Episode: 188 – Donna Schrab Gets Things Done


Episode: 188 – Donna Schrab Gets Things Done


Rob Corddry visits Harmontown for the first time and is a die-hard fan, everyone falls in love with him. Later we meet Rob Schrab’s parents! Watch the video at harmontown.com. Become a member! Outro music: “Lonely Forever” by Babes


ladies and gentlemen
you know what time it is
give me an option
that’s right you know what that means
comic book store
what time is now in session
are armadillos is there Dan Harmon
oh yeah
no no no no no man after you before me somebody said somebody told me that I was supposed to say welcome the mayor of harmontown David says make mayor of harmontown further Spencer the dungeon master guide
Spencer’s going to
Spencer’s going to sit in front of a table for absolutely no reason what if I have to you know bottle and you could do the shell game where you go I mean what you know what makes sense about Paul shaffer’s relationship with you know I why is he is in the band but you know it’s like these things have all of our game one of these days I’m going to flip this table and everyone will get it
and you’ll be wearing pants black slacks hey what you do
oh boy let me tell you I was at South by Southwest promoting harmonquest on seeso
so is s w x
s w
oh no it’s asked x s w right I don’t know not that though
you were explaining backstage is that the doctor and she said okay we’re going to have to take a we’re going to get a stool sample and I was like alright well see afternoon I’ll see what I can do
cuz you know me I’m an early morning kind of a guy will give you the kit and hand me a box and I was like scuse me what and she said yeah you just you know follow the instructions of the take it to FedEx
but they just give you a box I can get box if you like medicine you know like you know orange little pill bottle things and it is it in like a little long cotton swab thing is I guess you’re supposed to like hockey puck it into the Narrows a hockey puck but it’s not there’s no cotton cotton swab without the cut isn’t that what you should use that knock a turd into a bottle
and that would be really unsanitary but if they’re going to find cotton in your feces and say your part sheet for
I think I think that’s part of the the process I think I got it figured out but they did you email it to Texas
where at where everything is bigger right so you two bottles and an instruction and it and it said and it comes with a big piece of black paper and the instruction says
well I don’t know what the terminology is but it says please defecate on the paper I didn’t provide the stool samples in the pill bottles and provide you with the paper does it have the paper has a Target on it
like you know about your girls there’s in your nose there’s like a little fly
in the funnier in urinals they at
the fly you get a I don’t really get that you know what I do get and love are urinals filled with ice so I can catch a urinal that if they when they exactly look just dumped a bunch of ice and now you feel like you got heat vision
do you feel like I’m a mutant superhero Wonder Woman
steam coming off of this yeah now that you feel like a man finally
speaking of poop I took a Brigadoon poop I’ll explain what that means I was at Rick and Morty and I was in a session I got it from the end of May to take a poop I said I’m going to go take a poop and I went to the bathroom and it took a poop
as long as you know it doesn’t belong in time or at
I finished and then I like I want I want I want I want into the writers room and I said I looked at one of the writers Erica and I because I because the boss just walked into the room just like looking at me kind of expect it after a while ago I know it was a long poop
cuz I had taken a Brigadoon poop I had lost time in the I’ve never seen Brigadoon put but
what is what I don’t know the reference I forgot when I when I finish taking the poop I forgot where I had been before I started pooping and I just walked into a new room thinking that that’s where I was and started talking about my poop as if I had If I Was book ending a conversation about my shit and they’re just like okay cuz they’re paid to just listen you were about to go into an edit session and then I went into the I was like so
is is Prilosec to dementia brick brick brick brick of June was a town where you go and then you’re like all these people are so cool and then
and then like when you leave your older or they leave like the town only appears like and full moons at midnight or something or like a bit if you’re if you’re not out of the town that you have to stay in it forever because it’s which episode was this it’s okay yes yes what what hey why don’t you give me some give me some business so I can irritate me too and I wish I wish we were closer to fuck off
put your put your glasses on
okay right back at the fuck off
I’m learning new Rob I will fucken replace you you can be replaced I can’t be replaced I’m the only friend you have ladies and Gentlemen please
this is made for social media
why is this where I don’t want to be square okay fine fine I’m like Alan I’m done I think if you’re here it’s better for pictures you said closer to Dan which is what I hear every week I’m glad you got the memo about the plaid shirt
oh my god oh no I think we look hot I’m just wearing this to cover the fact that I’m wearing an inside-out shirt right now you texted us today after you get off the flight and I got home from the flight after we had been together all the time in the airport you were like I was like hey did any of you noticed that my shirt was inside out the whole day and know this isn’t a crowd to notice that LOL or is it inside out like movie T-shirt with the inside Outlook
because either way you’re ashamed of it yeah well then lost an Oscar to inside-outside see why he would you with her covering up that a yes or no whether you know what I want when I lost that Oscar I didn’t agree
is this a word I gave myself
the Integrity yeah Oscars are for sell out
how do you know 18% of all Integra nominees are black
pretty cool reflective of the proportion of the population I haven’t run those numbers but yeah probably just saying it’s a fair and it’s a good one and I want is one account yes thank you for coming cuz you said you were working in Miami cuz you’re you’re on ballers
did not expect the big Ballers crowd here tonight
what how did Adam set schedule throughout the year were Children’s Hospital still happening when do you when are you shooting at and when are you bawling I’m like
I shoot Children’s Hospital in the summer and then Ballers happens around Halloween I leave on but Halloween I’m back in like a February finale episode. We didn’t know Children’s Hospital we’d we decided to end it not knowing that this season was going to be the last one we shot it and but the season is so good and for a lot of reasons I wanted to sort of move on and do other things but every season I would never have that in me if I was like yeah but this was what like
be proud to go out on this how many seasons how many season 7
which one I like nine of them
either either one of them
ffffx either one of them and then we got canceled what’s more he’s on his third season or writing but where I bought the Honda
fourth episode of that and you know what I’m doing a great minds on history and shoot that every weekend and Jason Sudeikis episode was just told you that you want to be a historical figure
and then you’re coming the in the conceit of the show is at Spencer has created a version of time travel to bring historical figures back it’s like data fracking like where you you reach back and you grab the biological data from a historical figure than you shoot it into a box of Chinese lard and still sounds except steps of stem cells such as how it would just be a Droid in for a second about our technology and Confused historical figure not realizing that you’re going to disintegrate in 6 hours and then we provide you with the Wardrobe based on who you are and then we do an episode I don’t understand a word of what you just said but I will do it yet
