Episode: 167 – Confirmed By A Well Respected Arborist


Episode: 167 – Confirmed By A Well Respected Arborist


Dan and Erin get a divorce, The Bootsins return and are torn up about a dying eucalyptus tree, Curtis Armstrong comptrolls, Colin Hanks guests… buckle up. watch the video on harmontown.com/live


I know I know
I’m not all dressed up like Jeff my ladies and gentlemen I am the alternate Jeff
just for tonight
that looks weak harmontown is now in session
who begin
alarm for 4
and Now ladies and gentlemen the mayor of harmontown himself his honor Dan Harmon
hello thank you very much thank you
current kind of you
I really kind it’s it’s de rigueur come out what does that mean I think those are evil dwarves right yeah part of the part of the what what kind of it it’s a show with me and bring me out everything that you ever thought is gone
but you came here for tonight right outside I got the divorce pump
this is my first time at the rodeo I remember was last time you guys were hanging from the rafters I just been fired
now come on we’re always sold out you guys are always very supportive and you always love me and I have the divorce thing I don’t know if I mentioned this Curtis but I did mention it to everybody at a show yesterday and and so now it’s now it’s out yeah it’s it’s good I mean as you can probably tell if you follow us on Twitter it’s it’s it’s amicable and mutual it really is a simple failure of two people to to live the American dream of monogamy or we just we just kind of like we were we were living together and we were best friends and we were eating pizza and watching movies and and then and then we’re kind of like almost do this without
married or no I kind of stuff are you at how many marriages if you had is interesting you say that because my first marriage ended in divorce in much the same way and we decided ultimately that rather than work on saving the marriage we would work on saving the friendship and today that woman my first wife is in business with my second wife and current wife and she is also the Godmother of my daughter so it can happen when it’s done loving me
that is either a beautiful story or the Revelation that Curtis is a strange David koresh figure is the mother of my next child
and we all go to the same gun shows
it’s like that Sherlock Holmes troop of old ladies that you’re hanging out with that yeah I don’t even know what questions to ask little I want to let it be a mystery looks like Curtis just have his mysterious life I mean I don’t want to I don’t want to spoil all of it in advance I just lose run down anything that I would talk about without without bringing people out let’s see I don’t have anything in here except for notes about about one of our guests movies which show was interesting will talk to him about the second but worst thing
I don’t know why you brought up an interesting point where you feel like saving the friendship I thought what was interesting was you know it was very smart like practical decision to after we both like took a lot of space and I wouldn’t even call and I did thinking about it I was just taking time because the therapist recommended she’s like well just don’t make this decision hastily don’t don’t do anything you know just like until you got nothing but time now you guys got married you dumbasses talked us into it but but it was like yeah it should just take time and I didn’t even know and I walked to do a couples therapy session you know that we had scheduled and and Aaron started it but haven’t having made the decision and it was it was it was very very brave and thoughtful but then everything like spiraled into crazy like shouting and yelling and accusing each other of all of these crimes you know and I think the reason that happens is because it’s fucking embarrassing and
hurtful to admit that that love didn’t work somehow and it make you feel weird about it you feel bad you feel like you spilled something and then you and then the easy way to make it less like that is to get mad at this other person I go we must be breaking up because they’re an exceptional piece of shit and so just yelling and yelling and for 20 minutes while I sat there and you guys could do this for the other 364 days of the year like do you want it calms her to settle in and the final Epiphany for both of us was Will Wait a minute if we really are breaking up if that’s really what we’re doing then we can immediately just start being nice to each other because we’re both good people that are really nice to strangers all the time we’ve only really been mean to each other and so we how long did that did that take that the process to get to that point
20 minutes 30 minutes of like just kind of like paddling you know who you did this you did that you’re like this and you’re like that and this is why this is happening it’s your fault. It’s your fault if you had vacation there if you hadn’t done something we’d be you know because that’s not a good that’s not a good idea to like be married to somebody that’s based on like if you had done this thing have you done this Butterfly Effect thing like much better to think as you walk away from somebody that it’s not because of some mr. Destiny bad movie flower are you could have brought or or thing you couldn’t have said didn’t say it much better to just think that actually shit we dodged a bullet before we involve children exactly so now I’m really judgmental of everyone that has kids and I’m very very very very proud of her
but I but I mean I like especially if you like like you know that if the relationship was toxic it was definitely toxic because of me and that toxicity came with a dynamic that was uneven and the and the uneven Dynamic team with a comfort level that was probably difficult for her to you know what is very very very brave and admirable for her to actually be the one to put the dog down you know instead of waiting and nnn like that I think I think they feel like the moral of the story is the irony of it is that we got married and we were in perfect people that got married maybe for imperfect reasons and because it wasn’t working for that reason that we went to the couples therapy and Subs like well how do we make this work and she said well first of all you’re both nuts and like I’ll start seeing both of you separately which of course that’s one way to Triple your money as a therapist but I do also think that that that she was right
and because it because she started seeing Erin separately and seeing me separately and seeing us both as a couple and we are learning about how couples are supposed to work and holla stuff works and I think that I think maybe the unspoken thing the whole time you know it was that we were both learning well given that this is how this works and given a given that I am capable of being a normal personal loan like maybe we didn’t we didn’t really look at it and tell it was like right in front of my face and then it all happened very quickly. I think that’s the nice thing about it is that you don’t you don’t insure a go into a relationship for flawed reasons and then leave it because you’re more flawed you leave it because you got better you leave it because you improved it grew and learned stuff and she’s a she’s she’s she’s great and I’m friends with 99% of all of my ex’s but I will certainly continue to be like
good friends with her cuz she’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in them and give me my podcast at work now
that was weird the round of applause as weird I did. You didn’t do anything wrong with sounds weird it’s all weird if I was watching from an alien planet of the lake that’s weird weird what you’re doing why did you play that recording of you crying when your cat died
what’s a guy that we didn’t mean to do that horrible and faking dumb that you did that and was wondering why you did it
is v a great by the way that’s why you really came
all right what else do I know that I know there is a I don’t think I think I’m going to keep this up my sleeve cuz it seems like a good a good thing to have up your sleeve but I an authentic MC like challenge me to a rap battle on Twitter are you here MC Clarity okay all right yeah and I’m not being racist when I say is an authentic MC
yes he’s black
I looked at his Instagram not at his face I looked and he’s got theirs Flyers like you’re you’re a professional MC
do what you have you ever got like some of the door
professional do not like I mean I mean chicken legs like Lake do they do like open MC nights like like
have you ever received a dollar for MC in any indirect way up. He’s trying to dodge the issue
I’m Legit a legit MC
yeah yeah yeah yeah and with and with him I’m going to take down racial stereotypes
you’re welcome you’re welcome white people you’re welcome you’re welcome Hip Hop
you’re welcome harmontown you’re welcome you’re welcome I can’t appreciate it either is tonight
we’re going to have a background and honor as usual
okay so there was this thing it was called it was it was called records like before most of you kind of started listening to stuff there was like there were these jumps over vinyl that I don’t even know how they made them but cuz they were kind of going out when I was like younger and there was this guy that made this documentary about the rise and fall of the biggest vinyl retailer that ended up becoming also the biggest it’s so ubiquitous until I watched this documentary that he made I wasn’t even realizing that it was such a story that you could follow that had a rise in a while but indeed it did because they just went out of business and and marking the end of an of an ERA this guy is very talented documentary director he he’s also an actor or every once in awhile but we talked to him about about 1
