Episode: 170 – We Will Be There To Service The Aquarium


Episode: 170 – We Will Be There To Service The Aquarium


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Hollywood California right now, it’s the Meltdown Cedar of the melty cos comic book star was it down to melted Hermantown is now
wow wait
we got a real crowded I have let’s get Spencer Crittenden out here in Spencer
how about the mayor of habitats misses Dan Harmon
thank you very much
I hope you
very very very very nice people we have here tonight they’re supportive
and therefore they’re good
called conditional love
all right so I don’t have a lot to talk about although there is one thing that I was having a conversation on Twitter realizing I never bring this up a long long time ago in an episode called I make a five stars I told that story about the guy I got dropped off mine over guy and I was like thank you very much and goes
he’s like a little Mario character you know it just becomes a bucket with no bottom it’s just like kind of feel things if it goes through and you don’t remember a lot so I totally forgot that I never shared this with you guys that I got dropped off a second time and Carlos De Jesus
I’m not racist it’s just been that long I’m into and if I’m not racist
Carlos Jesus
play Charlie racist I was like what’s the difference I don’t know that I will not cop to what that sounded like Carlos are Jesus right
anyways where was I oh I got dropped off a guy and he said you like he had his phone on like a holder
goodnight folks forget it it was the airport and again thank you very much I make five stars and and as he said it he gave me five stars on his app so the other guy he wasn’t it wasn’t like you but it wasn’t for you I make a pizza I make a sandwich do I make it five stars for me you make it by
it was like a beauty now please give me five stars like I don’t know if I should call it naivete like lick lick lick the star system how is this working
clay clay clay clay you got to admire the pluck cuz of the people who actually are like you know what I have been told to Value the stars that that is like a sub currency and I will 911
really I mean
okay if we fell back at our last night
I don’t know it’s not yes you’re right no you I agree with you it’s not it’s stopped being funny when it’s something about the number at about the significance of their way whenever it becomes anything specific it’s like gross I would deserve someone stood up and said my dad died an hour ago
so anyways so wait wait make a five stars I think you were talking about the plaque of people except the one in the back
California Stars I’ll tell you why cuz cuz obviously you can’t you can never Trump capitalism this is the problem I agree we need a star system we we we we need help for people I wouldn’t even take that thing out of bed because what we need is a moral code we need like a fucking like Jedi Code a butt that so the money can just be about money I think of it like like oh if if you want a bigger car if you want to get to work faster if you want your shoes to be made out of licorice I don’t know I see how you connect those dots then you use this thing called money and that’s like a thing that you use a medium exchanged most of those freemium games have two forms of currency they’re using it to like you know you over cuz if you would just had one you could figure out how to find a little Island at 1 and you could beat the the whole system capitalism is based on one form of currency which is the dollar you introduced the Stars here’s the problem
guys there told you’re not supposed to accept tips right but somebody’s tipping them and that’s why they keep getting out and like wanting to open the door because that’s when they get the tip you somebody’s tympanum
I used I used to lifting it that this did they never get out of the card open was open since I left and they all have the Uber sticker in the window they’re all going like black and I went to I went to a show but I haven’t I drove through West Hollywood I saw a lot of people dressed up there were a million people dressed up as bananas last night like a bunch of bananas walk around unattended by how many fucking fake
you know what fuck you pun intended on it good pun pun
your legacy
has George Lucas without a cause they’re drunk, not real cop like ratty dudes just like this will be a fun costume I was like I’m not I’m not saying you’re a bad person for picking the costume I’m just like are you insane we are shooting people for carrying towels I’m not Halloween lately you are dressed as a fucking but I think the cops are just like he’s fine in a couple Halloweens ago there was a cop came to the door one of the guys in the party was dressed as a cop had a gun was like you know I’ll take care of this or whatever in the cops are like bang boom bang boom
boom boom boom I don’t mean to glorify it
Boom Bang Pow everybody
yeah you applied my choice of Ryan
now who’s racist
the yeah I just talked to cuz I was like in public and I encountered so many dudes that there was one guy that was outside the silent movie theater I was like talking to some guys and a window rolled down in a guy went and looked over it was like a just look like Michael Cera dressed as a cop just a young a young looking like it was like he was just
he’s out of his mind he was wearing a badge that says you know Academy or Danny Elfman Nightmare Before Christmas singing anybody would go to that it’s going on right now and I’m pretty surprised you saw a lot of Jack Skellington and Sally is but there was more beetlejuice’s than anybody else for Christmas. That’s pretty funny guys are a little too old or not soon enough to be Jack Skellington he’s pretty thin
I meant Danny Elfman oh yeah I did yeah
we’re going to camera on this guy
find it by your camera stand find a camera
I hate he sang the song he sang All the Jack Skellington Parts throughout the day and her man came out and Catherine O’Hara came out great clips was there as well I got to go and they all still sitting there bitching from the movie and at the end he came out with a guitar on everybody flipped out on me cuz I said I would never do this this is just been 20 years since I’ve played this to the day and he is it was like I was never going to sing this fucking song again and he saying that means party and I got kind of a rocky start
does anyone know why he would make a promise like that. I think it was like he’s like sick of that I got the impression is like it was that song was he was sick of playing it on Halloween if I get sick of stuff but I don’t always go like like here I go again on my own
I swear if you’re welcome I have returned
what knee lampshade since the 1989 when you said when you sell your inhaler when you drink I’ve always thought you were like a very supplicants both knees you know about what what how many positions can you jerk off okay I got it and which one would you get tired of in the return of Tebow
that’s like that’s good so you can see that visual confident you can figure it out alright so I know I don’t do much last Halloween costume that you can recall that you wore it’s been all like oh I guess like no one’s doing anything this Halloween I guess I’m not going to do anything and then I find out everyone is doing anyting but you know these days I’m so popular that I’m like oh no one invited me to anything and it’s like 12:30 and I see there’s like five Facebook invitations I just never saw it I was like oh I guess I was invited this is a completely it feels exactly the same as not having been invited
so I guess it’s not my fault like 6 days ago would you have time I would have been like a great this is awesome and then I would have been in the exact same position at 12:30 p.m. at night it’ll just slide right off like a duck fat
you know when you’re what what is the Ducks fat planning off of ducks yeah you know when your steering fat is your searing duck mean in the pan in the fat just slides right off no off of the dog who is a jacket this metaphor I mean I guess I would be the dock and then the fat would know my memory would be the day and then the fat would be the invitations sliding out of my memory span of disappointment yeah
so the flame is Halloween I think the flame is the warmth of other people and you know
but it’s is a catalyst that yeah
but I’m always wearing the I’m always wearing the oven mitt of Detachment and fear
so this is kind of good man I’m out of hand one of those each see it’s a giant over the range vent of child abuse the fume hood of the Busey everything right out of the house including the vapors of Parental mistrust or of drug abuse putting in your kitchen
