Episode: 155 – LIVE from The Tin Roof in San Diego 2015


Episode: 155 – LIVE from The Tin Roof in San Diego 2015


Hot off of ComicCon, Harmontown summons harmenians to San Diego’s Tin Roof for a night of drinking, rapping, dinosaurs, bananas and more. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live and become a member!


California Comic-Con
give me the game master to the star at the center Crittenton
Premier Apartments
the man
open house games
stop the music
hi everyone I don’t be alarmed
there’s been a there’s been a slight security breach but we we want everyone to have a very good time
there’s there’s been a there’s been a vulnerability in The Paddock and several cataco the paddocks are very vulnerable but if you could please just calm down
I’m I’m slightly
just don’t move they can’t see you if you don’t move
I thought I was T-Rex
Velociraptor is in the paddock
looks like they’re coming towards us
all right just just talk.
stay perfectly still is based on movement
easy is that you
Alpha Daisy beta beta Margaret
I only saw the movie once but easy
they don’t like to be talked to that way
the mic cord is wrapped around
the Microsoft Visual Acuity is based at movement
easy Raptors easy there they’re good dinosaurs
I feel like they must be because we were fighting a global war on terror as long as as long as you maintain that stance from the beginning of the movie all the way to the end no perceivable Ark whatsoever maybe I just have been three seasons and I just say that free time I guess but that’s the middle scene you should be like Sundays I don’t know but I’m not here to talk about story structure
go on go on Raptors back to your Paddock
so it’s just as disorganized as that first date we went on
I have a question
is this somebody’s ants right in the movie that was yes yes they relationship you can ever have everyone wants to spend time with her aunt yes but listen
listen I’m sorry we’re not where we went on a date just thanks for not wearing shorts tonight I don’t know why you did whatever you did you had a temporary or that’s our backs very organized and very career-driven straight at all why did we go on that date isn’t that on both of us like if we went on a date like why would we see each other and go on a date and why would we be mad that it didn’t work out that’s what dates are supposed to do you’re supposed to marry someone that you shouldn’t be mad if you go to date and someone wears cargo shorts or to organize we had a one-night stand but it looks like we didn’t get along and I we hate each other for some reason but nothing everybody hard and wet like hunting dinosaurs
you know dinosaurs just want to do this and then that that that you what you got to do with one of those is
this is very disorganized for my taste towel for a gun
I have the orange tip on I don’t think you’re going to get shot let’s have a hand for my wife Erin McCarthy.
back to your Paddock back to your Paddock
she’s going back to her Paddock wow oh she’s going to run 45 miles an hour to her Paddock
in high heels
hey Jay Diego login
I’m getting out of this shit right away I’m getting very sweaty of 42 and there’s only a certain amount of time I have before my temperature becomes so unregulated that I just fall forward and crushed 9 people who would who would ironically be dressed as Transformers or glad to thank you guys for staying I think we were worried that we wouldn’t we wouldn’t be able to fill a venue Sunday night is usually when people go back how many gays are from San Diego to the Chi-Town hot dogs paper
what do people think that they’re gone from San Jose is a piece of shit
it’s that guy and all the poison ivy is fuck up
lot of Poison Ivy’s everywhere I’m off work or door to the hotel front door I saw a 9 Lara Croft was a lot of steam punk Star Wars Skies okay cricket
hahaha I just thought there was a neat I think this year because I post post harmontown, Cod Vibe down I really like coming here and one of the things I like about it is, Khan is a time when I can walk down a really crowded City street and I like just every 10 minutes like someone goes Dan Harmon and it’s perfectly timed every time cuz it’s just as my self-esteem is starting to crash 10 more minutes and it’s never never a problem it’s never and I just realized if you’re like if you’re dressed as a banana or a stormtrooper or like Mario or something cuz I see people who owe each other they got Deadpool Deadpool and Deadpool comes over and they get a picture with him
experience that if we lived in a tribe of a hundred people probably 1/100 of your day would be filled with people going Hey Kevin Tasha you know they can do without I need a shoe I need a roof on my Cottage but we had biologically were designed for that emotionally where nobody makes roofs like Tasha
I mean I’m a feminist I believe that’s true thanks ladies
these Banks ladies phase of feminism may be over but I’m I’m 42 I think that’s where I pick out things the ladies ladies night for this bracelet and you can have blowjobs for free okay so a couple let’s let’s go on our lightning round hilarious observations from Dan segment
Yeah Yeah Yeahs fever little thing they put in my Evernote I just wanted to say I’m but I know that’s why I wrote them down. Turn your frown upside down
okay so you know when you’re in any building ever in a hotel or anyting and every once in awhile the three prong electrical outlet is upside down
do you like the the little hole that little third hole is on top and sitting on the bottom is that is that a guy who did it wrong or is it like the Jackson Pollock of electricians
is he like fuck this is my fucking flourish
who’s winning at one guy this is apparently the guy that does it
certified electrician get up here
it’s a new segment it’s called ask a certified electrician
what are the structure do they show you thought this was going to be felt then was doing this show what’s your name sir Logan pick up out of the sand to hold it like a human being your electrician in San Diego
are we all going to start was non-union labor
yes that was the chemist with joke all right so upside down upside down 3-prong Outlets why the other two. One’s a neutral and if those are actually the other way and you happen to drop your metal piece of something and it hit those in your connected to it you would hurt yourself that’s why if you’re a union electrician what you call a metal piece of something
like let’s say you’re
you know piece of clothing or some sort of metal thing I haven’t hit it or something you were like reading I don’t know but I would hit it so that’s why when it actually does who can get her so if it’s the ground which is the little little point hits at first cuz it’s lies behind the bed or the table you’re safer cuz it hits the ground if it hits the new show and hot
it makes contact not the way it should be and then you’ll hurt yourself so when you see a face that is upside down right we’re just the mouth on top and then two eyeballs that’s the mister bill is upside down
so yeah that the first thing would hit if it was upside down would be the the ground what do you mean if you’re working on the wiring behind the place saying anything that might hit it like a article metal or more like a thumbtack in the wall
you’re just having a wild dance party
what’s your plug is hanging out of the wall such that some of the metal is visible right and a thumbtack falls off the wall and topples into that crevasse
okay so upside down is the fucking actual Zorro way to do it it’s like it is the the code way because it’s the safest volume on all my God thank you electrician electrician
put it upside down you piece of shit
what was his name
fake name fake name
alright more random we’ve already done what you’re just you’re just playing to a crowd of people that are like I hope Spielberg orders lunch soon or I’m out of a job all right because they skim Dolphins here this is a laborer town
where can I get to get that Orca into his Paddock
or my children won’t eat so there’s electricians here we don’t we get them from San Diego movie Skeletons
I asked my chiropractor
he said is your back feel better I said I guess and then I was leaving and he goes like hey any more questions you have for me and I said yes in the movies when you find a skeleton they wouldn’t stay together with the
like when you find a pirate and he’s like holding a fucking sack of gold bunnies like they would write and I’m like so Goonies is a piece of shit
you can ask fucking skeletons in the midst of like steering a ship that shitt wouldn’t have it wait so you’re not you don’t have a problem with the skeleton being alive just that it’s together
