Episode: 166 – #CHIOPS


Episode: 166 – #CHIOPS


Comptroller Rob Schrab comes out of the gate yelling, an over zealous fan brings hot sauce to the stage and guest Amy Berg and Wil Wheaton play a game of Werewolf!


welcome to Middletown, can you die by Hollywood California
AutoZone in Hempstead that I am right
the first time
all right
obviously somebody’s being a little sarcastic about not having
hey Dan. I don’t I don’t know if I mentioned this to you in the past 25 years but you use you use in Saturday’s how sarcastic Best Buy Midwest accent
oh yeah
all right it was great it was great weather tonight like freezing I thought was walking home from the bar tonight and it was freezing it is freezing outside cold out you had called so nice I wish I went into the Froyo you went into the Froyo cuz it was like I was like Loli
the Froyo that’s how cold it is it was deserted because it was
like the lions in front of like the Chicago Museum of natural history history
that’s what they’re saying right to be excited you’re one of those people those people is excited what does that mean when you like to put effort into the Halloween I like putting effort into the Adam Savage art school in a picture of people that the people that you know
it’s a big day of the year for you, are you going to dress up this year I am proud to say that I have never made until three hours before any party I go to Halloween but I have always done it with items in around my neighborhood what is your favorite Halloween costume that you ever done I might as well are you going to I’m not counting the ones that you made for me you made me a Ghostbuster yes I would have did it was a ghost I didn’t make that costume that’s true I made it I made a household objects and look like a proton pack and look like that was the best one
yeah I was by my favorite one is the when I was the I found the computer monitor of the street today a Halloween I took I took it home I took all the stuff out I put the monitor my head I glued horned Viking horns to it from a helmet I put on a Ford diaper and a tail and I was a monitor
and it was comfortable I could sit and all the Freddy guys like the park cuz I was going out and it was like I looked like Freddy guys like liked me cuz I do I want a costume contest cuz they have like a Bellucci kind of like Harry appeal that you didn’t you only have the diaper and monitor you were shirtless because of my shoulder acne
I remember that
people like so when they meet you and some of you were listening that that are these people and I’ve never been so certain about something like I’m not a guy who claims things like you know me I’m the shows about me being old and going like I don’t know what to make of this what are you kids thinking you’re like you’re racist then I go here right
racist what is race in there like you’re right
I’m absolutely certain of that I don’t care I don’t care if I’m the one person on Earth saying that if you’re one of those people who when you meet somebody if you ever hear yourself saying the words you don’t eat you don’t remember my name do you know you made I’m not going to say you’re a terrible piece of shit because you might be doing it because you learned you know how dogs learn to lift their leg from other dogs they spend their whole life like that like Harvey and then Nigel just like after a while I guess they actually but you could you give me way to learn that behavior you might have learned that by being rewarded for it I am that’s why I’m telling you doing that you are doing a bad thing to know where it’s at but I want education to happen Okay so
let’s break it down okay let’s do you want a VR this should be VR virtual reality but I don’t Veronica Robin special role playing
tomato tomahto alright okay here we go ok alright I am at a party
hey hey hey hey hi Dan
how’s it going
you don’t remember me do you use parties amazing Kevin who invited me to the party and it was named I know it did a great job hanging out I work with him he’s my special effects engineer I have conversations with him about his children Kevin his party Dan no
Friesen What hap what would he take his guide what happened what what what happened what happened there I know what happened you know what happened I need to know what happened what happens if my well okay so here’s the thing but I’ve I’ve laid the bait and switch
what is it
is it always starts with his face why is that it is what it is and isn’t even that it’s just somebody to come and get her in there that it’s like if a cop just came up and said you’re doing drugs or doing drugs you doing you’re doing drugs like that you’re not going to remember their name and hello Dan makes it a point to say your name right well look it look it look what I’m going to do one orbit me on that because I think you really break this down so she doesn’t remember your name so how is that on them
if you’re a human being and you acknowledge that memory of your name is somehow currency then aren’t you the poor one yeah it’s your fault you didn’t make an impression I should remember your name so then you want to flip it 180�� go know you’re a piece of shit in your unmemorable somewhere in the middle there is just fucking reality
I have a fucking illness maybe I maybe maybe you’ll meet more people than the person who’s complaining baby you look like my uncle maybe it’s a feeling that maybe my eye has a fucking like babies finger in it in my eye orbit and only I’m allergic to and that only I can have as much an accident as them not knowing your name nobody ever goes like
like everyone just everyone gets all excited and goes and goes like hey can I help you I’m Tarzan the jungle from the from the you haven’t dropped your wallet aren’t you thankful you met me you’re on your own Stokes was the One Drops their wallet
but you know that you don’t really think that you know what you’re thinking is oh I poop the pants of memorability
and and it’s like and here’s the thing so this is why I’ve turned around on tattoos and piercings and all that stuff not because I’m not saying like all the thank you and you’re doing that for me so I remember who you are you’re still face or like did you know Spider-Man actor whatever
but but these are people who okay so I used to think I was like oh man I don’t trust you if you have tattoos. This is me sort this is me 20 years ago everybody in the audience is fucking tattoos I love you all but but but when they first heard of becoming like the thing and I was like I was like oh I don’t know who I am I don’t know where am I
no no this is McMahon did this to Johnny
but you never knew we could never nail him down there are always over there going
great job everybody I’m support
I’m going to patch him up I’m on your side remember me
when do the six person this week who it became clear like they have me confused with someone else like the person who takes that on to themself I’m not saying it’s better or worse person but like at least it will I am returning their own card me like I’m not saying they should do what they do to be offended by the tattoo just because I’m in complete person I’m not saying that I’m just saying like like now when I see somebody who has something weird about them like like like like a funny hat but an angle or a or like a bird on their shoulder yeah I only got like a bit like one boots Big and the other ones like really small and small boots or your name your name is like looks like Trisha but it’s spelled with nine eyes and one of them is Annie but yeah but it’s called and I know who is like kind of saying like this
I I I’m making this my problem not yours I don’t know if it’s true I don’t know if it’s not true but I’m doing something about it by myself I’m going down to the corner I don’t know if they stick a needle in my face and betrothed scorpion on it and unlike fuck you like take some shit put it on my butt and give me a tale you’re asking people to do that to you just said I’m sorry I lost you with a needle in the butt but I also started paying attention but the people who would you mind if we made it down there was like a social thing I have leverage everyone that you would hope that would affect in your favor like that’s exactly the person that’s it that’s going to bum out the lake like this thing that is like like like like make that jet always just always I always do this like like I just go like like like you know just be the person that says if there’s even 10% of a reason to
Beyond sure just say oh Matt Dawson you probably could you just just just in case you don’t remember or so they can’t remember is kind of like sets them up there but we’ll figure it out but remember maybe cuz you probably have a busy day you have children you have a car you have chose shows that you watch with other names of characters and stuff like that that’s a lot to process so I’m saying oh you remember this for me to drink
make that noise more often so here’s the funny thing was Halloween now watch for this so this is why I brought this all that cuz do you know what the people who do like the puns like the one that I really remember very clearly with somebody Milwaukee it was like he was like pitching somebody there Halloween costume in front of me and I was just sitting there at the bar and he’s like it like this what I’m going to do paint myself blue
head to toe and Elizabeth a frame like an empty frame I’m going to carry it around and making you guess gay or New England
I just noticed if they are on strings just all around anyways he waits the five-second pause which is what people do when they just when they pitch you there fucking pun Halloween costumes that are Picasso’s blue.
