Episode: 192 – Give Black People A Chance To Hear Crickets


Episode: 192 – Give Black People A Chance To Hear Crickets


Aisha Tyler visits Harmontown along with Hour Of Goon’s Jeordie White and Fred Sablan for some complete insanity. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live


bang that hairdo fine
Jennifer said to get her right now for the for the homeless
yeah California
Meltdown Comics
Hermantown Rivera station
different day find everybody
Sabrina Rob Drive everybody
wherever you with us Crab Trap
going to be a gun show
the stage is only vacuum
the bring up the man mr. John Harlan
all right
tonight is losing in Spanish
Spencer couldn’t be here tonight same page Club
and I had a free
hello Diane we have guests to the control room and you act like you came out and professional people who of their own Merit move who had to turn to me to ask am I supposed to go out with a bit
and I had to say two grown men and women know don’t know that’s not anything to measure Yourself by no that’s not what our show is be ripping me off
all right don’t start did you see they have Clan banging his head with the hair that was amazing I could probably more expertise than us that that was some awesome head-banging that was it seem it seems we have a guest tonight like I could wait and on that I don’t have a lot to talk about before we start meeting our new friends I haven’t seen you in awhile. How was your week how’s your week did you
only going to try her on over there
what happened
I got the kids lol
I saw that zootopia you see that zootopia yappy yappy people like that zootopia Dan have you seen it have you seen that zootopia animals when it gets crazy like everyone even even though all the dogs their animal everybody’s animals are animals the cops are rabbits and it’s crazy you got to check out the zootopia I’m telling you do Topia it’s really bringing in the Box too
China loves it
you should make a zootopia
all right well
how you doing right now I’m doing okay what’s wrong you seem a little down.
Well I cash it in the Box finally in the Box yeah I did I did I miss an episode
you wearing that you weren’t in that episode what box should you should in the one that’s next to the toilet pooping in the box now what do you mean your poop in a box Texas I was alarmed to find out that you’re that they want you to FedEx your poop
Ed better than driving it there
all right what do you got there a box
full of Rob ship
are you going to FedEx at to text somebody in the summer in the front row handed dad a very mysterious large black box
all right it’s all so a lot of ladies are thinking it was just do I need to look like that in order to be a harmontown listener no you don’t
there’s something wrong with her and not you
first of all she’s an artificial construct
second of all she’s probably racist
she’s certainly the beneficiary of systemic racism
locking liquor its liquor will turn it around so everyone can see it. Tell him like a eight-year-old can you cut it should be your choice because that’s why I wanted them to know that his choice to come up I want curtains made of everything you’re wearing
these are from Walmart for real well done their the woman’s variety and I asked them to translate the the size to a men’s size and she’s told me and I’m like what do you think they’ll have that size over there and she said those pants aren’t going anywhere so I bought the pants all right so this stuff it’s clearly very sexist I have a still haven’t seen it I found out about this company they’re from Germany they produce high-end liquor that they then pour over the model depicted
and then put it into the box put it into the bottle
you’ve come a long way baby
I mean we could do shots we can wait till later we can demonstrate a body shot it I don’t know if they come if they do like a whole fat or if they do it bottle for bottle put that make sure that actually happens every article I’ve ever read said this company claims and then says what they claim to know the rumors that these women are in a windowless rooms glued to the floor by their own shit she said
one of them says outright yes I know was a wonderful opportunity for lunch
what are you talking about do you like being a McNugget they’re like my PS4 as for the racial thing every variety is done with a different a woman of a different ethnicity so I believe the ROM was the wrong with a black woman and then I mean
if it was all white women
it is a h i j k
the ginger if you’re old enough you realize he’s right like in Don Draper’s time it be like oh the bourbon is a brunette she actually stands for gentleman so this is like a child but she liked it stands for gentleman so it’s like a gentlemen’s club in a bottle that’s something and then they put the picture of the girl on the bottle for the no matter how drunk you get you never have to forget what an asshole you were for buying that lack of good guessing correctly there that would be like a Negroni with that, or for their product of the opposite of Purell
the opposite of a bottle of stuff that comes with pre germs will try to meet you guys wow my dad was Stanley Meyer
I am going to shoot somebody I know actor sir I have no act like a gentleman never
I assume
we already we already have done too much show which we wait it’s already been too much entertainment like I I’ve been working all day I stayed up all night you got to slow down man
you’re going to fucking trigger me
like I’m at we’re going to bring out our vacuum cleaner
I want to do it what will you use that you’re riding a line just like it’s one of those nights I stayed up all night because I’m trying to work on my book and I found out last week cuz of the episode I got the forwarded the emails that the Publishers are listening so when I’m joking about not working on the book it’s like yeah sounds like you know the book is due for real so I’m you know I’m just like okay if you’re listening at Doubleday I stayed up all night and if the show sucks it’s on you
I’m sure the book will be great to take care of it then I hear that’s what they do. I know I heard it I heard it in a book
are we good with the vacuum cleaner
I don’t know if you’re aware of this where Spencer says where you’re sitting right now Dan never faces that way his back will be to the entire night I know and Dan Rob is going to be throwing darts at you the entire time whatever it doesn’t it just stayed up all night I’ve been working all day I shot great minds today with Paul Tompkins uzor waterfall
around 4 I start drinking on that set cuz I’m like literally so I’m a little of just writing the line this isn’t going to be like for Chicago show but like I’m on the Bubba so we’re at the mercy of our guests being but you might descend into some sort of haze or more like he was a good guy like she could have liked started stabbing people but it’s like we’re cool I’m just saying like I this is one of those nights when Uncle Dan maybe needs a little
I’m going to lean on you a little bit and we on tonight yes so I only wanted to say you may notice we talk a little slower it sounding a little bit more like a game show host because I’m overcompensating for migraines desire to slur and go like I just wanted to say a couple of things before we bring out her friends amazes me about you I’m on your many skills in town what you’re going to say this is what amazes people about Denzel Washington’s character in the movie Flight and it shouldn’t have made you it should concern you
you never slur you Hayes called highly functional alcoholism it’s not funny
how do you say it’s funny that was amazing
it’s not a superpower it’s a Kryptonite
so last week I told you about the Avengers Academy game most of you treated me this information is readily available to anyone under Thirty I just Googled it the kid that I was talking about it was like kid come on take it easy and but that was Dave Franco Who plays Tony Stark in that Avengers video game and and black widow who is my friend Alison Brie
run don’t walk to the App Store
and you can enjoy it a whole day to take Dave Franco gay writers room cuz I was talking with this game and I was I was saying the same Spiel and then somebody said that Dave Franco and it was like cuz I don’t want no beef with no Franco game
these guys are like the new Baldwin’s there’s a new bald once you know what you do what you don’t want to mess with that so strong that they sprouted Adam who’s not even a real Baldwin he’s just like a r a p creepy is that the guy is gamergate guy right who cares you guys are like Daniel what are these mystery bottles of alcohol here is this what is this meant for my wife pour myself a drink so I can you give me
121 you give me one too while you’re up there Jeff Jeffrey could you please give me one I’d like one too I got a whole table
the other kind of table here the other day that our friend some of you in La we go to the drawing room afterward some of you may have encountered our friend Mario the bartender there was quoted in the past would have his I’ve courted him like one of his funny jokes I think he was passing on to me cuz we were talking about race and and things ended and he said you know you know you know the thing the only thing you can call a white person that will really offend them is racist he told it better he he passed away a couple nights ago and he had hit already survived a total like a cardiac arrest and was hanging in there and stuff and now he’s gone and I don’t know what why don’t I bring it up to make the podcast that I don’t know he