assuming if you’re allowing for magic then you’re allowing that they could just be like I don’t know if brooms can fight Mickey Mouse than a skeleton to hang out I guess but but when you find a skeleton and it’s like on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Lyon does that pirate that’s like leaning up against the wall with a sword through his chest
yeah I saw a hero Hiroshima where it’s like oh there was a kid throwing a ball in the air
and I say boo the same Goonies
okay okay guys calm pay is that is that cool enough you guys over Pompeii
man getting held up by a bigger like that you don’t get to take that okay I guess the Asheville that fast but if you unless you if you laid down and we’re like I’m going to die I’m going to be a skeleton when they find me I’m going to lay down you have to lay all the way down and then just like make sure there was no air in the room at like unusual here at like six thousand years later you’d be a skeleton but somebody was like look at the skeleton if they touched your arm and leg lifts you up like a puppet on your arm would make all of the it would fall down like a house of cards all right so I’m glad I could thank you so much. Okay
I know there’s 90 of you in the room right now because because the software does the formatting work so now everyone’s a fucking screenwriter
I’m going to take a page out of your script everything happens suddenly dumbfucks
stop that everything happens suddenly explodes gradually let me know
otherwise I am matching it’s suddenly a car explodes if you’re done move on
say the word Frazier
slowly turning orange and then blossoming into a dismantled car over the period of six months have you never said suddenly when I was Dumb and then I grew up
that’s why I’m angry it’s called bullying
okay headache ABS could we have a more uncomfortable on the news a manifestation of the class system okay so lazy I can’t do it I got to keep using them just sitting back there could you feel more ancient and more romantic than when you’re riding a release think that is just alright one more
okay that is it this is because it’s been a long time coming I saved it for tonight why would you have a favorite color
what does that mean
stupid stupid why would you have a favorite color that doesn’t mean anything does that mean you want everything to be that color then you’re using Color wrong
what’s your favorite musical note
design car alarms or
what’s your favorite flavor ice cream do I like ice cream on Monday we’re going to prove it by the end of the night
you got to put a hotdog on a Monday
we did Hiroshima though right
that’s like I can’t come up with an offensive example so I won’t
you’re welcome do you drop the atomic bomb the newly-created atomic bomb to end the war and save lives do not do it make your answer thoughtful enough but I can make a drink so I mean what did Harry Truman do besides that anyting not a whole lot is very long I don’t think I will
Warsaw Pact
he he did beat the newspaper
so this is coming off the heels of the Warsaw Pact
all right
dance good we have this new weapon we’re going to drop it we won’t do we do it to save American lives and kill a zillion people instantly or do we not do that morality wise do we do to scare off the Nazis and the rest of the world is the Soviet to our current allies may be our next enemy would it what are you do you are your president Spencer Crittenden drop the fucking hammer
you know that was not about protecting ourselves from the Japanese like we hadn’t won that war like that was about an excuse about making them it was about making them surrender when they were going to lose it was about Ruth
Logan back up Logan get back out here
and our game of hearthstone that we had the fucking mushroom cloud card it was most actions have multiple reasons for giving up that was the thing they were defeated but they weren’t giving up and they needed to check it out half your City to of your cities are gone fucking give up both of us are right how about that okay where the men want you to back in the weather looking like in glue
too soon
Nagasaki we drop the bomb right away on them and that was a in history what we learned in American grade schools is the reason we did that is because it’s two in the sounds this could either be true or not true but it just sounds so sixth grade like we had to drop the bomb on Nagasaki because otherwise they would have thought we only were able to make one
but that’s the only reason that I know of that’s the only reason I learned that mean those Pilots have written Memoirs and books and shit there might be some crazy drama surrounding the second bomb man
I flew over a hill and it didn’t it didn’t take out as much as a town as they hoped it would yeah yeah yeah they wanted to bomb somewhere else right was bad for bombing
okay that’s my main problem with Japan is it’s usually terrible bombing with her speaking speaking of military strategy this was a historic, if it were like shaped like the the Doctor Who Tardis and there they were flying in the air in the fucking Air Force came in and shut it down.
I heard I wasn’t there a jealous San Diego is a military base as a couple
thank you sir
I don’t know any more details on that sandwich The Raven class
Nimitz class holy shit anyways they had to put a net around where they were demonstrating a drone because not everyone can have a drone now and so they’re like you but you can’t have a drone you’re you’re you could wage war in America now with your Doctor Who Tardis
they got nervous they know shit we don’t about drone Warfare that because I don’t think anyone out there was thinking boy if we put a bomb of this if we put an Isis guy on there and they were thinking that there was a guy on there if you put a guy on the
not if he’s not flying it though right the bomb on a drug I’ve seen Minecraft drones that look like Ghasts no one gets it
we all get it I mean it’s not a joke really so right reaction
like me
banana pictures in Diego
all right what is your greatest fear in life what was what year was the motivating fear in your life and you wake up and have a bad dream what was the thing that is like the most terrifying possibility for a gentleman that was a banana
well I’m in character right now so somebody eating me
not knowing what to say
really so what’s the worst that could happen if he didn’t know what to say people stare at me
so is it but now we tie it back of the you dressing like a banana that you said you don’t have to say anything you’ve said it all I’m a banana
so you’re fat like Barack Obama doesn’t dress like a banana he becomes president that year like look at me I’m a banana. I’m somebody I guess I get it like my banana costume is like having a feud with Chevy Chase and whatever it takes to like I have an identity now and I don’t disparage it at all what’s the Kinsey scale do you think
are you going to if if a hundred percent is like just totally for you one day six right one to 7161 Binks straightest
what is that what is the scale I think one is one is straightest in 6 is like
Eddie looks like you and McGregor
you hit that okay three
just like a banana
are you guys like you guys like word play
what’s what’s the second one
I’m going bananas are doing it for the group appeal
pictures of an anniversary pictures of an ant
banana all right all right question for you is this movie James Franco and Jonah Hill are in it it’s called true story that’s on all the hotel TVs right now I didn’t really notice it in the theaters it’s a serious movie do you think that do you think that Jonah Hill’s agent and James Franco’s agent both separately were like dude you got to do you get to do another serious one like you’ve been silly for like 5 movies in a row like let’s show him what show him your money ball chops or your guy with the arm behind a rock jobs
I know they both do you think they both separately we’re like okay yeah yeah I got it I got to pay some dues let’s let’s show him some drama shit let’s get an Oscar in there like what the fuc
I was going to take this movie seriously like you got to put money ball with a dramatic actor and vice versa you can’t they look ridiculous together and it’s a terrible movie let’s move on
so I saw three legged dog walking down the streets of San Diego I think I saw that dog joke
set a joke there’s a dog with three legs what would the missing Lego is the missing leg in the back and it was watching it and you can’t tell when dogs are the fact of the dog that have three legs and and not show it on its face kind of makes me panic about how well I’m taking care of my dog my dog always look happy and so did this.
