Episode: 174 – Crazy Gums


Episode: 174 – Crazy Gums


Thomas Middleditch joins Harmontown for some full body scrubbing, Shadow Run and possibly some deeply offensiveness. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live!


all right back finally Hollywood California from New York City and some of the craziest ship we’ve ever really reported
Spencer Crittenden please Spencer’s real estate
read message message
I can’t I can tell you how if you have a weird energy
you’re thinking I owe Dad Dad Dad
dad got a divorce and now the shave happens but this was an absolute accident I went drunken to a barber shops in New York it was like I’ve never gotten a trim from a barber so he said what number and I said seasons and I’ll have what you’re having he had like a beard but he he was a yellow he’s a younger gentleman with black like so so for him this looks like a beard but for me it looks like now I look like a strange like Lab Rats going through it like a George Michael phase
you know that face but no don’t know where a dad dad’s dad’s fine he is he still jerking off on mannequin legs and
making breakfast and everything’s going to be fine the dogs don’t seem too happy and I do keeps shiting everywhere and eating everything but that’s sad videos on poop you cuz that would be a self solving problem yeah I know I wish to eat it put it in the New Yorker Harmon
I know I thought why dude I do think and Siri all serious is probably there’s a I’m not going to blame myself for the bad mood unless you guys heard us talking shit about LA Tan in New York shows sometimes we go to different cities were like fuck those guys we’re just getting
but if you’re like me you are a little you’re a little wind was taken out of your sails or something about today even though even though the ship didn’t really go down today their ship went down last week pacifically while we were on stage for what are the shows you know that the horrible events happen but it’s just the wake of it all and it hit a Tipping Point today is just like I couldn’t watch anything or taking any information without just feeling fucking apocalyptic about everything it just seems like I do know I stood here and promised everybody that Trump was a joke and that and that you know cuz that Irish were worried about it when Aaron was over there and I think that it’s like a fucking Antichrist like you should keep tweeting this stuff of you discover of years ago Trump was racist and what a what are we what what what are we waiting for the day where everyone all these idiots are going to go you know what you’re right he seems like a bad guy
wait like he’s appealing to the most bassist like fearful horrible like like like like like like part of the way to fight this is to believe that that even the ignorant have a little buddha inside of them that we can like tickle into the chin and bring them out give it to him a shot of wheatgrass and a pat on the back and just a look mad we’re scared to we don’t we don’t want we don’t want the country to be broke but don’t fucking around a mosque but it will holding a gun wearing a ski mask that’s not a protest what are you protesting this isn’t saying the things it’s just getting insane today are the airlines I could kick these guys off but it was like I think that happened at two different airlines and the price is kind of fucking playing ball with the kids or not just calling it racism now they’re calling it like a religious intolerance an anti-muslim to take the people didn’t know they were muddled only what they based it on something else I’m sure I’m sure if you were a atheist aerobin you and then someone didn’t want to get on a plane with you they let you know they’re not like
take a religion that fucking academics complaining to a very sad wire I mean cuz it was kind of hot today oh okay I’m sorry I put me in a bad mood all so I stopped watching and I’ll get it through bits and pieces but like when we got to New York I got these texts from my brother and some friends things you hear about what happened and your friends okay out there and I was like
I went to walk onstage right now so I just put my head in the dirt like that it’s which is a terrible thing to have to do but like we better than trying to come up with its about it we get over the show and there was 17 NYPD out in front of the theater and I didn’t notice it but you tell me about that or someone else literally 12 12 cops basically every single place in New York was like volunteer this is so sad but you know the cops are sad like nobody really believes in that moment that there is a threat but you don’t answer that that like there’s no but but at the same time everyone understands that this has to be done now and that’s what makes everyone sad it’s just like oh our lives have been eclipsed by tragedy and there’s nothing we can do it even the cops feel that way and the kids feel that way and it was just like
okay waves a baton you go in and this is very morose bad Vibe like they must have been volunteers like putting on NYPD flak jackets I don’t know if that’s illegal or I don’t know how many how many cups are in a place is it because it’s more than 500 people in the building and that was that.
it was the 600 K so so they have specific reason to think there’s a threat here I don’t feel bad about International panicked about it but I would have done that I could get that out of my mind and then some things happened when the cops got two people but I almost called the counter terrorism unit when you took your pants off at the end of the second chance I think they almost came up there I believe in that moment I was as close as I have ever gotten to being a terrorist
I certainly was not celebrating freedom I was I wasn’t rewarding it
yeah I don’t know JetBlue okay that’s fine you for a dog that eats menu item it’s like the where you would put like a heart if it was low cholesterol or something like that is like oh this one has horse big horse plus smaller horse facing big horse my guess on that is if there’s full or half size portions available but I could eat a horse
I’m not a horse so hungry I can have the full pasta or I’m on the horse so small like I should only have the half
alright well you know what there’s nothing there’s nothing that I can’t talk about with our guest tonight who has a heart out and I don’t want to cheat them so why don’t we why don’t we just bring them up and start chatting he’s a fantastic really really intimidating a funny guy that I thought I first got to taste of his his his in person that’s what am I talking about what language am I speaking tell him you love him I do love them I was on a podcast with him and and then and then he did harmonquest for an episode and he’s just he’s just a wonderful wonderful nerdy really funny dude and he had to come here sooner or later so he’s here tonight let’s bring Thomas middleditch
do you want anything to drink or early early day tomorrow yes yes they don’t tell you they don’t tell you in the biz that you got to start getting up at like 5:30 in the morning earlier sometimes it’s going to be a shooting at a studio pictures motion picture Studio Lot at one bar over there that’s why
JetBlue can’t stand them are you bringing no no I actually am a big fan of coach and will then you must be at JetBlue has now sold out cuz they have a class now what welcome to Mile High where we talked about if you want to order something I don’t know about the horses but they’d have you can either get free snacks like a bag of peanuts or whatever and then you could pay money for like essentially snack packs which purchase packages at smaller packages of snacks boxes are so forget it forget sandwiches on JetBlue you’re only getting packages of smaller packages of snack
well because they convert I mean I don’t know if that was always the case
what time is it is your hatred of JetBlue a snack base Patriots
you can’t wear the world or packaging is that ye want to get mounds of packaging in this world and I can’t get a sandwich now cuz I got to get packages of smaller packages of snacks not going to do it
