Episode: 175 – Princess Spencer Crittenden Nipples


Episode: 175 – Princess Spencer Crittenden Nipples


The guys make Siri do their bidding, an emotional moment with an audeince memeber, Rick and Morty writers playing Shadowrun. Be careful, cause there’s snakes out here bitch! harmontown.com/live


Hollywood California Meltdown Comics Ernest melfi a speeder in the world harmontown is now in session
bring up Spencer Crittenden Joey Spencer
play love you friend.
this song again how dare you Jesus
thank you very much thank you Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Happy Thanksgiving unless you’re Jewish
I think that they they they they they I think around Thanksgiving The Forum shirt
ruined whatever dumb been I was about to do is there actually is a Jewish Thanksgiving but they do it they’re they’re thankful they’re a little bit thankful for 8 days in a row
I got low two ounces of stuffing everyday
did you add the Jordans you eat a lot over your Thanksgiving ham
I think you’re making a poopy face
did you do this all day to dry was his Hammy the hammy like they’re known for their Ham Lake
Barcelona have never comes in a bag but I know it was like the old like kind of like kind of like a guy named Arturo supposed to cut it off of a dry did the carcass hanging from the ceiling
I know we’re all very tired tonight
it’s been a long weekend we’ve always liked some of us have probably had encounters with family members that we didn’t want to have some of us probably even the people that had a great time and I’m one of them but you know it’s like there’s an exhaustion level you speak with your family with it did you speak to any of your family my dad sent me a text, making fun of me
Pizza I didn’t really good as a joke or they say it Dawns on me that without a DNA test you’d still be Irish you still be married
wait what I think it means like cuz I Googled I got that DNA test and I thought I was. I was Irish and sisterly Aaron was very much though and I turned out to be British war British the James Bond and witness zero Irish in me and I think my dad is just referencing that you just send me a note on Thanksgiving to just say maybe maybe it’s your fault that you yeah that’s the key with marriages you want to make it work
if it’s not working on its own you want to do you want to put put in effort really just work at work on it this is just wrenched away at it like it’s a gold Camaro want to be in a marriage that had been made to work
but you have to agree that that all relationships have some work like I was in a partnership with someone you have to make emotional bids and respond to them I know all this I learned all that didn’t help but I’ve learned it all new Mission Impossible movie Rogue Nation sogefi probably haven’t seen it I’m guessing you are playing right no no I watch it tonight LOL I was waiting for Fallout 4 to load and I mean it’s not funny it’s the terrible addiction is going to cost Rick and Morty a lot of
all I know about this mission of ours I think I like and I hope I hope I hope I do you know you don’t like this one the mission is like like like if they can’t do it
well is always a little bit of a snafu but this one is like
can’t be.
he gets up at the end and he’s like two and a half job is to go do things that can’t be done
I thought I thought I’d for what I was but I was refreshed I was I was like that’s great he couldn’t do it that would make me come back to the Mission Impossible franchise number 78 every once in awhile but you can actually
the Harlem Globetrotters one time did lose to the generals there’s nobody here
so so there’s a scene in Mission Impossible night whatever this is
Reigns keeps coming back backspace on a computer
seven grains keeps coming back into the computer hacker with the wood that wears a hat and he his name is Luther and there’s a seen it like in Grand Central Station or something on a subway station for the girls meeting with Tom Cruise and everyone’s listening than their earpieces and and then and then Tom Cruise is going what about the hard drive what about the list of the hard drives with all those blow the list of all the hard drives Autumn and it is playing right here is hanging with the hard drive your girl you’re going to make it you’re going to lose the list that’s only one she can she do missions like
yeah I like wait wait we we don’t know like MI6 am I 9 or would have CIA we don’t know what’s going on they’re going for everyone’s wearing a mask and you know I’d say she’s like she’s like he’s going to kill you and
nanana take Simon Pegg they kidnapped them
yeah he’s adorable inside a lot of men that’s the sound I make when Simon Pegg
the I don’t know I’m scared there’s nothing written on here
the show me funny apples like like like Simon Pegg has kidnapped and it’s a big crisis and Tom Cruise is like and unlike like uuu Jeremy Renner you go get the blister the binoculars and go buy some loser stay with her so the girl is like a super karate like like like she’s like what he’s five and can like fly like like she’s like she’s like that’s her gimmick is she can like like if you try to shoot her she’ll be like inside your gun and I’m giving you the Heimlich
like maybe you want to kill me and then you try to get the gun again but now it’s backwards you shoot yourself like
it’s just like a halo over the place so just like she runs on your shoulders and and edges like walking on your hat and she’s in your hat and when she’s down here and pants and your zipper and just slapping you and she’s at my text to me that’s what they do they train them for that she said it she’s a she’s a she’s a fierce combat and she’s a young agile Hat Dance Nation lady with the grace of a New York cop on Labor Day
I don’t know if something topical that’s deadly and then I was like don’t just don’t like spry and keep her from going away but Luther stay with her as you would like on the other side of a saying anything like that because she might be a threat if we cannot let her go like like it’s very important that she stay where she is so Ving Rhames in charge of that and he’s 900 lb and it’s already funny and just him saying Luther stay with her cuz her gimmick is like that she can like walk on telephone wire I had to say so
is weirdly added in thing we’re like I feel like Ving Rhames demanded this like in his contract when he saw the script he’s like look it says Luther stay with her and then she gets away like could we could we could we add a couple pages of the script like where I make an effort with a girl sitting at a table girl sitting at the table and I keep coming back and forth between her and Ving Rhames was like dog paddling through people like there’s like all of these people are like walking into him and he’s just keep coming back to her I just like five shots that are around somebody and then she’s gone
he said they shouldn’t have left him in charge I’ve been fired
man know I’m fired where is the goddamn fucking liquor for the show
mute this goddamn emo
Justin Marshall Avenue Vernon Chatman from undertales and I don’t write I wrote it
brilliant, DeRuyter it was Vernon Chatman
I mean V famous for his comedy
that was his really good it’s not good to start a comedy show with before overdose of all time he came on stage at Great, and he came out to the Laugh Factory applause applause applause applause of the crowd like totally dead bands is Stephen Hawking sure he can talk to talk
and still there for a few minutes
the crowd was not with that chocolate
okay all right so there’s one more thing written down here all right now I know I’m not going to get any sympathy from those God knows Simon Pegg abduction level but I’m having a lot of trouble updating my iWatch software
I thought you I thought you had for a second I want to throw it in the garbage basically I got through it in like a duffel bag and forgot about it so now it’s like now there’s this new software for it sounds like I’m going to put on the news but I can’t do it. It won’t work it keeps not working it keeps not installing the new software on the old watch and then I looked at the features it says in the iOS 2 for the watch the one of the features that it that it fixes is it says fixes an issue that could cause software updates to stall