please welcome Colin Hanks
how many how many how many divorces are you on I’m on for including all the different family members that the affects everybody so there’s my parents divorce and then my wife’s parents divorced and then a couple of uncles maybe cousin it’s not your fault that’s part of the contract of having a divorce I think it’s your to legally binding earliest encounter with the concept of protesting too much so are you going to have like the conversation with the cat or dog or his fault but I get full custody I remember very distinctly riding with my dad in our station wagon and end end like it was really delayed and I say with a lot of love for my dad like like I think he’s long since stopped like listening
I’m always like I’m always like casting out backward at my parents but I just remember like I was like looking at a comic book and I remember my dad trying to like awkwardly launched into that it’s not your fault talk it’s my my parents are getting separated up staying together. And good job
out there that it’s not your fault talk always sort of Segway it like no matter how it goes it’s so uncomfortable for the parents that it always segues into to Christmas conversation being super like jealous because when I was a kid I was what in like my neighborhood I was the only divorced that I was the only child of divorce all my other friends their parents were married until they all went off to college and then all the parents divorce which is super fucked up. I remember being super jealous at all they’re all they’re all my friends parents are still married and I remember even going so like deep into it this like me and all right yeah two Christmases whatever but if I was Jewish Oregon 16 Hanukkah is that would have been stuck up
that’s about the extent of my math humor but I just I’ve ever talked to the lady that first thing they lead with his like don’t it’s not a Christmas is it’s like it’s like eight shity half stockings. It’s like I go bad if you’re lucky on presents from the bed clearly does not know yet is what it is great I guess I guess our people are chosen
I don’t know if this is the day we’re supposed to prove that but I feel great I’m I’m I’m off to school where the last three months have been dedicated to
in the sport of just fucking lavish blinking lights
everyone here’s twenty dollars is a candy cane for breakfast
I’m doing 80 stand up John Stewart to act for what he was meant to be broken a night all of them All Things Must Pass though I won’t spoil although I will say this documentary this will sound like a lack of endorsement but really it’s the remarkable thing about this documentary there are literally all the all the all the things and you know I started started selling records 1963 happens The Beach Boys become a thing The Beatles become a thing the single culture goes to an album culture and this place explodes
and they also can guess that then guess what guess what guess why it all ends but that doesn’t make it at all an interesting to like Trace every step of this that is actually the first that was the thing that interested me to start making it is I found out that the sky Russ Solomon who founded Tower Records he started selling use 78 from his father’s drug store in 1939-40 one that’s the he’s a little bit hazy with those dates but that’s how he started selling records and then by the time that Tower Records closed its doors he had a hundred and ninety-two stores around the world and so that little like factoid got me super supremely interested in just the overall Arc of the company
and I got lost in the most mundane minutiae of Tower Records and all of the little fascinating things from a historical perspective that I that I find to be really interesting the fact that you know he opens up the first tower that true Tower Records in 1960 he spent eight years kind of perfecting it opening three stores in Sacramento and then on basically he goes into San Francisco to go sleep with some woman who works at his Barber Shop totally Glides over the document to the fact that he’s married with a kid could be done been to that like at all even though we have footage of him with his son talking about his wife
what’s the bookkeeper at the pharmacy but anyway I thought that was such a Charming stories and then wakes up super hungover and finds this location in San Francisco and decide you want to open up a Tower Records he opens up in March of 68 right before San Francisco was invaded by hundreds of thousands of dirty hippies from all over the world and that ends up being the summer love and it becomes the most popular store in all of San Francisco I found all of these little things like that supremely fascinating I think a lot of people who kind of know some of the history of that will like go into it thinking oh it’s just going to be a documentary of dates and places in historical context and all that stuff and we miss vinyl but really what the story is about Russ and these this group of you know
people that worked at Tower that ended up working at this place for 30 plus years and really became like a family as cheesy as that may sound they became a family and work together in had a fucking Blas going around the world working in the music business and they get married they get divorced they have children that they have so much fun and then at the end of it they all have to fire each other our whole horrible like that Michael Collins Air of like it because it turns into each other
ends up becoming this other Journey that I don’t think many people think of and we were talking about this earlier you know I think for a for a large group of people relatively our age I’m lucky I think we’re all cool I think for people relatively our age you know if they were even just a sort of like casual music fan they would just think of tower is the place that was everywhere and sold over price CD right now that you mention that fact that because they’re at that is part of the story is that all the sudden Best Buy Target everybody start being able to sell CDs for $10 a CD which is how much it cost to buy them then did you put them out on the shelf by your Britney Spears the the Tower Records across the street is like we saw her we have to sell these for $20 or we’re going to go out of business in which hard to even for me to wrap my head around and I’m sure they’re there for for for these little little little profligate Fox
play whippersnappers that works too before the internet which I can barely remember now and it was it was like like there’s no internet the newspapers filled with lies there is no short of smoke signals or like there’s not really a hotbed of like kind of countercultural or even just straight cultural like like a giant record stores keep going up and that’s where they ended up being a hundred and eighty two of them is because everywhere that they were they were never in they were never in our Wisconsin they would never they never they made it to the big they had like 35 of them in Japan where they had one in New York but they never seem to have to do that kind of Cosmopolitan need at that time because the same technology is ended up killing records in general would also
plant the need for I don’t know the equivalent of barn-raising people who want to care about something other than what Nixon is telling them or something
I found it I resent that sound I just was a bad dude I think we’ve established that was for that when you come in like that the thing that I wanted I mean there are a lot of things that I like I love about the the overall story with power but the thing that I found to be most insightful and also really inspiring was the fact that you know you sure it it ended when they were 192 stores in and there are a lot of reasons why Tower ended it’s not just the way you know Aaron Sorkin simple answer of life code Napster killed it you know what I mean it’s not that at all and we spend a large portion of the film actually really discussing what it was it actually you but that is
sing the I find really interesting because I always just assumed like everyone else like oh the internet came and it just changed everything to control it at all decided to become the music industry Tower at the time had a website that has revealed at one point at that exact moment their website was on AOL and it was like this little like rinky-dink website and it was just like they could only be so Progressive for so long you can go you can go from LP to CDs but you can’t then also if you have you can’t keep juggling those chainsaws and there’s so much new technology that ends up sort of coming up and then Tower was one of these places where they really prided themselves on trying it was not a company that was run from the top down it wasn’t some it wasn’t Russell a man saying here is how you do this stuff go make me Rich it was here’s the keys to the store stock what you want stock what you think people are going
like when the cops come however you want just don’t show up drunk or high and if you do then go home and don’t fuck me over and that was how the company rent works for 30 years and it was at the souls in that movie who more than one of them does that awesome documentary language is what I go to documentaries for where they they they’re talking about something it seems innocuous and then their throat catches because they’ve been those souls are there counting it as a cautionary tale oh we put ourselves out of business by not seeing MP3 coming or something like that but the real story is that it was it was an actual successful demonstration of non-corporate small business turned to take into a global level
