Episode: 210 – A Haunted House With A Glass Ceiling


Episode: 210 – A Haunted House With A Glass Ceiling


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okay bring it away
oh boy thank you thank you
thank you so much all right shut up
thank you you’re too kind now please keep the energy going help me introduce to the state the mayor of harmontown Mr Dan Harmon
ferry times
just come trailer Spencer Crittenden
where is really good the delay I it’s my fault I did that I did that I don’t know if there’s much there might be a word for this it’s a uber thing like I I I did I filled out the Uber thing but I didn’t hit the request button I put it back in my pocket. I hate I hate I hate to advertise for Uber but it’s become such a big part of my life and it’s so convenient that I didn’t notice that I didn’t do it all the way cuz it’s just like and then I looked at like 7:45 it was like I pulled out the phone it was like yeah anytime you want to
say that you want someone to start thinking about picking you up that’s fine and I was like
not a good not a good way to start the show specially when you’re going to start it late you don’t you don’t come out with the dumb boring story of why you’re late talk to you that careless
he’ll turn on you
thank you thank you said he loves me to do it we talked about that I got to get out of here I got to get out of this restaurant I’m going to see me choking when did we talk about that I just imagine we did cuz it’s like it seems like we would have what I mean it is embarrassing that you because you’re saying look at me failing at the only thing were designed to do is Gilman’s I think it’s also like our throats are reverse butthole it’s like they’re they’re private to us like they let you take a glottal Landon and gooey it’s like that’s the lot that’s the threshold before we consider this to be stinky gross Factory of violence in band and everything we’re ashamed of like like on a deep level like we all worry about it don’t worry about it but
closed suddenly ripped off and are in our body being laid bare butt. I mean and we think about that as being shame but we don’t even have a word for the level of shame we have about our actual intestines like lately Saving Private Ryan or the people are walking around there like they’re like I’m so embarrassed about this thing like like good that they’re like my arm is days off and it’s like they’re going like this is I look like a dick to myself like that no one else is going what a dick but it’s what we feel in this so when you’re choking I mean I swear to God
something about sphincters that make us shameful like inherently I think that if you present a human being or any biological organism with an image of a saying that has a sphincter on it which is a which is a spot where it’s like a it’s like a it’s a it’s a spot in a membrane or a case where things come to a an elastic but snug are tight.
I think we I think we side with I think I think we I think we side with everything inside the sphincter but we also we are ashamed of it like we have anything that’s sealed off from the outside world is represent us shamefully when push comes to shove you side with the sphincter side with the dark side of the sphincter Gray
with all this with all the ships or yes Jesus this audience all right and I only mention it because of the appropriateness of it and will be back on September 11th
and I think it’s okay to say this but I don’t even know which week so it’ll just uses have to keep coming to the show we got we got some of those Duffer Brothers coming to the
but we only got genital are people don’t know this there’s nine Duff Brothers there’s three three of the tougher ones of the 9th are the ones that make their show that you like they said that there’s two Duffus brothers that they’re so Duff they don’t even working in entertainment like they’re there was relaxing but those are the people you want on your show but but we got we got to we got some Duffer Brothers
there’s weed oil lube I don’t know
did you get that you can put on your I guess you can put on your privates and
all right
we’ll just talk about Trump all night I guess like 800 Obama did they tell him not to OSHA thank you when you’re the president of the visit the disasters I realize what would happen if you didn’t and sometimes they don’t but it’s funny that just the idea of being a President visiting a disaster it’s funny that’s hilarious because I understand it’s a symbolic thing it’s like it if you do want it to happen but it is also still funny perspective
call the water station. I talked to Carl whose house was
inundated with water tank you for mentioning it
this is yeah this is like you can’t make those up at a flood that a flood speech now yes mr. president okay. What’s your name
a flooding for you is bad yes you owned a lot of dry things yes
do do do do do do do do come up like a good idea who it is going to be a bad show next 5 minutes
will you just please just come can she sit up here at least I had weirder isn’t it I thought I’d follow the weirdness I’d let’s make children uncomfortable
this is bad right
or having a fun time
do you want to join a hold of microphone that makes your voice real loud she knows that
do you want to tell us your name you can it can be a
Madeline Marilyn or Madeline Madeline what you’re going to say you were to say something it’s not going to stop
she was telling you something. Did she do you know what she wanted you to is true she was
and now Madeline I guess you probably sick of answering this question but how old are you
for you get that all the time right that’s for the interview stops in like another with another person that’s how old I am I’m going to smash it I can’t
Madeline so for years so you were born like when I I weighed 5 less pounds nothing’s really happened in my life sent in the last four years but for you it’s been a real roller coaster ride memories do you do you know what do you do you have any idea how did you remember your birthday at all
it’s probably traumatic I think this is probably true Manning.
I’m sure I think being born probably makes Vietnam look like a Gymboree
we’re on vacation as a family vacation okay so you’re saying I want you to tell to let these people know you’re saying I I don’t have to filter my shows through four-year-old ears
Madeline do you have anything that you’re you’re super into like trains are polar bears are dinosaurs or I mean you don’t pick a thing I do want to limit My Little Pony like no I don’t I’m not going to pigeonhole you but you know like fruit maybe a Frozen character
she left she loves Rick is her Elsa
it’s a new dawn it’s a dissident it’s the new generation do your parents are
do you admire them
did you ever think these guys know what they’re talking about I asked him who invented peanut butter and jelly and they said they didn’t know
yeah it is is the world a happy place is it a lot by and large is it stress free or is it a stressful place we can you wake up in the morning are you stressed out you feel anxiety do you know what anxiety is now
must be nice
do you get dressed by yourself or do you still get dressed to the do people deserve a need to help you put dressed as your dressage
that’s great that’s great
are you going to school yet
the only go white white suit for me she takes on makeup classes. Chat do you just started you don’t want to show us of flamenco dance
what’s a right Prat privacy is is a scariest thing in the post millennial age
you’re part of the new generation that’s going to be like crave silence and bicycles
she actually has Iran
that’s why she passed a thousand
well you waited we should plug it probably what’s what’s the what’s the YouTube channel can we go there
do I do the intro for that
I’m daddy
it’s a show my daughter trailers well we won’t go there and freak you out you can keep keep practicing and you can come back on the show and let us know when you’re ready to ready to share your Flamingo with the public
alright Madeline you want to go back and and and and silently wonder what what is happening on this
oh she doesn’t
do you think I’m really setting myself up for this is it do you think the show is going okay so far
thank you
take matter
oh my gosh
okay so what do we have looks like we have
it’s just me right now Dan I’m sorry I apologize I’m coming over here pocket cuz these jeans are tight so I don’t know what this is for Rachel
I love your shoes fantastic shoes
so okay so what did you take my wife
I want to text and pleading like a digital stuff like lately that’s been a challenge for all of us like like like getting that into our narratives on screen like how much of it do you do without feeling like Bye Bye Birdie Bubbles and it’s a little wet but it works really well thank you very much like you’re like we get it you’re gay episode her appearance came out
