Episode: 193 – Ghost Dinosaurs


Episode: 193 – Ghost Dinosaurs


Deadbeat’s Tyler Labine plus the return of Kumail Nanjiani with Rob Schrab, Spencer and Jeff all on stage at once! Watch the video at harmontown.com/live! Music by Jeordie White


from Hollywood California meltdown comic harmontown is now in session
take a moment to realize that the music that you’re hearing over the last three episodes in this one currently Makes You For You by shorty why she’s so funny about that
bring up Spencer Crittenden everybody
rob driver
the mayor of harmontown Dan Harmon
can I get a collector of you
that’s a reference to Dave Klein Purdue subscribers is it okay to is it okay to talk about the gift you gave me on the sidewalk or the gift of a handjob
the paper was gold 24-karat
recently have over the last couple weekends but it’s that serious
yep yep that would make my make my brain what is that is that the Indica sativa
okay so sativa that’s my jam that’s want to write that down cuz I can never remember
alright alright too high on indica
and then I went on the next time I get high together
what’s with the gold the gold paper there’s paper rounded the goal what’s up with that what’s up with that
game recognize game he told you that’s a reference from an old episode of harmontown where could I miss the mail so much we lost Camille
talk to mail quickly if if I if it is he came out right now
Kumail nanjiani everybody
you know how to punch him
you know I haven’t been here in a while but I haven’t changed I’m still the same guy
I’ve always been nothing is different about me but name three of doctor friends attribute
he’s just very grounded
who the doctor prayer
wasn’t that I mean D&D character is wrong on many levels right I want
from where I was going I was going to say it’s a harmontown has evolved to the point where people are doing walk on you know what Heavenly visual for a podcast last week last week’s drop was vacuuming the podium or some shit as Greg what was the podium
is it was great for the listeners and why were you vacuuming the podium pay Ashley vacuum this is the world’s largest person Kemal was the last people I see you say happiest guy in the world for having a laugh and his teeth is laugh laugh is this presents
is the guy everyone’s always like who’s that oh yeah
will tell him whatever
alright alright well I don’t get what’s so funny
and now I’ve done it now I feel like I’ve done a terrible thing we have a laughing crowd there you go and have like a real American Idol last kind of drink nobody else is allowed to laugh except for like for a comedy show we’re doing a thing
I can’t tribe Mick Mick Mick Mick
if somebody shot you come out has been yeah I don’t know how this works any more Princeton special in its own way no
I don’t think there’s a way to do that
Spencer I think you’re selling the show short if I told a joke can we can we can we isolate like it was a laser tell each of them topic that’s funny that nobody else yesterday
this is what I was say something please tell the joke again. It it’s not going to work at all yours to lose
oh yeah he wants the number to Lewis and Lewis
after laughing so terrible to hear only need maybe just one we deserve all right
I want to I want it we have a friend here you know hello
haven’t seen you in a week
I thought we were just is it like the waiters like he was our specials at the shop that are there any special
Apex Center.
it has been well let me ask you this. Do you like a Vines if you’re really enjoyed vines vines
at all. Are you familiar with Von in your mouth
yeah I’ve been trying to find the person sitting next to you in a public restaurant to watch his favorite Vines at full volume
you don’t talk to me waiting for my food you don’t respond to that
what do you want to talk about because I’m fucking like in to harmontown topic this guy attention must be paid what was the vine that was all be the mediator what was the vine that was
that was so urgent because it was a loop
are people just looking and what is what is the restaurant what restaurant what’s the level of restaurant
people across the street but it’s up to you.
what was the Lexington do I don’t see
is there an award for world Chef podcast
what is the Emmy nominees or was that this was happening today yeah it happens to everybody
time and everybody else is having a ball. Can you please turn down your volume on trying to eat my enjoyment of this is like you really above a I am okay well just you know that you don’t know this is you like blinders you don’t care you don’t care I’m the only one that’s aware of strangers in public or anywhere I’m with you
you don’t like mr.
