Episode: 147 – High Concept Humiliation


Episode: 147 – High Concept Humiliation


Sen. Bernie Sanders pays a visit to Harmontown and talks the bottom 45 percent of the top 60 percent of the top 1 percent. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live and become a member!


Hollywood California
please welcome to the stage today or if I’m in town today
hello everybody hi Hi how are you let’s get down to business
hey Dan I’m good sorry about the energy job with my hello I don’t know why I did that I think we’ve created a pregnant pause pregnant with possibility impregnated by a possibility pregnant with potential
now you brought the mood down through my notes people in the audience
all right wow but with the word aluminum like
spell if we discover it and then they heard about it but didn’t see how it was spelled I think I think they think they discovered it cuz because Kate my Scottish ex-girlfriend shoot and she was emphatic about aluminium and wouldn’t be here otherwise that’s not there it’s not like nuclear where we say it wrong you know I would I would definitely just a few Americans and do everything wrong but they’re wrong about this aluminium knock knock it off all right
do you think dogs know how to share with each other no okay all right
I think dogs are pack mentality does alpha beta and so on and so will always defer to the alpha of any group right until when there’s owners are cuz we like pepperoni sticks that the dogs really liked and they love them but Harvey the big one he he eats he tries to eat I’m slow and you can see him watching Nigel a little tiny one and like Nigel just puts it between his paws and does hello staying or he’s just like nibbling at the end and he just loves licking and nibbling it with his little needle tea and and Harvey just sits across the room and watches him while he like drops it like a candy bar at Saigon in three bites but he wishes it wasn’t and he just stares at night and then he starts doing laps but he’s like he’s got one eye on Nigel and one died on me all the time like that cuz I think that means that he know if I can fight like if I walked out of the room he steal the other dogs
1 puppies going to be there and be a little runt dogs have to get socialized into the puppy certainly don’t share of course they’re like 30 but they probably don’t even know they’re not sharing they probably think they are evenly distributed evenly I come on this guy not to pay this much people suck on them
how would you feel about 17 times as good as when you get a little nipple play
my nipples are extremely sensitive I don’t like a whole lot of you know we’ve been over this guy and that’s the point I don’t really know any of it or back-to-back to alienation okay I thought I thought maybe there was a misunderstanding that’s the selling point I think mine are more time I think mine are more sensitive than people that enjoy it because it’s really like an overload so Pop Pop Culture corner all right I don’t know what that other stuff was
who made out of Bank of America card or education or War we call them pop culture do do do do
where’d you get that
from the clan MacLeod Holy Ground Highlander
okay so there’s a hot Hamburglar that’s it for ages if I have no you’re you’re you’re not hip the Rihanna hey did you see if you seen that movie with the other guy Martin Luther King
yes I’m sure they are sick of seeing each other and casting such n such as I have a nightmare
that Jake’s out for this part 2
that was my Martin Luther King of Prussia
Professor I’d like some toast
it’s a very sensitive very cautious Martin Luther King impression
you know the way to the library so I can continue to be a very smart person
my name is Martin Luther King
I was murdered
yeah I’m here it’s me
I’m a ghost
I don’t know what I don’t know I’m going to weird without you or is it me
I don’t want to do the whole dream thing
like Freddy Krueger you know like you do every time you have a dream and then I’m there and it’s like this is my dream because I feel like Fun’s fun but it undercuts my larger message
throw in a turn turn the importance of my life into a bit in death even though I will be dead far longer than I was alive and that is something you should be warned about
it’s going to get boring
enjoy it and stop being racist I don’t know how many times I have to say it
the waste of your life is there racism in the afterlife there are racist ghost there are people who could guide racist
and I’d say they’re they can’t get not racist today they’re just walking around going look at all these black people and they’re upset and it’s that’s what they deserve cuz they can’t do anything about it you can get segregate with with if with non-corporeal hands
I can’t you can’t separate people when your when your body is a vapor
they deserve it and I’m not a I was not famous for being a judgmental person in my life but I think they deserve it when I when I when I died
I had I had two immediate thoughts one was like why the fuck am I not in heaven this is insane
why am I why am I a ghost to me
and then my second thought was like heaven or hell that’s Purgatory kind of style or what like the deal harps
I ain’t see no heart so when just repeated it in the audience I do it
anyways it’s I look I was never going to make it exciting ghost that’s the fact Napoleon
I didn’t think of it the first time I sent just now in front of us
a picture of a 62 when you die you go to round you look at the people
how much I’m done of Napoleon.
Are you okay
ghost pneumonia
are you sure you can’t die from Ghost
you feel like Cheech Marin live in Frankfurt for a while
all right so anyways
you guys like segments right I just wanted to let you know I think we have some entertaining that’s what we do as I tweeted we don’t have Spencer tonight but we’re going to make the best of it
General malaise
well I don’t mean that he died I mean the ghost of his presents the ghost of his his enthusiasm which I do think died around episode 3 I would believe that his enthusiasm is a ghost walking around somewhere
all right so okay so things down but like so like a dog sharing all right so will they got that Uber program is it that they keep adding the things I keep getting more and more things in the bottom of uber and now that the thing on the leftmost is uberpool or you can like cool with Uber people and Aaron was like
I don’t think I ever do that she’s like we’ll wait I do that before I take a regular Uber because of all the you know harassment and creepy creepy nuts that goes on in your average Uber
I was wondering if that was their point like maybe uberpool is that like they cuz they can’t take Uber chaperone
like maybe they really are like they for the ladies will there be another person they’re all right getting in the car with your wife and Seneca hey do you guys do later on like I was like How likely is it was wondering if maybe that’s like a maybe it’s a fake thing where the third person is always just a licensed social worker
should I take a left up here no no take a right I’ll sweetie you don’t know anything
know why what happened I know I don’t know if like no not at all to him he accepted that love and ends in a black out for me like I don’t really I kind of have to listen to the end of the show that’s why that’s why I roll thing gives you so bad like by the end of the show I’m a little gone so like I can’t cook it’s a little bit of a fact about boxers and it got really touched on I don’t know I couldn’t remember my direct tweets which is how we usually communicate and I just really paranoid about about about Curtis being upset what you are you ready
is it going to England yeah but I mean
I find he’s like spending time with his daughter he doesn’t check his tweets fine good
I think you’re fine I think you’re fine all right I think he’s very happy here and I think if there was anything that we all like each other and we talked about how long it took for us to hang out and then took ages for us to actually hang out as friends and not like meet at a party and whatever it was like we’re talking about boxing and I was like if that bulldozer had any casualties you know if anybody
Justin just brought your mail
do you get paid to do the show is that your chick
sis boom bah
sis boom bah
what is the sound of a sheep exploding
I’m stealing from Johnny Carson everybody is Johnny Carson tonight and what his if we play Shadowrun with his character will be my first guess I’m kind of excited cuz I don’t think we’ve ever really had a lot of it is he busy back there
what’s up
yes he’s back there right okay alright well we’ve never done the the political thing like in the sense of like like we’ve never had anybody come on the show to actually help help them politically like this is kind of an exciting thing like that I’m a show you know like The Daily Show or some like that were people announced their candidacy if you show it went well but I truly hope that we’re not getting going to come on the show and use that to stump for their for their own political guy they had decided they did this demographic is Savvy and young and critical thinkers and you know it’s got the colon that their votes matter the most you know what is sure to be a very important election of you guys know how I feel about politics
I didn’t tell you when I heard this guy was coming on the show I I didn’t it all have to save but wait who’s that and have two more to explain it to me
it’s it’s easy as Republican candidates and he’s he’s he’s been in the news a lot lately is a little controversial but I have no I don’t know anything about him and I know you guys have heard all about him and you’re always treating the bottom let’s welcome Bernie Sanders or Bernie Sanders
wow wee
you can just grab any Mike you want to sit anywhere you feel comfortable I just sold the Mike’s were rigged with union workers
let’s go to do I should clarify to get production I’m not a republican I’m an avowed socialist on the only independent senator from the state of Vermont in the United States Senate but I’m running for president as a Democrat because well I like to change things up
I got I got my information wrong from two more and I thought you were like the new Herman Cain you get your information wrong like the American people get inaccurate information from the mainstream media which is controlled by 5 collaborations it’s the same situation we were fighting against is the top 1% that controls more than the bottom 60% combined
and if you look at the numbers closer if the top 10% of the top 12% of the top 1.1% year-on-year Labor Statistics a little farther and farther down the line
but I mean
I mean we’ve all seen those charged up about wealth distribution what do you say to the people that say like they used to illustrate economic data
contains boy with blue and red graph sections does a 99% of the working class 40% then operate somewhere between the chocolate and vanilla layer of a middle-class cake
Senator Sanders do you feel that
I do a lot of people think that you might be a drawing votes away from from Hillary.