in actual real life even though she had previously written them as kind of an amalgam of what she had already gotten it anyway episodes accurate if there’s any subversion to it it’s a version is simply in the fact that it’s just a nice single cameras it, that’s not necessarily driven by any kind of Us Versus Them energy in spite of the fact that wait for it these are two women in their married alright just calm down will you call
know about that part I just I watched I’m not been watching all day maybe there’s a mask at the end
but it’s not the world is absurd but it’s not absurdly it’s not like everyone doesn’t understand Straw Dogs would you like it’s just pretty much normal world but there’s a little bit of mystical realism just like a spoiler driven thing but like cuz it’s just the story that the first episode of the story of you overcoming your fear of committing to this job so much that you would actually quit your real job and meanwhile she’s like having these like big struggles with the ID whether or not she wants to be a comic that mentions you onstage ever and then she’s like she the triumphant return threshold moment is her knee like turning sideways to the wings and do it in a talking to you instead of the audience with it and it’s really
I don’t know if you this is like the best
but it is cool I like your graduation here sword
the most amazing word play ever in the history but it’s time now that’s yeah that’s the thing from the show ya great and I have a question about take my wife can I ask a question about take my wife how did you decide you’re characterizations of a married couple because obviously you could do is just going to be us but then maybe you want to make things more Arch but then also you might have been like we’ll have to write these characters and they’ll be based on us but they’ll be characters for the point of plots and stuff and then obviously you know you’re being a married couple on television so that comes into play to so I’m wondering like what was your thinking there was we wrote that season is
stuff that happened and then some of it is fictionalized so that people don’t like him
you don’t feel like it. Some people are like amalgams of experiences and stuff like that but it’s I think Cameron calls it like I don’t even read like fiction Ali Auto biographical everything actually happened kind of the lead-up to us being married so we’re not married yet and it’s really us figuring ourselves out with in a relationship when we just sort of wrote out all the stories that we wanted to cover and it doing that we sort of found the characters of Cameron Andrea there so it wasn’t ever anything or like okay well this is going to be this tin-can was going to be this it just sort of organically have been through all that stuff out there and I just didn’t have this conversation but this thing came up because I didn’t know how it what it What was what to think about it but it’s a person I know is finishing a pilot and I’m a character in it
though it’s in a it’s kind of like incumbent upon people for our audiences of a maximum of a million people that have it actually does need to be a little bit what needs to be passionate it needs to be personal it needs to be sincere that doesn’t automatically autobiographical but then again it’s like kind of the easiest thing to do right now and he’s never been about fighting like I’m struggling with the idea of the easiest thing to do right now is this is me this is my world and this is this is Beth Bennett main staple of TV anyway this is been going through the car seat warmer filter of like oh you’re stand-up says you like to use tools here’s your fictional wife here’s your second but still at the core of the demand is 4 in televisions for real people I would just be like a jacket saleswoman or something you don’t know babe but the funny thing is the person
so I’m a character in this person script and it’s important that I’m 43 it’s important that I had a kind of a more comfortable place in my career than this person is there so many details about about it being me that make it that are important to wear that to the situation this person is in that it’s kind of dumb to go through it and go make its land farm and but but but the ones but the thing is done there’s a shot where the person is looking at a wall of my house and there’s like a community poster all the things to look just the things like community and whatever else I’ve done the lady asked me for a ride
I try not to bring it up I
typical Community to like crazy Community College show what it was I just think it’s an interesting concept when we’re doing these like weird things like what is the rule there like why you ask a question like Minds obviously and also I don’t think great care was taken in our characterizations beforehand they just kind of grew out of the storyline so I was like oh it was important that you were working for me and everything kind of bloomed out of that so you get me is like this weird jack Donaghey to your Liz Lemon but it’s funny but poor writing about myself as fascinated
oh yeah I got Madeline don’t you think it’s fascinating
I won’t lie just no reason
I mean it’s like like like there’s certain demographic things that make me go like it’s like I’m not going to do a show about the times tables and I don’t I don’t care
I don’t care what these people find entertaining I have to express myself absolutely
so anyways did you get if you get here about the itsy bitsy spiders
oh now I want one
if they’re good morning 20 bucks my wife Cameron Esposito your wife
can you take this one
hey Madeline
pictures of doing a real cool Itsy Bitsy Spider so I going to go you are legit very good at that
my idea I brought it I
came up with it I didn’t create it but I
I adapted it
have you ever gone on a Bear Hunt Madeline like yeah cuz you haven’t been told they don’t do it don’t do that 7 Flamingo school there like you warm up this isn’t kindergarten start filming King he had though Den what if she had I didn’t think they could still do this problematic bear hunt bear had enough there was like a chance to it or not but they would want to call and response and they were there the kids are going to go like this and then like there’s a stream
everything I mean you know everything’s an exercise of Conformity that’s looks cool the Hunter
but you go on the whole bear how do you see the bear and the bear comes after you and you run and you do all the other stuff I think it’s I think it’s you you take note of the things you do while you get to the bear you meet with the goddess of seeing the bear you would tone what the father of realizing the bear found you you recharge back across the return threshold and you go home having changed into a kids that didn’t set fire to the gymnasium down whatever white houses are in the vicinity absolutely ideally directing your energy towards a cultural other like that’s what Campbell says like specially like adolescent boys need to be like told the reason why you not only think you could destroy everything right now but probably could it is because of a great Sundar God that the neighbors really don’t want you to achieve
so hate them and go to go to go to math class and register for Selective Service
the draft Madeline
if you get drafted will be against cool space bugs
you’re going to get a jetpack when you get drafted
it’s alright it’s okay live podcasting people are going to people is going to be going to be in contention
oh no
we don’t have security here by the way we have like a kid that works at moved Allenmore section that’s his
he’s scary but he doesn’t but he’s not he’s doesn’t do anything I really he just watches the Watchmen
I don’t know that’s who does that alright Madeline’s she’s at she’s a thing I’m asking that because I want to scare a child

what I have I have I have other guests coming soon at that that that there’s a fear of the theme of fear I’m just wondering is there something that scares you like I could get out go for I’ll tell you spiders scare me a lot and clowns and end
and I guess I like leaving the house
getting into a shower when the end of not knowing that the water’s going to get like really hot after I get into it
put words in a child’s mouth
put some kids it’s Donald Trump’s political advisor