I was in Miami is listening to harmontown the whole time because I’m there I shoot all the oldest person in the cast to The Rock is like 23 three years on the Rock everybody else and Miami is just not my it’s not really my scene there’s not a lot for me then I mean everyone in Miami like all of our fans are the same from City to City Hall of our fans are snowflakes by their house they are also Armenian is a is it is it is essentially going to be perfectly compatible with the Los Angeles Armenian there for all of the Miami people that came to that show where the guy got punched in the face by his friend in what was either
Andy Kaufman as he never explained it. The general intuition that these guys are just kind of each other like Beavis and Butthead and like like like like Beavis is a little more on the ball and Butt-head was off his meds and like like it wasn’t it wasn’t a totally non-consensual it was like sort of like what we do there
people know everyone’s 25 did you know if there’s ever like our age we understand and coming up with a running up to doing this cuz your dumb face punch Sammy sucks we’re so sorry Miami sex were so sorry and I was like you’re great but now that we’re safely back in LA
stop listening to this in your in Miami moved your car I know you don’t need to know
living in Miami is the demographic equivalent of smoking a pack a day you’re just a
you’re just inviting a statistical entropy like every Every Breath You Take in that city is brings you closer to the inevitable demise Levy was just talking to cuz he went to school there and so did the show and the really really you said that because you said you’ve done it with Pete Holmes podcast with like I just I went home after working and I’m not kidding this sounds like an exaggeration but I would sit in my underwear at my kitchen table doing jigsaw puzzle drinking and listening to podcast and last year it was Pete Holmes and Duncan Trussell but fuck those guys so spiritual
and this year it was a harmontown and so these were they like I cuz I needed I didn’t talk to anybody outside of work it was a x is alone losing my identity and I would just I needed voices I need it it’s such a miracle that you’re not a Coke addict that’s because that’s what that’s how it happened 10 years ago I was 43 and I was getting that situation I be like well I got my hands are tied got to be a Coke addict yeah
this is what I’m doing for a while Miami and I have the exact don’t like jigsaw puzzles ya like like like a backward like you I suggest you all listen to them backwards because there’s a lot of messages non-scripted but he planned this whole thing and there’s a message talking about 911 called 911
Stephanie got he said listening to it backwards of the year like or is that the thing but I was like after I got to I got a couple years down and I was really like binging binging this yeah thank you I got a wow wow wow like you respect respect I was Ben and I got a couple down and I started skipping tonight skip back 10 lights save some and and and then and then all the sudden we were cuz I started in Shadowrun and then I’ll send I was in D&D what all started when I skip way back to Spencer’s first episode that was awesome was awesome because
he was like I called them and it’s not even that it doesn’t make much sense but I tell my wife is like she called me today what are you doing I was like Jiggies and listen my friends but you are my friend and you’re my friend but it’s French for I consider one of my friend he was just like one of my buddies at sauce Jeff one of my one of my good friends like the voice is filling the room and I was like an origin story was like reading the origin story after getting into the comic book the podcast phenomenon it’s a lot like I’ve always compared to when I would come home from school backwood basic cable was first with was the internet basically in terms of media my mom got addicted to home shopping networks pretty good and I would come home from school and my mom would be at it like a sewing machine
it was a simpler time sheet sheets cheap cheap cheap cheap voluntarily waves or agency may I wave my agency promised to fail the test with this man forever I do
there’s a thing called the bechdel test parents are here I will take 20 minutes out
situation now I poop again because that’s like right in my wheelhouse
wait what where was I I important you were explaining what happened on the Home Shopping Network she wasn’t she wasn’t like getting roped into some like compulsive consumption think she just couldn’t you know she couldn’t let it go that these people were on TV all the time and that there was no script and that they were there that you know honking for people that were calling in and then the same people would call in ago I bought the bracelet too and it doesn’t it I remember when Aaron magassy my lovely ex wife and she was explaining how she when she first met Duncan Trussell she she felt like she made kind of a social blunder because she forgot until halfway through their encounter that she didn’t know him
that she might have been transgressing boundaries or something because I don’t I’ve never met Duncan Trussell and I saw him in a parking lot and I almost and I was and I could have just got up and said hello and introduce myself but I didn’t because I felt like a weirdo
that whole character he does on the Bayou he’s at he’s out like right now he’s running his brother doesn’t impression of him about his podcast out raising money for Trump that’s why would you say that
you crossed the line I mean things about somebody’s really nice why is he doing this kind of unassailable yeah sure he answered him and he invited us into the comic book van what do you think of this Underoos line in this Avengers trailer
sorry I’m just that anticipation that’s all I don’t know if the Civil War Spider-Man is ended the latest trailer of you. Haven’t seen the latest you can bet I’m going to Uber on the way home are there there’s a man there’s you got your reply and got your Captain America go ahead the black guy all the hawk silver what is an adventure
he has the power to show you how to draw Woody Woodpecker
Robert Downey Junior goes and a spiderweb comes out and grabs Captain America’s shield and and pulls it out of his hand and then they cut the Spider-Man holding the shield and everybody supposed to go out it’s a big
Underoos he’s Underoos I guess he just says the word on your nickname for spider that made me think that movies going to be that good because that’s the moment because does that mean
10 years older than I am okay who’s calling him Underoos Robert Downey jr. listen to the trailer so he is that’s his nickname for Spider-Man rights as hanging out with antennas choosing to call him Underoos Avengers that we’ve met in the Cinematic Universe and run that through the checkup used that as a Robert Loggia fight Bible Belt
cold front of salad tosser Crouton unrelated to salad
thousand island salad days is that they called it is a crouton salad tosser a thousand island over that that franchises like Howard the Duck Yeah I broke the fourth wall a lot
are there till like 1 don’t want I died where I just had to let go okay just forget that and then keep enjoying the movie it was it was the moment when they did the CG thing and then nnnn in the middle of it he has a lot he could do any line it doesn’t matter all it has to be is lateral that’s it and it and he said to my memory Maybe I’m Wrong about this but I’ve been right more often on the show then then every everyone on the show I have your records he says did I leave the second of all the fact that I know it’s something means attack you don’t leave the stove on the stove has fire coming out of it the oven is something you can leave on out at airplane joke. Yeah it’s only the iron on