and you’ll never get her what would like if you had a spatula would that be in can we do this spatula over rearranged priorities like that
alright one bit one bit I was high with Dino and it we came up with a bit
he’s always good
I think it I can’t remember how it came about it shouldn’t be important right
Small Talk Pizza
does an idea for a pizza place it’s called Small Talk pizza but it said after the apocalypse like there’s these places. The only you know like a boy and his dog I kind of post-apocalypto it’s just like everything is just a wasteland and all anybody wants to do is create like a semblance of the old world but they just have like 10 swear they’re showing like the movies for a piece of aluminum and like like like everything is just sad and everyone stare all and just like dying of cancer in that world and that post-apocalyptic Wasteland I think like there is a chant like there could be one franchise that would be popular with everybody and be called Small Talk pizza and with everyone would respect it would be like a place where you you put all your guns down when you go in I’m like what while you’re in there you can’t acknowledge that the apocalypse happens you get it
you can’t acknowledge that the stakes I’ve ever been higher than the weather or like I’m in touch with the wife you know and it’s just that that’s what’s for sale and it’s on it but it’s just like it’s like it’s called Small Talk pizza and it’s like like people are like man I can’t wait to get to that’s that’s what they’re like oh wait this is in in the post-apocalyptic people everyone just role plays pretending that there is a different different world outside the pizza place and then a bunch and I get turned into more pizza probably
in the event a maggot Farms I learned that from that Mad Max game maggot Farms
all right I don’t want to work at Megan Farms anymore
what way I didn’t get the roads are really awesome reference level of funny but very sophisticated vigorous clap from eight people yes no he did paint Starry Night
this is just making fun of somebody but it’s a beloved beloved somebody like I was that’s always with you know I was hanging out with my ex girlfriend I owe who something like likely Play Click will know like she’s like kind of the basis for Britta from community and that other like two aspects of our lives are like she’s fixing Yogi Berra is making a weird kind of logical sense and it has a very wrong, that’s what time is it you do go on as you guys between 7:30 and 9 Sharp
yeah that’s all sometimes she’ll say stuff that like that actually actually like actually kind of Trumps the the idiom like she lost their enthusiasm is he almost got this and then and then it got taken away from the sales right off his boat
actually that’s better
that’s that’s worse than the wind out of your sails trivializing the roads like on a string of you guys kind of a senior citizen dating this girl is a real donkey xote she likes a couple days or whatever we’re hanging out lately I had to write it down because we find out cuz we’re talking about her grandma and I was like when I was when I was dating her years and years and years ago yeah she she was already starting to come to Dimensions if you grab someone else’s suitcase we didn’t know that until I would like to flip a lock on it and I pulled it open there’s a black family scuba diving in a photo it looks like we’re going to go back to LAX if they were just talking about that story and I was funny and end up just like that grandma has passed and and and then I love your grandma very much
but she’s like you know she’s gone now that she has she lived she live for a long time mission accomplished just like yeah yeah but still good riddance grandma and we were like wait what
this is what it look like it’s like I hope she has a good a good time and wherever she getting ready for my homies that I like good riddance like like like you’ve been you’ve been rid of existence and why wouldn’t good riddance mean that I mean it’s an arbitrary it’s just funny that like how did she avoid that
all right all right I couldn’t go to the Minecraft Halloween party I got it pretty bad
but do you know anything about the minecrafter craters were Halloween party and it was a dude that guy
he created Minecraft which I’ve been playing for my whole life
and he lives in La now and he liked what he bought it I don’t know how much I don’t want to scare him off if he likes his privacy or whatever I talked to him on Twitter so I don’t want to know what the fuck up the friendship
but I think it’s a matter of public record didn’t like when he moved to LA he’d be fucking like outbid Jay-Z on a house that was like and unlike you can look up the house and there’s a YouTube video it’s like like like when it was just get to a certain level there’s like a video for the house that’s like like Christopher Nolan shot it but like like like like I got through and it’s like no shame because it’s like oh you’re paying this much money for a house the reason you’re going to dipstix you click on this YouTube video it’s like a sports car pulls up and two women were clearly professional escorts get out of the car I like a Lamborghini and they just walked into the house but they don’t live there they clearly do not live there
and so the insinuations are already crazy look like that they’re just like I do here we are like I was like yeah I mean we’re not saying these women come with the house but let’s face it this house will bring these women to your door in a Lamborghini they’ll just be their ways will tell them like he’s now he’s he’s he’s a nerd you know but but he’s a bazillionaire and so at the house just thought because he created a game and like sold a subscription to it dealt honestly with the marketplace and said all you have to do ever once in your life like I’ve put a total of $20 in the Minecraft whatever it is cuz I got in a you get an account
edit license is you to keep playing the game as it develops now it’s done developing but my I still get to play the game and everyone gets to mod it you know that whatever the Microsoft Microsoft making a movie at Warner Brothers that he himself can’t even keep track of what I like I tweeted him after I came out of her like Warner Brothers meeting I was like me and you know who’s making this movie End of the compound thousand-dollar bills because he wants to kiss my garage but I won’t let him I would just sneak in the back of a little Lamborghinis those girls are driving
yeah you could definitely like usually fit an adult male in one of their cleavages you could have just like kangaroo in there
taking a bottle of wine and bought a normal sized house downhill anyways what are gassed my God what an important guest we have tonight is National Treasure 2 by flown to describe our next guest yeah but I still feel like
we’re entertainers who work in the entertainment industry whether we like it or not Danny Spencer and I think it’s a rule of the entertainment that says give the people what they want deserve it or not whether they actually want it or not I don’t like this person
I’ve known him long enough to make that decision you know and end and there’s a piece to that you know like I don’t like you don’t like you you’re a bad person you’re immature and you’re and you’re selfish and then but then he says no that’s you
but let’s just talk to him Bring Em Out
director-writer artist clothes horse
oh shit
the camera the camera likes it the camera likes it if you sit there
what that the camera likes it if you sit there
better stage picture
how you doing Danielle
hey everybody I’m back
I was excited I was away for awhile and I don’t always listen to the episode and it was really good I love to make it happen when it was top secret movie with Will Ferrell coming downstairs are going there all Legos what the fuck are you going to do the whole week we have Will Ferrell’s just like you do
let’s let’s get to know each other you know I was just seeing like you play with his habits like why are we in this basement here let’s let’s go on a trip and they get in the car and they’re driving driving driving driving driving that’s like 12 minutes in and then they they they walk into their go out maybe there’s more Tires over here it is this is actual dialogue that we’re working our bodies of people already have we all know they love Legos or the Lego is is it I cuz I got corrected and I’m trying to remind myself not to say you’re shaking your head