Britney but he’s never met him I’m listening to some of you must have it would have gone to the drag him after I show he’s the large Cuban fellow whose you like to know him was to at least like them and tell them you know a little bit better was to absolutely loved him and so he left his giant like a hole in a lot of people’s lives like I didn’t realize how much that was going to affect me and the next day I like I’ve known him more than half my life and he’s always been a source of like happiness and grooving to see if you if you care to donate a dollar or $0.50 or a nickel or whatever just so that he can have a nice funeral because he went through a lot of medical expenses if you go to my Facebook page as a little GoFundMe if you want to drink that I really hope I am in many folds my favorite memory of him besides that joke was just the bathroom the men’s room at the drawing-room is unlike anything you’ve ever it’s like an episode of
have a broad and I remember coming in Wednesday and he was so he had this like boyish smile at his face and he’s like go go in the bathroom and I went in the bathroom and I was like oh there was like a plate of stainless steel mounted above the sink and it came out nice like it’s a mirror no one can break
he had just gotten out a time life book in like he was scared he cared about he was like one of the lost boys he’s like I’m going to make Wendy proud you know they good
is that bathroom was everyone goes in there to prove God doesn’t exist
I don’t know how it happened when it was decided God is dead in that bathroom and Mario scared enough Gino’s theory is it when you go to the drawing-room men’s room and you’re peeing at the urinal there’s this mysterious not quite gnats but not quite flied
bug that seems designed to just get in your face while you’re trying to pee inadvertently causing your your pee to go everywhere which seems to be what they live on Saudi no thought he had figured that this biosphere out that this was like a species of insect that only lives in the dryer and bathroom and that that might be the reason why but well get kicked out of there being a complete ass and Mario kicking Vince Vaughn out of there with such subtlety it was so nice bro you got to go man he would just reach behind the refrigerator and it was as big as a 7-iron golf club there and he would just slowly come around the bar I pick you up for our clear I wasn’t right and anyone who wasn’t 97 yards away what I thought I was going to choke
you can only hit a 7-iron 97-yard I don’t know man I caddied when I was like what did Vince Vaughn do he left
why did he get kicked out he was he was in a bad but he got kicked out for clay pigeons in her podcast girl and guy which I was on she’s a she’s an old friend of Jeff’s because she posted my confusion at all right well let’s let’s get to the bottom of Aisha Tyler everybody
we’re going to get to the bottom of you
would you like
Avatar I had a nickel for everytime I drink Vodka that had previously run over a Caucasian pussy I swear to God
I’d have millions of dollars they should just call this unknown epithelial vodka because that’s and then look at her as she sensationally fucking intellectual I wonder where she went to college are you sure if the guy you say I brought my own alcohol with me I brought my own Ivan my all my taxes coming early in the year and its pre-made cocktails I know you guys are like men who don’t know how to run like a like a washing machine or start your car working straight volcanic glass because what do I do so I brought you a lot of cocktails coming up with her to the song this is an old fashioned in a bottle or you just poured into a glass and it’s a drink you know so much
old-fashioned and also just poured out. And so does trickled off of Eva Mendes
Ashley is doing my Manhattan but but but just so you know I masturbated and inserting my fingers in this before I put her in the house is sold
install do with the juices of my personal Joy ladies and gentlemen
every step is like sex with a black woman confusing and delightful
you don’t know what you got it right but it’s okay cuz he leave I’ll get it right by my damn self alright. I tried to tell her it was fine you’re just you’re adorable you got good credit baby just leave some money and nobody cares if you was good that you was bad
why is having sex with me like having sex with the bottom of what’s Happening Now
Davis back that ass up to making some corn pone why am I a racist people racist and black or whatever I went like this once in my life to be having sex with a woman have any ethnicities and she me to. Or on her pair yet she’s having sex
why is turkey having abandoned both awesome are you do you think being having sex with a black woman is complicated it’s complicated since it’s the same busy I mean that’s the thing that people have this idea that like I’m going to have sex with some exotic and then magical unicorns are going to come out of my ass or my credit score is going to go up or down depending or all of us then I’m going to understand my phone cuz I had sex with somebody from the Asian subcontinent no vagina vagina and dick is Dick and sorry about that talk to God if you believe it Emma or science like me
since we’re talking about sex and since race came up and I don’t see the world through this lens I had no idea you were black until we had this conversation on your show
I like you for you Dan
is there any of you tell me you tell me the step back and forward whenever you guys are ready everybody avert your eyes in three
what is your hair feel like now now
I wanted to go
I’ll let you know
I I I had I had this thesis recently and I had to I was like where I was like you know porn is like oh my God
it’s too late it’s too late screw
but that’s where everything is over here
all right fine vacuum job I’ve ever seen and human remains a finger all right well I want to race in pouring because at first glance here’s the thing about pouring in general that I’ve been this is my new saying who aren’t divorced because I’m just like okay Unapologetic for about it, out of respect to the yeah but it was saying that like like you do the porn industry represents all of this money we have this like bed of lava underneath that is all the sexuality like that like if you compare anything
video games of Matt Damon anything that you thought was worth money right nothing would compare to the general just swap of the fact that forever and ever since we’ve been able to make porn we’ve always had this like see if porn underneath our society has cooled crust of of magma above that everything is still suffused with that energy right like almost everything we find valuable whether it is or not going to run a gay guys want to fuck him straight guys when I fuck him and hopefully they turn into him after they fucking everybody is like exactly everything has an expression of the core of each of us all collectively we regard
should we treat the performers and it like shit the industry is not regulated right it does it even though it represents healing on the million-dollar is a cat was always like my line problems my line problem coming along we were looking right to left and now we’re left to right is it said of Mark for the double penetration I think we need to move when you are doing your from behind look Hammer left otherwise the whole thing is right
is absolutely unmistakable that there is no Grace or diplomacy in the handling of the concept of ethnic genotyping in pornography
but this is an industry where you type in redhead babysitter scuba diver you type type in real television whereas I’ve encountered where it’s like you have to be steer around my fact that well we we categorize people and all that stuff so you better believe we doing porn so you’re so you are typing who knows who you are people are typing and therefore porn is being made where it’s like you don’t want the stuff representing your species consciousness of race on one hand but on the other hand I was trying to make the point of the previous episode where it’s like how much more racist is like politics religion whatever the fuck you call the fact that it looked like it was the disproportionate incarceration
River of like two black dudes one white guy black guy
that’s cuz they’re black and she’s like I learned a lesson I don’t want I don’t want anyone to think that this is how I think about about race
maybe the world isn’t transcend maybe the word is subsumes or subvert the right because you’re at your basis when you’re consuming born and endpoint in its creation is it isn’t a berry bass expression sorry Vivid you’re not making art and so you know if people are looking for satisfaction of their basest instincts of their bases inclinations and they’re also looking for things to be satisfied in a very narrow window snow was masturbating all afternoon unless they want like bed sores in it you know I will not be conquered during poor fence maybe that you’re like well I made a little bit of a hypocrite if I am for instance like being an actively racist person in the outside world
you’re just trying to get permission to look at more two black dudes one white chick porn is that why you’re I have permission.