Big E
what’s your stance is only because there was an update you wanted to see what was excited about it yeah I don’t know if I can can you can you can you talk to Siri on a can you can we have a conversation with Siri
is there a casino do it
Siri I told you watch your phone now that’s my phone
Siri Siri help me turn on my watch
Siri can you turn on my watch
surprisingly that is not within my capabilities
surprisingly indeed
do you know that you can have Siri refer to you as whatever you want
what does Siri call you hey Siri what do you currently call me
I can’t
no it’s fine where I’m on Friends
Siri I would like you to call me by my name
from now on I’ll call you by my name
I will never know that
ask you what you used to call you
Siri what did you use to call me
how do you get rid of honey. What’s a what’s a sure-fire way to get her to
say like what’s something that you always say your name Siri what’s my name
but you asked me to call you master
let me see if I can hook up if I can get my boy
Siri what’s my name
what time it was not pouting
Siri what’s my name
why is it working
this is been the technology coordinator
Siri what’s my name
yes but you asked me to call you in bassador
that’s great to know each other only thing that I can contribute to this is that my good friend Symphony which is a ridiculous name in the first place told her cell phone to call her princess kitten nipples but it misheard her and thought it was she was saying princess Spencer Crittenden nipples so that’s what it calls her
I’m changing my
Siri from now on call me Princess Spencer Crittenden nipples I don’t know if it’ll work
from now on I’ll call you princess Spencer Crittenden nipples
wonderful I’m glad you came out to the parade traffic
hey Nathan Bradford isn’t here is he now I thought I couldn’t remember if you was coming here tonight I think he’s at he’s at he does beats I thought maybe we could do a little beatbox on cuz he does is going to be fine out here we have a freelance beatbox beatbox too but I mean it maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe if things get a little slow all right
let’s do a what do a segment called ask me anything about my mannequin leg at home
let’s just do it let’s just do questions
you’re afraid references to me having a mannequin leg at home and now’s your chance to get to the bottom of it with systemic questions
cuz I found out recently answering them makes me feel better about myself
all right all right what do you want to know yes sir how many just just one madame should I do if I can come see about multiple multiple multiple mannequins mannequins but I have recently bought two full mannequin one the one that lays Supine and propped up on his elbows like it’s like reading a book
and that one that’s like on his knees with his hands on his hips and its head back
I’m assuming that’s for like summer wear
they’re only like a hundred bucks and I got a couple of They Don’t Really they don’t really work
for what for your very nice I thought I thought I thought I thought if I thought I could dress them up in like rub on him or something like fully clothed women with agency will be right out then what do you mean right now cuz they don’t come fully clothed when I dress them in Plies agency like their fancy okay did the real doll saying I just I can’t go down that road again so so sad when they died like like
also just this big crate in the land of the guys that deliver the crater so bummed out I just want to tell him what’s in there just to make their day but you can’t so they they assume it’s like this barbells or something maybe they know you know but at any rate they going to take it upstairs in the old days right right so the what the mannequin leg though the one that I’ve had forever it’s just plastic I should have brought it but then it’s a plastic it specifically designed for the display of Hosiery but it’s like it’s not anymore I found a track this down in a warehouse like 15 years ago and there were two of them originally met him an answer to your question
like like like like plastic Halo like life size woman’s legs does one’s fully extended the others bent and then you’re supposed to have have a store I don’t you supposed to put like Hosiery on your leg and and then I die just yet but I went on to his warehouse and I like bottom and I was like I want these at the end there like okay and I was like it’s for an exhibit and they’re like we didn’t ask
and I just I I like I put I put Hanes silk reflections
pantyhose and we have a hand up over here okay sorry go ahead ma’am you know the question was do it do they paint their toenails no I do not interesting yes sir
they have to be replaced this is a guy who wants to know real
bicycle information about that he wants to know when I put the pantyhose on what’s the length before they have to be or he wants to know do I instantly come on them all the time I know I don’t like
like I try to treat you just shipped to me I would say the average pair of of Hosiery that I would put a by the way I’m down I’d lost the fully extended one you go through like eight different relationships and each one of the girlfriend says wear these and then over over time that just sort of like white tiles on the space shuttle your kind of like it’s amazing I still have this like I have the one that would take something less space so it’s like it’s like the bent one which is not the cooler one I really like having both of them or Aaron around you in a million years ago that was hitting around your place during the day or night move in with me find this thing and you go what’s going on you guys I mean what what in the world are so enthralled with the show but they just want to talk about it but like what are you doing I think
a run for it before though the thing came up there just know they’re bad people
although I can start them right out
the I think the conversation is like why is he why does he keep talking with the show going to start
I think it’s more like honey tell him about your mannequin I think it’s like that anyways
the old school metal pneumatic has recently or no I got both I bought new mannequins recently but the Old Yeller the old the oldest Old Faithful the one thing that really works why is it yellow
why do you say yellow in the question you’re not answering what do you do I rub around the toe on my nipple
can I drink coffee
every day every time I thank you thank you thank you
thank you
thank you
I rub the toe on my nipple
and I come by come on the leg cuz I might
I think a part of me is like what are you doing this stop it is always what happened or do shake it up as other things I’m going to try out the window what
masturbate did that. Get the tow and the nipples are happening or are you saying it’s a mannequin leg is involved there is a nipple to rub happening with a difference between those two scenarios
no are okay.
a hundred times and I do
are American legs with Toronado no no no no no no okay I know it now I understand what you’re asking know this is like when you go jogging do you always put the sports band on your arm and with the Apple Shuffle I don’t know how you jog
honey you know I don’t believe me I can rub one out like it’s just just with my mind when you get into a certain mood you now is the time to take out the mannequin put some mahanes the reflective
but when that happens and when is the American League and the Hosiery and you rubbing a cello the mannequin like on your nipple and you’re kneeling down this is that is that song that goes at work every time or sometimes you got to fucking not feeling it today it’s not working. Didn’t they check yelling at the leg
call swearengen in Deadwood Spike on a habit
you know I’m not even sure I guess if I should paint the toenail but you don’t like it’s been suggested by the bad person.
