Episode: 199 – Flesh Thing Made Of Four Strings Of Dude


Episode: 199 – Flesh Thing Made Of Four Strings Of Dude


Dan and Jeff trip balls and your Mayor has a message from the Void. Jason Sudeikis returns for the first time since the movie tour along with first time guest Will Forte! Watch the video at harmontown.com/live! Become a member


but let’s make podcast history
the only thing the trivia stuff look up Titanic
where am I
California Wok I want to get hermit and is now in session
different than everybody
that’s how I feel good night Big 4 accounting
I got no thank you
what is show what a show we had his show
brought to you by dr. Pepper or I came up with it a bit I have a bit of a real bit do you have a segment music for a real bit I have
real man seems like something in a real comic would do
okay so you know how you know how everybody thinks professional wrestling is fake right all right okay yes I did last summer he messing up the bit that I think all other wrestling is fake because you can’t tell me that for 6000 years jeans and people have been getting together addressing the same and trying to paint each other on a mat and nobody thought to bring a snake or a two-by-four
14 more years of of of that and I’d have like a strong 10 minutes
thank you so right.
But in the meantime back to the regular show which is nothing short of a full
is the microphone supposed to be back further as it did you guys like it was back for them not talking to you
that’s okay thank you for the mushrooms last night
Havana night and I didn’t cut it we did mushrooms and we went to a fancy restaurant which is a terrible idea I didn’t know we were going to have dinner when you were going to do with the restaurant
we’re going to a restaurant Jeff in the car on the way to the Bel-Air Hotel you should take them now cuz that way like cuz they take an hour to kick in and then I think we I don’t know when we took them but exactly an hour after we took them but we were at a maitre d like station were having a dinner and I would like that better be Peter Jackson
cuz otherwise it’s it’s it’s it’s the homeless hodori like I guess but it looks like Beetlejuice in like I didn’t appetizer was terrifying it looks like my my salad was like talking to me and it was wild in my memory what you ordered look like an Indian headdress different colors surprise movie that Mel Gibson produced what look like Apocalypto
who ordered the Apocalypto I was upset
you guys want you guys to take a walk I’ll take care of the dinner so I pretended like I was like Handler like your manager because I had a suit on and I said mr. Harmon and Cody they had they found out they had to leave may I please get their food to go for them and I’ll take care of it and running around at the Friday I’m a single because I was sitting there like when you’re on a little
do you get very self-aware and you feel like everybody else is also kind of aware of you but maybe they’re not at all but now I’m just a dude in a suit with all the free peoples food in front of me and I I made it out of there alive I had a couple drinks and I get pretty big on your card so I hope you like that when he’s going to get his left hand in the fountain
and that the water is trickling on his hands and I go over there that you were like the fat was talking to you I laid my palm on top of the surface of the water and when I sit beneath the surface my hand became a Nate’s hand
and if I lowered it became an alien hand because apes are more sophisticated than aliens and primitive the more primitive the life of the more advanced it is because the more primitive the life the more it is able to contact me because it’s based on water and water is the conduit so
my palm on top us when Jeff came up I had just figured out that if I keep my palm on the top of the water I can I can listen to all life
and do you know what I said tell our story
oh yes and I will
I see your story set of the old west Andy Dick is the sheriff someone pay me
that’s what I did last night. Cups
we need those
what’s the second what’s the second half of aliens that’s a good movie it still holds up as fun the second one
did the first aliens I mean my favorite line in that movie is not game over man but but in that same conversation with Bill Paxton in
put her in charge and I didn’t do it
kick back where all the other ones are Bill Paxton in the sense of like a caricature of myself with that line why don’t you put her in charge of a kind of also I was like I was like immediately was like yeah what the fuck is going on man
you know what I mean like it was good it was also like he could there was a hole Paul Reiser Paul Reiser is very good guy here’s the thing they say about mushrooms you know what they say they say if you think you’re going to have a good time you will and I can’t think of
yeah I know what you mean like a freak you out but it’s a it’s a it’s like this weird Mobius strip of like to have a bad trip that you will have a bad traffic and I understand completely same thing but Cody Cody had a bad a bad time and we both kind of have overall a bad time I was it was worth it to just communicate with all of life like first demons were coming out only have kind of a bad ecstasy trip and they’re using it to treat post-traumatic stress now because another ailments because psilocybin has a clinically measurable effect of something previously thought to be immeasurable which is perspective like you actually take enough of it and you you walk
play with the sense that you are part of a larger hole and it’s sort of like they give it to like you know people that were in Iraq and got got blown to bits and having trouble coping with that that stress and shoving a they’ve experimented with giving them psilocybin and so they’re finally getting some scientific research into these if I think if you don’t take quite enough to push you through on to Jim Morrison’s other side that you simply are just like super aware of yourself cuz I got out of the shower I just like staring at myself in the mirror and I knew that it was disgusting but I was also like I was like I’m beautiful like like like baby okay I just know that I’m an idiot but I was like I was just naked and all the patterns of my body hair and how they are revealing that I had descended from an ape that had gone through a semi-aquatic phase that’s right
that’s why we’re hairless that’s the looking up Elaine work is aquatic ape Theory and it was being proven to me cuz the scintillating drips of water where the following this like you know this like perfect like Connor and I was just like this you know everything moves when you’re on mushrooms Mike Mike Mike my big pink round gut was like the pulsating like this like cook food of full of baby eggs that I was just like watching my belly button and my nipples like turn into his mouth going on
but it was all kind of hear it was it was all about the self and I think that I think that are true mushroom trip to take 3 only got to write
tell tell the cops I thought I said it was a show at this story is such horseshit I was so sick of you telling a story about you and Jason Sudeikis and his friends like taking mushrooms I know it’s true I was in the bathroom and I heard knock knock knock and it just as big as a side to him and you okay if we just taking mushrooms and I was like yeah I’m cool I’m just talkin to the shampoo is right now take the shampoos he had a bunch of his roommate they’re doing a comedy show at the Flamingo and they’re staying at our place near where Tupac got killed I think and you’re like a little choir of angels singing to me I’m just sticking with the shampoos did like all rights.