Which was like but I can’t tell but I just far as I could I could like horse his very very like a most densely like a different perspective was like yeah but in all those moments when race is allowed to just be a thing like a a Ben & Jerry’s flavor in those moments the problems being reinforced and blah blah blah like well that’s if I’m getting them right about that then okay yes but that’s why I say okay yeah pouring is not the place where racism is going to be solved however ironically I think it is less racist important that it is in the Oval Office that it is in church that it is anywhere you would go where people would say
$300 Robb don’t get distracted by the bookkeeping
I’m done I’m ugly
heterotopic are you saying that you feel like 40 more races it’s in its constructs in passing or Port has more races in the way that we perceive it because I would actually arguing this just came to me now that poured maybe both most racist and least racist in the way they be consumed it because we may treat people in one way and in the real world the way we interact with a weed higher the higher than sociate with the people who want to get wet but I bet you they’re a lot of white guys out there and all their friends are white and they’ve never had sex with a black girl but that’s the only pouring they want it right is a white guy railing the shit out of a black girl with his micropenis and it might and it might even be part and parcel it might even feed back into his hatred into it or it might just be interesting like maybe maybe he subscribes to the idea that all black men are you know verra large penis

prehensile baby’s arms every black man can pick up a cup of coffee with his penis is now completely articulated the penis
they’ll all end up in the manager’s office eventually the same page I think it’s like where you draw I guess I was just doing an academic distinction where it’s like you know for all intensive purposes it’s like the things you seeing at screens those like when you’re on the set I find it hard to imagine the Woodland stuff I’m watching over like I don’t think that I don’t think that anyone is being made to feel less than human on that set aside for the validated I am validating you now do you feel validated your anus is immaculate a conversation about media as a phantom signal not a community of people then of course hundred percent agree of course you would only feedback if you’re if you’re jerking off to the idea of gangbang this
things that make you hate all of humanity not based on color just based on you know that we’re all like these terrible you know creatures and pants you no matter what color you are exactly where are the category they’re really breaking breaking ground Patrick’s day they’ll go here’s how many people search for a leprechaun porn
it’s settling it does with the Kinsey’s everybody’s a freak their front page to Pornhub and it was all it was all just cobs of corn and the captains were like hot buttered rum from finally
I would say I would say I don’t want to open the gas door then close it but I would say shares with Christianity the fat or any religion let them talk let him talk to the fact that it could use more smart proud people involved in it okay alright let’s gets a bad rap because everyone’s like I don’t I don’t I’m not involved with that important to like you’re going to eat when you’re on a 900 shows you write books you do everything like you’re at you’re all over there it’s funny to people or even if you think that you make the joke about being a high-functioning alcoholic people think it’s really cute and then you’re like no I have a real problem and I need help like like I do like I was clear.