Alright I’m glad you’re invested though that’s good they were invested to the point where they were moving like they’re having a sidebar about what you’re talking talking I’m going to be like all this if this can’t interest you what my God what’s up Jesus shall make the analogy
it’s a tentative like like like like that the last nail went in and then and then and then they’re like
it’s so easily nailed through you suck I hate me like come on
enough hurts
sorry it’s a what
they can’t get away but I have tried putting shoes on them but the but the the foot is like it’s to eat right I try I’ve tried it like get shoes and like put them on to see if that would like maybe get me a little jazz or something cuz I got to take the shoes high heels on so they can’t get away but I’d like what did he put like running shoes on the road or angle was like yeah I don’t get that I don’t understand why you’re so high I know I feel so vulnerable on my right flank right now it’s the real strategic nightmare
I guess the idea is that your heels and you’re always on your tiptoes and when your on your tiptoes I guess your butt looks better I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t get it like who doesn’t like high heels by Pleasant
tell him who we should probably double that cuz some people just don’t want if they want you know what I like cheer because you feel like you’re in a Bud Light commercial commercial
more people are saying about the Monster High Heels
all right so so I’ve opened up a little bit so I thought since it’s Thanksgiving like who here is coming off of like a really particularly awkward Thanksgiving for any particular reason and he would do you want to come up here and share your your your bad Thanksgiving awkward Thanksgiving
Jeanette Gage
everybody chased here by coyote
estimated temperature in Spencer way to fend off wolves from all angles I’m getting a little bit better at it by these pants like right before I went out to Joshua Tree and ended up like sliding down a bunch of rocks I’m happily hearing that you did not buy these that way these actually no no no no this is the day of purchase two things out there on the desert fantastic
sliding down the movie Roxanne I did mushrooms up there in that their desert and just terrified the whole time that that my girlfriend was going to die cuz you was running around like a goddamn maniac
if a mic motherfuker you’re alive
and I’m freaking out snakes out here is like the gravity gets turned up to eleven I need the picture I mean it’s just like so like I just think it’s the injury thing like I just I can’t I don’t think I’ve ever been attracted to a I’ve never ended up in a relationship with a with a date with a I don’t want to insult anybody that I’ve been in a relationship with a very clumsy women like they’re very very very charming and funny and smart and then like like like like almost always do just like the extra like I just like I spend my relationship terrified that they’re going to I mean Aaron like I talked about this like she was just always like like making shit and I’m leaning out windows and hang it and then she got a guy who fell out the window while you were gone and I
but I just don’t feel like I’m going to have the capacity to deal with an injury I had to physically restrain my girlfriend this weekend from crawling inside a dumpster with a family of raccoons
we were just calling it a dump it already had a family of raccoons in it or she had ganged up with a family of raccoons
running a family and she hasn’t yet Curry their favor that was my problem

Fed Up by the weather by the Palm Springs
where did you go did you go right ahead know what that’s why I had to physically restrain her. So we were we were up in Big Bear for the week we took a week off and just went up and we also happened to have taken a little bit of LSD and we’re just hanging out and we went down to her car to get something and we we heard this like Ruckus from inside this big metal cage of dumpsters and she’s right there I’m like no we got eight angry raccoon staring right at us and she just crawls down to her knees and start engine her way towards them as they’re like angrily bearing her down babe I know you will think that you’re about to be accepted by a family of raccoons it’s 4 a.m. in this is about to become everybody else’s problem
before you know it in the world that she lives in is one where she could instantly become friends with a family of angry raccoon the they’ve if you go near them they they are they the cochlear head that you and go. They don’t have any of that that they eventually get bored and walk away like they size you up and at home and Aaron went online and like if you type dog raccoon it’s just I can photo rolls of pictures of the out just cuz they got they got like they’re like monks
and they’re not little people you know what else has a little people hands that are people chimpanzees and look what they do they get in there and they they rip their eyeballs night we had like there was like the same group of eight raccoons were literally beating the shit out of each other outside of our door and making it into fighting and I hate Jerry that woman wanted to join our group Thanksgiving where did you spend it I did I did two separate ones that did one with my girlfriend’s family and then one with my family as your girlfriend is played by Reese Witherspoon and your Vince Vaughn
are air Precision I should not talk okay so proceed it was a pretty great Thanksgiving but
are you sure she was a little taken aback might make my parents have gone through a little bit of like a sexual Renaissance since I’ve left the house and if start hanging out with a lot of very swingy type people and
the whole Thanksgiving was was I think pushing her boundaries a little bit over there as well like like breaking the wishbones with him and there’s a lot of ass grabbing and and crotch pain tool and really like Blake like actual ask grabbing and crotch final at like in the in the middle of the Thanksgiving preparation area
a picture of the kitchen then
the turkey but I
if I said in the kitchen like but once a year that area is sacred and there’s traffic there’s
you don’t you don’t you don’t run a choo choo train through a scrap and Country
if your tit you do they don’t know no better that’s why they’re fishing for a while I still haven’t actually like come out and ask like what’s going on here but you’re pretty certain that’s what’s going down your girlfriend who recently tried to befriend raccoons was like this is a bridge too far from
human contact seems very strange right now
raccoon sexuality
alright who who can beat that terrible Thanksgiving battle all right that was sitting next to yours if you want to come up here buddy okay all right come on up
are there are no you stay
just in case you need to defend your your your belt okay
is there is no accounts coming up here
that’s exciting that you have on there what’s your name my name is Robert I want should have been like sacher Bubba Blade Runner
I feel like my parents are like my name their kids are like
anyways Robert okay so let’s let us have it both barrels I just moved to Los Angeles from all the way in New York and I’m staying with a friend family and I just didn’t know a single person it was just like yeah I’m just this 20-something dude who’s eating all your turkey and drinking all of your beer and just being something that I did that interloper which is what you’re supposed to be for Thanksgiving in a normal Thanksgiving with your family and you’re like I don’t know I’m not dead yet I guess but but then you like someone welcome to do on your hair in their home and you’re like really I can have bread
I didn’t know if I had any common ground with them cuz it was just like what am I to talk about can’t talk about politics openly fascist presidential candidates in the in the league is are you at do you have a little a little example taken so far gauges it got a cooler name and like I kind of wish I was named paper bag so far a gauge is in the lead because his parents were fondling other other people for that level and your little awkward Ness peppered with oh my God it’s not snowing thank you thank you
I think I got this machine warmed up now that’s good
is it good Dan I was going to say I have a gender balance now