I was kind of like a fancy like a like a clever
Will Forte
is one of the biggest fucking pussies in the world he would never do drugs he would never do it if he were here and Jason Sudeikis were here they would both fucking kick your ass or be mad
all right
thank you very much for like a you might kick my ass for real thank you very much I appreciate that
half the battle just looking like it is this the last man on Earth on Tuesday tomorrow in the writers room like. Mrs. but you can’t. Just headed straight for their silver lab right you can’t you overlap so it’s at that point we do the acting all day and then I got to write it at night so weak as not true I don’t mean that to be like you’re lazy literally acting Innocent but I’m acting a scene with them and it’s like we’re going to turn around I go this way cuz our chairs in the foods I go over this way and there’s a laptop open a mic works on it like on the laptop the whole time
but then you left and then you went to go do with his other job like literally during the day it’s pretty hard worker but I can kind of whatever he really is a writing that episode of future episodes are you freestyling as he said he’s rewriting episode
different different shows he took two to seven episode.
Who is alcoholic
who’s who do you want to do on a drink I’m sorry and who you know very well in and Eric Durbin now is coming in to code Show run so as bobrow you finally figured out he’s a fucking he’s the worst I love him so much he’s already scattered to the to the 85 wins now there’s a community person everywhere cuz we did six seasons and I’m sure some of them are like they all hate me but but but but I’m sure also some of his understand about just let the family of it all like you really going to eat season is like an old man season 3 was great we had someone so and such and such and then I was looking up the Yahoo season and even thinking I don’t know what I’m explaining to you
I just noticed that the expense of it after it all through watch TV and for Olivia with like that commercial even me you and Jeff we know each other for twenty plus years that idea I guess that’s the feeling of family like like like but that’s why grandparents are like you be nice to hear from you once in awhile because they’re they’re like really run to shows in their life
for like 30 seasons has like a mother and a grandmother and then they’re like how did you guys meet the Comedy Sports in Kansas City that was Milwaukee comedy for a Chase on Kansas City I was at La and Rob is obviously a Milwaukee and we obviously
Milwaukee are you in Kansas City
you guys became an 80s mattress commercial for a second.
Start a certain Springer’s pregnant by every city but a lot of the cities in ComedySportz we went to a tournament there were kind of the younger crew that we all kind of circled around each other and became friends and we all we can remain friends but really it’s really crazy we all were kind of annoyed at our bosses I’m a blessed all their hearts but like like there’s like no other names I remember their names
teenage anger doesn’t go away that quick
I’m still making money off as we would all just kind of bosses
well they were just never there is never do anything right in our minds we were so funny and money until they just need know how to run a thing and then they didn’t tell me when I was at school for that but we all eventually said fuck this shit and bike moved on but of course is a writer and producer, I would have been a real
they still do still don’t like me but let’s talk about writer actor hybrids because you’re talking about to get my head around that cuz I’m having pains of insane jealousy there with the idea of you being on set having having sold a show created it developed it and now you’re on the set and you’re still running over to the laptop like I’m I’ve got such a man crush on you for that like like just because I told you this before
hahaha I didn’t know that I would meet somebody
in a in a in a scene that he’s describing are you
is what’s on the laptop like scenes that are about to shoot that week or is it like an FBI next episode no wheat we will do every once in awhile you’ll get into a case where your writing stuff for stuff that we put but usually it’s jamming out to stuff that’s coming to the following week I mean ideally your cure to a place where you get the stuff all settled before you’re even shooting cuz I I hate yeah but it does not happen every every year it’s like the first day of school year book and my Trapper Keeper the unicorns going to hold a pencils and pens by three shirts I’m going to wear and then two days later it’s bubblegum unfolding Legg Lake with the thing like Mary has her journals like like like either a there just like five strong days and then I forget it to go on a trip in this a while back that but it was like it was like a little something for
5 lb like 5 years I got as a Christmas gift so you knew years are a great literally went two days went on a trip and now it’s done and I won’t even pick up Annika is like know if I can do the five years straight I’m only sorry you got from I was I was I was with you and that was there in Las Vegas the night we happen to be in Las Vegas you were in Second City Las Vegas you would be with the Pumped up to the miners from ComedySportz to like you were you were doing like when there was like 30 people in the audience in this Chloe and it was a funny improv show and but you were you were kind of being and trying to keep your Don Draper Vibe I get off you cuz you’re such a hipster like quickly we were told the exact time
it was the night that I’m anti-social I think that you were going to be on SNL audition was a manager that saw myself and pancake and and who was in the cast with and then a guy named Seamus the car at the end and that manager picked us all up and then we made the guys may taste cuz they’re looking for guys I think and release I made a tape that is building the show base with and sent it in and it’s my new maybe I was going to get to go audition I would assume they offered you a deal as I recalled that with that had been there was a template for the past it was like you know like getting hired as a writer and then didn’t get it but they liked me and then I got that like a week later they’re like a once you come out again and there’s only like met you meet Lorne Michaels and it’s more like he’s just making sure you’re not crazy you’re like I think you said
was make sure you’re someone I can walk by in the hallway at 2 a.m. he wouldn’t be scared or worried about you
who do you want to be to happen either or somewhere else was a part of him that he didn’t want to do that men do you know who Cannon is a loose cannon why do my dog
but we can go out there and then I got hired as a writer which I was a little bit like oh it’s a ridiculous I was at a imposter syndrome all that stuff once getting it and then you just kind of like just say yes and then that I hope to God it all works out in a grooming you a bit for being on the cast right there like Tina had done it and David Spade and then in Sandler done it in like even back in the day Chevy did it kind of did you know to what degree who else is like everybody’s everybody’s done it in the past you know I’m a writer and was a cast member had all made that that you use her knew who they were when they never tell you about Gordie Phillips as low as the guy who is Joy who wanted to be an actor they gave me a job as a writer and he’s still there
his office is in the basement hilarious in the room are you in the cast you’ll come back to LA and we like we go have a drink and you just look like what you just sit down and just dumped like how difficult that job was like it was like it was like he was very thankful and said everyone has a wonderful day Jeff it’s like Israel over there
how do you serve like developed like a niche I think we’re it I would like to visit with his gun in my lap like it’s such an original sort of voice that Lauren psycho is a variety show I need to have what will does on there or like the lonely I guess I need to have the Lonely Island animation you know like Kristen I need to have like I need to have a Christian track on this Greatest Hits secret Underneath It All I think it was back when Channel 1011 starting to be a thing in the Lonely Island guys are doing Channel 101 and then all the sudden oh my God they’re they’re taking that different path that Schiller real mr. bill passed somebody was talking to me about it they said about that in particular that he
is recognized that that you know the potential obsolescence of what he was doing there and and how any one of these random asteroids or Geniuses that what you had this way of like but he would he would back at you in and say look I know what you want and I know what you deserve and I’m going to set you up so that you can have it so long as you want and we’re getting their their card that said that it’s an SNL digital short like that’s their property do that about Smigel he knew he understood that there is there that you can’t create an army of General so you have to like give them like they’re you have to let them have the illusion that they have their own world yeah yeah I know it’s true I would say that he is he is good at that you have to earn that though how far into Jason like how far like a long when you were cast member was it when you found the okay this is my Nish this is my this is my thing like that at that take a while or you guys