Is there any truth never want to be a gotcha question kind of interviewer my life is an open book specifically it’s 20,000 page print out of the Bureau of Labor Statistics report for the fiscal year 2014 to 2015 by Prince on very cheap paper which is still a dot matrix printer I knew if I need further copies I use the mimeograph machine because
I’m from the 1970s
allegations that your hair is actually a sideways wig
I want a cupcake
look I hope we going to I hope we delve into some hot numbers after this because I think this is a distraction from the issues but I will address it for the people
why here it’s harvested
on a monthly to bi-monthly basis to provide cotton candy for younger Americans who come from a socio-economic background where they could not afford cotton candy and as you know the monster approaching for Life donated recently my real hair as cotton candy
what is a lower-income children in Vermont and yes I do replace it with two eggs
just don’t know what went on to my head like Darth Vader both the mortgage and I in the green room when we heard your name thought you were that black guy that crazy doctor guy I don’t agree with him on the your shows but I respect them
I’m so relieved also everything but no one will vote for me
who support my position for the vote for me that would be 1620 the population that would vote for me and we would win the election Ada okay so would be difficult problem with capitalism there we’ve been obsessed too much with the losses and that’s how that’s how the the middle 40 billion dollars in the federal budget goes to the top 1% of the top 2% of the top let’s say 17% of the country is this just kind of a thinly-veiled this bid for the presidency is are you aiming to maybe settle in at vice president I don’t have any aspirations further than maybe a nice walk maybe a nice cup of warm chocolate from time to time
is there any truth I want I want any truth to the allegation that you are wearing my mom’s glasses because the model that is widely available to Librarians and mothers across this country who have to work and humiliating conditions of public workers in the education and Library systems and showing solidarity I wear the glasses that are the minimally, classes that you have to wear if you have public health care in these professions resonating with them they don’t even correct my vision to the Cook to the right the grave
I’ve been very impressed by you what little I know about you you’ve been very strongly supported women’s rights and equal pay if you actually stand up for it for the women of 50% of the population
really big into the
the bottom 40% of all 50% is equal to the top 12% of The Middle
Avogadro’s number I feel like I really have this urge to bring Barack Obama out here and and have you guys have like a call with the president of the United States
I think you might be taking a shit hits
be short in duration with minimal about Sprints out of the federal budget on cleaning up the smell of the room after work at least it isn’t easier on your salad dance you can say things like that and you can make taco salad
my diet consists of oatmeal mostly porch and if it’s a celebration I get some races
extravagant this is Andrews a box of raisins in 1970 contained over 40 grapes that have been shrunk down to an edible raised inside
play over 40 years later that same box of raisins contains over 20% less grapes genetically modified organisms which I will fight to stop in the NFL in the impossible scenario where I occupy the White House for even two or three weeks before the Pentagon calls a coup d’etat
because I am simply unacceptable to anyone with power to be in the office people you know what set you mean of course of course the Grandpa’s of the world don’t want you anywhere near the throne but you think you think you think the voters of the world are also a little jaded pardoned by novices I’m entering a fan during section
stopping sound
go ahead

you can talk a fair game right now when you get into the room with the oval room
there’s a red phone it might be the middle of the night that’s spoken start the way I’m color blind
I’ll trade a prepaid with the same
can I wear an average gray Falls
operating year-on-year on original AT&T pay for W Hotel
before Obama with the president and an antagonist at over a nice game of Mahjong
and don’t forget Mister Sanders Senator I guess you’re a senator I thought you were a doctor cuz I thought you were completely given human being I would but I’m not accepting support for me to corporations or any human being that’s made up of the Pacific Lee of Corporations which includes mr. Obama as much as I respect you as a person Joe lazulite organized by the White House
not even in the waning days of a presidency that can only be argued as a failure people is still on his side communicate and room by room
I think I think that I would argue that these days I’m not waiting I think this country is ready for a first socialist Jewish president I think I’ve had people worried that that’s unpopular socialist I’m also an atheist and
and all my old flag used to have a very popular time Everywhere I Go
I don’t think we need any further I think looked at the bottom 40% of the top 60% made 50-50-50 opinions on whether I look good
on Facebook is your cotton candy here
but I was a young man I saw the Grateful Dead at Brandeis University
if there was some very strong lysergic acid
accepted by he returned at the cotton candy because it was an outdoor event that that’s when we were there was this along with the state and so
when your hair tastes so good when you’re doing a speech a 17-hour speech like I can get all I do on a Tuesday just when I feel like it it’s like humiliated with the with the address for total licks your hair at Graham’s it and licks it like adults that’s humiliating and as president I would only allow that on Sundays and holidays
good night well I’m a little intimidated this is the largest crowd I’ve performed
we’ve been doing fundraisers throughout Southern California I think you found your people I’m just a little bit about 40 bucks out of it becoming I just met you I got two other guys like you a picture of optimism but I don’t believe in you either think the glass is half-full or half-empty I believe that the where is the current Kris year old year with targeted investments in certain sickness
go to Schererville Glass for the bottom 40% can be equal to what the sheriff a class for the Great Depression
I guess some people just want to hear like we’re going to we’re going to we’re going to kick butt overseas and where we don’t have to be afraid everything should be fine and if there’s anybody else that’s going to be kicked out of there going to be
remind me to take people that want us to go to war with it should be safe legal and rare
can I take return both consenting adults whenever possible and replace it with some brownies so we may be alright well I mean by the American young people who are the education system and they said that they have the fake middle 6% of the 17 5% of the let’s say APR of 11.7%
is equal to or greater than
during the war but the problem is the middle class no longer can carry the wood because the two burden carry a guitar with a v
alright Senator Bernie Sanders everybody is Senator Bernie Sanders going to go to my website party Santa’s. Org forward slash white-eyed party
Bernie Sanders
I didn’t put no more until you stay please
call me an Uber
what what happens when he and I were talking last week about Herman Cain and Ben Carson and so when I heard immediately switch to Ben Carson still give you a whole Ben Carson is it just means we’ll have to come in as bath salts
it is well in his wheelhouse
have someone come out and just do a dedicated the one-off character like that yeah I heard it was a bit too much percentage points and they’ve aprs you can get him to do a lot of for example when we were when I was going on my burning my bank Carson Herman Cain Run he for about an hour straight was just doing Pat Buchanan to a room of kids with no I do if I call you
so much so that afterward I was doing amazing Pat Buchanan impressions of people because I was just we just copying him we like his and his Impressions come from a different school of thought spiritually kind of thinner than the Rich Little’s where you just like figure out how someone talks and then you got to repeat I don’t know like he he he he always has 1,000 sides with the the people that he’s like them like they’re under dogs in there they’re the heroes in their own stories like you don’t got down from his position that he’s never knows he’s a thief he always thinks he’s doing good doing good work
I just say hey Marc Maron is it okay if I have these chips and then he does Marc Maron
