Episode: 176 – I Don’t Want To Die!


Episode: 176 – I Don’t Want To Die!


Kyle, heart transplant survivor joins the stage and Rob Schrab guest comptrolls and makes Dan feel bad about not hanging out with him more. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live! Become a member!


oh yeah
can I have
ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls harmontown is now in such a
Amazon stroller can I trap trap
oh boy lower your expectations alright alright alright alright alright damn damn damn Dan Harmon that’s a nice shirt you’re wearing there tonight Dan where does one get a shirt like that like if I wanted to click on your chest wet what would pop up Amazon pop-up or wood teepublic pop up
the rapper pop up where where where can I get a shirt like that sand monkey Studios I think is in Monkey Studios to be as prolific as the Bootleggers as the new t-shirts Market you got to make a million t-shirts a week so they’re all very relevant that slogan
hey what is here with us tonight
I was in my pajamas I was in my pajamas watching South Park reruns snuggling with my dog and eating my cereal
you don’t want to get those in the wrong order
and then I texted you and I said Jeff dropped out of the show and so I replaced them with Ryan Ridley who dropped out of the show and then do it right
Andy Killers not writing to make a long story short would you would do me the honor of Justice
free bail me out and now you’re up why don’t you press the button to call you an Uber pick me up I said hey have you left yet and pick me up I was going to prove me wrong I’m just looking at my notes here there’s not a lot of them in you in a while spend time and yeah I didn’t go to the movie watch movies with you that time you invite me I feel bad my birthday party
oh no I was thinking about a completely unrelated occasion that was another time you didn’t write me back yeah I know it happens a lot I’m a bad person
hey Dan hello tonight tonight was a rare sighting of the very very unique fleeting evasive full painted Spencer and wearing pants Spencer stand up and let’s not look at your legs
for most angles that would have just looked like shorts would you know above the knees Ridley I just want to make fun of him cuz he paled like 2 hours before the show. Probably for a conversation go man
I guess whenever cancelled tonight cuz I asked him on Friday before I left I wasn’t doing anything Friday
did the thing
Eric and he text back I can’t tonight but I text back
Anna and Elsa and I started like texting people like crazy at some point in there and he said you don’t have any other options and I said I’ll figure something out that’s okay
that all of that means that he’s on another Tinder date that’s what that means he’s swiped right or got swiped right
I don’t get it man that’s it it was the old fellows were in an Uber coming here and we’ve got us a talking about the tenders you’ve been married while now probably Pretender marriage
I mean here at you’re a fat guy but I just mean like work fucking always like like no one’s Tinder a time to time to start a fire with Ralph from marketing fast from Subway I’m horny not not not not you
how do I summon that how do I explain Isis to me
I want to come
I can’t explain I just anybody
but is it is it is it just for fucking or is it for
I think it’s I think it’s her fucking each other instead of probably like I could even write you can write that jump backwards and they have a have a make it make your lesbian friends feel sad the human eye
write it backwards yeah it’s going now that you know the punch line is moving in there so you go that cage you hear that there’s a dating app for lesbians is called moving into it’s not I mean I’m just saying I just thought, you weren’t just like blocks you just go
you don’t laugh you just got milk
my children are hungry my mannequin leg needs a new pair of shoe
step-by-step your old the person here that’s like a Tinder expert like like but my name is Sebastian
is there any but is there anybody that’s one way or another all right we got I think it was it wasn’t familiar harmontown first part of our family. Let’s make this easy, right
all right well this is a segment called if you sit down here that it’s easy for the Carl’s Junior or whoever’s now
well don’t you show said it was blocking you what a gentleman I have checked if I had her
the your name again Leah day yeah it’s on the calendar their little hearts on Tinder Tinder us like that. Grandpa and brackets to a day in the life of the of the tender person I used to be on it but you know I definitely got some mileage out of that website
what is okay what what does mileage mean
under the counter light like from Susan.
Miles of Dick what’s the zoo
actually I’m looking for a new place to live right now because her and so he’s moving always try to hit it and quit it
fire at close range you do you think but then you fall in love cuz and the next thing you know you’re out of the can you recite to throw the road flare your visual Acuity based on emotion got to eat that toilet lawyer and fucking
do you know what I’m talking about talking like that
objects are closer than egg
shit yeah I got to get that plastic hamster ball as a spy
when is that wood from the Clone Wars are in 1/3 100k
Sandhills Lake
hey can I have some peanuts or somebody went that’s terrifying
all right go back to Tinder alright so so you so you have your phone
your where are you typically surfing your Tinder I used to do it with my housemate to and I’ve also done it with Paul Paul the whip guy that likes to sometimes it’s drunk tendering it which is kind of more fun because then it’s just like a big fun judging game with your buddy there a limit on that cuz then that’s like not having to buy music so I can look you going to marry one of these guys or I’ll see you tomorrow
and unless it changed I don’t think so but once in a while it’ll run out of evil which is really sad in your area for you
bottomless gaping
game pink monster and and and then and then spent the night but then sometimes you’re doing it for onesies and your check is always together. It was a buddy like what are you doing like you’re sitting on the couch and I can’t say his name
it’s better than a kilometer
really any mine
so so so so what’s up you see a gentleman not to presume but like like you see a couple of her a couple things and then you said so that is that person getting their you texting them wasn’t going to a chat thing then you’re sent to a chat so then you can chat with each other playing or do you want to talk to the store so I’m going to keep playing keep playing
can you explain to the people that you’re swiping are they they’re all so they’re all the people that are actively swiping so there’s no chance that you’re swiping somebody who’s like taking a nap like like everyone who’s sleeping each other you don’t have to be online right now active on Tinder and I’m driving and since it’s all I do is the average big maybe we should just skip all the way I had to if you don’t mind us asking me this question how many times that you listening
how many how many how many times is this just hooking up how many times does it just like a one-night one day stand but then also a strong word for 14 months that I met on Tinder trajan the impression that the people that are most of the people that are using it are they is it is it is it like dating would like like like like like like everything else or it’s like well yeah I want to fuck probably eventually maybe even really fast but I’m also not like it or is it just like a gas station bathroom like I got like a glory hole but with that face for pussy
actually have three couples that are like serious Couples from Tinder that’s good talking having sex and then people are like having sex is so great let’s date and then you know sometimes relationships happened the gay community and so that’s just for fucking so that’s why I originally it was like oh you’re hot I’m hot do you want to go over there there’s a bathroom in between our houses houses in bathrooms in both houses
there’s a house by the house but then there’s in between each of the houses there’s a special gay bathroom
just just for just for neighbors just for I mean if guys are way I’m sure it still feel like you want to meet in between our house and its secret heterosexual bathhouse but God damn it I’m so that’s what Tinder is it’s like a meeting of the Sexes where the man I’m sure it will you try different things and so when he was saying he was only getting like some people and eventually changed them up all the time so it’s all just what you’re looking for
go ahead go ahead