my favorite like that castle is really good and you two together especially if I went to one of the tapings and you guys doing that your mustache ESPN3 kind of character hilarious take a while to find your stride and find like like when you look at this is my shit like this is what I do
I mean it depends forever cuz I I would always try to do we order stuff and it’s hard to to get that stuff on so it so you have to build trust and I was they would kill a Wednesday is PS it like to read through it was like it every time like you see cuz at the top of the every script it’s the writers names so I can see like nothing in polar or like give it sit for 10 you’re just kind of like you’ve been there 5 hours or less than an allen like there was just there was this iron sharpening iron thing that was brewing there that I don’t think really kicked into Jets question like until maybe our group came in I felt like just watching it from the outside your stuff started to get that that play like after you stop playing Bush really know for sure it was an honor to play Bush but
it was an honor I did not want to just done it’s like Dana Carvey doing the church like Bush Trailhead turn Bush into a character that was a so what’s the plan I wanted me election one of the election or country for 8 years by his his talent is Dino Dana Carvey would not leave and then somebody else come in and do the church lately so but you have to do the president so so I you know somehow became true meaning of you were great
it’s already changed it was not the kind of stuff I like to do and I was it was a fun adventure but but like if that the cast was so big at the time that that like a lot of times I would I would be putting out the kind of stuff that I like but but but you know you got a service everybody so I would you got your schedule and and that would be nothing for that episode so like for a couple years I was just kind of the Bush guy and didn’t really get to do but there was also known as I don’t remember who told me about this but then I started looking for it that in those years there was closer to midnight there was like okay these last sketch on sometimes it was one that like I don’t have no idea you guys could tell me and maybe for political reasons you would even be able to or it would take too long over there is no formula but sometimes it’s like
these like weird pieces of esoteric really in these like just just good good quality sketches that where it was for Taste name it was like like attached to that they’re going to do that so that there is something you got to watch till midnight because you might there might be a fort a sketch, because they don’t believe in them because the tribe wasn’t that was not what I meant to say was the episode that where I felt like it all kicked in that was Jack Black hosting the Christmas episode of what happened to be oddly enough my generation first season I was lucky to be there time is there you were there so you have you had you had Jack Black kicking ass a second time hosting singing an amazing King Kong opener that you have then you have with it when can I the first eight holes to a hose buy a Christmas tree you at Christmastime for the Jews a short thing up a short amazing short film parody by smog
you had spelling bee with with with 40 and then most importantly I would say most iconic Lee Lazy Sunday by Lonely Island episode that was me that was the Christmas episode of $2,000 was also inside them was like being sent up in a balloon to New York out of glue and whatever if you have but the spelling bee thing I just want to talk about it for a second the sketch the spelling bee sketch I’m sure if you just type it into YouTube who knows or somebody just find it it’s simply judge’s arrest I like me saying I’ll write your next word is what’s the next word business business
incorrectly spelling business
and that’s it that’s the whole Scotch it doesn’t he doesn’t finish and then they go oh that’s not quite right when you try a similar word like cat many does it three times and in the end e spells are really complicated word really well and that you’re done the entire sketches him failing to spell the word business and it’s not a its precise a Hungry Man Jack sketch size but the whole meal is q
OnPoint like adding numbers into it but I had dinner at the Groundlings a bunch of times but it’s going in the ground but you did it you did it at us know it wouldn’t you do it at like Smigel would have you do. And I do too many stars you play like Radio City Music Hall and do it it would crush at a new would put at the table or whatever you guys were doing those the or he would ask you to do it at a benefit it would trust me bring it back to like you know 17th floor like 50 you know people watching it was just like it’s killing but it was like it’s never going to get on well I got to hand it is like Jack Black was the one who really pushed it Forward cuz he know he’s he is great and he’s such a champion of comedy in and just really like it
it was pretty damn it wouldn’t have got none so will you run a really weird sketch that was kind of esoteric and strange you go into that read through with everybody’s piles of paper it’s all the all the scripts are just waiting for everything you have to get up and really perform that like at the table that you really have to sell that to the room right now and every you every once in awhile if there’s something with a little more action you might stand up and do some of the stuff you do a pretty fall out when you were at SNL at is like a conference room like a Vibe it’s like it’s just in the end depending on how many there are like right now there’s probably not much Elbow Room it got to a point when we were there that there was like a nice matter where the cat is around the table and end tables and and the host
I think ask ask ask ask ask ask ask them are around the side like if you were looking down at 3 is like Seth and one of the assistant directors Janine who times every sketch one of the producer Steve Higgins somebody else around the sides that are like the department heads all the writers are are like at at 9 behind here like four rows deep people are sometimes sleeping because I’ve been up this is okay so this is a room where there’s a table at that you’re describing this is a table mate table look like what about just the the room in which people are pitching sketches and it’s mostly happens in offices policy looks like 30 Rock I mean it looks like that’s like the TV show
go to put with a Sheaf of papers in front of you is a note scribbled on them waiting your turn to pitch something yes on Mondays with the host there’s the host meeting the pitch meeting you go everybody lines up we all sit in Laurens office some people on chairs like you in some other people on the ground many shows but that your Snoop Dogg story would it would not be a painter for to retail cuz I already tell you is Snoop Dogg story when you are a writer the philosophy and this was it was actually a thing was your office of the time your room in a talarico the story could look like that and I was me and Rich talarico and and I think you might have maybe been in there if not that is just knew I loved just love riches idea so much that I was feel how to get to put them in here he’s tell Snoop and just sit there like this is like this idea where you play a dad but you know it seemed like at the dinner table in the kid mouth is often takes
the belt you don’t take off your belt your job and you make a living as a beekeeper so you slowly start to put on your beekeeper outfit
terminate your kiss
SMS we got to feel like like yeah yeah I like that like that
I want this guy to be real scientifical about the be running it but I want I want him to know what’s going on inside of a few other things we were playing music we’re playing music riches you got the speakers in there and he’s any bleron like Snoop Dogg had said he’s like yes you put a cover on every album cuz you got to look backward before you look forward like you just talk like this man threw it out there as I was always said you just foam around with a panda panda bear we’re making pillows t-shirts with a guy
unbelievable and then at the end rich on Saturday we got it we got to kick in Snoop says swear to God for shizzle he says because of the height but she is and he goes maybe we’ll get it will get a hoe
you just goes wagon only one hole
you can stop there he could have stopped there let me draw my own conclusion that is also be like what does he mean by that you know like 8 but he do he goes on he goes don’t put limits on your life
I guess you’re kind of like that’s it he could get up and leave now to get close their Moleskine and be like okay we got next week shirt we’re good
why you don’t want to go when I get when I get two or three I’m sorry don’t put limits on your life and then he says dream big dream big you may never wake up
I don’t know if he’s said it since I don’t know if you remember saying it I just told it so many times like this you know what I really just questioned people and Christian should I use versus Christians want to get mixed up in that what
you guys are both writers you both performers
Forte you were the love this question
how do I get to the end of it is
mutual friend Jim Rash you were in Groundlings with him right that was your class like like he’s a writer directories oscar-winning writer and director and actor writer actors are better actors than regular actors and don’t know, it’s on that cuz I’m sure you have actor friends with but want to ask is I quit what are you more
