Episode: 173 – LIVE at The Gramercy, NY Comedy Festival 2015: Night 2


Episode: 173 – LIVE at The Gramercy, NY Comedy Festival 2015: Night 2


Scott Adsit and Dino Stamatopoulos join Harmontown Night 2 at the Gramcery. Watch the INSANE footage at harmontown.com/live


from New York California at The Gramercy theater at The Gramercy theater in New York City
and maybe my new favorite place
harmontown is now in session
but forgot like a master’s Dino stamatopoulos
who is the governor
I know has lost his voice
Apartments Jefferson
I would I would I was I would like to thank our nine and a half ago
Goliath Goliath for doing the sound tonight and making sure that all the microphones are right height
how to put your bike is that high
are you are you sexy
do you like 5:11 if anything
all right I’m sorry all right so we have to get some things out of the way about your absence of voice right now
Chester’s Bakery, left unchecked
leave the karaoke leaves leaves to the degradation of the human body so you kids trigger warning
trigger warning you’re going to die
spoiler alert one of the things that will first start to die it’s your throat
I think it was just karaoke a couple of our under play the fact that I’ve dying
I figure I think you’re over selling the fact that you just took a lot of bad karaoke couple.
When Harmon does sussudio it’s fucking I really like you regret it if you put my name in the Hat
I will make sure that you and Phil Collins and the Ghost of every girlfriend I’ve ever had walk away sad
Hulbert Public Works
give me a chance give me a sign
my lyrics are poorly written written song in the world
okay so are voice record
don’t know you’re going to think that Dina was doing a bit right now it’s freaking in a falsetto
when will when I can speak normal
so he’s been doing that and you think that would go but it doesn’t get charismatic after a while it’s funny it’s like falsetto
I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that
and you can too cuz it is a cartoon voice
he’s like a racist Steamboat Willie that’s already racist okay
stop making music
so I apologize for my throat
it’s why I say you’re welcome for
at Cheddar’s words are involved with love you have a great show for you tonight
what I want Dan and Dana are going to do some Everly Brothers hits
Unchained Melody
what I’ve done for you tonight because you’re the greatest city in the world
and you’re not Petty people who wouldn’t ever applied for that just you cuz you’re practical people you would never be faded like that it would never go very rare occurrence of the great North American panda bear
did you write that. That’s as far as you know
panda panda bear anyways obviously you’re a good City obviously history has out shopping a city like New York City I’m here forever
sorry to interrupt you but you excuse me for one second what the fuck
play top 10
cuz then when we got really really drunk last time I went into a blackout date with me
Dan became a fellow named Anthony and who would tell you how to get around lyrics at 8
and if I ask Dan where his favorite piece of pizza is or whatever how to how to get across town or how to get to to Bushwick during rush hour traffic
all right now and before you even ask
what Wickman Wick truth is between a Street and Beach Street
New York
you guys go laughing at a different thing that I was laughing at you I thought my character was killed and I thought I was Billy Crystal Anthony Anthony we’re at 23rd and Lexington tonight we got to get up we got to get up above New York
when did the server not New York don’t do New York below 103rd
that’s where your dad lives that’s where your mom lives they’re good people they built the city
I don’t have parents parents my mom was in my dad at 2
just Justin and Justin anyways good
above 130
not to be racist but that’s where the New York state of being 104th
that’s who I am will you go to Italy Little Italy what street should I do for my Little Italy
Little Italian Little Italy that’s that’s where you fucked up right there see what you did you fucked up and in New York China is
a principality between 104th and 8th Street pologize can fuck you I’m from New York in my whole life a hundred 4th Street China
if you go below 103rd Street that’s Haiti speak in Hebrew that’s what you eat too.
