Episode: 204 – I’m Drunk And High And Shouldn’t Have A Podcast


Episode: 204 – I’m Drunk And High And Shouldn’t Have A Podcast


What would seem like a classic episode format, becomes weird. Weird af. A great weird episode. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live !


from Hollywood California meltdown, Hermantown is now in session
Spencer Crittenden
the mayor of harmontown Dan Harmon
thank you so much I really want to apologize and I’m so sorry about the amount of Nidoran that are here
oh man what are the it’s one of the Pokemons I wanted to gauge how pervasive this was over night like I I downloaded it today and I am at level 4 and I’ve already I’ve already wandered into traffic for the fucking van and then I’ve already had like like Cody and I were to it we walked a block to stop at some pokestops and we are so we already had the first guy stopped his car and go
let me guess Pokemon wait for real that guy that that guy official part of the game but admitted Cody I want to Ed Cody like wow this game so popular and they get so popular it’s created a sub biosphere of fucking rapey dudes trying to talk about it
would you want okay what are you doing over there you playing at Pokemon card is it weird that I went there
doing is that a positive thing and he’s a God damn it that’s not too young people playing Pokemon ones the old okay
how can you tell you’re playing Pokemon because you’re you are looking at your phone and be excited that my love this game got over night is that he saw two people just looking at their phones went to last Tuesday he would have gone you fucking
super God damn Yelp you guys are you words with friends aren’t exactly whatever his hang-up is but at that but he that guy it had reached his life that he even though he’s from New Jersey and is driving a gremlin from a portal from 1975 straight through this process is transdimensional like you like weird trailer park Doctor Strange Journey like anyways I just didn’t like the guy I didn’t like his style I didn’t like that he he looked at my woman but he but he was he was right that he was hip to your do you were playing Pokemon obviously haven’t caught them all but I can you catch all the Pokemon
alleged I can’t believe you got that level for I got. That was more like a level 10 Pokemon
became popular like we’re Space Invaders like I felt like like there’s been like if you if you go back into the archives it’s kind of funny through your young eyes if you would look at like like Google like Space Invaders would be like a threat to society or something like 78 like Tom Brokaw video about Space Invaders and what I’d like a new story about how a guy murdered his wife because he wouldn’t let him keep playing Space Invaders people talking about with the people into the tunnels
the tournament was like a gangster rap it was like it was like it was the thing that moms were worried about and and there was it and it was they were urban legends that in colleges they would play the game and then they would sacrifice I know they were like steam tunnels underneath the campuses and the kids had a very similar to the baby alligator Legend as I pay the idea that anything that looks like seems innocent could like go down underneath your world and throw into something monstrous it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s an urban legend about like what’s happening under your nose and then set the dungeons of dragons that kids go down
and they are real swords and they start stabbing each other and that was all based on one kid who went missing from one college and it turned out and nnn also he was like a fifteen-year-old kid going to school with he was like worms are in Revenge of the Nerds he was like that architect was like he was so smart that they skip High School right you might be Einstein and put him in this a school with 20 year old and he was 15 he had so many more things to deal with than Dungeons & Dragons but no one ever said it was our class system is making people stabbed disappear anyways yeah he came back after a while I figured out you morons we’re going to show it to me laugh at me up a list
and then he came back and was like I’m 16 now
time is it when you level up enough level five cuz I understand you can start joining a team
but you’re on the same team
Jesus Christ
no you can be on your own team this seems healthy right now you can’t wait you have to pick one of the three you get to pick from three primary colors
why why are you guys still vehement Lee yellow
Road right
honestly seems like the easier Road
is that that that that guy that shouted yellow because I’m Asian like is he going to go home and write a Facebook essay about black lives matter or the doctor like people are like lately right let’s not let our Pokemon I thought you collected little little guy goes I didn’t think you had to choose whether anybody has their blues or Reds here
okay also it’s evenly dispersed but why would the Yellowstone vocal up front
there’s a lot of yellow people shifting to Blue cuz of you. I hate women move in with each other right away
I don’t know yet I need to talk to some people out in the real world I I didn’t I didn’t do a good job with ripping the name of one today sneaker clowder
let me check with Dan Cody talk me to download it looks like Google Maps but there’s little Giants on it
I meant you’re walking around a map of your neighborhood and it’s trying to convince me that with an alleyway
well I’m certainly going to be waylaid by yeah that’s what also this is there’s already two stories that are like top of the usually when you swipe too far left on your iPhone you get for for the stories from the state state state controlled media that the top three are Donald Trump said something orange and the bottom one is Hillary Clinton
do that but one of them is like Pokemon robbery Ringley these guys with Pokemon play so they rob you and then it’s got to be the yellow it seems like it is. Are the yellows like strategic and Sligh or they like or is that the joy of it is with the yellows are like belligerent and they’ll drop out of high school you vocals her in the front row are your yellow rat is there a yellow identity
team inside
a bunch of tools
a bunch of Buckhead this is
remember it was like like like Oh you mean blue Bros
Elementary School
okay now
you go at 3 a.m. to the elementary school
near House keep talking to capture the elementary school when there’s no children present
balls when you walk by it then
oh oh you battle at the Children’s stuff
are you go there at 2 if you literally go there at 3 a.m. you are you’re prowling an elementary school gymnasium at 3 a.m. to call away from kids the capture the whole children’s gym to take it from children when they’re not there to defend themselves
children children Elementary School
yeah because they’re less weird
that’s fucking horrifying why are you how old are you
22 year old literally physically outside and hiding in the bushes room through Tall Grass recyclers by rudimentary scavenger hunt trial training at ways to funny it is that they they they made us leave our apartment and then like the first thing that’s happening is all these news stories about like he and then someone got raped
and I have you heard about the person that’s using it to start a million dollar business
Corners I stop my daughter started selling lemonade and she said that there was a Pokemon in there and someone came in and talked to her it sounds like the warriors were down to Coney Island Before Sunrise
after you and jump creepily hit people are good-looking Shakespearean Herald last week and Kevin of the woods maybe call the harbinger of the Warriors is there a foxy black DJ lady and all you ever see her lips I think and then like glossy lips at like like right like one centimeter for bloods on the tickets tonight trying to make it from 3rd to Main Street God bless you if you can get through the baseball boys
I guess I know dis Ian Journey like that you know there’s going to the boroughs of New York and getting attacked by a siematic gangs I bet we never saw that lady’s eyes she was like this like that you just saw these foxy foxy 70s lips so I can do some shooting that like okay Carly okay so just like page 3 okay
come on your foxy different relationship
explain it later but the Warriors I thought so many times with my brother that one day my brother was like we should be like one of these gangs wears a baseball bat boys like the baseball got ran around the neighborhood with baseball bats hashtag White Privilege memes