do you think of yourself on your stance that is an actor like okay I’m doing this acting job but I’m a writer or is it the other way around as a writer myself as more of a writer at the end of my third year I was I was I didn’t I wasn’t writing professionally we could go through your password so I can hear your name is your given name is orvil Wilbert Orville Willis Orville Willis or take the 44th I’ve never been on a horse before I know it’s the you know we’ve never had a fourth generation of anything here everything around you is 20 years old
architectural e that’s made of a rock like this is a flesh thing made of for four strings of dude that’s
yeah man that’s heavy shit we got 2 episode title
we’ll stay there was that there was when I first wrote on sitcoms for wild I wrote it Letterman Road in 3rd Rock From the Sun 70 show then got the SNL job and I definitely was had more of a writer’s mentality because I would be I’d go in and when it when I would act my own stuff out the stuff that I had written I would feel very confident I’d know exactly what to do and I would get into my head with cuz I remember what if I would write stuff and you know that there is other people to do it and just going okay and and so in my head as I was doing other people’s things I would just be thinking about how upset they were about the choices I was making so at the end of the third season of SNL over the summer if there was there was this really the cast was very big
Lauren was thinking about making changes and and there’s a date in July when you’re supposed to be told whether your option is picked up and they had Independence Day and I and Dave held off on picking up my option in and took an extension in for like 6 weeks I had to wait and end the final conversation I had with him was he said you know you are thinking too much like a writer you need to own a little more of course I might go fuck this old man he had no idea and the more I thought about it he was absolutely right I was just like I would be too nervous about performing other people’s things. So once I know he gave me the best advice of all time which was just to go in there and make the characters your own and other people’s things and just let her rip let me come back in that really was like
knowing that I almost felt like gravy and then it was just like these writers knew better than actors Digby actors who act like you come in to take their stuff and take it to the take it to the end zone where your experience has been as a writer guy with sometimes but said you’re probably a little more complicated right because you’re not quite as I mean he was a writer forever and you would lick your ear you were in provisor which is half and half already you’re like a Goldendoodle right but also we call Jason said it was performing and then they’re saying to you well yeah but you’re a writer write and then put it in the register if so when you’re in front of a camera or or on a pink and Sea Foam poster with three stylists and then you’re
take me to put some stuff in my face and eyebrows Mother’s Day poster is really great is really like to drink density it’s like it’s like she knows where I’d be a butt looks like it’s like a little kids please tell me that you’re a high price male Hustler
you’re made of beers in that I’m with you when I saw it I was just saying I mean that that is used your extra ability to write to a yeah I think so I would say I would say so I do I’ve been there for me like with acting like sensors are asking about it like of like the left brain right brain like I think I am envious of actors that can really just like just like be in it I feel like I can get there because but my friends always working the part of you that has to hit a mark the part of you that has to like know where the light is all that cast of fish like a tracking shot so I can handle really well. And I think that goes from like playing basketball the kid like running plays and stuff like it’s like a Sports Supports come back around.
I think you could have happened with like any any sort of group mentality I just didn’t have like you know that the group of kids that in in my neighborhood they played Sports they didn’t put on plays and I was lucky to meet those kind of kids in high school but like always, like what’s what is needed to happen to make it like like at least not have to cut because of some Mel Blanc de jumel malfunction you don’t like you’re writing for yourself and that means to a powerful degree you’re blocking your leg like a director could come in and say I know I think you should be on the dresser at burps gross to be in the doorway and then you should you should do a somersault lunch sometimes directors have great ideas and sometimes they just directors at the DS you first and foremost if you’re writing a scene
it’s how you respond to that sentence that says more about anything you don’t I mean I’m sure it was great visual
doesn’t tell his story at the end of the day we need to take a shit on his car
year of you said you you you you you have a specific brain I mean you’re was like awake awake are you secure Courier this guy is going like you’re kind of like what does joke tale and etcetera etcetera I will repeat the process that you took us to put in your laptop to your writing that it character is going to be played by you and you do you do things like mitigate your you’re blocking in the CD you go like look I don’t want to deal with a complicated shit in this team because I’m going to start I’m only going to be funny if I’m able to sit still and like remember my lies or or are you like do I need to occupy myself anything like that like you do you knowing yourself as a performer when you’re writing do you write specifics for your strength but but every once in a while there will be things that bring it outside your comfort zone if if you get to go together with the writers and they all think it’s a great idea and you think all right
for it you know it’s it it it really is but for the most part you can do you can really you’ll know the stuff you’re good at not very good at and you kind of stick with the stuff you’re good at Lily comes down like Trust of like literally like the wrong to be a last I’ll be asked to do this like me sticking my head I don’t think it’s necessarily healthy like you all the time even though I feel connected more accurate than a writer the part of me that doesn’t let me get on my head is probably not giving the person directing me Maggiore the time enough trust to just be out of my own head to maybe have an assessment of it but I don’t in the middle of of a scene it’s only like the look when looking at the sides or think about it if they suggest something I’ll be like oh no so I think like what stuff you would have stuff in your head and seems that we would do if we were talking about stuff and maybe it would feel you’re always very accommodating it sound like your rigid in like I wrote it this way so it has to be this way to try something that different than whatever
thinking it’s it’s always somebody like Jason wollner who knows his shed and John Solomon and these wonderful people are super smart and and just for her is great
thank you
yeah I know I’ve always I’ve never well I’ve been well I’ve had what you’ve had which is like you write something you hear it a certain way in your head and it would be great if they did it exactly that way sometimes it’s right of the bubble you’re trying to figure out
do I just want to hear this the way it was in my head and my objectively hearing it like so I can decide actually do that that’s no
then there’s the then there’s the getting past that there’s the O someone please help me with this and if a director can think of a better blocking and sometimes you like Lake play Keith Cullen on great minds like like like I’ll have a very basic thing in my head and then he’ll go yeah but what if what if the person was sitting behind the doorway and then you entered so then we could get I’ll get it in one shot I really different shapes brains and they all overlap and I’m sure Rob great that something to eat
I just remembered something next time I’m on the Joe what are you going to do with that table
nothing I guess
maybe you can use it you’re too distant or a fuck maybe you can use it to stutter and emotionally distance yourself from the people on stage

it is so weird we bring Spencer on Forest and he sits in the corner and we never talk to him so don’t talk. It’s all good I just don’t know anything about comedy or directing or you know those things you guys are talking about otherwise you could be sure I’d be in there with barbs and Jabs and bits
why do we talk about Barb’s Thomas Jesus Christ
Adrienne Barbeau there we go
about comedies in about sports Jason and I and Kansas and used to play with some dudes from The Jayhawks right Jason Sudeikis this you can play basketball he’s really good compared to those
I can get rebounds of your high top basketball shoes but do look nice to your house you got a room walk in closet that’s just for your high top basketball shoes which is whose low tops do you got a man with that much room you got to have low tops 2
I’m wearing some
show all the way up
the way down either kind of like the difference
play Trina High Malone
those are some Wednesday top
50% of the tops
and we went to a justifying we went to a basketball court
who’s top of the ankle that’s not funny anymore. It is really funny.