I mean just as many girls are nasty as as as God damn for sure. Getting up hurt more than when I use Uber like that like when you’re talking about sex with people whose it’s like you get never you can never tell them it’s like we all kind of like we have these like sort of I don’t know like we’re always worried about everybody else like like like worrying about us and said that hard to yeah that’s what that that’s what that guy found out that the that Kenzie keep getting it is it is it is that they love to talk about it with somebody I’d love to like indulge lots of it and do all kinds of weird things but then they had this whole other part is
well I’m not actively coming right now so I need to like not be afraid of people and I need to like not that I need to be respected and allowed to be a senator and so I don’t know what my point is a bunch of equipment it was really obvious shit is my point
on your profile I don’t know what you do for people our age range probably come up eventually Paul Bunyan’s making Lakes using tender and so this is very Unapologetic and white
God knows I did sideswiped my friendship royalty and I got
the rearview mirror got clipped by his fucking weird dick Ferrari
alright well let’s think we ever explaining to me
I know you guys didn’t need to understand it
I I I like getting I like I like being older than than than people
especially women
who wants to be younger than them the I understand I understand that but I don’t know
except stop it
please don’t finish that sentence okay you finish you finish the sentence when I just specifically asked you did not finish the sentence and you finish the sentence I wasn’t sure you knew what I was going to say I knew what you were going to say that’s why I said don’t finish that sentence and you finished it you finished it you finish the sentence you’re a finisher
you’re not a piece of shit I’m sorry I went I went too far you’re a good guy and got him here all right
alright thank you for swiping tonight’s conversation about about that and now we’re going to have a slightly more serious more dramatic one but it’s also about it’s also about it’s about connections with strangers that are possible through technology right that way okay bring around cuz he’s not really as he’s not an Entertainer he’s just a new friend I met him I met him at a bar I was there on a probably a Tuesday morning and started to start a small talking and then found out that this guy who can put a pretty interesting drivers like what you please come out and let’s talk about it is he back there is he is he is he ready
no it’s listening what’s but let’s let’s let’s welcome our new friend Kyle
thanks for the thanks for coming here and telling us your story it’s like it’s pretty it’s pretty personal it but it’s also like like a weird like like like to kind of TV movie shed so I I pressed him to come on the show so I don’t know what the problem is separates you from almost everyone in this room although it would be fun if there was one guy that was like wait me to is that you currently have the Beating Heart of a complete stranger in your chest I do have a haven’t even gotten a heart transplant how many years ago was 11 years old with a night how old how old are you right now what’s up how old are you right now 31
yeah cuz you’re so let’s start there they either is it reason why you needed a heart transplant is not because you were eating too many french fries with the disease called transposition of the great vessels so your heart backwards and your blood flows backwards and you you loved the rain in Hays children stuck in a household time what what what is the nature of that like we could comes on sometimes and he’s like he’s better than they can figure out why that is but put the his his prognosis is basically that he has to like like like just be satisfied with the fact that it any minute like something terrible could just happened in his brain
so we’ll be there I mean but you were certainly there before the transplant was real bad you were just like before the transfer what was what were they did all they could do to fix it after I had five pacemakers and I can fit one didn’t work so they were this bad with me when all this um yeah so the doctors were pretty much like your only option is so what is the concept from the from from the news is I like what I’ve never been able to ask somebody else like what is it you’re not sitting in a hospital waiting cuz it took how how long after I graduated high school my heart was a house in failure and then my doctor play enough she was hilarious yeah she’s like yeah I don’t trust any doctors in Washington help you out right now
you should go to Stanford and they will be better heart and so I went there going to list you get the process going but they are they try to mend it as much as they can though they try to try to or they could have been to the Easter Egger maybe some of the you like fix the heart valve but I didn’t need any of that it was just more pacemaker stuff so it was just going to laugh so so then the at the moment when a donor becomes available and it’s like it’s go time which must be a huge like Rush an emergency like you’re not sitting in a hospital you’re hanging out at home I was at home with my sister she moved to help me out and my mom and got the call around
dinner time against 5G remember what you were doing at the moment that the cooking dinner I like to cook but I do not mean people are you making something without french fries like I’m asking to do this we’re not help my dietary restrictions are pretty minimal but yeah I was with my sister and I got the call and you never meet your doctor ever not they just do the surgeries and I’ve another doctor and help me out and then the doctor that called me is a fellow so there was a spree self I would do it yourself a Nokia brick in the wall
says yes verse words are you Kyle and send you some Kyle and
and I and these are you how you feeling today and thought was pretty creepy and guy is going saying that and umm I’ll let you know my body is pretty good actually pretty good but I said are you feeling ready to get a transplant and I can I get you anything
like like human heart today so I got this box or what’s in the box how much fear is there versus how much like really cuz it’s already fear it was all for you so you’re not better than nothing at all good I’m still awake 80% good 20% he did sound so terrifying to me like I’m getting anxiety just thinking about it because they have to break open your rib cage and take your old heart out put it on a plane
I didn’t get it but I don’t know if you know the details of it but how how long I’ve been like how long is a body without a heart at the time though I mean when I got the call late that would have would be my fourth open heart surgery so at time at Drury Inn have a sternum so just kind of like Zip It Off and throw some Carlos back in there are like you’re coming back in here and I don’t want to but I don’t know if he’s going to go but I also want to keep adding you to do you know it don’t look down Kyle but at this time you’ll think of me later if so what do you have instead of a sternum
is there nothing there there’s a little bit of danger than if you were to ever like ticket car door to the to the gym actually get it really messed me up for Jesus riding are I did that for the last I heard that I I really enjoyed her attitude is really cool I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant and I do have a very talented person I’m talking shit about her while she’s not here
good person but going to be shity never did anything never said anything bad about the totes oh yeah well it is interesting about it look like what we don’t have to spend the rest of time on the actual operation because there’s a meeting with the goddess in this Campbell’s journey and then there’s an atonement with some shit the the butt but they’re on the table with that is a really important if childish question like how in the hell this thing is like your it’s a it’s the motor that keeps your body from dying and then they’re take they’re taking it out like what is it like they did whatever they do do they put the so
my my heart was it was I was actually know when I got the when I got the call for it I was like she crashed in a little bit so my heart was was a lot more heart failure I think it was borderline Bahasa weisel time so just call and you go in there and my heart was just I was just you know and Senior Services you can be you know just what’s going on if you got to let you know it’s an calls that I had to make family like goodbye or whatever and I
