Episode: 228 – I F_cking Love White Sh_t


Episode: 228 – I F_cking Love White Sh_t


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Happy New Year
I miss you all so much it feels like a long time ago if you’re like almost last year
from Hollywood California
Lee Renner Dominican 2017 harmontown is now it says it
bring up a video of a drone
how about that Meryl Streep she wants she wants something that she made a speech made a nice long speech it was nice I have no idea what you’re talking about she she she was she very very specifically chided Trump specifically for his mocking of the disabled reporter to it which really was that kind of the I don’t know why I don’t want a bunch of women to go like wait what about the graph of the pussy think it’s not a competition
but but but but but she was like yeah she’s Meryl Streep so she she said it broke her heart and it’s like this point even even if it was a fake election kind of lost at this point he would rather you know if you lost the election Meryl Streep might like him one day you know like what he won and now he’s just damned forever I would rather not be president has Meryl Streep like me
is what I’m trying to say
yeah but he he doesn’t care he just wants people to say his name out loud is it yeah thanks that’s a good Counterpoint you just like attention doesn’t he
all right
did Meryl Streep talked about
what was the what was the golden Golden Globes about time she got one
just found out I was I was looking I was going through all these things and I never care about him but then it was the show Atlanta won best show as far as that of the best, and he won best actor go so congratulations I really got to check out that show
a lot of catching up to do on my friends shows a scale of zero to a hundred percent honest possible for Donald Glover success
to 2% because it would it would if there’s absolutely no way he hadn’t been JoJo Russo was like like look hot tip like for forget filling this role of this like Podunk football player guy I just put a star in your show before he becomes globally that he was right absolutely right all of these Community actors of going out to amazing things and none of that credit goes to the Russo Brothers for their wisdom in the casting process they they they said do Alison Brie for sure you know they click it and then stuff like that like a lot of credit to them and Donald for sure never it wouldn’t have mattered if you if you hadn’t been casting to me that it would have been anything else that would have been the place where everybody first saw that he was a genius of that he would have got it done Atlanta or whatever I mean the guy is like he’s just going to eat the moon next
where would we live on Don Donald Glover’s head we have to kill.
Let’s not make assumptions that’s that’s that’s breaking and he’s going to eat our colonies and home-based but I broke the third of The Four Agreements when I said that I made an assumption.
is there a something about not living on someone’s head no I made an assumption what’s in a good thing you’re not you’re not you’re not drunk alright well we’ll get that I’m really not judging or just concerned about you now
you’re my voice is scratchy so I’m going to kind of come in and out vocally I have a scratchy voice to so it’s going to take me a second to pull up my notes I thought you’re going to say I apologize but it was never going to happen
what what did I I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I accused you of being drunk is that what I did wrong as a person yes which is bad. Makes you feel bad and I also breaks one of my Four Agreements which is I was not impeccable with my word I used my word to did you create black magic instead of white magic
I’m a racist distinction but maybe that got maybe the fifth agreement is be racist in the guy just left that other book cuz you know it’s no more copies I don’t know
you talk a lot about black magic and white magic I’m like careful but at any rate I can some black magic on you bad Magic
sorry won’t happen again why can’t I can’t make assumptions
I will try to make it stop happening I’m working on it I’m in therapy
did Meryl Streep are you drunk no no
not yet I’m going to get drunk up here
all right well I mean just you know politics corner like
Spencer Hey guys know man perfectly feasible to accept election results and also want the winter investigated for treason like why can’t you can’t you just why it why is it every time this is a big deal Community say okay yeah there was a there was an order to interfere there was all these things like now the only thing left to do is to ask who knew what and when is there was collusion it’s really doesn’t matter if for instance Rodger Stone was tweeting evidence of collusion with Julie and a size before the Wikileaks Blake’s drop that would be very highly interesting for you know maybe people to know
yeah like if he if he prances tweeted three separate times you know like weird things that alluded to the fact that Julian Assange is looking a leek L. To his campaign and that they were going to win the election for them might be really you might be able to feel the case off of something like that I need I need something that’s more just I would like to maybe take a dip to peek at the tax form starting point on public record where I mean that’s just you know that should that alone should be like yeah this whole fucking thing
we put people to death because they told some people about some stuff with the atomic bomb that we take trees and very seriously still in this country
and it says it doesn’t but if you say anything like while this seems bad we should look into this what you get back is yeah but emails and Russian troll bot now but election is over we just need to now no preferably before the inauguration does he belong in prison graduations you one that now I need to see all of your tax information from the year 1987 when you were going over to Russia to talk about building hotels all the way through you you don’t marry in your Czechoslovakia and wife and I mean it’s common knowledge
he can’t borrow from American Banks he had he is tied up and Russian Financial Alliance assets and that’s that’s just we know that we can’t prove it but everyone knows that and it’s like that might very well lead exactly it might say like Putin like personal check it might say that
have all the intelligence agencies say yeah this is a thing can’t you now just even if you don’t even have to subpoena can’t you just walk across the hall to the IRS and take something from one cabinet and put it in another cab yet he would sing you certainly would say also in a world where you can hack everything somebody hacked this mother fucker at me a hack Em Up
how do we get our best people on our worst people in the job and hack his tax returns has happened long ago either at the same time as that I’m in because what better it did that all the better I mean that’s just pure speculation at this point but it also just makes perfect sense my game theory perspective right now we have all the all of the information on them as well and then now you just have a president like this it’s like it’s a crazy like sci-fi novel but I don’t want to go that far because it’s like the Tangled Up in this thing where people think that you’re trying to say he’s not allowed to be present at no Pharisees do overseas I’m not saying that I just want to know if my new president belongs in prison yet I’m a firm believer in the you think it’s the 13th Amendment which is no cuts no buts no coconuts
and it’s insane the 20 amendments later women were there we got the no coconuts all right so yeah so I almost drowned in Fiji but Cody save me it wasn’t like I mean it was to be expected but like when you look at me and imagine me walking into the ocean like what do you think is going to happen so I didn’t think it was like big news I was on a roller coaster in as I got pretty sick.