Lego they’re always know they’re Lego bricks a lot of mustard doesn’t like who is it be acknowledged that the ships are made of Legos Lego there’s no hard-and-fast rule there you just tell the guy who played with Lego Legos my whole life and
I don’t like that feeling Chris are they going to hate that country where who makes Lego people from Lego that
so fancy yeah I got the big gloves is it true what about this photo everyone keeps talking about about the Loch Ness Monster
let me guess let me guess the guy that invented Legos Lego Legos and they’re smiling and they’re trying to trying to ruin my career I’m not a scientist I hear rumors and then the page 12 the looking for a few more tires
is it to collect sweating through the underbrush the underbrush is all everywhere there’s underbrush fireplace year and they haven’t found the tire place home okay and your brush you know this is you know part of the story structure the boys don’t know the boy that like a boy with went with her more people in their party or is it just him in the boy have you seen the movie no no no the first move know okay so it’s just him with a boy in the first one at the end of the first movie characters that get into the car
travel through the underbrush and we got that are you guys found the tires and she’s around the boys gone the boys gone the boy got sick of it he’s waiting back in the car and we know that we cut back to the boy in the car and we had when we do a hard cut off 25 the crossing of yeah yeah yeah yeah anyway the kids coming around you know he’s like
Badoo Badoo Badoo
set an American citizen in 2007 and then I’ll come back. I’ll come back I just need his leg like I do week we we did that in Milwaukee couple times
hits hits the hits the hits the brake of a car but then
it comes back starts rolling down the hill rolling down the hill emergency brake and rolling downhill away from the end of car parked on a hill the pop Tire affect the rolling of the car down the hill does that does that mean
that’ll be cool. If it’s a car had both all four tires working it would have clearly just rolled into a nice soft embankment yeah but I am because it’s it’s doing like that you can check the date on the document
I’m going to give you better all right all right all right I go to talking to the BBC on Thursday about what I don’t know and they’re asking me would it be possible to order who is Doctor Who character that’s a crazy leak that you just lie cuz I don’t know what you’re talkin about
do you know house dude I’m going to get it all right
money’s back to me I just throw it out the window
like shit what you just throw it out the window all the time
yeah I don’t give a fuck about crime Sanitation
now you can afford to not get poop all over them and then you can get your money
that’s a good racket mowing a lawn here my we could arrest you for that
shitted all over my lawn if you remember that show real people yeah right with Stevenson in the cyclic a crack of the 80s like like we’re at Willard was the first time I saw Fred Willard
is it do it do what you do would you like a little human-interest piece is like this guy has lost his leg but now he’s got a plastic leg and you can still jump around I like this guy’s this guy’s Tok Chinese fish love them and when I say Krill pictures of Garfield and that’s incredible have the severe Edge like they would go with a Rubik’s Cube that’s what it was so one of the guys are real people was he lived in a lighthouse skip Stevenson know that was one of the host of a show he didn’t live in one of the people that they the real people that they did the show about a guy live in a lighthouse and then and then there’s a whole segment or just remember of my car they talked about like
the bathroom you live with all the way up on this late last year after run down every time and it goes like well I we have a system for that and then they showed this Montage of bags full of pee sliding down a fishing line from a top window and exploding against a tree truck I just like just hitting the camera and like camera, so why is this broadcast television this is happening all over the place and no one celebrating it how do I join the light post Union where do I sign up I got a ball drop it out the window
we had this discussion about our dogs are pets you know you got to get that stuff from far away from where you live you just drop it you’re going to be walking in that stuff but if you throw it on the tree
it’s not next to your car with the mailbox or this is one tree that just soaked in pee and poop it grows like a motherfuker though
the limbs are all along and says the other trees are all jealous going to bleed to
all right well are you wearing pants are you wearing pants sir I just never questioned your duffle bag for Halloween on November 1st that was yesterday yesterday. He looks like this last week
now show us your dick take it out
that’s a great that’s an awesome costumes with pockets you can carry your wallet in there you got to do everything you can put up were you did you take everybody was it like it’s this is the closest to the harmontown Halloween show so used to be cool if you’re probably too young and you have children by any chance do to you like a little baby you make them like a fanny pack
you are willing are you to just stay up here for the rest of the day
close as possible to Dan because of the I gave up picture over cuz we have a new friend coming up I guess out that’ll be myself
your name is like the shortened version of duffle bag
does the does the Doug the duffle bag have a an interesting voice calls mannered work a day job for what you do for your not a duffel bag I do like freelance PA work and sometimes when you cut holes in a duffel bag and put it on me honey I’m leaving the house I just don’t want to be accessed baggage for anyone and I got a lot more please
hahaha do your host Steve Agee was up here the Temptation would be better to put his arms through like and where you like Chewbacca in Empire like the straps or do you think that would work if you tried that
there’s nothing bad is going to happen
I’m flying
that’s pretty good alright jog the duffle bag because if you passed out and do better take dog home to put you out there should be a system of Carousel. Just just got to go to the airport or the airport is baggage claimed hang out that’s because it’s so incompatible with real life we should be turning the whole city into the airport if it if it was all that way it was Wiz Khalifa could ride his hoverboard like like there wouldn’t be any you know you just check TSA checkpoint outside your own front door
if you’re rich you have like like like you don’t take Charlene he’s like any weapons mr. Harmon Charlie what do you think through
85% failure rate anyway in The Concourse of reality in which you are free to travel the world and you are also a bag and you until everywhere anywhere you lay down you if you just stop moving you just really start moving towards like like to pick you up and some people could decide to take you home
all right I haven’t thought it through it but but what extra if you weigh a lot of people love money and they love being fat so put those two against each other like they don’t do that enough you know you just go do your fat huh must be nice what do you mean a cost a lot to be so fat so yeah it does I should be thinner
so I can get those miles alright
I actually did that on purpose because otherwise I would have transitioned from from high-octane hilarity. Like Justin Roiland
Cavalcade of stars and it can take you can’t give me my periphery and I like thick and Justin will get
well this is me you own this you brought up a guy that looks like a guy
yes my name is Garrett at the Justin Roiland thing a lot yeah they say like this is what my podcast would be like oh you look like somebody I know

what did I say what did I say to you like a guy who are are you are you in the car that came up to me and was like why you said no I just said I just said know why do you ask try that with him right now
and we’ll just watch
okay I texted that photo to Justin is that enough of this guy
try the creepy you know back of a hand truck in the arm thing you know and let us know how that how that works
Robert beat me to my father all right
I’d like to bring a special friend up to the stage we’ve never met so Jason Pollack are you here ok Google feet are you willing to come up
I just want to give you what you’re willing to come up here I’d love you too he didn’t he didn’t ask to come up I’ll tell you when I’m pulling up
come on up Jason Pollock and I’ll explain
