Episode: 205 – LIVE in San Diego 2016 (During A Comic Book Convention)


Episode: 205 – LIVE in San Diego 2016 (During A Comic Book Convention)


There is no other Harmontown like this. In an effort to sell tickets Dan writes a Community Movie projected on screen. Watch ONLY at harmontown.com/live. It’s $5 a month! Subscribe already. Live streaming, instant post-show downloads and get the podcast early if so inclined. Do it for one month, you have to see this.


Spencer Crittenden after the stage
An emerging from cocoon
thank you so much for you all day yesterday and my mind we’re not doing a bad show for San Diego thank you guys for coming out and we’re in competition with Star Wars and Star Trek Muppet movies whatever every every major corporation that has anything to sell is selling it tonight it it it nerd dance nerd cannabis was the pop cultural epicenter of the year and of the country and these are the looks like 500 people are so do that like really loved us Above All Else
do them an amazing show like I will not leave the stage until the each of you feels like you got $30 worth of entertainment and that’s not that’s not that’s not fucking around like I’m going to do whatever I have to do for you but that also means I have to guard and protect you against abuses of your time so we have nothing for sale here except entertainment
I didn’t buy that at all
so we all just came for the same yacht I think that’s the most important thing we can wait for that until I like the fact that I got my testicles check because I felt like I felt like a small something then I was like whatever in the in the tissues but not that you wasn’t right above your butt no that’s my penis
I felt something under the under side but it was like 10 or no is going to good like I’m very happy and very much in love and I’m working on things that I love and so of course I had to feel around until I found something that made me think I got to go to the doctors I went to the doctor and it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s weird when you’re like a bro he makes jokes he does bits and then when he was like so what’s going on
you guys are making me nervous a crampy and kind of like be such a bro and say he’s feeling my balls but I really I felt I didn’t realize touched my nipple
I reached up and I was like I caught myself
I reached up and I touched my nipple because as a reflex I don’t know
Jesus chooses not to perform her she doesn’t like the spotlight mrs. unconditional he wants to hold your dick while you pee this is the kind of stuff it’s not politically correct but it’s likely get something that people do like I do if it sounds romantic as hell she was doing anything sexual about it as a favor for a friend like me to go
it’s like coming to the firehouse and the other guy don’t play with matches and then okay here’s what a hoes is just like and like my testicles and I was playing with my nipple
so what I’m saying is we’re all the same
I think we just spent his we’re all a little different
Delaware office and now it’s always the same nipple it when she was holding your winner and he was a hundred this because I remember the sensation of me going on are those two things related to drink when your 12 years old like the experience you have is oh my God I had a cup of this stuff and it had I had a great night so it’s not the same when you do it when you’re 16 and sent the same when you do it in a relationship around the process so you have no idea at any given time if you think you’re doing what you want to do it might be something that your brain thinks you want to do because wanting to want to do
makes you want to feel wanna wanna wanna play it doesn’t it might just be garbage and then you have to come by in that with it she I wonder if we’re vulnerable to a left and right margin is job is to put fingers in that many butts in touch of that money balls for lumps of serious reasons he sees a certain range of behavior like a lot of nipple touching or a lot of our kind of guy that would definitely if there was a joke
is a bro
he’s a proud that we go to the same doctor but you got some classic like I’m sorry if you’re a doctor like you think you’re funny but the people are terrified nervously you need to think again because you work all day with people who have been like basically waterboarded like like there’s I haven’t had a full medical like the whole thing I know if I’m dying living forever like I want to know everything about me and he gave me the whole stuff and he called me up and he was okay this is good this is great because your liver kidneys are fine I’m like what I couldn’t believe that by the way
I’m like if you say so I was really hoping and liver scanner is off a little bit of light density in your red blood cells maybe you need to get more folic acid B vitamins I pause in the phone for as long as I could.