the movie and decided to run around your neighborhood with a baseball bat and then later on the story ends with me hanging out and doing a podcast instead of some of the horrible things we were running around we saw a movie that said it was cool to run around with baseball bat got baseball bats for the garage and emulated the characters been running around the neighborhood with baseball bats in our hands like looking to beat people at the way we do it but we’re like in our heads we were like we’re going to playing gang gang
macaroni and I in like 8th grade we were going to the whittwood mall on Whittier and we had four whittwood mall to get all your what what’s go to Whitford the Warriors are fools replica guns and we would go and put them in our belts under our shirts and walk through a mall because we were we were playing James Bond PPK s but we really that was a horrible intention or not but activities
what’s a weird and that look like dramatic Guyver with blinking lights and his red blue white
of the terror that we were taught that we weren’t like oh and everyone I don’t guess this is right after the Archduke Ferdinand was killed before they shut off World War 1
you’re part of the Black Fist bottom of the screen door of my neighbor and rang the doorbell so it was like so when he came to the screen door he looked down and saw this like weird massive like each kind of like guitar circuit boards and things like with a blinking light on it and and he liked it is it like the crazy shit like a bomb squad team there was like it was like it was the eighties but he must have called them and said there was a there’s a bomb on my door
I don’t know when are the Destroyer didn’t go either go with their backyards and take the pool acid heavy duty as of a clean the pool and if you took a certain amount of that and you put it in like like 7-Up or Coke bottle and rolled up some tin foil and put it in you had about like a minute-and-a-half head start to get the fuck out of town and we were put in people’s metal mailboxes
and the gas blow up the mailbox and it was a fancy person know
get another one you shouldn’t do
if you live on the hill steel bowling balls in a bowling alley
can we go to where the rich kids lived up in helping the high heels with a Long Street that goes straight down and you would take lighter fluid you would cover the bowling ball and lighter fluid and fill the holes and send it down the road through four walls on fire
I don’t know how I ever didn’t do federal time not to bring the show to a grinding halt but I just like I did want to let like how much of that do you tie to this new word privilege like like like do you look back on that and go oh I had no idea like I said I was doing shit and getting away with it
I mean he didn’t just walk out
funny talk about Pokemon
is that what is that they had a little swell see and I want I wanted to study that is just like a little pasty should like I kind of feel like when you’re going on you’re seeing like the reflexive reverse defensive like racism like so you see like the just like this weird outrage where where it where it’s like somebody going like no matter what you do it’s not good enough cuz your wife for everything just because with people but you don’t understand you worked real hard like you’re looking at it going like I like trying to fit it look like
it’s it’s it’s like what what connection is ever going to happen there but then but then you look at other people that are kind of like I’m not going to risk an example but I feel like there is like a substrata of people that are technically responding to the concept of privileged with a bewildered logical attack back with a guy that might be worse engaging just a little bit that that person is a potential ally because that person’s bewilderment my actually it might it might actually just be based on genuine confusion and logic and like
you want them back oh yeah
anyways whatever I did
try to rip an example of that I’m not totally sure I know you’re talking about oil and water and what is there something in between when you went out with a hashtag like white privilege means starts trending you know that it’s going to be a bug zapper for like like like you like Beautiful Creatures and also like horrible disgusting was like it’s just going to attract like it inside I was just trying to identify like a kind of like there was like there was the proper use of it and then there was like there was like all these different bubbles coming off and I was trying to identify them and I was wondering like are we going to keep
I read an essay and I think New York Times was a gyro trota saying I think the headline was a week from hell and like there’s just some like like that the seam of that just being like I was kind of talking about this previous episode before it became extra topical but but but the idea of like is this shit going to hit a point where we actually we’re where we start to it actually becomes like just a we have to deal with it in a in a sense that it’s like smart people actually start like like I actually going like okay we have to like learn to deal with dumb people
if you don’t deal with them by going like you talk to him like like they do stick your stick your finger into that that wall of Jell-O that is dumb people and like your half a quarter of your identity is now inside dumb people they like I’m trying to prove that they’re dumb and it’s like you make yourself dumb by do it by trying to prove that like a genuine like elitist their their worst nightmare is that there’s like a new world order forming around them because some people think they know better than this I just think sometimes maybe split the different guy like what if we were better than them and genuinely felt that way but you I think you’d find yourself treating them politely might be because I don’t imagine the guys in white lab coats when they’re trying to figure out if deodorant gives you farts for some Corporation and they have to kill ten thousand rats to do it I don’t think they walk up to eat
pull the rat out and go like Snoopy
I think they go nice baby baby putti putti and they can run them over a deli slicer like
because I think that there is a bit because they’re like well there’s no point to engage in this motherfucker so if you feel that way about ignorant people that we start to go wait there actually Beyond hope they don’t think for themselves like like like like no real point in like pointing your finger in their face and like spitting at them because they are you having a special people on both sides of the spectrum of our politics likes to the far extremes above politics that are quite intelligent people who believe completely antithetical things to each other like who’s to say which is right nothing like the people that fall in the middle of these these these my so do you want to run to a deli slice it then they’re just being cold and two completely different directions by a bunch of intellectual weirdos like who is who’s right and who’s wrong on that side
that you and I both hate politics I think by and large really smart conservatives really really intend to watch all people who believe things I just can’t really dig at all but they thought about it they given a lot of thought and there are compassionate people and smart people like I do think I just don’t understand is it’s it’s talking to somebody who’s a trump supporter like this smart people that are Trump supporters I can’t believe that there are there fucking are there really are because they said that they’re they’re going to vote for the person that’s going to run against Hillary and then given it a lot of great thought I think a lot of people wish they had another candidate I think I’m both sides
yeah but it’s a horrible thing is that are Trump supporters who are so smart that they see the benefit in a long-term weird Illuminati game of having a very easy orange not to be president for 4 years do you or like or as Zen philosophy where the pillars crumble then there will be more like this like this people have their their own ideologies based on all sorts of different things it does not say we never landed on the moon I think Bigfoot’s out there all that stuff like I I wouldn’t I wouldn’t I wouldn’t believe those people and go like yeah but because I don’t I don’t believe that those beliefs come from dishonesty I don’t believe
