Episode: 218 – Walter Blanco


Episode: 218 – Walter Blanco


Drew Ackerman of the Sleep With Me podcast tries to test out his ability to put people to sleep on the Harmontown fan. Speaking of fans, one of the weirdest ones ever takes the stage. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live


Hollywood California everybody Hermantown
wish I was gone but harmontown four sisters
Maritime Academy
okay you know there’s warm up and then there’s show-stealing cool it down a little bit
what do you afraid of that are you afraid that I will I will overshadow you with my pre-show Antics what am I supposed to do in a ladder yeah but then it’s like a it’s like Jabba the Hutt following Luke Skywalker
give me a shop that cigarette and half of the whip
I’m so proud of you
yeah but you should have your own Trilogy of movies and I should just be a big fat thing at the end of your worst one
I got we get it are you going to are you going to freeze me in carbonite just to be a dick and to create a 40 Years of of of awkward soaps and chocolate frozen chocolate ice ice trays little rubber things you can put on Solo frozen in carbonite ice in your drink I don’t really know is that it’s not ideal but there’s like soaps and chocolate
you guys know who had heard the name Katie May the unfortunate what’s your model acts after a cheat and they just found out that she she she died mysteriously they traced it to she she went to the chiropractor and this is just my fucking I just got to make it her tragedy about me but I’ll I was like like like something
she went to the chiropractor and he just like Justin her to the point where then she went home and just without realizing it’s kind of slowly died something that she must have just said it was like it was like like like this is pot it sounds like an urban legend but she’s just like went home it was like just laying there and must have been I mean we don’t know what happened in her final hours but lately the cause of death was never going to make my girlfriend is like like like stiff neck issues in like she always ask me to crack your back am I going to kill her one day if I doing it so just think about it just keep playing video games and just just like it might with me let’s convince her that it’s really dangerous so I never have to do it again
speaking of safety now that this is the reason why in the months ahead I was struggling very hard to create a Graham Norton feedback loop I want the show to evolve a point where you people what do you mean you people you white people can can is what I usually paint when I can see what the people on the streamer seeing so that you know but I’m just saying like like like like like you’ll have a lot more fun because I can show you this Instagram of this lady maybe you’ve seen it this is beautiful woman a beautiful specimen of humanity I don’t mean physically my doing saying that she’s ugly
not my first choice beautiful spirit a spiritual woman. Kelly Oxford Reed Instagram that I don’t know where the source is from what is this woman and she’s sitting on an airplane and she’s got the neck pillow soreheads propped up she’s sound asleep and clipped to the neck pillow that looks like a neck brace like it’s almost like she has Whiplash like like it’s like one of those pillows it just it just holding your head like perfectly still and and like clipped to the neck pillow is a laminated card like a pristine like like like typographic Lee graceful like like sheep it’s like his perfect leg the kerning everyday and its laminated and it has a little clip on it was Clips right to her neck pillow and I want to make sure I get it right because she’s a woman of exact
attitude who is where is it where is it. It says please wake me for snacks and drinks thank you
ice cream immediately is like me from the desert was like some some person responded immediately with like this bitch is my hero
which kind of economy cuz it’s kind of like you get your ear jilted by the by the by her having demands and entitlement and all the stuff she’s managing all of it that says that’s just so many things she travels a lot first off on the plane for dinner
no I didn’t want to say so used to the dichotomy be no there’s people who are Zen Horror in the moment and those of the good people and there’s the uptight schedulebase people knows the bad people nothing is ever that simple right person who has four sides but she’s also at the same time kind of items in people who are so fucking irritating I fly a lot of fuck up your day I bet she’s a really considerate houseguest I bet there’s probably a really good chance she’s not leave you a note and probably give you a nice little gift when she left her she’s like like like like everything and also please, wake me for snacks Ampersand drinks she’s an ampersand! Thank you! Like that you was
by saying letting in kerning by the way that’s that shows off your
if it’s not it’s not left Justified but it’s also not like shity like fucking like like like I don’t know that I have I don’t have it offhand I just like like 6 months now and America would be like
animals and it’s CBS will be like we like to buy you and then we can’t say anything bad about Jim Belushi
what could you possibly say bad about Jim Belushi except for the fact that he pissed on me all of Jared craft service in front of his co-stars
I overheard a guy at dinner tonight who was over at the other dinner table that we were eavesdropping on likelike and the guy was going like he does like no it’s extreme Pilates you know I’ve been doing it for about three years you would you’ve been doing it with other thing and he was like correcting any like honey I mean no I’m telling you what you were doing was sitting upright in bed doing this I mean I mean now it’s hard Corps workout I mean before it was gay
I don’t either you should either you’re fine like I feel like I don’t think anyone was going to come over that’s super gay people
Philadelphia when I get joy when this was a big amen or not in conversations with loved ones and or each other a police each other on the use of gay to be a derogative to be like kind of like using it but like a boy is he he’s got a
he said he’s he’s worrying about something he does not have to worry about like like cuz he’s the reason you’re like backpedaling on that is how I shouldn’t say gay like I shouldn’t say that because someone might still be around here might get offended the Statue of Liberty okay like like like like everyone would just be like you’re one of the most famous gay icons
lake lake lake Nathan Lane could be walking his seven Chihuahuas by I was in here over here you and heat segue to take it back you know that’s like he was you have nothing to worry about Sir man eating eating a the arugula salad at Little Dom’s did you just out the Statue of Liberty she’s always hanging out with the Staten Island Ferry hello hello hello from 1983
she’s French she’s carrying a book
she’s holding a charge
are our guest tonight is a Another Hero like II the reason I ask is because my girlfriend her mom Randy Mama Larusso from Karate Kid from Karate Kid
what does never going to stop being the coolest fucking thing I’ve ever heard on Broadway and grease but like a lot of people actually live when she was a Madman as the I can’t remember lives the character’s name but she was just whatever it doesn’t matter
with you and even said hi to Spencer you can bring a guest and you haven’t even addressed Spencer I don’t don’t you know the tradition of addressing Spencer before you bring out the gas severe better how are you oh I’m so good you guys
time to pour myself a drink man
what’s a real weapon
looks like a
what are we looking at precisely here
Eli Roth is here tonight
with a prop from his next movie
I know what it what it what is this this is just or just keep it
that’s why this is my scepter
where am I what is it made of
covered in wax from
my house would you like to come up here
I just text your question
what is the Joshua tree is going down
the audience is in an uproar about bathrobe what do you have on it prefer to call it by prophetic mantle prophetic mantle that’s what I prefer to call it from now on I love that you have a smart Satchel with you a bit of a masonic apron bag when you have Mork Mork & Mindy headband on in the back in the back of butt
it’s it’s an election thing I’m with her
are you in the back but the voting lever in the front row Utah Utah visiting California I have my brother and his partner the spouse and we’re visiting from Utah Utah I promote myself as The Reincarnation of Joseph Smith
which which which which has a built-in audience nerve
and you just do what what you wait but that didn’t answer my joke is that what you’re doing here you can have on a pilgrimage of missionary emission emission in the 200th episode a recording of your podcast and it was amazing and I don’t know it was it was after the show so I don’t know if you remember but I actually gave you a hat that my brother and his spouse and I actually stenciled the name Ernest Hemingway I have that in my closet, Cody just whenever just looking at that
there’s another hat for her that’s nasty but I also gave one to Spencer and it said Waldo Waldo Pierce and then you got one that said Ezra pound yes yes so I just you have been talkin about we all forget you heard of this from
well the truth is he does kind of blend around here and that’s a good thing that a bad thing bad thing for your publicist good thing for society it definitely stands out in Provo not so much in LA in your Masonic avenue, he’s like an o face and
I want to see some shamanic shouldn’t I want to see you like you have some sort of runestones or something all right well we got we at we at we also have a we have a we have our guests to get that I was I who must have the the guests equivalent of blue balls right now. When we can we can handle you want to linger for a bit I like your son haven’t
Drake doing you remind me of early harmontown days when we would accept just discovering what like like Levi’s and like 15 people that like we had this great I’m a I’m a Facebook friend of hers shine Jane I’m freaking out of her class right now and we’re going to be interviewing her on our own podcast the pulpit in a few days when our ride is it to have you say that you were out of that spreading the good word of that. So
and not to
not to frustrate your distinguished guests any longer.