they could not date me because I shoot first off the when I got the call to the I had to spend the night in the hospital cuz the donor’s family wasn’t like ready to let go let go with the body so interesting hope entitled to anything but
I’ve got them and talk about sugar surgery room or the machine if it looks like a reel-to-reel and it just you know after they get horse in true valves it’s basically redirecting your blood out your body into read her like a real thrill to oxygenate in oxygen and then it keeps you from dying while they did I met your heart just in a job Indiana Jones the bag of sand in there like sense depending on the heart
who are the other things that you only you can tell us about your personal story we got to got to Google it got to go to that information is it be back up there Zelda obviously all this Terror now that you have this thing is it’s like all this position percentage of chance of us is not going to work at rejection already somatic fear of rejection the swiping the cell phone come on it’s impressive I didn’t I it’s so impressive I didn’t even plan it and I forced the connection between of improvisational and apparently offended you I don’t know…. The job when you’re done your cupboard and it says here comes the definitely separate you from everything that’s not supposed to happen happen which is
that the family family I don’t know who weren’t you never allowed to know who the donor is we are and the family
somehow I need the details don’t know how they figure it out but it is a really they they were searching a little harder for I don’t know their investigation they found her brother’s website as a painter and he wrote to me in the bile is like how my brother with transplant yada yada and smashed up like San Francisco area and yellow and they ended up finding out and contacting my mom and the family of the guy who’s hurts in your chest tracked you down for and so did you and then did you hang out with them to be quite honest I have never written anything to them or see you then my mom has she talked to them and it’s
I know maybe somebody should do what is a want if they’re talking they they went to talk to your family what were they trying to do in that they are they just want to see where you just want to see what happened what happened I did not I did not know that was coming from a family of imagined and stomach to accept that you’re feeling any guilt I would immediately absolve you of it as I would any War veteran new do I do I do I do I do I will I would follow your bliss follow your comfort and there’s no this is all epilogue and whatever you feel like doing you don’t
now they’re following their fucking figure it out what’s different what’s different in your life now did you notice I mean you like oh no I never like pepperoni before vanilla as a direct a video of a teacher from the 80s your liking I know but there’s a little more to the story. OK Google say anything all right yeah I don’t know where to file and didn’t know where to file and I thought you should just come in and share it so even though you didn’t communicate with them because
they connected with your mom the information came to you photos of me they know who I mean they emailed you know about the donor and did you do any investigating of your own or does it was it just all information of confusing so I didn’t want to know and if so what did you find out where to find out but not from like Northern California and he was 27 I knew that though I knew the age of the time when I was getting it and then I found out how he died that was very interesting and that was basically he found out he committed suicide
hard to hear cuz stories were full flip-flop of what I don’t think you want to tell me and you want me to know that he took his own life and I don’t know I mean
it’s horrible but it’s something I like Janet’s who what makes the Mind raced through so many what what I have with that I all I know is that that’s insane I don’t know I don’t know what what it means a really I don’t know if it means like yeah how good the person who didn’t even want their hearts they threw it away and I found it on the floor is it like I made it it says no it’s not like that I mean you know 11 years now, live living in hallways been a struggle to like my heart like five pacemakers all that kind of stuff and just
yes I mean I’m grateful for it it’s hard to know that that’s what happened but that’s kind of that’s that’s life I guess two people she’s our own path is there another another dumb question and then I’ll let Rob at his phone that’s why he has been able to move one thing real slowly it’s kind of weird I don’t know why it’s pretty good I’m telling you where the cartel is can’t wait treasure might be
I want one last grounded question which isn’t typical was just sort of like they was like like like so like so what like is there some is there is there is there like a psychological or spiritual pressure that comes with somebody my mind is a lot more open to a lot of things and I believe in I mean I don’t know psychological mind is guilt if you just lived through something that other people but we never talked about I don’t know what their donors dope dope donation receiving guilt about like how I better do something with this heart of that guy saw what I was when I just did last night on that date you’d be like what what are you what are you what you doing what are you doing my heart
and you said you had you been you you were you being wiped out and talk and you made her watch it and she told you she didn’t like it the first time and you ever thought about you a lot of Trance my people there’s a lot of guilt around that I guess that’s some people have and yeah maybe I mean internally I don’t I don’t I don’t the outside look like
I feel bad I don’t my love the life that was given to me to be here and be living so it’s not I don’t I guess I don’t really have guilt you know I have just a lot of the creation and a lot of the kill must go away if you found out he killed himself like not to be glimmer anything but it’s like you literally ended his life so that I could live in hoxton area car accident know it worked out pretty great I think
that’s why I guess so but it’s over in your head more than we have foreheads time I could get any time life is really quick what do you mean by rejection like the the heart my body could reject my heart even after 11 years I mean I’m healthy I guess I think so but the body can the body eventually can start to reduce my meds will change it I don’t know formula drugs drinking a lot for you to take so you have white blood cells and they attacked four things in your body and mine is foreign they’re not taking right now but if they ever feel the urge to kiss my meds
stop and I don’t think you do that cuz that’s not me not you not part of your DNA like murderers having like like I mean like how many ghosts are in the building well alright I’m bad at closing things but I wanted you to come meet the kids and to learn about tender and I wanted to I wonder if there was one thing that you said we were talking about it that I don’t like you said you don’t even get anesthetic when you do the procedure jr. Are they couldn’t insure me under cuz I want my heart was but not they are you fucking kidding me
so they’re going okay so here we go
I’m almost done
almost done almost done almost done
okay you didn’t see that you know I’m here just to suffer
open calculator
hit there’s a chair hit me with something really hard and I, right
I am headed your heart does have to stop for a minute to lose that episodes but they’re always old heart stop no no no that wasn’t hard to feel it though things are I mean go somewhere else, you can like you bummed out right stuff you know I can’t remember where I put it. You there was a there was a there was a there was a line that you had when I cuz I asked you like what was the last thing you said before the procedure started or something like that you remember I’m talking about I do you know I’m just explaining who but yeah that’s fine
with my mom and my sister and that was announced and they were wheel me into the other room and that was my last words to them and I was a few minutes late there’s a there’s a shame we associate with with with it at like like like or are they will we don’t know what none of us wants to be caught any more than we were to be caught masturbating or taking a shit we don’t want to be caught saying I don’t want to. Right like we got we we look at it as like this thing that oh well that literally was like I don’t want to die it’s very very underappreciated as a very profound statement let me hear from the fucking giraffe that’s for sure
only only we would ever say I don’t want to die even though nothing.