Just when I go play a pickup game in West Hollywood on San Vicente and I played that before and it’s it’s pretty intense like pickup basketball game and some of the guys are talking a lot of trash it’s a lot like a lot of big mouth and it’s usually the guys aren’t that good that are talking the most trash is not just the truth
so I missed my free throw you got to make a free throw to get in the game I miss my free for Jason gets on a team’s I’m just chilling and Jace I think you matched up against one of the biggest loudmouth so now the opposing team but usually and Jason had the funniest shit talk of all the time he kept scoring on this dude and every time you come down the car and he would say did you know that they, the electrician he would have you would have a new occupation
maybe German the boss like I hated him so much
what is monkey dishes
number for plumber closing cashier was was dropping dimes
at least you can be so good at basketball that you become a bad at another job
terrible mailman because I am not bringing anything to you
Diner don’t play basketball
cuz I remember the other such a terrible janitor at this Diner I should be
we’re laughing at him because you kept clowning him it was the greatest Adventure after after my hand was on the surface of the water and I can meet with all life that I Cody was back in the in the in the in the Bungalow like rolling around in the bed cuz it was soft and I and then I went and made the mistake of trying all kinds of things and you don’t need to know about that or if
I want to know everything about me know a little bit about that but there was a point I wrote down the quote like rolling around it cuz like the thing was like a pool and then there was like I might fall in it if I close my eyes and then Cody said I want a baby or maybe or maybe I just want a soft bathrobe
and she should have the right to make that choice
when is a woman’s decision alright guys thanks so much
it’s one of the two though for sure so it’s it’s
are you okay and stuff like we went to your apartment and that’s where was there was a name of the put me through at the beginning in the vehicle that was Mike being stoned before I think mushrooms and just a very like creative guy
little like a little alter kind of train with the mushrooms out of that was good luck or bad luck
these drugs
find body spray
we we do
something really not into it if we all go to the Hard Rock Casino which is a great question question
circular bar in the middle of the of the casino or something we had some weird name for a triangle facing a dress Circle bar right
introduce me no no I can’t do it like making eye contact and laughing and I was like what did you think I just said exactly what I thought it was a good guy came up and hit like a bad like kind of a shiny shirt he bought it a Vegas store any kind of look like you having a bad night he was like one of the few people that came up to us and hey is it okay if I hang out with you guys like you guys are having so much fun right now are absolutely are you going to hang up saxophones it was there like there’s like a chandelier made of
give the baby of seemed like like like the Rotunda kind of young for you guys. Yesterday I was at the sub be a barbecue and then drugs came up and got that we had any we didn’t I talked about was that I remember really well people walking to the bathroom and then walking out and be able to tell so clearly by like their or other Home vibe that they got winded cocaine pretty cute oh wow they are you Jesus what’d you do
I’m in the nothing nothing visual it was just like this like what was going on like such a bum came to that stuff that we were everywhere like we’re all like three Jimmy Stewart’s we’re just like
how tall is shit Mike was tallish it and bawled like like at like you know like shaved head and then I’d swallowed it and I was just in the middle of their point guard we were just having this is about this time I have been to the Hard Rock probably four or five times in my life before that and I walk into the circle bottom of this is the place and I walk up to the bartender and I said
I think has been defeated wouldn’t like staircase if I go up into the circle bar and it was stationed out of my when did it stop being a rotating bar
this used to be at the rotating bar would make you feel like you’re late in my mind he was going to circle the orbiting planets haven’t even reappear over there like people you keep spinning around us that’s so great I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this but I just think it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen I know the mushrooms help but I think you would be able to if you’ve been to Vegas you can pick this Dan bakkedahl who also did Second City with me at in Vegas with a bunch of us got together I think Jeremy might have been there we are out in front of the Bellagio with those dancing are they called the dancing fountains everything and we’re all deciding you know if mushrooms basically is like special in Vegas is like you go to a pack you stay in the circle you laugh at all the fucking crazy shit going on around you above you behind you walking
and then you walk for four feet to say okay let’s go somewhere you get there then you’re like that happens again
sore back and forth to the air inside the Bellagio it was like fucking the Marx Brothers like it was supposed to go to the Cookie Tree or was it something else and they’re so there’s like a group of six of us in 5 us over here and then all the sudden we just turn around and come back and I was just watching the watching the The Fountains and we can slowly start to figure out that he’s pretending like he’s there choreographer
he’s doing it for us but I think he really was doing it like there was so really like the rest of like whatever fucking Celine Dion song at that point this is the seventies what are you guys think about people who are concerned about people doing drugs who don’t because I feel like there are some of them who are concerned about people and that’s why they’re concerned about people doing drugs and then I feel like the 85% of them that are are getting high off of other people’s drug use and are really happy to be concerned about a stop sign and then you kind of go okay will you you you you you fought a demon in your happy about it and now you want that
you’re saying but then still something I think there’s just a little slice of genuinely evil people who have never done it will never need to do it and never done anything have never cared about anyone and our conflicts with feeling with the unconscious suspicion that maybe they’re sociopaths or that they’ll never have a connection to anybody and that and that they found this loophole in society where there’s like they staying or so I’m so concerned about that person I don’t think they found I found this little shortcut between Legos little Wormhole that Society offers where you can simultaneously be a good person to be the big the most villainous piece of shit in the world doesn’t care about anyone has never done anything nice for anybody it’s just filled with emotional toxicity and passive aggression I just siphons the life force off of everyone around you and I think it’s the tea that would help that
I think it’s just like a little
play be going and I think they know that I think that would be a nihilation because it would be a limiting is a part of them that is more of them than the rest of them and I think that they don’t like being surrounded with any reminders that that maybe you should just relax about have that much of an opinion about anybody else and they kind of enjoy the fact that statistically speaking sooner or later people who are okay with drugs statistically speaking every once in a while one of them dies or has a problem I got sick and I think they kind of fucking love that I think they really love that I think they love that as much as we just Western Society loves the fact that every once in awhile is suicide Beth goes off prematurely memorials for writers that overdosed and they’re they’re like they’re there for the same reason I am on the surface but underneath it there like this is fucking cool I knew I was right
maybe I don’t know and some of those people run your shows and some of those people spread their colds to everyone underneath them and fuck you doing let’s keep it that way tell me you can just addressed me directly.