I think I don’t think that I do if a political candidate is standing in front of a Podium and saying a sentence that you would never say at a cocktail party ever in any form no matter what strategy you of cocktail party right or any social environment in any environment really is other than behind a Podium that’s it look like is some weird strange statement about the the state of the world and then everyone applauds and it’s all the stuff like if there’s a certain level where you’re like like that’s not a philosophy this is a person in an act of sedition this is a person who’s trying to take advantage of ignorance and an in-engine vulnerability and fear like like they’re just rolling into it like like like like like a low like a liquidy like Primal viscous infection I think both sides are actively trying to seduce ignorance
have you with why still yeah you won’t walk away from me know who to vote for it because like proper like intellectual discourse is not even without it’s just what I may have used I may have used self-defeating language when I started when I was talking about smart people like what it what it what if we were to say for instance though like like if I were to
I mean like what don’t you think that
the it possible that the smarter you get the less you want other people to die but now you’re Conjuring an image of like a guy that’s like a genius so he took over the railroads and then he’s got a monopoly over the newspapers in the own Zagnut and he’s sitting in a fucking roundhouse did dying of like weird that you can only get by using Vietnamese for human chest smart people are active people are ambitious people just like wipe that board clean a sink is primates like like like like like isn’t don’t don’t you think I’m going to pitch this like an end then prove me wrong but like that the
that that that that any any any world get it out
a hugely evolved the maximum evolved worldview would definitely accept the need for horrible things like like like like the higher of the closer to like fucking crazy Cosmic objectivity you get I think the more and more you’ll become kind of what could be called from a distance a nihilist so but but don’t you think that that’s that’s accepting that’s saying like the cosmos is a bitch like people live in people die fucked up a good things don’t happen to good people at cetera like then but I’m talking about people whose whose like cosmology are like
necessitate people dying lately don’t you think those people are Dumber a lot of them go to jail I think a lot of presidents elected as I’m sure a lot of them have 350 skill that you like an attribute it’s like it’s like a muscle some people are better than others and that makes them better in that regard he is is when the concept of someone suffering over here like you might pick up on it or not lack of empathy would be the worst case scenario would be someone’s drowning over here and you don’t think you have to save them that’s like I’m talking about the people who think that you need to have War people who think that people need to be chilled basically go out
what will I do that that’s that’s negligence he said what about Executives at a tobacco company or something like I do all of each other for the perform for troops and if you perform for the big red one that these are kids that are for kids their tip of the spear first ones in every battle that we’ve probably ever fought like since the very beginning and if if you talk to them about like killing like they’re all for it like that it’s like let’s go get them blood and got they loved it and then you talk to people that fly billion-dollar systems like the B-2 bomber or the end of our big spider plants these are people that have higher education’s and they’ve read poetry and they have a Shakespeare
Voltaire and they’re going to do music and their take on death is very different in my conversations with them they’re not happy about killing people want you to help they never have to I think there is an educational divide there but you can talk to people that are way smarter and way more educated than all those people and they will also say that death is a necessity or the death is an atrocity no matter what they don’t let him in the fucking airplanes
days you just said it like a it’s a so I can I do I was at the guys that fly the other bomb disease expensive planes around that would rather kill people in the people flying those but I talked to a bummer I was in line at a px we’re going to the General Store at a base that is so what are you do and he goes I’m a bomber I said physically I can actually what are you doing because I’m the guy that bomb I hit the hit the button I’m looking through the viewfinder and it’s like what do you see
and if you finally got to see people running
he got real found out he literally had a Snickers in his hand and I was like like you know getting the Gatorade whatever the morning and then I said like who are those people because not our targets I go who are those women and children I go where your targets because they’re underground I said to those people that you seen if you find a running have a chance because now they’re dead I go how do you deal with that because the only has first of all you don’t and second the only thing I can take away is that I’m 5 miles away when it happens I go how do you know if you got your target Nico’s not my department
and this is a guy who is very very very smart because they don’t let you fly that thing I’ve been admitting your point is that I’m I’m implying that the smarter you get the less brainwashed your murderous you get your point your point is that smart people can be fuckin drones to it so I guess if we’re both right maybe we need to measure like look my point is is there a list of 8 billion people in The Columns that we create on that list there there might be some that we haven’t invented yet it says they’re still dating there late like like we know that you can sort a billion people by age gender race income Nation city of people who have experienced violence people who have into it
columns but like what if there’s a column that we haven’t sorted people by yet what if what if no IQ tests or anything has been able to detect like a class of people strapped of people who continually get frustrated by the world around them because nobody else seems to get it and and we’re we’re calling to each other through the yellow of the internet and going like is anyone else understand what’s going on here is it is it isn’t it easy enough to just understand that if you hurt somebody that’s worse than if you don’t and we can have all these conversations about when that’s necessary later like those can all be built on that machine language instead of all we’re seeing that right now as soon as our options and then where she also seemed like these like this is most distressing because it’s intelligent is watching intelligent people people who are not typically reactive reactionary people who
yesterday were able to see more more variants and then chaos and man and have it be part of their life to being forced into a dumb fucken cereal box contest it’s that’s the tragedy as I’d like every time something huge happens it’s like it’s the that’s the pit of your stomach is like a fucking moron they’re not going to handle this well enough not going to make any of us any smarter or either lake lake lake man if we could get a break from all the shit that makes everybody react all the time it’s like living in a planet with 7 billion fucking dogs that don’t like fireworks like sometimes you just like you see another human across the room and it’s just like he’s alright man but he was a sympathy or compassion towards you say Embassy
come like problematic because Steve Silverman was up here talking about neurodiversity and I like like the truth is like there’s a huge like spinal cord going through the history of modern humans that the the spinal cord is hugely functional not typically screaming empathy kind of like Sub sub community of people who needed that who needed the technology that they created around them that we all now use to reduce our Embassy and do fucked up shit but they created it because they profited from it in a way that they couldn’t on a playground you know how many people hit him with sticks because because they did not have say the right things like empathy isn’t it like like when people don’t appear to feel things like sometimes those people are like those people are thinking and I guess that’s like it when you see like smart people
get drawn into these fucking mud fights in comments sections and you can tell that they’re like a chemistry teacher or something and it’s like why do you have opinions about this shit like you’re smart
