which are basically just said that just like a screwdriver that you know throw baby screwdrivers if something it’s like it’s just a tool it just happens to be a very dangerous tool like like like designed to make put holes in people with tends to kill them and and that’s a big deal and that’s been around for three hundred or more years and we’re still Freddy figure it out but like there was a day when that ship got invented know that I take that back there wasn’t a day when that ship got invented and it was back when we were pretty barbaric as a people anyway like yours is a first guns were just like extra fast arrows white deal with the length of an arrow when you can shorten it down to a narrow inlet
but but but but next Wednesday someone in MIT to go hey I invented a wind that you tap tap your dog with it it disappears probably not probably not
it probably requires more difficulty than I’m thinking about that all I worry about
I got to meet them and be on stage with Professor Brian Cox the infinite monkey cage under the English physicist from CERN from the Large Hadron Collider and one of my ghost stories in my 911 dream you know that he proved that neither of us that ghosts can’t exist because of the second law of Thermodynamics and that if we just do goats

more or less
I meant that my dream of my my my one and only panic attack on the exact moment that the second plane hit the the building was simply a non-zero-sum coincidence it was just something like how many dreams do you have a night how many do you remember I should load loads and it goes it’s statistically inevitable that they resemble things that happened in the number larger than 0 it’s never a zero and in a way that and it’s just going to hit a uniform cool temperature and then that will be that so there’s a million versions of us right now and we get one shot at it and when it’s over that’s the end of it and I thought that’s that’s kind of lovable and a cool room temperature
look at Facebook has very low cold temperature and that will be that even black holes will die everything will die I’m not going to die
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like a verb you’re always in good hands
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your scientist friend forgot about one thing the power of rock and roll
rock and roll rock and roll is here to stay
that was so fucking Rockman
you can’t you can’t cool that that off entropy there is in the universe that’s that’s what my gut tells me which speaks louder than a lot of voices just just just ask the Press
fucking fat inner tube of a gut
Ripple’s as he
explains the the victim of the Rippling kind of cut you have that kind of X football coach very firm that kind of like it used to be my calendar give me a thump on my right it looks like a thumper
that’s nice
it’s like a TomTom for breaking open clams
cuz I swim in my back I don’t like to go into the pool but when I do I like to float on my back and then make my belly is just like above water it gets red you know if I don’t call you know why are you Super Bowl boil eggs sink I can never do the full float thing you know it’s like a dirigeable come to you to get you to sing when I drop you off of just off of Catalina Island
just one more than that baby
you’re a fine blocker all the way
let me let me make sure I didn’t put anything else in my in my pad
and one more week I got one more week of this this crazy as I should be obviously working right now but I made a commitment a long time ago to keep doing this show from ruins Community but work tomorrow there’s no script but luckily I I’m so far behind schedule. They do have a bunch of stuff they need to still shoot in the last episode so I’m like that tomorrow was tweeting at me he started up yeah so he’s he’s driving out he tweeted at me and you can join like a twitter-like call me out
what am I shooting tomorrow morning if you delivered the script and then he was like what am I shooting tomorrow
what’s what’s the show called so far that was delivered on time yet like I haven’t you always been kind of under the I mean in terms of giving it to Yahoo so they can put it online yeah they’ve they’ve all been on time but not like you started on schedule and then we did a table read of the first episode and everyone is like yeah that’s great episode was like this in a piece of shit that’s why everyone has all his notes and garbage so I spent the next three weeks which is just like rewriting the 1st. I really like that episode that was great
and then you just behind schedule forever you just behind schedule forever what was the whole order how many episode 13 on the home stretch tomorrow is the first of the last 5 days I was going to cancel shows at meltdown because I can’t erase it and said yeah that’s going to be the case every week or you know like whatever and a half hours exactly spend this researching like Minecraft but he played this week how many hours am I where I can I don’t know I don’t I don’t know I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t know who is listening right now whenever I possibly can so I have no idea what that what that number is
I got your work never you possibly couldn’t be working so I sent Pages down to the satin am I okay it just going to take like 3 hours to shoot that so then I’m like Minecraft and then they’re like they’re going to Lexie and I might have