We’re animals we are something it’s in our DNA and I mean yeah and I’ve been through so much and I don’t want to die you know and I’ve been clinically dead a few times and it’s like yeah it’s it’s you know I love to be around me I love the live I know and there was a dude somewhere that that for whatever reason you needed he did he did one of them for send one fantastic that is real and like yeah how to keep keep Grant your wish is it a surgery was supposed to be 5 hours is 10 hours long I lost world over it was definitely a long ordeal did they try to convince you as your fault
where am I for 10 hours and I was hoping they’re ignoring you there like if they look you in the eyes either be like a man did you hear that you’re not allowed to perform the actual surgery unlike all the other surgeries anybody’s ever had like the doctor doesn’t meet you you never see his face you never know his name right oh okay I watch the Nick I know what you’re talking about but the guys that do the ladies goddamn fingers in the most precise and who really know how to
I’m Squad saying inside a human body like anime actually if you go up up the tears and they out there like the same as Executioner’s otherwise they would probably blow their brains all they want to think about is the mass in the connection like you know he was a great that they probably isn’t about the outcome to they don’t want to know what happens to you after you leave they want to just walk away from it to order that I can buy because I want to be thinking about something they read about you right yeah well they’re working on someone else worry about me here and warm thank you for
opening himself up to sharing the heart
o s s I just called you by your first name is it figure you’re not you’re not up stand up your plug-in and I don’t know how many times did Aretha Franklin
he was clinically finishing the segment then they did he saw the other side he was going into the light and then you pulled him back to a cold room where there are no more man landing they applauded he grabbed his hat and Rodger Corman question come on man I don’t know where you read that
between the line well anyways thank you again Kyle for your self opening heart sharing remember that thing a beer trying to start a beer bar so yeah hopefully one day I’ll get that going all right well let me know that the grand opening is I will we’ll do our version of Kickstarter which is why I’ll get drunk at your bar tab you are probably so we have like the aortic valve
who’s ready guys coming up with like logline
dammit Dan if you ever had surgery I had a biopsy as I got that’s gross
how many episodes did you buy that was stupid how good of a friend are you that you don’t know about your
you want to talk about it I knew I thought you know it’s at one of you that didn’t come to my birthday or say happy birthday when we get a damn good Herman on Twitter and you don’t say happy birthday to get no text when you’re always hanging out with your Lego friends that’s why we text each other that we love each other when he was talking about
how could you reject something after 11 years it’s in your chest
I was thinking about you man
and how possible it is now oh no no no I don’t know about you but I think this is a very interesting podcast I put together I think you’re doing a really good job I don’t need it is its own reward
alright Spencer talk about the Chinese or Isis or so you guys have heard about these murder vans vans like The Legend of Bagger Vance
it’s just this guy I knew it I knew I should put those are getting suspicious

I didn’t want to be here tonight I knew it I knew it was nice of her every once in awhile is in screenwriting oh yeah oh oh okay I thought so I thought that’s how I’m going to die
but the end of GARP
sorry about that that person you least expect
it was nice it was to thank you for doing us and I was but it was you yet you did do me a favor he said I’ll do it if you’re in a jam I said I am in a jam or warm
my vitamins today what vitamins do you take
I heard it to the bed I had to be off my phone
vitamin C I know it is I’m just shocked
movies come on their Legos knock the coke off over there couple too many Lego movies coming out they don’t call him Legos Lego bricks thank you
so the Monopoly guy’s other reason we’re bringing this up when I want to have to keep explain this to you you owe me first because I’m I might be wrong cuz I haven’t seen the movie the movie sisters is there a Monopoly guy and says oh there’s a Monopoly guy insisted I haven’t seen it was a woman wearing a big a big Bell and there are like OSHA had to have a good time at the championship and she’s like what this is where you want the belt that because you’re a wrestler I did the joke bad
but yeah
a movie or whatever
the origin of the Monopoly guy I just to remind you of the new time listeners Monopoly guy is is named after the moment in Ace Ventura 2 when Jim Carrey is about the weather guy have it and he’s he’s wearing Amy’s dress like the Monopoly guy makes faces I’m sorry we haven’t met a guy and it’s very clever as it turns out cuz you’re kind of holding a monopoly over all of reality and it’s not really fair that you’re profiting a laugh what you really aren’t so then you my friends by Asperger’s flock for you guys
all, because there’s always been driving everything is actually actually actually actually
you know we’re talking about we’re not talking about a it is or it isn’t we’re talking about a thing it’s like unnecessary roughness in football I mean what is it saying like at the concept of like big turds you know there’s there’s places where the lines are clearly crossed so the Monopoly guy with the Monopoly guy one is one don’t do that back then it was then water boy with Adam Sandler the guy wants any stress Lee Colonel Sanders & Sanders and it’s like supposed to be but it was a scene closer not sure exactly like Colonel Sanders and go Zing you look like Colonel Sanders and I know you’re thinking of just across Sanders but here’s the thing I’d like you could throw it away and keep moving and do more with this character going to go just like let him be dressed like girls and the column Colonel Sanders then then
what is named I don’t care to hear to tell you what to do until you stop doing that one thing code orange because it’s based on a trailer clip TV commercial
Christmas with the burnings new Seth Rogen
the night before trailer
I’m not here to call if I was in the movie is good or not I hear actually it’s pretty good but
I heard it I didn’t see it you you we can talk after the show but is in the trailer isn’t there Seth Rogen is talking to two little girls who are twins who are in like a blue little dresses and hotels and he says what did he say he says okay hey you know you guys are from The Shining or something
you look weird he said Have You Ever Seen The Shining yeah you can’t I mean cheating because if you write in the script two girls that are dressed like the twins in The Shining
Seth Rogen says I have you seen The Shining that you can’t that’s cheating it’s cheap if I know I can you’re being what is that in pool where you’re pretending you’re being bad and will I pull a pool Hustler to start going home and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to score this one and I was just like alright well you know what if I get you know if you ask if you if you if you don’t do it I’ll give you twenty bucks okay I did all right okay it’s Yeah Yeah Yeahs Seth Rogen
play double shot from starting here starting over the problem starts 25 year old kids in Los Angeles and came out here from your turn up farm and you got Big Dreams and you admire me from Milwaukee to get everyone to respect me because I really respectful person no more so I’m telling you well fine pretty high price considering
make a room this is with the Monopoly guy’s when did when did the first time I noticed the Monopoly guy was the origin of Monopoly guy in Pulp Fiction laughs we were kids and it’s still happening to the still happening. Bartley said it up do Monopoly guy and then undercut it with some kind of chicken I need to gather to do a peer-to-peer Monopoly guy when there is no Monopoly where everyone just goes there, do you get for each other on a nap I’m not going to
what I haven’t seen the movie but it you know like I need a I need a movie what movie I had to put it in your shower
five stars I mean like if the little girls were like when you’re weird and he does have you seen The Shining and they would say yeah why you think we’re dressed exactly right at least if you seen our favorite movie. See that’s why you guys are you guys at really seen The Shining actually playing on
Gwen singer cuz you had twins and they’re like they’re not twins a series of black-and-white photos of the most horrific do-it-yourself surgery and it looks really close at one of the kids faces and it said oh my God yeah that’s just like the flaps of skin and it’s like
credit the moon landing well yeah and he can he could yeah he confessed to it in the form of very many hidden things in The Shining Apollo Apollo t-shirt I’m sure sure the phrenic and you watch The Shining
you decide
you guys are really seen The Shining make fun of Ridley a boy died over in a guy comes in with an orange shirt with spots on it in a blue tie and he’s kind of like the behind the music thing for never mind the one you did for us at yabba dabba doo now how do you think that’s funny I don’t think that’s funny would you think
are you playing music and the interviewer was a mighty was just like listening but I remember when remember when we were we were thinking about moving my garage 9 ft to the right oh yeah making it bigger and then the guy came and it was like and then but it was not fully showed up and he was like I know the drum stuff he’s a drummer
Dawn Harmon are you chicken
you always know your arm and hates it when you call him Jacob we have never heard that before and publicly declare your two two two and three suck then a documentary about it as far as I said in that documentary about Back to the Future that one of the notable think about what a great movie Back to the Future is a break so many rules including the fact that Marty McFly is not really a very he’s not a flood protagonist seems like a very willing hero doesn’t refuse a lot of calls he’s just like charges because there’s a lot of tweets from a lot of people with a very deep relationship with that entire Trilogy people who honestly sometimes you realize it over the movie you know what needs to be you need to recognize that your feelings about Muppet Treasure Island
unless to do is just a cinema and more to do with what was happening at the time the movie came out before you is that lately it’s been ported to recognize objectively masterful pieces of cinnamon it’s important that it RoboCop
but like like like like what about the chicken thing like what about the chicken thing gets so angry that the guy that but no no he can buy
say to inject 9:11 Hunt is costing you Joy that gives us a good movie about a time traveler
I mean he’s like as in to the hula why magazine as he isn’t talking to Lori a guy the guy that did the ulala ulala
what’s up got half the dialog from Back to the Future 2
I actually ran into so I could have got really slow and saluted and landed in LA from you from you or I can ran into a guy that shot that successful documentary
I know you are I didn’t know you were in a documentary about anyting I don’t make them all we got sidetracked