What time and where in the world what dimension is anyone going to go like
I knew the words blue and. Would be involved because you painted yourself blue
and then tampons over. It’s follow through and make that he didn’t because he talked it out you’ll see Woody Allen being like what if I did a drama he’s like a chap tap tap he doesn’t give a shit of the movies good or bad as like now he’s getting of course he has five great one here we go
shots fired
so so just give me a second just let me say so for a second just give me a second I’ll just give me a second so this Halloween so here’s the thing so you’re going to be walking around is going to be of course there’s the usual amount of now aging the kitty cats like I think that’s all I think that’s like a baby boomer thing right now traveling puns one upon people so pay attention to this these pun people they spun catching people cuz Tina was telling a story about how a guy came up and he was wearing blue
from the neck down and then he had like a white cotton thing on top and end this is the thing that happened to Halloween parties I was like what do you think
very scary
angina’s why aren’t your shoes for a fan I am I having this conversation and why is this day and if it was your cheating you like Bilbo Baggins like you’re not doing a good thing is to be a few chips and if you were going to ask you tip or is it and underneath that Q-tip costume isn’t there a guy on Monday morning at the water cooler is going to be saying you don’t know my name do you know if it’s a fucking die
you just want them hundreds are reptile people
of being in front of everyone else’s fault but their father if you don’t know it’s their fault for days a year so they fucking chicken out and they go like the make-up they made the purple and they put the put the tire on their shoulder so that they’re like I’m I’m Fred Flintstone after the OJ trials or something I can’t like a cold-blooded animal can’t can’t fucking guess what I am you did it wrong
what I’m what you did it wrong all it is not in the yard if you’re if you’re going to do your ideas course meal in a six-pack and a hot dog you might have a Halloween costume
here comes the phone
Ohio driver’s license I haven’t done my left hand on my phone yet calm and it’s a nightmare you got to bite the bullet man
I know
it takes like a tomb in the nurse
my hands are too sweaty for those things that don’t read it
I must be nice for them
my thumbs are greasy from the all the apps that I eat
I need a lot of Tiara and I don’t have anything to say
geoxor delicious
why would you have stick shifts what happened what’s going on in every Joe I should know about this stuff I’m top trolling
oh no you just stick it up your butt you should definitely sticking up your butt if you’re if you don’t you’re using it wrong
it’s got to be thick then
I can only come up and show you if you like link up now
this is the hottest hot sauce in the world this is encouraging behavior that is going to snowball for the rest of the show know what’s next beef jerky easy it would be to poison people
yeah what about it looks like blood what’s your name my name is Garrett RV and are you 12
you know I wish the important thing is when I asked him his name he didn’t say Garrett Garrett Jason Harvey Harvey court that was us not you you know that right
any fucking Goldblum
Pixar what they’re for eating the hot sauce which I wouldn’t recommend anybody to
what what it is is
get the Champs out
hot sauce on a toothpick no no
I think you should try it would actually be able to take you could bring battery acid up here and it’s like if you have enough of it may be right but it doesn’t mean it’s not it’s not like jackass or anything like no no no might make the show
is insult taken but
I hope to God we don’t get to that point but
Dan’s we got chips I’ll have some damn well I don’t know why don’t you just do it I’ll do it with all of you in case you know we have to do a show after this
navigate to potato chip standard regulation like the possibility that this is great let’s say it’s one in four but out of a thousand the possibility of it going wrong the consequences that are much much more dire than I think any possible and there’s no milk so you’ll drink water or something and then it’ll hurt more and it’ll get worse yeah weird to just say no hey man it’s a time to trained I’m not already said yes
make it a lot of incidentally the chips and not the toothpick cuz I’m offering you to just get the tip of the tooth pick and pull
during the same person then why are you
are you you’re like a conehead you like Mork from Ork
are you are you okay I hope you’re proud of yourself young man
I drew this specifically cuz my sister listen to the podcast and she told me not to embarrass her
Ivan’s Ila lake lake hottest hot sauce ever
what’s the sketch called Satan’s blood what you do you just hang out and you just did two things in Satan’s but
what’s the toothpick on it I mean J on YouTube.
I’m not touching none of that I mean I just don’t know how it’ll work on the ship so I don’t know
you should really have white wine and fish with this
it’s just acid it’s just hurtful at Acid Shake distance
I had just so again I mean I wouldn’t recommend this at all like it’s not a joke right now think about the hottest hot sauce you’ve ever had this is a lot hotter than any of the hell it could any number of terrible things may happen but all that could happen and that’s good is maybe it’ll be kind of entertaining for 5 minutes or so
I just don’t think I’m at work.
0 if I didn’t do it
all right go ahead and they said they would be disappointed in me for Friday afternoon and toothpicks in the hot and Satan’s blood and just have a good time and I honestly it’s for a while so you just give it to people that like there was never had it before just be like hey this is what you expect from the group and I write the fucking do
I’m not doing I’m not doing it it’s like a it’s like a hand buzzer in your mouth I’m not going to think I’m going to eat okay then we’ll do it for you
fuck off lady that’s the thing we got a brain aneurysm survivors not to make you feel too guilty
but do with that information what you will
he said he was a letdown that I didn’t eat the chipper there’s a lot down there that he that he was so happy and his food turned out to be a practical joke
what are ya alright we gotta move on can we move the fuck on with the fucking show
cuz I got a lot of shit to do tonight
a lot of shit all right I have any yell at me I got to figure out what order to do this in cuz we got it we get a check in the right order I’m trying to figure out what that is for the whole night that’s what’s nice about it. Like what happened you like yeah I know it’s not a popular opinion but Defiance of the usual Dynamics but I was struggling with it was like all this is like Evel Knievel goes up to the Grand Canyon and entertaining as it then he goes just goes over the Grand Canyon and then he’s like how I broke my leg and it’s like what’s wrong with our society years ago
granny but he doesn’t know what Dan is talking about in case you thought he was an accountant
I don’t know he is a man of such Evil Knievel because I only want to be famous for in 1975 is like they’re going to remember this name even if they don’t they’re going to know what I do from it right Evel Knievel I’m going to Evil all the Knievel are both at the same time because they both belong to the same the same family who is also we talked to Felicia Day last weekend she’s are two good friends of hers but they both have done stuff for a Geek and Sundry if you’re if you’re wondering around there but they’re just that I’ve always wanted in order of gender
don’t don’t like Breaking Bad in order of gender-bending oh God
and also while recognizing that neither one of them at any given time we we we don’t we don’t we do not have the right to know what’s going on in either of their pants or their brains through and then why why
Legalize It you’re not good I don’t want cuz I thought maybe he was like I’m in pain. But he’s just like I wouldn’t know how to participate in the stage. I mean he’s too far back do that no problem
for dinner
he’s Dracula why did you guys reacted like that was a joke.