8 seconds I’m sorry I was just putting that on your charger
by the way Spencer how are you yeah this is great and I just sit here and I get Applause so amazing
down by the marina up to the theater here at the Balboa I just walked by Spencer Goodwill yes or no cuz Spencer doesn’t big crowds and like people says the same simultaneously this is definitely this is the place where you’d be most liked regarded and simultaneously probably most possibly unhappy oh yeah both of those things except you fucking bolted back to that yet when does Game of Thrones people showed up I don’t know I was on a very specific and private Aaron part of the yacht spoilers
Rick and Morty Spencer Grammer his hair
I think hello Spencer about you yeah sorry it’s like that at the office and they’re like oh Spencer’s coming and I’m like I haven’t heard about this at all by Carl tonight I’ll be Carl
sorry, I was out there I hope so the middle name Spencer oh yeah, sounds as if I reveal it what’s your middle name we can all look up
you and I am DB
did you write a script for me come on
what’s your what’s your what’s your middle name of the new Ventures
you literally just said that
Sigma Pi he’s so cute girlfriend
find a folder with that means go back
I’m hung out like angad
all right to go check out those emojis that might tell us something or do you want to go to those emojis when he already did these at the recently used emojis they tell you maybe he’ll be able to glean information about silky why you why is a Snowman the first ones that’s what I want to know what I had on for this one play me like you do any no reply monkeys see no evil monkey show the photo will try to trick Steve Levy will go like if he does the PR department have that one photo or something like that I can I send you one and then it’s all
send my photo Cody took of me laying on a hotel bed with my balls hanging out of my underwear has look spectacular
he’s such a company man yeah really weird dick pic and hear some horrible things there’s going to be one of yeah it’s going to be like this
Marlon Brando gender much
damn there is something we can analyze
somebody’s going to crush I had his sister and his family is so I got to talk to you know what they didn’t blow back on me
figured I’d just go through his underwear dude that like your job to find your underwear give me a receipt for your snowman snowman that means he’s clearly a dealer is it snowing in LA
but it’s true don’t look it up it’s true snowman spill use it for like hugs
how old is it take a shower and he’s not of woman born
he’s a freaking robot he could dance and playground much as you and me
alright well what are you guys about the community movie to be about cuz I’m going to start running a page from so Troy is on a pirate ship but he’s taken over because he was a capital screen every once in awhile
cuz I can have a timer some secret project Oregon Wine champagne neutral line of dialogue from us and you ready
well let me know I want to do an accident saying somehow got stuck on a lion I mean you’ll know that like we’ll have a writer’s assistant clean this up for 1 minute and I will fire at ship captains
I’m trying I’m trying I’m pausing opposing change front to that size that quickly but I need to shrink it also has writing
you’re the worst part the one you said it to always left or is ledger math
he has a red macaw
well this is. It also is there a very and you should know that there’s they’re trying to go somewhere given takes you that your nation right now writing this is what real writing is you guys
pet clinic in Petco and that’s a minute
Howard Middle resume America comic con sexual tarot card reading okay Cody tell you what she said
he’s going to find love so so Cody know it was James and his wife Roxy they were like oh man tarot cards you guys should you should you should get your tarot read and then I was like I don’t know it sounds kind of strange and ask me questions shitballs he asked me to shuffle a deck I shuffle a deck she’s like what do you want to know it was a question you want answered and I said I don’t know how do I bow out the balance of my life
a egg and Cody’s like no that’s a bad question
what are the three things you’re supposed to ask so I can do my cold reading technique with the deck cut the cards out on the table and then she’s like okay pick
five-card I pick five cards and she put them in this weird cross and she won and she gave you your money back $85 and then choose like it’s usually a one-sentence read out like a broad like okay here’s the deal and I don’t really remember what you said it wanted something along the lines of like
no continue she said she said you need to focus on work right now work is your life you got to keep working really hard because we’re time for anything else in your life. Work do you look at me and she went to hack and it stopped listening instantly and then I’m heading towards together and