But up but I do circulate the the past lives of certain individuals so you three individuals were friends during the lifetime of Waldo Pierce Ezra pound Ernest Hemingway and we’re part of that Lost Generation that kind of went to France and and had some fun and and you killed yourself so
boiler is a verb
and you would wanted to know a lot about the simulation during the 200th episode so that’s why I went to kind of let you know how the data conservation Works in this simulation where we just recycle your
yeah that makes sense of course
alright Julia how many times have you been to harmontown just the second the second first time was Eve he gave us warnings we did not heed his back to wonder why bicycle Rainbow Taxi creepy snake you said this is a stick from a wormhole from Sedona Arizona Arizona don’t forget to do I do
well so anyways so this amazing podcast it was started listening to to help us asleep the conceit of the podcast is a sincere attempt to put you to sleep spray and shined it claims on the surface but it’s it’s endlessly entertaining as well there’s no wrong way to use it he goes into all that stuff is very very very smart amazing guy I got to sleep with me if you haven’t already after this but let’s get to know our new friend Drew Ackerman
well that’s okay that’s nice good move
giving you a past life info me do I want to know
are you going to do a reading right now so I’ll just I’ll just be doing I see you that’s right
okay alright right there in the power I find an inn in the book will you let me know when you are ready just let me know does that mean she’s here okay well she’s on the schedule.
Terribly this Halloween intervention right now I just want to bring her out to 2 to go over a little earlier kerfuffle we had an in-text you remember our friend my neighbor Beth boots and pants and boots and pants
all right this is a show that you spit out of your house I invited you last minute cuz I thought well geez we had this thing it was a flare-up it was a neighborly flare up
all right and I’m scrolling back in our conversation okay and it’s easy cuz you might go with that photo all right so bad cuz you know she came on the show with her son Timmer who’s doing the haunted house and then the sun came on again last week with spooky way Pookie One Direction going day Monday 10:11 a.m. I get so so what do we want to do do we want to
last time I read your parts and you read my parts but made it loudly just
I’ll read my own
best I can tell you or Mike I don’t want to take up too much of the talk about this in like give I don’t even know what happened like so I guess we just start Sunday my son and his friends came on and his friends were wearing gas masks and he came on to tell you about his haunted maze so the next morning I text Dan and I said hi Dan last night we got a visit we believe it was from one of your die-hard fans whoever it was stole tamura’s apocalyptic Wasteland Banner off of our garage door of the of the banner let me see if I can show
did you have better shoes justice issues so I have medium justice issues
so I wrote I sent it to Dan and then I said the price of knowing Dan Harmon and I put a very surprised to look at those little loud what do you call a no chase I sticker and and and then I wrote it again by accident
okay so so then I said an Earth would you assume an adult podcast listener would do something like that instead of a high school student and I wrote back I said why would a high school student even want it so bad that they would steal it it has more value to the person who has something that’s connected to you a little piece of Dan Harmon
they know my house is next door if they wanted a piece of me they could take something from me my audience is nice people and makes for a great story we will put everything away in our garage now they have to do anything but support you some of your fans are nice normal people some of them are obsessed with the Mormon people true your fans are fascinated that we live next door to you it’s okay I’m not mad at you will just make a new one how could we possibly know if it is a Dan Harmon we just had a suspicion the boys are already excited to make a new one and they’ve got a great story
you may not be mad at me but I can’t think of a reason to share that suspicion with me other than just delicious feelings of guilt
not to make you feel guilty it’s not your fault it’s more a story of Interest don’t you find it interesting would you want me to express just because you have a weird Siri connecting it to me what if my dog got poisoned and I texted you saying I knew your friends did it that would be really thoughtless of me because if I respected you as a human being I’d have to know laying something like that near you would cause you anxiety itsfunneh we’re rather humored about it flattered in a way that one of my fans stole your stuff is still saying what is my fan stole your stuff it’s weird to say that we don’t know if it was one of your fan you don’t know either
so drunk
do I smell the Chardonnay undetected
notwithstanding we’ll never really know it’s just a suspicion we’re not blaming you it’s just a possibility we still love you no matter what think how cool it would be to have the banner on once wall and be able to say that it came from one of Dan Harmon’s episodes maybe it was a prankster just was a coincidence you don’t have fans or a little out there
will I do have a crazy neighbor that accuses strangers of stealing shit but I don’t know if she’s a fan or not
I didn’t accuse you I said strangers I didn’t accuse a stranger I suspected don’t really know. It was a possibility. It was a coincidence. It was interesting.