Dammit fucking guess I can’t help that you can control your own show no idea where their vaginas and penises are on the same time I don’t they’re just they’re just what we do their part of our family let’s bring out randomly
hope you guys like chips
be glad you didn’t eat that but yeah the worst you’ve ever seen cuz I was at the Whittier never mind I have to go to the bathroom so they have stuff they make that that’s what that is literally for like 4 hours I just said okay I mean I don’t I don’t want the food that’s based on a dare just go have a dim sum and he’s like what my sister and like your sister told you don’t embarrass her and he’s like what you do anyways last couple weeks I’ve had authors on whoever have books that I read before the thing and then I walked through the entire book and some people in giant
just hang out right cuz I I researched your guys schitt today and I’m excited too because of that to talk to you guys but I’m hoping we can I want to I want to just want to hang out and talk to talk nonsense hopefully most of the time when did I say that what are you supposed to do good no I want to talk about it talk about the series where to start cuz we got we have cuz there’s another friend I want to bring up here tonight I want to check in with him but and I’m trying to figure out how to get my hair went up with no air then maybe I can look good with my hair
do the fridge look like shit tonight
but he doesn’t know how to get into the show from Burbank to somebody with bad hair I would have got to the Hollywood Bowl tonight I don’t understand them ever almost ever
I hope all about the trip they like they were very protective and helpful with the hot sauce
I don’t know I don’t know I’m assuming with the best of intentions I think they’re good kids I think they’re I think they’re going to make a great great society me about the Earth burning to a cinder when you’re 38 good luck seriously Millennials learn how to swim it is a skill you’re going to need all so yeah and you know what forget the apostrophe thing I’ve been on you for it for 20 years just forget it at this point your your cares we’re going to die
it doesn’t matter anymore I’m not mad at you anymore
do any birds like I’m starting to act like an unnecessary order it’s not as though they were here’s a random things I want to talk to you guys about anyone is working on this show right now it’s not on yet at all but you said you were doing you were doing a 10-episode order and and then they’re going to air it later so I’m assuming this is like some new media is saying like this isn’t CVS
but they killed party down
the worst ever
here’s where the
watch watch watch us cuz we’re there
at night we put this D in movies I like it because you wouldn’t watch Raiders

they just have a picture of me and a meal with potato chips in our heads
because I’m driving it JK Simmons Whose like I drive like the loves of Law and Order and the
what is wider man
I just got your scared of that I was going to find out he was Butch Cassidy
I thought I was going to get really like shamed for but now I’m clearly the superior but they’re going to get to see that guy was his character’s name then I saw him in Juneau and I was like I like that guy again
I hope he’s okay. That’s me so we can talk about the show is called a part of Port of port of departure counterparts counterparts it’s about a split universe but the universe knows it’s split it’s like parallel timelines that parent that that shared one history but they actively split and they know they split so Diggy Simmons is playing two different versions of himself and it’s like a spy Cold War thing going back home yeah that’s my audience
just in case somebody wasn’t paying attention maybe repeat that
just in case know their reaction made you think that you should you should have missed it see that’s what happens when you know I’m in this conversation
I could have my leg that’s pretty great is what I do that’s how you do feel like I bring them out and I got your books
daytime get a little sick of myself lately drummer that they’ve invented for the show called spy-fi I take it I let you know I don’t know I love I love the I love the idea of the genre that name is way too cute I’m not okay with that and how is it spelled with a good question do you know it’s okay we’re going to find out the right way and then right around the time you really get into it they’re going to change the spelling of the Berenstain the Berenstain Bears
don’t be like that if I ever told you about that you guys all I swear to God five years before this hit the internet I was like you guys dirty change the names on the Bears and then like now you know no one care to believe me but now now fucking everyone’s on that goddamn Berenstain Bears trap train
reality blurring event hipster reality blurred and you know no one believed it was blurred yet we were all there before reality. Why don’t we all remember the name the right way we know that it’s not the way you can Google it your name changed
I could have done that for an hour but I’m not that confident but for a friend and Felicia executive-produced cuz I was on a Hulu at the same time as you guys have to deal with it is a table top on Hulu as well I don’t know I think it you know I think we talked to them about it I know it’s on Netflix but I don’t know if it’s on Hulu but I do know that it has a huge audience on the Pirate Bay
which I think is awesome because lets me know that like there’s a lot of people that want to watch this that for whatever reason I don’t know you do is blocking their country is a lot of people that want to watch a commercial you know but I just I think it’s cool I like when when there is when there’s an audience demand for a show that isn’t being served in some way of course that’s what I mean it’s like how you feel about piracy is a failure on behalf of the industry to serve the needs of the audience MP3 technology love my God as an iTunes is like no that means now you can listen to music more than ever for a dollar and it was like that’s fine and apples like we have a billion dollars and it was like that’s fine too
music industry save Google to sorry we wasted 15 years of your life. Taking it to the Supreme Court like we did with cassette tapes before that penalty for not killing music I’ve seen the text but anyways I’m at the but you’re the show tabletop solution as you say in the show like once upon a time there was this thing called D&D and we would like people of Our Generation would like the pencils of the Dyson the complicated rules in the million books and endemic just the Harry Potter but more complicated than all this a secret society of it like this effect that it was the opposite of football including the fact that if you talked about it in front of other people they would they actually actively like backup from you and that was kind of like part of the appeal and and you have completely destroyed my child
things for kids to do if they’re going to be exceptionally have to practice being exceptional in school while the other kids practice being part of a horrible mindless horde because everything is for the heavens as mathematics here in my eye for that but but but every blue rest of us and sometimes it seems like that’s not my point your point was that people like me I’m one of these people that you were kind of talking about between the lies like a purist who therefore when I hear the word tabletop I’m like you mean like magic the Gathering I think was a sort of beginning of it for me if I’ve experienced was like wait what’s a fine game is that I knew I was wrong then it was like what it was like his cards but instead of the saint you know it’s like somehow it was wrong but then so he doesn’t show call tabletop really like he
very very enthusiastic with a million types of games that are sort of like they’re they’re halfway between those things that we used to play that are really complicated and things that we remember from from our other half of our childhood like Monopoly in Mom and Dad weren’t fighting like the Chutes and Ladders and role-playing to play ants in the pants without the sound of dishes break