but I could use like several meetings about my work everywhere I’m like I left the drinking thing behind so I finally have enough for you I have enough Faith to the therapist because she’s like luck if you want to drink for the rest of your life go ahead you can can I come to her place and I’ll give you a hug she was like but you have yet to acknowledge your workaholism and that was like a real threshold for me because I would always go like she would go like your she wouldn’t say you’re a workaholic that’s a conversation you how old is you say the stuff that I would go like are you implying I’m a workaholic because I’m not because I’m not getting enough done
right yeah I know because I think about a workaholic is in it like in your contract you you not not only are you never busy enough you’re never effective enough that it’s like a little like a Rover Oaks little like you’re only valuable as what you do it’s always going to be more work there’s always going to be more what the thing
we’re all going to die right now we’re all going to die
and that affects people differently right. Some people think we’re all going to die so what’s the point we’re all going to die so when I get wasted my particular approaches were all going to die so I should be doing more shit like I’m not doing enough shit like that when I’m lying on my deathbed I’ll be like why didn’t I do all the shit they only did half the shit you know I’m going to dye your hair really long is being around him you’re on fire you and that was it you stole my outfit real quick, who’s lying you I just walked out of the room and I was like we was talking about stuff and podcasts don’t you dare ask her to do another thing boundaries to I like show I mean I just I want to do stuff I was going to show up
like looking at my calendar and having like a free day like most people, but to me it’s like running your tongue over a place where a tooth supposed to be like yeah yeah shut the fuck up Saturday at nothing and then you just like I’ll just run around like I knew I was your like like like like I don’t know like we do look like when I saw your thing about when you saw a rocky or is it your whole thing about boxing when it’s like it it doesn’t matter how many times you get hit it so hard you can get hit and keep moving forward which is the code for Rocky Balboa it has nothing to do with how much of a badass you are like I’m the biggest I’m the baddest on my dick is so huge enormous
it’s just like you’re like your house in that hallucination to our because the fact that matters are going to fail no matter what there is no avoiding failure right it is literally laying in the road waiting for you to pull up in front of it like an episode of The Walking Dead where you pull up and there’s a car in the middle of Road motherfuking about to get shot it’s more about like at hot like how many times can I recover what I mean and everybody who successfully since that’s because they’re magic their successful cuz they just built like a junkyard dog. It’s almost as if you like we’ll never be a good person until you have empirically proven it by subjecting yourself to acid test after acid is true too yeah there is something. Some like self-satisfaction in the like I’m the toughest person out here you cannot break me even if you say OK Google to end at any minute so I can have so many jobs that even if I got fired from nine of them there’s a tenth one at like you know serving that Frozen shit at juice press juicer a like I’m going to have one
left which brings me to why I’m here
no I just I it like literally I have a week officer have one week off for all of 2016 and I decided I was going to drop the movie in that hole and that in that 10-day whole I’m serious I was like bucket like why wait until next year or the year after to make myself my life a living hell so I have a Kickstarter campaign because as you know people love giving money to black people and they love even more giving money to women so I want that you’re a Hollywood lady you just go get your boyfriend to give you money I don’t know when’s last time you saw a black female film director meep meep meep mop way Oh I thought that was real sweet baby crickets
will you please go to ayesha’s Indiegogo page
give black people a chance to hear crickets
$45 a month to a farm
I just I want other guests to know that we haven’t forgotten about that are because this is your your ear
start the movie over time I would never be caught dead kick-starting up
hahaha no I what I did do is snickerdoodles
we kicked started and Annalisa the four hundred grand overnight because that’s what we ask for in the x-rays that and then some and then proceeded to find out the movie called 8 9 million dollars you tell any of them I felt like we fucked up like a Kik starting so I haven’t gone back since like I I want I just like I think that’s a really sacred saying like what kind of honor and you’re making a promise to me but you’re going to do what I also think that Peter sucker free money in a weird way more energy than you would spend pitching are the updates and stuff cuz you owe you all people a relationship to the project uopeople a connection to what you’re doing that’s ongoing and he wasn’t what I was giving you money will know like if you donate
get a t-shirt the teacher probably cost like 15 or 16 bucks to make in like seven or eight bucks to send to you so really this is just about us hanging out you know I mean it’s just about us getting enough money to make this little guy and donated $2,000 and I was supposed to hang out with Dan guys
could just bring it on and I still haven’t gotten it by money that I let me finish
my money my money so hard to come by lately
when are the taxes and you can just go to Kickstarter and put in and type in a black lady that I’m the only one on Kickstarter by the way I don’t know where it went black Kickstarter is asking to see my YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr I should Tyler and you handle you think you can direct a movie in one week I do I do out of your mind, I don’t want to make it a week
how do you like them apples but they shot the movie in 5 days so we kind of need a lot of my friends are doing it for free most people are doing it for free or very cheap rehearsing it for the next two months and then shooting the entire movie everyday like a play all the way through from beginning to end that way we can adjust and pivot every night what work what didn’t go back and fix that the next day and by the end we’ll have shot the movie Nine times in a row and then we’ll choose the best cakes. Thank you
I’m a problem solver
I should have known there would be Applause there I started so I have not seen it I’m I’m calling my girlfriend but he hasn’t actually watch that Louis CK is out there like doing whatever the fuck enters his head I don’t understand why he has feelings could he be good at his job he’s not likeable could you don’t like dogs human I want him to look like something that I might want to eat off a plate with syrup so if we could just do we have two black guys come in and just feel like fucking with this big black dicks no conversation
their job is Kevin Hart available I would like you to stay but you can leave anytime you want
who have new friends who are friends of yours I’m very excited about this because to friends of ours into the music I’ve been playing tonight is by what one of her I guess rock rock and roll musician who are new members of the federal audio community and I love their podcast with an hour of good it’s really really really fun and I am very happy to have you guys are supposed to bring out Jody White in the Fred Sublime
that’s something you’re my girlfriend even though I should get the vacuum in the box from me going this way is Jordy first and Fred second right correct cuz you guys have did you imagine that I was in a blackout for quite a long time together right and spooky and whimsical
see your podcast is you guys sitting in front of microphones there in about nothing about nerdy stuff into our gun and you must and it a good one to start on is you know not me guess what I talk too much I talk to you much your friend Jeff Hilliard why is he here tonight Santa Fe
billiard this is Jeff living in a van wearing jumpsuits at all times and you are great and Beetlejuice by the way you do you just made that house look amazing you want to freak out go find the video was it called The Good Life yes that you stick in the costume jumpsuit jumpsuit the belt matches the lapels matches the custom matches the drapes matches the carpet
very nice I kind of want one form-fitting I kind of want one of these are you coming to pick him up when you go and fall in love with a lagoon that episode get ready to fall in love with all three of these people it’s really good when I say it is Star Wars memorabilia from floor to ceiling fan of Star Wars said I was the only one that made that connection and I didn’t even know where your time when that came out was like oh great now that’s got to get one of them before things became all Jordi from Star Trek
Phantom Menace of Mickey Mouse
take it take it away on Star Wars film universe
like what
or like fanfic musical awards in the Stars
Dan Empire Battle of the Network stars Empire here we go here we go in Firefall by force awaken I completely agree I don’t think Empire is better than Star Wars Proctor this conversation what what I actually just bought two snowtroopers out there they said you’re out front difference if it’s great getting stuff I love that