Jason is drowsy eye center Street Lady Lady wonderful wonderful ray of light in my life at this at this at this time she texted me today and said there’s this guy he hurt but like he’s a friend of my neighbors he didn’t know they were my neighbors he and his mom listen to the show all the time together and then he heard my neighbor his friends on the podcast am I getting that right that about two sides had a confused holy should have just heard you on my favorite podcast that I listen to with my mom what is that podcast harmontown
Daily Grind
just texted me
Jason’s idea but Beth text me and said like the thing is that Jason’s mom is very sick right now and they used to they listen to the podcast every week together so she’s very likely listening now and we are now being whatever she listens to him I’m not going to assume she subscribes but then you guys only $5 lady that that you guys want to do it all the time together and you know she’s sick right now where is she right now in Salem Oregon and that’s where you’re from she was there too and then parents got divorced and she went to Portland and downs and Salem and you’re going to visit her regularly and your it’s like she’s sick I don’t even know the details do you want to do you want to talk. Just out of immune stuff what kind of leaves do whole Cascade of issues so
and how I did end end you guys like like like that since she’s become sick have been listening to the podcast as a as a as a podcast and then send it to her not knowing if you don’t send harmontown your mom I think I think I don’t know when your second kind of forces you do. Just be more rod on a smash it and I felt that in the movie and podcast and set it to her and then she she like flipped out loved it just becomes like a fun thing to talk about and share hello Renee
what was your relationship with your mom are you just one of these people that I can’t really do it all but just had always unconditional nice healthy partnership with your mom the whole time or has the sickness like transformed
have y’all went to was all it was no Rosie and and perfect that way but I think she’s always a good loving mom trying to love and fucking up and doing a good and no crazy distance or anything like that but yeah just I mean getting second has definitely everything on a sudden is like yeah yeah
is there such game in autoimmune diseases because I always hear people with them they say I have an autoimmune disease they never specify what it is so is like their confusion or is there overlap or what’s what’s the deal with that is it just that they’re all obscure and it doesn’t bear mentioning
yeah I said that I feel there is kind like a stigma that doesn’t seem to get as much sympathy is like a cancer something that right I don’t know why I don’t know why that is a friend of mine has lupus but that’s not all I got to do it different than that there’s this many kinds of autoimmune disorders your white blood cells are you today like I have everything so that was two years ago she was in critical care didn’t know she kind of come back online but yeah just it’s no energy if anything she gets a cold or anyting bumps are immune system like a reaction to its really really bad and severe takes a longer to to recover just no energy who is it that you talk to you that tells you that you’re talking to doctors she’s talking to doctors and what do they also shrouded in like
vagaries like are they always scratching their head and yeah it was there were years when you talk to anybody or you and and is like a year ago I thought I think I just told her I don’t want to have to anymore what you feel so guilty right like special to your parent but yeah just seems like everytime like well they think it’s this so now it might be this and it’s it’s all kind of interconnected so you know for several years now just it’s like every time we talk there’s kind of a new idea I Like A New Hope New problem you know it always just seems kind of chasing like the symptoms of what’s going on because they can’t get to the to the bottom of a real original, is there any for me it’s like I have this wall in front of me I like I’m more comfortable saying things into a microphone and a podcast in front of strangers
like I have no relationship with my family and when one of them gets sick everything’s going to go
lateral I don’t have no idea how Aaron spent our marriage warning me about that she lost her mom at 17 and she’s like yeah she wasn’t being mean about it she’s just like you have no idea how I fucked you are I like like you have no you have no like the method of dealing with this stuff and it’s going to hit you like a you’re not dealing with it call your fucking dad is he wasn’t mean about it she was trying to help me like like like for me it’s like it’s ironically easier to talk into a microphone to strangers like that it is to talk to people that I was wondering like is there anything knowing that your mom is listening to her favorite podcast her favorite like
favorite podcast is her favorite when she’s not subscribed to us is number one is there is there is there any easier to say that like like like sharing this channel I don’t know I thought that would now $1,000 worth of Deutsche marks
and the floorboards in the pieta Terre gift. Haha like we’re going to Main Street when they can’t figure out what pills are prescribed and what’s a diagnose it as and what’s going on and what’s a radiating all the stuff the downside is Jesus Christ what the fuck is going on and when do I know and all the stuff the upside should be the uncertainty could be our friend because within that uncertainty we could we can we can make things possible I like you know like not not to be corny but like if we just like as egomaniacs who love our own podcast and who admire this person for for for listening to a podcast your son listens to like we all want to be proven right we all want to be proven that
that are podcast has power that we’re good people and whether it comes to anything or not I just want to ritualistically like for one moment like Renee close your eyes
open open open the force fields like for one second like like while the bad bad things aren’t aren’t looking they’re napping open open wide and we’re going to flood your system with good energy everybody right now within the sound of my voice Duncan Trussell couldn’t be here are you do this better everybody being like all of your fucking like shity ego-driven feelings of Pride and ego and stuff and like like thrust them out into space where they turn into laser beams and shoot across the sky to Renee because when you love yourself I want yourself to be right and what your favorite band to be the best band you like all that stuff is good energy all you have to do is like just send it to somebody who needs it right now more than anybody and so that’s what I’m doing might be even stronger than everyone
we are all light I’m so tempted to put a rap beat on and see how you deal with this but but but but yes there is everyone’s a beam of light so you would think it was all kind of cohesive but there is one strong stripe of light that represents of course me in at my special life are you claiming stronger like being the right now I’m kind of Gremlins you need like a bad guy like oh there’s stripe you know he’s got a mohawk Renee knows what I’m talking about
well he wasn’t called straight because the words sounded meet okay
did you try both have stripes kind of on him too and he kind of striping
your pieces of shit I didn’t pay attention equivalent Renee you’re feeling your
your immune system is responding positively
play the Lord is and you just made me send toxins into the fucken you assholes very sorry I just was asking anyways God bless you Renee thank you so much for having a open-minded relationship with your with your son where you sharing the same things and I’m so sorry that things are going bad for you and and like we are all right now in Los Angeles because believe me we have nothing better to do with our Spirits we are sending them all to you and they’re going in to the middle of your forehead where there is a little tiny dancer that you can’t see that it’s going through your pineal gland to the base of your skull where there’s a stem that has existed since you were a flower
and it’s going down in in and radiating throughout all of your body and it’s saving you because
nobody else
wants that to happen