you should like to see it as a right
what’s a good movie on crazy hospital you know it’s not it’s not it’s hard to explain
how you holding up physically mentally look at me mentally I’m fine but it’s like the first two episodes of the they tweeted nice things so that that that lifted me up and maybe extra nervous about the rest of them in like I just you know it could we could we could we could we could pull through there’s a couple in a couple in the middle but but then again I thought this about the first too so I’m still a couple of them because I don’t remember what was going on something about like there’s some episode that it just like there’s a faded on a chicken and then like
it gets the exact there’s some shit that happened in the Middle where I was trying to catch up by going like okay just calm down to me a bullwhip in a chicken
the Enchanted Lake Bluff of act like I have a plan all I need is a knee in a bowl of chicken and up room painted blue and you act like it’s a big deal that very Showbiz Manilow
it should be pretty good if it’s not fire me
are you going to follow through with that
Cameron Texas
Dan Harmon dares Yahoo to fire him and Austin are you going to put her in a nice way of putting me in touch with the Wardrobe department is a supervisor has a Twitter account like I cooked them up on there and then I explained to the Department’s a situation which is Danny has to be dressed a certain way for the app care about the show what’s the what’s the bullet if so can you please play I can’t I can’t say the real thing as placeholders
improvisational improvisation is except you’re not supposed to be I’m not supposed to be making things up underneath me he was like well if you would give me a script with two days notice I’d be able to make the best chicken for you or the best bullwhip but then they get in an hour before we shoot there like okay I guess I’ll have my cousin run out and buy a shity bullwhip on Hollywood Boulevard like like like you know I like they’re I make them look bad that’s why I’m fired
fire myself nobody left a fire meme Harmon you’re fired
but you ought to ask a person to get fired a third time off a show that’s the third act I fire myself and Harmon you’re fired fired I quit know you’re fired
turns out that’s the same thing
cuz we need somebody’s got to be responsible and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m I’m just too talented to do anything
Beaufort sea in the future that you working for a big link major Network in the major corporation eating Aaron’s leg
because I tricked her into killing the weakest dog while I came up behind her with a bowling pin in Philadelphia or somewhere that we read in the paper has no taxes and we’re like I’m like picking crystal meth out of my beard and we’re making videos about fucking Rupert Murdoch and follow Evie Evie Quaid on Twitter is I mean I posted a link I posted a link on the Twitter and I was like this is the most important thing in the world right now which is Randy Quaid and his wife fucking their fucking a dog’s going off and sits pretty great communicators and Hillary Clinton took their passport there there there there there there
say that yeah they can’t get back into America and they’re just they’re sitting there it’s a story that makes you a better be like True Romance without a very healthy relationship as relationships having sex with your wife wearing a mask of Rupert Murdoch is necessarily a healthy relationship practice and she’s not like you’re fucking me wrong shit like like they’re both on the same page like that’s hard
I’ll take that coat you’re wearing a mask why do you think you’re smiling while you’re wearing that or did you like do you like with the mask do the talking if it when I went to Disneyland
I asked all the goofy is all the Mickey’s all the minis out of the Chippendales I asked him like when you hear smile and you’re hot and you’re sweating in the nuts and it’s nothing to smile about this will not work for the eye for the podcast on camera you ask any goofy to give her meet anybody that’s if that’s a costume character at a major theme park ask him what they look like when they’re taking photos
super jealous and sad so so why is there a rubber duck mascot my first question to watch this movie Man Marcia internet yeah really creepy want to let it will make you very sad however
as a person is going to couples therapy in like as in love with his wife and wanted and learning like how how do you know the delicate art of of like making a relationship work between two people like these guys have been been they’ve been they’ve been a healthy couple for like 20 years healthy I don’t I don’t think it follows I mean just because they aren’t mad at each other does it make it a healthy relationship it’s just well that’s true but Bonnie and Clyde had fights between bank robberies but their bank robbery didn’t make them unhealthy if Bonnie and Clyde Rob your bank as they were leaving your dog and they’re both like like sweetie go get the tail in the
and then the cops go like could you describe the couple that murdered your dog I feel like all they were very healthy
like maybe they got a long they were on the same team like I was because I want you to catch up I want you to take this unique descriptor with you do you recognize them at Grand Central Station think they get along great
they’re very much in love.