part of the reason is because those people think that like as far as like interacting with people like that they’re supposed to do it through different channels and anyways I think my point is like we have to start with a figure out how to tell the morons from the non moron and we have to actually be racist about detecting morons and go like that that’s the only actual dichotomy xenophobic about the morons to the point where we infantilize them as we did the strategy you use when you want to overpower and use a population instead of informing them and engaging them yes that’s what I’m advocating I’m saying Fight Fire with Fire I’m saying I’m saying like an hour
and I’m not going to be a yellow Pokemon because there’s already bring up their connection with other human beings is very different than what I think it ought to be a whit what mine is people everybody has different amounts of eye contact with you everybody everybody has different when they’re nervous everybody reacts to Cockiness and insecurity differently it it’s it’s a mishmash of some house they grew up in some block they grew up on in like a giant number eight scoop of fucking uncontrollable genetics that are so much less controllable than we’d ever loved the sink but but like just like there are everybody’s like all you get until you get somebody to actually say I don’t like you don’t assume they don’t like you if we need to we need to move forward into a culture where there’s like checks and balances there you can go like like like like
Commander some shit happening where’s it’s like you you checked on the people we go like all these fucking assholes will you read what it is, to be one of these things it’s like a scalpel into that fucking owl pellet and pry it apart and breathe any air into a liquid turns into a fucking crazy weird triple squirrel like a history of what does a owl look like what the fuck is this expertise are you bring the bear hair look like how is anybody not being that honest about like what they’re actually feeling and what their fearing its it was there so close to just saying they’re afraid but it comes out it completely inverted that’s what it looked like the way that we say I’m afraid of you is I am not afraid of you and you would like me to be afraid of you
but I can beat you up so fuck you like what you say everything but I’m afraid of you which is just like like I don’t know why I fucking Jeff right now I would walk out close the freezer door and slip a fucking jigsaw switch that that you a video of me going 85% of America
you don’t know me but I certainly know you so use you have fucking thought things
type things every time you saw it blinking cursor you thought it meant you had something to say there’s a jar of acid in one corner there’s a fucking bomb of the other you have no choice you’re dead by food I am in with red lines like I start I go super villain is I go like let’s fucking kill everybody that’s not good as a Creator in as an artist but I say you’re a painter like humans have learned to deal with through what the one thing I think that we’ve created the other animals have on his art to deal with fucked up things are at what what can you do as an artist to assuage that
anyting harmonquest on seeso
coming to use this Thursday I’ll episode July 14th maybe it’s not it’s not actually it’s somewhere on the internet
if it’s on the internet we’re all going to meet up on the internet
but most importantly of
San Diego Comic-Con show you going to come to town at the Balboa theater that’s on Ticketmaster Comic-Con show is it taping in streaming
don’t we have some of One Direction would come here that we are healed you guess let’s not Wonder at its Zane here last we just have a saying yeah but I think he’s going to be doing a double appearance with a Adam Levine is that a person Lavigne Lavigne go way back
before you tried that like pronounce it all cool and stuff he was just a vine
yeah I’ll all I will I will I will I was going to say I’ll write I’ll write as soon as I open a house out of a laptop open I don’t know about this
sorry Eugene and I’ll I’ll write but if it’s really really going to be up on the screen and you’re right in the community movie but it’s not going to lower them in cuz they’re like well I could literally having to work interesting I would go watch it at the next Jaws
but it doesn’t matter cuz it’s not it’s you have to think of a thing that they can only see if they come there or or like a human guests would be the best and we’re going to get the guy from Hamilton what would happen to him know he’s coming
yeah he’s going to be at the show Adam Levine dropped out
do we got Lynn will be great we also got a Bulbasaur
he’ll be making an appearance
yeah yeah we are all the Juggalos they’re all coming Game of Thrones question
we had some time to think
okay so it’s so remember when are you starting spoilers coordinator
you don’t have to. I don’t I didn’t I mean I’m not going to remember his name I just I’m likely I was more entertained by my own like lick and I left my place that way out of a job lady who brings things to Walter Frey
he’s the Lord of riverrun I think bringing them pie and she’s psychic she’s a grown woman but she’s like certainly not as ghetto disease and she’s an Asian appropriate for him and he’s like I have light level milkshakes that’s what you see her and I was weird and then at the end she comes back and goes like would you like another milkshake and he’s like as long as it remains
the Red Wedding
and energy and its Arya Stark and you like okay so so then that episodes over and I’m going okay so here’s a bunch of questions that creep people out what about she’s 14 she’s disguised as a nineteen-year-old like like what I get past that stuff okay eventually and I get to the point where I’m asking if we have we seen a so let’s say you are a Arya Stark were a male character that that that had gone through while he’s being one of the many-faced people she’s putting on a phoenix is there been a cross gender many-faced disguise and Game of Thrones I think Jack and there was some girls jacking a girl friend in a girl did him may be alright
Jack and did a girl is the penis a penis yeah there’s a penis
that was your question right like it the girl puts on a game and still be a kid a boy kid you go through the wrong man penis.
Let me walk you through it you’re a boy your young Spencer right you go to the house with the double doors in the black and white stop using pronouns doors are always speaking of presents and to give you the whole orientation for a stick for a while
is the pronoun I got a fucked-up you learn you find a whole Road chamber of faces and you find out you can take him each and you can slap him on that person so like a half of them are women 51% maybe he says he has no name needs to go over to Seattle and hang out and certain certain certain start I just think it would be appropriate to people need to drop down
so so you go to so you disguise yourself as a woman yeah you’re watching him and it’s like like like you’re in Disguise for awhile so let’s say during that disguise. You fall in love with him and you make love with him so I got my friends to tell me they but yes there’d be a vagina there a grand of the disguises to Mystikal disguise you’re assuming that I do have two plates from Joy of course I am told is the only the only way I can else
this illusion is is is not going to stop there and turn into something else you’ve got ovaries you’ve got egg what state you get pregnant your disguise gets pregnant how could it not be possible I mean can I have any pictures of where the mimic character have ovaries let me tell you something about luiginary magic
it breaks down into a lot of things there’s there’s glamours I think in figments and then there’s lesser phantasms and shadows you see there’s a whole gamut but I assume that the masks probably just work on this lowest level where it’s just your basic senses but nothing deeper than that so you might confuse yourself for grabbing like a hot titty or whatever but it wouldn’t actually be there it would just be magically you were your senses were were feeling it you’re saying if you is you so well okay so is that so that means that so but took
if you you trained this way and yours what you’re going to lie I should even say you going to assassinate me and the best way to do it is like is to love me so you meet me right then we hit it off and like you know that I like you’re on the right track you’re doing your mission right by loving me and and so I can make love to you and you’re saying the illusion illusory magick meet means that when I when I when I take my tiny itty-bitty little rage-filled purple disgusting penis and I am moving around and was hoping for some fucking relief