carefully like like what he’s at he’s in a scene where he still he still Ryan Reynolds and he’s with his girlfriend and he but he’s a nightmare I wasn’t having it in the execution of a bad and he holds her and then there’s something in the air in the scene this is like a worthy of you. You’re like
you don’t even like three of those movies dating sites
funny like it when it was played straight up the middle and I read it and stuff they like Deadpool and kind of beer that you must be a big Deadpool fan and I would chiefly because of that I’d be like I can put a pain in the ass but I just never knew what that meant he was The Meta superhero on a sub but I love the shot based on the movie I’m like oh I get it that’s why people would think that and I like comic books right like you do you think that movie I did I was suspicious I wasn’t sure that they were going to be able to do what that comic does in the movie because he’s met in a
specific way very like only Deadpool way and it’s hard to do better it’s easy to do bad men do you know what do you mean
pictures of lazy fourth-wall-breaking somehow I don’t I don’t know why or what but it was in the spirit of the the comic
that’s a tough thing with these comic book movies like you know like you know I could have done without the other the other mutants like that I’ve never heard of because that’s what it was like it’s a pair they made a joke about that look like how these are like low-rent Marvel characters that wasn’t worthy of the cleverness of that way. It was like Sony taking possession of that character like fully like also he’s going to be in X-Men movies so fuck you Disney anyways did Wolverine Wolverine
that’s the second I saw it I was like another really like this Rob Trump never met you
I said you know who really like this and she said and I pause for a minute
and then right at the right time I said Ron shrub that makes sense
so I don’t know if I should go see ya can you tell the answer is not if they’re good ones but can you tell us any Rock stories
what what do you mean like I just feel like I keep I’ve always heard the Rocks is really he’s really really awesome like like like like like guy and I’m like if that’s true that’s worth talking about what if it’s not true it’s the true with the rock like me now tell us what you really like because we all liked him even people that hate everything like him cynical comic still liked tweets at Paul F Tompkins the other day not that he’s the most cynical, but he was like love the Run
it really was like a couple years ago but I can I tell you a joke
oh oh that’s really incensed if that’s really insensitive
and what are you doing about that
hardin’s whatever pays the rent
smoking that got back glass pipe PFT
keep that chimney Billow and money he looks like a crackhead doesn’t he looks like
what you’re really playing it safe tonight I know I wonder why
you know the effing pilot practice test for fucking crack the other
and that’s a straight-up fact or show us the birth certificate if I’m wrong
I want yours to prove if he doesn’t respond to this I’m right balls in your court Tompkins if that’s even your real name or a Boston guy how old were you when you went from Boston to Los Angeles or New York College from Boston to UMass Amherst way from Boston and I was there till 9. I graduated like 94 and then I moved to New York I was in New York for 12 or 13 years and then I moved here eight years ago I like I like Boston like another place like Miami where people from Boston
get that got out of Boston will warn you about but I think out of all the harmontown tour shows I was the most terrified to go to Somerville Somerville do it some of those people really laid it on thick there like this is Blue Collar working class and there’s a terrified but had the time of my life and I a person from Boston that I’ve ever met you know what’s above this place love chamber
did there’s a great music scene in Boston and a great lot of college kids so it is a cool like for lack of a better term that like there’s a lot of nerds that does not just town he’s getting out of a Bruins game ready to punch you in the face like I’m discounting the fact that yes there’s Boston Armenians there but the others with but also like the baseball caps for the human bobblehead and he’s like really that bad like cuz I’m from Milwaukee like overlap there are Boston similar it’s all blue collar sports fans at its core and
I suggest buying do you want to meet Dave fine

I just realized I forgot to put a pin in Boston for a minute I got to beat all my harmontown friend hey Dave Klein hey man it’s such a pleasure to meet you. There’s no yopps it comes in one night we were in California so I can say we were getting high outside the drawing-room and like I’m sorry robin parents have anxiety and sleep that way we all have prescription
I’m a doctor at the wedding right at your wedding in the bed
directions helpful and kind of fishing I’m going to need a coffee and I stay on track with the coffee and I didn’t have these things are we going to Europe yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup earning my grandfather was a botanist and so I guess we were starting to learn a little bit about a life plants and you know I don’t think so
show weather for the controversial show when they were pitching it because their pitch was let’s stop pretending the kids are growing up with a certain way let’s cheater to the short attention span by the letter T brought to you by the raised you and I were being raised by televisions and that we trusted and listened to Commercial and the children’s television Workshop was saying we try this. So maybe this thing that’s not called diversity yet we should try that To Where the Red Fern Grows that’s like education should be
view of your Unitarian the laser show at a certain point
bigger windows were like Pink Floyd concerts at the airport resume the magazine that he threw it away if you hand them a magazine they will try to pinch and zoom the fucking magazine and yes a three year old kid kids learn at 3 years old I can have breakfast with just his name Jeremy Bruckheimer
little little cute Jeremy Bruckheimer is not officially allowed to be a Bruckheimer he’s just wandering the north of the wall
I can’t believe you find that hard to believe that you try to pinch and zoom a magazine
if you give a three-year-old kid a book or magazine okay that they will of course because they’re growing up an iPad does not a it’s not a big deal we can find a way cutting down a tree in matching it with chemicals into a pole that you can turn into a piece of paper and using a Gutenberg Press to like a stamp ink on to it the iPad Alex people then work going like before there goes the neighborhood you know like like books like we just look at that as like oh God these precious booked at like like like who cares if the kids are going for my iPad but the thing is somewhere between surrendering to that stuff and like it actually being part of our culture is like this morass of like just chaos were like I wouldn’t want to have a kid I don’t know what they’re like some Jim Henson needs to say what kids are learning from iPads in lake lake lake outside of trying to make a Dollar by selling some dumb app that’s like like learned
used to do the alphabet we need that passion so if you’re out there and you’re living in Miami and you love kids
OdoBan get into the back of it and start tinkering with something that will help them for a change
so far is a window ledge Valley is a windowless white van driving out of Miami and like some kind of you know some kind of wild card to make sure everything was like kind of all right I bet those guys will come out
Rob can we introduce both of your parents what are you what do you mean
would like to meet your mom