all right let’s play a friend of a friend of mine
Hulu has an original series called ghost balloon it’s about a guy with a ghost balloon seen the Billboards yeah it’s a guy holding a balloon was a ghost it’s actually called Dead be so Hulu original series it’s about a guy named pack couches and I never got couches couches couches are you a Beverly Hillbillies
live in LA have couches
I always liked the timeline of the show because I don’t cuz it’s it’s it’s he helps ghosts can’t help himself and I don’t know if it’s like is it he helps those who can’t help himself or he can help himself
well let’s let’s let’s get let’s get some information please welcome Tyler
wow classic classic introduction night in I got my pink flamingo shorts on I don’t know
I’m jealous I mean you know I’m jealous
their muscular Muscular can I workout
I know you still aspire to Tyler’s cab from carrying around this this giant definitely has your fat
you know Tyler the 4th season of deadbeat know where is about to come out on Wednesday
it’s because my girlfriend used to talk about the fourth season as the impending season is about to drop entirely in the binge fashion klassic ninjas on Hulu and Hulu not to be here but I think that Hulu is that might have don’t I know I’m on a show on Hulu. Hulu really is not as good as though
Manor View Genesis.
Go 98
HD new
take me to Canada
all right
I would like to see that by the way
what’s up
what up now I got it now it is funny that that’s why I didn’t I didn’t I was like 3:30 in the morning and I’m texting my friends like Vines I text it to Kate and I hear from the bedroom I’m trying to sleep
someone’s going to get kind of checking right now I’m keeping a flowchart of a jug and Lewis’s last
right now I grabbed his Crypt Keeper
Avengers to ask you which which is joy and Evil
and right now they’re both completely tied their evil cryptkeepers feel embarrassed did you Lewis I didn’t mean to I mean obviously why is this guy got a wheel like on his lap
get we were looking to know his address the wheels on it go to try to feel when I will show the wheel. It’s like a big juicy pickle to circle around Ramadan but no sir it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s like a pentacle but because it’s a start of a motorized unicycle where’s the rest of you look like
how many balls do you have calling it out he was all I saw a guy holding a big metal round thing in his lap and I was like
like I was like leave that alone
there’s no room you got to stand
it’s a standing unicycle that’s why is cheaper
can you yeah there’s no way what are you talkin about
all right
oh my God oh my God oh my God
I have a question has magical juice a car
I have a question question I have a thousand questions are you are you Jewish
that’s such a Jew answer
as soon as my insurance agent
by the way that would have easily than eight people could have sued us what I’m going to buy is the engineering of a cool looks like a possible permanent like inside the rim if you is that is that an app or is it called a unicycle
did he say that with what is it called a juice can you walk faster than you can do that what’s faster
necktie walking and then you don’t have to carry that thing around
Nick I’m assuming it’s a lot harder than writing a regular unicycle with a seat
are we going to have to learn to ride a unicycle and this took me 6 weeks 6 weeks okay
that’s right
take that up first I think that would be
are you like a performer
I said I want I want to try it but is there like a chain that you can like lock it up outside I like that he’s assuming people are going to steal it so I would steal it but I guess like for the sake of your neighbors
Justice streets of Los Angeles
chapters left of it
who is the ferry right there I thought I thought that was like I thought you were filled so I just assumed like that may be holding that man’s body together like a second of might be a glass of a wheelchair touchy subject Yes by Michelle
you know a lot of yellow in the show
yeah, like a salmon Diane kind of
aren’t they you know we all they want they decided they didn’t want the show to be perceived as like a nerdy show because it’s really about a guy who can see ghosts I do help them finish their business as it as one of the key art seems to be like engineered to like to think happy thoughts on who should use yellow was that
it’s a comedy, really has nothing to do with a dude but he’s a loser I’m a drug addict help himself but do you and been helping the ghost like is that how I can help them
I can’t help myself you can’t help yourself helping them put your life so you’re a loser. Help yourself but you can help these guys even though it’s already been on for nine seasons and episode 311 which device can check it out from talking to my lover who helped create the shows about them or insights of like
I’m like dropping into think that’s a nice little episode fuckers I don’t get it I end up here and I was coming we we we are we Lampoon pretty much it
dial of film and anything we did like Thomas Crown Affair
would you like a plate Club one who said he raised his hand like with Devil horn which is the least surprising thing for a guy who just yell type to do and then take a bow on grandson a giant table
I have a question are there different color is a blob blobfish look like under water but there’s like a ghost like something I got to get out like ghost mommy’s a guy
came back as a Tyler retire
do you want to play a ghost money on a
yeah I want to watch it I want to watch it how long are the people people people people
there’s a ghost dinosaur business with a dinosaur need to finish
they never met when they stuck around your data can be like a fucking dinosaur died and a meteor
what are we doing a meteor meteor Wednesday night is very sorry what happened I just exploded
are you there yeah I bet you’re going to help himself is that why the Billboards it’s just you and yeah
you guys finally got it you got it short short answer is no. You’re touching but you’re busy with gastrointestinal issues guys. I was drinking a lot and then we split up a spinning propeller of a plane
yeah I know I heard from you right now there are issues going on with me and my guess that we are yet to be determined and is that’s what they pay
can I use more crackers
you got me worried. There’s no Western medicine. I think I should go to see some furniture for fun really a little late every fucking thing until then because I’m thinking I’m thinking long has forever so if I limited now and figure out so she had maybe I can drink while you work by the way I don’t know I always have some serious intestinal problems
how definitely trash problem
must be nice Muslim privilege Superstar your project what project
don’t forget talk about
oh yeah well so, Valley comes back April 24th
are there I think we mentioned the movie
all right
since you eliminated alcohol have you experienced any relief from your symptoms in the last 2 days I’m trying to help you
I know. That’s why I know is that after what are you what are you doing Tyler
boo boo boo boo
dad wanted to hear you say anything.
