Episode: 209 – Pantyhose & Coconuts


Episode: 209 – Pantyhose & Coconuts


Of the FeralAudio.com podcast Obsessed, Joseph Scrimshaw talks Obsession with the Harmontown gang and your Mayor dives into his pantyhose fetish. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live!


theater Hermantown is now in session
do we have a Spencer Crittenden Among Us.
and just to keep things
coronavirus bring it to me or Harmons
KC rough so important that he or she has to have two zitzke I know Casey I heard somebody say when you give you know the gender of somebody and then you hear someone we both have Coronavirus
Vincent van Gogh starry starry night kind of thing happening
hey can I ask you a question as it has become a romance between you two, she gave me a Mickey Mouse love all things Disneyland
what are you little love birds
all right all right you going to say something to say Top Notch handkerchief fine art game that got up at the Getty Center you got great fun art prints on some top-notch silk scarves
I need the code to you before
would you do if you plug your Etsy and with the same Vigor as we do me and it could be a girl’s name or is it Cody’s Cody’s a little more of a boy’s name that a girl’s name but cutting Cody’s excited she would have kids like you know whether it’s a boy or a girl it’ll be Cody Junior be cooler if it’s a girl at the Cody Junior they don’t recall just now she texted me cuz we’re just having such a nice time like we’re staying in a hotel because we got skunked and it turned into a really nice specific with the kids call a staycation and my kids I mean J more the generation
it’s been really nice we’ve been watching a lot of True Crime stuff and murder stuff and so and she was just texting me what if what if what if we had a kids and we need another name could be forensic to be a good neighbor forensic forensic Harmon that that has anybody else that’s ever lived that they’ve all been fun to hang out which I was except that one guy rapping in fucking Valerian that was pretty amazing
I’m still excited that we had on the show staff do have time for that segment just just
yeah don’t forget the stuff I told you not to do when you’re serving me food just because the economy collapsed doesn’t mean it’s communism and still get your money still hasn’t trickled down from someone in the entertainment industry it’s Los Angeles
stop saying how’s everything tasting stop it tasting is a word that evokes that Lee idea of things in the mouse I don’t want you talking about what’s in my mouth so how’s everything tasting how does everything taste just say how is everything leave it at that okay how’s everything how’s everything in your mouth how’s your tongue running over your food right now well country music staying in between each one of these or do you want it wrong
is that a waiter said to me okay so this kind of blew my mind because you know if you listen to the podcast you know that I I don’t enjoy it when will you eat all your food and it’s feels like it’s held against you somehow in some kind of strange weird like our Dynamic about the thing where they play it like like I don’t like it because it’s them going like well you either have to be a dick by not laughing or you have to like subjugate Yourself by laughing I don’t want to put in a position
you non-privileged people think you have problems
as as Molly Ringwald once said to Anthony Michael Hall 8 hard being popular
this this little fucking boner was pulled on me today I’ve never heard this one of my lights
person will see when they look at your heater go
or for you to go what to do what to go
I don’t like being manipulated in a conversation like you can just exchange of information like I don’t I don’t do that to you people write thank you doesn’t get mad at Jack out of a wrist that I lived it Cody and I are sitting at the I won’t name the place I don’t want to go out of business I don’t want to over there beef industry I know the power I have I’m going to let him chill for a little the manager here this is that just to keep it vague it was one of Guy Fieri’s restaurant
so I halfway done with my meal and this person comes up comes up and says I wrote it down
well I mentioned you
so I’m not going to welcome
this person comes up and says well I guess I can assume everything is chasing good because I can see that everything is half gone
are the reserves the right to force myself to eat shittyfood if you mean what are you I guess I can assume everything’s tasted good first of all you’re using tasting what that slide I guess I can assume what do you mean when you say to somebody I owe you an apology
tell me you even if you apologized you describe yourself apologizing is what you do right now you’re Tarzan say I apologize you’re not apologizing
or deep breaths for a deep breath you don’t see I guess I can assume everything tasting good you can ask me if it’s good that ends the segment
okay alright
and then there was an Uber driver country western music by guess I mean not he wasn’t he was not the country western listener genetically Dan Harmon’s like like like like Highway cones of of white guilt and I just like I felt like the guy I said that it said like the guy was like I don’t know like I look the country is that I don’t know it’s not the same cologne in the same the same general Vibe but he’s like playing a thing but it was and I was thinking always Westwood that’s why he’s play a country station and I think it’s like I think it’s I think it’s maybe because I just made
something just like this can’t be his favorite music because it’s like where is it where’s the small-town kind of do the cheerleader and so I told he’s never he’s I’m not saying might be interested in a tourist who are like staying in Westwood you like Travis Tritt
you could have tried it like investigating a scam from like what I do what I want with you I want to listen to when my last week’s podcast on my earbuds all right right
popularity contest tonight and music you sing a little hair metal song about radio guy okay
I was planning on Twitter and you gave it to me as soon as Nick seidman as i e p m a n n and I forget his Twitter handle is Saint underscore brickworks do you want to find them can I play what he wrote that it’s it’s only about 2 minutes long I think you guys might enjoy it if you clicked on this then you can I guess you can use your 15 Circle button to fast forward through but if yours if you bought a $10 ticket fuck you haven’t heard it sounds like the title of a headband from 6 or something
you described it to me in the in the car on the way home from the airport today and it’s probably just want to take the place of joy and it was really much better than what I shared with you and I was like I was like I was like trying to recapture something that was truly joyful but every time I do that always sucks but now this person is like a ladies rock and roll fashion he’s taking crappy lyrics and made it right here we go
yeah get ready
recliner guitar guitar solo
that’s some good shit lyrics a little louder
you’re in grateful son of a bitch
space work no I loved it was great it was great. I’ll save my Olympic questions for when our guest is out here and there could be one of the things that I’m upset that he’s an expert he doesn’t have a Ph.D he’s a he’s a comedian in a writer but he’s kind of an expert session because he’s got a feral audio podcast about of obsession different people come on the talk about the things are obsessed with and he gets to the bottom of them he’s also written like amazing super funny crazy shit for our friend James urbaniak who’s up and on the show please