are you at your thing now not anymore no I haven’t I haven’t watched through 4 trailer and like 8 times during the movie and I’m not even fucking around I cry cry cry during the week you were off 3 Fox logo at Phantom Menace and my tears were punished and I was on a rainy Saturday afternoon at the vista theater show me the word was coming down the the the the the Grapevine that it was not a good movie and and I called him up and I said let’s get it over with and it was like dead man walking we were walk it was standing in the rain and we will watch it and you know I was like like damn you know tearing up during like 20th Century Fox in a long long time ago
all started I made it to work on time for the Rebellion oh my God is it doing anything with the sanctions or they might call Kevin going to weird weird crawl no problem
fire making dots on Amidala has faced just fell asleep during Force awakens haven’t seen at one point and one point we’re watching Phantom Menace it went fine we’re watching Phantom Menace and Dan puts his hands he puts his face in his hands going on my God it’s the worst movie ever made still a rock does Rock cuz I went cuz we had an agreement he was like let’s not prejudge I might I’m not fucking here to prejudge now didn’t realize they were made for children write Force awakens which is like the most stupendous filmic palate cleanser of that entire franchise I could fix it everything you should just watch for grown-ups
everything that you wanted to have happen in that universe is out on Blu-ray
like I feel like there’s another part of you like
call this person like I cut 6th grade to see in Empire Strikes Back like I didn’t go to school that day or the next day that’s how much that friend has affected me to even the shity ones I feel like they’re like the last three fries in the bottom of the pack just fucking eat them anyway so we’re not good
because you love your city fan damn I’m so in love right now I know the new trailer for the new the new one that’s coming out on time
and I want and I mean like what what else am I going to do with the rest of my life I got to see this one what do you do with rest of your money because I have been worse things in the world Disney
Chandni not bothering to click on Force awakens has nothing to do with me deciding that it’s good or bad or anything
it’s the liberation of agnosticism after a lifetime of bad sat around talking and how many more is it going to be and I’m on your furnace damn side I just I like I like I will watch that movie The Day crawls into bed with me and goes it’s time to watch it because that’s what Star Wars did it because I was three and I couldn’t go anywhere cuz it’ll help delay with your boat if it’s just for grown-ups with cheese
it’s for grownups the way of a member the first Star Trek movie the reboot with Chris Pine that one was for kids of the second one should remember that the first Star Trek system to like in the sewage and they’re floating through the air like literally like a sound like a plan but you know I don’t remember that and then the second one Star Trek into the darkness or whatever that was called the grown-ups that was the one that was for ironically I didn’t watch that one because I was waiting for the world to react the way they did in the first one I really like the first one because it was soaked with such a clever way of rebooting I left I like the second one better I just want to the darkness
I like in Tygart watch movies normal the movie girls having sex with their parents to black guys away from being a classic
I just saw Anna I didn’t tell me last night that I think I might be the only person to have done I did acid and watch the Easter parade with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire
I want you to know I want you to know Jeff that is that was super heterosexual really masculine so I go to I get in bed and I get my iPad and I’ve never watched could you guys I just met Rodger Waters you got a huge voice yeah and we never really talked about what you guys talked about Pink Floyd guy thank you that’s when you just have to see how it’s good in my bed a little bit on a standstill will you watch
Wizard of Oz synced up to.
Don’t answer that’s crazy it’s not as fun who is the first person that noticed that Eric Simmons is he here tonight
Simmons is here tonight Eric Simmons is here Eric Simmons first person to watch The Wizard of Oz where is Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric recorrido
some Fritos in a Coke or 76 how did you know that the time it to hit play When the lion roar is nothing without DVDs or your dad’s a big fan who is your dad Erickson mr. Simmons Richard Simpson is Richard missing but he’s revealed himself on how the town riveted by Star Wars entertainment
please do this Eric thank you for joining us sorry it was compulsory
sorry you got bullied for liking burritos My Life characters
wearing Eric are you a definitely not
Eric are you a fan of the Star Wars franchise in any capacity operation I think you know maybe it’s a little trade of me or maybe it in my little little heart I just want entertainment to happen on this podcast on point Eric would you just tell us like in your mind with the perfect we’re the perfect Star Wars movie would be set in terms of timeline tattoo and then and then just explain to you then
we’re going to do it I’m going to do the movie so you going to be a new form of Jedi make Aisha Jedi apparently I’m going to be I’m going to just stop this it is right after the second prequel when General Grievous dies everything now which was revolutions
the second prepaid reload Dark Side emerges
Dark Knight reloading Phantom Menace Force awakens and you like it
your question here right I feel like it’s cool now to hate everything and that’s not new it’s been cool for like 10 or 15 years to hate everything and so like just basic ingenuousness right like I love this franchise yeah that wasn’t my favorite. I love what you’re doing is not fair. Snacks right now
it’s unfair that I was saying that you’re dead inside hated Batman versus Superman cuz it just wanted to hate that but I just like lyrics to who’s your favorite start
Peter’s not blinks
the mess of it
Eric Simmons
Eric Simmons I’m calling you out or is he using you before I’m not too worried about your physical safety Eric Eric
you’re cool ranch Jedi powers
you know what are you doing later probably getting drunk and watching Daredevil
a good show………… It is a confusing time for the narrative
papa papa… Eric Simmons has been summoned to the stage only to find out that he is within and weaving The Narrative of the new Star Wars movie has been a Jedi on the swampy ice planet of water son
with which sleep flip-flop master
1 of 700 needless wipes
it difficult that like the one thing that the one issue with the entire Star Wars constructing the whole like
show me cheetahs alien and sometimes it’s not…… The movie is happening around her
call let me know that I called Star Wars via Crystal telegram I’m done with that up, do it if not I’m going to designer grab call
I think what clinical depression Springs to work on his book
at risk of depression mean while the Empire is up to something
and also my news or did you get an analysis there is a on me
my Lord I don’t like doing my best analysis of the day now
could you eyes of the Jedi I’m just saying
as he should be all will be revealed a boarding to play
send the new toy to the new environment
the 14th of 700 wipes
conditioned to think this was impossible so it’s amazing
meanwhile it has nothing to do with the story meanwhile in are City
the one black guy in the entire galaxy is just kicking it with a 40 oz of pulled 45
Kennedy I believe you’re speaking about me some time ago in a galaxy far far away if you guys are playing
Mary Mammoth dog poop man do I’m getting strange dreams are always love I look for it at Toys R Us because I’m a lullaby for 20 minutes
do you have an idea for a y / sze-wing non fighter yes we should augment that you something new
Star Wars y-wing actual fighter
here’s your movie in 5 days I don’t think I can do a ship
movie tonight guys put it on all right I’ve touched a nerve
are there are there any Latino characters in the new movie in the new one or anyone there are South America or something
yes I think he’s from like South America right now he gay to kill bed bug a I have a pillow with Poe dameron’s face on I wake up to all the morning thank you I should I drop in on stage my friends are when I was in high school had a theory that Chewbacca was the only Latino and because the name is chewy which is a nickname for Jesus
I have dined open around and he’s a mechanic
good for you and I really could be at home watching Daredevil now I regret all of my life choices that resulted in this moment I might regret getting up and using the bathroom at the very moment that everyone do Taco Bell Dorito I have not had said Doritos Locos taco salad taco shell but it doesn’t have the substance and texture of an actual Dorito so you bite into an you’ll like this is a thin substitute for an actual Cool Ranch Dorito and I could have just bought all the village and stuff some real fucking Doritos into that tent
I would have been buried or not too tired thank you
thanks Eric. Like a lion
Jordi and Fred welcome to this special give-and-take episode.