I haven’t seen you in awhile the last time I was here
this is what I do in my life is my working my know my know my output and your two Cats in the Cradle
you’re going to Australia for 9 which was probably maybe going to be back over but originally it was Australia that was thing and I’ve told you is Vancouver I’m going to Vancouver next year
for how long you’re in a half a long time yeah you better soak me up by again can man returned some text hang out with me come out chameleons out Richard
yeah we all hung out we all hung out I invited you nobody showed up to that I saw the text chain nobody nobody came now and Emily came over Mike tillian Stevie came over we had a blast I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to I want to share with the kids the kind of text that you think you deserve a response to
Justin Bieber
don’t get me prepare don’t get me fired from my my job is this a dick
with like the vast difference in the case you forgot what it was
but that’s on the heels of his you did it to make me look really bad
RS private will I receive a response to you reminded me
I said I heard and you said you heard what is like that he’s dead and he’s a shit that’s right you’re the one that texted it and use that shit that’s right and I said well he’s in a better place and that’s when I got the dick picture
so cool me 800 times
is it cry for help man
hey boo drying your dog in slow motion
I wish we had you know who it was we had answered me so we could we could be like we could be like Tosh point O up in this mug screen that you did share with me a little bit of trouble cuz when you were up here do you want me to bring it up bring that thing to talk about
hello good morning I kicked ass at the Chinese last night what is that the 12th annual Channel 12 yats well really I don’t remember I think I heard there was a Chinese I had to miss it I don’t remember it but Brandi was Brady had liked songs he wrote Dancing out of breath and factored that into the, yeah it is really funny pictures of actual dick like photos
Siri I mean like you don’t have to find the right one
I mean look at maybe we can pick something that we watch together or something cuz I don’t watch TV anymore. I’m divorced like there’s no reason to watch things and I should I don’t want to
hologram man and your birthday wasn’t Street Wars the ultralight airplane 100 man we going to tell the people about is apparent gangster movie find Street Wars DVD but it’s it’s a it is a movie from 1992 that like Boyz in the Hood and when you know what this movie is missing aircraft
I mean it’s not going anywhere right now they think ultralight aircraft is a fat it’s like a fully-realized film with the soundtrack there’s a dance in it like there’s a humpty hump like dance moving it is all leading up to now we’re going to get into are ultra lights and we’re going to take back the streets and I get into their ultralights in they take back the streets it delivers on the poster it’s great Street Wars I like movies like that where it’s clearly like like like the movies made by a company like a like a karate studio or a dance studio for an ultra-light dealership hey we should make a movie and I got screws I’ll give you the money to make your movie about street life
if you show some of my product in your film it was it was just like the same people but that would be even funnier that somebody was like I’m a filmmaker I’m like I might going to bump up free John Singleton or Henry or a contemporary I don’t know what year the movie was but I’m going to like I just I just want to express like like my point of view about what it is to grow up in the environment I grew up in and that is like we even answer me like I’m not paying for it I’m not paying for my name is Bob off the light
from your local ultralight dealership
yeah I had a I had a boy I’m so glad you were there a friend I caught up with old friends I hadn’t seen ya me to a lot of old friends I haven’t seen in awhile
a good friend
who’s cool and cool the first time you see them they’re like they’re hanging out I don’t know where they are and the one of the one of the main characters flies down in one there’s a whole conversation with her what is that explains it you don’t have a license to fly in and goes I don’t need one and then he goes to like a point-by-point explanation of the code that allows him so he can fly up there basically chairs with propellers yeah
part of the enthusiasm for it is dangerous to the guide the games are on the ground and they’re not even look the right there like they’re they’re wearing they’re all wearing white. They’re all wearing overalls overalls and bright colors in them and then one of them turned around and shoot back and it goes I’m going down and then they yellow.
I cut like an hour out of that film to like I went to the whole film and just went to the good stuff because when they get to the ultralights you’re like all right it’s just like sit back for 45 minutes of the same shot of the ultralight flying through frame and a guy on a soundstage it takes forever to squid ratio is a little lower than in my life but I got it that I’ll have you know I only have why but I’m glad you were there. We’ve known each other for a long time not mad but yeah
but I’m glad you were there I was good and I think you’re pretty damn happy birthday what am I supposed to do text happy birthday?
Good serial number is your birthday
Rob so when you were coming up when you were coming up with scud where you like you know it’s a great number I should put on this Dan’s birthday and I know exactly what that is I remember it because I was this is how old is like 1993 I was a Dave riedel’s like bedroom and he had like what weasels remember his ferret or and whatever they were like biting each other and fighting and it smelled like weasel passing and because I didn’t know how to do where it was like one of those mcintosh’s where the Monitor and the week and he was designing he was helping me design the attention sticker on the back of putting it in there like at it and you were there you were like sitting on the couch or whatever and I said we need a serial number for your birthday
seventh grade
let me see season 6
the word that got you
I killed you killed it I killed the television show I was like you deserves a long time ago I did that a long time ago and that was another something sent them a olives
just forgot it’s fine you forgot I forgot about it you forgot about me
how’s it going
I am sorry I’m stuck you know what that I forgot your birthday and I feel remorse about it that do feel bad and I’m going to remember your next birthday did you go see the three stages of ecology and that the therapist are the three ingredients of a proper apology that’s the Aaron didn’t like that either we go to the same therapy together either but I didn’t I’m not doing it to get like it was he saying about me nothing why is she not talking about
talking about me at all Ever every third person that comes down those stairs and someone we know and love it every every every crazy person and in in Los Feliz goes there
I think you’re crazy you did that bit with me so you do that bit with everybody
is it is it is as if it’s been a good show or I took that picture
I’m not I don’t really have a very objective standpoint but I got six pack of Mountain Dew in the Eater of Chicago
what is ISIS stand for
what would you lift this up what Lucas that’s those are the easy words but I do want to sell the other one right and so is the isil is that’s why if you’re an MP are you called isil
well you’re supposed to call it dies because it pisses him off or are they saying wait till they they they they pledged to kill anyone
Roberto Voldemort said too and look what happened there
but he never existed just asking for trouble
don’t you dare call me strides and don’t try to call me stripes and I’ll put a hex on you don’t call me
if you call me if you call me Trice and I’m going to come out of I’m going to come down there
with my cane and I’m going to adjust I’m going to whack
halfway through committing to that I gave up
it’s not what you think it is the thing is I like how how actually affect you this is a forty-two-year-old I grew up in a world where the concept of terrorism was like like he’s Fisher-Price figures and they got the outfits in there like one of their defining features is like no graphic design no no I mean these guys are like these are your kids now they’re their videos are you know very JJ Abrams inspired lately like they’re a little time ramping is and they know their way around Final Cut and it’s weird because it’s late like it it’s like it’s for no other reason than it just like changes everything also I think the other thing that makes them
new is that they were as I think the I think when I was a kid what we call the terrorist was somebody that was kind of foolish enough to say well I’m just going to I’m going to I’m going to create this catastrophe and it’s going to punish this country for doing this and then they’re going to think twice before it about a lot of that kind of thing where it says like to play out in a pretty predictable way you’re not here you no one’s ever going to you no problem and that these this is like their goal as far as I understand it there long-term larger goal is simply to provoke simply to actually polarized and I hope it was a real sneeze and not a good guy was like
what they want and what they are so close to having because it’s like so it’s there a couple of blown up things away from this goal from polarizing is for is for is for rational people not just my paranoid Jingo is. Bars like rational people to start getting so freaked out and scared that we just started to to just figure the solution must be more irrational than rational cuz right now we still have this like
this this this hold on this idea that as complicated as things are getting it it it it like like like like we have to we have to make sure we compartmentalize in our heads it like like this is not a this is a war between people that want to fight and people that don’t want to fight this is not a war between the two main people that want to fight that I have one flying and doing this is like the people that love fighting are trying to fucking could draw us into like a crazy fucking like weird form of World War 3 where it’s just like it would where we just start doing crazy she had which we’ve done in the past which is like like let’s start rounding people up and it’s already been being proposed by are Fringe elements like let’s start tracking things let’s start keeping a list of put you and I’m sure your grade if you’re not guilty of nothing to worry about but why don’t you stay in this chain link to pick up Hannah for a second we just it’s just about freedom and go in there and go
fantastic and so is the entire Western world and you know what sucks my religion is why I’m locked up is that at that this cycle will create a shit or get off the pot showdown between people who of of of of the Islamic faith radical or not and people of from Western Society westernized Society crazy or not even the moderate people will all just put it be sucked into this horrible fucking nightmare and it will hit the fan and spray all over all of us have a lot of shit all over is that that’s their goal that’s that that they’re not they’re not dumb enough anymore to be like Oh I’m going to beat this country that cuz they’re just like know the fucking lights.