I didn’t realize until right before a I was like wait a hundred percent on your name and then I was like anyways I thought he said rate
you can do that, quite sensual rating happens I never have the guts to say because I think I might in my therapist has used the word obsessive like a dream to me I don’t think she’s officially Diagnostic and she’s like you have to understand that you like when you when you start like thinking about something like you it’s hard for you to get off of it right and that goes for a first of all of obsession loving something
the Cockroaches want them to crawl on your arm and then there’s an addiction or compulsion Michael Corley said he was obsessed with the recipe of the perfect quicksand from the 80s like he knows how much oatmeal to use and shit like that you ever have people you email them and go hey what are you obsessed with and they write you back if you ever write them back and go well that’s everybody is obsessed with masturbation is offered Master been offered masturbation I would take it in a second
shirtless was cuz I didn’t know it was like like like like you can finish answering my question that I feel like such a thing out of the element that it lives in like a lot of times people will like a band or TV show truly obsessed with it when you find other ways to make it be a part of like when you like really like something like I like that TV show some people like I think I’m obsessed with a tattoo and I have to look at it at 12:47 everyday it’s David owl from 20 like a part of their lives outside of the original origin of the thing there’s no the show as me and a guy came up to him and he had a tattoo
the Jason mask on the back of the shaved head and he asked the base of his neck tattoos but I’m kind of fascinated with white wood Derek’s you know I remember feeling that way when I was 27 and like somebody with somebody like I was working with Robin comic books that somebody would come up where I remember a girl I told the story of a girl who is a super fan of an improv troupe we were in in Milwaukee and when we board the night that we were breaking up she came she came into the dressing room with a basketball sized tattoo of our 90s John kricfalusi looking logo
on her thighs saying like I wish you had told me and I don’t like I am also when she had legally changed his name to Jason Voorhees that was the name on his driver’s license signature on the back of a responsible for this guy is not like you’re a weirdo I was like I don’t want to have that much influence on the guy would access it would be like the equivalent of if you were a female performer and somebody a girl young girl came up to you and somehow
like I’m trying to listen examples to give me all kinds of trouble but I might go outside so I can just clear side of like if somebody was like can you can you I’m so I’m so inspired by you and and how beautiful you are and I I like can you like I don’t know example like every time I think of you I can even go smaller sandwich or something and that you would go I don’t want to send my I don’t want to endorse your you’re something that I think you actually need to deal with is that that’s what I’m trying to get at him like he just didn’t feel like that was at like I cuz I used to I used to go there that’s a character from a comic book that my friend Rob Drew yeah dude that’s not important like now it’s going to be on your task forever like that’s no good but
and then I started at some point I was like well I guess I was wrong with all the community tattoos I was like this is fine. Do you start this because you obsessive about things can you have a list of things under 100 has been major obsessed with Obsession obviously has always been a big Star Wars guys in college I got really into squirrels do you say you got in the squirrels squirrels on film there’s a squirrel in my neighborhood
that means yeah if you is it like anywhere they’re not getting actively killed all the time I like if you go like this with your finger that crawl up your leg and like because I think you might have a peanut or something there was a kid in my neighborhood there was a squirrel named Charlie who would do who did that and it clearly had been like trained or something how do you discover it’s name is Charlie Charlie Charlie questions most amazing thing to have a squirrel like like like use your pant leg like like jelly or or you go sorry I was just seeing if you do that
take like that manifest and my girlfriend does costume design so she wants to make you a squirrel costume so I was like sure okay so I dressed up as a squirrel in then I decided I should be like you didn’t know that you had a squirrel thing until this this is the origin story of squirrels and I think that’s not on TV
no it’s pretty much Rocky squirrels in your shows but the thing is that stuff because of meritocracy
big old squirrel planet in Rick and Morty
give us give us give us another a specific working a lot about shame I have been sort of obsessed with how people internalized shame because I think a lot of comedians make jokes about feeling great shame but I also do with thinking about exactly how we all develop our different ways of sort of internalizing that we should feel guilty and question everything we say did you did you change the subject from corals to go hand in hand because squirrels are burying their example getting a straight answer on the squirrel said did you ever get to the bottom of it I think they’d be ashamed of yourself
Danny obsessing right now I’m in a weird mood tonight and I I think I did another one
and I also thought cuz I was in Westwood I was like I was going to be a really long drive so I felt okay like taking an extra like Vape hit on the social and just focus on one thing and I feel like maybe that’s the drug combination that I’m like well sometimes they just like totally chill out it’s the one thing
I can’t let go of it in there something like both like a ridiculous and Noble about that weird squirrel movement just like make sense to me in a strange way of skittish they they scampered
more stereotyping and then it goes around the tree and I’m going to get close to the squirrel
lots of rodents can climb trees but they really do nothing for them for the Freshman Taste of new Jessica going for them it’s like when you play an alien in that old Alien versus Predator game train your brain did not think of anything is the floor I bet that’s how squirrels feel an insect
New Kids on the Block New Kids on the Block like like yeah I’m looking up all the facts about them it wouldn’t break into Obsession because that’s something a fan might do obsession is the threshold between that and like like like like like it’s it’s taking a piece of New Kids on the Block and like somehow God damn it I thought I don’t know why I thought I had a point in there was just your point for before it is a it’s a it’s a saying like oh I said the New Kids on the Block like like this is a guy made a New Kids on the Block cookie jar but it’s like Beyond that’s how I did it because I feel like the New Kids on the Block music like would hold cookies better
that shouldn’t have taken it out of its realm affect you in some way that it shouldn’t ever have been supposed to write like like it in a super super healthy way but I love it when it just looks like two people in a really weird like I say squirrel in love you buddy but I like squirrel you’re going to be a Woman Soon
I don’t like this.