I have a bad mom interaction my wife
yours to lose Donna and Donna are you shy with your would you be willing to come sit up and
Donald Trump Behavior Behavior Behavior self knock it off talking right now I believe that’s true that is very sorry about it in advance
how are you it’s good to see you I will say it’s kind of corny now to say this but I’ll say this about both of the parents and David like you guys have like a Dorian Gray portraits somewhere like your Frozen in time you guys are
you guys are tight lately I typed I’m turning into just that I’ve gone past Michael Moore and I’m now just like I’m just melting into a puddle of of whatever Kevin Smith says I would slowly melting I’m like like like but you guys are you guys are just the pay the same image David smiling since I met them in the greenroom we create our own mythology behind us cuz Rob would be like the only stories you hear about his upbringing cuz you’re like hanging out with a creative and you’re like 20 years old you just like pull string each other and going like
funny story about like comic books or one day I was like oh she’s a sweetheart she’s not hitting me with a belt Isuzu
talk about talk about that when he was born or yeah
I do remember him eating his own shit or I’m curious about
no you should sit there and by the way his name and his birth certificate Robbie Christopher. Robert not.
She didn’t like she’s going like this podcast at home.
do it again for the listeners
oh boy oh boy what was the what was the moment when you when you really knew Rob was different dance doing air quotes
always drawing in fact when he was in second grade and they had to do cursive writing and it had to be very neat and the teacher would say
I never reprimanded him because I was always anxious to see what he drew in the margins.
By the way I know it feels unnatural cuz I’m Midwestern do but you get put you put put your put your lips like this distant from the mic like so so so Rob does that match up with my mom was a supporter she was an ally I was there
I don’t remember all the teachers being very happy about me not doing homework
hey I know I mean told everybody when he was at the high school graduation in the first thing he said was high school students in all of me is true voice booming but alright so what’s the worst discipline problem I’ve ever presented like like what was a big family drama just kids
no he was always cute come on
he loved going to the tub
naked and then this was at a time when everybody were cowboy boots
or so he told you
cowboy boots and walk around the house naked
your kind of proud of that
weather forecast of Honor pacifier in his response was pretty hard to get rid of the pacifier you look straight at me and you took it and you went right into the toilet and then stuck it in his mouth over with I had taken it away and threw it away and he asked where it was and I don’t know where it is off of the toilet like a monkey with a potato
monkey with the potatoes animal to you for his pacifier like Binky or Boo Boo or is it just said that I sent it on another podcast do you have no interest in my life
how old were you when you and David got married I was 21 kids to win when you were raising me when you were a child before me and then me and you were Twenty-One when you had me write what did you just say later you came in at four years later I can’t imagine ever in Hollywood my first one bedroom apartment I needed a to get a driver’s license I needed my birth certificate I was twenty I was in my early twenties I think I was 23 and for the first time I bothered you just read my birth certificate from left to right
baby footprint and there’s other things in there that my parents were twenty-three when they had me I’m the youngest of three kids they got married when they were out of high school which is not uncommon baby boomer generation always like who else am I going to meet there’s no internet let’s make it work
and it’s like oh my God I was 23 standing in a sea of empty pizza boxes and frankly mannequin parts and
child I was in charge of another person’s life. I have been in the form of any social relationship one has the least responsible person I didn’t like but they did kind of accomplish something yeah it was a turning point in to my parents
put your dad also it should be noted like your dad like the gear your mom kind of his the she started a rock star of your of your of your family cuz she’s adorable and dad because your dad stand-up guy and he’s like he’s got he’s got that permit granted it’s not it’s not insincere and he was he’s a he’s a he’s a gentleman and a stand-up guy and like I don’t know he never liked like we never shine a spotlight on him I’m not suggesting we do I don’t know what would happen if I start karate chopping us with said there might be like a Manchurian Candidate legally programming inside of them
new I don’t know if that’ll happen I don’t know of anyone listening to this podcast will ever experience a 50-year marriage even in witnessing it like our society has as all too readily accepted the idea that you out you get three divorces if your life with these people I’ve got divorced so I figure I’ll be dead before I hit 50 years ago so I’m not going to damn you know what players have you heard of these lifepods done at the tree this is a new thing like when you talk about how you want to be ghetto dealt with in your passing there’s the coffin in the ground and then there’s the cremation and then there’s a I don’t know if mausoleums in your up or something I don’t know or there’s like
I think they could dangle you from a Zeppelin and just fly you over that’s not a thing
don’t go to that but they have these things called life pods now my girlfriend was showing me that they look like giant potatoes like a potatoes that you could fit a person in because you do put a person in them and then bury them under ground so that a tree can suck on them and so it’s like it’s like it’s like standard Mario but it’s just which more than an FYI but what I want to I want to put my coat and Cody and I want to be in the same one so that means if I get hit by a bus I have to be frozen until she dies and then so we got to work up the paperwork for that it’s a lot of that’s a lot of three well that’s a lot of codicil
I really thought about it was okay what is 6000 years from now aliens come to Earth and they’re like oh we found a planet where people live and involved in the sentient life today when they died they bury themselves or each other they didn’t know about this Ray everybody who has bones in a box six feet underground and he’s clearly marked areas like they all get there but my dumbass cuz I was at the hippie and had my shift scattered and Joshua Tree terrified now that explains pyramids imagine they lived till 17 and then some of them were gods are they were like really thought there was a chance like I’m going to come back but
servants in their wings
I have to do to the service to convince him like Hey I forgot something in there
I’ll get it
Mark is a servants were always trying to keep them alive right after they died pictures of realist like serious like right hand man of the king because I mean that can’t be screwing around with his like eating right like is going to need like the food taster especially in the what’s what it’s going to look like a pot roast but what do you know that’s going to take
Michoacana on the same page on this like the reason you’re going to need a truck that’s always a red flag that’s a red flag
cowboy boots and just it was nothing else but I will wear a shirt and tie it and I wear alligator cowboy boots that I got on bitcoin before there was a Bitcoin kind of thing going on you’re the best
books with short the reason you need a poison tester in the normal life is the same reason you need a poison tester
The Sounds engaging in Epic
I was going to put a pin in that because I wanted to ask John.