does the most amazing Eddie pepitone
I want to know what one of these days maybe maybe may not to be presumptuous but you know the most flattering thing in the world would be
300 M how do you would you like to hear a trailer wheels of our to start the man does not see a real tree line but he did a pretty good good good Dan Harmon he can do he physically because I bet yeah yeah yeah I wrote that that’s how I got to know him he was at a party and everyone was gathered around a circle it was like you made your way through the circle and we was just shouting names that this guy was like contorting and went with each day and I kind of like was on overload looking back on it at that may be how how we broke him
he was already there but he was an accountant at that party I’ll never forgive you for that cuz I introduced him as a republican I don’t even know what the hell is going on I tried to correct
hold on. Let me know. That wouldn’t have helped that’s exactly the information I had I just I just don’t know how quickly quickly this is a new tradition in the Post Obama Republican World on the Republican side always and they will not and it will not get and I should have let you know if they refuse to access the People Like Us our age who are Republicans and end and have a sense of how to run the internet how to promote through the wet how to do other things they just think they really do run off his hierarchy that the elders know better and they’re consistently out of touch and every one of these campaigns they focus on right now it says it’s because Obama it’s a black thing they try to find some sort of minority savers
what part of the Black Culture are we going to do appeal to the way that they gravitated to Herman Cain hilarious because there was no part of that guy that was serious at any point and yet there was a six-week period where he was the leaders and he was limited Bachmann turn up to be a head-spinning freak there was that there was a Rick Perry did everything he could to blow it including that moment we went to Vermont they gave him a bottle of maple syrup and he was tripping balls on pills and Booth man out wrote nothing for 2 days to play that pull tape for two days of him kissing a bottle and it just rang the women in the audience
smoking is safe and so here comes Herman Cain to keep in mind at this time when he finally had to go when he finally had to go his Dismount what somebody he was giving a speech not about saying goodbye cuz he actually never said I quit he said I’m suspending my campaign for the rest of my life yeah but you never know a person he’s on satellite feed and walk away. How you doing man he’s like sitting here staring into space cuz it just everything he’s done everything so you got to deal with now and where do you go when you got six weeks in the spotlight and now you’ll eat and he said
a man once asked me if I could be any ice cream which one would I be
and I said rock and roll because it has been a rocky road pick up last night what he said
and this guy was Billy Talent if he opened
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the theme to like to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
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I mean you said that you said something distracted me back there a ways a stretch as the Republicans say back there as the crow flies out yonder you do you really think that there is I mean I know that there is such a thing as a as the concept of a fiscal Republican that doesn’t give a shit about any of this like other like Voodoo that is because it would come to associate with this tent but but but still don’t you think that they’ve crunch those numbers because that would be less work for them if they thought that there were so many young people out there that would just answer the call of pragmatism financially implied that maybe you think that there’s like a tragedy for the Republican party that they’re hung up on this on this yeah all this other non-economic crap as if they could like they could somehow get the popular majority in an honest way I can talk to you about my contemporaries
if you don’t agree with me politically the ones that I get in serious discussions with where the argument is not about shutting somebody got about make the talking louder than somebody where it’s about the actual mathematics of argument in rhetoric where if you know something that I don’t know we’re going to Hash this out until I know what you know but if you don’t shut the fuck up and take my information and move on these kinds of arguments I just start which I may sound like and if we don’t we don’t teach large we don’t teach Civics oh you have kids going to public venues and pissing up walls because they don’t realize they own a part of the people you know saying I don’t hear you I don’t hear you I don’t hear you because they don’t understand that that’s not an argument they think that I had an argument with my friend I mean everything is taken that there we had we had they been Limited in what they think in terms of what how they can see the world serious arguments with those people
continue right they write for the right for birthday right let me know friends or don’t get to Baskerville Road Forbush because I was a job that they could take was the best job they could take any difference between be good because you’re writing
yeah oh wait it’s refreshing again fuck it
that’s always my job but red I was sitting I’m sorry I lost you by Frito-Lay
there’s a it but there is a it there
I want to come over but you know they’re they’re tapping in now they got sidetracked by the Tea Party think there’s this whole neocon thing of creating enemies and creating arguments where there are no arguments because you think that your populace is going to vote for you no matter what and you got to search out certain areas and on those areas and it gets expensive expansion expansion it’s been going on since the early seventies seventies or whatever immediately all of the understanding of the things that the grace is that you allow depressing For Better or For Worse
they had power for x amount of years they did everything they could so they just added the other the Democrat Party because it became like a world where you could get elected by the from their perspective lumping everyone in that wants hope and change or whatever the rhetoric is President they became ironically this horrible shadow monster late like that is what makes the really easy feeling because they’re practically lying in those engagement all kinds of like open open face like apocracy I have no choice now but to buy into not the younger Minds that have a symbolic residence for way cuz it got burned on that now who’s the one in South Carolina who was like insane that they put in office and then our Masthead and then it turned out to be you’ll qualify and they end up winning and yeah cuz they look good on this
they don’t know what they’re doing and I had a legislator no matter how did Barack Obama was last time cuz it was a long time ago and I still have something in me that was a little bored I was getting like drawn and because Brock Obama was so charismatic and the other side was so uncharismatic that it actually made politics although constantly nauseating as always I refuse to believe in any of it but the drama of it I really did enjoy because he really was I really enjoyed watching him and assertive Nazarene capacity like just like if you don’t like just just just like I’m throwing all this like simple head and he was a awesome like ninja Christ figure because he he did not he did not resort to he did not get his leg he was he was he was diplomatic and gentlemanly
I’m like Lassie and and humorous and it was fun to watch him win because of his personality and it was fun to watch the the bad guys like get so angry what what what what is not fun at least for me and and is that in the run-up to that he had to run against the war within his own party and at each point that somebody tell challenge by him there were no people turned a critical Ohio Weekend where she released that red phone at on Bond on Friday the 3rd of borderline race-baiting stock footage of a young girl young white girl in a bad in a phone ringing a mushroom cloud in a picture of your head up in Lawton like today
implication was that because your Hiroshima mon amour mon literally been in the White House when that phone rings
what are talking outside who do you want to pick up and who do you want to pick up that phone that little white girl sleeping in the room a black dude
two weeks later that the girl is stock footage from a Lionel train at her or the sensor a train at Earl I can’t accept that the girl is a grown-up doesn’t endorse the Ed she was working for Obama out of Seattle or something like some place in the northwest