What’s your favorite slice Hebrew Pizza
you don’t have to interrupt to say that the secret of secret is obviously a covenant between
ifucking a lot of people that said they wanted to fucking desert flame like fucking yeah but what do you think why do why does that translate into Hebrew a I will do whatever you guys are saying if I can raise a cyst in your bad people everything below a hundred and third is
racist is so if you go if you’re if you’re below a hundred 4th on C Street that’s what it’s supposed to do. I know how to make a good pizza cuz they’ll up cuz they know you got to
the Hebrew got left am I losing you
Take the A Train down to the L Street go get off get off outside Tony Romano’s and fill out my friend I go upstairs to the thing everything’s vertical to go over the bridge walking out the door. There won’t be a bridge there just you have to walk are you have to boil to be confident enough to water
New York
you got to walk
you got to walk on air if you’re from New York if you’re not from New York you’ll fall to your death
if you’re from 104th up above there when walking get the best haircut
Sammy Roy Romano’s
a street and 8th Avenue on the corner of Welcome to New York motherfuker a street in the Avenue
I’m not going to win any popularity contests here to I’m not here to
what’s the temperature in Brooklyn New York
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah do you know that’s why you reacted that way because you know what I say is true and it’s true
Brooklyn from 1993 203rd Street Los Feliz in Los Angeles
Los Angeles
pizza from a shoe
Joe is chewy and honey cuz they’re scared of God
who else is scared of God more than the Jews they make good pizza you bite into it and I like like like when they make the pizzas I know God don’t kill me
can you eat the peace of God don’t kill me and put the pepperoni
I was going to ask you who makes the best you get decent time and 4th B Street the 4th P Street 1st Street in Manhattan the first in Staten Island
the 3rd B Street Queens New York
New York New York
are you stupid
I don’t think you are I don’t think you’re from New York at all I think I lived for a hundred million 911 here since 9 can you piece of shit get pussy your fucking you fucking Los Angeles fucking white collar piece of shit I lived here since 9:10 where did you live
probably below on insert I think about that connects us with him if I could go fuck themselves so that’s old
then what am I what am I Queens
Brooklyn Anthony what do you do for a living what do you do for a living
all right that’s how I will die weld spaceship holes that you fucking racist I didn’t that wasn’t racist. I tell you what I do you see if I do it above 103rd I fuck it I do whatever you I do whatever you ask if I do if something bad happened to you below a hundred and 3rd
I think his dad touched him
well yeah so the bits over
my name is my name
Airport New York
it’s a classic character church lady for the broccoli
Sheridan for random things
okay now you’re cheering for you cheering for cheering
okay now you’re dying
what the fuck you guys are there
it’s like a whole city is got the heart
all right so this is my real voice this is what I sound like Gino Gino came up with the solution of talking and full set of
cuz if your throat is shredded if you talk in falsetto
what do you get for talking falsetto for 24 hours that it actually I think it becomes funny last night we talked about the fact that you had that picture to threesome for yourself
but but you are going to be the master that I’d like the the dominant person in this threesome
okay well aren’t you normally like a bottom in a threesome
normally you’re a slave tomorrow you have a threesome happening right
how can you beat a Master with his voice
Chelsea you tell me it’s a nightmare
I didn’t work. Going to come to your hotel room are you going to their place
I think one of them is here
play for real but you don’t want to be with colored cinnamon
cinnamon cinnamon know the other girl
that’s going to make it better
you’re going to be the master of speaking like Mickey Mouse the whole time
are you going to tell cinnamon to do things to the other girl
what were Kevin Chui Chui impose and ask what you would sound like well and falsetto
I didn’t understand you bring your own whips
you bought her with
what if she doesn’t bring the whip she will
you are you are you fucking them or this is all about masterbating after the fact
hey there to see if people think you’re doing a bet
the only the only thing funny about this is my voice right
what’s the best case scenario for a tomorrow night
what account can I can I can I try
two women that agreed to be in a threesome with me what would you actually ask for a pic yours do your favorite threesome will you have two girls that one hates they have a girl coming to your hotel I don’t want to wear with all your staying at a nice hotel
fantasy scenario you’re saying I have not like a white privilege
well spend your own just imagine you have white privilege just for the sake of this privilege
I guess I run my all business sexually okay
two women that you are attracted to are coming to your place both of these people these two women do not know each other. I went out on this phone I want to answer this honestly I actually had this whole this whole scene takes place by the way what would you do two dudes just to let anybody that has Victor do you think that’s I think I think we should
I don’t want to get my feet hurt.