Is just vodka and Ice is like Indiana

I don’t know what to do I don’t know what they put in there
I always win I win that race as usual
where are Vitamin Water
series like people like their obituaries I guess that’s my way of saying they died
your other obituaries happened oh my God she died it was like moved on and then her husband died and it was because they’re fucking shower had mold in it and it was like hell yeah it was like it was like no joke I don’t know what the most healthy part like if there is no plan
half of these guys but their doctors or doctors can be nice if you answer random you know what like they’re like you should eat more peanuts randomly to
that’s the point that was the whole point of comedians
an astute observation I don’t know man I know that would be noticeable people be like Tyler just told you that drink is killing him and tell him maybe Taylor has a PSA for not drinking vodka drink vodka drink Vodka man I wish I can drink vodka with you right now and he’s allergic to alcohol
can you imagine being a high school like we’re not all the same Shame Shame Shame we’re not all the same
you’re going to get my EpiPen I smoke some weed in my poles and freaking Brothers breakfast
to keep his hands steady
Hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no one misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes out the themes related my own life but was always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like you’re always in good hands
adventures in Black Cinema with Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
Jeff is a slave to you guys
I don’t know what that Craven decent for
and I thank you and I find it it’s not it’s not so much to drink.
somebody’s got to stay in control so it’s got to be the morning after 10
is 30 kids a balloon
give three children with autism so so tan.
does your mom Listen to harmontown Good News baby John nothing I’m I am done lyrics
I know this is a really like I really like the feeling of coming in
call me crazy I don’t know I just like it was willing to throw it all that makes two of us.
oh oh you becoming my wife
I know who to call
which is can you read it the right way and almost works better for that
guns and his wife he can’t help himself himself up inside your bladder no good
is that like a choice you make
and then it goes inside I don’t know how is I just thought you ought to know as much about it as video yourself I don’t know I just thought it was something that everybody want to tell you something horrible but apparently what happens if you turn on the radio and you heard it was on his if you try to stop at Jack for too long
yeah this is my theory and I guess why you stopping at work. How are you like that people call is coming home
what is the thing called
yeah I know I know
for the hermit and listeners that have not paid $5 a month to see the live stream Tyler is currently edging Rob tribe right now
only 5000 you getting an education
no no word play and no Sports I was great all right I only have two rules
I want to talk about this obviously they orgasm for a while you’re different from pinching pinching it’s like stopping that was just eventually, it’s the act of actively going to stop go baseball when there it’s like that red light green light red light green light
Lillian Scott when you come inside you if you read like too many times
tyler you talked to get feel like I still want to open this up to the to the crowd and then I have other people do you have felt the other the repercussions of that I’ve had to explain to me what would be the worst possible scenario. I don’t know a few majan or something is that there are more into the physical like restrain the actual admission
again thank you for coming to Hermantown everybody else
drive fast take out like I don’t like word play
he doesn’t like it because if he thought of it he would have said that’s not true so true thousand tons a minute and just rejecting give us one you rejected why are you judging me with your microphone that seems like we’ll be right back
it doesn’t take that much take time out for a station identification are coming and then they come they come backwards and it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t it doesn’t affect the epidermis epidermis is the Greek god of death
anyways do you guys do you guys come a lot
give me like number of times volume.