except for you and us and no one paid any attention to it until now and you’re not alone and we’re we’re we’re we’re doing it where we did it if it’s mysterious than it Renee right now I’m I’m sending you a better being than than the standing right now I know who you talking too much I’m feeling you’re getting right now have a complete pleasure and Detachment and and and and like like like like spiritual Freedom that that’s that’s my being well I’m not going to be a dick in Renee’s unconscious I will admit Renee Jeff’s right I kind of fucked up my
so I accept that and I hope that should be more of an example of how healing my energies are so in a way they’re better than Jeff’s I like like because there were acquiesced it like like I’m saying is like the Nature has a way on a healing way and my Healing Way is better than Jeff butt cuz it’s not competitive Alright Alright you’re healed up but you’re against to the assholes the bureaucrats and move the zoo the zoo the license serial killers with support systems to call themselves doctors
you have been cured purely by us send us all your checks from now on
just make your check payable to tax exempt know she’ll take all of them would you take cuz you seem very affected and I’m not joking about this like you’d like used to the guy Jason here Jason Wright
looks like the show came on the show because you know that his mother is sick and you are clearly if not just impressed almost envious of the relationship because he has with his parents as you probably that’s as we all ought to be cuz it’s great we would this be ever make you more and more likely to call your mother and father once in awhile is like that to create that thing look I’m not the problem in that relationship
damn damn I just heard a lawyer for a ceiling no no no no no my mother has my number she has my number she can call me whenever she wants but if she did would you pick up the phone she doesn’t. She says tweet me and say like be nice to hear from you in route to text me you ate
it’s a cold family that did not go the way I thought I was going to go
slam dunk moment there
not this is his obvious Lee there’s no subtext here yes of course I want Renee and Jason to be rewarded for doing it right course I do I want to everybody that has that I want as long as this is my family I want I want with everything that I do every project at work on everything you know there’s nothing unhealthy about that my therapist said so
you don’t have to you don’t have to love the people that you were born you know next to so I guess that would be dumb logic you know Hitler’s dad
can you show me super cool yeah you’re right whatever doesn’t matter whatever who cares it’s coincidence it’s nice when people yeah I feel like you were in the oven mitt of attachment right now then
it works
we got to drag I just like a bag up here at 11 I know I said well Jason Witten stats still Montana him and I get along great that didn’t happen to like 25 or divorced and just because I don’t want to seem like a bad person I got divorced so now I’m telling everyone to get divorced just over 8 months
when you you just got to work every month
again you win dr. High Road
and one brother and one half sister are you young enough for me to ask how old you are 38 okay.. Old old geezer so so you so what what are you coming to ask more questions about your life death what do you what do career-wise what advertising did you write anything like like you’re like yeah you know like the idea that Snickers satisfies you that I wrote that last year for NFL Countdown Samsung spots stuff like that people
why don’t you have your own podcast and asking the same question
why don’t I have a bar
how do you guys know the boot since I worked with Dan a radical with editing him sounds like a cool place nice nice restraint on that one
Doug what are you do yes I do that a freelance PA and acting gigs and then I do stand up and everybody’s really Lance PA what does that mean like I just reach out to people who are having Productions and then unlike you guys even Pas like Boca I mean that is something that’s pretty stupid
to have a box for a house is this business strategy that if there is that if you wander up to an a to a hot set and they’re understaffed enough that you can get on to it and they need you
and if that doesn’t happen you just walk up to get you a Penny Marshall’s trailer knock on the door and she goes yes and you got like I could have killed you hire me as a PA usually through Facebook getting a beautiful friends and so
I do I was just amused by the concepts of like from San Diego a little over a year ago I do Bravia fall of San Diego questions
Jason what’s the coolest thing your mom ever did
when did we can edit out the pause if it takes a really long time. I was like you know 9
we die but I can’t hear you right now cuz I’m like nah I don’t even have toxins in my body to process the organs just started to perceive you have to observe
what’s it like the mini Crayola only has like seven colors in it
super sweet so ridiculous about a really bad attack was hospitalized and I saw a little stuffed tiger on the way to the hospital and just like little kids do was obsessed and I had to have that the world would end and that she’d have enough money to get it for me and then ended up like you know I’d like everyone to come together and she’s able to get it for me
I thought I went through
staff is probably a mom like the guy has an unreliable narrator he’s drunk
that’s very sweet I like that a lot so did you when you got the tiger was it when you freak out where do you find out I found out later do you still have the tank I did I put in a box today cuz I’m moving so what did your mom tell you about like would you like like what are you going to be when you grow up like this ever have a talk with you about like when you’re supposed to pick your career if you were going to be a bird or a bee
cuz I remember my mom saying you can be anything you want there’s another cool thing just what I need so I can like my force fields are down you can stick it wherever you want right now
hey have a little ice
do you want to drink Jason empathy practice empathy and believe me I really have to practice it
air bubble throat when it was that we have a burp
I believe you
smells like gum up here
hey do you have gum that’s me Walter Cronkite if they smell like a wide-open I hope that his mom and she’s like he’s like did you hear that episode and she said yeah that was great and then he’s like yeah I just thought I mean I didn’t have any choice like he called me up and then she’s like yeah it just like I like the podcast I don’t understand why you had to be on the worst episode the worst episode ever with the worst combination of people
what date what day is the chant was just terrible now now Doug you really fucked up
I guess I’ll pack up and go home address is a fucking back zip it
are Jason Jason are you going to have him getting here
yeah my chiropractor what’s his name while I’m not going to say oh yeah that’s right cuz
I will now see him soon as he goes by doctor and then his first name like he sounds like a children’s show
. Light like an end he like I came in a couple weeks ago I’ve been going to this guy 3 days a week for 6 months because I’ve been committed cuz every I’ve got a terrible back since I was 17 before I go get back surgery with never works out for anybody probably should have talked about this stuff before hearing Renee story not exactly standing here all right now and he starts he touches like right above my right buttock and I don’t know I don’t really know what happened on the dog
above the right buttock let’s dolls are for kids that don’t have an anatomical word power above the right but I think make make make a teacher to the two of you tonight so I could go on and Doug you keep egging them on
what is the new show
listen to me I am pouring myself out to you I have a bad chiropractor all right
he like he touches like this area above my butt and Heather lights on or off
that sounds to me like a sciatic nerve area right that’s right above it definitely sounds sciatic he has probably sciatic
yeah I know you got to get a check that out man
Guyanese go crazy man that’s special spread
and he goes because it’s so responsive OK Google why don’t do anything I didn’t feel anything I haven’t had any problems since I started going to the guy like I’ve started going to him cuz I threw out my back cuz they do every four years and then at this time of my Coke a commitment to change a better way to go to one chiropractor instead of like resisting all of them and saying just took the baby back quack Yakety Yak don’t talk back like I’m going to go to one guy and I’m going to listen to it should be on I’m going to commit to the things 3 days a week eat your salary whatever the fuck he wants so so