The entire time you were saying that I was thinking about the the father from the guy from Footloose who just like that is wedding or something you know
what’s The Goonies what’s the other I’ve seen Goonies the other one that Star Trek Wikipedia page instead that recently recently that lady you were in a in a in a radio play performance you’re doing something on Broadway now it’s like a radio play that it’s an adaptation of Footloose is loose
the working title is that a done deal
like like like and what you guys are all right I might pass out I don’t feel very good right now that’s what’s wrong now we’re starting the show right now baby
you just need to dance do this by the way this is amazing thing of the show where it’s like if you’re sitting in the audience this is happening to seats down from you
just as I got to think I will never
mark my words I will never ever ever dance
. That is true I got to test for that beef production budget is so inexpensive did it actually kind of Broadway show Erica on Broadway but I don’t know I just have a hard time when people finally get to see and if you use the chip away at it you know it’s like
first second and third act problem
yeah no I don’t disagree there
but still remember the The Goonies show that you were in
and I was a longer time I remembered you never feed them after midnight
I’m not getting wet and a third thing
it’s probably been discussed I’m sure they’re on this exact show but when is date when it when can I start feeding him again if it’s after midnight
Dan is trying to express you guys he wants to do some improv right now
Duty or off duty he said about it
you guys don’t know is that that harmontown over the years regarding 199th episode 2 the truth
show me the shows that show used to be a kind of a
coronavirus Hazard Lewis Ramblin thing we we were one of the greatest shows of all time we do some of the most well-crafted storytelling character-driven long form Improv
Indulgence and The Goonies I like to take a moment to thank James for bringing me a special absence by the way I got the real deal where would like if it’s in the fridge you can mission for glass Institute Tony Stark of glass blowing technology and she said she has a gift for us do you want to present do you want percent that gift now seems like a good time to look at this beautiful explain it
be more specific
28% calcium oxide to Fahrenheit
come on I’m a guess I’m by I can do a Fahrenheit just when you did get everything all melted and you can gather and work at about 11:50 Centigrade or Celsius is were designed by Design them so based on
what time is it works but so they’re supposed to be sort of the mash-up of the classic rocks glass with Solo Cup which is sort of one of the symbols of harmontown awesome sew-in in honor of the 200th episode for Jeff and Dan she’s got the absence of malice between us it will because we had a guest and we were in New York and Rory with what was Roy’s last night he went completely Bonkers I want to taste it original that I brought in episode 7800 and how many episodes ago latest version 735 proof now I dropped it down about 1:10 so you can actually drink it
add some more color to it and so that’s homemade absent that’s just homemade start a podcast people to start making your booze it’s called the secret place
Jane Says
treats me like a rock
90s I was I was into Jane’s Addiction and Phil Collins at the exact same time I was a master of Both Worlds your Batman Bruce Wayne alright well so yeah I was trying to pimp us to do a like a little improv thing cuz you’re both so talented but it didn’t work out that way.
I mean the only reason I still a reason I started doing it because Travis started doing it like I never wanted to do that in the show then tribal Commodities delightful and he would like go into these dumb sketches
here this whole time I thought you didn’t think about me like that
I thought I thought I thought you thought it was a fucking piece of shit play premiering a next week on Broadway at 9
Douglas 7:58 a.m. Mikuni’s very hungry
give me something to eat there’s a half a sandwich in the fridge I got to go to work
awesome time I guess we got to pop in the movie
there’s no need to pop in the movie I told you after midnight
I’m the one that gave you that movie
Claudius Johnson Tyrell Blackmon
thanks Claudius Claudius hear me out here even if it’s 11:58 p.m. it’s
23 hours and 58 minutes after midnight and Claudius I got to go to work at Asperger brain
Claudius the goonie rules feeling in your heart and your mind will follow
Douglas Something’s Happened to me inside
feeling something
he screwed up on my chest and my rib cage
breast pumping through it
your heart
oh that’s okay everyone’s got a heart
something every worried about I got to go to work
what’s that work hello
what do you get over here I can’t even get out of my office I could get out of my office
call me I’m on the phone
buitoni pasta ceiling
I really got to go maybe if look look we really got to figure this out I would love to start hello
oh shit
blood easier right lot easier than you think and then you get in there and your whole mind goes nuts he’s intimidating but he pays so well I know by the way freaking star 69 still works
why why do you think this is my only source of income because my prank phone call albums don’t sell anymore and kiss away with all that lipstick on my face in the wedding altar
when did you try to tell me that you’re going to spend your father’s fortune on our life
I can’t think of another thing that would be worth worthy of that $715
when I think on the way to the chapel we go kill that son of a bitch
that’s why I love you
sounds like that and then back at all is doing the choreography kind of mushrooms are going to
is there been on the phone what’s going on I don’t know
I represent anger
I represent satisfaction
and I’m Jon Lovitz
but he’s not satisfied anymore that’s the ticket
what’s making me feel like dancing
outside buddy
yeah yeah you were right I’m done with your buddy
you know sometimes I don’t take my medication I forget my name and such
yeah that’s why you got to take it every morning and night but it is your father
so that was mostly me I got to be honest

I never thought you two were a good match
I just want to let you know one thing there’s a dance competition tonight
Douglas Buddy’s father this is your father
OSHA I overheard you talking to Buddy and Douglas about the dance contest
Jess is a figment time is Batman’s enemy
go to work if you and I switch places
cuz I’m jealous of your use
and you need to learn about acumen
okay but I’ve been so dislikes which outfit so you want to go to work for me that sounds awesome you know we have a goonie in the basement
if you think
come anytime after midnight even if it’s in the p.m. of the next day to shoot laser beam
how do you spell
I’m upset. You know the rules best dancer where is everybody else dies
you’re doing it
oh my God look at these are amazing
Define worry about the rules whatever happens happens
two winners to be exact as you know the rules can only be one winner everyone else dies
how’s your dance off between the goonie and