Don’t don’t jump don’t bother you helping your time with the healthy spouse Doterra the other the other one from killing a dog and robbing a bank spouse or significant other has his wife had been like why don’t you stop redesigning the solar system
where is that a healthy is that a healthy relationship with killing your dog anybody’s and other stuff like like or order takeout
the courtroom
alarm off and then he cut the Paris open sounds like I’ve been saying this for years will need to be watched where you say the suspect is not a doctor that doctors are all suspect because they know how to serial killer is a support system
just money that’s suckers don’t cut up a live
a doctor does it go to Home Depot and buy a boson don’t have to supported their license but what would you do if you weren’t a cop and you had to get rid of a body like a cop can just dump them off on the curb and call his cop friend another one
I’m Southern cuz I’m a custom character
wait who was your the lawyer was doing a little
pictures of fish has a reason to do things to people with pre-existing antisemitism which we are all a part of your more guilty than I am in that sense and it seeped up into my lawyer my improvised lawyer character he was a little Jewish LOL stereotypical Lucas are there is much honor and noodles and a no silverware can you figure out what I’m talking about
do we come to a consensus on what we do
the song so far so good with the 911 song by Trent Reznor when I did oh boy
is it strong enough
two towers one heart one mind without a country what do you find the desire to have the tower stay up but I’m 9/11 that hope gave up why you got to come at us like that yo
there is no rain.
no I’m just trying to do mine to try to do me in mind it to the breaker time I’ve gotten up to do those at the jiggled has a job in the fuck your mama on the front lawn I look up in the air I see you say she’s under attack yo you got to take that back with just the two hundred fifty million people trying to cool it out
turn off thank you
is really good thank you
don’t care what you think thank you I’ve always had your back I know he’s a good person
tell 911 don’t do it again
I feel bad I want to know more about the R&B singer
Alexander Dube licky and I used to go to college back in 99
rowing right
is the road down the river beat those Harvard boats
we beat Stanford to Stanford California
I don’t know we were so far ahead all I do was iroh
the Bell Tower
that’s good thank you
so you met Alexander just looking on the rowing team
and it was an instant friendship or did you guys do you guys friends for there’s a lot of contention at first because of course like just like best friends did you receive Monsters Inc to the way that they met like they weren’t they were not good friends to begin with. That’s the way you are in the post quote
if you know you better believe it looks like it was he and I got successful R&B singer or they or did you come to rescue them from neither of us were booked into the R&B seen you know what I’m saying that it’s
but it’s like my passion for rowing like as it as it started to stop equating with you no ability to outro people physically what we noticed is that Alexander’s ability to call me forward bring the best out of me spiritually psychically like it went itself more to the hip-hop scene than two growing where we were losing like consistently
like Anna if you listen to my lyrics what you’ll find in my heart is I’m not that good a rapper but I’m a better rapper than I wasn’t that rowing a boat and Alexander’s and I was always been good at telling me what to do and when that I’m doing good he’s an encourager they calling the Cox Swing Swing Swing coxswain coxon is bosun
a gun A gun so has a gun
but you’re rich people said I was a scholarship student personally I was there trying to do my best for my family around this is University of Georgia’s Holland Brook
images Notre Dame
cuz I have a pretty famous Notre Dame study at school there at the University of Georgia’s you learn all about it and I couldn’t get into Notre Dame originally in this program came up and said you could get a scholarship my family is a good night I love you ever went to school so that the pressure was on I had to do right represent my family you know the way we had dealt with in the street had to turn it around and so I went there after you graduate knowing a lot about Notre Dame I will I dropped out eventually the studies were more difficult than rapping and growing like boost spending most I was spending most of my time rowing they asked me not to Susan to study more about Notre Dame but I was also then I was very focused on growing and I said please let me focus on this and they said okay but you have to be good at it and I was like okay and then I started you’re more interested in wrapping because of the rowing was not working out like it was mad at me
Alexander’s I didn’t realize that you were here with us we went through a phase when we were living together in the same apartment one bedroom we only had two plays for the macaroni
where is macaroni playing out on the coffee table
as true as something like that and it’s like your good seems like a pretty healthy relationship with my salvation by be my better half
Which of the worst podcast