I had Minecraft Race personal technology systems rules structure coconuts and biology I can’t I can’t think about like like like sheer fabric it arouses you in a sexual manner it doesn’t matter you know you don’t have to worry about me like babysitting your sheer fabric clad Nana I’m not going to do anything because of it but I but I am unable to ignore you need you need to look at it or like I don’t need to touch it
don’t touch it I mean like yeah because I’m talking about when you talk about a fabric fetish. So I got to I got to be even though it it it it makes me feel unsafe like I should say yeah that’s that’s like it’s a it’s like I want to touch it okay if my time watching but then like even like the women that would come over to visit with my parents co-workers and things like any any encounter with femininity during that that magical time when I’m sure like my Siri maybe oversimplification but I truly think that human beings are like these little pieces of popcorn and like we simmer and we and then you cannot
control the moment that your kid pops and that at that point like they might be looking at a coffee filter there’s a good chance they’re going to be looking at a previous propagated like for mainstream kind of channel of sexuality right but there’s also like then there’s like the all the ancillary stuff is just like I was probably under a table playing with toys and trucks because I like to look at people I didn’t like to make eye contact and I saw I was frequently under the table near the people and I probably at that age when everything just exploded when I think about how did it bike spikes my I’m like yeah I bet like like like they were just like women with pantyhose on like like like like probably just like hanging out like right now
femininity for me like women’s legs clad in like sheer fabric yeah that was like a superhero like a gold dancers in the guy don’t know anything about a dog and sexuality in from a woman’s legs to like when you see like a bank robbery in TV and film
guy robbed at bank without getting a hard-on yes
play not literally but I think about like when guys like in movies when they are going to be perverted like this in audio recording so you get the regular ones that you buy that their professional but then if you don’t have those on hand you can make one of those coat hanger and some Henny or anybody else is probably just like oh that’s just an object and I I get to record with Alexa
okay check check check
like I didn’t know what are you what are you doing what are you doing

I didn’t go into that thing like like like reflexively just touched it and then you had this big reaction to it then I was not expecting at all I would refine that memory and you were like so what do you think of these right take it easy touch I’m I’m like I’m not going to touch your fucking pantyhose socks and you were like, that sounds fair enough
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I don’t know Joseph how would you rate that on your obsession
do you think about panty hose everyday like even if you don’t see them you’ll just be walking along doing your business and then just think pantyhose
but I see them everywhere I mean if I was locked in a Cell which probably should be I would I would figure out a way to think about them like I was just watching now you see me too and I just like I did I just say it has nothing to do it’s like God damn it I forgot her name 2 Broke Girls of cheap that they replaced Isla Fisher with her in a weird on the nose and Lizzy Caplan is the is the new one female in Now You See Me 2 they had 95 men and material tickets to play two men but Isla Fisher apparently now you don’t
at one point she wears like a Nehi she was like boots that come a pasture knees and like not like a short skirt look like a sign like skirts of a showing but it goes in my head like if I see a shot in a movie where anybody lands like are his head like like somebody’s what I just like my mind like like says whether or not they’re wearing not is like like panty hose Inlet and it was interesting because it wasn’t the definitive thing and it was like it was definitive in my mind which I think is Obsession because it’s like why would you even have that cuz she rewind like
legs are the same color as her face in her hands the what are you basing it on and it was like I couldn’t even really pinpoint that I was just like I own you have pantyhose confirmation bias I have I have I have for you finally said the words to him
so long I just I just never feel the time is right I have pantyhose confirmation even if it’s not it’s everyday everyday everyday have you ever had a dream about wasted question if you could steal pantyhose from someone’s home have
I have done it
play the ants by the way are coconuts I was younger and I crossed a threshold you need to find your own toothpaste and also I didn’t know it was at like I’m taking an article when it’s clearly because of her it was ashamed of themselves but I’m pulling back up my pulling back but for me it was like it was like a new package and I was like I’m never going to get the chance again
at one point I would as I was like well maybe your I mean come on baby you’re like at wouldn’t he like tried them on though so I can see if that didn’t work out and like I think of you don’t know me as well as these kids but I have Manic and legs and things that all I put the I buy a go to the store buy them and others Amazon thank God you just get a box of Commerce based what’s the next question Joseph
but yes yes yes I would steal them from someone else but I say that with a shame because I was like 23 and as soon as I did it I was like this is huge I don’t mean I just want to clarify I don’t think it’s cool to steal from people with a boner
I just run out with them at my face so what do you think of a place and during it I I like I took a lot of them and and wore a lot of them God bless her and I and I felt like she would never miss them cuz if I was like so cuz I was like Howard Lee sings If I thought it would lie be noticeable it was like because of the circumstances was like this is your big chance
now I look back on that go you fucking pussy just just on your perversion and like I just I want that phrase out in the world so I took a package of I hid them in a bush
that I would let that between our home lenders somehow this great encourage that fear I would yeah I barely like like we’re dangerous people so I could take them home and that’s fucked up I’m just admitting that package
like any of some strange form of courage in the face of May Howard had to be cowardly you put them inside your sweater like what is my son’s it was a barbecue I’ve just put a tuck them away in like and I’m like I got to get rid of this shame so I can forget about it now that have committed the crime profited myself I’ll just bury the body go back to the barbecue and then what did you what did you return to the bush after the party was over
at that time the whole thing of the whole contact with I never thought it was possible to be so unashamed of this like Fascination an obsession that I felt there was no Amazon and there was no I just I just I had and I had never just like bought a pair of pantyhose is your only opportunity threshold from like looking at photos of women wearing it and that’s it till I can I draw like I’ve never I’ve never actually like really thought about before that moment I thought about could I just go and buy them not occurred to you at all and then I can’t do that because
like I was I don’t know I was just scared I was so ashamed like I just thought I don’t know what I thought would happen just like somebody would go at the grocery store I will go so toothpaste and one of these for you call about it like it’s you you think everyone everyone will know and like like things that they would have you you bother to run through The Tell-Tale Heart you know it’s like the extra math is like the more the creepier a thing the more of that we don’t want to look at it and like we go like a while I know one thing for sure I feel better about myself as a mainstream citizen because that guy is really weird
text Levi. I think and like self justification this is like my cuz of my taste of it I feel bad for people that like wouldn’t be able to say into a podcast and therefore feel like I’m positive part of discussing obsession is a thinking of moving towards sort of like whatever you love you do you and I think that it is great that you’re busy
I want to go back to the question doing races that we all have
it’s called rock and roll
I still race everyday that question somehow like you have you ever stolen you couldn’t do you want to accidentally launched a DC Comic
Man of Steel 2
I want her minion fanarts of here safe
images of an FX series cuz it would just say fear. Steve. After the trial is over. The cam had discussed pantyhose with Hitler discuss pantyhose with Hitler
tired of talking about genocide.