I saw a thing on a TV and the volume was down so I don’t even know and it’s kind of cool to not know whether this was a democratic a door like a splinter Republican ad but it was just like I just saw a bunch of images of Donald Trump and then it would end of the it was a negative attitude like Donald Trump change your wrist and I was like I like the fact that I didn’t know that could have been like some weird like group of like Republicans that was like they’re not weird look more normal than the rest like I like that I like that it made me happy because because I feel like if if we can admit that we don’t like a guy because dangerous like that’s actually there’s a little like lobe in my head that goes like
hyperbolic about our politics and more like practical and go like look like this guy he’s a turd like that’s scary book 4 not scary like you always do anyway except you pat yourself on the back afterwards and put on a cape and say I did something heroic today by voting for Comfort like you know where we’re at there’s good and bad dangerous like when people talk about Hillary and I know people hearing me shocked to find out that
I like her when people talk about Hillary they talk about her being dangerous but it’s cuz she’s done like backdoor deals with everybody and she’s probably responsible for a lot of murders and she is single-handedly met and done every M like
sounds like a president
sounds like a person that runs this country since the first time that somebody was like you you should run this country people
that’s an invitation it’s funny cuz now I feel like that’s like dangerous in the way that our country has always
that’s for sure we are the worst we don’t own this place we still block the Meltdown in relief to that because his thing is like
I wouldn’t use the nuclear weapons are not the damn thing because it’s like you looking down the gaping maw of actual historical like things where you go like this is as I’ve said and I really again unashamed like it’s fine Hitler comparisons are fine the earlier the better that’s the point about Hitler is a healthy version of Hitler comparison is the earliest one in the world is the most premature one imagine if the Hitler comparison it happened early on in Hitler’s then I don’t know
different types of dangerous there’s like this and then there’s also like like it if you think about that
she said it she said like 3 minutes ago
what were you going to say Madeline
oh you just said that you just as believable as a half of what you know how to say the podcast she’s going to sound even younger like an actual baby was
well maybe that will be next week oh yeah I heard that you are a farthead oh boy I don’t know that this is healthy
it’s actually okay at that it’s actually right up our alley do you want to tell them our nickname for each other okay well then I’ll tell him cuz you’re a butthead but we have to make room for my neighbors are coming up when that day or the special out you guys remember Beth boots and right
oh no this is the Dark Side of Show Business
no matter what you’re still going to be you’re going to be right there
oh god oh Spencer gets to be proven right again but it’s not that I’m happy about being right all the time it’s just that I see it when it’s going to happen if I know it’s great this is a great show what’s how how’s it how about that take my wife
outdoor restaurant near I will be okay she did great I just didn’t like the sound of my own voice talking at the same time as a person that it was like sobbing and I’d like like I’m ignoring it like it some more willing into things
get that baby out of here old man stamps Island Lovett this is what America is all about I learned from a Pixar movie that that feeling sad is just as much a part of life is feeling good and I’m losing my Oscar
and I thought that’s fine that’s what that movie that took my oscar said this is fine
and I cried and I loved it the mom the mom was controlled by sadness
great film
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no one misses a lot but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through the New Black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like a verb you’re always in good hands
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so there’s a scene or your cameras out on a eating lunch in an outdoor cat cafe but there’s like an entry is blowing up in the end of there’s like there’s one shot of you and it’s like pushing on you and you’re like I don’t think it’s picking on you just like the static there’s no music and just as you by yourself at a restaurant like like when you’re like your kind of like is it just you like you going through like
is it like it’s like it’s like a it’s like a comfortable in your own skin like you’re cuz you’re alone and
I asked you know exactly what you’re asking
yeah it’s supposed to be no more Focus energy right so like I’m just sitting by myself alone at a cafe in thinking maybe I see somebody that I know like what does it like a way you can play it but I love it so much why do you think I need to leave the leaf and destroy it doesn’t have more precise language than the snake
5000 things about Union employees only focuses on leaves I need to say Leaf it when I would love to see the leaf person I don’t like I really do just like leaf blowers attached to the belt for a Latin like root of leaf and you find out if the leaf Wrangler and if you ever call him that or her that’s a little thank you Dan great Point Break point
that’s a great Point that’s amazing you know you didn’t have to use that second pronoun
we did really well we do
I’m pointing this way
actually I didn’t I didn’t know there was one here this neighborhood but I saw it. Yeah right by the Chipotle right took me off that’s great that’s what that’s what television should be I think right now yeah that’s what we need
I think thank you thank you
two dudes are being applauded for their bravery
apps for real
you asked a stranger to take a picture of we’d established Ranger this we went over to the billboard and you’re standing in front of it.
giant hug you like this in the stranger we did not know it was it was it oh my God you guys I didn’t recognize you and I actually knew you from before or is it oh my God your other human beings in your young to go by Road
it was like a q moment she took a bunch of issues like she was like check to make sure you check if I don’t want to be.
and then a guy was like running headphones I don’t think that’s a feeling I don’t know I don’t know know like like what is your beds all big like I love 30
like I don’t even know and then you pull over the car to you that was the Chipotle where you at were you able to just look at it while you ate around the corner so that we were not
there’s something really like
yeah I guess I had a quote in for Back to the Future at some point.
all right was so you got yet. I heard a rumor that you guys need to do to get out of here at 9 but I don’t want to
I can’t say I miss you know we live together together
I’m ready to take a shower
I live with my wife so dangerous you miss me proving that I’ve seen the first episode of the show before you got out of that I like to think you are so stoked because it like a bunch of people cared about it and I honestly you know what this is like this was the first time for me you spend all the time you make this thing and it feels really personal to you and then you’re like aware of the of time and space and television and you know that a lot of things nobody cares about at all and so you just go well I will soon nobody cares about this and then we’re like cool and then we were like awesome
is there a n n and ends are make there may be a time when you use that nightmare that you were maybe dreading you’ll have to dial have to happen to in like but they both of them will be like you’ll wake up the next morning a live pilot the 90s and was just like no we don’t want that in like just cried it just went to the car I was like it was a it was a really salty hot tears I was like crying cuz I’m a spoiled baby I am a spoiled baby but that’s not why I’m crying I’m crying because I really really care and that’s a good thing and it’s like there is receptive to it in that moment it does nothing feels like you’re getting good or better or being but what is happening in that moment is like the germination of some kind of see where you like well one thing’s for sure I belong here I could be
is like this is like like like I don’t like people watching me
there’s no romantic guard charismatic way to put a toilet in obscurity but for 15 years I feel like there have been very loud noise very loud voices that really liked what I was doing and very light and fit that was like a thing that I heard just the so many times just like this person is not about this and then we’ll have a tough week for sure I should be shipped separately
oh I know I have tweeted
I like a huge weight off the shoulders cuz like the New York Times and vulture and indiewire and navy club or just like we get it she’s like really not.