that is a status a strange experience for me you know when Felicia asked me if I wanted to do a show for Geek and Sundry I said yes because if she’s everything that she’s done has been really smart and really interesting and and I love the idea of being able to create and produce in a medium where I wasn’t going to be answering to like a network douchebag who didn’t understand the audience that one Syfy but with with with this shows she said so what do you want to do when I said I do know I don’t know I want to do something but I don’t know what will happen if you get bored Games and how much you look for games and honestly the best way to review a board game is to just play the board game and show people how much fun it is a no and exploded in my brain like it all came together all the way to my first two episodes
yes that sounds like a really sure where you’re going with that you know exactly where I’m going because you know how that sounds I know it turned out but I wouldn’t I wouldn’t put my family on my show if they were lame I feel like sorry guys I guess no one’s in Germany right now and people keep coming up to him and taking pictures with them cuz they’re like Thor Thor Thor
it’s interesting that you say it sounds like a bad idea because I thought that the success of a show like celebrity poker and and the success of shows where you like watch people watch people play cards and stuff I thought well this is something that I’m super passionate about and what’s going to make the show live is not what’s happening on the table if it’s happening all around and I wanted to like put together those two shows and and have people come in and do you know and then and just play these games that I love you you play this game dread which is like this this indie game that is a stack of things you can’t call Jenga it’s just a collaborative storytelling game where you were walking through the layers through this scenario and they were like role-playing and they had their characters figured out what you’re picking up my questionnaires I like psychological profiles that you answer for a fictional character that you make
end end you’re just going through it instead of rolling dice you pull it sound a little down but it’s like I worked like as a Storyteller has as the story becomes more intense and as the stakes get higher and higher and the players are more like their adrenaline is up the tower is becoming more and more unstable because your blocks out of it I’m going to plug in the tower Falls the player pulling from it. It is it is it’s a great is inevitable that otherwise would be a bad movie date like this camping trip situation if that’s what you feel like something’s going to happen that is one of my favorite one in three seasons and I’m really means a lot to me that I’m really glad that you liked it because I wanted to do it think it was about storytelling and
close as a GM I thought were astounding in that in that thing when you watch it like your ability to actually your your your your tone ality in your pacing and you’re like making a left and then the thing I thought was holyshit we got to we got to play something with Will and it’s like a shadow run with us and also that I saw it like being a werewolf that we always played that Justin Roiland introduced me to but this stupid thing is there enough for you thinking about the Hollywood Bowl again
alright I’m going to try it cuz there’s cards we can play a game for a while I write a w on one of these pieces of paper
hi do tell us about your science fiction
wow it’s very a lot of Science in it and it’s made up it’s pretty great awesome you know what there’s people here for this one two three four five in all right hey Steve Levy come out here yeah
if I ever hear you say and the crowd was mild right so first thing I need is for somebody to write one two three four five six he’s up here playing with us I need somebody to turn this wad of envelopes in this pan into 6 identical sheets of paper five of which have a goddamn it’s camel do it
what’s up
yeah like five of them will have a v on them and one of them have a w on it it’s just it’s such an important rice turn on microphone know it’s the opposite of breath your breath is ruining the world’s above its above my breath then but your attitude is is discouraging and disappointing I like it and you know I came here tonight with a good attitude and your attitude is great this game fucking sucks you like this game
I’d rather you go play baseball has anybody ever copy of ants in the pants I feel like I should be playing it right now
this is the reason why I don’t like games nor am never six sheets of paper so it’s that somebody god dammit one of them is a w don’t fuck around and others are similar letters
not going to be going to land if there’s a confusion we might have a good time
you’re in charge of Justin you’re in charge when went cuz I’m going to GM even though we’ll would do a much better job know I’m awful and our game master I’m so much better you’re going to do so with Justin when i q u
how do we know wait wait wait how do we know who’s looking at who when it comes time to kill people cuz we’re all standing in a line you know we got to stand Billy werewolf nobody asked me to ask you for any of your input on any of this you guys are pissing me off I would have took you all in it and I called a tabletop game called kill the fuck the fuck faces what the fuck the fuck you want to do it my goddamn show
replace like a werewolf
and if it doesn’t work Spencer I tried something I just want to troubleshoot you know so we can
trouble avoid the problem when it comes up professionally you’re going to become a GM to work I made up my mind about something in my life and and and wil Wheaton’s here and you guys are fucking around
I’m not being with a why would a fucking W he’s looking at the Vine
this is why I never win because he cheats all the time
look at the car to get a hold him close to my chest
get ready for some scary music I don’t suppose you also have like kind of like nice like Work World of common Day music like like like like so and we could go back between the two overnight when i q u be really cool if we had Castlevania songs in the night
yeah man camp
second offense is anybody in this room got into the last level of Castlevania right like you can’t even get past the level with the Medusa heads right with the stairs so it’s guys yea it’s awful and it’s so hard. Good in that game at all
Santa have to do with this
okay no
don’t show them to other people don’t cheat so you can pick which one you want
this one have a b in one of the W no one’s blank as well as a problem they both have letters on them you want what are you doing I’m good good
I’m having a ball villager yeah I know I was I knew it because you were werewolves I think it was Amy bird that’s my guess right about that yeah I know I know I’m really sorry
don’t go anywhere. Gaming I was a little taken aback by the use of all caps and and the Emojis were very intense
a good but the Black Santa means I’m kidding
Santa’s I really wish I’d known that six hours ago
you guys are texting each other and you had more fun playing games you could get it on this goddamn it thank you sir never returns my shit text
make it real discreet about God forbid this was done wrong or right
I can’t count it too many that’s what happened that’s not a werewolf okay we did it we did it
how to know if everybody so here we go. You know how to play you guys know you guys know what’s going on don’t start scary Amy Berg you know it starts with a nice version of JK Simmons hanging out in his village where we begin our story
the village of Happy Town
where everyone makes their own corn
and hangs out and likes each other and people who know each other for twenty years treat each other with respect
did they overcome their compulsions for irony and pettiness
are they remember that the town is what’s important to eat that shift
are we in a neighboring Village however
there’s a Darkness to every town
a Sinister underbelly which sounds like a war of a relax and quit smoking tape
but if you don’t want to feel like you have to
part of the town where Cravings no longer exists Halloween day at work
through the use of dark magic and one of the most horrific symptoms of this dark underbelly the insatiable bloodthirsty lycanthrope
otherwise known as the werewolf werewolf werewolf one of these here is not just a villager one of you is it
pocket monster
call Jerry McDaniel
and then at night you turn into monsters monster dick head