is that that Captain Kangaroo couldn’t give me I I finally when I when I when I when I answered it what’s happening is that that my mind I’d like like like something’s happening is based on illusion and what you’re saying is that definitely you don’t have ovaries I don’t think so because I don’t know it’s at the point of where your breasts would be it would be it’s a it’s like it’s like Nano Armor we’re like it be like oh he expects to feel a breast there so they can energy goes there that’s why I assumed I assumed it’s like it’s focused on the face is like that panel’s the magic but it’s illusionary magic I don’t think there’s a physical like magical you’re you’re not physically morphing anyway so if you fell in love with someone who is disguising themselves with illusion magic as a as a as the opposite gender and you imagined yourself like consummating a
productive happening down there that’s like your it’s a cloud of thought around your penis for the VR
you know like you don’t know cuz I want things like you’re there I wanted to go to the place of like that there’s actually that that you have to have ovaries if you were to the disguises like Thoreau and then the baby could be conceived but while the disguise was happening and then my big question was the baby’s born it’s half you but half the mask in that case it would have to be the man I think if your job is to be at like if you’re going to be one of the many-faced weirdos that you going to put on a face and go kill somebody that you’re not doing your job right if you’re going home and fucking people I think a job is to go kill somebody is going to have no sex drive back up on the Shelf lose your eyes like pie in the sky
Chase magic to the to the threshold of genetics you know I just was curious because that’s a case of like you’re saying magic is like oh I look like so and so I was just like the illusion just want to know about what are the rules on those dragons so I mean you can’t control them and they deposit you in the wilderness than you knock over smoke and all of a sudden you’re fucking Queen dragons all of a sudden how does that work you go off screen for a while and then all of a sudden you now control dragons perfectly what the shit is that you can fly them over a boat and then you say like doing the door I like to me great pains to burn down to only one boat at all which was really weird visually it was like three dragons attacking one boat is very slow work Warfare
analyze cuz it before that I was at work is very important they are like like like like the might of the military is likely a huge part of it is like wooden boats that likes like float up to think over like 90 bucks but that’s why they made it look stupid I don’t I don’t like it
what what you raise your hand is going to die
about the illusionary magic so do I set the time we finish that segment about Philip Morris are they using illusionary magic I didn’t hear it what about Philip Morris I love this
yeah I know I heard it
there is if he’s going in Turkish
your theory doesn’t really removed but what was actually happen is you’re just working your elbow down there. And there’s just the elbow is it that was part of what I was thinking but when you put it in the in the words that I said I looked at it right and I was like wait is this like a G6 it’s like a Linkletter movie like I’m asking you questions about life looking and pussies and I backed away from it but thank you for walking into that land field and just compare the firming and it’s just like.
just imagine I’m glad you’re laughing because I’m like II but I went to Iran that simulation was like 43 I got a new world I got a not I can ask you some questions and then you did like we’re both alive
what’s this weather like what we’ve all had our fun tonight but just imagine a hallucination right you see something that’s not there now imagine that happening but with your sense of touch that’s all that’s happening it’s just a hallucination totally not happening it’s magic you feel the pussies around your penis
it is wet and tight as you’d imagine a microwave cantaloupe
but deep within your will something feels amiss
you pass your will save
but that’s fine if you’re fine with that
I asked her like what’s going on what’s the deal they’re right here stabbed in the neck
why are you go
can you can I think it would go that far what’s the will save on on
he wrote what he illusion magic can make you in all the ways that you would mythical think you could fool somebody you can. Buddy that includes like being in bed with them kind of getting with them none of it but it’s all an illusion unless it’s not it could be polymorph magic I just don’t think it is actually manipulating the matter yeah but usually like you’re there are currently no I think in like a lot of old like Greek not great god dammit old like nights and legends and stuff there’s all these body-switching potions and then you actually would get pregnant with the kids and that was like that was probably polymorph
I can you ever okay
there is a reduce size there there’s an average height so if that person’s an Illusionist and they cast an illusion spell that’s supposed to disguise them as some of the other there’s limitations based on height yeah the lower level up magic spells you can only go by like about an eighth of your total height so the shorter you are you can only get a little bit. It’s saving throws hey I need that weird grown I better be your heartburn I miss D&D you guys I miss playing the DM
I enjoyed our shuttle run things for a little while but I think we didn’t really sink our teeth into Iran
the headlights were a creditor I did want to get so there was the headline about heard there’s a robbery gangs they set up like a maybe a poke lures or something and they show up there their they’re pregnant people the other one was the worst I think a young lady who was just searching for a Pokemon into a riverbed and found a dead body and a dude fell off a bridge somebody got stabbed by a Scyther
yeah they my element
hey I’m overwhelmed overwhelming Grandpa Lemon
but become a community center
what’s your name Scott Ian from Anthrax or something
beautiful to look where is going what is a really bad a town just like just as much to me as she stabs him as Robson I think he survived but
Merrifield right now
he was related to Pokemon go or people that were part of the same as it was a robbery that area stabbed for being in the bad part of town
you require leaving your house is being fused with all the reasons to not leave your house
Pokemon go
I don’t know what that was I don’t know what that was like 2 hours ago what went home took a shower got dressed I look at my turn my phone on the app is still open and there was Pokemon about my crib so I threw some pokeballs out of my God I took a while to figure out how that shitt works at yellow backpack on and I’m a fighter like I’m into the wild that. Premium players were energy packs for free
Pokemon go how to add a $5 thing all right downtown like one’s Marshall High School and one is the Immaculate Heart Convent right up my street
Katy Perry just bought that shit tonight maybe I go up there and my Pokemon is Katy Perry
what is making me walk around my neighborhood been late like how do I know that Marc Maron is not waiting at a kill me so we can kill kill harmontown head back over us like luring if there’s a fee okay Texas
armed robbery in Missouri happen I fell off a bridge died running for president
I want to really amazing things more to get out of the pipe I just wanted to say that I don’t know if you guys need to do this but I looked it up cuz I I’ve been trying to watch all of the song movies what’s your name Jacob been trying to watch all the movies again I forgot the there was four of them when I did it the first time so I’m up to 4 I was just finished off for and very confused but just so you know if you watch all the movies before it gets very confusing just going to save you some trouble saw for happens at the same time as 5/3 alright it’s it’s not a spoiler it’s I don’t know why they did it that way I think it because saw dies
it is in what he starts dying in the first one that’s the whole point is that he’s that’s why he’s saw and then the second one second one now she’s like my my side this might spoilers about stars and everything to do with the beard Lee incompatible seems of puzzle
