Episode: 154 – Taye Brigston, the Littlest Show Promoter


Episode: 154 – Taye Brigston, the Littlest Show Promoter


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OSHA California
Old MacDonald song
I don’t matter if I’m in town this weekend
all right so I threw out my back yesterday for real and it hurts a lot and it’s hard to walk today Aaron drew a bath for me and she is my wife Erin she said it wasn’t it wasn’t Aaron Sorkin
hi I asked him but that’s a better story
Aaron Sorkin best look like
an improvised what are in so I can style as a Epsom salts in it and she’s like do you want me to put some music on his attempt to make me feel comfortable not unless you put on 90s alternative hits of the 90s alternative hits a smooth soothing my my back and some Epsom salts and then it’s like it’s like a radio station and then the commercial on the radio station for the 90s alternative hits is for a hospital that specializes in hip pain
and that’s if that’s a real actual thing that happened today sitting there in the in the tub and then another thing that made me feel old but in a good way was I watched Kung Fury you see this thing come Fury
that was another that was another Woody in Toy Story moment for me the box opening and Kung Fury coming out and I’m retiring now
kind of like 25 minutes of just nonstop passion for the eighties and I would never have clicked on a you know because there’s been so much hash it that has like ghetto punk in the title and like what borough is it just sounds like something you probably 9 times out of 10
yeah I just had this is just too much to send me a video and goes like I said you should watch this is called Kung Fury I’m not going to say I did it because I couldn’t do anything else except I clicked on it and then I was just drawn in and is this is really really good you were all you have to do is give it 30 seconds. They’re going to watch the full 25 or not but it’s it’s really good it was kind of a coming-of-age day I think for that reason because it’s very it’s like a direct-to-video kind of action films and but simultaneously is like taking advantage of today’s technology it’s it was it was kick-started by someone who appears to be probably a younger man I’ve never seen him before Doss of this thing and I act like I was I texted Travis says like really glad this guy waited to show up until after you and I were validated like
because I if I had been in the break room at Target and seen that I would have gotten in my car driven to the desert stops at the first cow skull
I just got out just started walking and it would have been and I would have either would have paid it down on me walking or I would have just dissolve like Ice Cube in Boyz in the Hood
you think I died I guess Ice Cube died right that’s why he faded away
did they find in the in the sweet spot with a camera for the homeless
circumstances did you hurt your back
I think I was just like it takes very little like I got a bad back with no 17 like I come from a long line of bad backs and I do let me know to everyone in my family has a bucket back and I think it’s I’d pick it off of a list of things that could be fucked up about me like I don’t want asthma I don’t want it like certain allergies I do I’ll take it back but it’s looks like it’s so it makes it really hard to do physical labor that’s the big downside I was rearranging my office and I just I think I just did a certain combination of things and then I tried to get on my like inversion table I have this like Michael Keaton gravity boots saying that I’d say maybe I did it wrong or something and then I got I was like wow wow wow wow I couldn’t even play video games or hurt so bad you couldn’t sit down
standing here I’m a hero for standing here
take some time off his jeans stealing schedule
guys can’t stop the feeling
that’s that’s why they become firefighters are like free jeans if you’re a firefighter and this is your first episode it’s a call back I don’t believe you stole during 9/11
I know that’s an urban myth it’s an urban myth that it entertains me I’m calling back to the joke is also a podcast
is that where that you know they’re out there watching on their little fireproof laptops
have you seen have you seen the Little Caesars commercial where the
Little Caesars has this ad for this guy this is really the laptops Little Caesars has this guy because Little Caesars is doing this campaign where they’re trying to convince you that that they’re ordering their Pizza is easier than ordering online process of ordering pizza and wine think that that’s going to be commercials and the guy can I get can I get two pizzas and enhancer below the counter and she goes you have no idea how much easier it is when ordering online and he lifted hands
so he’s listening his hands and both of his hands have been thrust through the backside of computer monitors
on laptops
because it wouldn’t read otherwise as a laptop
the idea is he’s been so frustrated with his computers and such a pussy that he had to sneak up on him I’ll be right back
I know it’s because obviously they’re in the production meeting and they’re like oh but it’s all laptops just look like slabs of nothingness from behind Julie can we just turn around yeah yeah just give me a second I’ll turn around
I’m not going to argue with these people and the actor that had to do a pizza Commercial and was high maintenance about it
I’m just going to I’m just going to do this and when I get out of here computer and couldn’t a medic and then he told his computer to turn around like at his computer was so ashamed that it couldn’t order pizza for him that it it went down to the river like Lennie in Of Mice and Men
and he sympathetically euphemistically dispatched ditch and he’s just changed the lady like it’s much easier to go through Little Caesars which is a bunch of kids to be able to catch up with a lot of both of them on the show he said that he said flagrantly
they won’t work together wow you’re seeing double in one thing is is that the jochem and for realsies or separate into it cuz you seeing double so you were looking at the for realsies the joke app off of your vision
the day did voices for a for a for Rick and Morty which is Adult Swim didn’t want us to talk about the voices but like 20% of our second season is leaked online so you already know that they did voices unless you’re one of these wonderful people who I appreciate the sacrifice I think it’s that people are treating me like the episodes are leaked the two episodes that we have to press release of Rick and Morty and I’m not going to watch them until the date I know but I also don’t I don’t I don’t fault anybody for doing it but I will I don’t care about the politics of it I just thought I would just say from from on Justin’s behalf that like episodes would when you watch him and would rather you see him in with the sound mix and stuff like that hashtag
there’s another commercial during the during the Key & peele’s all right so I’m 42 so a lot of the shows about me being open and honest about my racially obsessed 770’s up bringing the brain this resulted in like I’m struggling with it with a post general post-racial of millennial generation and I’m not I think the second half of a proper life should be realizing how wrong you were for the first half I did and I’m lovin it that’s what the shows about to a large degree I’m going to therapy now you heard me swear off therapy and I’m never going to let giraffes but but
But but so I’m cuz I’m confused about this one so I’m watching Key & Peele and then this McDonald’s commercial comes on 80s 90s thing and then we got embarrassed about it the transparency of it and stop doing it maybe this is baby supposed to and now it’s like we’re still doing the wrapping all black people McDonald’s commercial separate but equal was black and black and everyone’s unified by Blackness and loving McDonald’s in and I can’t figure out how I feel about it anymore because we used to unilaterally go well this is ridiculous this is a holdover from a time when we thought you know like that race separated people and that advertises for catering to it now. Now I have no idea how to feel about it because they’re clearly like them in their young and beautiful and if I was part of a stereo