but now 40% of the time you say hello have a gender balance and then you go hi my name is Mike and I like like like like now I’m offended your microaggression me and what’s your name thank you heather it what’s it what was your what was your Thanksgiving about outside of Atlanta and my family is one of the reasons why I’m drawn to harmontown I think is weed we don’t know how to say we love each other or you know just general manifesting the fact that like we’re okay with each other in the world and so I haven’t talked to my family for like a couple months cuz I only try to call them on the holidays and expectations and stuff like that so I actually sent out a Facebook message like basically like a plea for help like hey I’m sad and alone in LA and who wants to invite me to Thanksgiving and gratefully some people actually invited me here and I had a really really lovely time
oh okay Thanksgiving here at McDonald’s is going on here why wasn’t I invited you know sorry but we all now know but thanks for making me want to cry again cool
that’s why I took the $2 you know what school you know on a $9 Bill to it’s fun to totally fine so like I took 10 minutes and I went outside and like to call my parents and so yeah like this tennis player playing at play six and a half minute conversation where I kind of realize that apparently my sister’s not talking to me but I don’t know why and I found out because I wanted to compliment her on her hair stuff for my gears going to high school
so that it was like just as awkward like I want to say like 45 seconds where we just all sat on the phone no one’s saying anything and it’s like okay well I love you and so that I come back in and I’m like you’re having a good day you’re with people like you’re finally like Kendall point now they were you have friends that’s cool like it’s okay so then I like post something on Facebook to feel like I’m part of culture and okay something great about Thanksgiving so I’m going to be like hey I’m really grateful this is my best La Thanksgiving yet I got to hang out at Meltdown Comics watch awesome movies and multiple supposed
play cut the lights or whatever my dad responds with a frowny face
8081 dollars
how to make it cuz I’m so broke
she also gets a DVD of Inglourious Basterds trying Brad Pitt
you know what here’s my shirt take my shirt
danger all right Robert listen to gauges story and then came up with that I was an ungrateful Thanksgiving guess God has let me hear your Thanksgiving sounded whenever
are you where you’re going to go meet her had to come back down for Thanksgiving late I don’t know like can you well draw circle around what you’re talking about she doesn’t she doesn’t listen to girlfriend the raccoon lady I love so much Chevy Chase
I got a call last night that she’s pregnant
damn we don’t really know what we’re going to do yet
Heather just game
I sweat it, all right raccoon College Let’s Twist engage in Robert down and keep Heather up here cuz there’s a
it’s not you guys aren’t bad people thank you Gage and Robert God knows Gage has a mountains that had to climb but no I don’t want to play favorites but I mean there’s a Vibe here I appreciate it if you just can’t make it to Sunday going to be fine I’ll be fine I’m a part of you keeping you going
scares me though you know what I mean cuz if you were me I know that your pants then it makes it fine that’s nice
do you like Diehard or I’m in the comedy and I like cartoons and drawing stuff and I’m trying to get better at saying yes to that question cuz it’s like I grew up in a geography in a time where that wasn’t a real thing that you went out and did and I’m not professionally an artist like I don’t make money as an artist but I screamed
show me once upon a time yeah like Hawaii again a Dreamworld yes but I mean realistically at this stage in my life like I’m paying my bills and I am making it as a kind of good at drawing compulsively like some people do I’m not compulsive like some people I know what your time out like like that kind of like I am jealous of those people who like like need to be drawing that’s one of the reasons why you’re hungry
that’s one of the reasons why I thought maybe I’m not an artist cuz I had somebody say that to me once like well if you can if you can just get through the day you don’t have to drive and you know you have a Mickey Mouse in your shirt like a lot of our friends are dry chives and I don’t think that they would ever walk down the street and say hi I’m an artist some might in some might not by take a lot of our friends like whether they be animator is or actors or musicians or whatever would be very bashful about saying that they’re artists I talk to this guy I talked to a photographer over the weekend if I met a very interesting conversation cuz I’m a visual person at all I was interested talk to like artists and photographers and stuff and he was too late into the night as the booze hit in the head of your and deeper and sadder he started talking about how do you know there’s things he wants to do with his photography but like
every like every once in a while he’s at he’s like oh my God I’m the worst fucking hack in the world I I suck I’m the worst I’m like a joke it’s incredible that I ever took myself seriously I’m a fucking new some some society and then and then the next day he’ll be like oh wow I’m I’m actually really good I’m great and I was like a piston going up and down like you don’t want to be somebody who’s just like even-keeled about what they’d do if you’re a creative like you want to be frankly bipolar like usually late like whatever no offense to bipolar people but I mean like you want to be literally have two poles because that’s when an engine has it go to it’s exploding one minute and then it’s not exploding the next minute it’s like really good that’s why the Car Goes Vroom Vroom you know
for sure I ended up talking to one of my friends she’s my ex I realize this week maybe that’s the function of an ex is like cuz I heard you tell stories about how your friends with some of your ex’s or that you at least realize what a wonderful thing that is in your life because these are people that know you so well and can say anything to you now because you don’t have anything left to lose and so I don’t know I was just kind of telling her about my shity emotional reaction of Thanksgiving and her point was a when they said that they’re proud of you ever like why do you keep expecting to hear that because that’s never something that’s happened
you know it’s just not good at like they love you but it’s just never going to say it in the words that you want to hear and then be would you be the ambitious created person you are if they head manifest is love in the way that you want it to be manifest pretty good pretty good for Creative people
Diamond I don’t want to I don’t want to be a lot of people that are really talented and they’re like oh I love my parents but we’re giving up camera wyze could you move down to close to death so we can get you guys in a sexy too
all right so we’ll okay there’s two things we can do will do them in this order
so do you want to try an exercise that my therapist did with me once share it might make you cry though she spent years of training all right so so so imagine yourself maybe it might help if you close your eyes just just now you can participate I guess but if you all talk at the same time that’ll be weird then halfway through I get okay and then you just watch the rest of the movie
I never even before the guy goes into the water cuz I still can’t even make that Gap minutes to diffuse that underwater Bob and I’m like and then he’s like he’s not gonna saying like wish me luck
I’ve never I’ve never done I’ve never tried I always do that really Innovative you show me a movie where a guy has a home address like when I’d be damned if I know I can’t do that I don’t recall it out but you can see that they’re going to go into water to go that’s all underwater underwater scene sound like okay I want to see if I could and I’m just sitting on a couch in the guys going to like that I can’t even go like this without running out of breath exercise for all of you like fractured people close your eyes OK Google are you you’re the adult you
you are in the home that you were in when you were a child but your adult you the home that your bedroom was in when you were I’d say 10 years old
so a picture that home you’re in it somewhere living room kitchen those are the two possibilities so somewhere in this home is the bedroom that you slept in when you were 10
so now you’re going to walk slowly to that door of that bedroom
I say slowly so that you can really picture it like cuz you remember what the carpet look like you remember the walls lol tchotchkes whatever