buy everything shiny
I went to Ryan’s Yakety Yak with Zachary really Act
what did you guys do
where did the two of you and Dave the duffel bag
dark. And Carlos De Jesus
Carlos the Carlos the Jesus spaceship Builder So when you say eating your celery do you mean to imply that you were doing all the things that the guy told you Spencer are you on my ship now I was just you know I’m being accusatory that I didn’t do that the guy told me to do here we go I haven’t been not sitting down for more than 30 minutes in a row I think the most important part
Buster new smoking
is until a you know I I I I’m just going to get through it because obviously it’s not you no one’s on my side and I’ll just get through it okay because my job isn’t to make people like me and it’s not to bend the truth is to express myself and that’s my job as an artist in 30 minutes or whatever it’s also a great guy driving to San Diego you should stand up every 30 minutes we invented sitting we invented smoking
which is the old city
I think it’s a Scandinavian Poe is a blessed is he who sits down
okay I want to hear the rest are you walking down the street and when the guy comes out and goes
take me to
then comes back from the chiropractor his the sun is gone is gone for a long time and when I got up I knew it was like man he really got in there he really did some shyt I was like must be it must be for the greater good go I go and eat
say good of God it’s only a matter of time it is not true I literally do not know what that means that all I have no idea what that means I don’t know if I can punch people that give bad journalism ethics but I have no Emily is what they all right. Do day one but hurts a little bit Renee are you still with us you listening okay but day too but hurts
morphine button I I don’t like you’re the worst Storyteller and your story is not compelling
I got so the time goes on and I’m like a debilitating pain like I can’t walk on my leg limping so I limped into the chiropractor’s office after the next week and I go like I’m limping and I’m like I’ve made up my mind I just want to hear what this guy has to say I’m not going to I’m not doing shit but I got to go with an agenda just go limp in and I’m going to going to answer questions honestly and I’m going to wait for him to like self destruct good plan
so I got a limp in and he goes oh hey oh
what’s what happened and I go I don’t know
and I limp over to the table and I take out my pocket Sundries and I put them on his little OCD table
and and I put my face in his fucking rented so I can Frankenstein platform and he’ll always be down there’s like what’s going on what happened it’s like I don’t know I’m in an excruciating amount of totally new completely unaware felt before pain
I got lots of back pain but this is a new type of pain and it’s in that area you kept focusing on
and I just now got my face down to the saying and it goes like oh yeah yeah yeah I mean that’s why I focused on it I knew this would happen
when I said offended by this man having it was like everybody cuz I you knew it was going to happen and he said yeah remember when I was like oh this area special was like yeah I remember that but I wasn’t giving me a problem before and then you focused on it and he’s like yeah I was focusing on it cuz I knew any day now this is going to go kablooey and I got my face down and I said that’s one interpretation of the data
what do you mean well another way of looking at it would be you caused silence
when we talked and he just like flew into this flurry of defenses that that made me I’m going to go back and see him on Tuesday but like this guy’s on thin ice
he said he was like he just piece I said I’m not going to say another word I didn’t say that he wasn’t going to say another word I didn’t say another word I let him say everything and then the next during the next fifteen minutes while he like adjusted me and didn’t help it he just like you should babbling like all these defenses and his two main planks of argument were what at one point he said I mean yeah this little this gun I use like like this even seem to you like he can do that much LOL he’s got a gun it’s a little spring loaded gun don’t get distracted by that bring loaded
I’d like a jackhammer I can take a little nap that is why I liked it I was like a really good chiropractor like everybody doesn’t have a bad back as a really good chiropractor because because chiropractors like like on a table and crack your back like a knuckle and it feels good you know why does fluids going back into compressed discs of muscle tissue between your vertebrae and it’s like oh yeah it feels good to crack your knuckles to help anything especially when they crack it both ways like you’re not a lining anything you’re not doing anything late late late and so I was like happy that the guy had a little fucking Willy Wonka gun cuz I was like well if you’re going to do something when I need to take a little hammer and chisel in the leg like bang the vertebrae around while he fucking bank to me around and other argument
he goes he goes
what about all the other times you came in here and you weren’t limping
goodnight folks
okay yeah a lot like logic logic not a big thing at the doctor Carlson Chiropractic Post Pavilion Doctor ended chiropractors are not real doctors
kids like that’s so I mean I don’t know I’m just imagining like a cold reading like psychic and if he’s going down he’s telling you all this stuff about your life and then he’s just like in your mom her name is Melvin right and you’re like no and he’s like but I was right about all that other stuff it’s like you’re still your year
you’re doing magic tricks I told you the thing and kept me every time you would feel my neck after a while he started going like you mentioned you smoke pot did you smoke pot Wednesday yeah I guess so and he’s like yeah I can tell you can tell ya your next boggy my next boggy use so I did that three times with him wearing answer him honestly but it’s like an end then it but here’s the thing like and I don’t like being I don’t like lying to people but the thing is when I start to suspect that you’re so fucked up or dishonest it like it’s like no matter what my answer was cuz I would go no I didn’t smoke pot yesterday two days ago and it takes 48 hours and so why are you
show me on the idea that you can read pot Muse by neck feeling
you list of requirements for you to do your job why are why are chiropractors always like there’s always is always different and it’s always an extra think they always have to go like oh yes of course if you lay on the table on crack your back but did you know that spine started Christmas Vacation through a fucking legitimate person among you know there’s not so we always like lay a bunch of shit around it like some weird over overzealous trying that protest too much into this guy’s dick is like always at the other chemical abuse in the emotional abuser like oh yeah yeah I’m a great person psychologically and emotionally and chemically in order to prove that you’re not a doctor like I feel like I have to take life and become perfect and then I can finally bust you
maybe that’s the treatment
you’re talking about it
you’re talking about it
hey brother you know I don’t I’m fine I’m fine with my bad back I just I just
I like this guy
get rid of shop around a little bit

gear won’t go back can’t go back I got to go back one more time I just want to tell him don’t go back to the chiropractor that was okay well you know I did it again
I’ve been on edge lately you know I’ve been a bad person what did you do
I got a divorce and blue bad doesn’t make you bad I’m on I’m not a good person lately I’m seeing Injustice and dishonesty where there isn’t any example where there is some but like where you wouldn’t normally call it out they read you a I want to read you
here we go I want to read you a poem The Bible
John 3:16
there is a guy who installed our aquarium every every every week I mean let’s respect his privacy I’m sure there’s a million go lines in the aquarium business
golanda text Intruders
GoLine has selected live Coral aquarium guy text you every week he text basically the same thing
I know now he doesn’t know but that would be hilarious okay I can keep going
I want to see that same play out
the two of you are going to miss me when I’m gone like I’m going to jump off a fucking and Spalding Gray didn’t support him and then one winter night now alright being overdramatic being weird man
but then I remembered that you who constantly think I’m going to kill myself