which is what is sharing mean she’s like you’ll float you’ll float and I’m like noted but I’m dying
muscle to wait or I don’t know it’s like I just kept she’s like a little bean and she fucking like Zips lives when we went snorkeling and she’s like what like a UFO as I could so far. A little bit more and I was like my flippers aren’t touching the sand that’s my deal breaker it’s Norco
I need flipper flipper tips to touch and I’m out of pussy with my flipper tips and when that stopped
I’d like an alarm clock right
wake me up
who’s playing in the Wyndham in the Maternity Ward Lobby she’s in she’s in shark world and I was like 20 minutes look at the look at the sand underneath it so great to have a snorkels I can breathe and then I just look up and I’m like in the same spot
I am already cuz I would have I waited until I started to say something
and then I just say I was at a certain point she says. I swear we’re I said go on without me and here’s why
because I was that convinced there was actually dying like believe me if I thought I had a chance at survival I would have risked killing her trying to live not a hero I just was so certain she couldn’t save me I didn’t want to die and also have her blood on my hands so I was like an extra guilty. I don’t want to feel bad about everything I’ve eaten and endville while I slowly sink to the bottom before foot and forefoot ocean floor
oh by the way I crab crawled on my talking body before I got out that I shouldn’t have gone out there there was there there was any other sticks and shit it’s all beautiful it’s Crystal Blue with ocean and you can see the ground through it and edit it and turn around then what the hell was that
removing in water and you can’t I’m like the Titanic and he’s like a little DiCaprio like he’s would go to the moving but I didn’t see the movie but I assume the physics involved in part of the plant that has been moving towards because he wants to be on me and I don’t know why he crawled back on me again and it seems a Ford Fusion kids who are like twenty feet away they just laugh and then point it actually made me feel better very very nice and children of course but I don’t think they were like they weren’t like haha he’s going to die so I was there like hahaha that must be a crab like you they give you hell from my movements of his life for his first crab
or something I don’t know if that’s a bit here then I’m safe
look like fucking cartoon crabs
deep fried soft-shell crab but it’s alive
crab shaped just grabbed out of that you’re going to take her down with you that’s why
they teach you to swim class if you’re a lifeguard because people drowning people just kill you they’re just they’re just weapons in the water as soon as look at you cuz there’s 28 Days Later they’re even know who you are there just trying to stay above water if you go out to them they’ll try to climb on top of you and then so I can stand
another be like don’t feel terrible but that’ll be too late for Josh and don’t be a Josh’s what they said there’s a poster in the life that I took so I said go on without me but then what I did is she did like a little frog stroke thing and I just grabbed a little but she just slowly told me into shark
I just squeezed a little touchy as nice as nice as she was right I wasn’t really anywhere near death ever
what is the thought that counts I think of you think that you’re dying then then that’s because that doesn’t count with murder
but with Jeff near-death experience the thought does count the thought doesn’t come with murder attempted murder the thought counts
the eyes of the law right
so anyways
so glad you’re alive today yeah
yeah it’s like Forensic Files over a guy like three women on a boat and then it and then just cinder blocks and write like being alive and being thrown overboard with this thing that’s got to be what you shaking your head
anti-aircraft rounds shot from the 300M remembering that Forensic Files well enough that was they didn’t all go over at once just one girl watch them all go over a sheet and knew she was neck so I will pass out in 30 seconds that she watched the whole thing go and that’s fucked up she’s like she’s like he’s not going to do that and then bring me into Shore and like tell me about yourself
Juan Juan Peron in Argentina during his Reign when they had dissidence there the way that they got rid of people they would fly a plane up and everyone that was on the ground saw the plane they know what’s happening flying over the river and they would just toss it out of the plane but they didn’t just fly you up and talk to you. They just lie around for a while and a blindfold you and the plane was full of just piss and shit cuz everybody’s emptying their bowels cuz they know it’s going to happen. She’s worn during war
your shuttle man the Bane
Batman 3 movie called Batman 3 that’s from little finger if I can got it in that plane right now so all right so here’s my last Fiji think I’ll share and they’ve all been somewhere and I got to tell you a bunch of shit you don’t care about that I’m not I’m not accepted I am no exception I am at my lack of my lack of exception malady will make me unaccepted when I tell you my last Fiji strike so so
everybody’s when you land there were two goes you got to try, you got to do this, stuff and so ask at the resort I had no plans on stepping off of the resort but I also was curious as a place where you can step up Resort I’m not a worldly man I’m not a geopolitical ask. I dropped out of college I don’t know so I asked the driver to wait for the airport cuz the airport was either under a lot of construction or maybe it’s a third world country safer to assume the latter I didn’t see any pardon our dust signs any portraits of anybody that looked democratically elected
I’m sorry I asked a few questions of the other end the ride to to the resort as a as a lake so how does the government work here is like a president or the president of the Prime Minister when you have elections every 4 or 5 years
why is why does it change transition okay all right okay that’s all I needed to hear but then I heard some more there in the military and their their buddies the Prime Minister and the president made out of things they’ve kind of thing they run things and they run a tight ship over there it’s a it’s like it’s there’s definitely poverty but you’re not seeing like crime poverty it’s not like broken windows it’s just like poverty so which is it is it is a thing that my Western brain is kind of like not this is the purpose that is a big part of the story is that I’m not really able to compute that yet like I see certain physical characteristics of a building or a vehicle or something like that I immediately feeling like I’m in danger and this is like a pretty broke place if you’re not on a resort and the whole time
the bartender at the at the resort so what’s the deal with the, thing with the, situation, and then he’s like he says the guy and another guy another guy says like oh you have to do it in a ritual okay sure just beer pong you stay the same thing cuz it’s a holiday or something like that or if you want to do, is that what and and then we under the pool boys like you want to do,
how do I guess pool boy I do
with me and my family
I don’t like OK Google Play please could go on and what you could do it here but if you want to do you want to do in the village and Cody’s like yeah you’re supposed to do it in the village that’s when I heard doing in the village where we go in the village will pick you up when I get out of here like a seven and a half past 8 meet me outside and I’ll take you to my my neighborhood and what we’ll do, and in the back
but he’s like like everyone in Fiji has this late just radiates the kids with this like this Joy that’s like a friendliness which if you don’t trust them makes it seem like the first active in Eli Roth movies