now I get to the door
and you’re going to open it and your 10 year old self is sitting in their bedroom on the bed
show picture who you were when you were 10
you are who you are now
you at home do this in your own head but Heather will you describe that child physically
in a lot of ways I guess it’s what I’m trying to emulate now
small always been small for my age long brown hair bangs no glasses yet not cuz I didn’t need them just cuz I didn’t have any health insurance and we didn’t realize it
share the room with my sister in a in a queen bed
so 10 year old Heather sitting there
what makes you typically be doing
so she’s drawing now you going to sit down on the bed comfortable distance from her
your adult self look at your 10 year old South what what do you think of her
like don’t say what you think you’re supposed to say like
judge her or or praise her what do you really think of her
oh man I wish I could tell her that it doesn’t you don’t have to be so afraid that you’re going to spend the next 25 years being afraid and
you don’t have to but she afraid now at 10 at 10 yes yes absolutely scared so she’s a fearful person
maybe for good reasons so all right so now speak to her now now say like you just you judged or appraiser whatever you thought those things but now tell her what you think of adults should tell her
I’ll be so confident believe yourself this sounds like so much bullshit like what so many people say they like say to yourself with absolutely the truth like
trust your gut stop stop thinking that
let somebody else’s approval matters
great perfect Thanksgiving
all right now my second idea
now I’m going to do it I’m going to do a Thanksgiving Rap and Heather are you seem like a smart person like I would I’d like you to do is try to like like you know how Vincent Price like in Thriller like he comes in and goes me scary spiders and goblins like giving rap so like I want you to just come in you don’t have to rhyme prefer if you didn’t I’m just kind of like just uncork I just kind of snake just just talk the way you do and you’re Kayden is just kind of like just kind of like an ant maybe an amped-up version of yourself for that look like I just kind of like Babel for a little bit like it’s like I’m pushing a Heather button and you’re just kind of like talking about quill rap for a little bit things will look for her as I’m probably going to talk about fucking people’s Mamas and it’s a good chance I’m going to rain in the words South and mouth
I’m going to try not to cuz I don’t like the trial was trying to stretch myself but but but but but then after a couple versus I like kind of like if I stop or appointed you whatever and then just like just just like you like a little just a real rambling monologue it’s to be free association or just like anyting a story or just random words or it doesn’t it doesn’t matter just free flow Thanksgiving anxiety so you ready yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I do to get in the car going to go to my house I’m going to
Quite a bit paranoid and bangs it right there really
that one is for
I kind of like the first one I thought come on
kite man
there’s not going to even try to do it now right but maybe if you didn’t start it off you going to pipe it up to start off the rent because you dumb fuck in Spanish
66 / front row like The Other M seats or he’s like Eminem
I don’t know rappers barely
MC Hammer
okay alright alright alright
turkey mashed potatoes fuck your mama the heart
give me a cigarette
okay now it’s just a little bit just a little more
deserve it because this is their loyal fans and I can’t hear the beach
here’s your mama’s so hard, so hard that her pussy got wiped on the run ever
that was a good one
the opposite of hypertension Carnival Indians Indians Native Americans fighting the pilgrims when they said hey we’re Knights and the pilgrims bad or nice
let’s go
Santa Maria Mayflower I didn’t see you
I went to Salem when the fry was bad and truth but there’s a guy sitting on a date wrong with you I’m coming with all my turkeys that just got to do specially when there’s no other closed yet
do that Kaylee is graded Thanksgiving is fine and sometimes you think I just want someone to like me a little and maybe I would like it if I heard my mom say hey I’m proud but then I think well at least I didn’t go to some things giving where my mom is trying to fuck some stranger cuz that would make me feel kind of awkward and maybe like I wouldn’t want to go home as much either so I guess it’s good that we can just say hey and call each other once in a while and you know all I call again on Christmas
mashed potatoes with cranberries you take the ferry from Staten Island to Manhattan
damn it I didn’t get any good Rhymes in
alright finally know it’s we’ll try it we’ll try it later thank you heather.
All right
no take the church I mean I’m assuming you want it but the weird dude bail on that
engage and then she got a shirt and a DVD of Inglourious Basterds what does some people’s houses like I wasn’t very grateful
I 9 gauge was like what am I going to do I can’t be a dad
I think we kind of hit all the fucking mountains and valleys to this season
how Claire are unclear after the concept of Public Enemy are you familiar with him no Flavor Flav clock I’ve seen it because they haven’t heard it yet I didn’t check it be like sometimes you do like I don’t know if I can do you have to pay for the science that may or may not be drunk
do you know why that’s important for black men in the 90s
best typing Heather she was the Rihanna I like you don’t hate Brianna Rihanna’s fine Eminem no typing people know but but you wouldn’t give me what how much do we want to change Steve leave his version of hyping
put your hands together
how is your connection with your family over the holidays are you close family yeah your big family small family I have a relatively large family yeah yeah yeah. No Black Sheep know when you hit me like everybody hates her they like not at all very well-balanced like yeah we do it’s kind of strange I guess people like the circles I roll and it’s like I’m a monster fishing and I don’t think I’m as creative as my wife is my friends who didn’t like their parents I like my family like I said I think that’s a that’s a real way to have a terrible career in entertainment
yeah I love my family I do and I don’t know I texted with him I called them I heard I heard from him wish him happy foreign hype man because it’s arbitrary I guess you were born with high built into that you’re you aren’t you you came pretty hyped came out of the womb with hyping you and your mom I hope you and Surround you generally hype by you without you having a hike them like I Get Hype to speak just to see your smile every morning that’s alright man thank you I remember when you got that mouth surgery yeah I was like I almost killed myself
cuz you’re acting the way I would act if I were you which is a very like okay so here’s the food
you have a really busy day tomorrow I need the I need the seething Joy so I can blot it out
brain early tomorrow morning I’ll be I’ll be right there smiling making sure everything gets done right mellow beats to fill the lowest places that make the most of the day probably right before Public Enemy 1 on I’m sure I’m sure Flavor Flav was probably like
the clock around
go through near my trailer
all right that’s fine but you’re kind of fucking me fucking me up man I’m about to go onstage I’ll make it up to you
and then they go out and everyone’s like he’s like he is like like like you said stop it
ocean has been explored up yet what is your angle measure my what what what what
are you unlike mescaline what’s happening
see how much are you the world’s biggest fan or
Enderman okay you’re the man we don’t like when the audience’s drunken the way are I was in them
that was excited about is like giving a new voice to these classic characters and then flavor for you know the rest of it Flavor Flav goes out and he like you know he he really hates him up and then Chuck is like I can’t stay mad at you
I don’t know if you really have to stop
I’m not sure what you have to stop but whatever forward momentum is really my enemy and she was I had a box of wine earlier and I would like you to stop whatever you’re all of your instincts whatever you’re thinking right now do something other than that
she was talking to the walls
is that I’m not going to take it personally
only gauge of parents were here.