The poison goes to heaven and that’s what you’re talking about there’s boys that there’s dead poison unfinished business right so if you give it a name that’s poisonous still down here eating nail that goes up to about Valhalla where it used to people that are important and dangerous.
Donna the first part of this conversation I was talking to Donna when did you meet
we actually were in high school together
Zachary Taylor Highway and went to the same High School
his his sister and I used to be used to go out drinking together and he came home late
what can I use to drink beer I’m drinking your caring me
cabin something, at 9:11
interior 911 cuz we’re really happy about the Hall of the dad sister Davis sister
City Records
and I was kind of under the weather and I told his sister I said I think I’m going to marry that guy before you ever held hands or arms pretty gray six months later we were engaged gets things done
he was compliant
somewhere along the line he tore you up or are you sweet on her from afar
so he had to think that gentleman sorry to throw that in there I just hear you’re not as good as invested in the Admiral is a Regal present for the stuff yeah yeah that’s better than being an admiral I think
Rick Rick Rosetta famous Admiral that was like Admiral rickover the new Avengers trailer and get Rick over here just trying to look at a weatherperson’s blender and you get Rick Rover Albert what was what was rickover’s what was the what was his crucial role
father of the Nuclear Navy
wow so he was
you know how did you know him meet him
it’s in ceremonial circumstances
begin here in Fresno right now
seriously historical nuclear submarine knowledge in like the Admiral he was serving under the rug we don’t need to get out of my truck
thank you Jen I’m sorry Dad
I’m so sorry
all right so you were just saying from your chair you served in the rickover administration I don’t know that’s not that’s not those aren’t the words you used your Admiral when you were in the Navy was Admiral rickover who I’ve never heard of but was a if he what you’re saying he was like the movie
very much so in fact he wanted things his way and if you gave them to him his way maybe things Works more efficiently but when it maybe I don’t know he was he was pretty much a non-military kind of guy he he he never wears uniform really in New Zealand
you are a hoodie Braxton and then iPod was a chaplain Navy chaplain and I didn’t even really realize until I was talking to him that
what this you are an enlisted man you signed up you were right and I never even knew this about our military in all of the branches of the military there is a uncrossable line between enlisted men and officers right that you can’t become you can go as high as a certain rank in the realistic okay
gotcha okay I’ll get a letter from him get you just got me fired from the military I thought it was actually like no they click officers that like if you were born wealthy are basically the you go yet you really need to go to West Point. Maybe a 1919 or something like that but not not today, rains thing this guy he said no way Jose
between the two of you I believe it
college major
so you can be might be a general
play Jeff Foxworthy routine
explain things you can give us a little side of your story because because your wife of course she’s going to glorify herself in the story out she like she said she sent you in her crosshairs and then six months later you were a husband yeah prove that you’re the real hero feel like like the push should he really liked it like this this lady’s I was pretty willing participant yeah okay that’s that’s my new religion or like that so
okay 50 years man give us some pointers because we live in the sewage we’re all watching porn together and everything is pierced and tattooed and
I’ve never watch
girlfriend mom and
okay sorry go ahead we live we live in a society where the the the boundaries have been eroded they’ve been taken down and in so many ways that was an important thing to happen because those boundaries were protecting bad things happening to good people we needed we needed to like kind of lower the compartments so that everybody was all mixed together and that what was once considered only for behind closed doors conversation started to move on to the television and then on to the attending everyday conversation along the way I think one of the things we definitely lost and I don’t know if it’s For Better or For Worse is that it’s lifelong marriage is like it’s we don’t
if we could without changing too much about the direction we’re moving in because we are home we all need to keep evolving and and being more chaotic and our life but I think also a lot of us would like to think they could be in a partnership that lasted as long you know 50 years or more are is there any little nugget like like like any little tip
I think you guys are going to say red candles do any maintenance what is the secret in the same as it did the first AI we got married
would like to know the secret and you’re obviously just telling us where the best what’s the secret
my best friend is my best friend and we talked things over
it’s a balance so that the family don’t worry about it as much energy like you find yourself reading more and then he says I don’t worry about that much powered by nuclear power have you seen. But when you were in the submarine like how deep where you can ask that are more and like
you see any Logan’s there anything about military turn screen doors
did you do you have to say for a hundred feet or more because someone once told you you’re that that you can’t say that’s the that’s the sacred monster and did battle with it tell you

he couldn’t even tell me how far did you classify pretty far but it is it is classified you’re sworn to secrecy it’s like 50 bullets pill let’s see what’s up with the area 51 from her the periscope
I was going to bring the truck to you were just off the coast of Nova Scotia whose job was if the shit hit the van to strike first if not 2nd and Carter like you were car lot off of our enemy and waiting to blow them up if you had to what was your day today like like
you make your own fun when you’re in a steel tube V 90 dudes what what what was the day today what was it was pretty routine
I bite you I mean it says that’s probably a military priority I like after weight maneuvering and we would operate the reactor to meet sounds like two different things but during sounds like they got there but but but the reactor you talking about the nuclear reactor I wish you would operate the reactor how is that maneuvering of the reactors isn’t it just the furnace that’s powering this thing you’re not shuffling nuclear material and you like that.