why are you here why are there nine cameras why are people allowed to spend money is so irresponsible or is it the guys cuz he’s here tonight music Fridays kids and he’s he’s he’s funny and smart and interesting and lives in Portland and stuff and then I don’t think he and I can’t imagine him enjoy I’m not fishing for a he probably left a long time ago after I after I talked about
he’s a friend of ours is just kind of I would call him, dear oil tease if he’s a comedy director guys like he’s done a lot of music video work out of all the all the people who you would be glad to hear cool and I have to leave the kids here and he’s also even if you was here you know when I ever come up to you just chat for a second
he’s he’s more of a he’s an older souls and make discretion is the better part of valor I think it was just like what why does member meant is it is not funny
are there like we know why it’s not funny we were in the same show you were
it was made very clear he hasn’t hit his his wonderful kids and he has a very healthy relationship with him a little brunch with them in Portland. Killing dogs robbing banks and stuff are those what are those dad’s if their families were those families that makes you want to have kids right away cuz it’s like oh they’re perfectly cool and they’re honest with their kids and they don’t you know nobody’s like it’s not like the you know that weird toxin looks like a spoiled La parents you see here it’s like the parent is the best friend of the kid and it’s a it’s not bad either it’s just you and you said what do you do when you witness like transparency and a family it’s always a kind of inspiring and like I could do this I could try that’s what the word parent comes from Parent Trap from transparency
guess that’s why I didn’t look it up
so all right so Spencer oh I’ll God speaking of horrible things
I’ll take it from here I guess
is there any what’s burning your craw come on Todd to give it give it give us the Spencers
mattress pad in my Belfry thank you ER I think it’s great I think everyone should listen to NPR but sometimes you listen to these stories and they try and put too cute of a button on the end of their stories like and it’s I can’t I can’t think of any good examples like I don’t know like there’d be a story about like a goose Who Lost His sight and then they’d end the story with like where it was about a goose in then they like restorative site cuz like chemicals got thrown on I don’t know but then they in Portland he will have a gander by Nancy Cline and PR news
and it’s like so many they’re trying so hard and I can’t think of any good ones but they are then they’re like like okay that’s that’s in PR thanks for all your money and its public and we’ll be right back after a word from these strangers the John Q and James Elliott Radio Lab was made possible by a sum of money by the Colgate toothpaste certain people
new way of brushing your teeth that are that are like this is a commercial for a thing
this is true it’s how you know the public radio is failed in America they had to they had to you know cave to public over to corporate interests small portion of what we call a lot of of of of collective Revenue you could keep a lot of cool shit going it’s my feeling about that in Britain you know the government pays for like all that the damn crazy awesome radio stations out there because we really really interesting cool shit that have brakes on our Shores but but like come get him a good TV sound so much more interesting if you’re into science shows the flip side of it is gross it like America’s everything it’s done it’s like it’s it it’s like if you’re going to admire anything about America you got to admire
the capitalism because like are the money drive so many interesting things so they everything everything is heightened is so heightened because of money the idea that you can have a show like cheers or the idea that television could be the Cornerstone of all culture which is neither good nor bad but is a is a thing like the idea of the television show lasting 10 years and being a part of your life and your children’s life that that that is the opposite side of the coin of like in in Europe they when they started doing TV they looked at it like a kind of a Civic thing like they looked at it the way we look at cable access and then you should Derek and everybody take turns making it TV show and make sure it has something to do with keeping England better still some kind of there still a little bit of that of that juice behind their TV industry where is with us it’s just like fuck you mad at at what at what am I talking about stick your head up your ass
check it out to very excited about I won’t be able to see it while it’s on so we’re all going to die
that thing’s going to make a dragon
I sat there and said I could explain to me a little bit about the Higgs boson and I have no idea what he’s talking about but it’s fascinating I felt very cool and he went outside and it was stars is a test you for sure I got why don’t why don’t start why do planets twinkle at least explain why like Professor calculus very good and alive at the radio broadcast and they had one of the guests was the cat creative teacher Amma his name I forget and the keys in defiance and I won’t remember if you say it