NFL schedule

yeah we have the the Harmon are harming our players are going to do the improvised schedule
I know baby but I planned all right so Jeff and I need a
we don’t really need any that we’re just going to do that Mighty harmonized player I feel like I feel like I
I benefit from space work
okay so okay I’ll beat you be a pilgrim and I’ll be a Native American
hello recently I’m a refugee a second quarter and he has to be a little chilly but Steve Steve
Steve nature
are you are you in are you a native to this land are you are you are you a visitor like myself I believe that all men are visitors to everywhere fight but I know what you’re asking
can I get the luggage and I’ll make myself comfortable okay for
native technology You couldn’t possibly fathom
bring bring it bring extra pants
yeah well we tried to call this corned beef
editor guide manually said that you call it maize
tell Terrance to make it sound exotic and I’ll tell you a dirty little secret about about Global Travel when you came to the door I should have called the door tree or a Dora Dora Dora Dora because it’s so who wants to watch a sketch about people learning okay for yes and I know Spanish
IIA study because I have because I’ve been here the whole time and everyone’s always coming and they learn how they talk
my parents are coming by in a bit and then a little freaky is that is what I kind of like they might make some kind of moves what is freakier than all parents I was just going to drop some knowledge
purses made with a son running height running a running hype could you give me a little bit of height but I would like to drop some Native American wisdom
so he just hangs around 2 to 2 to set you up for success
the mother of the mall gives birth to the Squall of white people the Title Wave coming but you life can’t be saved because the planets going to be swarmed with them from the insect to the plant to the to the to the to the to the to the totem
valleys mountains mountains he was a native beat guy okay well, I’ll bring them up
what’s your name
brother Chief Brandon Brandon feeding Chief Steve nature
what’s the temperature tribe I thought you called corn maze well I mean it’s like there’s a lot of stereotypes and make it back to Europe
do you really an Indian I meant first of all no I’m not going to India okay
spirit in the sky in the dirt I fuck your mama from all that I was worth
going to scalp you not going to ride you I’m just not going to Pride gifts red yellow tooth decay what’s your mama in an unusual way with my butt face in front, so hot he was done regular dudes
give me one second
yo yo titties and potatoes parsnips celery
but your mama jokes she wasn’t alive but sounds sounds like I killed her
she died happy
you wanted it to happen sorry that’s not true let me start over Buffalo use every part
all the time don’t waste it
nothing came of that rock
all invented here
missive for you
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
food’s getting cold Wind Fire Sticks Dick’s balls pussy but nipples nuts fuck your mama and she didn’t say something she’s ungrateful so today is all about being a grateful every day
mnemonic device your mama didn’t think me twice
came in on a boat and I gave her a little bit of stuff that I’m trying to I’m not trying to be offensive Happy Thanksgiving OK Google give me one second please text me a lot very touchy 5 Seconds
open the door hands everywhere yeah I know it was notable I brought you some blankets yeah I know it is everything’s I’m getting sick I know that I know I’m getting sick
I think it was not sick your Beats and you’re running all right that’s what I was
I’m going to wrap your heart out I’m going to eat your mama’s pussy on the card and what you mean going to get up on a hill overlooking but your mama’s so hard I said smells like something cooking it was printing from my penis in her pussy
nothing rhymes with pussy ever ever ever runs a pussy
Thanksgiving Yama Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
free Dragon Ball Z
terrible at rapping today not that I’ve ever been good but since its Inception all this week
Thanksgiving is a special time when you go to people that you love and you say thank you thank you
native Raptors
radbrad beating today
closest okay thank you sir very nice nice shirt is it some people are going to be walking out there was some buckets right now and Leukemia is a bad thing was really worth it though I loved it I loved I loved when I just started beeping and pooping and you were really getting intense that was the best fuck man oh man I’ve just know I went to Dino’s thing he had his family over and then a bunch of people from Star Burns very not funny a kid fell in a cactus that’s kind of funny I got it
yeah so sad will I thought it was funny so I was
tenants three-year-old daughter that sounds better than anything he’s a resilient kid he can handle it destined to be a serial killer with your family and all your mom and dad my mom texted me like Happy Thanksgiving I’m so thankful for you and then two days later I was like oh yeah I really miss your stuffing and then she was like oh you know we’re having dinner right now you could come right over and then two days later I was like that that would have been good
how often have you been back to your parents house at all in my parents house is no longer like they sold it off in my dad moved to Columbia and my mom’s Couchsurfing Across America yeah I will catch up man I did not know that your teaching at animation he’s not an animator he’s not really a teacher I think he now speaks Spanish which I hope they speak over there I believe they do. Okay good bases covered but yeah I know. I was just really weird it’s is weird it’s weird that he now teaches animation in in Columbia stay at class is like everybody drunk picture
alright go home and then I’m going to come back and he’s like the same picture of it like a little different
what is the two different ones like name a discipline karate PR
you have a special school Spencer School of CPR in karate and your degree is like a playing card like where you what
it’s all right. I bet you a sexy lady I will put your weiner in the does think that now that you know too many people teaching that kids having kids in my right gauge
he knows I’m sorry I was insensitive I apologize gauge I acknowledge my crime I express remorse and I commit to change what they taught me how to do an apple that’s like literally in the employee training that’s a real apology like the three ingredients but he can’t really just saying like I said I think it’s a minute to look at your fingers and count them up
what else should I apologize for
I’m sorry I yelled at that kid on Twitter Wicked would that kid whatever the kid I yelled at the kid went to last time I’m sorry I yelled at you better I feel bad I won’t yell at you in Twitter again cuz your account’s private now
I’ve been yelling at gamergate all weekend you know that Graham Linehan he’s a great man great man that Graham Linehan he posted he posted something and talked about it was like a news article and talked about how he says that a remote radicalization is a serious thing and it could have been a gamer gate and I was like gamergate those idiots and you know the floodgates opened the past 48 hours. Just been telling people to kill themselves than blocking those people
here two weeks ago, buddy you think is going to happen.