and it wouldn’t be Coincidence of a random unknown unrelated person took something from a haunted house that was open to the public it would be incidents if I thought that someone would do that to you guys that respected my show I’d be livid and embarrassed I have a neighbor sharing information with a neighbor who just happened to have an episode on his podcast relating to a neighbor’s haunted maze the very same night the banner goes missing it’s just a coincidence there’s a cardboard sign on the street corner that has haunted house has nobody been coming other than podcast people do they have podcast logos on their foreheads is there a sign in sheet and all the people that came wrote harmontown in the who sent you, you are livid you take responsibility for all your fans you know that none of them would ever do that you know that none of them would even consider that do you consider them your children have I offended you because I said is a process that it is a possibility
that one of your fans may have taken it
I did not accuse you this is not about you why are you taking this so personally this has nothing to do with you I’m not blaming you
because I had suspicions that could possibly that it could possibly be one of your fan know it doesn’t need to laugh and say haha that’s funny that someone in my podcast on its stole your property you joke about two episodes ago that you were afraid that if you gave our address away that everyone would know where about you live and that you would come home to find a stranger in your kitchen being stolen even if it was by a complete random person I would just say oh that’s too bad I wouldn’t say haha that’s funny so imagine how much weirder it would be to say haha does someone stealing him her stuff if it wasn’t a complete random first and it was someone somehow doing it because of my show the normal human response to the idea that would be for me to say all God that’s fucking awful I can’t believe someone did that I’m so sorry I didn’t
back to you to laugh I didn’t expect you to get mad though I was making a joke you didn’t find it funny but it really was an attempt of light humor that was taken very seriously sorry thank you for being such a cool neighbor
you take the high road
people always want to hear about what it’s like to live to do next to Dan Harmon a peek into him was that your son had to pay a price for living next door to me that would be something that I would feel terrible about it kind of committed to the part is the jokes you still honestly believe it’s more likely that someone for my audience didn’t the joke was that it mattered at all or what’s the joke that you suspected it was someone from the audience and you just have a very strong commitment to humor
but faster this time
oh Dan it was a stupid joke not that mad
set with balloons but I have to fixate on my writing now I’m way past the morning deadline and getting yelled at please forgive me I forgive you nutty pants no harm intended hashtag neighbors for life

that’s a that’s a good ending
I like the new hashtag apartment ended
the crazy guy no I’m not saying that you’re nuts I said well maybe just a little the pulpit do you want still think that one of my we can still be friends while she still think one of my fans took your heart I took I took the fucking time
I know it well I’m afraid to say maybe I know it’s got to be a teenager unrelated to the show
black gorilla tape. It was taped all to the garage and it was very very it looked like a little kid that taped it to the garage and it was big and it was it just I just think it’s kind of a really really weird coincidence that the night that. Don’t get mad all over again
let me ask you guys because you’re his fans is it a strong coincidence that that it could be I’m not saying it to you I’m not saying if you and I’m sure most of you are very normal nice people are your rights as a possibility that one of you could have driven to our house because we live next door to Dan Harmon
there’s a story I just think it’s a very very coincidental that the next morning that you know we had that episode the night before but but nobody would have known that this happened it happened on Monday morning when we when we went outside Monday morning Monday morning to be here in the inner live streaming person that was nearby somebody you know somebody one of you love you
lower the lights and turn our backs and if you took the apocalypse sign put it put it down well you can you can if you return the sign and you were a harmontown that many you’re listening to this right now and you did take it return is really cool if you did that’s like really awesome very cool Banner to hang on the wall that somebody can say what I pay $100 prove yourself right I think Dan Harmon
oh what a hundred dollars you can just make sure you both have that you have to match it down 200 you both have to put a hundred two hundred clams if you are meeting and that stole that sign
so I would be right
set up the penalty for being wrong is that you have to pay $100
I wish I were saying is
well hurry up the ante
it’s going to go back you have to pay $200 for the person and then it would be worth even more
find it on their wall
Robert Redford’s I think this is a funny story and wonderfully interesting to find out who’s right if somebody gives it back anonymously we can will will still won’t be able to reach the conclusion you know automatically that are harmontown fan took it however that person has the river took it has the power to make it look that way and we’re opening ourselves up and saying like fine if that person does that would you be willing to pay any money for them if if it gets returned I think Dan Harmon should autograph it and we can hang it here on the wall and make a pitch I think anyone else is right now
steal anything you want and home and we’ll grab it from you
well make you this deal now let’s just go for a run starting with anything because it’s a I mean is you don’t have the guts to go steal shit
Funnel Vision family
garage now possible if you think of a scenario in which there’s someone who is so driven by his obsession with Dan that he wants to steal why do you think that person would go to you and not go to Dan’s house and steal for something from Dan’s house it was it was the night of our episode did that bad and that’s bad the way they did a really really cool Banner they can hang it on the wall and the only Dan farm and fast one of them one of them because I took it and it was related to Dan Harmon because the episode about mazes I feel like in this conflict Italy have like like the eucalyptus tree thing it was like okay I’m the bad person
by the way if survive those wins Iowa anyways but I do want to acknowledge like I texted you and said will you come to this shit that’s like you had soup on the stove when you’re in your pajamas and you came down here. Thank you so much
don’t forget to stop by the haunted maze
and at every goddamn thing you can get your hands up
I don’t want to see a single standing there and if you bring back that that Dan Harmon said he would sign it
and give you $100 to go and if you don’t bring it back Jeff will give you $100 but all right that’s better.
and the unsung hero of the of the best boots in Chronicles and her husband and who I think drover drover down here last minute probably back there to live it we never even really met him but he never spoke he just sat there and Blissful silence the long-suffering boots and husband
they call him on the Block behind best back that’s what we all call him over the long-suffering boots and husband
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes all the themes related my own life so is always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like a verb you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
all right I am so sorry that was awesome thing it wasn’t that you’re just being respectful of her time so your your your podcast conceit which is sincere which but I have to say like also doubled his like genius, day I mean it was something about you that it is Sublime way rises above the dichotomy of is he doing a bit or is he for real your your kind of both you know how funny it is that you’re for real about the fact that your dulcet tones your way of speaking you have resigned yourself instead of distinguished themselves and entertain you were like you know what come to me when you want to go to sleep
yeah yeah like I mean like I think it’s even as a person that makes it like I look at it like I’m putting all this work into something that no one listens and then I’m like a really anxious obsessive person so I’m constantly worrying about if I go I just wasn’t good enough for that and then I’m like holy shit like if someone to look outside or is watching to see if you like dude you’re insane like and some listeners even emailed me like you just read from the phone book why do you spend so much time working on it like and I’m like well I’m convinced this will put you to sleep but that talked about that insomnia is not something that people have conquered it’s a lot like the common cold is it is it is you know people think it’s so simple but if it persist because doctors can’t do anything a doctor would prescribe to you if it becomes part of this Labyrinth of anxiety that keeps people away your self suffer from insomnia correct yeah yeah
I mean the podcast it was funny cuz last Sunday we’re going to talk about Sunday night’s and you were having a shity night or like like in for me that’s where the podcast came out it was like I had the terrible time at school and I would like when Sundays were coming I would not be able to sleep and be like all worried and I was like I told my parents and they’re like drink some milk you’re like whatever you know whatever like I do you do understand that like spend the whole night worrying and all that and then I started listening to Doctor Demento like to Allen stuff and it didn’t ever put me to sleep at like took my mind off of like lying there and worrying and thinking about going to school the next day and and get in trouble and stuff in
and you don’t he’ll think like like a pills can work for some people like there’s different things that work for different people but I think like a lot of people want a bedtime story you know what are you do is that what makes you think that you’re so narcotic that you can put people to sleep by talking like what is it what is it about you that mattresses and stuff
I think you have about as many listeners may be more than he’s very humble and self-effacing New York New York New Yorker piece I knew which was June 2016 but they they copied and pasted this it said the ideal bedtime story of cording to the tune of Irma a national spokesperson for the American Academy of sleep medicine so ideal bedtime story is one that doesn’t build upon itself like a movie with a lot of parallel stories that don’t connect at the end which I thought was kind of interesting the children’s books that our parents would would sit with us if they do have a kind of like me and during quality they don’t exactly like they’re not Die Hard the longer you’re listening the bigger the build is oh my God, he’s going to get it
it’s a go and then this isn’t my mother would always read Beowulf to me
but you would when you first started doing if I guess how many episodes of you. Cuz you do about 3 a week yet like I don’t like 450 like more than 450 how long have you been at it since what year years so so he’s been less time than we’ve been doing this podcast it has twice as well that would work out Dan
if you just broadcast on top of ours because he does them three times a week
if the moon from the earth have hit it three times thanks Jen but but you originally start doing it I didn’t go back to the beginning did you start trying to just straight-up tell bedtime stories. So I was like man like I’d like to listen to podcast and comedy podcast and stuff and I was like man why in this isn’t like a knock online guided meditations or nature sounds but it was always like something that like you’re irritable person so it’s irritating me or the nature noises we get at me like I was like why isn’t there something that’s a little bit weird but that has a bedtime story like a like a like nature those tapes make the people that tend to delve into that area they don’t have liked God blessing but they don’t they don’t they’re not like
funny things that can happen if they don’t acknowledge the Nightline they’re like thinking about like what are the bugs crawling around like where the hell is this rain like kind of a common-law partner a therapist that would give make his own tape it would give them tapes and sell them to him this just happens at this point don’t worry about it.