I mean I have to meet then we have to talk
why don’t we just use the show as a as an American Idol and we just keep bringing men and women on stage
either up something or you going to start something we we stayed in on Dad having threesome
take me to the Bowery hotel rooms
do you know why are you wearing underwear with pants around his waist and hips
Clearing House
does r21 drop spot on their heart
he looks good I knew a man Bojangles in a businessman
okay I have a threesome I can’t I feel like I’m outnumbered by the people that would judge me
all right yeah you promised us
you promised last night that you would verify whether or not the girl you jerk off to the how much was it was it or not well I looked her up and then I got distracted by you or the or somebody else I was The Faded
I want to be honest I want to I want to do this right but I don’t
are you saying he do you take dance Too chickenshit to if I can make this right now I am too hard to let me think I’m trying to think take your time I love you I love you I love you dude
why are you behind him right now
my perfect threesome
pride and honor
there’s a woman
I went there
I’m going to get this right
she’s a she works she works so that’s how the story starts
I walk into a library
I say
I’m not smart and she has glasses and a nickname
red hair
Charlie Wright
Barbara Gordon in a world where like mesh tops are in style
slutty like like like the shoulders like dinos tops that are like nylon of the shoulders but then that is like tasteful
I don’t know if that’s a library that doesn’t matter it’s just my world
but it’s like I die I want you guys to understand this is not a person that’s to be disrespected this is a person with a lot of power the agency and I’m not saying that to impress you each one I took off to
I want I want I jerk off to women with agency
thank you you’re up you’re welcome
remember this is this is this is this is leaning towards your threesome
I’m in the middle of something I really know this is a fantasy cuz Dad said she’s not he’s not smarter than her yeah she’s smarter than me yeah that that’s what makes it a fantasy
we’re not we’re not going into a world-weary I’m trying to impress you so
I’m not bullying him
you guys can do whatever you want to see you again
you know him
start burger at 30 Rock
Dan music still playing at Scott playing girls Batgirl but library in Neverwinter is it wasn’t grounded grounded long form improv can you be a redhead bespectacled mesh top Library beautiful women
I’m back in now we know that she’s ready.
Okay yeah you’re at your library 9 a.m.
okay I’m coming in
hello hi I’m Hannah gerth
I didn’t understand what you said
my name is Annika
it’s just one word anacker
that’s your first name
do you like what I’m wearing
I think it’s tasteful
what would you like me to call you
Daniel Daniel I like that it’s sexy Hebrew
that’s what I said
I brought a book back
Barbara Babcock
it’s very late really late 5 minutes 5 minutes ladies and gentlemen
well I guess you need some kind of reprimand
well I
are you insulting me or are you asking me or telling me
I’m telling you that I need a reprimand
I’m not going to argue with you
hi I like I don’t like that you’re very
I said that’s not the scenario you like when you’re being punished
okay starting to understand it’s it’s ashamed of things it’s we’re going I’m going to curse
what are you doing here
who is this
I know the library closer
she’s my Superior do you work beneath me
and when I say she works beneath me I mean she works on top of me we don’t like to think of it as work though
you guys both know you hate bro
my name my name is we’re going to five minutes later back at a hotel room
fine fine but that’s a turn off
there was Saturday night light traffic
don’t ruin the fantasy I need Daniels in the bathroom right now
should we should we work up a number two or number six like what what’s the what with what’s the scenario you want to do
I don’t think his heart to take a number 6
what’s your suggestion then
I say we go easy way we make him feel loved I mean I don’t make her feel loved. I’m going to go outside the hotel room I’ll knock when you’re ready okay alright
the ladies
I’m here
I was waiting for you and me I made a poo poo I I can’t believe that I could tell that you can smell it
it’s one of the most manly musk’s I’ve ever smelled
so you seem very

lovable and sweet
team intelligence was successful you seen recently divorced
ding dong that’s the hotel doorbell
hello I’m from NBC you’re hired
I’m a sexy redhead that you’re hired at a 10 BC
I don’t like being you website being hired by a b c
okay so you know that you’re talking your ear dropping from
is it at my job
oh you’re made of fiberglass
oh yeah. You turn into Kim Cattrall when no one’s looking
oh yeah and I’m Andrew McCarthy
but there’s no threesome
good picture I’m so insecure in Jeff Davis right now
I like both of you but but but like I don’t know I don’t know who she is your I’ve seen you in the Wendy’s commercials
the redhead from the McDonald’s commercial
she played an instructor from Knight Rider Kitt weird get where this Wendy’s girl
so awesome
song wake up
I guess I’m really doing this for my daughter she has autism and I just can’t afford a regular job I got I worked at the library and had just doesn’t pay enough
we might make my dick bigger but it is
this is your fantasy can do whatever you want
alright Minecraft
both of you are
interested in Minecraft
oh my God is that a weird cube in front of you and all of your boat
open because I am smart
inventory of all the things in the book I got I got done I’m going to squirt all over your face
do you like Minecraft