like that that that make me you like a little you look sexy and and and and have a good time all the time I was eating my cheese burgers and I saw the commercial I might go do their white thing and part of being white is looking good and she was jamming out and I think
double double double
how to make no bones about his not disguising it anywhere you want to get a Burger King Whopper the elephant in the room is like a pay your race is different you but you should buy our product anyway and and so then I think of the 90s that got a little more subtle maybe I have to have you seen this commercial commercial commercial who had to talk about this the 21st century that this commercial is the courthouse steps
a multi-ethnic like a group of young Executives comes out and they’re like they just finished work and their own suits and they’re like kind of congratulating each other job well done capitalism that day in fishing
and the Asian lady walks off and like like like the white guy goes his way and then there’s probably a Latino guy although there there you know we’re lagging there but
got any right to follow the black guy that handsome young black Executives and he goes to a special train station that he goes to the end and there’s I think it’s all black people on the train platform and then the Coors Light Silver Bullet Train pulls up and it opens up an inside is a crazy black Party Like A Buck Rogers stats like what the dry ice and like Holograms and just all black people just proven out drinking Coors Light and he gets in it and it just goes away and it’s like you have a secret life may God make our beverages part of it why not
Target in Sewickley and it’s cool we’re just talking about like what’s the drivetrain on the train
what’s the messaging there
we know you know about the black secret lifestyle make this beverage part of it
is he cool if the wind doesn’t mean crystal clear to me but it’s I’m more forgiving of that when it’s not an advertising I guess because advertising all seems toxic stuff like I don’t I don’t blink a black sitcom like the idea of a of a of a nice blue collar like this cheetah Working Man and he’s got a family and of course you don’t have to like I don’t know I just swallow that I guess because all commercials are already even just a regular Pringles commercial with a rainbow cast of people did not popping or stopping or whatever they doing there today you know the library and change
Eddie’s glasses off kitties
because fuck women
so offended by the racial non-homogeneous commercials but I don’t see things to that last message
I’ll look in a big brown. I’m Progressive
what’s the score
is it go
it’s not like we did when you see an all-black what is your do you think a black person thinks that’s embarrassing that I don’t know and I’ll tell you you’re not going to ask if there’s a black person then bring them up and have them speak for all back to both cuz I just I just don’t want to do that to that person and an end that person
I look at it and I go we talked about this last week about how I confessed about my my weird white perspective on these issues that doesn’t quite mad and yet matters a lot worse like should be reflected upon like that’s how my feelings matter you looking at myself and then why does it make you feel this way so I see the width of the complicated thing is that all of my feelings have to do with perception of the other when I see the commercial come on I immediately go buy think my first emotional impulse is if I were black this would make me feel angry the citric this would outrage me yes it would make me feel it would make me hate Society yes because I would I would be going on, and why do they why is this Corporation telling me why is it why is this a hook you know like why are they considering my race to be and why and then simultaneously also saying that my race is necessarily like
of course it’s fucking hip-hop music of course it’s you know when the announcer is like he’s not he’s not a tight black guy I don’t know the fucking voice over guy in the McDonalds numbers was like you know what time it is
nighttime DJ sexuality like
on one hand and maybe like
targeted towards black people but to white people because they’re all very attractive
Corporate America
are you angry at anyways
I said like I said like it’s not like it’s not negative stereotypes in the commercial it’s your fun you’re sexy you’re you’re you’re having a good time I don’t know it’s weird. I don’t think anyone likes being defined I think if they if they are in a commercial that said like you’re blond McDonald’s like blondes have a good time I’m in the mood for one thing
some of the commercials commercial people
I don’t know how to do that one except I was a bit in there and Mario has that big guy Mario behind the bar and Cuban and you can call him honky cracker Peckerwood just don’t call him racist
you’ll struggle
I am a peckerwood
are you afraid
you should be I will mortgage your house and then lie about it
foreclosed and racist
McDonald’s commercial charts peckerwoods
so you pick your three wheeler
I can’t believe I got Bob Seger today
tomorrow’s Wednesday in its Secret
so come to McDonalds there won’t be any black people there
so all right so speaking about rage
so I’m playing at Arkham Knight Xbox and pretty as always is helping a lot like he’s he’s the point man he’s like you should know that a full-time job like running France and going through kind databases and stuff but thank you
you are a fucking Butler
we can’t hire anywhere help because every time you touch a goddamn Shakespeare had the fucking bookcase turns into a stupid
so we can I get some he has 9 bedroom house with one guy Alfred like must be pretty pissed off like punching walls because because Batman comes home and goes like thank you and then Alfred’s like okay well he probably every night cuz like like to send these big hints like well if there’s nothing else then I guess I should get while this was all going on why is coming up with an antidote for the neurotoxin night I did like I forgot to sweep up the pantry so I guess I’ll go do that and then he has to be a bad but he can’t even be a fake Butler
crazy white people have a heart
Atlanta Wednesday
poison ivy
all right what is it hey is that is is pretty serious then I say you know we have no show other than that hey guys I’m doing just good let’s do some one might assume a fan of harmontown sent me a Super Nintendo game I think an ominously was Mega Man X3 it’s worth like a lot of money so I should have mentioned it weeks and weeks ago but thank you very much sorry sorry everybody now now today I was driving by a place called Kebab time and I guess already but Kabob time how to sign a subtitle if you will for the restaurant which I don’t know if that’s, I guess that’s kind of common for restaurants but it said no heart exclamation
which is very interesting tactic for advertising it’s like you don’t see that elsewhere like Danny’s not Poison by the way they can’t say that yeah that’s completely your own Constitution like you’re like something like Izzy you can’t determine these things cancer is not a good place to go found that out do you
it’s called it’s called Uber confessions
sometimes you’re in the car but you don’t want to drive because it’s too far or you’re too drunk do you have someone else drive you and their Armenian
my first Uber confession I have to Uber confessions tonight and says you have a beautiful home my first reaction panic
that’s my first confession value my Candor don’t punish me for it
my second over confession is that I realized I was looking down at the bottom tabs I’ve been using an American Express card to Uber since I decided to not buy a car which was a long time ago and I have been like fucking flat like so there’s a little tab down there American Express pay with this card points I like use points I click on it I have 1.07 million membership rewards points
which translates to $10,766 worth of uber rides
which means I will I mean I can never get a car because of all the money of clearly blowing an Uber and I mean they’ll be blowing even more money if I don’t use all these points and as those are my Uber confession.