but that’s what we require is required to maneuver to move is to instantly turn up and down as thermostat on this nuclear plant thermostat or something like that to make you feel more comfortable
did that with you today buddy go crazy down there know someone come aboard one time we were short a person and they were going to volunteer for submarine so they didn’t really that him very well I guess would be the word we we never pulled away from the side of the tender before he said I can’t take this every week I’m going to be a great crab fisherman and then they’re like puke again they can’t handle it and let me know how long are
would you be how long would you be in the submarine for like days a week
the longest 120-day Patrol
you guys have it so easy and where you so I assumed that if so you were parked somewhere strategically and then after that hundred twenty days that’s when another sub would come and relieve you had a Pap you out and it would take this thing up my front Park we had a maybe a little coarse maybe a hundred mile hundred square mile area where we would be in somewhere most of the equipment failed and there was another one out there
turn off all the fans the fans are making noise when I said there is there is the first submarine dramas there’s like nine good ones do you watch them when you watch a No-No fastboot was a good representation was playing out like water spray. You know you’ve got to remember I was in mostly peacetime Cold War but it was a little different that we all miss it so much just when our enemy for 50 years with other white guys with a backwards alphabet
and we all just had an agreement let’s just make James Bond movies and hang out
put kids cartoons will have like Natasha leg leg leg Femme Fatale like they could get a bowl with you every once in a while and now it’s just a Happy Thanksgiving crazy person with a completely agree and I’m doing this so much like the Cold War
well a week we ain’t what you can see us trying to recreate that like since 9/11 that were trying desperately need a new generation that’s the inherited the Empire that was really forged by Wizards you know guys smoking cigarettes and doing nothing but thinking in the basement of the Pentagon about how do we get into World War II and what are we going to do when we get into that and how are we going to turn that into America running the show and they ending nailed it and that plan which was 50 years long kind of ran out right around that fateful day I we’re all living in this Weird Al falaq where it’s more open source now we’re all watching each other lie and scrambled to try to recreate the Glory Days you can see a triangle is okay okay great great so I just I just
but they’re not playing you know they’re not
how many people are out where I’m bored your sub
/ 20
are you still friends with them some of them some we go to reunions maybe a couple years
your you must have gotten really close with some of these guys it was required you have submarine reunions is what you’re saying
but I want to enter I don’t interfere in soil I would love to hear what it was. Do your historical figure their last reunions we had Ben Franklin show up I can put explain
he came out of a cake and was like
don’t tell him I’m at the last reunions all of a sudden somebody came through the door and he has the name of the ship was Ben Franklin and so he came through the door all dressed up in as a brand Franklin and help give out all the awards and it was kind of cool when did he sound like
what did he say exactly
red bandana clear as I can tell Ben Franklin died and I just whatever think think think Donna and you guys could go back and relax
well I try to figure out how to end the show
thank you so much
then you are very well behaved thank you so much that was very nice of you to not be obnoxious and and hurt I’ve always I’ve always liked your parents okay they were kind of being dicks
I rather think not no offense
they’re kidding this is funny joke
you have great parents I do have great parents I do that’s why I brought him along to look at you punk rock
Bryant you remember when we were back in Milwaukee we were in the dead alewives and for some reason our culture was based around humping each other all the guys in the improv troupe and we would leave it all mine sodomy with each other who is knew no one else was doing it at my parents house in the suburbs of Milwaukee and then we were so accustomed to doing this thing and it was like my dad is a nice guy and likes Rob and sitting at a counter the bordering the living room in the kitchen and I was in the kitchen and Rob you know what a butcher block is that the thing that separates the islands of the kitchen island bent me over the kitchen island making making love to me
cuz he knew his dad would get it yeah and he pulled my hair
and lifted my head and said look at your father
look at your father while I fuck you in the ass
add my dad was like eating eating pistachios on a on a paper towel by the phone by the landline and was like
funny confused when did this become okay
there are 20 I never really really realize till now like how lucky I was that you never did that you had every right to do that to me right now I’ve been a really good host yeah because I respect your family yeah
you get along with your parents my dad would never forget that like I feel like our relationship would have been different from then on I always got along with my parents cuz I tried just to get along but lately a couple years ago is like consciously like it’s me I know it’s not them like I’m the one that’s I’m the one that has a problem with this they’re just my they’re my parents and and I’m not going to change them and why would I want to change them into the night just made a conscious effort to try and get a lot what was in my mother because I was like kind of a mama’s boy growing up so but and my mom and I have a great relationship thank you hahaha
my dad was just in town last night we went to a silent auction it was fucking great Papa cordry and Nate my brother Nate corddry the three of us are the mouth Corners we went we’ve been on a lot of shit I just silent auction was an option
I just told my dad last night was fun in Boston tired in Boston moves to Florida The Villages
my father and his wife live in The Villages which is the largest retirement community in the world oh and apparently you can see it from the moon haha it’s like the Great Wall of China in The Villages at 5:30 in the morning when they all go to breakfast you can see the people yeah and and it’s it’s fucking crazy there it’s the largest
recorded the largest recorded HPV outbreak have a marathon because because
you do remember that movie was Matt Dillon’s first movie What was that like with the teenagers that was about a flamingo kid Drugstore Cowboy. You know what I’m talking about
no help for that Cheap Trick did the soundtrack Cheap Trick it’s called Cheap Trick
planned communities kids kids taking over yeah and end the first for the first time it has happened in the seventies like communities
they were planned communities sixties and seventies and for the first time ever there was a dense population of teenagers and when teenagers mixed up they get together and they commit no bottom of the streets over the edge
Terminator 2
the movie called Over The Edge movie
and and they went when I when I concentrate is Kevin Edge when a concentrated group of teens get together they commit crimes so crazy but I just throw rocks at cars they take acid cuz that was a new thing and they throw rocks at cars but they have this is all to say this is a fun movie
what’s the name of it over the edge over that with Kristy McNichol I think I don’t know if she’s in her that Kristy McNichol might be in at 2 but when they changed the chain like all the like the parents in the adults inside the high school and then because it’s it was great before I belabor the whole other thing anyway they got for the first time this amount of old people together in this concentrated a population and all they do is fuck people fucking teenagers do crimes
what are Michael Jackson’s what do old people do they to it extramarital Lee I think they’re all swingers I think there’s an orgy club or something and there they go at 5 they go to the town Village they go to the Town Square the created the built the fuck do the two men enter yes
I will figure it out the motto of the tailgate tailgate at the Town Square and they will act against all the women line dance in their golf carts they all have Garf golf carts and they get fucked up and then they have sex and I’m getting to give each other HPV which is a serious thing.