Zaza but by that time the Tuesday at 1 so that primary had been run and he’d already you know what that’s that’s it and there was turns all the way through and horrible yeah what the fuck is the problem with the Republican resources are gone they now realize and it’s going to be interesting when it happens when they start empowering they’re they’re informed their educated youth to really take control of that campaign can see this the sort of baiting and weirdness it’s going on in the end of this year
Ian fucking care about is all I know is like this non-voters are you didn’t vote like your fucking you AIDS cancer assholes fuck face did that dude so I die die do die do die do turn out because I just want to say I want to be able to go yeah I did and I also don’t give a shit but but when I really checked out spiritually and vote Bernie Sanders I wish people would vote really exist but but I like I like his style you’re a top 1% of the bottom 45%
mr. Elfman from the trees then and it’s like a big joke and it’s like but we always know what the bottom of like like for instance like oh yeah God forbid an atheist Jewish socialist become the president because they care more about their country than their Church they’d they’d believe in equality financially and they take their job very seriously with these groups like my father is a conservative and I talked about it but he’s not a Rush Limbaugh party line right ring is also I think I don’t like liberal either I don’t really like a good politics for me
right is fucking insanity or dim-witted so I think it’s foolish to say like all conservatives are out of their minds are all Liberals are just a bunch of fucking dick head and did that these two Polar Opposites duking it out in the ring is so close to each other and the stupid things to argue about anything we make a big argument and the right-wing right now seems to have made if somebody said a constituency out of crazy and then did they then there is like I was at Seattle-Tacoma airport today at the Anthony’s Fish Place having a bloody mary before I got my plane and I’ve read my book and there was a guy next to me and I put on my Instagram videos him he was burping and farting and grunting and all over me
bar tap it was my least favorite thing in this guy was like 55 maybe 50 a tissue bar tappers drive me up the fucking tree and he was a one-man band of just bumming me out
and I finally moved to spilled over when he finally like farted the fog around me and my buddy Marianne I moved around with a move to see the way I don’t think you like that much then he kind of engaging everybody are down here to Southern accent like he really did sound like what you think about that Tom Brady
I got to get out of here and the bartender closed out and he and he announced to the bartender I’ll do it as long as he did it and the two and a half feet from him and he’s eating the Hermantown you would all have heard that the bar and his music playing as an airport in a band playing over there
like polished him at me maybe he was he was early he wasn’t like a graph jogging never going to be gay guy because what I said
Anna Anna and end early forties
what’s your point and leaves $100
because he really just meant the oysters were good they were that good
he wasn’t going to stand around Seattle and not leave a parting shot and say like you guys are all a bunch of like what women love and fat kissing bug but a bunch of weirdos Rootin tootin
are the opposite of real-time Rootin tootin Vladimir Putin
straight right buddy you know what I’m talking about
it’s like we can’t just go around hating 50% of whatever the populace of people that are the voters are like like we can’t all be right we can’t all be wrong as I can just park and mad at them for three years of this podcast as you and I’ve been working at 4 since we were their age but but what I wonder is now that the country is arguably in Jeopardy or maybe it’s been arguably it’s been it’s been supposedly in Jeopardy since way before I was born I mean it was in Jeopardy because we were fighting the anatole’s grandparents turns out that was a Wizard of Oz if there ever was one did the Hebrew
tell I feel like because I’m 42 and kind of I kind of get the sense that actually we are crumbling now I put the baby that’s if we are maybe we’ll we now see maybe three political parties maybe that maybe for like major ones like big ones or ways to think about the future about 50 and 70 like other countries like the British crown you know and there were a lot of fucking ways to think about it now it just isn’t it just a sign of absolute luxury that we’ve gone into like
Ciara Ride
are we just going to suck on our thumb and kind of like to know where you never hang out with America out of party you would fucking absolutely be hanging out and fucking like like like Norway you know I would have got your your friends with the other people inside or outside those black boxes so like like if you’re inside of it like I did at my new thing is I just called the King’s Landing like it’s kind of fun
it’s kind of cool in here unless you’re like super poor leg lady you use so you see they going a little too or through King’s Landing there’s a lot of people going like
lake lake there on the edge and they’re on the verge but but but like there’s no like we’re hanging out or like to try it I don’t know there’s a cutter the concept Inside the Box called America that everything could be super cool but like yeah if you zoom out and look at its relationship with the planet then definitely know you don’t hang out with that guy tattoo yeah I noticed your baseball cap in your tribal tattoo I take that to mean you’d like a Coors he might go fuck you jerk you broke ass piece of shit
pics of shit
but lately he’s like I’m fancy
how do backwards cap tribal tattoo fancy pants
wait but I thought that yeah well you don’t get paid to think Germany
keep making my Volkswagens
you wouldn’t you wouldn’t hang out with that guy go to the Opera or to the theater Arts
absolutely be in the second row of a UFC fight that’s where I’m Erica if he can convince you he’s from Texas lately it’s like oh we’re just simple folk we just we just like populism in like like popular stuff and if it makes sense like crushing a bro with a brew or sometimes the other way around or pissy like there’s a there’s an underhand in this to ensure
driving puteri trailer park Beach where were the end of the Roman Republic get so it’s exactly where ancient Rome and it says we have Lupus I mean let’s not route for it I live in a big house and a big hill
I just I just keep hoping it’s steep enough every time I climb and I can come out of breath I hope the same thing is happening right now
is it if I keep getting fatter and they keep getting Center
this is going to make a fun climb for them then I’m going to be eating a cheeseburger and and and and the two parties the fact that everyone’s a big fat baby that’s going like that means that things haven’t even begun to go down yet that’s my question is like it’s going to go down as one of these people is like like like loves like panicking everybody I just like to say that like people talk about like super volcanoes and avian flu and Ebola and and like like political like Panic buttons and stuff like that it’s like are you fucking kidding me do you really think that that is the thing that could have happened like like like if tomorrow the dollar was worth a penny instead of a dollar which isn’t that big a difference if tomorrow you woke up for the dollar was worth a penny you’d have about six hours before your week would be like
different wouldn’t you would be like like shit would be immediately all over the everybody would like that everything would be fucked up 6 hours and like like you beat Black caught that you wouldn’t be able to call people lately it seems would be it would be Armageddon just because we think it was Armageddon you think is what the fuck is the dollar accept our gift certificate to ourselves for an ice cream we’re never going to get
and as soon as it says we will lick it and there’s no ice cream flavor on it so we’re going to flip a shitbird if that’s an expression
over the last four minutes you could you better start making up new languages now cuz he’s going to have their own you’re not going to go in the free fire they’re all going to be speaking an amalgam of Chinese and Mexican
that means I’m holding a thermonuclear hand grenade
got me terrified I’m a pretty easy going guy you you got me terrified the moment a dollar is worth a penny that that people will start crushing Bros with bruise