like what Charles Manson thought he was trying to do but we spray painting the n-word on like you do on the wall where you kill people as like he’s his idea was like this like long-term like destabilization thing doesn’t feel like they’re getting really close to that goal like I don’t know how we’re going to get further away from that goal I don’t know how we’re going to get less scared if I don’t know how to relax more
I only I only know how to get increasingly more uptight and frightened and more like like willing to do any one of those groups is at that point right now if that’s because if you wanted to do that then you simply have to do that it’s just it just you know if somebody want to scare the shit out of people that was her sole goal they could for lack of a better idea just going to load up a device or whatever go off to the highway somewhere pull off the road and set that up that without any explanation or any connection to it and no claim to it would be the thing to do the most terrifying to be right but I think that least brought these issues
are multiphasic there are so many different things that are play and specifically in this case because fundamentalism is at the is at the center of it there is a core Center and there is a core center schedule for what’s going on but outside of that it’s it’s you know where it reaches out from that course Center they’re just a lot of different sort of sets a goal in their in their individual with their their individual in their own sort of way they’re going to play out and what those individual goals are so certain things are happening but they’re having their own River Arena and also we see on our end of it the package news version of it even now when news 24 hours a day and it’s all over the place you’re being told you’re getting breaking news but again to Pennsylvania Reading and where you are in the weather haupia with the moment is and what the source is how filter unfilter to help breaking it is but it’s all packaged so what you’re not getting is
and this is probably a good thing you’re not getting a clear sense of what extent of our interdiction is on this one of the reasons it’s just not running Buckwild and going crazy because the opposing Force unified sort of interdiction on it is is strong, powerful Intel in and these forces that are sitting there griping information closing down things letting you know when they stop somebody letting you know sometimes not letting you know when they have because it’s better for the longer goal all that stuff is happening outside of your sight unless they want you to see it so
what we’re seeing we are by virtue of being the audience of this trying to attach a plot to it trying to foresee an endgame to it trying to attach all these sort of Meredith’s do it but really what it is just east of this pulse like movement of the probe in this case there’s a whole Quest go get that there’s a hole that has an exploited let’s just wait just wait but just wait now let’s do it but all these things are coming out all at the same time so I think that on the one hand we are audience to this and what we’re reacting to what would with the tenant that the temperature of the water that we are feeling right now he is real but it’s reactive to what work will be allowed to see we’re being allowed to read but what’s really going on as much more detail much more specific and it’s happening in pulses it so it’s a very pointillistic thing and in each one of those cases are the whole inventory of stuff is happening at word incursions are coming forward with it a quiet in Korean
recursion and then also the rapper Taj and an interdiction is going on a ramp how much people actually know unless you’re in intelligence it’s really really really really really unclear and so is this is why it is really important for people to see as much as I can read as much as I can and then use the sort of General principle the critical thinking so you know what your sources are with their biases maybe and getting multi-source information about one incident on one thing allows you to determine for yourself what you think the narrative is because he’s person out there this is actually going on I don’t have is to
to scatter Publix with me any sort of unified public certain your confidence that this is what we have done is it called big big picture because I I mean I think that’s part of it but I think that there are other within that if you’d rather more to specifically designed Define measures and Men goals and there are things that are targeted certainly to listen Fraser all I want to know is where the bad guys are from when I called it is like yeah be smart and like understand that they even the internet is mostly garbage and that everything is a narrative and everything is being assembled in pre-process than that and it ended I think maybe not to put words in your mouth but like maybe I just did a little diatribe about how the bad guys want everybody to hate each other and like maybe adding to that also we’re getting our news from good
guys that don’t necessarily lose money from us hating each other right now is that a nice solid clean enemy with a logo and then you know they’ve they’re stepping up and we’re going like I’ll take the number 5 with cheese you look at like like a good example is like saying but the the former KGB agent who was radiated r that means that means you haven’t been listening for 20 minutes that’s what he does he picks one where he puts his glasses down
did you spend sending me over the last I’ll come on but do I think it’s alright alright hey you home yet give me a bit got to tend to some cat driving over no wait bro come at 6:30 bro you fucking idiot
wasn’t even clear who was saying what
fucking idiot
you were coming over a half hour early and specify you were saying over
the political tinder box underneath this right now I don’t know my brain so I can only hold it to Guthrie cartoons and
definitely the Gargamel in this situation I can’t I only have my bucket is only so big
Spencer disappeared they just like your lover ate it I’m a fucking idiot cuz I came over a half hour early
September 21st
I managed it the truth I remember that day I was I just got home and I was I was about to masturbate we have an agreement until I go over and over my that doesn’t mean you have to come downstairs I get it how many I get it dude I can’t come that way
I thought I felt like sorry I know I got it buddy I’m just down here to take your time
what a good friend so understanding I was younger nothing is. Right now it’s a so I can be out for a week right that’s true
diet that’s why we’re not scared to tell you that’s how you beat him go shopping love your way of life
that’s what they hate I’m doing okay or way of life is my salad days man alright just to check in with them I know there’s other people
can I have you I’m not I’m not I’m not I’m not going to I’m not going to wrap tonight I don’t need thank you I just I just curious Have you listened to the Public Enemy song where the other night we talked about know what
there’s a backup I don’t know what your what what’s the number one I’m not going to look at the Moors when I asked him looking over out into space because we’re all beings of light Public Enemy had the big number one that was there but they’re fucking like a Black Planet will that was album what was the song I didn’t say it was
Bring the Noise back so listen to bring the noise but not the anthrax version
looking at me now I’m not going to understand I don’t want to I don’t like in your pants
come on can you turn off your chest look at these people
my look at who you’re talking to for once you go now alright you ask your therapist that she’ll tell you I’m capable of dissolving relationships that are supposed to be forever
I don’t know any any fucking bounds
all right
believe me. I’ll go to the bathroom and after using me and then I’ll be in there for a long time in Alaska ice fishing
it’ll be for 1911
that’s how that’s how that’s how far away from you I’ll get I’ll be come up weird like I like a psychological Thriller with a? Pretending you don’t even know how to write a paper about it just so I don’t think I’ll do that
escape the paper
do people read newspapers anymore and then come on and who does that who did I mean seriously Nobody Does that anymore anyway it take no prisoners on your fingers under your fingernails if you’re listening to me I pray you are wondering how was it like just make a seal make a thing get together with the last of the journalist that I have a meeting it doesn’t have to be a government they make it a private Consortium of respected journalist