I didn’t hear you say
I’m a library and I don’t know anything about Minecraft
I don’t think this kind of fantasies mean
we offered him anything he chose and he wants us to watch him play video games he has no imagination I know he’s a creator of TV show show me some cancelled show on NBC I don’t know on on this kind will you must have a fantasy what we just spend it on him by Merriweather
get a guy and you guys you guys take big shots
Judd Apatow
Scott adsit
thank you guys for saving me from a night of a horrible threesome everybody in the audience fantasizes about
polyamorous and like there’s no other tiger
tell us tell us things that make us happy because most of the people here tonight I like yeah I think about the idea of like a double harmonica
on my weiner like two ladies going like this like a harmonica
I can’t even figure out when she was our we should we suck it or are we kissing ladies I don’t know what are you doing call there so quixotic
have you ever had a twosome
but but but when I hear from people who have had threesomes that there is one human being on in your vagina or on your dick
right idea if you set one up for this trip
Scott never know it’s difficult to write like jealous or something that mean I mean when I go to sleep with laughter because I was snoring during freezing
swear to God
yeah you forwarded the 3-way pass trip just so you can get the sister, that’s what I heard that’s what I heard
Jeff have you had a threesome many come on
it was a nightmare right no
oh I know everyone in love loving me
too bad threesomes on a particular threesome straight would be
FaceTime FaceTime how to place
and I was just hanging out I was reading Moby-Dick
so far you’re right on target
I wasn’t reading it because it’s a classic Noah classic kids
I bet first of two women came up to me
I said
what are you doing what are you doing
Read Moby Dick
thank you
thank you sister came up and I explained to her I’m going to finish she went thank you
I’m sorry I was still out
blood magic
there isn’t there another isn’t to show after us tonight
in a threesome. You haven’t you had more threesomes and I’ve had for certain you are a weird threesomes let’s have a threesome and that person is the one that gets bummed out at the end of it because I heard that they didn’t they didn’t get all the attention they wanted like I didn’t want anything out of this except you got bummed out during racing right
how to get the out w221 so
is there anybody it cuz it’s New York who knows is there anybody that also wants to talk about it with Jeff who is your friend
which means you were a bearded guy with with the with the with the wristband on Earth would you want to talk about it
also change racing ahead forget to you Jane
yeah I just
what what’s your name sir
Marshawn Marshawn archon
how many how many threesomes have you had R22 nobody got bombed out during the middle of it no secret that you have
an open relationship so there’s girls in guys and so are open this is only with other girls only women
show me make the rules are I shall take us to the best option and the my girlfriend had met the other girl on a dating app Tinder and not push a
It’s Alright good in bed but she’s where we really good in bed that’s exactly what I don’t need you to be if you’re a larger penis
damn if I put a red wig on him in the right side is closed I wouldn’t know what to do one with a dick my size would ever wear fingerless gloves trying to prove
what was about to happen with this thing it was left out to stay warmer but I can crack a safe if you need a ride or Ring-a-Ding-Ding Tinder called
yeah so
by the way this guy bother to come up here and it’s like vulnerable so don’t don’t don’t tease him so she has the same dog that we have so we just dog walking trip and then yeah
what do you mean yeah so yeah I love you you asked you what do women take us to the two women fuck me you’re a terrible person
everyone that was bullying him that’s what I said.
just stay right where you are.
shotgunning another threesome story
You’re a professional improviser I think we should just recreate it.
okay give us more yeah yeah yeah
I’ve been with my girlfriend for 8 years
listen to New York City from Maryland seven years ago but that’s not important the first girlfriend I got she went to NYU just very smart have to be to go to that school
we dated for 7 years and then good we grouped together
and then it’s basically all became about just having fun
and what does fun mean find me the date of the people so fun is not being with each other
yeah we know we not take it to a shop threesome
I want to hear the story I want to hear more
he might say what a special light
so they met on Tinder and
they got along really well they’re nice to each other my girlfriend she had just the girls she was with her hair was actually red she was a redhead
she was like hey so when are you coming home tonight and then I’ll be home like 12 maybe 12:15 cuz okay that’s fine we come a little later it’s cool I’ll be okay
let’s just say her name was quarter
go back to that part of change quarter
dime nickel from defamation I’ll be home a little bit later gallivanting with Ryan who’s over there
when I get home and OU so you and
Penny or friends come on come on
volunteering information I’m sorry
I’m sorry. My whole story so I walk into the apartment and they’re having fun and what does fun mean joined in shopping with your girlfriend
oh, I said that was my first introduction to this moment so the two of them were having fun and then I come in there like your girlfriend’s name
Emily Emily the other girl Penny quarter
Penny Penny Penny Penny penny.