Smells like cologne in here is there a button Anoka lone button on the App please I know cologne button
I know cologne but not be good right honey
like parking cars of LA and you get in your car and leave Valley get guy gets out and it’s just like my car smells like your cologne for the rest of time you should not be allowed to wear all the cologne
unregulated a flight attendant should not be able to wear all the perfume or cologne move to the back of the plane couldn’t but I called it the FAA and had killed which I thought was too far
I did I did regret it
so speaking of feminism
Aaron hired a guy to clean out our garage today cuz there’s like a
there’s a lot of like in the Gloria Steinem
hiring people the garage the garage of my home is like it’s it’s the back and side walls are all as high as the garage is kind of like an underground garage like end like years and years that house was built in 1929 humble brag not a humble brag is to brag on the water is like all the water is just been slowly like seeping into the walls with Garage in the things ready to fall apart but I had so Spencer help me hire like oh yeah he’s landscaper guys like we got the garage
look at the garage which always if you if you went in there and then took a whip you’d be like I’m certainly going to die of black mold like
what are we ever going to get out early enough
then come back and we can start the show over
the actress Brittany Murphy do you guys read about that it wasn’t as publicize my mustache like I took a bath today is Epsom salts and vodka and a little bit of a complex every kind of character I know she she died and it was kind of characterized as drug overdoses stuff her husband died
they died of the same thing and because they I mean the fucking terrifying and there’s nothing good about what’s really terrifying is the symptoms of poisoning can lead from like anything from like headaches too stuffy nose to like bleeding eye sockets and then death and so it’s like oh I have a headache so I’m dead like like just normal maladies and you’ve are you go out knowing that if your me for instance that everyone’s going to go he was an alcoholic leg like that’s what killed on your asses and I’ll be like pointing at the black mold and harmonies
Whoopi Goldberg married over there
no it’s black mold
go home
they’re not saying boo they’re saying they drew
nursing shoe they don’t want you to choke like they did
what do you times it seems excessive
is murmuring at me
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like a verb you’re always in good hands
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the brat brat black mold where ok so yeah so you would go in my garage and be like oh God this is a death trap so we sealed sealed it off on the outside but big expensive landscaping job and then just because we did that now today Aaron hired a task rabbit familiar with this to come in like help clean out the garage so he goes up to the big cardboard boxes full of stuff that we put into Cold Storage up there
all water damage cuz the water is seeping through so I wasn’t down there Aaron came up and reported this to me I think I reached up and touched the first box on the top left and it disintegrated in his hands and and 1000 Point magazine
flooded by Stanley Kubrick blood elevator.
Just nothing but but like 10 years of pre-internet obsessive compulsive hoarding of orange Stan she’s 12 years younger than me I’m like I’m like T was in before the internet like you never knew if you were going to see this Teague lady Again by more and I’m like well because you’re done and then you need more and then and the funny thing is I didn’t realize I didn’t remember ever get guys my age
the reason that folder so full is because the Bourne will never end and you don’t need it in like a now finally have caught up with the rest of the world we’re all like which is the washing pouring like why would you ever save anyting the box is labor why not like throw this out long ago they were also like packed away long ago so they’re just those boxes were those boxes were still sealed you know before I moved into that house and then you just take the boxes with you is like a private on Tallmadge or, my brother you had a folder like a little like manila folder Amazon pieces of Purim that good turnout. Herron
play boys and stuff but you got this one like a pretty full manila folder you really like redheads. I just went with my gut and they’re all redheads I noticed that they use on the cameras is that Dave Klein or any guy with blond hair and a beard because it could be anybody and if it was if Dave Klein had dark hair like is that Spencer
if you have red hair he be in your folder
pleated skirt Colin Farrell has a mustache the thing and then there’s that one flashback where he meets Vince Vaughn and he’s doesn’t have a mustache unlikely static cuz he doesn’t have I need all my friends look weird like Jeff wears those suits for a reason like I go buy props I need you to have like a hat or a thick eyebrows are you saying that you recognize me know that you will
are you at risk of a blending into the narcissist
Tupac and Fire
I got a narcissist Baby by taking a backseat to Our Guest Curtis
Casa de Campo
I have a lot of poor in my garage
are you like my jokes agents
yeah loses his sense of irony when he’s when he drinks a little bit remember when he was so angry about Jane singers still map still have then I was also thinking because of corn in your in your garage because I was born in my garage at one point actually but it’s a thing that people don’t realize especially if you’re with someone who’s a lot younger than you is that it used to be difficult to get porn I mean you had to you had to go in the store and face a person sometimes it was a young woman like your own age who was working in the store and you had to buy your porn
and actually look at someone you’re supposed to do it in the privacy of your room that never I never saw I couldn’t I do that
I always thought they’d like kind of like a profile for those jobs the bad you know horrible face in the drool who was there most of the time and then when I would go in to get my penthouse it would be somebody you know what like a 19 year old woman
business an adult adult book stores I would only go to the section in the back where everything was covered up what you grew up in a bigger city than they had a talk about them for years I found them constantly
after a while I didn’t want to go out and buy them anymore so I just used the same words over and over again
I know I never will now because we’re now in this digital age.