And he’s he’s 1/4 down of the fundamental economy of God miss me to get some bacon the button and put the thing that was really distracting me is like assuming that’s a male dog cuz I think female dogs kind of squat so does Harvey that male dogs learn to lift a leg from each other it’s like a learned behavior male dogs vacuum they’ll still squat where is Harvey on the Kinsey scale
hey I don’t know he’s a but anyways so I was like assuming that’s a male dog
what does he do when he pees because he’s half of his back legs are gone
so then right as I said that he stopped by a telephone pole and it looks like the answer was right in front of me this guy has one great thing about his life is there’s no leg to lift he just stopped in next to a telephone pole and a laser
to the side he doesn’t have to do anything he has like he has like Fast and Furious 7 turrets that come out of this they just shoot sideways and it was okay so it’s the San Diego Comic-Con podcast is getting a lot of fasting bit okay bike up ramps and then he does a somersault on the bike and then the whole bike and him go into the ocean where is the bike go what did you do with the is there a bunch of bikes down there
is it does he have to swim with the bike like he’s rescuing it
dumb thing to do that dangerous and stupid
are you worried about the bikes or are about the aquarium worried about the Earth at the time of the energy go to
California where I spent most of my time teaching high school and
most of my wallets are there does fish man
call your wallet
okay how do you feel about the Bloody Mary arms race
start off a follow-up in Portland they let you order a bloody mary show me a giant I don’t want you guys to be offended it should not be right
is that Logan and who is that
have a drink
so you can start drinking
places with a turkey leg distant and then there’s a snorkels coming out
chilled up glass with a lemon they look at you like you’re fucking crazy that you don’t like 19 things hang up beside of it alright final beverage question this ends my segment
a lot of these kids out here they’re younger than us
but they went to schools and I just want to ask you just get very curious about this cuz he was remembering my cafeteria days have they made these half-pint milk cartons easier to fucking open yet or do you still have two is like 25% of them you have to rip open like wolverine look like a fucking asshole to do it better and what are we doing wrong and is it still at it’s just a bunch of glue and paper and you just have to like take the luck of the draw okay just checking
they put water and currents are they open or do the same better for the Earth
what are the what about water fountains that’s worse for the earth a plastic bottles
open up but I mean what about the water fountains they never served me water in the cafeteria I don’t know what conversation this is so I don’t
they never served you water at the cafeteria yeah no they did not know so why are they putting water in half cardboard deer did not use class from plastic
okay they do now well that’s their problem is it stopped doing that are they are we only talking about in the schools because like I feel like I’ve seen him in stores

you know like bigger ones cafeteria the kids does Minute Maid ones from Jack In The Box that are the real problem
let me tell you
okay I want to bring up a guy that I met at a signing cuz he can’t I hope he’s here he came up and
he was getting his Rick and Morty stuff signed and then he asked Justin and I just am in me just letting you know that he said by the way what what are each year guys favorite Tom Petty songs
Anna and Justin answered and I said I don’t know I guess Free Fallin I don’t know which Dino told me that it was the wrong answer but I think sister to walk away and get back here
get to ask me that I’m just really into Tom Petty and I really I just I always ask everybody that I can you please will you please come up and you know being passionate about something so specific like I just like to meet these people is Robert here Robert are you here know he shot his family okay to 11
Runnin Down a Dream Tom Petty don’t come around here no more show these people went through hell and back to to get get into the show
but I thought he was going to be here in documentary called mr. blue sky and I was saying that in a little Corridor it was together but I couldn’t see his face and he was early days fake pattern of shit if you know what I’m going to give the guys any hash brown man
he sits down in front of me it’s fucking the time FedEx
I was so happy I didn’t know that it was Tom Petty cuz I would never have been that live bands like the chatting with them
what if he just kept bugging you for the rest of your life cuz I hate
I mean I guess I picked the wrong with Free Fallin I don’t know cuz you know it’s got to be like that’s the wrong so I really won’t you pick and he’s like I can’t read what he said but I always said I Won’t Back Down Tom Petty song has the word in the title literally says and I’m free Free Falling because the rest of the song is like bad mountain goats kind of like over specific Geographic stuff, so there’s a gold leash and a shoe on my foot specificity
I’m at 3rd and Wabash 2252 cost 399 a pound of kids like we love music by 22 year olds that are under you listen to the lyrics to the songs we love and they’re just like a Dora bowl and this is awesome but I’m going to have sex to this song but they’re they’re not they’re not poets the September third day after Mother’s Day
I get into my Chevy 57 Impala
is just tell me what it feels to be alive you don’t know do you like you don’t know you just have her memories of Random.