Jaws ready cuz you said but your dad and his wife you didn’t send my mom because my mother came out of the closet yeah she
what is a literal computer and yeah I know she came out of the closet 1985 1995 and split up soon after that obviously I don’t know is your mom. She’s with the same woman she was with she basically split up with my dad for three or four times you get along with your gay in the Northeast like you go to every state that legalized I’d say you’ve got a you what what are you I’m sure you just refer to her by her first name but like how do you think I was into guys like A&T fence her name is fence
that’s her last name to her name is Deb and but everybody calls her brand last name she’s from West Roxbury she’s a Boston town t2132 I want a lesbian mom
you want to lose me tomorrow it is cool man I get a lot of Street I get a lot of credit through a lot and I work so hard for me
you could spend that the end everyone would be like all right so my brain cuz yo I was glad I wanted to take a pole cuz I’m so curious so just assume the median age in here is like 25 26 applied if your
how do I how do I how do I pull this data is simply applaud if your parents are on their first marriage
okay so now upload if if you’re is that not the case if your parents are okay still sounds like a minority
I don’t know you hear these figures like 70% 80% divorce rate
categories are those are people who are born in white spots under the Earth
they have no parents the trees are their parents and they are here to take back what’s theirs
it’s it’s been happening all right Spencer hey I have a friend named David backed up today turns out okay he he drives an Uber for his job he’s been out of work for a while it’s like a great job for him you know you can talk to people he gets the money he wants he can make his own hours is great. He was driving around and some guy flag them down as he stops for the guy and his like what what’s happening is guys like will you pick me up and he’s like will you got to use the app and the guys like will let me go get my girlfriend know the guy walks off in a cop car pulls up behind them is like you can’t do that shit without a taxi license and he’s like I did do anything like the guy flag me down and I talked to him they arrested them impounded his vehicle took them to the station let him
and he had to like get a ride home he doesn’t have his car so he doesn’t have his job and so his car is impounded he can’t make money to pay to get it out of impound it’s so I’m set up a GoFundMe for a mom it’s gofundme.com help Abed it’s it’s not too much money we’re just trying to get him so he can pay his rent because he can’t pay his rent because he can’t you know worked so 30 days cuz it sounded are they shaking down two sisters must be a l a mean SOB was being nice so I don’t know I mean Van Nuys might be less busy than real LA but I don’t know
yeah what’s up that’s the thing really affected one I mean it’s like if you were trying to shut down to Uber then you just impounding cars for 30 days at a time because it doesn’t matter you don’t get to go to court and go I was guilty or innocent your car is just out of commission for 30 days yeah I mean I’m walking down your car is called being a dick that’s really how it went down which took me a long time to really get the details out but I think that’s the way you were talking to ya on the show before she was one of my friends want to point out you know I do think that the character I created is just more dimensional.
I think it calling David real rabbit is an insult I don’t have my work I think trust you I trust what you like and feel like what I did is the real a been like this is a guy named David Regional I bet the original but yeah he’s a he’s a good guy and we love him and I’m relieved that he’s not currently in jail in jail for I don’t think he was I think you got arrested and they took him to the station and then they let him go I don’t know what does handcuffs and everything I think they put them in the back of the car I don’t know if they put them in handcuffs in the back of the Uber or the back of the cop car drive to the impound lot I think I’ll know it in the Los Angeles area typically if you flag down a cop car you get shot in the eye ball face
speaking of GoFundMe and I was passionate about that for my attention span but there’s a guy that lived across the street from Travis apartment now in front of my apartment yeah he saw a weird distinction across down the street during like Prime to unlock Feliz any flag down a cop
he had like a towel around his hand and leg down the cop car and they pulled over and they got out because it goes walking everyday at Owl in a bottle of water no shirt broad daylight Los Feliz is the guy who he’s just walking middle-aged guy just true side of the story that you need is locked in the brains that end up getting blown out because the other the other the other side is up to the lawyers and the city has a drop the gun drop the gun and he’s like I don’t know what and he didn’t have it going to do if you were holding a towel and cops kept saying drop your gun drop the gut you would probably go don’t think I would swap my towel yeah I think there’s a good chance of a go it’s a towel and and they say they shot him in the eye and and and he didn’t die but they
and then they handcuffed them which I guess is police procedure but you know like it’s they just rolled his bloody Kate and I were like hanging out in the in the living room where you hear papa papa knows like somebody just got shot and looked outside and everything. There’s a million videos of his lifeless body being handcuffed there’s no videos of the incident even though it happened in rush hour traffic because it just happened that fat that fast the problem is like it like that the way that the city handle something like this happens and then this guy she has to quit her job like we don’t we pretend elevated to a different part of life like they’re ordinary life has to continue and every was just like yeah we shot your husband in the eye and it was a cop that did it for going back to work
afford to pay rent to quit her full-time job cuz she has to take care of her husband who a quarter of his head and and end so there’s a GoFundMe for them because it’s like what we can’t make our rent it’s not about Justice is not about an outraged about like now we’re going to be homeless too because we got shot in the eye by the cops we’re going to go also then as a as a matter of course be evicted from our apartment that’s the point where it gets it is it is if you say so if I think crowdfunding if there’s one thing we can do cleaning that like I was like if you live in Los Angeles and particularly if you work for the city because maybe you know let’s have a stake in this but I don’t but you know people from Ireland oh and give a dollar to a guy it’s like like there might be fucked up stuff going on in Ireland I don’t know what my point is I like like I know there’s suffering happening all over the place but there’s a good to go fund me that my right now