God knows how many employees include including their newsletter and all the stuff it was like they never they had one account and practically the entire time and they didn’t need to there is no there’s no necessary needs all the sudden like take your stock public concern of gold into a bunch of things and mutual funds and it was like it was like it was just a bunch of people that you couldn’t get jobs anywhere else so they like selling records and the end they kept growing and growing and growing that way and they just kept they just kept going and they would go to they would just constantly always be in that right place at the right time and as much as they would have the big stores in the you know like Los Angeles San Francisco eventually New York and then you get into the Chicago’s the New Orleans and stuff like that they would also have small stores in Stockton
and sort of those off the beat sort of you know off the beaten path type places where not a lot was going on culturally or you know the places where you know the bigger band would not stop the flight you know what I mean and so they had they really had a mentality which was we want to be that place wherever we are where it doesn’t matter what you look like it doesn’t matter what you’re into you can come in you can hang out and it doesn’t even matter if you have money we will not bother you unless you want to be bothered unless you piss us off and you can hang out for as long as you want and if you don’t leave with you know a record that’s fine you know maybe you’ll come back and then the next time you’ll buy something and then maybe when you buy something maybe you’ll be open to hearing what some of our suggestions and then you’ll leave within a 14 different records was the album culture
watch the CD culture became you can’t the experimental about your music consuming any more when you could just pay $3 for a piece of you know the black plastic that was like it was like you could you were more incentive eyes to kind of leave there with a big box full of stuff total and a good 10% of it as when you go to the library might have been like shit you might never listen to but then you do listen to I do right now in Franklin or something and then that turns into a holy shit I only have so much allowance and Britney Spears doesn’t have any singles out on CD nugget when I asked Russ I said if you had to like blame everything on something else besides what would you do if I said what would be you know what would it be would it be now after what did you do for management like what would it be and he actually said the biggest in his opinion the biggest mistake was they stop selling singles now if you think
got this and I don’t want to get too boring here but you know anyone here remember buying cassette singles yes okay right that’s how you started your addiction to buying music whether you know it or not that’s how it started just that small little head first and then next thing you know you’re going into that store and you’re buying maybe more singles or maybe you’re buying the full albums that that’s you know eventually at some point it’s the focus at full CDs whatever once they stop selling singles they lost an entire generation of kids and I know this because I’m that age I was that age I remember when they stopped choosing between going to Tower Records and download Again mp3 row but here’s the thing I remember when they stop selling singles but at that point I was like I love music so much I’ll buy I’ll buy CDs I I’ll still do it has meant so you’re going to be going to flatten out but you’re going to lose an inch
fire generation of kids even going into a store and once you do that you lose an entire generation of future customers and that generation of kids all were in college when Napster was really had no loyalty to loyalty and easier to compete you know a small single that cost I don’t know maybe a buck to box that’s easier to compete with then completely free technically it’s there but I also think that obviously without the actual like I can not put on pants they would have had them to have a Netflix Visionary idea in her records yet I feel like it’s a beautiful like bell curve is beautiful trajectory like all things have to come to an end at me like what you don’t want this thing to become Disney or the other day it’s like it is this beautiful bell curve
last of the tire generation and traces The Evolution of Music and it is a bummer and end in the end the sad it’s like this is how it ends never ends really great not like a Soylent Green like euthanasia chamber wits it’s like it’s like the jaws of capitalism in the loans being defaulted in the people being brought in and they have any fire each other nonstop let’s let’s let’s let’s let’s bring things to a positive note cuz if you get a chance to see it we should I should mention that I’m realizing
a movie that we’ve seen none of you have seen different oh yeah and at the ArcLight in LA in the village alone for the most amazing mustache I’ve ever seen old and talking about the memories of it he’s got a regular Sam Elliott regular about a Sam Elliott mustache but it’s like whatever but then they do see him in photographs and it’s like you just told somebody somebody somebody took somebody took a duct tape with strip of hair I put it right over his mouth like a hostage. That’s what his mustache looks like it just looks like it just doesn’t look it looks like something happened like something blow across a room and weave
movie out to a bunch of different film festivals and we always get you know you get super nervous like it’s funny I can see I sat through horrible shity things that I’ve acted in and been totally fine like no problem I don’t care how like it plays it’s just sort of like that whatever but when it’s your movie that you like fucking like put everything into all of a sudden every noise that you here while the movie is screening is of the utmost importance and we have these like little moments in the film where I can tell if an audience is with us or if they’re just not and luckily that mustache is the fucking like that’s the dividing line like a really looks like his mustache in the photographs being from the Midwest you back this is like the gyro restaurants there are I missed them cuz it’s like they had the rotisserie and like you just carve off the big greasy strips of jagged lamb meat
giant long ruler length strips of of of of of serrated edge lamb meat is lamb in a pita & Leg if I don’t know if I don’t ask for anything else just angry at myself just that it looks like a piece of gyro meat like like like like was on a ceiling fan after a party and he came in and was like hey guys I just like went over his lips though like centered on his lips that’s the weird thing as much as it looks like he’s like a weird part of a weird freedom of speech like a demonstration
but you got to understand the kit we were specifically cut it this way because we have this old photo of him and you see this old photo and it’s basically you just hear his voice saying like oh well you know I’m basically describing the first time you walked into our records and got a job and we see how this old black-and-white photo and everyone starts chuckling at the mustache like everywhere I heard you were going like oh wow yeah audible thing like not just a gas but like Words as well like oh Jesus not as detailed as lamb off of a gyro place than a pedo with hummus in the whole thing but close to it and then the next shot is him today and he still has the fucking mustache and then people lose their ship
Well he kind of refined it though cuz back then it was like oh someone ran over a centipede in like I don’t know why it ended up on your mouth like lie on your center of your lips like he clearly like we clearly since those days had children or wives that said like you got to clear out an area
I recognize people is two dots and a slit
Steven Spielberg definition like a triangulation Euro anyways so please promise me when you see that photo go oh when you see the black and white photo and then when you see if someone could just go oh shit just for my own person I would love it if someone did that I was afraid that someone would do it the way I want to bring out I’d like you to stay up here cuz we wait we haven’t talked about Fargo I know you also you have to stay version.
Ashley said your PR furnace do I have time I’d like you to meet my my neighbors
just right there we go
by the way no relation
sometimes your voice it’s like wow
I heard about Michael Keaton
my next to guess you if you’re a hardcore Armand Armenian The Armenian culture hair
the the the the you know did you’ve you’ve met my neighbors before I I called Beth my the tumor lady I had a conversation with her and find out You’d Survive the golf ball-sized tumor and that she was fine now and I’m endlessly fascinated with this shit cuz I’m morbidly like like terrified and she and her husband came up and her husband didn’t say a word even though he’s got interesting things about him but tonight is not the night for them to have interesting things tonight is a night for me to plumb the depths of their to me completely baffling obsession with with with four trees in their backyard so we’re just going to talk about it we’re neighbors.