but it fuc
hey buddy just set the table just set the table and there’s nothing you can do once you set the table that’s a great idea
cheating cheating prank prank prank literal table setting on the left side you can remember that cuz it’s four letters in four hand on the left
he’s going to write on the right he’s doing a perfect and he’s never being in a restaurant what is he doing at the table good. Blackman I’m out of here
I’ve been I’ve been noted as a truck
i7 table Cafe, cafeteria you just sell buddy to the table now it’s time for the final course we got The Goonies and John
I told you not to feed me eating from the table that got sick by Buddy on the plane finally eating shit
a crucifix logo
the Lamb of God
Ecclesiastes 1:17 and I saw a man on a horse and his sword was Justice for he who shall not let him in the door
she’ll need for nothing
I am scheduled
I think we have a winner everybody the winner is The Goonies man I can’t believe major trophy y’all fucking dead give it to me give me the trophy
one thing you might want to think about what are you doing here
making trophies out of silver
Goonies hate silver
Party Poker trophy
we participated
don’t know whether to use a bow and that was on Broadway
great I’m going to go see that Thrill The Thrill of Live Theater now you know what a rush
little man they say it’s dead
no one’s more bummed out than Piven to have that taken away from you and not a single person that votes for the Tonys came to see it it’s slap-in-the-face the rig system to Tony’s we did use a Tony Tony Tony song Johnny Johnny
I don’t know but you know how early silent movie stars were the talkies came in they were if they had speech impediments they were they didn’t make the transition Toni Toni Toni it clearly not a search bar iTunes compatible band you doing up because you getting home
Tony if you have each time you go super-ego in it there that’s why there isn’t one of them Raphael Saadiq I think one of those guys have a very nice a real Soldier I think it was like playing Gary of the dances where to go to school I like it was all it was all about sex like I’ve been saying it I mean obviously is the future continues like the the music and gets more and more like a you know, but it seems like it was like remembering like when I was 16 to 18 it seemed like every song on the radio is just about like it was only just it was just like like like that so I was like if the Rhythm feels good to the baby let me hear you
sorry I was like yeah that’s what happened and how I’m going to die
girl I make you feel mad
certain to the corresponding hole
how babies good man there’s a lot of safe sex songs to you all because sex was it was a very dangerous thing we have we don’t have to take our clothes off and have a good time we can just play a board game that you have to meet your parents could be a tribe to take it was all about over the pants handjob
what about kind cuz you never have to find out what’s inside how many minutes do you think you spent on camera on SNL doing The Running Man
hahaha 12 minutes and it was exhausting
what does whole new running man challenge I don’t like I don’t like new generations taking I gave hashtag away that was pound when I was a kid we gave it away for the Running Man challenge which I love I love the song a lithosphere but that’s not the running man I just want to put that on record
I think it’s a great song with them dancing and the now what college basketball teams did it and it hasn’t hit like water bucket challenge level and there’s no charity attached to it whatsoever I know I need a candy bar for me
you are a friend of mine who hangs out at our local by the drawing-room he’s an editor and he said hey Jeff if you’re free over the next couple days I like I want you to be in this I need a couple extra clips for the music video that I’m editing a clip of like what I have to do it like as a dance I have to do I might I don’t know that’s why I said like some friends of mine they should be in and they were in it and I think you should be to have you in it and what it was was the Watch Me Whip watch me Nae Nae video
and I could have been in that stupid piece of shit how funny would that be just hurt me in a suit just as doing the Whip or the Nae Nae I don’t know what it is I’m behind I don’t know what it is the insert remember what the Macarena was like you’re a structure guy like it’s like this extrapolate
this is just a shadow again the Star Wars how much joy the Macarena gave you called you about it I don’t know what to do to get a phone call that’s how long ago was never got to go to spring break or something whatever was that joy that you had that point
dealer Whip and nae nae and get that Joy I went to visit my parents in Florida
twin time too many and put some crazy family they should be at TV
solid gold
the operator was popular and there was this it’s Florida and they lived in this a kind of community for old people in my parents really think they would go to Lake early-bird dinners and stuff in there was this there was this big wooden deck and there was a woman with a boom box and there was a bunch of old people are all learning the Macarena and I I was like this is my chance to learn the Macarena without any concern about anything if anything I’m like no matter how awkward I am I’m still like Jamie Lee Curtis in perfect like I’m still here John Travolta like I’m going to pick it up before the other guy has a homemade then girlfriend and I was like like like we learned the Macarena and it was fun I understand the cultural cultural efficacy of dogs
what’s this whip my Nae Nae I don’t know how to do it so I went out and he said it tastes like soap break the camera say all right there’s a bunch of dances in this one and this one is called the Whip and nae nae and I can tell you shows them off I want, watch me watch me watch me watch me watch me forever and I just got it looks like you have that clip would you press play on that clip right now Jeff and press play on that clip I think we have it right now I think we have it all. I do play
Forte do it
well yeah it’s been over there and he’s going to do something he’s getting out the belt is coming under there is a bear and just just take it easy okay here’s the thing you need to understand I’m not
who will I be able to call that will make anything happen about this bear I’m standing in a tower I promise to the top of it I can see the bear I’ve got two phones I shouldn’t need to do more than this I’m sure there’s got to be something I can do I got to get through these people wait the Bear’s gone out here
coming bear there’s no way I’m making smoke signals inside the hut because they’re probably staying up there and everyone is hot calls and just play with them in my pocket god dammit
and I feel like I just meant like I thought you were going to do the voice of the guy that was good do the nae nae and do the right know you were doing the actual data is there
did you get did you guys do that bear hunt when you were kids in pre-kindergarten a daycare center on a tree and then you would look at it going crawling a tree I totally forgot about that.