Eric Simmons is a fox in a box and pepper lonely heart club band with the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton and they sing Beatles songs that you can check it out anyways I was searching on eBay for some memorabilia from this movie and I found some shoes that allegedly were George Burns and shoes. All okay now they were like $3,000 or something like that so I’m like I’m sure he’ll find out I’m not going to buy Georgia Brown’s for $3,000 unless I’m incredibly high and drunk at late at night which hasn’t happened in a while so one day I tweeted about him then one day I found a box back
page that was sitting there for weeks and I just was too afraid to open to pile of gifts cuz I’m just so loved by everybody I just get so many gifts for baby from someone who knows anyways so I opened it up and lo and behold I found of a white Italian loafers no those are those the ones that you wanted these were the ones that I want it I got so excited that I queued up Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on tour bus on tour we watch the whole thing with white shoes on but they weren’t these shoes so it’s like oh my God so they said Butterfield and Butterfield on him and everything so I called and I found out they were actually George Burns and shoes from oh God you devil
the third one does look a little later like in terms of design doesn’t let anyone try them on to this business so we can put them down so what a size 7 and 1/2 Erick Erick Sermon
I mean, I’ve heard things about Jack you can’t even put your hands in those shoes you Giant
he’s a little George Burns shoes but he was willing to have small feet but if anyone’s willing to try these on 7 and 1/2 who gets invited Erica
it’s a fucken free-for-all and Cinderella going to take you home and get weird what what is your name actually hi Stephanie my Prince Will Come
I’ve never seen him on a feet and so I’ve never seen one of them except for George Thorogood more video or audio
Yeah you can just do a handstand so everybody can see
a little higher sweetie do you know who George Burns is even even better
he’s one of them is one of the greatest comedians in American Comedy history I messed up was when it was him and his wife Gracie who died before him and he always said that she was a funny one exactly so you do know him you know that joke
all right thank you Stephanie
you may not know this about George for his but he had a terrible fungal infection in both of his feet and so he made in Italy
okay sure after you touched George Burns have a drink
guess what what movie you brought those just to show and tell was that just to show off. I just wanted them to be immortalised on about the issues for years I wanted them more than two years collector I am I wanted to get like a what do you call the Box the shots shadow box or something that take up too much room. Kurt Cobain’s jacket to have his jeans

you’ll find out in a biting Obsession and love you guys really love that you are you in Philly where is he I mean yeah we can hang out as long as I’m here with the anti Billy Zane
Dan is not interested in Billy Zane whatsoever yes he is there was an article in Salon about how much more interested I am in Billy Zane then Billy Zane there’s like a point counter point bullets in a mic that’s what I would have said I think he’s doing fine on his Snapchat status in Mexico
Amazon Prime Amazon Prime we were sitting and watching YouTube cuz we’re all sitting in a straight line there’s no like we can’t see each other I think it was too much going on at once and everybody was so excited voice thing was up here so he just has a lot of people to know the branch question I’m at home right this guy likes to eat brunch all the time but he never needed the home for some reason bread over here delicious memories at home
I know I’m listening
are there you go really very strongly about brunch with this in my head constantly so invites me to brunch and I sit down we wait we have small talk and then I’m panicking I start sweating cuz a waitress coming over to ask what we want to drink right and I want them to ask him first but for some reason they always ask me first maybe it’s a long drive and breakfast watch they go totally confused do I get orange juice or do I get iced tea cuz it’s going to dictate what I have if we’re having breakfast or if we’re having lunch so if you don’t have an orange juice without an iced tea right he orders the iced tea so I’m thinking I’m in the clear for lunch so I order I order an iced tea to and then I order the tuna melt and he throws
curveball in order to breakfast burrito so now I’m like
my fucking right that’s like what the fuc
and now now we’re having breakfast and he’s having lunch and I can’t fucking do this I feel terrible I can’t do it. He doesn’t give a shit I do
he has an issue with the fact that I get a fucken Arnold Palmer while I’m getting a breakfast burrito
11 sucks but then he’ll have orange juice at like 3 in the afternoon what’s that about are you are you it’s if it’s if you guys are looking for a person to tell you you’re saying
you got the wrong guy but if you if you want me to tell you it’s okay that you’re out of your fucking mind I’m on your side
what we’re asking can you get your piss to write better if I make it easy to get weird when somebody what is breakfast at the same time eat lunch that’s the whole thing absolutely that’s why we’re trying to break it down as a virtual reality seen okay so who’s who I could be the waiter I could be Jordy I could befriend who you are or where I could be the way the corollary I’m just going to hold and do the corollary. I’m just standing by to post weight is Aisha breakfast or brunch with us
good enough play nobody fucking
brunch at
I have I have brunch
I listen to your show and that’s the only podcast I yell at my car and I’m yelling at my car stereo going to give a shit totally on Johnny side and certain things I’m totally on Fred site all fight styles are invited, everyone I see it’s okay if you want to go
at 9 in the morning
that’s true
but that sucks
how to make copies
masturbate at the table cuz I was late
wiggle butt
okay okay I love you are you sure the voice of the people must a little 5% nugget there that’s where you wanted to be.