what do I do if I want everyone to go to the islands apart everyone up here close your eyes lower the lights to hang your heads. All of you hang your heads down and do not do not be in a position where you would be able to see when any of the other people are doing okay about this
do not fuck me on this is a fun game and we’re going to have fun and you’re going to eat shit and die
lower the lights just a little bit what we’re worried about the cameras okay I get it I get it I get it I’m covering my
talking when you sleep your villager in your sleeping and you’re all dreaming about corn and Village in put one of you isn’t dreaming one of you spent his day dreaming that he was or she was a man or a woman
what’s the temperature for this shoe
you’re not going to tackle with this game because you have a right to think whatever you want me to go to bed at doesn’t matter which of you were thinking whatever
it’s deadly absolutely your own thing I must have government tries to step of the way and we’ll deal with that together and that even though at that point
is there a monster. Then it is scarier than werewolves called bigotry alright Batman person
will the person that is the werewolf very very carefully indicate to me who you are as your Wolfie Wolfie Wolfie nest
this werewolf cannot be Quinn by sleep and kill one of the villagers who will it be
regular music wake up wake up everybody so it’s such a good day to eat some corn and hang out because there’s nothing wrong society’s going to keep going the same way it did oh wait what the fuck Spencer’s Dead Island for one child to play that much of a role playing game
yes that’s what happens when Spencer did you do something important in the in the town so yeah I was no there was just villagers and werewolves all right fit down the music a little bit alright no wonder I do because I’m a doctor of this town and I recognize this is werewolf bites that means that means that one of you is a werewolf and that means you got to figure out you got to get it before it’s before Sundown you going to hang somebody
you have to kill somebody that might be the werewolf yes Rob if he was bit doesn’t need turned into a werewolf I was bit sad all the way to death
he was eating
is that a vampire is not like a vampire that he said there’s fighting involved
and sometimes you turn into the thing that bit you but that’s also
turned into a wolf
movie I watched
what I will wait wait what why am I why is it either of those where am I going to have to be against this movie bit of vampire then obviously the vampire turn into a werewolf vampire I have no I’ve no quarrel with the writer of that okay I just want clarification thank you I never talk about underworld
I’ll take a side of that Beckinsale for
I’m thinking blue me around and I know the werewolf is
who do you think is the werewolf is only four of you
11911 ocean
I know there are others are other things more important than werewolves 911 we get it feel like there was something I was supposed to remember about this all right who’s the werewolf you guys are ruining the game by not guessing
every amazing it would be amazing I want to vote for you to be the world just cuz it’s the politically perfect know maybe we’ll wait until we’re well off and I’m trying to throw suspicion off for me or maybe you’re the werewolf and you’re trying to throw suspicion on to me but you were the first one to look at me me yes I just love you
do you love him enough to eat him to death
like you ate Spencer to death you’re pretty full cool well yeah I think he’s getting really defensive right now so he’s clearly
all right I don’t know how the process should work on the count of three everyone pointed who they think the werewolf is 1230 man oh shit
you guys dragged Steve Levy into the courtyard, span
how do you take off his pants scary music you hanging with the guys and say thank you which is what werewolves do when they die
he’s simply hangs there and dies and I the doctor go up and I feel his foot and I go this guy was human
I was going with you because you tell Alyssa footage dead
are you on your way I’m telling you before you hanged me shrub Well if I knew you could only do that after they’re dead
now three villages remain and one is a werewolf
close your eyes and go to sleep Tyler Jerry Batman I’m sleeping my eyes open
yeah I’m done with Rob yeah we’re going to stay up all night night night music back on you stay up all night so obviously one of you is still a werewolf that just stayed up all night with you and now you have to live tired with a werewolf again
are you fucking tired. I went over all week
picture of a thousand years your sleep how much do you sleep every night sleeps all right sleep
scary scary fun fun scary music Batman okay
Batman videos Batman
maybe Batman’s.
In the morning
close your eyes that hang your head now God you don’t like the game the best way to finish do it to be very upset with all of you except I don’t know what we’ll NAB is been fine
and Steve Spencer for egging you on I’m trying to help
thank you for driving around for two years I love it I’m trying to fucking sleep here shut the fuk up
all right you sleep at this up all night last night
hard to sleep even though you’re tired so fucking tired of this game you know there’s no game that you’re in the game so you don’t know there’s a game
that would be unmarketable
so that canine thirst for blood for the kibble that cannot be provided by name brand products
oh wow wow wow wow
who you are going to eat next
I think I understand
alright normal music and daylight you guys wake up I’m still fucking alive and you’re still tired cuz you wasted that whole night and it didn’t help anything because now I was sleeping cold with typewriter ribbon next to a half-finished TV pilot that would have been fucking great
play me I could be a pilot writer is it me we all know fully well the Best Buy werewolf Eaton Eaton devoured her bones lick clean yeah your fault kind of around instead of playing a game with you now have to do it’s a matter of life or death there is wait wait how do you vote each other
and that’s fine I was a fun game I have a lot of fun playing that game
ship if you do hate everything so much I’m not going to eat the chips
eat the chip heated ship your pussy

now I’m not going to eat the chip I was going to wait for it to be really really funny and now I’m not going to even wait check ABS chip up chipmunk it’s been there since the First Act
you read chekhov’s chip
Rob loves reading that’s why he loves me
that’s right
if you went to Art School right when I went to riding school
Gollum you went to Art School Rob Rob when I met Rob Rob Rob one of Rob’s big pet peeves was the word utensil which he swore was invented by smart people to make him feel stupid kancelaria maybe you don’t want a pen so whatever you want to do but what if they’re both there how do you say what do you want you talking to someone who’s not that smart
okay alright instrument just as much no I’m fine with it doesn’t bother you
reading writing utensil please cancel dude
well he’s always more entertaining but just because he’s disruptive he waits until something happening and then he he just wrapped it looks like a luxury for him forever
or is it was at Domino’s was the Noid from Domino’s in the reason why they stop doing the Noid at 4 no no no no yeah oh yeah
I think it was a dude was actually named noise up and paranoid that Domino’s was talking to him right now. There was a guy whose name was noid who thought that Domino’s was not a Pizza Hut the other one with a machine-gun thank you and started killing people in America that doesn’t have taking a gun somewhere and fucking murder
I’m so fucking sick of this story
you know that but like I said was 94 that 95 this year
I know. Let the Noid was the one thing that couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with a mass shooting that’s why you loved it like this is not anymore, is it this year sees how well it was 45 school shootings this week with the obscene thing is that it’s hard to keep track of their so what is a goddamn epidemic I don’t have a conversation about that because I want to say it without lately obviously not a gun nut not a guy who’s like like and it’s hard to get into this conversation because everyone’s like hyper Vigilant against like which person are you a person who just wants everyone to stop dying and is absolutely fine with any legislation we need to make happen whatever makes people feel fine cuz I’ve given up on this Earth anyway it’s not like I do