are the guy who got his brains shot out in front of Rob’s apartment whose wife is about to be homeless because it’s hard to take care of a person with a quarter of a brain and also work at Shoney’s lake lake or wherever she works is you worked at Nasa Dan don’t be an ass whole is it does look like a certain amount of money they need so they can continue to live in their apartment and this is ABBA. Now who got entrapped obviously I’m trapped unless he’s a pathological liar which I don’t think he is down by the top of the yeah they put They confiscated his car and now he can’t make a living the other one is just a Holocaust Survivors but you know whatever put that on the back burner
does he have his car back no no it’s impounded and he can’t even get it like to try for 30 days how much how much is it cost to get it I don’t know a rounded we made an estimate but they won’t tell me the exact price is Pat Sunday cuz they charge you for the tow and then for the storing the whole time back door
hey we’re aware that made out of space over here at the impound lot where you can’t get your car out as you bade us keep this car in here if you ever get approached by a policeman just lay down on the ground and read your limbs out why do you think and just say I don’t have anything in my hands I don’t have is what we found out in this recent rashes last year’s like like Luke culturally what’s come to the services that this is something that black parents actually have to say to their kids of their tax bracket regard living with you because I don’t care what you see on TV where a cop was of the I don’t care what you believe
a parent has to sit on the foot of the bed of a kid say you need to fucking comply Beyond reasoning your head of what’s fair for your bed for their wedding like being the kid whose like you knows like I’ve been growing up just as a normal person it’s like oh I got to be afraid of the cops like as a small child like it’s kind of like just fuck with you it’s like these people that are supposed to protect me you know it’s like they might hurt me that’s kind of like really kind of put you in kind of like a like a like a real stressful at high anxiety because that’s how I feel about cops is that they’re probably going to kill me and that’s completely unfounded like cuz I’m just walking around you know but it’s just the idea that you have to think about that like just from being a small child is just so heartbreaking to me
in general as far as I understand it since the Rodney King saying like if you noticed like I’m curious about the statistics but because you don’t hear the good news is specially when the good news is lack of brutality I guess there’s nothing to report there but I did this was taken over by the Department of Justice babysat by a weird bureaucratic commission that’s out of any satire you’d write about political correctness but is functioning actually kind of okay minus the odd guy getting shot in the eye ball that there isn’t it you know like that it’s way more fucked up in a lot of other cities that we’re discovering this entrenched crazy like like you’re lifting of rocks in the worms crawling on you like holy crap like the LAPD is like very but but correct me if I’m wrong you tweet me in when you don’t show me articles and things cuz I’m that I’m too lazy to read but but but but that’s my perception is the actually
it’s on reportedly positive that we’re kind of like we’re not in the headlines for the last 15 years I love the movie LA Confidential because because it’s fucking awesome but also it’s like shows has this cross-section of of the LAPD at that time and it it seems to stomach Lee like they’ve just
they were always they were built on this corruption and then yeah recently liked it it’s it’s I’m drunk I’m a little drunk isn’t that right around the time that there was this Rampart Scandal it was like they created this anti-gang task for us in the rampart neighborhood Los Angeles because it was such a heavy gang activity and that that was okay it was an eye-opener because the rampart and got anti-gang guad became just another gang and they literally would go they would I don’t know if they’re literally did drive by because I didn’t have to drive by there I think you do because there’s cops if you’re cop you get out you handcuff a guy get him on his knees and they were assassinating people lately where they were like hand cupping Eminem Till I come because they were simply another gang that had a different outfit and a different kind of car and a 10 and had a different like like like 10 11
loved one with them but you said like if they did exist it’s having to grow from that origin you know it’s like a whole new thing hopefully I don’t know anything about it who knows we’re not the worst but it you know we could do a lot better who’s the worst Ohio yeah alright well it’s okay you want to quickly to do a two-minute D&D game
what are we playing these days I can play Fantasy role-playing games contractz contract what
I don’t even know if I believe this to be honest did you read the contract it was part of the negotiation but it’s not believe movie
quit man what does sister what fucking man Harmon
are we going to get shot you are all you are all standing in a field full of old timey maces and grindstones you see armor and then Jen treasure chest
you have medieval Powers you bag of holding contains wizard you use the wizard
the wizard makes a unicorn unicorn unicorn unicorn with my armor the Unicorn is like I was supposed to be your friend and then disappears what’s my medical what’s your remorse 11 you don’t feel any remorse
you feel sociopathic like you feel like whatever you want Spencer’s Crying by the way this is no this is all great
what what’s 10 / 2
tell her we done a great to have Spencer custom create a role-playing environment where were in a submarine with your dad I would you like a sub drama I would have been amazing I would have made her watch Tosh Boot and then like creates like a champ anywhere we all got to be broke because we don’t have any time to do it and don’t do anything to it so fuck you. Fuck you read it
I thought this was like Hey man Adam Goldberg
friends are here.
back in Russia would probably like a rap
yeah when it’s its poorest but tell you it’s how you end the show now
forcing you want to do like the like of the rehab my mother
what can you do like the kind of Rihanna Bridge like after I wrap for a little bit and then and then you come in with just like yo yo yo. Check your mama’s I brought your mouth. I’m sorry
you got to forget I got to prepare their there yeah yeah
baby came out and married it took him to the chapel shit now it’s incest we’re doing it I’m going to be the best at doing it
throw down the stairs and said are you okay are you okay the baby Chrome plated nickel-plated clip from bullet casing side chasing the Hammer trigger talk to you. Going to touch that word we’re gonna oil mass shootings every week but your mama so hard that her eyebrows were on fleek
all right that’s that’s that’s as much as fast as regular
special guest referee during Spencer Crittenden our game master
describe Donna and David
stars at night Jack the audio Maniacs in the back in the control room Christopher off the director Justin Marshall are producers the master Farrell audio thank you melt down will see you next week I’m assuming yeah goodnight everybody God bless you goodnight


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