right now we crushed bruise with Bros right that can flip like the magnetic polarity of the earth. What is it with me tonight I drink myself into Oblivion like Lego really didn’t tell us why how it how did that happen how did that what it was was getting married I think I pinched a nerve what’s the weather like at my pinky is a little numb like I like I think I drank myself to death and we’re just living out the final hours
it’s possible I’m okay with it but I wanted to have kids but like I can
New York that ship has sailed it’s just becoming increasingly like I’m getting that feeling of like like well either your kids going to be John Connor or he’s going to be one of those skulls to put it in strictly Terminator 2 terms
hi are you going to use that movie as an example play late late so what are the odds that my kids going to end pretty high that my kid would be John Connor I agree you don’t have to say it if anyone was going to raise the hope of the society in Los Angeles and yeah I do think it would be made I do but I don’t know if he get the message in time like I don’t know he’d be looking at me and doesn’t like so why are robots bad this guy seems to have two laptops a lot
he really loves playing Minecraft like why would my son I need to get my shit together and have a baby so that I can teach him jiu-jitsu
and I just said which Minecraft to play
I guess my point is if I if I if I were to get so drunk that I died before I had a baby
you might have doomed us to us to a terrible apocalypse by the way
tragedy plus time
of those buildings falling in love with people dying
Jeff the Daviess are going to be on stage doing a podcast and when you point your clock is that’s 911 in the whole crowd will cheer the joke is about the number having significant successes like you making you bringing your tying it to the corpses in the rubble and I am I’m out it is it is terrible when people die all the time
it always will be but the number being important is funny it’s funny
and again I talked to Professor Brian Cox and he said it’s all just coincidence I’ve been looking at my clock and all the time now it’s 9:10
really I’m going back in time
we can have a controversy wait wait controversy now I’m Helen Slater what it would have filled it up a couple times when the when the lines between political satire and my ignorance were so blurred that life was a teardrop
I did I did feel this a couple times but
a lot of vodka and still be very articulate
unlike I untag in Portland in New York those those towns are might those are my Town’s baby I drink a lot I did it all like my definition of it all like I got a lot of bars and had a lot of fun conversations with a lot of wonderful people friendly I don’t know it seems like I think I just Dino’s New York do you know knows how to take you through New York and if he comes like this magical wonderful place or you just walking into the creepy places and everyone is so happy and so do I but I think I mean so maybe you’re like Dino and maybe I’m the odd man out but I like I was always so intimidated by that City I always felt like it was so like hustle and bustle and like like like like you’re in the way in like you know it’s all about practicality sew-in more insectoid and like I just like now when I go there like
it’s like it’s like this honeycomb of dive bars in like that everyone’s just like kind of like they don’t they they know you’re from out of town but they don’t care they’re like have to do is you go to Radio City Music Hall

they have they have this like Lounge in the Dell talk to you for a living
I’m only a Christmas what a city
why would they attack that town
I got seen you guys feel how I feel when you bring it to the actual yeah you are you are going in
I just I wish I was a little tiny little like like little cinnamon hot apple from the apple pie of of of New York that that is largely a blur of it was so fun like this sitting at a bar with Dino and and this guy like like came out of the back room and he was wearing this like he was like 8 ft tall and certainly I wouldn’t describe him this way if you were present but it seemed like it seem like his head was too small for his giant body like a sports Jersey I like a like a muscle shirt and like kind of like we just had this big giant arms and his little tiny head and the back room looking for his wallet is he’s heading out of the box
Dino’s in the middle of talking to people and it goes like everybody hold on to the guy I paid to beat the shit out of me is here
I started laughing cuz it really look like this guy was like really good lately cuz job is to beat you up like I do a professional boxer
what is everybody react to me that way thicker accident and was like he was it was just like he was really spent the five minutes cuz I was like can I get you a power bar or what do I reverse bullying this guy
and I don’t choose this you don’t like every year it’s like my arm keeps getting bigger
dying laughing cuz we’re dying laughing this is like a young big strong guy who’s like
I don’t see that happening in other cities
make eye contact like a flirt and bars people talk to each other like people like there’s a lot more stranger interaction I found and from people I know that have lived out there so yeah it’s very appealing and that’s great but like the relationship. Really that’s the short kind of superficial like like a short Quick Fix like relationships and and hang out he’s like just a lot of that going on but like like dating is very hard out here without out there and stuff like that for a transient this so much going on I don’t know if that’s true or not you agree or disagree busy all the time and everything is going to be moving so it’s hard to keep track of people were over a long you’ve been part of a sort of cutting I’ve been doing
go to Oregon that years and years ago I went back for like a lass Before Christmas the last showing of SNL is a whole week we were all back and Josh fadem is there and James Adomian might have been there I think Derek Waters is there Jonah Ray was there are always people from La does happen to be in town at the same time it was a Friday night where we all agreed they were going to meet at one bar and then from there go to another friend of mine the bar that was near a friend of mine in in in Brooklyn so we set up this far and a bunch of great stuff happened leading up to this is already a good night and we get to this bar and it’s sort of a yuppie bar on Delancey Street and we’re just hanging out and I’ve been there before so I thought it was a good hang out
and right around 11:30 quarter to 12
people started coming in and going downstairs in the same bar but these people were wrapped in vinyl one person with the leading another person in at all and I really need some point Freedom goes where they going to go there’s another great bar downstairs cuz I remembered in that moment I got Friday night there’s a dungeon downstairs Street bars
so I said to check it out and Josh went downstairs and then didn’t come back like an hour
Eddie came back is like oh my God that don’t think it’s there anyways it’s me where Boardner’s is and it was like a change I used to be like kind of like a leather club or I don’t know what that but it wasn’t near that place and we will all meet up there then we’ll all go to the thing it’s kind of like a like a like a sexy like I said any kind of seemed bar that’s fine so we go in there and it wasn’t just us and Them seeing if it was on and there was a there was a guy that I would say you know thirty-year-old 28 year old guy on a sawhorse like strapped down to like the other legs like like armed with leg strap across totally naked and no eye protection
and there was a couple women like working on it with the with the with whips and like car batteries and what night and then head out of his ass hole was half of very large Hammer Hammer Hammer and you only about maybe five inches of it like a hammer up that guy’s about the weight when he okay oh my God so cute to be important thing to me is that the head of the hammer was what you were looking at it at what time is it
what was in the evening
I don’t know that you brought me around a place like okay so the handle of the Hammers of his ass okay fine
Table 5 News break
play Cleanup in aisle 3. How do you know when you’re finished
how do you know when you’re finished the how do you know when you’re finished when you have a hammer of your ass how do you know your colors like when does that guy got it that’s it thank you ladies
Tabitha Samantha same time next week