Are you coming a lot Jeff are you coming a lot right now
what’s a regular milk my friend’s wife was going through Chinese medicine school and she was like that so will I become a Dodge Viper look like a naturopath
and she was at when you come in it for my final exam which is basically me and my professor and I’m doing any police professors and Anna and I went oh my God I thought you going to dilute that with vodka
I wish I could just tell us where you went into the classroom classroom and he’s got like eight students in there as well as my friend Sarah who is giving me the weather and it seems like if you lay down on the exam table imma do some stuff for not asking me questions along the way
yeah it’s the one of the questions was that what how often do you masturbate grown adults and I like that’s what I would say like you three times a week which is Elias like five times a week so I lied about the amount but not realizing that many more people in it all of them three times a day minimum
I’m questioning and then so how much do you ejaculate on pads and looking at the Lakers going down in some medical
is there a scroll of copper address written in calligraphy yeah you have to go to converting the metric you fucking asshole you ambushed me with his weird-ass test in front of your friends and she’s like how much do you ejaculate totally exaggerated myself like is that a things about how was your brother
what you doing what is that what is that because if it landed on the ground and tennis ball of come because if I was making like like come pancakes and I had a little Belgian Waffle House
so I just basically it was like I was like yeah
what does that mean
I didn’t finish the exam and left and she gave me a whole bunch of little meds look like rabbit until it will help with your ejaculation
supposed to be this coming over here then I’m coming to fucking highways
funny that’s all that’s all really relative too like we will come wash classrooms how many socks do you need to wipe up nobody needs more than one to soccer
where are the new look down here like nothing happened
I think I’m fucking heading home right now. Sorry about that. That would really like I kind of Wonder the back of women’s Minds like in their most like that sorry
casual part of their for Brandon be required to say of course we don’t give a shit about that but but but somewhere in the back of your head so you know there is no harder than normal healthy amount of
that’s in a world where we’re all Vulcans yes that’s exactly how everyone would meet me but here’s the thing I do Ian groceries liability because all the way back that’s all she’s been ever did was like how much did you come in like looked at it and then they were like all right I’ll be president
he made it just eat more broccoli that.
I just don’t want dead Bass
it’s all about work is getting a ghost jokes and they have it is it is a fun concert. Okay you can watch it
the episode I watch there wasn’t any
that was good times showing now
the listeners that I just put on a hat guys with me I take it off
no one was complaining everybody was having a ball the Raleigh triangle yeah silly fucking delusional everyone spiders like the world is like Rob you’re all out of your bride to try to listen to yes yes well you got William wants you to listen to
is there a Vine that’s just wants to cry for help if there was somebody playing their Vines for you to hear
yeah yeah bright weed weed be happy or talking to the phone like a walkie-talkie or are they are watch the movie at the restaurant murder in Elizabethan
I’m not a snob about other people’s behavior really is but I’m very very like anxious about my own table like being judged by their table or you just want to keep a low profile, I want I want my table to enjoy themselves and have a good time while I’m not be concerned about you have a good time most of us were what’s the address I just got the fax what happened and what it is a different thing
not to judge or anything but there’s a lioness occasion in the room all right I’m on your side so you find my presence to turn to turn you down lower the opacity of my existence
then there’ll be happy that about your other you’re very opaque the real Rob drives but who who like his birthday if people are like happy birthday and he’s like now
it’s the birthday song someone else’s birthday
no but everything’s I hate Rob tonight should I use a writing utensil you’re a you’re a hateful person in the NCG you you hate a lot of things to paint
you know what I do to you know what I like you you know you’re so mean
I guess so I guess that’s a throb of a different color
happy birthday
happy birthday to you one more time
I love the song that I think we should be winning the best podcast award will you were talking about your movie
no I wasn’t I have nothing to say
should a parent to talk about Game of Thrones bring I was hanging out and this gentleman came up to me and he was very nice and he was like I love harmontown you know it’s a normal thing and I was about to be like thanks so much and then I was like oh my God I’m so so I got his email and I’m going to bring it up
Harry Hines.
Yo yo yo
I don’t drink but if I was someone who drank I would have been very trying to figure out if I said anything stupid to you or was it was our interaction fine you said Star Wars dumb shit that’s how I figured it was going to be
Jacob yes I am we haven’t
I we should we should probably plug your show to
it premieres April 3rd 4:24 April 24th Game of Thrones why is it called Game of Thrones when there’s only one throne in it
that’s a great question.