they’ve been texting me Beth has been texting me for a long time about her trees and and and she’s going to be looking pretty
please welcome Beth boots and and Dan Burton
alright so
one day one day. We will have on the show just to talk about the really interesting saying like you know there is no La Heritage there’s no such thing except dad was this guy named Gypsy Boots so you could you can look up on Wikipedia it was like the art when he was like the Founding Father of the health craze the idea of Health Food the ideas like yoga and all the stuff like like being being shipped being married to the people that we think are cool I was this guy Gypsy Boots running around and Dan’s dad who’s do now lives next door to me which I think is like that yeah those stories don’t happen in New York you don’t live next to the guy that you know you probably live next to a fisherman or a plumber
New York they do stuff there
here in LA live next to the lake who knows it’s like like like all my dad was a famous hippie all right I didn’t sell that very well they don’t do that here alright alright so it’s been it’s been a long time we’ve been exchanging text about your trees
all right so where where where do you want to start II cuz I have things I was saying I was suggesting that we just read our texts
we should start from the beginning do you want to do I just start by doing the dialog of the text
okay that’s good yeah I didn’t love letters play there’s a little bit of Preamble where we just stay like well
little Courtyard and we have the most beautiful or we had most beautiful 100 year old eucalyptus trees and these things are provided a wall of privacy and AD and had a beautiful cat
happy where we hung a Moroccan lanterns from and we would have a great BBQs out there which you came to our house for real yeah you have lamb
this is about me not about mad about you like
I never I never noticed or cared about the trees I don’t I didn’t know they existed apparently they’re gone
first of all I mean you’re calling me like my neighborhood not picking up the phone voicemail you were inexplicably kind of cryptic about to talk to you about something yeah I can’t say I don’t know why you’d bury that lead but you got to do and then you were sending me texts I like did you get my voicemail I got to talk to you and I keep I’m in the middle of you do as it turns out a divorce but it’s coming up into the air sink or something that be
the point is fine I have to
your phone said I was going to my chiropractor and I was listening to my podcast
I said and you know my my wife’s been trying to reach you so yes I know oh my God what happened what happened what did I do or come back what happened I said it’s going to be very upset if I said it’s the eucalyptus trees are are rotten and they’re going to have to be removed in the first thing they said was on my property a little quicker I said yes if you could have tricked me into paying for the whole operation is $1,000 cuz I don’t know now they’re ours but they’re it’s really sad and I’m going to take them all out and dance
but that’s that I want I don’t want you to gloss over what I consider the moral of the story they’re just trees to me
I just want that to always be in the background
does u.s. x-ray beautiful voicemails and then why do the back of my head not that I did anything about it I was like oh my God there’s a crisis I’m being a bad neighbor okay if I came saws and text app because I didn’t want anybody be furious with me when all these. These hundred year old trees down four of them and be they were the like if you drive down the block you just you could see them for from Far Far Away
but I don’t recognize his face, I don’t see the trees
the mail
this is this is what it is I know it’s about me I’m like I just don’t understand what’s happening how do you write whatever you want okay okay
it is with
are you just said like you said this everybody but I don’t know I think I’m just getting this as a text I don’t know if there’s another important point that I don’t know to bring up now or later Erin McCarthy is on all of these this is a message to me and my wife were who were struggling to keep our marriage together
I bet they are inherited who did in it at the end at the end I mean like at the end of roots the miniseries like the whole point is that this is to me here’s the thing is I knew okay well absolutely
you’re right now but I will Channel her is one line because there he had it is with much sadness that I write this
but our for 100 year old eucalyptus trees will have to be removed this is after so many voice messages
I never was
it’s been confirmed by a well-respected arborist
that although the that although the trees look healthy and Arthur believe me but I end up being the bad guy so it’s okay to laugh because she’s beautiful she’s like I end up being the villain I wouldn’t be taking you to stay healthy and thriving on the outside that they are full of decay in the trunk and roots are not expected to withstand a winter with rain and winds the tree trimmers will begin their tree cutting at 7 a.m. on Tuesday new paragraph trees are located
Peppa Pig the end of the cul-de-sac on Butler Boulevard address withheld for Stocker position with everybody knows where I live, wrote back and sad to hear about these Majestic trees but I do feel you and your family will enjoy your fresh unobstructed view of my trademark nude sunbathing
something to talk about to all the other neighbors if I can get a picture and think of all the money I can make
make sure you are in a good area and expose all so I can make a lot of money and then the weird thing is you you left an emoticon that the emoticon is a yellow face going
but it’s like wait that’s that should be by my emotions a day later I think September 24th maybe three days later the photo of our strong healthy looking trees that are arborist said would never survive El Nino and there’s a show he we actually brought it’s a it’s a it’s a
okay so I am in the minority outside it was so green and thriving I mean just so much you can do what is on your house
surgical incisions always been my favorite flavor truly of the pictures because she just keep sending the same picture
I did that because I wasn’t trying to make a point. Because I was in a place where the message wouldn’t go through so I so I kept sending it was a picture of a human hand in a guess what is a tree trunk and then there’s like a close-up of this book look like Afghanistan I don’t know what that is. Are we passed that part of the story
all totaled there’s a 7000 pictures and they keep coming in over and over again all of that so then you say those photos did not go in the right order plus it wouldn’t send the photo of the stump with the lovely hole in it so I kept trying to send it that’s why you have a hundred of the same photo so you knew that’s also what happens when your battery is at 2% and then oh no
you should see the view we have from our window now it makes me want to cry you’re the one from Aaron
what’s this song

I know you’re doing that cuz you want it to be over but it I actually was mistaken are his big line comes later.
so then so then bath in response to Erin is that the best you can do. She can’t tell when Erin stocking what I’m talking about how about an apology and then and then Aaron says
sorry of a yellow person drying their eyes with a handkerchief and send the same fucking Circle
Ridgid battery at 4% now
and then we can wave to each other whenever we each week whenever we see each other now which will be every 5 minutes will look out your window and you look down at ours exciting the rainbow and completely is like becoming conscious of the fact that I haven’t responded to you in awhile I now Having learned to make animated I now send Ice I send the my standard GIF of me lowering my glasses to my nose and I just put the meme caption that’s what I call an unhealthy eucalyptus tree
but I don’t know what to do anymore I don’t know what to do
and then Beth says more drawn curtains now and then LOL and then later says still laughing out loud
then then you said then you sent a photo there’s a there’s something written on a board for photos there’s a new photo there’s a new photo of a tree stump of this one has a pencil jammed into a new router. Then again same photo as far as I’m concerned you said I want you to notice the photo with the pencil in it
that’s all Sauk Centre that can be pushed in with just a finger all of the trees although hard on the top have been rotten in the lower trunk does that other eucalyptus tree belong to you he’s got one on his property he’s got one on his property I’m sure it’s fine but some of the neighbors are starting to inquire about the other eucalyptus trees
I can give you the number to are arborist
you might very well give your tree in a plus
but I don’t think that’s what you’re thinking
we had mushrooms growing on the bottom of one of our trees we also had holes in our tree that she could put a stick in two to see how deeply that it could go in that indicated Decay inside if nothing else it might give you peace of mind it’ll give all the neighbors peace of mind to
I don’t want to High Road you but my peace of mind is a lot fucking harder to come by to that person
so angry and drunk the whole time
I would never take over when I’m texting you
peace of mind I think you’re doing fine I guess part of what gives me struggle is the Quest for Independence in a world defined by loneliness
I do a lot of ways I guess I’m like a giant eucalyptus tree rotting from the inside
I love it I love it
is that why you wanted to hold onto your eucalyptus tree well I don’t besides that tree didn’t get hit with a belt by his parents and I never was and never was able to do anything other than what it’s doing yes but it did get hit with some huge past
as humans we are told unlike trees that we are in charge of What Becomes of us there storms are our fault that tree got to sit there for a hundred years while people got on and off the bus in La expecting things and having things expected of them
in a weird way that that you can totally suck my human dick
I’m so glad I don’t have my neighbors telephone number
I remember all the stuff he did for me to heat it is best in he could be quite loving
I think it got more than it deserved and I hope it burns and fucking treehouse
are you okay
are you
I’m doing well
that’s what you said but what if I push a pencil through you
how soft will you print out today I was like oh my God
I know what this is about your pissed because you don’t have your privacy it or you think that I made up this whole decaying tree thing just to stalk you haha I can see right through you especially now that all the trees of God
days later I think Days Later October 1st from now on I’m going to yell up to your window and say it’s my way of saying it’s a beautiful day don’t you think three days later my dad and I were thinking of dropping by your podcast today to talk about the eucalyptus trees what do you think
we can skip to is it you don’t want to go through all the booking information whatever you do know there’s a lot of ya know how does Wednesday work
the woman I threatened to push a pencil through
Dan Rice yes but we don’t need to include are in this conversation anymore we’re divorcing I’m going to connect you to my assistant Steve Levy who books the show and make sure the guests have all the right information okay and then put together
I’m so sorry.