And I’m not going to ask any new questions to ask that because it would never happened
forget what you’ve read at Alex Jones YouTube site YouTube site okay Grandpa
YouTube site Again YouTube
I’m out I figure I like I like I like a cosmic situation with me and I’m kind of stuck with Hitler for a while I’m going there I can’t kill him and I can’t I can’t like I’m not going to resolve them like yeah yeah yeah I don’t have to do anything that people are going to yell at me for doing or not doing you are threatening me like like like because we both did it had some poop Ricky infection mishap with him and some weird like Whirlpool don’t know how long we’ll be facing each other I like Michelangelo is whipping by Marco Polo
he’ll be back again with Hitler like it’s like the currents going by the reason I saw Community is like that you like it and he’s like
yes and I’m like yeah shity just want everyone to like it but it’s Hitler
so we get my shit out of the way and then I’d go like I’d go like so why you Hitler like why would you do that do what like what why do why did Hitler everybody well I didn’t okay well that’s what everybody says nobody says I didn’t Hitler and then I can decide dichotomy is if your teacher and told you you drew good you wouldn’t have killed six baby bunnies that don’t don’t don’t compare me to Hitler just want an argument I like your hair
So eventually it would it would run into like this rhetoric while you’re in the kids escaler like like like like like like like what do you like do you like are you a boob man a butt man a leg man like I would have gotten there yet okay Boyd that didn’t have water. If you ever tried a minute
so you’re getting a theoria such a great drug term Hitler Hitler I never liked came up to me and was like we should let’s have a conversation about pantyhose I would be like it’s Alex a Minecraft like I be like okay yeah I like you have 3 hours of my time
that doesn’t count after the show of a certain storefront that has mannequin legs and it right in New York interested like healthy conversation about like getting to the bottom of what that is that’s a shame cuz I don’t remember a little bit would you get a panty hose related tattoo
no but that says more about my obsession with not getting tattoos and it wouldn’t be a lot of it is rooted in kind of Shame and I also felt like like on one hand I feel like that would be healthy to overcome like shame and general attacked by therapist says they’re good shame like a toddler has shame when there is there is there if they’re at the top of a set of stairs and the parent goes like you know Mommy to get mad at me which is at the lake by falling down stairs like there’s good uses for a shame toxic shame as it benefits nobody and stuff like that so I have a lot of toxic shame about what just a general but everything so I’m trying to figure that out I don’t think I ever but aside from that I think a tattoo would just ruin everything because it’s hats who is like a Superman logo it’s like
here’s my son and I think I think I think the pocket of I think there’s a little pocket of Shame about it that I like the pink a natural tattoo of pantyhose on your legs so you can always look down and see pantyhose on yourself would pantyhose be in the running if it’s like a you had to have a touch of Pac-Man and like I don’t know if they’re fine craft I guess I probably got mine craft tattoo okay I have one more question to it to rate your session in this is a weird when it’s very it’s a strange new metaphysical and you can interpret it how you’d like if you could not enjoy looking at pantyhose without you or someone you loved first being punched in the crotch
would you still look at patios me or someone I love so I can pick me you’re right all the time or you can pick someone you loved which sometimes I love him I think there’s a I think there’s a very real possibility I would never I think if it if someone else had to get punched in the crotch even a stranger even if even if even if Robert Loggia came over without a magic button and said you get to look at patios every time you hit this button it’s somewhere someone will get punched at Koch is how you fix the one who is Frank langella I get him in a day
we’re going to button movie Finding on the terms of the subscription if I had to get punched in the nuts yeah in exchange for a year of getting to look at pay Daniel’s be a part of my life and Visually or whatever up at 2 once a month would you go to monthly start to go what’s what’s what’s going on here
I got isn’t their daughter isn’t happening somewhere and you’re physically being punished by the gods or what you’re doing think about how to kill the gods obviously because this is one and if I end up I found out I couldn’t and I would do it in a very cowardly way this guy would find out if there was a way to steal their force field and put it in a bush and a party in the beginning of your hero’s journey I don’t want to I don’t want damaged to do you take a punch in the arm
I would take a heavy punch in the arm okay I would take a punch in the face to face before you pick him up is hard as you get what it what is the best of the 70s hit me as hard as you can to face on federal access to pantyhose however you want it like this like without fear of consequence of repercussion but you left nipple sensitivity
no no no no no no that’s great cuz I start to figure out the boundaries of the obsession of I don’t want to lose myself at all in any way that I was going to talk to you about but my list I noticed a connection and has an obsession with Obsession was wondering if maybe you would shed some light on how to make a noise to stop their Obsession can you make a noise to some of your obsession with pantyhose
I didn’t know we got four days for Thanksgiving dinner.