What are the six rivers drop describing to me oh yeah I’m listening to this tape and this guy is like talking to me about you know you’re going to be less intimidated in public you’re going to give it an issue in these commands but then like clearly like a screen door opens and some woman comes home with groceries and like random sounds that happened
people that put themselves in charge of of your spirit in your assets like the danger there is that the draw string is pulled so draw string the bow string is drawn so so tight that the slightest bit of humanity like like shoots an arrow across there was very distracting you from the outset you the first episode that I listen to you you just
Dad decided that you wanted to talk about well you didn’t decide you got you talked about crackers for 30 minutes
33 hardcore like like like like like like just your the labyrinths of your mind and I don’t think I don’t think I would fall asleep in the green box crackers got the red box crackers like
when you have a whole National new box I was brought me to the edge of my Consciousness listening to the Cracker thing and then what you really got into was that you were you’d become obsessed with Rick Moranis and you you wanted to talk and I would I would drift in and out of Consciousness and when I would drift to pack into Consciousness you still in what apparently was was I guess a fantasy improv that was a conversation between you and Rick Moranis
disparate what’s Zima is seemingly it seems like it’s 6 hours the podcast about 2 hours long but it seems like that’s a beautiful things like we use ocean waves and howler monkeys and things that I don’t suffer from insomnia. I slept pretty well is this something that would put anyone to sleep or is it is it is it a certain mindset that goes into this singing I need this particularly to knock me out you would know pretty quick like the people that it won’t put to sleep hate me like you because there is like damn ass and like some people certain things work for they like want to be late on this journey to find the magical box within their soul or whatever but that’s just not me like I want something that’s goofy give me a pen anywhere to go do stuff like this thing I tried a few times yeah
because we’re sending out giving like a seminar on profiting from boredom or something and then I was like okay now how did you describe yourself when you were in the episode you just did that people if people listen right now to latest episode of you talk about your nervous coming on the podcast and you try to do my story Circle model with a think it makes me feel like I ruined your podcast cuz if you’re talking about my bulshit all night and it’s like lately but it was also brilliant I’m sure lots of people fell asleep to that each week each each podcast episode you explaining to people who might be new if you’re going like how you’re telling them how to categorize you and this episode you said something like I was just that friend of yours
yeah you think you’re allowed to sync is a is a is a doofus what it is like kind of gas is like I mean via podcast like I’m coming over to your house but you have no commitment to like listen to me or she’ll mermaid or offer me a drink I mean like like almost like a super Stone person that doesn’t that’s won’t stop talking but instead of like getting on your nerves you like I’m just going to lie here and fall asleep and they’re like totally I don’t care let me tell you about the time I showed up at
Miranda Sings house and tried to pitch him know I might have been a long time ago but I was on a flight and Alec Baldwin’s a long time ago I was sitting across the table from me and he was sitting next to women I don’t think he knew and I have the Bose like noise-cancelling headset on so I could just barely hear him and it was the greatest thing to fall asleep is like a dog
dog ran away I want to come over and just lay next to me is boring crappy version of Alec Baldwin
what is really cool so weird like I try to stay, I think that’s another thing about the podcast is like I tend to be really anxious and spastic but like to do the show I’ve got to be like I got to come down and be like I can’t believe it’s clear to me she’s so sick of her son’s haunted house that she’s trying to set up and that’s fixing her one night and she came out of it was wondering when you think about Seymour you like what does he have on his walls and like and then I think about myself and I’m like man like I wish I felt like I didn’t have that I couldn’t ever made a haunted house like it I think I started making so that’s kind of the podcast
it’s all free association eat do you prepare anything I can do to control totally wrist and just just go with the flow and one every week then I do one like at that that’s like soft scripted like outline with dialogue and then I do one on like TV shows right now I’ve been watching like there’s a Colombian version of Breaking Bad it’s called metastasis and it’s like it’s an awesome you take a shot for shot remake will almost shot for shot so I am
one day and this version because it’s not in some things are more shocking than others but yeah likes all watch I watch the Colombian version of Breaking Bad then I watch Breaking Bad I’ll take a ton of notes and then I’ll just be like well it’s Walter Blanco so I feel like I want to go to snow in Blanco Walter soulboy no
it’s not like a joke like it it it it made me appreciate Breaking Bad so it’s Lauren. I think you said you’re you’re you’re actually kind of teaching yourself Spanish or brushing up on his medicine I’ve learned about f161 episodes after I would like twice and if I like it still know the same words when I fell out of Spanish in high school he said he’s a bit obsessive about you for making anything every single week it’s like I got to watch it every week so like you in like the Smurfs or something and I’m like well I’d lose my mind like I could wipe out two weeks of the Smurfs but Breaking Bad is a great show and then it’s just interesting watching like a kind of Colombian
do something because it’s lateral I think I think I get that now so maybe something that you wouldn’t do it all if you didn’t have this podcast to contend with exactly what you’re actually using it tonight kind of charge a battery yeah cuz like you know when you like you’re watching something and then you like playing around on your phone or whatever like this like I have to be engaged and
I know I guess like because it’s like pointlessly challenging I don’t know but what about that drives me but it’s like like almost like I was like I’m not going to watch 6262 episodes is Colombian breaking bad but then it’s like I have to find material and it feels like I’m Mining and I’m watching their shirts and stuff and I’m like oh that’s boring I can talk about Asher for 8 minutes like no problem so it was incapable of that and I’ve got somebody who also in the episode not to spoil it but you almost inexplicably focus into you trying to decode my story Model you you choose to use this amazing song from A Chorus Line the musical why is that your favorite song why and why are you so I feel nothing nothing yet or weak as a good song I think like it
it goes back to like why why do certain people can’t sleep like overthinking people or people that obsessed about stuff and it’s like that song does have some truth in it and then it has a slight feeling for me it’s like I’m dead inside so when I hear this song I think about that and I like it better cuz I’m like singing about this surface thing and then there’s this whole other thing going on within the story of the song and then there’s like the truth behind it like what like like just whatever happened out here on the stage with the freaking haunted house you can start on in I mean the fact that you talk to you text with your neighbor lets his greatest every time I I said no it said don’t don’t don’t be sad. It’s so she’ll be fine I’ll be back next week
give me to say this how much zero to 100%
do you think that she engages you in that text conversation cuz you said it might parlay into being back up here at the end and then 10% 10% of the way through just like me but she loved being up here so much that like like she engages with you for that if we follow the path of good person bad person long enough we’re going to end up in a fucking desert we’re going to lose our fucking mind because like like the truth is like we’re all just different kinds of people in like lately I just like like you know what is she is she is she a good neighbor is she a bad neighbor am I a bad neighbor am I a bad person like should I let more light into my life should I read her screenplay is she an attention whore is it
who is Ares Fame bad is it is is everything is like these questions like like like my my my my listening lately and therapy and just been thinking about it and I’m driving to work with Spencer everyday is just like dichotomy is like a crutch like that kind of me is laziness late is any illogical laziness like we’ve talked about this like like the idea that it’s things are one thing or the other is kind of like it’s it’s an addiction and it’s a comfort zone and it’s like you know like I know why that sounds like sound like I’m a little behind flown saying that it answered your thing but but I also just like I’m like oh she’s like she’s like she’s like a character I don’t know Joey the check back in with you.