you’re about the divorce that’s always a difficult thing to go through
that’s me yeah you do
I’ll get you that that you reading me yeah yeah
you perceive right we were just living together that’s why I didn’t make sense to say married I’ll give your email to Steve and have him contact you tomorrow we’ll only have okay wait hold on hold on and then Aaron comes in for the closer here
why thank you Beth truth be told our marriage was fine until the eucalyptus trees kids
anyways thank you Beth truth be told our marriage was fine until the eucalyptus trees came down because it turns out I was just in it for the shade
Erin mcgathy
so you
yeah yeah okay so so in the green room to put a ribbon on that so like I said the audience’s on your side they’re reacting to the size of the tree or I don’t know the amount of Decay I still don’t understand I never noticed them I I live in a world of just dirty underwear and you know what I think I actually think that wall of eucalyptus trees is down and you’ve lost your privacy and you’re looking down into our yard you don’t have that wall of privacy anymore there’s there’s there’s big stocks of ugliness there now I had to bug you but I bought your house
if there was no privacy there I don’t know about that honestly I looked in the backyard and I was like oh so green that has a grill because if I okay we’ll talk about that later my OSHA it okay well I want to tell you that
you know that’s what I sent out those same photos to all the neighborhood and people at first were like us very very upset that these beautiful trees had to be cut down but then afterwards when they saw how much 2K there was they were shocked and then they were asking about a hundred years old right before we were going to cut the trees down we’ve had the same tree trimmer for many many years now and I would have had I would have had anybody else trim them because he knows the trees and
and it’s not that I’m a tree robbery when you are a homeowner it is important or I will come in and I will hit you in the head with a fucking microphone
but here’s the thing it’s not that I’m a tree lover or treehugger is it says he’s worried when I looked out my bedroom window these trees were right there and our house is small and these trees were focal point so and we lived in that house for 20 years
at least these trees were probably about seven stories high and they were a hundred years old and now we look up
I will
I will build a statue to your trees
will Spray cranberry juice for the children
Play I just want to show you that so you told me yes right before we cut the trees I was upsetting thing to me but right before we cut the trees down and I actually had a service or
give homage to these trees and you said can I can can I please read the poem I read at the service
and you’re currently you prefer our listeners you are as broken up as one of these Tower Records people like and is me talking about my divorce and I’m a horrible heartless Maniac that cannot, I cannot see in these colors but I do want to say that you identified with a trace so I’m waiting on my trees Blue Gum eucalyptus four of them so tall so Majestic I’ve always been proud that those trees were mine fighting through the harsh environment Standing Tall and proud for over a hundred years those trees belong to me
they provided shelter when the sun was beating down and when the winds would show no mercy yet it was after the storm that they were at their most fragrant it was like walking into a spa especially after a big rain the life that existed in them raccoons possums skunks
the chatter of the squirrels that mocked my dog why even the Hawks made their home there and that’s built on the strong branches of my eucalyptus trees a nest holding three large babies and the parents and I got to see my Hawks grow and I got to see my hawks fly and I got to see my Hawks store the cold Winters the hot summers the powerful winds nothing could break those trees and to think that those trees belong to me
and to think that those trees my trees will now be gone
with every end comes a new beginning
with great love bath and two more
someone just called out give her your tree
if that is possible possible biologically or legal aid you it is your key I don’t know where it is. Is it the thing with the green stuff that there’s a million trees back there that was beautiful bad that I probably don’t have to acknowledge this but rather how amazing you are in Your Capacity to go throw yourself against a horrible Jagged Cole black wall and just and just respond at face value when I’m clearly just in an alcoholic spiral LOL clothing with like
I will say she showed me the text and we went
yeah I was I was not in a good place. But I will say I was a very funny place but I didn’t know that you guys were getting divorced Ireland and I thought you were missing her the the spiral that would happen if you were okay by the way I’m 4 months today and they said they saw something growing there for a while but now they’re saying everything was good cuz everybody
Kira the heroism
are the Los Feliz fiefdom dominated by the shadow of a tree hitting over Lloyd now you can push a pencil through me anytime Beth
thank you sir see you soon alright
so Colin what’s Fargo about
Zermatt a city or eucalyptus trees Fargo
do you need any more vodka by the way I know you been around
I’m coming back to this microphone oh yeah you should do better there we go
yes so Fargo the first season which is the season new season starts on Monday
are you want no I’m not in it right
that don’t be upset about it it’s going to be okay don’t worry you’re going to get through it now the second season is actually really great I’ve seen the the first episode it’s fantastic and all the people that they have endured right it’s cool so it’s like it’s like I don’t know it’s like if you wanted to do like the Marvel Universe thing with the Coen brothers that’s what it is. Paper paper I know on paper is like I can it is truly like that could have been some fucking horrible fanfiction dude it really could have been but no Holly for whatever reason that dude is on like another level you know it Paul McCartney said there is Seven Levels he’s on like the 8th or maybe the 7th and he wrote that first season of Fargo which was really great that was sort of had a brief connection to the movie but yet existed in its own right and this next season is was alluded to multiple times in the first season
and so loose oliversen who owned the cafe I who I care team played in the first season he is now played by Patrick Wilson and it shows his whole experience as a sheriff in a completely different town and it’s supposedly badass I’ve seen the first episode it’s great and I cannot wait for the second episode and I’ve been waiting fucking months for the second episode of my brother when I was doing the pilot for Community he was doing a pilot for I can’t remember the name of it now it was like some like it was going to be like, like the unknowable generation and other like that and I got together with him for a round of drinks and as we talked about you it’s kind of hard to read but I don’t know if it will be
will make me secure about myself but I but I think knowledge you will get you guys will be able to communicate in a way I don’t know if anyone else will understand it but don’t oversell it could just be like a eucalyptus tree that they brought the circular stuff that they’ve been sending me pictures of and everyone went okay I’m the monster
you really should post like screengrabs of that that conversation though because when she came out and she instantly went through her phone and just started scrolling through this to I had no idea what they were going to do and I just hear start scrolling through a very long text conversation and I said well this is going to be very interesting because she’s clearly not at all interested in what’s happening right now and is very interested in this text conversation holy fucking shit you everything you do is a fucking started Colin Hanks I will take that as a good thing
excuse me I hope you’ll stick around cuz I’d like to play Shadowrun with you but yeah I got some business to attend to do I need to get to my house
an mc mc Clarity are you still are you still down all right come on
are you doing
all right
so maybe we’ll get to know you said of the battle can be be higher Stakes cuz So lately are you from La I’m actually live in Connecticut but I was pretty much raised in Empire Fontana
hello weather Caucasians of the black guy how you doing
that that that’s Auntie though his dad’s like a heart surgeon from Barbados right I told my dad the general manager at Denny’s
are you young enough to ask how old you are but maybe I shouldn’t ask that if you say yes cuz I like a kid twenty-something 23 2528
very young to me when did when did when did you you’re like an easy like so can we call you in a mature MC what is that lifestyle where can I buy stand up when I was a kid for sure right they are you all right
just so you know I mean he’s playing it off with the guys I know I never have any gas to find a story in something so if I say just like a kid crying about the ice cream I need to find a social political turmoil about how America is just someone kid crying about their ice cream I’m actually writing a song about foot fetishes