an impartial kind of like Consortium of journalists the experts and that create a thing that you put on a website if your website purports to be taken seriously as a source of actual news that you would like like like to put a little logo in the corner that’s very very distinctive and it’ll be better than nothing it’ll be a barrier between fecal matter and drinking water on the internet like if it was like so that they can you stop talking about videos that don’t exist of babies looking at the camera and going to help me before they going to board a shark Mike vorel. Block and ending ended and he’s doing a bit that no one knew about it anyways
a little seal
get deported
am I going to ask later I was too stupid to be proud of myself for wanting to know I’m so stupid I’m too stupid to ask what does that mean I don’t I just I just listened contextually I got over time it meant like intervention or interview circumscription of circumventing
look all I want to know is where they’re dancing go yeah but there are a lot of people there and a new group we have an important meeting
Ruben Dario lucrative is very he’s going to make a lot of money any money so we didn’t go all right here we go here is it what happened
it’s okay I love this contributes to the great thing that happened last night I happens once a year at the end of the year where I guess it’s just her knowledge is a pack of this thing is here but there were so many people there were friends of mine from the time I got to lay up until now we are still my friends which is insane and almost doesn’t happen in the city and people who we should just sit around and eat Oreos and watch TV now we actually do things in the field so we came out here to pursue their new people there, just to see their people working as interns who had just heard about it and thought that this was a chance to get close to it and actually physically do something and then be around a chance it’s a great day I think a lot most of the really good stuff that I’ve done since I’ve been in the city is connected to that
Place figurative or otherwise and the friends that I’ve made through it and so it’s just a night to be sitting in the back of that road watching you know I mean I don’t know whether we’ll do lunch or anything with it this year but I’ll do some things in and out but I will always have always around you always hang up Duke watching people it was run by a whole new group of people who were really beautiful day and we’re going to have been there a new group that comes in and I think you guys in that speech up there and see what is it blue
I pay for it if I paid for it and one year of Joe Channel 101 screen thank you Dan and thank you rob the island got to Channel 101 in a year either so I’m out of guilt
I was like tackling throughout the entire thing people were just like
okay so just put this here and I’m like
all right we’re just going to put this here and I was a mess I was a mess it was really I’m glad you weren’t there to see me so glad you weren’t there cuz I’m trying to get two jobs is actual writers and directors in Bangla
I found a piece of paper with a one I think I’m going to tell the kids story
can’t remember exactly what happened but I know the chef thank me for eating it
YouTube dream
won’t won’t won’t do that again
damn there’s a treasure map
all right let’s do a quick Shadow run alright I got shit to do man super super quick man I’m recording Kratts at like 1:30 tonight man super quick recording Pratt objet
in between like films you changed of super super quick it’s still a gorilla yeah I’m still out there in the trenches yeah yeah yeah you are super quick man and I got like it’s recording got the sesh paracord bank is that whoever I remember when you used to say the whole word session got this search man when we used to love how long the work was he was like I love the word session it says everything banks 1:39 cuz they’re on the other side of the world are in Australia you know doing some other stuff recording out of their what’s this what’s this another word I’ll take it
hey thanks everybody you know when we started this coming back back in 1993 a lot of people said hey man you know there’s no future in black and white, but I knew schedule was going to be really good though this is just details about my character
oh man I am so sorry I should have I’m not sorry I’m sorry for you I’m not sorry
I’m sorry for the audience mostly come in and they love you I love you
no no I I blew it and I ate I ate a lot of starch today a lot of like eight like ate a lot of rice and a lot of
bread I had a lot of
yeah I’m just I’m just saying
you know you’re just Bubba from Forrest Gump Wiki
call Wicked I had speeding ticket Manor
I heard that was Define
Gravity Man I was defying some gravity is so wicked to the wicked reference I was on ecstasy when I was on that shows right I still don’t know if it was good there witches think they’re they’re flying around in The Wizard of Oz and it turns it right on an ear at never needed to be turned on because that can bend that I did like it but it was on my way I also like fire hydrant my eyeballs are wiggling out of my head hey Dan would you think of the movie I didn’t like it it was enough to my standards I wanted it to be better I didn’t mind
did you watch The Wiz
I seen the wisdom Orange
is that happens in that movie
Diana Ross
I just wonder what was he was The Wiz
this guy loves himself
trying out words that cool if there’s nothing sadder than me trying to have I found them note to note to self keep on down you know the song
Keep On Down keep on down the road right now that’s how it goes yeah but the song is called he’s on down which is weird the title is different from the lyrics got to keep on down that road I’m going to keep on down the yellow brick road I’m going to keep on down it going to keep on down it Genesee return to us
Walter murch right The Return to Oz
hi I’m Walter murch you know me from the other movies I’ve made return to Wonderland return to Sesame Street I’m going to return to a place that many have not returned to a place for the whole point of the movie was getting away from right right my name is Walter murch as a clever shoes Thief steals a pair of slippers that are
remember the Nome King remember who singing who singing who are you looking for the ruby slippers
I didn’t eat any pulls up his skirts and he’s wearing the ruby slippers and he’s like
are you looking for the Yeezys
is it true that cartoon right now he’s a dude with makeup on and he’s going to Return to Oz live action film
are you looking for the ease is the ruby slippers and he’s like this big dude and yes I’m looking for those ruby slippers and and he’s like this big how big do pigeons feed man Walterboro
Billie Jean King look like the Ring in Lord of the Rings at least you see the rain get a little smaller like stuff like that Dan remember that when it turned out about the volcano and then they come back to the other the other habits that are like in fighting and and there’s hella slow motion they’re crying cuz the mountain exploded 90 hours of that Saga and really all that came down to his could someone have just gotten talk to these green ghost’s a lot earlier because you turned out to be the nuclear option goes to help you because once you do you’re done there like like like just going through the elephant monsters
Sammy was like green ghost can’t be stopped or the Beast story was the two Hobbits in the tree man Walking Dead movie in the bit with how boring he was get it talking cuz trees are slow not a good time to land with joke Jackson
moving pictures right ring a bell
Dental I remember you started yeah I do punk rock baby rock baby you moved faster than Baby Alive
I got mine the entire movie they’re walking to the end of the movie tree man and he’s like oh well you know
we’d all be talking about Lord of the Rings would be a household name
if I had only been a few things actually Sony has the rights to Lord of the Rings for 1 year and 3 months and during the time they’re going to do $900 to the Rings movies I just read that they’re going to do young Bill though we’re going to find out
look at this mountain I think I’ll I’ll cut a hole in it and I’ll make a whole house in the show me the atrium you won’t believe your eyes when Bilbo Baggins interior decorator
oh my goodness oh my goodness
who’s that at my nothing cuz I haven’t made the door yet it’s me again. I’ve never met you before but you will a couple of times