Tell me about Mike. I know I will deal with this later
well I assume that’s going to be the theme of the
is that going to be the theme of the of the show cuz I’ve said I’ve I’ve seen one episode but it is that is that a thing I mean if it regardless of gender persuasion no. What are the other things Chris Chris Chris mitologia cosmological their shift shifted Continuum of of of of of of of property regardless it’s like like two people doing the same thing at the same time automatically like is there is there a story coming up and if not is there is there where people people want to drive a wedge between those things like they say that’s how they we we eat lobster by breaking it open if you guys are delicious as a couple inevitably consuming of you as a couple is going to involve people testing the hinges of the clock to put you putting putting pressure
have you experienced that do you know that’s coming
the whole time people ask us if we’re competitive with each other to the funniest thing to ask to stand-up comics cuz you wouldn’t do you wouldn’t do this job if you didn’t think you were the best stand-up comic to ever exist. Like there’s no other reason you would do this to yourself and I’ll just a total privilege in what a ridiculous thing to say but I just mean as much if you weren’t like I’ll show them and so like really do you think you’re better than me
absolutely and you love me so much more to 60 for the so what I want to do is I want to lift you up and I want people to see how great you are and to see you through my eyes and just like to love you and I want you to put a foot on your face and take it back home I hook you into something above me that is stopped and secure anchor I climb over you
I think what you’re I thought maybe where you were going with oh it’s actually easier in such a when you combine a naturally the universe will seek to find crevices thing like being a couple that that entropy and the outside world will do its work as sure as water does that you drop anything into a glass of it and the why it may look pretty but the water is silently going like is there a way to pick this apart you know anyways
and actually incorrect about the properties of water
but but I said I said I thought maybe what you were what you were getting at was that because stand-ups are so ridiculously solipsistic so like narcissistic so so like like like I’m actually it is an easy thing to just put two of them in a house together and let them both try to be stand up and there’s there’s a there’s a there’s a kind of select few situations in which that that that would add that part that Ernie and Bert partnership could be turned into like enmity or jealousy but those things would be offset of Ernie and Bert we’re like also then we’re actually living together because we love each other
they’re totally a couple actually I think I think you are right and I will say I don’t see I feel competition in a relationship and I feel but I don’t feel jealous my girlfriend is what I worry about I’m not trying to bend it back to me I I I I I I worry about with with Cody who’s 11 12 years younger than me and who I want I’m so tired I don’t want to work I swear I think of that I don’t want to work anymore and I like I said I have fantasies about her you know Celine Dion and I can be that guy with the beard that it could just be like I Love Celine Dion if you understood feeling like I do that was so funny it’s okay we can move but I have a weird feeling talking about Celine Dion and podcast
that’s just a joke for anyone that wants to show I have a weird feeling that I would get I would as soon as I wouldn’t be about achievement I wouldn’t I wouldn’t want anybody it’s not that I don’t wait I’m trying to stack these negatives like a Jenga Tower here it’s not that I don’t want my partner to be successful far from it I want that like like I consider that such an ironic concept for anyone to be as you were talking about the same thing cuz I’m such a hilarious idea I I am so behind it that the exhibit at the same time that that feels like sincerity like oh my God my fantasy would be that you would would be like just like the idea of being jealous of someone success like I would love that I would love that but I do’s and I I think the thing that I would screw up is that I would it would just be regular jealousy because I would think I would turn it into a
seeing where I was like she’s out there with people it would be a sexual thing the it wouldn’t I wouldn’t have like I wouldn’t have career jealousy time but it would quickly turn into a gateway to something I still haven’t figured out which is like hot in that be like I I just I don’t trust myself to to not be like that guy is so cute like like what you see with him and like I’m just going to stay home and play Minecraft and take care of our baby and then like and then I’m just going to be like me right now you know like like that’s what it was because that’s horrible serial killer like stuff with a support system like they’re awesome but you know what the cool thing about being in the same sex couple is that
say no more that’s number one I’ve seen the movie now that’s not real that’s not real that’s not a real thing
looked real to me Riley Reid
I’ll tell you about it later but
oh I think I’ve been on the road you give partner jealousy towards me I don’t believe I signed it a cool part of it is like well number one where we are both moderately recognizable I don’t mean we’re Super Famous but I mean most the time when we meet people it’s like after a show and so that’s a situation where the dirty weird power Dynamic and so it’s not like a actually super fun to go and nothing’s going to happen it’s going to be really weird I don’t that’s what that feels gross and not fun to be that person doesn’t know you either stranger and it’s weird you don’t know that the whole thing and then I think the other thing is like
we share the same thing
which is what people in oh yeah
that’s a cool thing is that we can both be like hey
he cute got a nice and then we don’t like high five in like oh I’m not jealous of you that interaction like to talk to her to file it if a guy like there’s like a combination of like like what I don’t know it’s like if he’s everything that I’m not like I don’t know where to file it it’s like I see my girlfriend like like having a good time talking to him like eight can I post this too damn if he’s everything that you’re not
that was such a like daytime talk show not sentence from Rhea but your guy’s reaction that the time like I don’t know if you guys had I don’t know if you could hear you but it was like you all waited for me to say the full Senate and then you thought about it and then you were like
all right I’ve I’ve been rude to our second guess we have to ride a bike when wearing a shirt
number one on iTunes
and thank you Dan you bet you’re the best I have keys in my hands where did Rhea butcher everybody
so they’re going to be two more guests will be a good thing I never forget that Andy Dick 911 needs to September 11th and edicts coming to the room Giuliani forgot
he did forget it’s pretty fun I mean I’m not saying 911 should be more memorable to anybody but you know she really it was his favorite National tragedy might like he really loved that thing he loved it more than I think about what
I think Rudy giuliani’s a theme song but with for his relationship between Heaven 911 is leading in red or like like like it’s like it’s like a ballot it’s like a beautiful lady I met you and it was crazy Nixon wakes up I don’t feel like it just feels like you remember that thing that you check them out put a little popsicle stick in his mouth see if he remembers you see if he’s still Alice you know what I’m saying I didn’t land I thought it was
oh man I wish you could just drive my car home but I can’t drive your car
the love stick
do we get it
you guys ever noticed lesbians always have each other’s keys
new stereotype
let’s talk about dangerous this is a momentous occasion
the competition between me you Donald Trump
someone’s going to emerge as the most dangerous tonight speaking of danger and fear and things that scare you and spooky Halloween just around the corner
actually no it’s not which is why I think it’s a good idea to say anything related Tori Amos concert that go that go like are they yell out like
would you can do look it up three states allow it
you guys weren’t you guys remember my neighbor best boots in two of the eucalyptus tree
so I was going to bring her and her son to more up and and cuz I don’t know if I try to introduce what we’re talking about LOL I’ll let you know that I’ll ruin it cuz I’m not a good song comes and goes
Beth and Tim Moore
all right so the I mean the the the Cameron by the way Cameron
well you have met just now I’m just worried about that Mike I’ll be fine to hear me yeah yeah where you want to go to level testing testing
okay so it’s what it’s August
it started in May started in May
it’s like a lifetime movie like like like like cold open crawl what’s what’s happening now I know what this looks like
but before I was here yeah I got to go visit bad I’m bailing mushroom
it’s amazing this is why you took over my billboard know that’s what I said I got a great Applause is great team to more similar to more tip is t i m you are correct I don’t know some people get it so wrong tumor like to come on come on pronounce it right tumor or if it’s fine by you like that is so no
just to be on the second syllable for it to be right you know what I think technically it is Tim her but since he was little everyone calls me tomorrow so I was right you’re welcome
I will get through this one step at a time no we’re doing it
I’m so good