it is a variating when you read it was so when you read stories like that is Southwest Airlines that there was a little Revolt because there were two Arab gentleman who run a pizza restaurant in Chicago together is that are there was a box because he had baklava in it and they just walk up to the plane and they go can I please get on the plane fire Airlines to do these people who are always High Road in you if you if you’ve had one too many ones did you you’re just you simply mistaken the cockpit door for the bathroom and it’s locked so you’re banging on it actually happened for real
play like he was so drunk but I wasn’t there but he said that’s why he was so drunk he was like this something extra outrageous about that cuz you’re like you’re always living under the tyranny of these like these these unremarkable zzz
threshold Guardians where like it’s like it used to be there in the hospitality business and then after 9/11 they became these fucking deputized Air Marshals you no good no more no more bucket mr. nice guy and by the way never was nice legs and now it’s just like you’re like to do it in a bad mood they’re in a bad mood and it’s just the worst situation and then when you read the story like that you’re going to do so also like if the shit does ever hit the fan you’re you’re a fucking traitor to everybody that’s insane
we live in that somebody would come up and go like I want to fly with that guy that’s like I know how to handle this I don’t even have to read the manual sir you’re you’re out with you I’m taking his side to everybody
and he shared it with you I should have brought a night everybody I love I love baklava and all the people shared the back of their like we’re so sorry but you know how high can a tight that it I mean that’s that’s how my dog works in the how much smarter than my dog are people that fifteen years after 9/11 haven’t figured out that fucking start if you would listen to it all the other pack as if you want to hear what the shit right you come here for for automotive tips
Chevy Volt all day baby is real quick okay why funny apocracy some things that happened in the car I prefer Lyft Uber Uber but will never go to lift I got a brand new 2015 Mini Cooper and I care for it you don’t care for it
giant circle of like crazy in 2012
I like it I like it there but you don’t you don’t love it because I mean I just I like it I got what what don’t you like about it
the mini obviously from the name but then when you get it you feel kind of like actively like it’s hitting you in like it’s doing to you like it’s putting you in a container for chickens
CVS it’s been keeping you
Mega Cooper you should expect some construction
is Mike the floor was sprinkled with seed which was nice but my feet are glued to the Head
we got it we got to stop eating meat so bad where are you I just did a lot of switched over about what year and some change now you are the stock you marry cowspiracy whole fuk no no no no no no no now look now look occasionally I’ll cheat so one day the sushi man you told me you don’t need me. Just chill out okay chill the fuck out
it’s like 90% of time I don’t but yeah you got to get out of there but Aziz and shrub and so there is what do you mind and Dan. That why I just started drinking toilet is like Soylent Green like human me Unfortunately they didn’t see a Sci-Fi book from Wichita. Comes but the movie Soylent Green I think which was also based on that book added a few things including the cannibalism that’s sweet sweetness of the people that invent the people that named it so we’re just going like. For the cap to futuristic drink without ever having seen the 1975 movie where the whole point is
human flesh but I just mistook it for like a little brat you keeping the old man out of my Paradigm Zone your favorite I am so sorry kids only old man with you it’s always annoying to hear about I’ve been vegetarian for 23 years so I don’t even know what I want to go ahead
how do Thomas and I focus on our vegetarian straight when you have a lipstick going on. Just go ahead I’m sorry I’m a narcissistic person
it’s a painful sore that you have all right origin story well I’m an environmentalist Chevy Volt I donate to Sierra Club Defenders of wildlife on all this kind of stuff I’m like here I am trying to save the planet and then I didn’t even realize literally the worst thing for the planet is animal husbandry I didn’t know that you know they have people say hey cow farts are pretty bad for the for the atmosphere if they’re the worst thing for the atmosphere who knew
but I mean you know it and not to mention is sewage runoff do cows are like literally the worst thing deforestation I like cougars and wolves we had as good as they could make room for the name for something like it’s one to two acres of second of rainforest throughout Space and Time 1 second one to two acres and something like 93% of the reason is animal husbandry our feet routes for the animal husbandry Alpha what are we used to feed cows what is California god dammit
and then I tell you what man I want to hear that it’s a song it’s a part of it anymore and then and then and then it hit me and then it hit me this is couple weeks later I was sitting in some hotel room I was like oh my God and for the inventor environmentalist reason but then the death in the Santa sent me of such a horrible and it’s really did they torture these creatures and even if it’s in like a Whole Foods farm with a cow pastures and stuff it’s like hair Betsy live this fucking rat life thank you for your time and it’s like I’ll never hunt anything I don’t even want to kill a chick and what am I doing these animals I want them to live our beautiful right well like dogs pics of the same as dogs why are we cutting the pigs up why would force them to diesel cages where they where they literally cut off the pigs tail in front of him so it’s so painful when the paint behind them Nash’s on their tail that it has to kiss
two kids behind us otherwise it’s too sad to do anything about it and then you get infected tail meat and then it’s a loss in terms of money
it’s not worth that you guys it’s not worth it
it’s how it tastes great it’s not worth it though you have a little zit in your lip
that’s how you turn it on the line you know but that’s one of those around them if you try to pop it please or is it probably is going on here and hang out with some Venezuelans and her identity but they were from there one of them was a coder also does not like but mr. robot
I like mr. robot of titties
I had I just did
Watch Fight Club as we got we got to hack into the world fucking Petty competitive Rider I wouldn’t younger writers get attention there’s some fucking flare up and be there still haven’t over, I can’t talk much about it you have a competition with Good Will Hunting yeah I still I’m still mad about that how do you like them apples that’s like saying says yes when you say how you like them apples, and if that guy hadn’t said yes
I don’t remember the yes
because that guy ends up now just come on let’s move on what when’s it when’s it when’s the coder is from Venezuela Abraham baby I’m saying too much information really maybe now we can be able to repel the attack with a fucking voice over
the other guy was like an accountant and we’re having such a good time and then and then and then the accountant guy the politics of like the thing about the refugees and then I was like yeah yeah yeah yeah let’s let’s not let’s not do it looks like whitesplain do you like like like like what it What is lately he was afraid he was a MSA he was like he wasn’t like second generation he was a good guy that came here and it’s like he’s like now he’s in this mode and end end like end of them is like Irish guy comes up what does irish-american guy like that
is it is a pic that are cute that like his voice out of the I said you sound like fucking Colin Quinn like like like like like like a bee and a picnic when the soda comes out but it was just like it was like he wasn’t responding any was just starting it was like I had nothing about the Irish and there was like those guys were riding with each other up but they liked each other cuz they were both like these hardliners and then the Irish
got to be a vet so now you’re fucked veterinarian
the kind you can never disagree with about anything like you can tell a veterinarian that cats shouldn’t be put to sleep but you can’t fucking talk.