colds are crossed and before they are people are like her shirt off and let’s have fun in the welding torches in things so
so he’s like a couple jokes cuz I want to say out loud if I’m going to die I like how it sounds like it’s a Thailand and joyful and that’s all smiles and just relax and so you don’t know what you just thinking like I’m going to die not pull boy family, we’re doing well. We’re doing the villages Pool Boys family okay
we’re doing we’re doing that touching the sanctions Hotel we’re not doing safety belt overseeing like a candle light dinner at my Roth, who is Tim Allen’s family is joining you in because they also wanted to do, but right now we’re not doing that we’re getting into the pool boys car under cover of Darkness off of the resort passed a sign that says don’t do this by a bridge where there was a dog eating we don’t know what it could have been another dog. The dog was stoked but that could be because you know he won he was he was he was friendly but he licked Cody and she was like he’s so cute it was he was he was he was Vermin like we think dogs are man’s best friend that their vermin’s and some places
German dog
and they run around everywhere there is. Do you know there’s a travel show
the place where they take us to sign the resort also that’s the same sign that have their if you were going to die remember the crocodile that the family for the other than alligator whatever it’s like oh there was a sign that said don’t don’t go over here in Disneyland and look they went in the alligator
II don’t side with the corporation of a lizard eat your kid
one fucking roll before we all blow ourselves up can we can we can we go out not having sided with lizards lizard little lizard finish
so you and Cody are in the backseat of a guy’s car till we get to the thing and now I don’t know if I can put you in front of Coney but also we’re not going to die so like we waited a half hour and it’s like either there’s a whole thing Fiji time if you have a name for there’s like t-shirts that say Fiji time it’s like a whole thing or it’s like oh you order a drink you get at a half hour later picture to motivate each other in the dark side of the coin that results in a little muscle when you order your drink you want to remember everyone freaking out like
then you got to run over there like it’s a grilled cheese if I feel like it be to go to Australia so so so weak weak so we stood there birds and things that are a little alarming but whatever
what was Cava headlights
all these headlights guys aren’t headlights and that it’s like that makes it even scarier cuz now you really feel like you’re in this fucking Eli Roth movie because there’s a moment that the director put in where you could have lived if you just have him fucking watch bad you had every way to just walk away and they were headlights and we all go and I just like squabbling so bummed out I’m like dude and then also there’s a dude in the bushes like there had always been there as like I said
I thought that was the dog coughing the whole time but it was just like six people gone we entered the car even though they work with the people that car with the pool boy gets out and it’s like it’s with a guy he doesn’t introduce you smoking a cigarette and he’s just like they just open the doors and end end and the pool boys like okay
you ready yeah and I just like hanging on to that thing you never hang on to your driving fast when you’re freaked out like I just like playing music and they’re strangers and it’s like if you if if these it’s the physical realities of what we were doing or happening in the states you’d be like I’m I think I’m in by might be in big trouble here and you’re trying to think like a my bigoted first World Cup 2010 contaminated toxicity into this situation is this a story about me being an ignorant white like Trek into a pig-headed the judgmental toxic person or is this going to be one of those stories where it’s like what were they thinking
who replaced Bob Saget
assuming that’s a video about that cuz it died I think it’ll be funny because they deserved it because they didn’t are we in an urban legend or are we like urban legend are we cuz I bet so I’m trying to split the difference and Cody’s is talking to like that so do you have family
I like yeah yeah I have a daughter and what’s your daughter’s name half hour drive to go buy the car made out of chicken wire and it smells like a diaper and you get like a big case of shity beer and you get like that you pay him it’s all prearranged anyway it’s like all the prices are at least get a big newspaper bundle for this route that is the mystical newspaper load of mystical roots and some Jolly Ranchers and Michelob Ultra when you get back in the car you got to take me to goes like when we pull up to the house my whole family is going to come out and they’re going to be standing out there and they’re going to say Boulevard
you’re going to love my family man
and there’s just like they’re just people in each other just like a dude by a mailbox and smoking a cigarette he sees the car and he liked makes a gesture at the guy I think and then the other the other guys like it’s not like there’s no family outside this like Texas Chainsaw Massacre the guys in the darkness if you could only see them cuz they can’t stop Smokin they’re gone and it just did like big guys and like a fucking they need to step out and there’s no family out here like one dude comes out
and then and then we go into the house
what do there was a talking to him yes there was I think it was a tomb there was a guy there was like a memorial plaque on top of a 6 foot by 2 foot by 3 foot like cement rectangle his whole family and and there’s his wife and their beautiful little girl and everyone’s like immediately was just like if you can see the expression on their face and then they had a bowl out they would think they knew we were coming and they couldn’t wait and I was chatting as it’s like they just how sure I could be that man is evil you know that there’s no sense in the car on the way there was like like
I just kept thinking like there’s no way we’re going to die because he never get away with it
profit in it so he wouldn’t he wouldn’t would be stupid to kill us and then the criminals aren’t stupid
bad murderers killing a bunch of people and see if I don’t make me a bunch of money
to the victims would I but I never bothered to think during the entire car ride was so we’re not going to die because man is good. That you are always running your mouth about as a hippie and a liberal and a nerd and a million people that live there and they’re just like happy and don’t really believe they’re just they don’t think about murdering people all the time it’s just not something I run to their head so they’re neither good nor bad at it nor will they ever even bother to say but come on
hubcap so little is murdered dust on them
I never thought about that with the weird thing is how convinced I was that I was going to die and how how how how how specific my map of the universe was how definite was the really weird thing is that out it took eight seconds for it to go completely away and that how comfortable I was with being that wrong how how I immediately then was like hell yeah then there’s then there’s that other version of the universe that you’re also a hundred percent convinced is real there where it where it where it doesn’t happen you just have to get that was the weird thing with the experience was like like looking Within Myself and going like wait do I even have a brain do I even have an identity do I have a point of view is is the is this country just like are we just like a ton in printed on indoctrinated drones that are like spit out of like a like a metal like

it does.