one of our earlier conversations that we had his neighbors I think was like oh my what one of my sons has a haunted house every you know and he’s making it in the backyard is that going to be a problem is going to be people like I don’t I’ve never ever once ever I don’t think complain to a neighbor about 8 I’ll be there is I’m either forcing myself to stay awake and play Minecraft and and and tuning everything out where I’m just unconscious because I fell asleep against my will for for the 3 hours between Adderalls that I did text you do it for me to recharge my brain and get out there and just damage myself more so you’re fine the invite but I can hear so I hear you’re a haunted house going on in a haunted house time and there’s nothing playing on a loop that I like becoming familiar with this like a loop loop thing I kind of get into it I’m like I’m like you’ve been doing this for years and your steadily you’re you’re becoming one of these Halloween people you’re becoming a haunted house /
how do I categorize you you thought you were special I’m saying you but now it’s weird what you’re that’s why you’re here that you were going to talk I’m sorry you’ve been getting more and more into your haunted house every passing year when did you start what year started five years ago and so an app that that time like how much before Halloween did you start making your haunted house about the first first time I started was like a week before the next year I would disagree with that controversy moms always win so go ahead harmontown
you know this is going to be the worst possible thing I miss Avery has a super early call time and I feel like I want to be useless in this haunted house conversation I’m going to go to my house so that my wife to the bed and I’m going to leave you guys but then you have to take notes and tell me about it because I am neighbors are throwing all this argument aren’t you the haunted house concert at all your plans and we’ll figure that out later I’ll see you guys there alright watch check my wife thank you so much
I’m not a bad host I gave them but I said they had an out before and then that’s not my fault you want to so good at hosting I’m so good at that house so so you so the first year we prefer a haunted house and throw the haunted house you have really had a good time next year you want to make another haunted house you started probably a little earlier right yeah how much earlier okay so now it’s 2016 it’s August and you got your haunted house that’s like in construction right now right yeah I do got a bag here that is like these are your haunted house plans right is that two more started his official haunted maze and it wasn’t even amazed at that point cuz he was 11 years old but when I had my brain tumor
you’re bringing two more lies Ransom or is that what you did Dad was sleeping all day and we were very worried about two more and what he was going to do all day and this was in the summer time and you started building your first haunted maze and it was it went straight it was there wasn’t much made from here to that wall and I remember that it went right up our sidewalk and everybody that was coming to visit me had to go through that little tunnel so it whether it was a pizza delivery man or people delivering food or relative they all had to go through that and that was the first year

do you do you go to the front door of your house does it does that where the customer goes do they go to the front door of your house and enter your home or do they go around the house
so my house is like a regular house right here and then there’s a yard around it and leading up to it or some stairs so then down there people wait to get up the first year the first year it went right up to our door but then after that the next year he said I’m going to build it around the house and we were saying tomorrow that’s crazy because we live on a in a house that’s on a hill and go around that they’re so I mean just to get up to our house there’s a lot of steps garage is at ground level and then you have to go up a lot of stuff so you know you’re scaring me already just know you’ll burn calories if you go around the house which is where he wanted to build the whole haunted maze is there stepped all over because it’s on a hill so it’s actually quite dangerous
people just like with knives would like to pretend that’s funny you say because last year last year with all the chaotic I’m I’m walking through my house and all of a sudden there’s a little old grandma staying the night where’s the rest of my car right there do I know you this way so here I will escort you out and I just want to
and you’re like
my uterus I thought I had fun images
I mock necks and I am now it’s blazing I should have known
do you know what a creep show is the vignette to her vignette and I was like save it for the stage cuz I just want the stuff that he did when he was eleven or twelve years old so you’re okay 11 at 12 years old so that makes twelve or thirteen and fourteen sell those are workers that applied interest interns I would call his friends friends
yeah that’s that’s that’s a cash register not opening the door or they wouldn’t see what’s going on where’s where’s the wheels getting Grease 2 we actually go by donations at the end so if they liked it or not so I let the old man that’s me I have a donation at the bottom of the stairs that says donations and that’s actually a booth so alike on some nights will have a person waiting in the booth like last year we had a clown theme so we have like a clown in there a person that look fake and then after someone put a donation and they move so
all right well that’s good yeah so okay so it’s all on donations to then you take that and you what do you put it all into the haunted house or actually goes back to all the money we spent on the house on the map here it is just a bunch of quadrant sense as plastic everywhere
point out where these were all things that he had teeth but in your perspective I could see all those look like boobs
she uses that to consume me
wow and he started this when he was 11
house you know and I’m like okay I like it I mean it’s it’s me it’s cool that you’re like you’re into it and you keep putting more and more energy into it and you might next year might be the year that you’re like oh haunted houses are dumb or but but more than likely some kind of weird morph is going to happen where you were like oh you know what I really like about haunted houses you know what I’m doing some weird offshoot of that or you may be one of the lucky people that’s like and I found out I Love You year it will be 2048 and you’ll be like I’m the master of haunted houses or just this one I want to ask you is like what do you think and it’s not there’s no wrong answer to it is like the most dumb like like like childish gave me an answer that you want to give like what what what what’s the pleasure like when it dries you back to it what do you really get out of the whole experience of making a haunted house and having people come through it
do you think that happens so all the Neighbors come and then from 6 to 7 p.m. is the less scary version for little kids like her age do they go through the wedding you guys invited me to that one right now because you know
most likely but you know all the neighbors do get involved and there is a lot of generations so we have little kids like you that are working the haunted maze and timorous got his friends didn’t stare as long as they could just hold still for like an hour like that’s probably the most terrifying thing with a lace gloves
because it’s over-the-top like they’re just holding like an apple or a gerbil or a ball with a butt with like a pentagram on it and it
are like a piece of the world four year old girl in a nightgown holding a an O-ring from a space shuttle
think about it
and just I just with a look of confusion on her face so happy
the face I have right now cuz I have no idea what you’re talkin about a piece of silver which was clearly like a piece of like a crucial aeronautical equipment is not supposed to be holding that an Angelic where did you get that and then you just hear
huge crash that’s Terror you can use that like like I’ll take that into consideration
put aside from it being if you just wanted to do community stuff that’s great that’s that’s that’s a good answer you like contributed contributed like they like you like the feeling of like the neighborhood is like there’s a tradition and they’re coming over and you’re like you’re you’re you’re doing this thing that people know there’s two more of these the guy that does that haunted house thing every year it’s a consistency in Tradition and you have this role like I’m the Shoemaker I’m the I’m the I’m the barber I’m the guy that saves your life than the light again I like like whatever they got the others Rule and but
now just a subset of that it’s the terror thing the horror that we had the idea you could do that with Christmas you could do that with you know you could do that with Easter you could do that with no holiday at all you could do that was like a bicycle race around your you could organize like a marathon where everyone walked on their hands and the proceeds went to the next year’s Marathon like people being scared does that does that like do you like that
that’s the first question I’ve ever got asked by someone
no common do you like do you like a good night sleep
who doesn’t know who doesn’t is right let me tell you something about Casper mattresses
Casper’s obsessively at obsessively engineered mattress at a shockingly low price is a cool kid does that appeal to you anyway not really know you’re right
it’s not appealing to kids this is engineer stuff but what about the fact that it combined spraying latex and supportive memory foam to create an award-winning sleep surface with just the right sink and just the right balance