Do you want to do want to have sex on your son go to bed
but there but but Howard Hughes is about to sing the winky doodle that’s you’re wrong that’s that’s that’s George Gershwin
you picked the wrong song you pick the one that’s all specific cuz I like the free
free fall
cuz Tom Petty’s whiny and so if you’re going to whine about something whine about being free saying I won’t back down it’s kind of like you just sound stubborn
Johnny Cash singing I Won’t Back Down sounds badass I won’t back down from the third right cuz I like that sounds badass
I want a refund. Not leaving here without my money back I won’t back down I put my foot down cuz I’m a consumer Watchdog and I won’t back down and if you go on to my Tumblr blog you can see any other companies I’ve written to
current customer service
how do you cut a Bob Dylan about his head he was very ironic that that was his early stuff that was it certainly isn’t very girly stuff
I I get I get it I mean I guess Easyriders a good movie I don’t know no I’m saying that I’m comparing the two I’m not saying about Dylan was in Easy Rider directly look and go okay I understand the significance
music if you like if you’re alone and want to Walla Walla like in Minecraft
listen to dream pop and like I like shit that I Timmy is modern but then Aaron goes that’s from 2006 I listen to it in grade school and how old is I’m really into the postal service or whatever and I might go I hope my wife over here then she’s like that’s what that the Beetlejuice was in theaters stay good while but what’s your go-to no I mean when I’m driving around I listen to either NPR which is a
yeah they do they do music too so it’s not just that and then also you are is great
have you heard I heard a piece on MPR I don’t know if this is true I don’t know how scientifically accurate decision but supposedly the morning is becoming less and less eclectic Space by Lake of year 2019 the morning won’t be eclectic
it’s true it’s it’s thanks to Krista Reedus
you guys don’t listen to Morning Becomes Eclectic this lie you know he’s sitting in for Jason Bentley
they don’t get up that early they get in they nose is Jason Bentley is what these guys do
singer guitar drums Bass length of the background keyboard background singer maybe like are we in this hypothetical universe
does my my talent knows no bounds and also like you could be as good or as bad as you want something
how to say if they could
I don’t believe that’s true at all
rock bands are like five people but if you show me the second chair violinist the LA Philharmonic I’ll believe that she doesn’t wish that she was. Lee Roth I don’t believe the Dave Grohl didn’t wish he was Kurt Cobain
not much is a nice fucking right on time I don’t believe it I think rock bands are the reason they are fun to watch is because there’s a 5 due to all hate each other and wish to say I love you say things that are happy
I want to dance
notice if you’re so good that’s why I asked my so good that I’m not too worried about shit then yeah I’ll take all the attention
Keanu Reeves tell me we were very drunk in Vegas one time he’s like holy crap
he’s like his favorite thing is playing bass he likes playing bass and not he just hangs his head down
I’d rather do that than be a throat and made him sound like Frank Sinatra he wouldn’t be like I still just want to play bass
he be like
are they good cereal they want they want to do that but if they could be lead singer I’d rather be doing up
you’re just you’re just you’re just you’re just getting lies
play there’s a difference between ask if you if you could be like the at the spotlight would you take it and asking them are you very happy to to take a backseat like when I was working on getting a position that are very hard to disagree with without being uncharismatic because I’m taking the elitist position but I will say I like like like in support of your point when I was working on the the Oscars which I guess that’s really
like I was You Know Jack Black call be down cuz he wanted me to write his pattern and he was presented with Jennifer Aniston I had a headset on a little clipboard it was like oh boy I got to go down and see santistevan mr. black and and they’re like I wrote a joke for them and then they were like they didn’t like the joke and I had to rewrite it and I was very in that moment I was a very activated I liked it and if you would if you would stuck at thermometer at me at that point and asked are you miserable do you hate them you wish you were presenting at the Oscars I wouldn’t have said yes I was happy in my possession I felt supported I fell activated I felt content that’s different from saying would you switch places with Jennifer Aniston which I would
what’s the first thing you would do if you were suddenly Jennifer Aniston I so much I would start by making Healthcare is socialized
why do you think she hasn’t already done that
and I’m sure she has in her little neck of the woods but like I would use her power for good
I don’t know this conversation is dumb right this guy
Logan I feel like I feel
charismatic fruit thing for me to say that if you are a bass player you must wish you were a singer is different from say I don’t think that’s it’s semantics like our language doesn’t have the Nuance to to divide those lies I just saying like if you like being onstage and you like playing an instrument you like performing for people in a concert if a if a fairy godmother like cuttwood able to transform you into a person who has Perfect Pitch and amazing dance moves or or a beautiful dog hair or whatever it is that was that that that that makes you feel like you don’t belong and at the very front of the performance would you then do it I mean what kind of the certain point you actually kind of I mean being dishonest if you’d say no I want to stand behind lead singer and said have everyone pointing at me and crank that the bass player saying
everything was still like to be a role player like but I think when you’re in a band like you had said before you should do is surround yourself with people that intimidate you so if you are in a band and you’re not like in the guy that actually the lead singer if he’s not a guy that you are like man I wish I could sing like that that you’re not in the rape and play q u year if you if you’re like this kid he sings like shit but I’ll let him but you’re the wrong. You’re actually being an asshole but not but not quitting that band and going and finding a band with the lead singer is like is like holyshit this guy’s ass just as a star so that that if you extend that train of thought it’s like so if you magically like if you had those proclivities instead of your bass player proclivity
would you what what position of the band would you play It’s almost like a non question cuz it’s just like we all do what we want is an identity we would be the guy dressed as Deadpool to be the guy that fired got fired by NBC we would be the Steve the Mario guy the guy dressed as a banana wants to build her roofs like you keep it all you want is a function is and to know that you are you’re that you’re nailing it that you’re doing the most you can and then if you’re not succeeding as much as you can that you’re still trying and getting better every one wants to feel that way I don’t think Keith Moon when there’s also like a garage band that’s just doing it for fun is never going to let you know want to do actual shows there’s a couple bands like that right
there’s like three I think three I don’t want to be Dan
for talking in circles I already I’ve circumscribed is whole thing and I’m smarter than everyone in the world
play I Am by the way it’s the way everyone here feels I already feel that way and more
that’s the bottom line I feel everything I know what it’s like to be black
it’s hard
but cool
that track salty and sweet
like what are the big Orchestra Jesus
tuba tuba
no fuck you guys
real straight up to Ooba tooba
yeah cuz you think you’re in and out
how many songs have like a tuba solo
show up and you like just be the best two players at the bass player of the year
the lead singer in his Symphony there is no there’s no Superstar
knock knock
flavor cuz I would want to stay in
popo popo in there like
good good job you like how you know you did cuz like 8 Mile and assert their let’s move on
but when I don’t have a favorite color are you asshole
top free top three Orange
baby blue
Hiroshima yellow
because fuck the queen
I think I was just going to Pander
the color of a
I went to Home Depot recently it’s hard to get a good as yellow
Sean distance is the color of your eggs
statistically speaking anyone with the interior tonight of course of course yes
banana guys Gatorade
Victor Chavez
now I got it.