America got boned 900 number phone with Ben Folds once humblebrag and I have a dialogue in my head all the time like like like I imagined myself I don’t flatter myself or offend anybody who has a legitimate Mental Illness but I will you hear about like voices in your head I always think like there’s got to be like one drop of chemical difference in the brain between like a writer who’s good at dialogue and like somebody who set himself on fire cuz they can’t stop like the voices in their head because I just feel like I’m just used to it it’s supposed to look like I just always here talkin talkin talkin talkin talkin and when people are talking to me I see their words in front of my face level. I talked to Ben Folds
musician how does that work and he said like he can’t he has the same thing but it’s Melodies which is so weird to me cuz to me Melodies are a thing you make up like you go down to the ditch and you just like I need a Melody about how other people feel about writing and he feels that way he’s like I can’t stop thinking of this melody I can’t get it out of my head which I’ve heard from by Paul McCartney and stuff like that and interviews you’re saying that but in interviews he said interviews we still hang out with Paul McCartney thank you, and interviews
what’s up maca
Victor Powell Maca as he’s called in Brazil
exhausted every rose has been promoting his documentary probably all week and he has to come here like just send me from Eva
I really thank you for doing that there’s a very big difference between crazy and insane you can deal with a crazy the artist because they’re constantly focused on whatever it is that they’re their brain needs to focus on whether his words or Melody whatever they’re crazy because they’re big they hear Melodies all the time where is insane is just a fucking insane person always connecting think there’s a thing when I listen to like Eminem lyrics of like this guy must have been born to the generation or it’s like oh because of hip-hop culture that came before him and because it may be something in his brain like he’s thinking phonetically because he Rhymes shit that I’m like that didn’t rhyme until you made it rhyme do you do you think in Ryan’s do you hear Rhymes in your head that I definitely do I mean how I really got to start like my bike the process is
every song I do is a story so the first thing I do is I just think about what the story is going to be about so I always have to make sure I have a beginning and middle in the end and always have to write out all back that’s a call back thank you you want to tell start your saying so it should take us back to the camp the ice cream cone your say when you look at the kill you like I want to do I would have rap about that yeah I think your grandpa asking his ball and crackers are too soggy and all this other shit and all he really fucking wanted which is that chocolate chip icing from Thrifty he was so excited at the store now I’m going to destroy my teddy bear because I don’t know what else to do that’s pretty much how I’m going to put my story because I feel like I feel like it’s like a twisted Bittersweet thing in any one’s like more of the story of the day like you have the greatest day possible.
play something about your day is a Bittersweet so I always try to make sure I end every note of my song in a Bittersweet lyrical funny way so like Bittersweet would be an example of a like so it doesn’t get any more ice cream but like but he’s going to lose weight
a year later later later later
and that’s like that’s like the way with you and your friends in a car
smoke a lot of marijuana is the rappers do on their albums like I want you to stop
everyone wants to be something that like was like when you have a movie stars you want to be sitting here like a little bit and she was like fuk I have a great voice and she was like I’m going to go ahead and be a singer when you have like actors or if you like rappers or singers who like you know what I’m going to go into acting to go when you’re like you know what really not that great of an active still keep on doing it says, like the same thing with the skids you know I don’t have very funny very very corny skit with my girlfriend and a tortoise up what is about like going on a shopping spree at a swap meet and it’s it’s so corny and we’re so proud of it till this day is the way we feel like we’re like him so it’s over
my dad never know when you’re going to hit the gold Olympus trade with the people are going to consider it an important story do you do it I got to I got to Beats from our man Zack and the booth with there’s a there’s a slower one of the faster ones like like what do you want to sit do you want to you want to be congenial do we need to like move the seats out and like it when we didn’t extend to do something I was trying to ask you what I did with the lifestyle like I was at work when I was seventeen I started I was like I’m going to be expedient so there was this whole thing was open mics it was like this weird it was this whole culture what is like I have know if I was supposed to write a movie about like what the hell does that look like what do you do you go to a place to put your hat in the Hat
play bring you up
open mics or something like that I know I just started riding I just started showing people and I just tried talking to the right people and I just started doing open-mic sir different gigs so I promoted at saying hey I’m doing something in Santa Ana to do songs that just don’t want to do it and then you leave venues that are doing it public and stuff are people like are they is it like a honky tonk or they’re like boo you and throw beer bottles
like that like two weeks ago I was actually on off Sunset Boulevard 2 weeks ago and it’s awesome but the hole by Tom Jones naked police officers are just fucking quiet like all day and so is it like what’s a Gobot yeah exactly right and like that you know and so did his work feeling that should at all and so I was like I don’t know if they’re going to call me or shoot me in the face isn’t it really sucks
you have to keep going you know if you believe in the dream you know he’s got to keep going and just do whatever it takes but I’m sorry I just destroy your dream tonight but
but you know what. Now
all right when we start should we start with the slow one see if you notice a little one
okay go for it don’t work very fast by my my my accounts in one second before they drop the beat
hey guys straight up real hip hop
I’ve been told you have to say that before you do that.
With a big sack full of pre-written ride or not at all
we’re ready to go there we go
real hip hop
clear they had yo yo it’s about that time about time for hip hop
about quarter to that time
now it’s getting to be that time yeah yeah
ceiling and floor your mama and she asks just start with that it’s like a warm up

give me a second
get ready to die
alright hurry up yo-yo I’ll take a shower go away she went home and came back the next day I said why are you here again she said I never met a spot so hard since 1910 because I know your mother is a hundred and three and that’s not old enough for me because I like the wrinkle pussy till I like your mom but right about now I got to get a pompom and give it to your mama so she can cheer lead to the teen that is my dick
switch out my balls
all right
yo yo thank you yo alright alright yo
you said you much my mom I’m not complaining all that means is I’m officially Caucasian
I’m not complaining why you talkin so much for my Christmas I want a PS4 if you want to do daddy yes I don’t want you can tease you never are Manchester I need that the custody for the alimony is going to go in but you are pretty bad but that’s okay don’t be sad all I want to do is say you real rag on my friend said hey what’s up I love to Rick and Morty’s yes I’m writing these boring than you think I’m really sorry Victor he’s already expected I don’t know what I’m trying to say my head is just as liked it and split it and I talked to him between I had too much coffee in my system all I want to do is just tell someone Hey sister I’m sorry I can say I’m kind of nervous it’s okay though because my clothes and kind of poor it because it really soft and all the sudden I’m Hip Hop New Carlton I really like the fact that you had this kind of one on the table you’re not offering to nobody I have a shot though maybe all the way though I’m going to Chuck it down I’m real fucked-up I’m real drunk crazy in love because my girl is right in the front
I see her right there cuz she has a big derriere not like this guy right here you can’t even say you can’t even see it is too flat like their wives that he just said I can’t even think about receiving on this battle yes I’m going to have you really I’m too sick like HIV I just go so wrong to poison in my drink or might go buy something on my chicken my birthday I can say is coming don’t be mad at me I’m just trying to be saying these things are promoting picks for everyone for this thing I’m pretty sure we can go ahead and do a second round I don’t know I’m about to go down with my testicles where I’m throwing up the middle school I’m so cool I’ll be able to stop right here I keep on rambling this is STD of sorry
all right round to wear one.