fuck by you moron. Just like I don’t want any of you to get shot but I also I don’t care about your past a tuition fee if you are a person who’s been saying for 30 years we need to like mitigate this legislatively every time when these things happen obviously it’s going to be like a pig fucking like a moment and obviously through somebody that always like worried that someone’s going to come take their good job then you’re going to like play the other part of buzzed up just outside of that Heathcliff fight with the claws going around like like the thank you will wait and I love that image so much
what are we going to what are we going to do what are we going to do what is step two in a hypothetical Universe where we said because there’s how many guns are in circulation in the last 30 years we’re going to be all dead shot or not like we’re all going to be dead before legislation would stop the people are not ever going to do anything about it because we sat by as a nation and allow the classroom full of six year olds to be murdered and then would not even at a legislative level do the most fucking useless thing that could possibly have been reasonably past we as a nation with no it’s way more important that we jerk off our guns than our kids go to school without ever having to worry about dying I go into a movie theater and wonder where am I going to be another on me I might be able to get the news right now it’s like have created this delusion in their life that like the president’s going to walk after their house and go give me your gun so much
you have a lot of stuff
is that like because we know that that’s never going to happen cuz we’re going to keep sure it cuz it’s like it’s like a football game where we just keep spit it’s almost like a Ouija board or something where people want to just go like this either side wants a resolution but I am saying like Not only would you need to then have one of those teams win but then also in addition to that you need definitely something else what is that something else did anyone ever fucking idea because it like that you could give you make if you make guns completely illegal to the point where it is an image of one it is is band and it and you can everyone’s home is searched and you gather while they’re still going to be so many guns and and and is it I mean it is this a mental health issue is this some kind of like National psyche thing is like no one ever will what the hell are we supposed to do were nuts were always were obviously 300 million insane people collectively I’m so angry about it that it
not possible for me to be rational that I’m so like just blind rage fuck everyone who has the song like like about the legislative thing like at least to be able to look at that I’m being less rational because I’m going like Jesus fucking Christ were so fucked lake lake Lake Link weird which is just so much unlike any country in the world when a presidential candidate response
just had by saying stuff happens but we are Beyond fucked yeah so are we possibly think of what there’s no economic solution is no legislative and you just make it a bit hard if there’s any of that is not none of that but there’s not it’s not good at all. Second of all stop the manufacturer of certain types of guns or new gun so you don’t have to take people’s guns away. You just stopped me to one third of all you could do a trade-in program my forecast for guns it’s proven to work you know get more guns off the streets and I mean a combination of those men you know options and then ratcheting them up that would work it just take a lot of separate programming program is working independently and together trying to make it happen and that’s what’s impossible
if anything like that’s going to happen it’s going to happen at a state level and end it’ll be like in I mean anyone who thinks that it’s a good idea to vote for any of the people in the GOP clown car have to only look at what brown back to Kansas which is like they’re basically turned an American state into Somalia and in there just like created like this libertarian Paradise for businesses and Advantage ruin the economy for every other person they’re like it’s it’s it’s easily like just all you have to do is look at the numbers for for Brownback was elected and after and you like you can’t just you can’t deny the data and in counties in places where there are far more gun laws there’s fewer gun deaths so if you could do it in at a state level and then say like you know it’d be great if it was California then there’s you know there’s there is a bitch there’s not as many you got it through this is working then you start to put pressure on on you know candidates to get it to go but you still
I have one entire half of the blue tickle environment who refuses to accept that global warming is a thing I’m looking at the moon you know they would be like what we can’t lose the mood anymore
charge look at the Moon
Lip lip lip tard
Haystack right like you think we better I guess we underneath that is just like people devolve into some crazy heated bucking like to party culture War about something it doesn’t necessarily Madonna video but it’s like a gun in a video or like like Madonna was an artist and then the 80s
the great art book about naked people coming back to her but it’s it’s just that every every medium brings like more good and more bad tire what my point is we got to get out of here we got to go I got to get back to make a rocket ship we going to get out of here and see if he could do it. I’m tired of waiting for I’m not going to come up with this shit they invited us to go have a tour of the SpaceX facility so we’re going like in like yeah we’re going in like a month from now I get to go and actually why I know right I’m very excited and go see the whole thing she told me that the Tesla has an Armageddon feed a feature on it it is something or other and apocalypse button
just in case you’re in the apocalypse apocalypse Airborne virus and it’s like killing everybody off at I don’t know why this is in the car but you press the button and it pressurizes the cabin of the car so that no air from the outside can get in and then it has a filter that filters the air from the outside and cleans it so that you’re safe under water but it’s just going to be great to be in car with somebody on a road trip is just farting a lot so that you can breathe Blake
I’m going to feel terrible he seems he seems like he’s had a rough life
there’s no internet. Started there’s no internet website that has an apocalypse mode somebody check to see if I could start without the internet
they’re afraid you’re going to copy the car so that’s what I think
there’s one other thing I would I would talk about which is like this just this weird thing I noticed because it means you’ve been around I’ve been your Twitter buddy for 4 years and had like
ignore him I know you I know you’re on his side so I put I’m a good person too and the Raiders are not pretentious people like you feel less so than me like I’m one of these assholes it’s like all we have is our name and your name has always been a b Burger Burgers wga had to register now she just join the DGA and now her name is Amy Perkins you just like how to make all she did was win Awards
get into trouble a lot and and there’s leg hit like on the you know the top of like all these websites that like everyone who would ever employ me see like the name likes extra when a file suit against Amy bird documentary documentary director and she refuses to use her middle initial like everyone else in the town does when they have free know someone else who has the same but she’s refused to and you know automatically for 80 years like like know what this is the first time anyone just feel like fuk it I don’t care
falls on me both positive and negative no kind of sucks and it’s not my responsibility to tell the audience that that’s not me that’s her and you know it’s just a pain in the ass but it is where we do you should have a boxing match you fighter
well you can’t say it too late
well I’m going to head out six sheets of paper when has an egg on it
one of us is going to go anchor house
did you like it Robin we stop playing where was dirty talking about gun control did you like that I love that you love politics don’t you you little piece of shit shit shit no I’m not your piece of shit
I’m not a piece of shit.