I wish I had you pegged for a random bullet, like flying like this there a car like you’re just going to have one of those random gunshots drop the Run
I dropped the remote and ducked into the path of a
if you have your first clue so you would have died in my White House oval office chair sitting right there Isis was aiming for the Rumba every week he text we will be there to service the aquarium tomorrow arrival 11 to 1 and then sometimes you go thanks doesn’t matter they come they service the aquarium once-a-week service so then God dammit it’s so then
so this is on the heels that doesn’t that I’m just explaining like my therapist told me she’s like you’re going to notice that you’re having like these like aquarium issues
you’re not going to be in control of your judgment about dishonesty and outrage and things like that and she told me that after I did this and I was like okay that makes sense but I still haven’t apologized to this guy like last week we will be there to service the aquarium tomorrow arrival and when Aaron text thank you and then and then he goes please help me smile face LOL Yelp
he’s cracking up so fat and the next thing you know not help haha
so then I said it’s notable that when you wanted us to Yelp you an impersonal corporate need you added a smiling emoticon and an abbreviation for laughing out loud but when you saw you would accidentally Express to human plea for help Sheila Wade
creating a personal human need for clarification
you typed haha which was unmistakably sincere it’s like Humanity has never lost his capacity for clarity yet actively seeks the fog of ambiguity and technology is only the latest excuse
and then the next messages from him a week later going we will be there to service the aquarium
I don’t know. I don’t think you should apologize I think you should apologize but I don’t feel any remorse so they apologize where can I buy RX
what’s up it’s like washing the tank and you’re like sitting there
sorry about the no no I’m not no I don’t know what is going to be with me but it mistyped please help me haha I was I was noticing a seam in the cracks but it was like I don’t need to I don’t need to I don’t have time no ain’t nobody got time for that you don’t need to do now you don’t need to text you out for that stuff
you can’t been a little hard procrastinating for doing something else for movies at either haha hey an aquarium guy my life is going to see you ready to leave for holy cow you’re like Shakespeare
thank you
Yelp maybe steak is in the corner I know
I put it there
then I saw a text and then read it and then it just realized that you didn’t need to text back
are we not talking talking about that right now at a bar I like to think that when he looked at it he was like I don’t know what any of this is but I guess I I guess I should just always just I guess I should only use this phone number to say I’m coming to service the aquarium I think I think maybe I maybe I I guess I stepped over a little bit of a tripwire when I started using it to engage in my fucking off-market branding like like what the fuck fuck you man I already gave you money use your aquarium tell your hero you’re definitely
are you deaf
no thank God thank God you’re out there well like I said yeah it’s a delusion it’s I’m not in my right mind I guess what what do you know what I’m used to is you can’t control your ear either in controller not in control of your impulses but your thoughts are pure like I’m not even thinking like right like I’m not even like someone will come into the room and go what time is it and I’ll think they’re saying you’re working too slowly you know and I’ll like treat them what is it are you feeling like a mixture of things like anger or is it I’m just like every everyone’s lying everyone’s a liar I like Holden Caulfield on my on my everyone no one’s saying what they mean you’re holding Caulfield Jesus Christ I want to fucking kill you and all of your Holden Caulfield everybody’s a liar
I have I have a people’s I can put this copy of down and people would start telling the truth only back on the show because you guys like them
that’s me that’s me being a good person what it does to me to see how much it hurts me
hey Douglas. When you got divorced did you go through any of that this ring true for you you cuz you have any aquarium problems no no aquarium problem we know that the marriage was so bad that when their divorce happened it was like this is very positive for everyone involved
I mean that it wasn’t like it everybody was married and then holyshit pressure from parents church growing up in this time I know for the next time. Always fall in love with a person
like really decide you want to spend your life without God damn it what will you gentlemen stay up here and roll fight with us yeah that’s really responds to all sorts of things I think that Doug should play a bag of holding
like equip do I get to
back crack
how’s your segments
whenever you say it were going to put in for the subscribers were going to write that crack
you okay playing this game just robbed me to call them and everyone hates their favorite game Rob I bet you hate Pictionary oh God I fucking hate Pictionary holyshit I fucking hate Pictionary Pictionary cuz you’re a good artist you can draw on my team now that my name is that as I got I didn’t even say I was playing
oh you’re playing you fucking have to play I like I know I don’t I don’t have to do anything it’s America and I can do whatever I want and if I want to sit here in the corner I can totally do it I don’t even have to look at you and and I got you fucking on my team you’re doing it and then and then suck your control-freak I don’t like games that have to run the game or
but I am a self-confessed control freak I’m just saying like Rob is like undiagnosed and won’t admit it as big as he could just realized a guy that’s good at drawing should look forward to Pictionary just has nothing to do with him being able to draw it’s like he doesn’t like he did right here’s another thing Rob doesn’t like the Happy Birthday song Happy Birthday song Nobody like the singing but no one nobody likes it right because you have no choice cuz I can’t comes out if you don’t say Happy Birthday you’re a dick and if you don’t smile until the songs over with your fucking asshole nobody likes doing it knowing is ever like doing there’s always some fucking dick at the end that has the harmonized I might get the fuck out of here man I didn’t live this long to hear your shit on my day I don’t know why am I gay
yeah I hate her happy birthday whose birthday it is you don’t like having to do anything that other people have to do yeah and I have anybody I can relate to it but you have to do this nobody goes and only want to hide love happy birthday because you have no choice you have to do you have to do that you some of some of you do some of them you don’t write your like focused on the Happy Birthday song
I have I have a pitch that I’ve tried to get this like a Groundswell of support for this is this becomes the new Happy Birthday song so we can cuz I do
national anthems are stinkers
I a Psycho
are you going to go on this right now doing in the living room
it can’t grow here we should put it back outside where there’s dirt what are you left with thx-1138 you guys have no culture you have no tradition who cares it’s a good or bad it’s a goddamn prediction is still the same thing but if and when it when it when it comes you say to you and that’s the end of it
why do you have to cook and sing for people that are terrified of you scared of you people scared of you should be scared they are but they don’t they don’t believe them songs I scared of you you’re an abusive person
why am I getting your education because you’re at your at your at ENT right now you’re on your own my own ability I’m holding you right now a person of clapping I said way to the ferry Montana smartest person in the building convenient
they finally here
CiCi’s Pizza
pretty solid pretty solid and deep dish rims for being a a bellicose viking sounded like her, but I think it’s good at your birthday what are you going to do anyting
what do you have to do anything okay Rob so why don’t you dig a hole through your wall
why do why do we use forks why don’t you just grabbing food and stick it in your ear why do I put food in your eyes
play white white white why are we wearing clothes when I don’t wear my big giant weird balls hanging out making my dick look small which is an illusion
I think a bus parked next to the Epcot Center
buses are big
if you if you didn’t have a podcast and weren’t the kind of a celebrity you just said this in the corner you’ll be pumping locked away for good