That’s why I don’t
more like one leg and go like fuck you I’m right about everything in here that you are you’re right but you’re also saying weird shit you know but but but but but but but I wasn’t going to nightmare this is the point of my story has it that this is like I don’t know if this is a New York or what but the weirdest thing cuz I had that much is more than Colin Quinn machismo and I was your age
Deer Park
me and Jim Norton are going to come over and
they very funny things that are to make you feel bad
Derek Harley Quinn now you sound like Christopher Lloyd
Peter bucko I don’t care who I sound like
so so we’re just talking and hanging out of the irish-american Iraq war veteran just act like he starts squinting at me when I’m talking and it goes like what is this what is this a do you get some kind of a TC Anthem phrase handsome like was a nickname for something that I’ve never heard of gibberish to me I was waiting at the back of my neck because he’s already reaching for his what I have a spider on my neck and he pops
for me
respectfully like he was like grooming me
but he wasn’t he was bullying me and here you are like for a second like a fox a foxhole brother
but it was so clearly not at all like it was the opposite of of of what you’d be afraid of an encounter with that guy cuz like I remind you of just opposition and all the stuff for the guy was just like belligerent and jingoistic and narcissistic and and and bragging about his combat are all the different races and all of that you associate with like you know this is all bad but really it all boils down to this is all usually back cuz usually it’s a symptom of a guy like doing bad things you know lately he’s going to end up like like like picking a fighter or or or hogging the Jukebox or something and I was going to we’re going to head to lake lake lake Lake Whitney is not just because he’s a bass player that the album shity there’s it’s a necessary instrumental just saying you know what I’m talking about
how much this entire audience is comprised of bet you’ve been with that guy. Hey do you like play some stuff you mind if I do a live DJ and okay is it good to you like you like Led Zeppelin and played the whole thing to it yeah I don’t think Radiohead ever did this or wait we have that I have so many questions about the veteran zit popper guy because I doubt you I know you like you’re not in physical contact
I also use what you’ve talked about the fact that you like you wouldn’t get a massage when you do this is what it is cuz it’s a big jock like the highest for Market typically what is a soldier which is a guy was trained to kill it’s also a combined with like he’s a he’s a right-wing person who wants to talk about you know how the things that are physical about people are markers of differences that are unsolvable in cuz it’s aliens do this but the Irish do that is like everything is like a nightmare about it but then he did that one little thing and it was like aw dad you’re going to be all right all right
physical reaction was what was shocking to know what’s happening and then when I by the time I realized what was happening he was like gingerly cleaned it you know like a pop and then he like he wasn’t just like yeah he’s just like
intimate thing that yeah I know like in the days of like disease and stuff, it was my first thought is like this is what you do when you your brothers are in a foxhole and I and I when you’re like when you’re in the shit like probably let those zits go with this guy
you don’t have the best skin that like to pop zits I got to be one of them
Ben Affleck when he dated a girl who had that thing and I was like because I can I please, can you please
are you sure you’re not trying to impress me not that it would know I really like it like
Lego some people who fucking love it there is no videos on a show that their favorite animal is fairly close. I have night dreams and Daydreams
there’s one one little epilogue to the story I just found that kind of profound that the unexpected things were happening that from the moment that guy came up and said but it didn’t end the way I thought it would I didn’t want to hang out there anyway though but the biggest reason I want to hang out there is because there were four guys sitting over at that like any bar part you know where we would be if we were all there by The Cab Calloway Drive dictionary I think they were regulars and they were they were older and they were like they seem like a literary types or something remember the story about me being mistaken for a mr. Grossman like that was the same bar cuz I was wearing a jacket these guys were all look like mr. Grossman
they were they were like they were glowering at all of us the whole time because we were all talking loudly and I could hear them like doing was running commentary the whole time and they were like that they were nerds and they were intellectuals of the real reason I left the bar is because I was getting angry and angry at them cuz I wanted to lick her dilemma go why don’t you guys fucking cheer up or go somewhere you can be happy fucking talking to lake lake Lake Link two guys and a fucking yeah he’s a fucking mamaluke
what have you done to her probably like the most liberal and intellectual because they were like oh there’s these years he’s like types that are going to bring them before I got my zit popped but I was like terrified that they do certain kinds of people are going to make your bar experience not right and they were sitting there the whole time to Statler and Waldorf in
is it until until my bone. That’s the end of my my story about getting my tags itch
America the ghost of the future Christmas was like you’ve learned a valuable lesson me to know how many how many soldiers Marines are going to go out there like a bar out there doing their Duty and just you know if I listen to the community cast is really weird but I assumed that was like like if you watch enough like dailies there’s so much footage of cuz they’re sitting there for 12 hours under Hot Lights they’re at each other’s mercy so they’ll just like like you got a noses and stuff get in there
there’s too much you think you’re going to go and get a little treat you come out with a full face
so much and I hate it I hate it cuz there’s always a fucking yeah yeah yeah
you got a sharp pain in there you got to fucking do that but that’s not this this is this is actress protecting each other from the fit you know they’re like clearing out each other’s natural openings and stuff I just had my point being after a while because even actors who just that little bit of like comradery and and and fatigue you know and and Reliance at each other the behavior already starts to get unrecognizable from the from the perspective of the normal world
will you be up would have Dan if you found somebody like that like
it was a service I got like a spa or some like that and you found there was a guy or woman that was really into and totally comfortable with that kind of back extraction kind of service would you would you would you be down for that I was only because he’s being attacked you and came up and did that he did that I’m so happy that got done fucking like the line that I had drawn for his personality he turned out to be a human being and not like this fucking Like Straw dog that I had created and was like trying to figure out how to avoid a fight with
he wasn’t she wasn’t thinking that about me otherwise he would have but he made decisions about me and was like that and he wrote to them I just like I’ve been drinking a bar so long and it’s like this if I can kind of Knucklehead that comes up and you just like no no I’m too young life is too short