You’re a piece of shit calling someone else a piece of shit and as a mean anything a piece of shit could call licorice candy and it doesn’t matter
your your licorice I probably am compared to you everyone is licorice I’m pumpkin pie man I don’t know why they made that sound pumpkin pie
hi pumpkin pie or pumpkin pie it said yeah cuz you’re orange and delicious as you get cream on you yeah every October
and everyone knows that is old and they don’t care cuz I still got your mom didn’t mind came out of a can
find how old my mom didn’t
play Shadowrun with me
we’re going to get to ever play for more than 10 minutes I will take all the heat we talked about it how could we get it were supposed to play for 10 minutes of obligated alright 10 or less minutes starting now if you proud of me like this is responsible if I would be contractually obligated as we hand out the character see how is it how is your family I will I watch them playing with my mice and Mystics seems like an interesting table top
how did that happen no I decided since this is a thing that I wrestle with all the time and I don’t I don’t like the worse than a luminary assume that you would have a wife that was like a Amazonian statuesque princess with a body that never quits
that’s you just described my wife she is she is the best part of being me and and and and seriously and and I and I wrestled with it all the time they can just I feel like I’ve got like super personal but but yeah it’s weird like I have him posture syndrome in like everything that I can do and I’m like I don’t understand how I like have somehow tricked her to stay with me for 20 years but it’s working cuz she doesn’t like Agricola she doesn’t like Puerto Rico she doesn’t like power grid but she loves Ticket to Ride and she loved block has and she loves the word Whimsy and she really liked my
Mystics even though she could not remember how many died she was supposed to roll and when she was supposed to roll them it’s one of those weird things like when you were talking about not remembering people’s names I have the same problem and other people that I’ve known for a really long time but I know them situationally and I don’t know what their name is now and now it’s too late to go I’m an ass-whole I’ve been like being like hey man for like a couple for 12 years like he’s
okay see you there I just did a jolly and thanks for writing for standing up for 12 years so that’s great tricks that my wife is a man what’s your name oh yeah I call you got me you got it you got my back and then but I still like like I just have these like just living that life my whole life so what I see who I’m just all the time but I just kind of I’m not saying I get there I think you might be one of two people I kind of have I kind of have a conversation that kind of applies to both people ever there was a girlfriend I explained this to and she had heard the NPR story and Frozen pack nosy or whatever it was and she’s like. That’s a real thing
like always like to do that that thing but then one time I was like doing it so I was like talking to a guy at the editor Awards who had a beard and a baseball cap on a tuxedo and glasses and it was like a twig like you either edited the Sarah Silverman program or the community Christmas episode I have no idea about things that were true regardless of which person he was running unfortunately things like I really enjoy working with you I really respect you a lot which are all true for both people but also things that if 25 minutes later you find out I don’t know who you are you’re going to be really really bummed out because you’re not going to think any of it was true and I did that the whole time and then my girlfriend who was listening to the whole conversation was just also convinced and said she was like I’m sorry what’s your name
this is no no no
no no no my God
it’s okay it’s alright it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay it’s alright there’s a war or something you’re supposed to think I know what that’s what I’m good at
dude I have a worse story than that because I have the herpes I just dropped the mic come out
the unfortunate combination of having a terrible memory and vapid overconfidence someone to an ex boyfriend by the wrong ex boyfriend and he was like ex boyfriend by the wrong thing and he said actually it’s Matt we slept together
but you are like I knew we slept together I just didn’t know which I just turned I just you just didn’t do it very remarkable
not as a tool as he was he was a shaman
shake your head at me
the champ champ
no I really had a good run everybody camera
it’s not that hot
I know I know I know I was doing a joke I don’t know this guy I met at 12 years old
love you too okay I’m so sorry for everything. I’m so sorry for everything
thanks Julian for apologizing wait what do you more people should apologize
not talking into the mic to apologize for all of it
God damn it I got to come up here and I also apologize for taking seat down at least I’m
I’m able to I’m able to gracefully boss people around when they actually work for me but it only thank you I forgot about your life so did I groped why would you get all your terrible Seinfeld was right about you
he’s the one who said it wasn’t funny when Kramer was on Letterman apologize
he’s right about you your gear Gear bad unfunny people buy new listeners so you don’t have to go back all the way through multiple aneurysm Survivor which witch is which is like sounds sounds kind of more positive the multiple injuries on Survivor but carries with it the last time we saw you you were finishing up various projects but you would most probably made his decision where you were going to keep doing these things like medical things and check in with you from time to time and what’s what’s going on when you talk instead of me alright I’ll try not to be too sad but so I left the doctor’s I kind of went off on my own I still see you at 1 Dr. You know what I’m trying to get checkouts on my twelfth aneurysm
in my head right now and but for the most part I’m doing a little bit better I give me at a wedding right now I mean I think most of us I’ll speak for myself I would like the word aneurysm sounds like explosions which you what you mean you’re so it’s in my head and they they put coils in it and that’s the kind of deflate it so that the blood thing is I haven’t since we last talked to you yes okay so you are you’re going to somebody that seeing that’s that’s still checking and soda backtrack because the one thing I want talk about was a Kickstarter project you guys all help me find and how important it’s been to my progress but two to get their real quickly back before I started the project I was
I was kind of told around 2013 when I first was in the hospital 2010 that the the sum of the procedures I went through they don’t know the long-term effects of because they were new procedures so we weren’t sure if I would survive past a couple years and so I think subconsciously I was
ready to go at any time so I did like the book soulstar and then we put it online and we can never trying to you know get out there try to raise money for the interest and Foundation if the book didn’t do well so then I faced like my first you know failure in a way and then as that kind of said it started to where I was waking up like a another day you know what another day’s another gift and then I guess like most people as you get older you get jaded and cynical and I had to go from being essentially an infant when I had my interview them for not talking and not walking and relearning all that and then in the span of three years get back into a 32-year old’s body so my life went hyper-fast so once I hit that wall and things were going slow reality really hit me and I wasn’t really coping with things very well so I try to take my own life
this has happened you’ve really made that effort though yeah I mean I’m not a good effort I just have I was on a lot of pills at the time so I just took a bunch of them and then the shity part was his height I obviously didn’t work and the next day I woke up really sick in my stomach and chest were hurting and I didn’t have the money to go to the hospital so I had to just talk about some of the pain and then ask that time is when I started talking to my mom again and I figured well okay I now I know what the bottom looks like let’s let’s try to build from that little try to see where like where I can go so I thought I’d become friends my mom again which is nice and then I got to see your last Christmas you know for the first time in a while and now she currently helps me hunt down Star Wars figures from the new movie at Walmart
and she so so then what happened was I did this project that I honestly thought no one would care about and then you guys all funded it in like a day and a half I think I’ve got to get this Clear Lake because the timeline of this is where you just catching us up because when you’ve talked to the pastor like you would reforges relationship with your mom you talking about the suicide that happened to the new to listeners of our show I haven’t told it on the show flash February sorry I just wanted to make that clear Apple get your fucking suicide for the right
when did it happen
how old is Timothy a bad person as usual role as project I want to do you know I lost a lot of the visual and creative side of my brain I used to I moved out here to want to be a comic book artist when I first moved out here and then I lost a good chunk of that so I started you know but I still want to be a Storyteller so I started writing and I thought well what if I did an arc book like what would that look like what was someone who can’t doesn’t know what an apple looks like unless he’s looking at one what is someone like that create and then as I was going through it
some of my visual memory started come back and then I started remembering like my life and then on top of the worst part about that was that I could also remember things like dreams and I couldn’t differentiate what was a dream and what was what actually happened to me because all the visuals were just coming like tidal wave after tidal wave and so instead of letting that continue to depress me what I did was I put it into the book to this book I created caudle on the towel that you guys all help fund