oh shitt what card is that Joey twist credit
I’m very excited to be here
I love you you are the king of cups I don’t know the individuals name but if anyone could find out who was the first person to use ether to anesthetize therapeutically had just who his past life was isn’t Dan the king of cups
I’m in the Knight of Cups that’s like my favorite Bugs Bunny routine it do so The Ether one so you’re saying that he’s The Reincarnation of the person who first used ether to anesthetize okay they would never steal a sign so
I don’t need to kiss your ass but you didn’t notice that text conversation I was kind of sticking up for you guys
yes human 17 Sinclair Farm William Thomas Green Morton who live from August 9th 1819 to July 15th 1868 was it American dentist who first publicly demonstrate the use of inhaled ether as a surgical anaesthetic
I think he went on and cut his leg open in blood glucose by Hunter S Thompson where the heater pours ether on the floorboard of his car at a convertible so I can stop by and he goes in the circus circus and Liz’s is fucking shit
all right you do it so big fat back Diamond 11 it’s a most wonderful time when the planes are all falling in buildings
don’t fucking do that you cheering for 911 every week
when did that song I’m paper I’ve only I’m only familiar with the movie but that’s not the lyrics to that song on paper make me think that that is the story of somebody who is realizing that the dichotomy of feeling versus not feeling is a flawed dichotomy and that she is escaping it and realizing that she can cry in the end like what makes her cry is the fact that she is numb what makes her cry is her alienation it’s like an end and that is not foreign to me and I felt like you were kind of like that don’t tell me that I know what I’m an ice cream cone like I give you make me pretend to be an ice cream come I feel nothing and then what he died because nothing that maybe we need new language for feeling versus not feeling that you don’t want to rely on
so you either know what an ice cream cone feels like or you or your or you’re not in pasic I mean last night and I said I’d like a dumb game I said I who am I anyway am I my resume and Greg said my picture of a person I don’t know girl because she felt throughout your life intellectually rattling and emotionally numb is that does that lead to insomnia does that lead to a connection with the people who are less you say joining you across the deep dark like look like talk talk about you or your relationship with the universe
do you think people are bad just do you hate everybody do you look at them as like I won’t give you options you just go my interest in doing the podcast came out of this like miserable thing like when I couldn’t sleep and I be thinking about going to school and like I went to Catholic school and like me and the nuns did not get along like they just fucking hated me and like I had I think I had like undiagnosed just like Siri or something and they were like Oh no you’re just lazy like they’re like you have the ability to do the work but you choose not to so then I like internalized that whatever was like okay so it’s you versus me like I am so now I know the kind of deal like a little bit of a dichotomy cuz there’s like a kid like like these authority figures are out to get me and I’m this kid and I think I just like to meet trying to figure stuff out at night like I’d be lying there thinking what am I going to do what am I going to say like
looks like we’ll make it be a good guess we’re going home so what am I going to do with it and there’s like all of them here it’s more like there’s a party like there’s another thing that’s like a woman come down like it and I don’t have like total access to that whatever except when I do the podcast but it’s like oh yeah it was late like some soup you might have to recruit you as like my like sit on my shoulder something like to be like oh you know what like and I think it was like the truth like in the song Two is like that she’s like like in this put in the situation like she gets into this performing arts school and it’s like oh this is it this is how I’m going to make it now like in this is like this teacher mr. carpos addicts spoiler and features the improv class or whatever where she’s supposed to feel all this stuff I’m going to make it now because it comes from a
place of O these people need to be pleased and once they’re pleased you’re fucking set you’re going to Hogwarts you going to be a witch and I don’t know like like I was also trying to get inside your head like I was like oh man like like once I started reading about how you think about the story and stuff I don’t know those things just feel like Puzzles a little bit of something like liking it just draws me and like stuff that’s like okay this isn’t just about it entertaining story like just like not being able to sleep like the scientist don’t understand sleep it’s like just like Rick and Morty like there’s way more there then you see on the first one or two watch Flores it’s like there’s something going on below the surface and that’s what people connect to in liking this song when I connect to it’s like she likes it I don’t care that he died like that I feel nothing I don’t know I don’t like
don’t care that this person is hot and pretend that you’re this and everyone else is doing and she thinks they’re all lying she said she she is. I think it’s all bulshit and she’s with me when this guy that she was a professional bulshit artist like it doesn’t mean anything to her like she like a herd that identity nothing to do with these weird tasks that she was asked to do an actor carp fuck off like I mean if you think that the job of acting is it is it is a psychotic job whether it’s an odd that are staring at you you have to be equally conscious of the fact that you are faking something as you are because if you really believed you were an ice cream cone you’d turn your back to the audience for the entire show
hit your marks you wouldn’t remember your ice cream lines there’s all kinds of reasons why you also simultaneously in order to do so I have to be so hyper kind of like where your head is even more so with the with the cameras actually just kind of just two different acting schools and how they could have crisscrossed their dichotomies like can bisect each other to the point we go oh yeah okay so you have to pick one that you’re happy with because her as it turns out to be you know what I’m the person that that the capable of forgetting what the fuck anybody thinks that could it lead to really good acting because my calluses my barrier that I I have around myself whether I like it or not like will allow me to plow through a terrible showing of of speed-the-plow like like like a a a
and even though there’s three people in the audience and there they got a person from I’m going into her biography of weird timeline but there’s different kinds of good actors and she she’s confident at the time singing that song and do to you you said you had trouble sleeping yourself right xiety and that keeps you up yeah yeah it’s just you doing this podcast kind of busy up here and occupy a part of your mind that allows you to rest or do you still go to sleep with the same trouble that you’re trying to assuage another people I think it makes me more wear and I think alike with the think about the podcast is like oh that I’m not the only person like suffering from that like it like so I mean it’s like the main message I want to get like a cross of the podcast is like okay I’m not going to come to your house and and read you a story or steal your tarp
like not being able to sleep sucks and like since I can relate to that like I might not understand what other people are going through that can’t sleep but like that you had people say to you that this really how is that must feel great I’m dead inside though so it’s cool if you look at your your emotional connection is like water that this would be like infusing it with like a fruit a fruit flavored two fruit-flavored
it sounds like you’re talking about like a dream and if that’s something I have experienced it with personally
I had the apple flavored one you did oh yeah I know it was great but they’re tell me about your personal experience with head water Apple flavor I had the apple flavored no seriously it was great I had it they sent it to us it tastes like apples oh boy I had it
I had a watermelon one taste like watermelons real fruit flavor not this you know fake preservative unnatural flavor stuff some syrupy goo added to it it’s just like it that’s actually the cool part is this is this is a real advertisement cuz I’m trying to convince you guys or something but it actually is cool that it’s like a fruit flavored beverage that’s not it’s not overbearing in any way it is exactly as refreshing as water but just has a lot of fruit I don’t want to come off like I’m reading the highlighted portions of the piece of paper that I have ever felt like you just ad-lib the intro with a personalized story that will resonate with our audience and I will add to that