What the fuck Jacob
what are you doing sorry the central premise of the show
I like how does castration work because
there are numerous characters who are without various levels of gonads your character for instance it’s like the unsullied castrated testes implying that the weiner is still there after my walk
what is that a big plot points this season of genital mutilation all the until they can a giant Martin’s not done with the final book you don’t know what the title is yeah it’s called what’s left of the unsullied
actual serious question on that that is a good question if I don’t know what does it say the sausage is still there yeah the babies off okay yeah that’s the dick
this is genuinely every conversation I have with anyone ever
Jacob I can’t believe how are you what’s your serious question obviously you have to sign an NDA you have to how much trouble are you at risk of what are they tell you how in the dark are you about interviews Jacob you didn’t tell me a spoiler that you told me something I don’t know cuz I don’t know what level of
you can’t do this in front of an audience of big fans it’s not there
text Chase
I stepped on your
is it is it one of your balls goes back this season
but it’s a dragon egg
but then but then the dragon is Jaime Lannister’s hand
I know that and drowned Stone man
Sarah Michelle Obama
the question like so one of the gearing up to watch the next season so sorry. I know you were terribly if I wasn’t I wasn’t any but thank you for reminding me
I was just going with the flow and asking questions I just wanted to know like like so everyone’s going to die and I know it seems like how much should I weigh I don’t know how much but if you were curious about the amount of likes you how much do not already have to do it in as the last one that was fun
a crime that was sucked by the way before that
how do you train a death
no. Do you think you could write a Jew cycle
I could try all right so
walking to the Herd podcast
I mean Four Seasons I mean this is crazy for a podcast of our level to have this kind of exclusive but we do have a sneak preview that were able to provide Jacob said he would perform it’s a scene it’s a crucial scene from the new season had to be in it. Do you want to play this a new Lord die from from from house house house house house cock cock cock cock
like I said he’s a cool guy and he’s like rock and roll from the Eastern Realms and I’m kind of like a badass uncompromising guy and Grey Worm finds out that he’s actually the bastard child of that he takes his boat back and finds me and and we do a scene together and then yeah
am I cutting a wild boar
go to rockauto.com.
scary shit man
what does wild boar in the cupboard
Goldsboro adult video
that sounds like my biological son
and I don’t know if when he sees me he’ll be happy or sad
so I will take my house is trademark weapon
the board nice
how to the Sandy coast of House Rockin cock
is a lot of stairs
so you’re not right on the beach
this is a lantern
he’s holding a lantern why do you say it again
oh next level is
Lord Lord harmonious I would recommend you don’t walk down those steps alone tonight oh here we go
use your microphone microphone
I think you should let somebody come with you
treacherous staircase I believe myself more than capable of suppressing my own house
the fun here
let me come with you down the stairs I can’t believe the stress the story line out of her full episode
do that landed at this point I just want to go downstairs

tattoo Camille and Jacob
like is it the sausage with the best cancer
mine is just a dick bitch
I don’t know
I’ll accept your service troll man
but you should know I’ve heard the rumors
there is a big
can I have the green light
take us to Panda
I took them off
they know that works
can you count to 30 1/2
that was a close one
I got some good news and bad news
good news is the dragon’s gone bad news is I lost the lantern
oh oh Lord harmonious
Thunder shirt off troll
show me the marching at the staircase towards you right now to run for as I’ve learned one of the unsullied is my seed
but I didn’t hear I didn’t hear stupid
we fast-forward through a scene with is darker than a weird face of Guyana
what’s going on now identify you up at your home sorry I’m the Lord of my yes Lord of cockatrice
stage 29
why you starting with hey it’s me
I’m so sorry I spoke to two people who care
wait this is your dad the Apple fell pretty far from the tree
I believe you have my house set of differences Vonage
I know you lost your balls but I think it would have been better than being raised by this 100%
Todd snow
yes, I hope the past can be forgotten I need now a warrior to leave my kingdom there is only one way out.