there are currently at their all is well. What did you say Okay so she said
okay she said that is very clear you’re in an apprenticeship and you’re working really hard and this is a guy physically making coins and he’s working really hard to make coins so she was saying like you know that’s what you’re doing that’s like your life right now is that guy and the guy was like this guy is here and he’s working really hard and she’s like you’re really showing are really great at what you’re doing and whatever it was just don’t stop because of the top card was some kind of sore thing it was a strong sword and she’s like which means eventually you will be like King you’re going to get to where you want to be you’re going to kill me
but with the car to the right of the center was nine swords down and she’s like you’re going to have some kind of like emotional turmoil in the future that you’ll have to work through whether that’s like like like something in front of weather prediction
death in your family eventually but this is not the time for love or anything else in your life except for working as an apprentice and you’ll get to where you disposable income visits to me
they’re all I don’t think they’re all the same holy s mimic maybe it incorporates took some of this dialogue Game of Thrones wasn’t the Game of Thrones it was the Justin Roiland Rick and Morty Alex Hirsch you want that race at the stage for you walked in at the back of the Marriott in to Marina you go to the gate that looks like the old yachts
Jaime it was a 1929 Yas
I called High Spirits and it looks like like the Rockefellers might have sucked on them at one point and it was it was veggie burgers and sliders on top of that I only did I sent one of the Game of Thrones people wear their hats Carl Spence a g I didn’t even cross your path with one of the kind of good-looking chubby dude and I looked and it’s Samwell know that there was ever going to be Game of Thrones
can I put my hand out and it gives me like this kind of thing I was kind of nervous like Samwell hands
Hale realize that some fucking Ramsay Bolton when he was the same guy you said that’s it that’s the thing with the Game of Thrones people I’ve never been that big a fan of anything and everybody person and the actors it was jolly
I think your friend said that you know who this is the girl who truly has no name who likes tabs in Terminator
can a girl all of his fingers back
close the deal of the iron bank by going 100 the fire departments of the get out of the box show is basically so he’s known him forever and he’s Irish and and when I watch Game of Thrones like I really attracted to him it was really up to you tonight I know it’s okay I’m dealing with it so I was I was shocked and amazed that I had like a 10-minute
states with him back there
Irish try front of your hair
what what’s your name sir
James James James James
99 embellishing now that I know that you’re here
never figured out where that box guy went to we just need somewhere he just carries it with him every time you traveling and then later I mean wizard maybe I was trying shop around horribly mutilated a child from a paragraph pretty is pretty and amazing actually cuz I I didn’t really know what to expect the entire cast of Game of Thrones with a Game of Thrones party which I thought was extremely exclusive
I was at the Indigo room earlier
I don’t know I might have second, it was built in 1924 with my heels on my shoes like I’m walking through it
if I’m meeting people that are on Game of Thrones were quite we the rumor spreads are the Adult Swim party that Hodor was a DJ and he was so ugly and I went to this club that was like we were all dressed like San Diego tourist and the club was like Velvet Rope and just like very like it was it was like all the error and then like I got a text from somebody that I texted it a Hail Mary and they said say this and I said what they said and they were asking me that my name
but I told her was a damn thing and I was just like whispering in his ear during a code or wrap like to The Beatles hold it anymore I got to hold on and then we left like in 5 minutes you are you at the meeting
and I was like so okay so what happened is like a giant DJ and he and he was like I guess he’s like Swedish how’s everybody doing tonight and everyone
anyway that’s just from the Cirque du Soleil was here 9 years ago
that was the last better actually you just look like a golden retriever coming out of a swamp
you don’t know what love it hate it
David that’s just a job
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the theme to like to my own life so it’s always a little t and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
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the Game of Thrones people are super chill in there because they’re all foreigners they don’t like like like like like like you haven’t lived the other guy but he looked exactly like you did the fucking dudes like the guy Devils have the fucking beer doesn’t only come