I agree when I when I tasted the water I got the distinct impression that it was invented by a woman that that that had to just had her fourth child story everything you have to say and then it said the following points and it includes her entire biography of having four children and then a diet soda because it didn’t have that Chris refreshing water tastes I was telling you about that great entry was born she was bored with the liquids in her life water is boring that water is going but what what are my options and water
hint water where can I get where can I get some of this water where can you get if you can get a single variety pack shipwreck interior doors including three bottles of each waters for most popular flavors I guess what the four most popular flavors are pregnancy Diet Coke apple apple apple crisp $24 only $15 if you get a drink, drink, drink hints drink h i n t. I’m a drink. Calm slash harmontown
slash game elbow worship
Chick-fil-A secret code
that’ll get you an extra watermelon
thrown in but it’s a it’s a
water and everybody fruit water actually
scientists argue that it will break your phone isn’t working right now to find other planets are not only have liquid water but they have liquid water in with me my favorite fruit
probably are in the goldilock zone where there were a little water but we think because we live in such an infant of galaxies in the universe we can hold out and they have they have actually found a lot of planets with a flavored water but they all contain preservatives or sugar so it’s like yeah but until we have the ability to travel to this distant watermelon and pineapple flavored planets right you can drink be delivered to your house
heavy water is you don’t have to carry it
all right I think that’s all the point I actually heard they found a planet where it what it did have no sugar in and all that stuff but also then they passed it because it didn’t offer the discount oh yeah that you get when you sure, you’re saving your excitement what is boring not anymore hint water
I like the water the water is just put in a fucking straight up hit on water quit trying to take down the big water is really biting the hand that feeds you when you’re hitting
a watermelon 99% water we biologically we lunged ourselves out of the shore we are are are plasma is really identical to to see watermelon it’s like a SCUBA tank that we think I owe you get stabbed in a Halloween movie and there’s blood coming out of water and water or water is The Reincarnation of open with an i
golden golden golden golden awesome rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar was just about to break up

are you a fan of musicals
Text Aaron I mean that one just hit home like cuz I was actually in a car with somebody listening that song and I’m like oh shit I feel nothing like that sounds like a man like so it can cut deep I guess so if I said I love you
I tried say
oh man I’m hungry like that makes me love you more as you send me gently said that you were your dead inside that you have a numbness to you
I mean the true or is it just you just kind of committed Lee deflecting stuff I would say it’s an issue I have probably like you what you’ve noticed while you’re taking data is that the responses that you’re capable of giving our are being received by other people you’re getting your getting returned data from them that saying that response was less than different than more than I expected and you are keeping score for yourself if you’re going like yeah I’m not that good at those people thing yeah I mean I think alike with the not to go back to the Halloween side but it’s like oh is there a way Dan supposed to reply to that first text like and it’s like and then you’re like oh well I mean I’m glad you just be yourself like I just fucking with black horns were there
I just I just like it’s this idea of dead inside like I don’t know when we have Steve Silverman amazing book doesn’t have to do with a guy like like it’s just like this concept of neurodiversity where there’s it’s like now that the internet’s here and we’re more text they Society what where I think we’re coming in to a realization that I owe a lot of humanity doesn’t necessarily have this like total average facility does artificial constructs of normality when you run into somebody in public and you know you’re learning their names and likes people trouble with names and faces and nervous and I don’t know like I I just like I feel like the idea of being dead inside
oh this person isn’t doesn’t have emphysema. Stuff like it’s it’s like it’s archaic language like it’s problematic as the kids would say like it cuz it takes you into a load of your either Shatner or your or your Leonard Nimoy like your ear I don’t know why you use the actor’s name
Kirk of your spot like your gear either like who I’m going to fly in through the windows and fuck a green lady and I got to go. That’s how I saw saved or either that or you’re sparking like I don’t understand what is a feeling like like a youth at the end of your podcast you sit and think a thousand people people anybody who tweets you feel like if you are messaging you and going all my bands playing like you you you you sit there and Lego go Lego you don’t go see this guy’s band and like all this shit you’re pathetic
you’re a sap isak good thing I’m dead inside that doesn’t bother me at all you’re dripping and feelings like just like this from a different angle have to get the glue because it’s a it’s a it’s a responsibility to other people I’m drunk. It’s like oh wait like I’m not the only freak out there like I get out of class with myself as a spaz if we’re in the Ferris Bueller spectrum of social disorders with like like like like I started the podcast and I was like I wonder if there’s anybody out there that wants some weird-ass Bedtime Stories and then I was like oh wait there are and then I was like then they then they start telling people and it’s like I guess what you’re saying is like
I can hear that cuz it’s like oh yeah like what you give a shit about a late like I can’t respond perfectly to everything like because if somebody came over for a cup of sugar you wouldn’t like say the right thing as an excuse doesn’t mean you know I’m fucking busy with my other thing that I connect with people through a different Channel like that’s what other painter is there a Furniture maker or what do they call the guys that bring the mail a mail printer
play music station postal workers Thursday expression going postal in your feelings a different Outlet
Cadillac with the dichotomy thing like if you only can fit into these two boxes I think that’s like half the reason why everybody feel so alone I mean other than the shit you think about when you’re lying in bed like Okay then if you like I’ll wait like a there’s a ton of other people that fit into this box with me or the Box doesn’t have walls or whatever but then when you’re like oh do you like the guy with the bad hair like are you for America are you against America it’s like what the fuc like lately cuz it’s like a fuck you he’s a pretty bad person I think he’s mad at being shitted like I got to get mad even know what he’s doing I think she can’t even do it right like you’re bad Hitler I want to like Tweedledum your bad Hitler you’re a bad headache
we are well Hitler watching nasty man nasty man such a nasty man the Hitler I would have been so many people right now if you if you go on the all the artists I’ve killed more Jews killing more Jews the positive it’s going to be it’s going to be
each rank would have lasted for 10 million years
have a great wall
but the it’s funny how sometimes dichotomy you can’t discount it either is that is easy as saying it’s like gluten so let’s do I use it all the time to get to the bottom of shit it’s like let’s step back from this look at it one of two paths here either we’re going to do this or we’re going to do that it’s such a healthy thing to do most of the half of the time probably half the time and probably most of the time the best times the other half of the time it’s like I sitting there like I was watching Cody like crumble to the floor during the debates and scream when he said nasty woman like like when he gets all of the things it’s like it’s like nails on a chalkboard then I’m noticing myself going like