It was added on to that thing is like a jump Davis tapestry of all the time is it
Mad Magazines 50th Anniversary, okay so yeah if you’re if you’re 16 talk to somebody unless you’re in gamergate please and I know that I’m the only person that really has no idea what that is a time when a woman can build off his thing in 30 seconds what you just said happened and then from then on everyone’s like no it didn’t and then the you know some people are like will yeah that’s that’s history and then they are like no you’re wrong and now I’m going to bother you for two days straight because we don’t believe in recorded history
Batman Lego Archbishop Ferdinand got assassinated and that’s a no
that day it’s not a joke anymore to say like he’s Hitler Lady Lake and that he’s exactly like Hitler and that he’s Hitler it’s not a joke because like Hitler had a funny and haircut and then he was a reality television star basically cuz he wrote Mein Kampf when was an ideal is that all he wasn’t like a person that was like I think we should all do dumb and was in a like like like like he served a purpose I like this these that make the weird thing about that gamergate thing is like what you cuz you keep asking yourself why would you if you ever were getting involved in this why would you even still be arguing about all this stuff and then the answer is because it’s never about like these events are these people it’s always about like these weird like ships like a biome
they just built up frustration and shame and rage and then they flow this way or that way there’s like magmatic like like eruptions and everybody that’s that that is like beating people at Donald Trump rallies and being into it they take they know like they’re not there. They know he’s an idiot like and they’re into it like they’re like oh good he’s going to say it so I can now I can hit this guy with a Donald Trump like like she’s like evil like it gathers in these clouds and it just like it is because of hero worship is because we think that individuals are like important and I know you said that you should be going to cut this guy’s head off and we cut back its head off and then nothing bad will happen anymore and thinking that is what allows for the clouds of evil to spread and lick lick lick lick that’s what’s happening right now we’re like I’m living in history
is a fucking fascist running for president at his dad doesn’t make him cool at all it doesn’t even make him cool in like a fucking bad guy wife he’s just a fucking clown but he’s like there’s so many angry fucking people that are like they’re just like and they’re not even when can you imagine liquid after World War 1 how that they were using like wads of money for door stops in toilet paper like that’s how fucken scared they were we’re just like oh I have to golf 9 holes instead of eighteen I got to go in there so I can hit in Hispanic people at Rec and then they’re saying to him like
play it’s everywhere in everyone’s like hardy har har like he’s Hitler Hitler which is not it doesn’t make him important doesn’t make him strong doesn’t make him scary even it went that it makes the fucking situation scary he’s Hitler we are scary like we’re doing fucked up scary shit gamergate this fucking another one of those things because of the guy that lives that those guys got in the van and like went and shot up that like there was like a guy doesn’t even like that was like went and shot the the the black life matter they were like oh I don’t know if they are related to deal to add jatate or is that the the Minnesota protests in there I’m not the last thing I’m going to do is go like you have 4chan anything cuz what your credit card shut off tomorrow
it was like there was a guy in the video was like oh I’m going to go do this like I’m going to go troll there like black lives matter protest getting fired and my people got shot anyways but it was with my point being for friend yes Fringe groups radical groups dump dumbass fascist like politicians like what’s happening right now is just as as gradual and dangerous as the weather there is like a supervolcano under Yellowstone it’s not it has nothing to do with like oh no I was this election goes wrong fucking people are getting dumber and dumber and dumber and more and more dangerous what are we going to do about it Millennials keep hashtagging
to make sure my stag keep hashtag
make sure everybody was real polite to each other there’s a fucking fastest running for president in brecon throw it through somehow I don’t think the fascist I think that he know he’s a fucking fascist opportunistic infection in a time of economic turmoil he will do exactly their benefit when I get there. Don’t don’t irritate me that’s what I said last time move slower back and he’s a dumbass book
everyone’s like that with the things that make me angry and he’s like okay I heard that have more respect for me like a little bit more like violence statistics views they actually really do believe it I don’t I don’t know that Donald Trump particular believe in anything at all dangerous is a fuking idiot he doesn’t believe in anything that means that people who are there black work origin people there fucking beating people with sticks and he’s saying and then they’re asking him about it in the morning shows and he’s going like woah with fans are number one like like he’s that’s what’s dangerous not a fucking guy who’s like I’m going to take over the world like like that guy vine we’ve been living with that 460 years ago I like like like I’m saying that this kind of fucking a class number one dip shit like he called Mexicans rapists and he’s still run and he still get mad
read every morning at just the right kind of dumb to fucking like make some horrible people able to do shit like like like we’re one step from Mike history here and I was wrong by the way that’s how I’ve done forgot to mention that a fucking full retraction remember when Aaron went to Ireland and I do like everyone here is worried that Trump going to be president and I was like yeah I’ve never been wrong girl in my life I’m so wrong I’m so terrified right now and slipped 10 points and very recent history which is a pretty big drop percentage points the way to eat a baby I think people just saw how good he was doing and be like we can’t just stand by we got to vote in these polls
Kohl’s why I heard a guy in a red that look like this is how they sound there’s a guy cuz they were talking about that whole thing of how it like will this is a fucking historical game-changer where people are physically beaten at your speeches and you don’t damn it so they’re asking this guy about it and he said his his his response was that he was like a spokesman or something it was like he said this is just ridiculous like like what is if every time a black man commits a crime is it Obama’s fault glance into the fuck
like like that’s what they sound like that’s skinhead talk dude how about that’s scary that guy was wearing a tie probably
he’s probably older than me he’s like like like like imagine like a to imagine imagine what these kids like what does it really take the fucking flip on my going to fellow piece you know they look like they love being team players they love they love code They Live Language being right they live like being like part of something bigger than like what is it emphasizes that terrifies me to others 90-degree intersection between a generation with a total capacity for fucking teamwork and this like floppy-haired weirdo going like the mini series happening kids with red jumpsuits on going like I’m a visitor Scout
get off to the camps with you if you’re over 70 we got to eat you now we’re going to make soap out of you hashtag cancel Colbert
tomorrow let’s play Shadowrun
Skeleton Crew or should we have people up for the spring
hey Mikey can you want to play Shadowrun with us this is Mike McMahon he’s been there for the music
and then Jessica gow do you want to come up yeah yeah yeah
alright hello Michael Jessica at work where you guys at in the process right now are we allowed to say I think so yeah we have a whole bunch of areas of like oh that sounds like a good episode we haven’t really figured out what it is yet but we know we want these two things to happen and we have one outline of the network right now we have another outline being worked on and I think we’re going to figure out another Atlanta start getting worked on this week are you doing things by Jessica go and you guys have those set up a script will be by Jessica gallon Mike McMahon.