All right so the one of the things I like to do when it come to, kind of hang out with my old very very very old friend as old as the hills who is always here with a little flower on his head selling his little is little trade paperbacks from his Canadian cartoon about the angry flower
Hello Steven how are you man
I thought you were kidding when you said you were going to do
do it
I thought you were all right
in paper
is it right I don’t say poignant but tensions and
it expresses all of your impotent rage and then and righteous indignation that’s very cool yeah you’re one of my oldest and dearest friend if you if you if you can buy in the old and the nerdy like you’re definitely like going into 1 scale that’s definitely your top of the list if you start by and nerdy and only do you remember when you were sitting in my one-bedroom apartment while I was writing my sister house in for some reason I had cocaine and we would like to try and cocaine and like I was riding monster house like we don’t really do cocaine here but let’s just do this anyway because I have some cuz when I moved to LA I found out you could just call someone and have it delivered a choir and that wasn’t the case of a walk is I was like okay I’ll take some of that too is like cinnamon sticks
cocaine is kind of a lot of fun do you have we going to let her talking don’t know about technology and stuff and I was like the houses of monster and then
that’s why the third Act is just like when they find some Dynamite but I remember way back then you you blew my mind with with this concept that you you introduced me to it just the idea that that intelligence is a field that is the actual thing that is alive in the universe and that DNA life itself is sort of a subset of that because there’s an intelligence to the universe the information let’s say information that until you have any Coke
the date that the idea is that is that genetically reproduce life is sort of the Pawn in the game that it is the reason why there is there is living things on earth eating each other and evolving the based on which person or thing gets eaten is because overall there’s just this this is just a drive by this field that wants to continue to store more and more information than the stuff that a guy named Robert Wright has written about he’s got a book called nonzero that he talks about this engraved apps which is basically like there’s zero some encounters right you know what I can for playing Tennessee if you win then I lose all right but there are encounter is in which there are non zero-sum that both
and and basically entropy is the bad side of it but the good side is he put energy and you can have things that that both sides get more out of it there’s there’s an issue because but like basically Things become more complicated and glom together and then those things become more complicated and climb together and that just happens whether you’re a cork or an atom or molecule or a lobo or or is it bad for a Deadpool or Frank or a human being or Robo Galactic Megabrain or the Pinnacle of genetic information of evolution we have we have that we do we have chromosomes jammed into the cells of our body that are so coil. Up and so slow
into each cell’s nucleus that the the operation of them splitting it takes a complicated process because schools and spools of molecular information but the the sum total of that is that where these monkeys and have these brains that and we’re building these computers and we’re we’re creating new ways to store information and we seem to be doing it compulsively like not all of those things make us better monkeys like they do we seem compelled to keep keep advancing our way of storing and transferring information sometimes directly in spite of what actually profits us as primates and so it’s almost as if we’re being compelled by some horrible larger not maybe not horrible may be wonderful for us as a little slippery that it’s going to get tired of them step
out of a move on from the way I would say it look at it is like if you look at yourself you are you consider yourself to be a singular entity right you are a Dan Harmon but at the same time you are a corporation made up of trillions and trillions of cells that make up Dan Harmon and think you and those cells are individual living being so and there is a long history of those cells learning how to be living like how to make up a corporation of tens of trillions of trillions of cells that can actually work as a gigantic Corporation all doing their little jobs to be this thing that on the level of a cell you could not imagine sells them pictures at the thing that they make up his conscience in the way that they know you know if they’re just like well here I am a capillary sale and I got my buddy is here we’re also to pay sit together and we see all the dudes go buy a Bubba blah and you ever think about
God everything about there’s a guy named Fred and now we also make up other entities we are parts of Corporations were a bunch of Nations we do not think that the thing United States has identity a sense of self in the way that we ourselves think that we have that but why do we think that it’s completely arbitrary that we only we this collection this assemblage of matter in life have the capacity to to have an identity and another none others do
what was this what was what was the macro picture look like if we were all would it end at the outskirts of the Earth are we are we just stuck on this Blue Marble and like connecting with each other and trying to form a multicellular organism on the planet that will then reproduce I hope so or is it more Sinister than that is it like I hope so and it is more Sinister is it maybe there’s another planet like a many light years away that’s having the same experience happened to it and they actual overriding principle is that we’re supposed to be combined with that and we have absolutely no say in in where this goes who cares though right
my wee wee wee wee All Care everybody’s going to stake in and not only every human being but everything in the universe has a stake in its own existence you know like 5 million 10 million years ago there was no such thing as human beings 50 million years from now they will look back and glycol that’s right there’s no such thing as as like have some kind of
Borg like entity that covers you don’t like light years of space and time
I’m going to defer to Dan on that one knows what right now is your main like what was in the plastic bottles Doomsday Preppers show did you hear the Tom Selleck was stealing water to water his avocado Orchards
still here from who from the city know the County of Ventura that’s where I hail to collect water and then they brought it to read that some fucked-up shit meant I’d imagine they’re watering his mustache though you know he makes his his party’s raised like that water bottles although it sounds like I need to learn more about the immediacy of that my new thing is like I just it’s just economic collapse it’s just the idea that everything is based out of this like fake idea that something’s worth something compared to something else and that if the if the American dollar was worth a dollar on
today and then was worth $0.70 on Tuesday the six hours from that like there would be fires on the horizon like Blade Runner and then six hours from that cop should stop showing up for work cuz I feel like that’s what it’s just on fire and like I’m going to go home and protect my family with my gun from work and and like it would just that I mean before I’m worried about something is cool as a supervolcano actually some very cool at cool they don’t worry about everybody read about super volcanoes cuz I don’t want to do this you’re concerned about super volcanoes they are a great way for Humana to be exterminated yeah I agree with you like the economic problem is
I want to I want to build a big bomb shelter underground and just to have water and shotguns and dogs V the the water a dog’s milk dogs and live off of them
I’ll have to feed the water I’ll have mice for the dogs to eat if you could get a dog to milk another dog we would have come but if you if you teach me to fish we really fucked dogs up we fuck dogs up ideal and idealize economic 11 a desert island then you get to coconuts and I catch one fish it will
schnauzer dog that’s a regular dog whose lives have been bred to be like little flippers would summarizes going the problem being that even though everybody here we’re all capital is Right capitalism yeah
almost the same now but because is the understanding that Capital plus labor equals will know humiliated that becomes Capital land is capital if I own a piece of land that’s capital but I can’t make a productive without workers
workers create wealth but the capitol is own all the well so I don’t want to miss this point I’m too stupid like like the capital of the unpaid portion of Labor there would be no profit right right I own it now my ownership of it does not allow it to become productive I apply labor to it I pay the laborers something less that I sell it for the Gap is my profit with when I get back into my additional Capital so I become richer and richer but then I also put forward the story which is that basically owe money and wealth is a function of