it’s not that impressive of a story but I feel like they shouldn’t be that impressive cuz threesome should be normal
all right we’re going to go this year first thank you very much and thank you love are Shawn and Dino
are you definitely think you should be in this Daniel play Emily and Dino play penny
okay I got your part yet yet
whats 9/11 + 11
Baden-Baden Tom Clancy presents
Prelude to a shitstorm
the years 2075
for the radio audience Jeff is doing a brilliant cigarette character bit
Penny do you know your penny
fake fake fake fake
Slater Center
that’s real that’s real
Henny Penny I know you’re taking a shit and I feel I feel bad about you falling down and just now I’m 5 minutes ago and my boyfriend are Sean is coming over yes I’m dating it in Armenian
even my best friends don’t know that I’m telling you that I’m dating an Armenian
Chinese okay be in the moment I don’t care that you weren’t listening during our sons monologue is it matter
this isn’t an excuse the Lord has spoken to Mom is bugging my Armenian boyfriend’s coming over
this is the devil
don’t listen to the devil say yes and set the we’re not in a scene if you are it’s a bad scene
do you know this is Emily stay in the moment you know you can win this scene
you can win this thing if you get the audience on your side not on Jeff’s
do you know what was God hello chant when I see the only winner
mission accomplished mission accomplished accomplished
do you know you have done well my students
coming over in 5 minutes that would be under do you know this is God if you can’t tell you have your own nightmare
the worst job app
that’s why I was here
get it over with
come on
you can’t tell me I did that wrong
my name is Mister Johnson
I love you and we’re friends we were drinking all day and it’s mr. Jackson
I like you you’re a good guy
but my real name is Mister Johnson
oh okay so I brought you a package
where you at
I’ll tell you
a pair of socks
okay I did
what’s what time does show
so what’s in it
what’s in the bag
I also don’t want to have a threesome I have been the UPS man
or lady
cuz honestly
UPS person
now I got it
are your socks
you know sometimes I think
threesomes are good or bad I’m your female roommate Emily
please tag me tag me my friend is a Syrian
he’s all eyebrows and no cock
chemistry atomic structure
when he gets here I want to be I want me to be the bottom I want you to be the top and I want him to be the peanut butter in that sandwich okay okay you know certain kind of pirate so what kind of character
anybody anybody
obsessive compulsive.
How do you say our son should be the peanut butter in a sandwich what do you think
now Jeff is going to continue this in a different style I got Western for a pirate movie how is that going to do the same now
I heard it from Steam and rubbing compound
no you shouldn’t
okay what we need to do is please please in this improv scene suggestions
leaving this is Liam Neeson playing in in front of a color
okay what we need what we need is a Last Ride. Train area in the Victorian era
are we going to do now
Jordan wife
is it called again
so what’s a lovely
I heard
hi son I’m here with Penny my friend she’s in the bathroom right now we’re going to have it the world’s worst racing who’s we you and me or Sean you’re off on now pennies in the bathroom you know I am I don’t deserve this
Britt racially racially
even more racist
who can figure something out even more records
all right
thought you knew what gender was you’re wrong
this motherfucker doesn’t give a shit about you
I actually probably to give it a lot of a lot of shit too much other dignity
I bring dignity to the stage good luck
are you talking about tonight we said so many things I’ve cried eight times will talk to you over the two days we’ve been gay because by the way we’re doing a downshift right now when you’re going uphill
free stuff
raise them this better be the funniest part of the show and if it’s not maybe we need to re-examine what we tolerate
we know that Harry I think we should talk about know about the tolerance for a white cisterns are wasted fails to take James you guys have been running hard
miles in one or more of your son’s here tonight oh no children here but they both listened to the broadcast if I had I had a threesome and a foursome in mile
already have a winner
call with yourself
James the first of how many how do you know when you’re having a male female presenters in when I was like that’s complicated
all of the others were Henderson came over for Christmas I see we had me a genetic male presenting female free hormone we had three then genetic females two of whom are sort of the door bisexual one was not bisexual where they exactly sit in terms of gender preference and presentation two of them enjoy doing a drag King so they certainly had sort of that sort of that mail presentation
who’s your provider of sexuality will it was a candy it was a situation where four people really enjoyed each other and it really didn’t matter what parts they brought to the game
doing that I think you had happened at some point
what was the was the first of a successful events like they wanted and it was do you always have to one-up me doing
sorry I meant yet
do you ever age
picture for someone who is it like the cast your Fortress I couldn’t even to ask your own Doctor Who
it’s just there but she’s not involved she’s directed she’s wearing jodhpurs and a hat that says director I drive to talking too much.