have you ever been scrubbed at a Korean spa I used to go to this place called the TV show I can’t go there cuz it’ll I’ll just be like nude and I chilling out and somebody like you’ve ruined it you ruined it but I used to go there and in the corner always there’s like the full body scrubs where it’s you know you’re in the spa you’re you’re you’re getting over your hangups you like I’m nude I’m comfortable with it. Guys got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my life I don’t care and then there are these people in the corner that they’re like lying on the bed and there’s a man like what and then I’m sure a woman in the woman’s part and they are vigorously full body scrubbing the man who’s lying down like what’s up with like I guess like a sponge and soap and like high pressure water and they’re up in there
they’re everywhere around how could you have the security of your own body to be like scrub me as hard as you fucking camera foot around
I can’t I can’t I can’t just surrender to the scrub because it’s like being in the middle of a really sexy street fight that you’re getting your ass don’t listen to him here’s why if you have anxiety about that kind of thing with those people that you think are your heroes in the moment like those are the same people that they do really well they merge on the freeway they don’t give a fuk
because they have no anxiety they have no fear about anyone’s judgment and they kill people they fucking murder people I’ll get the penguins have you seen him drive have you seen him drive
do you use turn signals do you have you seen me merge I’m an indicator don’t try to tell me I don’t want no that’s going I want to know about how the fuck do you have the brass and the audacity to call my God you never forget your first crap by the way
it is vigorous yeah you like oh my God I don’t know that this might cross a line of like my child for like that and intimacy is a really wild but I went with a gal that was a good friend of mine and we went to Little Tokyo and they walk all over in your butt joints with crack in the top of the could possibly be to make the sensation of strike the ship 40 elbows
are the Von trapps back there I was moving a little slow tonight
the Burke Williams in West Hollywood which I think is gone which is like with crunches like on Sunset and Crescent Heights right across the street
Adventure I can go into the to the tub and I can go into the sauna or steam room or I can or I can sit and drink you know coconut lemon water and I can go into any of these facilities you have a towel or can be naked so I go a new I go into the steam room and I have my towel and say seven eight guys in there are ready every one of them was the hottest guy you’ve ever seen everybody everybody was like you like David Beckham’s hot or younger brother
and it was just like this cock out never was just talking like when you getting off I’m getting to Siemens
Siemens gamesa 40in slip from Hunter to seaman this is my alarm that just just just wrap it up with him before he goes but that doesn’t mean I was completely intimidated by the by the like everybody was so like gorgeous walking around but I found out they ended up having to close that one down to pleasantly because it was so sexy in there that I liked the shenanigans happening
I’m not going to say anything I’m just going to look like that if the dogs are walking around as much as their tails build this fucking wall
don’t become so hard, the other dog would fax the come and bring it back
so consider fucking hot gay dogs
please shut that place down there wasn’t a health hazard these are the cleanest fucking dog to the world it was a cultural threat because because it was fucking changing Minds
Thomas would you be open for a scrub by by a woman scrubber or is it was scrubbed all over it’s an even even on the junk in a non-sexual way it’s not about I wouldn’t be at cuz I couldn’t picture a little less sexy thing you got all over your dick cuz I wouldn’t get hard in that but it’s a more about up the butt crack right I got you know what are you worried about the about never be clean I’m worried about a dirty bath and then my being like a to Harry of a but I like all those go together it’s like it will never be clean because it’s like a fucking interview is at home if you had in the middle of your living room there carpet on living room if there was a hole that shit came out of
three times a day
it just wouldn’t matter what you did in that room that ever ever ever sweetheart we got to do something about this
three times a day later Brown who has been
Damaris Brown
what the green is pants in town or just Green Man it is green pants that’s not what is his hair cut man I love that very handsome but there’s no way I was going to say that I can’t remember the previous session
yep yep
are you hoping he already has a class professor professor clean-cut I just got that teach me how to conjugate my your eyeballs in a hole I just been working a lot to get to this time of year and people want to get stuff done before people start disappearing holidays that’s been shooting a bunch of stuff little short films here and there and then also Channel 101 ends in October and so from the end of October to about the middle of October and September 9th of October they were just project after project people trying to slam and get some kind of wish I was with Aaron was also have finished with like a finale which is like a 20-minute finale end
yeah people have lives in things so that everybody only shoots on the weekends and Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday
you’re a scrub
I have been to the Wii Spa I have never have seen that stuff I have not going anywhere near that I don’t have any interest in looking into sounds inp8 but like falling in love at the same time as a kitten Kaboodle when you leave that you feel it’s like it’s a crazy you for your kind of feeling it’s my husband titillated
somebody else could look in the air by don’t see themselves come in like set up in a spare room in like the writers have been up all night and it massaged shirt on massage that the idea of a professional person like who has therefore seen the widest range of people and touch them all it doesn’t really make any logical sense but I’m just like oh they’re they’re going to definitely know for sure that I’m a bad person and you and you say that you’re not going to be able to have sustained relationship why are you talking about getting a mannequin’s have to catch up with you with the sub
Gage in your legal right to are you kidding me never to be the last thing I did after I go skydiving like I would never like trying heroin like when I try first and then let’s get back to that but but but like the idea of a sex worker like like like like like I’d be like you she knows for sure places on the next size chart like I love handle every hair and she’s like I’ve seen it all and your here’s where you are and should be thinking at night at her thoughts are more like I know that already yeah but that’s that’s part of the problem is I can’t like I’m not confident enough to be somewhere else that’s like the type that would never I would never be able to do anything since it would you describe a prostitute from only from abroad
Spencer doesn’t give a fuck that hired prostitutes to wash me cuz I can’t reach all the time

after that one pic of the fog had rolled in the fog event
where can I buy our own out there that we should bring up one person and let’s make it a crash Lee the gender gender balancing casting decision old lady why are young lady
I want all the women to organize themselves by a birthday
is there any of the same yeah we’ll do it by like you’re outside your safety zone you’re going to stay there I cuz I was like I was calling the lady in any way anybody interested in somebody a heart attack with you what would you like to come up
what I thought was that we had a we had someone usually raised her hand and then so that it’s not going to come up you raise your hand