what are you knocking on the future
who is that over there
so handsome I’d like to I’d like to marry Golem because he’s so handsome with those big beautiful blue eyes of him I’d like to introduce you to my mic by Twin Brothers Bagels
Smeagol truly life is the most precious thing
call Golam we all know if your total refusal of materialism and absolute just capricious handsomeness hey Dolemite
and and everything but I have some really bad news yeah I know you’re getting married today I did I just I don’t know what happened I think I got lost
I lost I lost a very important I’m going to go back into the Briar and I’ll think of something
what are the pets they always do that bad
let’s go fishing next weekend
that was a new segment called Linda Lots corner
where we where we where we prequel eyes some of your favorite
did you know did you know that star on and Bilbo were made of the same black goo
all right but we just have to cuz otherwise I know what you’re thinking you like like let’s not do it yeah but I don’t think she thinks Rob filibuster 20 minutes so that
all right I don’t think we could enforce this law doesn’t want to do honey
play Shadowrun give us the recap
it’s not the demeanor of someone who wants to do this there’s no music can’t play music it’s not possible
I told you I’ll take 10 episodes
great all right this one is written by Scott Brackett who’s who’s in the hospital visiting his grandpa so
last week on Harman run in an adorable attempted detective work the team decided to head to a nano Opium Den after indulging in a little cyberware hate speech doctor friend managed to find his old WeMo David big Chinaman they pulled up with a few cyber bean bags to engage in some light conversation and non-consensual brain scanning but make China and didn’t have the information they saw in the end he wasn’t completely useless he was able to shed some light on the Sinister Meat Market which lures people with the promise of companionship and cyber Burgers only to snatch them away in a white van to sell their dismembered corpses for meet the shadowrunners quickly have to plan to fight honey pot with honey pot there currently hanging in an impressive week-long bad shadowrunners freeze frame in the Nano Opium Den will they find gem
meat market in fresh to flesh link is augmented reality good for anything besides digital missed find out Harmon thing now X Shadow
that was an important three minutes OK Google why we’re bad
are we there yet are in a nano opium den
I like nanotechnology yeah yeah so let’s eat let’s let’s go talk on the side when I go out into the sidewalk alright believe it’s afternoon
is it afternoon
all right we were in there a lot longer than we should have been and I’m not I’m not I’m not a leadership type I’m not
you know what after being in that opium then I could use an orange slice
I think what we need is some vitamin C possible that doctor friend in his creative wonders might have her supplement you got all sorts of supplements vitamin supplements mineral supplements see variety is what
and is there nothing for all one two three four of us going to go over to contact my my old contact in Lonestar fill all right
it’s on a private phone call I’ll keep everyone away
do not come any closer he’s having a private call please please continue
could you call beep boop beep beep beep wishing it were on you no demands that we get in close with the meat market industry
what kind of what kind of favor do you think you could throw me like you know it’s option for me somebody if that we can see if we could get a job in a meat market AA Meat Market need the word
Robocop let me know I’ll pass them right along
sarcasm noted
please keep walking
I know it’s very interesting but this is a private phone call he’s still on it please keep walking sorry about that. I was getting a little bit too close for my liking.
What was the big one what’s the one that’s always on your radar McDonald’s of meat markets
people do it all scattered all right
quick phone call to call hack okay you do that alright hey hey hey on the inside and the meat markets or is there anyone in can you do some packing and get in there and figure out where they’re located and stuff
no Rack in anyway I really I wouldn’t feel so connection that I will reach out to me via telephone calls what’s his name Chetan lights on something I’m interested in a sort of way they call it the meat market wondering if you have information to pass to your girlfriend this is not that type of meat
that we’re looking for
the collecting people in the doing some testing and that sort of thing oh yeah human testing lots of Corporations do that shit you know so the ones that tend to vanish along with the people into what
they vanish I mean will you vanish the people and then you cut them up and experiments on them but okay.
all those happen all over the place you know we got cyber where there’s all sorts of brain sings There’s magic there’s all sorts of things that need human test subjects so you know it’s pretty common around here which specifically mutated people that go to shoot people understand I don’t know anyone who has been looking for a Goulds that’s some fucked-up shit man do you know what took the place would be where they would be drawn out where they would be taken from the taken to from it if you talking about ghouls I mean there’s those clinics where I live in popping up pop and down popping left and pop and right side of the last one I heard it was called press F5 to reflash it’s it’s a cool treatment for dual Treatment Center don’t reward that don’t realize that.
it takes a technological approach to Healing the ghoulish the ghoulish nature of its patients
that sounds good
ask him about the white bands I don’t know about no white Vans you’re looking for ghouls that’s where the ghouls show up that’s where I’d steal some flesh from so would you could you get me that information and location and email it to you is that around yes you can. A post it to me on the other thing it to you now received all right gentlemen I have a great idea we could dress up as Ghouls and infiltrate this place
I have a makeup kit
I’ll start
text that. Not a bad always doing that we should call an Uber takes way longer than Uber
any of y’all want to dress up like me
what what
what strange cultural environment that resulted in you thinking with ghouls are southern belles
no it’s just me I do think that’s a good idea I don’t I don’t think we should do the fans or the the ball gowns but I but I do think the idea of looking ghoulish all right well here’s my makeup kit please use some of that start with white primer and go make sure you remember to choose the beauty marks and in plenty of Rouge
3 hours later
alright alright my lead now we called you but yeah it arrives whose tastes are you Jamal
yeah well it’s not like Pixar it doesn’t have a name it’s a car or a shotgun
all right, anybody ever see a ghoul behave or we did we find him right so we just kind of you know that all right so when we get there let’s none of us do all the talking cuz we’re cool brat
you guys hear that vice president up to his old tricks again huh
are they taking the tunnel are we taking the tunnel
do you have a Leah and put in the destination
uses his link to send the destination information you do that with the drive to location
it arrives
all right guys
it’s almost 10:20 scuse me I need to get out and
it is so hot I don’t understand how he connected
is this him on and what apps we should split up some of us would go in the back going with you not they all right I have a feeling nothing could go wrong dressed as Goulds cuz there’s a puddle in front of me could somebody put their coat over it so I can skip over it don’t want to give him a petticoat all the damn fine y’all have
quarter hoarder God removes his
is neoprene sweater Blazer over the plateau
chivalry is not dead
but now I know now but it’s on life support they would say that.
Headed for the meat market yeah all right I will pick that up
show next week right okay yeah come back next week maybe travel make it to reprise his role
thank you so much meltdown sorry we’re late again exactly audio Maniac Justin Marshall our producer Christopher effort has been going through a passage of his life and yet is still out there helping us thank you Kevin and I don’t know who does Jeff really thank thank thank thank everybody to be safe tonight and I will see you next week
and thank you Kyle for sharing your heart Fan Fest right okay


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