Are there about the human mind the male mind the sex drive or something that individual relationship with her because they’re to study how big does the pile have to be assuming one ranked add a one as if I just I’m just I’m just I’m just making simple numbers I don’t want to get into that situation
how tall does the pile have to be the theoretical pile before the stuff on the bottom becomes new again for a guy that’s a good would half of the word there were times when I would say why are you doing this you’re a hoarder is why you like you you’re you’re weird hoarder and you’re keeping the stuff out of some things straight with that then sure enough at some point the hoarders worst nightmare is like oh my God what if I need that ball of string or something anyway oh my God what was that
lady look like a pinball machine right yeah she has a cobra boots and can’t find it
and that they were usually the ones that I had were generic enough I would have to make up whole stories so after I didn’t need that big of a pile because it was actually a great exercise in in storytelling and after a while I go back to the other ones and then it would be a whole new story should be friends now
yeah I’d met her on a train and now it’s just a big free-for-all now it’s so easy you kids today you don’t know why what good you got it to school
you had to work for it back then you had to hunt and gather that’s right I wonder about the female side of it because there’s the myth that women aren’t visually stimulated there’s a myth that women might be willing to bet but I’m also very willing to be wrong about this I’d be willing to bet there’s probably a huge difference in the amount of is it that women consume it at the ETC but but I’ve had enough conversations with enough confessional women that to know that that’s that there’s a there’s a never watched their did they did they do both they usually the same time
that’s a stereotype that does hold up that turns them on for some reason to get that’s why they don’t like when men fight because they they think farts are really sexy but only when they do it themselves and they don’t want anyone around cuz there’s sounds like a beautiful like glass flute
and it’s like a token asked it’s like a different man here’s a woman fart he’ll be drawn to the ocean and he’ll drown himself
and then I want to do that to us cuz I want with the tide right right
and the road goes ever on the fact that now it has changed from a world where you used to really have to be dedicated to a short ghetto you had to take physical action to speak out of pornography at some point changing into a world where everyone’s private life and private thoughts are sort of like you know there is righteousness and they’re all digital now is that I will never be able to measure this cuz how do you ask people and how do you measure it but you know have women increased their pornographic consumption have they have has their Outlook changed as a result as they only answer
I’ll explain my religion in a minute it’s sort of a fusion of pop culture and eventual Christianity anything except an eclipse to show when you die or ways your soul against Thor’s hammer
not surprised Dave Klein is a Thor fan
did I take that to mean that you did you marry a younger lady already talked about that the younger you old dog did you I was talking about I don’t know when you got here throughout my back yesterday and I’m sorry that sorry baby I was listening to it back and they had it like I hid the pain commercial on the 90s alternative hit that you crossed we’re just like what if you recall any you know I don’t know major events like I remember punching the dashboard of my car on New Year’s Eve because I had just turned 26
and I was like I’m wasting my fucking life
and I physically punch the dashboard of my car until it broke like cuz I was like
and screaming it to myself alone a New Year’s Eve
you are alone on New Year’s Eve that’s probably what I was mad about
and I wanted to
Pronto Uomo my industriousness
I mean I did I know I usually went to the movies on New Year’s Eve I didn’t have any I don’t remember any like the moments of sort of huge thresholds experiences where I was weaned on smashing stuff for or anything like that because of a threshold I mean I used to do stuff like that but not for any reason what it was smash so far we get stuff out and you know I used to when I lived in New York I used to throw knives into the wall
I wish I had a wall that was where I would just get them late at night from the Intuit kitchen knives
sorry I just did that to kill time really I used to I used to throw knives when I was younger and Aaron got me some throwing knives but I don’t have the time to set up a Target or anyting that’s why I use the wall I never said anything cuz it’s very relaxing thing as you feel like you’re doing something cool and it’s falak yeah you’re throwing knives I was going to say it’s like very can’t be any people did you know exactly how you’re doing is taking your a little metaphor for your ineffective penis and fucking a wall with no back
because you’re just like any other piece of fucking garbage pretty much but I mean it was an apartment that you wouldn’t notice I get to pick it up so it wasn’t a big deal
I didn’t smash anything because I was getting old or wow I really got through my whole list this is going to be a terrible show there’s french rappers staying at the air Airbnb next to us when I can start ripping me when you’re down in San Diego and I’m going to I’m going there but not when you’re there going over later when I’m going Thursday the show you’re not there till Thursday right and they said yeah how early are you supposed to guide set up their yacht
I don’t understand why it’s such a social thing it’s an amazingly social think I was actually going down there because I got invited cuz I’ve never been to Comic-Con as a fan and yet I’m a huge fan and I want to go to Comic Cons as a fan but then I always get wind up getting tagged and I never wind up actually doing what I want to do usually I go there because I’m selling something like everybody else you know what I mean you know cuz I’m wandering around they think I’m there for Comic-Con has a you know like I’m selling something really I’m just there to look at things that I like so this time I’ve been invited to go because I’m a big fan of Orphan Black and they invited me to come down so I’m going to go as a fan to Orphan Black but then I’m also going to see Thursday night
Baker Street babes which is an all-women’s Sherlock Holmes Group then I’m connected with
what does Sherlock Holmes group of people who study the sacred writing group they formed in New York is sort of a cheeky response to the Old Guard Sherlock Ian’s New York and they’re going to be there so I’m going to go down and play with them but that’s what happens if you go down and and that’s with hatchets doing she’s going down to just you know play with people sure like people stuff and you know we’re just going to hang out cuz I want to get away from the you know and just float freely through the crowd you know you’re going to graduate to the dress like a stormtrooper or something I was going to do that at the last minute so I
I don’t have time to put the costume together or I would have done that but would you go as if you can go as any costume character I was going to go as as one of the characters that Tatiana Maslany plays in Orphan Black I was going to actually do I wasn’t going to just cause play for the first time I was going to drag cosplay and I was I was going to play Helena who’s the psychotic killer and but then I realized I had to do it properly and I didn’t have time to do it properly so now I just say the hell with it I’m going to wander around and whatever happens happen Aaron is supposedly Cookin up a little combo costume for us that I encouraged her to do you usually tends to what is your show going to be down there where do you do that how do you do that
District Gaslight Gaslamp guess like you’ve gone too far you want to go but it’s still a lamp get to Gas Town you’re in Vancouver and it’s on Sunday night so stay the extra night if you can the is there still seats available as far as I know but it’s a good-sized crowd it’ll be a good show anyway the but here’s incentive if you need it there’s going to be Erin’s been making like merchandise and stuff there’s going to be a lot of those going to be like limited edition MC John t-shirts
I guess I guess it would make him truly limited edition we will only sell them that night and I really the only reason will sell them instead of giving away because we couldn’t make enough to give away and then bring them on the bus so we’ll just have them they’re available and then there’s other and I think there’s another t-shirt she’s working out and I know there’s like a print like of a Shadowrun poster made by the same guy who did the D&D line art drawing from the first tour it’s Anthony Suarez did the says Shadowrun group of the game like a free Rick and Morty the poster that you got yet to the end I think it’s really fun to imagine this Kumail troll but then it’s your voice coming out of it like I’m a doctor do you know I really like that mental image personal instead
good so yeah come come come there I’m coming out right now has nowhere to go.