well because she was first
not because pickle person was a bad person at all that’s fine pickle person did but she raised her hand what is your name
is Cassie hello Cassie
oh yeah you using it for a bottled waters what would you like to leave and let the pickle lady, was it
okay okay okay all right it will under so I did want you just like grab that and then go back out the side door just leave basically
Kumail nanjiani
that’s what I characters doctor friend I believe right he’s like he’s kind of like a Mob Doctor archetype he’s the guy who patches is up
family member or cleric he’s a troll right
I need to look at all the equipment middleditch is an avid gamer like the kind of makes you feel bad cuz he had like a game going with like a real people who sit down and really game is doing Call of Cthulhu and now he’s doing and you just started curse Manuel I asked Tom if the robbers shooting, Quest could I join your group to any group is accepting new memory like a tight group of four in the schedule and gets involved it’s over you really want to know when I got home and it’s at the candy store and it’s locked in candy
Justin Timberlake
can I see that you’re playing whom is Erin mcgathy
can we can we have
maybe a bad pitch maybe a bad pitch
can we have her play as just Erin mcgathy play Gathering weird things that I send to Erin
all right so Spencer what it what do you think about life and overrated both of them
I agree I agree
alright Spencer do we need I’ve been away from Shadowrun for like a couple months and feels like so let’s just see what we’re where we last left our guests recap was written by no one you fucking assholes
not you guys you guys in the wife Crowder find its internet people I’m mad at last time on Shadowrun Our Heroes return to their mission to
quest to find the mp3s they brought them all back accomplishing their mission back at the bar biggest sale the woman the second she walked in the door
not letting her drink bothering her with questions and then raping her mind
eventually they pulled a quest out of her finding the whereabouts of her lost daughter seen last seen at flesh to Fresh a support group for ghouls survivors of the HM HPV disease they’re still there in that Tavern bothering the lady
on Harmon Street in a price to bring your daughter back on yeah right Peggy what was what’s your daughter’s name she’s truly outrageous
how is she is she is she a girl trying to get fresh again yeah yeah yeah she’s a cool you know they have this craving for Flash Flash not living flesh you see they don’t they don’t want it didn’t want to eat you they want to murder you and then eat you right so they can they can handle it with therapy and stuff and she’s been trying to control her urges and she’s been making good progress but I mean if a person is is future Trump running for president can we just build a Google wall
I’m asking you to find my daughter not prevent her from getting to me sorry that’s just classic doctor friend humor
Spencer what’s our what’s our guy is at the bar and say hey can you get a location on on Jim no no okay thanks that guy
my name is not a cat Jim Nightblade would it be possible for us to call an Uber and proceeded to the club The Flash to Frances has been explained it up and disappeared that’s one of the reasons it’s been so hard to find traces of the daughter the whole place just up and vanished well who in this town’s got a vendetta against ghouls
the town of where we New Berlin New Los Angeles to New Seattle
and a whole lot of 2nd who was that was that was that Peggy talking know that was me oh heck I know that was the DM reminding horta guard of the past and I’m sorry I apologize but I did the building doesn’t disappear was at all the people
will know I mean need the building got blown up so it kind of disappeared
took the devices got just got raised in eradicated and demolished seems that way who is there a body count you know I wasn’t one labeled but
Lowe’s in that size it was an explosion
this is more of a fire but had to have some casualties there’s always police good call back Erin mcgathy
Kathy contacts with the mafioso I could ask some questions posed to be his reasonably loyal is both of those things the others contacts and you should probably have contacts in any games you know are in the bar right now I’m looking for a fellow named Ritz and Hawkeye are the only guys in the borrow and Peggy to my friend fill at Lonestar okay but I’m going to Lone Star and I’m anticipating the
Jim Nightblade might make a call to the Lone Star State
but I will keep this to myself because I’m not stupid
good that’s good okay be booby beat beat
Jimmy yeah that’s my name as of now what was it again was the old one that’s all right
so listen you got a lie what do you know about the flesh to Fresh company real real real meat markets I tell you what say what do you mean just a gauge in the product was advertised for all sorts of services like flesh Replacements in flesh treatments and also brain zapping
to make people not ghoulish they do all sorts of stuff but it’s been said you know they have ties to the Chinese mob
China I just said that for no reason. I’m sorry
just thinking about China
bring back our jobs
so what won’t I feel thank you very much thanks goodbye
so I kind of feel bad I feel like I’m kind of stupid sometimes I got my liver is the fuc why don’t we just go into the place cuz it is you say that got blown up all over the wreckage of the places that kind of look around for evidence
we could do that ironically
not an employee anymore I understand
yeah well we could go to a crater and poke around I know just the place don’t I find out
yeah no I mean you have all sorts of connections with a Chinese mob before a doctor friend of medicine but I know the types
I didn’t ask you to judge that their medical Alex has Pocus and tiger blood it’s so very very much of a friend of the Chinese mafiosos but mafiosi before once back in the 80s the 3080s
it was a it was a call I hope never to receive again they held a gun to my head and said text him fix him because the only words they knew it was extremely
I remember his name exactly it David
David Mix Chinaman 3000 years should be easy to track
what are we in the year six sat down and I fuck that it’s okay I’m not a smart guy I’m here at the doctor friend that lets you know it a Chinese mob hang out nearby yes the golden
Nano opium den
kinds of unsavory tag saying it I was so scared that they heard of that name would end up being inappropriately Asian but boy it just turned out to be golden. It’s as if the people who named the restaurant in the middle of naming a tailspin and white guilt
the golden hole in the entryways through the back
should we take the hover van
bike pump which is still raging Ubers where we get where we need to go hongkong
impatient as ever
how about a question did David the Chinaman make it what do you take me for some kind of Chinese doctor I think he would have wanted it to be as closer
he’s got an early call time
thank you so much babe
yeah if you like Silicon Valley and then you’ll appreciate him leaving that you’d be great great great and bushy for it
what kind of going to miss his until I definitely need an energy and contrary to his name that guy is like an extreme dish
of entertainment like it’s like it’s a definitive there’s nothing
should we stop the Shadowrun game there because he left or should we just say that he fell down and went to sleep and then I did some experimental I moved the shadow I gave to the middle of the show I don’t expect to play We’re contractually forbidden
although I’m not that scared about the enforcement of that rule I don’t think anyone really cares was just lawyer stuff but we are supposed to just play for like 10 minutes and and always has like a proper round exactly we got a new friend up here and I got two more.