So she’s there she’s watching through a glass
I love that guy
behind the facade
what’s a pick three people that guy is a fascist
I don’t have to pick three people are three genders lightning round only three genders
or they could be all three or a gendered or by yourself out of this because you guys are being a bad people so I wanted to tell you I had a dream recently in my dream I had a very vivid sexual dream where are my ex-girlfriend acts acts like a previous relationship but as I walked into a party and she was played out on the couch and they’re really nice people but like she was very sexy and there were like in the dream I was very I was just turned on by I was just watching her get like sex with
Five Five Guys Timberlake you know Ryan Gosling ever but she wasn’t like your dick so much bigger than Jen Harmon’s but she was like happy to see me I Was A Cloud by cloud like big bucks were you chatting friendly I was like watching a jerking off
I thought I woke up so I don’t know why but I got it thank you sir that you want to see that whatever the ex-girlfriend who are the three people you want to see your ex girlfriend and that dream before I go like I do I don’t want a particular guy into fuck. Now I’m asking you to be specific I don’t want to
I know you want it to be you and your phone if you do it you can do it
I want to be Antonio Banderas Sarah Johnson
your Rosemary can I just say Jane you over the best guess we’ve ever had on the show

thank you
Jane okay
we’re watching his girlfriend be parked by the people
you’re a jerk ass was right there okay so keep me in mind that I’m a little older and not going to bother of 3x girlfriend in history Gene Kelly
Elijah Donald O’Connor funny, Talking Mule movies and has agency and then for you
I’d watch him fuck me you’re having a dream where you were your first we float if it’s a gay person
I think it’s weird that you’re yelling things out but I do want to hear what you’re going to do
you more
I’ve heard a lot of interesting things are going home right there right we taking out to Rodger Moore
now he’s ready to learn I think we’ve made some progress
who would you like to see male or female if you had fun on stage at anybody in the world to have to be in bed and having complicated sex with and these are people I’ve never actually seen fucking you before
it could be anybody in the world past to present
come up here
Huracan price
I’ll look at that
what’s your name sir
what was your name
Vincent take your fucking Panther
I think we should do the same with it we should do it just get it over with
do you know you’re in it because this is her.
Racine Diva could just fuck this guy right now
I’ll save you $800 no questions no denials
do it in privacy
you’re not worthy of having a real name
well where the library
library is burning down
and they are firemen, you want to be a fireman
be in the moment
Vincent this is God
tickle Gino’s tits
high five minutes earlier at God’s house
there are days and there are days
what is this
am I
oh my God I’m a secretary in four and a half minutes you have to make somebody to go some of his tits
is it about
I’m God God this is your god
holy Christ holy fucking shit holy shit fuck you
yes yes sir I don’t grovel if there’s one thing I can’t stand is groveling.
Just being God the way you said I should be I started to everything Universe where everybody has a message for you.
You’re breaking up.
I got another call.
You’re doing a great job and keep it keep it going
I got you on hold I might as well just make God
I was too late
I don’t know I didn’t hear you. Why does why does guys get credit can we start this guy will not let this guy crazy is over
I’ll take care of both breaking up with the A’s or at least a minute
I just gave everyone AIDS
okay listen
fucking donate some money bricks
I’m glad you’re finally someone who has to talk to has a message for you two need to talk to this person you understand yeah yeah the name of this person is Jane okay you can call me goddess
well which is it go to bed
you’ve been a naughty boy it’s time to go to bed goodnight
a peacock
no water steam bad no water
go to bed
me and my how in God’s dream
Jojo Jojo Jojo
hello my name is Penny
that’s probably good enough for Vincent everybody just like that guy he came of it
I was like I’ll I want I’m just went Jane was like look for a while because I changed was like not coming up on the podcast and I was so excited about her coming up and I am 42 years old. I’m talking to every sixteen-year-old out there looking like that. His popular messaging me like me as a piece of shit by I like Jane being on the show makes me think that you may not be a fat piece of shit and you’re wrong I am a fat piece of shit but you’re right you have no idea how many wives that you’ve probably saved because you couldn’t nice
and I think that I think probably probably probably beating you online and I do want to try to offset that and say Here’s your crown here’s your fucking chapter because you’re you’re likely to do all of it this rollercoaster ride of me going from like like like you’ve been the person that has like like you’ve you’ve cleared the George Washington of everything
keep that George Washington
where can I go with Pick n Save
I guess
the others that I’m not used to being well-known with but no it isn’t pushing for that there are
there’s been lots of people who are two people who really like approached me on Twitter or something with real really come after me but when they do course I mean it hurts and I mean this is hurt my whole life but it’s also because of the opportunity that you’ve given how do they come at you I can’t imagine somebody would come at you and heart for what I just found the imagination
situations where people say what what the hell is trans you really a guy go kill yourself that level look absolutely 16 and you don’t know who you are like it’s good for you to get passionate about this shit and it’s good for you to look at someone like me and click that guy’s Jim Belushi I don’t like him like I I totally support you and accept the idea that anybody ever said to you because you can on the show and because you talk to me because I use the pronoun for a bike back.