I want to hurt her or kill her or maybe
I just agreed why do you want to kill your mother
you try being boring 3 feet tall and not having fucking psycho-sexual issues
is there money that made you wear a bonnet were you listening to the lyrics
I live in a fucking tree the fuck
performing yourself like going to actually be in the show other people’s creativity look at this scar on my face I didn’t see it yeah well thanks thanks for saying that you were facing the other way
I like to be close to talent and I’d like to help it and I don’t feel comfortable and stay just had a choice that I might just dabbled I’m fine with it I’m fine with it but I don’t have to I don’t have to like crazy I don’t have to I like to promote it I like I like I like I like what I do I think what I do is creative
why you only three feet tall
and a very ill-advised Fair
that I would not I would I tell people don’t go there’s a lot of questionable vendors there and I did get my name on a grain of rice but also I was I had to most of my lower torso removed
I thought it was I thought he meant for a picture
like a little present for this is the fuk up thing so you can imagine I am a man with no country can I go to Little People of conventions actually no I don’t anymore they’re fucking assholes to me and I think you know how your people treat me
so I do what I do I hang out I’m not bitter and
I promote shows and II whenever I start singing people start clapping automatically which makes me question are you excited about the harmontown being in The Gaslight District if you like I always tell people your crap is what you do my craft is promotion so for instance I just finished you know Franklin this isn’t going to win any popularity contests but what the fuck is
I just finished doing some radio spots for a Ku Klux Klan rally and we actually have audio
what was
background processes and talk about my not being bad and color being red
Grand wizard you should come because then we’re going to wear white and pointing in March around and jump around and have good times and there’s a daycare center if you bring your kids
Hendrix Hart shoes
it’s 9:11
I forgot to ask you last question for free
so we can have a t-shirt
Ty Ty TyTy
free Reborn briggston my father Jonathan was a narcissistic assholes so I go by my middle name I just know less my name it was the only way to tell me from him when you called my house is John there which one whose subject someone to that
I go by my middle name
tiny tiny tiny tiny you
and it had pictures of people and they were there given height and then the next to them like before after and they were smaller I thought it was gag photography
you didn’t wish you actually smoke it with ice I would walk out of there with a photo
they took some of my lower Tarts out to enough you know you have a small intestine or large intestine they took they took most of my large intestine took some of my small intestine removed it down there to take his place a tiny bit of my small intestine because it’s smaller I can’t live with most of it gone they make baked steak cut my my thigh and my they cut my legs off at the camp cut my size in half and my calves in half and they took half of each unhinged them with these
my own kneecaps
I need this dissimilar thing with my do anything with my arms they just wanted me to be
is Tiny me still in existence
and here’s the thing that I’m not telling you because It embarrasses me and makes me the villain of the story instead of the victim but I’ve told my story and no one cares which is why I work in promotion now
on my way into the fair Burning Man
I ran over a dwarf family
all the way in on the way in parking was hired and all of you been to Burning Man
it’s date all about being a hippie and all that stuff but it’s fucking hard to park at it gets frustrating and I was a different person back then I ran over a door family that got out of the car did you kill them survive I got out of the car
I ran to the only remaining living dwarf
what does a a child or one of the job is an elderly woman dressed in I guess what I would describe as shamanic attire as I reached for her to ask if she was okay and she have insurance
her hand grip to my face and her toothless mouth pissed
do you think I laughed it off Stephen King’s Valley
and then stupid me and this is the part that’s really embarrassing when I saw that Booth I said to my wife wouldn’t this be hilarious given the events earlier
so yeah I deserve it yeah it’s not what you wanted that’s that’s the conclusion everyone that hears the story comes to I stop telling it so I’m in promotion I like to focus on other people
near the booth photographs are you at work during this procedure embarrassing details
where are you I was on peyote you’re already I was at Burning Man I took peyote that’s why I hit the Dwarven family I was there was no police came there was no like
what time to go to go to the G8 Summit motherfuker
they call it a curveball
Kay Jewelers at the same time I have I take it you know three Ritalin and I think like just a little bit of a little bit of a couple tutors a Coke and some poppers of a Maul and a little bit of VHS head cleaner to dilate my Spectre
just in case back then I cared how big it was in the mood for doing garage
could they do with the urge to host a car
so you
I took a couple two liters of Coke
family of little people
you and your wife
I want I want to know everything why isn’t there like a like a Dateline on
why is terrible company like not been out of her screaming about but no one wants to hear my story and when I when I ask you have you noticed when I get to do anything everyone started laughing cuz I’m talking to no one takes me seriously it’s like I’m a leprechaun all the time and everyone just keep popping every time I have an opinion and somehow enable it by talking in rhyme sometimes but I don’t try to do all the time with this is exactly what happened in the courtroom
and I left
I left I stormed out what it was the problems is because my legs are made of half femur half cap
when I storm out it looks like dancing
and of course they didn’t do it precisely so one leg is shorter than the other so I dance in a circle
so like I start saying things I’m passionate about everyone start clapping I get mad I want to leave I’m dancing in a circle
and this is my life so I’m in promotion I’m in promotion now and I’m not bitter and I like it
my name is Toni Braxton and I’m a new classic harmontown character
that is really effective
morning morning Gazoo team

let’s get the mortgage out here
Damaris Brown dresser friend I know you you didn’t you do not you’re not an ambassador of your race has the things this guy does
but I just personally you personally how do you feel about the when you see a fast food commercial that’s what I like literally everyone has black and the soundtrack is like kind of like it’s been a running sing with me cuz they’re certain ads that have black people in a minute just as black people in their ads are black of this is I have not once and I have an agent who’s like I’m going to I know you had for today I’m going to send you on a v
you got to go I can’t believe this is real and it was and I had a clause in my thing like when I first signed with them they said is there anything you want to do and I said I won’t do cigarette stub and no KFC and this is one thing just go please do it for me you’ll never I know just go and you’ll see what I mean and so I get there and the white add is that there’s a guy who’s got a yellow Corvette and there’s a girl next to him and he’s eating chicken fingers and she’s like ah just want to try it I just want to get in and he’s like yeah babe I know you did that’s like an old Hillary novel about the car
the black ad is incredibly different I know room is different in the same room but the white people are so just hanging out chatting and then there are these black and I know that these are actors are stage actors people who noticed a free dying laughing they’re sitting in their seats and you see these people going
I’m on I’m on my way that chicken go. We’re going to eat that chicken in the scripture says it opens with the description. Eh eh boys are watching the game Mama’s in the kitchen fixing up some kitchen fresh chicken because they were trying to take the word fried out of Kentucky Fried Chicken and it was so is KFC and then apparently what happens is the mob the wife of one of the three guys watching the game comes in and sees the mom in there and gets jealous she’s been shopping shopping and then she gets upset so I’m looking at this I’m going to need guys and then there’s three of us are going to room again since we are Disney auditions like this three guys we can do that three times once we reach you guys and I’m going to give notes the cash register good notes