the best anything about that stuff is a Lego Dino and Dina has experience is there is a I think it’s okay for me to say this without drawing like either years or cock eyebrows or anything cuz they think that that assumed that’s what that Fifty Shades of Grey businesses are increasing awareness that we are a little jealous of people who are able to have heightened like and I think of your human being like like heightened sexuality if that doesn’t involve like crazy shit that we would look at it as being distant from prom night of that it’s like almost like well yeah cuz like wolves can do prom night Legos is like I’m a wolf and I haven’t had sex yet in the female wolves like me neither have more normal wolves
like whereas there are some people out there that are like you do that and the internet has made them more able to do it through with control and safety and like like like while still it’s like they just have this whole fucking like networking crazy like they’re like it’s not it’s not going to work for me I’m going to my grave very happily like like like like kissing Aaron and like sometimes, making a baby then like I’m going to tell him do the same thing but if he doesn’t find a late late late like like like bite bite like I do see the nobility like are the I definitely don’t look down on it when people are like like like you know like he has Adventures like he has like like he like he tells one person this thing and then he tells her they make agreements like you’re going to meet her and do in the hotel bar
I’m talking about like the role-playing thing where it’s like you could agree in advance you can go like like you did this thing in New York where he had one person that he knew from from one part of the world and one was a dime and one was a sub and he told them like like he was explaining to me over drinks as like here’s what I did I told them I gave him my hotel room keys and I told him you’re going to I’m going to go to this Adult Swim saying you guys are going to meet in my hotel room they’ve never met before you guys powwow about whatever you want to do to me when I get back to the room I don’t know I don’t know what how you’re going to interact with each other or what you’re going to do do you know it’s just like going to go have dinner hang out and then while I went to The Upfront and learned about marketing and demographics and watched Miley Cyrus performance do you know went back to his hotel room where two women in the you know I had agreed to do secret things to to to to his body that we’re like he didn’t know if he was going to when he was going to walk in there if he was going to be
packed and told that he was a pagan tied up and let it lie or if he was going to walk in and one woman was going to have the other women’s woven a web and paintings really going to Lord of the Rings could come on you know like I go at like like she’s in there but like he didn’t know and so and then I didn’t really like the Preparatory. And then the next day I saw him and it was like how to code is like it was great going into it that it could have been a disaster if sex is like oh it’s supposed to always be good like it’s like dessert when like like actually it’s like an intermingling of the human-animal you know in like it it’s like that that idea that starts commercial idea that romance equals sex equal always in fashion
weighted equals out stuff that that could be responsible for a very high divorce rate because you look across the table at breakfast at this person that you haven’t felt animal with stick about in 10 years and why should you out of respect to her feel that way and now all of a sudden because you saw a stupid rom-com the other night you think that means you’re not in love with her which isn’t true yeah there’s might need to be communication about what makes you a little wee wee
dance around and in the end may be like what is it what makes a little lean meat that you think might be slightly higher more evolved level cuz I think that we were all going to survive in a world where our kids are able to like look at the internet and like people raise children and we’re becoming like that this myth that like well when a man likes a lady they go in the bedroom and then they she takes off her clothes are you was what he sees or he drops his pants and she’s like wow
are they both love it and we used to think she didn’t have to love it but now we know as of the seventies if she loves it and increases the chance of conception is right to the egg and let’s have sex like we the people who are talking about like good you know you should you should you should dress like a leprechaun man I want you to dress like a leprechaun and I don’t I don’t want to know when you’re coming from a gold
I’m just going to keep gold in my kitchen and and and wear pants with it with the dick cut out in lightning
take three days surprise shock me scare the shit out of me and be like where is McDonald in like a fucking get on me and make it hard make it hard unless I say tequila
let’s be honest how many Batman little babies are dancing around right now
search for her job she gets paid quite a quite a good deal of money this is billionaire that she works for apparently it’s quite good-looking and very successful and a nice guy and seems well-adjusted but her job is to humiliate him kind of grand grand scale and like she’s also supposed to look like the big a strap on a stop at the end of the whole shebang but before that happens she’s supposed to do is high-concept humiliation and so one of the ones that she did and he liked the blank check like like like like like like remake Star Wars and put my name on it
terrible he’s like I don’t know I thought of the robots were around her I don’t know
I want to know what you did she got off a plane and she has like a team of people is a cache of people he doesn’t know what it is and he gets off the plane and there was a car waiting for him and it’s all fake he’s greeted by a publicist is Agent and he’s going to he’s going to a high fashion photoshoot and that he goes to this office building and he’s told that he has to go to the supermodel and waiting in the waiting room are the best looking man in the world
like a super good-looking guys and they’re all going in there and he has to watch them do it when he’s about to do and I said he has to get naked but then they dress him up like a little but everybody there that everyone he met that day all had to watch him do something and the whole thing was just completely to like diminish him and to make him feel horrified and they take his clothes off and dance with me
but I should like the hard part is like you got to keep coming up with these fucking idea
nice work if you can get it if you try I would never want that job but the people who do it successfully and get paid to do it there there it’s like where we live in a world where you can’t make a long time without
you do consumer advocacy oversight to be late like like end like we don’t have a lot of fatalities and emotional casualties of like the sex service industry and we know that it’s a big industry and so what we know is that even though it’s mostly unregulated like there’s a lot of very responsible independent agents out there that threw nothing but their Primal understanding of
I’m part of a fantasy I paid Jeff to help me
it’s supposed to be my show stop dancing
if I’m going like this and you got like that I know what happened
I’m explaining to them little lady dance
first syllable and dancing is Dan
I have a lot of friends who
going to cross that line in it but they they don’t they don’t know that until it happens it happens accidentally to them and they have these stories they tell you that they didn’t know that they had that part was a writer very accomplished writer who went to a party once in Boston I think in a bit like a weird sort of Loft party in Boston and was Milling about with talking to people and wandered around to look at the place and walk into a room all four walls of the room had murals of Lucille Ball painted on them I’m in a door shut behind him and it was with a woman in there who was I think was her place and she was a Dominatrix and she said who asked you to come to this room and then she said who told you to come in this room and he said no nobody and then she put him in a rack pull the rack down from the ceiling
and put him in and he’s telling me that story and I’m listening he gets into this ratchet straps him up in this thing and there’s no suspension in the middle so he’s sort of his body is as hell but the middle of his body is drawn down and it’s just comforting and she raised him up to the ceiling so that he can see all four mules baseball at the same time and there’s all this pressure and she walks out of the room shuts the door locked and leaves she doesn’t let him out until the morning