play shooting all these different cities and this was like their fourth, kind and I was like I just kept asking the same question over and over again which is like how do you handle it how do you do it that’s the question we all ask them cuz we’re all those like what would happen if you ever had this much and I think it’s because they’re from Europe they’re kind of like they don’t really even understand that question like a not a day like I wrote a humblebrag you away was like they don’t they don’t have the same culture and so it’s like they’re kind of like this is amazing and then they go They’re going to go back to Manchester they hang out or else I’m sure they’re lying about going to the show and I went to say goodbye to you forever because my channel
Rick and Morty and he’s up there and he’s got a crazy it’s really cool I can’t believe everyone is just down there and I was there too I have our panel today anyway so to actually meet all of them like just regular chillin on a boat with cool yeah I wish that but just kind of just went out to see if we just like
veggie burgers forever didn’t have one
will you own the boat
did I mean it’s a treasure map
a little before my time
Wow shoes $15. I just was like this is ridiculous you to our hotel after the event can’t believe she’s wearing heels
I guess I should have a personal chauffeur is what I should have darker side of town with you guys
I went I got in the cab as one does and the cab driver he said he here for Comic-Con I said yes and he said how is your humor
and I said I said I don’t know I don’t know can you tell me what the Joker calls Batman’s motorcycle and I was
I kept I ran through all the races possibilities I always liked Chinese Brown what is it going to hurt people because I can’t drivers asking me knock knock so how can the who’s there someone so the question was can you tell me where Joker kills Batman motorcycle and I said I don’t know and he said, hahaha
he was like so many ways left up here I’m like what’s up here at least means nothing jumped out on the concrete and parallel to a joke I heard a long time ago what is Popeye’s favorite book of the Bible
habakkuk stupid stupid
do businesses like I do a constant reminder it’s like it’s like on one hand we all come together and so different and then but then in the form of you get reminded of like the world is run by my dad
because like that people just feel like like a good pizza restaurant be like
Kristin Chenoweth as fast so hard but they refused to pick up the Japanese will be here next week I’m not going to fucking lay I don’t give a shit it’s a city of festivals people coming through we’re going to lose the Chargers any day now we are all we have is this shit right Walker
White Russian super super Tequila Sunrise how many hot wings are there
god dammit
I told her she needs to be run Dr Hooters
man tractor Hooters
best scotch
logos of police box with chips
I will let us talk about if we are 34 interest Jeff I like some hot wings
only three hat
that’s fine but can I sit
first human if I say it first

I’m so impressed with how fast
doctor who who who do you wear or what are you wearing your picture away Dave Ross
34 Walks app
in a wheelchair
I don’t know because it wants to eat
is Deborah
I love that for some reason
it’s like dr. Acula I mean
and then the Hooters waitress tabs and she can do it.
let me show you to your fucking heat pad
she chose him to see it shaped like a King Kong
Jeff regarded suspiciously
suspicion and suspect that share
as being a King Kong have or sugar
some of those can play Jeff it’s okay I’m not I’m not like totally sold on my voice regret the waitresses for mixed but non-plus
yes non-plus nice poncho
okay pretty waitresses
just sit in it
she gives him a gentle shove
close close on her fingertips is a plant a blinking device on his lapel
who’s running against it today
Eclipse is really whose like I hate the show
that looks like a section of you guys have a representative as we look somebody that is like I can speak for everybody when I say you like the shows terrible they’re pointing at one guy I mean you’ll come up and then you’ll say 7 they’re going to hate you and nobody has Rivers believe that we were born out of you ungrateful prick
you fucking terrible person with kitten
impressive Justin Roiland voice text. It is good it’s real funny
I mean you’re going to be sitting here watching a thing for 10 minutes but it is a case that happened recently and it went viral a little bit sub viral it happened in Atlanta Georgia transcripts of the court case where the guy was being he was trying to fire his lawyer so he could represent himself and the judge is like talking to him again. You should represent yourself it’s just a transcript of that but it takes a lot of fucking turns saying like the guy just starts like yelling at the judge and then after a while the judge goes around the bend and you just when you think you know who you’re rooting for I don’t know but it was from your familiar what I’m talking about just buy a pirate