All right
I’m not going to say I understood everything that’s okay me neither me neither
do that style where you just rain for a while but you write the time with a deer on the words instead of the and the beat you don’t rhyme with the feet do you like you do just rhyme is this kind of sporadic disease go in and I’m like I don’t think I don’t think I’m going to make it up
yo. My name is Jim I’m fucking mama with my hand I don’t use my dick anymore because it hasn’t got the hots in second 44
don’t work. I’ll give you a better job cuz he’s a jerk and then ask which is a sore nose or just dick because your dad’s looking a little sick I think he might have leukemia I’ll give him some treatment I thought your mama and then she said she’s like she’s like fuck me again so I fuck your mama again and then I flipped the house about a quarter to 10 I got the mail went to work and then I came back and I caught your uncle dinner crack I said Uncle Bob what are you doing he said I’m just looking for postage gluon I’m going to put a stamp on an envelope I said let’s go hunt some Antelope so we went to Africa and your mama’s so hard she look like Starry that she was taking ecstasy at the time so we had to do this time don’t worry
poisonous vipers in the brush I put your mama and a big-ass truck I feel inside and I left around and it said it’s a new hip hop song I think that’s about all I got to do is just say hahaha and then your mama’s ass cuz all of the milk that you forgot to drink cuz your mama a diet sticks she just lays on a bed and so I can eat shit that people put in front of her
play yo yo. My mom is not hurting my feelings after this time it’s just me really really
whose house is really fucking lonely like I said before could look funny that attorney yes and I do want for half custody of everything you have fucked up no wonder everyone to want to leave you and every time you speak to his I know I’m real fucked-up in the battle I don’t give a shit I’m real evil with this shit myself my producers hail Satan shout out with this shit here we go again we’re going around around the clock like sucking dick is big talking yes we talked about how you give him my mom the fucking stock is there’s a dick requirement was the last time you see him every time you look down its Altos Nomo you just a hole in the pimping up and gear West Hollywood you are we ho ho ho slow down no more. Put that shit what you might get one hard it really it really is too big I can’t see nothing that you say it every time he sees that you always be spraying mediocrity the for my walking for Monday in this evening if you just said you liked it.
epilepsy what does l l Joe I love him in Revenge of the Nerds I love when you bringing your nose all the time did you eat it and that one scene with it you really Poconos out if you really pick it out how many ass did you get to Racine when you saw the girl you were like hey I’m that get yo give me some Regina USS wife never are you serious he didn’t see you and they said fucking nerves but that you’re awesome that’s absurd. He’s a real legend shout-out to everyone here you fucken listening just get the fucking clapping go ahead and show some support for his hip hop Sinister real fucking bad Kanye West what I don’t have a baby and goddamn kind of silly Quinn opposite now she’s a fucking
for girl forever. I don’t give a fuck anyway I might just go ahead and just stop it right here I’m going to quit thank you for the drink do I have to pay anyting how bad is it how about go ahead practice go ahead just keep on riding all day but it’s just real for weddings you’re a fucking icon too and I think it’s really cool that you gave me this opportunity to go ahead and say everything that I want to say
but whether I think you got it I will give it to you this time
thank you sir
since that second round I heard I could keep I could almost keep up with everything and it was badass, so I will be analyzing that shit for a little while
and then it got really meta and uncomfortable when he was like rapping about my twitching my uncomfortable situation of like winter when are these people who freestyle like all the time like how much how much stuff do they have up their sleeve know I just I was sweet. Yeah see if you give him something he’s going to work with it cuz he’s an artiste and that’s what artists do I thought I was the only one with Flo know I thought everyone else would try it did you know I’m not a rapper I’m at the rapper
the other ones cuz I was in a I played bass in a band in college that fancied itself as a live hip hop group Devil is a horrible thing to fancy themselves and we called ourselves the underlords such a horrible name for a band
so bad that the guy who is recording our demo labeled as the overlords and he said over on first and then said let’s try rapping I was just a quiet bass player that’s terrible I’m just playing a bass and on that little demo that we made that one thing that you cannot hear is the best this isn’t something you kept no I still have it you do so I still have it it’s really bad it’s really bad no you can’t listen to any of it I want to make sure I got to go to the bathroom real quick spacers got make a little Poopers there is one thing
watching all of this is a professional I think we’re about to get to his part of the show and because I got to go to the bathroom
do it now
does it like this leaves until permission is head. He’s sitting for free I mean if you were charging him that would be really bad person who is just one of many people that we recognize yet who is in documentaries
is that a lot of documentaries he made all of his in the time it took me to make one as needed with that idea cuz I’ve never I think I didn’t act a lot of snobbery without realizing I’m doing it but I’ve never been patient for it at all is it likely it is that like the people with the idea that they like to go to record stores and be given a hard time or did back then there’s a very specific reason why I put Grohl in the documentary cuz everyone was like when we released the trailer there were some people are like all great David Rose in another documentary about music like that per the rules he has to be every documentary about music nobody had heard anything like this
FedEx just could be about anything it’s like clipart
quickly he actually worked at Tower Records before he was in her Bonnet he worked at a Tower Records in Washington DC so I specifically went after him because I knew that he works there and he talked a lot about the fact that a lot of the people that that worked at music stores at record stores have a tendency to be pretty nagash I am to tell you I was I would I can’t wait to see this because the tower that was here on Sunset Boulevard when I moved here in 83 and it opened around the area open in the 70s but it open for you in 1983
in New York was in 1980 because I never encountered that I never encountered snobbery and I lived in that Tower record for years I was there constantly and one of the things I thought was so sorry about the whole thing going so was that there was a social environment there which everyone has lost as a result of going to mp3s know I always say that there are two things that are missing now that these stores have a tendency to not really exist and I’m saying this knowing full well that were in the back of a comic store where this happens every day but the social interaction between people at the store hours for are going through bands and seeing what the other person is doing and maybe there’s a connection there that can be made or there’s at least some sort of connection being made between the person that is taking the money and the person that is giving them
the only difference now is that I don’t remember what I was doing when I downloaded some song I thought there’s no there’s no special moment of like I’m about to download this that is going to change my life or like man I remember where I was where I downloaded this but I remember where I was when I bought an album that meant a great deal to me and that is something that is somewhat special at least to me and so I mean let’s be honest to me you could say you could do the same thing about making bread or something like white people. People used to have to wait we need a loaf of bread so I guess I know what I’m doing Wednesday the last Wednesday when we went went went when Brett started to get streamlined we lost our Wednesday’s good or bad
I do again I do feel like I like the in that documentary I was people that contributed so much to popular culture upon themselves so much in the third acts like they’re like but we couldn’t never know there was going to be the end of everything that did you see the Paul Williams documentary olives everything in the seventies and being one of the most inspiring interesting people is like the diminutive guy that just experimented kind of like Beth boots and with the idea of like like in her and she’s like I’m going to be bulletproof I don’t care I’m so at peace with myself or just all I care about is is whether you’re okay that’s a tiny little guy who was a brilliant songwriter wrote all of these hits keep heat all of a sudden he’s amazing celebrity and it wasn’t because there weren’t taller more handsome people available it was because people loved him
because he was so unflappable and so sincere and yeah it was the 70s we did a bunch of coke and drank and this the days of the end of it I just wish I felt like I had to tweet him and go like YouTube too hard on yourself man it’s like so what you rub your nose during the Dick Cavett Show like what the fuck I like like you were an enemy wrote back like yeah but I have to find peace and Grace and it says it is just like now I feel like people are too hard on themselves in these documentaries where it’s like I was being interested to tell these people stories and so when I see things in when I see documentaries and people are being too hard on themselves I don’t know they should be hard on yourself cuz it was their lives this is what