are you do want me to write your obsession level with pantyhose I do so I use the number to 7 just for fun and then I always create a thing that says the number seven is for fun cuz sometimes people get obsessed with 7 cuz it’s arbitrary so I’m going to say it is 7 on splane Domino’s out of 7 oz plain Domino’s I think you are five out of seven gods playing with Dominus obsessed with pantyhose on a daily basis but you have like clear limitations were like I will not cross this line I would never involve I would never take a toll on other people’s lives
or even mine in a way that I could actually would have to think about for the rest of my life I don’t think it’s quite worth surgery or eight permanent injury or impacting another do you think they’re on to something else on your list that will give you more Domino’s ants I don’t know I mean that’s a that’s a primal sexual Kinks so I think I’m pretty sure as far as like compulsion like a surprise what you could get me at 4 – 4 I mean Minecraft how many how many times do you think you would score on Minecraft Obsession like cigarettes or something like that where you but I am obsessed with Minecraft and why can’t anyone make a better game but
particularly like this
part of my life is in my vasectomy story structure and stuff like that is like I don’t want to change at all right and I’m obsessed with the idea of Simplicity order systems cleanliness in a love-hate way like I’m like I I want hands like refuse to be told what to do and I’m fascinated with anyone that tries to tell anyone what to do it doesn’t matter if that’s what I like with race and racism and gender politics and social activism in all these things is because I’m always you’ll find an equal number of people that like fucking Lowe’s thing that I say on both sides like I’m a I’m a cockatoo the fucking like whatever MRI
I think and feel and then I’m also like like who said who said the movie hard to write in the shit like this pile is like organic Gunk and I want to like come up with a way of like how can we all be that and I kind of have it have it have it all make sense right so you want to find a little bit of order within the chaos but you would like it if the order it maybe looks like the highest order of all necessitates like chaos in organic I want I want to prove that I don’t belong I don’t know okay how do coconuts fit in
giant Sherry floating nut so they’re like a lovecraftian food object In This Moment Like This liquid in it in the inner coating is like egg or it’s a bit maybe the other way around it’s like a it’s like there’s gametes in the fluid and there’s good stuff like the Milky coconut stuff on the inside of the lair that you could scrape it off and eat it like that is delicious to the two that liquid in the patio
super sexual biology in general like is so I did like the then I just realized I just realized it’s okay to say now in the episode when I was in like ninth grade biology when we were first starting to learn about genetics I would get aroused by the discussions about dominant and recessive genes and there was never any there was no sexual component to it was nowhere near actual reproduction right we were talking about on a cellular level like RNA to DNA and I get aroused would you would you steal biology
Bayou Burger
there’s something about the recessive gene or the dominant genes or the relationship with me on the idea of biology the idea that we aren’t we exist as part of some strange that started as just like molecular collisions and it’s something within that is like I want to be at to be salty brine visceral like the primordial soup like I said I just turned on my computer it like mixed
when I was a kid. The thing is like when you were that age you’re getting boners in Geometry to like but I did feel like I like I was especially liked it elated by all this talk of like like the teacher would just go around the room and you go ahead go like so if you have curly hair and then you and then you reproduce with someone that has straight hair what are the energy like the four quad how do you know that Gregor Mendel like chart I would find myself like just biology just like fucking leg like they just as I always turned me on but it’s not just random substances getting together at substance to create order
yes yes I’m going to take this mustard and I’m going to mix it with honey and right it is it it’s the it’s the by Elizabeth where he got the lipid the lipid bilayer whatever they said that the membranes a science thing like like right now trying to accomplish something but it’s like it’s like Goofy and like yeah but you are obsessed with the primordial ooze that creates yeah
and pantyhose
fetishism there’s a good thing called encasement which is like that’s people who are so into pantyhose like nylon that they’ll just like in case their whole bodies so there’s like sites that are just like it’s called encasement The Fetish says like head-to-toe like you can easily do it with basically two pairs of pantyhose or three like you take you take one pair of midsection another pair you put your arms instead of your legs and head to the crotch and then put it on your head
it’s just that a good five minutes a day because what’s my cup of coffee
the sometimes you can just find them in bushes to Adam Goldberg’s roommate was on the show years ago before I went on the tour it sounded like she was a little bit into in case spend a little bit of it like like skin-tight spandex like it was like anyways but do you like freaking like like pushing your hand against a membrane or something I don’t know if it’s like I can’t figure out if for me it’s like it’s this idea of like like a coon or like is it have something to do with like I like I like I want to airbrush all of humanity I can’t tell if I come before I hate order yeah because you want to when you get fast structures of order is always in some sort of messy sloppy way like at least aesthetically
does that make sense
yeah yes yeah because I don’t because I’m not an engineer I’m not an architect I’m not I don’t I don’t know go I love systems I’m going to think about traffic all day. I want I want interested in human shit by a guy in the fact that when you poop it out and goes into a network of tunnels underneath us I want to talk about that or like spray to keep out of our house in the fact that they exist as an older species with a much more systematic that is actually what we think is order is actually chaos it’s a cancerous tumor growing on proper order proper order is God’s order which is mud and blood and come and shit organic and beautiful do you think it’s possible that this people listen to this
watch how delicately a shoehorn are at the same time if you like I think I think Rick and Morty definitely don’t because Rick is like he’s a sociopath akande artistic like crazy genius who definitely don’t want to be told what to do and he’s able to like make robots and clones and biology and Technology to get whatever he wants done and all he wants is to be left alone and and puke green shit out of his mouth and he still drinks out of a plastic looks like definitely an Embrace their like like what is the role of order vs. chaos of an exploration you two can now take part in cryptozoic new Rick and Morty games that they’ve come out with
Vegas right now you can play Mr meeseeks box of ice and dares game recording when I did at one point it cuz I thought there were two things and one of them was called Mr meeseeks fun box of Dyson fun dares game you know you’re right okay all right there was order that chaos that I think it’s called cryptozoic.com I think yes are you saying that if you go to their site cryptozoic.com harmontown that you that there’s some that would make you special in some way that you could partake in the purchase of the either this total rickall game or you play cards in the fight the only thing they should steal next would be and maybe it’s
Saturdays are videogames Art Museum art tabletop be easier to steal actually pretty is Rick and Morty video games all we have to do is acknowledge the existence to a bit when we say the names of them which are total wreck and dares game and I got it