it started off really small but then because you guys funded it so quickly and we raised almost double what I intended I wanted to make it twice as special and I wanted to make it a love letter to harmontown in them and the people that I’m here so I’m sure the book is about a robot who was struggling with emotions and
he and some point in his life he started when scientists gave him a soul and then he had to struggle with the memories that came with that soul and then when it ends up happening is he like all the robots will do he wiped out humanity and then and then but the thing is he regrets it he misses us and so so this book is his digital Journal so there will be a small print run but mostly it’s a digital book so as you’re going to the pages I do stuff like surrealism purism I took some tracks at Dustin Marshall made and I Remix them and made some music I’m also composed a song for it as well I did a dance for forever I basically tried 50 to 60 different art styles are out there cooking you things and I said you know if I can’t be a comic book artist what can what kind of artist can I be and so this book was my exploration of that so so
did your memories you go through the pages and you can press the periods and piece I did and it’ll tell you the history of. Them and then you you can manipulate things or voice acting on each page that you can press and there’s like you can hear the characters talk and then there’s a movies at play while you’re watching it the soundtrack plays while you’re reading it so there’s it’s very interactive and I thought well if I’m going to do something special like these guys everyone sees something special in this and I want to make it the most unique projects so I’m proud to say that it’s probably less than a month from being completed finally
I want to comes out when I’m really looking forward I didn’t I put a few want to see a preview I put 30 pages on the subreddit which is about a third of the book so that’s an easy thing to do with every scene with community that I gave him I do some marketing like for a comic book company and I am and I do some editing but the truth is I’m not a business person person I just I just know how to take pieces of myself and share it with people
Trump trump Trump trump personally like what is your status done for me is you know when you when I thought about that I could check out any day now I’m at the point where I’m like you know what I have I have goals and I don’t want to check out anymore I used to just be ready to go at any moment and now I’m now and I Never Had A Five-Year Plan I never gave love a chance because I just was like what’s the point if I’m just going to go now I’m like no I’m here so let’s let’s actually try to be you know human and let’s try to do some of the stuff as flawed as I may be
and you were telling me backstage that you started experimenting with racism that’s really yeah be racist I’m sorry New Zealand I’m sorry
I see I must I must hate white people cuz of all the things I’ve written since also everyone says wear your white characters but I think I hate them papers and you can be the only choice I can make it I have to be racist white people are racist that’s why racism yeah that’s on Amazon it’s a it’s a superhero book Elan Vitale is this book Theory philosopher that he thought you could transfer the human soul into an inanimate object so the books very meta not only is the robot you know what does he have sold transferred in him but he actually has my soul so in it in the book you’re reading he has my memories so you actually see me go from the hospital to where I am now in the book through his memories and then also
this is me trying to bring my soul into this book so why did he wipe out Humanity if you got your soul I’m just racist against humans I hate anything that takes human life and and I hate you and I hate that there’s even a debate about it to me is Baldin and everything people in power but so I thought you know what would I do how would I save the world and so Elan you know he he just said he beat he doesn’t want to kill anyone I would never want to kill anyone so he releases an Airborne virus that renders everyone sterile and so so this this generation of humanity is the last generator
cut scenes except now what you’ve done is force natural selection to leave only people who can afford Tesla’s to breed a shift from the power to all the Tesla’s do I like that idea making everyone stare yeah I mean that would be nice so hot is if you could if you could render them not only cereal but also kind of sex list so that they could this would be tragic but also beautiful and they could spend the last their last generation of humanity could actually give you some Hope For Humanity cuz everybody to be like while I don’t have like sucking like all these like cuz then she thinks like hormones are like the ending but there is
I definitely touch on things like that towards you in the story
I’m just trying to make a cat cuz I just run my 42nd birthday I was like I don’t really want to jerk off anymore my dick stopped working but my pharmacist said I can get dick tequila
now is there any throws the football really hard lately who you watches if you watch it go into it like updated
it’s not even clever and he’s like but the point is the same I’m like I don’t want I was I saw the commercial like I’m not I’m not as I feel like I’m a better person since I became kind of like more like a I don’t call you anymore cuz you know why
what the fucking what are you saying
my dick doesn’t work
advise me over
Wil Wheaton what are you doing right now
weird I seriously since I am 43 now and I’ve spent the last year trying to throw a football at a tire swing and I cannot do it and it’s because I would rather be having sex
well good for you must be nice I like your real quick and you still fuck women
damn it didn’t fare it’s not
when I was a kid you were the kid on Star Trek I was supposed to say you’re the guy who plays games for a living and fox while he’s playing Minecraft
not while I’m playing Minecraft I really need to eat pie really need to be focused I should I do I got a whole set of diamond armor that I don’t want to lose because I got the fucken you know what I mean you know yeah I mean it’s I worked a long time on my crafting table if you catch my drift and I just want it to ya
veggies good at all right
we are
we went we went till 10 I mean I already took the grease show me know you don’t know me you don’t care you played a great game non fantasy role-playing games earlier yeah your quota yeah I kind of made you absolute with my with my werewolf and yeah and then I will weave made me dead
it was low part of the long games a good move I would have done it that’s what always happens always into smart and get killed right off the bat but one which is usually just a rip-roaring show the closer and I only thing I only other thing I can think of is is is is is a wrap right
I ain’t got no all right here we go so you got it you got to be clean clean Tempo I don’t want somebody like nervous oh my God he’s good for what does have a decent rap
Wixom good Rhymes and a and a wack ass beat come on look for look for a goddamn goddamn the discovery of Law and Order and posers like you just remember from when he was naked and look for that that sounds awesome is that going to be it’ll be out at some point next year because that’s pretty much sums up my life right now is the presently addictive removal
what do you think prising Lee because I’m keeping is no shame in saying that on paper it sounds like like a crazy idea to put to watch people play at 8.
I was so excited about him so passionate about it and I felt so I could never felt any pressure because like I don’t have to make a network happy so I just had to make a thing that made me happy and I felt like look if you hadn’t comes along great and if the audience doesn’t come along while I really had a good time making this that’s what I care about is still like it never occurred to me oh God what if this doesn’t work cuz I did I was like that’s that wasn’t the goal that people who don’t yo yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
light a fire on fire put the Log on the Fire instead of sitting around the fire until we get tired and I camping trip roasted marshmallows going to fuck your mama every way with the fellas going to I’m sorry that sounds great baby
just start over let’s just go camping
and then maybe we’ll start vamping on the piano I’m going to bring a piano camping some people call me eccentric my name is hexed before I’m a new kind of wrap up with my dick through the floor to crouch down and put it between the boards and I fucken still low I found some gourds I’ll let them out and I look at the seeds and threw him in the garden cuz that’s what my family needs me so I need some food that is organic I want to fucking eat it cuz I don’t want to panic about environment and climate change the fuck your mama in the city fuck your mama on the Range it broke them dummies like my name was Mister song Mister Sun
character I made up in the fan fiction blog about the star series
I only saw the movie in the theater and I couldn’t I didn’t know that Erica’s day was jigsaw because I wasn’t raised in that kind of a support system where I can I had to go to the movie watch it once running home and write fanfiction you know how hard that is Punky yo so when you go home tonight and I’m under your bed when you turn off the light
tell him that eccentric too before was in sent you I don’t know but I can tell him to cuz I’ll be there I’m not going to do anything I just like to sleep under the bed
Kissing Bridge
which is the do the bridge the Vincent Price British
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
can you turn off the light tonight
yeah yeah yeah
Angry Birds
McDonald Insurance life with us rap song he did all right
all right what are you doing
Touch and Go
check the audio Maniac from Meltdown work in the work in the courts and the decibels
Justin Marshall producing everything of the feral on your network out there somewhere providing you use streamers with your web service Christopher up making sure that the right way and end in all of the all of the people in in Kansas


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