and he comes down and he still does to this happen on Friday or Saturday this is Thursday when he’s telling me this and I was like you realize that every point of that you had to you could have done her and walk around they got out of the room you got into the rack and he just goes yes
no other examples of his friends of mine who just said you’re not going to leave I have to meet Thursday and then they post things sometimes people don’t know and then they they just have it and I think it just is in them until maybe go to it regularly but it I will lay myself bare as much as I can here and say like I’ve never I’ve never done anything like that however at 42 what I have done is going through a bunch of relationships where I was very much in charge and then a couple where things got a little sketchy in a little hurt a little hurtful where I got a braided a little bit and I like I don’t I don’t know if this makes me scarred or healthy or or what I was always into because you always hear people talking about like like like Dino says like it’s not about the but I like a heart out of the moment it’s not like it’s like it’s like a whole this whole experience and then you jerk off to Italy
I use it to to to quote do you know about the stuff like that
do you know something if you do you get off and he’s like oh no never is I guess it’s offered for jerking off for the rest of your life thinking about that jerk off to the rest of my life thinking about and some of those things have been very emotionally painful like I speak and I don’t know if it’s like distance to pornography can be very misogynistic
play more than once in a while male pornography don’t take the lady’s feelings into account the delphic self-employed female pornographers out there who are the heroes of the new information age because of the first people to monetize the internet and they’re millionaires in there they’re at they don’t have pants and they’re not they don’t exist in a world where their rules and they’re doing what they like but pornography’s history does have a trace of misogyny to it and and I wonder how much of that has to do with the fact that men are like these brutes who like we exert all this control based on like this instinctive fear and need and then it’s like getting hurt getting getting likes getting victimized getting taken advantage of you know it’s not like I don’t know
but I have I have in the past like throughout my life I’ve seen a pattern and leg where I like I will masturbate thinking about ex-girlfriends that I do not like that like like you cheating on me that’s what I’m saying like like like a cuckold like late late like staying like but I know from my life experience that I don’t like that I don’t want that to happen to me but then so I don’t know if when I like a my exhibiting a need during masturbation to distance myself from what I’m thinking about so that it can be animalistic appropriately that’s how I’ve always parched it like when you’re masturbating you don’t want it to be you don’t want to think about the royal wedding. I hope in spite of her lowborn upbringing the princess guy is happy in this marriage and I hope he really makes love to her tonight
do you think about people being animals you do you think about the taboo and and so I don’t know if that’s just like a personal expression of that or you just like like will look I want to this is this is about Self Indulgence in this is about like like part of that trigger is like not supposed to be thinking about
createx and you’re not supposed to say it we’re all going to die tonight but courtesy of Her Majesty’s someone untrained but still very effectual Secret Service
I just mean that kind of sexualities Target and I think we were thinking that way and it’s psychological it based if you subscribe to that but also neurologically its Olympic that’s in that system kind of Acts on its own it’s her to bridge that gap between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in so you can do targeted thinking you can find it and it actually does I think isolate the things that you’re concerned the narrative aspects of it it’s like kind of pushing them out at Edison out and it just sort of is the note is those things that trigger those dendrites and make those things make all those things move I just like a big old titties
what if you had 17 of a Roxy or by Frito-Lay take the ending Alicia I know you have school tomorrow
we we don’t end before 10 ever
I don’t want to end the show
I don’t Spencer replacement but not unless he wants to other assistant Steve Levy
what up Dave
you can choose if you sit there and sit in a Spencer seat
hello my favorite thing about Steve is he’s the opposite of Spencer
alright yeah you’re very clean shaven and very nervous about me Spencer does as well
if if I if Spencer and I was somehow locked alone in a home and I died like like the dog would eat my face first the cat third Spencer II
I don’t know about that he’s a I’m just that way he doesn’t need it but I’m saying you’re a compassionate what is the division of labor between these two assistants like I used to I used to have Daniela then she got pregnant she raised your kids in the in the office and I did my best to be a book part of this modern workplace we’re like we don’t provide women with any kind of acknowledgment that the maternity is part as part of healthcare blah blah blah point-to-point ladies thank you
the next to my desk in like I I didn’t change the diapers but I took on Instagram to the baby
everything a modern boss should do but even still here at night like that’s that’s that’s that’s not a nut flavor of a certain age to have a baby that we tell parents that they both have to work and then weeks but we also simultaneously tell them like oh yeah but you should definitely have kids like it’s and then when a mother has a baby it’s like we act like they got the flu or like okay so go home for a while and come back with your better which means you can hire a nanny and if you can’t afford that I ate your 99% of everybody then you’re like what you doing and sew-in in our case the baby was like in a drawer night
their faces are so smooth at that point like they make really great mouse pads for the
for the laser tracking when it’s not the old ball ones because they get there like pugs they have accumulated
Daniela eventually had to leave by virtue of the car. Like she was like you know I feel like I’m being a bad assistant and a bad mother and obviously I’m going to choose to be a good mother so she Spencer field that first hole right will sometime on Wednesday when Spencer filled the first hole and you never forget that while she was she was she when she when she got pregnant I started to feel guilty about making her go to Toys R Us to buy video game you answer the phones later appointments and stuff for the clerical assistant like you know that’s what you do appointments Casas a bit has a big job like like full-time job for old popular man right interview me and it’s true Vanity Fair I’m sure or something
so at that point Brett Spencer on because Spencer was the back room of the Apple Store okay so Spencer’s going to slap he’s going to be like a be assisted if I need to go if I Need video games will go get him if I need like a head for a while if you need an i heart fashion to he’ll do that for you at the bar at home or like like like like sloppy personal assistant stuff and then the business assistant that’s the division does a lot more. He’s been helping me a lot of in a lot of ways that guy
all he does is go to Toys R Us now it sounds like a win-win Daniela Daniela left and she helped me find like her last act as one of the greatest assistance in the world she took her baby out of the drawer that is two weeks I said your your baby in your gun and she put them on the table LOL
I took those I don’t know why I don’t know I guess it’s just like she’s on suspension I guess but if I catch her pursuing this case you’re getting how much you have this baby but I interviewed a bunch of candidates and one of them was with Steve and that’s that Steve’s role he’s the new Daniela where is Spencer is like just like kind of like he’s like he’s at he’s like he’s a chauffeur he has to drive me everywhere cuz I still have a car that’s Spencer and then that’s good
I probably put your address edger really hurt people between me and Spencer like if a very very small unarmed
preteen girl
you’re kind of like haven’t running Dangerfield my forget the actors name lure back to school I bring you up and we would get to know you and that’s all you’re getting texts that satisfying Elementary assistant Aaron’s actually also maybe my dad was obvious that I don’t value Spencer a lot so I would say I would say I would say to balance things out a little bit say something nice about Spencer cuz the guy who couldn’t bother to be here she’s amazing.