remember when I was in preschool and I was like maybe just four years old and teach you how to play doctor but we left the class we we we got Gloria something either forgot her last name she volunteered to take her clothes off late and all of the men in the classroom for a lawyer’s name
battery last name
she had all of her clothes and take her clothes off and me and Jeffrey Kim was a Korean kid we he and I were like the to search
when I comes into it comes into play
what goes down and it doesn’t preschool preschool yeah that really explain why we need to know he’s three I mean I’m fucking Jeffrey Cam and I mean
the teacher found the Elmo is going on right now but Geoffrey Kim starts knocking the teacher that was the 70s man it was and I I’m okay I’m okay using that name cuz I would love to go to court and talk about what an ass while he was like yeah like what are no no not not power Joe’s like he had a hand a hand crank siren but it was supposed to be mounted it had screw holes on it you could see it was supposed to be better than a counter but he would walk around I’m not going to make the noise if we had to drill
having a cow and go sell the comes out of the thing is so great to it’s a waste that they were a tornado drill fire drill tornado drill and I’m drove meant you should grow a mohawk because World War 3 is happening like the Russians have launched 47,000 missiles Wisconsin Deer Wisconsin now it’s come full circle were bombed Romans police should a kid brought a fucking bomb to school it’s not funny at all that a hashtag the running man he would take us into the unfinished area or basement of the school and explained to her as to whether or not we have survived the tornado or fire or like a light up boy-girl-boy-girl like like
cake makers
repelled by glass ceilings
top of the agenda today will be our new weapon against the mutant
we had to where we were like two blocks away from that our neighbor has a tornado siren and in Kansas and it was frightening the screen to this guy turn like green like legit green and Abby is still missed in the sirens start we go look at the window and you me and my younger sister is going to be like at anybody have to go to that run down the basement and turn into a world like word tornadoes were famous in Kansas
got it for a little while
all you had to do was no a few steps to rip up a trailer
Sammy Davis was Nat King Cole God coming in the
no because my sister is one of the dog I was I was a little bit more also I believe he got a horse in the directions face
I have a very faint childhood memory because I had my great grandpa was from Oklahoma right near you I mean in tornado world and I was like I have a very very like like remote childhood memory of like when you’re a kid you pretend to be asleep to get the free ride to the car like like like it just like you just figured that out parents know that that like 85% of the time of sleeping child is just faking it like they want to be carried live on it but I remember I would do that at like Grandma’s house when I got is he really sleeping is he faking to be like to fuck you bitch
do you think that or say that I would think I would say it was I was like I was like
or two and half the time I’m awake yet hoping to fall asleep. All you do is do you think I’m going to keep doing any potential addiction roll with it in the car give me home and shut the fuk up
sack of potatoes you always hoped I’d be
how much anger is an angry little child like a sponge their anger not mine yours
I have the speed memory is like being carried I’ve always pretends he’s sleeping and my dad carried me through what seemed like a tornado there was a tour that we went to the tornado seller every place in the lower Midwest has a tornado Cellars not like a special thing like bomb shelters it’s like everybody has a tornado seller and did you guys out of the basement was on the ground like legit to hide under the pool table that’s a good triangle right yeah I got something that won’t immediately Break by the initial impact of everything above you but that just means that you’ll take Days to Die
yeah I mean either something’s falling or where things are funneling that much on top of you but when they say like find the doorway there like you know there’s been that cynical jug of that that’s where they look to find you but I think that there’s part of there’s a truce to that where they’re saying like well there’s air pockets structural air pockets and that’s where people have been for like 3 days I’m somewhat claustrophobic
yeah but that might be that might be a first world problem that it was the second you were sort of underneath the bunch of rubble you’ll be like this is a lot worse than not
I like the third world they’re like actually better than it was
I would always do
when I was a kid anymore but when I was a kid there was smog days with the air quality was so bad we weren’t allowed to go outside and I recess cuz you would get like a burning like painful chest like it was really really but you couldn’t go to like basketball practice or anything you had to stay inside and not ever go outside of the smog was so bad I want to lie that’s a huge lie that’s very very Sammy Snopes
I love Hitler with your fire that makes it that’s like you’re tired cuz I thought it would you’re fired you’re fired. I just shot with Dana Carvey and he is. He has an amazing Trump he has his impressions are always like that amazing like he has with his Impressions if you hear them then everyone will be doing from perfectly because it will it rain
acrylic painting
listen man
everything you’ve been wearing on your speed shit
Danny new ring shoes in a personal is business it’s not it’s not polite to make cupola
they’re like oh shit another guest
Jason Sudeikis this one of the greatest Rosie Perez Impressions if you even ever either what is a quince
she was right near us in Brooklyn and I love you just like oh my God this is like playing basketball for the most hilarious thing ever played
nice outfit is just as ridiculous like flipped up in like like a very nice tank top with awesome ladies is really good nineteen eighties nineties I think you’re 89 90 91 92 the hood it’s just
Olivia Wilde
there’s a dummy it was a joke and maybe a bunch of dudes right and yeah that’s fine you’re fine with that right
cuckold fetish what’s it called like it doesn’t turn me on. It’s like she has nothing except for the brain are all right have fun what do you say you just kind of like I get it and at the same time you like I wish this wasn’t the way but then I’m also letting you know what that you do you get one shot on this more you know
For Better or For Worse for better approach word play you cancer
she’s doing a music video or something music video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers nuts known as well as her second one she directed at Edward Sharpe video and then the other side it’s one of the I mean it’s one of the most amazing things about you being with her is like is being able to brag about her but this one is such a cool one that told I tell everybody it’s more fun to brag about your partner that it is yourself at least like it
I didn’t know as I was going to do it I was like I was like these guys are in a safe space But Here We Go
podcasts like this is me I do well first I’ve ever been in my life second floor all right but there were two of us when I say when I wasn’t being yelled at by somebody turned down for a job like a fourth floor is not lost on me I didn’t pay for the whole thing it’s a 50-50 in Denver open our little guy does something interesting and makes noises back
rock stars that there’s a there’s a lot of there’s a lot of drugs when you have a house and an m and I didn’t know rugs I didn’t bare floor equals a two-year-old’s disaster sliding and stairs I didn’t know that was you going to get some nights Persian rugs with you guys I don’t like the ABC you know like they were kids rugs like they had abc’s on them
nope no urgency with no know what else we had a someone sent us a nice little like throw rug that was it was all the states but it but we think we donated to a local grade school and Rudolph go to give it to you sucks but do you have kids family I don’t hear nothing nothing none of that so just right by choice or just because you want to do it at some point
do you want to have sex
Jeff I have sex that was like.
Korean-style to talk about my lack of family and stuff like that I was going to get there
therapeutic are you coming to Hermantown everybody
call Jennifer Patrick Roberts Drive
Jason Sudeikis
Wells Fargo
Jeff Harris Dad thank you for coming everybody
drive fast and take chances


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