Kind of like the start of the show calling me drunk
I need a drink with an insult to you but you bet your tits
I didn’t know that no man alright well son, things that I got from them cuz it was like the game we should talk about politics and they’re like yeah it like it’s not good here right now like politically but it’s not a fusions job to to deal with that shit like we we do what we’re told is As Americans we just go like
I don’t think you get mad at them like I really like to talk to you like you’re like it’s like a it’s like it’s like like we think you’re a bad person if you don’t figure out who to be mad at and what to do about it and yet we’re not really getting anywhere with that I’m not saying they’re flying around like Jetsons like they’re not they’re living in plywood lean twos and then there and they’re sitting there saying things like that when you say it’s beautiful here that they only say thank you would you say that if you were the answer like like every every Western Pleasure that I go to London and I got a beautiful here though like you complimented them because they’re very proud of how they live in paradise and they and they all like they did they they think they just do this thing are they talking about is a talking point that was like sent down to everybody or the keep going cuz you hear it on the airplane and then you hear it from the driver and then you hear it this
just keep coming up like by the way thank you so much you’re tourism dollars like a really helpful here and like maybe 80% of their economy is the main Revenue there are quite happy to have like tourists there then I don’t want to bum you out but you probably know I didn’t come here to do you a favor but they were so when you when you have troubles like they lift you up or something like that I can’t remember it I should have written it down but they said something really inspiring
call about the people in it’s all about how you react to things you know like if you’re if you’re having a shity time if you as a culture as a tribe is a village is it as a country like it’s the thing that defines you is not whether you fight it whether you don’t whether you say something right or wrong it’s it’s just it’s just how you face that say like who you are with when you either go down or Prevail like and the way to make sure you’re on the right side of everything it’s a side with people that’s it as starting with your family then very close to get your entire Village because they are your family and then your entire species as a close third if not tied for second and if that means the bad guys are going to take advantage of you and say this and you got to live in a tire swing well okay then that’s what they do and it’s like it’s not like to do that but it’s all it was also like
there’s really there’s really only one wrong way to handle what we’re dealing with right now in this time in our world and that’s to be like to let them make a pissy like while we’re going down or up like it’s whether we win or lose if we if we got to fucking uncharismatic while we were doing it like then they would have won that Victory too and it just sucks cuz that you used to get the sense that a big part of this war that we’re in right now is it’s between dumb people and smart people is between on cool people and call people and like they are a little sick and tired of all the cool smart people running everything and they’re actually not openly saying that so you got to think I think that already lost and they know that that makes them the most dangerous opponent of all if we continue to be surprised that they won’t listen to reason if we just got to look at this is like there’s a fucking werewolf in our house is it
Herman dog just wandered in the days after the election guy like okay well are we going to handle this like we forgot the rest Belton sick of that shit fuck the rust belt squeak we all we all got confused and like how do we handle this what do we do still don’t know but all I just know that like this is des during Us in the face and like you know we may be 2 in from a flipper touching sand or there we may have just swam into the Baltic on accident and and and this is it but in either case I don’t yell at your girlfriend when you’re going down
Brothers Brothers gutter button
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so it’s always a little t and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
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engine engine do as I do as I say not as I do because I have not yet to follow this Rule and fucking pissed and I hate and I and I’m afraid and I’m admirer is a fucking auto corrected it murderers murderers people just plain and simple murders first two journalists first and foremost which are supposed to be like V fucking like sin of all sins like not like the end of the day in the Public’s eye as a journalist got shot you know like one of the gang gang families like they just they they didn’t like how they got written about by
Journal is it wasn’t even like in its Peak form back then it was almost worse than now but there’s a but and it was still it was like yeah you don’t do that shoot a guy that writes for a newspaper because you’re going to have a disagreement with your but now we’re just like fuck it murders just look it up look at the list of people that pulled you out of your house and shot you in the head like that was his day job on the amusements and says like he’s got to go or not better than a bra
being president and and it’s like we’re to fucking die but we’re going to fucking die
it’s just different from like the Richard Lewis we don’t need Richard Lewis right now we need
when did Richard Lewis the comedian back in the 80s
during erotic Titanic a lot with more of a comic that we should be going I think I’ve been Sia I don’t know I don’t know
Stanhope way to be more Stanhope Bush we need to have standhope
I hear I hear female voice is grumbling I mean like I think that the idea is that you need a perfect quarterback and then your team can win all the stuff I think the thing that they resent about us is if they think that were like a sexless traceless horde of Borg Cube that’s going to swallow them up let’s just let them be right about that and stop waiting for some smoking superhuman Tom Cruise movie but not offensively Tom Cruise a guy to lead us all because it’s what I’ve always resisted but let’s just have common sense and be like yeah it’s hard to be a throng of people that tries to make sure that everybody is relatively safe it looks a little bit like this it doesn’t look as it doesn’t look like Bill Pullman speech in Independence Day that doesn’t work in real life though if you want to save the economy and the ecology and the equality you have to like actually just
ride it out and run things by relative commission what am I talking about right so this song
and cut and Cody recorded it
this is the ending of the song This Is Beautiful yeah they say like we sing the song they have this whole Preamble home right now Crystal Lake
they were sitting on the floor that’s like enough for there’s like a
play me come out here and I’ll come out and see you later
I’m not going to I’m not going to go to Altered States drugs without without my assistant that car right there I returned to Cody and I whisper to her is like so scared just like don’t be but I’m a real thrill seeker when it comes to what I eat and drink
is it pretty soon pretty incredible experience I I was terrified the whole waiting for them to come and then the exchange and then getting in the car and driving into the middle of nowhere in your tire like who you literally haven’t because we’re in a different part of the planet where the Dipper over there
we’ve been looking for it forever
where’s where’s where’s the last person that I bought with that bill Matt lizards crawling on the lasers there was an American flag
where did but it was a joke. We are at we were the first Americans if they had and there’s usually Australians that they did they date and treated us at but you made the joke of Vigo you’re expecting a really cannot come on that’s like no one of their his cousin was in the Fijian Navy which is just it’s those for kids were laughing at me about the crab I kid Bee Gees Navy because I’m safe military I think of the Navy I assume it in the end there was like a she met an American Navy guy and he gave her an American flag and she gave him a Fiji flag and he’s hanging in her Fiji flag at his apartment
buckle up and it’s like all right at the reason we went into the village was we want to see the village but they said the village is a relative of the chili plant but it’s like I think you might get your head cut off their for smoking weed so maybe they’re like light weight I don’t know but they are like that you do you think it was the way they talked about it and then you drink at your like taste like dirt and then you drink a bunch of cheap beer until you get drunk yeah it was a good amount of people or did you count Marianne the giant iPhone giant relative to their bodies giant iPhones