you will you will you will remember Matt kreh nickname or someone said David can’t stop and I like we would make up science and change science to the TV show the cartoon Alvin speed of light it would still take five hundred years to get to the guest but we spent we sped up a speed of light and I’m in the car and kind of chuckled and none of that’s wrong you want to slow down the speed of light or the speed of light and the crowd cheered everybody
I still doesn’t make any sense to me I love that you know if you want to if you want to check out this movie called The the astronaut in the bookcase call in interstellar
it’s based on a novel of the astronaut in the bookcase by Sapphire it’s like
it’s a goody while I’m sure it would seem pretty right to me and Christopher Nolan Dan doesn’t seem to like his films that’s why I’m actually confident enough to say okay come on I’m letting that one over the plate like lately if Tarantino are the Coen brothers made a movie that was like I was like we’re finding out time and time again that Christopher Nolan is a brilliant director who really desperately needs a quality screen play The Replacements hands before he before he starts
because otherwise it’s going to be like you going to be watching like something that is like really beautiful and you’re going to 2 hours through it be like why did you like her I love her
20 pages and he’s self what do you mean it looks like a smeared bookcase
all right back to the he’s the reason why the watch hockey is
dumb I mean I yeah I imagine that would be astounding if when those things are happening in the first two acts I wasn’t constantly blank what
that it all came back to the thing that made you go what the fuck
what what what the hell what was that some kind of silver entity just said Google Google gaga
and then flew into the sun it’s really sounds 3 hours later I’m changing into something I can’t be over there wow
that’s why the movie was stupid
credit for the way that you use it
are the wrong goddamn son
DiMarzio with us
oh yeah I love your boyfriend yes sir how you doing I’m doing all right I like you I like your Greensleeves well you know I’m a Dartmouth guy so we’re driving through International step a good to me let’s not forget that you guys are in the March Madness I know a couple hard not to get out man but he knows you from The Fox and the Hound is very nice and I can never remember he knows you he loves you
apparently he knows you quite well but I can’t think of his name
Anna Anna Marathon number on a on a bloody tank top and then I’ll find out what’s on your mind what to do when your lies catch up with you people have to greet you
when you’re if you’re not looking at them they have to say Hi how are you sir welcome thank you for being I’ve heard that complaint with increasing frequency ignore people like this an alarming right now it’s like three or four people at Tioga just go shopping for something I know I’m looking for a know where it is I go in I can’t find it and I’ll walk and going to be this voice behind his head like how you doing sir and I would turn around and look but it’s so faint that it said did you ascertain saying and it’s not just old people at Walmart anymore it’s now it’s like a 35 year old person who’s been told that they have a certain activity log and they get there they’re starting to get aggressive Aaron told me that I have to say be well served or some weird shit like that but they’re like
Arrow type me a slightly different story because that to the pet pet pet store around the aisles that are like killing there a specific brand of cat food or dog food and those people like like they’re really aggressive and weird and Aaron got stopped at the Eukanuba that that that shit is for Teeter store lady that Aaron had another story about this obviously a person of the couple of goes out into the world to bring these stories back good day in French good day everyone says bonjour wherever you go and it should have thing you safe which is fine because that’s just kind of par for the course but I was in a hotel in San Antonio Texas where I wanted to kill people out of kindness but it was good morning how you doing
I thought you couldn’t go 10 steps in the hotel every fucking person sitting bidding you good day as I got to see you much and most people don’t want to talk to other people going places like I know you
fine deal but it was are you keep hearing it over your shoulder Rite Aid you cannot manufacture happiness that’s what I’m doing but yeah we start Shadowrun that are that are Aaron’s not here to take care of grief dog and and then Curtis is not here which is tied to I don’t like and I haven’t even checked up on it since he told me about it I asked him if he was coming to the show last week we were in Austin and he either I almost like I’m so conflicted cuz it’s like well why why create the awareness of something with your blissfully unaware of if you’re unaware of it but at the same time and almost feels strange to our new friend is that going through this like dark dark thing like we were talking a courtesy host that show with Bobby Carradine and David Carradine was just in this terrible terrible car accident and he