and the living Joy civil engineering
the Killer is a he’s an engineer
don’t get confused because there’s a guy that walks into the end of software and he’s actually he’s actually watching the end of socks right all right hey have you guys heard happen to a bar and just it would just wear it like like like like he’s just wearing a hat because I did and and he’s out there somewhere and it said Time Warner on his hat there was a guy with a hard-wired Into the Fire
alright that’s okay to wear a hard hat just just
hey well I think I think in this day and age is the only safe way to walk into a bar I think I think he was too cool looking he was too hip looking and he knew that you know he’s a white-collar guy but he wouldn’t read that way in the bar so is like I’ll just wear my hat me it’s who I am is shows what I am I’m not ashamed of it but going into the bar says I’m off the clock I got to get you if you don’t get to do both of those
I just asked if you’ve ever worn a hard hat it’s like you want to take it off all their not I like it will need to wear that you could be the best person ever and I I I I didn’t I didn’t I thought that the whole time while I was asking questions about him I was like this guy’s the hero and I’m the villain what am I doing why is he allowed to dress the way he wants to dress it’s a hard hat it’s just weird that bar was like it wasn’t too hard hat where was that oh yeah that place is crawling with Iran
I don’t know what you’re talking about I love it so much
I was in bed with my girlfriend I swear to God okay
Jacob Riis saying is he wants you to come home with him in his girlfriend
and mine sing some Anthrax for us
and my girlfriend said to me I want to start getting you to like light more
oh yeah like yeah like light hurts you and I don’t like it it makes you uncomfortable I don’t know I don’t like late sensitive I don’t know don’t like it
I don’t like like how do you feel about this the Limelight the stage the necessary evil if you had your way with you totally dark
I’ll be a real podcast watch it but they probably feel like a little bit of relief to me and you love it and and it doesn’t and nobody has like a cosmic sound too many people but I mean actual it’s okay that’s good
they come out in the dark
how many more times do you think I could do that tonight
I want you to go with me across the cosmos
leave your body behind you
as you float up to the Stars
how do you find out your identity
as you continue outside of the Blue Marble called the Earth it becomes increasingly
beneath you and UCF playing it inside of your eyes
it seems small at first but as you approach it gets medium size
finally largest steel in Taylor days is big as a senior of ever seen you land
on this dirt covered desert like Flatbush
there is only Infinity between you and your goal
if you have only a leather-bound satchel filled with three inventory items
your name is Spencer no I don’t have an echo
you shouldn’t
I don’t either
I don’t need you to do anything as I am not I am I am what you would call nothing however should you choose to take an action declaring so with specific expressions
when and why
will constitute the players
I remind you you are dusty planet
that sir
that would be great if I left now I do have an echo
OSHA what are the items though are we going to die are you asking if you would like to look into the satchel
well don’t I know what’s in them already when you search back in your mind for the answer to questions about what you already know
Spencer and the US from within
I throw them in a hole reaching for the three bulges
oh yeah yeah I just tossed it in a hole he’s going to take seven steps backwards
you didn’t throw it now oh no I threw it first you threw the Satchel in the hole
and take
and take seven steps back okay there is a great rum a high-pitched tone turns into chanting the only word which you can decipher is
Visser Visser Visser perpendicular tequila viscera to the yeah
frog like what the fuc
what’s with all that visceral you’re finding yourself in and amongst
I was been here glass Cuba in the universe 232 of Siri’s definition of amazing and I Fly Shop
oh shit players to tell me what happens next now I work alone I wipe the counters brass piping which gives it a classy but slightly Armenian the field
I hope today is opening day will be a day of opening
I turned hello are you open open the door
I even got the gift shop for her all over the place tell you what are Armenian customer code 203
barkshop take care of the Frog
get out of here by 10. Stop it what is embarrassing
I was never in the first place
what the fuck is wrong with you what the fuck is wrong with you what the fuc
I’m trying to get over it
all right
I’ll take I’ll take Visa
okay let me bring you up
oh have it all for free no your friends it’s a real grocery store and tell him nobody’s crazy here
you have ruined my life cycle that you’re calling me now
the reason
everything that I have ever put into this world you have reversed and reacted to I don’t know what you do for a living you lived in my guest house you said you were when you were working on an album I showed you my treatment for a cartoon because you said you had it Cartoon Network
you gave me notes on it I found out you were in Michigan 6 weeks ago
like I’m trying to run out of crazy store
let me listen and tell you what
come with me I want to show you something alright
I’ve opened a zipper to the third dimension
I just blew my mind
did you get in the darkness this whole time
over here I can’t get my car I have to like
I want to show you the three of you something
look at this breakfast cereal box see the farm and how the Sun just Peaks above on the distant horizon horizon right what if I told you
Betta Fish Boss not the world in which you live was reality reality and that we were stimulated by the people in the universe on the cover of this box so that they could feel cosmological safer if I thinking of themselves as being part of a cereal box
and we are the rain
someone put the curtains up on all the walls with a light for raising the lights working best thing we’ve ever done okay yeah that was the best thing you’ve ever done
what do you think Jacob I like it what was with all that viscera. Viscera of course I did the devil analog would be like neighbors viscera that’s just like a skeleton sound cultural but it sounds really good night Joey
that franchise The Armenian culture saturation it is meant to empower it’s like the Rubik’s Cube TV series in the 80s that is so is very Latino for no reason it was just like a bunch of CO3 3 Latino kids with a Rubik’s Cube Check out harmontown episode 43
I don’t believe in gravity
now okay that provocative enough let me look something up to you believe in time no ya talk on speak on that what do you mean you don’t believe in it who would that’s a weird thing to think if you got the impression I don’t believe in time relationship with time don’t you

I guess I I don’t really know
it’s not it’s not amusing to anybody but me that most people measure it by James and months but I measure it by girlfriends and jobs
have you guys ever I spent a day going to look like
what show is there good is that who would call themselves like an Aficionado of it you want to know about it I was hoping to meet a new friend okay okay well alright so I thought maybe somebody like a super Creepypasta 4-channel things what it is isn’t it
yeah I know that’s the legend has it that like that granny gave some guy like it’s intermittent. I am sore part dies and probably a fox and a 1/2 are it’s not true but that’s like the cast of it is I need to like the Slenderman start off as that to you know it’s like it’s busy like the internet version of like you know it’s just
you’re raising your hand in the morning I don’t know anything about Creepypasta
let let everyone who also wants to come on stage and take note of what just happened you see what you could do if you just stick your mind to it are we friends now
you can’t say I didn’t know what do you know about
refugees came up right that’s what I was saying
how it happened
oh god dammit okay alright good ones I was wondering if you guys have to have your own podcast this basement your voices can you guys do each other forever
those that goes behind that actually
what’s your name
Molly Hello Panda panda panda panda hear Opera
I drove for holding it all night for a second what’s going on how’s it going in the morning