Yeah a hundred day guarantee you can try it out for a hundred nights if you don’t like it bring it back for free we don’t care wait a minute are you telling me I know this is what people say in the commercial but I really am are you telling me crazy King Spencer that that that there’s a mattress company that lets you try a mattress for a hundred days and at the end of a hundred which is a mattresses lifetime
if you if you did you try a mattress for a hundred days and then go then I didn’t like it you have a right to but you’re lying tell me you didn’t like it but
busy but I mean
do you know who drinks by the fact that Time magazine named the best invention of 2015 the best invention in general it’s a mattress that we landed on the moon the other guys I guess the ideas I can slow invention year yeah we’ll know exactly the 2015 driving cars artificial intelligence Casper mattress Dan they ship anywhere in the US and Canada I got one it came in this box the size of a mini fridge I accidentally cut it open it was full of gold coins to $2,000 value just hidden away in a mattress that’s just my experience and and all of our immigration problems
wow now we can’t say that’s connected no no. Tomorrow if you use the promo code on Harmon and check out at a Casper mattress.com you cannot get $50 off yeah
free mattress now that’s a good night sleep that’s also the best invention of 2015 wow Casper
the first name in in in in softness now in ghosts and mattresses and the casper.com Harmon casper.com Harmon over okay we’re done and not Hermantown what’s your favorite ghostie Tim or do you like goblins you like grim reapers I’m partial to the Knolls
once once again no common
I don’t know which is a Tuesday I don’t know which would have you watched before you came here as I need these PR lawyers these days early but like the The Pit Boss at these things like at a casino you know like like you’re running the whole the whole thing like year it’s a Timber production like you’re you’re Top Dog right
no no my parents are so Millennials all right well let me tell you a story about that so his life and of course we have the ultimate say but you know it’s like when he invited all of his school friends to help out and he was crying like what thirteen or Fourteen and his friends were supposed to be something that they were going to be something cool and fun that they do together but then at a certain point because two more takes his haunted maze so seriously they started accusing him of being really bossy and this is why he’s no commenting are looking for a weakness they started to revolt
they said they were going to they weren’t going to put up with it anymore and they started to have a skateboard party down in the cul-de-sac of course he came up to me extremely frustrated because he wanted his friends to a be there helping him and they weren’t going to have any more of it so at that point did they do a muppet episode
yeah it’s you don’t know how much I share this so at that point I went down there and you know called them and they were looking at me like you know what are you going to do about it yes it has not scary The Purge Anarchy and then two more said that he wanted to fire them that I said you can’t fire us we’re working for free and so he said that he would pay them so he could fire them I can’t with the humidity levels of sophistication and that is just a global politics played out just think
you’re a seer of your territory so at that point I mean I kind of asked the guy said let me ask you something I said you guys want to be a part of something that’s really cool or something that’s a part of something that’s just really really lame I said cuz you’re going to go back to your friends and they’re going to ask you they’re going to say man at haunted maze was really lame or they’re going to say that was really cool I didn’t understand at first I thought you were going to different that’s a lot more encouraging positive that point they said if we want to be a part of something that’s really cool and I said you know what’s the Moors getting really frustrated because he’s trying to make this really cool and he’s not getting any help from you so then at that point they all kind of rallied around and a you know started helping two more but so that’s you know a typical teenage saying and I
take me to you went through it like give you a taste
it practically in tears so
he’s probably used to that when do I let her have it mother
what is it Morgan Freeman comes and goes Sally found a new way to scare people let’s take a look Lucius where’s your mother she’s not talking to the Riff Raff
here’s what I was going to ask you so you’re you’re you’re the boss and and and I get it now it’s saying yes to that is like yeah of course you got it you got it you got to say Creator is a myth really it’s a collaboration I get it
did the the swing what do you prefer to do do you walk around like Robert De Niro and casino like observing or do you actually immerse yourself in like one jack o’lantern and then I’ll wait there until my ADHD kicks in and then I’ll go back and start scaring people that’s why I give myself a tea HD with a drug called adderal so I don’t have ADHD
but yeah so you wait so you go scare people but what do you do are they go where you just grab them dull machete and just wander or is there like a spot you like I just go to whatever spots open so depending on the night how many actors if we’re short on actors at I’ll just stay in in like help scared but we’re good on actors I usually stay down until I get bored I like help out or go ahead wait here or go so surely there’s been like okay there’s been some mishaps right somebody there been complaints or somebody somebody went through there just satisfy
yeah there’s been a few of those. I actually remember the first stuff maybe like the third year we were into it there like maybe five or six of us actors and then I remember their these little kids that came up and they came down and then we didn’t establish at the time where we could stop scaring people like they didn’t establish what the safety zone is so I’ll come by after problematize and then they assume like right after you exit that’s it but then they start chasing you all the way down the street from work and come on these are little girls 6 & 7 come on well you know I was going to say the other thing about riding a haunted maze is you know when he was younger at like 11 or 12 years old you know it was actually quite cute and people would say
but then at a certain point when he got older I started getting really scary and we actually had one parent who was throwing a party and brought his whole party of kids to the haunted maze and because that was a year where was kind of a turning point and things have gotten really scary and a couple of the actors chased this party all the way down the street and the kids got really scared and a parent came back and said he was you know what he says I have a couple of girls crying here you said they’re going to go back home terrorized you said and you guys need to establish a safety zone but he was right he was right it was one of your
we were human if you weren’t out yet he was human eyes really it was one of his kids
it was Dan
at that point we had to establish some rules for the actors like you don’t go down the steps and you know so that mean it’s interesting because as to Morgan older you know and things getting scarier there’s a lot of things that a person doesn’t have to you never consider when a kid is younger and it’s cute you know it’s a whole area I’d never go into because when I go to haunted houses it’s usually it’s like it’s a whole game of like I don’t want to wait to put who I’m with I don’t want to miss out on stuff and then but the it so everyone’s going to do this thing but I genuinely like I have a really low threshold and and I for various reasons she gave me a license to be easily startled like like my girlfriend’s in the bathroom
yeah I am just brushing my teeth and then I’ll like go and pick up a sock and if I turn around and then she’s not in the bathroom but she’s in the living room and I hear her voice from the wrong room
it’s not even seeing anybody I oughta I’ll just like if I if someone passes the salt and then it’s where it’s not supposed to be like I have the visceral reaction so what I’m saying is because of that knowing that people are coming through and they have all these different relationships with being scared some people are like in my wildest dreams I love this punk rock haunted house for people chased me all the way down the street because fuck this bullshit like I want to burn my tongue I know it’s not real I want to feel like it’s on fire is we have little kids that are so brave and we have adults there crying so you know what there is
it’s like a yelping like a high pitched scream like when anyone scares me like I do anything if not supposed to be where it is I go it’ll scare other people and then I feel bad and then they scare me cuz they’re screaming like I said stay away from haunted houses so I’m going to but I think it’s a smart thing they have like the kitty time we’re like What do you do when you scare a little kid what are the what’s the difference between scaring a kid and scary when you do it you have little kid what would give us some examples of a cup on the scaring bat try to do this thing called the pumpkins in the goblin so if there’s a little kid going through called him the pumpkin so that would mean you don’t scare them as much but if we say goblins in the actors know to step up their game, yeah yeah it was is a nightmare trying to get it all figured out but we stopped at and figure it out the 6 to 7 p.m.