the first guy gives his best shot the first line is the woman comes to show us what are you guys doing and the bug guys first line is the line is written eaten kitchen fresh chicken
and the guy says eating kitchen fresh chicken and set alight as best as he can the guy gives notes if he says no notes to him to the wife you should be really mad you got to go see this mom is in here and she’s in your territory so you know I don’t have you ever seen the lawn. But you got to do next. Pop and you got it if you could just really make that chicken for us so that we get but they wiped out to come around to come to me and I’ve already decided I’m going to do this Snagglepuss voice but a line
should I come with me and then she says the line if she’s markedly upset and you know glistening a bit at this point and I say
black and silver no notes for me honestly I don’t know if you’ve seen Rolanda but you got the what the women that get upset cuz you and Mama honestly with the chicken are you know what I mean if you open up more will see more of you so we can do that the third guy tops me he does this
and it’s crazy part about it is I get a call back
I don’t have to call back that dude is there
not the other guy. There’s got to be somebody in a room and said I want to see these guys again
show me an inside job that I get outside and get my get out of the room cuz I can see them there were there there and the client is enjoying their time in LA the loving her time in her life who are ordering Peking duck in a mad because what you mean to have to call I had to take State hours some shit like that are very much like they’re the people who wrote the ad or prove it or did whatever you going to do the same thing
and I said yeah I probably am under the door flies open and is Ali MacGraw woman walks out the livelovely riding boots up to hear white fisherman sweater with a blue marijuana leaf on it doesn’t even look at us takes out a cigarette takes a drag blows it straight into the air then looks at us out of the corner of her eye smiles and goes in a room and go back to the wild card and I go and I bet you anything there’s a black guy in there he’s probably wearing a polo and his name is George and he just wants the corner office and they probably said oh shit right by George and George said that’s great
can we go in the room and there’s a dude in a lavender pillow sitting in a car
his head’s down is whipping for notes and it looks up and it looks down right away and we did the same thing they called me to give me the job and I was like
am I said
with no intention of doing a job with no intention of doing the job, so I have no idea I really don’t know I don’t think ultimately I don’t think it matters and I think even if they recognize if that’s what you’re doing they will they realize it on the day if you’re the actor they think you are anything very little often sometimes it when they’re making those types of that so that you’re sitting there when we get them on the day they will do the actual somewhere in the production company or somewhere somebody’s nose Hadley years old I’m lucky enough to have been doing it for 20 years that involve like directing people like to at least at least four occasions had to ask a black performer to basically black it up like because it was because it was like part of the first person I think I think I think you need them or do you think you need to you need to do with the end was just cuz I was
what degrees is uncomfortable moment it’s almost like a reverse handshake lake lake lake Jordan Peele like they came in and did the like this like time monster and it was like the dialogue was written like we wrote it for like Key & Peele and it was like that the idea was like the 4th dimensional time monster creatures come in and their their dialect is like they’re very black and white Lake Mary
as in the morning to get a wonderful voice of a teacher for commercials in Boston and she gave me a Don Buchwald audition tape one time I think and Adolph Caesars voice was on there so it every black add ever from one of the greatest actors of all time and you’ll recognize I just said a mind is a terrible thing to waste that guy and he had like a BC powder aspirin like a trumpet or a dress like you got a dirty lowdown rotten headache only one time during the Grammys when I was a kid I don’t know where that’s at is a pic find it it will go viral it was a black McDonald’s ad I think target is the Grammys with James Brown in it but only for a moment and it’s black hits in a McDonalds going to the show and it’s like James Brown concert sold out man we didn’t make it in time
hey fellas look across the street at McDonald’s
weather in Irvine
imma get a big map where you going to get I don’t know but I know when I get up there and then they they’re waiting in line and a door flies open in a minute play Plies open in the last second the door flies open James Brown comes in the entire thing on one leg and it goes
McDonald’s and then the guys high five in the bed and then why what’s going on I think it’s Little Caesars voice of the end it’s like
you know what’s up get on down to Mickey D’s
okay so original question just because you and I can’t find that. You got to get up to compartmentalize as if you were at when those commercials come on what what what happens to you in your brain. I was a kid I recognized it immediately as a black cat and I put it in my black add trunk you see them up but you know what side they were markedly low-risk and they were markedly worse on average it was always so it’s black grandmother’s black birthday she’s going up black Pontiac
let’s hope she gets her black Lonely with black people in and they didn’t even charge it right there was a little Caesar dad or something when I was a little Caesars ads made an ad for like a sale at a department store sale or something like that and they cut all these different people who like I wish I had the known about the sale and then they go to 6th and he just ate a hot dog vendor figure out how old am I
and that’s and that’s like I’m not a not is not a black is just who the ad is just people everywhere go to the sale and this guy steals it just by being himself
yeah I know the old ones I had the dog at like a different ones where they were like really odd and strange and Arch
surgeries out I think they’re horrible and I but I think what’s happened is
we’re all starting to get the clearest pictures about soccer perceptions of soccer that kind of stuff and we like I’ve never known a world where soccer didn’t Rule and everybody was into it and it was a thing and I grew up along most people who I think for a while back and I will never catch on it’s like everybody I know played it and I’m black there’s a world where I know that everybody my relatives my friends or relatives they buy everything that everybody else buys our consumer dollar is worth everything everybody else is is but also people made fun of that movie Rachel’s wedding cuz they’re like no combinations of people acting up any ethnicity exist like this and do these kinds of things that’s all I ever knew growing up around all these people these perceptions of the world are now commonplace and so you get ads where it’s in a black cats that are subtle and delightful you got ads that are that are Target to everybody but are primarily black Tobias Menzies are putting a black family on for the first time or black husband and wife or couples admits that step
definition televisions roll and what is the that’s where always makes my brain turn into a balloon animal cuz I’m like what if what if what if we treated this segment of the viewing audience as if they also were human beings which entails something that you done any other day you could go like well that’s also get a likely candidate it just uses twist my fucking brain and I’ll know I’ll go to my grave awkward this is what awkward racially obsessed awkward can fuck fuck up on My Grave and I thought about the fact that we’re capable of so much more our brains are capable of holding all of it in and we don’t have to necessarily continue to generalize to get wider to understand everything I’m going to do that we can actually stay on macro and and just take everything in at at its own detail and say going to replace you with a Tiger Woods’s first.