I don’t know how to play this game you’ll find that neither do we so are you going to come for me yeah there’s a character sheet there this is like a dark future like William Gibson kind of universe if you follow me gal who’s William Gibson I don’t know I mean I I make Gran here who is William Gibson answer that like I was dumb
the author of Neuromancer okay that’s good to know we live in a distant future is Mike D&D like it since you know it suits his role playing but we living in the future so it’s futuristic key but you can do whatever you want that you have a list of weapons there that you might want to use if you are getting Trouble O yeah I love nothing more Jeff riding on these Pages you guys don’t worry about it. My name is horrid a guard who means it means no harm in his kind of weirdo that Mike you’re probably right I’m Doctor friend
I’m a male troll 100 kg thank you Peter Smith alright
last time on Shadow Run the game assaulted a woman’s mind until she asked him for help she signed them a mission to find a recovery Ghul daughter Jim who laughs his last known whereabouts were flesh to print center after discussing strategy the game decided their first stop will be the Nano Opium Den the golden hole what will they learn from their mom contact David McCammon and who will they offend in the process find out now on Harmon thing
sorry I’m sorry Jessica there is a little bit of Irish women
so what we’re going to the to the golden hole Nano Opium Den to meet David the Chinaman who’s who’s who’s Doctor friends contact in the mob I’ll write it and maybe maybe that contact will know something about The Disappearance of the flesh to Fresh franchise the golden whole it is now presently you roll up to Fresh Field Alleyway and your Uber comes to a halt you see the back door to the golden hole the Nano Opium Den run by the golden six a Triad in the Seattle Underground a Triads like a Chinese Mafia past the incinerator in piles of garbage bags you can see a small metal door with a retro neon sign saying they are only Club outside the door is a bald Asian man in a black suit and tie and shades
they are only Club they are only Club when will the science what does that mean that they are is what is it a reality which means it’s it’s it’s a kind of its kind of technology so they won’t they won’t allow a VR and their level AR if you have ER you could you could use it but it’s part of your AR this is a 54-in games I mean I think some of you do it’s in your equipment which I’m sure will be easy for you to just skim and find my contact lens that helps me like like look at things who you playing Steve on Mercy Mercy is it have their face man like once you go talk to the ball bouncer okay see you soon as you see if we can get a table for four or five six
actual okay yeah I got my phone
that’s why we do things Haley is a bouncer guy hey how’s it going welcome to the golden whole name my name is you’re not on the list what what can I help you with just curious about your establishment so it’s Nana opium dens guy do it it’s pretty weird yeah he ignore him okay he’s eccentric make some calls to pay the cover fee per head 500 million you know you can come on down by 500% per head
alright that’s my finger in a deal for a sweet lady and you know it’s just one dude for every woman
ideal is there
I can give a pretty lady like yourself a discount but a sniffy guy like this has to pay that’s what you say to me I said you need me guy don’t do that you won’t like him when he’s angry okay that’s I mean it’s my job to like or not like people in any state
well that sounds like a lot more than I have maybe that’s because the people playing you haven’t recorded the New Year New Bern for emissions we’ve all right everybody, all right thanks here’s here’s some complimentary AR glasses Campanile playing today Captain EO what’s that I got Avenue to the golden hole
into a dark room light with red light through your AR glasses you can see overlaid with the real reality all sorts of virtual reality the virtual reality in question is largely rendered misread Misfits add to the depth of the Opium Den Mystique you smell the drugs the good real
guess you’re feeling it be on them drugs through all the place is full of circular Boos with hookahs there’s people sitting at the hookah there’s all sorts of businessman and also dude wearing Hawaiian shirts are just kind of sprawled out around the hookahs opium in truth we don’t give out of those information distance is the Manawa Opium Den we can’t just give out and I said do you know where David McManaman is Madame you understand that if I were to betray one of my sworn Brothers 5 lightning bolts would have to kill me
I take out 500 morning and realize that if I accept a bribe from someone outside the Triads myriads of knives will be forced to kill me and this guy I think in the recap they said eye doctor if I hate them
they disgust me and I think they’re less than people who are a doctor friend I might be on the list and I know
I approach somebody near the front it looks like they know what’s going on but they’re not bouncing and I say hi I know David McRae Chinaman my name is Doctor friend but I’m not sure where it is very red and Smokey and regular Smokey at the same time could you point me in the right direction by the bathrooms you know you should recognize of your friend I should have remembered that thank you yeah yeah I think if she goes down your first order guard can you scan the room for this guy or something
you know what he looks like I mean I mean yes yeah you can scan for presents the presence of human life which is not helpful
yeah yeah it’s true in the room and have determined that the club is filled with you
what are you cyber where has world so Asian I mean come on the bathroom I can find this guy I look around to see if he’s there is no Chinaman he’s wearing a polo shirt he’s crunched over a cyber hookah
he’s hitting them
beep boop my sleemo how’s it going I said
oh man cuz you passed me cuz I was dying I’m just here to check on your condition you’re looking well to be consuming so many augmented drugs damn name
will a first alarm thank you and allow me to introduce my my digital compatriots
is Veggie chunks and find out where the where the thing is a person out of jam has a person who her name is Jim to turn into a kind of turned into a ghoul and if we want to find out where she has to get her back to her parents back on he couldn’t hear any of that stuff
do you know where Jim is I’m looking for Jam Wii daughter of Peggy daughter of pet Jam. I don’t know any of those people know
ask him if he knows what would happen to the cluster fresh franchise like what would happen to that I know this is going to sound crazy David do you know what happened to the rest of Flesh must refresh refresh franchise a they’re popping up all over the place that disappearing successful up the next thing you know there’s a fire you never hear from him again but do you have any non Shazam
Insider info from lounging in the digital drug then that maybe to come in Newswatch or might not know we got I mean I did pack you up cellulite
Jessica scan of my name is Hora De Garde
three points all right so I scanned him and he is a living organism
yeah I know because I messed them up and he’s living Invaders Breen oh I dig around in Titus b o u c e c e c initiation rites from the Triads and all sorts of Ceremonies and all sorts of family meals around the table wondrous times and also dangerous times you don’t like just general mob things that happened to mob people is not answering your mind the guys he’s screaming screaming so loud you like my mind is being broke
six security guards show up with guns
99 Rogue security guard
security guard starts screaming
the nearest that’s a hologram that does my brain feels really good for me I’m sorry she didn’t give her consent if that’s true, we came here hoping to find out some information like we’ll make it worth your while. If you can give us a lead on Peggy has a daughter named Jim or looking for and the flush to Fresh franchises keep disappearing and the last time she was seen was at this place like anything you can do like we will make it worth your while if you can give us any lead on this stuff makes Chinaman well if that is your real name
I got to take a man I got to be honest with you he’s breathing heavily seems a little worse for wear this is the other security guard the other five security guards haven’t haven’t left there just standing around you guys but they don’t seem like they’re going to do anything you guys are right to put my glasses on
I hear you and pain cuz I got my mind probe my mind she was accidentally went into I must have missed that I’m so sorry about that I think it’s some place that we can we think of the mob would know something about to delete her think that but like if it wasn’t again we’re just bad shadowrunners like I square off with the security guys and I and I just kind of I give him a professional nod like you know
it’s obvious for my face in like look we’re both paid to make sure that everybody doesn’t die you know let’s keep it that way
you do that kind of Nod
what I said I say I say
I say I don’t speak Chinese do I know I try in just a second guys okay
I look around to see if there’s anything we can get from this place since we’re here so I can also Nano opium just NAB some we paid a lot to get in here I’m just saying it should be worth our while a little bit really well that’s not guns yeah West refreshes they seem to have ties with meat markets and meat markets might have ties to the Mob that’s why I believe you guys when I was asking about them I’m not good at this flesh the fresh isn’t a meat market now they’re associated with me and Marcus
hate me training and what’s the connection with meat markets in front of French Ave hey man I don’t know nothing about those connections but I’ll tell you what does fleshmarket people Bad Dudes you know they send in a Honeypot they get you real nice there being all friendly the sale like oh hey you want to go grab a cyber Burger they take you in an alley white van City had it wrapped up your hearts you’re being delivered if they’re selling the gun arms to China how do we how do we find one of these markets that the golden six does not deal in me who does deal with the meat I don’t know man maybe some people affiliated with corpse corpse corpse corpse
can we attract them with a honey pot like Mercy I asked my friends
take me to Jessica’s Mike from Rick and Morty look for the season 3 event
I think Gage
Robert and Heather be coming up tonight I was kind of sounds like
presentation on Jeff Davis
can I get back to work back to work
so you had a good time go back to work
and let you know next week Steve over here


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