here’s a change in your microphone in a couple of cameras away from being a crazy person
surely not and I was thinking about this the other day and I forgot to I forgot that going to look on Wikipedia does anybody know what the EO and Captain EO stands for I mean anybody new day ND
Captain Andy’s
Nyan Nyan plus a ran out of
end what endocrine omission
so unprofessional
Hail Mary
I know you do and I don’t and I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t care about any of you
that is so not true
midnight I wish you all the best but like I don’t need you to love me and I got cuz I can tend my own garden I can I can I can I can I can meet my own emotional me what if we loved you anyway without it without your outside my moat which is guarded by laser turrets for a good reason and you can leave it there as an offering and maybe one day I’ll come out and go oh thank you symbolically but this place is solar powered it runs out boy sing Happy Birthday to me this is me saying because I like when people like fish for an apology or gratitude like I do like I get thrown I can sing happy birthday but I like if I’m in a situation where I feel like I owe this person is expressing what they’ve been offended my first thought is not my default like you know whether
meet or not I’m sorry like my first thought is like fuck you phony your feelings weren’t hurt you piece of shit you fucking lying piece of shit you trying to hurt me with your fucking fake feeling hurt is exactly how I feel about the Happy Birthday song the big enough world were both of us like Kiefer Sutherland’s character in Lost Boys saying to the other guy who’s there maggots
like just be a vampire
with us and fly around okay I’ll do it
6 minutes out of us playing this game is this about Captain EO you really just dropped at like a high supposed to Sanford new day why don’t you just take one do we know why I just read it was named after EOS the goddess of the new dawn so something like that why do you ask though that’s what I want to know Robert Rob Rob Rob drop you asked that question I need to know about a week ago I was going I wonder what Captain ey what EO stands for and then I should look it up on Wikipedia and I was driving don’t you shouldn’t do that while you’re driving all right time I got home I forgot
I always would recommend Wikipedia while driving and was really disappointing I’m sorry I asked
I always get Aaron how come
trade with a Duggar Jason
oh my God what was it what would you estimate it 6 months of our friendship early on when every time I took a bite of anything in front of you and you made a fart sound
friend Tire meals and I was just like you get so mad
what do you do if you if you figured that out but it was obviously you never you never tried never tried it once never tried it once never try to enjoy yourself and my company one one I’m going to be on a respirator
cuz I’m ten years older than you are and you will be there so it did
centenarian are you going to have a party. He came in and I didn’t talk for a long time so you’re you guys kind of went through the way through the respirator things going up and down every time I went down to it
today how about that
all right we do that one more day one more day I’ll go home alright the last six months cuz I was just like so many ways are that are like take a bite at a time is never not funny always funny also Kate to to Cape Haze
also I love hanging out three of us will go to movies and never any time it was kind of a show me the whole theater last words I’ve ever get What It Wants What It With The Matrix Neo had was working out out like doing it and they came back and he was like I’m so tired you pick it up cuz you’re going to get it even more tomorrow or something like that and Dan went and a guy in front of us
this guy’s really funny I knew he said in the right place in Milwaukee I went to see Mortal Kombat the movie and the guy goes because that use the evil villain as a wallet dinner and then he goes and now tribe the 3 p.m. matinee so it’s a million kids all their parents dropped him off at the world, loser like like like nowadays it would be against the law to like guys we do just to be safe get out of here because you’re right I don’t even want anything to be awakened today a lot of kids are so
it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s not funny now cuz the judge of things to come. Does that children
they were like they’re all like fast forward through all of them being scared of the monolith kills the other monkey with the bow and I know you could do that dinner was so you can make your own movie about farts and
and it’s got fucking my favorite video game and farting in it and like it and for the rest it was our way stuck there
I’m not complaining about this at all cuz it’s not like the movie was good but it was like yeah the rest of the movie of course as you can imagine every single line of dialogue since I was like do you want to stop and pick up a bike like four thousand children all trying their hand at this new technology shooting at everyone what does slow motion but I am a crude sculptures out of your guys in the backyard
and I feel kind of like for some reason cuz I remember we went to see Land Before Time too and I feel nothing crackheads
I’ve only tried that out like crack wise with a hook and it was a hard target directed by John will be directed by John will I just really in from the back row really cut wood
got a pretty good left
not as funny as a part of the animated movie where would I do it I don’t know I think yeah but you just kind of want to have a head of your car but you did you did you did a poopy joke and it still works okay I believe you declined you like Triplets of Belleville
we don’t got time for this is over
Renee Pollock is like are they going to talk about me again because this is really this is a terrible episode of my favorite episodes of all time
Isaiah my life thank you Doug and the duffle bag
I need to hear it from Jason
it’s a good episode it’s a great episode all right little quickie Shadowrun you’re in the bar okay in the bar right now yeah yeah hang anything we want alright I get up on the bar and I go across the bar and I just I give a wink to the bartender I said I’ll take it from here and I just started pouring everybody shots of the bus
all right okay that works he’s okay with it yeah man I go into the bathroom
no not even close out there cuz that’s what happens in there I look in the mirror and it’s just like
that was funny I’m not sure that takes a turn so I’ll let everybody else
we’re not in combat man in the mirror and I’m like I’m staring at myself until my eyes dry out so that my face like looks the way it really is in my unconscious mind was more reptilian than human I like fantasizing about tearing the reptile skin off and finding something real underneath it and I am just angry and sad and I are the facilities like like do they still have those like motion detecting faucet to be perfected those in the future now they scrapped that whole idea of turning faucets and supposed to hang out in the Barons face and then I rest my forehead on the mirror and I’m just like you shit together James Nightblade
together hey how you doing
can I use some soap
man we’ve had a lot of adventures together
crazy man crazy crazy this dark future man
pizza many bad things man that’s probably nothing compared to a little bit more so.
hands are so dirty
got to get under the fingernails man that’s where all the diseases lives
we should get out of here we should do safety vehicle and just the sun waste why don’t we keep saying we’re going to do that never do it know which is which character
I want to open up that homemade paper business and then you’ve always wanted to go back to you I’ll go back to you like I don’t even know what to think about
maybe it’s all the shots have been drinking I’m still young what why are we
just go chase the sun chase the Moon to the Earth at the equator you know we’ve never been before I’m sorry
what is a map on the other side of this so can’t say that you can’t do that
I’m so sorry Renee
Renee we will send you a better a better episode next week it will if possible
all of our love is shooting out in magnificent being a charger
Robert Reich
Jeff Davis
a whole slew Millennial children
some of them just like 11 marching around with blood on their face like the dolls and Barbarella
then I guess thank you so much see you next Tuesday next week I’m assuming


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