that’s what I don’t like sharing a meal with someone
what does eggs and tuna on the same thing doesn’t match I had pancakes and a bottle of vodka USA USA what we do it the first time in my life I take her back it’s always like this
like a pure like a straight missionary style position in the middle someone slips a finger into your bum you just go look that wasn’t what I was expecting but hey you know if that’s how you get down I’ll drink my iced tea and you have your tuna melt and everything’s going to be okay if I ask brunch I just want it because you know you don’t know like leaked these guys may have a so okay I think I’ll wait until you are we sitting at the table
I questioned Aisha Tyler’s ability to be an impartial waiter
we are server where we having brunch for guys
101 waiting in line for 17 hours so I try 101 cafe or do you want to be Eric Simmons are you want to go do our of goon and you guys have lunch before or after whatever that you got to meet for brunch this is a three of you as much as you know each other right now you’ve met for brunch and let’s take a look at it if it’s exactly 11:11 so we’re in a booth together at a diner
show me where are we going to The Griddle or the Waffle House place where you have to stand in line. I’m the same way like I used to live here in my line of sight and I might this guy fucken hates me but he looks like he looks like Jason Sudeikis but like tough guy mode
don’t worry we’re not going to start talking about you okay okay all right are we at we just come in today but I’m on my way right now take you to an actual brunch between principal and Dan Harmon with neutral empowered black waitress
101 Cafe 11:11 a.m. on the. OK Google, prank lion thank you guys for
we’re really excited I have to pee
that was great thank you I just got my. I’m not coming are you sure you’re killing the brunch experiment
never take your order right now
right now I want to talk to you in a minute so I can serve you
I can’t serve you
die Wit Da Boss fired and then people having welcome to run to the 101 Cafe I work through some personal issues and I’m prepared to serve you so Ronnie for level we never meant to be a bloody mary great it’s always an alcoholic beverage and a bit of hydration at the same time good choice what we do like
brushes your own picture
got to go with the Arnold Palmer
do you have a full bar unfortunately no but I can get you some really shity mimosas in a picture cooler and my car
but I can’t get a cocktail
where do you think you are was that kombucha run across your body break through in my vagina
yes I can take a mimosa so in my brain time I have seen study in 45 minutes can we do this going on in my brain right now my boss is so there’s orange juice in that so maybe this is breakfast right now. So I think we’re having breakfast bar Wars characters of the other table are talking about us
or anything you want okay so bring me an orange
I’m glad I don’t think you’re going to like
you like to make an OJ Simpson are you allowed to go study of the brunch conversation that you guys
and a bloody Mary and an Arnold Palmer and beer and a punch in the nuts he can have all of those things because it’s brunch that’s the nature of brunch all things are possible I just figure this out
that’s why I’m saying are you nailed it all pancakes and French fries burger and dessert
making kombucha are you always this right now or where we have to take her orders honestly it’s his girl what you like that’s why I just got the solution okay
call Chicken and Waffles
Chicken and Waffle Love year old table
actually, so it’s actually Freedom my friend brunch is the only free meal of the week it’s the only meal with and you can fully Express are never without judgment or recrimination the world is yours I never thought I’d meet anybody in the world. I never liked brunch as the meal that where your free insinuates the other males you have in your constrained so much
has everyone been eating not trained me.
What’s for dinner the implication is I’m breaking the rules right yes can I show a show I think what you find out is that Geordie of a little bit more social anxiety about it like a my stepping on somebody’s toes am I doing this wrong right really are you sure I thought I’m going to let you to breakfast or lunch this evening or actually the thing that I wanted to talk about just to kind of switch gears it has been about self yes
true or false when I told people that I was coming on the harmontown there were a couple of girls that actually said oh Jeff David so he’s great but one specifically said you know he’s hung like a horse
Jeffrey Davis that’s true true yeah and the girl actually said she goes to so big
barely could fit and
said that she could do to pull ups by the pool using your dick
that’s what you told me
I don’t have telling you right now because I would see you in your suits and I realize that you that you were pretty tight suit I feel like I haven’t but I wanted to talk about and it’s it’s been talked about on the show Jessie huge dick
haha no it hasn’t been talked about as such
I could go on to argue that every fucking episode
one way or another no coming back around to it
since you’re all doing where the fuck we want tonight I mean I feel like I don’t remember somebody doing pull-ups for the pool this is what was being told to me so I just wanted to bring it up and it. Did not ring a bell right now okay
we have I seen your picture and I said this is the one I listen to the your last podcast talk about your penis stop trying to turn this into something respectable
do I go.
You guys know this after you after this is over
text is almost impossible
cuz it’s always a math problem how is this going to work and it’s always in the key of D
play I didn’t and I’m ashamed to admit I don’t understand
Motown like
opposite of braces allowed for the possibility of Motown people we don’t even know
dissipating all right and I may I may I ask is to deflect off of this ship can I when I get our of gun we were just we just did all name-dropping stories and shit like that but you already had a story about going to the Playboy Mansion can you can you say that story The you like that story my fucking it’s it’s the greatest Rockstar ever heard I say OK Google in it with swords with Rob girls getting high with Adam Crow
I’m eating half of your conversation and so that was my like my offering of my Playboy Mansion story and then Jordan was it I think and just lay that on the last race is a fucking goody Storyteller in Boots but I’ll see if I can figure it out years ago when I used to do a lot of bad things Dave Navarro and I were at his house
didn’t he eat the he told us the story is actually in his book so it’s not like I’m revealing anything but
little human being and people like you
prevent him from being part of stories like this
anyways we got a limo we’re going to go to the Playboy Mansion my first time there he was probably there a million times who knows but I was excited all going to play with matching we did some narcotics and we were drunk and very nervous being very nervous because of the narcotics narcotics we were taking we get a limo when we hit traffic and like we just want to get the fuck out of the car and get it took us like 3 hours to get the Playboy Mansion with traffic as soon as we got there was like stop start stop start stop start bitching has herpes and excited there’s squirrels everywhere we go we make this make a beeline to the bathroom right to the bathroom and make a beeline to the bathroom at the time I had long dreadlocks
he he he ties up his arm with one of my dreadlocks in does for some reason to because there was figuring out what figure out why her if you’re going to come in here and get some reason of my dreadlock and ties up one of his arms and Michael what are you doing you’re doing oh okay cool then he has a tie what kind of heroin addict doesn’t bring their own thing like that lately but shoot pool when you’re friends with me I mean come on I got them coming out of my head it’s already made. That’s all it’s about I proceeded to put some unknown substance up my nose we know we are filled with more panic and also we got we just look at each other go we got to get the fuck out of here immediately so we left the thing got right back in the limo waited for another two hours going down the hill down home got back in
and when
oh you’re talking about the girl who lost her purse and shit in the toilet noise, knowledge of tennis but but I don’t want but then not talk about it I was thinking about how we sprayed the blood on the tracks and all that other stuff that we’re trying to keep to the Young The Young heroin addicts out there when you use your friends dreadlock to tie off at the Playboy Mansion in time before you take the needle out otherwise the blood’s going to go over the fucking going to say he dragged me out cuz I was still stuck he was gone