too late
to real or not real enough I don’t know. We talked about this earlier today I’m a dummy like coming late to the party of knowing how does it like I have a vocabulary about how to address it as a pronoun is like the trouble for me we just want to know how to say things but meeting you you just you’re my first introduction into saying
get it was having a concert at the idea that like ginger could be any old saying could we anything right really comes down I mean it comes down to
and upon the part of the person who’s protecting themselves are representing themselves as a non traditional gender combination or whatever it is
sensitivity to test to be there from everybody everyone’s kind of coming into this new game unprepared called our culture doesn’t isn’t prepared to do our language isn’t prepared to deal with it so given that and given the fact that people deserve to be treated humanely on both sides everyone will it don’t be a dick but everyone has to be ready to engage and if someone isn’t ready to get engaged stay with me and they insist on calling me hehehe or or whatever
what am I going to do change them know I’m going to change and all I’m going to change my just continuing to be a good person and you’ve just got to you got to learn to let things roll off your back I’ve been letting things roll off my back for a long time world is not going to work in the world isn’t going to change in my lifetime but I’ve got to go on and have my life and have it as good as I can and make the life is good and also other friends of ours is that when we fuck up what when we when we mispronounced like we say the wrong thing you never go you did it wrong you never shame us and if there’s opportunity to re-engage and educate great you do that if it’s not and it just isn’t a formal education and informal education that where
people are progressive and open ourselves up to the stuff the fact that there’s a conversation that happens about this when I was a kid there was gay straight and maybe a third color called by that was there was three colors in that NX shadow of any anything is a new thing for everybody like it’s been brilliant lately is that really coming from from kids mostly is just redefining the language and coming up with all these great terms and the alphabet soup lgbtqqiaap Coogi gif
and and to say she we have to I have to wrap my brain around that and it’s a it’s a new thing that I can I go to the airport and I go through the pornos scanner
I can flat and I’m usually dressing I tend to protect relatively man because I come through and I’m presenting male there is a it is someone’s job and it’s going to be it is honestly someone’s got to push a button on that machine a red pink button for a blue button literally that then identify that they read it I’m reading this person as male push the blue button that says UPS particular algorithm in the machine that then says okay look when you do the scan if there’s anything close to the outline of a standard body that is an anomaly that person needs to be checked so if I’m going through and I’m reading as male
I’m wearing a bra and so I have a bra strap in the back that is set off machine I always have to be stepped over and that that’s the Pinkman right identify your dick color do not be educated be a guy comes to actually do my by pat down by the way I made that I have to look him in the eye and say he says there’s there’s something between us and I have to go it’s my bra
and I just put that puts it on me I’ll do it and it feels pretty cool to do it but it’s all so it sucks it sucks that there’s a system in place that does this point. Just like friends misreading or or messing up on a pronoun this is an entire system security system I’m forced to go through to go on I could go around I can do TSA PreCheck or I could I bet you to feel violated by a dude going on are you okay to eat your pussy but based on respect of a of a
Education City bathroom there’s a hole in the floor in here like I said I would look at this picture and an airport is the male and female bathroom is actually had like male symbols are in blue light of above and think like between the brick wall in between the male and the female that’s why I did this picture where was like that’s bathroom 9 and 3/4 transform like in bathrooms likes doing selfies
it looks like Tom Skerritt but I’m sad like in the women’s room I’m going to do a podcast history
and it’s going to make your struggle Jane seem like nothing
I’m going to actually everyone who’s ever had a problem
I’m going to make you feel like shit
because I’m going back to the streets
and if you think you suffered your push it
yo yo yo yo everybody got a transgender community
is going to white canvas wrap
they’re very easy to please
yo yo yo yo
Yahoo podcast history world’s best improv rap of Powerball the most powerful
you’re powerful you have all the power but you should have more than enough power you should have more power
okay let me check it was just one
I like that guy transgender communities got there around that was good if they’re not satisfied with that
this crap is for the ladies carry gun
hours of the ladies here immediately to love and pleasure
yeah I know who you are
I know you want a car I’m going to give it to you
goodnight get you a car
your hair is probably right and it’s shoulder length and that’s good
and when I see you I don’t perceive you as human but I worship you so hey what’s the big deal and I just play Minecraft
can’t we work out some kind of arrangement in cuz I love you Julia
I am a man of means
21st century I love the ladies
above my ass crack
I don’t understand what’s going on but my self-esteem is low enough that I will try this
and I’ll shut up
where do Brooklyn downtown go after I pick up
Vino Santo Tomas
Jerk Hut, 103rd
Jojo Jojo buy tickets are comparison of your marriage around Jane is a hero
drive fast take chances
down down downtown to 103rd and 103rd Street hanging out hello hello hello
start time
my name is Asha.