we sing the song it’s like that it’s an ancient tradition and like like like like in Fiji every what they are there’s no expenses are offensive I like that I take offense
put the song was about when when the men went off to War and the women and children it was a song like scented the alphabet there was a song essentially celebrating the men’s life and thanking them for 4 they’re going to war but also for giving them whatever I wasn’t Atlanta yeah I need you to breathe me in the car on the way home it’s really hear it and it’s like it’s it’s gorgeous it sounds like a Paul Simon album in the harmonised like everything’s like built in laser some new food, drain cover a postcard to go home and sleep sitting up
Kimiko D Steve Levy in free all these guys are wearing like soccer jerseys and Britney Spears concert shirts it’s like it’s it’s not there’s not like a pretense in that culture of like they live in poverty they love that they get to go work at a resort instead of a sugarcane field but there’s like no and they’re not like don’t take pictures and don’t do any of that it’s just a weird thing to wrap my brain around it was it like I talk to other people are going to go over to the Serengeti and then they they made a I took out my phone and they said they made a phone out of a tree and then they’re like this is our phone and got there because there was this isn’t like that it was just like so you just hear these guys are you here like a freeway and a train and stuff like that and they’re like kind of
that’s the name of the hotel
for the hotel we’re staying at our they said oh well that’s that’s the part of the song where you talk about the the place where we met you know that but I don’t know that once again I’m the asshole I got you
it’s just like I know it’s it’s it’s it’s them
allowing the first world way of things to do to be incorporated into the holidays always done stuff the chief they said I was the chief before I start doing because where the the new tribe coming in to be like who could have, ceremonies like they welcome you into their their Village and you have to have a chief and they’ve to start the 9th they drink it’s a one-for-one so someone their Chief drinks than your cheap drinks and then back and forth
they brought up television and I was just like I just sat and listened for a little bit and there there they’re like yeah we like I don’t think they’re playing music we played some you guys like Marvin Gaye far they are as it like like we told them we’re from Los Angeles and they’re like oh Elvis like Elvis again casinos meet prospective or you’re like oh yeah it’s just like like the other word is Elvis isn’t not from Los Angeles to it but anyways but they were like they just talking about stuff cuz it’s like they never got off as I thought it is a teenager’s probably like like like hitting on somebody or like he’s caught up in his stuff but they’re like talking about like the TV shows that they watching what we watching stuff like you guys like Big Bang Theory this fucking room lit up like a
that was the last straw Chuck Lorre is a black sorcerer driven of pain like I don’t understand why he’s just a magician he just like cast a magic spell on the planet fit their lives are watching The Big Bang Theory in Fiji right now
I could have been retired but I promise if I if I hit that chance. You won’t hear from me anymore I’ll go away I promise every town region television was weird what’s up Fusion television was strange we fell in love with one particular Channel this is the status fucking thing in the end I often asked you and you what you never really do me the honor of but but whatever but I always value my cander I’m confessing something to you I could whitewash myself like like in my stories but I don’t I tell you guys the monster I am everybody left but me I was the last person of the door while you guys were all going to like everyone’s like like just like high on this like mud water the cheap beer and like just on wife and probably go
you better vape pen and like that and it was like teaching into the into the car and by the way these guys never they never asked for a dollar like they know there was never even any like a Polaroid together at the top of the ceremony and then on the way out is like there’s a rack of them like would you like one at $80 with the possible exception of they like, and we bought them a bunch that they didn’t David there was no there was no but that’s a different matter but everybody’s older who’s like 25 of the of the village the guy who administered everything into did all the talking here is the lead singer of p.m. Don he had like a very like like like just radiant kind of like like soft but a firm like kind of like spiritual power to him in a big bowl of mud water in front of them at 8 and any just like to lock eyes with me just explain things and go
do what you are about to drink is called the kava root kava root is I say the Fijian people we cannot escape this this is who we are we must drink this now you will drink it we will be family now and all that kind of stuff was really cool and I made a show called Community don’t complain if you if you have Hulu or something
Community College in God check it out
I was not put on this Earth to inspire people with my fucking get it on the off chance that he would have been like
the reference Romancing the Stone they got out of it
Paramount Channel shows all of Paramount account of the Paramount Network sings he lost so much money they should have moved but there was a movie playing called a turbulence where it with Ray Liotta and who is it
what in the fat kid running around the Batman franchise and just act like she’s a she’s a space lady cuz her but she could she took the wrong kind of drug Lucy
you could make people float Float On
movie Above the Rest is her just going to like me now I can make you a computer
think about it but that have movie
you have to keep your mouth of circle
so do you want to talk like a circle like a lamprey
with the Hendersons
you weren’t burning fat
and it’s not have relations with that woman
John. Bill Clinton and there’s a third one that goes with that right and it’s a Popeye
we were wondering Dan how do you do all those impressions
I have a little
anybody have a book on them or a magazine or you pass it around in a circle and so I’ll pass it to Danforth and what I do is
then you pick you pick anywhere in the book on her side view picture to two to three sentences and then when is as the selected his senses that I give him an impression to do I have to read those sent that doesn’t have that prison impossible try to get one as it possibly impressionable or impersonable so when you’re ready
Kim easy we could do it then I’ll give you the money really comes and goes like this
endurance and red around Civic you despise me don’t you something
you have to hide me
I guess that’s not really but I’m sure I’m sure that they were going for Peter Lorre with Ren and Stimpy but but Chris is listening right now
I don’t think so I am fasting sucked into the Vortex naturally there are some things that I have to take responsibility for
during the filming of the scene of a boat moving through the Rapids
now you get to pass the buck Adventure or whatever drugs you want to play this game I don’t know people but I’ll try it you found your house so she knows who that person is could be a famous president or an actress or an act or cartoon character voice you do you think you could do Donald Trump spending a lot of real I mean eyeball try but no player
time in West Church that sounds like Christopher Walken
current time
probably the most
not the world but I got to tell you I was never easy that way to make fields in Germany
it’s not about getting it done
can I can I play because I was watching Mister Ed with Cody for a pilot and I was like kind of like
he’s okay
he throwing shoes and a wastebasket human shoes
that happened
maybe a little later
Peter Lorre Ren Johnny Cash
did you watch restaurant ya goddamn a space program
I need a shot of him in a horse astronaut costume around the fact that it’s a sitcom about a talking horse Egyptian president you was just like kind of funny it’s like like you know it’s just good some good comedy writing in that show that has a name I forgot an end and rear end is in the background
been a long time since I had a horse a Lexus I must say something anything
but right before that he got he got he goes like you didn’t just talk did you say something
is it was a weird choking that like neither ignores it’s like it’s like it was on for 11 years off to Fitzy’s has been on the phone with discology of that I had in the in the in the pilot 5 minutes and when he fight he said the first written their first conversation ends with him saying but but but but how is it possible I don’t know if it’s bigger than the both of us