is this video games video games to play with your whole family recall game is like a card game because they can’t tell which which of their memories are real and which are going to be planted there by Mr poopybutthole
big big day that he has the card game in the car Mr meeseeks box that has a functioning button it’s 35 bucks for you though if you got a cryptozoic back, so I try to write down and use the promo code Havertown or something like that
also me and he’s okay
how dare you do a repair the same silky smooth and soft the sheer pantyhose fetish for you like I have like like like like like like like oh wait I’m not wearing actual underwear on my I have a secret is that other again like I have my don’t let my quest for an identity like trampled in your rose garden if you’re if you’re wearing panties right now and your bets at lake lake fantastic lake lake of Courage you to feel better about that I have a shame problem I’m saying like me undies is like so like so it’s twice as toxic do we really have to do it to me and I don’t know I was there
this one’s on the house it’s not oh, yeah when you put them on the dude side of the fence that I had to run normatively dude side of the fence it does feel it’s just this side of the Joe Rogan threshold between self-indulgence and bench and transition I have only touched my face and then I was disturbed by how soft they were like that’s too soft from claims of Neon
is there is there is there is there a female in the audience that is like sort of open to sort of a coffee has an appreciation for it said like find Value in their life or like the kind of the friendliness of traditional female garment I like that I don’t know how to describe that like somebody that’s like that’s like first hits in Lakewood

Philly fashion like is making a part of their day-to-day life like it’s like your your your your your actual like outerwear like like that you’re actually like you’re wearing it’s cuz the question I want to ask you is how much of it is for you and how much of it is for other people and I know that’s not a difficult that’s a weird question to have to answer is not definitive but that’s why I just curious about having it
is there a such person saying that willing to just come up and be a character for a second or a person
what’s your name to the stage
yeah how is he thank you so much thank you I appreciate you cuz I know especially if these are these are times but this is a little bit of honestly like you could end up
it’s because people tend to like oh she’s an ambassador and that’s not how we feeling all this stuff so I will stress going forward you’re just an individual you’re not representing anybody in particular we’re hearing from one person so like how old is Angela
like I know for me like a big thing is definitely like personal comfortability and I don’t like everybody dresses I think mostly for themselves I think mostly when people get ready in the morning they did they dress for themselves and they dressed for how they want to feel about themselves to popular belief that everybody kind of dressing for how they want to be perceived I think some people do but a lot of people dressed for like how they want to feel yeah I’m never sure what I’m doing or where you do that wine I mean where like chimpanzees to release wait what are we doing when we really clothing or something I don’t really know that I like I open my closet and I go okay so is there a thought to go through my head round that have to do with other people that have to do with other people’s perception
I don’t know personally like I definitely got to a time where I was like cuz I’d I like to dress for other people to first tooth or next and then I got three times more like fuck it you know like I’m address for me particularly are you wearing something exotic underneath right now
but I have gotten kind of into a thing of like I don’t know bro what’s up got super popular support and they’re just they’re mostly like lace or like a really really thin material and they’ve gotten freakishly popular already
third grade third grade they’re mostly like they’re they’re mostly sheer lace and they’ve gotten there so incredibly comfortable you have deals like the underwire the class of regular bras giving you the whole day just there to kind of why I just just just to feel good
keep the nipples and just kind of
this isn’t an easy question either like bronze in general like we’re where we were all born past the time of like one that we weren’t all born if you are out there like this broad specifically or just focused on forever from moment in our history is like a feminism is like what the fuck am I wearing these for the idea was like he’s just making my tips look better for whom and like like you and then from that get bored as I was like wait a minute like when I’m jogging I don’t let you know I don’t really know anything about that stuff I’ve never actually asked these questions under you said that you talked about the underwire and the
are underneath them like we know the difference is like one of the difference is lack of support and of the word support kind of like for me and you to be clarified because support could either mean comfort for the individual or cosmetic support
bralettes have less of that elastic or like lace or there’s no like I was like for your boobs look like I say you would expect the respective of comfort you’re like all right if I can be indelicate let’s talk about down like like below the way that you would do or like fancy things the guard at the Garter stockings doing
Carter’s I high stockings I like I grew up with like a pantyhose or tights that you were on the way to your waist with your fucking weird I’m not a huge fan of them I definitely like the highs and my garters more with less acceptable are you so you’ll probably where that if I make this better than nothing into wearing like stockings and thigh highs and garter belts and things like that that you would wear them on your jeans only when you were in like a dress or something like that
Justin Bieber’s mostly just cuz they’re like hard to maneuver under Jean partly for the the public for me like I like I like them I think they’re fun I feel more comfortable and then I don’t like to have him if I know they’re going to show only wearing underwear made completely of squirrel hahahaha easy Joseph
babies reacting to your squirrel underwear like a squirrel would react to 222
that’s another reason to get the get a subscription to the streaming services
not an easy question to answer and again up here representing anybody so it like like she’s personally bored and and for those Audio Only so he’s not she said she’s she’s just a complete feminine just wearing jeans and a sweater and she’s like this question could we have no idea I think pretty soon like when you’re when you’re getting dressed in the morning like are you like like like do you have any idea like like like first of all the first question is how much is it for other people how much is it for you and then the second question is how much of those other people are are are men if your sexual or any of those other people are
yeah okay
how many different college that many order in a manner and feel free to have your answer be a messenger has just you individually go to sleep by myself at night and I will wear just because I like it it’s like it’s 98% for me I would say I would say like I got to a point in my sorry babe my boyfriend isn’t particularly into Spike Lee Seafair Lee stuff so it’s definitely offered me like you got to a point where I was like alright fuck you I’ll buy you something you would like if you weren’t in the comfort of just act like I like the design of life is like the way
about like a depending on what you buying or what you wear but like I feel a thing for a guy to say but now I don’t know if it’s just one of those pigheaded perpetuation things to text but I feel like if I were a woman I would I would I would like a big part of like what I wore to bed would be a look but I don’t know now that these you feel like I would just but yeah but that’s I don’t know what even wear that anymore I feel like I would wear like Garfield like t-shirts but I would make it but I would like to pick them they would one of them fit right said I would like to that I look like a guy and then I think we’re going to have to do with like sexuality but it would have to do with Aesthetics and that would add to my comfort or something thin