I know I know I know that I know that aiding nurse said that if I get as you were just coming out and that’s why the fuse was lit tonight I’m drunk and high and I shouldn’t have a podcast Creepypasta do we need a John row we me like a medium we me like that is it for saying like urban legend like we’re kind of meaning like an internet like internet-based urban legend movie bicycle
but it looks like they’re they’re they’re more better consumed on the Internet is in the Slender Man success was like there’s like one actually two games I mean I remember you mentioned one from Majora’s Mask it’s just
why is it called Creepypasta copypasta is a thing that means you just repost content it’s what you do with memes essential you copy and paste to me and if you’re sleepy, are you going to sleep like sleep as long as likely asleep and I just went to this weird saying where I started listening to I went to Illuminati videos and then like from there I went down to 252 like it was a true horror stories like that was basically like it was kind of like Tumblr that it was all all the all the all the protagonist for female and it was like really Ultra believable stories of like 16 year old girls ending up with the wrong party and like or no
no it sounds like it was ghost stories but it was like it was just girls going like like
TV shows all about that they have like like whole haunted series
internet so was that different than the Ghost Hunters Jesus don’t come out like a weird or Faked paranormal shows
are panda You drama in my life where you guys tell me what you’re familiar with young people like cuz I was watching YouTube videos look like 20 things that this in 15 things of that stuff but a body of a pig like a EVP videos of body of a pig it’s like a EVP is like a ghost hunter thing or Eli Cuevas thing around you hear that creepy videos like so have you guys seen the Croatian stocking tape the one with the truck or the gun
his face that’s like it’s just like it’s just like sort of a weird found footage like it down the bubble between like obviously this is fake and stage but at the same time like it hasn’t there’s no need to expose it because it and therefore I don’t know I don’t know I’m just curious about this like finger of Mythology cuz I spent the day like looking up these videos like so there’s a video where there’s like two Croatian dudes that are doing parkour in a park or something and then there’s like this guy that keeps appearing in the distance and it has like a weird Hood over his face and like it’s just I think it’s probably because you can’t tell you probably makes it seem more genuine if you don’t speak their language so it seems more real and so this is just like this weird guy like following them and they’re kind of reacting to him as if he’s an old drunk man from The Village or something but he’s really freaking out he like follows them out of the whole thing ends with like they open an elevator other
restroom sounds like it follows to me
the horror the horror movie things like that okay so Japanese ghost hospital is like a thing like that is it a test like some people go like this is an ARG this is an ARG and I looked at it it was real and there’s just people that would like watch you and stuff and weird creepy videos and you go and wear masks and play chess with people and put a USB stick in a wall and like it was really happening and that’s like that was happening around the time I was getting into 4chan and stuff but like that was like this it turned out to be an art project based out of Australia but like it was some creepy shet man you know you have to like submit field reports and they send you things as crazy as what
at user
surfboard and everything yeah darknet the bees
yeah it’s like
yeah creepy like like Google that Anatoly slivko tapes what happened to Anatoly a real life Creepypasta
there was this guy who said I think this is like in the Eastern block like back when this was possible like became like a cub scout leader kind of the Pioneers did fuckedupshit with it there’s like films that today I found footage horror thing online like you find this found footage like he cuz he was like a dead end of the cub scout leader that like who’s doing fucked up things with it they keep making them like if he said let’s do a movie where we hang you until you’re unconscious them like they’re the video zigzag okay what’s going on the Chinese infrastructure that’s another thing that is so there’s like those videos or just people are just walking and there’s a sinkhole or there’s like a baby getting run around with building
like a lot of money flowing into the country and they’re handling it the best way I can swing in this country
what’s your what’s your deal you have you talk crazy like a crazy person
what’s your origin of overtime what do you have you picked up your board unless you want to hear that
Larry couple of I guess I know you can talk however you want I just like I thought that there was a great that’s what I’m talking about the Illuminati videos and then you go to like Michelle Obama’s a reptile and you got a cupcake and donut hole and I’m just like really like I’m 43 and I just did just doing this and I’m like this stuff that was like really became satisfying for me where is the fact that it was then I went to these things were like oh there’s a new Need for urban legends in the Slender Man I was actually kind of like like actually affecting me it was weird because it was like also like it was the best
I was talking about was that they were these Horror Story this is Horror Story genre where it’s like these are real true stories that are like scary and they’re like playing horror music but it’s really just a it’s it’s like a teenage girl in modern society describing a fucking freaky brush with like a crazy person that they ran up against that it’s typically as far as I could find it was a dude reading the story because the stories are popular in some environment and it’s like sort of like it’s merge with Creepypasta but these are like the true or the stories are the more valuable they are and it’s like like but then there’s like these compilation is there edited together where there’s like a 35 year old guy reading the stories into a microphone about I was I was just out of high school and I wanted to have some
my girlfriends were a little more loose than me I like reading and just want to get into a good college so when they said we wanted to take mgma and go to a local party I only wanted to go to make sure they didn’t get into trouble
when we pulled up to the house there was already a tree Pierre
what is my point I don’t know
I have any cameras are older than 15 years anything newer than 15 years old or something I don’t know why but it’s all right. Better and you guys find your own like dichotomy like that that’s part of the appeal is that I don’t think I don’t need to force it like I I think I’d like like like I’m shopping for I’m just shopping for a I don’t want to go to a set you guys up to fail at like I’m I’m I’m I’m just like I’m just looking at Kohl’s I’m just looking at it now that’s not just nuggets right now. Okay
you know you don’t have to be angry or happy that you guys are the two poles of my decision-making process as I look at a bushel of apples with Molly
should am I doing this because the Orchard and we’re buying apples fresh pineapple the apple orchard owner and I’m visiting it until you set me up to make difficult choices and every time I have to make a choice then you guys you guys okay so let me arrive at the place okay
so I’ll do the I mean
I want you to focus on
Iron Man great to come to this apple orchard
sorry I am sorry I didn’t
I love your dogs all right
apple orchards near did apples that I like to grow here on Juicy Green Apple very specific kind of rare green apple that I like to have its has a very nice hints of a tennis ball
actually my IRL favorite apples honeycrisp apples to apples
you know like something you’ve never tried before out-of-this-world or you got something that you know is going to be delicious and you’re just here alright I don’t think this works
no it’s not I don’t think it’s your fault LOL LOL I’m going to the gold here available so okay I’m walking through I am a character in my life I am walking through my life and I’m going to come up to decisions that need to be made when I do I think you guys want a kind of do a thing where you go first and you kind of just do a little a little thing just do a little monologue and then you do one is going to be great I need to go to the bathroom okay thank you
oh man that sucks there’s a there’s a hand air powered hand dryer and a bin of brown hand towels