the Raiders are Rick and Morty and then Erica Hayes like one of our favorites on YouTube shows like draw Rick and Morty doing the scene and and just as like yeah I’d like more tea should be the judge and Rick should be the end in the bag and like it it won’t seem like 10 minutes in my opinion cuz I played it word for word literally verbatim you can look it up online is absolutely word for word a single word is different from the actual Court transcript that actually held in
courtroom recently in the real deal with that although it seems like it wasn’t listening to you need this
so what else is cool but they work well but that’s okay
I actually think this is like this is kind of a I mean I don’t know but it’s like the public documents
that was that went over 10 times better than I thought it would I mean like that’s crazy that actually all happened oh yeah it’s because I yeah it was it was it was on my chair so I get to keep it I don’t know where your phone is hero’s journey because you don’t know like you start going like well it’s probably hard to be a judge
like that’s the world of common day is Joseph Campbell with cuz it’s like it’s probably hard to be a judge like these guys I’m sure they all have a big opinion about how they are hard to deal with and they got nothing to lose in the boy what a thing it is to be
and the guys like it’s like it’s like it’s difficult but if I just if it’s possible for me to go like this enough that you eventually like engage in some crazy ass Behavior everything is retroactively invalidating what you don’t deserve the word suck your dick over things and like bureaucratically like doing his thing because I was like oh this guy went down a crazy Road of Trials where you’re going back and forth like I go back in for the Blackwell okay the judge on the judges side and then
it’s at the point where you just think of them as two lovers
would you like these guys are having a good time there Abbott and Costello like these guys should just live in an apartment together everything is fine and then as you reach that equilibrium of the atonement with the father it is a hammer and everyone goes silent judge and the guy unwittingly achieved peace on Earth
by being like these crazy archetypes like that there were more system than man and then the moment that they had equilibrium is the guy who has to submit everything was like all I got to take this to a place where you can’t like I don’t want that I don’t want that I can’t have that 20 days for like that’s like a million dollars Bond like it’s a huge things as a threat and then Things become absolutely he doesn’t care anymore because because the guys got because then the judge has previously
they’re both like that again they’re like rolling around in the same mud but when the terrorist threat happened the judge gets back out of the mud and now everything is washed out and sad it’s like a children’s book where all the color has drained because you left it in the bathtub like it’s the pages are puffy and things are just like the feel like it’s been through a fire because then it’s just like it’s still funny and ironic but it’s like now it’s sad because it’s just like to the Motions you’re a criminal I’m a judge like nothing fun about this but keep danger at the dark I don’t have a nice I don’t have a wife I don’t have any but I don’t have anyone ever I don’t have I was born alone I will die alone
and we don’t know what time my kids were like wait where are why are you tracking this my favorite moment of Lucidity from the defendant is when after he’s gotten contempt of court for your whole family everybody
lawyer wants to wants to suck my dick for a bag of coffee to suck this guy’s dick the reason he has a lawyer in the first place is because a guy wanted to suck his big dick for a bag of coffee that he was framed his lawyer wants to
or he won’t represent him so he’s just like he’s in a spino a cycle of violence he has a beautiful dick but we don’t know what he looks like he’s such a beautiful dick for a bag of coffee I think it’s is over because there’s enough racial Illusions in the thing I did look it up cuz it’s like a jack off and white boys and I was at their solutions to my cracker and stuff like that so yeah it’s like Southern Court I guess it’s like you know that’s why I like he’s bit you know it’s like he started like boys like he’s like think about it cuz it’s like it’s like who is Leah and the cuts to the court stenographer
got that we should get we should show another Wichita the Rick and Morty clip from the think I won from the pickle episode at the panel this is a different thing this is an episode in which its it takes place in a post-apocalyptic future like a road warrior type of future and they’re probably you probably won’t who knows there’s no context
it’s an animatic
I got second.