A father who sells a 7-2 castration
there’s only one way hello hello I am I’m sorry could you repeat that the door was closed we didn’t hear any of that it was just muffled my name is Lord high stakes
I raised take the father who sells his own son into castration and it was only settled the score in Mortal Kombat
go to fight because he knows how to spell yeah yeah
let’s go let’s go
I don’t know how this will solve things because Lord harmoni is training montage
3 pull ups
you bring my sister. You didn’t really I just I heard this a thing to say
that was a new thing
Pro green Chrono
Jesus Son please stop stop both of your mom’s name is Martha OSHA
all right thing and it doesn’t get closer
we should
that was good I like it was also by the way a very popular musician as well I’m really rhymes
nobody knows there’s a lot of makeup and Hollywood’s best kept secret by musical handle is Raleigh Ritchie
is my rich you’re a very successful musician your voice makes my balls I just
what is fucking god he’s got it going on
there’s room for both of you
big there are you a harmontown I just thought it was some sort of what was what was your favorite season season.
they really hit their stride I don’t know what changed at least we got season for anyway
go to season 4 in solidarity I made bad comments about that I only meant to be self-deprecating about my experience and I think the people that work very hard and I mean I really think
seemed like another credit for mister I mean your character is not dead going to be watching this guy and he’s going to be fighting and having a having passionate strange will they want these with the with certain information
by the way
you’re awesome
one story short.
You’re beautiful creature
understand where you’re coming from
I know a lot of hardcore
I like that
I’m a big fan of yours and say we’ll keep it in this room
you may be right out when I’m finished
what do you do when you when you talk to me what are you hoping cuz you are I had to convince you to come on stay on the shower it’s just like
GT used bucket Community reference I’m sorry Jacob Jacob table right now
I’m kneeling I’m on my knees
no I was I was really concerned that was one of you guys. I would have like a chola Baba and kind of experience I don’t talk to you much but thank you amazing
turn them loose so that he doesn’t have to feel the anxiety anymore I mean from your and then I just stayed around to go back to England
okay cool
can I say hello to my friend George by George
yeah I mean Jacob
I started listening to harmontown about 2 years ago will you already shooting Game of Thrones or can I ask you a question you must be ass all the time how does that work
is ready board I feel like this is a comedy show at so I can bring it down I want to know if we got sent an MP3 and we just listen to it and listen to I’m going to ask them but you just you just sort of is it all about the molding at that point is all that surgery around with your sister is like picking up to exist
is it broken
I’m like they tried to edit that out I have never seen on real man is on medication that language a good movie
like like like line reads not to undermine directions to this great directions to Great
Wicker Park Ave
so I can we find a lot of time writing here next week exactly yeah I really wanted to come in here and say something like total shit about it but it’s like the different castes and different world different kingdoms and stuff what what’s the best one to be in there were talks emotion it’s cuz they’re like in fucking cold as for the weather and then everybody else is like warm climates
sometimes you get your nipples
you fill out now because I was thinking about the heat released five people are turned on by this excited that you not have a jacket Comming yeah it’s very hot that it’s like like like like actually it’s just like so it’s supposed to show they’re doing so much like the production level is like your costume of the unsullied are there a lot like when I was in sixth grade I played it
I was I was the third molar it was a likely sisters costumes that are just like they have to be minimal dragons and then we don’t have much money left. I will call her and have like poopy sleeves even said I was the second molar and I had a I was small enough that all the costumes were grocery bags paper grocery bags so that’s how small we wear that our heads upside down you’re wearing them as oh my God
Tyler what do you think you’ve Got It Bad incisor Queen molars crimes the food for early digestion and I fucking felted it out is that genuinely the line for my steps really well that’s put in there
the room what do I write OK Google mythologically what character do you think that would be in the Game of Thrones Universe little finger
there’s no funny answer to that I think you’re right I bet you’re glad that they’re adding layers but that you’re saying you’re you’re constantly under the beating son so adding clothes is good I just this is something I don’t understand about to take off the skin type thing and throw a jacket over your place very funky very very it’s a very kind of Discord
Galaxy but there’s going to be a Baseline
I figured myself a great disservice if we don’t eventually end the show with a gray whale
why I didn’t tell you to Branch into that world you said it what it what is your what is your cost if I’m a rapper everyday
he thinks our rapper like hey can you help me with my computer