Joe DiMaggio is handsome but now we have naughty college professor Liberal Liberal college professor inappropriate jokes that he makes in the margins of your essays this is pretty good for someone with such a nice Gams
a run-on sentence from you come on you’re so pretty
Bible talk about after office hours office hours indeed
Columbus Ohio
your mom is going as well
how do you have to eat that Mike Cascio might be closer than you always have everybody regardless of the context but why I live in your neighborhood
it said it’s not not for that reason but it’s a little scary over there still isn’t it is it or is it been
well what was recently liked. Don’t give me your address or what corner are you near Toronto back of that like early-mid 90s and a 1.2 l e p d called the most dangerous neighborhood in Los Angeles and it was gun shots every night and like not just a couple but like like wild wild west Beirut they must have changed since then you got held up and the end and I’ve already told us in the short time I was living there a separate thing cuz it’s like when it was a homeless person it’s sort of like that’s just that’s not a neighborhood saying is like other than that that’s like oh my God that’s so many homeless nature
this is like a homeless population saying like but like like like in the area where the homeless would congregate not exciting news but Koreatown like the sounds sounds a little more fun than that it was back then anyway what do you want what do you want to do to get rich
Healthcare designer okay that’s that’s where they’ve never heard of Designing like like programs like lately but not an interior decorator runs in their arm cut off like they can eat a big scientific Lee figuring out how to lay out and we make sure they have walls and stuff give us give us some of it like what’s what’s like a what’s a term that only Healthcare designers know that’s like when would the next time we’re in a hospital we can sow
but for a healthcare design that we can look at it like if I go in at cuz I cut my pinky off and I like I’m feeling like I’m being brushed off that I can just at least in my tirade I can go look you think I don’t know what the fuck’s going on here this place doesn’t even have an open Alpha way
you’re a fucking dangerous that is
I just give me some ammo
so you can probably just make up acronyms
like what happened to you you’re like I cut off my pinky so it’s like i c o m p i don’t know what’s good source
is it it seems to me that the inner structure of those places there are a lot of hallway are quarters that are set up with rooms in them that have no specific definition it so that they’re free to be changed like an Icee use their rooms that become adapted all because there are eight people on that day who have to be vertical and have to wash it anytime but if they could be zero that whenever it to be something else
Do you like before plans if you lay out to end up taking out the finishes making sure they like if some guy throws up on the couch cleanable is there is there a castle I picture I figured going to the Health Care design job I picked it up there’s like these that these programs where you can bring up a floor plan of a hospital and then you can click play on like a simulator and adjust the speed and what it does is stimulates like injured people like particles blowing in wherever the like it’s like when you design cars and you just like to have the are bouncing off the hood so that you can design the car to the aerodynamic. They just like you just you just you just have like six people pouring in through a dispenser and then they’re just like if they start hitting collecting in a corner you like well that’s a
sounds like healthcare Tycoon yeah yeah yeah yeah
but it is there any element that’s like that okay as well and have you noticed that people keep getting sick so maybe
how do you get a specific as the artwork in in the in the clinic back wasn’t as in their Southwest zest
we want it to be if we if we put bright colors in the hospital like that people are like I can’t get out of bed and a beautiful day out I’m at a Burger King I want to I want to go play in the ball pit no ma’am you you have leukemia
I do look at the walls
but like I remember that I wonder how much of that like cuz I’m assuming that there’s a client then it goes like yeah we what does it take a chance and they’re like how about a splash of yellow there like you haven’t doesn’t feel half little league Legacy of like it’s like the desk and it’s like death because of death because of Dad’s going to put somebody tries to talk to her on a flagpole and do my talk show I’m crazy and everyone is like a syndrome vs. like people going like oh there’s been a study that the color mint makes you like willing to be cut open does it does it have to go both ways then that means is it cuz people work there too and do you want them to feel sick they didn’t want them to be
we try to make it cuz it’s like been proven that if you feel like you’re at home and you’re being well taken care of and you get well faster and we’re trying to have your windows cuz if you can see make sure you get well fast see that’s the kind of fucking juice we wanted
Healthcare designer juice
do you like you just walked into like your friend’s home and you can go like eat their dinner cuz you have to eat when you go there so we try to make it like welcoming and everybody I mean all this stuff it’s like Behavioral Health so you need to go in and like you’re not in an institution like you don’t want to go to commit suicide you want to kill Sharon like talk to me about it but also if you try to leave will tackle you do you have to have do you have to have like a psychological background that you study any psychology in your thesis as a hospice which is a really weird senior thesis because nobody really wants to like listen to you talk about how you read all these super depressing books about people dying of cancer but and conclude
and I just did that because like my mom was talking to me about this hospice at she was at she’s like it’s really nice like this place is right there told us that we should do things that are like nice for people and not just like a new restaurant because then we seem like we’re not like creepy Professor demorge who are concerned with your leg if it’s it’s turning like the interior design in health and crazy Rock 2
South Park deli at a fucking walk I had to remind me of what it was cuz it was in my own brain and I forgot it was your lips it wasn’t that I never went to school started saying and found the niche that you wanted to be in that’s very cool went for like friends at chemistry and then I decided that I wasn’t going to go to med school to the government could pay me salary cut open some dead people I was like that’s just way too much debt
you kids so now you’re you’re creating the environments where other people cut open dead people in it and are in debt
how did you get into a lot of jets pretty much just yeah I do feel bad for this is Millennials they really got fucked crazy you’re welcome honey
I am old enough to be your dad and I do feel bad like I about about about about about about stupid. Like a scandal as like cuz we’re just kept going and when I was in high school it was half as starting to happen while I was in high school when I was in high school my friend Dave freed all like he was in like a food service like intern program so even though he wasn’t like the most reliable like guy in terms of turning in his English homework and reading and math and stuff he was staying in high school he was getting a decent grade point average because I had a program there it was like for food service was like learning a trade and like part of his high school diploma was that he would go and work for a little bit at a restaurant because he had that program he ended up being like he was fucking like he had if he’s had a great career and now he’s a computer programmer but just that that professionalism but they were yanking those programs the whole time just in those good looks
everything everything it had anything to do with like a middle and it’s like you’re either going to go to prison or you’re going to go to college is what everything became I guess what college is right the prison now. Thank you for your debt and here’s your mass and by late like like like there’s no good so it’s like turns out yeah I know you should be teaching kids piano and I don’t know what you people do I don’t know what school did you know people who should be guiding you yeah I don’t know I thought I remembered part of it but like I said, don’t forget to study
what are you caught that bachelor’s Arts
so the art of
I do not know how to turn turntable and the associates are man caves more than you should to get a societal of Arts degree to waiting for Moorpark College is college I went to graduating from Moorpark College and I was I was invited so I was sitting there waiting for him to walk and I was reading the program showing the list of the recent graduates and I was like oh there I am
I must have filled out a form or something but I just had no idea that I had done the degree that I wanted until I was at the graduation which would have been my graduation
if I was aware of that finding out about parties that were on Facebook after the fact yeah that’s my whole life
oh this is always by let’s bring up Steve Levy
hello I think it’s important but yeah cuz I think I probably suck some people out there a little concerned about you why well because the last time we saw you it was like a movie of the week you were really into Vicodin
cuz I really into it that you were you were really drunk we thought you had a problem you you look like a drunk you aren’t you would literally kept saying I really love when I get in like and then you were like we played Jenna on in your life I remember that we’re whatever I played your character in Shadowrun TV what would you like me to change about my life why do you never ask me these home
I’m more curious about this is a really hard question hard ball on your way over committed you are and I want to look at our schedule it’s like holy fuck this is exhausting how’s it going to do all this and then cuz all I fuck is manic and legs do you have any idea I just double their output
I don’t know it’s 8 and I drink Soylent now I remind you I don’t even work anymore I know I just like drink but I’m 10 of the doubt like I wouldn’t doubt that a fault I will I have a little meal in a
bottle bottle bottle you eat of a food food is two days but it’s not like it’s only one of those things was like oh you have to stick to this program otherwise this thing won’t happen it was sister I’m just for like like a protein shake is like one of the worst things you can do if you’re trying to lose weight as like as not eat breakfast cuz you’re not really particularly hungry when you wake up sometimes and it might I see what else would you change about then get back to this
you want me to stop buying women’s clothes from Amazon I want you and a happy and work hard to make sure that happens when you work hard cuz you want to run the industry one day and I want to work for you you did a demin honor is what you want what we all want Danny we all want all of our friends we have a what what would you put into place would you implemented practice or policy to help them be happier like fun time

we’re like dankin like everyday this is your allotted. To do where the fuck you want because the best
I would I would hope that would see just said
what is Minecraft in jerks off the mannequins that does that plays Minecraft while running Rick and Morty so it’s like why would he waste an hour playing Minecraft when he’s doing it all day and I haven’t sold out here I have the issue with that we have this system I write Rick and Morty for so yeah and then every 15 minutes is a 10-minute break that’s when he’s not like riding with one hand and playing Minecraft I was last time I want anybody to watch season 3 of Rick and Morty season 3 going to be amazing
I’m sorry if I scared you yeah fun times fun time activities for go to the batting cages and mini golf in because my service is always going what do you do to refuel at 8 a.m. and then we have meetings till 11 and then from 11 to whatever we running Rick and Morty and then after that there’s harmonquest and then it’s like what the fuck else are you like you’ve nothing and it’s not really something I do I really do and then you go to bed hopefully that’s not a dream I woke up I’m living the dream I’m not unhappy Spencer what would you change about then
I definitely have him wear a suit the suit a hundred percent at I’m right why with a deep with a deep red tie
yeah the bread when I hit man this really did turn out to be an interesting show a person was pale.