putting in being rich rather than no money is created by people who work
it’s just that simple and that you don’t really quite hear people go like oh well all these rich people like you don’t want to take their value or their of their wealth it’s like well it is their wealth because they own the means of production but it’s not like they made it the people who made it made it
I think we could I think we can make this a little clearer for the common man even though I understand it if I do it as a wrap
capitalism Schism between the ribs
starting over
I thought your mama
did it hurt
John Hurt
same word
starting over
flying around using Sonar I thought your mama I got a phone r i put it inside
she was like
that’s quieter starting starting over
yo what’s up with that shirt yo are you going to work yo what’s up with your hair yo starting over didn’t work in the car didn’t work either
dad says Capital has real good just starting over
Seven Wonders of the World
is about to be worth
Street I needed some bread and I got some meat there was enough protein diet so I had the latter I thought your mama and like she
Border Crossing into up pants
Progressive I love you dad I love you Dad now your dad made love to me so hard that I broke my knee don’t try to stop me try to shut me down no no just Power Ranger roll joke I Met Your Dad in the fall of 72 so hard I lost one of my shoes where did it go
there’s a guy that’s mad at the back now they’re all right
at 11
all right that’s in where you can’t force it and you can’t force it
if I hope so I think there’s five hundred people here I thought I was going to leave here with words
Progressive you only listening Dan was presented by hilarious gentleman with a bloody Mary with everything on top of a BLTs on a bacon cheeseburger
Nikki and Nicole made this out of the thank you Nikki in the car okay I’ve stairs
I said can I get a human human chain
motherfuker I think my cheeseburger
let’s bring my soulmate up Erin mcgathy
you want to do a wrap wrap it wrap it
don’t know if
my favorite color is red
yeah but
is Citizen Kane better or worse than Star Wars and that’s like what’s my favorite movie it doesn’t
that was Luke Skywalker losing his sleds
hahaha we had it planned the end of that bit or any of that fit that’s how you there if you think Saturday event walking off the stage in the shoes down that thing why is that sad, never wants to be sent to her Paddock The Paddock there are hers all right so how’s it going any complaints
I rapped about the color thing for sure is that you have a favorite color red orange
not red and orange but like a red orange okay I my favorite is blue yellow green
I guess I’m better at it
it’s more like double green isn’t it what’s your favorite color is Spencer my favorite color is green it’s a good color
nothing to be mad about I think you should let people do their own thing I mean why do you care anymore and they fucking they rose up and they’re like finally someone says it has a favorite color there like finally finally II
who likes the color
hey gal who has a favorite one
alright well let’s go I’m going to Desert I wish we had a wireless mic cuz I just want to like I just want to run through and get everyone’s favorite color I like
I don’t want to I want to I want to celebrate it. I don’t think I can make it out there
you’re the one person I’m not going to ask
you came down pretty hard on Bloody Mary navy blue is the Tim Allen of colors
call a protein
I just inhaled

I’m fine you know how when you just have lack of food goes in your lungs
it’s not going to kill me it’s just going to bum me out for like an hour
see what they said you’re great
Davidson gray when
Davidson that’s the navy blue and red
McAfee white that’s just the navy blue guy he’s at his favorite color is pandering
Pizza freaking boo
you flew too close to the Sun is hailed as a color wheel is horseshit because it’s not a wheel it starts at ultraviolet and goes to infrared we just curl it up because we can’t see anymore
Oh Sherrie
science map
do you have to take over the show I’m going to die
the guy who telling your colors are bad can’t swallow properly
something if you came out with you hate bloody Mary with food in it and now it’s going to kill you
I like the food part you drink over 40 years
yellow green
Alexis shade and seafoam green and black
who hates all colors
I’m just warning you guys you kids your esophageal flap
you know how your toilets are you guys have apartments in unit if you had to fix your toilet cuz there’s like a little flap that makes it sealed and then the tank is filled up without her right away I have to replace it
toilet tank makes cave thank you Steve
oh my God what if what if that’s how I had died
I figured is my hometown I’m so sad
11 Bankers Hill
keep going do you have any friends here that would have talked about science or anything
UK then take the show I have to keep coughing up little tiny molecules of burger because I inhaled and I would like a little is like it slid down past the esophageal plasters a little Han Solo is invaded the Death Star of my body was anybody at the at the Star Wars panel
that must have been tremendous like Harrison Ford came out that you guys did it they weren’t you weren’t told that any of those people are going to show up right Carrie Fisher showed up and Harrison
I thought jj-abrams like took them all out like Andy Kaufman style said we’re all going to a concert and then they the San Diego Philharmonic played Star Wars
you went to arm my panel thank you where we had to try to do a Rick and Morty table read under the fireworks from jj-abrams
and I ever met Kevin Smith is his is panel hose after the Star Wars panel and so there is just no one there
not laughing at his Misfortune yeah you are it’s fixed it’s fine we all do
he’s fine he’s Kevin Smith thing to everyone loves that guy for some reason
I let her borrow it in New York and Dave Grohl I just play Foo Fighters and he heard of bar and he comes down and he just played for diapers with holding a bag of diapers I got a baby he put one on in the middle of a guitar solo that takes so long and he eats a piece of pizza and doesn’t stop until you shipped it out
the animator who created Bugs Bunny tax
Tex Avery Tex Avery with such a workaholic and so dedicated to his work that he would he would push his bladder so so far right when he was working and he wouldn’t want to get up and go to the bathroom it was like I think about him until one day his bladder burst or the way it was working so hard that is
that’s it. I still have a half a hamburger large right on the lips from the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon fire
it was a WhatsApp her. Was it there
you can tell how much money they spent on Looney Tunes cartoons by how many whiskers are on bugs Bugs Bunny or because it it’s cut it took longer and took more money to to track the whiskers
all right, that’s right. I don’t know how much time we’ve done a blackout at a certain point
I will check in with Spencer for 5 to 7 minutes and hey yeah how’s your Comic-Con been it’s been pretty good I found out that that Health app on your iPhone is just constantly tracking you without you telling it to and I’ve been walking it’s really helpful it’s going to save lives the iWatch in stores now anyway I’ve been walking like 12 miles a day or something not today cuz I was dead but yeah I know I’m just exhausted man oh yeah it’s fun I lost I lost my badge at some point like new orleans-style could have been that or could have just been like caught by an errant win or something goes around your neck yeah that’s the thing like
that’s what I was thinking but really expensive so it’s kind of the equivalent of with Petty thievery going to stop that happening do you think it’s possible for somebody to get that close to you and actually unclip the thing from the lanyard I think that’s not what happened but it’s absolutely impossible what do you think I think probably I like brushed by someone and it activated the class but Deke last day and it like fell flutter to the floor and then someone picked it up right after how many of those God people are for real I can’t tell the difference between the the thing A lot of people are actively antagonizing them and it’s like what are you why are you better just because you’re against them I don’t know there’s this guy that was yelling at him to suck his balls and that they were going to hell if they didn’t suck his balls it’s like now there’s just two people being annoying I don’t
I don’t that’s not what I want
everyone enjoys the pain and their own way I’m a firm believer and if someone else starts at you get to finish it though. But I think that the Christian people should should talk about how much they repent everyday if they’re going to be telling other people to repent all the time