the last I left he’s in critical condition which I assume is it Googled I Googled his name and unfortunately I never if I could have clicked an off button that would an option I would not have seen the car that you know who I just saw the car that that that that that he crashed in and it it can’t possibly be good what it was you might call a critical I think someone already took care of that that job so Curtis is like to come and hang out with us but his life is black topsy-turvy like he’s got he’s going through a little late we just met him and just made good friends with him really fast but he it’s just as he’s going to his like intensely dark tunnel so I hope he comes back and on the off-chance he’s listening our thoughts and prayers are with with you and your folks and that that’s that’s it I don’t know I just wanted to say I don’t
Bobby Wright has he ever has father ever Carradine I don’t know yeah so Random at this like whatever good job Dan you did it you did it whatever whatever you’re setting out to do I don’t know what you got that fall in love with that guy think he is
maybe that’s why I opened up for me to work with him on on acceptable TV that one that one morning I was like maybe that’s why I brought it up because I think I feel like I feel so much affection for the guy and I wish I felt like the audience did too and I wanted them to know that like he actually felt the exact same way it wasn’t like a it wasn’t like a bit like it was with LeVar Burton
who just got to our world like a meteor in Charmed us and it is apparently on to bigger and better things but Curtis Curtis really really enjoyed his time here and wants it wants to come back and stuff and it’s just going through all right
didn’t he didn’t think so
I think you did well he said he didn’t hear and then so do you is there a talent you want to recruit or give recruit a challenge
you’re up what’s your name right there in the front party Celia Celia Celia is going to play mercy
you’re breaking my heart here shaking my confidence daily please do cocaine in the afternoon
we’re allowed to sing almost an entire Simon and Garfunkel Song but I have to play crap and I got unlicensed I think I’ll Get Rhythm by Soul detected with a Jewish High School what do you say that with such distaste for her teachers are consulates
I’m in college now though I’m in Rhode Island between psych test but you know about the neurology aspects so you just take the psychic psychology leg of knowing with the Braves doing
the dream science the summertime
like they go over memory and then what the actual neuro parts of like what they’re on they’re doing it almost sounds like you have an out this no matter what if somebody comes to you with a problem for you go like that’s cognitive and then someone else comes Junior like that’s just the way your brain is real quick what’s the a Genesis of the corpus callosum
I don’t know what the Agents of the corpus callosum
what’s the corpus callosum
separates the hemispheres never forms when you get like a lot of like crazy like Autistic or like like like Rain Man kind of people I know the date
for people according to the years they have to sever the Copa corpus callosum needed help their seizures
we have a very smart gal up on stage right now so let’s listen to Old West times or something and he had like a thing blow up through is Phineas Gage okay and I’m crossing over there next to you and Aaron want to name her Paloma but if you have a boy will be Phineas B Street
how many make it a h n s x
alright alright alright this harmontown recap was written for and buy Warby Parker okay last time on Shadowrun way who was it written by let’s be safe and he sure wrote it he wrote the last one to okay last time on Shadow run time Mercy O’Donnell and Jim knife blades pointed Baldwin Brown they found him sleeping in the basement of his associate Jesse Yellowman upon receiving a shocking Awakening brown and yellow weed strain of gunfire Mercy gratefully do vat of the way as Nightblade shut down the belligerent machine with practice he’s our heroes then attempted to subdue the drug-dealing duo with them
old-fashioned grappling at a critical moment in to save the day with a powerful stun bolt that yellowmans Jeff the game successfully apprehended Brown handed them over to the job and receive their well-earned payment what will they do with the 5,000 million apiece what mission will they accept next what does life hold for our brave Heroes find out on a whole new harmontown Shadowrun time thank you
I love everybody forever
you’re welcome
okay so do you guys know what’s happening yeah we are we just successfully completed a thing you sure did we just got paid or where we where we physically standing right now I’ll let’s say you’re back at Hank’s Last Stand the bar
this is where we met weird day of what was the name of perfect fried egg
no this is a cool cool dentist in the fixer and I don’t want to I don’t want to control everything but if we’re cutting to a bar I would I wouldn’t mind being the guy that just finished breaking the billiard ball and then and then I and then I continued my sentence by going like I just I don’t know something just doesn’t add up
Arizona to be that guy the billiard guy