baby he’s not going to win and then she goes like I know and then I’m thinking like why are you fucking being dramatic then and then later when she’s like upset again and I got like I thought you said you knew he wasn’t going to win and she’s like I just said that cuz you made me feel stupid earlier I wasn’t trying to make you feel stupid I was trying to make you feel safe I don’t know that he’s not going to win I’m just being and I’m just being a man crazy met a thing like I was being a man I was trying to like Pat her on the back during the debates and tell her the orange man is not going to win but that’s my job as a man during two
outward on the Fibonacci curve and you go like okay so like somewhere else if he’s not going to win and and we can’t win and end end that doesn’t but but do your system you got it
you probably stay pretty a political reality that’s what I was going to do cuz you had a warning on your episode use a hairpin turns her pictures next to the La Brea Tar Pits
everyone’s very values that big lie but you you had to put a little swear words warning on your episode of mine how do you how do you free we like just be yourself and then what where you stand in terms of why aren’t you just saying shit and fucking it is it’s like like it it’s stuff like not being able to like it’s like okay try to avoid talking about the election all cuz people are going to go way back like like I guess it’s like keep it in mind somebody’s lying in bed and like sometimes it’s going to be like a grandmotherly like woman and like I always said that’s what I like take so much time to can explain that the podcast that’s kind of weird cuz I always liked think of this like this little old lady but none like her shawl and she told me to listen to podcast
what the hell is he talking about like so much is each episode or you can just get right into business it’s kind of like there’s like this 12-minute intro at least where it’s almost like its own show where I just like Ramble On and On like okay this the podcast put you to sleep is like a house you like I was thinking about water the other day and in the middle of podcast intro and then too boring I mean it I was wishing I had like an apple flavored water and I was wondering if you like that blacks and have you just treat us to the Cadence that you usually use
should I give people a taste everybody take a shirts
doing it too late to ask for any like wind chimes back there anything you don’t usually don’t use anything like that
30 seconds for wind chimes at 2928 Windchime store do you think about like a bamboo wind chime wind chimes wind chimes wind chimes like em big or small or the ones that are like it’s out of the phone cuz then it’s like well then when they can a rat run their hands across the stupid xylophone and it’s going to drive me nuts so maybe I just get the band I hate those bamboo wind chimes in like like I try to lie there and I think about wind chimes I used to hear when I was on that dock that one time and like lying there in that doc the doc was bouncing up and down and I was staring at the clouds
and I was just like those wind chimes going to wake my dad up he’s going to go ape shitt so I got off the dock and walked up to the house and I was walking out the door when I stopped at the dock and then I looked in the water there’s a fish there and I was looking at the fish and I remember that time that guy was down there at the bottom way down all the way down and then I was thinking like how did he get on that spaceship that one time like cuz I was watching that one where he’s on the spaceship in his mask was different
and like I was I was like me and like how do you get a new mask like is that like it was that some kind of interstellar shit like your Stellar like what if what if you got sucked into a black hole and then and then you’d like and then my dad dropped his beer and the doc said no she better be quiet and not talk over these windshield and hurry back but I was like I was thinking about like this to be a part of the conseil Freddy run for Jason Voorhees like for Voorhees born before he started hearing things
I started ringing over and over I’m never going to sleep again what’s the address is a nightmare
I never get to kill people
he usually works in the morning, as you said when you picture that old woman with the shawl which which which which which lets users as simple as like that’s a reason that could political that’s a reason to not use profanity is the what Compass do you is there a guiding principle that keeps you clear of all of that I guess I struggle with that because it’s like I think some people when you make them feel more connected like like this vanilla icing of everything like actually I think excludes people or make giving everything normal see it’s like oh my guess is not normal like it’s not likely right it’s like I struggle with like I can’t believe you never listen again
like I think there’s four by four thousand people that fuel like oh finally someone swearing and ask her how often are you saying the word fuckshit and what not cuz I’m saying it every other word probably pretty off in like the music you’re being yourself again you’re going to the you’re going down the mine that that I’m going down but you’re somehow your kind of putting a dream or if I got like a character but you’re going into a certain mode while you’re like you if you had to put on the hat Dan of let’s make everybody feel relaxed you wouldn’t you know you wouldn’t do something that load where you’re like she’s listening or is that your daughter I think it’s like part of it is like my internal critic is so loud and powerful and like so even when I sit down to record
show like there’s that that narrative track going like don’t fuck this up like messy like like so it’s like I try to like just get to this unfortunately the podcast doesn’t translate translate to my regular life where I can be like oh man go ahead and cut me off like you like it but like so like to counteract micritic it’s like I just it’s the same part that people fall asleep too I think is their critic or that aggressive part of themselves as what’s poking at them like as soon as you get in bed it’s like why don’t you get this done and then you’re like like like the person starts at like buying it at story and they they just start listening the story so it’s like I’m there and I’m like wow like there’s another story can listen to it doesn’t really make a lot of sense it doesn’t really go anywhere and I think like the same time I’m like trying something with listen dude we’re just making a podcast for people sleep here like this isn’t like it for its draft of something like Connor
make you feel good that that you helped people deal with their insomnia going to stay when you said now I feel nothing but like did do you feel like this is benevolent thing you’re doing or does that not why you’re doing it this is more just you getting something out of your chest or do you know how important is it that you might be helping a stranger that I mean you could be unpacked by like psychologists like I think part of it is like really narcissistic like that when I was a kid I couldn’t sleep and I lied there in bed miserable and I didn’t feel like I was like you’re on your own to deal with this and I can’t go back in time to fix that now so I think like if like a cold a psychiatrist would be like oh well that’s just what you trying to do if you’re trying to go back but I guess like it is cool like if I hear from somebody like that has like PTSD like from some something to happen I guess I do feel sometimes like it’s like holy shit like this silly thing I’m doing can help distract you from something that’s horrified or or if you have warm you up a little bit
absorb that that compliments or do you just stick it in a drawer somewhere and do the deal with it later is this real like in my really helping people I was just put it in our woodpile like called I won’t get kicked out of society for that amount of time every time someone writes and says like you help cuz this thing and then I got like a good so you’ll have my back when they’re about to throw me off a cliff it is really weird like from harmontown in from another comedy shows like Whose Line like people walk up and say hit like it it’s really common like the strangely common that people come up and say like you helped me through a really hard time like I was sick or I was in hospital or my mother was going through a thing I can people have their because really intense connections to the stupid thing that weird