three goblins
the one pumpkin with his commitment is a theme Terror
hierarchy weird find the blend of
these phrases helicopter mothering and also but you’re turning them loose like you’re letting them explore his inner Ted Bundy
but you’re you’re you’re going like okay so you love you love this with haunted house thing but then you’re like down there doing labor relations with for him do you get to you and Dan your husband do you actually go check into a hotel while he does the haunted house cuz the Sounder we actually are there because a lot of times I’ll take our dog down for all the little kids that get scared and I dress up our dog in a costume and you know people show up with your little kids and then sometimes I’ll run the booth and play the scary clown in the booth but dad helped him build it sometimes but really tomorrow his friends are the ones that build all of it and what are the what are the do’s and don’ts okay creatively haunted house craftsmanship what’s hack
that means like explain like like like like like like catchpenny pure Isle Schlegel easy shortcut like like like even if it does get a reaction it’s like but that’s like not that’s not like what a good haunted house guy does one of my main things is I make sure since I don’t know how all my actors are acting was I make sure they all have a mask on their I’m not letting them try it to explore their acting skills here
no offense to my Acura
so everyone is dehumanized and controllable an opportunity for body work
they’re coming for me the way I scare them with my eyebrows while you know what’s funny to is that tomorrow would get really really frustrated because he would want a cute girl would come through the haunted maze he would get mad because his actors which are his friends would not stay in character one of my friends.
a haunted house with a glass ceiling
well I mean they’re 16 there I mean what you mean I learned this at 42 and it was only because I was involved person I just figured out that women have a hard time the show all right so so that’s that’s interesting so that’s like don’t don’t don’t know it’s a selfless job scaring people in a haunted house and you don’t get to like the same would go for a someone riding a parking ticket or a judge or anything else you’re an impersonal Cosmic Force if you’re not a fact you’re going to you’re going to stick to your role and rev your prop chainsaw and it doesn’t matter if I like a redhead comes through you’re going to try to impress her yet but I feel like if if you’re wearing a mask you don’t have to be self-conscious that someone will identify you or something so you have a mask on to hear that kids there at
Edwardsville is buy one get one of your rules on touching of a sign outside that says actors won’t touch you in and you don’t touch that look like when I see that I’m like yeah well good I guess but at the same time something in the back of my brain is like well but now like like do you did you ever struggle with that did was did you bring your career from 12 to 16 was there a time when that sign had to go up or what did you did your philosophy change where people like grabbing people’s shirts or anyting I was never a fan I know there’s a haunted houses that grab me or like see or ankles that far whatever they touch you I’m not a big fan of that I threw your trip yeah
like you grab their feet dungeons like like is it like is your bag of tricks primarily based on like I’m walking and I can’t see everything and then just a dude jumps out like from behind something I hate to sound like a demeaning your profession like like I’m from boiling it down to something but there’s a cuz there’s also like I don’t know like hands reaching through things what you do I am going to come through but with the during the kitty hour
and I’m going to I’m going to Periscope the whole time so that is so that if I if I if I if I shriek I can sell it I can sell it but but but but is it like you don’t want to answer that cuz then you’ll be like that I’ll be giving away your recipe
why are you asking me to eat the mic tell us the secrets if the darker it is the better so if someone’s not wearing a mask and it’s a dark it’s better and like okay that’s okay no nevermind nevermind hey it’s hard it’s hard to be up here he’s doing a great job we’re all doing a great job
thank you thank you so much for all so also can be kind of hard trying to get people to come because we live at the end of a very at the end of the cul-de-sac and tell me something that will catch your attention for sure for sure I got curtain for a traffic I mean how it like that’s the other and what about band with us two cars on the on the cul-de-sac you up traffic already be craving how how much do you think you can handle we have like a security guard / like they help like when that people come through you can you can turn around a lot of scaring people per minute yeah I think so cuz if we’re plugging your haunted house were plugging my house cuz my neighbor I just realized
I’m scared that I’m going to have just people in my kitchen but that’s fine we’ll be fans and that’ll be a bad from your window you know I never even granny or your mom cope with me if I like if I just played a part at the haunted house away from my house I can just like that I can just do weird things like they’re like like like
I just keep I just keep going
over and over
like I just like weird shit going on like Silhouettes in like you would get people over to your haunted maze deal when your to make cards business cards so we make them design them and hand them out to people at school and then I give a bunch of so I have a bunch of friends at coming to work in the haunted house that don’t go to my school so I have friends from all these different school so I can give them cards and they hand them out to all the people at their school and then all your friends go stores and poor people are elementary schools a door knocking inviting people to come knocking on the door out of you Thursday
give me a call we can row it’s early the point was to bring you in early because I wanted to Showcase cuz if it was October and I was like those guys were going to be like who cares it’s weird in a good way to be 16 and year of this level of commitment to a haunted house sorry you’re supposed to be so distracted by some of those people walking through there that you spend the next five to eight years living in an existential vacuum and thinking everyone the robots I just going like this on a typewriter doing derivative things but really just fantasizing about like like this to his fixation that would be normal and they access Phil Collins Jane’s Addiction and Sinead O’Connor like like sprinkled in there and so he would always you know what I would tell him if it tomorrow I said you know what I want my yard for barbecues but he would always say Mom I’m already behind schedule
we don’t want other people are going to pool parties and barbecues two more is working on his honeymoon for living a normal life I’m working on the haunted house when does business start when I’m all those bad times. I me to Friday of October 2nd Friday the Friday Saturday
and then sew on it but there’s a website URL Ambrose haunted maze. Calm Ambrose haunted maze. Calm a animal
you know we got some more we got some more bookkeeping to take care of Steve wants us to plug something can we do that okay
Steve text me like 10 minutes ago we got to plug this thing you fucking do it
all right cool because we at we had Michael Christian on the show and San Francisco and watched episode of course well yeah Michael Christian does it’s it’s it’s friends for benefits.org that’s what what’s the event that they’re doing in November they’re doing a avatar The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra Event in San Francisco at The JCC the tickets are on sale at France or benefits.org there can have Janet Varney who’s the voice of Cora Mindy Sterling Goose Lin Bei Fong Dante Basco who Zuko and John Michael Higgins who is Varick a man to make it look like he went to the Bay area’s of mail I mean he has like I think it’s a relic