every time someone does a billiard shot in the bar I always think I’ve managed a new season starting from severe alcoholism I’ll be there in like an hour I buy some psyche what’s up with your drug dealers name
where are you are you are you explaining that toys are you saying and I text you that you’re doing recreational drug called psyche would kind of make my intuition and logic go up and I just kind of like it’s like mushrooms but like it’s good for shamans and stuff you know you’re young kid I don’t think you should do that shit
I can stop whenever I want to listen kid I drink to forget mistakes I made when I was your age when you get a chance and not make them right I take another shot I don’t even know what solid or stripes
so let’s do we get another sign in from my person cuz we just caught Baldwin Brown true way to make some more up some more nuyen did you say we haven’t I haven’t got it yet
hold on a second
he has ever feel kind of bad about stuff like we got that guy and he’s a really do anything wrong I’m not that guy should be playing that role I don’t care we will certainly stand a lot of people with electricity but you know I mean I guess that’s the life we’ve chosen I never feel good about it and leave me with going forward I want to start taking strides to being on a lease so anyway that I can just wondering these streets and I was looking to medicate themselves of the idea of a be better than better than life chip is not going to be a Pandora’s Box
I mean if it was just a short Mission I’m fine I don’t need to make a big deal out of it. I’m just picking at it like a kitten pics it or not I’m never going to untie it I just put the thicker piece of thread than usual I forget I guess I would say that it’s in my estimation that this is the way that we work that it is all life is a mission now that we are on the dark side there is nothing but short missions in Long Beach turns into longer mission is to stay alive when I was playing with his balls
in the meantime I perhaps we’ll take some of this and I will purchase indulge my own in active addiction and learn some new accents are there other ways to be other things to do. You did not even notice that I changed and became more precise with my accent include overtime because there was some problem before people saying give those dramatic and it hurts hoggish so what type of society have been suspended over and over a pool of water
listening to Ben jealous again but this time listening to sort of festivities which I think is one of his best album
and One Day More by according to Hoyle Novi Jackson one from Oslo
I mean I appoint taking though before that you know they don’t call him they don’t call him picnic grounds you guys can I can I can I tell you a little story up for a while can I tell you that when I was at they would when I was only girl I was living out in the woods with the guy with the Salish Indians could I had to flee my family and that live out there and look learned the shamanistic way is there was a story that means a lot to me that I think would probably help maybe maybe it means something to you guys too so young
young Indian Scout is walking around by Riverbend she’s a bear and
and the bear is looking for salmon and he salmon keep jumping by him and the bears like I can’t catch any salmon at least I’m accusing me of things I can’t catch any sandwich my God a talking bear
little little Salish comedy fighter
he’s probably trying to get a new Mission huh
what’s your name what’s your name oh yeah maybe I mean I got to tell you guys I’ve been I’ve been watching your progress you got on you got on security films you know there’s footage of you people know you’re out there it’s it’s no good I tried I tried to do what I can to kind of clear your traces you no no don’t worry about it no need to pay me or anything but you got to watch out man you had police on your tail if this is how people dies how Shadow Runners get a get killed what would it cost for you to perhaps stumble across some sort of mission for us you know I do now it’s it’s all all whatever I’ll find I’ll see what I can do and you know as soon as as soon as he finishes speaking as if On Cue you see an older Elvish man
rambling to the bar the bar you’re all in in fact not just any bar
Italian soup
he’s clutching a pistol he looks like he hasn’t slept in days I would like laughing to have to activate the boat at this time time at my ability to deal with, tents and also add to the text and amazed to see if this one is perhaps a problem you use your enemies and you sounded really Norwegian right now this is really good more like Anatolia than he’s ever sounded I’m also the same person I was when I started
I’ve never had to home
what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up with the Salvage guy’s got a pistol in his hand
did perhaps the two of you will begin to a continue to talk and I will keep one eye on this distance router
okay what are you do what do you say my my my hands in that way that will allow my Aries Predator to come out of my robot arm shooting at a moment’s notice but in the meantime I’m just like just sexy and cool and friendly and I’m like I remember having a Night Like This
I saw him they gave a bill here so you can you can start the next scene
I just want to cut to a new scene now because