comes off as high-minded about religious protesters and that those people were doing like the most extravagant cosplay ever and it is happened we were talking about this if there was a video game that it was coming out and they did guerrilla marketing where they had a group of people pretending to be Christian protesters of this game and it and it broke that they it was fake that they had posed as they said they’d made a fake group of people picketing the game and then for some reason people got mad about that I’m not sure the 15-year old version of me would get mad at that I would be like handing to be protests
I think that’s a little weak like I’m not sure why
making fun of people who are just kind of sad already and if you’re one of those people then I guess you could get mad but I don’t think the people there were getting mad I think they were just video Gamers that were like you shouldn’t try to manipulate manipulate you for a living I convince you you’re a Spaceman around and and your and your cosplay was like Video Game Nerd and you built yourself like a fat suit and and you covered yourself with Cheetos and you became this like awful entity like what that be good in order to evangelize the messages
if you coordinating our picture of this without relief as long as you’re not blocking traffic I don’t mind any of that because it just it just as long as you’re not like obstructing anyone from doing what they want if all you’re doing is sending messages out into the ether if those messages are just honest and then hopefully the message you could draw from that is so I should put less stock and things strangers tell me and I think that’s a good way a good way for tubing to grow up as a kids like I don’t know what that guy’s Jam is lately he’s pretending to be dressed like a banana but he could be a hitman
people write a comic where God of all they do and they’re amazing
they write lots of garlic they have they have bands that have radio stations
are you doing this against my parents wishes when I was like 12 years old joints in San Diego and evangelist youth group we’re like at the end of the first meeting there like okay you’re new here Kira bunch of booklets it’s really really cool to witness to people so I just tell us how many people you’ve witnessed two and I’m a really competitive person and I was like okay is there some sort of game with how many people have more people that have in the Mac guy and the next week you came back to the youth group and everybody be like well I was in an elevator and I stopped the elevator and I scared a guy
told him told him we’re all going to die and then I gave him a buzz like and I expect he’s going to come to church has like tricky tricky stories and then the Dome joke is is there an app for that but then like but there must be apps for that there must be like Christian groups making apps for witnessing going okay like your cat is in and the science like do the thing that makes me mad about it like I was brought up Christian to my dad’s a preacher and I’m not a practicing Christian but like I wouldn’t know I don’t know anybody ever in the history of my life that would do that stuff that’s obviously about like getting people angry at you that says you’re going to hell yeah you never see him succeeding
they never there’s never anyone stopping like your perspective if you were an Evangelical Christian why would you go to the place where 60,000 people were doing what they shouldn’t do when I go to someplace where there’s like three hundred people doing the worst thing ever like I feel solved murders hope the police will there trying their it’s it’s exposure it’s like they’re trying to spread if they’re promoting a product they’re selling a text that the product is in their minds not showing the hell which is a pretty good product to pitch it’s catchy they really believe in yeah that’s the thing is like to them it’s literally the most important thing in the universe which I mean if it were true make sense
who’s going to solve your problems and it was like no I don’t believe in a guy with a cape you believe in the gospel of gas now I have it. I work until the rising I don’t fucking like crazy I like spending a lot of money here I took my vacation days what are you enjoying myself I’m doing this instead of rape
I’m doing this instead of murder I’m doing this instead of Acts Covenant under receiver instead of theft I’m doing this instead of almost all 10 things your God says I shouldn’t real evangelism it’s with its cookie I went to a Miley Cyrus concert in Los Angeles no need to do but I was in there and those people were there of it and then their sides were like Miley is telling girls to be prostitutes and all these you know it’s a bunch of 15 year-old girls at his concert we’re standing on a balcony flashing guys for hours if they said that I was like oh the way you see young Tiff is to show with the sign at this concert was awful I’m sorry to say the words you said young kids that’s the much more marketable
you were giving away free copies of raising young tits at the door on the other side of the railroad tracks from the convention center that they would have no compunction to my kidding right up in the convention center and I think they want to keep it moving the closer I mean right outside the the Marriott Marquis there’s people so it’s like they are on the periphery like it seems like they are trying to get close so you think people are preventing them from being closed so I can keep it moving or something
it just how you be Kyle
here are committing their starting in the wrong place which is very accusatory on you you’re a terrible person doesn’t have to be shame it’s like hey man free prizes in heaven you know that that would work
yeah there is no waiting in line but that got their Kingdom of Lord unless I’m mistaken but I’ve been coming here for like 5 years or unless I’m mistaken that’s not the messaging on their advertising confused you’re not saying have a good, kind but get it out of your system and then we’d like to talk to you about a real superhero that would be cool that would work congratulations of driving here from Phoenix. Right now
where is the scriptural basis for their objection is like where in the Bible says anything that you would ever is that a dog is that a. We’re connecting where’s the words that Christianity is a trade but we’re talking about those alien Comics are evil they’re saying everyone’s going to hell because you’re not save the team of those people weird I’ve never heard one say you’re going to hell because of comics they I’ve never heard them say that they might but I’ve never heard it kind of what kind of protest, lead you into Witchcraft and that’s the end was actually like is it you guys are worshiping characters that have superpowers and Jesus is the only one that should have superpowers old school
Play the song have any more goddamn story
no they’re saying he’s not and if you make up stories about people that can like do magic tricks is dead
Jesus will be played by a Spencer Crittenden can we can we pretend my character inhaled meatball burger and then I was just one moment where I was like I just took a breath cuz I was going to go out to people their favorite color and then God dammit
it ruined my night
I’m on the I’m the recoup now I can’t believe somebody had that terrible twos
the weather
I know it’s illegal if we praise to this venue I think I think Jeff did the tin roof is
we we booked this place very late in the game and there is so accommodating and like they’re the room fit us all and they’ve been very very gracious and they were like four bottles of kettle in The Green Room in there that are there just nice and professional and wonderful as ever.
I make it to Elizabeth and Steve that were Raptors that are also selling Merchants were here if so, thank you for the area of the electromagnetic spectrum that you guys cheer the mood for greenish
with a slight nod to purple
the two most people with signs but with colors why don’t you like purple
play Red
oh God this is how we die
write like a digit is your favorite color do you wear that color or color is red really prove it and we didn’t solve it colors are dumb and having a favorite one is dumb not right you have a favorite food that doesn’t mean you ask necessarily eat it all the time or favorite movie or if that is what it means
I would you could shoot me into space in a bowl of macaroni and cheese and I would never go where is the pizza
you’re you’re so angry that people have a favorite thing that you don’t understand because
there we go
not easy
oh come on come on come on my favorite thing you said that you don’t like colors but if you did, but the truth is you can get all important information out of a black and white image that you love what if you tried what would what would
let’s play Shadowrun
Shadow era what what character is Stephen playing should it be doctor friend probably you know what the dice fall where they may even if you don’t you know he’s a huge fan
my friend right I don’t I don’t care
you’re a troll Doctor Who does no harm but also is a very complicated fellow we have an extra yeah we have adored sheet but we have Adam origin who plays hurt hurt hurt old boo boo Bee Doo
this guy’s got a lot of friends pointing at him so I guess what he has done