All right
EB white we are we satisfied that that end of the agreement we packed with sooner but promising Rick and Morty clips and boy we delivered on that certainly nobody could ever sue us for that but I’m really fucking dropping the ball on this community scrubs
I don’t know what to do what to do if they’re okay TV deals and making love
oh shit you’re right
Jeff 34 and an E3
Jeff krenz
accusing me to camera
French French ourselves
he finishes
they roll over in opposite directions wine the bed sinks into the floor in Pelton 34 enters
Nina ling a ding wings?
What are you doing here
this ship is traffic getting a credit on the throat
Dean Dalton Jurassic just dropping by to inform everyone about the Pea story happening in the cafeteria
I agree with that autocorrect
oh yeah the Borg are walking around like that.
where to get one board in particular is walking back drunk bad
34 + 34
412 Boardwalk
open function
the door slides open
interior board picnic area is old fashion 1920s tile Park
the Khan has a gar Transit
check if the internet
what are those two things
who is Deebo
are we go to the depot
and it’s Center
is a Google gazebo gazebo Inn
Luffy Whoopi Goldberg’s character
I knew this would happen
Boardwalk so did I
by Design
what do you mean
I be die
what you want to shoot the rocket Shield
whoopee blocks the rocket the rocket bounces and Ricco sheds chaise into a reflection tube
that balance is in red coach Ed Chase its trajectory into the for refinery
OSHA exterior Beach continuous
Troy and Abed wrong
drop that dick explain later
Troy running sharks run everyone explodes except Troy and Abed
Pierce is there they run
oh shit
Dwayne Johnson is in a helicopter
interior helicoptero
I will happen wall Dan’s writing scripts how you make money that’s all everybody
helicopter pilot Asian female 34 calls back helicopter pilot
I won’t do anything to make anyone a minute
do you evolve into a beam of life and leaves the hoof
what is a progressive film
exterior ground same time
a black dentist watches
he checks a pocket watch
black dentist
sagely home
there’s a time for all things
the time
waiting room
interior dentist office
everyone’s gay is there
there’s a banner that says happy gay birthday
engagement assistant Works 34
thank you now I feel as if the world
and turned into a beam of light

stuttering kleptomaniac 34 White Center
he willingly he wins an Oscar
Community College let’s get books to the library
my cousin books
Jefferson Jefferson’s reading book
I got Choppers like
what do you want
is this a bad time
Brenda Sykes
is it a bad time for pollution or company
we got your two dimensional
it took it over there to him
they went to Seaboard what is interpreted as that’s why I like an all the CG gags I didn’t see them through that everyone fucking hate it there for two during season 4 as if season 3 was evidence that season 4 was good
it hurts my feelings
I pretty much innocent me responded
I guess it was a slow news day
Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
exterior Argentina
Ultra leader map
Jeff Wentz
step yes
high in the room
pretty is anyone really in the room as I long as long as Israel it’s 34% of her Federal funding
Where do I
I may be a Heisman but I know when I sent one
are you overing
Daddy’s Hands
I’m a borg aren’t aren’t they okay
they leave together
usually I throw stuff like that
to a joke room now and they go
so what do you think
about all these shootings
harambee know about all of these shootings
I’m back
oh it’s getting serious serious right now by the way
Cody Nance girlfriend and I went to high school together literally means to be an act I promised an act of the community movie another to doctor Hooters
let’s make some people who and don’t you don’t like we got id’d you San Diego you’re awesome you’re of your from all over by the way I’m very curious how many of you are just from San Diego
and I mean just like that’s not a good thing I just mean you’re just here locally so everyone else from somewhere else
how much different from San Diego show because we we did a show at the what was the change in roof tin roof and it was it was it was actually really from it was like San Diego natives because it was like the, kind of close down it was old but we’ve got real, people like food and like you think you’re super far away like who’s from out of country what’s what’s your AO Dai what’s your country
you buy the I haven’t gotten tickets from Italy
okay South Korea can you beat South Korea the hands went down anybody. Right there anything