and write like not every night I’m going to like throwing a corset them fine eyes I’m mostly going to be in something that’s more like I don’t know if we have friends that have like done with my phone courses that are going to break your ribs with you all of these crazy like questions because the other thing also is like it’s not a straight gender dichotomy either even if there was one there because then part of the swirling irony of the gender identity would be so that there’s like an adductor nation of the whole visual thing and it’s like the big thing would be like okay if you were a dude that was ripped if I was Vin Diesel like do I do I identify where a dude equivalent of a Garfield shirt like that goes to mid-thigh like what does he wear to bed and then is it is it all for Comfort or is it all it does he go like
I mean what are you worried about is like I just I trying to sleep as little as possible cuz it’s just I worried that someone will take control of my life while I’m off guard i v i v a pending on the depending on who I have pants around my ankles with a laptop on my lap bring a gustas by John Williams artavis and he said the same thing that he didn’t sleep that much cuz he didn’t like the idea that like he’s wasting that part of his wife I like doing stuff like that it’s not like I feel like I like I like I like underwear that I’m like I’m like I’m a little baby in the sheets
I know I have a little Nikki Baby Spencer lingerie lingerie sleepwear
do you care for the Philly garments online on your lady or do you care about that
is it a bad place I think tonight
all right he was like I don’t think you were sleeping you said you were sleeping in the J in the green the green fields or mostly it’s just like I don’t have anything to contribute like for instance I don’t care about pantyhose and I don’t care about lingerie so am I going to mundane thing on the planet
I’ve never thought twice about a coconut think if I can kill you bro yeah they can’t look at look up coconut that’s right here in Hollywood then and 58% of
yeah coconut
alright Zoe but it’s okay so sometimes so you you you will sleep in something that is not necessarily designed for functional Comfort but there’s a there’s a blurring of the line or it’s like I look good and I said that makes me feel good and that it likely I want to wear that to bed and it’s not even like self sexual it’s not like you’re like masturbating like because you’re like oh I look so good I feel I feel bad I feel comfortable because I feel feminine I feel and so it said that right there and she was like a big part of my question which is like like because if you were in the in the morning then if you were picking your outfit and you were to wear something that had an alluring like vibe to it at a tile guy ever hurt like it could very well be then like like it’s obviously if you’re doing it if you could do it in bed for yourself and have it be detach completely from other people’s perception
clearly like there’s no question that like sometimes you just want to feel like like a certain way and the others from other people I like the feeling of putting a suit and I like the action of tying a tie like I like a lot of the fence got to be fastening a garter like that to us talking right. That’s that’s just like that that’s feels right I mean honestly in the mornings like I will my undergarments on and then take my hour to get ready before I get dressed get something for me to to dress up even if it’s underneath what I’m wearing and like I know what I’m wearing. The day you were right we don’t need my love I’m picking up stuff from the dry cleaners just walking out with a bunch of new shit ready to rock are going to go ahead and you see it in from the closet and has a bag on it and you take it out of the bag
this fucking suit on
I have never stolen someone else’s
if I found my side that fucking wood
close long time ago and I didn’t have any style at all like I would have been but I went into somebody’s like like if I like if I woke up like Ali Baba Bunny Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck tunnel up into the piles of my general dream at night is a mild anxiety dream about what am I going to pack what clothes do I have it for my bringing like I’m a little late for the name of the train of a tour bus or whatever and it’s like oh no I don’t have the Thai Clips with a tie clip for my anxiety almost like half of my dream state and it’s all sartorial is all
does clothing ship so do you guys so is Zoe let’s draw a line between Zoe / Jeff and me / Spencer who I lay in bed in whatever I was wearing when I fell into bed and when Spencer text me it means I’m 5 minutes late for work and I have 5 minutes to get ready so I can only be 15 minutes late for work and like that and and I and I I almost like create scenarios where I can type taking a shower and caring about what I wear is off the table I almost I almost what I wonder like I said 5 alarm so I got all that time to get that I wonder I wonder if I’m doing that because here’s what I’m wondering I’m wondering if the difference between people who take pleasure in caring about their clothes and people who is a matter of experience like it’s like if you tried it you’d love it if you could just like in the 80s movies at the bookish girls got her glasses on and she’s never tried
King likes Molly Ringwald but if she just insecure and that’s why I like that became for us I think you do moving forward from there was like well that’s a symbol of Oppression like the idea that we want to be pretty in that you like like we just scraped but now it’s 2016 and it’s like okay open pool table and fucking Donald Trump running for president so let’s all just figure out who we are in light of that like like like so like is it is the is closed people like if I got a taste of what it felt like to care about clothes when it when I get slowly suck nuts not part of your essence is not really who never has been and never will but I guess I can see how people would prefer that
and that’s also why it took 3 hours instead of 20 minutes and I kind of
I don’t think that like I got
I don’t know it’s like you only put it on suits for you why you like how you look into my pajamas to me
that’s why I said see if we I love pajamas I went through a phase where I was wondering Community I had a little bit of a nervous breakdown and I should just come in to work in my pajamas I got to just trying to get fired cuz I was just like well if the child has come in my pajamas and they do look like I’m relaxed while I’m fucking keep trying to edit the show right I was just like you bring pajamas coined the phrase as we need it and I got like like like like if it was like like it was like all these are silk like like everyone just wear pajamas I don’t know like
sir like going like like oh yeah that’s great I love those Vivienne Westwood pajamas because when you when you go like this then work they don’t rip or and they and they also feel good when you’re sleeping but they look good across the room thank God there was a good sale going on because it is really expensive is a great whale fin gay guys that work there and they’re just the office I could never work as a way to flashy but they look awesome in it and like going in there and try and stuff on and that’s me being like like like a squirrel on a Camaro
I know
you just saw the costume
I love it came out of the thing is I was really flash and the Savile Row and the guys like if you are in fifth grade big ass bag you feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman Like I need to run out to one of those Saks Fifth Avenue or like