don’t go there looking to refill your feminism tank she’s got no qualms about it about her like trying to trick him into buying her a TV and it just kind of perfume and stuff what a terrible bunch of people those people were good thing we got rid of that
the ladies are all the stuff now they’re all
you think in this day and age they could be a show about a woman and a horse woman and a talking horse
what the fuck what weight shaft
what is what is The Flash going to be in a wheelchair
because that’s how you can tell someone’s accomplished something
when I get all the way down to racial Pride so that’s when you know that’s that’s like the guy at the horse track that’s like keeps the tickets instead of ripping them up because he’s like well always remember this day
what are we what
after race
it’s like it’s not really I’m just not buying it really dumb shit happens when the superior white people get to do whatever they want
and they can’t spell and they’re not funny comedians no sheet on my problem is a white supremacist
who is the material when I’m racist just fucking hilarious I’ve said this already like I’m just like whatever excuse if you’re in his own or you’re throwing a brick through a window what we’re writing something nasty on a cashier’s you know the things that end up on Facebook like this person wrote and I didn’t leave a tip and they said they aren’t you full of stated like finally I get to say something to his agent person that I could never ever say it work I’m going to make it just dumb and boring like like like you’re Asian get out
and then I don’t smile afterwards I’d love that
depression you’re going to do to making you more fucking angry like why are you you just did you say shit that will make you happy Sage Sage sitting it doesn’t I’m not saying you have to be a good person just like why don’t you just say what’s on your mind that you want to say that would make you less angry lately Glee Glee you know like maybe you might kiss a black person maybe you should say that brick through the window. This is how I kiss you
terrible crimes man do you like me yes or no
Circle Line Checkers box

Google home and maybe there’s like eight more of those are they fucking relax I’ve never seen a group of people so upset that they won an election there’s my soul man and they’re still so mad at Hillary Clinton take a break but you keep saying things like haha we wanted you just you’re not but you’re not relaxing there’s no smiles
miles to notes for racist
where’s the jokes Smiles people
I want to see smiles
I’m going to turn into a white supremacist party how does that sees
call Jaz I saw an article is like a real Bruce Springsteen you know it’s a totem of the Rust Belt and therefore so he’s a good liberal it says like you know just so you know a fucking liberal and you know it still dancing in the dark and I’m still on fire and your daddy’s home around here somewhere and the Breitbart article about that it’s just like
sold out show at The Meadowlands
play satisfying about watching the the the right when they every time like another celebrity like like becomes their pinata this is what does undertone of like who are you going to go you going to say is nailing it out there in la-la land if it’s not the people that are like famous for playing League like blue blue collar characters and stuff like what I love that is like I wouldn’t have really thought that they were just being nobody’s nobody wants to do the inauguration I think that’s fucking hilarious it’s amazing it’s like one of those things that you really work that way you’ll find out that ZZ Top is working RedMax or something that they said that they loved it likely that they love Trump like who knows
I love the top there good man. Have you guys seen this young Pope
oh no no no
I don’t know I’ve just seen all the pictures I don’t know why you hear Do you hear young pope then you know you get a certain image in your head and then you see presumably Jude Law as the young Pope in your like wait a second I thought this was a young Pope like I was picturing like a radical teen skateboarding through the Vatican
right. The young Pope cast
what is minor backwards I checked it when I say check someone tweeted at me that the youngest Pope was 16 years old and that’s just the pope we don’t call him young Pope
that was like in the 1500
get on the premise of a young Pope you got to go younger than judwaa that’s like less old Pope
what does Pope I’m sure it’s great I’m sure he does a great job as it’s not what you expect that I want to divert really wanted to see some of those Shades likes really receive skateboarding through the Vatican is the Antichrist is that the baby I’m dating myself
the here’s the thing I just realized this is valuable information I just realized it’s really noteworthy that I don’t want to put into the record cuz I think it’s fascinating
a duck is the only animal I like to picture while I’m eating
I always do it like when it when I order it when I’m eating ham I never picture of pig I like like I don’t want to like yeah hamburger is going to want a picture of how chickens no dice but everytime I see the duck duck duck prosciutto I’d love that and I would pictures of Mallard flying
extra delicious when I think about his feather covered breasts like nobly piercing the clouds like that why
do you eat duck will rarely but but then when I do I’m like I’m going to eat a duck and I’m not going to eat duck I’m going to eat a duck like maybe I was like what was it was I like some kind of very large swampcat in a past life I feel that way about chicken or cows or anything I don’t have like a hurting mentality but I really I really want to buy were the duck it’s like I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this flying in Mallard do you know like maybe bring it to my owner of the maybe that’s why we get along with her because he’s part neither of those dogs
is it golden retriever Labrador Retriever is like half lab half golden or is it a Labrador Retriever at own kind of dog they’re both retrievers cuz they retrieve Labradors and and golden does the labrador retriever does not retrieve Labradors
that would trash the simulation
going to be like a 00 division by zero error
is the sky purple but someone threw a labrador Golden Retriever get it
great Mister Ed that’s okay somebody said a life spent on the shores of corporate assimilation
figure out this way
she’s too young even remember this the Wii Fit girl saying it was really experienced it was a it was a scandal a little bit over the Wii Fit girl I know though yeah okay so I don’t pretend I don’t know Cody Cody was on my elliptical today and it was like her character and smashed
Wii Fit video that was it was it was a girl with the ponytail and she’s in her room in her underwear and a T-shirt and she’s doing the hula hoop game on the Wii Fit and then there’s like a guy filming it and then you can return to him and he’s like oh cuz it was like wow that’s unintentionally like globally catching our attention with her innocent use of the consumer product that happened to lunch last week the the end there was like a little mini Scandal it was like they were on the Nintendo payroll or something right and I don’t know about that because whatever they whatever was scandalous about it I remember there was like just something I was like how did you know that they got paid to do that or something like that like I was explaining that the Cody today cuz you don’t know what the hell I was talking about halfway through cuz she was like that doesn’t even seem like why would that even be a wrong saying who cares if Nintendo gave you a bunch of money and then you’ve successfully staged an innocent objectification video of your supposed Grove
and I was like yeah you’re right that would be absolutely high-fived now as just a piece of media that was successful in a time when it’s hard to affect people like leg and I just thought that was noteworthy that we were still so innocent like 8 years ago that we were I remember people being like
she’s around it
duck saying I don’t know what that dragging the ducting down
that was our ND that was like that was like workshopping
you got a point. Fair enough okay so
it’s the best music of all time
is a French that’s probably good yeah I’m sure it’s French here’s the crazy thing the kids when they go to school English is compulsory Fijian isn’t
yeah I don’t think it’s Indian Trail is probably Hindi they probably have to speak Hindi Indian population there but they’re descended from like five generations ago I don’t know who the giant gaps in my not a provider of this information with people work there or came there to do the work the sugarcane field and then there it might have been slavery I don’t know because part of the story is that then they could go back and then they like a lot of them in it maybe it was a really bad time and in the other was a refugee thing and then a lot of them could go back and then they put them there’s just descendants there of people who like are you fucking kidding me like I’m not leaving Fiji and end so there’s like a positive attitude