I’m really curious because we could do like how far away is it here’s what I usually like to do I’m going to tell you in advance so you’re at your intelligent people so you can help me out here this is the form I want to go for it I want to bring up one person that has like a dark side of Comic-Con story and one person has a white soda Comic-Con start one person who has like an anecdote that is like this is what makes, what kind of music is Lily Lake like only thing they could do something wonderful that happened to you that cause you Joy and then another person who has like a nightmare story like good good and then it’s up to you it doesn’t matter how dark so who’s got who’s got a dark one you got your hand up so we’ll have to we’re going to trust you you’ve got a dark story do you want to come up and share it okay to the stairs
can you drink my cat his dark story is that he’s a creature of his slave to his habit
let me see Joseph
okay so who thinks they have a who think they have a light load the joyful like this, comes great story. I’m sorry. I’ll leave a levy is the greatest show that alive
how are the are the people that hate the show how are you guys doing over there and get it so it’s the brick and Morty writers okay
Jesus Christ ever had anybody I want to be honest it anybody know I got into first base like any any any grabbing up there any making out
who is anybody who’s anybody feel unsafe with the person they’re with tonight we don’t know what to do about that again call someone a little less what happens to the Ridgecrest it’s in the middle of bumfuk I have you heard if I move to Ridgecrest Austin
really yeah you know Austin I know and I know that’s him yeah weird so I’m just going to say the one that involved me personally so okay so this was about two or three years ago my fourth or fifth not fourth fifth second time at Comic-Con I was there all four days was a Saturday and
I hadn’t eaten the whole day and you know as we all do we get hungry throughout the day you’re not even reading your best guess I was dragged here I only know about Rick and Morty I’m sorry we’re not going to bully you but you’re not at all the goddamn store
it is no I hadn’t eaten the entire day and I finally paid like $40 for some chicken strips and a Diet Coke and fries and a interior San Diego Comic-Con 2013 a year before okay three years what kind of cancer did Steve Jobs have pancreatic has but it attaches to the adrenal glands
like eyelid but yeah but all my doctors are like from different countries so I have no idea what they’re saying half the time now I have to go back but you know how he got to get on you got to move forward. Like $40 worth of food and it was like three things one pretzel pretzel and you want to give me a hand job so there was a kind of line of Deadpool cosplayers and I was like you know what I can wait the two minutes for them to all finish up for me to finally sit down and eat
and as I am like standing there one of them looks at me you’ll be me for a minute and they look at my plate and it’ll be here my kin and then they were like SmackDown
broke my heart a Deadpool and I just like just right and like I put all my energy behind it is like us like it your six 4 I believe you said yeah but yeah if you was six foreign like
all the pounds I threw sand in his eyes are all of Dale’s chicken nuggets on the first flight was closed all the pounds OK Google machines ran ran away like solid right hook and I lean into it and I fall forward and shed and then like I finally realized what I did and I was like oh shit I need to get out of here
cuz you got an angry conga line on your hands than I do kind of guy is having two swords when you hit him and hit him in the face oh yeah and you’re not coming down with all of the you like energy that I had in my body like I was like okay I’m like he hits the ground and then like I was there looking at my food for 10 seconds and he’s looking at me he’s not looking me I don’t know what the fuck are you don’t know that’s right. Then I was like oh shit like Comic Cons the only thing I have so I like immediately walk out and then about two years before that some guy got stabbed in the eye by a pencil that was crazy
your story will read the newspaper Avenue just walked out here cuz, Khan was all I had like you can’t come back because he was a killer
I apologize. No I did not get sandwich out of your hand and so sorry that you’re going to kill you
I really thank you for sharing those are truly dark, con moment I thank you Christine cuz you have a mix of people walking around you don’t know their story people are dressed up as these things and I remember one of my first,, memories was seeing if there were two friends one was dressed as Jean-Luc Picard Captain and the other his friend was old-school Kirk Captain and the perk was having a was on the floor like he was having an episode like I can end the ends of John Luke Picard guy was like cradling him and going like they weren’t doing it was like it was like they were just two old friends and like one of them was having a heart attack