Where you working for your people genocided
but no one fucking celebrated
are our sons version by the way he’s not he’s not a mean person
human being
Persian rapper Young Buck your mama like a nice titties and your mom is congested property your mama I drop it down like yeah first he ran
Jefferson RC away from can I see he’s from Long Island
here it comes it’s not going to be offensive to anyone. Going to be in Saginaw
I want him I want him out of here
I don’t your own I don’t care
are you Siri
Robert in French
what’s up you guys are allowed to leave the show is over. Never going to have to stand out to get the fuck out of the bad person we’re all going to have drinks at the library bar in the East Village
my name is John Marci
why didn’t John Marston I live in a regular place I’m a regular person there’s absolutely nothing about it after a fucking racist popsocket
don’t challenge you to get up and leave your a piece of shit I don’t even turn Harmony hates her show you getting text messages you hate Persian people if you stand
Stacey Dash
thank you beautiful people I love you so much
if you’re if you’re a kid and you can put it on anything please don’t do anything dramatic
what do a new show
did you ever see women got the long hair when they go shopping
lady would go jump in 15 minutes ago this is a different show
what’s it what’s what’s happened. Let me just finish up my 45
everybody stand up and walk out song
women are holes for their wiener to be hold on
what what
okay yes
that’s my uncle he’s good at what he told me is women be shopping
at 8 remind me
I’ve decided that I have a test I know you ladies don’t want to shop
I know you don’t want to shop but you do shop
so I came up with a little chest if you know whether you like it I came up with a test for instance if you dogs
are things you can shop for you might be a woman
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah
alright so let your dick don’t let your dick.
What weight is in the room, right
you don’t know who you are
you know what you do
what you doing
what you do you know what how you doing nothing about women is women to a good people they’re exactly the same as a favorite faction faction however
Rivera death
So for instance couple of examples
play what happened to the Apocalypse
what’s a nuclear weapons go down and has blown up
stop that
ever gets blown up driving around you got rubber tire armor you got your guitar made out of rubber tires, man
did you run into a woman
okay I’m sorry about that I’m sorry about that
pictures of a robot
in the middle of April
what else is going on
see these people is Donald Trump’s
Donald Trump speech talking about the
is running for president says president is Donald Trump
think about it
what would you want to be president if your name is Donald Trump Donald Trump
that’s more powerful president was born with a standard for a white man what he did with his wealth is actually a failure so why is Jim white white what is he
you should look at him and say he’s doing a bad job so I can hold on one second hold on
it’s okay it’s okay
opportunity to become the president but it’s entertaining right but what if we were in charge of the political process
are you going that way you know you know with women were in charge of presidents
Wako radio
Hoda Hoda Hoda
New Hope to all this
everybody needs to get a call
what else is going on
you got you got you got Isis Isis
fat people
these people bad people
are you walking around yet Isis talking about shopping for a lot differently
baby out of business
you’re both together
everybody everybody’s doing something different to everybody is always everybody wants to know what’s going on nobody wants to know what’s going on
no come on
don’t don’t don’t shame
I don’t know if my dick is small
going to be a big deal if I haven’t told you I take a small
alright so
alright so
everything else go wrong guy sounds like a combination of syllables going
every syllable goes down if you say that certain way if you say words different they will sound effective if you say I’m Different you’ll say the same thing every time
I’m a person that you even doubt the power to tell you how to
so obviously I’m going to tell you to vote for a chicken bone
came floating everyone go into a room every four years and as long as you’ve done that you answer
you’re a good person keep paying your taxes
I’ll leave you with one thought
I’ll leave you with one thought
what’s a joke look at my house phone
you know what good
and when you have a nipple for a deck
got to open your eyes to what’s going on you say the ladies will you want to see my dick she goes let me see it you show it to him
all right all right okay all right listen listen I’m going to leave you with that don’t believe you with this I’ll leave you with this Southside
I’ma leave you with this
I’ma leave you with this
imma leave you with this sad
Southside Eastside Brooklyn New York going to the restaurant everybody in New York going to do my ride cuz I had a chest everybody going to do real live Scott Brooklyn good you think everybody Brooklyn My Ding-a-Ling
peace out


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