but it is stupid and we just were irresponsible and we don’t think about it we just show up half drunk and do this thing but but people like to have these weird connections to it and when they say you really helped me through some major shit and deflect that but that’s a major thing to unload but it doesn’t you can’t like translated in anything that starts with your value like I always have come to look at it like if you were in a pool and people are just grabbing you that’s a bad example to drown but but the dark or everyone to see you so confusing party you’re going to Jemez or something like somebody grabbing you and saying I’m so glad you’re here. So glad I ran into you I remember you from before by the entrance to the Jemez and and I was with my girlfriend I don’t know if you
her but I lost her and like I just seeing you like reminds me but you kind of like you you’re like oh so we are
catchers in the Rye. I didn’t read the book as they tried to make us something about that like it’s like like like like you’re you’re you’re running into each other and people are expressing that like it’s not it’s not oh you’re you did something good you got your snake oil is better than other snake oil it’s like oh when you put yourself out there will you get onto the Dance Floor even if you’re doing a silly dance even if you’re that that that that sooner or later you’re you you get to experience the sensation of dancing with other people that they will have someone will go I mean it makes you think of two things one is like also
like i p t them all right I’d appreciate it but I mean the other thing is people get credit for being nice like it’s like all the people that say thank you for shit like everybody’s always keeping on and I mean I guess I’m a cynical person too but it’s like I’ve been blown away like you’re saying that people will come up like that people are thankful like it’s like I don’t know when we look at all this election shittin like oh how how do you think about it like it’s like there’s tons of people out there and they might even be people that believe in the crazy like other stuff but it’s like that are saying like Nike you like I don’t know it is definitely like making a show
it has made me maybe like a softer person or by my man there is some good in the world despite like like presuming there isn’t or whatever I don’t know when you do and do you have that kind of sense of like a sense of accomplishment or just did one thing today that was or possibly productive in so that I can rest a little easier it’s more like I guess if if I have like one out of every 30 episodes or 40 episodes that I like I feel like like damn that came out good even if it’s not good but I do like once every forty episodes I’ll have one done I’ll be like I fell really good like and I don’t care like I can make it another 40 episodes I’m curious. So I’m so into detail like almost to the point of distraction but I don’t know that I would fall asleep I think that I was like what you going anywhere
let’s reset the beginning if a doctor tells you to chew on a straw like you’re the straw chewing is going to send you into this weird thing in like he’s like Hey listen to visit also if you find yourself very focused and what I’m saying and that’s okay too you’re not doing it wrong you may fall asleep something else after I sleep all the time
all the time
well I think if we can pack both into 5 minutes each I would say one thing I would like to try this Joey could you give us a tarot reading for next week’s episode do you get a precog
like is that no I’m sure that the spirits are willing you know
so good
with without now you’re its you’re going through that your positivity would you seem to exude
I knew you were going to say that
it’s not an act that always pushing down some other like rage part of yourself are you actually this this groovy like for real
I’m good Mormon boy that’s that’s a thing right I didn’t know yeah that’s that’s definitely part of it and
so so being being nice has is a virtue but being someone who likes people is a gift and so if you like people it’s easy to be nice but has a skill oh well because I like people I like strangers but also I can be really misanthropic like like like the flip of a coin like like like people can be like when I’m driving everyone is an enemy and then be at the airport and just being a certain mood where I am very philanthropic and really into everybody but do you go to that you are you are you or do you have you mastered a skill where you can like your acquaintance has to do all things at all times cannabis helps
Peter I want you to have a podcast we have the pulpit it’s just so you know something were doing in Utah we’ve had like 20 episodes and and we’re so excited to have her sign Jane on Wednesday so we get into all kinds of fun little esoteric things that may inadvertently put people to sleep but we would encourage anybody to just keep a dream journal about what they dream about after they listen to the podcast because we need as many insights as possible because we’re trying to predict the end of the world and hence the tarot and I don’t really have a a trained use of these cars but
okay that’s good that’s the last thing we would have just gets in the way of this
let’s just let’s just let the car so we’ll let them fall where they may
all right there on the floor they just kind of stayed in a pile so we’ll try to spend
that indicates
clean up, so and you had asked me earlier about the Creator pit water and once again that’s care of golden so
the card
cars that came up is Queen of cups or compliment to your card and get that hint water fortunate so you’re probably going to mention hint water again is what the cards are saying that’s that’s what I’m getting a really nice and it looks like the past life of Cara golden is Pamela Goldman Smith the creator of the Tarot deck because I think I forgot to take this part out of the pile
your card is Joker card is full of rules of Poker
Thrasher has just become in a good way this is become Carson we’re just persons with a lizard or a lady with a lizard
nice save
if you’re going to still good at these after I’m learning now I’m going to I’m going to add or maybe it’s a lady it to the end of every expression is I love you all right if we can possibly accomplish what we do is like a sleep a sleepy wrap and then but then the bridge is like and then if we get is there any way to go from the rap beat to then the and then the wind chime silent and let Drew just like so I go so I do some rapping and then and then I and then it goes into wind chimes and Andrew like talks for a little bit
probably like about what I rapped about Anaya and then it goes back into me rapping and so on until 10 p.m. on the floor I think it would be rude of us to not let you do that
I don’t expect the floor but it wasn’t that
yeah I’m surprised right
play cat like you didn’t know it was going to be that adorable and pick up that little space like a French children’s book illustration all right so crowds going wild
I said oh shit it’s the banner from the boots is house
oh no
yo yo yo you were on the beach pack
oh yeah yo girl girl yo yo yo yo yo
we’re going to go to sleep
okay thank you y’all ready for everything that was just the warm-up, see yo yo yo. OK Google
we can do it we can do it just give me a second.
I do not play anything but it was warm up to
give me the fucking time to focus on how much the trip going on during the day I need to just let me fucking Focus Halo on the bed I fucked your mama’s so hard she almost lost her head in the bedroom by window Halloween I saw her on a broom and she’s a witch.
my name is John the gravy I’m in the backyard
you never tell me you’re Irish
in your backyard
come on I got a little car it goes real far I go to to try
I was on Mash I played Klinger your mama’s pussy and she comes next week as a person cunnilingus is spiritual affect your mama and I heal before trying to catch up
if you’re not sleeping I’m going to come and do your house after him I’m still sound the same but I’m a different guy I’m sleepy Jim and I’ll tell you why what he was he was a juvenile offender victimizes people he just handed this is bad
remember to sleep yet I’m here to stay longer than you do today I’d like to get 16 hours if I can and I don’t have as much work to do so I feel keep your head up
empty TV on
about to get sleepy they decide if they’re too big
what time does the Coronavirus
you know why
take me to Kumon harmontown
here are some melatonin apps
blueberry cake
sleeping McGrady’s Drive-In in his little peeping in Windows every place but he’s going to come up to your window and say hey little buddy hey who is fine sleeping he’s not beeping he’s got his little car and he’s driving down the street driving down the street it just peeping in Windows driving down the cops are driving down the car and then he says well let me turn here is my car idling going to sleep
what temperature is the rain coming in at Joseph MO
what’s up your marriage at home and everybody
jackass picture


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