experiment of having the A-list guests or even the middle of the show what would you change about Kathy I don’t know man I feel like you just got a you got to live a little bit and innovate a little bit and break some rules man getting out of hospital and you know I don’t know where to put a basketball court in an emergency room or something
so racist
everybody’s got an everybody’s got to survive
alright can I come okay thank you I have the floor are at Cassie’s do you feel improved okay good you’ll do that you put a bass caspersen do you feel like you don’t you have your own fun time do you do live it up in your own time or are you kind of an all about work
half and half you know I work when I’m supposed to and then I immediately alert leave work when I’m allowed to and then what would you do too like Kutless.
yeah I know really what your spirit of choice discriminate against alcohol I think all of it’s really worth it like last last night I was just hanging out with my roommate wine tequila gin vodka and we finished and yeah like some guy that you would like outside the 7-Eleven that you’re like can you buy us some
what are you 12 all right what would you change about Steve it’s a better question
well here he got his gums fixed yeah you had a problem
I mean everybody was talking about it
call them crazy gums
crazy comes Johnson as last name
relative like I mean this is like this is perfect this whole family that we have but it’s pretty great but if I was the things that I worry about with Steve’s and I would like him to be like I think Steve is is very anxious about you know cuz you
I am a very saw that one he like you lost your dad at a young age and your kind of like you’re very honest about this like you’re very like like that like threshold of like like you feel fragile you feel like life is fragile maybe that’s why I’m not putting words in your mouth but like you you do you want people to make right choices and be healthy and like that what that’s what makes you a good like Intrepid assistant so who would change anything about that but I don’t want you to go home at night and be unhappy because I think that life is like so fucking dangerous because I really just random yeah I think you you hit the nail on the head right I fixed you right yes but it’s not like a note you need to be giving you knew you were you know you’re stressed out a little bit like a nasty is not your personality but cautious level
yeah I’m up most of the time I think last week’s show at my anxiety was slowly through the roof cuz you were worried that your dick was going to come out
how old is New York yeah oh yeah cuz there was like liquid and electricity everywhere I think my dick was out walking directions to wait for a superhero or villain like his dick was out on stage with beer and vodka
art prop blackout Andy Dick
I was never aware of the physical Heather that we were standing I didn’t realize it was current running or something I didn’t even know you were pouring there was a boy that other show we have fallen into a middleditch all right good and I like yeah but did you see the thing was do one of those
you better do the funk music
oh well oh well oh well
it’s that easy
worm people who are minors
I never going to work cuz it was like oh you over there lately though it was like it was like a cross-section that you can see them like walking in the snow. Tell Joe. Tell him I’m doing it and there were the cause of them are the word for my nerves people mining for the world have you ever noticed that worms live in the ground they did digging on their own know there’s an elite sector of worms that you never see that to that chicken for him my name is
there were me I’m the president of all worms I like to distribute the wealth because I’m a socialist
enzyme a worm
and I say you get to be a minor and you or regular worm but didn’t worm Society miners are like the highest
because it’s a worm Society
all we do is one of the ground it makes sense because if you do a one-for-one analog the Human Society Elite are people who do what they lay in bed and read the paper
Red Wing worms look at people that’s always see is there why are they doing that
how do you know how when it rains all the worms come up all the worms come out when it rains all those worms are coming up and they’re always going like where did the people go
whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa oh your food is it goes to the hood of your bodies in the clitoral hood and it comes out when you’re in the mood to get to eat eat eat and poop poop poop and all you are is a Taurus shaped thing that’s like a stock that I did nothing to change we used to be cells and movies did arrange a little microns we go up to a piece of food and you get on it and we’re up against it to eat and I’ll look later times we got miles but they were all I really guess is that we’re rubbing up against the food by putting it in her mouth cuz the inside of your intestinal tract is the outside of your body
I forgot the membrane does your butthole connect to your mouth and it’s like a little spout but it goes straight through like a balloon if you go like that
your bloodstream needs to be shielded from the alimentary if there’s a rupture you get septic just the diseases like that little girl from Poltergeist ladies and gentlemen a pronouncement by President mr. worms I pronounce the little girl from Poltergeist a posthumous hero
she’s a victim not of septic disease but of really of the entertainment industry’s refusal to stop making money told your guys was such as Matt hit that they refused to take her through proper doctors and get her checked out I haven’t researched this as much as a person blaming an industry for someone’s death should
but I am confident that there’s enough things going on in this new cycle that this won’t blow up in my face
what’s who’s going to take me to TASC I’m defending a little girl and I’m only attacking a system you know if I was like Charlie Sheen’s a jerk boy songs with ring I smell click the primates would say but I’m just like your mama
we didn’t we take it to the limit to the limit of endurance peach cobbler takes it to the limit of the tiny Square it’s a lot in your TV dinner all that means is it supposed to take it past the limit
that’s what Heroes do astronauts take it to the limit when they approach the atmosphere and burn up and fall down
excuse me what
what are you good what are you people ever sensitive about
you you are out of your goddamn hivemind
you are the most reflexively sweaty fucking anxiety-driven homeschooled fucking in sex your fucking generation is going to die together all at once cuz you’re not going to be able to function process I love you I love you I love you
apologize to demorge
you guys are always talking about how easy it is to apologize why don’t you ever do it
apologize to demorge
that sounds fake
Gamora jacksepticeye
I don’t know man it’s been a long life exactly what his side
you guys are fux
all right what are those tickets through the limit laterally you turn left and you fucking right through the bloodstream out of the poor well that’s supposed to be in me well I took it to the Limit says the thing that flew out of here like a bat fly be quiet for second let me figure out what you should give me give me a a a type of wood ash Ash I heard Ash and Birch row K aschinberg all right okay okay yeah to normal pieces of wood right
put them together what do you get two pieces of wood oh okay let’s find out
give me number three
believe me when I say my bark is white but I rule the day I like Golf and mayonnaise and the analogy should be clear today
calm down
you’re being belligerent and I will call security okay
thank you
I’m so sorry
you don’t have to feel bad you just got frightening
my name is Sam
I didn’t know
a piece of what I thought you were human big
you don’t know me
you make great guitars though thank you good must have been hard for you to stay
I have a lot of insecurities
are we still doing anything
just got fucked up I know we’re all right.