take me to understand the struggles of brunch at that’s exactly it so I’ve been say say say no comment after that but you you guys are rock and roller so if you both done heroin never
it’s not. That’s not ironic you’ve never done it I’ve never done I’ve done everything you’ve never heroin the bone or a good question actually let me just say is a disclaimer cuz I have a daytime show don’t do drugs was your night but I do feel like it it’s interesting cuz it for me when I was growing up and I hit stuff cuz that’s what you do when your a teenager and young adult that heroin was the line for me and and it was interesting I was afraid of that I’d friends it did and I’m friends at that shot up and I remember thinking like oh everything else I can kind of like play with that thing I could never ever use needles needles needles
that you saw it like if you watch like I don’t know Christian enough for any of the movies about heroin I’m I’m all in right like I was that why you didn’t try it that’s exactly it I just thought that was a line that I didn’t want to be a part of the heroin not that night that night we were doing a lot of fun maybe I should do that on my alarm in heroin I’m sober I don’t do heroin in life at this moment I’m sober also but am I if I’m sober
did you think about the heroin and you snorted it you never you never going to be shot it up now I’m 43 and I was like always like I’m never going to go one time I was like if it was I thought it was cocaine and it was like a pulpo Xanax
I thought somebody was like
the nuts and someone handed me something by the sound like what is it if it’s not heroin is it good to know you like it it’s good then I went and did I came back to this listen to anything someone says know you’ll like it it’s good to eat a salad but I was like no you like it it’s good it’s not for me it was it was but it was not my thing I wanted to stay up and like not have a hard-on and like be really in panic and not sleep wherever you’re really horny I do not feel good and go to sleep I want to feel more terrible than I already do
have you ever smoked crack
I smoke I smoke crack then I don’t do that
no no that was never happened. I just I just hear you guys are amazing
look at my you told the story about going to Wilt Chamberlain scribe I did I went to Wilt Chamberlain’s house he was already dead
you’re just rubbing alcohol to open up a mystery
I did I went to Wilt Chamberlain’s how soon he was he was not alive at this point after he died his clothes and he had an orgy room and absolute fact with a waterbed in the center and some of them was 2 years
and I do drugs are
happening in a pool outside yeah actually at the pool he had a you should get this kind of place it had a swimming pool that you can answer from inside the house over here about him and everything and there was a herpes is there was a girl you girls were kind of going at it and there was a third guy there was a third person a guy who is going down on the girls and he was on his cell phone in the pool with an old school football record iPhone
sounds incredible. It was weird.
Calling little pussy
how did Batman set
well okay but I can’t recall the reason why I’m asking is because we’re older we’ve done everything that we want and then beat up you have done something that you have done something that I’ve never done you
broach the breach this threshold where you it didn’t involve needles which the rest of us go like needles that’s where I’ll draw the line but it’s not true it starts with Heroin is like a thing you can snort III the reason why I actually am interested in hearing you talk about it to get it the legacy is like Nancy Reagan going but the thing is like you’re likely we’re hanging out it looks like it would be valuable actually here is what the high as like here’s what happens after that it will but whatever like it doesn’t have to be a PSA that wasn’t the first thing that you were doing something leading to that I was like okay I’m drunk now I got to do this and I got it done. Take it to the next
constipated need then light bulb
the difference between
will never ever try drugs or or drink recreationally never have an issue right some people fall into that well and they back out and everybody who hasn’t fallen into that wall and worries about it wonders what was the thing that made you fall all the way down and I guess the question I asked him was what like what was that feeling what was that thing and he said look I just think that people are predisposed to an end and maybe the question also was like what was the appeal what was the moment what was the thing that you thought okay I’m going to go all the way in versus the rest of us and I think they’re a lot of people like I got high in high school or I smoked up every once awhile on the weekends or I have a medicinal marijuana card and I get a brownie for once in awhile but I’m not that guy right there was all the way in I think that’s what’s interesting is over now
just so I could do drink more and I just hit a wall and said I can’t do this anymore and I thought it would be really difficult to not do that anymore yeah I could take you yet by saying I’m not supposed to talk about it you can figure it out but I mean I wouldn’t trade all the years of partying for the World’s Fair was fantastic and a lot of fun but it’s also a lot of fun not doing that to feel like that cousin or that on or that grandmother would Dave when we had this conversation I was like almost to ask him a question of like tell me what not to do you know what I mean like like tastic it’s now
you know you want to go out and do some bullshit and it’s just not I wasn’t able to do that and rally on 45 minutes and then glass of red wine have in the past and why is Sean actually I thought I had tonight is really bad because it was making my ears ring terribly and I honestly was like you I was doing so much coke that your ears were ringing yeah your wish
play that that guy that was like I was like this is about that it was like more than anything else so like I was like I can’t even I’m like laying here feeling like I just went to a fucking concert and it’s like we can’t deal so let’s just have a hard enough time do I delete a lot of weed
like what knowing like what the what the the Essential Knowledge of knowing that you’re going to die does to write like if we were times when he showed us different things to different people for some people it does the thing where you think will I’m just going to burn this place to the ground I don’t care like a little wrecked my body I’m I’m going to wreck my soul I’m going to go crazy fries so much fun by the way it’s getting fucked up on reality you can’t see me I’m hiding in your seeking men
the different response I’m going to get wasted I’m going to only drink green juice and sleep 10 hours a day I’m going to jump out of planes I mean like all of that is a mortality you mean water did you explain to her why I have a house full of Star Wars toys at that the music art of self-obsession with other things and I got two exhaust exhaust everything that I get into
the whole time we’re talking I just looking over these two dislike looking today like yeah right okay
if they if there’s kids listening and there are don’t let there be there always are we in the 80s we had an institutionalized policy which turned out to be very flood where you just had this unilateral policy the the thing that we’ve never said is drugs exist people take them to feel good you may have a different experience than anyone else has like they they are out there in the world therefore it’s up to you to know when you personally are right are being hurt by them or no validation of drugs are bad we are even when they’re good they’re still bad but the idea is like no
yourself and your and your scent of your place in the world and realize that like no matter how many drugs you do you still have to be on this planet you still got to figure out who you are you still got to live here and the drugs are only going to like push that away for a moment like they don’t fix the the essential nature of Being Human which is shit is fucked up and you’ve got to be here and that shit is painful and find a way through it that doesn’t involve exterior you know honestly I honestly you’re missing a lot a lot of brunch
chocolate thank you Dan kind of Jason Sudeikis guy
Eric Simmons everybody
coronavirus podcast
turn my absolute favorite new podcast out of good principal on Jody White
Aisha Tyler
I’ve got to get home and thank you so much right fast it cancerous


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