of what Avail ask her if it’s not complicated but it’s like that is that debilitating in that but for him way more congenital like like like Stephen Hawking got to like hang out and party in college and then one day started to find out he had this thing I was like like like Michael’s like like wheelchair-bound and has this fancy like super villain wheelchair and it’s over and he’s like his whole life is like I’m doing this this this Foundation this thing where he’s coordinating connecting people that affect people with people that went to Charities that that that can use that attention to to benefit people that need benefits and and and and he was he was there at the kind of metal he’s he’s like runs a charity for charity show in San Francisco is amazing interview in them all the way out into the woods and has like this crazy electric wheelchair and it was a real nightmare to get them there and then we lost as episode
I really fucked up we’re sorry Michael are making it right
I was just going to say so I wanted to check in this early cuz I want to come back sometime in October cuz I want to know I want to follow the Howard Hughes journey of this like Pursuit of haunted house Perfection like I went to check we’re going to check back in with you guys in October right before the haunted house goes up like preferably if there’s a show for the lights go on before I don’t want to talk to you I’ll take anything but I don’t want to like like to not talk to you after it’s in full swing you’ll be busy than any way I would like to be nice if there’s a show right before the big like that would be nice I want your highest level of anxiety like where your Legos I don’t have time for this
like that and then I’m going to ask you what’s going through your head right now man how do you like your haunted house now man
and Anna I want there’s something I want to give you before we before we end this
at what time is it okay to go get it I don’t have a great
we’re about to do a good ending I had to I had told Beth I had the gift for somebody had crossed it’s the thing that said it was a quote from the show the eucalyptus tree show it said I can’t now I can’t remember the exact quote to be to be honest best
is this
I had to remove for eucalyptus tree for 100 year old eucalyptus trees and they were right on the border between Dan’s in my house and do we have to pay for young little trees there now and this is a cutting from one of the trees that’s growing and it’s a little it’s a little Branch but I wanted to share it with you and if it’s an evergreen so I just I thought you know that for eucalyptus trees he was going through his divorce at that time and this the trees were kind of
so anyway I stayed in the Airbnb that’s near our place and he he’s a fan of the podcast and he let him so therefore a fan of yours I don’t know if you know who look Rob corddry is but I mean you are the value that are really cool and funny and famous and and he was staying at that Airbnb and he was like he was like listening to those episodes Wi-Fi and it said Harmon Wi-Fi cuz he can see you in a minute and looked out the window and there’s like eucalyptus tree stumps and the like like the one that you were referring to this in my yard he’s on Ballers HBO’s ballers
well you know what’s funny is on those for eucalyptus trees we had stumps that were really really big because they were big trays and at one point I had to I actually stood on the stump to give you some brownies or muffins or something
and now then we had the stumps ground and we were able to plant for the young trees and it was in the stumps or below the ground is coming out we had a little baby that was probably about this big and now it’s probably about four times the size it sweet like a joke that I don’t care about the my other tree I got to I got to get to weld well-respected arborist number from you to examine my tree my therapist cuz it’s self-care red I stayed up all night playing Minecraft sounds like you’re not happy that she said what did you do last night in Minecraft is that I don’t know I was asleep so it looks like you’re playing Minecraft in your sleep
I’ll save it for next time I said I’m self-destructing but very happy and doing well and then it’s it’s it’s good that you’re finding your your your your passion and you don’t have to don’t get tricked into it was like oh I Love Trains I’m six years old everybody keeps giving me trains and it’s like you’re locked into the train thing like I was what I was worried about those kids I give it to somebody give this kid a turtle you can you use 16 so this could be we don’t know it could be your big ass like a haunted mansion thing where you’re like I’ve done it this is it this is why Burt Reynolds Boogie Nights this is the one I let the death of this industry began and you move on to something called the hospitality houses
where when you walk in and you don’t get scared to the to the point where you’re willing to pay $1,000 for a Bayview
that’s an idea he has no idea what you’re talking about when you say Burt Reynolds in Boogie Nights I mean I didn’t say and I never said anyone to bring a rap rap rap what do you want to rap
oh boy and while we pick you up the beat is coming to Summerfest this Saturday it’ll be great to great party the Meltdown does it’ll be great pull up the beat let’s do it thank you yeah yeah yeah a’ight height
hi Perrigo hyponym could have drop a beat ham sandwiches to pieces
that’s where it is in between with a piece of cheese I fuck your mama yeah yeah yeah yeah I see Bitsy Spider Itsy Bitsy Spider Itsy Bitsy Spider song I Saw the rain come down and it tried to wash me out but I’m eating my legs and you ain’t going to do this I climbed up the pens and now I’m four years old but the world is mine I’m going to ride up just in time to keep the polar ice caps from finishing watering
yo ABCs they’re so important just like vitamin C’s and did they all times tables yo and just Maple but you should cut back on your sugar intake and you should learn how to use a rake and because you never know which way the economy goes you might have to do a task rabbit job over 300 yo yo yo yo yo yo yo the president no matter who they are never Rebelution unless you’re in a cop car yo if it was legal as they would take it away there’s no such thing as revolution in the coming days if your Empire.
grab a mop
and a Casper mattress
lots of comfort in that ship mattresses that are pretending to be able to do that but it’s largely they got little springs that keep you up at night know they keeping you up at night is bad on the floor at night but they keep you in a world of delight and is your sleep you can dream better Harman mode Harmon Harmon H to the Armon I’m going to see if she’s sleeping she don’t hear it so it’ll go into her unconscious and she will end up a serial killer but she’ll be a female serial killer and that’s still my wife
hey girl you gonna do girl get your girl gots a girl in real life a woman is 12 G can help you with your haunted house
thank you Beth booton to the double O2 soon and Shimmer good job scaring people
it’s fine I don’t have anything to do I’ll come by
what did we learn tonight what if we left $50 off
what did we learn tonight at 11 o Marine channels
yo yeah yeah yo creepy-crawlies nightmares birthday candles all your hair’s falling out as your nipple you good night thank you thank you everybody thanks to the boots in take me to Cameron Andrea thanks Steve that the audio Maniac Justin Marshall or producer Chris Moore up and Sarah Hill anyone else I forgot thank you so much
we’ll see you next time and thanks to Harry Foster for the beach drive fast take chances thank you


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