I have my problem why why why do you have that pistol for protection from everybody I got to get my voice on straight hold on
okay sorry sorry everybody you can trust me look at me look at this face I trust you he’s over at the bar Oh Daddy Daddy my friend
I need your help the moms got my son jelly I fell into a bad way the spaghetti Ali they’re making me pay a protection fee to keep his free things off of my hoop but they raised the rates of Despicable Me
I can’t offer you much but I can give you $2,000 a piece in an eternal debt of gratitude if you find my son I take it all back
$2,000 a piece of Mercy ice cream or help me please
I don’t know is that a possibility
I really like your shoes I give you my shoes
give us one now and then wanted me to finish the job
you know that’s very reasonable
picture of a harmonica
I mean it’s not brain surgery but wait it is
what do you say tell me more about this book Ghoulies
but you can find them all over the place I bet if you talk to him he’ll be able to find my son but he’s real stupid or he’s I don’t know if he has my son but I bet I know someone who knows something but you know the police have got your son to hold him ransom for ransom right now
so we going to talk to one of those for Ghoulies to get him back. Recommend Arturo insurance for dually
what are you what are you doing and what’s your name my name is Ryan dervish and your son is named Jelly dervish yeah
I’m a medicine man practice the right time
do you have any antique shops for sale in that kind of medicine that I didn’t quite hear that you have any active sofas for sale that kind of medicine that last few hours can you hear me up a bit while you know I got this
he pulls he pulls up hatch out of his pants and he gives it to you I put it on my chest it’s like
you feel you feel it’s like a thousand copies running through your veins your all your old back to Norman back and I’m alright I’m good I’m a little janky but I’m good you guys will save my son no no sure you got me I got a photograph of your kid. Oh yeah let’s have it figured it is it’s right off his Instagram
still around
I don’t know who took him but my best guess is that Arturo knows a thing or two him look if you end up putting some
he’s in the ground make it look like someone else did the job I pay some extra to keep those shity as off my back for a while and to leave my name out of this which is Ryan dervish
find Arturo find what he knows to keep his name out of
never going to remember it as a fellow elf and a fellow Medicine Woman that you got my word we’re going to get we’re going to get your son back no questions and I used my power to a mind probe just to make sure the landscape is as he describes it
being proved right now what’s it what’s it going on well it’s just a choice it’s what we called it no more waiting process before we start he starts screaming and you can read into his thoughts very uncomfortable for him but you see great shame and is his business you see his business has not been doing so well he can’t pay the mob so much it’s really a tough time for this guy’s life and he said his wits and he’s just carrying a pistol public I apologize but we have to cover our bottoms Siri who’s your own Matheson welding contractor his name is Rich is mafioso contact is there anyway I could contact him and possibly find some sort of this what what is what he knows
yeah yeah you could definitely call up Ritz on his comlink that’s what I’m trying to do all right beep boop boop beep boop but I have I have I have AT&T and so the connection is this okay all right this is where it’s cold out here and question if you heard the birds at October or the big dick yeah, I feel so big dick yeah where we might find him if he in fact exists and if he possibly is the whole thing a child
I don’t know I’m there’s a lot of other things a lot like that sagging ceiling
the brand is the bremser in the Underworld who you talking about
what was Spicoli oh yeah I know Arturo’s for Googling why didn’t you just say so
because I assumed we had a relationship but I was of course the wrong for the last time I’m just saying there’s at least seven or eight big movers and shakers named Arturo in the criminal underground so to focus and to be precise this Spicoli formation oh yeah you know that guy he loves his fast-food although they’re not they know they’re not hot they’re not hunting all these nice bars or Italian restaurants that just keep it simple to hang out at the Burger tyrant
Pittsburgh retirement is a simply restaurant where they hang out or is it more secure compound it’s really just more of a chain restaurant down Pioneer Square which one is it so it’s on Guadalupe Guadalupe
so did the fellas I hope that you are hungry but I’m hungry for dinner next week we going to eat
we’re going to go to the Burger Tavern and we’re going to take all of this sausage
Jim Morris Brown
Spencer Crittenden. We love you come back soon we hope you’re well
but everybody here at Jeff Davis thank you
I think the next episode of community is the one that directed by our friend is here at the bank has Bobcat Goldthwait I think it’s the I think the next time the bobcat and it it’s really good I really like it


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