tell your son you love him I don’t know what love is a very good job he’s dantini right now you’re ready to bring another valuable to you
flannel shirt and it’s like friends if you and Dino likes hanging out with me I’d be like in 1995 when we said we’d hang out so yes that is my friend
then I guess I understood that the natural high compliment
my I see myself in him and respect him and even that’s not a good enough, because you know what that’s what I like them and I feel I feel very comfortable with him that’s the thing when you coming to pick me up like I’ve talked about that before like I don’t have it like he and I are in the same wavelength or lack of it the other people like there’s always that inevitable point where it’s like I’m fine with the fact that I haven’t said that you’re doing a good job for the last 4 weeks but are you you know I warned you about that when I get reviewed you I do have to ask one of the most Charming genuine moral people I think I’ve ever met and that’s just part of the Allure like for example so your hair
so if this might really embarrassed Marissa I hope it doesn’t but but she was she was she was visiting she was she was here for all this while she was getting her she was doing her post productive things she’s the first person to ever do a Blog about she was like she was the cheese the number one absolute like she was like a Dan Harmon fan before that was a saying and like and is a delightful young lady and like like really like like like smart and cool and balanced and she came to our wedding and like I mean she’s at she’s like a friend she’s not like she’s more than a fan like a friend and she knew she was in LA like getting her degree in post-production and I brought her over to the community and we were hanging out or doing the stuff in the world
Lowe’s Dubois cheeks like Marissa is coming to meet us at this restaurant so it should have a drink and she gives moving that day all their stuff is packed in her car I mean all the newest Scary accident car accident it was and she’s freaking out cuz she’s young and like like like every anyone freak out when I get a car accident but your first one and you’re out of town and your ships in the backseat and you don’t your she was like she was really freaking out and Spencer and Steve ran over there and like I didn’t fucking go cuz like she was like a black from the restaurant and I was like Steve Spencer
they’re like your angels to your Charlie tell her tell her I’ll cover of Cobra Insurance I’m a horrible heartless Villain at end is not true you guys ran over I think you I’ll do you get a bonus for the same night
the the butt but anyways I like Spencer’s like Spencer puts his money where his mouth is in terms of her personality because like he Steve’s account of it was like not only did Spencer go over there and help out but actually like every every accident scene there’s like one or justice system where it’s like two people Collide no one knows whose fault it is like to Civil Service show up in a traumatic like guys with Badges and guns to show up and they basically are judge jury like that’s basically ends with them like they have to get out of the car and like make the decision Spencer was so like they were so taken with Spencer that he was so warm in my head. Kind of hard lead qualities
and also I think that we’re all good people but I don’t I don’t I don’t know very many people thank you I don’t know the lead quality that would say about that Spencer is one of the few people I know that with the First Quality I said he’s good friends with a good person and I are not good people but he leaves with good and he’s a he’s a moral person I think he has a moral compass which I think is very knowledgeable about that a lot he doesn’t want to do the popular thing he doesn’t even do the same I think I fall short of that where I’m like most people think is the right thing I want to do that if they’re looking but does jump out of his car to give to the people that are going through recycling bins getting shit Evan though they might tell him to go fuck himself because they didn’t ask for anything but he’s giving them money because he’s he’s he’s like puzzling through his head like how do you actually you
who’s your pocket change to like help Society actually that sounds kind of draconian in like and randash but but
but but I mean he thinks about morality thinks about being a good person and he and he also lately I like I could picture him like I would I would fucking like that’s why I didn’t go over there I’m like they’re going to be hysterical people getting out of cars pointing at each other and shrieking this is your fault though it’s your fault and there’s going to be two douchebag cops who who liked don’t don’t know what to do but they’re going to file their little report and all the ships going to be handled by insurance companies and I don’t want anything to do with this shit to tell me how to write the check out to and I don’t fucking care if I went over there was a little cargo shorts and his flannel shirt was probably the reason why the cops were basically like he has front of the other lady’s fault because
because she was screaming bloody murder and Marissa was like, tizen freaking out have the lady likes shrieking at her but not at her but like about her to the cops and unlike but Spencer was just like you were there first thing I saw was noticeably upset and her car was totaled like it was destroyed and Spencer like the first thing you did to walk over and he gave her this is like it’s going to be okay whatever whatever happens like you know what you’re you’re healthy and you know what the vehicle to aluminum I don’t know what is aluminium you know I was just at all these things going through her head like pay for the car
morality Spencer’s Spencer’s like this whole process with the police and I know this woman is like an insane person right now and talk to you she wasn’t she wouldn’t even look at Marissa’s face like Marissa would say like I’m being I’m sorry trying to talk to this woman so they can like come to some kind of agreement but you wouldn’t even talk to her it was really terrible but Spencer’s there through the whole thing and the cops showed up and I’m just as good at logic and maps and there’s no way the car could have gone there because that car only move the damage of Marissa’s car and the woman and and he and he was like okay Marissa like like like take me through it like what and what happened
I was in the left-most lane and the guy he was wearing a red light in the guy wave me on cuz I have my blinker on to turn to get into the next Lane and she so this guy was stopped and Marissa what is the next thing you know he held up traffic for her to move on and her car I guess like she you know she looked and she said another blinker to move into the to the right-most Lane and this car just whizzed up and just nailed her and so is Spencer looked at the damage and he goes she was definitely speeding or texting like you know what you know
I should have cut across two lanes but dispenser has like for the amount of damage that happened here she was doing something illicit like there’s something rotten in the cops came and met Marissa was totally awesome you know I cut across three went like two lanes or whatever was in there and they’re like yeah you shouldn’t you shouldn’t do that but at the same time they’re like mam were you looking at your phone are you texting no I was texting from Miami it was legal there until last year you’d like to look at your phone or like me to text on your phone to the crazy place to go to Miami
well leaving but right so aside from noticing how awesome Spencer is your your your talents include helping me edit like the last half of season 6 of community and checked out this guy is awesome he doesn’t have anybody here that’s too to say what about Steve Levy that’s why I wanted to bring them up
that’s what you’re saying sometimes absolutely why don’t want to get blamed if she had and I like lately like Steve had that enthusiasm Wichita Salt Lake Chris McKenna beforehand Ruthie Aslan the editor like I I am I am at the mercy of people who at the moment of my exhaustion and the point where I’m reading the 700 sweet that’s like you’re not pushing me like out the door when I was like I don’t know who cares it’s funny enough it’s good enough for the there’s always there’s someone else that goes like yeah but what if you did this and like Ruthie and Steve and I mean it just in the edit pay like like they’re at the end
end and our other editors case they’re listening JP nagar light and also the hairdresser shaved somebody cuz you I’m never going to say to somebody come to the edit Bay with me you said hey I’m interested in that okay good come in here and then you were like what if you did that instead and there’s like by the way I’ve never said this to you now that we’re done a lot of hazing it happens when that when you do that lately editor’s out of protection for the whole thing like they weren’t there were two coil about like to know if you had been capable of being shamed into silence they would have found that ball first I was terrified to say anything but they were like a couple bits in grifter where you’re like I really wanted to work this way
but I don’t know I like I can’t I can’t think of any like right now in this moment I don’t know how to make it work and then I was like
yeah. Not quite I love both my children
that’s diminishing
I should have adult males for children
sure yeah not producing or directing television film TV for now is it yeah so far so good it’s it’s been an amazing process and Dan’s a phenomenal boss for all the haters out there like you you’re wrong
a scripture for when people
I’m not going to the car side dad dance dance amazing what do you do Dan Harmon and then it’s like what’s that like you know it’s like why is it had that negative connotation this is the best job I’ve ever had in this town in the industry in the you say that to you at one night you are on a sawhorse with a hammer I forgot
now that’s an index
Play Everybody
walking to the family Steve pleasure to have you here then learn more about him as much as the time goes by
Jim Morris Brown
purple curtains not here but it’s ghost is
James Adomian is Senator Bernie Sanders
everybody here at meltdown just enough for us to attack everybody I’m Jeff Davis or come to your man Stan Herman everybody
Chris on the cameras back there and did you mention it is


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