I didn’t work
nope how would you say the guy’s name is Sam hell are you aware that the right across the street from our theater is Sam Ash guitars that’s fascinating as it Star Wars there I did it again what a Licorice Whip hahaha glass tumbler one more sandy Nelson no, that’s horrible all right
glass tumbler with great though you should rap battle Steve did you ever listen to my Public Enemy in a Flavor Flav but he was kind of the height man in a hookah
you just kind of do that a lot like like you said you wanted them to be happy that’s all right that’s fine you just have to like everyone’s when I just have to come in and say like them or do I have to worry about that don’t let that distract you
so a lot of work if you want me to do it I’ll pay you extra you don’t even pay me I’m down for you
and you can also just say random things to do but just like that a firm me like the idea of a hype man is that like otherwise I’m just alone and it’s like oh that guy’s crazy like he’s talking about the government being bad was like wait who’s this other guy this other guy agrees with them and it’s saying like wait what he has friends and he has hype but you might not come in that was R&B like hook and I can like let go
Rihanna the Rihanna rain like okay and then
it’s just going to sit there and think about chocolate about Spencer
I don’t know and or both of you guys if you feel the moment can I add in a sample of like if you want to throw in one of those looked kind of like like quote sample kind of things on top of the track all right all right all right. Weird types of wood are like we owe ashes no no that’s not good and I got I got self-conscious and then that started their feedback into me I was like wait do I have to mitigate how those guys talking and it was like I lost the character and everything went off the rails I thought your character development was quite rich and tapestry I thought I felt I felt very quickly racist and I just bailed okay
if I can type man
African Kasi possible R&B hook okay
I just had to buy this house team then hike men and women across the world are going to be starters your job to get this ticket hands in the air and maybe that maybe they don’t care about their head to a bar mitzvah
ladies and gentlemen
he turned 13 today
and wrap a vision Auto
what’s Robert getting I’m coming to your head and I’m going to be I’m not forgetting what you all did to me a hundred years ago I fuck your mama is real hard I made it Snow White come out and your dad’s or was he but I don’t mean that 10 and he’s got good jokes and he’s a good person okay
oh yeah
yeah I love you another thing about lasers in time with the orange juice in and it tasted back is too much Citrus shouldn’t be like that it’ll give you a stomach ache heart burns going to make it Heartbreaker when the heart doesn’t burn a motherfuking heart will meet you there and I put your mama on a plate I brought your daddy in and brought out a roller skate I said sit on that and roll that way and I fuck your mama cuz again your dad get a cheap good and his demographic exercise is it is more patriotic is that because you earned more money
and he’s a good person yeah
yeah it’s so great you’re my fucking killing it this guy
I’m a white guy
yeah it’s only a two-minute track do I have to keep doing that when it goes to the end
the sea in the Japanese have angered me and you know how about go fuc up your tanks with the lasers in the eye and it’ll say fucking things go fast to the ocean ocean it’s a little Japanese ladies call it off with the Moss and I fucking suck monster bite me I need hype
he’s doing the Heat win the Battle of Godzilla what no
don’t hate me hear noise so well thank you that’s enough
Jen real life
he’s not an enabler he’s he’s he’s enough of a hype man to know that sometimes the MC needs guidance
it’s not a popular decision you could make and know this horrible news for Pocono books to read my lips no new no new no new no new taxes Godzilla
Chinese in the vault with the Richmond everybody
that solo cuz your dad is super gay it’s all over here I got to take it from here and put it over here Robin Hood
starting over well it’s over here you got to take the money and put it over here I understand you know there are some people that were there just one person there living room living room Duncan Trussell doesn’t do this shit and he makes money is Amazon portal
2 Chainz is it a racist phrase or is it a cash register sound do you want to be amazed if you look into the shit with you Google it how about your mama so hard she got spaghetti for a kid so why you put on YouTube about Google I said Joe Yahoo and I just try to do that I’m going to follow you then I went to give it space and I went through it and then we went down the block and I was quite a few minutes okay now let’s get schwifty okay me to human skin everybody has a soul within you got a big bright light when you go home.
Sleep Tight cuz your daddy’s going to roll me away and we all don’t have fathers but without you shouldn’t make them, cuz we’re all brothers and we do stay together I thought your mom is so hard I made feathers fly out of a pillow and ass pussy sorry sorry. The time for that is the children. Stupid but do be do be do but she got a job another stupid you bus going to pick up passengers and we’re going to take you to the Scooby-Dooby-Doo bus bus bus routes diary
final thoughts were all people inside and open it why not I’m going to put my education and they’re wrong and she blew up like NASA
20 seconds space exploration why’d we stop spending money on all that don’t don’t don’t privatize space fucking crazy Julian
thank you for boarding the Scooby-Doo fast for the snack
Cafe the underutilized
please leave me the hype man
TV please
Thomas middleditch
good morning
I’m just stating how much time for your man MC mr. Jan Harmon
Scooby-Doo Scooby-Doo
Scooby-Doo Scooby-Doo and it’s spitting fire at this very moment


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