girls in there that they have out there. They have this like military regime that I don’t know anything about cuz they don’t want to throw shade on it because they’re so nice but they have this like tribe of isn’t that each province is headed up by an elder and then it does it just old school stuff and they don’t like power in the sense that there’s no contract but if you were to defy them do you know what they’re like the they’re like the greybeards in Skyrim now like when we got in the car the first one of the first things the guy said when we got there was you cuz I’m not disrespecting local DJ tell the story about a missionary that got eaten there cuz he rub their head or something
what is that I rub his head South Pacific Islands that the thing is I mean about that yeah but wait hold on cuz that’s rich but but
I want I want I want you to talk about that cuz I thought that was really fascinating but but the elders that when the refugee crisis happened or is actually a previous like like not those current Syrian one but it was like something similar there’s a bunch of people that need homes and the elders like a bunch of Fijian land to any refugees that wanted to come to Fiji just want to go to fucking Fiji but it’s like it’s only on the condition that they can’t sell the land they don’t like it’s theirs to live on and do as they please and reproduce on and work until until the day they died in their children that whatever but it’s just like they can’t like sell it so they have thriving section of people there that were there that were descended from refugees I don’t understand and it was it was the Middle East
play bad things don’t automatically happen to you just because you’re like a if you want to use my pool
you know it’s like nobody’s going to like go could use it and take a shit you know I like it’s the worst part of you that assumes that about them to know more about this than I do it late does that thing called like that I think it’s the word for in like Samoan or Tahitian but like I will get all this wrong so please like send your letters to Steve Levy at Steve Levy. Hot male ball worship.com
there are a bunch of like guys on the island there that are just as big as every other guy and they’re raised as women I believe and I think it’s a third something if you’re if you’re the third send you are raised as a woman and a place of honor I know him so I can I think it’s different throughout the islands there’s a huge the transsexual and a transvestite like culture like it’s it’s regarding this is not Divine with specials like I believe there’s a part of it wherever if you’re the third son you just raised to be the woman another woman in the house and they’re treated with huge respect like it’s like they just released giant Pacific Islander guy walking but she isn’t he if she I don’t know how it works but they’re just they’re they have makeup on and they dance the woman parts and they that they did you see the female like work in the household and then some of the stuff I have not done any research on a bike across the island
where to where the locals hang out on Sunday which is their day off and it was all of them like so this woman like a man or whatever poo poo or tofu my height or taller who was the bartender and she was hilarious though she’s like oh you want to dance with me and I think she looks like she’s all just all hanging out and there’s no like there’s no separation between like trans culture or straight or gay that they’re all just one one group conversations about like like like like what was that person trans maybe an end like what do they think about that here cuz you don’t really want to like we didn’t want to like
the guests from the first world that where they give these people living in and like you know like I only go to talk a little bit about politics but never never heard anything that indicated like a homophobia or transfer me or anything like that I wouldn’t be shocked if if equatorial and Island cultures like we’re a little more comfortable with that for a long time coming because they’re well then I’d say a bunch of shit that would make me some weird Archie Bunker Lake Lake and throw splaining to serve some shit that would give me likey. The more nomatic like we got to kill a mammoth or we’re going to die and I owe these people invented in the ass so now let’s just move in thanks for the math like that that those people had male Gods according to like what I learned from from Campbell in the equatorial civilization said she said female gods and they were like like a woman and a moon and a and a tide and in ten years
Japanese algebra and here’s all the shit and they did the dudes come down with the end they got like we ought to make Spears in those agricultural cultures but because you live by your plants in your the growing out of the ground and then you eat them like you’re probably there’s probably a little less incentive is incentive for going back fifty thousand years for like that kind of throws like a girl like like fuck him lately like something wrong with him like there’s probably a little more capacity for for like oh like who cares like maybe you’re good at math or what I don’t know I just a little fast gaming like your head if you could
if he’ll kill himself to tube tube tube to order to two pieces of business what no no no
I want I want to do more research on that I think I I think I missed a lot of the information than that one motorcycle the front wheels a dick and balls
add a third wheel and it doesn’t take over but it’s more stable
I don’t want to hear it I don’t want to hear it no I don’t make me go to the bathroom
is the Hulk going to be purple
people tomorrow I’m going to wake up in hallway
I’m the one that should be worried about that my audience is all white
give a fuck if you’re listening to this on your ham radio in your not to Bunker
sharpening the teeth on the bottom of your boots waiting for an operation day to plug in like come into my home and just have your way with my dog and then drink all my Sony lenses
fire tonight earthquake kits and throw my safety pins in the garbage
cares about white people look at you woke up tomorrow and they were all gone I don’t what is the what is the game game what do you supposed supposed to be supposed to get to the moon and it’s all white people and then I was going to say anything but we are
it was weird I know it’s those yours but they don’t from the Bronx so we went to start the engine is likely that fucking dumb fucking like who cares about your race would what is the fucking white why what is the worst nightmare Tiger Woods he can hit the ball farther I don’t I’m not saying that automatically would be stronger
nightmare I’m trying to get inside the head of the enemy you know so I can try it ends at like this gate where it’s like they don’t they don’t think past that gate they’re just like well and is sleeping with other women which is disgusting. And that’s where it comes from there it’s probably sexually frustrated people are like this is me that’s not getting slept with and you know they can’t admit that obviously so just fuels this crazy anger pornography is all a bunch of white women like I so I guess like like there’s something deep seeded like you do I want to fuck a white woman and so I guess if you’re living somewhere and I guess if you ask a girl out and she’s like no and then she sleeps with a guy that’s darker than you I guess you’re like that’s it that tears it but yeah
you just have that story and then just be like like bad people to I mean
official business are official harmontown business
where does comic book store
Jane I think you if I if I gleaned and I heard through the grapevine there may be some official business that you you have right no
there’s a case in your lap would you like to come up and Jane everybody
that’s my music
so I guess I remember back in May I brought a couple glasses for you and for Jeff glass gate that we had a dance went missing what’s this but a couple more I thought this was Jeff when I walked in the room and I was like oh that’s how I would have thought when I didn’t drink out of this you like maybe a glass
it wasn’t a controversy about the crowdfunding again after the first one was was was gone and stolen the word for backstage what about cry on on online I knew that you were disappointed we knew that the people really enjoyed seeing the special rocks glass that we made so we watching the video that they’re kind of a beautiful play out of a red Solo cup and I work with a master glass blower tennis conflict Glass isn’t it
closest places if it’s made it to us and that from Aleppo