you could have beautiful 6 and 1/2 hours give me a fucking second you sing beautifully
quit for sure Riley Richie can do the Rihanna bridge in my in my a closing rap
Jacob jigga what sort of style would you would you call your music
I’m sorry are you at the greatest rap at the end of the show because we have to end this thing with the giant flourish you got your got your ghost season 14 longest-running live-action comedy on TV in history
you got that you got that movie that can mail can’t shut up about people throwing throwing gamers
it surely is the Golden Age of television and you guys are always there holes in the basement like how do we go talk to them it’s it’s you guys are but everyone seems like I said why do you don’t even know the name of the show
it is a great I mean you know we’re doing on Sunday. Check is hunted and walked away yeah so he was like some fucking weird said my name was that night as well if you guys can leave we’re just going to tell them that we should we should do this I’m done
it should be finished as comptroller
I’ll drive I’ll drive
and because you’re Brown you might have to wrap in this one command. No I I really have no rhythm I have no rhythm he’ll do it for me never
no taking a shower using the car never know can you fix my computer
yeah probably serious questions about yourself ever shower and even know what salaam ever whistle I cannot whistle that’s me doing my best for real I sweat but you can sing Happy Birthday sing sing Happy Birthday to everybody everybody can sing everybody on the indoor kids if you want to hear him say he doesn’t matter you can’t say I don’t want to sing
this is ready
anybody sing but you just you just sing once in a while you can. No fucking patronize made this anyway
Christian isn’t going to work do. This gorgeous melodic maybe I should be true or watch me think I’ll sing something all right
the top volume
it’s extreme encouragement but but look at the result that was beautiful support around me
Tacoma speaking of hyper encouragement / bullying is time for us to bring this show in the station
put your cloak of of of rapping
Spencer and his cloak of rapping earlier before the show this is not talk about that cock of rocking
all right stuff
put your hoodie on now
rapping rapping west side to the east side she doesn’t need a ride took her to the South took it to the North he was Passover last Easter fuck your mama until it please clear she got on her knees and more put her head down in The Boar’s Nest
can I go give it to him this comes from the house rocking cock yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
this isn’t a cat a little spray
a lot of Melody competing with
yeah yeah my doctor tens here again I’m here 9 and 10 I’m going to come back again yeah yeah Jen I’m going to be here again when I go down to the evening broom I’m going to dinner
anchor pregnant so she has a baby I’m going to pack her she said maybe if I raise it with you you it’ll be rich but I said 12 it’s going to need another Stitch episiotomy a piece of pleasing me I’m going to do with you until you do it to me I’ll take you to a place you’ve never been cuz I told you before Monday with dr. Yurko fuck it all the plumbing
a little bit then I thought you some more fucking people up on upgrade on your walls going to suck your mama so how’s it going to think her name was on the cat
coronavirus map
civil rights up
Frederic Remington
directions to Taco
Jacob Anderson everybody
call Jeff Davis
Drive fast and take chances
I know it’s for starburns Industries type of the month club made by some of the most funky and creative artists around featuring do you know Jake and Dana Kellerman Dynasty Lance bangs DJ douggpound open mike Eagle And subscribe now $13 get you a crisp you need tape in the mail each month for $20 you owe me to a portable cassette player so you can listen to your tapes on the go here’s how to order for credit card customers please call 747-888-0945 that’s 747-888-0945 or save Cod charges and log on to the World Wide Web
at d. R i p s p i p r e s s it’s a good deal
hello I’m Kyler’s I’m the host of never seen it the podcast were comedians rewrite famous movies and TV shows they’ve never seen and then we give them a reed in studio this is a clip I want to play for you guys from episode where Langston Kerman rewrites Scarface he’s never seen it but he wrote a script based on what he thinks he knows about it and here’s a clip give it a listen alright Scarface the New Frontier interior happening discotheque remember when we called clubs disco text LOL the seventies were crazy night the crowd bustles with young hot Mexican so we’re supposed to be Cuban and all are dressed and Butterfly collared shirts and pants that look like jinco jeans and pleated khakis had a really weird baby there sex in the air in Papi wants a whip
Scarface 22245 not even a little bit of Italian looking so get that out of your dumb braids walk through the crowd with the confidence of a man who’s going on MTV Cribs with the Ying Yang Twins what does he actually have a scar on his face fuck no why would I
even ask that that’s not important what’s important is that he is not at all a problematic stereotype and that he has come for his cocaine as he approaches the red rope of the VIP pronounce day a pay in Spanish friend who is almost certainly going to become his Enemy by the end of the film smoothskin Scarface yells out his signature line


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