my mom is my dad’s black there’s also makes her parentage Jimmy above other things so you’re telling me that you want me to tell you what I am what you just asked me about the golf game and not worry about that shit and they would like whether transgender movement might be easy to the the Christ of this you know because there will never be a I shouldn’t say this is what I just Lake Lakewood put blue believe me I just would have never be there will never be such a it’s never going to be like look out the window at all those transgender people Senator you know a lake like there’s going to be a mother 700,000 openly transgender people right now and there’s a lot of people I’m just saying we can’t keep waiting for this then they like those little tiny tea that could unravel the whole thing because the John Oliver just did this piece on his show about the whole transgender thing and it really just
Nike flip flop my brain about everything cuz we’re it’s one thing to talk about this culturally but now it’s like there’s a lot of their passing laws and different places that you have to use the bathroom that corresponds to the genitalia that you were born with not the gender that you identify with that there is and they’re running ads for like these local referendums that are like they’ll show it looked a little girl going into a woman’s room and then a dude with a baseball cap and a goatee looking around and it going into the women’s room after her and saying this is what you’re voting for it isn’t you know because because because the idea is that if you identify as a as a guy in the baseball cap can say I identify as a woman so I’m going to go molest a girl in the bathroom lately as if that’s that’s the slippery slope right my point is like there’s a there’s torturous things happening to people who represent really the end-all-be-all of like that final thresholds that we really thought we could call threshold and end
you’re saying is that look that macro statement like we can live in the macro we have the capacity for a twirl primates week we can do it and said the same thing about our brains are designed to experience everything at the same time we’re back our brains are our brains are not designed to have they don’t have to always have like this this flashlight beam that only Shines on one thing and thinks about one thing I want we can think of a million things at once and then we can we can definitely think like well you could definitely decide in the society to go well let’s make sure everybody is happy you could you could build that as the bottom Foundation of everything else on top of it but we’re we’re we’re we’re living in a world that was created like so long ago by people that didn’t even see these days coming when these questions would could we would have the luxury of answer asking this question
get excited when you said that cuz I was thinking about that piece and a feeling the guilt inside of me and going like oh my God will like the concept is doing the people right now is like we’re all going of heard myself say out loud like I’ll come on you know like about various things like I thought that’s where you could draw the line like give me a break and it’s like what do you think the worst case scenario is how people want it to be late like like what what do you think would happen and I just wanted to co-opt what you were saying and turn it into a transgender piece so is a redefinition of Television one of the things that’s helping it because he used to be that there were only certain programs on there only certain shadings of people that you saw and then
you would meet you got in the world if you press your adventures in wevertown and you meet these people who whose only experience with somebody like you is never the never seen anybody like you but what they relate to it. Fishing is Raj on what’s happening or something like that I think I like this and this and if I were still to this day if I go into a Foot Locker or something to call him out but it’s happened everything on my phone
you know and I and I and I did just put up there and I put my head in it like how’s it going how’s it going sir hey bro what can I do for you and it said this is not this is not
literally black and white
you think it was a Foot Locker I went to see a movie and I walked passable are you go in it and they were giving away Michael Jordan cologne with a bonus prize and a guys talk and I can hear them in the walk I talk to everybody I already know my head hey love you like a garden but I’m not going to buy a cologne because I have David Beckham cologne but but I’m walking past it and it dude and the dude it’s called Instinct by the way that’s amazing
I’m going to give us today
it’s obvious my faded
a lot of guys everything you did make it back the guys at the table turned to me and said try Michael Jordan cologne today and I just let the guys know I’m not end up before I can finish that they got the one at the end said you get a free basketball
Give It Away red and black Michael Jordan Paso for the thing and I just looked at and I walked over to go if you ever in your life time ever see me again do not speak to me or say the word basketball to anybody around me within a 300-yard radio are you out of your fucking mind and I just had to walk up and I was just I was just pissed it was a rage when I didn’t need to do it you know that they were the offered nobody to walk up to me a basketball play in the basketball became part of the incentive maybe the word wasn’t it was free I don’t but there’s no part of that that that makes it right
free basketball
update for novelty but you would get it it’s part of the deal I mean yeah they’re the cologne would be the thing to not to anybody you can turn down the cologne but you can’t possibly throw out the free basketball can we do that’s why I guess it’s like the skeleton key aspect of the transgender thing is because it’s it’s people going I choose this even though it’s it’s difficult for me and all this stuff it’s it’s it because it’s it might be our final invitation to realize that all everything leading up to it is always been about dehumanization whether you’re laughing about people being grouped together a certain characteristics or something like that the final thing is like we can do all of that anytime we want as long as everybody understands that we could eat that every individual you see is always an individual and you can’t make any
assumptions about us being hammered into our brains and the harder that hammer gets pounded the more like the more I feel myself like I was shocked and then I relax and thanks to keep hammering and hammering and hammering it until I can finally like look around and only see individuals and never step stop get shake this thing where was thinking like like well you know the Irish and why because it Comforts of a world full of people the people you know you laugh with your friends are going to fucking Irish Kelly’s Irish I thought I was Irish for 20 years is a fucking British poet of the other thing it
I hope you’re coming back to the show video of individuals and dehumanization of stuff we’ve had this ongoing conversation but this is one of those nights we had nothing but men if that’s date and I do I take it she doesn’t this is the important key she doesn’t have to play mercy or Donald necessarily but we should get we need we need one helper up here right and I and I say make it a lady with my proactive campaign
okay alright well I mean you spoke up that’s enough
come on up
it’s important to my to my relationship with my wife that is not because of the scared is because of the just because of the volition thanks everyone so we got Jake we get enough people right yeah we got enough people
diversity of an awesome our tradition tattoo on your left arm yes I do thank you
I have to take off my clothes I have tattoos
shit man I don’t know none of them were super weird to have a bender probably it’s busy