there’s a special when a when a mortar round hits and it creates a special glasses mixed in there too there she won’t stand from whites and the guy from the first day I declare explosion do not get it so we did it we did an Indiegogo we raised the money to pay the glassblower to recreate his work and in the process he made the double rocks glass for you to make up for yours you’ve already got one so we didn’t I’m set
can we do a reverse Indiegogo or I can just pay everybody back for a full set of four now
what the weather’s slaughtered a ninja and a weapons-grade gun case and Sara backstage they have something in a Pelican case that they can a store with the equipment beverageware how do you make those custom foam inserts I want to know because I have often looked into getting some custom foam inserts made
how many how many nights like 230 I’ll get a text from Spencer just her ringing me about foam inserts
near and dear to my heart and all honest but we can take this offline I can give you such a catheter cowboy and that that I had to go to Instagram and then there was this guy like the my pillow guy have you ever been so proud of him because his product is called my pillow like in his mind it’s a brand name but it’s just the words my pillow so all he is is a 9-ft Mustachio to like kind of firefighter physique guy clutching a pillow to his chest just thank my pillows the best pillow you’ll ever have. I love my pillow
I told her it might take my pillow normal pillows make you lose sleep my pillow doesn’t I wake up in the morning refreshed all the time
hello if you want my pillow anyways so Jane how’s it going to change the person that give us some updates not Jane the glassware provider so I’ve actually we’ve been over on and off over the last three years really actually reached a point where I have given notice at work that they like my name is Ashley on the record to begin to be dr. Jane cook
I’m so I’m hoping that all come to pass the next couple of months that I would be officially out there
I kind of like that that’s the last step like I said something about you as a person that I like I like the last step being the professional World Twenty Years is as a scientist and my name was out there on on papers and patents and whatnot for the public educational institution and my transitioning my gender is sort of my thing how I presented I don’t want the story of that institution to be me the story of the institution is glass of Sciences it’s it’s art its history it had to get to a point where I was feeling comfortable comfortable enough to buy presentation comfortable enough with my safety net that I was willing to then step take that next step in a way that wouldn’t impact
the water world that I was part of important to me. I’m not doing it like a legal name change and I’m not doing illegal gender change because fuck it I don’t need the government’s permission to say what I am I don’t think it’s government permission to say what my name is now and you’ve got a lot of people who care about me who you like me to be me when you fill out governments like documents mrf you just stick with what we was already given just for this for simplicity’s sake the intent of the demographic information so if I’m going to be flying there still a whole thing where if I’m going to be reading may I was probably better to put the M down but if I know they’re just collecting information about what’s the gender of the people who were buying this couch with female female person on the couch but I’m a male male person still want to go
but if you if you got it because I like to spend for a toilet nevermind
do you have any feedback from that like like I’m really lucky to work at a really great place that was congratulations behind you dress like that’s a real that’s very minty of you it is that the real reason you ever see that does that that you keep you posted and not out of out of actual deference to the the the the the environment
there’s if there’s different cultures out there were warring with each other those people that are militant about the fact that I don’t want to I don’t want to throw them under the bus at their like if someone’s gay and they’re out there I’m going to have them you know that that whole thing that we were going to in the 90s was like you’re out you’re out where outing you and then other people going wait that’s how is that helping is the person wants to be in the closet is just a very confusing issues and stuff so I find it fascinating that you have to sit on a couch with cup holders and think about that a lot like nobody else has to most other people don’t have to think that much about that shit which is actually part and parcel of on the reverse side is that part of the problem will be running the bigotry and stuff it’s like people knowing what I got to think about this now and it’s like I unplowed sidewalk in front of their house that you didn’t tell them they had and they they’re like others resent that like I don’t have work to do a deeper psychological
the impersonality thing that goes into this with anybody can come up with some some binary that there are part of some system that their input that imposed on them but the real issue is what you is buried what you were saying is this idea of being self-examining and being either just buy your personal nature you you need to be able to think about how you think you need to think about how you feel and if you if your if you have unfortunately if you have the privilege of your higher up Maslow’s pyramid that you actually have the resources and the privilege and the opportunity to really dig into yourself without sacrificing the fact that you don’t have a place to live I’ve got food at that close up at family of it friends okay good I can think about whether or not
my gender identity matches my equipment that’s a privilege and then to be able to actually act on it that’s another privilege and to be able to act on it with a certain amount of safety that’s another privilege and a lot of people don’t get to that point but I think everybody I believe in my heart everybody nobody fits into anything
the game is to figure out if I hear the word privilege they the alarms go up because because they think that it precedes their fire truck being taken away your privilege you have too much already and they they feel like Judge Reinhold in Fast Times with it with it though the party’s over is that that’s what privileged people feel when they hear the word privileges there like I just finished arguing with a lady
it’s my money and you’re telling me stuff about it and so it’s not to validate anger and hatred was just to say that’s that’s what’s happening like we all got a lot of shit to deal with and the word privilege is being perceived too much as like someone wants your pants you have too much pants you don’t have to give anybody your pants has never going to happen don’t come in and take your pants and it’s like well we used to be worried about who’s going to take our property who’s going to be aware of first world Empire so should be within reach of actual like kind of like Evolution if we
if it’s as if the timeline goes one way instead of the other because we really gotten down to shit that you are so fundamental to human nature that we’ve actually recognized and what’s our fear point right what what what really motivates does Megyn Kelly up next alarm that says Santa has to be Mexican to feed into this like they have that much if you’re proud of Santa Claus is color like you might be fucking disenfranchised to
you might you might be you might have been handed a pack of saltine crackers by your mama and told me that’s a six-course meal away from you baby and it’s like the bear Rachel Santa Claus at the mall 50 years ago said it was white all the time now he’s by Rachel
good news with that is it if it is Santa Claus’s color can change that quickly that means you’re a weak from being smart
Oscar you’re not a fucking logo you’re not a children’s book at your other classic television show your the comic book like you’re a fucking human being and there is you can have a new tradition is that wouldn’t be easily definable because there’s going to be based on race no one got mad actually people did invented the key
little tiny Adam is making me hot instead of open playing
my baby live longer
progress fux with shit that was happening yesterday
like a bite but it wasn’t like what was his country was this white country was this it wasn’t either it’s just your your your culture was a collection of fucking this to the references like it was like Green Lantern’s wife Stephen King’s a writer of everyone should have two dogs fireplaces are square it’s just random shit like that talking about where did I do
when having a heart attack
Observer dr. Jain
congratulations games
thank you for a glasses and are beautiful poem kind of
Rescue by Excelsior foam inserts the finest and foam inserts
view my friend of hers not book Spencer Crittenden
Devin Devin cook
call Jeff Davis
scratch off tickets


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