hello what’s your what’s your what’s the other side and my cousin and my uncles and we’re all really into the same stuff and we park our car at the Marriott across the street and we pack a cooler full of beer and sandwiches and drink in the parking lot and then I moved here San Diego partially because I liked it cuz I visited for Comic-Con and I struggled for a long time being unemployed and then I got a job with the newspaper here at the San Diego Union-Tribune and now I don’t have to read the schedule cuz it gets email to me and I get invited to these cool press things and I interviewed yesterday Danny were supposed
but you are double booked a double booked
I’ve watched the ground and then in reflection I can stare at it and go and it’s watch me grow in the most exciting by it that is a that’s good it’s a goddess that gives with one hand and takes with the other, I don’t know what my point was I just thought we could explore that and we did I think I did a good job I think I did a good job with this podcast no I didn’t I need to make sure that their money was well spent what I’m right over here
it was well spent and you were going to die at one point
the time of my life
quite a lot and I think it’s Laura and Joseph get together maybe we can do the lift up into the Dan Harmon that was the problem
don’t hurt yourself. Yes, kind of space and cyberspace call me after
apparently I feel like maybe you died in the chicken nuggets and you just saw a ghost. You’re the you like The Phantom of the Opera to find all the people on stage all right cuz it looks like it’s $30
how do you say it’s going on so you buy me undies you think I should have gone to the The Buffy panel or something I don’t know you shouldn’t have you should have come here
I took your shirt off and you did the exact same thing no I’m not no this is original
that won an Emmy nominated for an Oscar
everybody likes to go to ComiCon trying to con everybody likes you know the long Ride Along 2 Ride Along everybody wants to go live, time you go to the time you got to go all along that a long you got your go-between the people that are buying things but your mama so hot she put her arm in a sling when I talk to you tomorrow night, then, come along for days at the Hilton Bayfront
give me mama so hard that my fucking ain’t done Thursday I woke up in the morning went to the Hotel this morning that your mama finger said yo, what time do the lingard going to take you to the exhibit hall going to ride a $40 sounds good
what is a good day on Game of Thrones is the next next
yo yo girlfriend
what you named Jamie no good Amy
yeah yeah yeah
are they going to think I wrote it
Super Why
I had time right now what’s your name sir
oh fuck your mama cuz I had to go to Diego San Diego, in the San Diego green got up in there pussy like it was a train ticket from LA to SD
nothing came out your mama so hard
went to the boardroom they said no we’re going to vote you out no you’ve got to go I’m going to give you a severance going to give you cash but you got no dental plan
go to Haley you got to go to go to hey she went to head right now God dammit
where can I buy
I was worried something like don’t judge me
just keep doing the show I’m here to give me worse so you’ll be like why did Spencer leave
clear your head down beat you want to do this
Dad, come on to the break of dawn
I Woke Up This am touching your cheek and it going to begin again I want to make love to you all day long I’m going to do it in costume at Comic-Con going to eat your poison ivy pussy
I’m going to eat you poison ivy pussy all day long
hey I’m going to rock it all night long green and Celtic
not sure I want to wake up in the morning with you makes you a piece of coffee
doesn’t copy come in pieces it comes in bags okay cool I knew that I’m not insecure I make coffee before I’m going to make you a bag of coffee figure out how to make coffee I grew up or I don’t know how to make coffee so many buttons on this goddamn machine you just want YouTube
I know what you mean dammit a half a cup with the fucking music one of this joint is bad for the environment
that shit when you can come back to me
don’t know how to make coffee
down with me because of pussy
all my life, kind of, what about you
get me my piece of coffee and I can’t stop
what time does Spencer Crittenden everybody
you’re allowed to leave right now but there might be up here for 24 hours doing precisely
it’s a hidden track
9/11 was an inside job it was an inside job Building 7 you’ll never hear about it. It except vaccinations
I’m only here because my phone is playing the music I would have left
reptilians Alex Jones
from the 80s fucked her so hard she went to Haiti did some missionary work in the field from your mama and tell her she couldn’t feel no more she was empty inside
goodnight everybody thank you


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