okay I don’t I mean I’m going to wash my hands but then how am I going to dry my hands
I got drunk for this right now I just thought it was fine and I tried to make it into a thing and didn’t work what kind of apples you were going to do I thought you’d left the apple orchard. I would have had something to do with pain IRL in apples
I don’t know what I were apples
reacting to the shifting situation
we we could agree to this place crawling with Nidoran
see this is how you do a comedy show
all right play both characters in your head of the of the choice between the hand and the air dryer and the paper at the brown paper towels like what was maybe a low stakes conundrum I thought you were going to go like oh a million dollars and I have to get up in the morning I’m waking up in the morning
Sky’s Tim fuck it’s too early put on my shoes
how do you know not slippers
make some toast to get put the van shoes for any light brown
Brandon Pointe sucks
it’s a butter
what are supposed to be coming to get to marmalade
yeah yeah
sounds good time to go to work for people over or do you want to meet up with you love her
no just want to come over you know I mean you’re here your semi-famous you might be okay with it
only shoes good day to wear nothing but shoes
get inside the car close the door start driving can I have one of those ice cream cones
yeah I know how to get away with it need a rings
what’s wrong with your car
got a free car from a sketch of an apple sport
Spencer race the guy I think we’re buying apples
all right I’m on my way there now I’m going to have to use the turbo boost
cycling package running I need a raise also I’ve been drinking who else is new
at what do you what do you have to think about that I’m going to give you a ride alright I’m going up to the office to work
is he walking up stairs too many of them all right
typing Sydney’s looking for you what do you want
how’s the house air conditioning
all right really here then switch the sign on the door that’s not talk to me okay no biggie you’re evil and he’s just upset at think it’s not your fault
how you kids you love your raps about 911 Heather
yeah yeah
yeah talk to him Yeah Yeah Yeahs gleaming Towers reach to the sky shed a tear don’t know why America had so much better to do but what about you reach into the future sunk in the past every speaker steps but you can’t last you go to 34722 what you going to do on Facebook you going to hashtag you going to complain you’re going to go out and do the Purple Rain you got to fucking do your shit but when you go down in the sewers are you going to get it did it by Stephen King Tim Curry played the king he’s a clown make it look into the deadlights fuck your mama like headlights it’s not a good rhyme headlights was a plan headlights when Stephen King wrote it lights out just keep riding Don’t Look Back the Steven never look back backspace key is like a heart
make a hundred bucks Tommyknockers Christine Foot Locker needs to mail men give me a second
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo put your foot inside the gas take your foot out look at your ass your ass is a foot your foot is an ass and now you’re going to stay after polymorph class blow what the shit holy shit is fucking hit the target to the tough titties got the rip bit
what is Eminem quote when you go down to this corner I bet your mom is so hard she got a hundred
yo yo what what what is the word what yo Johannesburg is a word
so is Iceberg the Titanic that sunk fuck your mama so hairy pussy turn to junk put it in a yard don’t stop what the floor with it cleaned and cleaned everything up and then put it in the thing and then close the close the door and when I try to get some work done to get some work done I got a car for free got to get some work done work done. Make him pay do or I do plan on going to get made up a word Banger a lot so that it might rhyme with Shangri-La us drone strike over you and I made two of your mama
called reproduction
is that a big feed but when you describe
remind me to 2 but your mama tells one nice bar none outside the bun bun outside the box lateral thinking has one board meeting from 9 to 5 with a fuck your mama so hot the bitch came alive like Frankenstein’s monster was galvanization electricity I got so excited cuz I thought I had to fight so hard she couldn’t even recognize what happened but I said I thought you she said that I can send I said yes you did she pay rent low but I gave it back because I was like you don’t remember then take it back because we need to be bugging accountable accountable we need to be accountable without doubt don’t want to be
a cannibal
I need to be accountable.
Turn the volume up and then Jacob
Justin interrupting Gustin on Jeff Davis
Illuminati took control at the bilderbergers Skull Island place over the manor moon but the moon don’t come back good milk the bilderbergers got a lizard gecko lizards are going to go into
Opa Rock Obama is a lizard a shape-shifter Illuminati Illuminati
you’re a pussy if you do yo-yo that make you feel so you got to hang out until they should be done because you never know what bonus will be 100 shit 3 hours after the show someone should come up and just saying I know is how it goes, the new one
rap rap rap rap rap rap rap the secret track yo yo yo Secrets track and the rap dangerous but could you think about that
it don’t mean a thing cuz I went to the West. Do not shut up a pain cuz I had the flu with her mother pregnant dropping life pangaroo at time
it was so bad I had to stop yourself side that white sun drop them by but I couldn’t cuz I had got sticky
can you drop dead saying that you know he dropped it I’m going to tell you a few things about him that I learned he’s on LinkedIn is going to send you his profile and just a minute but were afraid to get this to say Jacobs going to tear the house down in the house and beat up Jacob hype and going to be you up yo yo yo
crazy female version of a rapping in Devil with it what’s your name is MC what blows you got a big dick so you know her wrap this
I got a big thing I don’t want to tell you how much
I can’t eat it don’t go bad
do repairs mullet back to the shoes is it towed to the ankle fuck your mama so hard she got a cankle it’s stupid because it rhymes with Angela cuz it’s a derivative of the word to the needs of the thigh fuck your mama so hard all right yo yo take a partner don’t get mugged when you get home check that all your soft tissues breast testicles for issues they could have lumps then you go out
got to check that shit
check yourself even though you think you’re too young to get the numbers one and two kinds of cancer
you can detect him early if I checking her little bit in the shower.
I take a shower and I wash my nuts and jiggles Levin like spend the rest of the night going do I have cancer
yo here’s the thing okay into the unknown to an intestinal tract of the cosmology I’m going to show you some truth that you never knew to be there is a planet called rhythm
a serious there’s a planet called rhythm serious mostly trees and has a headlight out of the center of the planet is oil if we can go there there’s only a semi-sentient species we could easily kill them it would be enough oil to power a whole planet we just need to lunch one missile but if 87 trillion-dollar think about it
wow drive safe drive fast and take chances
pants today I’m doing after the show was this way my name is John and my rap goes this way I put a left foot forward a right foot back and then I look like I’m on a NordicTrack I’m going to run by my side like a hieroglyphic I put your mama’s so hard the bitch team sack sofa living
that was but that’s on me isn’t it
weird to blame her for the STD I gave her
pyramid my name is Tom
got a million years
if you look under your seat then you have a real yellow sticker you get a free car
we’re going to see nope nope nope nope happy Halloween happy New Year but your mama for a beer
the world’s an illusion The Matrix is real but if you go you your favorite band is Seal you you don’t know what you’re doing is part of the illusion
reptile people run the Federal Reserve they control the interest rates to make the world curve to attend the New World Order holyfuck don’t take a border if they’re shaped charge to ship did they say what the rents does you turn them away and say you’re a reptile
there’s a war coming to dig a hole in your backyard award coming reptile people are tiles he’s one of them
drive safely


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