22 divorced and a back tattoo in Japanese that means freedom
so yeah one day I’ll get it covered and I’ll be alright
like a tramp stamp yes tramp stamp freedom I just realized there might be somebody like explain what we’re doing is manila folders are coming out there like are they going to eat me
are they going to start praying and then give me into a cauldron of stew
Jersey Village I right yes I’m a little behind because I have a lot of fun casts but I do know what shatter run is I listen to a lot of fun with your favorite one
I know I love harmontown I got to catch that authors what I’m in town I’m from out of town so this is my first time in town and let me know and I know and I’m a little shaky but they’re stopping since I was able to catch that this podcast with Paul F Tompkins
Throwing Shade Judge John Hodgman lady to Lady Of course guest recapper John from La yeah yeah yeah
well that long run I’ll let you finish
play start it over man that was fucked up is fucked up I thought you were going to go and to go right at the right moment but when I was going to go at
you say you can’t you can’t do it LOL we last saw the gang at gym night. With Jesse ellerman Samurai in the Protege have captured scientist Baldwin Brown warning of dire consequences if they failed to do so Nightblade fired his grappling gun out the window for no reason and then a firefight ensued fortiguard was able to subdue Jesse with a blast of shock ammo from his wife allowing the team to tie up the incapacitated vigilante for delivery to their mysterious Johnson then Eve libertine started operating landscaping equipment farting because the show is it provides
will the team managed to get paid or will their employer double-cross them find out… Now. Thanks
and thanks again to John from La as always I spent the recap going like today so I didn’t listen at all so I have no idea where we took Jesse ellerman captives to give them to our Johnson that’s a show of good faith but we got them he’s knocked out and tied up yet so let’s take him back to the Johnson and say it like this is what happens sometimes people offer a more money to you know double cross you were saying fuck that shit we got the guy seven voices gone you know what two things occur to me
what is this isn’t going to be about race like 2075 30% Cherokee
30 Skips a generation
what is the simple code of the streets Samurai which says that you know this guy I took a tried to stun him and he was faster and kind of feel like a chump bringing him in
the other is what if he’s you know he’s talking a lot of stuff about how the stakes are you know kind of big you know we’re dealing with something I don’t know man I keep going back and forth about this I guess I’m not really good Shadow Runner or a good thinker maybe we could split the deaf set the guy free without you know totally fucking him over our rationale was that we got to do our job but this fellow is shatter why don’t we like why don’t we take him and leave him somewhere safe with a little notes like we we could have turned you over we didn’t
is the warning we’re not going to get you in trouble but you know leave it be and what let him know that like that we were cool about when we take a look at some of these files or somebody that knows what they mean you know to I agree with that but also let’s take a look at what were handed over to the man don’t know what it said we couldn’t do that defiles we got from Baldwin Brown I was supposed to come out okay somebody smart oh yes let me look at these files that I have what the fuck is in the files are you find it’s encrypted some high-level stuff it’s going to take a real hacker to figure this out when you hack I know
go ahead so I know how you doing where you at I’m at home
are always cool so where is First in relation to your home
but we need to unencrypt these files can I send you a Crip his stuff and it’s really really important port on a joke
Border guard would argue against taking the secret files that we have gone through so much trouble to acquire and then just making them open to everyone to see
but I wouldn’t might suggest is that if you can convince him to be amenable to the idea perhaps we could either arrange to have a car sent to him if he could give the specific details and digits of what she needs otherwise I could possibly track his location using some sort of combination of skills and mechanisms that I have otherwise but we could get him and bring him to us
who are you talking to
I’m speaking to the group as a suggestion to my colleague tired about this this is my job in my lineage
alright alright let’s get let’s get in the car and we need it now. OK Google
you arrive at Hanks man
Fire allowed in the you burn into the dark comfort of the old moldy bar you see Hank cleaning his glasses usual hak hak I not talk I was in the corner his Corner his usual Corner waiting we were going to do with pink pink pink lemon
he’s he’s he’s tied up in the car right put them in the trunk yeah yeah yeah okay that works at yeah encrypted data and the attack attack get a drink can I get you a drink what do you need for me we’ve got this data use me forgot this data chip and we need it so we needed unencrypted because
yeah you do give it to me I’ll take it take a look at it is there is my bedroom voice
I got to get back and put on some sexy R&B I’m at the bar with Doctor friend and Shadow running
I don’t know man I have to tell you
as long as I Do no harm
I’m okay going to become increasingly hard in this world
it’s becoming increasingly hard now especially with
turn the music up on the sexy RnB
is there a lot of things I haven’t talked about with you getting really hard for me to talk to me
hey man I’m like you I don’t think you are man I don’t think you have a clue I used to be legit I fell down to this world Fell From Grace lost my wings
oh no I I thought you meant about me being gay
call the dog goes to the toolbox in place the next election which is Luther Vandross
never enough
well I mean we look if we’re going there on the Kinsey scale
truth be told call myself 50/50
I’m a little more than that
you know we’ve been going on these shuttle runs for a long time I’ve been keeping everything kind of low but I have to tell you that I’m dealing with feelings about you I mean you wouldn’t protect her
I’m just telling you you don’t have to say anything I’m just letting you know I appreciate your transparency figured you should know please don’t tell anybody it’s just between us respect nothing more than privacy that’s why I got into this business
I know I’m a pretty card I could sense your look and everything about witches
talking about over there
how can I how can I still working on it we found anything out yet it was it was seriously disrupt
gently Nightblade it says all sorts of stuff those hot new drugs that kids are using these days talks about the mechanisms by which they damaged and degrade the neural Pathways of your brain and it looks like Baldwin Brown has been doing some research on how to reverse that damage we’re talking crazy btl’s imagine if you could just do mountains that cocaine all day and wake up fresh as a daisy that’s what they’re bringing that’s what this research is about no downside to drugs so somebody who had these files could either you know I mean what’s the I don’t know it doesn’t if you’re moving the bad side of a dangerous drug
I don’t really see a downside to giving it to bald and brown is pretty standard you just fix these neural Pathways in the brain everything’s healthy guess the question is
the people that would give this information to to they want it because they want to use it or suppress it
do you know they used to.
thank you drive safe
drive to everybody
Jim Morris Brown
Curtis Armstrong
screen protector
hi Tristan being better three-foot-tall promoter
on Jeff Davis
thank you I’ll drive fast.


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