he was like getting frustrated with me cuz it’s like what do you want this and that and it had a personal shopper and you go out and do stuff for you and you try to take it from there was an emergency and I remember the guy getting frustrated cuz it’s like he worked in clothing and he there was this barrier there was like I need a new jacket and I want to look good but he like it’s like when you’re at when it seems they want to go to a haircut place and I don’t I’m not in the business of his talking or thinking about my hair but I’m here for a haircut so what are we going to do about this and then there’s a syndrome of like like you feel as a consumer if you don’t care about your hair or clothes you get you feel you feel bullied you feel not before I’d like like you you’re like oh this person like knows more about hair and clothes
judging me but I think it’s just like they just want to know so I just blurted to the guy at one point I said look I want I want I want clothes that no matter where I went in the time and space people would ignore me
they went they would not be able to tell if I was rich or poor or clean or dirty or from the past or from the future or high-status Arlo status they would leave me alone and he was like yeah yeah I would love a clothing store that was just called what are we going to do about this
that totally embraced like I know I want to do something different but I just do not like you can just come in Weeping and I can’t okay well close there every once in a while you run into a person that somehow strikes Upon A vibe with you that where you don’t feel intimidated and in that moment you learn a thousand things in a restaurant where I was like I just had the fucking balls or whatever stupidity or highness to go like look I don’t know what wine can you tell me the fuck was all about I’ve done that before and had the person going to tell you all about it but there are those moments where you intersect with somebody who’s that who’s like you want it you want to me to teach you about wine from the beginning that one
chips and and doesn’t know what a glasses and go from there and ended sometimes you get like you get like you supposed to get a hair stylist like that and sometimes we’ll get a person that’s helping you find a shirt like that and then you kind of like I don’t know if that like like I walked away from those experiences going like oh my God Humanity has a chance because I still don’t care about jackets but I don’t I no longer there’s this whole world where I thought I thought it had everything to do with your gear either smart or stupid or you’re hurting someone or victim and it’s actually actually just people who care about jackets and people who don’t and I met a person today who’s in the right mood and we talked like we made a friendship and I guess I’ll share some with you it’s not a judgment whether you have it or I don’t think those are the series of books blank for dummies it’s like yeah it’s like like like take that principle and just go like look like like this is a closed or where
I guess I just took 10 minutes to repeat what I hear what your pitch was that like you would like a place where you felt comfortable walking and I don’t know what you wanted to wear what like what were you what you’re going to wear to school or out
how I wanted to look at how how I felt comfortable actually on the drive up here today from Orange and we had a conversation about my hair cuz I have thank you
we had a conversation because I want to know what side of your hair
it is it’s it’s like an ass so we will take our time about how I went through like a large. Of time or I was a red hair and I was like fire engine bright red hair and I was like this is me and I like attached myself to that and that was like what I was just most comfortable within like how like I knew that that was me and that was like
I mistake I had another two years where I still have the bright red hair but I’ve got a mohawk and it was like that I was like this is fucking me like I am why what what what signal you got that that made you go on the red Kik
is it
can just heard a redhead and now he’s going on us a mohawk and like you guys are real curly hair Buzz the sides of my head and just have like a weird-ass curly mohawk for 2 years and it happened because my friend one day was like I like to shake my head no but that’s a good idea I went home and I am on break out the Clippers and she was like all right let’s do it and I shall die with the Mohawk off your head
I got to a point where I couldn’t wear it like straight up anymore cuz I wasn’t like shelling it up I was just letting it do whatever so I could bring it back so just be like one braid down the center of my head never got like super high and when it got I had I had bangs to do is like a pompadour above the Mohawks whatever you’re thinking that’s what it looked like so when did this all leads inexorably to like like I did you have an epiphany of like you were going from this to this to this to this like Don Cheadle in Boogie Nights he’s like I’m a cowboy I’m a robot he had to find his look I did you are we seeing you in another phase or did you have a do you have like a Zion that you came home to
the guy I really don’t because I I think I definitely like my model through high school is like when I made it I just want to look back and be like yeah I did that shit where do I get every single thing would you like to see how would you like to see yourself change my diet I want a montage is all my bad hair choices I mention it’s better to embrace that for my generation are liabilities embarrassing like oh the things this was in back that I look like the Ramones and all the stuff and it’s like well yeah but you didn’t know I mean the skin is like dear you just like I want those coffee mugs from every gift shop that is my every 3 years
like right now it just kind of like doing my thing this is what it’s appropriate I’m like a new adult son going into like this is what
will get me okay in life without me you like getting in trouble for my bosses and I’m sure I’ve been kind of talking about reverting back to like the bright hair so I have a bottle of pink dye in my in my bathroom right now that I’m going to change do you know is there is there a signal or is it does it come from inside as it come from outside do you see something like a billboard or something and go like
diet of my closet if I felt like a black afro black girl with a net with a pink Efron that’s mine that’s my next like it was my hair is dark naturally and so it was dark I bleached my hair to put in the pink dye in Monopoly for a while so I gave really there’s never an opportunity for a change and it’s like really planned it just kind of like whatever what you do like if you went pink and it was a little bit more shocking you feel like something that I didn’t when I was not paying care
I mean I think maybe with some I’m just honestly I’m just kind of fucking crazy so I guess I’ll do it I’ll do whatever anyways so yeah. You know what I might be like dude if you embrace yourself a little bit more maybe
what would Hitler have done differently with a pink mustache thank you for bringing that up we’re going to wrap up the show I’d like to wrap it up at this. Cuz if you do get comparing Donald Trump to Hitler and then other people keep going
I just would like to say is a closing time I think the idea of comparing a politician to Hitler is to get a fucking jump on it as early as possible I see no fucking punishment for doing it prematurely I think that’s a gun to jump I don’t think Hitler he wasn’t like during the primaries going to be fucking got elected and then to the shitstorm started because I don’t know what that weird speech impediment in a country that’s been stabilized economically and culturally like like like the clowns that rise up that get everybody’s angry attention they typically have funny hair and silly mannerisms there rodeo clowns that they’re there it’s so so it’s good
guess he’s Hitler he is exactly Hitler he’s precisely Hitler
Joseph’s Pizza
I’m Jeff Davis your marriage and Herman
go check out those non video games Rick and Morty whatever the hell they are
I meant for writing an awesome song about the Radiohead night when I saw that was absolutely magnificent. Everybody drive fast in Kansas we love you


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