they did for better for worse this is what they did and a lot of times especially when you get into these scenarios where documentaries are talking about you know people that dedicated their lives to something they will spend the rest of their lives wondering what they could have done differently and and we gave the people that worked at our chance to be able to talk about that and to sort of maybe just maybe give them an opportunity to try to get them you know get that off their chat cuz you can just show up to a place and have your own trailer and have put the people put makeup on your face and go ahead I’m not going to lie that’s really nice when people are like a bee the funny and like wear makeup and pretend to be someone else that’s a nice day job to have and I really enjoy doing it and I got a new show now that I
Superdry no but I like that is really fun but nothing thanks for nothing Thanks for the Memories but I know but like with it with the documentary thing it was really something that I started doing because I wasn’t working because I couldn’t find any acting work and I’m not a writer I don’t pretend to be a writer ass lot of actors do
but I know it basically was it was a chance for me to do something else creative in and I needed some sort of outlet and so this dog proved to be at and since I started making it I’ve done a couple of other ones and I’m not pretending to be a documentary filmmaker this is just one store that I really wanted to tell and I was lucky enough to adopt Alyssa then bring it on Friday and then you know about certain like like like the what it is like that a lot. Very to shit we can play again let’s talk about like this one aspect of your life that you share with a very very very tiny minority of people which is that which is a legacy and how you deal with like the concept of working your way of establishing we talking about you
Undead Dead Bite Bite it’s a totally different podcast I hope we can talk about that are not talk about. I hope you come back as your lovely person that I really like hanging out with I appreciate that and you’re going to play Shadowrun with us now and her did she get to reprise her role as dr. Your friend it is fine or Shadowrun and we’ve had going to not be bashful about about soliciting the the aid of a of of someone that presents is female or spilling female tonight
Jenkintown to since you said it that charmingly okay
because just gay count
I’m not sure let’s figure it out alright I will use that for me a friend and then so swear to God I would say why don’t you be here to guard you like a psychic for a guy okay I’m a second foreign dude in the world usually play them I don’t know what really how to explain him okay
oh well fuck the real tragedy Jeff isn’t here just got lost at what point do I reveal that I have no idea what this is or how to do this do I just wait till the end of time I got Shadowrun what’s your name
should we play the foreign need to switch characters so charmingly British of you
what is enough man combined with British that’s like the one in our very happy right now
cool of him he’s all flustered because those ladies in the front row. Thank God for my divorce I can explore these Avenues now.
take me take me to Quidditch game all right
cuz it’s all hacking it’s dumb just trying to get laughs like a desperate sad Hungry Hippo grabbing it to marbles
everything all right so, there’s a lotta right just really quickly
alright alright young lady.
All right you’re playing Jeff characters Eve Liberty near I don’t know what I would never remember I don’t remember what happened last time we are about to find out do I have to keep score at like 7:18 I would like him to come back hey
yeah me to keep yourself it’s all right let’s go though okay we will try to run this one was written by Robert horn
he’s the guy whose parents run a ground anchor that place that we love is work
what felt like an unreasonable amount of time
just give it to them by Hank the game finally open the Musical Walk with their newly achieved harmonious Melodies here they discovered a vast amount of the MP3’s after which after the successful use of their abilities were sloppily transported to the back of a stolen van at this time hack I alerted the gang to his unfortunate mistake that’ll live stream of the murder committed on a future sex offender had been found by local police giving them 30 seconds to escape will the seemingly unprovoked murder of the storage clerk going answer who is new Mp3 accent spark a revolution or just drop it
will the eager eagle ever return with the Johnsons location that’s a call back
so lost right now.
So far yeah get the doo doo me the documentary about Tower Records to play the game about mp3s and shit
really approve that’s awesome green with him in this van van full MP3 as you’re pulling out of the place okay and in cops cops are coming I’m coming if I can pigs am I driving yeah you’re driving and you’re not even the best driver so I’m driving not even the best driver and the cops are coming quick drive better
away from the cops please return all that stuff
I mean are we going okay turn left up here
I love this game and I love the skin
infinite possibilities guys
turn left up here
you turn left down the
Holly way it’s really narrow but down at the other side of the alleyway it’s just a whole nother street that seems to be free of cops good good good idea
Promove did good job
my first rodeo but let’s
how you how you doing back there you other two
I’m having a smashing time thinking
and you
my American Best
if I feel like I’ve lost a cop so I’ll go back to the Last Stand what’s it called the house last night and you do that you go you go out to the other Street Miss streets there’s no cops you seem to have lost them for the moment
how can I help oh yeah still you found it you find where you are
I am getting your way up the Barons you’re about 15 minutes away from a hex Last Stand which I don’t think is marked on that map to Seattle 2072
read every British tourist to Avril
is there a Liverpool get to the airport Seattle-Tacoma Seattle-Tacoma that’s good let’s see can we go to Tacoma oh yeah
yeah you just a misunderstanding so we could definitely heads of the coma okay yeah let’s go there on that map
Relax The Back
Mexico’s have a few laughs
what do is reach to a halt are we at the last day you two are you are you telling us we have to tell you where we tell me you want to go to the bar I don’t think so well those at home can rewind but I will say it again I’d like to go to the Saints last and you arrive at Hank’s Last Stand
any Landing you can walk away from her
Arizona’s, but my character is based on Bruce Willis
I know what group is over my lack of hair
so is there someone in Hank’s Last Stand we need to see Hank
Bible where the fuck saying hey guys how’s it going very well thank you
look like you have some some hot vehicular merchandise there we’re coming in hot Hank let me let me let you pull into my back garage for safekeeping I hope this isn’t a euphemism for something else but that sounds like a plan all right no it’s not this time. This time I’ll write you pull into the garage and see what you guys got for me van you tell him Bruce
we got the mp3 mp3 that’s right we got we got some MP3s based on an improvisational mission that started with Paul Scheer if it is finally over
we just ended it for six goddamn weeks and I’m not saying he kept us from having a rift comedic ribs so yeah we like to we’d like to we’d like to offload those right we want we want they’re not just mp3 mp3 things that we did it illegally which makes it worth more
Alyssa’s going to be worth a lot to me you know we’re going to have asses and seats and and benches and on stools all the places you need asses small matter of price let you talk terms but please Eve libertine you usually do the do the talking
okay yeah
don’t worry about any of that shit I don’t know what any of it means just off the top of your head
Seafood if that is relevant in any way shape or form you feel sick Seafood withdrawals
I just got just negotiating later what’s the sticker price
I think it’s a price on all these has its 6
Walmart in Siloam I’m saying 8
you drive a hard bargain but a towel right there so my bad good job good job what I’m good for
well what do you know this ragtag group of shadow shadow run
the song Crew
what are we headed back into the bar I don’t mean to tell you your business I don’t mind of the leader or anyting
all right yeah
let’s do that
I don’t care because I work in the morning
you guys still enjoying shadow running
yeah when we do it and yes
can we just talk to you some more about anything
all I want to do is hear you say it’s a tree out of the forest
all right that’s it that’s fine we’ll end on that note of social equality Elliott and I didn’t get your name
Coco Coco
MC Clarity that the audio Maniac Justin are producer in the back Chris Chris for real for real
my wonderful life partner and best friend Erin mcgathy that will be back soon to talk through all this with us I think your spirit for being awesome in that text message conversation with our neighbors and the boots ins
I’m not a guess. But I guess that I could use some
call Leslie.
Love you all the more
flower ball that is that good


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