yeah no over here man, no stand behind that beam okay so your band they put their equipment of a goner if it’s a comedy show. We don’t really understand what it is really not a band super not him and did I hear your friends calling you go but I know it’s Craig night thanks Dan I want to catch up quickly though I’m not seeing a lineman and you hear well yes Shadowrun doesn’t have alignment darker Shades than that yeah against known only as Diego
what is the Saints about
yeah yeah let’s rock and roll
oh yeah
Intown Shadowrun
Border guard insisted the file shouldn’t be sent over the Matrix and stuff tied up and twisted Jessie yellow men into the back of their Uber even Hora De Garde uncovered the research showing the BTL chips can be used without addiction or harmful effects meanwhile Jim Nightblade discovered doctor friends increasingly hard feelings for his fellow Will doctor friends emotions go unrequited chim-chim Nightblade keep the troll secret State been in a world where comlinks always seem to be on will doctor friend find agency in a world of hackers hooked on mountains of robocon kick cocaine with no consequences we find out now on harmontown shadowtown Harman run Comic-Con Edition
so where are we at thanks Diego so you’re back at Hank’s Last Stand you Jesse Yellowman and he’s trapped in the the trunk your Uber is idling outside you are paying for that it’s a reasonable though so you’re in Hank’s last and you just like I just revealed the data it’s it’s about curing the ill effects of BTL chip use that’s what that day that you were searching for was you still have it in your possession you haven’t turned it in yet
and that’s what Baldwin Brown wants that’s what bald and brown was had and he would like it yeah but do they want that information because they want to suppress it because they could make veggie chips healthy or where do they want it big so they can just sell BT but bunch of detailed chips or a different option oh no I said as a doctor I say we vivisection
and just get what we can do the second Who Doctor are tied up due to the back of our car you want to visit Jesse LMN the guys tied up in the trunk of the yes a very straightforward say that a doctor would want to do but Secrets can put a pin in that and pack I would be oh man lie or what are the first two possibilities
that are Johnson’s is that what they’re called sure make beet chips healthy for everybody and sell a bunch of them or do you want to take the information to destroy it like the tobacco companies those are two options possible third they don’t want to use it they just want to sell it for higher value sell the information for 3,000 maybe you know they know something we don’t maybe they think that BTL chips aren’t addictive enough for our to addictive and want to change the nature of it maybe they’re staging and all out drug war and hope that clamping down on this who knows man if they if the corpse are involved who knows how do you just got to get in there yourselves
Corporation makes the PTO so do we know that oh man everyone makes PTL chips you could just make them or if you have one of your Nano forages you know you can print them out at home you can also just download my iTunes
what do you think anybody currently trying to kill us right now at this moment that I am aware of what do you say Matrix cuz that’s what I was told Jesus Christ
all right go by you know it seems like we work for evil corporations time for us to get together and then look to our leader
I feel like I keep I keep what rescue in peace in the trunk everyone’s yeah but they open the trunk dude but if every Mission we go on I know I said the opposite last time but I’m really conflicted no Baldwin Brown is at the place you deliver them to
we’re going to do that later.
The bar
wait what do you order
well let’s
I order
a scotch on a rock a single Rock
it arrives
thank you
what’s up what’s your story I’m Hank
my story is that I always wanted to own a bar and then I did and then all this future crazy dystopia should happen and now my bar is in a terrible part of town so I pretty much only cater to Outlaws and ner do Wells
refresh my 11 a.m. Hank hanky must be a lot of shady stuff oh yeah but you know I don’t like mentioning it because that’ll get us all killed
put it back in your pants so I can we give got on with the I say okay I’m in this is the mood I’m a carpenter if you’re competing with him you’re in a fucked-up place there we both did ever would have lost
I’m standing here with my ear to your mouth you don’t know that I say we take yellow pinkerman and we take him to the Giants week when we give him everything or we so I can walk away with a big score
I got to like that I say we do that walk away the washer hands of the precautions I don’t think I don’t think this will ever come back to haunt us I think we just do our job drop get paid get paid and all right let’s do it let’s get back on the Uber let’s just take our Bounty back to the thing and it will probably get a bonus check the fuck out of this and give you some extra money on this one yeah yeah I’m right here at the neutral Drop Zone
you’re at the neutral Drop Zone the same place where you delivered Baldwin Brown to his truck down captors it’s an old old truck lot in the city part of town across from all sorts of devastated Warehouse in broken down clinics and all sorts of buildings that used to house stuff and now only mostly house monsters and Ghouls and all sorts of uncouth shit
so there you are you pull into the parking lot which is the neutral drop zone and once again you see a trollish businessman in Orchid business man in a business suit sitting in a semi truck the lights turn on and he exits the truck and walks over to you guys
hi hey there
I’m sorry hold on one second I went back to me to my crew he wanted and also we got a bonus for you to pay but don’t tell him he’s in the trunk of the Eagles in The Birdcage negotiate on the price for a yellow but don’t tell me
hey I mean hey
so I have some files and I know you wants you say do
all right what are you what are you willing to give me for these files agreed-upon amount I know a certain someone
hold on a second Jesse Yellowman fine but we’d like a bonus amount that you have is great job similar to when you would go to a fancy restaurant and someone treated your extra special we just
well we can’t reveal that I use that I have a Jammer
I use my my part I use Khan and negotiation negotiation
we know where Jesse
well he’s someone who’s very valuable to you
it’s apparently 911 and are and are corrupted audience
now celebrated on there of erosion
we did it
how much of a bonus. Just whatever they have like you have like 10 minutes
we just want a little extra money you’re good people were good people let’s do this just throw us the money and if this will all make sense we know a young man who mr. BB is very crazy about and a we know where he is and it would be in your best interest to just throw a throw some money and we’ll shake hands and look at these eyes and tell him that we have a secret
but he might want to give us a little bit more another Secret
but to throw it on the pile but secrets you know six six secrets for a hundred gold coins
Cool Secret metric is off yeah we have another secret also I have some secrets
Jesus Christ what do you say 15% more than the original agreed-upon price
if a tenant we did it
she drives a hard bargain
where is this fellow don’t attack me and you money
I open the trunk of a uber Jesse element pops out blinking in the evening light
I haul him over to the to the to the Johnson
tell them that you were in the trunk bad things are going to happen to you doesn’t matter now that’s though
that’s it the only point of that is just so they don’t
blessed I just wanted to do that at
I’m not a very strong person I’m just a talker
bad things will happen to you
say goodbye I feel like bad things will happen to me now that I’m being sold to a businessman
baby baby
don’t think of it that way okay
call barter Datz
you know it’s life you know
so what are you guys going to do with these files oh we’re going to we’re going to put them to good use we’ve got big designs for a new sales force
you guys want to go bowling
I never born no it’s cool. Can we get paid you seem to be occupied and other tasks 50% on top of what I did not listen 15 very explicitly over briefcase heavy with bills into your hands what paper money
are you effing serious or anything, but I tell you the death of the use of paper money will be the death of the feudal system after handing you the suitcase the Johnson pulls out a pistol that shoots Jesse Yellowman in the face
then I guess we had to know that was a possibility
my hands and faces yeah it’s all over nice doing business with you I’ve got a truck stop to attend he pulls into his truck was worth 15%
you are cold rmpc contacts in this adventure you are a very cool person yes yes they’re all splattered with Jesse Owen was blue and you hear the suitcase start to beat
Arabic coffee
Drake diss track night so I can see everybody
Jeff Davis your marriage and Harmon
sure about you by whoever gave me the driving appointment
San Diego drive fast take chances
why is the teacher


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